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Suikoden IV


Suikoden IV FAQ/Walkthrough

by DJ Tigresa & MC Pantera

Suikoden 4
Version 0.5
Author: DJ Tigresa and MC Pantera
Email: [email protected] and
[email protected] 
Our websites:,,

Contact info: 
VXplosive (AIM), Torakira (AIM), [email protected] (MSN –Tigresa), and 
[email protected] (MSN-Pantera).

Disclaimer: Suikoden 4 and its characters are copyright of Konami 

Disclaimer 2: This FAQ/Walkthrough is the copyright of Tigresa and Pantera 
Steel. If you want to use this FAQ on any of your sites, give us a ring-a-
ding-ding on our email addresses or at our forums.

For further help: visit the GameGuides community we created. We need members

Table of Contents
-Getting Started
-Guide to fighting
-Guide to exploring
-Combo Magic
-Enemy Analysis
-Mini games
-FAQs coming soon
-Next update

Heh! It's been a while since we decided to be serious about writing an FAQ for
an RPG game but we played this game and gave into temptation and made an FAQ
for this game. Same story goes for Shining Tears and Xenosaga 2 which we'll 
also work on this month. These three will shape up to be the biggest FAQs we
have ever done. If we decide to work on Megaman X Command Mission and Megaman
BN 4, they'll be huge FAQs too since the two in depth ones for MMXCM are large
as it is.

Getting Started
To begin the game, you chose your TV display. If you choose Progressive Mode,
the game will check for ten seconds first for compatibility of your TV first.
Then next you choose the name of the Hero followed by the options of displaying
messages, camera settings (free or fixed), vibration on or off, sound output,
Hero's voice and the volume of the Background Music, Sound Effectsm and Voice.
Press start to begin a new game or continue and old one.

Glossary and stuff you need to know
LVL: Level (the level that the enemy is)
HP: Health Points (how much life it has left)
ATK: Attack (Strength of attack)
SKL: Skill (chances of a critical hit)
PDF: Physical Defense (how well it withstands physical strikes)
EVA: Evade (how well it dodges attacks)
MAG: Magic (strength of magic attack)
SPD: Speed (How fast it attacks)
MDF: Magic Defense (resistance to magic attacks)
LUC: Luck (chances of hitting and evading)

Potch - this is the game's version of money

Guide to Fighting
There are three kinds of fighting: Navla Battles, One on One Duels and Group

Group Battles use the common turn based style of Console-RPGs.
Naval Battles is merely a battle of the Rune Cannons between ships
One on One Duels is the battle between you and an opponent to bring down the

Group Battles
These are the battles that everyone is familiar with in these types of RPG
games. You'll normally end up in these battle via random encounters when you
are just running along then all of a sudden everything stops and your are now
fighting minor or major enemies.

Naval Battles
This chess battle + Battle of Runes is based on the elements that are used.
In a list of what beats what:

Fire > Wind > Earth > Lightning > Water > Fire

If you fire the same runes, you'll nullify the damage, and if you fire a rune
that beats the other, you'll force it back at the opponent and cause extra
damage. Any other time, you both take damage.

More on naval battles is stated in the walkthrough.

One on One Duels
Ever play the game Janken aka Rock-Paper Scissors? Well it works basically the
same way. Attacks beat Guards, Guards beat Special Attacks, and Special Attacks
beat Attacks. Lucky for you, you have the advantage because your opponets 
always give up to six lines of jibba jabba that gives away their next action.
If they sound like they are going they are going to destroy you, choose guard
because they'll choose a special attack, if they dare you to attack them or say
nothing special, attack them as they will guard. Any other time, use special
attacks to counter their attack.

Guide to Exploring
While you are running around, there are tons of people to talk to. Some people
will give valuable info. There are other places to check out such as Inns,
Shops, Blacksmiths, and Appraisals.

Appraisals: If you have a questionable item, take it to an appraiser to see
what it is.

Shops: Buy and sell armor, food, antiailments, orbs, etc.

Inns: Replenish health and magic.

Blacksmiths: strengthen your weapons

Save points are indicated by standout streetlights.

In a similar fashion of how we did our Final Fantasy 3/6 FAQ for SNES, we will
be using numbers. But we'll use them as to tell you what to do next instead of
representing the towns.

Things start off with three ships approaching the main ship. Snowe readies
everyone for combat.

First Engamement
????? vs Snowe's ship
Victory conditions: Counter the enemy's attack and emerge victorious!

Jewel says crew members must be assigned first. First you select all the
members. Snowe is the captain for this fight. The other ship has lightning and
water Rune shells. The person to shoot the Rune Cannon is Keneth since he has
Thunder rune. Now select everyone else as fighters. You'll notice that everyone
has underlings under them. More underlings means more "power" but it gives
you less mobility. Whoever runs out of underling becomes immobilized.

1. To start off, the other ship moves first since it has more mobility. Now
move your ship up two spaces and then turn your ship by pressing Left or Right
and fire cannon. You'll deal the first blow since the other ship isn't ready
to fire yet. That's fifteen underlings gone already. The other ship will turn
and fire. Attack with your Lightning Rune to counter its Lightning Rune and
neutralize it. The next shot will be a Water Rune. Shoot your Lightning Rune
to counter it and push it back into the other ship for 25 HP damage. One more
counter shot will give you victory as the other captain states that he has
underestimated you.

2. The enemy has boarded the ship. Choose Fight and have Hero attack ??? and
have Snowe attack ???? Now a choose Fight and choose item and use Medicine on
Snowe and hace Snowe attack ???. Have Hero attack ???? and Snowe choose Fight
then Rune then choose Water Rune then use Kindness Drops on Hero. Now perform
a cooperative attack by choosing Fight then combo on either enemy and end the

Glen chastizes Snow for his lack of awareness then challenges Hero to a one on
one duel.

3. Glen says he'll go easy at first then go all out if it gets heated. His 
method of threats indicate what he'll do. First he opens with a Special Attack
so guard that.

He will (action) if he says this
Attack: Now it's my turn
Attack: Pay attention to my swordsmanship
Guard: Charge at me and don't hold anything back
Guard: Let's see how well you wield that sword
Special: My next move will settle this once and for all
Special: Prepare to be beaten to a pulp

Win the fight and Glen will say he is proud that he trained you.

Katrina reminds Glen that the mock graduation is wrapping up and there will
be the Knight Invitation Festival. Glen tells Snowe he is counting on him for
tonight's kindling Ritual. Go inside the ship cabin and save then go upstairs
and talk to Keneth then talk to Tal or Jewel. We get more opening credits and
the ship reaches land.

4. Enter the Hall of Knights then proceed to the Training Hall. Glen will give
his graduation speech. He tells about the decimation of his crew ships by a man
named Troy and that this should not happen again. Katarina states that the next
day will be a guard duty assignment.

5. Go to the Razril Port Town and save. Move forward till you get a cutscene of
Snowe receiving the flame then lighting up the flame of a bystander. Snowe 
gives Hero the flame to his dismay. Light up the people's torches and move 
ahead. Lord Vingerhut sts off the fireworks.

6. Talk to your crewmates then leave to the Port and pet the cat for a medicine
then walk up to a man that looks like a cat and his name is Chiperoo who tells
you about a girl who has been kidnapped by pirates. Save then go to the Back
Street and rescue the girl. The back street is a good place to level up a 
little bit so stick around till yoi are ready for real action. The enemies here
are Snobby Shrews and Thugs with 21 HP and 14 HP respectively. Open the 
treasure for a mushroom. The Kidnapper and the girl are in between one of the

7. The kidnapper has 41 HP and his underling has 25 HP. Use your best method of
attack to defeat them and save the girl.

8. Return to just outside the Hall of Knights and go to bed to end the night
and the festival.

9. You wake up in your room. Open the treasure for a steam bun and water orb
and save. Meet Snowe outside and go back inside to the Training Hall. Choose to
train and pick two members. You fight a Senior Knight who has 35 HP. Then 
switch members to test them then choose the members you want..

