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Follow the dark path or use the light

Tekken 5 - Christie Monteiro FAQ

by The_Cliffe

Tekken 5 -- Christie Monteiro FAQ v. 0.51
(Sorry guys, I can't do text art)
Copyright 2005 Chris Radcliffe ([email protected])
This guide may not be reproduced publicly without permission from the 
author (namely, me). It is designed for personal, private use. Using this 
guide on any other website or as part of a public display is prohibited, 
not to mention just plain wrong. To attain permission for public use of 
this guide, or to contribute something to it, e-mail me at the above 

Now, with all the legal stuff out of the way...


The #1 reason for this is simply because, well, nobody else has 
done one yet (not on, at least). I'm not a prolific Tekken 5 
player, and probably not qualified to write a FAQ about it, but I like 
Christie and have a good working knowledge of her moves and play style. 
As noted by the version number, this guide will be far from complete by 
the time I, uh, complete it. Any contributions of stuff I left out will 
be greatly welcomed and credit will be given where it's due. Christie 
users of the world UNITE!


If you've taken up the call of Tekken's Capoeira mistress, you probably 
picked her because a) you like unorthodox characters or b) you like to 
show off. Christie is first and foremost a crowd pleaser -- a lot of her 
moves have style and grace and simply look cool. Her strengths lie almost 
exclusively in her offense, relying on confusion and variety to whittle 
the opponent down to nothing. As a cardinal rule of thumb, if you're 
playing Christie defensively, chances are you're losing.


- Unorthdox style that's hard to respond to
- great mix of high / low attacks
- obscene potential to chain combinations together
- lots of show-offery


- ZERO parries / countermoves
- Relatively weak juggles
- Long recovery time on certain moves
- Terrible voice-actor 


-Initially, I thought that Christie couldn't side-walk. Then I realized 
that she simply doesn't have a side-walk ANIMATION. When you side-walk 
with Christie, she'll just keep doing her standard back-and-forth dance 
as if she were standing still. It's kinda funny to watch.


Christie Monteiro
Age: 19
Sex: F
Nationality: Brazil
Fighting Style: Capoeira

Story: Originally the student of Eddy Gordo and the grandaughter of a 
famous Capoeira master who somehow wound up in prison. Upon Grandpa's 
release, he is diagnosed with an "incurable terminal illness". Christie 
gets word that the Mishima Ziabatsu might have the technology to cure 
her grandfather's disease (those guys seem to have EVERYTHING), so she 
dons her Capoeira pants once more to save her grandfather's life.

Continued Story (PS2): On stage 4 Christie encounters Bruce Irvin, who 
makes some lewd comments and makes fun of her Capoeira -- so she beats 
him up (fighting game storylines have so much depth). On stage 7, Eddy 
Gordo shows up, trying to stop Christie under the arguement that "it's 
too dangerous!" ... So she beats HIM up. Upon beating up Devil Jin and 
Jinpachi thereafter, Christie acquires whatever it is she needs to treat 
her grandfather's illness, and everyone lives happily ever after, 
preparing to beat more people up in Tekken 6. The End.


I decided to stick to a pretty common scheme that I see used in many fighting
game faqs these days. Here it is:

 b - back
 f - forward
 u - up
 d - down
df - down-forward
db - down-back
uf - up-forward
ub - up-back
LP - Left Punch
RP - Right Punch
LK - Left Kick
RK - Right Kick
 + - Press both buttons simultaniously (ex: LP+RP)
 ~ - Press both buttons in quick succession (also known as a "slide", 
     ex: RK~LK)
() - Hold down the button in the parentheses. ex: df+(LP) 
 , - tap each button in a sequence (ex: LP, RP, RK)
 N - return the directional pad / stick to neutral (ex: d+LK, N, RK)

Anything else that needs explaining will be stated in literal terms (for 
instance, Christie's Rodeo Spin will be denoted as a half-circle motion 
from back to forward [b, db, d, df, f] plus both punches).


