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Follow the dark path or use the light
Shadow Hearts: Covenant Pack Shot

Shadow Hearts: Covenant


Game Script

by threetimes

 _____ _____ _____ ____  _____ _ _ _    _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____
|   __|  |  |  _  |    \|     | | | |  |  |  |   __|  _  | __  |_   _|   __|
|__   |     |     |  |  |  |  | | | |  |     |   __|     |    -| | | |__   |
|_____|__|__|__|__|____/|_____|_____|  |__|__|_____|__|__|__|__| |_| |_____|

 _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____
|     |     |  |  |   __|   | |  _  |   | |_   _|   Developer: Nautilus
|   --|  |  |  |  |   __| | | |     | | | | | |     Publisher: Aruze (JPN)
|_____|_____|\___/|_____|_|___|__|__|_|___| |_|     Midway   : Localisation/

                             S C R I P T  F A Q
                                by threetimes

TABLE OF CONTENTS ................................................ SEARCH CODE
To find a section of the guide select the Edit option on your toolbar and then
Find and type the code. Or use Ctrl +F, (it's the Apple button for Macs +F)
to bring up a box where you can type in the code.

      00. Prologue ..................................................... *W00
      01. Apoina Tower ................................................. *W01
      02. Domremy ...................................................... *W02
      03. Ardennes Forest............................................... *W03
      04. Paris ........................................................ *W04
      05. Le Havre ..................................................... *W05
      06. Wine Cellar .................................................. *W06
      07. Southampton .................................................. *W07
      08. Rhonnda Mines ................................................ *W08
      09. Wales ........................................................ *W09
      10. Florence ..................................................... *W10
      11. Manmariana Isle .............................................. *W11
      12. SG Italian Branch HQ ......................................... *W12
      13. Neam Ruins ................................................... *W13
      14. Cannes ....................................................... *W14
      15. St. Marguerite ............................................... *W15
      16. Petrograd .................................................... *W16
      17. Goreme Valley ................................................ *W17
      18. Mirror Castle ................................................ *W18
      19. Gallery of the Dead .......................................... *W19
      20. Idar Flamme .................................................. *W20
      21. Apoina Tower revisited ....................................... *W21

      DISC TWO
      22. Yokohama - Brick Warehouses .................................. *W22
      23. Yokohama Streets ............................................. *W23
      24. Battleship Mikasa ............................................ *W24
      25. Hojo Research (1) ............................................ *W25
      26. Foreigner's Cemetery/Otherworld .............................. *W26
      27. Imperial Capital - Nihonbashi ................................ *W27
      28. Hojo Research Facility (2) ................................... *W28
      29. Forest of Wind/Purgatory ..................................... *W29
      30. Inugami Village .............................................. *W30
      31. Immortal Mountain (Mount Fuji) ............................... *W31
      32. Azabu Kamiyashiki - Minister Ishimura ........................ *W32
      33. Queen's Garden (Europe) ...................................... *W33
      34. Roger's House (Wales) ........................................ *W34
      35. Zurich (Europe) .............................................. *W35
      36. Asuka Stone Platform ......................................... *W36
      37. Endings ...................................................... *W37
      38. Sidequests ................................................... *W38
      39. Character Quests ............................................. *W39
      40. Credits and Stuff ............................................ *W40

NOTE: Where the spoken word is more detailed than the text on screen I've gone
with the audio version and shown the alternative text version with [...].


       S H A D O W  H E A R T S  C O V E N A N T  : -  D I S C  O N E

00. PROLOGUE  .......................................................... *W00

- The opening FMV shows soldiers converging on a church in the village of
Domremy. Their leader is a woman who witnesses a huge monster crashing through
the stained glass window, after which he kills all the soldiers, but saves her
from the ravages of a grenade. As he leaves the church he changes into a man
and walks out the door.

General's Office
- The woman officer is being interviewed in the General's office.

Karin:    ...That's as much as I can remember.
Adjutant: The following day, Lt. Koenig, you were found by the Metz highway.
          Along with Sgt. Robert and 8 survivors.
Karin:    Yes, sir.
General:  ... It's quite a story, but it seems we'll have to believe you.
Karin:    General! Just give me another...
Adjutant: Lieutenant.
General:  Karin, I've already decided to do that. I'm sending you back to that
          village. But this time you'll be a guide.
Karin:    Me, a guide...?
General:  Our forces invaded France from the north and have pushed beyond the
          Meuse River. But that village alone has resisted us and continues to
          remain outside the Empire's grasp. Domremy may be beautiful, but it
          has absolutely no strategic value. But for the honor of the Empire,
          we must not allow anyone or anything to stand against us. Even if we
          have to face a demon itself. Is that clear ?

Karin:    Yes sir.

- A man dressed in a white and gold priestly outfit enters. (MOVIE)

General:  This is Cardinal Nicholas Conrad. He's come all the way from Vatican.
Karin:    Uh...
Nicolai:  Uh huh (holds out his hand)

- A map of Europe is shown with the narrator giving background information.

1915, early spring. The world is in the middle of a huge upheaval. It
started with a single shot and the fire of war spread in a single instant. All
of Europe was engulfed and the struggle soon grew into the first world-wide war
the human race had ever known. From a corner of this battlefield, our story
begins once again..."

- After the narration there is a scene at a strangely shaped building where a
large bald headed man is carrying a small old man over his shoulder. It's
obviously some kind of kidnapping.

01. APOINA TOWER ......................................................... *W01

- Karin and Nicolai are walking along an empty street in the Vatican city at

Text:     One week later. Late night. Vatican ...

Nicolai:  Is this your first time at the Vatican?
Karin:    Umm, yes.
Nicolai:  I need to do some careful preparation before we go to Domremy.
          There's a certain item that I must have in order to complete this
Karin:    A certain item?
Nicolai:  Yes, a sort of good luck charm. It's used for exorcisms.
Karin:    And that's where we're going now?
Nicolai:  Yes, it's inside the Apoina Tower. Also known as...the Tower of
          Atonement. It seems you know of it. For many many years, dangerous
          heretics and others like them were kept imprisoned there. It's filled
          with the spirits of those who went mad from the torture. That's why
          it's a safe resting place for the item that I seek...
Karin:    But why am I coming?
Nicolai:  To get to the top of the tower, I need your help. I'd feel much safer
          if you're with me.
 Karin:    .........

- They arrive outside the Tower

Nicolai:  It's this way, Lieutenant.

- They enter the Tower and stop inside the entrance hall.

Nicolai:  I should warn you. It's completely different here inside the tower...
          It's filled with real monsters and ghosts, you know.
Karin:    Monsters?!
Nicolai:  But don't worry. Compared to that demon in Domremy, these should be a
          snap to handle. Now make sure you don't wander too far away from me.
          Let's go.

- Moved a couple of steps by the player they encounter the first monsters.

Nicolai:  Those were easier than most. Are you all right?
Karin:    I-I'm fine!

- After walking up the stairs to the next floor.

Nicolai:  Many have been imprisoned and died here over the years. Noblemen who
          lost in battle, tragic princesses who were though to have died of
          illnesses. You can still feel their malice...

- There is a sound of a deep groan.

Karin:    I knew it...
Nicolai:  What is it?
Karin:    I'm not sure...but when I met that demon in Domremy, I didn't sense
          the malevolence that I feel from the people in this tower.
Nicolai:  Huh huh. Could it have been because you were so afraid then?
Karin:    That may be part of it. But...he was beautiful.
Nicolai:  Interesting word to use.
Karin:    Also...
Nicolai:  Also?
Karin:    He seemed sad.

- At the next corner to the right there's a blue light and the Ring Soul

Ring Soul:I am the Ring Soul... The will of the Judgment Ring, the
          administrator of all fate...
Karin:    W-what the...?!
Ring Soul:The world drowns in its own history...And in this time, you must
          carry the burden of fate...
Karin:    F-fate...?
Ring Soul:I can see it... I can see thy future...
          This I entrust to you...

- You got Attack Boost.

Karin:    What...?
Ring Soul:The power to command the Judgment Ring.
          Such power will help you carve your way through destiny...
Karin:    Wait!  Why...why give this to me?
Ring Soul:The Judgment Ring has the power to change the world... Fate only
          follows a straight path if it used well...
Karin:    Fate...?  A straight path...?
Ring Soul:There is nothing more to say...
          I will appear to you again, to bestow upon you more power...
          But beware! I am always watching...Watching to see if you are truly
          the one to command destiny...

- The Ring Soul disappears.

Karin:    ..........
Nicolai:  You should be honoured.  Being chosen like that...
          Don't keep your new power all to yourself!

- At the top of the tower they approach the golden door.

Nicolai:  This is it...behind this door. Be careful now. There's a familiar
          keeping guard in there.
Karin:     .........

- They walk inside the room and find the Holy Mistletoe on a plinth but as soon
as they get close there is a noise and the guardian appears.

Nicolai:  There you are.
Karin:    !!

- Battle! After the battle Nicholai picks up the Holy Misteltoe artefact.

Karin:    Is that it?
Nicolai:  ...Yes. The ultimate tool for exorcising demons.

02. DOMREMY ............................................................ *W02

- Karin and Nicolai arrive in the forest outside Domremy where soldiers are on
guard, and they stop on hearing a howl.

Nicolai:  A guard, eh. Don't worry, I've made the necessary preparations.
Karin:    Preparations...?
Nicolai:  Yes.
Karin:    Split up and surround the church! (Giving orders to the soldiers.)

- Karin speaks to two soldiers in the woods and one at the entrance to the

Johann  : Rest assured! Nothing's getting past ol' Johann!

Newly-promoted Fafhrd: I-if that demon comes back, I'll give him the hot taste
          of death this time! And that's a promise!

Samuel, the Anxious Medic: B-but, Commander! Are you sure?! (Heals the party.)

- They move on further into the village for a battle.

Nicolai:  They think they can keep us out with these little toys?
Karin:    Where is everybody, I wonder?
Nicolai:  They are probably hiding somewhere. I bet that wolf that was howling
          was warning the villagers.
Karin:    What?! Demons and wolves protecting a village?
Nicolai:  Yes, admirable, aren't they? Foolhardy, little volunteers...

- Talk to the soldier next to the well.

Calm Hess:Huh?! Oh, it's you, Commander. I thought I heard some people around,
          that's all. Is there some other unit besides ours, I wonder?
Nicolai:  .........

- Move on up the path towards the church for another battle.

Nicolai:  The church isn't far now.

- Beyond the save point there is another soldier.

Sergeant Robert, the Old Veteran: Careful, Lieutenant. Something's up. The
          village seems even stranger than before. May be that demon called in
          his boys.
Karin:    Thanks for the warning, Sergeant.

- A group of soldiers arrive.

Nicolai:  You men wait here. The Lieutenant and I will go inside.

- They enter the church and hear gun fire with people shouting outside

Nicolai:  Stop! It's dangerous to leave now!
Karin:    But why?!
Nicolai:  He has come.

- The demon from the start of the game enters the church through the empty

Nicolai:  Show your true self, Demon of Domremy!

- There is a bright light and the demon transforms into Yuri.

Nicolai:  I've wanted to meet you, Godslayer.
Yuri:     All those dead soldiers outside... Are you the one who killed them?
Nicolai:  That's right. You see, I don't want any witnesses to what is about to
          happen here.
Karin:    ?!
Yuri:     Give me the girl.
Karin:    W-what's going on...?!
Nicolai:  Come and take her, if you can.

- Nicolai draws his sword and attacks Yuri who moves to evade and then kicks
Nicolai to the floor, but he gets up again.

Nicolai:  You!
Yuri:     Give me Jeanne.
Karin:    Ni-Nicolai!

- Nicolai pushes Karin away and she falls.

Nicolai:  Lenny!!

- Lenny enters the church holding a small unconscious child, and accompanied by
some Iron Claws monsters.

Yuri:     .........
Nicolai:  You're late again!!
Lenny:    Ha ha ha. Relax. I had a stubborn sergeant to deal with.
Karin:    Huh?!

- Yuri moves forward.

Lenny:    Stop right there! One dumb move and the girl here dies. (He's holding
          a knife to her.)

Yuri:     Go ahead. Then you'll die next.
Nicolai:  I wouldn't expect any less. That's exactly what makes my long search
          for you worthwhile.
Yuri:     You've been looking for me?
Nicolai:  I was ordered by the Lord to destroy a certain traitor. A man who
          brought god down from heaven and tried to lay waste to the world.
Yuri:     .........
Nicolai:  But before I could, a man with the power of a demon defeated that
          traitor, and the god he had brought down from heaven with him. Yes!
          It was you who did it! I'm glad to finally meet you, the man who
          stole my prey from me. But before you grow into a problem for me like
          that traitor, Albert Simon, I'll root you out like the weed you are!
Yuri:     Who are you guys?
Nicolai:  We are Sapientes Gladio (Sages of the Sword). We alone possess the
          light of new hope to guide us through the 20th century.
Yuri:     Never heard of you.
Nicolai:  That's fine. Once we destroy you, Godslayer, the world will learn our
          name. Your life will be our ticket to renown!
Yuri:     ?
Nicolai:  And your soul...will be brought back into God's grace by the power of
          the Holy Mistletoe!

- Nicolai is holding the misteltoe item high above his head, and Karin is now
  aiming her gun at him.

Karin:    Nicolai!!
Lenny:    Hey there, is she changing sides on us?!
Nicolai:  She's nothing to us but a tour guide. She'll die here along with the
Karin:    Who are you really?!
Nicolai:  It doesn't matter. Never mind. Thanks for bringing us here. You might
          have made a fine ally. It's really quite sad.
Karin:    Let that girl go. Or else...
Lenny:    Yeah. Or else what?! You gonna shoot her too?

- Jeanne opens her eyes and starts to struggle.

Lenny:   Huh?! You brat!!

- Karin fires towards Lenny and Jeanne falls to the floor.

Nicolai:  You!!

- Nicolai runs to attack Karin but Yuri steps in to protect her and sends him
flying to the ground. The Holy Mistletoe ends up embedded in Yuri's chest.

Yuri:      ...... W-what the... What the hell is this?! (shouting)

- A white light glows on his chest as he yells out and the light envelops him.

03. ARDENNES FOREST...................................................... *W03

- Yuri is sitting besides a fire in the open and Jeanne walks up to him. She is
carrying a basket and followed by Blanca, a white wolf.

Jeanne:  Supper's ready. Mama made it. Here, it's still warm.
Yuri:    Thanks.

- Yuri looks at Blanca who is lying on the ground next to Jeanne.

Yuri:    He really likes you, doesn't he?
Jeanne:  Yeah, we've been together ever since Papa died.

- Yuri offers Blanca a piece of bread and Blanca takes it.

Jeanne:  Wow. Up until now, he's never taken food from anyone but me!
         I wonder if they'll come back...
Yuri:    They will.
Jeanne:  Because they left soldiers alive in the town? I wonder what they want
         with the village, anyway...
Yuri:    Hmm.
Jeanne:  Anyway, if they come back, this guy will let us know right away.
Yuri:    ...Yup. (He lies down on his back, his hands behind his head.)

- Gepetto arrives.

Gepetto: Oh, so here you are.
Jeanne:  Grandpa!
Gepetto: Jeanne, your mother's worried about you.
Jeanne:  Oh.

- Gepetto sits down by the fire and takes a swig from his flask of liquor.

Gepetto: Mmm...that's good!
Jeanne:  Ooh, that stinks! Are you drinking again?!
Gepetto: He he. Don't be so hard on me. This is my one true pleasure.
Yuri:    Well, better get to bed. Your mom's waiting for you.
Jeanne:  O-okay. Goodnight Yuri, Goodnight Grandpa. (She picks up her basket
         and leaves with Blanca.)
Gepetto: G'night.
Yuri:    I'll see you in the morning.

- Yuri turns to Gepetto.

Yuri:    You too. Shouldn't you be turning in soon?
Gepetto: He he. After I have a few more drinks.
Yuri:    Lemme see that. (He holds out his hand for the flask.)
Gepetto: Eh. Just a little sip. (Yuri tips his head back and downs a lot.)
         Hey!! Hey, hey, Give me that back! (Gepetto grabs the flask but it's
         Oh!! I can't believe it
Yuri:    Mmmm. That's good.
Gepetto: Say, how long are you planning on staying in this village, anyway, eh?
Yuri:    ...Hmm. I'm not really sure. What about you? How long are you gonna
         stick with me?
Gepetto: ...Hmm. I'm not really sure either.
Yuri:     Lazy old bum!

- The scene shifts, and it's night with rain and lightning and Yuri and Gepetto
are standing by a grave in front of a large tree. After that, it's back to fire
and the conversation continues.

Gepetto: They're gonna keep coming back. No matter how much you beat 'em. They
         always do.
Yuri:    Yup.
Gepetto: This war's not over by a long shot. We need...
Yuri:    A safer place to stay.
Gepetto: That's right.
Yuri:    There is no safe place. Not around here. You know that, don't you?
         That's why I'm staying right here. I'll protect this village until I
Gepetto: What's with you? It sounds to me you're just looking for a place to
Yuri:    Well, you're wrong. I don't plan on throwing my life away, if that's
         what you're thinking!
Gepetto: Is that so?
Yuri:    Besides, my life isn't my own, anyway. This life was given to me by

- Everything goes dark, the fire goes out and a girl screams. After this Yuri
awakens in a cave and cries out.

Gepetto: We can't go back.
Yuri:    Don't worry about it...
Gepetto: I barely managed to pull you out of that light in time! You can hardly
Yuri:    *Grunts*
Karin:   What happened to the village?
Gepetto: The soldiers came and took the villagers away.
Yuri:    No...!

- Yuri stands up staggering and puts his hand to his chest.

Gepetto: Can you walk? We can't stay here.
Yuri:    I'm feeling better...
Gepetto: Don't push yourself. You barely even survived. You're a lucky man.
         We'll head for Paris through the woods. I've got an apartment there.
Karin:   B-but...
Gepetto: If they find you, they'll kill you too. Miss, um, er...
Karin:   Karin.
Gepetto: I'm Gepetto the Puppeteer. This here is Yuri. First you have to think
         about surviving. Right?

- Karin gets up and goes to touch Yuri to help him, but he reacts and steps
away from her.

Yuri:    I'm fine. I told you I feel all right now.
Gepetto: That Mistletoe... We'd better figure out what kind of curse it put on
Yuri:    Sapientes Gladio, huh...?

- The three humans and Blanca are standing around a still smoking fire inside a
cave. Yuri can talk to everyone now.

Blanca:  .......
Karin:   Don't you think you should rest some more?
Gepetto: We'll be heading deep into the Ardennes Forest. We'd better be
         prepared. Oh, and I should give you this.

- Yuri receives 3 crests.

Gepetto: That crest has magical power. Anybody can use magic if they have that.
         All they have to do it equip it. What do you think? Pretty spiffy, eh?

- An icon appears above Yuri's head indicating something is wrong.

Gepetto: ...What's the matter?
Yuri:    H-he he he! Umm, thanks, but, uh, no thanks... I don't need magic like
         this. I can do my fusions.
Gepetto: You sure? It's a pretty handy thing to have...

- Yuri turns his back to Gepetto and an icon of a drop (embarrassment) shows.

Gepetto: ...Hey, wait a minute! Don't tell me it's because you can't remember

- Yuri stays still and there's still something wrong.

Gepetto: ...Well, never mind. Blanca and I will use it, then.
Blanca:  Awroo!
Yuri:    ......... You understand what we're saying?
Blanca:  Awroo!
Yuri:    Well, what do you know...? (Icon of a smiley face!)

- Instructions about crests appear on screen.

Gepetto: But, gee, I dunno. Maybe it's because of that curse, but there's
         something strange about you...
Blanca:  Awroo, awroo!

- Speak to everyone again.

Gepetto: If we don't get going soon, the sun'll set before we get out of the
Yuri:    You think I'm some kind of idiot, don't you?
Blanca:  Awroo!
Karin:   Ready to go?
Yuri:    1. Yeah.
         2. Not Yet.

- Walk left from the save point inside the cave and along the path.

Yuri:    What's the matter?
Karin:   ...Something seems...strange.
Blanca:  Grrr...

- They all turn around startled.

Gepetto: Uh-oh... Be careful, everybody! Here come some monsters!

- Battle!

Yuri:    Well, guess that had to happen sometime, in a creepy forest like
Gepetto: You're the one that's drawing the monsters to us, you know!
Yuri:    What?!
Gepetto: It seems that Holy Mistletoe curse had a bigger influence on you than
         we thought, Yuri.
Yuri:    Influence?
Gepetto: Yeah. It's a curse that works on your mind and spirit. I bet you can't
         do fusions anymore, right?
Yuri:    ?!
Gepetto: Your soul has become unstable, and it's emitting waves that draw the
Yuri:    You mean they might be able to kill me while I'm like this?
Gepetto: That's about the size of it. The Malice that fills the world and the
         Malice that's trapped in your soul are both growing and creating
Yuri:    What can I do about it?
Gepetto: I don't know. The only thing we can do right now is concentrate on
         staying alive.

- Lenny and his claw comrades appear near the save point.

Lenny:   He he he! You won't get away!

- They arrive at a drawbridge over the river.

Yuri:    Huh? We're not gonna get across like this...
Karin:   How about those levers? They might lower the bridge...

- Check the levers:
        I'm pulling the right-hand lever!
        It's gotta be the middle one, right?
        I thinking I'll try the left one.
        I think I'll pass!

- They arrive at an elevator.

Yuri:   Doesn't seem to be working... Maybe it's outta juice? I wonder if this
        battery would work?
        1. Plug it in and see
        2. Don't waste it! (Choose: Plug it in.)

Karin:  That'll get the lift moving. (Go down)

- Re-enter the lift.

Yuri:   Huh?! What's this button? It says "Power Operation"...

- The party arrives at a clearing south from the lift or after walking over the
 drawbridge, and Yuri stops moving.

Karin:   Are you all right?
Gepetto: Hang in there. We're almost out.
Yuri:    *pant, pant* Lemme take a little break. I'm so...sleepy...

- He collapses to his knees and then to the ground.

Gepetto: Hey! Yuri?!

- Yuri comes to, and is lying on the ground inside a graveyard.

Yuri:   This place... The Graveyard. The one in my soul...

- He struggles to his feet and walks forwards to find a dead tree in the centre
of the graveyard.

Yuri:   What the hell...? There's a tree here. What's going on here inside my
        soul?! Something strange is happening!! Is it...because of that
        Mistletoe thing...?!

- A bright light shines on him and he looks towards the source to see his naked
upper body buried inside the tree.

Yuri:   Huh?! W-what the?! That's me growing there...! Huh? Hold on. What
        the hell does this mean?! Hold on a minute! What's going on here?! Are
        you alive?! Are you?! This is bad. I'm starting to feel sick. What do I
        do now? I can't do soul fusion anymore either... *sighs* Guess I better
        have a look around in here. Inside my soul...

- Yuri investigates the tree.

Yuri:    What a creepy tree. It looks like that Mistletoe thing could've come
         from it. That "me" growing in the trunk is breathing slowly, like it's
         sleeping or something.

- He goes to the left door of Heaven's Commandments ...

Yuri:    Instructions from Heaven, maybe? What's that all about?

- The door of Hell's Commandments ...

Yuri:    Instructions from Hell, is it? What in the world does that mean?

- The door of the Labyrinth ...

Yuri:    What's that mean? You get lost if you go through? He he. Sounds like

- The door of the God of Wrath inside the door of Labyrinth ...

Yuri: It doesn't budge.

- The door of Desires inside the door of Labyrinth ...

Yuri: Pretty thick door...

- Inside Hell's or Heaven's Commandment door.

Yuri:    Hmm... I feel the restlessness of monster stirring in this place.
         Hey, I know! I bet their presence has something to do with why I can't
         do fusions anymore. He he! Guess I'd better take a look!

- Yuri enters any elemental door, and checks out an altar and then soul charges

Yuri:   Wh-what the...? What the hell was that flash?! Unh! S-something is
        flooding into me!

- Depending on the altar that is charge there is a message that
  "[....] fills your your heart once again..." and *You got a [fusion name]

Yuri:   I got a fusion power back... Okay, I get it. All I have to do is beat
        monsters out in the real world, collect their souls, and come back
        here! If I revive the other classes the same way, I can do fusions with
        them too.

- Check the door of the altar room to leave.

Yuri:    Huh? What's that?!
Woman's voice: ...Wake up!
Yuri:    Huh?!
Woman's voice: ...Wake up! Wake up!!

- Gepetto is talking to Karin as they sit beside a fire with Yuri fast asleep.

Karin:   Is he human? Or maybe...
Gepetto: He's human. But he's a strange one, all right.
Karin:   Have you been with him for long?
Gepetto: Hmm, over half a year now, I guess... He came here with my late wife's
Karin:   Your wife's niece?
Gepetto: She was more like my own daughter. But unfortunately, she was already
         dead when he arrived. She and Yuri were lovers... He dug her grave
         with his own hands. We've both lost people in our lives. We just try
         to live as best as we can.
Karin:   With his own hands... Wow.

- Time passes and Karin starts to drift to sleep, and then Yuri makes a sound.

Yuri:    *grunts*

- Yuri is clutching his chest, still asleep.

Gepetto: What's going on?

- Yuri stretches our his arms as a red light burst from his chest and then
collapses flat on the ground.

Yuri:    *cries out*
Karin:   What's happening to him?
Gepetto: Hey, Yuri! What is it?

- Red light streams out of Yuri's body, and forms a large spider type monster.

Karin:   What's that?!
Gepetto: No! Malice is pouring out of his body... It's formed into a monster!
Karin:   Wake up! Wake up! (shaking Yuri).
Yuri:    .........

- Yuri opens his eyes and a battle begins. After the battle...

Karin:   What's going on...?
Gepetto: That thing just jumped out from inside you.
Yuri:    I'm sorry about that. It's all because of that weird holy stick thing.
         The monster souls inside of me are starting to get a bit unruly.
Karin:   Monster souls?
Gepetto: Yeah. He's got a strange power. Whenever he beats a monster, he takes
         their souls and then can fuse with them.
Yuri:    I can change into a monster, okay?
Karin:    .........
Yuri:    Hmph!

- Yuri walks away and stretches his arms above his head.

Gepetto: Anyway, it's good we're all okay. Let's get out of this forest before
         something else happens.

- The game shifts to the Europe map and Paris is now accessible. Select Paris
and there is a scene inside the graveyard.

Jeanne:  Yuri!
Yuri:    Huh?! ...Jeanne?! What're you doing here?
Jeanne:  Tee hee hee! I came to see you, Yuri! ...But I have to be going far,
         far away soon.
Yuri:    Far, far away?
Jeanne:  Yeah. 'Cause I died, you know.
Yuri:    Died...
Jeanne:  Before I go far, far away, there was something I just have to check
         first. That's why I came here.
Yuri:    Something you wanted to check? What?
Jeanne:  I'm looking for something, inside your heart.
Yuri:    Inside my heart?! Don't go digging up anything embarrassing, you hear?
         ...So what are you looking for?
Jeanne:  Ha ha ha! It's a secret! But don't worry. I'll tell you if I find it.

- Jeanne starts to walk away.

Yuri:    Hey! Wait!
Jeanne:  Yuri, are you scared of the journey that's about to begin?
Yuri:    Huh?
Jeanne:  The journey of living your life alone? Are you scared?
Yuri:    1. N-nah, of course. I'm not scared
         2. Maybe a little.
Jeanne:  ...I see. ...But you can't escape it, you know.

04. PARIS ............................................................... *W04


i. Gepetto's Apartment

- Gepetto has found an old book in his study and goes to talk to Yuri.

Yuri:    Well, have you learned anything?
Gepetto: The Mistletoe is a powerful item... The church has used it for
         centuries as a tool for guiding lost souls. ...That's what it says
         here, anyway. It's now being kept at the Vatican.
Yuri:    So it's going to guide my soul too?
Gepetto: I suppose so.
Yuri:    That's bull.
Gepetto: It's not bull.
Yuri:    Is there some way to fix it?
Gepetto: Hmm.
Yuri:    Well, you've gotta do something.
Gepetto: I think you're screwed.
Yuri:    .........

- They argue wordlessly as Blanca growls

Blanca:  Grrr!

- Karin emerges, dressed in a new costume.

Gepetto/Yuri: *grunts*
Yuri:    Err, umm...
Gepetto/Yuri: Whoa!!

- They are kneeling on the floor looking up a Karin dressed in a very short
  skirt and tight top.

Karin:   *Slap, Slap!* You guys!

- After being slapped by Karin ...

Gepetto: ...She packs quite a wallop, eh?
Yuri:    Yeah.
Gepetto: All I could see was stars.
Yuri:    That's all?
Gepetto: Hey! You mean you saw something else?! What did you see?!
Yuri:    Paradise.
Gepetto: You did?! Damn! I couldn't see a thing. Paradise, eh!

- Karin approaches them.

Yuri: ...So, what are we gonna do now?
Gepetto: Hmm... I've run out of ideas.
Yuri:    You've gotta be kidding me! Thanks to that miserable Mistletoe,
         there's something definitely off about my condition. And to top it all
         off. My body seems to be sending out waves that attract monsters from
         miles around!
Karin:   Isn't there anything you can do?
Yuri:    I have one idea. If this old fart can't do anything for me, I'll go
         ask an even older fart.
Gepetto: What?! Who you calling an "old fart"!
Yuri:    There's this weird old creature I know, living in Wales. This guy is
         really, really, really old.
Gepetto: So this guy knows a lot, eh?
Yuri:    Yup. He's been alive for centuries!
Gepetto: Eh? Who are you talking about, anyway?
Yuri:    His name is Roger Bacon. He's kind of creaky and broken down in
         places, but we can depend on him!
Gepetto: R-Roger Bacon?! You mean that legendary magician?
Yuri:    That's the one. I told you about him before, right? Told you I knew
Gepetto: Yeah, but I thought you were kidding. Well, sure! A great magician
         like Bacon ought to know about that Holy Mistletoe, and about
         Sapientes Gladio, to boot!
Yuri:    Well, it's settled, then. We're off to Wales, in the U.K.!
Karin:   Uh, hold on, guys.
Yuri:    Hmm?
Karin:   If we just go north to Calais, the port town, that's where the front
         line is, so it'll be hard to get a ship there.
Gepetto: Then why don't we head a little south, to Le Havre? There ought to be
         private ships still sailing from there.
Karin:   Le Havre, huh...?
Gepetto: Umm, "Karin,", was it? We don't know what kind of danger we're gonna
         be running into, so you should be heading home, now, little lady.
Karin:   Look, I trusted that man! And trusting him got my men killed... I
         can't go back to my country like this. And even if I could go back,
         they'd probably just find me and kill me.
Yuri:    You wanna come with us, then?

- Karin nods her agreement.

Yuri:    But you see what kind of shape I'm in. I can't guarantee your life,
         you know.

- Karin picks up a sword in the apartment.

Karin:   I hope you don't mind.
Gepetto: That's from my university days...
Karin:   I found it over there. Is it all right if I borrow it?
Gepetto: Sure, you're welcometo it, my dear.

- They hear a sound of something outside.

Gepetto: ...They've chased us all the way here? They sure are stubborn.

- Clawed Soldiers have broken into the apartment and there's a battle.

Yuri:    Man, you are pretty damn good!
Karin:   Hee hee!
Gepetto: Say, I know! If you're this good with swords, Karin, let me give you
Karin:   What's this?
Gepetto: It's a script, written by the very hand of the famous opera composer,
         Wagner, himself. There's a scene in there that could be very helpful
         to someone who wanted to polish up their sword techniques. With your
         great reflexes, I thought you might be able to learn a new trick or
         two from it, so I brought it with me.

- Karin got Nibelung Prelude and learns Heuervelk.

Karin:   Wow! This really looks like it is going to be helpful. Thanks,
Gepetto: Think nothing of it. ...But we shouldn't be hanging around relaxing
         like this. The entrance to the subway should be just up ahead. Let's
Yuri   : What's this?

- Yuri picks up Mr Sommelier

- Leave the apartment and walk down the alley to run into Clawed Soldiers.

Gepetto: This isn't the way to the subway. We've got to hurry!

ii. Monmartre

- Arriving at the Station there are three people with a little information.

Maurice, The Shopper: There's a subway station in our neighbourhood now too!
         It'll take you to downtown Paris in no time! Progress makes our lives
         so much easier!

Worried Jessie: You've got to mind your manners, now! Or you're not getting on
         this train, you hear?
Sally, On a Trip: We're gonna take the train and go see my aunt!

- On the street in Montmartre there are more people with comments and

Suzanne, Who Likes Younger Men: Montmartre is known for its hills and for the
         arts! Lots of painters and sculptors lives here. There's a wonderful
         painter lodging in my neighbourhood. Maybe I should get him to do my
         portrait...? I bet he'd even do a nude for me!

Mugs, the Newspaper Reporter: Because of the war, they say there are spies here
         from every country, lurking around. Say, are you people spies too?

Working-class Olivier: Montmartre is the working-class neighbourhood of Paris.
         Not as glamourous as the Champs Elysees, but nice, no?

Szpilman, the Pianist: The deadline's next week, but I just can't seem to come
         out with a new piece no matter how long I sit at the piano!

Raymond, With Nothing To Do: No matter how many times I count these steps, I
         get a different number...

- Climb the steps to find more people.

Alphonse, Getting Hooked: I started playing something called "the lottery"
         recently. But it's hard to get it to stop where you want it! Guess
         I'd better go try to find another lottery ticket...

Timid Salvador: There's a cemetery near here, and they say there are wolves
         there! Lots of people have heard 'em howling in the middle of the
         night. That must be real spooky...

- Inside the bar.
Old Friend Louis: Welcome! ...Well, look who we have here! It's Gepetto!
         Haven't seen you in a while! You disappeared all of a sudden. When
         did you get back?
Gepetto: Just a little while ago. But I'm caught up in a bit of a situation.
         I'll have to be leaving Paris again right away.
OF Louis:You don't say? But you just got here! You sure haven't changed...
         Always sticking your nose into things. You've got to start acting your
Gepetto: When I want your advice, I'll ask! But, listen. We want to go to Le
         Havre. You know any ways to get out of town unnoticed?
OF Louis:Hmm... You don't want to attract any attention to yourself, eh? Ha ha!
         Hey, I know! You could use a subway tunnel. That way, you could go
         where you want without being seen! Rumor has it there are a few
         abandoned tunnels, and some of 'em even reach to the outskirts of
Gepetto: I see! Subway tunnels, eh? That's a great idea.
Karin:   But it's just a rumor, right? How are we going to find these tunnels?
Yuri:    Hmm... How about we ask somebody that would know? Like somebody that
         worked on the tunnels...? Or one of those train freaks that can name
         every single station...?
Gepetto: Okay, let's start looking for somebody who knows about the subway,
OF Louis:In that case, why don't you try going to the Champs Elysees? They're
         enlarging the subway over there right now. You'll find Dr. Gautier,
         the design engineer, in a hotel there.
Yuri:    The chandelier who?
Gepetto: Champs Elysees! The next station over. I've met Dr. Gautier a couple
         of times before. He used to come to my theater.
Karin:   Your theater? You mean you used to be famous, Gepetto?
OF Louis:He quit the stage when his wife died, but his show used to be
         celebrated all over Paris!
Gepetto: Shh! Don't tell them that! That was all a long time ago. ...Anyway,
         we're off to the Champs Elysees!

- Conversations with the people in the bar.

Auguste, the Novice: Take a look at my painting. It's my girlfriend. What do
         you think? Isn't she beautiful? She cooks me meals, buys me painting
         supplies... She's a wonderful woman! I've got nothing to offer her
         right now, but someday I'm going to show the whole world her beauty
         through my art!
Caston, the Common Man: I feel a lot more at home in some seedy bar than in one
         of them fancy sidewalk cafes.
Amelie, the Aspiring Dancer: I'm taking ballet and modern dance lessons while I
         work part-time here. My dream is to one day stand on the stage of the
         Moulin Rouge! You'll come to see me then, won't you?
Angelina, the Fond Fan: Haven't seen you for a while, Gepetto! Aren't you going
         to do your puppet shows anymore, like you used to? My daughter is
         going to be three this year. I wish I could take her to see one of
         your Cornelia performances!
OF Louis:The subway will get you there quick. Dr. Gautier is an expert
         on the tunnel construction, so he should be helpful.

- They are stopped by Ernest before entering the subway station again.

Ernest:  Hold on, there. That's a beautiful wolf you have, isn't it?
Yuri:    Better than yours, anyway.
Tetsu:   Awroo! Awroo! (Grrr! These guys think they're tough, Ernest!)
Ernest:  Hmm, that sounds like a challenge. Tetsu, why don't you show them
         whose fangs are sharper!
Blanca:  ...Awroo, awroo? (What am I getting caught in the middle of, here?)
Awroo... (I don't want to waste energy on a meaningless fight...)
Yuri:    ...What do you say, Blanca? Sounds like they're asking for it to me!
Blanca:  .........

- There's no choice and Tetsu speaks to Blanca.

Tetsu:   I'm gonna beat you! Then Ernest will be really proud of me!
Blanca:  That's a childish reason for a fight! I say no.

- After Blanca beats up Tetsu.

Tetsu:   But why? Ernest and I trained a whole bunch and everything...!
Blanca:  Because you're just a little runt.
Ernest:  Ha ha ha! Wonderful, wonderful! Your name was Blanca, was it? Allow me
         to introduce myself. I'm Ernest, a humble zoologist. This is for you,

- Blanca gets a Stamp Card from Ernest.

Blanca:  Awroo...? (What's this miserable-looking card...?)
Ernest:  Congratulations! You are now entitled to join the "Wolf Bout," a
         competition to find the world's strongest wolf!
Yuri:    Wolf Bout?!
Ernest:  You battle the wolves you find throughout the world and gather
         pawprint stamps as proof of your victories.
Tetsu:   Awroo! (Like this.

- Tetsu comes up to Blanca and puts his pawprint on the Score Card. Blanca
learns Soul Comet ...

Ernest:  I'll give you a prize for every three stamps you collect. And when you
         fill the whole card up with'll be the strongest wolf
         in the world! What do you think, Blanca, ol' boy?
Yuri:    Wouldn't that be cool? The strongest wolf in the world, Blanca. He he.

- Blanca turns his back on them and walks away.

Ernest:  Come ask if you ever have any questions! And good luck to you!
Tetsu:   *whimper, whimper* (Sorry, Ernest. Losing like that...)
Ernest:  Never mind, Tetsu. You're not a real wolf anyway... I guess there's
         room for a few improvements. And I'd better get ready, before he gets
         any stronger...

- Talk to Ernest again:

Ernest:  Hello there, Blanca. Any questions?
Blanca:  Tell me more about the Wolf Bout.
         Where are the wolves?
         I don't have any questions.

iii. Champs Elysees

- Back down in the subway station, the party can enter the train now.

Yuri:    Hey, we can take the subway to the Champs Elysees!
         1. Oh, goody! Let's take it!!
         2. Let's not take it yet.

- Arriving at the Champs Elysees station there are two more people to talk to.

Victor the Foreman: Only the subway construction crew is allowed beyond this
         service entrance.
Poppo the Conductor: Now boarding for Montmartre! All aboard!

- Upon leaving the subway to the streets of Champs Elysees the party is hailed
by the Magimel Brothers.

Pierre:  Eeek! It's Gepetto!! Oh, Gep, we've missed you so much!
Gerard:  Oh, we certainly have!! You quit the theater so suddenly. We had no
         idea where you'd run off to, naughty boy!
Yuri:    Umm, wh-who are these guys?!
Gepetto: The Magimel Brothers. Pierre here is a tailor, and Gerard runs an item
         shop. They're my old theater associates. They used to sell me costumes
         and supplies to use on stage.

- Gerard sashays forwards to address Yuri.

Gerard:  It's fabulous to meet you, young man!
Yuri:    Y-yikes!
Gepetto: Hey! Don't start scaring off my friends!
Gerard:  Well, I never! ...But, anyway, now that we've all become such good
         friends, let me give you a fabulous present! Here you are.

- You get Point Card from Gerard.

Yuri:    What's this?
Gerard:  That? That's a very, very special card you can use at any shop at all!
         If you have one of those, you can build up points whenever you go
         shopping. Those points really add up! And the more points you collect,
         the bigger the discount you can get. Isn't that just fabulous?
Yuri:    G-gee... Th-thanks...
Gepetto: Anyway... You haven't forgotten the dress I ordered for Cornelia, have
Pierre : Tee hee. Of course I haven't!
         And what about you, Gep? You haven't forgotten that little "item" I
         asked you for, Have you? Did you bring it?
Gepetto: Of course! Let's see... Where did I put it? Ah, yes! This wasn't easy
         to get ahold of, you know.
Pierre : Oh, fabulous! Another one for my ultimate collection! Oh, my little
         heart be still! A Stud Card!!
         Just for that, I'll now sew you a fabulous dress. Just pick the design
         you want, all right?

- Pierre shows the Magazin de Mazgmell shop front display where you choose a

Pierre:  What kind of dress should I make? Turn the pages and pick a design you
- Choose a design.
Pierre:  Mmm! *drool* Simply fabulous! I'm in the mood, now! Just a moment
         while I whip you up a cute little number.

- The stage is lit and Cornelia appears dressed in the new outfit.

Pierre:  Presenting the latest creation from my 1915 Pierre Magimel Collection!
         I call it...(names the design)
         Oh, isn't it just fabulous?! I'm sure you must be very pleased. And
         come again anytime, now!

Karin:   Wow! That's a beautiful dress!
Gepetto: That's Pierre's genius for you. His dresses certainly bring out
         Cornelia's beauty!
Pierre:  And not just outer beauty alone. Every time a young lady changes
         dresses, new possibilities blossom, you know!
         Now, then, Gep. Why don't you get little Cornelia changed? Oh, isn't
         this just too exciting, people?!

- Talk with Pierre again.

Pierre:  Now, if you should happen to come across any more Stud Cards in your
         travels, make sure you snatch them up for me! How can I help you?
Yuri:    1. I want you to make me a dress.
         2. Not right now, thanks.
Pierre:  1. Fabulous! Did you bring me what I want, then? My hot little heart's
         desire? (If you don't have a Stud Card)
         What? You don't have on?! How do you expect me to get my creative
         juices flowing/! Come back when you have one!
Gerard:  Running off again so soon? Better make sure you've got everything you
         1. Yeah, maybe I should buy something.
         2. Thanks, but I don't need anything.

- The people on the street: from left to right.

Bertrand, the Spoiled Son: Gee, I wish I had an automobile... Okay, that's it!
         I'm going to get Daddy to buy one right away!
Know-it-all Gaunt: Are you folks tourists? The Arc d'Triumph is just up this
         street. Isn't it wonderful? Napoleon had it built, but he never passed
         under it during his lifetime. But you didn't know that, did you?
Affleck, Escaping the War Zone: Our village turned into a battlefield. My
         family and I escaped here to Paris. I miss the old days of peace...
Zinedine of Mitsuboshi: I'm a chef. I can only cook French cuisine at the
         moment, but I'm hoping to branch out sometime.
Sentimental Lucie: The spring breeze, the summer sun, the autumn colors, the
         white of winter. A beautiful city, all the year through!
Gilbert, the Handful: Wow! Look at this great car! Look how shiny it is!
Short-tempered Emmanuelle: Stop that! Don't go touching it with your filthy
         hands! What if you scratch it or something?!
Common Decency Nicole: I just saw a group of big, noisy men, shouting and
         making a lot of ruckus, so I scolded them. And then this huge, spiky
         man came up to me and said he was sorry. Hmph! Adults should know how
         to behave in public!
McHenry, On a Break: You're looking for a subway expert? Dr. Gautier just
         happens to be staying at this hotel. He's the design engineer.

- The people inside the Hotel.

Malcolm, the Front Desk Clerk: Welcome! I'm terribly sorry, but I'm afraid all
         of our rooms have already been booked...
Elegant Lilly: Look at my new dress! Isn't it pretty? That traveling tailor
         made it. He's kind of swishy, but he's talented!
Nathalie, Taking a Break: Oh, the guests! I just finished making the bed, so
         please don't mess anything up...
Nick, In the Shower: Who is it? I'm taking a shower and I can't come to the
         door right now. Is it room service? Just leave it and go.

- Inside Dr Gautier's room.

Subway Expert, Dr. Gautier: Hmm? Is there something I can help you with?
Gepetto: How have you been, Dr. Gautier?
Gautier: Huh? What?! Why, if it isn't old Gepetto, of the Vosges Theater! How
         many years has it been, my friend? What brings you to visit? This was
         the last thing I expected! I'm very pleased. Very pleased!
Yuri:    We're looking for a way through the subway tunnels out toward Le
         Havre, and we thought maybe you could help.
Gautier: Toward Le Havre, you say?
Karin:   Yes. Do you know a way?
Gautier: Hmm... Let's see. Just give me a minute to think, here... Twenty years
         ago when the nation started building the subway, they poured all of
         their energy and enthusiasm into it. They went wild and dug tunnels
         all over Paris, but they didn't end up using all of them. And if I
         remember correctly, one of those unused tunnels heads northwest.
Yuri:    Wow, is the subway tunnel system really all that big?
Gautier: Ha ha ha! Well, Paris is at the forefront of civilization, after all!
         ...Oh! I just remembered. You go down into Champs Elysees station and
         go right, and that'll bring you to the abandoned tunnel to Le Havre.
Gepetto: Go right, eh? Got it! Thank you, Dr. Gautier. You've really been a
         huge help!
Gautier: I'm certainly glad to hear it. I've always been an ardent fan of
         yours, you know, Gepetto. ...But why do you want to leave Paris
         by way of the tunnels, anyway?
Gepetto: Well, I'm ashamed to admit it, but I have a bill collector after me,
         you see... Very embarrassing business...
Gautier: Oh, I see... Yes, the economy's been so bad since the war started.
         Things are hard everywhere... Listen, don't you worry about a thing!
         My right-hand man is the site foreman down at Champs Elysees station.
         I'll send a message down to him to let you into the restricted area.
Gepetto: That's very kind of you! Thank you very much, Doctor.

- Talk to Dr. Gautier again.

Gautier: If you ever come back to Paris, promise me you'll go back to the
         stage. I'll bring my grandchildren to see you!

- Back on the Champs Elysees there are two people walking to the left of the

Russell, the Unwilling Witness: Is there some kind of parade or costume contest
         going on today? I was just on the subway, and I saw a group of men
         with really long claws......But the weirdest thing was they were all
         lined up in a row, sitting politely and quietly. What was with those

Overbearing Adrienne: Just look at your motley group! This is the most
         fashionable street in the world! We don't need your kind here!

iv. Subway Tunnels (A)

Victor the Foreman: Dr. Gautier sent me the word! Please go right on through.
         The tunnels are pretty vast. Be careful not to get lost.

- Go through the open barrier to enter the Subway Tunnels. Reach the first
turning and Lenny and his claw soldiers arrive at the Champs Elysees station.

Lenny:   Hmph! They sure like scurrying all over the place. But when is the
         Holy Mistletoe gonna kick in, I wonder? The damn little punk looks
         perfectly fine to me.
Steel Claw A: Nicolai said something about the curse taking effect gradually.
Lenny:   What kind of way is that to do things? All he needs is one good punch!
S Claw A:Veronica has a trap all set up for them underground.
Lenny:   What?! Is that damn woman here too?!
S Claw A:Yes, sir. She said it would be the perfect way to kill some time...
Lenny:   *sigh* Damn that S&M broad. Oh, well. They've got that weird puppet
         guy on their side. We might as well have a magic lady warrior, I
         guess. Looks like ol' Nicolai is desperate. Well, guess I'll be
         heading along. Might as well take my time, though.

- After walking a short distance down the tunnel the way is blocked by a
stationary train.
Yuri:    This is the way Dr. Gautier told us to go, right? Damn. Looks like we
         can't get through...
Gepetto: There's a fuse blown on this thing. We can't move it the way it is.

- They encounter the Ring Soul.

Ring Soul: I am the Ring Soul... The will of the Judgment Ring, the
         administrator of all fate...
Yuri:    Yikes! What the hell are you? A ghost?! And why so high-and-mighty?
Karin:   Oh! It's you again... This is the Ring Spirit, Yuri...
Yuri:    Ring Spirit?
R. Soul: No, no... I'm not a spirit. Nor am I flesh. I am the Ring Soul. The
         will of the Judg--
Yuri:    So what does he want with us, then?
R. Soul: The will of the Judgment Ring, the administrator of all fate. I can
         see it... I can see your future... This I entrust to you...

- You get Attack Boost from the Ring Soul.

Yuri:    What's this?
R. Soul: The power to command the Judgment Ring. Such power will help you
         carve your way through destiny...
Yuri:    Hmph.
R. Soul: ...Hmph?! Is that all you can say?!
Karin:   Oh, um...he means, thanks! Thank you, Ring Spirit!
R. Soul: It does not pay to forget gratitude... I will appear to you again,
         to bestow upon you more power... But beware! I am always watching...
         Watching to see if you are truly the one to command destiny...

- The Ring Soul disappears.

Yuri:    He's gone.
Karin:   H-he seemed a little angry. I hope it'll be okay...

- They arrive at the dead end with a big switch.

Yuri: Huh? This is one mighty big switch...

- Select to flip the switch!

v. Cathedral/Junk Shop

- Talk to everyone outside the shop.
Edmond, the Pacifist: That cathedral you see across the River Seine there is
Gepetto: the famous Notre Dame. But I hear they removed all the stained glass
         when the war started. I hate war!
Lolotte, Tired from Walking: Phew! I finally made it out of the bustling part
         of the city! I hate crowds...
Donald, the Regular Customer: The owner of that shop likes to collect odds and
         ends. Most of it is junk, but sometimes he's got a few rare things. If
         you keep going back to look, you might be able to find a real bargain.
Naive Marcel: What? There's a war going on? I had no idea... This town is so

- Inside the junk shop.

Guy, the Junk Dealer: Ah, customers! Welcome! Oh, it's Gepetto! Looking for
         more puppet parts, are you? No? You're looking for a fuse? Of course I
         have one! Brought back a real good one just the other day. If you want
         it, you're welcome to it!

- You got the Fuse.

Guy, the Junk Dealer: How much, you ask? Don't be silly! I couldn't take money
         from you for that old thing! Take it. Something else you need? I'd
         have to charge you for anything else, though, I'm afraid.

- He opens the inventory for the shop. Talk to him again.

Guy, the Junk Dealer: Oh, it's Gepetto! Looking for anything else?

vi. Subway Tunnels (B)

- Back at the stuck wagon with the Fuse.

Yuri:    Where do I plug in the fuse?
         1. I'll just wing it.
         2. I'd better not. Looks scary.

- The wagon moves out of the way and Yuri and the group find a wooden cart.

Karin:   Hey, look! I bet we could use this!
Blanca:  Awroo, awroo!
Yuri:    Great! We can clear a lot of ground fast with this!  ...

Blanca:  Awroo, awroo!
Karin:   What's that?!

- Lenny and Iron Claws appear inside another wooden cart.

Lenny:   Ha ha ha!! I got you!
Gepetto: That guy is pretty stubborn, ain't he?
Yuri:    Hey, there, spike boy! You couldn't catch a cold if you wanted to! Now
         bite me!
Lenny:   Why, you little!!

- Lenny's cart is now running alongside Yuri's.

Lenny:   Ha ha ha!!
Yuri:    He he he!!

- Lenny starts to climb out of his cart to reach the team, but his cart gets
diverted down the track into another tunnel.

Lenny: Arrgh. Where ya going?!

- At the end of the cart run in Le Havre, a woman is waiting.

Veronica:Tee hee hee. Come along, little boys and girls. This is the entrance
         to paradise!
Yuri:    Hoo boy! What kind of character have we run into this time?!
Karin:   Who are you?!
Veronica:I'm Veronica, Sapientes Gladio's magic warrior. Give yourselves up
         now and be my slaves, and I just might spare your lives.
Yuri:    That's quite an offer, but we'll pass. We're not really into that
Veronica:Such a shame! It'll be too late if you change your minds later, you
         know. I wonder if you'll be saying such brave things after my pretty
         pets here have their way with you!

- Battle! After winning the battle.

Veronica:Well! Stronger than you look. I'll let it go just this once, but I
         won't go so easy on you next time!

- Veronica disappears.

Gepetto: There she goes...
Yuri:    Another weird character to deal with. With members like Lenny and that
         chick, what kind of "secret society" is this, anyway?!

05. LE HAVRE ........................................................... *W05

- Meet and greet everyone.

Decrepit Vincent: Oh, travelers! Don't get many of those! Not since the war
         started getting so bad. But things are pretty dangerous right now in
         Le Havre. Better watch out.
Gerard:  Well, if it isn't Yuri and friends! Fancy seeing you here. You people
         aren't stalking me, are you? Tee hee! Ah, smell that fresh ocean
         breeze! Nice place to do a little shopping, no?
Yuri:    1. Yeah, okay. What've you got?
         2. Nah, not right now, I guess.