10. Go to the dock and start your first mission. Choose the deliverance mission
and get 1000 potch. You'll face Wild Seaweed with 30 HP and Muddy Fish with 16
HP. Use the map to guide you towards Middle port.

11. Give the document to the man in charge then depart. You can shop around if
you like. At least get 1000 from the guy. Head back to Razril. After so many
battles at sea, your friendship level should have been raised and your level
in general should be high according to the gamepoint standards.

12. Once back, talk to the Knight of Gaien for another mission, Back to
Middleport you go. Explore the ship and go in the cabin by anchoring it and get
five Medicine Herbs and save then set sail again.

13. A man tells of a strange creature he saw while fishing. He said it was 
black, furry, and cute but strong and pesky. It took a liking to him but he
want you to get rid of it. How cruel but for 2000 Potch, we'll take it.

14. Before sailing, take time to explore the place and visit the Inn to save
and heal everyone. Visit Adrienne to Sharpen your weapon to level 3. Buy some
suitable armor for each fighter minus Snowe then sail out.

15. You'll meet this creature in your first encounter since sailing

Boss Fight: Damp Hairball
HP: 200
LVL: 12
ATK: 40
SKL: 9
PDF: 35
EVA: 9
MAG: 8
SPD: 15
MDF: 35
LUC: 9

Magic Attack: Ice Breath (water)

A couple Berserker Blows and a coCombo attacks will be the end of this creature
but beware of the Damp Hairball's Ice Breath. It does no more than 30 HP damage
to each active member.

16. Head back to Middleport and get your Money (2000 Potch) and return to 
Razril. After talking to Katarina, you are told to see Glen about separate
missions so head to Hall of Knights. You're two partners depart as Hero and
Snowe go in.

17. You meet Ramada of Orark Maritine Trade who is optimistic about Hero and
Snowe but instucts the two to be his guide to Iluya. Snowe is appointed a real
captain this time. Go downstairs for an Old Bok Volume 9 then exit to the
Courtyard. Go outside and Snowe asks you to meet up with him later and leaves.

18. Go around to the other ship and listen in on a conversation between two of
Ramada's crew members (Mizuki and Akaghi then save).

19. Talk to Ramada in the Audience Chamber and tell him you're ready to start
the mission.

20. Time for some long sailing. Well it looks like a long sail on the map.
There is bound to be tons of fights but at your level, these enemies are
nothing as they fall in one shot.

21. Once you start nearing Iluya Island, Snowe will say that he had seen some
of Ramada's cargo as really hardcore and starts to worry about the crew's

Glen chastizes Katarina about the mention of nasel birds. katarina mentions
something about Pirate Brandeau. Glen says he'll go after Snowe's ship because
he has a bad feeling.

22. Talk to Snowe for a cutscene of a ship firing at your ship. Snowe gets hurt
badly. He can't move his left arm and suggests fleeing. Hell with that shit. 
Let's fight the little bastards and show them who is boss. There are men and
there are mice. Snowe is a mouse. BAH!

Pirate Brandeau
Pirate Brandeau vs Knight's of Gaien
Victory conditions: Emerge victorious against the two enemy ships

23. One ship has a fire rune and the other has a lightning rune. Choose Gaien 
Knight 2 and 3. Gaien Knight 2 counters the thunder and Gaien Knight 3 counters
the fire. Fire ship has 70 underlings and Thunder has 80 underlings. The fight
is over so fast, Pirate Brandeau never knew what hit him. HAHA!

24. Once again your ship has been boarded. This time by Brandeau and Assassin.

Boss Fight: Pirate Brandeau and Assassin

Pirate Brandeau
HP: 180
LVL: 10
ATK: 45
SKL: 26
PDF: 20
EVA: 16
MAG: 6
SPD: 26
MDF: 10
LUC: 20

Magic Attack: Kindness Drops (Water), Flaming Arrows (Fire)

HP: 168
LVL: 10
ATK: 28
SKL: 20
PDF: 10
EVA: 15
MAG: 20
SPD: 20
MDF: 10
LUC: 20

Magic Attack: Flying Guillotine and Caltrops

You should have no trouble with these guys. Keep up the physical attacks and
heal if needed. The Gaien Knight is strong enough to combat with the two.

Brandeau uses a spell from the Rune of Punishment to burn everyone up but
Hero shields himself. Glen is mad at Snowe for abandoning his ship and punches
him in the face. Snowe complains about a bad arm as a sorry excuse to leave the
crew behind. Glen hopes that Hero is alive. Now its time for one on one.

25. Hero has half energy. He might start of with an attack or special attack.
If he declares victory on the first shot then guard since it'll be the latter.
His threats indicate these next actions.

Attack: Don't get cocky, boy!
Attack: Victory is mine...
Guard: Hah, child's play! Allow me to humor you.
Guard: Your attacks are futile...Don't you realize that?
Special: I'll kill you.
Special: I will settle this...

Hero wins the duel and faints as Glen catches him. Glen walks up to Brandeau
and the Rune of Punishment enters him as Brandeau vanishes. Mizuki, Akaghi,
and Ramada have a conversation followed by a cutscene of Snowe getting picked

26. Snowe meets up with you as soon as you leave the room. he asks you to
accompany him to town to pick up a few things so run up to the door. Two
Gaien Knights meet up with you and congratulate Hero on a job well done and
taunt Snow on his bad arm. Snow needs to get some Mega Medicine.

27. Run to Razril Port and go to the Equipment shop and Snowe will say to go in
and Snowe asks for Mega Medicine and the clerk gives it to him. When you exit,
the townsmen compliment Hero on being strong. Snowe says for Hero to get going.

28. Next run to the kitchen and get the Commander's meal and Snowe asks Hero
to give the COmmander his medicine. You get two Mega Medicine in the process.
Kindly tell the truth that Snowe bought the medicine. He may be a coward but at
least he cared to help Glen get better.

The Rune of Punishment is taking its toll on Glen. He orders Hero and Katarina
to leave and asks himself what is happening to him. Katarina says she'l watch
Glen's door.

29. Head outside and get a cutscene of ships arriving. Talk to your crew and 
choose to fight to each member. Talk to the knight outside and get ready for 
some action.

Pirate Dario vs Knight's of Gaien
Victory conditions: Emerge victorious against enemy pirates

30. One ship has just fira and the other has fire and wind. None of your ships
(that includes Snowe's ship) has Fire Rune (drat!). Attack the fire one first
using Jewel to fire the rune since she is water then attack the other ship.
You'll more than likely take damage but that ship does tick damage while you
do monster damage. Snowe's ship has only lightning rune so he's in deep stew
but he can sneak in an attack though.

31. Dario is not a happy camper. He gets mad at his son Nalleo. Snowe then
orders an attack on the pirates and Dario and Snowe's ships come face to face.
Choose to help Snowe and Dario retreats. More cowardice we tell you. Snowe
didn't like Hero stealing the show. Hmph! What a loser.

32. Hero and Snowe have been summoned to the Commander's room. Glen compliments
Hero and punches Snow in the face for his stupidity and tells you two to go.

33. Exit and Snowe is upset that Hero gets all the credit but apologizes. Go to
bed for a little dream sequence. When you awake, Funghu says the food is ready
and you take it to Glen.