Below is a general movelist that every fighter in Tekken has. This is also 
gone over in the instruction booklet of the PS2 version of the game, but 
just in case your dog ate it, here it is.

Advance: (f)
Retreat: (b)
Crouch: (d) or (db)
Crouch Advance: (df)
Running: f, (f) or f, f, f
Jump: (uf)
Small Jump: uf
Sidestep into foreground: d
Sidestep into background: u
Side-walk into foreground: d, (d)
Side-walk into background: u, (u)
Step in: f, f
Step out: b, b

Throws: when in close, press LP+LK or RP+RK.

Stomp: u+RP -- This is a jumping attack that will hit an opponent lying 
down. Can be used even if your opponent is standing up.

Dash Attacks:

Tackle: Collide with your opponent after taking three running steps. You'll
tackle them and sit on top of them. Additional attacks may be done from this 

Unblockable Tackle: Collide with your opponent after taking four or more 
running steps. You'll do a shoulder tackle that will knock them to the 

Running Cross Arm: After taking three or more running steps, press LP+RP.

Sliding Dash: After taking three or more running steps, press RK.

Trample: Performed the same way as an unblockable tackle, but this will only 
work when your opponent is lying on the ground. You'll step on them and run 
to the other side.

Defensive Tactics:

Guard: (b) 
Low Guard: (db)
Basic Throw Evasion: LP or RP (when an opponent is trying to throw you)
Side Throw Evasion: LP or RP (when an opponent is trying to throw you 
from the side)

There is no way to evade a throw from behind...if you allow yourself to 
get in this position, you deserve what you get :)

Low Parry: df (time it with the opponent's attack)

When lying on the ground:

rise in place: u
Forward / backward roll: f / b
roll into background: RP
roll into foreground: d+RP

Ukemi (quick roll) - enter the following commands just as you hit the ground:

roll into background: LP or RP
roll into foreground: LK or RK
roll backwards: b
spring forward (kip up): f

Attacks while down:

rising low kick: LK
rising middle kick: RK
rising ankle kick: d+LK or d+RK (when facing up with feet towards opponent)
Spring Kick: LK+RK at the beginning of a backward roll (again, you have to 
be on your back with feet toward opponent)
Rising Cross Chop: LP+RP at the start of a backward or forward roll (on back,
feet toward enemy)


Instead of just regurgitating a move list at you, I've grouped Christie's 
moves according to their purpose. That being said, not EVERY move that 
Christie has will be listed here. Go online to Namco's official Tekken 5 
website* or view the list in training mode on the PS2 version for a complete 
rundown. (move names have been acquired from the move list on the console 
version of Tekken 5 -- credit goes to the poor soul at Namco who had to think 
them all up)

* -- Apparently, Namco hasn't gotten as far as posting move lists yet (I 
don't blame them...that's a HUGE job) but keep checking back for what it's 
worth - )

COUNTER-ATTACKS: These are the quick-and-easy ways to get an opponent out of 
your face FAST. They tend to fly out of nowhere and have very little 
recovery time (so you don't get horribly reamed if you miss).

Combo Jilar: LP, RP, RK~RK 
Gancho Chibata: LK, RK
Shin Cutter Combo: f+RP, LP, RK
Asfixiante: b+RP
Knee Thruster: b+LK
Roundhouse: uf+RK
Armada: b+RK
Vasuuna: uf+LP+RP
Firekick: uf+LK+RK
Hot Plate Special: During sidestep, LK
Wheel Kicks: During Sidestep, LK+RK

- The combo jilar doubles as an AMAZING juggle combo. (see juggle section)
- Gancho Chibata is a little slow on the wind up, but if you connect it 
does all kinds of damage.
- Asfixiante: Also known as the "Nothing-to-do-with-Capoeira Punch".
Christie sidesteps before the punch, making this move one of her best 
- Roundhouse, Firekick, and Wheel Kicks are all great for catching an 
opponent who's charging you.