- Across the small bridge.

Elderly Irene: Out of my way, you lot! Quit blocking the road! Hmph! People
         these days...
Unemployed Henry: What, you wanna cross over to England? We got some merchant
         ships sailing from this town. Try talking to the crew.
- Encounter the Ring Soul again at the back of the tree.

Ring Soul: I am the Ring Soul... The will of the Judgment Ring, the
         administrator of all fate...
Yuri:    You again! Ring Spirit, right?
R. Soul: No... My name is Ring Soul! Let me say it again... Ring Soul!
Yuri:    Okay, okay! I get it! You' to give me another one of know, right?
R. Soul: .........I have little choice.
         I can see it... I can see your future... This I entrust to you...

- You got Attack Boost from the Ring Soul.

R. Soul: The power to command the Judgment Ring. Such power will help you
         carve your way through destiny...
Yuri:    Oh, boy! Thanks!
R. Soul: Your gratitide seems insincere...
Yuri:    N-no way! Really! I'm really happy... Thanks!
R. Soul: .........I will appear to you again, to bestow upon you more
         power...But beware! I am always watching... Watching to see if you are
         truly the one to command destiny...
Yuri:    Ah-ha! We meet again!

- Check the door of the house.

Yuri:    Doesn't look like they're open yet.

- Along the street to the west of town.

Anxious Olivia: I wouldn't tell anyone else this, but I'm more afraid of the
         vigilante group than the bandit. Bunch of hooligans!
Babyish Toto: Do you guys know about the bandit? My mom told me he comes out at
         night! So I have to go to bed early. It stinks!
Captain Mirko: You wanna ride my ship? Ha ha! It's not that simple, I'm afraid.
         Off the coast, it's crawling with German submarines right now. We'd be
         taking our lives into out hands, going out there! But we might be able
         to talk, depending on the price...
First Mate Pettas: He he. If you ain't got no money, go see the mayor. He's
         looking for vigilante-group members. See if you can get hired!
Extremely Poor Mahone: Don't talk to me... I'm so hungry, it hurts just to

- Find Fox, a Lottery Member leaning against a wall.

Fox, a Lottery Member: Hey, you guys! Yeah, you! Hold on a minute!
Yuri:    What is it? You're holding us up.
Fox, LM: That ticket you've got. The one for the lottery. That entitles you to
         hold a lottery with any lottery member in the world. A lottery!
         With any member!
Yuri:    We haven't got time for that now. Come on, get out of the way!
Fox, LM: Don't try to deceive yourself! You know you want to! Give in to your
         desires! Play the lottery!
Yuri:    1. Okay, okay! Let's do it!
         2. Jeez, you're a pain! Fine, then!
         3. Looks like I'm gonna have to!
 - Pick any answer.
Yuri:    ...Not much of a choice, hih?!

- The list of prizes are shown.

Lottery Member 16: Wahoo! All right! Let's do it, then! Just keep your cool and
         go for it!

- Hit the prize area.

LM 16:   Lucky Striiike! Congratulations! Here's your prize! Now take it, you
         little thief!

- You get the prize ...

LM 16:   As long as you've got a lottery ticket, you can come along anytime and
         have a go!

- Talk to him with no lottery ticket.

Fox, LM: Um...if you wanna play the lottery, you gotta come witha ticket! Get
         it?! A lottery ticket, okay?!

- Inside the Mayor's house.

Cole, the Vigilante Leader: So you want to join the vigilante group, eh?
Yuri:    That's right. We need the money.
Mayor Leonard: ...Hmm. Never seen you around here before. Who exactly are you?
Yuri:    We're travelers. We wanted to find a ship that would take us to
Karin:   And we finally found one, but now we have to earn some money for the
Mayor L: Is that so? Well, if you do a good job for me, I'll give you a fine
Gepetto: Such a small town needs a vigilante group, eh? Because of the war?
Cole:    In a way. There's been more crime since the war started. A bandit's
         been showing up every night! We've been keeping a sharp eye out, but
         he's a tough customer. We can't seem to catch him. Think you guys can
         do it?
Yuri:    Sure, why not? We'll get him snatched up before you know it.
Karin:   We can do it! We may not look like much, but we're good.
Mayor L: ...Hmm. All right. Let's give you a try, then! We'll start you off on
         town patrol tonight. Work hard, now. No slacking!
Yuri:    You got it.

- Talk to them all again.

Cole:    You've still got some time until nightfall. When you're all set to go
         bandit hunting, let me know.
Morgan the Bodyguard: Be careful! That bandit messed up my friend's ankle with
         a special hold the other day! Had to go to the hospital!
Yuri:    Messed up his ankle? With a special hold?
Mikey the Bodyguard: And this guy can pick up anything that's lying around and
         use it as a weapon! Trust me, you don't wanna see it!
Gepetto: Doesn't sound like any ordinary thief!
Mayor L: Don't blame me if you get hurt, okay? Or, worst case scenario, if you

- Talk to the people in Le Havre again for some different responses now.

Captain Mirko: Don't worry. The ship won't be leaving for a while. Just get
         that bandit!
First Mate Pettas: You really went and joined up? But I was just kidding!
Babyish Toto: You guys are going out to catch the bandit? Wow! Huh? Where is
         the bandit? I knwo the answer to that! He's... Oops! I can't tell you.
         It's our town's secret.
Anxious Olivia: You've been hired by the mayor too?! I'm sorry, but please
         don't talk to me anymore. I don't know anything about that bandit,
Decrepit Vincent: What! You joined that vigilante group, too? We don't need any
         more hooligans in this town, if you ask me... Huh? Oh, nothing. Pay no
         attention. I wasn't talking about you, you know.
Unemployed Henry: You joined the vigilante group to earn the ship fare? Well,
         just don't get hurt now, or it'll spoil your trip.
- Back inside the Mayor's house, talk to Cole again.

Cole:  : Are you all set?
Yuri:    1. Not yet.
         2. All Set.
Cole:  : The others are already out on patrol. Good lick to you guys.

- Outside in the town.

Morgan the Bodyguard: We'll be patrolling the northern part of town, where the
         warehouses are. You take the south. Be on your guard, now!
Mikey the Bodyguard: *sigh* That bandit sure is scary. I hope we don't run into

- Attempt to go north.

Karin:   Not that way. We're supposed to take the south end of town.

- Go south and then back across the bridge.

Morgan's Voice: Aaaaghhh!! I give up! I give up! Uuhhh!
Mikey's Voice: Time out! Time out! Hey, that attack is illegal! Gaaahhh!
Yuri:    Those voices... Over there!

- Walk to the north end of town to the warehouses.

Gepetto: What is it?! What happened here?!
Voice:   Ha ha ha!
Karin:   Who's that?!
Masked Bandit: When the forces of darkness descend! In the name of justice,
         this fist! In the name of truth, these muscles. In the name of honor,
         this blood! Ha ha!

- A masked figure jumps down from the roof.

Bandit:  Champion of Truth and Justice, Grand Papillon! Ready to fight all
         evildoers! If you can face the unfettered fury of my rippling muscles,
         then come on!

- Battle! After beating him up the Masked Bandit turns into a golden bat.

Yuri:    Huh?
Golden Bat: Ha ha ha! You pack a pretty good punch! Time for me to go now,
         kids. We'll meet again!
Karin:   H-he turned into a bat...
Gepetto: Well, he's certainly good at runnin' away.
Yuri:    I'm sure I've met him before...

- Inside the Mayor's house after these events.

Gepetto: ...And that's what happened. I'm afraid we let him get away.
Mayor L: ...He changed into a bat?! What a very odd character, indeed!
         But you people must be awfully good to drive the great Grand Papillon
         off! I'm truly impressed with all of you!
Yuri:    .........
Mayor L: Okay, Cole. Show these people to the shop. Get this over with quickly.
Cole:    Yes, Mayor. Come to the south end of town later.
Yuri:    Fine.

- Talk to the vigilantes again.

Morgan the Bodyguard: I can't believe you made the bandit run away. You must be
         pretty good!
Micky the Bodyguard: The bandit changed into a bat? Sounds like some kind of
         magic trick.
Mayor L: All right, folks. Hurry up and catch that bandit, you hear? And you'll
         be handsomely rewarded!

- At the south side of town.

Cole:    Pssst! Over here!
Gepetto: What did you want us to come here for?
Yuri:    You gonna buy us a meal or something?
Cole:    Shhh! Look at that.
Yuri:    Hmm?

- There's a close up shot of the name of the tavern, the "Mouette de mer"

Gepetto: The Sea Gull, eh?
Cole:    No. That's the name of the tavern! Not that. Look there!

- Grand Papillon is chatting to two children outside the tavern.

Karin:   Grand Papillon?!
Yuri:    Hmm. I just know I've seen that guy somewhere before...
Cole:    Here's a little advance. I'll give you the other half once you've
         taken care of that guy. Got it?
Karin:   If you know where he is and who he is, why don't you guys catch him
Cole:    ......... ...Um, good luck, now!
Yuri:    Hey!
Cole:  : We're counting on you! We know you can do it! Bye-bye!
Yuri:    Well, there he goes...
Gepetto: What do you wanna do? Wanna close in?
Karin:   Hmm, something's odd... If he really was such a big, bad bandit, would
         little kids be hanging around with him?
Gepetto: But we already took half the money.

- Yuri walks towards Grand Papillon.

Gepetto: Yuri!
Yuri:    Let's at least try talking to him, anyway.
Huge Man:You guys...!
Yuri:    Hi, there!

- The scene changes to inside the tavern.

Yuma:    But Joachim isn't a thief!
John:    Yeah, now get outta here!
Yuri:    Okay, okay! Relax! Don't get so worked up.
Joachim: I don't know what the mayor told you, but I'll never let you take us
Karin:   Tell me why you were stealing and causing so much trouble in the town.

- An old woman enters.

Granny Lot: Joachim is protecting the store and the children from the mayor and
         his cronies.

- The kids go out and play ...

Gepetto: The store?
Granny : It's my treasure, I'm afraid. The mayor wants to get his hands on it.
Yuri:    Oh yeah? What is this treasure, anyway?
Granny:  The deed to this store. Three months ago, on his deathbed...the man
         who built this store told me about a treasure buried beneath here.
Karin:   Treasure. ...Is it really true?
Granny:  Well, I've been living here for 30 years, and that was the first I'd
         heard of it. But ever since, they've been bullying me to get me to
         give up the store.
Karin:   So the vigilante group?
Joachim: Yes, that's right.
Yuri:    So that's why Grand Papillon?
Joachim: Right again.
Yuri:    Oh.
Gepetto: Should we go and take back the money?
Yuri:    Sure, why not?

- Talk to Granny Lot again.

Granny:  You're going to give the mayor back his money? Then I'll reward you
         with a nice dinner when you get back.

- Back outside the mayor's house.

Cole:    Hey, you're back!
Mayor L: So what happened?! Did you get him?!

- Gepetto steps forwards and gives the money back to the mayor.

Mayor L: What? What's the meaning of this?
Yuri:    We changed our minds. Sorry, but we quit the vigilante group.
Cole:    Hey! Are you guys going back on your word?!
Karin:   No, we just found out the truth, that's all. And you're the ones who
         are in the wrong here!
Mayor L: Arghhh! And I almost had my hands on that treasure too! Don't
         think you'll be leaving here alive! ...Cole!
Cole:    Men, take care of 'em!

- Battle! After the battle there are more comments from the defeated gang.

Mayor L: Eeep. Help...!
Cole:    He he he... No...!
Karin:   You ready for some more?
Cole:    No! We, uh...
Yuri:    Fine. We're leaving.
Mayor L: Yes, yes. Fine...
Blanca:  Awroo!!

- Yuri and party leave.

Cole:    Damn you! You won't get away with this...!

- Talk to some of the people in town after these events for new responses.

Captain Mirko: The ship is bound for the Port of Southampton, in England.
First Mate Pettas: *sigh* I sure am tired of being on dry land!
Babyish Toto: You wiped out the vigilante group? Wow!!
Anxious Olivia: That Joachim at the Sea Gull has always protected the
          townspeople. He was studying under that odd wrestling teacher that
          used to live here, but then the teacher left on some trip...
Decrepit Vincent: What? You quit the vigilante group?! Come to think of it, I
          haven't seen those hooligans around...
Unemployed Henry: Did you earn your ship fare?

- Talk to Joachim outside the tavern.

Joachim: Oh, you're back.
Yuri:    Got the mayor to see things our way.
Karin:   I don't think he'll bother you anymore. We gave him a good talking to.
Joachim: Really?! That's great! Come on in and rest, everybody.

- Inside the tavern, Granny Lot arrives in a bit of a state.

Granny Lot: J-Joachim!!
Joachim: What's the matter, Granny?! What happened?
Granny : The children!! Yuma and John!
Joachim: Calm down, Granny! What happened to the children?
Granny : The vigilante group... Those hooligans took them! They said if we
         wanted them back, we had to bring the deed to the wine cellar!
Joachim: Are you serious?!
Karin:   Those scum...
Gepetto: We can't let them get away with this, now, can we? We should help.
Blanca:  Awroo, awroo!
Yuri:    You bet. Of course we'll help!

- You can now access "Party Members" from the Command Menu. Talk to Granny Lot

Granny Lot: The wine cellar is just outside of town. You be careful, now!
        Please, God, protect Yuma and John! I'll pray for their safe return!

06. W I N E  C E L L A R ................................................ *W06

- A welcome party is waiting inside the Wine Cellar entrance.

Guard:   You, huh?! You ain't getting past me!
Joachim: Where are the children?! Don't try to get in our way!

- Battle! After the battle.

Yuri: Why don't you just morph yourself?
Joachim: I already told you. Yuma has my mask.
Yuri: What's that got to do with anything?
Joachim: Tsk tsk. A hero has to have one or two weak points, you know. Nobody
loves a perfect superhero.
Yuri: Your brains are enough of a weak point, if you ask me.

- Further on inside the wine cellar.

Karin:   The further we go, the more the atmosphere seems to change...
Yuri:    You're right. ...This atmosphere is aromatic, spicy and pungent, a
         medium-bodied atmosphere with a crisp finish...
Gepetto: What the hell are you talking about?!
Yuri:    Let's just be careful, that's all.

- Enter the inner room of the Backroom at the Cellar. Cole and the mayor are
lying on the ground.

Joachim: Huh?! It's the mayor! And Cole!

- Move forwards and check them out.

Cole, the Vigilante Leader: (He's desperately trying to pretend he's
Mayor Leonard: (He's breathing, so he can't be dead...)

- Joachim moves towards the back of the room where the two children are tied to
a wooden post.

Yuma:    Joachim!!
John:    Big brother!!
Joachim: Are you two all right?! We're getting you out of here right now!
Veronica:Ho ho ho ho! I knew you fools would show up sooner or later.
Joachim: Wh-Who are you?!
Veronica:I'm afraid I played a trick on that idiot mayor. I used these little
         ones as bait to get you to come!
Gepetto: So that weird atmosphere we were feeling was you, huh?!
Veronica:Tee hee hee. I suppose so. Now get ready to take your punishment!

- Veronica lashes her whip. Joachim is ready to take on Veronica alone without
his mask.

Joachim: You with the silly outfit! How dare you take my family! I, Joachim,
         will make you pay for your crimes! Ah!
Veronica:Silly outfit, huh! My name is Veronica, if you must know. But the
         time for talk is over!

- She flashes a purple spell at Joachim and he ends up on the ground.

Yuma:    Joachim!!
John:    Big brother!!
Yuri:    What is he doing?

- Yuma struggles free and throws the mask to Joachim. He reaches out to it and
transforms into Grand Papillon.

Veronica: Wh-what's going on?
Grand Papillon: Champion of Truth and Justice, Grand Papillon! Ready to fight
         all evildoers!

Battle! After the battle.

Veronica:Hmph! Not too shabby, Masked Wonder!
Grand Papillon: Ha ha. No evildoer can stand against my rippling muscles!
Veronica:Well, I hate to get myself all sweaty. Here. I've got a present for

- A giant monster appears and Veronica disappears in a cloud of smoke.

Gepetto: Whoa! That thing looks pretty tough!
Karin:   C'mon! We've got to help!
Yuri:    Do we really have to get in the middle of this one...?

- Battle!

- After the battle the scene changes back to the Mayor's house in Le Havre.

Mayor L: Well, you see...
Yuri:    Yeah? What do I see?
Mayor L: I...I'm very sorry. I'll never do anything like that again, I swear.
Karin:   And you're to stay away from the Sea Gull from now on, you hear?
Mayor L: Yes, ma'am! Anything! I owe my life to all of you! I'll never let my
         greed get the better of me or bother anyone ever again! I promise!
Gepetto: Yeah, right. Well, we'll forgive you this time, on one condition.
Mayor L: A c-condition? I hope it's nothing too difficult...
Blanca:  Awroo, awroo!!
Mayor L: Yikes!
Cole:    Mayor!
Gepetto: We need to take a ship to England. You don't need me to spell it out
         for you, do you?
Mayor L: N-no, sir! I'll make all the arrangements. Just leave them to me!

- Talk to them again.

Mayor L: I talked to Captain Mirko and it's all arranged. I'm glad I could do
         something to help! Ha ha ha!
Cole:    He he he. Thanks again for saving us.

- Talk to the people in town for new comments.

Fox, a Lottery Member: Ah-ha! Back again! You wanna play the lottery, right?
         The wonderful lottery!
First Mate Pettas: Can't wait to get out there on the sea!
Captain Mirko: The mayor arranged everything. We're ready to sail anytime, so
         let the first mate know whenever you're ready.
Babyish Toto: You're going to England by ship?! Wow!!
Anxious Olivia: Thanks to you and Joachim, the town is at peace again. But I
         still wonder what that treasure is that's buried underneath the Sea
Decrepit Vincent: Did you hear? The vigilante group broke up! You must be
         really something to make those ol' hooligans mend their ways!
Yuma:    Welcome home, Joachim! We knew you'd save us!
John:    Welcome home!
Unemployed Henry: I heard you got the ship fare together! Congratulations. Be
         careful crossing the sea, now!

- Go inside the Sea Gull.

Granny Lot: Ah, there you all are! I've been waiting for you! The mayor came by
         and apologized. He promised to leave the shop alone from now on! I
         feel so much better now!
Joachim: Did he really?!
Granny:  He sure did! Said he'd forget about the treasure buried down there
         too. Now I can relax and think about business!
Karin:   We're so glad, Granny Lot!
Yuri:    And we're getting that ship ride we wanted too. It all worked out
Granny:  Thank you for everything you've done! I'll be praying for your safe
         travel. Stop by if you ever come back this way again. Joachim, the
         children and I would all love to see you again.
Joachim: Granny, I want to talk to you...
Granny:  ...What is it?
Joachim: I'm going on that ship with them!
Joachim: I want to travel and build up my skills. And who knows? Maybe I'll run
         into Teacher somewhere along the way!
Karin:   Are you really sure you want to come along?!
Joachim: There aren't any bad guys left in this town. My work here is done.
         Granny here rescued me once when I was left for dead by the side of
         the road... I'm grateful, but now it's time to go.
Granny:  ...All right, Joachim. I remember you when you were just a dying
         bat, but you've certainly turned out fine. Off with you, then! Build
         up your skills then come back and show me how strong you've become!
Joachim: Thank you, Granny! Thank you!
Yuri:    You're kidding, right? Coming along with us won't be any fun, you
Joachim: Yuri, you do want to know who I really am, don't you?
Yuri:    Well, yeah, I do, but...
Joachim: If you let me come along, maybe I'll tell you someday.
Yuri:    Son of a...! ...Fine. Do whatever you want.
Joachim: It's settled, then. Thanks for letting me come along, everybody!

- Granny Lot walks up to Yuri and stares at him.
Yuri:    What is it, Granny?
Granny:  Here you are. This is for all of you.

- You got Solomon's Key.

Yuri:    What's this?
Granny:  I did some digging on my own, you see! And that's when I found that
Joachim: You did some digging? When in the world did you do that, Granny?!
Granny:  Hee hee hee! I just had to find out what was down there! But the
         only thing I found was that old, rotting book. I wish it were
         something more valuable.
Gepetto: Oh, my! ...This is...incredible!!
Karin:   You mean you know what that book is, Gepetto?
Gepetto: No question about it! It's "King Solomon's Key," one of the lost,
         great black books! This book contains a map of where the 72 demons
         that were controlled by King Solomon lived. You know those crests
         we've been collecting along our travels?
Yuri:    ...Crests? Oh! You mean those things I've got absolutely no use for?
         Those the crests you mean?
Karin:   Hee hee hee! You don't have to pout, just because you can't equip
         them, you know. You're just a big baby!
Yuri:    Hmph. Shaddup.
Gepetto: Excuse me, I'm talking here, folkd! And I'm about to say something
         very important, kiddos, so listen up. They say that if we place the
         demons that dwell in these crests properly, we can unleash great
         magical power!
Karin:   Oh, I get it. We place the cresta on this old map, right? But how do
         we know where to place each crest?
Gepetto: That's the question, isn't it? Maybe we could guess, based on each
         demon's preferences and characteristics... But the trip ahead is long.
         I'm sure we'll figure it out eventually! Granny Lot, this is a true
         treasure, indeed. Thank you very much!
Granny:  You're certainly welcome. I hope it'll be useful to you.

- Talk to Granny Lot, Yuma and John,

Granny:  Well, good luck out there, everybody! I'll be praying for your safety!
Yuma:    You're leaving? Come back soon.
John:    Come back soon.
First Mate Pettas: It's finally time to set sail! Ready to get on the shop?
Yuri:    1. Not quite yet.
         2. All set.

Jimote, With a New Business: Step right up! Just opened for business! I'll make
         it real easy on you! What do you say, Mister? Give it a whirl?
Yuri:    A whirl? What kind of business is this?
Jimote:  Glad you asked! I thought it up myself. I call it "Lucky Chests"!
         You pick two out of the eight treasure chests lined up here. If they
         have the same thing in them, you get it!
         You get two chances! And the first person that gets all the chests
         open gets a special prize.
         The rules are simple and it hardly costs anything to play! Only 100
         Cash for one game. So how about it?
Yuri:    1. Oh, goody! Let's do it!
         2. Looks hard. I think I'll pass.
Jimote:  Here we go, then! Let's play Lucky Chests!!

- Win and then leave the room and return to find the game has re-set.

Jimote:  Well! Here you are again! What do you say? Give it a whirl?

- Talk to Kelly the wolf in the back room.

Kelly:   Awroo? Awroo? (Are you Blanca? he he. I finally found you.)
Blanca:  Awroo, awroo! (Well, what do you know? I'm famous...)
Kelly:   Grrr! Awroo! (I'm Kelly. I travel the world, looking for strong
         wolves. Call me hungry!!
         Awroo, swroo! (Enough boring talk, Let's let our fangs do the
Blanca:  Sure. I'll take you on.
         I've got no bone to pick with you.
Kelly:   Time for you to get a taste of my legendary skill. Sure you can handle
Blanca:  You're raring to go, aren't you? I've got plenty of that, myself.

- Battle!

Kelly:   No way... My fangs failed me...
Blanca:  You got a little overzealous. You've got to keep your cool if you want
         to win.
Kelly:   *whimper* Awroo. (Damn. You're as strong as they said... Stronger,
         even.) Awroo, awroo! (Okay, Blanca. Here's my pawprint. You earned

- Soul Comet has powered up!

Kelly:   Awroo, awroo! It's guys like you that make street fighting such a
         rush! ) Awroo! (I'll be seeing you! And I'll have my fangs sharpened
         for next time.)
- Lose
Kelly:   Looks like you brought out the sleeping wolf in me. Don't take it too

07. SOUTHAMPTON ......................................................... *W07

- The party arrives at the Port of Southampton at night and there's a storm

Sergeant Upham, On Vacation: You want to go to Wales, eh? Unfortunately, the
         storm caused a landslide and blocked off the road to Cardiff in the
Eric, the Watchman: Travelers from France? You're lucky your ship didn't get
         stranded in this storm! You'd better hurry into the inn.

- Inside the inn, there's an altercation going on between two men which is
quelled by Kato.

Kato:    I thought it might be you. It's been a long time.
Yuri:    It's you.
Kato:    Yes. Kato. It's been a year. No, longer...
Yuri:    How ya been?
Gepetto: Who's this?
Yuri:    Huh? Err, umm... A friend from my Shanghai days. Umm...
Kato:    Japanese Imperial Navy. Special Agent Masaji Kato.
Joachim: Japanese Imperial Navy...?
Karin:   Hey! You're all being so rude!
Kato:    These are your new friends? Quite an interesting group.
Yuri:    A lot has happened since we last met. But what about you? You've
         really changed your look since the last time I saw you.
Kato:    A lot has happened to me as well. It's a tough job, being a diplomat.
         I just arrived back from New York this morning. And now because of
         this storm, I have to cancel my trip to London.
Yuri:    Same old Karo. Still following orders, I see.
Joachim: We're in the same situation. A landslide stopped us from going to
Kato:    Wales!
Yuri:    Yeah, Wales.
Gepetto: Have you been to Wales before?
Kato:    No, but I've heard a lot about it. It sounds like an interesting
Yuri:    Nan. There's nothing there at all. Probably just a bunch of weird
Kato:    .........

Sefo, the Rescued Barfly: You folks wanna go to Wales, do ya?

Joachim: Yes, that's right.
Sefo, the Rescued Barfly: Hmm, you folks want to go to Wales? I just came from
         Rhondda, west of here. If you go through the mine there, ya can go
         all the way into Wales.
Karin:   Really?
Sefo, the Rescued Barfly: Y-yeah...

Sefo:    In Rhondda to the west, there's a mine with tons of coal and silver.
         It used to be a real lively place. ...And then the war came along.
         The price of coal skyrocketed, and they had 'em mining day and night.
         But then one day they had a huge accident!
Joachim: A huge accident?!
Sefo:  : Yeah. A huge explosion in the very deepest part of the mine. About a
         hundred men were down there!
Gepetto: What happened to the mine after that?
Sefo:    There's nobody there now. Completely deserted. Except for......the
         ghosts and monsters they say show up down there now.
Karin:   And you want us to go through there?!
Sefo:    Look, don't get mad at me! I was just trying to help ya out, 'cause
         you said you wanted to go into Wales!
Yuri:    Why not? Let's do it.
Karin:   Hold on! Once again, aren't you being a little too hasty, Yuri?
Yuri:    Well, it's the shortest way, isn't it?
Gepetto: Guess we don't have any choice. We've got no idea when the road to
         Cardiff will be reopened.
Karin:   Gepetto! You too?!
Yuri:    You scared of a few little ghoulies?
Karin:   S-scared? I'm not scared! Who do you think I am, anyway? I'll have you
         know the noble Marquis of Munich is my--! ...Oops!!
Joachim: The noble who of which what, now...?
Karin:   Just forget it.
Yuri:    Don't worry. If those big, bad ghoulies show up, I'll scare 'em off
         for you! Boo!!
Karin:   You looking for a slap?
Sefo:    Well, whether ya decide to go ot not, let me mark it on the map for
         ya. Be careful!
Gepetto: Hmm. Looks like a pretty big mine.
Yuri:    Well, at least now we know where we're headed next.
Kato:    He he. You haven't changed. Still taking crazy trips, eh?
         Just be sure you don't get yourself hurt. I'll be staying in this town
         a while longer. Hope we get to talk again. I'll be seeing you.
Yuri:    Yeah, be seeing you.

- Kato walks off.

Karin:   What a mysterious man. He seems a little scary too.
Yuri:    ...Yeah. I think he fell on some hard luck lately...
Gepetto: I guess this means we can all take a break until we're ready to leave.
         Yuri, I'll leave the arrangements up to you. Let me know when you're
         ready. I think I'll have a few drinks here...
Yuri:    Sure thing. And if you get falling-down drunk, we're leaving you

- Try the door of the Hotel.

Yuri:   Everyone looks pretty bad.

- Talk to the people in the bar.

Intoxicated Gepetto: Mmm, warms you all the way down! Wish I could drink like
         this every day! Say, how'sa 'bout another?
Tipsy Karin: If I tried to keep up with you, Gepetto, I'd be under the table
         about now!
Sato, the Bartender: I'd advise against going through that Rhondda mine. They
         still don't know what caused that accident, you know. Some of the
         survivors say they saw some really ghastly monsters down there...

- Upstairs inside the bedroom.

Joachim, Sound Asleep: *snore! snore!*
Napping Blanca: Zzz...

- Inside Kato's room.
Special Agent Kato: Yuri! Come and talk with me for a while.
Yuri:    Okay.

- The scene changes back to Karin and Gepetto.

Sloshed Karin: C'mon, old man! Have s'more! C'mon, I'll have one with you, I
         tell you!
Gepetto (Hangover Tomorrow!): Sorry, Karin, but I think I've had more than
         enough... Urp! I feel sick...

- The scene changes back to Kato and Yuri.

Kato:    And so Alice, because of that four-mask curse...? ...I'm really sorry.
Yuri:    Nah. It was my weakness that got Alice killed. I've stopped feeling
         regret over it. Won't bring her back, anyway... And you lost
         Lirutenant Colonel Kwaashima too, huh? Life's been pretty hard on both
         of us...
Kato:    Yeah. I couldn't protect her... It's only been a year, but the events
         of that day seem so long ago now. After everybody left Shanghai, she
         talked about you guys every day. Guess she wanted that kind of freedom
Yuri:    There's nothing good about the way I live. No matter how tough I may
         act, I'll just end up dying like a dog...
Kato:    Yuri...
Yuri:    I've got some weird curse on me now. Got it from a thing called the
         "Holy Mistletoe" or some such thing. And I'm being followed by some
         strange secret society. I don't even know what I'm doing anymore!
Kato:    A secret society?!
Yuri:    Yeah. It's called "Sapientes Gladio." Heard of it?
Kato:    ?! ...Uh, no.
Yuri:    Some pretty minor players, I guess.
Kato:    I'll keep my ears open. If I hear anything about them, I'll tell you.
Yuri:    Okay, thanks. Well, guess I'd better get going.
Kato:    Yuri.
Yuri:    Yeah?
Kato:    Nothing. Just be careful. I'll see you again someday.
Yuri:    Yeah, I'll see you!

- The scene changes back to the bar, where is Yuri standing behind Karin and

Yuri:    They're asleep.

- Another scene change to the Graveyard ...

Yuri:    Yo! Did you find it? What you were looking for?
Jeanne:  No.
Yuri:    No, huh...?
Jeanne:  When I'm here, I hear a sad the sound of the wind. I bet
         that's the voice of your heart, Yuri.
Yuri:    .........
Jeanne:  Know what? I'm looking for your happiness, Yuri.
Yuri:    My happiness...?
Jeanne:  Yes, what happiness means to you. It doesn't matter what. It could be
         something small, anything at all...
         ...But I can't find it anywhere.
Yuri:    Oh, c'mon! I'm happy! Look at me! I'm just fine!
Jeanne:  You don't have to try and pretend. I know more about your heart than
         you do right now, Yuri. Remember you told me once? About your
         girlfriend that died to save you?
Yuri:    Huh? Yeah...
Jeanne:  She died for yo, so you feel like you've got to live. But you're
         actually sad and don't feel much like living...
         ...That's the problem that's been bothering you.
Yuri:    ...Maybe. But I've got a purpose to my life now. To get revenge for
         you and all the other villagers!
Jeanne:  ...I see. But where is your happiness, Yuri?
Yuri:    1. It must be in there somewhere.
         2. You can't see it with the naked eye.
Jeanne:  Ha ha! You don't have to play tough, you know. Remember? I can see
         your heart.
Yuri:    If you can see my heart...can you see the future too?
Jeanne:  Nope. All I can see are your true feelings. I don't know what's going
         to happen in the future. So even if you try to hide your feelings or
         pretend to be brave, I understand your true heart. So you don't have
         to act tough for me! Besides, you decide your own future, right?
Yuri:    Jeez... I feel like you're sifting through my dirty laundry!
Jeanne:  Don't feel that way! Anyway, whatever you really feel about things,
         that's what the truth is. There's a door here I can't get open. I
         haven't looked everywhere yet. I'll still be looking around for a
Yuri:    *sigh* Man, I never thought somebody'd ever be poking around in my
         heart, looking for my happiness for me.
Jeanne:  I'll be seeing you, Yuri! Even if you get sad, don't ever forget to

- Jeanne walks away and disappears into a light.

- It's the next morning inside the inn, and there are people to talk to again.

Crabby Clifford: What do you want? I'm out of work and I'm irritable. Just
         leave me alone, will ya?
Listless Beaton: I'm not drinking 'cause I like to, ya know. Came over from
         Rhondda but there's no work in this port either. *sigh*
Walter, Selling Cheap Liquor: A few years ago, this port was bustling with
         people, a real animated place. Did you know...?
         ...That luxury liner, the Titanic, left from here on its way to New
         York, you know.
Sefo, the Rescued Barfly: You guys be careful now. Rhondda is a really, really
         deep mine. Don't get lost down there!

- Outside on the streets.

International Fred: Southampton has always had rich interaction with other
         countries. We've even had exchange students from Japan!
Derrick, the Shipwright: The shipbuilding industry is booming here. We get
         laborers, engineers and passengers from all over the world.
High-spirited Miles: Yippee! It stopped raining!
Cane, the Drifter: Did you hear the rumor about a giant meteorite falling in
         Wales about half a year ago? They say it ripped the sky apart and its
         light reached up to the heavens. Wish I could've seen it...!
Morton, the Historian: Since the Middle Ages, Southampton has fought off many
         invaders. Today, the castle wall cannons still remain.
Eric, the Watchman: The storm finally let up.
Stephen, the Soccer Fan: This town's soccer team hasn't won the title once. But
         we'll win that coveted cup this year for sure!
Sergeant Upham, On Vacation: It stopped raining, but it'll be a while before
         the road is open. Guess God is telling me to enjoy my vacation! I'm on
         vacation, but I can' find anything to do! I've already read this
         book... Here, you have it!

- You got Nibelung Scene 4. Karin learns Bullenfogel!

Gossip-monger Maureen: Have you heard? Apparently lottery members only say
         they're members if they see you with a lottery ticket.
Lottery Member 15: As it happens, I'm one of them! Come on, have a go! You're
         young. You can afford a few risks!
Yuri:    1. Yeah, I should enjoy my youth!
         2. I'm not young! Count me out!
Response:1. Ah! The young have got such energy! It's quite
         2. You young ones are so lazy these days!

- Climb up to the castle wall, and Yuri will pick up something.

Yuri:    Hey, you dropped something!
Himovic, the Straw Merchant: Oh, thanks! I wouldn't want to lose this!
Yuri:    What are you carrying dried up straw around for anyway?
Himovic: Dried up straw...?! Yes, I guess it looks pretty useless to most
         people. But there are people in the world who'd do anything to get
         their hands on this.
Yuri:    Are you sure? For this?!
Himovic: It's true. I guess you find it hard to believe. Ten years ago, I was a
         poor farmer, with only one strand of straw. But I found someone who
         wanted it, and traded with them. Then I traded what I got for
         something else, and... Over time, I gained status and property. Almost
         without realizing it!
Yuri:    That's...amazing! I guess you really wouldn't wanna lose it then, huh?
         Here you are!
Himovic: ...No, you picked it up. You should keep it. It's probably fate. I'll
         let you have that bit of straw. With a little luck, that bit of straw
         will turn you into a millionaire! With a little lick, eh!
Yuri:    Why do I get the feeling this is gonna turn out to be a pain in the

- You got Dried Straw. Stop off at the shop.

Gerard: Tee hee! Here they come! Ooh, I've been waiting for you, people! We've
        become such good friends, don't you think? Yes, I hope our relationship
        be long and mutually beneficial. Now please favor me with your kind
Yuri:   1. Patronage? Okay, I guess.
        2. Nah, not buying anything.

- Enter the arena to the left of the shop.

Teacher: Ha ha ha ha! Miss the ol' square jungle, do you? And yet you hate it
         all the same, that bitter battlefield of men!
Joachim: ...Th-that voice! It's...Teacher!!

- Special wrestling music!

Karin:   Teacher?!

- A turbanned man is standing up on the wall jumps down to land in the middle
of the arena ...

Joachim: T-Teacher!!
Teacher: How have you been?! When a man stops moving forward and forgets the
         struggle, that's when he grows old, my boy.
Yuri:    Ugh. I think I'm gonna need a doctor over here...
Joachim: No, no! This is my teacher and mentor, the Great Gama!!
Gepetto: Your teacher?!
Great Gama: That's right. I'm the genius wrestler, the hottest, the manliest
         wrestler around--the Great Gama!!

- He poses with his arms above his head.

Yuri:    Doesn't this guy know how to talk like a normal person?
Joachim: Teacher! You're alive and well!
Great Gama: No need to worry, Joachim! "Train hard day and night, sharpen your
         mind and work hard for the good of others..." That's the motto of the
         Great Gama School of Combative Techniques. Don't tell me you've
         forgotten, my boy! You walked along a man's arduous path of fight and
         sweat. Now let me see how much your skill has improved!
Joachim: Teacher! You mean you'll give me the chance to show you all I've
         learned? All my spirit and passion?!
Great Gama: Yes, that's right, my boy! Come at me, now! Graaahhh!
Joachim: Wraaahhh! Teacher!!

- Battle! Lose...

G Gama : What's the matter with you? If you can't muster up more confidence
         than that, you'd better quit wrestling right now!
Joachim: I-I'm sorry, Teacher!

G. Gama: Ha ha ha ha! That's all right. I'll take you on again anytime you
         like! Whenever you think you're ready, my boy!
Joachim: A-all right, then , Teacher! I'll go out into the world and polish my
         skills, and I'll be back! I promise!

- Battle! Win!

G. Gama: Well done, my boy! Your toil and sweat have paid off! Accept this
         new move from me. May it bring you to higher places! Whenever you want
         to test your skills, come back to me, my boy. The open-air ring will
         always be waiting for you!
Joachim: Oh, thank you, Teacher!

- You learned Grand Slam.

Yuri: Ugh. I'm gonna barf!

- Talk to Great Gama again ...

G. Gama: Ha ha ha ha! Who do we have here? You ready to try your skill again
         with me, my boy? I won't show you any mercy, you know! When you think
         your mind and body are sufficiendly prepared, step on up!
Joachim: 1.Teacher! I'm ready for my lesson!
         2. No, I'll just watch today...

- Second time in the ring.

Great Gama: Okaaay!! Come and learn your lesson, then, my boy! Hee hee! Keep
         your eyes open! I'll be slamming you with my deadliest attack in the
         third turn! Can you handle it? Come at me, now, my boy! Graaahhh!

- Lose badly.

G Gama : What's the matter with you? Is that the best you've got? That was just
         pitiful! A wimpy little session like that doesn't even get me out of
         breath! Ha ha ha!
Joachim: Grrr... I'm so frustrated! I was so close!

- Win.

G. Gama: Well done, my boy! [etc. As before.]

- You learn Deathtron Hammer.

- Talk to him again.

G.Gama:  The expansive sky! Tha wide-open seas! They go on forever and ever!
         Just ike the path of true men!
Nokko, the Groupie: I'm a huge fan of the Great Gama! Ooh, watching him wrestle
         gives me shivers! That odd weapon of his is cool too! And my favorite
         dirty trick of his is when he rushes the other guy with a key in his
         hand. Shows his wild side!
Senam, the Fight Fan: The promoter of this open-air ring is the Great Gama, all
         the way from India. He's the originator of wrestling. Lots of students
         want to train under him, but end up quitting when they find out how
         harsh the training is. I wonder if anybody will ever be good enough to
         be his successor...?
Precious Mira: The guy that comes here never wears a shirt. He's really, really
         strong! I asked him what he did for work, and he told me he wanders
         from town to town teaching wrestling.
Tyson, the Dreamer: This thing is called a "ring." That's what that weird guy
         told me!

- Check the corner of the arena and Joachim finds something interesting.

Yuri:    What's the matter?
Joachim: Look at this old, dented, filthy locker. It's a thing of beauty!
Yuri:    Huh?

- Joachim picks up the item.

- You got Locker..

Yuri:    Hey, hold on a minute, there! You're taking that thing with you? What
         in the world are you going to use it for?
Joachim: Use it for? As a weapon, of course!
Yuri:    A weapon...? What? But don't we usually get weapons from chests or
         shops or something, or after some big event?
Joachim: What are you talking about? Those are the old-fashioned ways of
         getting weapons! Use whatever you can get your hands on! That's the
         first rule of a hero!
Yuri:    Yeah, maybe for heroes on a budget...
Joachim: Tsk tsk! I'd rather you called me an "environmentally-friendly" hero!
Yuri:    Well, nothing's coming out of my wallet, so I guess I'm fine with

08. RHONNDA MINES ....................................................... *W08

- Meet the Ring Soul after taking the lift down to the lower level.

Ring Soul: I am the Ring Soul... The will of the Judgment Ring, the
         administrator of all fate...
Yuri:    You sure are!
R. Soul: I can see it...I can see your...
Yuri:    Bring it on, baby!
R. Soul: ...........
Karin:   Yuri!  Stop being mean to the poor Ring Spirit!

- Yuri turns to speak to Karin, his back to the Ring Soul.

Yuri:    I'm not being mean!  He just seemed a little down, so I was trying to
         cheer him up!
R> Soul: I'm not the "Ring Spirit"!

- Karin and Yuri are still ignoring the Ring Soul.

Karin:   Stop it, Yuri!
         I'm sorry, he didn't mean it, RIng Spirit!  Sometimes the things Yuri
         says come out wrong, but he's a good kid.

- Yuri is still speaking to Karin, and now with his back fully turned to the
Ring Soul

Yuri:    I'm a kid, now, am I?!
R. Soul: *sigh*
Yuri:    Did you hear that?!  Now he's sighing!
R. Soul: I entrust this to you...

- You got Attack Boost.

R. Soul: The power to command the Judgment Ring. Such power will help you carve
         your way through destiny...
Karin:   Thanks!
R. Soul: I will appear again to give you more power, and I'm watching to see if
         you are truly the one to command destiny.

- The Ring Soul disappears.

Yuri:    Oh.  ...He's gone!
Karin:   He's hurt because you were mean to him!  What were you thinking?!
Yuri:    You really think so?

- They arrive at a dark tunnel.

Karin:   Aaaaah! It's pitch black!
Gepetto: We're not gonna get anywhere like this. We need some kind of light...

- With the lantern they find.

Yuri:    We could use this lantern...
Gepetto: That's it! I can see!
Karin:   Now we can make some progress.

- Encounter a man inside a cavern.

Anthony, Weary of People: ...Look, I don't like people! Why do you think I shut
         myself up in here?! Just leave me alone!

Lottery Member 14: On, hold on a minute! Have you come to do the lottery?
Yuri:   1.  Of Course!
        2.  Nope, just passing through!)
LM 14:  Let's get it over with quick, then...
        Dammit! You're really lucky! Can you leave me alone now, please...?

- Inside the shop ...
Yuri:   Jeez! Here you are again!
Gerard: Jeez?! What do you mean, jeez?! That's pretty rude, you know! There's a
        penalty for being rude. You have to buy something! Otherwise, I won't
        forgive you!
Yuri:   1. I'm so sorry! May I buy something?
        2. I've got all I need right now.

- The party meet a monster boss in the final cave. Battle!

Yuri:    Phew! Wasn't expecting that.
Karin:   I bet this was the spot where the explosion was.
Gepetto: Let's go, you two.

09. WALES ............................................................... *W09

- The party arrives at a cliff, with the ruins of a large church on the

Karin:   Where are we...?
Yuri:    This is where Nemeton Monastery used to be. This is where we faced
         down that god six months ago.

- There is a series of pictures drawn by Yuri and some video footage from
Shadow Hearts that tells some of the story.

Yuri:    This is where it all began and where it all ended. Six months ago
         there was a man who tried to destroy the world. He raised a temple
         into the sky and summoned a god from beyond the stars. To remake the
         world in his own image. We defeated him, and battled the god. In the
         end, we were saved by a legendary magician who has lived for a 1000
         years. Roger Bacon..
- Encounter the Ring Soul outside Roger's house.

Ring Soul: Huh?!
Yuri:    I am the Ring Soul... The will of the Judgment Ring, the administrator
         of all fate......Right?
R. Soul: Tsk!
Yuri:    Now you're clucking your tongue?!
R. Soul: Here!

- You got Attack Boost.

R. Soul: Um... The power to command the... ...Judgment Ring. It'll help you
         carve your way through destiny.
Yuri:    Where's the poetry? The romance?!
R. Soul: I'll appear again to give you more power, and I'm watching to see
Yuri:    Hey, hey! Come on!
R. Soul:;re truly the one to command destiny. Okay, bye!
Yuri:    Huh?!

- Inside Roger's house.

Gepetto: Now this is what the house of a great magician should look like!
         Nothing like my little place...
Joachim: It almost looks like it's going to change into something. A very
         elaborately detailed design...
Karin:   You've been reading too many comic books.
Yuri:    Roger!! Where are you?! It's me, Yuri. I'm back!

- After searching for Roger.

Yuri:    He's not here. Now where could that weird old creature have run off
Karin:   Maybe he went for a walk...?
Yuri:    Yeah, maybe.

- They leave the house. outside of the house ...

Lenny:   Tough luck for you.
Gepetto: It's them...!
Lenny:   Ha! It's just like Nicolai said!
Yuri:    .........
Lenny:   Too bad, but that old geezer isn't here. By this time, he's in a cage
         far away.
Yuri:    Where is he?
Lenny:   I can't tell you.
Yuri:    Cause you don't know?
Lenny:   I know, all right.
Yuri:    Then where?
Lenny:   I'm not saying.
Yuri:    I knew it. You got no idea.
Lenny:   I told ya, ya little punk!! I do know.
Yuri:    Right...
Lenny:   Really! I do know! Really!
Yuri:    Yeah, right...
Lenny:   It's true. It's true. He's in Italy! Florence, Italy!! Oops!!

- Yuri and co walk away as Lenny cries in frustration

Lenny:   Wait!! Stop right there! You ignoring me?!
Yuri:    What now?
Lenny:   Don't ignore me! You think yer smart, but now you know too much for
         yer own good!

- Battle! After the battle.

Lenny:   Damn it! I was this close to beating them!
Yuri:    *pant, pant* You wanna go some more?
Lenny:   Damn! Would you look at the time? Gotta get going. Lucky thing for you
         too! I'll make you pay next time!

- Lenny walks away and someone claps their hands, applauding the battle.

The man: What an astonishing performance. Quite impressive. Yes, indeed.
Joachim: You, there! Who are you?!
The man: It's an honor. My name is Thomas. I'm what you might call an explorer.
Karin:   An explorer?! You're not with the secret society?!
Thomas:  With the what? Oh! Heavens, no! Ah, But I do know a little something
         about what's going on between you and them. Have a look at this.

- He shows Yuri a filmed scene of Lenny having captured Roger.

Yuri:    That's...Lenny?! And he's got Roger!!
Gepetto: So we're too late?
Thomas:  Now do you believe that I'm not working with them?
Yuri:    Why did you show me this?
Thomas:  Well, my boy. I've also got a grudge to settle with Sapientes Gladio.

- Movie ends and the chat continues.

Thomas:  I'm the hired hand of a certain organization. I can't tell you exactly
         who I am, but I'm no enemy, trust me. Poor Sir Bacon, taken away like
         that! I've met him several times, actually.
Gepetto: Sounds like you might know more about what happened...
Thomas:  Well, I don't have a whole lot of information. But I suppose what I do
         know is better than nothing, right?

- Thomas tells them more about Sapientes Gladio.

MOVIE (showing sepia tinted scenes of hangings, amongst other things.)
Thomas:  I remember when I first heard the rumors of Sapientes Gladio... Yes,
         It was just before the war began. At the same time, a series of
         bizarre murders happened all over Europe. All were performed in the
         style of a medieval execution. The victims were high-level government
         dignitaries from each European country. Rumors of a secret society \
         spread through the land , and various intelligence agencies sprang
         into motion. The only clue, a sword and owl crest. As to who was
         behind these grisly murders? No one had any idea...

- The movie ends and the discussion continues.

Gepetto: The more we hear about these guys, the more mysterious they sound. One
         thing's certain! These Sapientes Gladio fellows are planning something
         big. But what could they want?
Thomas:  I have no idea.
Yuri:    And you're just some mysterious person from out of nowhere that wants
         to find out, huh, just like us?
Thomas:  That's right. I only want to be helpful to you. After all, you're
         closer than anyone to finding out who the society's leader is...
Joachim: You mean you don't know who the leader is yet either?
Thomas:  I have a few guesses, but no real solid leads.
Yuri:    We don't have any real leads at all. I was counting on learning
         something from Roger, but they snatched him up too...
Thomas:  There's a fortuneteller named Carla in Florence, Italy. She used to
         have a connection to the society long ago.
Yuri:    Italy?
Thomas:  Why don't you go see her? I bet she'll cooperate with you if you
         mention my name.
Yuri:     .........
         Hmph! I don't think I like that guy.
Gepetto: But we don't have any other ideas for rescuing Mr. Bacon.
Yuri:    Fine! We'll go. We'll go to that Flo... Flora whatever place.
Karin:   Florence!
Yuri:    Right. That's what I said. "Florence."

- Talk to Thomas again.
Thomas:  Don't forget! It's Carla in Florence you want to see!

10. FLORENCE ............................................................ *W10

- The visit to Florence begins with the group inside the fortune telling house.
They are sitting in a row watching (or in the case of the males, including
Blanca but excluding Joachim for obvious reasons, ogling) as Lucia dances with
her Tarot cards.

Gepetto: That's amazing...
Yuri:    Yeah...
Karin:   I wonder how she's doing that...?
Yuri:    Yeah...
Joachim: She'e not using any wires...
Yuri:    Yeah...
Blanca:  Awroo...
Yuri:    Yeah...

- The dance stops as people clap and she picks a card for the client.

Everybody: Whoa!!
Lucia:   And here comes your fortune.

- Lucia bows farewell to all the guests.

Lucia:   Come back again!

- She realises that Yuri and company are still here.

Lucia:   Fortune reading is over, everyone.
Carla:   There's a three-month waiting list here. Now give up and go on home.
Gepetto: Can't you just bend the rules a little more?
Carla:   You must be deaf, old man. Out best girl does not come that cheap!
Karin:   A man named Thomas told us about you. He said that you would know
         something about a group named Sapientes Gladio.
Carla:   Sapientes Gladio?! Hmph, that old business. Forget it. I haven't got
         the time!
Joachim: Oh, please, kind lady! Won't you please help us on our quest?
Carla:   .........And what do I get? I suppose you have no money either?
Gepetto: Umm, well... I um, er....

- Yuri is staring at Lucia and Karin hits him.

Karin:   Yuri! Don't be such a jerk. Why don't you just ask her, already!
Yuri:    Oww! That really hurt! Why did you do that?! What do you think you're
Yuri:    Umm, pretty please...?
Carla:   Hmph! Oh, right.
Lucia:   Oh, well. I suppose I'll have to help. Let's see...
Carla:   ...You two. You're going to have to work it off, on your backs.
Yuri:    Huh?

- Yuri and Karin turn to look at each other, somewhat worried...

Karin:   What do you mean, we'll pay for it with our bodies? You mean you want
         us to help you with something?
Carla:   It's simple. I want you to go with Lucia here and get me a flower to
         use in my incantations. A very valuable flower. What do you say?
         Should be a piece of cake for you, right? ...Or maybe you'd rather
         perform a sexy dance or two...?
Karin:   A sexy dance?! Wh-who, me?!
Carla:   Of course, you! Do you think anybody else here would look good in a
         see-through outfit?
Yuri:    S-see-through?!

- Everyone stares at Karin, apart from Joachim

Karin:   Hey! Quit trying to imagine it!
Joachim: Actually, if it's dancing you want, I'm pretty good...
Carla:   You keep quiet, sicko.
Joachim: Hey! That wasn't very nice...

- Joachim is crushed and bends a knee to the floor bowing his head.

Karin:   All right, fine! I won't do the dancing, but we can certainly go get
         that flower you mentioned.
Carla:   *sigh* Too bad. You have such a lovely figure... Ah, well. Get me that
         flower, then, as fast as you can. Lucia knows where it is. Good luck,
         now, eveybody!
Lucia:   Tee hee! I'll show you the way! We'll have such fun together!

- Talk to Carla again.

Carla:   When you're ready, just exit the town. You'll see where to go right

- Talk to the people in the city. (More or less from west to east.)

