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Follow the dark path or use the light
Syphon Filter: Omega Strain Pack Shot

Syphon Filter: Omega Strain


Syphon Filter: Omega Strain


SSSSSSS Y  Y   PPPPPP  H     H   OOOO  NN       N    
SS       YY    PP  PP  H     H   O  O  N  N     N   
SSSSSSS   Y    PPPPPP  HHHHHHH   O  O  N    N   N      
     SS   Y    PP      H     H   O  O  N      N N   
SSSSSSS   Y    PP      H     H   OOOO  N       NN     

FF    II   L       T     E      RR  R
FFFF  II   L       T     EEE    RRRRR
FF    II   L       T     E      RR   R
FF   IIIII LLLL    T     EEEE   RR    R
|THE OMEGA STRAIN                                                     |
Contactable by
*I have the OPM Demo so it may differ from beta etc
1.0- Started Faq. Added as much stuff as I could for first Submission
1.5- Fixed some errors and added a diagram for the Bomb Positions on 
the Mall First Floor
2.0-Thanks to Gabe Shadow who informed me about certain Weapons and 
their correct names. I also added the version History this Update.
2.5-Possibly the last version, all the weapons, enemies and Objectives 
have been added to this FAQ.
3.0-MY new e-mail address is
 Send Questions and help there^
|CONTENTS                                                             |
I-Welcome to the Agency
  A-Carthage, Michigan
III- Notes
 A- Weapons
 B- Enemies
IV- Footnote
|I.WELCOME TO THE AGENCY                                              |
 L2- Strafe Left
 R2- Strafe Right
 L1- Aim
 R1- Auto-Aim
 D-Pad <=- Map
D-Pad =>- Flashlight/Nightvision Goggles.
Left Analog Stick-Move Character
Right Analog Stick- Strafe
Right Analog Stick (Press until Click)- Reload
Triangle- Climb/Interact
Square- Fire Weapons
X- Crouch/Sneak
O- Roll
|II. WALKTHROUGH                                                     | 
===A.===Carthage, Michigan===============================
Objective- Don\'t Kill CHA Officers
Just run away or use the stun club on them whenever you see them.
Parameter- Avoid collateral Damage
Just avoid killing too many CHA Officers to complete this parameter.
Objective- Retrieve Bio-Data Gear
The Demo begins you in a Alley on the street level of the Quarantine 
Zone with a Pistol. Once you start run out of the alley and gun down 
the terrorist that runs out of the parking plaza. Equip the stun Stick 
and whack the CHA Officer in the back alley by the garage. Approach the 
Dumpster and press Triangle to climb up, then climb the ladder. Enter 
the Building and sneak forward (X) and whack the CHA Officer, then open 
the Door and get the Bio Data gear.
* Inside this room is a box with a really good pistol that holds 13 
rounds and fires faster, I suggest you get it.
Objective- Retrieve  5 Water Samples
 Head back onto the catwalk and snipe the respawning enemies. Climb 
down the ladder and activate the Water Main. Then Collect a water 
sample from the puddle on the ground
Objective- Retrieve 4 more Water Samples
Run into the street fighting any enemy in the way, don\'t kill any CHA 
Officers! Run into the flaming bank and head into the back. The Laptop 
is damaged but there is Armor in here. Head back into the road and pass 
the bus. Beware of Snipers on the roofs. Approach the Mall Entrance and 
a Terrorist will rush towards you. Kill him and climb into the window, 
then go down the stairs. Kill the Terrorists and approach the back 
wall. Sneak down the hall shooting terrorist but don\'t go straight or 
you\'ll be killed by a bomb! Turn into a hallway on the Right and 
collect a Water Sample from the Drinking Fountain. Here\'s a diagram of 
the First floor of the Mall to help you with the Bombs\' Locations.
                                    |   O |
-------------------------------------     |
|                                         |
|O                                        |
|     |--------------      -----------B----
|     |             |      |
B     |             |      |
|     |             |      |
|     |             |      |
|     |-------------       |
|        W                 |
|                          |
|     |---------------------
|     |
|     |
|    X|
 X= Where you Start
 B= Bomb
 O= C4 Trigger Man
 W= Drinking fountain