LAUNCHERS: These are the moves that will give your opponent an all-expense 
paid trip to the sunny and pristine land of juggle. These moves can be 
followed up by other moves to keep your opponent in mid-air and deal more 
damage while they float there helplessly.

Mirage: df+LK+RK
Handslaps Mirage: LP+RP~LK
Heran Bago: d+LK~LK
Double Arm Stinger: db+LP+RP
Knee Thruster to Heran Bago: b+LK, LK
Contevelo to Ponteira: When rising, LP, LK
Martelo: When Crouching, f+LK
Rising Batida: When rising, RP (counter attack only)
Atras Passo: back to enemy, LK+RK
Reversao: f+LK+RK
Slippery Kick: LK~RK
Perch Flop Kick: During Handstand, d, LK+RK
S-Dobrado: During Negativa, LK~RK
Ipanema Wings: During Negativa, RK~LK

GROUND-POUNDERS: Mostly low-hit kinda stuff -- things that will smack your 
opponent while he's down, giving him a firm reminder to get off his duff 
and fight.

Relogio: d+LK~RK
Resteila: db+LK
Leg Whip Mars Attack Flip: b+RK, RK, LK+RK
Queixada: b+LK+RK
Acrobacia: u+LK
Jumping Jacks Evil Stinger: uf+LK, LK+RK
Boomerang: f, f+LK+RK
Front Stinger: While Crouching, LK+RK

THINGS TO AVOID: These are the moves, that although CAN work, tend to leave 
you in a troublesome spot when they DON'T work. And in most cases, they 
won't. Use these moves sparingly unless you enjoy the taste of floor.

Friut Picker: db+LK+RK
Dos Sol: While sidestepping, RK~LK

- The Friut Picker is Christie's unblockable. Like any other unblockable, 
it has a huge wind-up time and recovery time, but will deal 80 damage or 
more if it hits.
- The De Sol is a glorified jumping kick that takes forever to get 
started and leaves you wide open afterwards. It deals 50 damage, which is 
great for a single move, and you can chain it into a handstand, but your 
opponent will see this coming from a mile away.

CHRISTIE'S STANCES: Christie has two stances available to her -- the 
handstand and the negativa. The negativa (porteguese word for "refusal"... 
yeah, I don't get it either) looks like Christie lying down on her back, 
except that she's propped up on both elbows. I'll leave you to figure out 
for yourself what the handstand looks like. Below are the list of moves 
that will get you into each stance. There are other ways to enter each 
stance listed in the "chains" section below.

- Note that Christie only stays in the handstand for a brief moment. If you 
do nothing from the handstand, she will roll over into the Negativa.

Slippery Kick: LK~RK, b.
Back Handspring to Handstand Kick: LK+RK, LK.
Handstand Kick: f+LK.
Handslaps to Island Mirage: LP+RP, LK.
Island Mirage: df+LK.
Barbed Wire to Infinite Upside-down Kick: db+RK, b+RK.
Dos Sole to Handstand: While sidestepping, RK~LK, b.
Ipenema Wings: From Negativa, RK~LK.
Backwards Somersault: u~ub~b~db~d. (half circle motion starting from up 
to back to down -- thanks to Dan for figuring out the motion for me)

Additionally, you can roll over from a handstand into another handstand by 
pressing f+LP+RP (during the handstand, of course). 

- Unlike the handstand, Christie will sit in this stance until you tell her 
to do otherwise (or she gets hit).

Left jab Island Mirage to Negativa: LP, LK, (d).
Slippery Kick: LK~RK.
Handslaps Island Mirage to Negativa: LP+RP, LK, N.
Island Mirage to Negativa: df+LK, (d).
Heran Bago: d+RK~RK.
Knee Thruster to Heran Bago: b+LK, LK.
Firekick to Negativa: uf+LK+RK, (d).
Scoot Kick: During Handstand, b+LK.
Tilt Twist Sweep: During Handstand, u+LK (or u+RK), (d).