Occult-hating Matteo: I don't believe in fortunetelling. They make money by
         trying to stir up people's anxieties with unlucky predictions!
Brokenhearted Gianna: I used to dream of being a dancer... But then Carla took
         one look at me and told me I didn't have the talent!
Reminiscing Anton: Have you been to the fortuneteller Carla's place? She might
         not look it now, but she used to be a real beauty!
Practical Claudia: True, this is a beautiful town, but now that the war's
         started, beauty won't do us one ounce of good.
Anxious Al: *sigh* The war is spreading, but they'd never be so boorish as to
         bring the battlefield here, would they?! Florence is a town with a
         long and distinguished history, loved by the artists for centuries.
Jones, the Rich Businessman: I heard about the fortuneteller and came all the
         way from America to see her! Know what she told me? "You'll never
         marry." But why the hell not?! I've got plenty of money! Ah, here!
         Have this if you want it! It won't fetch much money.

- You got Nibelung Scene 7. Karin learns Geuschbenst.

Becky, the Artist: I came here to be a painter, but my job at the cafe keeps me
         so busy, I don't have time for painting!
         Oh yes... I got this to use for my paintings, but I don't need it. I
         think it's horrible. Here, you have it.

- You got Mr Matador (only if you hadn't got it already in Paris.)

Viviana, the Sightseer: Welcome to Florence! Florence and Venice are just about
         the only two towns around worth seeing.
Trivia Trevor: "Florence" means "city of flowers." It's a gorgeous city, isn't
         it? Just like its name.
         But these days, when you say "city of flowers," I guess people think
         of Paris, though...
Backstreet Nero: What with the war getting so intense, there are new ways to
         make quick money everywhere you turned! Fine days, these!

Gourmet Connoisseur Ginori: Food is only food when it's presented on a plate.
         Anything eaten with your hands isn't food!

- Talk to the man at the top left of the plaza.

Straw Handiwork Fan, Massimo: How am I gonna finish this hat? If only I had
         some more straw...
Yuri:    Straw? You want straw? How about this?
Massimo: Ah! You've got some! And it's shriveled up just right! You've gotta
         let me have it!
Yuri:    1. If you really want it...
         2. No, sorry. I'm gonna hang on to it.
Massimo: 1. What?! I don't know! You can't even get a piece of straw these
         days! We live in a pretty harsh world!
         2. Are you sure?! Wow, thanks so much! It's not much, but I want to
         repay you. Here, have this!

- You got Underground Film.

Massimo: It's a movie made by a friend of mine. I haven't got a projector or
         anything fancy like that myself. You watch it! Ah, I love straw craft.
         It's great! What can I make after I finish this hat...?

- Talk to Magimel Brothers at the shop

Pierre:  Isn't it beautiful? many famous artists came from this city, you know.
         Someday, I'll be a top designer too, with a fashion line that'll be
         famous all over the world! Don't you agree?
Yuri:    1. Of course! So make me a dress!
         2. I highly doubt it.
Pierre:  Fabulous! Did you bring me what I want, then? My hot little heart's
Gerard:  Isn't it fabulous? Lovely Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance!
         Graced with well-aged refinement! Oh, my! Welcome, welcome!

- Talk to the wolf.

Jerome:  Awroo... (I thought there was an unpleasant smell... Hmph. A stray
         wolf, is it?)
Blanca:  Awroo? Awroo. (Being kept by humans? You're hardly in the position to
         be so snooty...)
Jerome:  Awroo. Awroo... (Ah, a haughty one. I don't relish touching a stray,
         but fine...) Awroo, awroo! (Consider this an honor. Today, I'll lower
         myself to fight you personally.)
Blanca:  1. Fine. Bring it on.
         2. Not today, thanks.)
Jerome:  You'll soon know what it's like to fight the elite!
Blanca:  And I'll show you that schooling and pedigree don't have any meaning
         in the real world, pal.

- Battle! After the battle.

Jerome:  Inconceivable... Valedictorian of the Wolf Academy...beaten by a lowly
Blanca:  Hmph. Kept in a cage like a pet bird! All they want you for is show...

- Soul Comet has powered up!

Jerome:  Awroo... Awroooo! (I've beaten... I can't believe it! I won't believe
Blanca:  Awroo, awroo. (If you can't stand admitting defeat, you shouldn't

- The party is stopped by someone as they leave the city.

Healthy Rooney: Hey, hold on a minute. Smells like you haven't had a bath for
         days. Andy that grubby appearance... You must be explorers!
Karin:   We smell?! Really?
Yuri:    You figured us out pretty quick... Who are you?
Rooney:  Sorry, I'm Rooney. I don't want to brag, but I'm the president of the
         World Fitness Walking Society.
Yuri:    The World Fitness Walking Society... Not another weird club?!
Gepetto: I say we don't get involved!
Rooney:  I just saw that you were explorers, and wanted to ask you a favor,
         that's all.

- You got Pedometer.

Yuri:    What? What's this? I'm sure I've seen this kind of thing before...
Rooney:  It's a device to count how far you're walked. It's called a Pedometer.
         I just wanted to ask you to wear one as you go on your travels. Of
         course, I'll give you something in return. I've got different prizes
         depending on how far you go.
Gepetto: Prizes, eh? This all sounds a little too easy! What's in it for you?
Rooney:  For me? Nothing! I'm not that type of gal! I just want you all to know
         how good walking can make you feel.
Yuri:    So...if we just clock up some distance and tell one of your club
         members, we'll get a prize, right?
Rooney:  ...Not quite. I'm sorry, but I'll have to ask you to come back to me
         for the prizes.
Yuri:    What? How come? That'll make it such a pain.
Rooney:'s a little embarrassing to admit, actually...
Yuri:    What is?
Rooney:  I'm the only member of the World Fitness Walking Society! So you'll
         just have to come back to me, okay?!
Yuri:    Huh?! You're the only one?! And it's a society?! Ha ha ha!
Rooney:  D-don't make fun of me! I'm sure I'll get more members once people
         realize how great walking is! Go on, then! Get walking! You've got to
         collect up those steps!

- Talk to Rooney again.

Rooney:  At the moment, you're on 0 steps. Do you wanna swap them for a prize?
Yuri:    1. I wanna swap.
         2. I don't wanna swap yet.

- As the group leaves Florence the scene changes to Cannes, with Nicolai and
Lenny sitting at a bar

Nicolai: And so it just slipped out, did it?
Lenny:   .........
Nicolai: Well, they must be in Italy by now, I suppose...
Lenny:   .........
Nicolai: It's a good thing for you, Lenny, that we already moved the old man.
         We'll be all right, but no thanks to you.
Lenny:   I-I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I won't do it again. I promise!
Nicolai: Hmph.
Lenny:   You haven't had to face to guy, so you don't know. I'm telling you.
         There's something wrong with that guy! He doesn't listen and right
         away he's ready to use his fists! And then he plays his mind tricks on
Nicolai: You're pathetic.
Lenny:   *moans*
Nicolai: Forget it. I've had some problems on my side too.
Lenny:   Huh?
Nicolai: That old man, he appears senile but he's a tough nut to crack.
Lenny:   Old man? You mean Bacon? That old skeleton face?
Nicolai: That's right.
Lenny:   What do we have to worry about that guy for? What do you and the
         Master need him for anyway
Nicolai: That's none of your business. The Master has his own plan for things.
         As for me, it's just a matter of simple curiosity.
Lenny:   Curiosity?!
Nicolai: Simon and the godslayer. They're somehow connected to each other.
         Which means, well, there are plenty of ways I can use that
Lenny:   Huh?
Nicolai: Lenny, get the airship ready! We're leaving soon.

- Manmariana Island appears on the world map menu.

11. MANMARIAN ISLE ...................................................... *W11

- Select the location and there's a short sepia tinted depiction of the island.

Carla:   East of here, on a small, uninhabited island in the Adratic Sea, there
         blooms, each month, a flower called the "Adriatic Magnolia." Bring me
         back that flower!

- Inside the mansion at Manmariana Isle.

Gepetto: What a beautiful mansion!
Karin:   A nice little "summer home," huh?
Lucia:   I used to live here when I was a little girl.
Yuri:    So where's this flower, anyway?
Lucia:   Well, it's... Tee hee! I forgot! Maybe it's this way?

- Lucia stands on a switch in the floor and a cage falls around her, protecting
her from the monsters that turn up.

Joachim: What are fierce monsters like that doing on a peaceful island like
Lucia:   Gee, I wonder...

- In the hall with 3 doors.

Lucia:   Oh, I remember! The flower grows in the courtyard up ahead.
Joachim: Up ahead? But there are three doors!
Lucia:   Let's see... Was it the door on the right? I think it was... But it
         could be the door on the left... Eenie, meenie, minie......I think
         it's the one in the middle! Tee hee hee!
Yuri:    Well, whatever. Let's just try opening them all.
Karin:   But there's something on the doors. I wonder what those things are?
Lucia:   Oh, that's right! There are frames on the doors for fitting zodiac
         tiles into. The poems are hints. If we put the zodiac tiles into the
         frames just right, according to the poems' hints, the doors will open.
Gepetto: What a complicated setup! But of course you know all the answers to
         the puzzles, right?
Lucia:   Oh, of course! Let's see... We put the sign of the shrimp here, and
         the sign of the turtle over there...
Yuri:    *ahem* Those zodiac signs don't exist.
Karin:   ...Well, there's only one thing to do. We'll have to collect all the
         zodiac tiles and figure it out ourselves.

- Inside a room off the right corridor.

Ring Soul: I am the Ring Soul... The will of the Judgment Ring, the
         administrator of all fate...
Yuri:    Can't you be a bit more friendly? Last time, you just said your stuff
         and took off. Let's get to know each other!
R. Soul: Here you are!

- You got Attack Boost.

R. Soul: And, um... the power to command the Judgment Ring. Such power will
         help you carve your way through destiny...
Yuri:    See, you're doing it again!
R. Soul: You know the rest.
Yuri:    What?!
R. Soul: Okay, I'm off. My wife's waiting.
Yuri:    Huh, you're married?! You've got a wife?!

- The Ring Soul disappears.

Yuri:    He's married?! Unbelievable!

- Inside the last room to the west.

Lucia:   Oh, that's right. Only people with blood type AB can open this door.
Yuri:     ...Are you AB?
Lucia:   No. Carla is AB. I'm type B. I guess she was trying to keep me out of
Karin:   They told me in the service I was type A. Too bad...
Gepetto: I don't know my blood type.
Joachim: I don't know mine either.
Yuri:    Me neither. That's all right. We can all just give it a shot, anyway.
Lucia:   This room is set up so that if you try the door and fail even
         once, a really great treasure inside disappears. And see those hearts?
         If two people stand on them, they can check their blood types. If the
         two people have blood types that don't mix, the lamp overhead will
Karin:   I heard about blood types once! They say A and B don't mix with each
         other, but that O mixes with either. Luckily, I'm A and Lucia is B.
         All we have to do it find someone who makes the lamp light with both
         of us.
Lucia:   As soon as you find someone, that person just has to go back and touch
         the door.

- Next to the heart areas on the floor.
Yuri:    So, what do you want to do?
         1. Compare and find somebody with AB!
         2. Just go on without comparing.

- Check the door ...

Yuri:    Hey, there's a note on the door. Let's see what it says...
Carla's Note: Mischief-free zone! If anybody but an AB blood type touches this
         door, the treasure will disappear! Love, Carla
Yuri:    Should we touch the door?
         1. Sure, go ahead!
         2. Nah, let's not.
         Who should touch the door?

- Gepetto touches the door.

Gepetto: Hey! I heard the door unlock! I guess I have AB blood!

- The Three Doors Puzzle
Left door: "The Hero" To protect the children, the archer waits, bow in hand,
         to shoot the wild beast approaching from the distance.
Right door: "The Maiden" In the desert, water is a treasure. To win her,
         offer the maiden her weight in water placed in earthen water jugs.
Middle Left door: "The Value of Livestock" - Getting cheese is better than only
         wool. But getting succulent meat is the best thing of all.
Middle Right door: "On Evolution" - First, it came from the sea. It grew legs
         so it could play in the shoal. Then it developed poison to protect

- In the garden.

Karin:   Ooh, it's so beautiful!
Gepetto: Isn't it, though?

- Lucia pulls a big switch, revealing her giant cat.

Andre:   *meows loudly*
Yuri:    That is one big pussy!!
Lucia:   Tee hee. This is where you all die.
Yuri:    Huh?!
Lucia:   Andre, go on ahead and get them!!
Andre:   *meows loudly*

- Andre attacks Lucia.

Lucia:   Huh? Wait a minute! I'm your master! Did you forget who I am?
Yuri:    It looks like it's trying to eat her.
Karin:   Maybe we should try and help.
Joachim: I think you're right...

- Battle!

Yuri:    Are you all right?
Lucia:   Oh, thank you!
Karin:   Just what were you trying to pull, anyway?!
Lucia:   I'm so sorry! You see, we thought Sapientes Gladio sent you after us!
Gepetto: You thought we were from Sapientes Gladio?
Lucia:   We've had hit men pretending to be customers sent to us before. And
         every time, I'd bring them to this island...
Karin:   And feed them to Andre?
Lucia:   Tee hee!
Gepetto: So you oppose the society too, eh, miss?
Lucia:   That's right. Ever since Carla ran away from them, they've had it in
         for us.
Yuri:    And now you know we're fighting against this secret society too.
Lucia:   Right!

- The party are back inside Carla's place in Florence.

Carla:   You don't have to say a word! I saw everything through this mirror!
Yuri:    So you trust us now?
Carla:   Sure.
Carla:   Sorry, but the flower I had you get isn't the real Adriatic Magnolia.
         I feel bad for tricking you... Take this as a token of apology and
         gratitude. I hope you'll get some use out of it.

- You got the Purson Crest.

Carla:   I don't like to remember, but I guess there are some things I'd better
         tell you...

- Carla talks about her past.

Carla:   I was young and beautiful once too. Loving life, full of dreams, I
         was. But those girlish dreams didn't last. Men used me and threw me
         out like trash. I was hurt and bitter then. That's when it happened.
         A secret group called Sapientes Gladio invited me to join them.
         Desperate, I joined, and even took on disciples to be my successors.
         But the violence was too much for me, and I ran away from them. They
         chased me for years, and always I managed to evade them.
         Finally, I wound up here. I've been with this one ever since then...

- Carla talks some more.

Carla:   I suppose no matter how much you try to turn a blind eye, you can
         never escape your true destiny...
Lucia:   Carla...
Carla:   Lucia, the stars have turned. It's time for you to start your journey.
         I've always wanted to make up for that girl going down the wrong
         path... Now the burden falls to you, I'm afraid.
Lucia:   It's not a burden, Carla! And I've always wanted to go on a little
         adventure! And as your successor, I want to make you proud of me!

- Carla turns to Yuri and the gang.

Carla:   I'll tell you where the society's branch headquarters are in this
         town. The man you're looking for might be there.
Yuri:    Thank you, Carla.
Lucia:   And so, if none of you mind, I'll join you on your journey!
Karin:   Sure. Glad to have you!

- Explanation of Lucia's Special Menu: Tarot Card and Aromatherapy.

Carla:   And here are some things that'll be perfect for your trip. These
         mysterious enchanted herbs.
Lucia:   But are you sure?! I haven't really perfected how to mix those yet...
Carla:   You been slacking off on your studies again, girl? Oh, well. Take them
         along, anyway. Practice makes perfect!

- You got Ocean Oil and Misty Oil.

- Talk to Carla again.

Carla:   Herbs have lots of different effects, depending on how you use them.
         Try every combination you can. I'll be praying for your good fortune.
         Be careful on your journey!

12. SG ITALIAN BRANCH HQ ................................................ *W12

- Inside the second room of the house.

Yuri:   Pretty fishy-looking place.

- There's a yellow book in the bookcase.
Yuri:    This book smells suspicious.
Yellow Book: "It's a Gas! All about Farts" - Farts usually come roughly six
         hours after eating. (So if you had breakfast, one should come around
         three o'clock.) Don't try to hold them in or they'll come out of your
         mouth. Be considerate, but commit to healthy farting.
Yuri:    I knew this book smelled... A fart should come around three, huh...?

- There's a red book on the bottom table.
Yuri:    What's up with this book?
Red Book: "Love Hat Trick! Nighttime is the Right Time" - The burning flame of
         love is in the air! Tonight is the night to make your finest love
         maneuver! Pull off a hat trick with the one you love. Kick off is at
         six o'clock!
Yuri:    A hat trick with the one you love?! What a stupid book. Kick off is at
         six, huh...?

- There's a black book on the piano.
Yuri:    Looks pretty depressing, this book...
Black Book: "Recital for One" - I'm all alone. I crouch sadly in an empty
         corner. My only companion is the piano. "La la la, life. La la la,
         self." My own private concert begins at twelve.
Yuri:    I knew it would be gloomy. Play the piano so late and you'll wake the
         neighbors! La la la at twelve, huh...?

- There's a blue book on the chest.
Yuri:    The book is falling apart.
Blue Book: "A Spy Dies at Night III" - The house of evil I had sneaked into was
         filled with insidious traps. I'd hit a dead end--nowhere to go. I
         could hear the approaching footsteps of my pursuers. Just then, the
         hand on the clock reached nine...
Yuri:    Hey! It was just getting good! Where's the rest of it?! Damn missing
         pages! *sigh* The hand reached nine, huh...?

- Check the right of the central table.
Yuri:    Hey! I found a spy camera in the shape of a candle!...Nah, it's just a
         plain ol' candle.

- Check the left of the central table.
Yuri:    Hey! I found a bugging device! ...Nah, it's just a plain ol' lighter.

- The big, old clock has stopped.
Yuri:    Huh? Looks like it's stopped. Let's see...

- Set the clock to 3 o'clock.
System:  A foul smell fills the air. Oh my god.

- Set the clock to 6 o'clock.
System:  The fire in the fireplace grows slightly larger. You are no longer shy
         about love!

-Set the clock to 12 o'clock.
System:  You hear some very badly-played piano music. You start to feel blue...

- Set the clock to 9 o'clock, the clock moved up like a lift ...
Yuri:    Hey! What the...

- The clock is a lift and moves the group to the next floor.
Yuri:    Huh. This setup is typical of a bad-guy headquarters. Oh, well. I
         don't mind.

- Check the second picture.
Yuri:    What's with this picture? I thin it's looking at me.

- The wall and the group rotate into a new area.

Yuri:    Hey! Hey!!
Yuri:    This is going a little overboard, don't you think?!

- Check the machine at the far end. "There's a very suspicious-looking
mechanism here."

Yuri:   Huh? Looks like it's missing a part.

- Check the left wall.

Yuri:   What's up with this switch?

- Flip it and a wall moves in the previous area.

Yuri:   Hey! I think something happened.

- Check something at the left that needs a password. " Enter Password."
Yuri:    Password? I don't know any password.

- At the center of the library.

Yuri:   Huh? It says something...

- You got the password.

- Back in the control room Yuri checks the password panel.

Yuri:   Let's see... It was "unagi."

- Another wall moves in the hallway.

Yuri:   He he. That's the way!

- Inside the new room.

Yuri:   Hey, here's another switch! I'll just give it a little flip.

- This opens another section of wall giving access to a basement room where a
Toggle Switch is found. Back in the machine room.

" There's a very suspicious-looking mechanism here."

Yuri:   What's going to happen this time?

- The toggle switch is used on the machine and the clock chimes.

Yuri:   What, now it's the clock?

- They return to the clock and can access the third floor.

Yuri: He he. I get it now.

- They arrive at the third floor torture room.

Joachim: End of the line!
Lucia:   There isn't anybody here.
Yuri:    Maybe Roger isn't here?
Gepetto: I guess we'd better look for him somewhere else...

- A monster appears.

Yuri:    Look.

- Battle! After the battle ...

Joachim: That's odd. There's no one here at all.
Yuri:    Weird. Where could they be hiding the old man?

- The sound of something firing is heard and the wall blows apart.

Yuri: What's that...?!

- Nicolai's airship is outside and eventually draws close to the hole in the

Yuri:    Is everyone okay?!
Karin:   We're fine.
Joachim: *grunts*
Lucia:   Oww...
Gepetto: I think I'm okay!
Nicolai: As hardheaded as usual, I can see.
Karin:   Nicolai!!
Yuri:    What are you up to?
Nicolai: Nice to see you, Lieutenant. You too, Godslayer.
Lenny:   Yo!
Nicolai: Well! It's been two months since the Mistletoe's curse! You still look
         quite normal.
Yuri:    It didn't work. It's a load of crap.
Lenny:   Somebody needs to teach him manners.
Nicolai: The one you're looking for is no longer here.
Yuri:    What?!
Nicolai: St. Marguerite Island. We're holding him there.
Yuri:    St. Marguerite...
Nicolai: Godslayer, get me the Emigre Manuscript. Do that, and I'll give you
Yuri:    I don't know what you're talking about.
Nicolai: Don't lie to me. You most certainly do know. It contains the secret of
         life. You used it to achieve your victory. Afterwards, you and Bacon
         took it and hid it away somewhere. That much I already know.
Yuri:    .........

- Return to Florence, to talk to Carla.

Carla:   ...I see. It sounds like the society really won't stop at anything
Gepetto: Just what kind of secret does this Emigre Manuscript hold, anyway?
Yuri:    Well...
Karin:   Nicolai said you knew.
Yuri:    Here's the deal.

MOVIE (showing Yuri's hand-drawn pictures and scenes from Shadow Hearts)
- Yuri talks about the Emigre Manuscript and refers back to the events of
Koudelka and Shadow Hearts.

Yuri:    Ten years ago, three ancient tomes were stolen from the Vatican. The
         Pulse Tract, which incarnates a god from the soul of the Earth; the
         R'lyeh Text, with the power to summon a god from beyond the stars; and
         the Emigre Manuscript, which creates life from death. Because each one
         has the power to warp the very fabric of existence, the books have
         been widely sought after over the years, and many tragedies resulted
         from that search...

- Yuri continues talking, back at Carla's

Yuri:    I got my hands on those three books by chance six months ago, when I
         fought that god. When the battle was over, Roger and I secretly sealed
         the books away, where they'd be safe.
Gepetto: That dangerous, eh? And do you remember where you sealed this Emigre
         Manuscript away?
Yuri:    It's hardly something I'd forget! But I was in favor of burning them
         and being done with the while affair, myself... We hid the Emigre
         Manuscript in the Great Nemeton Fissure.
Karin:   Nemeton...? You mean that desolate spot in Wales?
Yuri:    That's right. And it won'be be easy to go down there. That place is
         crawling with evil and monsters!
Joachim: Sounds like a challenge! I'd love to see a place like that!
Gepetto: You make it sound like a walk in the park, but this is serious
         business! We could get ourselves killed!

- Talk to Carla again.
Carla:   Lucia, you know you're slow. Promise me you'll be careful. And if
         anything happens, save yourself, at least!

- Carla restores all HP and MP!.

- Return to the boss room to find another Wolf.

Henri:   I've been waiting for you. You're Blanca, aren't you?
Yuri:    Huh? Did this wolf just talk in people language?
Henri:   Ah, pardon me. I didn't mean to startle you.
         I might look ike a wolf now, but I used to be a human. That's why I
         can speak both wolf and human languages.
Yuri:    Hey, came as me. I can understand what Blanca says too.
Blanca:  ......
Henri:   I have to beat you if i want my human form back. Will you fight?
Blanca:  1. I have to honor my elder's request.
         2. How could I hit an old man?
Blanca : I don't like picking an old men. I'll have to get this over with
Henri:   They used to call me "the old tiger". I won't go down easily, you

- Battle!

Henri:   Phew. Very impressive. Maybe I'm getting too told for this.
Blanca:  Age doesn't have anything to do with it. It's just a matter of whether
         you take on fighting as your living or not.
Henri:   You're absolutely right. Maybe research suits me better than battles.
         Well, Blanca, here you are.

- Soul Comet has powered up! (Get another pawprint.)

Henri:   Nothing I can do about it now. I lost, and that's that. I'll have to
         find another way to turn back into a human.

Yuri:    You take care too.
Blanca:  Awroo!

13. NEAM RUINS .......................................................... *W13

- In Wales, outside Roger's house, Joachim finds a mailbox.

Yuri:    What's a mailbox doing here?
Joachim: Hmm. Nice mailbox...
Yuri:    Hey! Don't go getting any ideas! That belongs to someone, get it?
Joachim: Hmm... I really want this mailbox...
Yuri:    What?!

- Joachim lifts it up onto his shoulder.

- You got Red Mailbox.

Yuri:    Are you taking it?! That's called "stealing," you know! "Stealing"!
Joachim: Never mind that!
Yuri:    Um, weren't you supposed to be a hero?

- After getting a rope ladder from Roger's house they stop at the cliff.

Karin:   Can we climb down from here?
Yuri:    Yeah, it might be a little dangerous, but this ladder ought to do the

- Inside Neam Ruins, after the first battle.

Yuri:    Funny, monsters didn't bother us last time Roger and I were here...
Karin:   I-I feel really sick... It's like something down here doesn't want
         living creatures around...
Gepetto: A place this steeped in evil and curses is rare. Something really
         horrible must've happened here...

- After the floating maze they enter a new room. Karin hears a voice.

A voice: Karin...
Yuri:    What's wrong?
Karin:   I don't know. I hear a voice calling to me.
Yuri:    A voice?
A voice: Karin...
Karin:   Grandma?! Grandma, is that you?!

- Yuri holds her arms.

Yuri:    Hey! Relax! There's nobody there!
Karin:   B-but I'm sure I heard her! It was my grandmother from back home! She
         needs help!
... Karin swayed away ...
Karin:   What's wrong?! Why do you sound so sad?! I'm right here! Don't
Yuri:    Karin...
A voice: *moans*

Karin:   There! Did you hear that?

- Yuri slaps her.

Yuri:   Get ahold of yourself! Don't listen to what dead spirits say! They can
        steal away your soul.
Karin:   ......

- Karin falls to her knees.

Gepetto: Something here wants to frighten us, to turn us away from out task.
Yuri:    Don't let it bother you. That wasn't here, you know. Your
         grandmother's soul is safe.
Karin: I guess so...
Yuri:    Let's finish our job and hurry back. I don't like this place.
Karin:   My family is from Munich. Fallen nobility, you might say. If we ever
         get the chance, will you come visit there with me?
Yuri:    Sure, no problem.
Gepetto: My, that sounds nice, all right.

- They enter a large hall and discover the Magimel Brothers!

Gerard:  Wow, this place is in the middle of nowhere! There's nothing around!
         Huh?! How come we're here, you ask?! We moved heaven and earth to beat
         you here! The blocks, the stair puzzle... It was hard! You better buy
Pierre:  Oh, I don't like this! I'm scared of ghosts and stuff! Huh? How come
         we're here, you ask?! That's so rude! Don't be so cold! And, do you
         want a dress?

- Encounter the Ring Soul in the south west corner of the large hall.

Ring Soul: I am the Ring Soul... The will of the Judgment Ring, the
         administrator of all fate...
Yuri:    How's your wife?
R. Soul: What?!
Yuri:    Your's she doing? You mentioned her last time, right?
R. Soul: I did?
Yuri:    Yeah!
R. Soul: ...Ahem! I can see your future... I entrust this to you...

- You got Attack Boost.

Yuri:    Hey, I asked you a question!
R. Soul: know the drill.
Yuri:    What?!
R. Soul: Okay, time to go! I can't put in any overtime today!

- The Ring Soul disappears.

Yuri:    .........

- Inside the next puzzle room.

Yuri:   Looks like you can get across by staying on the light.

- Falls.

Yuri:   Ow! That hurt! Guess it's better to go slow than rush.

- Inside the inner altar room.

Yuri:    Uh-oh! There is a sentry here!

- Battle! After the battle.

Karin:   That was some sentry! We nearly all got killed!
Yuri:    Sorry 'bout that. Roger put that sentry here so the book wouldn't get

- Yuri takes the book, but it's as if he's been hit by something.

Karin:   Are you all right?!
Yuri:    *yells*

- Yuri is inside the Graveyard ...
Yuri:  What the hell happened...? I'm here!

- The book is lying on the ground at the center of the graveyard, and Yuri
stumbles and falls as he reaches out to it. He has a flashback of Alice. Then,
finally holds the book.
Yuri: The bring back the dead...

- Back in the altar room in Neam, Karin is trying to wake him up.
Karin:   Yuri! Yuri! Yuri!
Yuri:    Huh...?
Karin:   What happened?! You collapsed all of a sudden!
Joachim: Are you all right?
Yuri:    Sorry, guess I need to eat something.
Gepetto: Is that the Emigre Manuscript?

- Yuri nods his head.

- He seems recovered now.
Yuri:    Well, we've got the book. Now where is this St. Marguerite Island, or
         whatever it's called?
Joachim: Yuri! You mean you don't know?!
Yuri:    No, I don't. How do hell should I know? Do you know?
Joachim: No.
Gepetto: It's in southern France! It's an island just off a town named Cannes.
         So we should go to Cannes first, and then look for a way to the
Yuri:    Sounds good.

- Everyone leave the room led by Blanca. Joachim is last and clenches his fist.
Joachim: ...All right!

14. CANNES .............................................................. *W14

- Talk to the people where you arrive at the west end of town.

Gepetto: It's
Clement, the Tour Guide: This is a resort town for the nobility. Before the
         war, high-level government officials came here from all over too.
Little Mary: This is Cannes. That island you can see off the shore is St.
         Marguerite Island. They send bad people there.
Talkative Silva: You wanna know about St. Marguerite? It's an island that's
         been used as a prison since the Middle Ages. They say that nobody
         that's been imprisoned there has ever gotten out alive. Pretty scary,

_ Down the steps are more people.

Aspiring Director Ijichi: Hey, I don't suppose you've got any movies, have you?
Yuri:    Only an amateur, homemade one.
Ijichi:  Even amateurs can make movies over here?! That's cool! Can I take a
         look at it? I'll give you something in return.
Yuri:    1. Okay, if you're giving me something.
         2. Sorry, no can do!
Ijichi:  2. Oh, okay, then... Why did I bother coming here?! I haven't seen a
         single movie yet!

- Talk to him again for the same options.

Ijichi:  1. Ooow, I really wanna see a movie... Aren't there any movies around
Yuri:    ...Okay, okay! Here, have it!
Ijichi: Great! Thanks! Here, this is for you, then!

- Got Daruma doll. (Give him the Underground Film.)

Ijichi:  My mom gave it to me before I left home, but it just gets in the way.
         You have it. Take care of it, okay?!

- Talk to him again.

Ijichi:  You gave me a great memento! It won't be long before I make my first
         movie now. Come see it, okay!

Clair, A Local: Are you travelers? How can you sightsee at such a time?!
Tired Suzette: You want to go to St. Marguerite? About the only villager that
          can go over there is Nelson, the stevedore. He takes food over there
          once a week.
Filio, the Witness: There hadn't been any prisoners going on or off that island
          for years. But I saw 'em bring a new one over there! And it was a
          feeble old man too! Poor guy. I hope they haven't tortured him to
          death by now...

- At the lower part of the town, down all the steps.

Loud Croft: I wanna ask you something! Do you... like treasure hunts?!
Yuri:    Huh?
Croft:   Well?! Do you or don't you?! I'll ask you one more time! Do you like
         treasure hunts?!
Yuri:    Y-yeah! I-I love them!
Croft:   Good answer! So, you like hunting for treasure! Well, I love hiding
         it! So if you guys all like looking for it, let's have a little
         competition, okay?!

- You got Treasure: Dawn.

Yuri:    What's this scrap of paper...?
Croft:   It's an encoded note that shows where I hid the treasure! If you can
         figure out the code, you'll find great treasure, and you'll win! But
         if you can't find the treasure, and the code is too hard for you, the
         I win! Get it?
Yuri:    Yeah, I get it! I'll give it a try...

Wannable Movie Critic Fabio: Ooooh... What's that film you've got there?
Yuri:    This? It's someone's homemade movie. I got it from this guy who's just
         crazy about straw!
Fabio:   A homemade movie...? Well, I guess some amateur movies must be okay.
         All right, then! Will you let me review it?
Yuri:    1. Just say you wanna watch it! Here!
         2.It's for my eyes only!
Fabio:   2. Hmph...whatever! I bet it was just a crappy movie anyway.

- Talk to him again.

Wannable Movie Critic Fabio: Oh, look who's back! So, you do want me to review
         it after all, huh?
Yuri:    Yeah, go ahead!
Fabio:   Yeah, well... It'll pass the time I guess. You can have this.

- You got Limestone Block.

Fabio:   I thought I'd give something besides movie a go, but it's not my

- Talk to him again.

Fabio:   Aaah, when's a new movie gonna come out?

- Past the Magimel Brothers Shop.

Nostalgic Auburn: The sea's beautiful, isn't it? When I was young, I used to go
         out fishing. Had some great catches in those days!

Adeline, the Tired Mother: I've always wanted this Coral Lariat... It would
         make me feel so special!
Baudouin, Staying Up Late: Wanna hear a secret? A couple of nights ago, I got
         up at night to pee, and I saw a big airship in the sky!

- Outside the second building is another lottery member.

Cannes-born Marivele: Welcome to Cannes! It's a beautiful city, huh? Tons of
         trade goes on in the port here. The seafood's great too!
Lottery Member 13: Not to mention the lottery! I love it! Let's play!
Yuri:    1. I'm game!
         2. Not right now.
Lottery Member 13: Okay, then! Let the Cannes lottery roll!

- Yuri wins.

Lottery Member 13: Wow! You're riding with Lady Luck today!

- You got the prize ...
Lottery Member 13: Thanks. If you're in Cannes again, come by and have another

- Talked to Gerard.

Gerard:  Haven't a pleasant journey, people? You can't know how happy I am to
         see you! Why, you ask? Well, if you must know, I frittered away
         everything I had at the casinos in Monaco. Now, won't you buy

Pierre:  Long time, no see, people! You can't know how happy I am to see you!
         What are we doing here, you ask? Why, we're flat broke! Not a penny to
         our names! ...Say, I've got some time on my hands. Shall I sew you

- Inside the bar.

Meena, the New Waitress: There aren't many customers... Is this bar gonna go
         under? And here I finally found a job too!
Romeo the Bartender: Lately, I've been mixing all kinds of things together,
         trying to come up with my own, unique cocktail.
Anatol, Giving People the Eye: Oh, you charming young man! Buy me a drink?
Yuri:    Fine. I guess I'll buy you a drink.
Anatol:  Why, thank you! Let me give you this as a small token of my
         appreciation. It'll always remind you of me.

-  You got Mr. Samurai stud card. Talk to him again.

Anatol:  You're just as fit as those men on the cards! Ever thought of becoming
         a model? That necklace would cover enough up!

- Talk to Nelson the Stevedore.
Nelson the Stevedore: What's with you guys? Never seen you around before. I
don't like strangers, so leave me alone.
Yuri:    Don't get all crabby on us, now. Yeah, we may be strangers, but we've
         got a very special favor to ask.
Nelson:  A favor? What is it? I ain't doing nothing for free, ya know.
Yuri:    We want you to take us to St. Marguerite Island.
Nelson:  Ha ha ha! Wasn't expecting that! Are ya crazy? What business ya got
         with that ol' hellish prison?
Yuri:    You've heard of Sapientes Gladio, haven't you?
Nelson:  What?! Are you fellows with the secret society? I ain't said a word! I
         done just like I was told, and never told nobody about hauling that
         "load" over there!
Gepetto: By "load," do you mean an old man? You helped the society imprison an
         innocent old man? So you're their pawn, eh?
Nelson:  No way! I hauled an old man over there, but I ain't no pawn! Look, I'm
         sorry, all right? What're ya gonna do with me? Don't tell me you're
         gonna kill me!
Yuri:    Nah, don't worry. We're not like those secret society scum, you know.
         Just tell us how we can get over to the island. That way, you can keep
         from getting involved, right?
Nelson : Okay, sure. My boar is tied up outside. Ya can use that to go over
         with. And this here key opens the door to the waterway. I'll let ya
         borrow it.

-  You got Waterway Key.

Yuri:    Thanks. We appreciate it.
Nelson:  Ya won't tell anybody, will ya...?
Yuri:    Nah. Don't worry about a thing. Just drink up and go to bed.

- Talk to him again.
Nelson the Stevedore: Now whadiya want? I already loaned you my boat and my
         key! Now just leave me alone!

- Check the boat.

Text:    It's Nelson's boat.
Yuri:    1. Not quite ready to go yet.
         2. Take the boat to the island.

15. ST. MARGUERITE ..................................................... *W15

- Take the boat to St. Marguerite Island, and walk towards the door.

Yuri:    This is one weird place...

- A wolf steals something from Yuri and disappears through a hole in the wall.

Karin:   A-are you okay?
Yuri:    Yeah! Nothing to worry a... Aaaaaaggh!
Gepetto: What?! What the hell's wrong with you, screaming like that?
Yuri:    The key! He took the key!
Karin:   The key?! You here?
Yuri:    Yeah.
Lucia:   All you can say is "yeah"?! That's it?! Now we can't get in, you
Yuri:    S-sorry! It was just so sudden...

- Gepetto and Blanca inspect the hole in the wall.

Gepetto: The wolf went through here... But there's no way we'll get through
         that small space.
Yuri:    No chance. But Blanca could do it... I'm sure Blanca could get
         through... Yeah, Blanca could.
Blanca:  Awroo!

- Blanca goes through the gap into the forest.  Talk to the shopkeeper.

Zac, the Peddler Wolf: Awroo! Awroo, awroo! (I'm a businessman. If you've got
         money, I don't care where you're from.) Awroo? (So, do you wanna buy

- After buying something ...
Zac:     Awroo! aw-awroo, awroo! (I'm always here. Come by any time if you need

- Finds the thief.

Friendly Wolf: Awroo? Awroo, awroo! (Who are you? Weren't you with those
         slowpokes back there?)
Blanca:  Awroo! A-awroo? (Yeah. Gimme the key back!)
Friendly Wolf: Grrrr... Awroo, awroo! (No can do! If you were dumb enough to
         have it stolen, that's too bad!)
Blanca:  Grrrrrr... Awroooo! (Then I'll just have to take it back!)

- Battle!..

Friendly Wolf: *whimper* Awroo! Grrrr! (Dammit! I won't forget this! I'll tell
         the pack about you!)

-  You got back the Waterway Key.

Blanca:  Awroo! (Okay, now to get back...)

Karin:   You got it back?! Great job, Blanca!
Lucia:   You can always count on Blanca!
Yuri:    Okay! Back to work, then! Let's go!

- Approach the hole again.

Gepetto: Only Blanca can get through here.

- Inside the prison, in the first cell block, talk to 4 prisoners.

Panty Thief Thompson: I committed an unforgiveable crime, so I shut myself away
         in this prison. I have to be punished.
Lottery Member 12: There's only one way to absolve my sins, by working as a
         lottery member for the good of the world. Help me repent!
Yuri:    1. I'll help you.
         2. Sorry, can't help you!
LM 12:   Thank you! Thank you! May luck smile on you for this!

- Win a prize.

LM 12:   Congratulations! And thank you for helping me pay for my crimes.
         I'll be here, repaying my debt to society. Come by again sometime.

- In the next cell.

Yuri:    Looks like he's asleep.

- In two cells on the next row.

Boring Bosionov: What's that? It's dinner time?
Markov, Fussy About Courtesy: Speaking to someone without good reason is the
        height of rudeness!

- Inspect the locked door.

Yuri:    What's this? Looks like some kind of dial lock.

- Talk to the people in the cells again.

Boring Bosionov: The dial lock combination, huh...? It's no use to me, but I
        suppose I could give you a few pointers... The numbers go in
        descending order. And they're all 4 or higher. I got that from a
        reliable source, you know!
Markov, Fussy About Courtesy: Huh? The dial lock combination? All I know is
        that there's an 8 in there somewhere.
Benjimain, Not Sleeping Enough: You guys wanna open this door? I dunno the
        code, but someone told me all the numbers were even.

- Open the door.

Yuri:    Oh, yeah! Bingo!

- Down the stairs and inside a new room where Blanca senses something wrong.

Lucia:   Oh, this smell?!
Gepetto: What is it, all of a sudden?
Lucia:   This perfume... I'm going to faint...

- Lucia falls down.

Karin:   I'm getting weaker...

- Karin collapses and Joachim does too.

Gepetto: Uh-oh, it's got me too!

- Gepetto falls down, Yuri is wondering what's going on.

Yuri:    C'mon, what's wrong with all of you?!

- Yuri sees that Blanca is on alert, but it's too late.

Yuri:    Huh?

- He collapses too. Lucia struggles to talk.

Lucia:   This perfume was made from foxglove. It paralyzes you if you inhale
Yuri:    Too late.

- Veronica appears.

Veronica:How do you like my special blend of perfume? None of you can move a
Gepetto: Oh, no. It's her again.
Veronica:*laughs derisively* It works on the central nervous system. You must
         be having trouble breathing!
Joachim: Damn you!
Lenny:   Heh. That was easier than I thought it would be.
Yuri:    What will you do?

- Veronica is still laughing at them, and Blanca growls and dashes away.

Veronica: Huh?!

- Nicolai appears.

Nicolai: Go after it and kill it!
Lenny:   What, that stupid dog?
Veronica:It's smarter than you.
Lenny:   C'mon!

- Nicolai takes the Emigre Manuscript from Yuri.

Nicolai: I'll take this. Thanks for the help.
Lenny:   Okay, I'll finish them off!
Veronica:Wait a minute. Nicolai said I could have him.
Lenny:   Oh, not that weird stuff again?!
Veronica:What about it, Nicolai?
Nicolai: Do whatever you want.

- They come around locked up in separate prison cells.

Karin:   Is everyone okay?
Gepetto: Yeah, but the back's acting up a bit again.
Joachim: My head feels like it's made of wood...
Lucia:   Hee hee. They sure caught us!
Yuri:    Yup, they sure did!
Karin:   Well, what are we going to do now?
Yuri:    What can we do? Bite through these bars?

- Yuri kicks at the bars.

Joachim: But if we do nothing, we'll die here!
Gepetto: Don't worry. Blanca will save us.
Yuri:    What, that stupid wolf?
Karin:   He's smarter than you.

- Everyone laughs.

Yuri:    Bite me, you jerks! What are you laughing at?

- Veronica arrives.

Veronica: So you're finally awake?

- She stares at Lucia.

Veronica:You made friends with the wrong people. Now you'll have to pay with
         your life. Eh, Lucia?
Lucia:   Don't try to scare me! You're the one who's going to regret this,
Veronica:Just because we were students together, don't think I'll show you any
Karin:   Hey, whip-lady!

- Veronica walks close to Karin's cell but she hits Yuri instead.

Yuri:    Yeowch! Why'd you hit me...?!

- Veronica walks closer to Karin.

Veronica:What? I didn't hear you.
Karin:   .........

- They hear a beast howling.

Veronica:Don't even think of escaping. One of the guards posted outside is my
         cute little Oscar.
Gepetto: Hey, young lady, what about us? What are you going to do with us?
Veronica:Hmm, I wonder... What should I do?

- Yuri pants, and Veronica looks at him.

Veronica:Killing you would be easy, but I'd rather play with you instead.
Joachim: What do you mean by "play"?
Veronica:Okay, which one of you will volunteer to be my special play friend?
         If you do, I promise that I don't hurt any of your other friends.

- She cracks her whip.

Yuri:    No! Not that!

- The scene ends Veronica continues with her "game".

Veronica:So who's it going to be? I'll make it hurt real good for you.

- These answers appear on the screen:

Ulp. She's looking this way...!      - Yuri
Fine. Let me at her!                 - Karin
I just might like the kinky stuff... - Gepetto
Sometimes, a man's got to stand!     - Joachim (obviously!)
......... (I won't look at her...)   - Lucia


You can choose who is tortured by Veronica. Get all the answers right (NO
SHOCKS OPTION!) to receive a prize.

Karin is hanging with her arms and legs outstretched and wrists and ankles

Karin:   Nnnnn.
Veronica:Well, how do you feel, now that you're awake?
Karin:   That strange scent went to my head... I can't even think clearly...
         Aaaghh! Where am I?!
Veronica:Tee hee hee! You're all my slaves! Now we can spend some quality time
Karin:   What?!
Veronica:Ohh! Settle down! Don't you know that your queen doesn't like pathetic
         slaves that struggle?!

- She hits Karin with her whip.
Karin:   Aargh!
Veronica:See! If you don't listen, you'll just have to be punished!

- She goes to the electric torture machine and presses a button, giving Karin
an electric shock.

Karin:   Aaaaargh!
Veronica:That was just a taste. Did you like it?
Karin:   H-hardly even felt it! W-was that a shock?! D-didn't feel a thing!

- Veronica gives her another shock.

Karin   :Aaaaargh!
Veronica:How about that?
Karin:   No...problem...

Veronica:You seemed to enjoy that. I want you to show me how happy you are!
         Let's try it again, shall we?
Karin:   1. You think I'll give in to you?!   - no shock
         2. What are you trying to do?!       - shock again
         3. W-wait! Can't we talk about this? - shock again
Veronica:1. Well, well! Do you think that's the way slaves should talk to their
         queen? But never mind! That's just the kind of resistance I like!
Karin:   .........
Veronica:2. Don't say things you don't mean! See what happens? I'll just have
         to reward you with more amps!
Karin:   2. Aaaaaargh! Can't stay...
Veronica:3. Oh, did I hear you complain?! No, no! That won't do! You've got to
         take it with a smile!
Karin:   Aaaaargh! My whole body's...

Veronica:Now to increase the volts!
Karin:   C-come on!
Veronica:What's the matter? Don't look so miserable! Oh, I know! If you promise
         to be one of my little pets, I'll let you off easy. Well?
Karin:   1. Me serve you, you old witch?!      - no shock
         2. You're the only pet here, you dog! - shock
         3. Okay, okay! Just stop!             - shock
Veronica:1. Hwa ha ha ha! You can't rile me! Judging by your faces, I'd say you
         can't take much more...
Karin:   What are we supposed to do...?.
Karin:   2. Aaaaaaaaarrrgh!
Veronica:More impudence?! Well, well. You really must be enjoying this!
Karin:   3. Aaaaaaaaarrrgh!
Veronica:3. Ah, so obedient! I hate that! I don't want some sissy little pet!
         Just grit your teeth and stand it!
Karin:   I'm burning...
Veronica:More volts! More!
Karin:   C-come on! Stop this!

Veronica:Tee hee hee... Very well, I'll give you one last chance! Just swear
         your loyalty to your new queen!
Karin:   1. Quit yapping, you old dog! - no shock
         2. Who do you think I am?!    - shock
         3. Please, let us go...       - shock
Veronica:1. W-what did you say?! You think I'm going to take that kind of lip
         from you?! We'll see! See what you say after this!

- She hits Karin with the whip.

Veronica:1. There! Ha! Ha! Haaa!
Karin:   1. Aaargh! Aaaaargh!
Veronica:1. *pant, pant* Y-you really have some guts! Brave words, considering
         your position. Hmph, you're just the type Nicolai would have gone for.
         It would've been blind infatuation, of course. Tee hee hee! But we're
         having a pretty good time, aren't we? I won't let you sleep tonight!
         Hwa ha ha ha ha!
Karin:   1. Blanca! H-help!
Karin:   2. Aaaaaaaaarrrgh!
Veronica:2. It's okay! People always complain at first. It takes some time to
         bring them around...a lot of time!
Karin:   Uuurgh... *slump*
Veronica:What are you doing?! You passed out on me?! Hmph! A terrible
         disappointment as a pet. I thought we could have lots more fun. Okay,
         who's next? Hwa ha ha ha ha!
Veronica:3. Tee hee. Tamed at last! Good little cutesy-wutesy! Now I'll let you
         off......or maybe not!
- Veronica turns on the machine.
Karin:   3. Aaaaaaaaarrrgh!
Karin:   3. Uuurgh... *slump*
Veronica:3. What?! You passed out?! No! Hmph! A terrible disappointment as a
         pet. I thought we could have lots more fun. Okay, who's next? Hwa ha
         ha ha ha!

Joachim: Uuuuurgh...
Veronica::Well, how do you feel, now that you're awake?
Joachim: That scent knocked me for a loot... *gasp* What's happening?! I'm
Veronica:Tee hee hee! You're all my slaves! Now we can spend some quality time
Joachim: Is this supposed to be fun?!
Veronica:Ohh! Settle down! Don't you know that your queen doesn't like pathetic
         slaves that struggle?!
Joachim: S-slaves?

- She hits him with her whip.

- Veronica gives him another shock.

Joachim :Gaaaargh!
Veronica:How about that?
Joachim: I'm s-still b-buzzing...
Veronica:You seemed to enjoy that. I want you to show me how happy you are!
         Let's try it again, shall we?
Joachim: 1. Give up! You can't bend a good man! - no shock
         2. Stop! I'm not interested in women!  - shock
         3. Look, I apologize! It was my bad!   - shock
Veronica:2. Don't say things you don't mean! See what happens? I'll just have
         to reward you with more amps!
Joachim: Gaaargh! I'm fading...
Veronica: Now to increase the volts!
Joachim: Whaaat?!
Veronica:What's the matter? Don't look so miserable! Oh, I know! If you promise
         to be one of my little pets, I'll let you off easy. Well?
Joachim: 1. It's no use! You won't break me!    - no shock
         2. I'm really not interested in women! - shock
         3. Okay, I'll be your pet.             - shock

- Same as with Karin.

Joachim: Huuh?! Enough's enough, okay?!
Joachim: 1. Huh?! Are those wrinkles?!     - no shock
         2. let's be clear! I'm gay, okay! - shock
         3. I swear it! I swear my loyalty.- shock

- Same as with Karin.

I'll just go through the different responses now, as Veronica says the same
thing for each person.

Yuri:   Urrgh ...
      : My head's still spinning from that weird-smelling perfume ...

*looks around with a start* Huh?! What the hell? I can't move!
      : Quality time?! What are you ...?!
      : Queen?!
      : Ouch!
      : Aaaghhh!
      : What the hell are you doing, electrocuting us?! You freak!
      : Aaaghhh!
      : ... Not ... bad ...

Choices: 1. Quit it, you sick bitch!
         2. I just love those juicy red lips!
         3. Enough already ...

- After Veronica's reaction:

         1. T-thank god!
         2. Aaaghhh! Urrrgh ... I'm ... losing ... it ...
         3. Aaaghhh! Ooh! No! It's starting to feel good!

Yuri:    Huh?! You can't be serious?!

Choices  1. Get lost!
         2. I just love those big melons!
         3. Okay, I'll be your pet.

- After Veronica's reaction:

         1. W-what do you want from us?  A-a-a-a-a-aaaaah!
         2. Ur-urgh ...
         3. A-a-a-a-a-aaaaah. Ur-urgh ... I-I never felt that way before ...

Yuri:    Huh?! Give it up already!

Choices: 1. Get real
         2. I just looove that cute tushie!
         3. I'm all yours.
         1. Guuaargh!
Veronica:1. Hmph, even in this helpless situation, you put quite a fight. I
            think I'm going to like having you as my pet.
Yuri:    1. H-help! Blanca!
         2. A-a-a-a-a-aaaaah! Aaargh ... *slump*
         3: A-a-a-a-a-aaaaah! Aaargh ... *slump*

Veronica: Tee hee. What an enthusiastic old gentleman! I hope I don't yurn out
to be too much that old body of yours!
Gepetto: Aaaghhh ...!
         Jeez, that perfume put me to sleep ... My head feels like jelly.
         Huh?! What's going on?!
         Quality time?!
         You've got to be kidding me, lady...
         That was quite a belt!
         Hey, take it easy ...

Choices: 1. Don't do me any favors, lady!
         2: Are you single?
         3: C-come on! Take it easy!

- After Veronica's reaction:

         1. All right!
         2. Urrrrrgh! Grrrr ... Gonna ... black out ...
         3. Urrrrrgh! Grrrr ... Getting ... pretty ... hard ... to ...

Veronica:Now, to increase the volts.
Gepetto: Huh?!

Choices: 1. Your pet?! Get real!
         2. So, whaddya say? Am I your type?
         3. Okay, I'll be your pet.

Veronica:1.Hwa ha ha ha! You can't tile me! Judging my your faces, I'd say you
         can't take much more...
Gepetto: All right!
Veronica:More volts! More!
Gepetto: Y-you're kiddin'?!

Choices: 1. If you were only a little younger!
         2. Think you could love a guy like me?
         3. I swear it!

- After Veronica's reaction:
Gepetto: Grr
Veronica:Hmph, you're pretty tough for an old guy. But it won't be long before
         you turn into a shriveled-up wreck.
Gepetto: H-help us, Blanca!

Lucia:  Haaaah ...
        My head's swimming ... Oh, no! Don't tell me I used some cheap perfume
        again?! *looks around* Aaaghhh! Help! I can't move!
        Spend time with you?!
        We're your slaves-?!
        Ooooow! Stop it, you little witch!
        Urrgh, urrrrgh ...

Choices: 1. I'm not playing your games!
         2: You've always been a little off ...
         3: Stop this! It's unbearable!

