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Follow the dark path or use the light
Space Chimps Pack Shot

Space Chimps


Space Chimps (BOSS FAQ)

by lazygarfield

Space Chimps (c)

Last Updated on 4th September, 2008


1. Introduction.........................[W01]
2. Update History.......................[W02]
3. Contact..............................[W03]
4. BOSS.................................[W04]
5. Credits..............................[W05]

1. Introduction				[W01]

Hi everyone, this is Laya Maheshwari aka Lazy Garfield. This is my third FAQ. 

Well, I played this game on the Playstation 2, so obviously, this guide is pre-
formatted for that console. I am not sure about the other versions, because  
they are all developed by different developers.

Also, a reminder, that the movie and game are all trademarked and copyrights 
of their respective owners..

Currently, this FAQ will be available only on the following sites -


And it may not be reproduced for any use without my explicit permission for 
the same.

Now, onto the FAQ, please be aware, this the way I beat the game. This is not 
the ONLY way to beat the game. You may try other ways too. 

At the time of writing this FAQ, I had not seen the movie, so I cannot comment 
on the story. But still, this FAQ may have SPOILERS!!!!

2. Update History			[W02]

Version 1.0 - Started writing on 4th September, 2008.

3. Contact				[W03]

You are free to contact me if you have any doubts regarding this battle. But 
please, do not contact me for help in defeating some part of the game, as I got
it on rent, and have returned the CD a while back. Also, if you have any tips/
methods/hints you would like to share or include in this guide, please mail me.

You can contact me at : laya_garfield [AT] hotmail [DOT] com

Please include the words "SPACE CHIMPS BOSS FAQ" in the subject title, so 
that I donít mark it as spam by mistake....

4. BOSS					[W04]

This game has only one Boss, who appears in the final level, which made for a 
really short guide ;) anyway onto him now...

# Zartog

Difficulty	: 5/10

Now, this boss is not very hard to defeat. It is just that he is very annoying.
Firstly, notice that are 5 bonuses scattered around in the level. Get them before
going into the battle. Dont worry, they will remain collected even if you die.

Now, onto the battle, the basic strategy is simple.

Zartog is in a huge machine. the machine will chase you around the arena. you have 
got to dodge it. After some time, it will stop and a few balls/rocks (?) will fall
out. Then, you will have to pick up one ball and throw it at Zartog. Beware, the
balls will explode after a little while, so be quick.

Anyway, you will have to throw balls at Zartog five times to defeat him. After two
times, some bubbles will crop up in the arena. You have to dodge these too. Also,
Zartog will start throwing two types of balls. Do not pick up the NEW type, because
they will explode instantly. 

Now, after throwing two more balls at him, a few more bubbles will crop up. This
makes dodging a little hard, but still, you just have to manage one more throw to
defeat Zartog and end the game. Yiiippppeeee!!!!

5. Credits				[W05]

With this FAQ, I take the opportunity to thank a few people...

1. Vanguard Animation	- For Creating "Space Chimps"
2. Brash Entertainment	- For Making the Game
3. Laya Maheshwari (me)	- For Writing this Guide
4. and, YOU		- For Reading this Guide