Glen says it's ok for Hero to go and Snowe wonders what is going on. It turns 
out that the pirates were hired to arrive and weren't normal pirates. Oh great!
More enemy pirate ships have arrived. The nasel birds have been killed. Glen
send Katarina and Hero away. Snowe comes in and Katarina sends him to gather
everyone and Katarina briefs them on the situation. She joins the battle.

34. Exit the Courtyard and the pirates attack. Win three battles using physical
attacks and multi hit Rune attacks. The main pirate has 100 HP and the other
two have 140 HP.

Glen watches the battle and the Rune of Punishment symbol forms on his hand. It
seems hopeless for our heroes till Glen uses the Rune of Punishment to destroy
everything and force Dario to retreat.

35. Re-enter the courtyard and climb to the top of the spire. Snowe follows. 
Hero finds Glen grieving and dying. Snowe runs to his side and Glen has some
vile dying words for Snowe then vanishes. Did Snowe have something to do with
the pirates?

What an asshole. Snowe blames Hero for what just happened to Glen.

36. Keep running forward till you touch the red stars. There is a dream 
sequence for each star.

37. Now you fight a mysterious shadow who has 1HP. SAY WHAT!!? 1HP!!?

Snowe lies his ass off to Lord Vingerhut and Katarina about what went on. Looks
like jealousy got the best of him. ASSHOLE! Your fate? You have been exiled and
ordered not to return to Razril. You'll be escorted to the harbor by the
characters you did not choose to take with you. You get placed in a "lifeboat"
and the Gaien shio sails away. What's this? Snowe is the new Commander now?
That burns us up big time. The characters you chose to take with you become
the 2nd and 3rd Stars and stowaway on your ship. Then Cheipoo appears. He is
the 4th star of destiny. Everyone converses. Now it's time to save.

38. Fight two battles at sea and a Merchant ship sees your crew at sea and is
skeptical about rescuing you. It turns out that they are not merchants. They
decide to pick you up and Colton speaks to everyone.

39. Go in the cabin ang get the Treasure Map off the table. Then talk to Troy
then talk to Colton to rest. After rest, go outside and the crew gets caught

40. You can't win this battle against Troy and Colton so just take your lumps.

41. Next you fight Kooluk Soldiers whom have 180HP each. Talk about some major
leveling up after the fight. Fight a few more battles by talking to the Kooluk
soldiers outside the cabin.

The crew departs and Colton said your crew will die at sea anyway.

42. Once you talk to the other three, you'll set sail and fight a random battle
against some Flying lizard then 

43. A water dragon arrives.

Boss Fight: Water Dragon
LVL: 21
HP: 1300
ATK: 33
SKL: 33
PDF: 20
EVA: 20
MAG: 35
SPD: 20
MDF: 50
LUC: 33

Magic Attacks: Forceful Gale, Deadly Hurricane, Call Lightning

Concentrate on using physical attacks and thunder magic on him to do serious
damage especially the Thunder Runner which hurts it big time. Heal when

44. A tidal way washes everyone ashore after the fight. Talk to everyone twice
to wake them up.

45. Take the time to check out the island while you are here. Once you been
everywhere, you discover that its a deserted island. From here you can end the
game early y staying on the island and repeat the next section over and over
again. But to keep going, choose to escape.

46. THere are four tasks to undertake and Chiepoo will always choose to gather
food. You have the option of what the assignments for the other two will do
then take the remaining one yourself: gather seaweed, gather lumber, gather

47: If you choose...

Coconuts: Go to the island's edge area and gather three coconuts
Seaweed: get three pieces of seaweed on the beach
Lumber: go in the jungle and look for trees that shine.

You do these tasks for three days.

48. For each day spent, the treasure in the cave changes when the mermaid 
Lilin leaves. She'll leave a ...

Day 1: Lucky Ring
Day 2: Water Amulet
Day 3: Guard Ring

49. After completeing the assignments on each day, pick up your crew
and go to the Boulder Shade and rest.

50. Hopefully you had been nice to Lilen on Day 3 and she will tell you a
riddle about Chiepoo being in danger and she tells you to defeat a monster.

51. Boss Fight: Boss Crab Round 1

Don't even bother atting Boss Crab yet. Kill its two sidekicks. After a few 
rounds of tick damaging it, you come to realize that you must use the Rune of
Punishment to weaken it.

52. Now the real fight begins

Boss Fight: Boss Crab Round 2
LVL: 36
HP: 1300
ATK: 50
SKL: 40
PDF: 35
EVA: 20
MAG: 20
SPD: 20
MDF: 50
LUC: 33

Magic Attacks: Violent Deluge, Blast of Water, and Hard Bubbles

Let loose on this crab by using all of your Runes except for the Wind and Rune
of Punishment then finish it off with normal attacks. The crab has a tendency
to use Blast of Water and Violent Deluge alot. So heal up as much as you can.

53. Hero faints. He is now back in the mysterious tunnel with red stars and
memory lanes. Destroy the mysterious shadow with one hit and it vanishes

54. Chiepoo apologizes for the trouble caused but the others forgive him and
say the crab was delicious. Hero wakes up. Tell them you are ready to go. The
ship sails and Lilin calls out to the crew. She'll show you the path to land
which is due south.

55. Fight two random battles while you are at sea then two huge Killer Rays
appear a brown one and a green one.

56. Boss Fight: Killer Rays (green/brown)
LVL: 24/24
HP: 850/900
ATK: 50/50
SKL: 40/30
PDF: 25/35
EVA: 30/30
MAG: 50/30
SPD: 50/50
MDF: 50/25
LUC: 40/50

Magic Attacks: Ray Beam and Double Team (both), Ray Blast (green only)

THe good news is that the brown Killer Ray is very weak against the Rune of
Punishment and Level 1 Rune of Punishment (aka Eternal Ordeal) packs a punch a
punch at 300HP damage and the 30HP damage you take from using it is no biggie
in this fight. As for the others, use your best magic at your disposal then
finish them off with your weapons as best as you can.

57. Talk to everyone. The oars have been stolen but you are rescued by a
mysterious ship. The person who rescues you is Desmond. He notices the mark on
Hero's hand and summons Princess Flare to take a look at it and she tells her
men to be respectful to your crew.

58. Get the treasure map from inside the cabin and talk to Desmond twice to
arrive in Obel. Flare asks you to stop by the Royal Palace later on.

59. Upon controlling Hero, examine the Barrels for a treasure map then head
north to the palace. You can get a lottery ticket from the girl and play the
lottery. Also explore the town to get some help in your journey from shops.

60. Once you reach the palace, talk to Setsu and he'll direct you to the King.
You'll meet up with Lino En Kuldes, he is the guy that was outside. he asks
Hero to show him the Rune which he does and tells him about the origins of the
Rune. He tells Hero to visit the Ruins and gives Hero the Ruins Entry Permit.
He tells Hero to seek out a person who knows more about the Rune and sends you
to seek the person out.

61. Exit the palace and Lino En Kuldes says everyone is welcome to stay as long
as Hero and the others work for him. Desmond arrives and Lino En Kuldes 
whispers something to him that surprises him. Desmond joins your company.

62. Make your way all the way to the right from here and walk to the cave
entrance and Desmond says the back of the cave will be the shelter on the 
island. When the crew enters the cave, its pitch black, Soon Desmond leaves
the company and shows everyone the place.

63. Now start exploring the HQ then go to bed. Leknaat visits Hero in his sleep
and explains what the Rune of Punishment can do. She will monitor the way its
being used.

64. Talk to Desmond in the second passageway and he mentions that there is a
ship outside at Hero's disposal. Go out to the Cliff Path for a cutscene
between Troy, Colton, the Governor, Graham Cray, and Ramada. Ramada asks Snowe
to enter the room. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

65. Head to the area where you got the soap from the lady by the well and speak
to a man named Ornan to recruit him then run to the docks and board a ship.