- After Veronica's reaction
         1. .........
         2. Aaaaghhh.  Aaaaaah! Going under ...
         3. Aaaaghhh!  Urrrrgh! I'm tingling all over ...

Lucia:   You're crazy!

Choices: 1. Stop your pathetic games!
         2. You really are a sad, sad woman!
         3. Whatever. I don't care!

- After Veronica's reaction.
         1. What now?
         2. Aaaaaaaaaah!  Aaaah ...
         3. Aaaaaaaaaah!  My head started to ring ...

Lucia:   P-please, stop it!

Choices: 1. You're starting to show your age!
         2. You freak! Be serious!
         3. .........

- After Veronica's reaction.
         1. Huurr-rrrrgh!
Veronica:Hmph, and to think I was going to take pity on you! You pathetic
         little girl!
Lucia:   Blancaaaa! Heeeelp!
         2. Aaaaaaaaaah!  Aaaah ... *slump*
         3. Aaaaaaaaaah!  Aaaah ... *slump*


- Inside Nicolai's room. Lenny enters.

Lenny:   That S&M broad is nuts, I tell ya! She's really into some weird stuff.
Nicolai: Did you find the dog?
Lenny:   Hmph! I'm looking for it now! That thing's slippery as hell. I wonder
         where it's hiding...?
Nicolai: This book is definitely cursed... Why (in the world) would anyone want
         such a thing...?

- Nicolai starts to leave.

Lenny:   Hey, where are you going?
Nicolai: It's time for me to see the Master. Now that I have this, my work is
Lenny:   I'll go with you.
Nicolai: No. You stay here. After she's had her way with them, I want you to
         finish them off.
Lenny:   Not again! Why do I always have to do clean up?!
Nicolai: She'll be tired of them in a few days. Just be patient until then.
Lenny:   Hmph! Okay, but you owe me one, you know.

- Nicolai leaves and Lenny is on his own.

Lenny:   Oh, yeah. I gotta find that dog.

- Back with Blanca at the entrance.

Blanca:  Awroo...roooo... (Everyone else besides me is trapped... I've gotta
         get them out.)

- Onside the cave Blanca is stopped by some wolves.

Philippe:Awroo! Aw-awroo! (Hold it! I heard what you did to our young pups!)
Blanca:  Grrr... (I don't have time to waste on you guys. Let me through.)
Philippe:Awroo, awroo. (No way. This island has a couple of little rules, you
         know.) Awroo! (If you want to get through, you'll have to fight your
         way through!)
Blanca:  1. I'm in a hurry. Guess I'll fight.
         2. This is no time to be fighting!)
Philippe:I've got a reputation to uphold. I can't be beaten by some mangy
Blanca:  So you're top dog on this tiny little island, huh? Big deal. It's a
         big world out there!

- Battle!

Blanca:  I didn't have time to be fooling around. Sorry, but I had to do that
         to you.
Philippe:I guess it is a big world...
Friendly Wolf: Awroo, awroo! (Bastard! Look what you did to our Alpha!)
Philippe:Awroo! (Enough! All of you!) Awroo, awroo! (The strongest is our
         Alpha. That's the law of the island. Here, take this.)

- You learned Full Moon (and get another paw print).

Philippe:Awroo, awroo? (Looked like you were in a hurry. Where were you
         rushing off to?)
Blanca:  Awroo, awroo... (They captured my friends.)
Philippe:Awroo. Grrr... (Oh, yeah? I though I heard those no-good humans
         getting up to something.) Awroo, awroo. (Take a right on this path.
         It'll take you to a hole that'll get you inside.)
Blanca:  Awroo! (Okay, thanks.)
Philippe:Awroo, awroo! (Hold on a second.)
         Awroo, grrr... (There was this wolf...looked just like you. He rescued
         me when I was a pup.) Awroo, awroo? (When I first saw you, I thought
         you were him. Maybe you're his grandkid?)
Blanca:  Awroo, awroo. (I don't know. Never knew my family...)
Philippe:Awroo, awroo. (Oh. Sorry 'bout that...)
Blanca:  ...Awroo? (What was this guy's name?)
Philippe:Awroo... Awroo. (I think it was...Lobo. Yeah. He said he was "Lobo,
         King of the Wolves.")
Blanca:  Awroo... (Lobo, King of the Wolves, huh...?)

- Talk to the four wolves.

Philippe:Aw-awroo! {You're the Alpha of this island! COme on back here any time
         you want!)
Sarcastic Snow: Awroo... Awroo... (There are plenty of other loners on the
         island besides us.)
         Aw-awroo. Awroo! (If you show any weakness, they'll attack. Don't let
         your guard down.)
Friendly Wolf: A-awroo. awroo... (Humans have been throwing garbage in the
         forest recently...)
         Awroo! Aw-aw-awroo! (Nails and wire and other dangerous things. Can't
         you do something?!)
Shy Cornet: *whimper* Awroo! (I don't like it! Some new mutt comes along and
         takes the top spot!)

- Inside the prison ...

Blanca:  Awroo... (Managed to get in...)
         Aw-awroo, awroo. (Better not make too much noise. Don't wanna be

- Blanca spots some guards.

Blanca:  Awroo... (Hmm...there are guards...)

- Caught by guards.

Guard:   Stop right there! What are you doing?

- Turns first corner.

Blanca:  Awrooooo? (Hug? Voices?)
Guard:   What a waste of time! Nobody ever comes around here. What's the point
         of having us on patrol?
Guard:   They're slave-drivers! That's what they are! Just the other day...
Blanca:  Awroo... A-awroo! (They're engrossed... Now's my chance!)

- Turns the next corner.

Blanca:  Awroo, grrrrr... (More guards? There's a scent coming from the other
         side of the iron gate.)

- Goes through the wooden door.

Blanca: Awroo, awroooo? (A guard, and only one path. How am I gonna get past?)

- Past that guard and there's another one.

Blanca:  Awroo! Aw-aw-awroo! (Damn, another one! Better go in tis room for a

Blanca:  Awroo...? Awroo! (So this is the big cheese's office? I might be able
         to get ahold of a key.)

- Blanca find the keys.

Blanca:  Awrooooo! (Yes! I knew it! Nothing escapes this nose!)

- Attempts to go up and down the stairs.

Blanca:  *sniff* Grrrr... (I can smell someone... It's too dangerous to go any
         Grrrrr... (there's a scent lingering here... Better not get too

- Blanca goes through a wooden door past the stairs and runs into a guard.

Blanca:  *whimper* Awrooo... (That guard looks pretty alert! Better go extra

- Blanca goes down some steps to a new area.

Blanca:  Grrrrrrr... (They've stepped up the guard. This is getting tricky.)

- Inside the next area.

Blanca:  Gr, grrrrrr... (Two guards behind the gate... Gotta try and pure them
         out somehow...)

- Blanca reaches the room with Oscar.

Blanca:  Grrrrr... Awroo! Aw-awroo! (That woman's familias, huh?! Well, no
         one's gonna get in my way!)

- Battle!

- Down the stairs and into the prison where the party are still locked up.

Yuri:    C'mon and get us out here.
Karin:   Blanca!! Thank goodness you're all right!
Gepetto: Oh, Blanca! We knew you'd make it! You're a wolf among wolves!
Joachim: You really did it! You really came to save us!
Lucia:   Oh, boy! Now we'll all be saved! Good Blanca!

- Blanca opens all the cells and then sits down in front of the group.

Blanca: Awroo!

- A security bell rings.

Yuri:    Uh-oh! They're onto us! Let's go!

- Find the Ring Soul.

Ring Soul: I am the Ring Soul... The will of the Judgment Ring, the
         administrator of all fate...
Yuri:    Hey, Ring Spirit!  Hi!
R. Soul: I can see it...I can see your future... This I entrust to you...

-  You got Attack Boost.

Yuri:    Oh!  Taking it seriously today!  Saying the full lines and everything!
R. Soul: (!)  I always take it seriously! The Ring Soul doesn't have much
         impact as a character, so I have to play it all majestic!  It's a
         tough role!
         I've got a 30-year mortgage, the wife and kids to feed! I can't
         afford not to take my job seriously, okay?!
         I'm trying my hardest to leave some kind of impression on the people
         I meet!
         Why are you being such a pain?!  Just taking me for a fool!  Ring
         Spirit this, Ring Spirit that!
         I'm the Ring Soul!  Okay!  Okay!  Let me spell it out!  R-i-n-g
Yuri:    (teardrop)
R. Soul: You're such a...a...a--- Arrgggh!

- Ring Soul disappears.
Yuri:    H-he's lost it!

- After climbing up some stairs a prisoner talks to the party.

Dexterous Locke: Hold on a minute, you! You wouldn't happen to be looking for
         the old guy who was brought in here before?
Yuri:    Maybe, why?
Locke:   He was put in a specially-built cell. I don't think there's any easy
         way to get it open...
Yuri:    Really? You couldn't pick the lock or something?
Locke:   Probably not. Here, let's talk... I'm actually a locksmith. I made all
         the locks used in the cells. But once I finished, they said they
         didn't need me any more, and shut me in! They've got some nerve! I
         tell you, I'm just waiting to get my revenge... You want me to make
         you a key?
Yuri:    1. Yes, please!
         2. No, that's okay.
Locke:   Okay, then! First I need you to bring me the things to make the key.
         I'll need something long and thin for the shaft. A pen or a pencil
         will do. It just needs to be strong. Next, I'll need some soft metal
         to make the end. Some wire would be perfect. Maybe there's some lying
         around... And last, I'll need something to bond the two. I'm sure
         you'll find that if you go to one of the warehouses. If you bring
         those three things, I can make you a key.

- Joachim finds a new weapon.

Gepetto: It' earthen pipe!
Yuri:    A pipe?
Joachim: Hmm. Nice pipe...
Yuri:    Huh?
Gepetto: I wonder what a pipe is doing inside a stone building like this? Who
         could've put it here?
Joachim: I sense something...This pipe is filled with the gratitude of stray
         cats that took shelter from the elements inside.
Yuri:    It's not filled with a damn thing! Look at it! See?! Completely empty!
         Hollow pipe! Get it? Hollow!
Joachim: I'll use it as a straw, then.

- He picks up the pipe. You got "Earthen Pipe"

Joachim: Look at these gorgeous curves! It's a wor of art! ... All right,
         everybody,. Let's get going!
Yuri:    That guy's got a room-temp IQ...
Gepetto: Yup. Not even a lukewarm one...

- After finding the adhesive and fountain pen, Blanca returns to the wolves.

Friendly Wolf: Awroo! Aw-awroo, awroo! (See, look at this! Someone just left
         this wire here!) *whimper* Awroo! (It nearly went straight into my
         paw! Huh? You want this junk?)

-  You got Bent Wire.

- Talk to Dexterous Locke after getting all 3 items.

Dexterous Locke: Ah-ha! You've got all the parts?! Okay, let's take a look
         then. Mmm... This pen should make a fine key shaft. And this wire will
         work perfectly! It just needs a little skillful twisting... Then the
         adhesives, and... All done! This should help get that old guy out!

-  You got Handmade Key ...

Locke:   Oh, yeah! Here, have this, if it'll be any use to you.

-  You got Nibelung Scene 2 extra Heuervelk power!. Talk to him again.

Dexterous Locke: I'm gonna stay here a little longer. It's quite cozy when you
         get used to it!

- Inside the special prison cell, Lenny and Veronica appear.

Lenny:   Now you're trapped!
Yuri:    So where's your leader, Nicolai?
Veronica:He's not here anymore.
Yuri:    So where is he?
Veronica:I'm not telling you.
Yuri:    You don't know.
Veronica:Yes, I do.
Yuri:    So where?
Yuri:    I knew it. You don't know.
Veronica:I just told you I do know!!
Yuri:    Yeah, right.
Veronica:That's right. I don't know. What kind of an idiot would fall for your
         stupid little trick?!

- Lenny moans at the memory, Yuri laughs

Lenny:   I'll kill you for that!! I swear I'll kill you!!

- After defeating all the steel claws.

Lenny:   So I'm the last of the Steel Claws...

- Veronica wants to join the fight, but Lenny stops her.

Lenny:   You go join Nicolai and the Master. I'll take care of these guys
Veronica:......... Okay, I'll go ahead and wait for you there.

- Veronica left.

Yuri:    You go too. Just stay out of my way. All I want is the old man.
Lenny:   I can't do that. We're gonna finish it now!

- Lenny transforms into a monster and cracked a hole on the wall.

Lenny:   Now bring it on!!

- Battle! After beating Lenny.

Yuri:    Lenny!
Lenny:    ...You got me.

- Lenny fell out of the hole ...

Yuri:    Lenny!

- They pull Roger away from the chair where he was tied.

Yuri:    Hey, Roger! Wake up!
Roger:   *groans*

- Joachim revoes Roger's mask.

Joachim: Huh! He looks the same underneath!!
Roger:   Keep your comments to yourself! Besides, you're late getting here!
Lucia:   Hey, who's this weird-looking gentleman?
Roger:   What a rude young lady. My name is... (naming screen with Roger
         written in and "Odd Creature".
         Odd Creature...No, that's not it!
         It's Roger Bacon! Master philosopher, alchemist and eternal Love

- Yuri hits his head.

Roger:   Ouch!
Yuri:    Enough of that! We don't have time for your long-winded
Roger:   Eh? What?! What are you talking about?!

- Gepetto checks Roger for broken bones.

Gepetto: Doesn't look like his bones are broken.
Roger:   Hey, you old goat! Watch where you're touching!
Gepetto: I'm not doing it because I want to!

- Roger turns to Yuri.

Roger:   You didn't give it to him, did you Yuri? You didn't give Nicolai the
Yuri:    Er, well, you see, um.
Roger:   Huh?! You gave it to him?! I was tortured for days and didn't talk.
         Tortured until my soul cried out...

- Yuri hits his head again.

Roger:   Ouch!
Yuri:    Stop your complaining! We'll get it back already, okay.
Roger:   Oh, it's terrible! If we don't do something, there will be another
         terrible tradegy!
Karin:   Get ahold of yourself! First we have to get out of here. Then we can
         talk, okay?
Joachim: She's right! We should leave before they come back.
Roger:   Well, okay.

- Back on the world map, go to Cannes. Roger talks about Sapientes Gladio,
illustrated with sepia pictures.

Roger:   A number of secret societies were born at the turn of the 20th
         century. Many of them were derived from the Jesuits or the
         Rosicrucians. Among them, Sapientes Gladio was one of the most
         interesting. At first, they worshipped the Lord humbly and worked for
         equality. They valued each other's opinions and were an extremely
         idealistic group. They broke down barriers between races, and just
         when it looked like they would extend their influence, it happened...
         With the appearance of one man, the activities of Sapientes Gladio
         were perverted into something else. The man who became the new leader
         pushed his own elitist agenda, so that only those who could prove
         their superiority could join the group. They sent the message that, in
         the name of their secret society's ideals, they would do whatever was
Karin:   ...So they're terrorists!
Roger:   Exactly right. Sapientes Gladio, as they are now, is nothing more than
         a group of dangerous terrorists.
Gepetto: If we don't stop them, something terrible may happen...
Karin:   But why you, Roger? Why was Sapientes Gladio hunting for you, anyway?
Roger:   Good question. They wanted three things. My life, the Emigre
         Manuscript, and...
Karin:   Yes? And what?
Roger:   Hmm. I think it would be better if I showed you that.

- Talk to Nelson and Roger in the bar.

Nelson the Stevedore: You rescued that old man?! Oops. Didn't mean to shout.
         But who in the world are you guys, anyway?!
Roger:   We've got to get back to my house as fast as we can!

- Talk to Loud Croft outside the bar.

Yuri:    Hey, is this the treasure you hid?
Loud Croft: What?! You found it?! Oh, jeez, I don't believe it! I can't believe
         you beat me! Let's do it again!

-  You got Treasure: Love.

Croft:   The rules are the same as before. If you find the treasure, you win.
         If not, I win.
Yuri:    Okay, but I don't really care about having a competition with you...

- Return to Wales and Roger's house. Talk to Roger.

Roger:   Check out the edge of that wall. A secret door will open up.

- Walk down the side wall and trigger the hidden switch which opens up a new
access point near the central stairs. Step on the spot and use the elevator to
go down, where Roger reveals his secret: an airship.

Yuri:    What the hell...?!
Karin:   Is this what they were after?
Roger:   Yup. It might look like an ordinary airship, but this baby's got a lot
         of heart.
Lucia:   What does that mean?
Roger:   The engine! This puppy has miraculous power, and it's all because of
         the heavy water, nuclear fusion engine I put in!
Yuri:    What the hell is that?
Roger:   All you need is a bucket of water and she'll fly for 3000 kilometers!
         It can do vertical take off and landing too!
Yuri:    Hmph.
Roger:   Whadiya mean, "Hmph"?! What kind of reaction if "Hmph"?!
Karin:   I-it really is wonderful...
Joachim: Truly.
Roger:   The hell with you! You people have no understanding of the intricacies
         of science!

- They are all aboard as the airship begins to take off.

Joachim: By the way, Sir Roger, you do know where Nicolai is going, don't you?
Roger:   Of course I do!
Karin:   Where?
Roger:   To where the leader of Sapientes Gladio is! He's headed for...
         Petrograd, Russia!
Gepetto: Russia?!
Roger:   Correct. Okay, it's almost time for lifeoff! Hold on tight, everyone!
         Bacon Jet! Lift Off!!
Yuri:    Bacon Jet?!

- The Jet lift off roughly and everyone *yells* and *screams* ...

Lucia:   Is this thing safe?!
Roger:   Don't talk to me right now!

- The jet calms down and levels out.

Roger:   Okay, that's better. That was one of my smoothest takeoffs!
Yuri:   ...So who is this leader, anyway? What's he really after?
Roger:   His name is Grigori Rasputin, and his goal is to take over the Russian

16. PETROGRAD .......................................................... *W16

- The scene changes to a luxurious bedroom with a man besides the window and
Veronica sleeping on the bed, naked. She wakes up.

Veronica:Lord Rasputin, you're still here... I'm sorry... I guess I
Rasputin:Well, you had quite a workout. But no worry, it's not yet noon.

- There's a knock at the door.

Rasputin:Yes, what is it?
Messenger: I have a message from Her Majesty, Empress Alexandra.
Rasputin:Is it about tonight's ball?
Messenger: Yes. It begins at nightfall. Her Majesty requests that that you
         arrive in the hall before then.
Rasputin:Unfortunately, I will not be attending. I must be at church this
Messenger: But Her Majesty...
Rasputin:Tell her that I will see her tomorrow.
Messenger: Y-yes, my lord.

- Veronica is getting dressed.

Rasputin:My, my. Straight out of bed and already an invitation to the royal
Veronica:You know, since you healed the Prince, the Empress has come to rely
         on you. She wants to spend more time with you.
Rasputin:More work to gain the Emperor's trust...
Veronica:You won't have to toil much longer. Am I right?
Rasputin:Yes, it's time. Time to take the stage as the man who ended the
         300-year-old Romanov dynasty.
Veronica:The world will be changed forever.

- Veronica gave a curtsy and started leaving ...

Rasputin:Veronica. The godslayer will come here eventually. Be on your guard.
Veronica:Yes, sir.
Rasputin:One more thing... Keep a close watch on Nicolai. It seems he's having
         secret negotiations with the Japanese envoy.
Rasputin:Now go.

- Veronica leaves.

Rasputin:The fool can't forget his puny revenge.

- A man is standing outside a door inside the palace. He's overhearing the
conversation between Rasputin and the messenger.

Man's Voice: ...will not be attending. I must be at church this evening.
Ewan, the Page: But Her Majesty...
Man's Voice: Tell her that I will see her tomorrow.
Ewan, the Page: Y-yes, my lord.

- The man walks away and the man left, and a girl who was hiding nearby runs to
the door.

Girl Behaving Suspiciously: Hmm... I can't hear what's going on! And they were
         so loud last night! What's with all the whispering now?

- She crouches right up to the door, trying to overhear what is being said.
The door suddenly opens, and the girl runs off to hide again as Veronica comes
out and walks off in the other direction.

Girl:    Whew! That was close! ...But sheesh! She's walking around here like
         it's her own house! Looks like he won't be coming to the ball tonight.
         I bet he'll be up to no good, instead.

- She stops to think.

Girl:    Hey, I know! If I can get some kind of proof of what Rasputin's really
         like, I can show it to my father! Then he'll know the truth! Just you
         wait! I'm not letting you get your hands on Mother Russia! I guess I'd
         better go see what Ewan has to say first!

- She runs down the corridor and the door back to that room is now locked. Talk
to the people in the palace.

Imperial Guard Igori: They're having a very important diplomatic meeting right
         now. Even you aren't allowed in, Princess Anastasia.
Imperial Guard Tolya: They're getting the Great Hall ready for the ball
         tonight, Princess. This is no time for your snack-stealing!
Enthusiastic Misia: Oh! Princess Anastasia! How are you today, Your Highness?
Prince Yusupov: Another uprising last night! With the war going so badly, we
         can't let our relationship with the people worsen. Ever since Lord
         Rasputin got himself involved in our politics, Russia seems to be
         walking through a fog...
Imperial Guard Danilo: These are all very important guests of the state. Don't
         go causing any international trouble, now, Princess!
Imperial Guard Akim: The east hallway is clear! ...Oh, Princess! East hallway,
         stand ready for snack-stealing prevention!
Sorrowful Elena: Oh, Princess...! My Mikhail, my fiance, inhaled poison gas on
         the battlefield... The people in this palace don't even seem to know
         there's a war going on in the rest of the world...
Grand Duke Dmitri: I hear the reports coming in from the battlefields every
         day, but it's nothing but bad news every time... Lord Rasputin tells
         me he'll pass the information on to the Tsar, but I wonder if he ever
         gets the full reports?
Grumbling Sasha: Change the tablecloths! Change the candlesticks! How can they
         have these extravagant parties every night when there's a war going
Prosperous Gorby: Ah, Princess Anastasia! Greetings, Your Highness! How are you
         enjoying that bracelet you bought the other day? Even though it's
         wartime, my shop is well-stocked. Just let me know if there's ever
         anything you might need! But of course you understand, with times
         being what they are, costs have gone up ever so slightly... Ho ho ho!
Imperial Guard Styopa: Don't go sneaking out of the castle and causing a
         disturbance again, Princess! I'm the one who gets in trouble...
Imperial Guard Khariton: You can't go through here, Princess. The empress was
         very firm about that. Ewan? I think I saw him walking down the west
Cyril the Guard: All quiet in the west hallway! ...Oh, Princess! West hallway,
         man mischief-prevention stations immediately!
Imperial Guard Naum: I can't let you into the North staieway. I have strict
         orders to keep you from defacing the statues, you see.
Rosa the Maid: Terribly sorry, Your Highness. It'll take a little while longer
         to clean this room...
Empress Alexandra: Have you been dawdling again, Anastasia? Go back to your
         room and study! The Tsar has gone out to inspect the battlefields, so
         the least we can do it do our duties properly here at home! I want you
         to listen well to Lord Rasputin's instructions and start behaving like
         a proper young princess!
Prince Alexei: Sis! What do you want to play today? Want to play hide-and-seek?

- Inside the room where Ewan awaits.

Ewan, the Page: Ah, Princess Anastasia! Come to snitch a snack? What? You want
         to hear about Lord Rasputin? His Holiness won't be attending the royal
         ball this evening. He said he'd be going to the church in town...
Anastas: The church in town?! Hmm. There's something fishy about that...
Ewan:    Did you say something, Your Highness?
Anastas: No, no. Nothing. ...Guess I'd better go back to my room and come up
         with a plan!

- Back inside her room.

Anastas: Tonight's your chance, Anastasia! First of all, I'd better go into
         town and pick up that "little something" from Edgar! Should I take a
         nap until nightfall?
Anastas: 1. Yes. Better rest up for tonight.
         2. No way! Sleeping is a waste of time!

- It's nightfall and the two guards on the staircase are talking but they don't
see Anastasia hiding behind the pillar at the left.

Imperial Guard Khariton: I hear the princess is asleep.
Imperial Guard Styopa: We should return to our posts, then.

- The guards leave.

Anastas: Now's my chance! I have to get that "little something"...

- Anastasia runs to the stairs the the scene changes to a shop full of clocks.

Anastas: Is it ready yet, Edgar?
Edgar:   Almost, Your Highness. I just need to test it out now. What did you
         want something like this for, all of a sudden? Are you trying to stir
         up some kind of mischief?
Anastas: Of course not! I'm working for the benefit of Mother Russia, that's
Edgar:   You mustn't make the Tsar and the Tsarina worry about you, you know.
Anastas: It's fine. My mother is so busy with Alexei that she never even
         thinks about me.
Edgar:   Not that talk again! Your Highness, it's finished!
Anastas: Whoopee! Thanks, Edgar!
Edgar:   Promise me something. You must always use the Mystic Egg and the
         Camera for the cause of good.
Anastas: Of course! I promise!

- She picks up a large square camera.

Edgar:   And one more thing, your Highness. Stay away from Prince Yusupov. That
         mad monk has been keeping a close watch on him.
Anastas: .........

- Edgar grins and folds his arms and Anastasia ways to him as she goes to leave
and meets Kato on his way in. She curtsies politely.

Anastas: Excuse me.
Kato:    Excuse me, Madame.

- Anastasia exits the shop.

Edgar:   Welcome to my shop.
Kato:    My watch hasn't been working well.
Edgar:   Hmm, that's a rare one. Made in Japan, eh. Just a minute...

- Edgar works on the watch. Time passes.

Edgar:   Are you a Japanese gentleman, then?
Kato:    Yes, I'm on a diplomatic tour of Europe. This is my first time here.
         It's lovely.
Edgar:   Yes, spring is short but sweet here.

- Edgar hands the fixed watch to Kato.

Edgar:   Speaking of springs, yours was worn out. I've just replaced it.
Kato:    I'm grateful.
Edgar:   The war has turned brutal lately. Everyone is worried about the
Kato:    Do you think it will continue long?
Edgar:   Looks that way. At first we all thought it would be over by Christmas.

- The movie ends.

- Anastasia is outside Edgar's shop and her Special Menu is explained.

Anastas: Rasputin said he was going out this evening. I'd better patrol the
         city until then!

- Talk to the people.

Igor, Who Hates Winter: Brr, it's chilly today! And it was so warm there for a
         while too. It's like winter is back.
Kirill, In A Hurry: Can't talk! I finally got ahold of some food, and I'm
         bringing it home to my family. *sigh* The life of the poor...
Proud Azret: With the Neva River running between, there's the Hermitage to the
         south and Petropavlovsk Fortress to the North!
Old Boris: What's this? A little girl wandering around alone so late at night?
         Hurry on home, before there's another uprising!

- At the south in the square outside the palace.

Kornei, Swearing Revenge: The damn nobility had better enjoy themselves now
         while they still can. We're not forgetting Bloody Sunday!
Chagall, Who Stinks of Ink: I'm an artist, yes. But new tecnhiques are
         developed so quickly, I just can't keep up with them all.
Studious Sanya: Russia is at war with Germany right now, but it started out as
         a war between Austria and Serbia. I'm not exactly sure how it all
         happened, but I'm sure there were lots of grown-up reasons...
Sad Leonid: Everybody talks against the Tsar, but his politics didn't go bad
         until that damn Rasputin came to Russia! They say he cured Prince
         Alexei through his faith, but even that's questionable. *sigh* What's
         gonna become of Russia?
Fervent Joseph: All this war and hardship... All because of an imperial system
         that's been in place too long! I don't suppose a little kid like you
         would understand, but revolution is coming... I can feel it!

- Go up to the main doors of the palace.

Anastas: I sneaked out to expose Rasputin's plot. I'll get caught if I go back
         in now!

- Talk to the Magimels at their shop

Pierre:  My clothing is art! Don't talk to me about the weather. My designs are
         not meant for such practical matters.
Gerard:  Oh, it's cold! I think I'm going to freeze. Pierre is a tailor. Why
         doesn't he make me a warm coat? Can I help you?

- Rasputin appears, and Anastasia hides in an alley.

Anastas: I knew it! I knew he wasn't going to church like he said!

- Talk to more people.

Devout Sergei: I've been seeing a figure coming out of the palace in the middle
        of the night. I'm pretty sure it's Rasputin... That faithless, corrupt
        monk! What in the world could he be up to?
Lev, On An Errand: Did you know there was a secret tunnel to the palace
        somewhere here in town? My grandpa told me!

- She sees Rasputin again, walking down some steps beside the bridge.

Red-faced Luka: So cold you think you're gonna die? Just drink some vodka,
Elio, the Tippler: The nights are still cold. Best thing to do on a night like
        this is go home, have some vodka and collapse into bed.

- She follows Rasputin down the steps and overhears a conversation.

Rasputin:Have the preparations been completed?
The Man: Yes, sir. All is well. The stalemate on the front line means
         practically no security in the city.
Rasputin:The victory reception is upon us. You've got one chance to kill him.
         You must not miss.
The Man: Yes, sir.
Anastas: Huh? I can't quite hear it all! Victory reception...? One chance...?
         There's only one thing to do...

- Anastasia takes a picture of them, but is seen.

Rasputin and The Man: ?!
Anastas: Uh-oh!!
The Man: Who's that?!
Rasputin:Well, well. Princess Anastasia. You're alone in a most unseemly
Anastas: I-I suppose so, Lord Rasputin...
Rasputin:You're different from your sisters. You're very curious and brave.
         But children like that often die young!
Anastas: I heard. You're planning something for the victory reception!
Rasputin:So you overheard me, did you?
Anastasia: .........
Rasputin:It's unfortunate to snuff out a young life, but you have nothing to
         fear, my dear. Your family will follow soon afterwards.
Anastas: Wh-what did you say?!
Rasputin:Shout as much as you like. No one will come to help you.
Anastas: !!

- Anastasia runs.

Rasputin:Kill her.

- The man whistles to call more attackers.

Anastas: I've got to get to Edgar's shop!!

- Anastasia runs and then the alley.

Anastas: *panting* I think I'm safe here...

- A monster appears in the sky, Anastasia screams and Yuri hears something
and rushes to help.

Yuri:    Hey. Over here!!

- Battle! After the battle.

Anastas: *pant, pant*
Karin:   Are you okay?
Anastas: I-I'm fine.

- Inside Edgar's shop.

Edgar:   I'm so glad you're safe! Thank God! Thank God!
Anastas: Oh, come on now. Don't make such a big deal about it!
Edgar:   What do you mean, "big deal"?! If these folks hadn't helped you, you
         would have been...
Anastas: I know. I know. I'm grateful already!

- She puts a blue ring on the table.

Yuri:    What's this?
Anastas: It is a gift. Please take it.
Yuri:    Hmm...
Gepetto: Excuse me, miss. If I may, young lady, there is a much more important
         question than that. Why was that monster trying to kill you, anyway?
Anastas: A royal princess's personal business is none of the affair of
         peasants. Let's just say that in this great big world there are some
         in this world who fight the forces of evil!
Edgar:   Please forgive her! She's always liked to daydream... Don't take her
Anastas: I'm not daydreaming anything!

- Yuri stops playing with Blanca and listens.

Gepetto: Well, my dear, it's probably nothing. Nothing to get too worried
         about... But that monster that attacked you looked a lot like a
         creature we fought. It was summoned by black magic. A powerful wizard.
         Am I right?
Anastas: Do you know how to use magic too? Like Rasputin?
Anastas: Why did you all shout like that? Please say it isn't true! You're
         not working with that dirty old man?!

- She hides behind Edgar's back.

Gepetto: You know Rasputin?
Anastas: Yes, I know him. Everyone says that, because of him, my father's
         government has been ruined.
Yuri:    Your father's government? Really?
Anastas: That's right!
Gepetto: Excuse me, but does that mean that you are...?

- Edgar sighs and introduces her.

Edgar:   She is Princess Anastasia Romanov.

- Anastasia does her best cute smile at them.


- Movie ends.

Gepetto: ...Do you mean to say you've been spying on Rasputin all by yourself?!
Edgar:   *sigh* This girl is trying to give me a heart attack...
Anastas: I can't let Rasputin get away with whatever he's doing! He's going to
         damage my father's honor!
Lucia:   We understand how you feel. But aren't you taking a few too many
Anastas: .........
Gepetto: If you go back and reveal Rasputin's scheming to the empress, she'll
         listen to you, won't she?
Anastas: No. My mother never believes anything I say...
Edgar:   Now, now, Princess...
Joachim: But if Rasputin has such control over the palace, Princess Anastasia's
         life is in danger!
Lucia:   Rasputin is planning on doing something at the victory reception,
Anastas: That's right. That's what I think he said, anyway.
Yuri:    What is this "victory reception"?
Edgar:   His Majesty Tsar Nicholas II, Emperor of Russia, is out touring the
         front, but he'll soon return to Petrograd. The victory reception will
         be a celebration of his return.
Yuri:    Okay, how about this? We can be your bodyguards until your dad gets
Karin:   That's a great idea! I can't believe you came up with it!
Yuri:    Shaddup.
Karin:   Gepetto and I can be tutors. Yuri and Joachim, attendants. Lucia, a
         travelling fortuneteller. And Blanca, a new pet! That way, we can
         guard Princess Anastasia and we can get into the Hermitage without any
Gepetto: It sounds like a good idea, but do you really think it'll work?
Yuri:    Yeah, I dunno. You guys all look pretty suspicious...
Joachim: So do you!
Anastas: Okay, I know! All of you, come with me. I can get you entry on sight
         into the Winter Palace!

- Talk to Edgar again.

Edgar:   I'll go greet the empress too. Please be on your best behaviour,
         everyone! And thank you for guarding the Princess.

- Back outside, talk to some folks again.

Elio, the Tippler: I-I just saw a monster! And I haven't even been drinking
         yet! I'd better go home and go to bed!
Devout Sergei: This Petrograd used to be called "St. Petersburg" just last
         year, you know. It's the beautiful northern city, seat of the Romanov
         dynasty. But now it's a turbulent place... Such a shame!
Old Boris: Hmph, I'm really getting on in years now... Must be fate, bumping
         into you. I wanted you to have this, young'un.

- You got Nibelung Scene 5, powered up Bullenfogel.

- Talk to Chagall with the Limestone Block in the inventory.

Chagall, Who Stinks of Ink: Is that a Limestone Block you've got there? May
         I...? Ooh...very nice! It's a fine piece of work, this. You could get
         some great prints off this.
Yuri:    1. Do you...want it?
         2. Really? You think so?

Option 1
Chagall: 1. Do I ever! But I can't just take if off you. I'll swap with you.
         For this.

- You got Super Piroshki.

Chagall: Everyone loves these. You to line up buy them. I bet you'll like it!

- Talk to him again.

Chagall: Okay, let's get this thing into action! Maybe it'll make a print of
         something really old and historic...

Option 2
Chagall  2. I've gotta thank you. Just seeing that block has really wetted my
         artistic appetite again.

- Talk to him again.

Chagall: Would you show me that Limestone Block again? I need to get some new
Yuri:    1. Sure... Do you wanna keep it?
         2. Okay, but just look! Don't touch!

- Enter the Winter Palace.


- Kato and Nicolai are talking inside a stone walled room and Kato is
inspecting Roger's book.

Kato:    It certainly seems to be the authentic article.
Nicolai: We do aim to please. May I consider our negotiations to be completed,
Kato:    Yes. Whatever may happen within Russia, the goodwill of Japan will
         extend to whomever the next emperor may be.
Nicolai: I'm afraid I'll require more than that.
Kato:    You don't need to worry. I'm the direct representative of the Foreign
         Minister, Kantaro Ishimura. My words may be considered the will of the
         Emperor. We look forward to establishing joint aviation and
         communication companies with you. Naturally, we'll shoulder the full
         cost. By summer, we'll be able to supply you with rations and fully
         modern weapons.
Nicolai: Thank you. It sounds good.
Kato:    When do you think I will be able to meet with His Holiness, Lord
Nicolai: I'm so sorry. His Holiness is terribly busy.
Kato:    ...That's fine. Please give the future emperor my best.
Kato:    Naturally, whoever takes over the throne will find a true friend in my

- Back with the party inside the palace. Talk to the people: West Ground Floor

Flora, Of Marriageable Age: Oh, no! Did I gain weight again? My corset is so
Kritsin the Ladies' Man: Ah, the ladies of the ball, beautiful butterflies! Oh,
        how I love their well-cinched little waists!
Bashful Tatkov: I never know what to do at these things. I don't know what to
        say to people...
Party-weary Borislav: *sigh* Have to fuss and fawn over the empress again
        today. What a chore...
High-spirited Foma: Lose the war? Never! Russia is the most powerful nation on
        earth. Not even the great Napolean could beat us!
Marta, With High Hopes: I must have my daughter marry a high-ranking member of
        the nobility! Then our family will be secure for life.
Gloomy Tasya: Mother wants me to marry a nobleman, but I already have someone I
        love. But he's a commoner... I suppose our love is doomed...
Olive, Madly in Love: Say Erich... Don't you think this dress is strange?
Passionate Erich: Of course not, Olive. You're the most beautiful woman in the
        world, no matter what you wear, anyway.
Olive, Madly in Love: Oh, Erich! And you're the most wonderful man in the
Ewan, the Page: Princess Anastasia! Coms in to sneak a snack, have you, Your
Imperial Guard Styopa: First-floor hallway, clear! *sigh* Thanks to you
        sneaking out, Princess, I got a good scolding from the empress.
Imperial Guard Khariton: *sigh* The empress is mad at me again. I wonder if
        she's going to dock my pay? Oh, the north stairway is off-limits right
        now. You'll have to use the east hallway to get to the Great Hall.

- In the West Hall, second floor.
Cyril the Guard: Phew. All quiet in the west hallway again tonight.
Imperial Guard Naum: I can't let you in. They're replacing the statues you put
        graffiti on the other day, Princess.

- Talk to the people in the rooms on the East Hall, second floor.

Imperial Guard Akim: The east hallway is clear again tonight!
Prosperous Gorby: *yawn!* Mm, I'm so sleepy. But I got lots of wonderful orders
         again today, thank you very much! Everybody wants rare objects from
         dangerous, faraway lands, like chimera's wings and echo grass. But all
         I have to do is ask my fellow merchants, so everything's really quite
         simple to get ahold of... Ho ho ho!
Grumbling Sasha: Why do all those noblewomen like to gossip so much, anyway?
        It's not like they have anything interesting to say!
Zuvious, Lover of Folkcraft: The people of Russia are so poor now. The
         culture's gone stale. We're just not producing anything we can be
         proud of.

- Speak to him with the Daruma Doll in your inventory.

Zuvious, Lover of Folkcraft: That's pretty interesting, what you've got there.
         Where was it made?
Yuri:    You mean this Daruma? It was made in Japan. The place is famous for
Zuvious: A Daruma, huh? It's so well-carved. Such smooth lines and exquisite
         coloring... Oh, yes! Just a bit of improvement, and this could form
         the basis of a new craft for us Russians! Would you consider letting
         me have it? I could give you something for it.
Yuri:    1. Yeah, okay.
         2. I'm not giving up my Daruma!

Zuvious: 2. Oh, a real shame! What will my people use as the basis for a craft

- Talk to him again.

         2. Let me ask you one more time. Please can I have that Daruma of

Zuvious: 1. Thank you, thank you! Here, have this in return. It's typical
         Russian food.

- You got Super Piroshki.

Zuvious: I'm sure this'll spread all over the country! What can we call it...?
         I'll name it after my lover, Matryoshka!

Sorrowful Elena: *sigh* I work hard here every day, but I feel so empty...
         A world without Mikhail has no meaning to me...

- Find another lottery member.

Natalya, Always Serving People: A maid must never forget they are under the
         service of their master.
Lottery Member 11: And a lottery member must never forget to serve people with
         tickets! So, what can I do for you, sir?
Yuri:    1. Let me do the lottery.
         2. Nothing right now.
LM 11:   1. Certainly! I hope you enjoy it!
         2. A-aren't you satisfied with my service? Have I done something
- Hit a prize area.

LM 11:   Superb, sir.

- You got the prize.

LM 11:   I'm looking forward to the next time I can be of service to you.

Grand Duke Dmitri: What's that?! You went outside the palace and got attacked
         by a monster?! How could you be so foolhardy?! You must report to Her
         Majesty the Empress right away!

Enthusiastic Misia: Oh, it's Princess Anastasia! Were you out, Your Highness?
Prince Yusupov: What? You were attacked by a ruffian in the street?! Are you
         all right?! Please, please be careful, Princess Anastasia. Your life
         is more important to the Tsar than anything else!

- Attempt to enter Rasputin's room.

Imperial Guard Igori: You can't go in there, Princess! Lord Rasputin left
         strict orders not to let anyone enter.

- Go along the central corridor.

Imperial Guard Tolya: Oh, Princess Anastasia! The empress is waiting for you in
         the Great Hall.

- Inside the Tsar's Hall.

Edgar:   ...And so these are the ones who saved the princess from the vicious
         wild dog.
Empress: Anastasia. What on earth were you doing out at night?
Anastas: Well, I had an important chore to take care of at Edgar's.
Empress: You couldn't take care of it tomorrow?
Anastas: No.
Empress: Nevertheless... Even if you did save my daughter's life, we cannot
         allow strange people to wander around inside the castle.
Anastas: But why? There's nothing wrong with them.
Empress: How can you be so certain? You would resist me whatever I said.
Anastas: But...

- Rasputin enters the hall.

Rasputin:Why not go easy on her, Empress?
Empress: Lord Rasputin!
Rasputin:Anastasia is at a naturally curious age. She's bound to have an
         adventure or two. Surely it was God's will that she be saved by these
         kind benefactors.
Empress: You surprise me, Lord Rasputin!
Rasputin:They're clearly travelers from far away. I'm sure they'll prove to be
         fine companions to the princess.
Empress: .........Very well. Anastasia, you may go with the strangers. Thank
         you again for saving my daughter. Have a pleasant stay in my land.
Edgar:   Thank you, Empress.

- The Empress leaves as they all bow, Karin forcing Yuri's head's down.

Rasputin:Still alive, I see, little one.
Yuri:    So you're Rasputin, eh?
Rasputin:Yes. I've heard of you too, Godslayer. You were behind my familiar's

- The door opens.

Lucia:   Veronica!
Veronica:Long time, no see!
Yuri:    He he...
Rasputin:Hee hee. Do you wish to fight here?
Yuri:    Yeah, maybe.
Rasputin:...Let's not. There's no need to spill blood all over this lovely
         palace [he actually says "church"]. I'll be in the Lion Shrine to the
         north. Call on me any time you wish.

- Rasputin and Veronica leave as Anastasia shelters behind Yuri.
(End of movie.)

Joachim: So that's Rasputin, huh? He's got a look of danger just behind that
         creepy smile of his!
Gepetto: He's obviously no ordinary man. He's on a whole different plane from
         Nicolai or Lenny.
Yuri:    Yeah, looks like it.
Lucia:   C'mon, now, everybody! Don't look so glum. Now's the time to put our
         heads together and come up with a strategy.
Karin:   Lucia's right, everybody.
Anastas: Okay, let's go to my room, then! We can talk in peace there.
Yuri:    Okay.

- Talk to the people in the Tsar's quarters.

Edgar:   Phew... That was quite a scare. I think that shortened my life span...
Empress Alexandra: Now listen to me. You must do as your mother tells you from
         now on! Now go to your room and get some sleep.
Prince Alexei: Good night, Sis. See you tomorrow!

Imperial Guard Tolya: Preparations for the ball should be complete soon. I
         wonder if it will run late again tonight...?

- East Corridor rooms. Talk to the people for some more comments now that Yuri
is the lead character again.

Enthusiastic Misia: Oh, new guests? Please let us know if you require anything
         at all.
Prince Yusupov: Are these your friends, Princess Anastasia? I'm Yusopov,
         captain of the Tsar's guards. Be careful not to make any kind of
         disturbance inside the palace, please.
Sorrowful Elena: Oh, Mikhail!! ...Oh, excuse me... I mistook you for somebody
Grand Duke Dmitri: Are these your acquaintances, Princess? So you're the ones
         who saved the princess from the monster, are you? It's a pleasure to
         meet you. I'm Grand Duke Dmitri, appointed here by the Tsar.

- West Hall, ground floor the guard blocks the north door.

Imperial Guard Khariton: The north stairway is off-limits right now. They're
         replacing the statues a certain someone put graffiti on. The
         princess's room? It's on the second floor, in the west hallway.

- Back in the West Hall, second floor.

Cyril the Guard: Ah, it's no use! I just can't do my job properly while I've
         got this. I keep wanting to look at it. I don't wanna let it go, but
         you gotta take it off me. Don't tell anyone about it, though!

- You got Mr. Swan stud card.

- Inside Anastasia's room.

- And then night fell. (Music is heard.)

Yuri: Oh...

- Anastasia closes the window to shut off the music.

Yuri:    What's the big deal?
Anastas: I hate that tune...
Karin:   So the ball has begun?
Anastas: It's every night. Every night. There's something wrong with them.
         This whole country is insane. Maybe it should just disappear...
Gepetto: Hang on, there!
Anastas: The people's anger is ready to explode and we pretend nothing's
         going on. We're like Nero. We keep on fiddling as the world is burning
         around us.
Gepetto: It's the same problem for all leaders. This country has gotten too
Joachim: Hmm. Don't say that. You'll bring us bad luck.
Lucia:   That's right. There are a lot of people that still have dreams.
Anastas: I worry... Some day I'm afraid the people's anger will explode and
         they'll burn down my palace.

- Anastasia talks about Rasputin against a sequence of sepia tinted old
photographs and etchings.

He first came to the palace some years ago... My mother was in anguish over
Alexei, born with a rare and painful disease. One day, a man came from Siberia
who was said to have great powers of healing. That was the monk, Rasputin.
Rasputin healed my brother's illness and earned the trust of my mother. Since
then, he has begun to wield greater control over the country. My father himself
is a kind man, but he has left too much to his ministers. Their idea of
government is one that simply keeps the people oppressed. And anger towards the
emperor who allows it is threatening to boil over. Even the war could soon be
ended if my father would stand up and be strong. But there are some who profit
from war and wish for it to go on forever...

- The scene  back switches back to the present and Anastasia's room.

Anastas: If I were a man, I'd be able to help my father! I wish I were in
         Alexei's place.
Yuri:    Anastasia...
Anastas: Russia is infected by a disease. We're a statue, too stiff to move.

- She starts to cry and Yuri stoops down as he attempts to offer some

Yuri:    I'm half-Russian, you know. My mother was born and bred in Russia.
Anastas: Huh? Really?
Yuri:    Yeah. So don't get so depressed, all right? If the princess gives up,
         everyone else will too.
Anastas: Yuri...
Yuri:    When your father comes back, you should talk to him. He'll understand
         how you feel. He loves you, doesn't he?
Anastas: Yeah...

- That scene ends and another begins.

- It's night and the air is filled with a strange fog as they are still talking
in Anastasia's room.

Yuri:   Something strange is going on.

- People are wandering in the hallway, half staggering. The Empress is seen in
enters the room, she's swaying with her arms outstretched and not aware of her

Empress: Alexei?! Alexei?! Where are you?!
Anastas: Mother?!
Empress: Alexei?! Is that you?!
Anastas: What's wrong with Alexei?! Why are you looking for him?!

- She pushes Anastasia away.

Empress: Alexei!!
Lucia:   Veronica is behind this too! She's cast a sleep spell on the entire
Yuri:    How do we remove it?
Lucia:   We either break the field, or we'll have to defeat Veronica herself!

- The Empress is on her knees and collapses to the floor. Anastasia moves
towards her but Gepetto pulls her back.

Anastas: Mother!!

- The Empress slowly rises to her feet and speaks in Rasputin's voice.

Rasputin:How do you like my puppet show? It's much more entertaining than a
         boring old ball, don't you think?
Anastas: Rasputin!!
Rasputin:Anastasia, I have your little brother sleeping on my lap. He's very
         cute. Perhaps it would be more merciful to just let him slip away in
         his sleep.
Anastas: Don't you dare hurt my brother!!
Yuri:    Listen to me, shit head. I'm coming for you now.
Rasputin:Very well. I'll be waiting for you here, Godslayer.

- The Empress falls and the movie ends.

- Talk to the people.

Edgar:   It's all right. The empress is just unconscious. I'll take care of
         things here. Hurry to the prince!

Gerard:  What are we doing here, you ask? We want to help! After all, this is
         our chance to snag the imperial family as our best new customer!
Pierre:  What are we doing here, you ask? Now, don't ask such uncouth
         questions! You know you're secretly glad to see me! Now, the. Shall I
         sew you something?

- West wing, ground floor corridor.

Gloomy Tasya: Zzz.
Party-weary Borislav: Mmm, I feel great... Hee hee... Ha ha ha ha...
Passionate Erich: Mmm, I feel great... Hee hee... Ha ha ha ha...

- First room
Bashful Tatkov: *snore, snore*
Kritsin the Ladies' Man: Mmm, I feel great... Hee hee... Ha ha ha ha...
Flora, Of Marriageable Age: The whole world is wrapped in pink... Isn't it

- Second room.

High-spirited Foma: *snore, snore*
Marta, With High Hopes: The whole world is wrapped in pink... Isn't it

- Third Room

Olive, Madly in Love: Zzz.

- At the East Hall, on the second floor, enter the room by the Save Point.

Anastas: Hey, you're that man I saw!
Assassin:Damn! I've been spotted. Prepare to fight, Princess!

- Battle!

Assassin: Damn, I'm outnumbered. I'd better vanish.

- He literally does that, warping away and leaves something behind on the

- You got Lion Shrine Key.

Anastasia: We can use this to get into the Lion Shrine.

- Inside the Lion Shrine, Alexei is asleep on a couch and Veronica is standing
over him.

Anastas: Alexei!
Rasputin:Please be a little quieter, Princess.

- Veronica points a knife at Alexei.

Yuri:    So what are you up to, Rasputin? What are you and Sapientes Gladio
         planning, anyway?
Rasputin:I've always admired Napoleon, you see.
Karin:   So you're planning to conquer Europe!
Rasputin:If all Russia's resources were properly leveraged, it would be
Karin:   You're insane...
Rasputin:Wouldn't it be wonderful? The whole world, hearkening to my voice.
         Each breath of mine, the ocean's tides.
Anastas: It's greedy maniacs like you that start revolutions and cause innocent
         people to die.
Rasputin: ...Let me explain something to you. It is the people themselves who
         cry the loudest for a change in government!
Anastas: ...!!
Rasputin:And I think even you should know that. An unbridgeable gap has opened
         between the people and the aristocracy. Even without me, the fire of
         revolution would sooner or later be lit.
Anastas: Shut up!

- Anastasia runs towards Rasputin, but Veronica grabs her by the arm.

Karin:   Anastasia!
Rasputin:If that's the case, then the less blood spilt, the better. Royal
         blood alone should be sufficient!
Yuri:    Why, you...!
Rasputin:What's wrong, Godslayer? Kill me, if you have the courage. Fight me
         one on one. If you win, I'll give you the prince and princess.
Yuri:    Okay. Get ready to lose.
Rasputin:*laughs gleefully* With your heart cursed by the Mistletoe, do you
         really think you can defeat me?

- Yuri attempts to hit him a few times but cannot reach through Rasputin's
magical shield.

Rasputin:How amasing. Is that the best that you can do?
Yuri:    That was just a warmup. You'll see.
Rasputin:Very well, but now it is my turn! I call on the spirit of the
Yuri:    ?!

- Yuri clutches his chest as the light hits him, has some flashbacks from
Shadow Hearts and falls backwards to the floor.

Karin:   Yuri!! Wake up!!
Rasputin:There is no magic that can stop the power of this curse.

- Joachim and Blanca leap at Rasputin to attack but are blocked and fall back.

Joachim: Whoa!
Blanca:  *yelps*
Rasputin:It's futile! You cannot pierce my shield.
Karin:   You're a monster...!
Rasputin:That's right. I do have the power of a monster. I choose to accept
         your words as a compliment, my dear.

 - Rasputin looks at Karin.

Rasputin:You have most beautiful eyes, my dear. Your inner strength shines
         through them. I can see why Nicolai wanted you to join forces with
Karin:   Hmph...
Rasputin:Karin, I have some news that will interest you. Your hometown, once
         so beautiful, is now nothing more than a smoldering ruin.
Karin:   ?!
Rasputin:*laughs gleefully* Now let's finish this.

- He walks over to Anastasia, who's still held by Veronica and extends his hand
to control her. Veronica gives her the knife. She raises the knife to kill

Gepetto: Anastasia!
Karin:   Stop!!

- Rasputin snaps his fingers, releasing control while Anastasia has the knife
raised above her brother, about to strike. The Empress enters the room.

Empress: *screams*
Anastas: Huh?
Empress: Alexei!! Anastasia!!
Anastas: N-no!! It wasn't me...

- She's crying, kneeling on the floor.

