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Follow the dark path or use the light
Spectral Force Chronicle Pack Shot

Spectral Force Chronicle



by Jae

Spectral Force Chronicle FAQ
Version 1.0 5/25/2005
[email protected]

I. Intro
II. Spectral Tower
III. Endings
IV. New Game+
V. Souls
VI. Disclaimer

I. Intro
This FAQ will tell you about all the secrets in the game. While this one isn't
as deep as other Neverland games, there are still some neat things to uncover.
I'm going to assume everyone has a decent grasp of Japanese and the game

II. The Spectral Tower
One of the most famous landmarks in the world of Neverland. This 100 floor
nightmare is featured in most Neverland games, and even has 2 devoted solely to
it. It's place in SFC is as a side level up area. You can tackle it 10 floors
at a time. You have the option to leave after every floor, but checkpoints only
exist on every 10th. If you start on #21, and leave on 28, next time you enter
you will be back on 21. If you make it to 30, next time you come you can start
at 30. Obviouly, the deeper you go, the more difficult it becomes. My best
advice is to do 10 floors every 2 game chapters. Only the first 50 floors are
accessible on your first play.

After clearing floor 100, you can go back one more time and enter a portal to
another dimension. Here you will encounter Next. He isn't too happy with you
arriving, so he summons 4 heroes to dispatch of you.

-Battle with Rose, Erile, Welles, and Gina
They come in at level 82. When I did this, I was level range of 25-50, so I was
definitely under leveled, but it's doable. This is who I used:

Hiro, lvl 51, defense over 380, GOH at max level (important for elemental
Jadou, lvl 41
Azalea (for Green Noa), lvl 41
Sato, lvl 41
Zakyfon, lvl 41
Chick, lvl 25 (he was fodder, didn't survive the first attack)

They will spam their specials at will. Eriles' Gravity Blade causes Heavy, so
depending on your level, if Hiro gets' heavied, it's over. Try and equip Hiro
with the item that gives her 300 SP, and use her lvl 1 3 times, with at least 2
of the enemies in range. Depending on your level, you will need luck on your
side, but it's doable at a low level. Once you win...

Next gets even angrier, and fights you himself. He is level 90, and starts with
300 SP....I changed over to Roze, Jadou, and Gina, with Hiro and Sato. Next
will use his special on his first turn which will kill or nearly kill
everything it hits, but he is slow. Move every one of your characters to the
furthest point you can, but space them out. 1 in each corner, and then 1 in the
middle of the edge should keep them safe. 1 character will die on that turn,
because even if the special doesn't finish them off, Next will use his normal
attacks for 3-900 damage. Use your next turn to get close to him, but don't
attack. He will again kill at least one character, but if Jadou and Hiro
survive, you should be good. On the next turn, get everyone into attack range,
but don't attack. They should get another turn before Next, use that turn to
fire away with normal attacks. If you don't kill him, he will do his special
again and kill you, so try again. This strategy is for lower leveled teams, so
you may find it much easier, depending. I did it early to get access to all the
souls early in the game.

III. Endings
In chapter 10, you will be given a choice to either Return to Neugard, or Stop
Jadou. Whichever one you choose will decide the series of battles you fight
through the end of the game. The final bosses differ, as do the endings.

IV. New Game+
As with most Idea Factory games, once you clear the first time, you can make a
new save. If you load this and start a new game, you will retain all your
items, money, and weapon upgrades. Also, floor 51-100 opens up in the Specral
Tower. During story battles you are now able to use any 6 characters, unlike on
the first play where you were locked in with Hiro, Sato, Zakyfon, and Chick.
Since you will take 1 damage from everything until pretty late in the game,
this makes seeing both endings easy.

V. Souls
You start the game with 7 generic skeleton soldiers. You may wonder just why on
earth you would use them over story characters. Starting in chapter 3, you can
begin to obtain the "souls" of certain enemies, which once equipped on a
skeleton, turns them into that character. While most of the ones obtained
during the story aren't altogether spectacular, the hiddens ones are pretty
overpowered, rivaled only by Hiro. The drawbacks would be that the strongest
ones are only obtainable in your 2nd play, and you can't equip them with normal
equipment, just bones.

Here is a list of all the souls available in the game:

Big Mama
Method: During chapter 3, in the 3rd battle with the Goblin army, choose to
supression, and defeat her.
Rating: Big Mama is the first soul you will get, and isn't bad for early stages
of the game. Her defense is high, and she has obscene hit points. She loses
usefulness later on due to her lack of speed.