Note: In regards to the Heran Bago, I understand that it's impossible to
"slide" from one button to the SAME button. In this case, just double-tap


This is the bread and butter of Christie. Many of her moves can be chained 
together in different sequences to get her into and out of her stances. Note 
that many of these aren't combos, but they help to keep the pressure on your 
opponent nonetheless.

I'm trying to keep this section as simple and as intuitive as possible. As an 
example of how to read this, here is one of the easiest Christie chains:

Samba kick chain: f+RK, LK+RK, RK, RK. 

This is easily the most recognizable Christie chain out there, mostly 
because it's what people will do if they just pick up the controller and start 
mashing the kick buttons. Underneath each chain, I'll put a list of alternate 
commands that look like this:

- To early handstand: f+RK, b

This is an alternative chain that starts from the same opening move. Try to 
learn as many chains as you can -- it'll really help keep you're opponent 
back on his heels. Falling into patterns with Christie is the worst possible 
thing you can do -- even the most dense of opponents will pick up your 
tendencies and start reaming you.

One More note: I'm printing the chains that start in Negativa and Handstand 
seperately. Any standing chains that fall into either one of these stances 
will be ended there.


Samba kick chain: f+RK, LK+RK, RK, RK.
- To early handstand: f+RK, b.
- To Negativa: f+RK, LK+RK.
- To moderate handstand: f+RK, LK+RK, RK, b.
- To late handstand: f+RK, LK+RK, RK, RK, b.

Note: The second move in the chain is the slippery kick (LK+RK). Doing the 
slippery kick from a standing position (LK~RK) will chain into any of the 
combinations that fall after the LK+RK above.

Mars Attack Flip Chain: b+RK, RK, LK+RK.
- To Negativa: b+RK, RK, d.
- Resteila Chibata: b+RK, LK, LK
- Resteila Hot Plate Special: b+RK, LK, N, LK.
- Resteila Thong Bikini (?): b+RK, LK~RK, RK.
- Resteila to Crying Needle: b+RK, LK~RK, LP+RP.
- Resteila Infinite Circle Kick: b+RK, LK, RK, LK, RK, LK, RK......
- Resteila Handstand: b+RK, LK, b.
- Mars Attack Circle kick: b+RK, LK, RK, RK, LK+RK.

- The infinite circle kick to my knowledge can go on forever as long as your 
timing is dead-on (I myself have only managed five cycles). Can someone 
confirm / deny this for me?
- Any of the resteila chains can be done out of the resteila itself (db+LK).

Satellite Moon 10 Hit: RK~LK, RK, RP, RK, LK+RK, LK+RK, LK+RK, db+LK+RK, 
- To Infinite Circle Kick: RK~LK, RK, RP, RK, LK, RK, LK, RK....
- Hot Plate Special to Negativa: RK~LK, LK.
- Hot Plate Special Negativa Fake: RK~LK, LK, (b).

- The Hot Plate Special can be done by pressing LK while sidestepping. 
Either Hot Plate Special Chain listed above will work in this situation.

Handslaps Mirage: LP+RP, LK.
- Handslaps Island Mirage to Handstand: LP+RP, N, LK.
- Handslaps Island Mirage to Negativa: LP+RP, N, d+LK.

Jumping Jacks: uf+LK.
- To negativa: uf+LK, d.
- Jumping Jacks Mirage: uf+LK, LK.
- Jumping Jacks Evil Stinger: uf+LK, LK+RK.

Back Summy: f, (f)+RK.
- Firekick: f, (f)+RK, LK.
- Scoot Kick: f, (f)+RK~RK.

(While sidestepping) Twister Sweep: RK, N, LK.
- To quick handstand: b+RK
- To Fancy Handstand (she spins!): RK, N, b+LK.
- Twister Front Stinger: RK, LK+RK
- Front Stinger Handstand: RK, LK+RK, (b).
- Front Stinger Negativa: RK, LK+RK, (d).