Rasputin:All is well, Your Highness. The prince is unhurt. Just as I thought,
         Anastasia was being controlled by the strangers' magic.
Empress: Why, you!!
Rasputin:Guards! Arrest them! They tried to assassinate the prince.

- Guards arrive as Yuri struggles to his feet.

Yuri:   Damn...

- Yuri shoves the guards out of the way, as everyone runs and Joachim picks up
Anastasia. They jump out of an open window and escape. [Like you do...]

Empress: Don't let the assassins escape! I want them hunted down and killed at
Rasputin:*laughs gleefully*

- A new scene starts inside Edgar's shop.

Roger:   Since we've arrived in Russia, nothing but terrible things have
         happened here.
Gepetto: I was foolish. I never expected Rasputin would be so powerful. I was
Joachim: What was that shield of his?! I couldn't even make a dent in it!
Lucia:   What are we going to do? They think we've kidnapped the princess!
Karin:   They'll find us here.
Yuri:    Damn...
Roger:   I think that it's time that we left Russia. There's somewhere I was
         planning on taking you, anyway.
Yuri:    Yeah? Where's that?
Roger:   To the Goreme Valley in Turkey, beyond the Anatolian Mountains.
Karin:   Turkey?!
Roger:   For many years now, I've been tracking the whereabouts of a certain
         individual. And while we were separated, I finally found him.
Yuri:    Who is this person?
Roger:   The one person who should know everything about Sapientes Gladio. Are
         you ready...?

- Roger talks about Sapientes Gladio, with sepia illustrations.

Sapientes Gladio was founded several decades ago by Jovis, a humble priest of
the Greek Orthodox Church. At that time, Jovis was doing missionary work with
many other volunteers. Well, when he saw the brutality of colonial policies, he
raised his voice against their cruel racism. He made many friends among the
commoners there and even more enemies among the elite. And though they tried to
oppress him, they were unable to silence his voice. But Sapientes Gladio, the
group that once walked the Path of Righteousness, somehow veered off that path,
and they became lost. Travel now to Goreme Valley and find the Great Sage,
Jovis. If anyone knows the secret to Rasputin's power, it's him.

- Back in control of Yuri, talk to some people in the town.

Roger: Come on! Time to get outta town! Let's get moving.

- Attempt to talk to a guard or get too close to one.

Yuri:   This won't work. We'll get caught. The only thing we can do now is
        leave the city...
Old Boris: S-something terrible's happened! The princess has been kidnapped!
Sad Leonid: The troops are up in arms! They're running around like mad. Is...
         is the royal family finally...?
Fervent Joseph: Rebels must've gotten into the palace! Looks like some
         hot-headed fools have gone and done something crazy. Well, it's a good
         lesson for the nobles! If they thought things would be peaceful
         forever, they were sadly mistaken.
Devout Sergi: Oh, Lord... They say young Princess Anastasia has been taken by a
         group of rebels. Save her soul! Somehow bring peave and order back to
         Russia! I pray to you!
Elio, the Tippler: I-I don't feel so good... Maybe I drank too much... Hey, why
         all the soldiers? What's goin' on?!

- Talk to the new wolf that has appeared.

Goztafssiki: Oh! Look, R-3. Here comes a wolf.
R-3:     {some symbols}
Yuri:    And who are you wonderful fellows?
Goztafssiki: Us? I'm Goztafssiki. This here is R-3. We came here from Planet
         Suzuran to invade Earth. Pleasure to meet you.
R-3:     {more symbols}
Goztafssiki: Well, better get the invasion started. Could you please fight R-3,
R-3:     (symbols)
Blanca:  Awroo...? (What are they making me fight this time...?)
         1. Oh, well. Guess I've got to do it.
         2. I'm not fighting that thing!)
R-3:     (some symbols)
Blanca:  Just couldn't resist the attraction of Earth's gravity, huh? Hmph!

- Battle!

Blanca:  This is no kind of place for you to live. Go on back where you came
R-3:     (symbols)
Goztafssiki: You lost, R-3? I see...
R-3:     (more symbols)

- Blanca gets another paw print and Soul Comet powers up.

Yuri: Look, if we're done here, let's get going. Who knows what kind of
         radiation these guys are giving off?
Goztafssiki: Come back and see us again sometime.
R-3:    (symbols)

- Talk to them again.

Goztafssiki: Invading Earth is harder than I thought. I guess I'll just wait
         quietly for the others to come pick me up, instead.
R-3:    (lots of symbols)

- Attempt to enter the Palace again.

Yuri:   It's no good. We can't get in through the front.

17. GOREME VALLEY ...................................................... *W17

- The team arrive, but to a dubious welcome when gunmen appear and surround
them. Roger puts up his hands in a gesture of surrender and the rest do the
same. Lawrence appears.

Yuri:    You...?
Lucia:   It's Lawrence!
Yuri:    Huh?
Lawrence:Well, it's been such a long time!
Yuri:    ?
Lawrence:Yes, well. Everyone thinks that you've come here to kill him.
Yuri:    Him?
Lawrence:Bishop Jovis. He's their priest, you see. You may even call him their

- Lawrence calls off the gunmen.

End of movie.

Joachim: Thomas, what the hell is going on?
Gepetto: Yeah! Just who exactly are you?
Thomas:  I'm Edward Lawrence. I'm with the British Intelligence Bureau.
Anastas: You're a spy?!
Lawrence:Well... I suppose you could say that. Look, I wasn't trying to
         deceive anyone. It's just business...
Karin:   But what are you doing here?
Roger:   I can explain that. After I dropped you all in Russia, I turned back
         to London and met up with Mr. Lawrence here.
Lawrence:The British Secret Service sent a communication to track down Bishop
         Jovis. He went missing in Istanbul.
Roger:   Right after that, I had to return to Russia to get you all, and Mr.
         Lawrence went on ahead to Goreme.
Lucia:   I see. So you've been running around all over the place then, huh! And
         you too, Mr. Lawrence!
Lawrence:It was a bit of a hassle trying to evade the Turkish government, but
         here I am! I'd say you've had a tougher journey than me though,
Lucia:   You can say that again! We got into trouble with Rasputin!
Lawrence:.........Hmm. Well, anyway. The first thing is to have a meeting with
         Bishop Jovis. I'm sure the rest will fall into place.
Yuri:    So this Jovis guy's here in the valley?
Lawrence:Yes. He spends his time praying at a chapel deep inside the cave
         where he lives. I'm going on ahead. You guys follow later.

- Talk to the people outside the cave.

Starving Coquile: Urgh, argh... Everyone in this valley's living a life of
         abstinence, but I can't forget about being hungry!
Ayion, Leaving City Life Behind: When I first arrived here, I longed for
         civilization again. But home's where you make it. I learned that much.
Pious Hakan: There are no religious icons here. The people of the valley just
         picture a god in their mind and pray to that.
Pierre:  I'm taking a little time to recharge my batteries, then I'll come up
         with a new idea!
Gerard:  Oh, that was a long journey. And I mean, loooong! Huh, how come we're
         here, you ask? Call that a welcome?! Wherever you go, we make sure we
         get ahead so we're there when you arrive! So, you going to buy?
Yuri:    1. Now, what should I buy...?
         2. I forgot my wallet today.

- Talk to the fat man.

Starving Coquile: Ah! What's that? Something nice and fatty to eat! It smells
Yuri:    This? It's a Piroshki. I brought it back from Russia...
Coquile: It looks good! I'm drooling just looking at it! Oh, yeah!
         Please! You've gotta let me have it!
Yuri:    1. You can have it! Calm down!
         2. Nope! Sorry! back Off!
Coquile: 1. Ah! Food! At last! it's so tasty! Oh, yeah!
         Thank you! Here, have this! You can't eat it, so I don't need it!

- You got Burning Candle.

         2. Oh, come on! I'm starving here! You want me to diw?!

- Walk past a woman and she stops the group.

Sarah:   I can feel it... I can feel the power... His power is in you...
Yuri:    Huh? What are you talking about?! You can't just launch into a bunch
         of weird stuff without saying what you mean!
Sarah:   I can see them... I can see them now... All those demons encircling
Yuri:    What?! A-are you talking about ghosts?! Look, I don't like ghosts,
         okay! So cut it out!
Gepetto: Ha! You're afraid of ghosts?! But you can morph into them! You can't
         be that scared of them!
Yuri:    I don't morph into any ghosts! They're fusion monsters, get it?

- He turns back to talk to Sarah again.

Yuri:    Look! Who are you, anyway?! Coming along, and spooking me out... Are
         you looking for a fight?
Joachim: Chill out, Yuri! She's just an ordinary woman!
Sarah:   I am Sarah... Maid to the great King Solomon!
Yuri:    King Solomon?! Never heard of him! What country is he the king of?
Gepetto: Solomon... He was an ancient king of Israel, I think. But that kingdom
         collapsed over 3000 years ago...
Yuri:    So this chick's 3000 years old?! Aaaghh! She is a ghost!
Anastas: Calm down! Are you a man, or aren't you?! You're making a scene!
Karin:   I'm sure she's not a ghost... Let's just say...she's just a little
         "unusual," okay? We'll leave it at that.
Sarah:   It is my duty to test those who want to inherit Kind Solomon's
         power... I will not force you, but if you truly wish to be the
         successor of King Solomon's power, you must...
Yuri:    I'll do it! Anything you say! Tests, battles, anything! Then the
         ghosts will go away, right?!
Gepetto: Yuri really needs to calm down!
Sarah:   There's no danger of losing your life, but the trials can be extremely
         dangerous... Are you prepared?
Yuri:    1. You bet! Ready and waiting!
         2. Sorry, give me a little longer.
Sarah:   1. Okay, then! Choose which trial you want to attempt...
Sarah:   2. Of course... I'll be waiting for you, then. Come back anytime.

- Lose a trial.

Sarah:   The trial's too hard for you at the moment. You must train more before
         you can get through it.

- Inside the cave

Troubled Jose: I don't think life here can go on like this forever. But I sure
         hope it lasts as long as possible...
Noble Henriot: Ah, watching the sunset away from the madding crowd... It's so

- Inside the side caves.

Redeemed Valeria: Everyone who lives here has journeyed to this valley for
         Bishop Jovis. All of us have struggled along the way.
Brave Giovanni: Sorry to scare you earlier! We have to be careful of strangers.
         I hope it didn't upset you.
Anxious Paolo: This valley was built by Christians escaping Islamic
         persecution. But even this place isn't safe. If it's discovered by the
         Ottoman government, everyone will be driven out. There's no doubt
         about that.
Big-hearted Malena: Jovis has taught us to live every day peacefully, helping
         one another hand in hand.
Jolly Bice: The sunsets you see from this valley are unbeatable! You just take
         a look sometime if you don't believe me!

- Up the stairs on the outer ledge find the Treasure: Love.
  Return to Cannes to report back to Loud Croft.

Yuri:   Hey, recognise this?!
Loud Croft: Damn! I was sure you'd never find that! I hid it really well!
        Okay, one more time! Give me one last chance to beat you! Please!

- You got Treasure: Sneak.

Yuri:   The last time already? That's kind of a letdown.
Croft:  Don't be so sure of yourself! This last one's really hard! This time,
        you'll be the ones feeling bad, not me! Go on, do your worst!

- In front of the chapel the group meet up with Lawrence again.

Karin:   Is that...?!
Lawrence:Yes. This is the true Sapientes Gladio.
Karin:   Sages of the Sword...
Lawrence:The Bishop will be inside.

- Inside the chapel, Jovis, an old man ina  green and white robe is praying at
the altar.

Jovis:   So you have finally come. The outlanders who wish to question me.
Karin:   Are you Bishop Jovis?
Jovis:   Yes.
Karin:   We came here from Russia. We want to find out what you can tell us
         about Sapientes Gladio and their leader, Rasputin.
Jovis:   .........I've washed my hands of them completely. We were once
         aligned. Now we're merely enemies...
Gepetto: And... do you happen to know what Sapientes Gladio, or should I say
         Rasputin, is planning to do?
Jovis:   Some nonsense about stealing a country.
Anastas: It's not nonsense! That's my country you're talking about! Listen
         here. Your friend has ruined my whole life! How dare you call it
Karin:   Anastasia...
Anastas: That's horrible...

- Jovis rises and turns around to face the party.

Jovis:   My words were careless. I beg your forgiveness, Princess.
Anastas: Are you blind...?
Jovis:   Yes. I can sense only some light, that is all.
Anastas: .........
Jovis:   Although now I am able to see many of the things that I could not see
         when I had my sight.

- Jovis points at Yuri who is startled and backs away a little.

Yuri:    ?
Jovis:   When you first set foot in my church, I felt as if an old friend had
         come to visit.
Yuri:    Friend?
Jovis:   The God of Wrath's soul that is sealed within you made me feel so.
         I could sense his presence.
Yuri:    What? The God of Wrath's soul...?
Jovis:   Yes. His power has also been sealed away by that foul Mistletoe's
Yuri:    You know about that?!
Jovis:   Fate certainly does have its ironies, wouldn't you say?
Yuri:    Can't you speak clearly, old man?!
Jovis:   I am sorry. I am a bit out of practice, I suppose. I have not met the
         likes of you since I left the secular life and came here. I think I
         can answer the questions that you have. Allow me to tell you about

- Everyone looks at him with serious faces, waiting.

- Jovis talks about Rasputin illustrated with sepia etchings tinted with red.

That was when it all began. I was betrayed by my disciple, and forsaken
by my friend... My friend and I had just taken in a young Rasputin as our new
disciple. But time passed... And soon Rasputin had gained the power he needed
to fulfill his ambitions. That was when he showed his true self. Recognizing
his madness too late, my friend and I tried to fight him. But we were quickly
undone by the demonic power he wielded... The two of us were banished and
Rasputin became the new leader. He has made a soul pact with the King of
Demons, Asmodeus. That is what shields him and protects his mortal flesh.

- The scene changes back to the chapel.

Karin:   A soul pact?
Jovis:   When a person sacrifices his very soul in exchange for unearthly
Karin:   Is that really possible?
Jovis:   It is. If one possesses great knowledge and willpower. I'm afraid
         that's exactly what Rasputin learned from us...
Lucia:   So you're saying that he possesses the power of Asmodeus?
Jovis:   Maybe he thought he was strong enough... But at some point, well,
         while unaware, his soul was devoured by Asmodeus. And now that demon
         within him seeks the destruction of this very world.
Anastas: Isn't there any way to stop Rasputin?
Jovis:   A power equal to Asmodeus could break through his shield.
Joachim: Power like that? Where would we find it?

... Jovis pointed at Yuri again ...

Jovis:   Within the heart of this young man.
Yuri:    Huh? Me?
Jovis:   To stop the madness of Rasputin and our former organization, my friend
         fought to change the future of the entire world. His plan was to
         summon a god that would shake the earth and shatter the skies. When I
         saw his plan would reorder the nature of the world, I became
Yuri:    Hey, now, wait a minute...
Jovis:   My friend lost his confidence in me and, in order to battle Asmodeus,
         he made a soul pact with the most powerful demon he could find.
         ...Yes, the God of Wrath, Amon. But the soul of Amon is now sealed
         within you. Why is this so? Because you defeated my friend and
         conquered the will of Amon. And so when the god which was summoned
         turned to light and was crushed by you, my friend's soul disappeared
         within you as well.
Yuri:    Hey old man, that friend of yours...
Jovis:   Cardinal Albert Simon...

- Yuri gasps and there's a flashback of Albert Simon and scenes from Shadow

Jovis:   Only the fallen angel Astaroth and the God of Wrath Amon have the
         power to resist Asmodeus. If you want to resurrect that power, you
         must first pass a trial.
Yuri:    A trial?
Jovis:   You must search for Amon, buried somewhere within you.
Yuri:    But how...?
Jovis:   The Mistletoe extinguishes your powers. The more you resist, the more
         the curse inside you will eat into your very soul. There is a limit to
         how much even the strongest of wills can endure.
Yuri:    And what if I can't endure?
Jovis:   You will go permanently insane.

- Everyone is shocked.

Yuri:    Ha ha ha! That's a good one! Right! Gimme a break!
Jovis:   You need not go alone, I will come with you. It will be a most
         perilous journey, my young friend.
Yuri:    You?
Jovis:   Amon is a powerful foe. I think you know that far better than I do.
Karin:   Father!
Jovis:   Eh?
Karin:   Let me take your place!! I'll be the one to go with him!
Yuri:    Karin...
Jovis:   .........You know that failure means death?
Karin:   That's fine.
Jovis:   Hmm. It shall be. Now then, come with me.

- Yuri gestures at Karin as if to protest, but realises there's no point.
Jovis leaves the chapel.
(End of Movie)

Lawrence:...Seems pretty serious. I'm not exactly sure what's going on, but
        just get yourselves back safely, okay? Once you feel ready for this
        trial or whatever it is, just tell Bishop Jovis.

- Talk to Lawrence again.

Lawrence: He'll be at the altar.

- Talk to Lawrence much later, after completing the monster library ...

Lawrence:No way! Surely not! Fantastic! You guys managed to defeat all the
         monsters! You must've seen some unusual ones, eh? And some tough
         bosses, right?! As a token of my gratitude for your bravery and honor,
         not to mention for keeping me entertained... I present to you this
         ultra-rare item! "Black Underpants"! They're great! Enjoy!

- You got Black Underpants.

- Enter the inner room and find the Ring Soul.

Ring Soul: I am the Ring Soul... The will of the Judgment Ring, the
         administrator of all fate...
Yuri:    .........
R.Soul:  ... Nothing to say?
Yuri:    Um...yeah... Listen, I've been thinking, and... I was outta line
         before. I didn't realise it was so hard on you, being the Ring Soul. I
         just wanted to be friends.
R. Soul: ...No, it's my fault. I'm sorry. I'm embarrassed I lost it like that.
Yuri:    Don't worry about it.  Just do what you do!  Like normal!
R.Soul:  Oh, okay!  Um... Ahem, ahem!  Uh...
         I am the Ring Soul... The will of the Judgment Ring, the
         administrator of all fate... The world drowns in its own history...
         And in this time, you must carry the burden of fate...
Yuri:    Jeez, you can talk, though!
R. Soul: Huh?
Yuri:    Um...nothing!  Nothing at all!  Please continue!
R. Soul: I can see it...I can see your future... This I entrust to you...

- You got Attack Boost.

Yuri:    Ha ha!
R. Soul: The power to command the Judgment Ring. Such power will help you carve
         your way through destiny... I will appear to you again, to bestow upon
         you more power...  But beware!  I am always watching... Watching to
         see if you are truly the one to command destiny...
Yuri:    Hey, Ring Soul!
R. Soul: What is it?
Yuri:    So what's your wife's name, anyway?
R. Soul: M-my wife's name?!  What's that got to do with anything?!
Yuri:    Just tell me!  We're friends now. right?  Is she cute?
R. Soul: She's called... She's called Miyabi. She's very young and very
Yuri:    Oh, Miyabi, is it?!  And kids?
R. Soul: J-just one... Aya.  She just started to call me papa!
Yuri:    Aya!  Great name!  Sounds like the name of a star!  Maybe she'll be
         a singer or something when she's older?! Miyabi and Aya, huh?!  Say
         hello to them for me, okay?
R. Soul: Sure, okay.  See you then!

- The Ring Soul disappears.
Yuri:    That's more like it!

- Talk to Jovis at the altar.

Jovis:  So you've come. Are you ready?
Yuri:   1. Ready as ever!
        2. Sorry, we need a little more time.

- Yuri and Karin are lying on the platform in the room, looking at the
beautiful ceiling as Jovis begins to chant a spell.

Jovis:  My children, all I can give to you is my prayers. May God grant you
Yuri:   Karin, there's still time. Give it up!
Karin:  Oh, c'mon. It's too late.
Yuri:   Yeah, but you don't really want to see the inside of my heart.
Karin:  Something embarrassing there?
Yuri:   Bite me.
Karin:  Maybe you just wanted to hold hands with the old man?
Yuri:   Bite me.

18. MIRROR CASTLE ....................................................... *W18

- Yuri and Karin are inside the graveyard ...

Karin:   Is this it?
Yuri:    Yeah. Welcome to the inside of my soul! It's really screwed up, huh?!

- She notices the tree with Yuri's torso high up.

Karin:   Hey, that's you growing out of that thing!
Yuri:    Yup. Ever since I was stabbed by that Mistletoe thingy. Looks like
         he's sleeping, huh?
Karin:   Yeah... He's alive... Looks like he's having a really good sleep.
Yuri:    Okay, let's go!

- They check the Door of the Labyrinth.

Yuri:    What's that mean? You get lost if you go through? He he. Sounds like

- The door opens and they meet Jeanne.

Yuri:    Huh?!
Jeanne:  Nice to meet you! ...But I guess we've met once before.
Karin:   Y-you're...!
Jeanne:  Jeanne, from Domremy. You're Karin, right?
Karin:   ...Y-yes, that's right.

- Karin turns to Yuri.

Karin:   What's she doing here, Yuri?
Yuri:    Well, she's a curious little ghost. She says she's looking for
         something here in my heart.
Jeanne:  A while ago, I heard this big rumbling sound coming from that creepy
         tree. And then I heard a horrible scream.
Karin:   Maybe that was when Rasputin was putting that spell on you?
Yuri:    ...Yeah, probably. He he. I give up. I don't think there's anything I
         can do about that curse...
Jeanne:  .........You're going to get Amon next, right?
Yuri:    Yeah.
Jeanne:  Good luck! And I'll try to find out more about that creepy tree, maybe
         find a way to break the curse.
Karin:   Jeanne!
Jeanne:  Yeah?
Karin:   ...I'm so sorry. I don't know what to say about your village...
Jeanne:  I understand. You're trying to find a new way to live too, aren't you?
         I just know you're going to find it! Your true path...

- Jeanne warps away. There are two doors in this area: the Door of Desires
which doesn't open and the one that does.

Yuri:   Pretty thick door.
Yuri:   Okay, looks like Amon's waiting somewhere through here.

- The door swings open but Yuri falls to his knees at the threshold.

Karin:   You okay?!
Yuri:    No problem! Just a little tightness in my chest...
Karin:   Because we're trying to go against the curse, right?
Yuri:    ...I guess. He he. At least the weird headaches haven't started yet.

- They walk through the door and are inside a round room in the Mirror Castle
with no exit. As soon as they move there's a battle and then Yuri collapses to
his knees in pain.

Yuri:    Oww...
Karin:   Are you okay? Is the pain really bad?
Yuri:    No, it's not so much pain as... Um... You're...Karin, right...?
Karin:   What do you mean?! Of course I'm Karin! What's wrong with you?
Yuri:    I dunno. I just couldn't get your name out all of a sudden. Trying to
         remember makes my head hurt. It feels like my memory's getting more
         and more hazy. Ugh, I feel really sick.
Karin:   Yuri... It's okay! If you forget who I am, I'll just give you a slap.
         That should remind you!
Yuri:    Ha ha. I think I'll pass on that!

- Inside a room with a big mirror, they check it out.

Karin:   This mirror... Isn't there something funny about it?
Yuri:    Well, it's inside my heart, after all. We've got to expect things to
         be kind of screwed up. Look out. Here they come.

- Battle

Yuri: Wh-what the---!

- The mirror shifts and teleports them to the other side, where they meet
Jovis, who appears in the mirror.

Yuri:    Damn mirror.
Jovis:   The reflection in the mirror is the darkness in your own heart, your
         shadow self. It envies your living flesh.
Yuri:    Bishop!
Jovis:   The mirror path is a single ray of light. There's no turning back.
Yuri:    Huh? What does that mean?
Karin:   It means if we look in a mirror, we have to fight our alter ego there.
         And the path that opens up will be one-way. ...Right?
Jovis:   Yes. Looks like I did the right thing, Karin, sending you. Here, now
         let me do something to help you.

- HP and MP fully restored.

Jovis:   This is a sealed field in your heart. To get back, you must break
         Amon's seal. Come to me whenever you need healing.
Yuri:    Thank you, Bishop.

- After unlocking the door they stand on red panel inside a room with a big

Karin:   Soon now.
Yuri:    Yeah.

- Amon walks out of the mirror and powers up with red light.

Yuri:    Are you telling me he's always been this scary?
Karin:   C'mon! Don't be such a wimp!

- Battle! After beating Amon, Yuri steps up to the mirror.

Yuri:    In here...?
Karin:   Yuri!
Yuri:    It's okay! I've got a feeling...

They disappear into the mirror and arrive at peaceful place, where Albert Simon
is sitting on a bench at the edge of some woods. Yuri walks over to sit down
beside him.

Yuri:    Albert...
Albert:  I never thought I'd see you again.
Yuri:    Yeah.
Albert:  Nice place, isn't it? It's so very quiet and serene. A place of pure
Yuri:    .........
Albret:  It's quite beautiful. It's your home within you. Your true home.
Yuri:    My home...?
Albert:  Yes. I live in a small corner of your memory, one that you've nearly
         forgotten. So tell me, are you still fighting?
Yuri:    I guess so.
Albert:  It was Rasputin that I was actually after. He was my true enemy.
Yuri:    .........
Albert:  It is ironic that you, my former foe, should now be the one fighting
Yuri:    Yeah, it's pretty funny. Imagine me, following in your footsteps...
         But the way I am now, I don't think I can win.
Albert:  For Asmodeus, who spreads hate and malice among men, there is no
         greater joy than to see mankind slaughter each other. Order will be
         broken apart and chaos set in its place. That is the future that
         Rasputin seeks, my friend.
Yuri:    That's what you were trying to prevent him from doing.  It's my fault
         he's made it this far. Is that right?
Albert:  ...It's true. But don't be discouraged.
Yuri:    ?
Albert:  You defeated me and managed to expel a god. You may still be able to
         change the future, if you can harness Amon's power.
Yuri:    Yeah, maybe you're right. But is this future I can create going to be
         a good one?
Albert:  So are you questioning the worthiness of your struggle?
Yuri:    Well, the thing is... I'm sure you'd have a better chance than me.
Albert:  You're wrong. Only you can do it, Yuri. That's what I think. Those who
         would wield power must also accept power's responsibility. If you see
         a tragedy in the making, my friend, it is your responsibility [duty]
         to try and stop it. There is no mistake in that.
Yuri:    Albert...
Albert:  Well, it's time for you to leave.
Yuri:    Well, I...ummm... I'm glad we got the chance to talk.

- Yuri gets up and walks back to Karin.

Albert:  Yuri! May I ask you one thing?
Yuri:    What?
Albert:  Where is this? I think it must be Japan.
Yuri:    It's Katsuragi. It's called the Forest of Wind.
Albert:  Thank you.

- You got Amon's Soul.

- Rasputin and Nicolai are talking inside a room in the Winter Palace. Rasputin
is sitting and Nicolai is bowing low before his master.

Rasputin:...I see. So Japan has accepted out conditions?
Nicolai: Yes, Master.
Rasputin:You have done well. I'm very pleased [glad] I entrusted the matter to
Nicolai: Thank you, Master.
Rasputin:Russia is losing this war because lack of food and arms have
         devastated the morale of our front-line troops. We have the money but
         unfortunately we do not have the supplies.
Nicolai: I know. But soon now, Japan is going to [will] begin a major offensive
         against the German Empire.
Rasputin:Yesterday's enemy is today's friend, eh. Ishimura is no fool. Has
         that special envoy left Petrograd yet?
Nicolai: No, Master. In fact, we have requested his presence at the banquet.
Rasputin:Hmm, very well. Now, what do you know about America?
Nicolai: They're still officially maintaining their neutrality, but it's only a
         matter of time before they enter the war.
Rasputin:How can you be so sure?
Nicolai: England and France are both exhausted. The only reason America has not
         yet entered the war is that they needed a proper pretense.
Rasputin:And now they have such a pretense Nicolai?
Nicolai: Next week, a ship named the Lusitania is leaving New York, bound for
         Liverpool. There's a rumor going around that it will be carrying a
         huge shipment of munitions.
Rasputin:The German submarines will be forced to sink it, isn't that so? [yes]?
Nicolai: It will be England's sacrificial lamb...
Rasputin:Clever. By the way, Nicolai...
Nicolai: Sir?
Rasputin:Is it true that Lenny was killed on St. Marguerite?
Nicolai: Yes, Master.
Rasputin:Why didn't you stay and fight?
Nicolai: I thought Lenny could handle matters himself.
Rasputin:.........I see. But you knew how powerful he was, right? And still you
         sent Lenny alone to do battle?
Nicolai: Yes.
Rasputin:Well, I'm off to the reception. I'm certain he'll show up again. Next
         time, you'll know what to do...?
Nicolai: Yes, Master.
Rasputin:Very well. You may leave.

- Nicolai stands and bows.

- Back in Goreme Valley, Yuri is sitting on the outside ledge.

Karin:   So here you are.
Yuri:    How's the bishop?
Karin:   He's still sleeping.
Yuri:    The old guy might never wake up.
Karin:   Don't say things like that. What a pretty sunset...
Yuri:    I guess.
Karin:   Are you feeling guilty?
Yuri:    Look at all of them. Every one of them praying as hard as they can so
         the bishop will be all right.
Karin:   He's an important man...
Yuri:    If I hadn't come here, this valley would still be a nice, peaceful
Karin:   But then we couldn't save Russia. Think of Anastasia's family. It's
         your own mother's homeland.
Yuri:    These guys deserve to be saved too.
Karin:   ...You're right. Everyone wants the same thing. To be just a little
         happier than they are now. Nothing big. Just food, shelter and time to
         laugh and cry with the people they love. That's enough to be happy.

- As Karin talks Jovis is lying on his bed with Anastasia and Gepetto wathcing
over him.

Yuri:    "Happy." What does that even mean?
Karin:   .........

End of Movie.

- Anastasia calls out to them

Anastasia: Yuuuri! Kaaaarin!
Karin:   Anastasia?!
Anastas: The bishop! It's Bishop Jovis!
Karin:   What about the bishop?
Anastas: He's come to! Come on! Quick!
Yuri:    Okay.

- Inside the Bishop's room.

Karin:   Bishop Jovis!
Jovis:   Yes, my child. I'm happy to see you. Are you all right?
Karin:   Yes.
Yuri:    We met Amon's soul like you told us to. We met your friend too.
Jovis:   Was he doing well?
Yuri:    Yeah. He's having a great time in there.
Jovis:   Is that right?
Karin:   You see? Nothing to worry about. Just rest and get your strength back.
Jovis:   No, this is the end for me.
Karin:   You mustn't say that!
Yuri:    Yeah, come on! What would the people in this valley do here without
Jovis:   That is for my followers to say children. I've taught them everything
         that I can.
Karin:   Don't say that!
Jovis:   Listen. The dark angel, Astaroth...
Karin:   Astaroth?

- Jovis talks with some stills illustrating his description.

Jovis:   Like Asmodeus and Amon, he is another God of Darkness. Someone has
         made a soul pact with him. I do not know who this person is, but when
         you meet them, beware!
Yuri:    I can handle it. I'll drop him just like a bad habit!

- Jovis chuckles at that. Yuri continues to talk and he's deadly serious now.

         Bishop Jovis..
         ....Please forgive me. I swear to God, I didn't mean it. I never meant
         to sacrifice the people of this valley to save Russia! I hate it...
         when people let others die just to get what they want...
Jovis:   Listen to me. If, with my death, the people lose all hope, then all my
         life has been in vain. But if I had someone to succeed me, I know that
         the valley would survive. Then, for the first time, it could be said
         that I live on among my people. Don't you think so...?
Yuri:    Jovis!
Jovis:   My son, he who has willpower has the power to change the whole world.
         Whether that change be for good or evil depends on the heart of that
         person. We're mortal. We live in fear and doubt. There's no shame in
         admitting that.
Yuri:    When Albert died... he passed the world on to you, didn't he?
Jovis:   Now it's in your hands... Go to Russia. Only you have the power to
         save the young princess.
Yuri:    I swear it. I swear I'll beat Rasputin! When he's dead I'll come back
         [I'm done with him], I'll come back. Don't die on me!
Jovis:   We'll see.

- Yuri runs away.

Karin:   Yuri!
Jovis:   Brave soul... He takes upon himself the burden my friend and I bore
         together. Now I've finally fulfilled my promise. Now I can face my
Karin:   Bishop?!
Jovis:   Please give him my thanks...

- The Bishop dies.

-Return here once you have control again.

Lawrence:It's very sad about Bishop Jovis... But I'm sure you people of the
         valley won't allow his death to be in vain.
         Yuri, this is for you. The Bishop asked me to give it to you if
         anything happened to him.

- You got Soul Drop.

Noble Henriot: Now the Bishop's really sick, and can't enjoy the sunset
         anymore. It just makes me sad now...
Troubled Jose: I prepared myself for this day, but I never thought it would
         come so fast...
Redeemed Valeria: You mustn't feel despair even in these difficult times.
         Bishop Jovis wouldn't want that.
Brave Giovanni: The bishop... What's happened...?!
Big-Hearted Malena: I'm sorry. I just can't think right now...
Jolly Bice: Did Bishop Jovis die? If he's in heaven, we can't talk to him
Anxious Paolo: If we lose such a great leader, what on earth will we do?
         We'll be nomads again, roaming from country to country to avoid
         getting found...
Ayion, Leaving City Life Behind: I haven't been in this valley long, but I love
         the Bishop as much as anyone. I just can't stand this...

Daniel, the Lookout: Oh! It's you guys! Welcome back!
Discouraged Rita: We planted wheat the other day. Watching the plants grow
         somehow makes the pain a little easier to bear. Don't get discourage
         either. Even when everything seems bad, something good can come
Georgi, the Hard Worker: The village is looking a little livelier, don't you
         think? It's been nearly half a year since then...
Weak Thibault: Hello, there! I've decided to leave the village. I'm gonna be a
         soldier, and go to the front. I feel much better now that I've made up
         my mind. He he. Pretty strange, huh?
Taciturn Elrie: I don't what to do. Should I try to stop him from going to the
         front, or should I send him off with a smile?
Depressed Nagy: Lately, there's been this three-wolf pack roaming around the
         village at night, after our food. Nothing like this ever happened when
         Jeanne and Blanca were here...
Inspired Benoit: What? You were in Russia? Such a faraway place...Don't know
         exactly what you're planning, but don't take too many chances, okay?
         You've only got one life to live.

- Meet the three wolves in the forest.

Blanca:  Awroo, awroo? (So you're the wolves that've been causing trouble in
         Domremy, huh? )
Maya:    Awroo? Grrr! )Who the hell do you think you are, coming into our
Mash:    Awroo! Awroo/// )Hey, Boss! I think this guy is the "White Demon of
Blanca:  ...Awroo! (Yeah. Some call me that.)
Martega: Awroo, awroo. (Awroo, awroo.)
Yuri:    Yehy, Blanca, can I fight these guys too?
Maya:    Aw-awroo! (H-hold on! You're an official competitor in the Wolf Bout,
         right?) Awroo, awroo! (You can't go getting your humans to help you!
         it's against the rules! )
Blanca:  ...Awroo, awroo! (Fine, I'll take you all on, all by myself!)
         1. This is for harassing the village!
         2. Three aginst one? Maybe next time.

Blanca:  Fate is a funny thing. Here I am, fighting to preotect the village
Maya:    You're the White Demon, eh? Well, we're the Black Dog Stars! C'mon,
         Mash and Martega!

- Lose.
Maya:    Ha ha ha ha! We won! The White Demon, eh? Hmph! We put an end to that

- Win

Maya:    I can't believe he stood up against our combination attack... This
         White Demon is some kind of super-wolf!
Blanca:  Numbers don't always decide the outcome. Doesn't amtter how many you
         have if you don't believe in yourselves.
Mash:    Awroo, awroo... (Man, Boss! This wolkf was no ordinary opponent!)
Blanca:  Awroo! (You'd better not bother Domremy ever again! And I won't tell
         you twice...)
Maya:    Aw-awroo. (We won't. We promise. And to show you we mean it, here.)

- You learned Comeback!

Maya:    Awroo! awroo! (Damn! I won't forget that!)
Mash:    Awroo, awroo! (Wait for me, Boss!)
Martega: Awrooo! (Awrooo!)

- They all leave.

- Return to Domremy talk to Nagy.

Depressed Nagy: Those wolves up and vanished! Did you get rid of them for us,
         Blanca, ol' boy?
Blanca:  Awroo!
Nagy:    I guess we shouldn't try to depend on you forever. From now on, we're
         gonna defend ths village ourselves!

19. GALLERY OF THE DEAD ................................................ *W19

- The scene changes to the return of the Tsar, illustrated with sepia etchings
and a voiceover.

That day, Petrograd held a glorious celebration. A victory parade for the Tsar
returning from his tour of the Eastern front. Although much love for him was
lost on that bloody Sunday of a decade ago, on this day the people raised their
voices in celebration of their Tsar. But like a candle burning more brightly
the moment before it's snuffed out, it was glory tinged with tragedy...

- The Tsar is getting dressed for the banquet.

Tsar:    How can we go to the banquet without even knowing if Anastasia is all
Empress: What are you saying? It's an important night for you--no, for all of
Tsar:    Nothing is more important to me than the safety of my children!
Empress: You must relax. Grigori is pressuring Edgar for more information about
         his co-conspirators.
Tsar:    Aren't you even worried?! Your beautiful faughter was kidnapped!
         Besides, Edgar treated Anastasia as his very own granddaughter. I
         can't believe he would be involved!
Empress: But I saw it with my very own eyes! Those ruffians Edgar brought here
         were controlling Anastasia! She almost killed Alexei with a knife!
Tsar:    Yes, you're told me that many times. Hmm... When this banquet is over,
         I'm going to question Edgar myself.

- The door opens and Rasputin enters and bows.

Rasputin:...There's no need, Your Majesty.
Tsar:    Ah, Rasputin. Have you found anything?
Rasputin:Yes, Your Majesty.
Empress: Tell me, Grigori.
Rasputin:He was very tight-lipped [mouthed], but I used hypnotism to learn of
         his companions. They're an organization intent on taking the life of
         the Tsar and his family.
Tsar:    What?!
Empress: Is this true?
Rasputin:Yes. Among them is a German noblewoman. She has strong military
         connections, so this may be part of an attempted coup!
Tsar:    My cousin Wilhelm!
Rasputin:Relax, Your Majesty. Surely it is our enemy's intention to shake the
         confidence of the Tsar.
Tsar:    But how...?
Rasputin:Just attend the ball as if nothing is amiss. We must show the rest of
         the world the greatness and composure of Russia.
Tsar:    .........
Empress: Lord Rasputin is exactly right!
Rasputin:All the security for His Majesty and the Royal Family has been taken
         care of.
Tsar:    Very well.
Empress: You're so wise, my lord.

- The Tsar sits down and mutters "Oh dear".

End of Movie

- Yuri and the party enter the main gate at Petrograd.

Yuri:    It's no good. We can't get in through the front.
Ewan, the Page: Princess Anastasia! You're all right!
Anastasia: Ewan!
Ewan:    You can't go in this way right now. They're on extreme alert right now
         because of the banquet. Prince Yusupov said he had a plan. He's
         waiting for you by the bridge on the outskirts of the city.
Anastas: Thank you, Ewan. I owe you one!

- Talk to some of the people in the square and streets.

Fervent Joseph: Since the kidnapping, parliament's been frozen. No one's
         listening to the troubles of the people! It'll only lead to riots and
         strikes! They're totally out of touch with the students and the poor!
Sad Leonid: I heard some of the aristocracy are opposed to Rasputin. If they
         would just voice their opinions, maybe that would end the troubles...
Old Boris: The Tsar's acting as if nothing's wrong, but he must be worried
         about the princess. I really feel for him...
Devout Sergi: There'll be a great banquet at the palace tonight. Victory
         reception! There'll be foreign guests of honor as well as the usual
Elio, the Tippler: I dunno if it's the victory celebration or what, but I drank
         more than usual today! What a great day! Hiccup!

- As they approach the bridge and the steps Yuri hears a voice and collapses.

Girl's Voice: ...Yuri! Yuri!
Yuri:    Huh?! That voice...

- Yuri is inside the graveyard.

Jeanne:  Oh, Yuri! I've been waiting for you!
Yuri:    What's the matter? Did something happen?
Jeanne:  You resurrected Amon, didn't you?
Yuri:    You bet! Now I can finally give Rasputin what he's been begging for!
Jeanne:  That must be why...
Yuri:    Huh? Why what?
Jeanne:  This whole world has been shaking. It's been coming in really strong
         waves, like it's filled with life or something. I feel forces coming f
         from the different class doors. Amon must've summoned some really
         powerful fusion monsters! I think the spirits of the six classes would
         lend you even greater powers if they got the chance!
Yuri:    Got the chance? Greater powers?
Jeanne:  ...That's right. Look for something like symbols that represent
         them...something like that! If you find anything like that, you should
         check the altar stones again.
Yuri:    Okay.
Jeanne:  Well, I'll keey trying to find out about that creepy tree. See you!
Yuri:    Hey, Jeanne! Symbols of the six spirits, huh?

- Back in Petrograd.

Karin:   Are you all right?! You just collapsed all of a sudden.
Yuri:    Yeah... I'm fine. It was just Jeanne calling me, that's all.
Karin:   Jeanne?
Yuri:    He he. She gave me a clue about how to release my power. I'm really

- Meet Prince Yusupov.

Prince Yusupov: I've been waiting for you. I'm Prince Yusupov. I'll show you
         the way out of the Winter Palace. This way, then!

- He escorts the team to the front of a metal gate in the wall.

Prince Yusupov: Once you get through here, you'll come out in a secret room in
         the palace. You must hurry. The banquet will begin shortly.

- Inside the underground gallery.

Yuri:    I'm not sure about this...
Prince Yusupov: This passage was made over 100 years ago. Not even Rasputin
         knows about it. It's the only way to get inside the palace unnoticed.
Anastas: Thank you, Prince Yusupov!
Yusupov: Not at all! The Tsar will be overjoyed when he sees you're okay.
         Prince Dmitri will be waiting for you in the room on the other side.
         Please, look after the princess!
Joachim: Don't worry! We'll take care of her!
Yusupov: I'll keep guard at the entrance here.
Yuri:    Okay, Anastasia, let's go see your dad!
Anastas: Okay!

- Checked the skeleton next to the save point.

Pure white bones from a cradle around an old-looking book...

- You got Nibelung Scene 8, and powered up Geuschbenst.

- Next to the first gate.

Yuri:    Huh? The gate is down. Looks like this is as far as we can go.
Karin:   I bet we can open it with this lever. Look, it has the same symbol on
Anastas: That's not a "symbol"! It's a perfectly good Cyrillic character!
Yuri:    How do you read it?
Anastas: You're not bery scholarly, are you? "D" is read "deh."
Yuri:    This symbol is "D," pronounced "deh," huh?
         1. Try moving the lever.
         2. Don't move it.

- Pull the lever.

Yuri:    Hey, it opened.
Gepetto: I get it. All we have to do is move the lever with the same symbol and
         the gate opens.
Anastas: It's not a "symbol." It's a letter of the Russian alphabet!

- Check two locked gates.

Yuri:    Blocked. How do you read this one, Your Highness?
Anastas: "b" is a "lenition" or "consonant weakening" symbol. It doesn't have a
Yuri:    Hey! I know this one. "A" is read "ay", right?
Anastas: Wrong. When it's the Russian alphabet, "A" is read "ah".

- Arrive at another lever.

Yuri:    Um... Let's see...
Anastas: That's "E," and it's read "yeh."
Yuri:    Yeah, that's what I thought... It says "E," and that's pronounced

- Pull the lever.

Yuri: I think I heard a gate opening in the distance.

- Meet a wolf behind bars.

Necros:   Awroo... (Hmph... Another wolf...)
Blanca:   Awroo? Awroo... (You're a zombie? Never thought I'd run into a
          half-dead wolf...)
Necros:   Awroo, awroo... (Half-dead...? Wrong. I'll never die.) Awroo...
          Awroo. (I love the taste of live wolf flesh. I ate so much, I became
Blanca:   Awroo, awroo... (And so you're just going to hang around this world
          forever, huh? Poor guy...)
          1. I'll help him rest in peace ...
          2. I'll just ignore him.

Blanca:  If you refused to die, let me give you a little helping paw.
Necros:  ...You look pretty tasty. I'll lap you up--guts, fur, bones and all!

- Lose

Necros:   I won. Now I get to eat you!! ...But I guess I shouldn't eat right
          after exercise... Secret to a long life.

- Talk to him again, after losing.

Necros:  Awroo! Awroo! (Dinner is served! I'm really going to eat you this
Blanca:  1. Nobody's eating me!
         2. This is too freaky. I'm out of here.

- Win.

Necros:   My body is crumbling... I-I'm gonna die!!
Blanca:   Die with dignity. That's the way of the wolf.

= Necors disappears and you get a stamp. Soul Comet powers up!

- Arrive at another lever.

Yuri:    This is that character... It's on the tip of my tongue...
Anastas: Yeah, right. That's "K," and it's read "kah." So what should we do?
Yuri:    1. Try moving it.
         2. Nah, better not.

- Pull the lever.

Anastas: I bet that opened up a gate somewhere.

- Meet the Ring Soul.

Ring Soul: I am the Ring Soul! The will of the Judgment Ring! The
         administrator of all fate...
Yuri:    You're doing a good job, but hasn't your image changed somehow...?
R. Soul: I can see it!  I can see your future! This I entrust to you!

- You got Attack Boost.
Yuri:    Sure.  Thanks.
R. Soul: Maybe I was too nervous or something, but my performance was far too
         stilted before. Now it's really flowing!
Yuri:    Flowing...?  It just sounds a little short to me now. And what about
         all that stuff you used to say afterwards?
R. Soul: Of course!  I nearly forgot!  Guess I got a little too relaxed!
         Here goes... I will appear to you again, to bestow upon you more
         power... But beware! I am always watching... Watching to see if you
         are truly the one to command destiny...
Yuri:    Sure thing.
R. Soul: Okay, see you then!
Yuri:    Wait! Next time, why don't you try impersonating your wife or
         something?!  I wanna see what she's like!
R. Soul: Huh?  Impersonate my wife?  When I'm being the Ring Soul?
Yuri:    Yeah!  You can do it, right?  You're an actor, aren't you?
R. Soul: I wouldn't exactly say an actor... I mean, I've always been the Ring
         Soul.  But I guess I might be able to...
Yuri:    You can!  I'm sure of it!  This is gonna be great!
R. Soul: O-okay, then!  I'll start practising!  See you!
Yuri:    Bye!

- The Ring Soul disappears

- Inside the cemetery area, check the light panel.

Yuri:    Huh? What's this?
Anastas: Those are the same characters that are written on the gates.
Karin:   Hey, I know. Maybe it tells us if the gates in the passageway are
         open or not?
Yuri:    So maybe red lights show the gates that are already open?

- Check the top left grave.

Anastas: Look. There's something written on this wall.
Yuri:    Huh? What does it say?

- Inscription on Wall.

Entry 1: I lost my home and wealth to political maneuverings. Now I'll end my
days rotting away here... All I have left is this locket, keepsake from my
mother. It's all that keeps me going...
Entry 2: The others, who've been here longer than I have, asked if I wanted to
try and escape with them. I politely refused. Even if I could get out of here,
what do I have left in this world...?
Entry 3: I haven't been here very long, but my body is already beginning to
rot. It's difficult to write on this wall. The others stole my locket from me
before they escaped. I wonder if they managed to reach aboveground...? My
keepsake, all that I had left... If only I could have it back to comfort me in

- Check the middle grave.

A sorrowful air drifts from the stone.

- At a lever.

Yuri:    Let's see... "A" is read "ay"...?
Anastas: That's "A," and it's read "ah."
Yuri:    .........

- Pull the lever.

Yuri: Okay! On to the next one!

- Check the exit door.

Yuri:    Huh? It won't open. Is it locked or something?
Gepetto: No, I don't think so. But there's a faint, eerie presence coming from
         this door... I think somebody's ghostly regrets are keeping this door
         sealed shut.
Karin:   Somebody? Who?
Gepetto: I don't know exactly, but probably one of the Russian nobles that was
         locked up here, I'd say.
Anastas: The regrets of a Russian noble...
Yuri:    We'd better do something or we won't be able to sneak into the palace.

- At the locked "P" gate.

Yuri:   "P"... This has got to be "pee", right?
Anastas: That's "P", and it's read "ehr". See? the shape is slightly different
         from the Roman alphabet "P".

- At the next lever.

Yuri:    Hey! Look at this character! That one's really Russian-y!
Anastas: What are you talking about, "Russian-y"? That's "B," and it's read
Yuri:    What do you know? Learn something new every day. Now, then...

- Pull the lever.

Yuri:    That was a pretty loud noise. I think the gate must've been pretty

- At another lever.
Yuri:    "P"... This has got to be "pee", right?
Anastas: That's "P", and it's read "ehr".
Yuri:    Well, you don't have to get so uppity about it!
         1. Tsk! let's hurry up and move it.
         2. Don't move it.
Yuri:    Damn! How many of these things are there?
Anastas: Stop your whining! And get moving!

- At the last lever.

Yuri:    How do you read this one, Your Highness?
Anastas: Are you making fun of me? ..."b" is a "lenition," or "consonant
         weakening," symbol. It doesn't have a reading.
Yuri:    Well, fancy that.

- Pull the lever.

Yuri:    Huh? I heard something back by the entrance.
Anastas: Maybe the gate near the entrance opened? Let's go see.

- Check the skeleton in the dead end passage.

Anastas: This person is holding something.
Yuri:    Really? Let me see. Hey, you're right. It looks like a necklace.
         1. Take it.
         2. Leave it.

- Take the item and you got Silver Locket. Back at the cemetery. Stand at the
middle grave.

Anastas: Say, Yuri, let's give him back his locket.
Yuri:    1. Of course. I was planning to.
         2. That's kind of a waste, isn't it?

- Choose 1.

Yuri:    Hey, the mood of this place suddenly cleared, don't you think?
Gepetto: Yeah, that ghostly atmosphere is gone.
Anastas: I bet his sadness was trapped here all this time. I'm sorry for what
         my ancestors did to you, sir...

- Exit through the door into the statue room at the Palace.

Grand Duke Dmitri: Ah, you made it! You're not hurt? Well, then, this way...

- Inside the Great Hall, a trumpet fanfare announces the start of proceedings.
People are in the great hall and clap as the Tsar leads the empress to the

Tsar:   Noblemen of Russia! Greetings! After having visited the front line,
        one thing I can say with confidence is that the brave soldiers [men] of
        the Russian Army march on the road to a total victory! ...Well,
        everyone. In celebration of the victory to come, and to the eternal
        Empire of Russia, this night, let us wine, dine and dance!

- Everyone applauds and Tsar sits down and puts his head in his hands.

Tsar:    What a fool I've been...

- Couples are dancing to the music of a waltz. Victor and Rasputin appear and
the assassin approaches the Tsar, taking out his knife, about to strike.

Tsar:    Huh?!

- Yuri jumps down from the balcony and hits the assassin back.

Assassin: *groans*
Empress: *screams* Y-you?!

- There are gasps of shock from the guests and Anastasia walks towards Yuri and
her parents.

Tsar:    Anastasia...?

- Rasputin has been watching from the side and walks towards her, but Yuri
steps in front of him.

Rasputin: Y-you're alive, Princess Anastasia... We were so worried.
Yuri:    Hey! Step back!
Anastas: Thanks for worrying, Mr. Rasputin! As you can see, I'm quite well!

- Anastasia twirls and bows, mocking him. She walks towards her father.

Anastas: Princess Anastasia has returned. And welcome home, Daddy!
Tsar:    But how...?
Anastas: I had a great adventure with these folk. We visited foreign lands
         and saw all sorts of strange and wonderful things.
Tsar:    Oh, is that right?
Anastas: These are the pictures I took. It's a present for you, Daddy!

- The Tsar looks at the album.

Anastas: Well? Didn't I do a good job? That last one almost cost me my life!
Tsar:    Yes, I see. You did a very good job.
Empress: My lord?! What about these rogues...?
Tsar:    Oh, yes, thank you!
Rasputin:Leave them to me, Your Majesty!

- The Tsar addresses the crowd.

Tsar:    Someone here plotted to kill me, Tsar Nicholas of Russia, and my
         family! And that someone is... my councilor, Grigori Rasputin!
Rasputin:My lord. Wh-what do you mean...?!
Tsar:    You can drop the pretence. My daughter brought proof of your
         treachery. This photograph here proves it.

- He holds open the album showing the photos she took of Rasputin. Nicolai and
Veronica are at the back of the room and Nicolai starts to walk away, as
Veronica too, quickly backs away.

Empress: Huh?!
Rasputin:Why Y-you...

- Rasputin takes out a knife and grabs the Empress, his knife at her throat.

Empress: *screams*
Rasputin:Don't move!
Anastas: Mother!!
Yuri:    Let her go. This is between you and me now.
Rasputin:You'll pay!!