66. Sail north to Nay Island first. You'll fight some strong speck Rays and boy
was recruiting Ornan a big mistake. The dude is weak but for the special ending
you'll have to deal with it. What's worse is that he is sleep at the start of

67. Once on land, make your way west to the trading post to recruit Perrault
who waits inside. You'll have to flee a lot of battles on the way. Talk to
Perrault twice and give him positive answers to recruit him then make the
treacherous journey back and visit an Inn to recoop.

68. Now set sail and head southeast to Na Nal Island. Upon arrival, head to the
Inn and talk to a girl named Rita who asks you to play a game of Ritapon with 

69. She'll explain the rules to you but we'll explain the rules in the 
minigames section at a later date.

70. After you defeat Rita, speak to her again and choose the first option and
you'll recruit her and she joins the party and becomes the new recruit.

71.Had north till you meet a man in bandages. He tells you about a girl in red
who needs to be punished. Move ahead to meet up with Mitsuba. She gives away
her con job before introducing herself. LOSER! Choose option one to duel her.
Her first action is an attack or guard. So choose attack to be safe. Then her
next actions are...

Attack: Hahaha, not yet, not yet
Attack: I'm going to slash you and it's gonna hurt
Guard: Come and get me!!
Guard: Whew, I'll see how it goes a bit
Special: You're dead
Special: Okay, I'll finish it in the next move

72. Defeat Mitsuba and she reveals that Reinhold and her were trying to con
people bu Hero was too strong. Soon Reinhold and Mitsuba are recruited. 
Speaking of strong, we underestimated Ornan. he has a strong attack when 

73. Back to Odel we go. Use the rush attacks after Ornan wakes up for a
powerful attack on the opposittion and heal up as well. This is really the 
first time we used it but we coulda used it earlier in the game.

74. Once back in HQ, save then talk to Louise or Desmond to choose your 
characters in battle. You should have eight people to choose from not including
Hero. You might wanna bring along some weak characters to build them up
before doing anything else, Just hand out utside and kill the enemies.

75. Once you are ready to move on, go into town with the characters of your
choosing and strengthen their weapons to the maximum you can afford. If you
need quick potch, talk to Rita when she is not on the team and play Ritapon and
beat her.

76. Now walk to the path opposite of the way to cave HQ to the Ruins. Show your
pass from Lino En Kuldes to Rakgi at the entrance. He will become your guide.

77. Run around and find the treasure chests. One has 5000 potch and the other
has a Thunder amulet. Soon, Rakgi will explain how easy it is to get lost and
tells of dangerous creatures.

78. To defeat the jellymen, they must all be defeated in the same turn or the
fallen ones will rise up. Also be wary of a treasure chest with an Angel 
Hairball in it. It has a level of 40, HP of 3000, ATK of 350, PDF of 300, MAG
of 200 and the rest is 150. It can wipe you out quickly at your level. So come
back later on in the game.

79. Eventually, Rakgi will warn you of a strange aura

Boss Fight: Guard Round 1
LVL: 32
HP: 1500
ATK: 130
SKL: 71
PDF: 100
EVA: 71
MAG: 68
SPD: 50
MDF: 69
LUC: 73

Magic Attacks: Ray Shot, Light Web

With the right magic, he will barely even get a turn. If you have at least two
people who can perform the Soaring Bolt (Level 3 Lightning Rune) and someone
with a Blazing Wall (Level 3 Fire Rune), he is history in 1 turn. How bout

80. Now head outside and open the chest for three mushrooms, three Mega 
Medicines, and a Escape Talisman. Then move further ahead and talk to Rikie who
is Rakgi's mother. She tells the story of the Rune of Punishment and how her
husband died from using it. As you leave, another Guard appears.

81. Get ready to rumble

Boss Fight: Guard Round 2
LVL: 32
HP: 2000
ATK: 130
SKL: 50
PDF: 65
EVA: 30
MAG: 85
SPD: 30
MDF: 73
LUC: 77

Magic Attacks: Ray Shot, Light Web, Repair, Pound

This time the guard has 2000HP. Once again, at least two Soaring Bolts will
take his energy down by half. Too bad, whatever fighters have them can use
it once so hopefully you have at least two fighters with Lightning Runes.
Nontheless, use all magic at hand to beat him. Don't forget that he can use
Repair to heal himself. Use the Rune of Punishment as a last resort.

After the fight, Rakgi and Rikie join your team of stars.

82. Set sail and you'll hear a cry for help. It's Lilin and she tells you that
her sisters have been kidnapped and asks for you to defeat the bad men. Sail to
the other ship. The merchant asks for Lilin so refuse in a brave manner by
saying "NEVER".

83. These guys have 185HP each so just kick they sorry asses. You keep fighting
them one after another till you get confirmation that Lilin's sisters are free.

84. As the merchants flee, you have the option to let them go or shoot them. We
say shoot the sons of bitches down. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Lilin becomes the new star of

85. Head back to the Harbor to take on Dario who mistakes you for the evil
merchants selling mermaids.

Pirate Dario
Victory Conditions: Emerge victorious against Dario.
He has 50 underlings

Equip anyone with Fire and that's it. They can't touch you with their Runes.
Dario retreats again. But Kika arrives and chastizes Dario and they leave, Upon
harboring, you get a message to see Desmond.

86. Go to the Inn for a cutscen of a boy running away. Talk to the lady and say
"Him who" and she says his name is Cedric and you'll need to catch him. To be
honest, no you don't. We're not gonna bore you with details on getting him,
you'll get him off the bat later on.

87. On the way, a guy named Mana is outside, he demonstrates his elevator if
you let him.

88. Talk to Desmond once you reach HQ and the message is to search for a man
named Oleg on Nay Island and bring him to Obel.

89. Here is where the elevator is of use. Talk to Manu to reach the bottom
of the mountain in an instant and sail off to Nay Island.

90. As usual it'll be a long sail full of naval battles so just set the course
for Nay and worry about fighting.

91. Once you harbor, head to High Ground Inn and you'll see Oleg sightseeing
over a mountain. He readies his invention and its not ready yet. He suggests
that you get some sleep ans asks you to pay for the Inn (which you pay nothing
actually). Cross the bridge and enter the Inn and that's that.

92. Leave the room and there is a cutscene of a bright flash. it is a 
demonstration of Graham Cray's. It seems that Troy has a lighter side to him
after all. When it is over, go to the bed and rest.

93. Head back to the invention in the morning and you'll see happened last 
night with a mega beam. Head to the beach to see a couple that have washed up
on shore. Time to sail back to OBel.

94. Once back on Obel, visit an Inn and head to the Audience Chamber in the
Palace. Lino and Setsu see the events recorded and soon Oleg becomes a Star of

95. On route back to the HQ, you'll encounter Mizuki, Akaghi, and Ramada and
have to fight the first two. With the Rush and some Rune Magic, they'll go
down in the first round. Thay are after the Rune on Hero's hand for a prize.
Desmond comes out and says to contact the palace.

96. Run to the palace. After a long convo, Mizuki, Akaghi, and Ramada become
three new stars of destiny.

97. As you leave, Flare says no one wants Hero to use the power. Head back to
HQ and ships appear. Lino En Kuldes and some of his crew fight the Kooluk.
Use the Rune of Punishment in order to continue.

Defending Obel
Victory Conditions: Defeat the invaders of the Kingdom of Obel

98. Equip the fire and wind rune cannons and this battle is yours. The enemy 
ships however can fire two runes at once at both ships. (You control Lino En 
Kuldes' ship too.)