Objective- Retrieve 3 more Water Samples
 Go down the hall and look to your left. Shoot the Guy saying \"C4 
Trigger Man\" To deactivate the bomb. Head forward to the wall and sneak 
down the Walkway, as another bomb will go off on the same wall as the 
previous hallway you came through(Man this is hard to explain, use the 
diagram if I\'m confusing you) Shoot another guy saying \"C4 Trigger man 
to deactivate The Second bomb, though it probly already exploded. Keep 
going forward shooting enemies. At the End of the hall go into the Door 
on the left, don\'t go up the stairs on the right. In the dark hallway, 
you should turn on your flashlight. Walk down and you\'ll get ambushed 
at the vending machines, just shoot them with your machine Gun or 
Shotgun. Continue down the hall and kill the guy. At the back of the 
hall you\'ll find another large room with another \"C4 Trigger Man\" At 
the back. Kill him and the third bomb will go off, this is a good thing 
since it will destroy the other terrorists in the room. Run up the 
stairs, there is a random chance you\'ll be attacked by a guy with a 
shotgun. When you reach the top, Snipe the Final \"C4 Trigger Man\" 
through the window, then climb through and run down the street to the 
right, ignore the CHA Officers and Terrorists for now. Walk towards the 
Plastic Pipe/Tube and Hold Triangle to climb through. Inside will be a 
CHA Officer uniform. Put it on, and CHA Officers WILL NOT attack you 
anymore! So no need to stun them now. Crawl through the pipe by the 
uniforms and prepare for a huge gunfight. Shoot down the Terrorists in 
the plaza and enter the Office building at the front. Go inside and 
kill the Terrorists\'; they will seek cover behind the counter. As you 
exit the building A Sniper on the building across the plaza will 
Attack, Shoot him down. Like the Shotgun guy earlier, The Snipers 
randomly I think. A few more enemies will be in the Plaza, Kill them, 
and then get a water sample from the Fountain
Objective- Perform Autopsy
On your left from getting the Sample run towards the Grey Building that 
Says \"Decon\" on the door. Activate the keycode and step in. Active 
another keycode to access the Field Morgue. Head into the room on your 
right and perform on autopsy on the open body bag.
Objective-Collect 2 More Water Samples
Backtrack to the Street with the Last Bomber. Shoot any Opposing threat 
and head to the back of the street. Crawl through ANOTHER of those 
Tubes. Run through this small HQ and crawl through the tube in the back 
to come to another plaza. Rescue the CHA Officer by killing all the 
Terrorists\' in the area. Then Approach the Broken Fire Hydrant to get 
another Water Sample.
Objective- Find last Water Sample
Head down the ramp and go down the ramp and climb up the wall. Drop 
into the Hallway and climb into the vent duct. Crawl through and at the 
end drop out and kill the terrorists. Dead ahead will be a Drinking 
fountain, last sample.
Objective- Scan Sample\'s
Turn around, back through the vent to the area with the last CHA 
Officer. Shoot any more respawning Terrorists and crawl back through 
the tube to the HQ area. Approach the Tissue scanner in the back to 
find out it is out of power. Head through the HQ to the open area in 
the street. Approach the Generator and press Triangle to turn it on. 
Head back to the Station and scan the Tissue Sample. You\'ll hear 
gunshots, equip your submachine gun. Return to the generator and defend 
it from terrorists for 1 minute to complete this objective
Objective- Eliminate Proust
*If you don\'t have the CHA Officer Uniform you can\'t do this part of 
the level
Head back to the Subway Area(Where you got the last water Sample) but 
go down the stairs, kill the terrorists and go down ANOTHER Set of 
stairs. Sneak forward and Aim up the catwalk. Shoot the \"C4 Trigger 
Man\" and the catwalk will collapse. Shoot the terrorists in this area 
(Don\'t go onto the subway tracks) and then a uniformed Subway Train 
will the catwalk and explode. Head down the stairs to your left (Turn 
on the flash light) and grab the armor and assault rifle. You\'ll come 
up onto the other end of the tracks, kill any more terrorists and go up 
the stairs. Approach the power supply and turn it off. Then had back to 
the subway tracks and climb down (Don\'t worry, No subways will zoom 
over you) Go down the tracks and shoot at the Enemies, its dark in here 
so use your Night Vision Goggles. There will be tons of assault rifle 
ammo here! At the end climb onto the platform and go up the stairs. Gun 
down all the terrorists and approach the snack bar. Proust will hide 
behind here and pop out to shoot you. Aim for his head and continually 
shoot there till he dies. Once Proust has fallen, the demo is complete.
-------------------------------DEMO COMPLETE---------------------------
|III. NOTES                                                           |
Beretta M92F 
 You start with this. It\'s pretty weak and fires slow but gets the job 
done. It has 12 Bullets a clip
Beretta M93R 
Found in the Bio-Data Room, This pistol is much better. It has 13 
bullets a clip and fires very fast
Random Enemies in the Mall have this. It can knock enemies down and 
holds 5 bullets
CHA Officers around the level have this.

MP5 Submachine gun 
From the levels start, run forward and crawl through the pipe. Inside 
is a CHA Officer and an item crate. Open the crate to obtain this. An 
ok gun, I prefer the Scorpion. This one only holds 30 bullets.
FAMAS assault rifle
*Thanks to Gabe Shadow for telling me about this
It\'s found at the end of the level, almost all of the terrorists at the 
end use it and ammo is plentiful. 25-round magazine per clip. Maximum 
ammo is 100 rounds total (including the ammo loaded in the gun)
Stun Club
I hate this weapon, it\'s hard to hit enemies with it, but this is the 
only way to disable CHA Officers
 Your standard evil guy, these people come in all shapes, Sizes and 
Fire power. They wear purple and green.
C4 Trigger Man
A Terrorist that can set off bombs and kill you. The bombs explode 
automatically when you kill them. Only 5 of these guys are in the 
The Boss, he hides behind a counter and pops of every so often to shoot 
you. AIM FOR HIS HEAD! He has a flak Jacket and only head shots damage 
CHA Officer
 These guys aren\'t really \"enemies\". They attack you until you get the 
CHA Uniform, then they\'ll help you instead. The only way to disable 
them is with the Stun Club. They are in orange suits in gasmasks.
|IV. FOOTNOTE                                                         |
I myself found this demo quite fun, but I\'ve only played alone so far. 
I still have no idea how to get the last water sample so I\'d appreciate 
it if anyone can tell me how, you will get credited.
-GameFAQS for hosting my FAQ
-Sony for this demo
-Gabe Shadow for correcting my weapon names.
-Ihateposers For sending me data on 2 of the last Objectives.