- Rasputin is surrounded by guards, when Veronica dropped a smoke bomb, causing
smoke to blind the guards and Yuri.

Yuri:    What?!
Veronica:Lord Rasputin, now's your chance!

- Rasputin releases the Empress and run saway.

Tsar:    Guards! After them!

End of Movie.

- Anastasia runs towards her parents.

Anastasia: Daddy!!
Tsar:    Oh, Anastasia! It's all right. Everything's fine now!
Empress: My lord...
Tsar:    Say nothing. I understand. Idle hands are ever the Devil's tools.

- The Tsar turns to talk to Yuri.

Tsar:    I wish to thank you.
Yuri:    It's fine, but it's not over yet. We need to get somewhere safe...

- The room is rocked with an explosion.

Yuri:    I guess he's here!
Anastas: Father, Mother! Find someplace safe! Let's go, Yuri!
Yuri:    We're going? What about the palace?
Anastas: Come on, Yuri! We've got to find a way to save this country!
Empress: Anastasia!
Yuri:    Oh, man... I'll protect the princess. Don't you worry!
Tsar:    I'm counting on you!
Empress: My! Could Anastasia be their leader?
Tsar:    I-I think she might be.

End of Movie.

- Talk to them again.

Tsar:    We'll be fine here. I'm trusting you to look after Anastasia.
Empress: Please forgive my mis-judgement, my lord...

- Inside the palace Yuri chases down Rasputin.

Grand Duke Dmitri: That damn Rasputin was heading for the north stairway!
Prince Yusupov: Rasputin went down to the first floor and is heading for the
         courtyard! That's a dead end. What's he thinking?!
Ewan, the Page: We must hurry! Rasputin ran off towards the courtyard!
Gerard:  Hey! What's going on here?! All the troops are going crazy! And it's
         crawling with monsters outside! Huh? You want something?

- Reach the middle of the courtyard.

Karin:   Yuri! Look at that!

- Karin points to an airship approaching over the palace.

Gepetto: Where was that hiding...?

- The airship is dropping bombs over Petrograd.

Anastas: The city!!
Joachim: No!!
Yuri:    Where is he?!
Lucia:   There!!

- She points to the tower where Rasputin is walking up the spiral staircase and
monsters fly down to attack the team.

Yuri:    Here goes!

- Veronica and Rasputin are waiting at the top of the tower.

Asmodeus-Rasputin: Veronica, you stop them! I'll set up a stronghold in
         Petropavlovsk Fortress.
Veronica:Yes, Lord Rasputin!
Yuri:    Out of the way, Veronica!
Veronica:Tsk tsk! I'll see you in hell! You can't match this power of mine, a
         gift from Lord Rasputin himself!

- Battle! After beating Veronica.

Veronica:Lord Rasputin...

- Rasputin falls off the edge of the tower and has landed on the airship, wich
is flying away. Yuri fuses into Amon and hunts him down, attacking the airship.
He lands on the deck of the airship facing Rasputin.

Rasputin:Amon?! But how?! The Mistletoe...?
Rasputin: *cries out* as he blasts Amon causing a big explosion on the ship.
Karin: Yuri!!

- Amon/Yuri shakes his wings and is fine.

Rasputin: Demon!!

- Amon/Yuri punches at Rasputin's shield, and slowly breaks through it. The
airship explodes, breaks into two pieces and falls to the river below

Karin: Yuri?!

Amon howls in the sky, and Nicolai is watching all this from a bridge as bits
of the airship fall into the water below.  Rasputin hangs, floating just over
the water

Rasputin: My shield... So much power... I suppose I have no other choice?!

- Amon closes in on Rasputin.

Rasputin: Amon! I have something to show you! The demon that dwells within me!

- He laughs and flies to a very high position near a tower ...

Rasputin: My lord and benefactor, Asmodeus! It is time to fulfill the Soul
         Pact!! Come to this world and take this place as your holy land!! In
         the name of the Sword Sages!! I summon you to this place!!

- A huge wind blows, buffeting everyone, and a huge castle structure rises out
of the ground.

End of Movie

- Everyone is back inside the palace, inside Anastasia's room.

Anastas: W-what's that...?! That huge temple?!
Lucia:   Looks like the castle of Satan himself.
Joachim: It's unbelievable!
Yuri:    He he! I guess Rasputin's pretty determined.
Gepetto: Well, are we going in there?
Yuri:    What else?!
Karin:   Hold on! We can't afford any mistakes with this guy. We need to
Yuri:    Okay...

- Talk to the people inside the palace.

Cyril the Guard: West hallway, prepare for monster invasion! A little monster
         mischief is nothing compared with yours, Princess.
Emperor Nicholas II: I won't let that devil have his way with Russia, even if
         it kills me! By God, I won't run! I'll stand and fight!
Empress Alexandra: Anastasia, I suppose I owe you an apology, don't I? I'm
         sorry for being so cold to you. When you're back safe and sound, I'd
         love to hear all about your travels. I'll be waiting for you!
Prince Alexei: It's crazy outside the palace, Sis! What's going on? Mother said
         I'm not supposed to leave my room. It's so boring...
Imperial Guard Akim: I'll defend the east hallway, so you can steal snacks
         again in peace, Princess!
Grand Duke Dmitri: Monsters are swarming out of that freaky castle of
         Rasputin's. Out dwindling troops can't hold out long! And there's no
         way into it from the ground. We've got to think of a way to get in
         from the air!
Imperial Guard Naum: The Winter Palace is the pride of the Russian people! No
         monsters are getting in here!
Imperial Guard Igori: I don't care what kind of horrible monster I have to
         face! I'm going to protect this castle to the end!
Imperial Guard Tolya: I-I'm not afraid! My job is to defend this Winter Palace.
         That's what I'm here for!
Imperial Guard Khariton: I just barely joined the Imperial Guards the other
         day. Now I have to fight monsters already?!
Imperial Guard Danilo: Hmph. That monster's nothing compared to my mom. I can
         take care of it!
Prince Yusupov: No monsters will get into the Winter Palace! Not past us! We'll
         stake our lives on it!
Prosperous Gorby: This is an emergency! Special offer, today only! I'll part
         with some really rare goods!
Imperial Guard Styopa: I'll defend the first-floor hallway to the death!

- Leave the Winter Palace and a scene begins.

- Nicolai and Rasputin are inside the temple he created. Rasputin is sitting in
a kind of throne room, looking distinctly blue about the face. Nicolai is no
longer subservient.

Rasputin: ...What do you want?
Nicolai: Veronica is dead.
Rasputin:I see. You may leave now.
Nicolai: By morning, Petrograd will be reduced to ashes. Do you have plans
         after that?
Rasputin:No, I couldn't care less. Soon, my demon servants will bring death to
         all of Europe. After that, Asia, then finally we will destroy America.
Nicolai: Have your goals changed so much, Master?
Rasputin:Goals? *laughs* I have no goals. There's no longer any need to rush.
         One hundred years, two hundred years... It [Time] doesn't matter at
Nicolai: .........
Rasputin What's wrong? You should be happy. You no longer have to toil in the
         dark like a thief. You'll soon have revenge.
Nicolai: After my mother died and I was orphaned, it was you who had the
         Vatican accept me, Master. I have done my best since then to try to
         repay that debt.
Rasputin:Is that so? A sad story. But what of it? I saved you to use you as my
         tool, not because I had any love for you.
Nicolai: So you have no desire to rebuild Russia after all the effort effort
         you spent destroying her?
Rasputin:Irrelevant. Why would I ever concern myself with such paltry matters?
Nicolai: You were to succeed to the throne of Russia and become king of all
         Europe. What about those plans?
Rasputin:You really are dense... I've disposed of such petty human concerns.
         For me, snuffing out human life is nothing more than an amusement.
Nicolai: You've been possessed by Asmodeus.
Rasputin:Huh? Why did you come here? Was it to anger me? Your little plan,
         I've known of it for a long time. To kill me after I become Emperor.
         You were planning on making yourself the new Tsar instead, isn't that
         right? [no?!]
Nicolai: Yes. I may just be a bastard son, but it is still my right to inherit
         the kingdom.
Rasputin:*laughs* Who will believe you?
Nicolai: My father.
Rasputin:So it's revenge for your mother?
Nicolai: Yes.
Rasputin:*laughs maniacally*
Nicolai: You're a fool.
Nicolai: I came here to tell you something that you should already know.
Rasputin:What is that?
Nicolai: I'm more certain now than ever.
Rasputin:I asked what it is!
Nicolai: You cannot defeat Yuri.
Rasputin:Huh?! Very well. And what makes you say that?
Nicolai: He's just a human. A human, but he conquered Amon's soul. Do you
         understand what that means?
Nicolai: His willpower is simply extraordinary.
Rasputin:Extraordinary, you say?
Nicolai: The willpower of a human, and the destructive power of a demon. It's
         those two things that make him worthy of his name "Godslayer." You may
         have the power of a demon, but your will is weak. That is why you
         cannot win.
Rasputin:Interesting... And you think that you can win?
Nicolai: Yes.
Rasputin:Why are you so sure? What do you really think a puny human like you
         can do...?

- Nicolai shows him: flames leap around him.

Rasputin:Oh, I see... So that's it!
Nicolai: So you finally understand?
Rasputin:*laughs* Good. So my true enemy was right here with me all along.
         We'll settle things between us later. But first we'll have the
         godslayer as a blood offering!

- Outside the palace, Joachim finds a frozen tuna in the snow.

Yuri:    What the hell is this?!
Joachim: Hmm. Nice tuna...
Anastas: T-tuna?!
Yuri:    What's a tuna doing here?! We're in the middle of a city!
Joachim: No doubt about it. This tuna swam its way through the violent waves of
         the Tsugaru Strait to make its way here! A fine tuna! A tuna among
         tuna! I too have been called a fish out of water. This fish is perfect
         for me!
Yuri:    What the hell is he talking about?
Anastas: What is he going to do with it?!

- Joachim picks it up. You got Frozen Tuna.

Joachim: Ah, this heft! I can hear the battle cry of men of the sea now!
Yuri:    You're not going to eat it, are you? You're going to use it as a
         bludgeon, right?

- Joachim walks away.

Anastas: I think he seriously plans on taking it with him...

- Talk to the citizens.

Sad Leonid: Rasputin must be planning to destroy the world with this satanic
         fort! Oh, have mercy...!
Fervent Joseph: H-help! I don't want to die! The monsters are attacking!
Old Boris: W-what's going on?! Petropavlovsk's turned into some weird castle!
Devout Sergei: Oh, Lord! Satan is trying to darken out skies! All we can do is
         pray to you! Please! Save your helpless flock!
Elio, the Tippler: Monsters! I've gotta stop drinkin' so much! I'm starting to

- At Edgar's clock shop.

Anastasia: You're okay, Edgar!
Edgar:   And you, Princess! I didn't fold, even when Rasputin tortured me. I
         didn't tell him anything!
Anastas: Thank you. It must've been awful!
Edgar:   I might be over the hill, but nothing could break my loyalty to the
         emperor! Are you going to try to take on Rasputin now? Well, you'd
         better have this, then. A lot of sweat went into making it! It's my
         very best work.

- You got Panoramic Lens.

Edgar:   Now you should rest here for the night. I'll give you all some good
         food before you go off to fight!

Text:    Yuri and the others fall asleep after a simple but welcome supper.
         Then, in the middle of the night...

Nicolai: Karin... Karin...

- Karin finds herself lying on the floor inside the church at Domremy.

Nicolai: Karin. Karin.
Karin:   Nicolai...
Nicolai: I have come for you.
Karin:   For me...?!
Nicolai: Please come with me. Karin, please. If you continue on with this
         foolishness, you and Yuri will end up being killed by Rasputin's
Karin:   Yuri will never lose.
Nicolai: You believe in him?
Karin:   Yes.
Nicolai: I can see you truly care for him. You're right. He won't lose. So I
         guess you don't need me, then, eh?
Karin:   Wh-what do you mean?
Nicolai: I don't want to kill you. If you'd only join me, you could achieve
         anything. What do you want? Fortune, fame... Anything you desire. Even
         bring back your dead family!
Karin:   Th-that's crazy...
Nicolai: Why? Don't you understand [know] how important you are? That's what
         I'm trying to tell you.
Karin:   .........

- Yuri is sleeping on the floor of the church and Karin looks at him.

Nicolai: What exactly has that boy done for you, anyway?! No matter how much
         you love him, his heart belongs to another woman!
Karin:   What are you saying?!
Nicolai: He'll never be able to give you what you need!
Karin:   Don't!
Nicolai: Warmth! Comfort! Love!

- Karin tries to shut out novice putting her hands to her ears and then drops
to her knees.

Karin:   .........?!
Nicolai: Karin, come with me. I'll give you the love you want.
Karin:   Please stop...

- Nicolai holds her arms.

Nicolai: Don't fight it. A woman needs love to be fulfilled.
Karin:   .........
Nicolai: I need you. Let's be together. Karin, I love you.

- Karin pushes him away.

Nicolai: I love you! Yes, I love you!!
Karin:   I feel sorry for you...
Nicolai:  .........?!
Karin:   You manipulate people's hearts. But what is it you really want...?
Nicolai: Uh...
Karin:   You think you can hide your true self behind your smooth talk and good
         looks? Is that how you've been able to get to where you are now? Well,
         it won't work. You can't manipulate me.
Nicolai: Can you truly say you don't care for me at all?
Karin:   Goodbye, Nicolai. You and I [We] were never meant to be together.
Nicolai: Ka-Karin...

- Nicolai reach out both hands to Karin's neck before disappearing and Karin

Nicolai: Karin!!

- Back in Edgar's place, Karin wakes up, everybody is still sleeping ...

Karin:   A dream?!

- Karin touches Yuri's hair tenderly.

Karin:   A dream...

End of Movie.

- Talk to Edgar before leaving.

Edgar:   Take care! And good luck! I'll be praying for you!


- Talk to Edgar with the Daruma Doll.

Egar:   Ah, there you all are! Good to see... Huh?! That Daruma!
Yuri:   What?! Jeez, you scared me! What's the matter with the Daruma?!
Edgar:  It's only one the finest Daruma ever made! It's "Wobble," of the
        "Won't Fall Down" series!
Yuri:   You lost me! Is it special or something?
Edgar:  Special? Special?! That doesn't even come close! You can't even place a
        value on it, it's so magnificent! It's wasted on you! You don't even
        know its value! Give it to me! Come on!
Yuri:   1. F-fine! Here...
        2. You're freakin' me out! No way!
Edgar:  2. B-but... It's the last one... M-my Wobble! My precious Wobble!

- Talk to him again.

Edgar:  2. I can't just let it go like that! I'm begging you! Give me Wobble!
        Please! Come on! Give it to me!

Edgar:  1. Wahoo! Thank you! I never, ever thought I'd see the day I completed
        the set. I can't believe it! I... ...! Guess I got a little carried
        away. Maybe I should act my age, huh? It's just so exciting... I can't
        give much in return, I'm afraid. Only this Easter egg ornament. I just
        finished making it.

- You got Holy Easter Egg.

Yuri:    Phew! That guy's got a serious problem! He's obsessed!
Anastas: People go crazy about collecting things. if it wasn't for his
         obsessive collecting, he'd be pretty normal.

- Talk to him again.

Edgar:  Ah, the satisfaction of completing a set... So, what shall I collect

- Florence. Gourmet Connoisseur Ginori. Talk to him with the Super Piroshki.

Ginori:  Oh, help! What's that?! Is that supposed to be edible? It just looks
         like a lump!
Yuri:    It's a kind of Russian bread. It's called a Piroshki.
Ginori:  I suppose you eat it with your fingers, do you? I don't know. It's
         disgusting! I bet it tastes foul!
Yuri:    1. Why don't you try it, then?
         2. Well, you're not gonna eat it!

Ginori:  1. Me?! Eat that?! Well if you really insist...
         ... Gulp! Maybe I was a little judgmental. let me give you this, by
         way of an apology.

- You got Fine Tea Set.

Ginori:  2. No, I'm not! Nothing like that's going to pass by my lips!

- Talk to him again.

Ginori:  You're still carrying that lump of dough around with you? Ugh! I'm
         really worried about you!

- Paris, Champs Elysees. Talk to Zinedine of Mitsuboshi with the Super

Zinedine:*sniff, sniff* Oooh, something smells good!
Yuri:    Ah, it's probably this. It's called a Super Piroshki. It's stone cold
         now, though.
Zinedine:Piroshki? Tha's Russian, isn't it? A kind of bread, right?
         Interesting... Swap it for this stuffed animal?
Yuri:    1. Sure! I love stuffed animals!
         2. No way! Stuffed animals suck!

Zinedine:1. It's a good exchange! Okay, let me tuck into this, then!  ... Wow!
         The outside's so fluffy! The inside's so moist! Amazing! And it's not
         even fresh! And the meat flavour! Mmm...
         That exquisite bite... Only Sichuan soy tastes like that! And... Yes!
         There's a tiny hint of boxthorn too!
         Oh, it's fantastic! Beautiful! We chefs better look out for those
         Russians! They can really cook!

Yuri:    It really tasted that good? Guess I should've tried it...

- You got Talking Panda.

- Talk to him again.

Zinedine:Thanks, that was a real eye-opener. One day, I'll be making Piroshki
         like that!

Zinedine:2. Oh, well. Never mind. Once the war's over, maybe I'll go to Russia
         myself and try some there.

Talk to him again.
Zinedine:Sure you won't change your mind? I'll give you this stuffed animal!
         Just let me try that Piroshki!

20. IDAR FLAMME ......................................................... *W20

- Enter Idar Flamme.

Gepetto: Wow...
Anastas: This is Rasputin's temple...? It's just like the Idar Flamme in
         storybooks I read when I was a girl...
Yuri:    He he. It's got a pretty evil air about it, that's for sure!
Karin:   What's with you? You seem happy.
Yuri:    Yeah, well... I'm really gonna enjoy ripping this building apart!
         Don't worry, Anastasia. I'll take care of Rasputin, and when I'm done,
         there won't be any trace of this temple.
Anastas: Okay!

- The party stops in front of a giant egg that blocks the corridor.

Yuri:    What the hell is that giant egg all about?!
Lucia:   Look out! Something's coming out of it!

- Battle!. After the battle the blockage disappears.

Yuri:    Okay, now we can get through. Come on!
Joachim: Jeez! That was pretty creepy! I wonder if there are any more of them?
Karin:   This temple's alive. I'm sure of it...

- Reach the Magimel Shop inside Idar Flamme.

Gerard:  Yuuuriii!
Yuri:    Huh?! What are you doing here?! How did you get in?
Pierre:  Oh, come on! Why act so surprised? You people were here. Surely you
         knew we would show up eventually!
Gerard:  We had to come and give out support! This is do-or-die, right?! Aren't
         you even a little pleased to see us?!
Yuri:    Hmm, well, I guess a little...
Gerard:  So you'll buy something, then?! Use up all your cash! Go on! We might
         never meet again!
Pierre:  Exactly! You might as well use all your Stud Cards too. This might be
         our last meeting, after all!

- Gerard and Pierre look at each other, realising what they have said. And then
hold their heads and shake at each other.

Yuri:    .........
Gerard:  You idiot! What did you have to go and spell it all out for?!
Pierre:  Well, what about you?!
Yuri:    You two...
Gerard:  Oh, listen to us blurting out things! It's not true! Don't worry about
         it! Don't let it get you down! You just shout when you want to go
         back. We'll give you a ride back to the entrance, okay? Right, Pierre?
Pierre:  Y-yes, of course! Just say the word! Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha!

- Talk to Pierre with the Purple Bondage Suit.

- Interior of Idar Flamme.

Anastasia: Eeek! W-what is this place?!
Gepetto: It's beating like a heart! Huh?!

- Two monsters appeared ...

Yuri: It doesn't wanna let us through, huh?

- Battle!

Karin:   Look! It's weakening!
Yuri:    Ha ha! So that's the deal, huh?!

- Battle! Another pair of monsters shows up.

Gepetto: Looks like it stopped beating...
Karin:   Let's go, then!
Yuri:    Okay!

- Inside the thorne room.

Rasputin:You're late.
Yuri:    We took a little side trip.
Anastas: Have you decided to surrender?
Rasputin:*laughs derisively*
Joachim: So is that a no?
Rasputin:By the omnipotent power of the Lord, I call on the spirit of the

- A light leaves his hand and infects Yuri's chest by then simply vanishes.

Yuri:    He he. You're shooting blanks.
Rasputin:Hmph. So the power of Amon has halted the progress of the curse.
Yuri:    Your curse isn't worth shit, buddy!
Gepetto: And your shield has been broken too. You've got no chance to win.
Rasputin:You amuse me, little ants. Do you really think you can defeat me?
Yuri:    What do you think I'm here for? Bite me.
Rasputin:No, you will bite me. You have conquered Amon, but you have no idea
         how to use him!
Yuri:    .........
Rasputin:Did you meet Jovis?
Yuri:    Yeah.
Rasputin:Is he still hiding away in his little hole, living like a rat?
Yuri:    Anywa, he's much happier than you are.
Rasputin:*laughs derisively* Happy? Petty dreamers, licking each other's
         wounds while groveling on their knees? That's "happiness"?
Karin:   What did you say?!
Rasputin:I am the winner. I have done what he could not. Henceforth, the world
         will be indelibly changed in my image. Humanity will live in fear and
         darkness for thousands of years. Ans when the final human dies, I will
         still be there, laughing.
Anastas: He's insane...
Karin:   What's he saying?
Yuri:    He's writing his own epitaph.
Rasputin:?! Good. Now it's time to remove the final obstacle in my way. Time
         for you to die!!

- Battle!

- Rasputin is lying on the floor, dying.

Rasputin:How could it be...? I can' It was...human will
         that defeated me...?
Yuri:    Albert was 100 times stronger than you.
Rasputin:?! *laughs weakly* Albert, eh...? The Mistletoe was supposed to be
         used to defeat him... Do you know what the true horror of the
         Mistletoe is? The Mistletoe doesn't simply steal away a person's life.
         It kills the soul by stealing a person's thoughs, will and memory...
Yuri:    Kills the soul?!
Rasputin:Hee hee. Just as Nicolai said... Your most powerful weapon is your
         human willpower... But with each moment that passes, your soul slowly
         fades away...
Yuri:    .........
Rasputin:Still living, you will become a hollow person... Your personality
         will be stolen away and you will live on as an empty shell. For a man
         such as you, it will be a fate worse than death.
Karin:   How do we stop the curse?!
Rasputin:...You can't.
Karin:   Liar!!
Rasputin:It's true... That's why it was our final weapon against Albert
Yuri:    I won't - I won't change...
Rasputin:There's nothing you can do... Your will to resist will soon be gone...
Yuri:    .........
Rasputin:I'll tell you one more thing before I die...
Yuri:    What?
Rasputin:Nicolai is headed to the Vatican.
Yuri:    The Vatican?!
Rasputin:To Apoina Tower... He plans to release the malice locked in the
Gepetto: What's that, now?!
Rasputin:Go on. Go and finish Nicolai. Then you'll see how pointless your
         struggle really is... *laughs weakly*.

- Rasputin dies as the castle begins to shake.

Yuri:    .........Not yet. It's not over.

- The edifice that Rasputin created crumbles and the team escape on Roger's
Bacon  Jet!

21. APOINA TOWER REVISITED .............................................. *W21

Nicolai: So he's won...? Very well, Godslayer! Come here! I'm waiting for you!

- Inside the Graveyard, Jeanne is staring at Yuri's body embedded in the tree.

Yuri:    Yo.
Jeanne:   .........
Yuri:    What am I, invisible?
Jeanne:  This tree... It's so scary...
Yuri:    Yeah. Rasputin said it's going to kill my soul by stealing my memory.
Jeanne:  I guess nobody can help you in your fight against this curse...
Yuri:    I guess not.
Jeanne:  Are you scared?
Yuri:    1. Yeah, I'm scared.
         2. Not really...
Jeanne:  I wouldn't blame you if you were scared. It's so...horrible...
Yuri:    It's just a stupid tool for controlling people. But it's not going to
         work. I'm not letting this damn curse win!
Jeanne:  Yuri...
Yuri:    It's not going to kill my soul!
Jeanne:  I don't know how to break the curse. I tried and tried, but I couldn't
         find a way.
Yuri:    Rasputin said there wasn't any way to break it.
Jeanne:  But is he telling the truth?
Yuri:    I wonder.
Jeanne:  I won't give up, then. I'll keep looking! Don't you give up either,
         okay, Yuri?
Yuri:    I won't.

- Jeanne warps away.

- Revisit Wine Cellar, Lucky Chests

Jimote:  Oh, Mister! Perfect timing! We just got som new prizes in! Some really
         great ones this time! It costs 300 Cash to play. There are twelve
         treasure chest now, but you get three changes this time.
         And of course, the first person to get all the chests open gets s
         special prize. So what do you say, Mister?

Yuri:    1. It's 300 Cash, but I'll do it!
         2. I want to play the 100 Cash game.
         3. Nah, not today.

Jimote:  1. All right! You've got three chances! Let's play Lucky Chests!

- Revisit Paris, Cathedral.

Japanophile Taylor: You look Japanese. What? You're half-Japanese, you say?
         Wonderful! I love all things Japanese. I hope to go to Japan someday.
         Viva Zipangu!
Guy, the Junk Dealer: Ah, Gepetto! I found just the thing for you when I was
         scavenging around in the abandoned subway tunnel. I can't let it go
         for free, but let's see... For you, how about 10,000 Cash?
Gepetto: 1. Okay, I'll take it.
         2. I don't need anything like that!

- You got Silver Chair.

- Revisit Paris, Gepetto's Apartment.

Cremuis the Landlord: Hey! You've been away far too long! You're way overdue
         with the rent! Come on, pay up!
Lottery Member 10: Anything'll do! Whatever you got! Ah! That lottery ticket's
         fine! So Cone on, hand it over!
Yuri:    1. Okay, here!
         2. Sorry, I don't have anything.

LM 10:   2. I'll let it go this time. But if you keep being late with your
         payments, I'll have to throw you out!
         1. You should've handed the ticket over in the first place!

- Miss the target.

LM 10  : See what happens when you skip paying the rent! If you don't smarten
         up your act, that's the luck you can expect! Make sure you pay on time
         next month! Understand?!

- Revisit Petrograd and the Winter Palace.

Sad Leonid: Rasputin and his damn castle are finally gone... Russia is safe
Fervent Joseph: W-was I just dreaming? Where have all the monsters gone?
Old Boris: The strange castle disappeared... Was it just an illusion?
Devout Sergei: Oh, Lord! We give thanks to you! You answered our prayers.
        Thank you for protecting Russia!
Elio, the Tippler: The drink must've worn off! All the monsters... They just
         vanished into thin air! Hiccup!
         Oh, yeah! I found something! I'm sure it's really rare! You can have
         it for 100,00. Cash, of course! Well?
Yuri:    1. You got me! Here!
         2. 100,000?! Are you nuts?!

Elio     1. If you're outta cash, get lost!
         2. Yeah, no one's gonna buy this, are they? It's unlucky, that's what
         it is!

Emperor Nicholas II: Anastasia, my beloved daughter. I'll never stop worrying
         about you. If you get lonely, you know you can come back any time.
Prince Alexei: Mother said she'd take us to a cottage in the mountains! You've
         got to come back before then!
Empress Alexandra: Take care, Anastasia! I dn't want to stop you from
         travelling. Just make sure you look after yourself.
Prince Yusopoc: You're al here! I really can't believe you managed to defeat
         Rasputin! So it' all over now, I guess? What?! It's not over yet? Now
         you're going to the Vatican?!
Enthusiastic Misia: Oh, Princess Anastasia! How are you?
Sorrowful Elena: I'm fine. This sadness can't last forever. I'm sure I'll
         forget one day.
Grand Duke Dmitri: With Rasputin's castle gone, Russia's at peace once more.
         Now we must do everything we can to rebuild the government.
Grumbling Sasha: Change the tablecloths! Change the candlesticks! I suppose at
         least now I can get on with all tis blasted work in peace!
Rosa the Maid: It's been such a long time since I made the bed like this.
Prosperous Gorby: Well, hello there, Princess Anastasia! All the fuss seems to
         have died down, so I'm getting back to business. This is the world we
         live in! you've got to earn the cash while you can! Ha ha!


- In front of the main door of Apoina Tower two guards are lying there dead.

Yuri:    What on earth is Nicolai doing here?
Gepetto: Elliot, my brother-in-law, told me a long time ago... A tower in the
         Vatican holds all the anger and hatred of the world. And the vault at
         the top must never be opened.
Anastasia: What would happen if it was?
Gepetto: They say all that evil and resentment would take root in people's
Yuri:    You mean everyone would start arguing?
Karin:   It wouldn't just be arguments, you doofus!

- In the left alcove on F3.

Yuri:    Ah, Ring Soul!  Haven't seen you in ages!
Ring S.: Sorry to keep you waiting!  So, today, I will assume the role of
         Miyabi, playing the Ring Soul!  I'm so nervous!
Yuri:    Huh?
Ring S.: My name's Ring Soul!  I'm the will of the Judgment Ring-a-ling!  The
           administrator of diddly-widdly fate!
Yuri:    S-surely she doesn't really speak like that?!  Does she...?
Ring S.: You can't hide from little meesie!  I can see your future! Here!  My
         present to you!  And a kiss!

- You got Attack Boost.

Yuri:    T-thanks...
Ring S.: It's the power of the Judgment Ring!  Yipee!  Ha ha ha! Next time I
         see you, you little cutie, I'll give you more power! I'm gonna watch
         and make sure every one of you cuties is nice to Mr.Destiny! I had
         such a great time today!  You're my best friends!
Yuri:    T-thank you, cutsie-pie!
Ring S.: ...That's the kind of thing! That was my Miyabi. She talks real cute,
         huh?  Right?
Yuri:    Y-yeah, sure!
Ring S.: Ha ha!  Phew, I've been practicing that for ages. Every evening. I
         haven't done anything else. Oh. I'm so pleased you liked it!  Maybe
         next time I could do my daughter, Aya?
Yuri:    ...Oh, no!  Don't worry!  No, no...
Ring S.: No?!  I don't mind really. It'd be fun!
Yuri:    Okay...
Ring S.: Okay, then!  Better get practicing!  See you!

- The Ring Soul disappears

Yuri:    What kind of a woman is she?!

- Inside the room at the top of the tower ...

Nicolai: Well, it's been a long time.
Karin:   Rasputin is dead now.
Nicolai: Yes, I know. But what of it? He was never your true enemy, anyway.
Yuri:    Nicolai, what are you trying to accomplish [do]? What are you after?

- Nicolai laughs.

Nicolai: This vault is filled to overflowing with the hatred, malice and
         despair, of the countless souls who've perished [died] here. What if
         all that malice were to be suddenly released...?
Yuri:    Yeah, what if?
Nicolai: It would creep into the hearts of people all over the world. All their
         petty, paltry vices would become magnified...warped into bitterness,
         anger and envy.
Joachim: ?!
Nicolai: Don't you see? Men would slaughter each other like cattle to get
         ahead. Yes. The 21st century will be a time of unprecedented conflict
         and bloodshed.
Karin:   How can you?!
Nicolai: Very easily. Do you think you can stop me, Yuri?
Yuri:    Yeah.
Nicolai: What I want to do is to crush you. The man who beat Cardinal Albert
         Simon, who endured the Mistletoe's curse, who refused to bend [would
         not] bend before Rasputin! If I can't destroy you, I'll never be able
         to forgive myself!!

- Nicolai strikes the golden doors and the vault opens. Malice floods out.

Nicolai: Behold! Aren't they beautiful? Perfect balls [spheres] of negative
         energy! Godslayer! Pandora's box has been reopened! These unfettered
         bundles of malice will infect the world forever. You can try your
         best, but no matter how much you fight, the Age of Darkness is nigh.
Yuri:    Bastard! Come on!

- Battle! Nicolai is kneeling and collapses in front of the open door. Red
spirits seen to be flooding out of it.

Nicolai: *groans* I suppose I'm beaten... Even with the power of Astaroth...
         Time to finish it...

- Kato turns up and closes the door of the vault with magic power from his

Nicolai: !! You...

- Nicolai passes out.

Yuri:    Kato...
Kato:    In the name of the Emperor, I'm taking this man under my protection.

- Yuri tries to get close, but a shot whistles past him.

Kato:    I do not wish to fight you. Please leave.
Yuri:    No way.
Kato:    If this man is truly next in line to the Tsardom of Russia, then, as
         an allied country, we cannot simply let you kill him.

- Anastasia is startled by this revelation and gasps.

Yuri:    Look at those. Do you have any idea what those are going to do?

- They look at the red malice strands flooding over the streets.

Kato:    It was you who let it happen.
Yuri:    ?!
Kato:    The malice is already invading the people's hearts. It's too late for
         them. Taking this person's life is not going to change anything.
Yuri:    Stay outta this!!

- Yuri tries to attack Kato but is blocked by Kato's two henchmen, and Kato
blasts a blue light from his hand at Yuri, throwing him back.

Karin:   Yuri!!
Kato:    I'm going back to the capital. Your war is over now. Look for another
         way to live.
Yuri:    *groans*
Kato:    Farewell.

- Kato and his cohorts disappear, taking Nicolai with them.

End of Disc 1


       S H A D O W  H E A R T S  C O V E N A N T  : -  D I S C  T W O

22. YOKOHAMA - BRICK WAREHOUSES ......................................... *W22

- Narration is to a background of sepia sketches.

Three months after Nicolai released the pent-up malice of Apoina Tower...the
war's brutality escalated quickly with the use of chemical weapons. But the
battlefield changed little, with both sides becoming more and more entrenched.
Meanwhile, Yuri and his friends followed Special Agent Kato back to Japan to
stop Nicolai, now possessed by Astaroth. And so, the stage shifts to the

- Select Brick Warehouses, Yokohama. May 1915. Karin and the rest of the party
are inside a warehouse talking about Yuri.

Gepetto: Well, how is he?
Karin:   He's sleeping. But I don't think he's getting any better.
Joachim: We've come all the way to Japan and yet there's nothing we can do.
Lucia:   What if... What if he dies on us?!
Karin:   Why do you always have to say things like that?!
Anastasia: Oh c'mon! Show me somebody that's in danger of dying from

The camera turns to Yuri lying on a mat and a white arrow points at his rear.

Lucia:   He was fine in the airship.
Joachim: He's an odd one, all right!
Anastas: That stupid airship didn't have any "oomph," anyway! It wasn't my

- Blanca whines and shakes his head.

Gepetto: But you were the one who crash-landed the ship [it]!
Anastas: It's called an "emergency landing"! Anyway, there was a cute little
         mother and baby bear. I wanted to see them.
Karin:   Well, Roger is probably still busy fixing it, surrounded by those
Gepetto: Deep in the woods of Hokkaido...
Lucia:   Yeah, he may already be dead...

- Lucia realises that she said something wrong again, and everyone looks down,

Anastas: We seem to have all gotten kind of down.
Gepetto: You're right.
Lucia:   Anyway, we don't have any reason to think that he's dead.
Joachim: Besides, there's nothing we can do. Let's just take it easy until Yuri
         is back on his feet!

- Everyone nods and murmurs their agreement. The player has control of Blanca.
*Talk* to everyone.

Yuri:    *snore, snore*
Karin:   Looks like we're the only two that are really worried about Yuri...
         Right, Blanca?
Gepetto: I know we've gotta take it easy, but we can't sit around here forever.
         We've got to find out where that envoy went.
Anastas: Hey, Blanca! Stop wandering around and get some rest!
Lucia:   Come on, it's our first time in Japan! Everything's so new and
Joachim: We were dead-lucky to get that boat from Hakodate! Otherwise, we'd
         still be stuck in Hokkaido.

- Blanca leaves the warehouse and walks along the pavement. He runs into a
young swordsman who is surrounded by several soldiers.

- Battle controlling the Young Swordsman.

Young Swordsman: Tsk! I can't afford to waste time here...
Blanca:   1. Lend a hand.
          2. Watch a little more...

- Blanca joins in the battle. (If he doesn't then the swordsman has to fight on
his own.) After the battles another group show up.

Young Swordsman: More of them?!

- Battle again. (Blanca automatically joins in this time.) After the battle.

Swordsman: Who are you...? There's no time! I've got to get going!

- The young man runs off and the player then controls him again, with Blanca in
the team. In front of a warehouse they find an old man and a young girl
surrounded by several soldiers.

Young Swordsman: Maaaasteeer!

- Battle!

Old man: So, is it over?
Young Swordsman: Yes.

- The young girl whimpers, still scared, and the old man reassures her with a
hand on her shoulder and his words.

Old man: It's all right. Kurando has removed the threat of the bandits.
Young girl: Are you hurt?
Young Swordsman: I'm fine, Princess.
Old man: Kurando, who is this?
Young S: I don't know. He just appeared out of nowhere to help me out.
Old man: An unusual benefactor, I'd say. He certainly does look like a smart
Young S: Yes.
Young girl: Thank you.
Blanca:  Grrr! Awroo, awroo! (Don't worry. It was nothing.)
Young G: What's your name, boy?
Blanca:  Awroo, awroo! (Just call me Blanca the Whirlwind.)
Young G: Okay...You're white, so I'll call you Snowball!
Blanca:  Awroo!! (What are you saying?!)
Young S: I think he likes it.
Young G: Yeah!

- Blanca looks at them shaking his head.

Blanca:  Awroo! (Wrong!)
Old man: They must be impatient if they send their assassins here, don't you
         think so?
Young S: You should be careful. Our enemies will try to strike at you while
         you're away from the capital you'll be vulnerable.
Old man: I think we're safe enough, after all. We've got you. Isn't that
Young G: Yeah!
Old man: Still! How very rude of them! They could at least let a man visit a
         graveyard in peace.

- He chuckles.

Young S: Well, shall we go? The inn is just over there.
Old man: Yes.

- The old man and the young girl walk away.

Young S: You have my gratitude for saving us.
Blanca:  Grrr! Awroo! (Well, instead of that...)

- Blanca stretches out a paw, hoping for something else!

Young G: Goodbye, Snowball.
Blanca:  Awroo! Grrr! (That's not my name.) Grrr... (Hey, wait a minute...)

- They walk away. Blanca walks off and finds something on the ground.

Blanca:  Aw-roo?! (Huh? What's this?!)

- Blanca finds a comb. End of Movie.

- The scene shifts back to Yuri inside the warehouse. Talk to everyone.

Karin:   Are you okay? You still don't look too good.
Gepetto: Once we leave here, we're pratically in Yokohama. We might get some
         information about that Kato guy.
Lucia:   Thank goodness! You're alive!
Joachim: So you can move around now?! Okay, we'd better get moving, then! We'll
         go crazy just hanging around here!
Anastas: You've finally come to! I was so worried about you!

- Attempt to leave the warehouse.

Yuri:    Huh, Where's Blanca?
Karin:   Yeah... He came back late last night carrying something...
Lucia:   Yeah, that's right. A comb or something.
Yuri:    What does a wolf need with a comb?
Karin:   Good point.
Lucia:   Maybe it was for his girlfriend!
Anastas: What?! No way!
Yuri:    .........

- Leave the warehouse and talk to the people standing around in the warehouse

Whispering Murayama: I came here to buy tonic. Sales will be regulated starting
         next year, and it's too embarrassing to buy it in town.
Hard-working Tokichiro: Hey, this is Nippon's gateway to world trade. All kinds
         of stuffs makes its way over the seas here. It's not all imports, you
         know! Don't forget all the mountains of silk being exported!

Confident-looking Sudo: Keep this quiet, but the ships bringing stuff into the
         port here go back with stashes of weapons and gunpowder. Some people
         hate war, and some people make money from it...
Secret Dealer Kensuke: I'm not doing anything wrong. I'm just selling items on
         the quiet. You wanna buy anything?

Ichihei, a Local: This small building in front of you is warehouse number one.
         Number two's the long building back there.
Gonroku, the Dreamer: This warehouse is a nice building, right? If it was up to
         me, I'd open a cafe or a general store or something.
Kawakami, on Patrol: We get tobacco and liquor coming in here from overseas.
         Sometimes contraband too. Gotta keep a close eye on things.
Tea Boy Kitayama: I broke my brother's teacup! I'm so scared he's gonna be
         angry, I can't go home! What can I do?
Noriko, Come Sightseeing: Warehouse two was finished four years ago, and
         warehouse one was finished last year. Why did they build number one
Uenohara, the Trivia Buff: This was an ocean not too long ago. Then they went
         and filled it in, just to build these warehouses.

- Lottery Member 9.

Manual Laborer Murai: Foreign goods have been flooding in ever since this
         warehouse was built. I haven't had a single day off!
Lottery Member 9: And I've got the lottery to worry about, as well! Looks like
         that's why you're here, right?
Yuri:    1. What else?!
         2. Don't worry if you're busy.
L.M.9:   Okay, then! You've gotta believe, okay?! Put your spirit into it!

- Lose

L.M. 9:  Look at yer. All depressed and down!

- Win.

L.M.9:  Nice job! Here, take your prize!

- You got the prize.

L.M. 9: Okay, I've gotta get back to work. See ya again sometime!

- Joachim finds a giant pillar inside a warehouse.

Anastas: What is it this time?
Joachim: Hmm. Nice pillar...
Yuri:    Yup, it's a big pillar. A great big, huge pillar. Not something you
         usually see lying around...
Joachim: This pillar supported the structure of a house for generations, and
         now its role as a support is over... It bears the notches the children
         made over the years to record their height, like badges of honor...
Lucia:   Looks like he wants that pillar, huh?
Gepetto: Looks like it...

- Joachim picks up the pillar. You got Giant Pillar.

Joachim: Ah, I can feel the weight of the lives in that house as it bears down
         on my shoulder! What ever happened to that young daughter who left
         home that day so long ago, hoping to become a singer...?
Anastas: Who is he talking about?

- Joachim walks away with the pillar.

Anastas: Hey! I think he's crying!

- They leave the Brick warehouses area.

23. YOKOHAMA STREETS .................................................... *W23

- The party enters the streets and spots Blanca sitting on the pavement.

Anastasia: Oh, he's here, he's here.
Yuri:    What's he doing?
Anastas: Blanca!

- Anastasia is waving at Blanca and he turns to see the rest of the party
approaching, but then turns to see the old man and young girl coming towards

Young Girl: Snowball!
Blanca:  Awroo! (Good morning!)

- A car is driving fast along the road as the young girl crosses to reach
Blanca and it skids to a halt.

Young G: ?!
Blanca:  Awroo!! (What the...?!)

- A dark soldier gets out of the car and grabs the girl as Kurando dashes

Young G: *screams*
Kurando: Princess!!

- The kidnapper fires and Kurando dives to the ground to escape the bullets,
but is injured. Blanca gives chase.

Yuri:   Huh?! Look out!

- Yuri dives to the left pushing Karin to the ground to shield her as the car
drives off.

Kurando: S-stop!

- Blanca is in pursuit of the car as the others get up..

- The group are inside a house with the old man

Old Man: I owe you all a great deal of thanks.
Lucia:   Really, it was nothing. But doesn't he need to go to the hospital?
Old Man: He's fine. He may be thin, but don't worry, he's extremely tough.
Karin:   Was that your daughter that was kidnapped?
Old Man: Yes.
Joachim: We've got to go save her!
Old Man: I want nothing more than for her to return. But she's an important
         hostage. I'm sure they'll do nothing to harm her.

- Anastasia whispers to Joachim.

Anastas: Don't you think he seems kind of calm, considering what happened?
Joachim: Shh! He'll hear us!
Anastas: Don't worry. He's probably hard of hearing,anyway.
Old Man: I'm old but I'm not deaf yet, little lady! Not yet.
Anastas: I, uh, umm, err...

- Kurando walks in.

Old Man: Oh, how are you feeling?
Kurando: I'm fine. Please don't be concerned.

- He bows and Anastasia sees him for the first time and is enchanted. Her green
eyes grow large and she gazes at him.

Kurando: Master, these people?

- The camera pans the odd group as Anastasia makes giggly sounds and sways from
side to side with excitement... or passion, or something.

Old Man: These are the ones who brought you here when you were hurt.
Kurando: Oh, I see. Thanks you. I owe you all my life.

- He bows and Anastasia explains, throwing her arms wide.

Anastas: Oh really... it was nothing! It-it was our pleasure!

- She doesn't know what to do next as her cheeks flush and so she kicks

Yuri:    Anyway, we thought you died back there.
Kurando: ......
Old Man: There is dangerous work ahead. You've already done much to help. You
         needn't get further involved.
Yuri:    Well, maybe not, but... I think you know the people who took your
         daughter, don't you?
Old Man: That's true. But it would be wiser for you all to keep away from this
         business. It's not [none of] your concern.
Karin:   I'm afraid we can't do that.
Old Man: And why is that?
Yuri:    My partner... I mean, my pet wolf...The one that chased after the
Kurando: You mean Snowball?
Karin:   Snowball?!
Yuri:    Yes that's him!
Anastas: You mean Blanca, don't you?!
Kurando: That wolf. He saved us last night too.
Yuri:    You see. We can't just forget about him.
Old Man: Hmm...

- Blanca turns up.

Yuri:    Snowball!!
Anastas: Blanca!!

- Blanca drops the comb he found on the bench. Everyone gathers around to look.

Kurando: It's the Princess's!!
Yuri:    You found their secret hideout, boy?
Blanca:  Awroo!! (That's right!)
Yuri:    I guess it's decided then.
Old Man: Shall we accept their assistance?
Kurando: Yes.

- End of Movie. Talk to the old man. (Kurando has joined the party.)

Mysterious Old Man: No good comes from worrying. I suppose I've just got to
         believe in you all and wait.

- Leave the house and talk to the people on the streets.

Kisaburo, the Cadet: A black car just passed here headed for the paort, going
         at a hell of a pace!
Kendo, the Old Bore: The heat never lets up, huh? If this goes on, Tokyo Bay
         will dry up! Ha ha ha!
Cheerful Bunkichi: Kidnapped?! In the board light of day?!
Akiko the Celebrity: I've come to buy some tea leaves. There are a lot of
         foreign goods coming in through the docks here, you know.
Ibara, the History Buff: Since the port here opened up 50 years ago, the whole
         town's turned Western. We're losing our Japanese culture...
Snacking Hoshimo: Yokohama's the place to go for Western food. Cake, curry
         rice, sukiyaki... It's all here! You'll get fat!
Nomura, the Country Bumpkin: Wow! So this is Yokohama! Dad wasn't kiddin' me!
         This really is the city!

- Move further down the street to find the Magimel Brothers shop.

Yuri:    W-what are you guys doing here?! This is Japan... You know that,
Pierre:  Oooh, what a cold reception! And we came all the way along the Silk
         Road to join you!
Yuri:    Y-you're stalking me!
Gerard:  Come on, then! Hands in pockets! What do you want to buy? I can't let
         all that money we spent on gas getting here to to waste!
Yuri:    1. I'll buy something.
         2. I'm on a tight budget.
Pierre:  I'm taking a little time to recharge my batteries, then I'll come up
         with a new idea!

- With the Raccoon Toy.
Pierre:  Hey! That raccoon toy...
Yuri:    Huh? This? It's pretty cute, isn't it?
Pierre:  Will you sell it to me? Or tell me where I can buy one?! It's giving
         me inspiration for a new dress.
Yuri:    What? You want this? I dunno if (I) can let it go... Oh, all right!
         Here' have it!
Pierre:  Thanks! Now I'll sketch out my new design! Like this... a bit here...
         a bit there... There! All done!
         Well, it came out really well! I'm a genius, even if I say so myself!
         That really perked me up! Now that I've gotta  new design, I'll sew
         you a dress any time you want! Of course, there's the usual S-t-u-d
         Card exchange! Hmm?!

- Speak to him with the stud card.

Pierre:  Have you got a new card for me? I could make you a dress right now if
         you're in the mood!

Heavy-footed Tame: It's been alomst one year since Japan joined the war. I
         wonder when my son will be coming home>
Ginji, the Prodigal Son: I'm gonna take my girlfriend for a stroll on the
         Ginza. Nihonbashi's so uncool now!
Haru, the Book Lover: I've discovered a fascinating novel. The author's going
         to be huge, I'm sure! Huh? What's it called? It's "Rashoumon," by
         Akutagawa Ryunosuke.
Roppormatsue, the Medical Student: Last year, typhoid and the plague were rife
         in Tokyo. More than a thousand people died. It's all well and good to
         worry about what' going on overseas, but what about the state of
         things here?
Gloomy Masumi: *sigh* I don't wanna go to school... I mean, this uniform's so
         lame! We have to wear bloomers!
Tomoko, Just Back from France: I'm very particular about my perfume. Should I
         go for a floral scent? Ohm what am I asking a nobody like you for?!
Chic Akako: The world's getting more and more dangerous everywhere you go. All
         people talk about is war. Actually... I heard America may drop its
         neutrality and join the war since German U-boats sunk its luxury
         liner, the Lusitania.

- Down the second side street, find the Ring Soul.

Yuri:    Ah, Ring Soul!
Ring Soul: Boo-boo!  Today I'll be playing the diddly-widdly A-ya, as the Wing
         Soul!  Butterflies in my tummsie-wummsie!

- Yuri backs away in mock shock.

Yuri:    Ha ha ha?!  Great...!
Ring S.: I'm the Wing Soulsie=wilsie!  The will of the Judgment Wing!  The
         administrator of every teenie-weenie bit of fate!
Yuri:    Ha ha!  Aya...right?  Great performance!
Ring S.: Peekaboo!  I can see you!  I can see your future! This is for you!

- You got Attack Boost.

Yuri:    Aaaah!  Thank you!
Ring S.: It's the power of the Judgement Wing!  Wow! Next time I come to play,
         I'll give you more power!  I pwomise! I'm gonna watch and see you're
         all fwiendly to Mr. Destiny-Westiny! Thanks for being my fwiends!  I
         had fun!
Yuri:    Yeah, little cutsie-wootsie...
Ring S.: ...That's the kind of thing! That was my little Aya. She's the cutest,
         huh?  Right?
Yuri:    Y-yeah!  Really cute!
Ring S.: Ha ha!  We've been watching her really closely, me and Miyabi. Every
         night. Not doing anything else! Oh, I'm so glad you like it!  And the
         last one too! Great! How about my grandma next time? She's no longer
         with us of course, but...
Yuri:   ...No, thanks.
Ring S.: No?!  I don't mind, really. It'd be great!
Yuri:    No, really!
Ring S.: Oh, what a shame!  I was sure I could do it as well! See you, then!

- Ring Soul disappears

Yuri:    He's getting a little creepy!

24. BATTLESHIP MIKASA ................................................... *W24

- After completing the events with the Mysterious Old Man and Blanca this
location opens up when you exit Yokohama Streets. The Ring Soul is hiding in
some boxes before entering the battleship.

Ring Soul: There you are!  I've been waiting for you for ages!  There's
         something I really want to talk to you about.
Yuri:    What is it?

Ring S.: It's Miyabi. She's been going out a lot recently all dressed up.  I
         think she might be having an affair.
Yuri:    No, you're just imagining it!
Ring S.: Well, she's 17 years younger than me. She's only 28. She used to be a
         hostess. She's really cute. I mean, she's got such a great body!
Yuri:    She's 28 and she speaks like that?!
Ring S.: Look, I can't go on worrying like this! What should I do? I'm going
         crazy here!
Yuri:    Me too!
Ring S.: Oh, Miyabi!
Yuri:    Who's looking after Aya, then?
Ring S.: Oh, that's okay. Miyabi's mum and dad came from Chiba to stay with us,
         so they're looking after her.
Yuri:    Then she's probably just letting her hair down while she's got the
Ring S.: Maybe. I hope that's all it is.
Yuri:    Yeah, don't worry! Just do your thing!
Ring S.: Be serious! How can I do that when I'm so worried about Miyabi?!
Yuri:    Forget it! It's not important!
Ring S.: N-not important?! Not important?! Did you just say it's not
Yuri:    Sorry! I'm sorry! I didn't mean it like that!
Ring S.: Aaaah! I thought you were a friend! You don't care about me at all!
Yuri:    I do. I do! Look, I'm sorry! Shouldn't you go and look for her?
         There's gotta be someplace she likes to go. And if I see her, I'll let
         you know, okay? Don't think I will, though...
Ring S.: You're right! Okay, I'm off, then! Here, take this!

- You got Attack Boost

Ring S.: See you, then!

- The Ring Soul disappears

Yuri:    Good luck! Maybe I'd better start re-thinking my friendship with this

- Enter the ship.

Sukiyama, the With-it Cadet: It's all about battleships now! The days of the
         sword are gone, and the days of me using this are gone too.

- You got Nibelung Scene 3. - Talk to him again.

Sukiyama: It's all about battleships now! Look at them! Look at the sheer size!

- Walk down the stairs to the lower deck and a scene begins on board the ship
between the captain and a heavily armoured man.