99. After the Battle, Hero faints. Listen to the four red stars and defeat
Brandau's shadow with one blow. You wake up in your room. Head to the front and
the others discuss the next holder of the Rune of Punishment (If you have at
least 17 Stars)

100. Go to the warroom for a few orders. You and Flare gather recruits. Leave
for a cutscene.

101. Talk to Cedric, Yu, Adrienne, two ladies by the well, and a fisherman to
recruit them then head back to HQ. Flare will decide to stay behind on the way.

102. Return to the Warroom and Setsu decides to stay behind too. Say "Let's go"
After a Troy cutscene, the ship sails as Troy ship arrives. Lino En Kuldes, 
Nico, Pedrom and Haruto become the new Stars of Destiny.

103. Kika arrives before you enter the cabin. She says to follow her to the
Nest of Pirates, but sail around to gather more recruits.

104. First take a nap then when you wake uo and leave, Tov will speak of a
forbidden room and asks you to check it out in the 5th deck. There is an
unmarked room, ask to go in, Ask Mao to join and he does.

105. Go back to sleep and repeat the process ro recruit Nao.

106. Sail to Na Nal Island: You can recruit Ugetsu and Manu on the spot. To
get Jeane, go to the Rune Shop and and speak to the Rune Master.

107. Now show Maxine what you are made of. She has 2000 HP. Use everything at
your disposal then she vanishes.

108. Set sail to Nay island but in the way, anchor and head to the Fishing Deck
and do some fishing with Ugetsu. Eventually you'll get and recruit Shiramine.
Read Perrault's first issue as well.

109. Depart again and uppon arrival at Nay Island, go to Nay-Kobold settlement 
before you cross the bridge, Viki appears and seems lost then sneezes again and
disappears. Go forward and recruit Bang who runs a lottery kiosk and enter
Barthelomew's house and ask him to join. If you hadn't read Perrault's issue
like we told you to do, he will claim he is bad luck and won't join. On the way
back to the ship, get a Flower Seed from the Trading Shop now. Then when you
cross the bridge, you can recruit Viki. On a side note, Maxine is in town
between Nay-Kobold Settlement and the shore and she has 3000HP but you don't
want to fuck with her yet as she has a Shining Wind that kills you instantly
if you don't have a high level.

110. Next stop is Iluya Island in the north. You can get Natalay when you meet
her To get Kate, have Mizuki in your party and to get Izak. Give him the Flower
Seed we told you to get in Nay Island.

111. Make a trip to Nay Island and find a bottle on the beach with a message in
it. With Viki as a recruit, you can teleport to different places now. If you
haven't gotten the Flower seed earlier, get it now and teleport to Iluya and
get Izak. As for the bottle, it says "coral...donuts...small island.." This is
your cue to sail to Donut Island which is east of Obel. Here Rene congratulates
you on passing a test and becomes your new star.

112. Sail to the Deserted Island, which is Northwest of Mordo Island. Run to 
the end ofhe cave and Taisuke says he needs to get dressed but he forgot his 
clothes. So run out and get them just outside the cave entrance and return 
them. Leave the cave and return a third time and convince Taisuke to join, 

113. Leave the end of the cave and reenter and get Lilen.

114. Teleport to Nay Island and get on the ship an anchor. Have Shiramine cast
a net and pull it up. Lilan will be in the net. Lilin will appear and convince
Lilan to become the new star.

115. Now you got all the recruits you'll need for now. Sail to Pirate's Nest
and swing along to the south side and you'll arrive at pirate's nest.

116. Kika will invite the party inside. Recruit Phil who by this time you have
the 40 stars required to get him.

117. Walk to Kika's tavble and she asks Hero and lino En Kuldens to have a
seat. They discuss the situation with Cray Trading and Kooluk. When prompted,
say Ms. Kika let's fight together. Dario, Nalleo, Kika, Sigurd, and Harvey
become your new stars.

118. If you have at least 30 stars, sail away from Pirate's Nest and come back.

119. One of the pirate mentions that a guest has washed ashore. In Kika's room
the guest is none other than katarina, your old teacher. She notices Hero is
alive and gives him the option to kill her and scolds your first two "picks"
from the Exile and then mentions that Razril has been seized and Snowe sold
Razril out to the Kooluk. ASSHOLE!

120. Leave the Room and Dario suggests going to see Elenor Silverburg who has
helped Scarlett drive away the Kooluk before and Kika said she knew her and
says to pay her a visit.

121. Set sail and two ships arrive. It's Snowe and he's come for Kika but is
shocked to see Hero has turned to piracy.

Former Friend
Snowe's Army versus Heroes's Army
Victory Conditions: Destroy all ships and stop Snowe's assault.

122. Save boarding, this fight is too easy. Snow has Earth and Lightning and
his ally has Fire and Wind. Use Fire and Earth Runes on both ships for nearly
guarnteed victory.

123. Snow retreats. You have to sail back to Razril. No teleporting as Viki
feels weak.

124. The natives are angry with Snowe's betrayal and you are given an option
to kill him or exile him. Exile him to get him as a star later in the game.
There is no showing of his execution so sorry gore lovers.

125. Viki;s mirror works again so teleport back to Nests of Pirates and talk to
a pirate who mentions a mermaid sighting.

126. Set sail and Lilon will join. You have th option of going to Ilyua island
for the final sister Liloon but do that after ou handle business with Elenor.
She sits at the docks of Iluya.

127. Run to the forest and meet Agnes. sigurd, Hervey, and Dario are in your
party. Everyone is passed out and Elenor tests everyone. Hero is unaffected.
Ask her to join ans she sends you ti a cave to retrieve a box.

128. Get the 3 Mega Medicines and run to the cave. The enemies here are not to
hard. The boss has 700 HP which a Lightning Spell will destroy easily.

129. The items are at the very end of the cave. Get them and get out.

130. Give Agnes the green bottle to wake the others and Hero gives Elenor the 
Crest and she joins. Go outside and Agnes joins too. You can get the Copper
Hammer now. Back to the ship you go. Lino En Kuldes is seen.

131. Anchor and go to the War Room. Everyone is waiting inside. Elenor proposes
a duel with Hero and Lino En Kuldes. Say "Let the best man win".

132. He starts with a special (I'll scare you a little bit)

Attack: It's my turn next.
Attack: All right, let;s get right down to it
Guard: Come on! Let's see what you got
Guard: I think I'll save my energy a little
Special: Guess I'll start getting serious now...
Special: Hehe...Better be prepared for the next move...

133. Lino En Kuldes abdicates his thrown for now and dubs you the leader. He
gives you his golden seal as proof of your kingship. You are given the option
to name your army and ship. Then launch it. Lino En Kuldes and Elenor have a

134. Time for another recruitment binge. First start off by anchoring and
leaving your room and reentering. Jango and Brec become your new stars.

135. Sail back to Hermitage Island and you'll face Gau in a random battle
along with 4 Demon wolves. He has 2100 HP. Rune of Punishment hurts him good
and a Level 4 Fire Spell destroys the Demon Wolves. Gau become your new star
on defeat. Aldo is in the Back Road behind Elenor's house.

136. Go to Nests of Pirates and recruit Katarina.

137. Teleport to Mordo Island and visit the Hot Springs and defeat the Lo
siblings after the owner tries to charge you 10,000 potch. Fong has 1000HP,
Hak has 1100HP and Seng has 1300HP. They join on defeat. Leave and come back to
get Igor.

138. Go to Nay Island and Chiepoo suggest going to the Trading Post when he is
in your party. Kick Maxine's ass on route if you haven't already.

139. Visit the Trading Post and as you leave back to the ship, Nalkul bumps 
into you and Champo has trouble keeping up. They jacked your golden seal.
Chase them back to Nay-Kobold Settlement and over to the warehouse where
Champo loses it in the mouse-infested warehous.

