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Follow the dark path or use the light

Casey Jones Mode FAQ

by KoritheMan

 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Casey Jones
 Mode FAQ (PS2)
 Time I Started This Guide: 12/11/04
 Version: LAST
 Author: KoritheMan
 E-Mail: [email protected]

                                   |    Table of Contents             |
                                   | 1. Introduction                  |
                                   | 2. Version History               |
                                   | 3. Casey Jones Mode FAQ          |
                                   | 4. Copyright                     |
                                   | 5. Contact Info                  |
                                   | 6. Credits                       |

 | 1. Introduction                                                      |

 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has been a big hit since it came out in the 80s.
 It also has made a HUGE phenomena with its comics, its movies, its games, and
 all the other stuff that they have brought out for TMNT. Teenage Mutant Ninja
 Turtles has also developed two more cartoon series' since the original one
 that came out in the 80s. This game for the Playstation 2, is going by the
 newest cartoon series which was released in 2003. Overall, this game has a
 good bit of features to it, such as Story Mode, Multiplayer, Challenge Mode,
 artworks, unlockable features, 7 worlds containing a few areas each world,
 special abilities you can learn, and more! If you like action style beat em'
 up games, then I recommend getting and/or trying this one, as Konami did a
 GREAT job on this one!

 | 2. Version History                                                   |

 Version 1.0 / Completed the guide.

 Version 1.1 / Submitted on

 Version 1.2 / Changed something you'll never notice.

 LAST / The last version I submitted was supposed to be the last version of
        the FAQ, but this is the true last version.

 | 3. Casey Jones Mode FAQ                                              |

 Casey Jones Mode is a mode where you can play as Casey Jones in Story Mode
 (i.e. you can play as Splinter in Story Mode; he's an unlockable). But first,
 you must unlock him as you do Splinter. I've never actually gotten the mode,
 but I know how to get it. I don't know how good Casey is, either. I'm just
 here to help you unlock him. First of all, go to Challenge Mode. You'll have
 to fight a total of 26 rounds of enemies seen throughout the game (except
 Hamato Yoshi, of course). View mine and Super Slash's Challenge FAQ on
 GameFAQs for some strategies to defeating all of the opponents in the mode.

 | 4. Copyright                                                         |

 This guide is copyrighted  2004-2006, Kori Winstead. All rights reserved. All
 trademarks and copyrights contained in this guide are owned by their
 respective trademark and copyright holders. This FAQ is NOT to be reproduced
 on ANY website except for the ones I list below:

 If you would like this FAQ or any of my other FAQs to be on your site, then
 e-mail me at [email protected] 99.9% of the time I will say yes, so
 go ahead and e-mail me. The one website that CANNOT use my FAQ without my
 permission is They have ripped me off in the past, and they
 will never EVER be able to post ANY of my work. Also, they never kept up with
 my most recent versions on one of my FAQs, so I will not allow them to use any
 of my FAQs anymore.

 | 5. Contact Info                                                      |

 To contact me, e-mail me at [email protected] Keep in mind that I
 will not bother to respond to hate mails, threats, or anything of that sort,
 just so you know (though common sense tells you that anyway, but I will remind
 you, just so that you are 100% sure what not to send me). I will not respond
 to spam, either. Only e-mails pertaining to this FAQ or any other FAQ I may
 have that is not marked version Final will be accepted and responded to. But
 please, read the FAQ before sending in a question.

 It gets very annoying after a while to have to sit here and respond to e-mails
 about things that are already blatantly answered in this FAQ. So the bottom
 line is to read my FAQ first and if it doesn't contain the information you are
 looking for, then go ahead and e-mail me and I'll gladly respond (though I'll
 usually respond to question already answered in this FAQ anyway, just the way
 I am, but that doesn't mean I like those e-mails).

 | 6. Credits                                                           |

 Jesus Christ: The Son of God who loves me and died for me. He died for me, so
               that I may have eternal life and not be condemned. Thanks. :)

 Konami: For making such a great game.

 Myself: For taking the time to write this guide.