Man:     Captain, is the ship ready to leave?
Captain: In a short while. We're still making preparations.
Man:     We've already waited three hours!
Captain: Lt. Col. Terada, you cannot simply bring armed weapons onto a high-
         speed ship and expect to disembark immediately. Now, can you, sir?
Terada:  I'm operating under direct orders from Minister Ishimura! During
         wartime my orders take precedence over anything, you must know that!
         [you know!]
Captain: Don't get so excited. I told you all would be ready soon.
         But I hope for your sake you don't find yourself in trouble for using
         the Empire's most advanced destroyer as a taxicab.
Terada:  You needn't worry.
Captain: I've been informed that you brought a girl as a captive? Is this true?
Terada:  Yes, and it's none of your affair.
Captain: Fine. I didn't get this far by sticking my nose where it doesn't
Sailor:  Excuse me captain [sir!].
Captain: Yes? What is it?

- The sailor comes close and whispers to the captain..

Terada:  ...... ?
Captain: ...I see. As you were, sailor. Carry on.

- The sailor salutes and leaves.

Captain: Intruders have boarded the ship, Lt. Col. I'll leave the matter to
Terada:  Good. This is what I was hoping for.

End of Movie.

Yuri:    So, partner, you're sure the girl is being held here?
Blanca:  Awroo!
Yuri:    But where could she be? This ship is bigger than I thought.
Kurando: Why don't we split up into two groups? I'll take this deck. The rest
         of you can check down below.
Yuri:    Okay, sounds good.

- Blanca moves to stand next to Kurando.

Yuri:    Huh? You deserting me, partner?
Kurando: He he. We'll make a great team, eh, Blanca?
Blanca:  Awroo!
Yuri:    So who's coming with me?

- Select party members.

Kurando: Be careful, everyone.
Yuri:    Right. You guys be careful too.

- Attempt to return up the stairs.

Kurando: No time to go back now. We've got to hurry!

- Speak to the sailor.

Petty Officer 1st Class Nakamata: Lieutenant Colonel Terada of the Special
         Land Forces kidnapped a girl and has her locked up somewhere on this
         ship. Orders are orders, but kidnapping a little girl just isn't
         conduct worthy of the Imperial Japanese Forces! The navy won't help
         you, but we won't stand in your way either. Good luck.

- Inside the room on the lower deck.

Seaman 1st Class Yokoyama: This ship is equipped with the latest security
         measures. You need four keys to open all the doors. But there's a
         secret trick to getting around with only two keys. ...Do you know what
         I'm talking about?

- Blocking a door on the lower deck.

Watanabe, the Warrant Officer: I can't talk while I'm working...
Lottery Member S: Although...if that's a lottery ticket you've got, I could
         make an exception! Wanna try your luck?
Yuri:    1. I'll give it a go.
         2. No thanks.
L.M. 8:  2. I see... Then I've gotta get back to work, I'm afraid.
         1. Good Luck!

- Win.

L.M. 8:  Top class!

- After finding the Cabin Key, enter the cabin on the lower deck.

Seaman 2nd Class Nagayama: The Mikasa is the navy's flagship, appointed to
         Captain Kaneda by Admiral Heihachiro Togo himself. Captain Kaneda is a
         find man, a man of the sea, responsible and loyal. But the government
         is appropriating the military now. They're up to no good, and Captain
         Kaneda is very upset.

- Talk to him again.

Nagayama: Looks like you've gone through a lot. Here, let me restore you.

- HP and MP fully restored.

- Talk to the sailor at the west end of the middle deck.

Seaman 2nd Class Nakadai: The girl, Lt. Colonel Terada kidnapped is being held
         in a warehouse near the bow at the bottom of the ship. Those guys are
         from some specials forces called the Iron Soldiers, and they wear
         armored uniforms. Man, they strut around the Mikasa like they can do
         anything they want! They make me furious!

- Talk to the sailor at the west end of the lower deck.

Seaman 2nd Class Hashimoto: The passage to the warehouse is strictly
         protected by a security door system. To open a security door, you have
         to press the buttons on either side of the door at exactly the same
         time. If anyone asks you, you never heard it from me, understand?

- Reach the Warehouse section of the ship.

Yuri:    This is the very bottom of the ship. All we have to do now is get
         through this door.
Kurando: Right. Our destination is definitely beyond this door.

- They arrange things so Kurando and Yuri are both standing in front of the

Kurando: Are your ready? We have to press the buttons at exactly the same time.

         Let's get our timing down perfectly.
Yuri:    Yeah, I'm ready. On the count of three...
Kurando: Okay, go ahead.
Yuri:    Here goes. One, two, three!

- The door opens.

Yuri:    We did it! They're holding the girl in here somewhere. Let's go in,
         get her and get out fast.
Kurando: Yes, let's hurry!

- The party enters the door.

Lt. Col. Terada: Well, well! The old man's pet dog has come back to get the
Kurando: I might've known you were behind this! Hand her over!
Terada:  I'm afraid not! It's time I introduced you to my Iron Soldiers!

- Battle!

- The camera pans to the young girl sitting on the floor with her head bowed
inside a room. The door opens and she sees Blanca and Kurando.

Young Girl: Snowall! Kurando!!
Kurando: Princess!

- She rushes to him as he kneels to talk to her.

Kurando: Are you okay, Princess?
Young Girl: I'm okay.
Yuri:    You're a lucky little girl.
Girl:    Who are you?
Yuri:    Call me Yuri. And this guy's name isn't Snowball. It's Blanca!
Girl:    Blanca?
Yuri:    Yeah.

- She kneels to talk to Blanca who is wagging his tail.

Girl:    So it's Blanca, is it? Thanks, Blanca! I'm Yoshiko. Yoshiko Kawashima!
Yuri:    Yoshiko Kawashima...?!
Yoshiko: Yes.
Kurando: This is Yoshiko. SHe is the daughter of my master, Naniwa Kawashima.

- Yoshiko bows solemnly to Yuri.

Yuri:    So you mean the old man is...?
Kurando: Yes.
Yuri:    Is that right...?
Karin:   Yuri.
Yuri:    Huh?

- Sailors with guns have entered the room

Captain: I'm Kaneda, captain of the Mikasa. Don't make any sudden moves. Nobody
         needs to get hurt.

End of Movie.

- The scene changes to inside a government office where the minister is sitting
with his head bowed. A small man (Garan) is sitting on a cushion. He's dressed
in a green robe and has a metallic sounding voice.

Garan:   You called me, Minister?
Minister:Terada has failed.
Garan:   Yes?
Minister:Kawashima's murder, the kidnapping...all failed. It's because of that
         young bodyguard of his...

- There's a close-up of Kato, who is also present.

Garan:   I've heard the rumors, but... I never imagined it was so bad.
Minister:It's time to go to plan B. Special Agent Kato, are you apes ready?
Kato:    The final one, Ouka, is nearly done.
Minister:The third one required quite a bit of time and money, did it not?
Kato:    I'm sorry, Minister.
Minister:Very well. I must speak with Garan now. You may leave [now].

- Kato bows and begins to walk away.

Minister:Special Agent Kato.
Kato:    Yes, sir.
Minister:Don't get too involved in your work. They may appear human, but in
         the end, an ape is just an ape.
Kato:    Yes sir. I understand very well.

- Kato bows and leaves.

Garan:   Minister, you must be careful with him. Since his return from Russia,
         he's been shut up in the laboratory, practising suspicious magic!
Minister:He came back from Europe with a great present for me. Let him play
         with his little toys.
Garan:   Minister! You're far too easy on him. He was nearly court-martialed
         after coming back from Europe! You shouldn't give him such an
         important position!
Minister:Special Agent Kato has travelled extensively in Asia and Europe and
         seen much of the world. On the other hand, you have never left Japan
         and I'm not surprised you see things differently. It's really quite
Garan:   ...I cannot understand you!
Minister:Prepare for our attack on Kawashima. He's adopted a daughter of the
         Qing Dynasty in order to gain a foothold in Asia. He plans to resist
         Yuan Shikai and even support the guerilla war. I'm afraid if those
         events should occur, we'll lose our advantage.
Garan:   Ah yes.
Minister:We cannot allow Naniwa Kawashima the power to create a country in
         Asia. We must eliminate him while he's still in Yokohama.
Garan:   I understand you. With my magic, I will send his soul spiralling into
Minister:Ha ha ha! I'm counting on it!

- Garan warps away. End of Movie.

25. HOJO RESEARCH ...................................................... *W25

- At Kato's lab, a woman is lying on a table. She's dressed in combat gear and
has an eye visor. Kato's voice is heard.

Kato:    Ouka, wake up.
Ouka:    O-u-ka...
Kato:    That's right, Ouka. That's your name. Now sit up.

- Ouka sits up and looks around the lab.

Kato:    Your job is to escape from there. Kill anything in your way. Then come
         to me as swiftly as you can.

- Ouka gets up from the table and walks forwards.

Ouka:    Yes, Master.

- Leave the Lab and enter the training area where someone is waiting.

Ouka:    Who are you...?
Special Agent Kato's Voice: Ouka, that's Hien,. He's one of the Mutant Apes,
         just like you.
Hien:    ...Excuse me, but if we're going to fight alongside each other, I want
         to test your skills first.

- Battle!

Hien:   ...Very good. Now I know can trust you to have my back.

- Hien disappears.

SAKV:    Ouka, we'll test your shooting ability next.

- Shooting Practice Instructions. Follow the route laid out and if you're slow
Kato will comment.

Kato:    Those results were much worse than I anticipated. If this keeps up, I
         might have to make some adjustments to you.

- A bit further on meet up with Raiden.

Raiden:  He he. That was pretty slow. you sure you can handle what' up ahead?
Ouka:    ........
Raiden:  Don't give me that look. I'm Raiden. I'm part of the Mutant Apes, just
         like you.
Ouka:    ...I'm Ouka. Nice to meet you.
Raiden:  Not so fast. First of all, I wanna see how good you are!

- Battle!

Raiden:  You're not bad! Glad to have somebody like you on the team.
SAKV:    Well done, Ouka. Now for your final trial, Mutant Apes!

- Hien appears alongside the other two.

SAKV:    I want the three of you to work together to defeat the enemy.
Ouka:    Yes, sir!

- Enter the boss room.

Raiden:  Master is watching. Don't screw up!
Ouka:    Of course I won't
Hien:    ...Here we go!

- Battle! After the battle Kato turns up.

Kato:    You three have done well.
All:     Yes, Master!!

- The males bow and Ouka walks forwards to Kato.

Kato:    Ouka, how do you feel? Is anything hurting you?
Ouka:    I have a slight headache...
Kato:    That's no uncommon. It will go away soon. You're not yet finished, but
         you can still work with the other two. Do your best. Soon you'll have
         your full powers.

- Ouka backs away and bows.

Ouka:    Yes, Master.

- End of Movie.


- Back at the gangplank to the Mikasa battleship, Joachim and Lucia have just
emerged and are leaving the area.

Joachim: What's gong on? We're locked up for three days and then suddenly they
         let us out?!
Lucia:   They didn't even investigate us. I guess they don't care anymore.

- They are joined by Yuri and Anastasia.

Yuri:    That was pretty cold-hearted of Kurando to take off on his own like
Anastas: Kurando is not that kind of person!
Yuri:    Huh? What's that? What'd you say? Oh, I get it. I get it.
Anastas: Why are you looking at me like that?!

- Yuri is laughing.

Yuri:    You're turning all red!
Anastas: I'll kill you!

- Gepetto and Karin arrive.

Gepetto: Cut it out, you two.
Karin:   Look over there.

- The old man has turned up.

Yuri:    Oh, it's him!
Old Man: There you are. It took a while to get you out. I'm sorry about that.
Karin:   You're the one who got us out?
Old man: Yes, I vouched for you all. It's my way of saying thank you [thanks]
         for saving my daughter.
Yuri:    Well [but], actually we...
Old Man: Yes, I know. Your Anastasia here was carrying papers that list her as
         a goodwill ambassador from Russia. Since I saw that, I've been
         wondering why you came to Japan.
Lucia:   Good will ambassador?
Gepetto: You had papers saying that?
Anastas: My father gave me them. In case I ever travelled overseas!
Lucia    Now, that's an emperor!
Yuri:    Yeah, a real superman.
Anastas: He's better than Superman!
Old Man: Well, shall we go? Yuri, Anne, and you are...
Karin:   Anne?!
Anastas: That's your new name, Karin. I didn't want 'em to know that you're
Karin:   Anne?!
Yuri:    That was my mom's name. Anne.
Old Man: ...That's not your name
Karin:   Err, no. It's Karin.
Old Man: Hmm. Well, either way. Come on!
Anastas: Come on!
Yuri:    Let's go!

- Find the wooden toy on the Middle Deck.

Blanca:  Awroo...? (Huh...? A carved wooden figure...?)
Carven:  Excuse me, folks. Just hold it right there.
Yuri:    Yikes! It moved! And it talked!
Carven:  I may be made out of wood, but I have a soul. The name's Carven. Nice
         to meet you.
Blanca:  Awroo... Awrooo? (Where to start? First, what's a wooden carving doing
         on a military ship?)
Carven:  They saw how strong I was, so they asked me to be a bodyguard. if I
         could be of service, how could I say no? In any case, could you please
         just leave, for my sake? If you won't cooperate, I'm afraid I'll have
         to get tough with you...
Blanca:  1. Enough talk out of the bunk of wood!
         2. Guess we can't let him lose face...
Carver   1. Too bad. Duty wins out over friendship in this business. No hard
         feelings, I hope, but I'll have to end your life.
Blanca:  Enough of your old-fashioned sentimentality! Real life is a whole lot
         harsher than your silly drama world.

- Battle!

Blanca:  That's what happens when you don't face up to reality.
Carver:  But I'm not really good at anything else... This is the only way I now
         how to live...
         I lost to a civilian... How can I show my face in this world anymore?
         But here. Take my pawprint with my best wishes.

- Soul Comet has powered up!

Carven: I'm going to retire. I still have some regrets, but I'd better know
         when to quit. It's all right. It'll give me a chance to go back home
         and visit my mother. Goodbye to you all, and good luck!

- He rolls away.

Yuri:    What an annoying wooden carving...
Blanca:  Awroo...

- Find the captain in his quarters on the middle deck.

Captain Kaneda: Oh, it's you guys... Look, I was out of line before. It's not
         much but how about I give you a quiz to make up for it? Knowledge is
         just as important as strength, right?
Yuri:    1. Okay, I'll give it a try!
         2. Quizzes aren't really my scene.

- Fail a question.

Kaneda:  You've got a way to go. Brush up, and give it another try.

- Answer all 10 correctly within the time limit.

Kaneda:  That's a pass, I'd say! Keep studying! Knowledge can help you in all
         kinds of ways!

- You got Foras Crest.

- After completing events inside the Mikasa and afterwards.

Cheerful Bunkichi: Has it all been cleared up now? That's all very good, but
         who was responsible for it?
Kisaburo, the Cadet: You actually went inside the Mikasa?! That's amazing! I'm
         going into the navy when I get older.

- Someone new is standing in the second side street. Talk to them.

Croft, Back Again: You again!
Yuri:    Oh, it's you! The treasure-hunt guy! Where have you been all this
         time? You just disappeared before.
Croft:   I've been here in Japan, thinking up new ways to hide treasure! Now
         it's your turn to feel the humiliation of losing at the treasure hunt!

- You got Treasure: Roamer.

Yuri:    You wanna do that again?! You just never learn, do you?!
Croft:   I won't stop hiding treasure until I beat you! Try and find it! Feel
         the frustration!

- Enter the Inn where Kurando, the young girl and old man are waiting.

Kurando: Welcome back, everyone.
Anastasia: Oh, Kurando!
Yuri:    Yo.
Naniwa:  Don't you need to say thank you?
Yoshiko: Um... Thank you for helping me.
Gepetto: Not at all! My pleasure! Glad to have been of service!
Anastas: What are you going to do now?
Naniwa:  We only came here to Yokohama to visit a grave.
Yuri:    A grave?
Karin:   You know people are trying to kill you, right? Why visit a grave?!
Naniwa:  Ha ha ha! I know, I know! I don't expect you to understand!
         The Foreigner's Cemetery is just outside town. I take a steam train
         from the capital to go there. Why don't you all come along? It'd make
         things more cheerful.
Karin:   Um... Well...
Naniwa:  What is it? You've worried we'll be attacked again?
Kurando: Don't worry about that. I'll be there.
Yuri:    Look, I know you're a pretty tough guy, but...
Naniwa:  Trust me! Those men won't show their faces for a while. They haven't
         got time to be bothered with us. So, shall we get going?

- He leaves and Yuri is left inside the inn. Go to the Foreigner's Cemetery.

26. FOREIGNER'S CEMETERY/OTHERWORLD .................................... *W26

- The party arrive at the cemetery, which is deserted.

Karin:   Something's not right...
Gepetto: Something's different, somehow...
Yuri:    But we've gotta keep going, right?

- Walk to the magic circle at the end of the rocky outcrop.

Yuri:    This sure is one ugly place.
Joachim: I wouldn't want my tomb to be in a place like this...
Lucia:   Hey! Look!!

- Lucia points at Kurando's body that is lying on the rock floor.

Anastasia: Kurando!!

- She cradles Kurando's head and Blanca barks.

Gepetto: Princess! Stay back!!
Anastas: Huh?

- She turns to look at Gepetto as Kurando slowly gets to his feet. SHe backs
away in fear as he transforms into a monster.

Yuri:    This guy can fuse too?!

- Battle! After the battle Kurando is back on the ground.

Kurando: *moans*
Anastas: Kurando!! Wake up!!
Kurando: Oh, Lady Anastasia.
Yuri:    You okay? What happened, anyway?
Kurando: Well, you see, I... I came to the graveyard, then suddenly I felt
         dizzy and everything went black. Master! Princess! Where are they?!
Gepetto: Get ahold of yourself. We're inside some kind of boundary. One falas
         move could get us killed.
Kurando: A boundary?!
Lucia:   That's right. We've all been sealed inside this strange otherworld!
Yuri:    Kurando, they used you as bait to finish us off.
Kurando: How do we get out of here?
Yuri:    I say we find the one who sent us here and do a little friendly
         persuasion [persuading].

- The cemetery has disappeared and the new location is the Otherworld. The
Magimel brothers' shop is waiting at the entrance.

Gerard:  Tut, tut! On the run again?!
         ...Oh, how did we end up wandering into this mess when we were headed
         for the city?! Oh well, not to worry. Wherever there are customers...
         Now, then, what will it be?

Yuri:    1. yeah, I guess I could buy something.
         2. Quit buggin' me!
Pierre:  I'm taking a little time to recharge by batteries, then I'll come up
         with a new idea!

- At the second junction.

Tarosugi, the Child Guardian: Ha ha ha... So, which way will you choose?

- After finding the item to release the seal on the red arch.

Tarosugi: Ah, so the way is clear? Go on, then! Just a little further!

- At another junction up the previously red starred right path.

Child Guardian Twin, Uemon: Gwa ha ha... Now, then. Do you know which is the
         correct path, left or right?
Child Guardian Twin, Sakichi: Round and round and round... Still lost, are you?
         If you don't want to get lost, all you need to do is pick one of us
         twins! He he he...

- Reach the end of the Otherworld. Garan is waiting and floats down on his
pillow after cackling at the team.

Garan:   Hee hee hee! I am Garan, oracle and guardian of the great Empire of
Yuri:    Huh? What?
Garan:   You would do harm to my country! You and Kawashima's little dog,
         Kurando! I'll send you all to hell! What's the batter? So afraid that
         you cannot [can't] speak? Hee hee hee! Oh ho ho ho ho ho!!
Yuri:    Gross!!
Garan:   Hmph! You'll pay for that. Fools!

- Battle!

Garan:  Oh, you impudent pups! I'll let you go this time!

- Garan disappears in a warp cloud.

Yuri:    He was pretty tough... Old Baby Head.
Joachim: You shouldn't underestimate him.

The Foreigner's cemetery seems to appear again.

Yuri:    The otherworld. It's disappearing...

- They are back inside the cemetery where Naniwa and Yoshiko are sleeping on
the ground.

Kurando: Master! Princess!
Naniwa:  Huh?
Yoshiko: *moans*

- Kurando rushes forwards and the whole group talk some more standing in the
middle of the cemetery.

Naniwa:  I really must do something to thank you. You've saved me twice now.
Kurando: Forgive me. It was my carelessness.
Yuri:    Nobody got hurt, so it's fine!
Karin:   That's true.

- Yoshiko goes chasing after Blanca who runs past the group. He is looking at a

Yuri:    What it is? So this is the grave, huh?
Yoshiko: I guess so...

- The gravestone shows the name "Yoshiko Kawashima 1886 - 1914.

Naniwa:  This is where my other daughter is buried...
Yuri:    So you had another daughter?
Naniwa:  This one is adopted.
Yuri:    .......
Naniwa:  My real daughter, Yoshiko, was killed in Shanghai, one year ago.

- The little girl places a single purple daisy on the grave. Yuri is visibly
shocked and distressed.

Yuri:    Yoshiko kawashima... Lieutenant Colonel Kawashima...?!

- There are three quick flashbacks showing scenes of Shadow Hearts with the

Naniwa: knew her?
Yuri:    I-I...
Naniwa:  It seems that you and I truly bound together by fate...
         My beautiful daughter, dead in a foreign land over some ridiculous
         [silly] power struggle. It's my fault I didn't protect her.
Yuri:    .......
Naniwa:  Thank you for coming today. I'm sure my daughter would be [is] glad

- Yuri stares at the grave, looking very sad.

Yoshiko: What kind of person was she? Did you know her very well?
Yuri:    Yeah, I knew her. She was very smart and she was very brave.
         I think that sometimes she might have pushed herself just a little too

- The camera shows the gravestone again, now with two flowers on it.

Yuri:    But she was a good person.
Yoshiko: Thank you.

End of movie.

- A new scene opens inside a laboratory where Nicolai is strapped to the centre
of a device that glows with a blue light. Above the lab, inside a separate room
with a glass wall overlooking the lab, some men are talking.

Man:     Dr. Hojo, how goes the experiment.
Dr.Hojo: Oh, Special Agent Kato?
Kato:    Minister Ishimura says that you plan to extract a monster from his
         soul force.
Hojo:    Yes, much has happened in this last month. The monster within him has
         been deeply submerged and has become quite weakened. We must act now
         before his health returns and he regains control over it.
Kato:    Hmm.

- He looks down through the window to the lab where there's a dog on a bench.

Kato:    So that's it, eh? The new vessel. Will it be able to contain the
Hojo:    I cannot be certain [sure]. The demon within Nicolai is certainly
         powerful, but I don't believe it will be able to destroy the world as
         you think.
Kato:    It's a fact. If it heals and its power is released it could easily
         destroy this city.
Hojo:    I don't believe that.
Kato:    Once Nicolai's powers are removed, he'll be useful in our Russian
Hojo:    Hmmm. I suppose so. I don't know much about politics. I'm just happy
         to be able to carry out such fascinating research.
Kato:    A pity.
Hojo:    Take care he doesn't die! But this time raise it to the maximum!
Voice:   Yes, sir!

- The sound of an electrical charge is heard.

Nicolai: *groans*

- Electricity is shooting through Nicolais' trapped body as he writhes and

Hojo:    More power!
Nicolai: *screams*
Hojo:    Even more!!
Nicolai: *screams*

- The charge fades as the blue light goes out and Nicolai slumps unconscious.
A red light appears around him.

Hojo:    Good, it's working!

- The red light leaves Nicolai's body and enters the dog.

Dog:     *yelps*

- The dog falls off the bench, dead.

Hojo:    It was more than the animal can handle. His power is still flowing.
         He's a difficult subject. We'll need to prepare some sort of special

- Hien and Raiden enter the lab. Raiden checks the dog's body with his foot and
turns it over. Then, suddenly, it comes alive.

Raiden:  Wh-what the...?!
Hien:    Raiden!

- A bright light flashes.

Hojo:    Wh-what's that!?

- A monstrous animal faces the two Mutant Apes.

Hojo:    Wonderful! Isn't it simply wonderful?! That's just a glimpse of his
Kato:    Negative power incarnate... Hien! Raiden! Get out of there!
Hien and Raiden: Yes, Master!
Monster: *roars*
Raiden:  Master, can we fight back?!
Kato:    Absolutely not. Get out of there.
H and R: Yes, Master!
Hojo:    But why?! Now would be an excellent chance to test their powers!!
         let them fight.

- The monster lashes it tail at the two Mutant Apes who are thrown to the
floor. Then it lets out a fiery breath at Hien.

Raiden:  Hien.
Hien:    Go on without me! Master, may I fight?!
Kato:    No.

- The monster walks towards Hien.who puts up his arms to shield himself, but
nothing happens.

Monster:  *roars*

- The monster has been suspended in a kind of dark cloud.

Kato:    Ouka...

- Raiden pulls the injured Hien away and the monster falls to the ground, as
Ouka controls it through magic and a bright light shines out of it.

Monster:  *roars*

- The monster disappears.

Hojo:    It-it's gone?!
Kato:    No! It can teleport!

- Kato leaves the observation booth to enter the lab.

Hojo:    Huh?! We've got to get it back!!
Ouka:    Master.

- Kato strikes her across the face with the back of his gloved hand, sending
her to the floor.

Kato:    Master.
Ouka:    *cries out*
H and R.: Master?!
Kato:    No matter what the reason, never disobey my orders.
Ouka:    I-I... Forgive me, Master. But I...
Kato:    Ignore an order from me once more and you'll die an early death.
Ouka:    Yes, sir.
Kato:    All of you, go after the monster. But if you find it, it's not to be
         hurt. Is that clear?
All:     Yes, sir!

- They bow and Kato gives one last look to Nicolai before leaving.
End of Movie.

27. IMPERIAL CAPITAL - NIHONBASHI ...................................... *W27


- On screen are the words: 1893, The Capital. Crickets are chirping in the
background and a younger Naniwa is sitting at the open door of a classic
Japanese house. A man approaches him. He's dressed in the familiar green coat
and brown boots of Yuri's father, Ben Hyuga.

Naniwa:  Oh!
Ben:     It's good to see you again, Sensei!
Naniwa:  So, when did you get back?
Ben:     Yesterday. I wanted to come back earlier, but it was difficult to find
         the time...
Naniwa:  Oh please, think nothing of it. I must say, it's much hotter here in
         the capital than it is in Nara, don't you think? [isn't it?]
Ben:     Yes.
Naniwa:  Forgive me. No one's here right now. Some tea?
Ben:     Don't concern yourself. I have to be going soon, anyway.
Naniwa:  have you decided yet? About the matter we discussed?
Ben:     We're going to be leaving Japan next week.
Naniwa:  Oh really. That seems very sudden. What about Anne and your child?
         You're going to be gone for a long time.
Ben:     I'm planning on taking them with me.
Naniwa:  Oh, is that right. But what about the child... What was his name
Ben:     Yuri.
Naniwa:  Oh, yes. Yuri. He must be around three now?
Ben:     Yes. I'm going to be raising him in mainland China.
Naniwa:  Oh... That will be good. Unlike in Japan, he'll be able to meet people
         from different countries there. He'll grow up to be a good man.
Ben:     Sensei.
Naniwa:  Eh?
Ben:     It will be a few years... No, perhaps never. I may never be able to
         come back to Japan.
Naniwa:  What did you say? [Don't say that.]
Ben:     Our greatest enemy, Dehuai, has his base in Shanghai. We've got to
         move against him carefully.

- There are flashback pictures in black and white of a battle in Shanghai, a of
Dehui's temple and then Dehui fighting, from Shadow Hearts.

Ben:     ... I'm counting on you if I fail.
Naniwa:  Hyuga...
Ben:     I've got to be going now.
Naniwa:  I see. I'll be praying for your safety. When you return we'll have a
         drink. Take good care of yourself!
Ben:     Yes, sir.

End of Movie.

- Anastasia is sitting in front of that same house and Joachim walks up to her.

Joachim: *yawn* Slept like a log!

- He stretches and then sits down beside her, looking out at the garden.

Anastas: What an amazing picture.
Joachim: Where is everyone?
Anastas: They all went to hang out in town. Yuri seemed all confused that his
         father and Naniwa knew each other. Karin took him out to take his mind

         off it.
Joachim: Oh, okay. Well, then! I'm off to explore now too!

- He gets up and walks away.

Anastas: People are going to think the circus came to town when they see you.

- She suddenly gets up and rushes after him.

Anastas: Oh, forget it! I'll come with you!


- Enter the city with Joachim and Anastasia.

Joachim: i
Horiuchi, Setting out on a Trip: I'm going on a trip from Tokyo to Kyoto! It
         takes quite a lot of planning!
Soothsaying Yamamoto: Eight years from now...this place will be devastated by a
         great earthquake... Only those who believe can be saved...
Shota, the Edomite: This is Japan's capital, the Imperial city of Greater
         Tokyo! Beautiful, huh? It rivals its Western counterparts!
Anjuin Professor: These are terrible murders going on here in the city that'd
         make your hair stand on end. It's some monster, bigger than a tiger or
         a bear, and it eats huamns! Can you believe it?!
Yukari from the Bar: Have you eaten yet, young man? I work at the place up
         ahead. Why don't you give it a try? It's full of pretty young girls
         like me. I'm sure you'll like it!
Fusako, Returning from the Shops: They started selling instant curry in this
         area last year. It's such a big hit, it sells out in an instant too!
Curious Hikosaburo: The Emperor even dispatched the Iron Soldiers to track down
         the monster, but they haven't found any clues yet.
         Do you know about the Iron Soldiers? Friends of the people, guardians
         of the Emperor. They're the best of the best!
Rich Okatsu: Have you heard? Apparently some gentleman's opened up a strange
         training school in Nihonbashi.

- Park Area

Trembling Iwakami: The park... The park's just a hangout for weirdoes now...
Atsushi, the Pro-wrestling Fan: I never thought I'd see the day wrestling came
         to Japan! Aah, it's great to be alive!
Cool and Critical Shobei: Pro wrsetling's just staged, right? Talentless guys
         prancing around half naked... What's so great about it?
Hirotoshi, the Commentator: Gama's really in great shape today, eh! His muscles
         are rippling more than ever! It promises to be a tremendous event!

- Checking out the commentator's desk...

Anastasia: What has he found this time?!
Joachim: Hmm. Nice emcee's desk...
Anastas: He doesn't really care what he picks up anymore, does he?
Joachim: Many a fierce battle this folding desk has witnessed...sometimes even
         breaking the fall of a thrown wrestler...
         And then one day during a free-for-all, forgotten and left behind by
         the commentators and audience alike...
Anastas: I wonder if he's going to cry again?

- Joachim picks up the desk. You got Emcee's Desk.

Joachim: Ah, its flimsiness! Its cheap frame! The deep pain of a wrestling
         organization with no money cries out to me!
Anastas: I think he's remembering something! Something in his past!
Joachim: Well, let's go, everybody. Say, I know! Instead of using the top as a
         bludgeon, I should chop the enemy with it! yeah, good idea...
Anastas: I wonder what he was remembering?! I really want to know, now!

Tatsuichiro, the Live Reporter: So Asia's king of the titans, the Great Gama,
         is waiting eagerly for challengers at the base of the ring. This is
         Tatsuichiro Furui, reporting on today's events. Now over to Hirotoshi
         Yamamoto for the commentary.

- The Magimel shop is inside the park too.
Gerard:  Oh, dear! What's this?! Why the stony face? It's got "what are you
         doing here again?" written all over it! We came all the way along the
         Sillk Road! Don't say we've come halfway around the world to be told
         you're not buying!
Joachim: 1. I'll buy!
         2. I'm not allowed to have a wallet...

- Check out the ring.

Joachim: T-Teacher?! What are you doing here?!
Great Gama: Yo! Joachim, my boy! The path of spirited young men knows no
         borders! How about it? ready to give me a little of your sweat?
Joachim: But what are you doing here in Japan?!
G. Gama: What could be better? Men rubbing flesh, slamming bodies together here
         under the open sky! Wouldn't you agree, my boy?
Joachim: Of course!
G. Gama: Thatta boy! Why don't you show me a little of your sweat, then!
Joachim: You got it!
G. Gama: Here we go, then! Graaahhh!
Joachim: 1. Here I come! Graaahhh!
         2. I'll just watch today...

- If 2, talk to him again.

G. Gama: Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ah ah ahchoo! Oh, my goodness. Did I catch
         a cold or something...? What's this? Ready for another practice
         session? Step on up whenever you're ready, my boy!
Joachim: Teacher, I'm ready for my lesson
G. Gama: Oh, yeah! That's the answer I wanted to hear, my boy! Graaahhh!
         Hee hee! Keep your eyes open! Today I'll be hitting you with an even
         deadlier attack in the fifth turn! Graaahhh!!

- Battle!

G. Gama: Well done, my boy! Your toil and sweat have paid off! Accept this new
         move from me. May it bring you to higher places! Whenever you want to
         test your skills, come back to me, my boy. The open-air ring will
         always be waiting for you!
Joachim: Phew! I'm wiped out...!

- You learned Artem Buster! Talk to him again.

G. Gama: Congratulations, my boy, on mastering so many difficult skills! All
         that's left now is the legendary festival...!

- Vacant Lot area.

Haruka who Follows Fashion: So, how do you like this hairstyle? It's called a
         "permanent wave". It's all the rage now, you know!

- Enter the Vacant Lot for a scene with Yuri and Karin who are sitting together
on a bench.

Karin:   So are you thinking about your father?
Yuri:    ...Yeah. I can hardly remember anything from when I was a boy...
         The funny thing is [But} I can still hear the sound of the ship. The
         one that took the three of us to China.
Karin:   Your father died while fighting this wizard who planned to destroy
         all of Japan?
Yuri:    ...Yeah. I was ten years old.
Karin:   And your mother?
Yuri:    After my father was killed, monsters attacked us at our house. They
         were sent by Dehuai, that wizard. They killed my mother...

- They both sit with their heads bowed in silence for a moment.

Yuri:    Fate's a strange thing! My father gave his whole life to save Japan.
         I'm doing everything I can to try to stop it.
Karin:   I think I understand him...
Yuri:    Huh?
Karin:   It wasn't for Japan. Your father was actually fighting for you and
         your mother as well.
Yuri:    For me and my mother?
Karin:   I told you my family was poor, but that we were once nobility in
         Munich, right? Growing up, I worked harder than anybody else to try to
         keep the honour of [up] our family name. If I succeeded in the army, I
         thought it would reflect well on my family. I didn't do it for my
         country. I [was actually doing] did it for my sick, bedridden
         grandmother I left at home.
         I don't have [But I have no] a home anymore. It's been destroyed by
         those Sapientes Gladio bastards. That's why I really think that your
         father did what he did for the wife and son that he loved!
Yuri:    I'm sorry.
Karin:   No, I don't want that. I'm fine! It doesn't help to blame fate. It
         just makes you sad and bitter. Live every moment to the fullest, and
         the future starts to look brighter!
Yuri:    You're a strong woman, Karin..
Karin:   .........
         That's right! You better remember that!
Both:    *laughs*

- Joachim and Anastasia are seen hiding in the bushes behind the bench as Karin
moves to sit closer to Yuri.

Anastas: Whoa! This is getting kind of steamy, don't you think? [huh?!]
Joachim: Shhh! Quiet! They'll hear you!
Anastas: What are they doing?! Just grab her and plant one on her, already!
         Don't be such a wuss. Just push her down, and grab her, already, like
         this... (makes a kissing sound).
         You can do it! Go, kiss her, kiss her!
Joachim: I think you need help.

- They look at each other and then back at the other two as the chat continues.

Karin:   Do you remember your mother?
Yuri:    Of course. She met my father in Japan and it was love at first sight
         for her.
Karin:   Was she [very] pretty?
Yuri:    I can't remember her face that clearly.
Karin:   What was she like?
Yuri:    Why all these questions?
Karin:   C'mon, I just want to know.
Yuri:    We moved around a lot after we got to China...Finally we settled in
         Mulan, but because my father was away so much, my mother and I got to
         spend a lot of time together. She was a strong woman, but she was
         lonely too.
         Is that enough? This is embarrassing!
Karin:   No way. You're not stopping right now.
Yuri:    Come on...
         She had a hard time growing up, but she was happy in Japan with my
         dad. Of course, after we moved to China, she would sometimes complain.
         About how her life went.
Karin:   Hmm.
Yuri:    Then she'd always say she'd be happy no matter where [wherever] she
         was as long as she had me.
Karin:   Oh.
Yuri:    But whenever I heard that, I became [I'd get] furious at my father for

         leaving us.
Karin:   Naturally.
Yuri:    It was my mother who named me Yuri.
Karin:   How did she pick that name?
Yuri:    That was the name of her first lover!

- Back to the sneaky pair who've been listening all this time.

Anastas: Hee hee...
Joachim: I can't hear what they're saying.
Anastas: He just said that he loved her!
Joachim: He really said that?!
Anastas: Quiet! You're too loud!
Joachim: S-sorry.

- They turn back to hear the rest.

Karin:   Yuri. Can I ask you just one more thing?
Yuri:    Yeah, I guess so. You might as well.
Karin:   Were you in love with Alice?

- Yuri starts to cough.

Yuri:    *groans* My stomach! Suddenly my stomach is killing me!

- He bends over in pain and dashes off.

Yuri:    I gotta go to the bathroom!
Karin:   C'mon! I'm serious, you know! Yuri, wait!

- She chases after him.

Yuri:    Cut it out! I swear I gotta go!

- They reach the exit of the vacant lot when they hear a loud monster sound and
stop dead in their tracks.

End of Movie.

- Joachim and Anastasia walk over to Karin and Yuri.

Yuri:    Huh?! What are you up to?
Joachim: What?!
Anastas: Huh? Ha ha ha! Nothing, nothing! We were just taking a stroll... Huh?!
         Did you just hear something?

- The ground shakes and the monster from the Hojo lab appears in the lot.

Joachim: W-what the hell?! What's that?!
Anastas: Eeeh! A monster!
Yuri:    Nicolai?!

- Battle!

Yuri:    It's gone!
Karin:   Look, the monster's blood...!

- The monster re-appears.

Yuri:   What the...?! it's multiplying!

- Battle.

Yuri:   Damn! The little critters are tough!

- They hear a shot.

Joachim: Over there!

- Leave the lot and the rest of the team turn up.

Karin:   There you are!
Kurando: Is everybody all right? Nobody hurt?
Anastas: W-we're just fine, Kurando!
Gepetto: The whole city's in an uproar! What in the world is going on?!
Joachim: There was this monster that showed up...!
Lucia:   Look, over there! Soldiers!
Yuri:    Damn! What's with this country, anyway?!

- The Magimel shopkeepers are now outside the vacant lot and Sarah, from Goreme
has appeared too. Speak to everyone.

Gerard:  Eeek! Eeek! Leave me alone! Go away! Monsters! Monsters...! Oh, Yuri!
         Quick, before they eat you! You've got to buy something!
Yuri:    1. Okay, I'll buy! Just chill out!
         2. I'm not wasting my money!

Sarah:   It's my duty to test you. DO you want to attempt a more difficult
Yuri:    1. yeah! Bring it on!
         2. No, thanks.

Karin:   Are you ready?
         1. Sure, let's move!
         2. Oh, I forgot! I've gotta get ready!

- Soldiers are firing guns at a huge monster that is blasting them with flames,
and then eating them...The Mutant Apes are watching this scene from a rooftop.
Kato warps in to talk to them.

Ouka:    Master.
Kato:    How are things?
Ouka:    Not good. Our soldiers are being wiped out. What is your wish. If this
         continues, many people will die.
Raiden:  Master, I believe the three of us together could stop it.
Kato:    Hmm...
Hien:    Master, over there!

- Yuri and company are in the street below and they look over the dead bodies
of the soldiers.

Yuri:    There are the Yokohama soldiers?!
Karin:   Yuri!!

- She points down the street where another soldier is firing at the monster and
attempts to run, but it blasts him with fire.

Anastasia: It'll destroy the city.
Karin:   What do we do?
Yuri:    I'll figure out something! I can feel Nicolai's spirit in it.

- The monster roars as Yuri runs down the street towards it, but some smaller
ones appear, as if protecting the big one. Yuri stops.

Yuri:    Dammit!

- Back on the roof.

Kato:    Come.

- Kato and the Mutant Apes warp out.

Karin:   Huh?!
Joachim: You!

- The Mutant Apes have landed in front of the team.

Ouka:    I'm Ouka of the Mutant Apes!
Hien:    She sees no evil! I'm Hien. Speak no evil!
Raiden:  Raiden. Hear no evil!

- Anastasia hides behind Joachim.

Anastas: That monster! Are you responsible for it?
Voice:   No.

- Kato has turned up behind the team and Yuri walks towards him.

Yuri:    Kato!!
Kato:    Stop. I have no desire to fight you now.
Gepetto: You mean to say, first we stop the monster?
Kato:    Yes.
Yuri:    Hmph...
Ouka:    We'll take care of the weaker enemies. You handle Shoki.
Karin:   You mean we fight together?
Ouka:    Yes.
Yuri:    ...Fine with me. After that, you start talking!
Kato:    Very well. Mutant Apes, get us an opening!
M. Apes: Yes, Master!

End of Movie.

- Battle! After the battle that monster disappears

Raiden:  That' the first one!

- Battle!

Hien: One more and the job's done!

- Battle!

Ouka:   Elimination complete!

Ouka:   Master, we did it.
Kato:   Good.
Yuri:   Damn, they're strong!

- Anastasia kicks Joachim.

Yuri:   Okay, let's go!!

- As they move up the tracks to face the monster, Joahcim is limping.

Kato:    Watch their battle very closely. They are our ultimate opponents...
M. Apes: Yes, Master!

- Battle!

- After the battle Kato appears again, slowly clapping his hands.

Kato:    Impressive, as expected.
Yuri:    Now you're going to tell me where Nicolai is.
Kato:    .........
Yuri:    I sensed Nicolai in that monster. First, you take the Emigre'
         Manuscript and then you take Nicolai. I'm here to put an end to this.
Kato:    It has nothing to do with you.
Yuri:    Not good enough!
Kato:    Get any deeper into this and your very soul is in danger. Leave Japan
         at once.
Yuri:    No way. Someone in this capital is pulling the strings, and I plan to
         find out who!
Kato:    No matter what?
Yuri:    That lousy coward. He's hidden away while the lives of millions are
         ruined! I won't let him get away with that!

- The Mutant Apes come forwards to block Yuri from getting to Kato.

Kato:    The Army's Hojo Research Facility. That's where you'll find Nicolai.
Yuri:    He's still alive?
Kato:    Of course. But the minute you step foot in there, they'll use all
         their power to stop you.

- Kato and the Mutant Apes turn to walk away.

Yuri:    Sounds good.
Kato:    Very well. I'll be waiting.
Yuri:    .........

- End of movie.

- The location has changed to Naniwa's garden where Yuri, Karin and Kurando are
talking to Naniwa.

Naniwa:  Hmmm. Is that right. So you came all this way to find this man you
         call [named] Nicolai?
Yuri:    Yes.
Naniwa:  A leading member of a secret society and heir to the imperial throne
         of Russia... And now Ishimura has him...
Yuri:    Ishimura?
Naniwa:  Foreign Minister Kantaro Ishimura. The one who truly controls the
Yuri:    So that's Kato's boss?
Naniwa:  Correct. He wields tremendous influence here. Recently he's even
         formed his own army called the Iron Soldiers to consolidate his power.
         He also controls the Hojo Research Lab.
Karin:   That monster and the Mutant Apes too?
Naniwa:  That monster was probably an experiment that somehow managed to
Kurando: That laboratory has been conducting suspicious experiments for years.
         always involving new weapons research.
Naniwa:  It looks like Ishimura somehow plans to use Nicolai against Russia.
Yuri:    Against Russia?
Karin:   Against Russia?
Naniwa:  He may even open a new front in the war.
Kurando: He's that crazy?!
Naniwa:  Nicolai may be a bastard son, but there's no doubt that he's the
         prince. If we are not careful... Ishimura could use him as his pawn
         to seize power in Russia.
Karin:   No way.
Yuri:    Do you think he can really do it?
Naniwa:  It's been done successfully many times in the past.
Karin:   If this war gets bigger, a lot more people will die.
Naniwa:  What's truly scary is that he's willing to unleash his monsters on the
Yuri:    But then...
Naniwa:  Huh?
Yuri:    I just don't believe Kato would do it. He wouldn't just blindly
         follow orders from someone like Ishimura. I'm sure he's planning
         something else.
Naniwa:  Why do you think so?
Yuri:    He's got a good heart. In Shanghai, he protected your daughter all the
         way until the end. But even so, I can't see why he'd go all the way to
         Europe to help Sapientes Gladio get the Emigre' Manuscript.
Naniwa:  Huh? Emigre' what?
Karin:   The Emigre' Manuscript. A magic book that brings back the dead.
Yuri:    So far, everyone that's been after it has tried to use it for evil
         purposes. Last time, it caused a hell of a mess.
Naniwa:  I don't believe it either. I owe that man a great deal for bringing
         back Yoshiko's body all the way from Shanghai.
Kurando: I can't really believe that Kato would use that book to pursue evil
Yuri:    Hmm...
Karin:   What is it? Did you remember something?
Yuri:    That woman named Ouka...
Karin:   From the Mutant Apes? What about her?
Yuri:    When I heard her voice, I thought it sounded kind of familiar.
Naniwa:  Yuri. Had you ever met her before?
Yuri:    No. That was the first time.
Karin:   Well, so what?
Yuri:    She sounded like Lt. Col. Kawashima.
Kurando: What?!

- Naniwa gets up and leans forwards, reaching out his hand and then slumps back
on the bench, stunned.

Naniwa:  M-my Yoshiko?!

End of Movie.

- Karin and Yuri are sitting on the step in front of Naniwa's house.

Karin:   Is he all right?
Kurando: Yes, he's resting at the moment.
Yuri:    It scared me when he fainted like that.
Karin:   You'd faint too if you heard that your dead daughter was still alive.
Kurando: But do you really think that Ouka person is Lady Yoshiko?
Yuri:    Hmm... I didn't see her die with my own eyes, so I'm really not sure.
Karin:   Couldn't we find out by paying a visit to the laboratory?
Kurando: What?
Yuri:    Yeah, there's an idea. We'll just go right out and ask her, "Are you
         Yoshiko Kawashima?" It's easy. Why didn't I just think of that?
Kurando: Are you sure?
Karin:   Of course!

- End of Movie.

- Karin and Yuri are outside Naniwa's house again and he's back, sitting on the

Yuri:    Are you sure you're up to this? Walking around and everything...
Naniwa:  Thanks for the concern, but I'm fine. I just had a little fright,
         that's all.
Karin:   We're going out for a little while. You make sure you get plenty of
Naniwa:  Ha ha ha... People heading into danger have a distinct smell about
         them... And you guys reek of it! Now listen up! I won't stop you, but
         don't do anything stupid, all right?
Karin:   Yes, sir.

- Talk to Yoshiko.
Yoshiko: Be careful, Kurando. Everybody be careful, okay?

- Revisits to Nihonbashi for new comments and some new people to meet.

Anjuin Professor: What on earth was that scary monster? It definitely wasn't a
         tiger or a bear. Anyway we've got to put it out of our minds and get
         on with rebuilding the city.
Curious Hikosaburo: Wow! I can't believe how strong it was! That was the first
         time I've been that close to a monster! You know what...? The Iron
         Soldiers saved the town, but there's a rumor they weren't the ones who
         defeated the monster.
Satomichi, All Alone: What are you staring at?
Wakamatsu, Raised as a Samurai: Already 50 years since the end of the
         Tokugawa Shogunate. History moves so fast. Use old folk can't keep up!
Rich Okatsu: You knwo, the gentleman who opened that strange training school
         in Ginza is the toughest man I've ever seen! I can't stop thinking
         about him!
Gambling Maniac Kanechira: Oh yeah! Another day, another win! I don't care if
         it's illegal, I'm never giving up gambling!
Lottery Member 7: You're into it too, right? Gambling and stuff? You wanna
Yuri:    1. Try and stop me!
         2. No, I'm not into gambling.
L.M. 7:  1. You got it!

- Win.

L.M. 7:  Wahoo! You're on fire. Come anytime you wanna gamble!

- Inside the park.

Troubled Tomoyo: Things aren't gong so well with my boyfriend lately. We kind
         of got into a rut. I'm just not stimulated anymore.

- Inside Vacant Lot

Micko, Mad about Mascots: Have you seen the animal mascots they have overseas?
         They're so cute! I wish you could buy them in Japan!
Miyake, Worried about the Future: There's a government and army program to
         recruit students and youths recently. They call it the "Youth Corps."
         It all sounds fine, but it'll just end up as a another part of the

- Talk to the pink wolf, who *hearts* Blanca.

Eleanor: Awroo... *pant, pant* (It's the great Blanca...! *pant, pant*)
         Awroo, awroo... (At last we meet. Oh, how I've waited for this day!)
Blanca:  .........?
Eleanor: *pant* Awroo, awroo... (As soon as I saw you, I knew, ...I knew you
         were my prince!)

- There's a close-up of pink Eleanor showing her green lashed eyes, with a
heart icon on her forehead. (She also has green nails/claws!)

Eleanor: Awroo... Awroo! (I crossed the seas chasing after you. Look at
         everything I've collected!) Awoor, awroo... (Some scrap bones you left
         behind... A snow-white fur ball you hacked up...)
Yuri:    I don't understand what she's saying, but it looks like a kook has
         fallen in love with you, boy...
Blanca:  Grrr... Awroo! (Look, you. Knock it off! I'm not interested in you!)
Eleanor: ...Awroo? Awroo? (How can you be so cold? You're my prince, don't
         *snort* Awroo? (You love me, don't you? You understand exactly how I
         feel, right?)
Blanca:  Awroo, awroo! (How could I? I just barely met you this second!)

- Eleanor turns her back, annoyed.

Eleanor: Grrr... Awroo! (That's mean! I give you my heart and you trample it!)
         Awroo... Awroo! (I'll never forgive you! And if you can't be mine,
         nobody will have you!)
Blanca:  1. What else can I do? I'll fight.
         2. This woman's crazy. Better run!
Eleanor: 2. Awroo, awroo! (I'll kill you, and then myself!)
Eleanor: 1. Now I'll show you the fury of a woman scorned!
Blanca:  *gulp* This is a sticky situation. I guess this woman simply can't
          resist my charms...

- Battle!

Blanca:  If you can't set aside your feelings, you shouldn't be fighting in the
         first place.
Eleanor: I didn't think you'd be so strong...
Eleanor: Awroo... *snort* Awroo. (After that fight, now I know how you really
         Awroo... *whimper* (You'd rather I stayed home and raised the kids,
         right? I understand...)
Blanca:  ...Awroo. (...Huh? Now, wait just a minute!)
Eleanor: Awroo, awroo... (No need to be shy. But let's make sure we get this
         down on paper, okay?)

- Soul Comet has powered up! (Blanca gets another pawprint)

Eleanor: *whimper* (Hurry home every night after work, okay? You don't want me
         to worry...)
Blanca:  ...Awroo. (...Lemme outta here!)

- Talk to her again.

Eleanor: *whimper, whimper* (I'll be waiting for you! Forever and ever...!)

Yokohama Streets

Chic Akako: With all this craziness going on, the number of warships heading
         for Shanghai and Dalian is increasing. There's talk of clashes here
         and there. I hope it doesn't escalate into full-scale war.
Tomoko, Just Back from France: Do you mind not getting so close? A true
         gentleman only smells a lady's perfume when they're waltzing!
Cheerful Bunkichi: The Foreigner's Cemetery started when a passenger on board
         the Black Ships passed away and was buried there.
Kisaburo, the Cadet: The Foreigner's Cemetery is just a short walk towards the
         hill outside town.

Yuri:    Yo!
Ring Soul: Oh... You...?
Yuri:    What's up with you? What's wrong? Isn't it going well with Miyabi?
R.Soul:  I don't know! Every night she's out until dawn. When I ask what she's
         been doing, she says it's work.
         ...But she can't be at work all the time! She's always saying she was
         a daddy's girl. She hates work! And she never talks to me when she
         comes home. Says she's tired. But she used to talk non-stop. You just
         couldn't keep her quiet. I don't know...
Yuri:    Pretty bad, huh?
R. Soul: And I can't work when I'm feeling like this every day. I think I'm
         gonna have to give up this job.
Yuri:    What?! No! You can't! Who else could do this job?!
R. Soul: Why does it matter? It's not like you can't finish the game without
Yuri:    You can't think like that!
R. Soul: Oh Miyabi! You've got a younger man, haven't you?! I'm trying to
         please you, but I'm just not as young as I used to be. I wish I still
         had it...
Yuri:    What exactly are you referring to?!
R. Soul: Here, this is for you.

- You got Attack Boost

Yuri:    Thanks.