140. Use Champo to catch the mice. R1 speeds, R2 sneaks, and X Pounces. Catch
all three mice to get the Golden Seal.

141. Head to the War Room when ready and Elenor suggests heading to middleport
to form an alliance. Ramada mentions a sea monster.

142. Sail to Middleport from the Deserted Islan to make it faster. You'll
encounter the moving Isle and its tentacles.

143. Boss Fight: Moving Isle and Tentacles
LVL: 43/40
HP: 3500/500 each
ATK: 120/95
SKL: 95/95
PDF: 100/95
EVA: 95/95
MAG: 95/95
SPD: 80/95
MDF: 130/95
LUC: 95/95

Magic Attacks (Moving Isle Only): Ink Shot [Physical], Storm [Fire], Crush 
Course [Physical]

Each tentacle has 500 HP each which a Level 4 Fire spell can damage everyone
heavily. When the moving isle subsides, it will ram the ship. You cannot attack
it physically. But you can change the party in the middle of the fight.

144. Now choose your boarding party. Ramada decides to tag along this time.
Reinbach III and Micky meet you once you dock. It turns out that the Moving
Isle was Reinbach II's pet.

145. Head to the Lord's House. Tell him who you are. Agree to keep the dealings
that Reinbach II made with Cray Trading a secret. Talk to Rakgi and then
Reinbach III and Micky run up to Hero and agree to become stars if you run a
little friendship errand for them.

146. With Sigurd in your party, Talk to Keen who has beef with Sigurd then 
return without him and pay 10,000 potch. You can talk him down to one potch

147. Talk to Deborah and let her read your fotune. She will join then Oskar
will stow away (not seen) and become a star too.

148. Teleport to Nay Iland and talk to Gareth in one of the Inn Rooms and get
the Rose Crest by telling him its for Reinbach III. 

149. Teleport back to Middleport and give Reinbach III the Rose Crest and he
and Micky become the new stars.

150. Put Reinbach III in your party and go back to Nay for Gareth. 

151. In the meantime, go next door and hear a rumor of a woman who tears up 
inns. (It turns out to be Helga).

152. Then double back and talk to Etinete in front of the Lord's Mansion to make
him a star.

153. Head to the Inn and there is an argument going on. Butt in and ask Helga
to join. Charlemange makes a deal and Helga is the new star.

154. To get Charlemange, talk to him once and he has to take care of business,
sail away and return and talk to him again but he is not ready. Sail away and
return and talk to him once more and he's ready this time.

155. Enter the War Room and a ship appears from out of nowhere. Lino En Kuldes
decides to go with you with one other paty member and a support character of
your choosing. Need 70 stars for this.

156. A man in robes appears. Run down the fogship trail and you can evade
battles except for the ones with Prophets which must be defeated to proceed
forward. The robed man will speak of the rune. Answerhis question then run to 
the end of the trail.

157. Just like the previous screen, you only have to win the battles with 
Prophets to head on to the next scene where the robed man speaks ore of the
rune then you move on to the end.

158. The Fog Ship Guide offers Hero a chance to rid of the Rune of Punishment
in exchange for being his slave. Choose not to be his slave to the FSG's dismay
and the robed man reveals himself to be Ted from Suikoden I. He decides to take
back the Soul Eater Rune but FSG refuses to give it back and Ted decides to
fight along with the others.

159. Boss Fight: Fog Ship Guide
LVL: 50
HP: 7000
ATK: 127
SKL: 128
PDF: 120
EVA: 128
MAG: 128
SPD: 128
MDF: 128
LUC: 128

Magic Attacks : Finger of Death, Call of the Abyss, Unholy Vortex

The FSG has 7000 HP but it is very weak against Combo Magic. We chose Jeane as
our third player. Have her cast a Level 4 Thunder Spell for massive damage and
have Hero and Ted can handle the rest. Lino is good for physical attacks but
you can have him use runes too. The finger of death drains energy from a party
member and adds it to the FSG's HP so be on your toes.

160. If you win, Ted regains the Soul Eater. Now its time to escape from the
ship as it vanishes. There is a treasure chest on the way. Ted is now your new 

161. Now you may have noticed that Na-Nal is off the teleport list. Go there to
scope it out.

162. Lino En Kuldes tags along because of the chief's violent temper.

163. Run to the village and fight two sets of Kooluk soldiers. Alex sends his
villagers and arrests you. After talking to the Chief. Go to sleep in your

164. Run through the Elven Village and get the remedy which is unguarded (hmmm)
then return with it. You are freed as part of the deal but arrested again by
the elves on the way back to the ship.

165. Talk to everyone and Selma comes and frees you all. Return to the village
and see it being taken over by the Kooluk. Defeat three sets of them.

166. The chief will apologize for his mistake and Alex becomes the new star.
Go to the Trading Post and Selma is waiting for you outside. Sail away then
come back and pick up Eugene at the Inn.

167.Put Reinbach and Mitsuba in your party when you head to Nay Island which is
now off the teleport list. There won't be much fighting but you'll know why we
said put them on.

168. Speak to the Village Chief three times and show him the Golden Seal.

169. Sail away then return and get Kevin and Pan from the Village Chief's 

170. Now go to middleport where there is a rumor about Millay being the new
fiancee for Reinbach III. Head to Na-Nal and you see her on the beach about
to be kidnapped. Rescue her and she joins.

171. Go back to the ship and into the War Room. Then go to Razril to free it
but first go the center square in Na-Nal where you first fought Mitsuba and
Maxine and recruit Jeremy.

172. Teleport to Middleport and sail to Razril from there. Put Katarina in your
party. As you approach, the Kooluk fleet arrive. Let's get it on. 

Regaining Razril
Mixed Kooluk Fleet versus (Your Ship)
Victory Conditions: Defeat Kooluk flagship stationed at Razril

173. One of the ships will turn on the others then lose the battle when the
enemy fleet board it. You already know how to handle the rest.

174. Make Helmut the new star. Razril is free.

175. The teammates left behind during Exile will become the new stars.

176. Talk to the town folks and find seven or more recruits and take them to
the Training Hall. After the meeting, defeat the Gaien soldiers that Lord
Vangerhut sent against you. Defeat them and lord Vangerhut is exiled.

A Kooluk soldier reports the news to Cray about the liberation of Razril. They
make new plans and Troy is showing some heart still. Then Troy and Colton have
a chat with someone listening in on them.
+end cutscene+

177. Run towards the back and there is a chat with the original gang minus
Snowe. Pick up a cat too and go to bed. Time for another reruitment drive.

178. With Katarina in your party, you can get Konrad in the Inn. Maxine is also
in the Inn if you kicked he ass twice already. Basil is in the square on the
left side of it. Frederica is in the equipmnt shop, Gretchen is outside of it.
Funghi is in the usual spot (kitchen), and Ameria is on the rooftop. Karl is in
the Back Street.

179. Board the ship and you face Snowe again who is now a pirate. If you spared
him ealier.

Battle Once More
Pirate Snowe versus (Your Ship)
Victory Conditions: Destroy Pirate Snowe

What the fuck was Snowe thinking? He has only a Fire Rune to his name. With
a Water Rune y itself and three ships, he is a sitting duck. Just ambush him.
Exile him again if you want all stars.

180. You should have at least 80 stars by now if you been keeping up with us.
Talk to Pablo in the Rune Room of Deck 5 about a rumor then head to the empty
house to see an empty chest. Answer 24 potch and you enter a secret passage.
Best the Land Dragon which has 5000hP and move forward and Warlock joins.