(While sidestepping) Wheel Kicks: LK+RK
- Sao Paulo Special: LK+RK, LK+RK, LK+RK, uf+LK+RK.
- Halfway Handstand: LK+RK, LK+RK, LK+RK, (b).


Flop Left Chain: LP, LK.
- From here, you can do any of the Resteila chains mentioned above.

Flop Right Chain: RP, RK.
- From here, you can do any of the Twister Sweep chains mentioned above.

Helicopter to Slippery Kick Combo: RK, LK+RK, RK, RK.
- This one works exactly like the Samba Kick Combo.

Hot plate Special: LK.
- Fake-out to handstand: LK, b.
- Fake-out to Negativa: LK, d.
- To Perch handstand: LK, N, b. (wait till she kicks them)

Perch Flop Kick: (d)+LK+RK.
- Ends in the handstand.

Straight Flop: u+LK or u+RK
- To Negativa: u+LK / RK, (d).


Mai-lua combo (ends in handstand): RP, LK.
- To Negativa: RP, LK, (d).
- To Armada Combo: RP, RK. (this chains into Mars Attack Flip Chain)

Spinning Sweep Punch: LP.
- To Flare Combo: LP, LK.
- To Lunging Brush Fire: LP, f+LK.
- Brush Fire Handstand Perch: LP, f+LK, (b).
- Brush Fire Negativa: LP, f+LK, (d).
- Au Maladro: LP, RK. (this chains into Samba kick chain)

- The brush fire can be done on from a standing position -- f, (f)+LK. 
Both of the Brush Fire Chains listed above will work in this situation. 

Knee Slicer: RK.
- To Low Front Stinger: RK, LK+RK
- To Fake-out Handstand: RK, LK+RK, (b).
- To Handstand Kick: RK, LK+RK, LK.

- Alternatively, you can do the Low Front Stinger from both Negativa or a 
Standing Position by hitting LK+RK. The chains thereafter will work in 
either case.


Remember the launcher section from the move list? This is what you do next. 
Keep in mind that I certainly haven't discovered all of Christie's juggles, 
but the following is what I do know. I will add more as it comes up.

Mirage Juggle: df+LK+RK, LP,RP, RK~RK.

(Thanks to Dan for showing me this launcher) 
Look familliar? If you've been practicing the stuff from the previous 
sections, you show recognize the above combinations: Mirage to Combo Jilar. 
This is the basic version that will average about 48 damage. It's also 
pretty easy to do. If you want to go for more damage, you can add in 
Conbinaso Mao after the initial launcher. The juggle now looks like this:

df+LK+RK, df+LP, LP, LP, RP, RK~RK.

The damage goes from 48 to 58, and the timing gets decidedly more difficult. 
From my personal experience, the trick is to hesitate for a split second 
between the Conbinaso Mao and the Combo Jilar. Practice!

The final variation of this juggle is also the most damaging juggle I've 
found with Christie so far. It's also crazy difficult to hit with:


The difference here is an extra hit at the beginning, bringing the damage 
up to 69. Sadly, you have to be inches away from your opponent in order 
for the first hit to actually connect, and the timing is even MORE 
difficult than either of the two previous juggles, making this one 
rather impractical. My advice is stick with the first variant until you 
get comfortable (and consistent) with the second version. Save #3 for 
showing off against the computer ;)

Remember this next combination well. This is by far the easiest and most 
practical juggle Christie has:

Heran Bago Juggle: b+LK, LK, RP, LK.

It's 50 damage (decent for Christie) and there's absolutely NO timing issues 
at all. Once you get them up, as long as you swipe with the RP before they 
hit the ground, it's all guaranteed. Another really cool aspect of this 
juggle is that you can add any launcher that ends in a standing position to 
the beginning and it will all still work. For example, the Handslaps Mirage:


65 damage (almost as much as the near-impossible juggle) and infinitely 
easier to do. That first punch is still difficult to connect with, but the 
rest is almost too easy.