Method: During chapter 4, after defeating him in battle.
Rating: Decent speed and attack, and he is the first character you get with a
sword that can hit in a cone radius. Again not too great later.

Method: Choose supression during chapter 5, and defeat her and her magic using
Rating: Very strong magic user. Her regular attack has good distance, and her
SPs are good. Her lvl 2 adds Heavy, which is very useful. Her lvl 3 is Green
Noa, a wide area healing spell. I used her until the end on my first play.

Method: Through the course of the story.
Rating: Not too good. Poor to average stats, and his SPs aren't special. Good
range with Spear would be the only plus.

Method: Through the course of the story.
Rating: Slow movement, and pretty low attack for someone possessing one of the
legendary weapons.

Method: Choose to return to Neugard in chapter 10
Rating: Another legendary weapon holder, his stats are decent. I didn't
actually use him, but he looks to be around the same strength as Prominent.

Method: Choose to stop Jadou in chapter 10
Rating: Great. He is a bit slow, but has great stats and a powerful lvl 1

The following souls are obtainable in New Game+ mode.

Method: Spectral Tower floor 55
Rating: A bit slow, I didn't use for very long

Method: Spectral Tower floor 55
Rating: Awesome. He's the legendary hero for good reason. Great speed and
attack, and some strong specials. Drawback would be his defense is on the lower

Method: Spectral Tower floor 65
Rating: Huge defense and HP, but incredibly slow. Alternate with Chiffon,
situation needing.

Method: Spectral Tower floor 75
Rating: Hiros' mommy is strong, but overshadowed by some of the other souls you
get at the same time. How much you use her pretty much depends on how many
skeletons you have trained. She has a level 1 healing skill, which is always

Method: Spectral Tower floor 85
Rating: Awesome. Good attack power, and she has Green Noa as a level 1 (!!).
Her defense and HP aren't great, but they are on par with Chiffon.

Method: Spectral Tower floor 95
Rating: Very strong magic user, but I personally don't like magic users so much.

Method: Spectral Tower floor 99
Rating: As one of the most powerful beings in Neverland, you would expect Wave
to be strong. He is. Not overpowered, but more than up to the task.

Method: Spectral Tower floor 100
Rating: So evil and great. His specials are strong, and has the advantage of
physical attacks from magic range. Best character in the game, arguably. a
level 50 Jadou and Hiro alone are enough to clear the game with no trouble.

-The next 4 characters are cameos from the Generation of Chaos series. Aside
from the cool factor, their big draw is their trademark skills being level 1s,
so you are able to do them over and over.

Method: Spectral Tower top floor (Another Dimension)
Rating: The hero of Generation of Chaos. A bit slow for my taste, but hey, it's
Roze. Guilty Decide is ridiculously strong for a level 1, but being dark
elemental it loses steam later. Still a very good character.

Method: Spectral Tower top floor (Another Dimension)
Rating: The hero of Generation of Chaos NEXT. Average all around, but again is
such a cool character. Gravity Blade does good damage, and adds Heavy.

Method: Spectral Tower top floor (Another Dimension)
Rating: The hero of Generation of Chaos 3. Not that great. Decent stats, but
outclassed in general, even Sato crushes him for dual sword users.

Method: Spectral Tower top floor (Another Dimension)
Rating: The hero of Shinten Makai: Generation of Chaos 4. Slow. Very slow. If
you can fix her speed, she can be a force. Kokuenhou is elemental damage, which
makes it negative. I like her, so maybe I'm biased.

-The final series are your bonuses for seeing both endings. They are the end
bosses and other special characters, and of course they are overpowered to the
nth degree. Use them to steamroll your future plays.

Strengthened Corlia
Method: Clear both routes
Rating: Strong magic user, ridiculous special.

True Jadou
Method: Clear both routes
Rating: Even stronger than normal Jadou...True Jadou borders on just plain

Method: Clear both routes
Rating: Being the incarnation of the universe itself, I don't think I need to
comment on how strong he is.

Method: Clear both routes
Rating: Similar to Corlia. Doesn't really do much for me.

Method: Clear both routes
Rating: Hiros' big sis. She also weilds a Gate of Heaven, and gets Makaishou
Gouen as a level 1.....

VI. Disclaimers, revisions and credits/thanks
This FAQ was created by me, Jae Church. Do not post it, reproduce it, or steal
bits of it without permission. Odds are if you ask, I will so yes, so have some

Idea Factory for continuing to make wonderful Neverland games.

Gamefaqs for posting this

2CH and New Wind of Kotaro for helping unravel everything.

This is version 1.0 5/25/2005