181. Sail away and anchor then speak to Deborah then get an Interior Design
Book fom on of the ladies on Middleport and reenter the Empty House to get

182. Head to the Nests of Pirates and recruit Tanya as a new star.

183. Go inside and hand the Golden Seal back to Lino En Kuldes. We get a
cutscene of Ramada being confronted by Cray.

184. Sail to Obel from Mordo Island. Now we see Lino En Kuldes in proper attire
for the first time. Mizuki passes Flare a note from Elenor. Time to fight.

For Obel's Freedom
2nd Kooluk Fleet versus (Your Ship)
Victory Conditions: Annhilate the enemy fleet

185. You can ambush these guys easily.

Colton begs you to kill him but he is spared as another fleet arrives. It's
Flare ad Setsu and they become stars. Another fleet appears and even Colton
is surprised. It's the governor's fleet. Save before fighting.
+end cutscene+

Mysterious Fleet
Governor's Fleet versus (Your Ship)
Victory Conditions: Annihilate the enemy fleet.

186. Have Fire and Wind Runes and you know the rest.

187. Use the Rune of Punishment to save everyone. If you refuse three times and
its game over. It would be fun if they showed the actual end result of choosing
to refuse three times.

Ramada is rendered unconsious by Graham Cray. He sends his bird to the ship.
Colton is now being interrogated but dosen't comply.
+end cutscene+

188. Run down the tunnek and defeat Glen's Shadow.

189. Thefinal recruitment drive begins. All but one of them are on Obel alone.
The last one (Snowe) must be acquired after the others.

190. Wendell awaits you on the docks of Obel. Nabokov is in the Appraisal Shop.
Gary and Ema are at the pond. Gunther is hanging out in front of a closed store

191. Have Yu in the Support slot to get Trishtan at the Inn. Sail away and
return for Carrie.

192. Now have Cedric in the Suppot slot and run to the cave where the ship
used to be and pay for Cedric's bill and get Rachel.

193. Noah s behind the throne in the castle. Talk to her till you have the
option to ask her to join.

194. Go through the Ruins and make it to where you recruited Rakgi and Rickie
and you'll find Travis who fools you into using an Escape Talisman. Return to
Travis and he'll join this time. The killer Golem is an optional fight. Defeat
the Angel Hairball and get the Golden Hammer.

195. Now go to Mordo Island and talk to a villager in front of the Hot Springs
and he mentions a man he saw floating in the sea. Sail west from hear and
eventually you'll see Snowe. Recruit him and congrats. You got all 108 stars.

196. Go to the deck to see Ramada's bird return then die. Run to the War Room.
Elenor will discuss the next strategy. It's time to invade El-Eal. The plan is
to destroy the rune cannon there. First, Elenor says to send a detachment team
to get rid of it then the main force will take care of the Kooluk's First Fleet
Select "let's get right to it." Talk to Elenor when ready to choose your

197. Once you ar done, choose to send Elenor along or she'll disobey you in the
morning and go anyway. Train your party and go to bed.

198. After you awake, tell Elenor you are ready to go. Take the time to chat
with everyone. You get a Wooden Amulet from Rene, Noah, and Rita. Lino En
Kuldes vaguely drops alittle bombshell hinting that he is Hero's father.

199. go to bed for a cutscene with Snowe. while you sleep, Leknaat appears with
a message about the fate of the Rune then vanishes.

200. Run to the deck. if you have Lino En Kuldes and Elenor on the away team
and Setsu will pout a little bit and the away team arrives at their point of 

201. You now control Elenor in the main screen, run up the ountain for a 
cutscene. Agnes and Tanya have a little quarrel. The mermaids dive overoard
from the ships they were controlling. The rune on El-Eal fires a blast on three
of the decoy ships sent by the mermaids. Time for the final naval battle.

Final Engagement
1st Kooluk Fleet versus (Your Ship)
Victory Conditions: Destroy the first Kooluk fleet.

One ship has 4 runes: Fire, Wind, Earth, and Water. The others you know what
to do. It's best to board Troy's ship and defeat the soldiers. Either that or
ambush it though it's risky.

202. Zig Zag up the castleto the entrance. Run up to the 4th floor and face
Graham Cray. He renders Ramada unconsious again but Ramada warns of the left
hand before he goes to sleep.

203. Boss Fight: Graham Cray
LVL: 50
HP: 4000
ATK: 230
SKL: 130
PDF: 120
EVA: 100
MAG: 130
SPD: 130
MDF: 130
LUC: 130

Magic Attacks: Thunder Runner, Forcefield, Killer Beam (group and single)

Use your best runes ever to your disposal. Someone with Level 4 Rune Magic can
whip his ass easily. Defeat him and he runs away. Now Hero chooses his squad.

204. Run all the way to where you fought Graham Cray then go into the office
and get the star room key. Go back to the second floor and enter the stairs.

205.You must reach the very top 3 times then save and heal up before entering
the door. Cray vaguely says that he once had the rune of punishment and asks
you about the memories of a child. He summons a Giant Tree.

206. Boss Fight: Giant Tree/Seeds of Light
LVL: 70/50
HP: 13000/3000 each
ATK: 250/150
SKL: 160/68
PDF: 120/68
EVA: 160/68
MAG: 160/68
SPD: 160/60
MDF: 200/68
LUC: 160/68

Magic Attacks: 
Giant Tree: Scorching Breath, Ressurection, Deadly Wave, Holy Beam, Charge,
Exhausting Breath.

Seeds of Light: Incinerate, Photosynthesis

The colors represent its attack most of the time. Red = fire, green = wind,
blue = water, yellow = earth, orange = lightning, white = holy beam. However,
it can send a Deadly Wave regardless of color. You'll need some speed, luck,
good magic users, and a prayer. this due has 13000Hp. Save your Rush for when
it turns white so you can knock it out of its Holy Bea turn which fucks your
whole party up bad. Defeat this monstrosity and Cray speaks of how the ROP
was cut off from him. Escape the castle and talk to Rakgi to board and face
Troy in a duel.

207. Start off with a guard to counter his special then refer to the following:

Attack: Here I go.
Attack: Yield to my sword.
Guard: Humph.
Guard: ...
Special: I'll settle this with the next move.
Special: Sorry...but I will take your life with one more move.

You have won the game.

208. Do what you gotta do during the endings. There is one note that you'll be
in the tunnel again and you'll see Hero and Flare's mother who is also Lino En
Kuldes's wife.

209. The credits roll. There is an extra scene at the end to show that Hero
survives. Now all you gotta do is save the clear data and that is that.

Items are separated into several categories: Consumables, Decorations, 
Equipment, Event Icons, Materials, Runes, Rune Pieces, Special Items, and Trade
Items. Check back later for all except Rune Pieces, Runes, and Consumeables
which we'll explain now.

These are items that you use to help yourself and your party in battle but can
harm you to.