Possibly the coolest-looking juggle Christie has launches from the Ipanema 

Ipanema Wings Juggle: From Negativa, RK~LK, LP, LP, LK.

(This is one of the juggles shown on Namco's Tekken 5 website)
The timing from the flop to the second punch is a little tricky. From the 
second punch to the Heran Bago kick is also a little, but 
not too fast. Practice!


Thus far I've been going over how to do the moves and chains in Christie's
arsenal. Now it's time to look at how to utilize them effectively. I'm still 
not a Tekken master, so everything in this section will certainly be up for 
debate. If you have something to argue / add, e-mail me and we'll talk about 

First and foremost, I've been stressing this throughout the rest of the FAQ, 
and I'll reiterate it here:


Without any counter-moves or parries, Christie is at her best on the 
offensive. But utilizing the same moves over and over again will almost 
certainly procure you a one-way ticket to the loser's circle. One of the keys 
to avoiding this is having a good working knowledge of what Christie is capable
of (what moves leave her in what positions, what can be done out of each of her 
stances, etc.) The second step is being able to call up any of the moves you 
know on a moment's notice (this is my big problem right now). Be creative -- 
the more moves you fire at your opponent, the bigger the chance is of getting 
through his / her defense. 


As anyone who plays a lot of Tekken would tell you, playing well with any one
character involves knowing what all the characters in the game are capable of. 
Like any fighting game, certain characters are tactically weaker / stronger 
against certain other characters. Though I don't know how Christie 
"officially" stands up to the rest of the Tekken roster, knowing what everyone 
else is capable of will help you in your approach to each battle. Practice with 
Christie, but play everybody at least a little bit.


But as we all know, if you don't learn how to block, someone's gonna put you 
in your place really quickly. As I already said, Christie has no counters or
special parries to speak of. This means when you're being peppered with 
attacks, your ability to see each attack and block properly will often spell 
the difference between a win and another handful of quarters out of your 

However, Christie's insane dynamics during her moves will often give her a 
chance to avoid attacks simply by not being in the threatened space. For 
instance, if Christie is in the negativa and someone tries to do an overhead 
attack that strikes low, she can rolled to her feet (sidestepping in the 
process) by hitting u or d. Another good example is the resteila (db+LK), a 
sweeping kick that will cause any high attack to miss. As you get more 
familiar with Christie, pay attention to what positions Christie takes in 
relation to her opponent. When you get really good, you'll be able to pull 
these "evasive" attacks out at precisely the right moment.


Experiment! Don't assume that everything you've read here is all that 
Christie has to offer. I can guarantee you that I'm barely scratching the 
surface. Experimenting will both help you get comfortable with the moves you 
aren't sure of and also help form an individual playing style. Don't live and 
die by everything you see on the internet. Everyone plays the same character
a little bit differently. Find what you're comfortable with, and always be on
the lookout for new combinations / juggles / tactics.

You've read everything I have to say. Now get out there and play!


To Namco -- For, y'know, making Tekken.
To Dan, Dave, Chris and Jeff -- For Introducing me to Tekken 5 and convincing 
me that it was a game worth playing. (and for giving me advice on how to play 
it) -- For existing.
To Anyone who e-mails me contributions -- As an advanced thanks.
And finally -- a special no thanks to me, for not complete this thing sooner.

ONE MORE TIME WITH FEELING: If you have any comments, contributions, 
criticisms, sheep jokes, or you just want to sell me encyclopedias, e-mail me
at [email protected] . 

Thanks for reading!


May 24, 2005 - Version 0.5 (first version) is completed.
May 26, 2005 - Version 0.51 (first revision) is completed.

Changes in 0.51 - Added backwards somersault to "stances" section.
                - Fixed lower-case "i" in "CHRISTIE MONTEIRO".