Antitoxins - Recovers from poison
Broiled Fish - 100 HP to user
Broiled Sardine - 100HP to user
Bucket Mint - Inflicts bucket on user. Recovers Magic to lvl 2
Bucket Mushroom - Inflicts bucket on user. Recovers Magic by 1MP x level
Cough Drop - Recover from silence
Crab Bun - 100HP to user. Increase defense for three turns
Escape Talisman - Escape from dungeon
Gloomy Mint - Inflicts heartbreak on user. Recovers Magic to lvl 2
Gloomy Mushroom - Inflicts heartbreak on user. Recovers Magic by 1MP x level
Jizo Clock - Recover from unconsiousness
Knight's Lunch - 200HP to user
Mackerel Miso Stew - 150HP to user
Meat Bun - 200HP to user
Medicine - 50HP to user
Mega Medicine - 250HP to user
Minced Bonito - 100HP to user. Increase strength for three turns
Mint - Recover all MP up to lvl 2
Mixed Herbs - Recover all MP
Mushroom - Recover 1MP x level
Mysterious Mint - Random ailment on user. Recovers Magic to lvl 2
Mysterious Mushroom - Random ailment on user. Recovers Magic by 1MP x level
Needle - Revover from balloon
Poison Mint - Inflicts poison on user. Recovers Magic to lvl 2
Poison Mushroom - Inflicts poison on user. Recovers Magic by 1MP x level
Puffer Fish Sashimi - 100 HP to user. Increase Magic Attack for three turns
Salad - 150HP to user. Recover from all ailments
Silence Mint - Inflicts silence on user. Recovers Magic to lvl 2
Silence Mushroom - Inflicts silence on user. Recovers Magic by 1MP x level
Sleep Mint - Tires user. Recovers Magic to lvl 2
Sleep Mushroom - Tires user. Recovers Magic to by 1 HP x level
Special Lunch - 200HP to user. Recover from all ailments
Steam Bun - 100HP to user
Stone of Defense - Increase physical defense level
Stone of Evasion - Increase evasion level
Stone of Luck - Increase luck level
Stone of Magic - Increase magic level
Stone of Magic Defense - Increase magic defense level
Stone of Skill - Increase skill level
Stone of Speed - Increase speed level
Stone of Strength - Increase strength level
Whole Roast Snapper - 500 HP to user.

Some Runes are exclusive to characters and the purpose of the runes is to use
as magic. The other Runes are elemental and are more elemental damage or use
them for healing.

Rune of Punishent: Hero
Level 1: Eternal Ordeal - 300 HP damage to enemy. -30 HP to Hero.
Level 2: Double Edged Sword - 150HP damage to enemy. -50 HP to Hero
Level 3: Voice of Death - High chance of insta-kill. 10% insta-kill chance to
Level 4: Everlasting Mercy - 500HP damage to enemy. -500HP to Hero.

Blinking Rune: Viki
Level 1: Ready! - Teleport 1 enemy off the battlefield. Backfires if it fails.
Level 2: Set! - 200HP damage to all enemies
Level 3: Go! - Teleports all enemies off the battlefield.

Soul Eater: Ted
Level 1: Finger of Death - Drain HP from single enemy
Level 2: Black Shadow - 300HP damage to all enemies
Level 3: Hades - Drain HP from all enemies
Level 4: 1500HP damage to single enemy

Falcon Rune: Kika
3x damage on single enemy

Shrike Rune: Mizuki
2x damage on single enemy

Red Rose Rune: Reinbach
2x damage on single enemy

Waking Rune: Ornan
Ornan goes beserk when woken from sleep spell

Charm Rune: Jeane
Jeane charms the enemy

Firefly Rune: Eugene
Eugene is easier to be targeted by the enemy

Earth Rune/Mother Earth Rune
Level 1: City Guardian - raises all allies defense by 20% for three turns
Level 2: Vengeful Child - Defends one ally from magic once
Level 3: Guardian Earth - cures all allies of status ailments
Level 4: Earthquake - 800 HP to all earthbound enemies
Level 5: Canopy Defense - All allies defend against magic once

Fire Rune/Rage Rune
Level 1: Flaming Arrows - 100 HP damage to one enemy
Level 2: Dancing Flames - 150HP damage to all enemies
Level 3: Blazing Wall - 300HP damage to all enemies
Level 4: Explosion - 500HP damage to all enemies
Level 5: Final Flame - 700HP damage to all enemies

Lightning Rune/Thunder Rune
Level 1: Beserk Blow - 150 HP damage to all enemies
Level 2: Thunder Runner - 300 HP damage to one enemy
Level 3: Soaring Bolt - 600 HP damage to one enemy
Level 4: Furious Blow - 900 HP damage to one enemy
Level 5: Heavenly Thunder - 1500 HP damage to one enemy

Water Rune/Flowing Rune
Level 1: Kindness Drops - Cures HP and status of one ally
Level 2: Breath of Ice - 100 HP to all enemies
Level 3: Kindness Rain - Cures HP and status of all allies
Level 4: Silent Lake - Temporarily suppresses magic use of enemies and allies.
Level 5: Mother Ocean - Cures HP and status of all allies and revives KO'd ally
Wind Rune/Cyclone Rune
Level 1: Wind of Sleep - Puts all enemies to sleep
Level 2: Healing Wind - Cures HP and status of 1 ally
Level 3: The Shredding - 300 HP damage to all enemies
Level 4: Funeral Wind - 300 HP damage to all enemies, 25% instant death
Level 5: Shining Wind - 500 HP damage to all enemies, 300HP recover to allies

Rune Pieces
Earth Rune Piece - Imbues earth power within the sword
Fire Rune Piece - Imbues fire power within the sword
Lightning Rune Piece - Imbues lightning power within the sword
Ocean Rune Piece - Customize the hull
Water Rune Piece - Imbues water power within the sword
Wind Rune Piece - Imbues wind power within the sword

001. [] - Hero
002. [] - Partner of Exile #1
003. [] - Partner of Exile #2
004. [] - Chiepoo
005. [] - Louise
006. [] - Tov
007. [] - Chadli
008. [] - Desmond
009. [] - Rakgi
010. [] - Rikie
011. [] - Lilin
012. [] - Ornan
013. [] - Perrault
014. [] - Mitsuba
015. [] - Reinhold
016. [] - Rita
017. [] - Oleg
018. [] - Mizuki
019. [] - Akaghi
020. [] - Ramada
021. [] - Cedric
022. [] - Yu
023. [] - Lino En Kuldes
024. [] - Pedro
025. [] - Haruto
026. [] - Nico
027. [] - Kika
028. [] - Sigurd
029. [] - Hervey
030. [] - Dario
031. [] - Nalleo
032. [] - Adrienne
033. [] - Mao
034. [] - Nao
035. [] - Ugetsu
036. [] - Manu
037. [] - Jeane
038. [] - Shiramine
039. [] - Bang
040. [] - Bartholomew
041. [] - Viki
042. [] - Nataly
043. [] - Kate
044. [] - Izak
045. [] - Rene
046. [] - Taisuke
047. [] - Lilen
048. [] - Lilan
049. [] - Phil
050. [] - Elenor
051. [] - Agnes
052. [] - Lilon
053. [] - Liloon
054. [] - Katarina
055. [] - Gau
056. [] - Aldo
057. [] - Nalkul
058. [] - Champo
059. [] - Lo Fang
060. [] - Lo Hak
061. [] - Lo Seng
062. [] - Igor
063. [] - Jango
064. [] - Brec
065. [] - Deborah
066. [] - Oskar
067. [] - Keen
068. [] - Reinbach III
069. [] - Micky
070. [] - Etienne
071. [] - Gareth
072. [] - Helga
073. [] - Charlemenge
074. [] - Axel
075. [] - Kevin
076. [] - Pam
077. [] - Selma
078. [] - Eugene
079. [] - Ted
080. [] - Millay
081. [] - Jeremy
082. [] - Partner left behind at Exile #1
083. [] - Partner left behind at Exile #2
084. [] - Flare
085. [] - Setsu
086. [] - Helmut
087. [] - Basil
088. [] - Maxine
089. [] - Konrad
090. [] - Frederica
091. [] - Gretchen
092. [] - Funghi
093. [] - Ameria
094. [] - Karl
095. [] - Tanya
096. [] - Warlock
097. [] - Pecola
098. [] - Wendell
099. [] - Nabokov
100. [] - Gunther
101. [] - Thristan
102. [] - Carrie
103. [] - Ema
104. [] - Gary
105. [] - Noah
106. [] - Rachel
107. [] - Travis
108. [] - Snowe

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