R. Soul: I was really good when I was younger. Oh, I hate getting old! Bye,
Yuri:    Hey!

- The Ring Soul disappears.

Yuri:    I hope he's okay...

- Talk to the two old men.

Retired Old man Iwai: Travelers from abroad, eh? You've come a long way. I hope
         you enjoy your stay.

Azama, Mindful of his Ancestors: My father lived his life by the sword. This
         meant a lot to him, but I can't read all these foreign words on it. I
         guess it should be owned by someone who knows its value,. Someone who
         travels overseas.

- You got Nibelung Scene 6.

Azama:   Your sword skills are very impressive young lady. They may even
         surpass those of my father's someday.
Karin:   Wow! Thank you, sir!
Azama:   We all turn to bones when we die. But we leave something behind.
         Everything we have now is thanks to our ancestors.

28. HOJO RESEARCH FACILITY (2) ......................................... *W28

Sentry A: What's o important about today's experiment that they need us on
Sentry B: There were strict orders from the top. No mishaps this time! Jeez,
          playing around with all this research. They really need to get their
          thinking straight!

- The soldiers walk away to the left and Anastasia is revealed to have been
eavesdropping on them. The rest of the party are waiting around a corner wall.

Anastasia: Did you hear that?! They said there's an important experiment!
Jocahim: You sound like an old busy-body!
Lucia:   It'll be tricky getting in there...
Gepetto: Yeah...
Kurando: Take a look over there.

- They see a guard walking out of a side door.

Kurando: How about pinching their armor and just walking on in?
Gepetto: Ooh! Nice!
Yuri:    Come on! Let's give it a try!

- Walk up to the main doors.

Yuri:    Whoa! Hold on! They'll find us right away dressed like this!

- Open the side door.

Iron Soldier A: What the...?!

- There's a loud noise of an armoured man falling...

Iron Soldier A: Aaargh!
Iron Soldier B: Huuurgh!

- Yuri emerges from the side door again.

Yuri:    Piece of cake!

- Attempt to leave the location.

Gepetto: Wait a minute! You can't go out dressed like that!

- Enter the lab and talk to the two soldiers.

Sentry A: What's all the noise about?
Sentry B: You're Stag Team, right? The guards for the underground lab? You'd
better get down there quick. Use the elevator.

- After using the elevator, Kato is inside the lab area with Ouka.

Ouka:    The Astaroth separation experiment is about to begin.
Kato:    Very well...
Ouka:    What is it, master? Are you not feeling well?
Kato:    No, I'm fine. I was just thinking about the past.
Ouka:    About the past?
Kato:    Lt. Col. Kawashima, killed in Shanghai. I realised my life was changed
         the moment I met her. I was sent over to China as a simple geologic
         analyst. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that my life
         would take the path it has.
Ouka:    Do you have...regrets?
Kato:    Hah. No.
Ouka:    Master...
Kato:    She yearned to live in the same manner that Yuri does. To live life
         freely, no matter what the cost. To hold fiercely onto your own
         She said that anyone could do it if they tried. But now I realize it's
         much more difficult than I thought.
Ouka:    But Master, you have your own strong beliefs. For example
Kato:    The path I walk... There are sometimes I truly fear it.
Ouka:    But why? [What?]
Kato:    I've been working for Minister Ishimura, helping him reach his goals.
         But all along, I've had my own goals in mind. I've just been using
         him. And during that time, I've learned to lie and cheat. And kill...
         ......... But the one thing I haven't learned is how to forget my
         pain, my sadness.
Ouka:    The Yoshiko Kawashima that died in Shanghai was the master's true
Kato:    I...I'm being too emotional.
Ouka:    My Master feels pain because of all his memories? I-I feel jealous of

- Ouka is leaning against Kato's back, her arms on him.

Ouka:    My face, my voice, my everything. I'm just a poor copy of her...
Kato:    Don't say that. You are my creation. Pure, untainted. You are no mere
Ouka:    It's fine! ...I don't mind being a substitute for her.

- Kato moves away and turns to face Ouka.

Kato:    Ouka...
Ouka:    My only wish is to be of use to my Master. To be near my Master, to
         spend time with my Master.

- She moves to lean against Kato's chest.

Ouka:    That is all that I wish for... All that I want...

- Back with Yuri's party as they enter a room.

Iron Soldier, Stag Commander: What took you so long? be on standby in that
         room. Come in if anything goes wrong with the experiment.

- They enter an observation booth on the ground floor of the lab, and see
Nicolai still hanging in the apparatus.

Yuri:    !!
Karin:   What are they trying to do to Nicolai?!

- The lights go out.

Gepetto: It's starting...

- The scene change to Hojo who is also observing Nicolai from behind glass.

Hojo:    He he he... This time we'll achieve separation! Begin!
Voice:   Beginning Astaroth separation, round II. Subject's pulse, blood
         pressure within acceptable parameters.

- Nicoali is being blasted with blue electrical energy and then the light

Voice:   Subject is unconscious. Brainwaves have entered delta stage.
Hojo:    Blood pressure going down. Fire separation beam now!
Lab Guy: Starting separation beam

- A double white beam scans over Nicolai's body.

Voice:   70 percent until ego degeneration.
Lab Guy: Search time remaining, 2 minutes.
Hojo:    That should be plenty.
Lab Guy: Astaroth spirit confirmed in sub-cortical matrix.
Hojo:    Start tracking. We must grab it before it goes subconscious.

- Nicolai is crying out as the two beams of light centre on his chest.

Lab Guy: It's entering sub-cortex B2. It's very active.
Hojo:    So, monster, you've become quite comfortable in this soul, eh.
Lab Guy: Entering sub-cortex B3!
Voice:   45 percent until ego degeneration.

- The scene shifts back to the party who are still watching proceedings.

Anastas: What are they doing with that?
Gepetto: What are they saying anyway?!
Yuri:    I don't know. I hear them talking, but I don't understand a word of

Voice:   30 percent until ego degeneration.
Hojo:    Are you still unable to remove it?!
Lab Guy: Matrix too diffuse. Can't find nucleus.
Hojo:    Damm it!

- Nicolai yells out.

Voice:   20 percent until ego degeneration.
Kato:    Doctor. That's enough. We're going to lose him.
Hojo:    If we fail now, it will be six months before we get another chance at
Kato:    You'll going to kill him again if you don't stop!
Hojo:    Shut up, you ignorant buffoon!

- Nicoalai's face has disappeared as the white light from the beams envelops

Voice:   10 percent until ego degeneration.
Lab Guy: Target has penetrated subconscious.
Hojo:    That's fine! I'll have my monster! Screw his damned ego!
Kato:    Doctor!
Hojo:    Get back!

- A red light emerges from Nicolai's chest.

Hojo:    Yes.

- The screen turns white as the power from Nicolai explodes.

Kato:    Turn off the power! The experiment is over! Do you hear me?

- Kato turns off the power.

Hojo:    What the hell are you doing, Kato?!
Kato:    Don't you know, Doctor?! His ego was the only thing containing the
         monster. Now it's been released.
Hojo:    What did you say?!

- Nicolai raises his head. His face is pale blue and his eyes are white, and a
strange laugh emerges.

Joachim: Look, his face has changed!
Karin:   Nicolai...
Yuri:    Nicolai's egos' been swallowed up...
Nicolai: You foolish pathetic mortals...

- Soldiers gather with their guns ready in front of him.

Nicolai: I can't thank you enough for finally ridding me of that annoying
         human. He was so intensely boring.
Karin:   It can't be!!
Gepetto: He's been taken over by Astaroth!

Soldier: Open fire!

- Their bullets have no effect and Astaroth sends out a wave of red light from
his eyes, killing them all instantly. He then floats down from the device, no
longer bound.

Hojo:    ......
Astaroth:I have been brought back to this world solely to lead it into the
         fiery gates of hell!
Kato:    Mutant Apes!!
Ouka:    Yes, Master!

- They appear on the floor in front of Astaroth, but turn in surprise when
Astaroth ignores them to speak to someone else.

Astaroth:You can come out now.

- Yuri walks forwards with Karin.

Yuri:    How you doing, bright eyes?
Astaroth:You are a stubborn fool.
Yuri:    It sounds like someone here woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
Hojo:    Huh?! What?
Kato:    Yuri...
Yuri:    Okay, who's first? Who want to dance?
Astaroth:Sadly, I have other business to attend to.
Yuri:    C'mon, don't be like that. I came to see you.

- Astaroth disappears in a stream of white light.

Hojo:    !!
Yuri:    You bastard...
Kato:    After him!
Mutant Apes: Yes, master!

- They warp out of the room.

Yuri:    Huh? Hey, is everybody leaving?!
Kato:    Doctor, we're going after Astaroth. Deal with things here as you wish.
Hojo:    Wait a minute!
Karin:   We should leave too!
Gepetto: She's right. We've got to go after Nicolai!
Yuri:    Hmmph! This is not looking good!

- They run out of the lab, but Hojo is still watching from above.

Hojo:   You'll pay. I won't let you get away with ruining my experiment.

- End of Movie.

- After making their way through the corridors of the lab, the party are back
in the entrance hallway.

Yuri:    Hmph! What a waste of time!
Karin:   Just a little further.

- A large round machine thing crashes down from the ceiling.

Anastas: *screams*
Joachim: Jumping Jehoshaphat!
Hojo:    *laughing* You're not going anywhere! My Master Cylinder is more than
         enough to take care of the likes of you!
Yuri:    Oh, jeez, not again...

- Battle!

- The scene shifts again to Garan and Minister Ishimura.

Ishimura So the lab has been destroyed, Hojo has been killed and Kato has gone
         missing, chasing after a monster...
Garan:   Y-yes
Ishimura:Hojo, that miserable failure!!
Garan:   Y-yes, Master...
Ishimura:Fools! All of them! *coughs*
Garan:   Minister?! Are you all right?
Garan:   Please! You must relax! Think of your health!
Ishimura:Quiet! This is nothing! Oh...

- Ishimura is sitting breathing heavily after his coughing fit.

Garan:   Please, Minister. You must relax!
Garan:   Yes?
Ishimura:This young thug, Yuri... Who is he, anyway...?
Garan:   I believe he's the man who stopped Rasputin's plan to conquer Russia.
         After that, he came to Japan, chasing after Nicolai.
Ishimura:Special Agent Kato tells me he is the son of Hyuga from the Secret
Garan:   Yes.
Ishimura:This man is the son of a patriot, so why, I do not understand, why
         does he insist on causing me pain like this? [such pain...?]
Garan:   ......
Ishimura:Even though I only have a short time left in this body of mine...
Garan:   Minister, you mustn't say such things!
Ishimura:Garan, destroy this Yuri. I cannot allow anyone to stand in the way
         of my plans for a new empire.
Garan:   Trust me, my lord. I, Garan, shall [will] put forth my best effort.
Ishimura:Just go.

- Garan warps away in a cloud of blue.

Ishimura:Hyuga, don't be angry with me... But I won't show mercy to an enemy,
         even if he is the son of a cherished friend.

- A photograph of Naniwa, Ishimura and Yuri's father is shown on the Minister's

- End of Movie.

- Yuri is pacing back and forth outside Naniwa's house while Naniwa and Kurando
sit on the floor inside talking.

Naniwa:  ... I understand the situation. I want you to work with Yuri and his
         companions. Help them anyway you can.
Kurando :But...
Naniwa:  Don't you worry about Yoshiko and me. Ishimura can't touch us as long
         as we're in the capital [here]. Actually, from what I hear, he has
         his hands full with his own problems.
Kurando: Yes sir. I'll go with the others, then.
Naniwa:  Good.
Yuri:    Where could he have gone, that bastard?
Karin:   You've got to take it easy. Worrying won't help us find Nicolai.
Yuri:    You think I don't know that? Don't talk to me like my mother!
Karin:   .........

- Yuri sighs and sits down.

Yuri:    The thing is, this isn't the Nicolai we fought in Apoina Tower. He's a
         million time more dangerous...
Karin:   Is it [that] because he's been taken over by Astaroth?
Yuri:    He tried to control the soul of a demon and claim its power for his
         own. But the demon was stronger, so he's the one who wound up being
Karin:   So Nicolai and Astaroth are sharing the same body?
Yuri:    Yeah. I think Nicolai's in there somewhere, but its Astaroth that has
         the power. Now the demon is free, I'm afraid to think of what it might
Naniwa:  What's wrong, young Yuri?
Karin:   Sensei
Naniwa:  You seem depressed. So, there's no hope, eh?

- Naniwa site down next to Yuri and Karin elbows him.

Karin:   Yuri.
Naniwa:  What happens when you find the monster?
Yuri:    I'll waste it.
Naniwa:  You think you can win?
Yuri:    Yeah, sure.
Naniwa:  Then go to Katsuragi.
Yuri:    Katsuragi?
Naniwa:  Yes, the Forest of the Wind. There's someone waiting to meet you.
Yuri:    To meet me? Who is it?
Naniwa:  You'll know when you get there. But believe me, that person will be
         able to help you on your search.
Yuri:    .........

- End of Movie. Yuri and Karin carry on talking in Naniwa's garden. The rest of
the team have gone.

Yuri:    Katsuragi...
Karin:   Show a little more enthusiasm! We know where we've gotta go, so let's
         to tell everyone back in town!
Yuri:    Yeah, okay...

- Talk to Naniwa again.

Naniwa:  Ha ha ha... It'll be worth your while. The person waiting for you is
         looking forward to you coming.

- Back in Nihonbashi, Yuri finds Joachim and Anastasia in the street.

Rich Okatsu: Have you heard? They say a weird old creature joined that strange
         school that gentleman set up! I can't stop thinking about it!
Curious Hikosaburo: Hey, lilsten to this! I've seen another weird thing! An
         odd-looking airplane flying across the sky. If you ask me, it's got to
         be some kind of secret weapon! No doubt about it!

Yuri:    Hey, you two! You look like you're enjoying yourselves!
Anastas: Oh, Yuri! Look at all the stuff I bought! They'll make good souvenirs
         for Daddy and Alexei!
Joachim: Oh, great! So we're done at last?! It's exhausting trailing all over
         the place after you!
Anastas: What are you moaning about? I very kindly invited you out shopping
         with me  You should feel privileged!
Joachim: Invited me out?! I'm just here to carry all the stuff you buy! Jeez,
         I must be an idiot!
Anastas: Did you say something?
Joachim:, nothing!

- Yuri finds Blanca and Kurando in the Vacant Lot.

Blanca:  Awroo!
Yoshiko: Oh, Yuri! You came to get Blanca, didn't you?
Yuri:    Yeah,. But by the look on his face, I'd say he wants a little more of
         a walk!
Blanca:  Grrr...
Yoshiko: See you later, Blanca! I'll take you for a walk again when you come
Blanca:  Awroo, awroo!

- Talk to Yoshiko again.

Yoshiko: Come back soon!

- Yuri find Lucia and Gepetto in the Park (only after finding the others.)

Yuri:    Are you two ready to leave?
Gepetto: So you've finally figured out where we're going next, have you?!
Lucia:   Great! I was starting to get really bored!

- As the party leaves the Park someone turns up!

Voice:   *yells*
All:     Roger!!
Roger:   I finally found you!!
Lucia:   Oh, you're still alive?!
Gepetto: How did you ever get off that mountain?!
Roger:   Hmph!! I wasn't about to die until I got a chance to give you all a
         piece of my mind!
Yuri:    Hey, come on. We didn't have a choice. You were the only one that
         could fix that ship. Plus, I figured the bears would decide you were
         too nasty to eat.
Roger:   You expect me to believe that?! You ran away screaming like babies!! I
         never saw anyone run that fast!! Waaaa!! Just like that!!
Yuri:    Is that right?
Roger:   Yea, that's right!
Anastas: Okay, okay. Time to let bygones be bygones!
Lucia:   She's right. Let's just forget it!
Roger:   Hmph!! What kind of people are you?! It's not funny.

- They are all laughing at him as he crawls on the ground. End of movie.

Roger:   The airship's hidden just outside town. Ready to roll, of course!

- Europe and Japan are now both available.


- Visit Ernest in Montmartre.

Ernest:  Looks like you've collected some stamps. Here's your prize this time.

- You got The Emperor Card.

- Inside the Hotel at Southampton.

Sefo, the Rescued Barfly: Fine swordsmanship! You matter how hooked I
         got on alcohol, I never hocked this. I always said, if there was
         somebody good enough, I'd let it go. So here! You earned it!

- You got Nibelung Scene 9. Extra Geuschbenst power!

Sefo:    It's just talk! People saying the queen hid the Final Nibelung Scene
         away in a secret castle... It's all just talk!

- Talk to Sarah at Goreme Valley.

Sarah:   King Solomon has spoken! He's pleased with your improvement. You must
         undergo a further trial.
Yuri:    How does this Solomon guy know I've improved, anyway?
Sarah:   King Solomon sees everything. No on can escape his eyes at any time.
         Not me, not you...
Yuri:    So... he's always watching?! All the time?! He's even scarier than a
Sarah:   That's enough talk! On with the trial!

- Believer Trials are now open.

29. FOREST OF THE WIND/PURGATORY ....................................... *W29

- The party walk a short way up the path before stopping for a scene.

Karin:   This is just like the place from before.
Yuri:    Yeah. It's from my earliest memories as a child. It's exactly the
Kurando: What are you two talking about?
Yuri:    Huh? Oh, nothing.
Anastas: Wow! What a beautiful mountain!
Kurando: Mount Katsuragi. It's considered a holy mountain.
Anastas: A holy mountain.
Kurando: Legends say that a god lives here.
Anastas: Wow!!
Karin:   Is someone waiting for us?
Yuri:    I think so.

- Blanca trots into view and sniffs the air and then stops, looking at the path
ahead. Kurando and Anastasia walk on arm in arm and Blanca growls a warning.

Anastas :What is it Blanca?!
Blanca:  Grrr... (Be careful. Something's strange...)
Anastas: Grrrrrr!
Kurando: Was that a bell...?

- They all stop, looking around as they hear a bell.

Gepetto: Did you feel that? The wind stopped...!

- The ground shakes and one after another they fall into a black hole. End of

Yuri:    What is this place?
Lucia:   I bet it's the work of that Baby Head!
Gepetto: Careful! This place seems even more evil than the last!

- Investigate the left archway with a red star and banner.

Text:    The path is sealed...A powerful and fearful evil is emanating from the

- Talk to the guardian.

Ippitsu-maru, the Child Guardian: Uh ha ha ha... going is easy! Coming back is
         terrifying! Do you know the way to escape this purgatory? Fools who
         pass under the same gate time and time again are trapped here forever!
         Uh ha ha haaa!

- Check the table next to him.

Text:    An altar adorned with several candles...

- Talk to the Magimel Brothers.

Gerard:  You're kidding! On the run again?! Why do so many roads in Japan lead
         to these weird places?! oh, well, not to worry. Wherever there are
         customers... No, then, what will it be?
Yuri:    1. Yes, yes! I'll buy something!
         2. Forget it!

- Navigate the route successfully and check the candles again, which are now
all lit.

Text:    Lighting all of the candles casts light all around...
Guardian: Oh ha ha...huh?! You've lit all the candles? The Great Gate Seal will
         be broken!

- Approach the seal.

Text:    The talisman seal blocking the way has disappeared...

- Reach Garan's hideout.

Garan:  I've been waiting for you. This is the entrance to hell.

- Garan appears on the steps floating on his little platform cushion.

Yuri:    Uk-oh! It's Baby Head!
Garan:   You wiggling worms. Have you enjoyed my little tour of hell?
Yuri:    Acutally, you're a lousy guide!
Garan:   Have you not learned that I'm not a foe to be trifled with?
Lucia:   I just think that's the coolest! Floating around like that!
Anastas: I wonder how he does that?
Garan:   Laugh while you can, my little ones! Soon you'll be shedding tears of

- The party have turned their backs to him while discussing this.

Joachim: It must be the pillow he's sitting on! I'm sure of it!
Yuri:    You think so?
Garan:   This is the last chance to plead for your lives! Anything you wish to
         say before you die? Well?
Yuri:    That pillow...where can I get one?
Garan:   I will strip the flesh from your bones!

- Battle! After the battle the group are back in the forest

Yuri:    Anyway, he never did tell us where he bought that pillow, did he...
Karin:   You really wanted to know?
Kurando: Okay, everyone, we're here! That's Inugami Village!

30. INUGAMI VILLAGE .................................................... *W30

- The party arrive at the village.

Yuri:    Hey, where are we?
Kurando: My home town.
Yuri:    Really?

- An old lady approaches.

Kurando: Nanna! Going strong as ever, are you?
Cheerful Old Nanna: Oh, yes! Battling on!
Kurando: Where is she?
Nanna:   You mean Saki? SHe's at the Fountain of Sukune. She's been praying
         ever since last night. She had a bad premontion.
Kurando: Mother did...?
Nanna:   Yes. It's a good thing you're back! A very good thing! Well, I have to
         get back and prepare for the reception.


Anastas: Kurando, what is it?! Is something bothering you?
Kurando: Huh?
Anastas: If you're not feeling well, let me help! I'd do anything for you!
Kurando: No, there's nothing wrong with me.
Anastas: Are you sure?! Ask anything! I can like your wife! I'll sew socks,
         wash your underwear...

- Yuri rushes in to save Kurando from Anastasia pushing him out of her way, and
the rest of the party follow leaving Anastasia ranting on.

Anastas: Eeeeek! I'm so embarrassed! I can't believe I really said that...
         Ha ha ha...

- Blanca walks past and backtracks to end up near Anastasia.

Anastas:  I'm so happy...

- Blanca turns to give her a questioning look and she kicks him. End of Movie.
Talk to the people in the village.

Uncertain Josaque: Monsters have been turning up lately even in the Forest of
         of Wind. I wish all these bad things would stop.
Hiromu, Having a Rest: The good weather's continued all summer this year. We
         should be able to harvest some juicy vegetables come autumn.
Iwase, the Craftsman: Well, I never! It's you! When did you get back? How
         long's it been since you went off with that dignitary fellow? Your
         mother will be so happy to see you!

- Talk to the shopkeepers.

Gerard: Aaaah! This is a fine place, here! The air's so pure! Huh! What are we
         doing here, you ask? Don't worry about that! It's just nice to meet up
         again, isn't it? No doubt you want to buy something, right?
Yuri:    1. I could throw some cash away...
         2. I'm not spending.

- Meet the Ring Soul near the upper left house.

Yuri:    Hi!
Ring Soul: .........
Yuri:    How ya doing?
R. Soul: .........
Yuri:    Oh, don't tell me... You split up, right? With your wife...
         Hey, come on! Cheer up! Sure, it'll be lonely at first, but you can
         have fun being single, you know! I know it hurts to think it wasn't
         meant to be with Miyabi, but...
R. Soul: Nooooo!  It's not that!
Yuri:    W-what then?!  Don't scare me like that!
R. Soul: Miyabi...  Miyabi gave me this...
Yuri:    What is it?
R. Soul: This!  Look! This sweater! It's cashmere! See!
Yuri:    I can't see anything! How can I when you're glowing like that?!
         Your whole body's on fire!
R. Soul: Ah, yeah! Of course. I really wanted you to see it too! Oh, well,
         never mind. I'm just so happy! Miyabi wanted to surprise me with it on
         my birthday, so she's secretly been working at a store the whole time!
         She 's amazing, huh?! It's like somethings out of a movie, don't you
         think?  I'm so lucky!
Yuri:    Oh...  I was really worried for a while! I'm glad it worked out.
R. Soul: Yeah, thanks for your support. So, it's back to work, I guess!
         This I entrust to you... Just wanna share the joy!
Yuri:    Okay, thanks.

- You got Attack Boost.

R. Soul: Okay, I've gotta get back. I thought I'd take a present for Miyabi,
         but what should I get...?
         I know! Creme caramel! She loves that! If you put a tiny bit of soy
         sauce on it, it tastes like sea urchins! Miyabi taught me that.Ever
         since I discovered it, I can't get enough either! You should try it!
Yuri:    No, thanks! It sounds gross!
R. Soul: Oh, well. See you!

- The Ring Soul disappears.

Yuri:      Sure...

Munher, Taking a Breather: You have to dry the things you harvest in the summer
         sun like this. Then you'll have things to eat all winter.
Hard-working See: Hey, young'un! Long time, no see! How did your work in the
         city go?
Stooping Okuma: If you look around, you'll see the village is full of old
         people. All the young ones leave for the city...
Kamna, the Hunter: Inugami Village lies hidden by the Katsuragi ridge and the
         Forest of Wind. The gods of nature have blessed up with both mountains
         and woods.
Beautiful Sayori: Welcome home, Kurando! Why are looking at me like that?! I
         can't help it if I've grown!
Samba the Ladybug: Oooh! Your eyesight must be real sharp to have spotted me!
Lottery Member 6: Let's get on wit it, then! Let the good times roll! Come on,
         let's dance!
Yuri:    1. I'll dance!
         2. You're on your own!
Samba:   1. Okay, here goes! Watch the lottery rings... Red, blue, yellow!

- Lose.
Samba:   No win, no dance! Sorry.

- Win.
Samba:   Cool! Get down with me and boogie, baby!
         Gimme a call anytime for the lottery. Oh, and I like weddings too!

Gallivanting Shiuta: We coat this tree in sugared water. That way, you get lots
         lots of beetles gathered around it the next morning!
Cheerful Old Woman: Saki wants you to go straight to the Fountain of Sukune.
         It's right behind the house. Better not keep her waiting.

Find a pillar on the path to the shrine.

Kurando: Hey, what's this?!
Joachim: Hmm. Nice clay idol...
Kurando: Absolutely not! This is one of my village's precious artifacts!
Joachim: It watched over the people of this village for a thousand years,
         Bearing up under harsh wind and rain... What does its deep and knowing
         look want to tell us...?
Kurando: Wait just a minute! Stop that at once!
Yuri:    Don't waste your breath, Kurando.

- You get Clay Idol. (Joachim picks it up.)

Joachim: The spirited passion of the people of the Jomon period surges
         through me! My body burns with the raw emotion of the men of the age
         of mythology!

- Joachim walks off with the idol on his shoulder

Kurando: ...What just happened?!
Yuri:    Sorry 'bout that, Kurando. I should've warned you about him...

- Outside the shrine cave.

Ichizumi, the Ventriloquist: Oh, are you a ventriloquist too? I see you've got
         a doll.
Yuri:    No! I was just given this thing! ME, a ventriloquist?! Ha ha!
Ichizumi:Hmm... That gives me an idea! I could use an animal doll as my puppet
         rather than a normal one... Or maybe even two dolls together, acting
         out a kind of play... Yeah! That's a brilliant idea!
Yuri:    You think? It doesn't sound all that great...
Ichizumi:Can I have that doll of yours? Please! If I'm successful, I could be a
         big star one day!
Yuri:    1. Okay. Try and liven up your act!
         2. It'll never work! Forget it!
Ichizumi:1. Thanks! If it works out, you'll be the first one I show! It'll be
         good, I can promise you that! I must give you something back... Um...
         Sorry, this is all I've got. Still, you should have it.

- You got 10-day-old Rice.

- Inside the shrine.

Kurando: It's Kurando. I'm home.

- A woman in traditional costume is standing facing a waterfall.

Woman:   I'm glad you all could make it. I'm Saki, leader of the Inugami.

- She turns to face the party.

Saki:    This is the Fountain of Sukune. Within it's holy mirror, you may see
         many mysterious things. It has always warned of evil omens, but days
         ago it began to warn of the greatest threat ever to be witnessed in
         this world. There is a great disturbance in the ley lines running
         through Japan. Some great force seeks to shake the very stars from
         their foundations. It is not by chance that you come to Katsuragi at
         this time. Understand?

- Yuri nods his agreement.

Saki:    Are you Yuri?
Yuri:    Yeah.
Saki:    I see.

- Yuri makes a huh sound and he and Karin look surprised.

Saki:    It is now time to find the one that you have all been searching for.

- A bell chimes and Saki begins to move in a slow dance. She's in a kind of
trance and soars into the sky revealing an image of a mountain in the pool.

Karin:   What's that mountain...?
Yuri:    It's Mount Fuji...

- They watch the vision of inside the mountain, until Kato is seen deep in a
fiery cave.

Yuri:    Kato?!
Karin:   Look!

- A body is seen against the background of fire, floating.

Yuri:    Nicolai... No, it's Astaroth!
Saki:    His evil is like an armor, hiding him from my sight.

- Astaroth's eyes open and flash.

Saki:    No, wait! He's found me!!

- A huge elongated hand rises out of the pool behind her and envelops her in a
sphere of light.

Kurando: Look out!!
Voice of Astaroth: Impertinent fools...

- Saki cries out as she is trapped in a crossbeam of light. Her appearance
changes as her hair goes white and her clothes red.

Kurando: Mother!!
Voice:   Prepare to die...
Anastasia: He's taken over her body!!

- She changes form again, and it's Battle!

- After the battle the scene shifts to inside the mountain they saw.

Hien:    Raiden!
Raiden:  Yo.
Hien:    Let's get back.
Raiden:  Okay.

- They warp away and re-appear in a fiery cavern.

Hein:    That monster is somewhere up ahead.
Raiden:  Ha ha. It's like it's waiting for us.
Hein:    Are you scared?
Raiden:  Don't be stupid. You and me both died once in Shanghai. What do I
         have to be afraid of now?
Hein:    He he. So you are afraid...
Raiden:  Hein?
Hein:    Yeah?
Raiden:  When even the doctors gave up on us, it was the Master that saved us.
Hien:    .........
Raiden:  He treated us good. Just like we was his own family. Even stupid me,
         who couldn't die right.
Hien:    That's why we fight so hard for him. Why we're willing to die for him.
Raiden:  Exactly. But...
Hien:    But what?
Raiden:  Ouka is different.
Hien:    .........
Raiden:  Unlike us, she wasn't given any mechanical implants. She was the
         Master's girlfriend, reborn.

- Ouka and Kato are seen walking through the fire cave.

Raiden:  He wants to have a baby with her and live like a nice, happy couple.
Hien:    You...
Raiden:  Listen here. No matter what happens to us, I want to be sure that we
         protect those two.
Hien:    Raiden...
Raiden:  Is there something strange with wanting to do [about] that?
Hien:    No.
Raiden:  Are you with me?
Hien:    Of course. I'm right there with you!

- The scene shifts to Kato and Ouka, standing beside a river of lava.

Kato:    Did you call me?
Ouka:    No. Is something wrong?
Kato:    No. I thought that I heard a voice. Just my imagination.
Ouka:    .........
Kato:    Is the boundary still holding?
Ouka:    Yes. There is no need to worry. But the flow of time is different
         here. A few hours here is actually several days in the outside world.
Kato:    We can't just stay here doing nothing. Yuri and the others could
         arrive here at any moment.
Hein:    We're back, Master.
Kato:    Well?
Raiden:  There is no up or down here. No front or back either.
Hien:    But he's here all right, Master. I'm certain he's here.
Kato:    I see...

- The lava parts to reveal a stone path to a cave.

Kato:    Hmm... It seems that Nicolai wishes for us to enter. We may not come
         back alive. You understand that, don't you?
Mutant Apes: Yes, Master.

- End of Movie. The scene shifts to Saki's house in Inugami.

Yuri:    It was definitely Kato...
Karin:   The Mutant Apes were there too.
Gepetto: So they've gotten deep inside Nicolai's... I mean Astaroth's, lair.
Joachim: They're tough. They'll be okay. Right?
Lucia:   They'll be fine!

- Kurando enters the room

Anastas: Oh! Kurando!
Yuri:    How's your mother?
Kurando: She just came to. She asked to see all of you. It's this way.

- Inside Saki's bedroom.

Gepetto: How are you feeling now?
Saki:    Much better. Thank you. I'm very [so] sorry to have caused all of you
         such trouble.
Yuri:    No trouble
Saki:    Thank you for saving me.
Yuri:    We should thank you. You told us where Nicolai is. Huh?
Saki:    Hee hee...
Yuri:    Is there something on my face?
Saki:    Yes. Your nose and your eyes.
Gepetto: That's a pretty silly joke...
Kurando: She's always saying stuff like that.
Saki:    Now don't get so angry. You look so much like your father, that's all
         I'm saying.
Yuri:    My father?
Saki:    Yes.
Yuri:    Did you know hi,?
Saki:    Yes.
Yuri:    You really knew him?
Saki:    Yes.
Yuri:    But how?
Saki:    I am his sister.
Yuri:    Sister?!
Everyone: Huh?!
Karin:   So you're Yuri's aunt?
Anastas: His aunt?
Joachim: His aunt?
Saki:    I heard about you from Kurando. But when I first saw you, I thought my
         brother had come back to life as a street urchin.
Yuri:    Street urchin?
Saki:    I really want [I'd like] to hear all about you, but I'm afraid we
         don't have the time.
Yuri:    Yeah.

- End of Movie. The talking continues inside Saki's room.

Saki:    There's a long lineage of guardians of the Land of Nippon. The Hyugas
         and the Inugamis come from that line. For 2000 years, this has been
         the base of monks and soothsayers, working to protect humans from evil
         spirits. Each family has its own unique powers. The power of
         transforming that you share with Kurando is just one of them.
Yuri:    So my soul fusion ability... You're saying I got it from my father?
Saki:    Sort of, although your case is a little unusual. Normally, the number
         of forms you can embody is limited to one.
Yuri:    Really?
Saki:    I think your unique experiences have taught you how to transform into
         various forms. They say dormant powers can be awakened through
         encounters with death or severe emotional disturbances.
Yuri:    So I might have more dormant powers?
Saki:    No doubt you have. You and Kurando both.
Kurando: Me too?
Saki:    Yes.
Yuri:    He he! So the two of us are still just novices, huh>
Kurando: I guess so!
Gepetto: Sorry to interrupt, but this is no time to be dreaming about all that!
         We can't let Nicolai get away.
Saki:    ...That's right. Even as we speak, the monster is deep in Mt. Fuji,
         gathering its strength.
Anastas: In Mt. Fuji?
Saki:    Yes. Japan's largest active volcano, said since ages past to harbour
         the power of immortality.
Kurando: Maybe Astaroth is planning to make Mt. Fuji erupt?!
Saki:    I would guess that he is. With that monster's power and the energy in
         Fuji's ley lines, it wouldn't just be a normal eruption either.
Kurando: I-if that happened...
Gepetto: He'd completely wipe out Japan!
Yuri:    .........
Karin:   Yuri...
Saki:    You're going?
Yuri:    Thank you, Aunt Saki.
Saki:    There's lots to talk about when you get back!
Yuri:    Sure.
Saki:    Karin.
Karin:   Uh, yes?
Saki:    We've got a lot to talk about too.
Karin:   Huh? Sure! I'm really...looking forward to it...!

- Talk to Saki again.

Saki:    Be careful!

- Upstairs in Saki's house.

Obliging Goupei: War's about to break out on the continent, right? I heard our
         leader's brother was a soldier...
Cheerful Nanna: When Saki was carried in here, I could've fainted, I was so
         shocked! Thank goodness she's all right!

- Back inside the Fountain of Sukune a wolf is found.

Matsunaga: Awroo! (Stop, wolf!) Awroo, awroo! (Are you the wolf traveling
         with Kurando these days?!)
Blanca:  Awroo? (Yeah. What of it?)
Matsu:   Grrr... Awroo! (Protecting Inugami is the job of the Matsunagas.
         We don't need your help.)
Blanca:  Awroo, awroo. (What do I care about your family history?)
Matsu:   Awroo! Grrr! (Silence, impudent pup! My claws will teach you a
Blanca:  1. You asked for it!
         2. Sometimes retreat is the best plan.
Blanca:  You think you can beat me? A man shouldn't make idle threats.
Matsu:   I won't stand for any more of your insults! Now you'll witness the
         prowess of the House of Matsunaga!

- Battle!

Matsu:   How could I be so careless...? How would I lose focus on the
Blanca:  That's what you get for bringing personal feelings into the battle.
Matsu:   Awroo... Awroo! (I'm mortified. Let me give you my stamp as a
         symbol of my undying shame...)

- Find the Blood Jewel in the Forest of Wind and return to Yokohama Streets.

Croft, Back Again: You! What?! Is that...?!
Yuri:    Oh, yes! It's your treasure, my friend!
Croft:   Dammit! You're really starting to bug me! How do you find it so
Yuri:    So? You want another beating?
Croft:   You think I'll just give up?! No way! I'll take you on! Here it is, my
         final challenge! This time, I'm serious!

- You get Treasure: Done

Yuri:    So this really is the last time?
Croft:   You bet! Although it's only because I've run out of treasure to hide!
Yuri:    But this last code is extra difficult! This time, you can't possibly
         beat me!

31: IMMORTAL MOUNTAIN ................................................... *W31

- Inside the mountain caves the party arrives at a glowing stone.

Yuri:    What's this glowing thing?
Gepetto: It looks like some kind of altar.
Karin:   Look. There's a round depression here. Do you think we should try
         putting this crystal in it?
Yuri:    Put the crystal in here?
         1. Okay, let's try it.
         2. Nah, not right now.

- Use the crystal and the party is warped to a different part of the caves.

Yuri:    Yikes! What the hell happened?!
Joachim: We got transported!
Gepetto: I guess that must've been a warping device.
Kurando: A warping deice, huh...? I never imagined there'd be a device like
         that inside the Immortal Mountain...
Yuri:    Anyway, whatever, let's keep going.

- Encounter the Ring Soul.

Ring Soul: Hi!
Yuri:    Oh, hi.
R. Soul: What's up with you?
Yuri:    Nothing, I'm fine.
R. Soul: Today's the last time, you know. The last time I do this. I've had a
         lot to deal with recently. But I couldn't have gone on with this Ring
         Soul job without you.
Yuri:    Me?
R. Soul: Yeah. At first I thought I just needed to get the job done and go.
         but then, we had some disagreements, we talked...
         ...and then we were friends! I think that's pretty cool.

- Yuri has been standing in his characteristic pose of hands on hips, and now
changes to rub the back of his head with his left hand in a gesture of

Yuri:    Ha ha!  Hey, you're embarrassing me, here.
R. Soul: So, here you are. This is for you. With my thanks.

- You got Attack Boost.

- Yuri puts out his left hand in a gesture of almost trying to shake hands.

Yuri:    Thank you!
R. Soul: Good luck, okay?
         Listen, let's go get a drink once I'm done! We could go down to
         Micha. There are some good bars down there.
Yuri:    Sure, you got it!
R. Soul: Great! I'm looking forward to it! I'll see you off today, okay?
Yuri:    See ya, then!

- Encounter a white wolf inside a cave.

Lobo:    Awroo... (Haven't had visitors in a long time...)
Blanca:  Aw-awroo?! (I'm getting a weird sense of pressure in my chest...
         Hey, who are you?!)
Lobo:    Awroo... Awroo. (My name is Lobo. They used to call me the "King of
         the Wolves.")
Blanca:  Awroo... Grrr. (Lobo, eh? So you're him. I've got a question for you.)
Lobo:    Awroo, awroo. (A wolf answers to no one. Only strength will make a
         wolf submit.)
         Awroo... Awroo. (Do you really think you have that kind of strength?)
Blanca:  1. I do! And don't forget it!
         2. I don't feel confident right now.
Lobo:    You whining little pup! I'll show you the strength of the King of the
Blanca:  Remember those words. And now get ready for defeat!

- Battle!

Lobo:    So this is the strength of youth...? I guess I'm getting old...
Blanca:  It's the job of the young to carve out the future. Old men should
         stand aside.
Lobo:    Awroo... (Blanca... Child of my own blood. You beat me...)
Blanca:  Awroo... Awroo? (So it's true, then? ...But why?! You were in no
         shape to fight...!)
Lobo:    Awroo... Awroo... (A warrior never stops fighting. But my own son
         wasn't cut out for battle...)
         Awoo... Awrro. (He left home, and I hear he lived out his days in a
         peaceful forest.)
         *whimper* (But now I see his son chose the path of the warrior...)
Blanca:  .........
Lobo:    Awroo... Awroo. (I don't have any more time left... Blanca, ask
         Ernest everything...)

- You learned Aurura! (And get a paw print on the Score Card.)

Blanca:  Awroo... (Ernest...? The one who thought up this whole stupid
         competition? Ask him...?)

- The party emerge from the cavern into an open area with lots of lava.

Yuri:    Kato and the other were here...
Karin:   I wonder where they al went?

- The ground shakes as a path is opened across the lava.

Yuri:    Looks like they went this way.

- Enter the Hall of Flame cave to see Nicolai inside a white crystal.

Yuri:    Kato!

- They rush forwards to find Kato sitting on the ground, not looking too well.

Kato:    Hmph, Yuri. So you've arrived.
Yuri:    How ya doin'? You okay?
Kato:    You tell me. How do I look?
Yuri:    You're a tough cookie all right.

- The Mutant Apes approach the party.

Voice:   You're too late...

- Nicolai moves.

Karin:   Nicolai!
Kato:    That's no longer the Nicolai that you knew.
Voice:   He he he...
Yuri:    So, did you miss us?
Voice:   Very soon the destruction of this world will begin...
Yuri:    Destruction?
Voice:   Yes, that's right. The Malice released in the world will soon destroy
Kato:    What are you going to do?
Yuri:    Waste him.
Kato:    Be careful. His claws are poisoned with Malice. There's no antidote
         for that.
Hien:    One scratch and that's it...
Yuri:    I got it.
Voice:   It cannot be avoided...

- Yuri walks closer to the crystal that contains Nicolai.

Voice:   My soul has been revived! The age of mankind is coming to an end..
         Joy, sadness, desire... All of it is finished now. I will usher in a
         glorious new future!.
Yuri:    Before you do, can I ask a favour?
Voice:   What do you wish, human?
Yuri:    I wish you'd shove it. You know where.
Voice:   .........

- The crystal begins to crack open and Astaroth emerges in his full power.

Voice:  *roars*

- Battle!

Nicolai: K-Karin...
Karin:   Nicolai...
Nicolai: Huh?
Yuri:    Get back!!

- Yuri pushes Karin out of harm's way and takes a blow from Nicolai that blasts
light into his chest.

Nicolai: Don't think you can escape the curse of the Mistletoe...
Yuri:    *cries out*
Nicolai: Thanks to you... All my plans have been ruined...
Yuri:    *groans*
         I forgot...that.
Nicolai: No. And now you'll die for it...

- Kato intervenes and punches Nicolai to the ground. Yuri falls too as Karin
comes to him. Nicolai reaches out to grab the Mistletoe and stabs Ouka in the

Nicolai: You die instead!!
Kato:    You son of a...!

- Kato is holding Ouka with one arm and reaches out to Nicolai grabbing his

Nicolai: K-Karin!!

- Kato kills Nicolai one handed somehow, and he falls to the ground. He gently
lowers the injured Ouka to the ground.

Ouka:    M-Master...
Kato:    Ouka?!
Ouka:    Are you hurt...?
Kato:    I'm fine!
Ouka:    I'm so...glad...

- Ouka dies.

Kato:   Ouka?! OukaAAA!!

- A dark swirling shadow envelops Yuri and he comes to inside the graveyard.

Voice:  Yuri...
Yuri:   Alice?!

He stands up and goes to the large black door.

Yuri:   Hey, Alice? Are you in there?
Alice:  Yuri...
Yuri:   I've got to get in there...

- He tries to pull the door open.

Yuri:   Huh? It won't open... Why won't it open?! I've got to get in!!
        What the hell is this?!

- He takes a running jump at the door and falls back to the ground.

Yuri:    Why?! Bite me!!


- The scene changes with Yuri lying on the ground inside the Sukune Fountain in
Inugami Village with the rest of the party surrounding him.

Yuri:    Bite me...
Karin:   !!
Anastas: He's awake!!
Joachim: Bite me?
Anastas: What's that?!
Joachim: He said it.
Karin:   Yuri!!
Yuri:    Where am I...?
Karin:   The Fountain of Sukune

- He tries to rise from the ground.

Anastas: Hey!! Stay still!

- He lies down again.

Joachim: Don't try to get up!
Karin:   You're right. You've been out for three days. You've got to take it
Yuri:    Three days...? What about Kato...?

- Karin is silent and looks down.

Yuri:    Is he dead?
Karin:   No. But we were the only ones who got [got separated getting] out of
Yuri:    I see...
Karin:   He said that if you lived, you should come to the Foreigner's
Yuri:    Foreigner's Cemetery? In Yokohama? I got it.

- End of Movie. Inside Saki's house.

Saki:    Yuri, you're awake?! Good. All our prayers were heard.
Yuri:    Looks like I caused you all a lot of worry... But I'm fine now.
Saki:    Don't brush it off like that! Understand how poor Karin's been
         feeling, nursing you night and day without sleep.
Yuri:    Huh? You realy did that?
Karin:   Yeah, well. You know...
Saki:    Yuri!
Yuri:    Yes?
Saki:    And everybody else too! Listen to me! With Astaroth's death, the
         threat of natural disaster is gone... But an even greater crisis, a
         profound sorrow, threaten to darken the sky. A feeling of empty
Yuri:    Is it him...?
Saki:    I hear the screams of a heart stifled by sorrow and anger. Anguish
         that no one can heal...
Yuri:    I know that feeling.
Saki:    Are you going to put an end to it?
Yuri:    ...For a friend, yes. And he's a good friend of mine.
Saki:    Very well. Go, then. Go to your destiny.


- The party enters the cemetery but Yuri tells them to stop.

Yuri:    Sorry, but I wanna go alone. Can you all wait here for me?
Karin:   All right. We'll wait for you at the Yokohama Inn.

- Kato is waiting at Lt. Kawashima's grave.

Kuri:    So, you're alive, huh?
Kato:    You too.
Yuri:    And Ouka?

- Kato slowly shakes his head.

Yuri:    ...I'm sorry.
Kato:    It's the second time I've lost her.
Yuri:    .........

- Kato stoops down to touch a small stone next to Lt. Kawashima's grave,
that marks Ouka's grave.

Kato:    Love lasts for such a short time, but misery goes on and on...
         Now my path is an empty one. I have no love left, no dreams...
Yuri:    Kato...
Kato:    Kamiyashiki in Azabu... That's where you'll find Minister Ishimura.
         Now on one will get in your way. You should go and talk to him.
Yuri:    And you? What will you do?

- Kato walks over to Yuri and holds out a book.

Yuri:    The Emigre' Manuscript?!
Kato:    Yes. I give it back to you.
Yuri:    Hey, wait.
Kato:    Don't you want to see Alice again?
Yuri:    ?!
Kato:    If you follow the instructions in that book, then you can be with
         her again.
Yuri:    W-wait a minute! I don't know how to use magic!
Kato:    Roger should be able to help you. He can bring her back to life.
         Exactly the way I did.
Yuri:    Y-yeah, but isn't that...?
Kato:    Yuri. From now on, I'm your enemy. This is the last time we'll ever
         speak as friends. What do you mean? The world as you know it will end.
         By my hand. If you really think you can stop me, my old friend, bring
         everything you have. Unlike Nicolai and Rasputin, I won't depend upon
         the power of some evil god. I'll do it with my own hands.
Yuri:    C'mon. Enough with the joking!
Kato:    This is no joke.
Yuri:    .........
Kato:    If you want to know what my plans are, look inside that book. There
         isn't much time left...
Yuri:    Kato!!

- Kato is walking away from him.

Kato:    Farewell, my friend.

End of Movie.

32. AZABU KAMIYASHIKI - MINISTER ISHIMURA .............................. *W32

- The party enters the courtyard of Ishimura' house.

Corporal Hagawara, a Sentry: S-stop right there!
Lieutenant Nakamura, a Sentry: Who the hell are you?!
Yuri:    He's here, right? The mastermind behind all this... Foreign Minister
Hagawara:It's you! You're the ones! The rebels Lt. Col. Terada was talking
Nakamura:Do not take a single step further!

- Kurando and Joachim rush in from the sides and punch out the two soldiers.

Yuri:    Sorry, but I really have to go in...

- They enter the house and some soldiers heard gunfire.

Valiant Lt. Col. Terada: They're here?! Where the hell's Kato when you need
         him most?!

- A soldier enters the room.

Terada:  Well? Has Minister Ishimura been safely evacuated?
Cool Captain Asakura: The officer in command said the Minister wouldn't
Terada:  What?!
Asakura: His family is leaving through the back.
Lieutenant Kasama, on Patrol: Kasama reporting, sir!
Terada:  Ah, Kasam! What's the situation down below?
Kasama:  Sir! Boar Team at the entrance has been completely eliminated!
         Captain Yamazaki of Stag Team is leading a counter!
Terada:  Damn them! They won't get through! They won't get to the Minister!

- The scene shifts back to Yuri inside a carpeted hallway.

Frantic Lieutenant Tamura: Thank you can get past me?!

- Battle! Inside the room at the right.

Tense Lieutenant Takeuchi: You won't get out of this alive! Open fire!

- Battle! Continue along the corridor.

Scared Lieutenant Harada: T-they're here!
Desperate Lieutenant Miyagawa: Engage!

- Battle! Around another corner, more soldiers appear.

Bold Captain Ishikawa: Come on! Let's show them who they're dealing with!

- Battle! Inside the next room are lots of lockers.

Joachim: Wow! These guys are good!
Gepetto: Ishimura's upstairs... We just can't get to him...
Karin:   What are we going to do?
Yuri:    We can't retreat now that we've got this far. I wanna see who we're
         dealing with face to face... As long as he's alive, the war and the
         lies will never stop.

- Back in the corridor.

Resolute Captain Yamazaki: They're here! This is where we put our lives on the
         line, Stag Team! All men, attack!

- Battle! Up the stairs there's another soldier waiting but he runs off to meet
up with Terada.

Lieutenant Kasama, on Patrol: Kasama reporting! Stag Team is down! Captain
         Yamazaki has been taken out!
Terada:  What?! Yamazaki's out?! Okay, you take backup here!
Kasama:  Sir!
Terada:  Listen up, everyone! Butterfly Team is all we've got left!
         It's up to us now! We're not gonna be beaten by these kids! Let's show
         them what the Titanium Soldiers can do!
Titanium Soldiers: Let's do it!

- Inside another side room.

Captain Kubotani, Ambush Leader: Ah, they're here! Ambush unit, attack, attack!

- Inside another side room.

Charging Sergeant: Chaaaaaarge!

- Meet Lt. Col. Terada.

Terada:  You've got past a lot of my men...
Yuri:    You guys aren't so bad... But if you value your lives, get out of my
         way! It's only Ishimura I want.
Terada:  Ha ha! Don't underestimate us, kid! We're the Imperial Titanium
         Soldiers! You can't intimidate us! Attaaaack!

- Battle! (With yet another group of Titanium Soldiers.)

Terada:  Looks like the battle's over... Guess it's time for me to leave.
         Just one more thing before I go... My ultimate weapon! Mecha Lord!

- Battle!

Terada:  M-minister! Run! Get away from here!

- The party enters Minister Ishimura's room. He sitting on the couch as usual,
his hands on his knees and his head bent to one side. His voice sounds rough
and tired and it's obvious he's ill. He coughs every so often during the

Ishimura:So you've finally come...
Yuri:    You're Ishimura, the Foreign Minister?
Ishimura:I am he.
Yuri:    I've wanted to meet you.
Ishimura:You're Hyuga's son, aren't you?
Yuri:    Yeah.
Ishimura:And who has hired you to kill me? Russia? China?
Yuri:    Nobody.
Ishimura:Then why do you seek to take my life?
Yuri:    Cause you're a murdering son of a bitch.
Yuri:    You're planning to use Nicolai to set off a war in Russia, aren't you.
Ishimura:To protect Japan from the West. Yes, that's correct.
Yuri:    What do you mean?
Ishimura:Unless someone in Asia stands up to them, the West will take over
         here. China, Korea, Japan, all will fall. But I will not allow my
         beloved homeland to suffer such an ignoble destiny!
Yuri:    That's a load of bull! Why stir up a war in Russia to do [for] that?
Ishimura:China capitulated, gave in to the West 100 years ago! Among all the
         nations of Asia, only Japan has been able to take a stand against
         them! But in order to successfully continue resisting, we must become
         bigger, and stronger! We must plant the seeds of future power now
         on the Asian continent. And when the moment [time] finally arrive
         [comes] for us to rush to the aid of the beleaguered Russia, it will
         be Japan that will become the supreme ruler of all of Eurasia!
Yuri:    So that's why you've done all this?!
Yuri:    Is that why you used Kato to kidnap Nicolai...?
Ishimura:It was always my firm intention [plan] to have him [Nicolai] become
         the ruler of the New Russia.
Yuri:    That's insane! If you do that, it's going to set off a whole new war.!
Ishimura:All wars end eventually. Their suffering will only be temporary.
Yuri:    What about all the people that'll die?!
Ishimura:It's an unfortunate necessity...
Yuri:    Bastard!!
Ishimura:You can kill me, but my plan will not [won't] end. Someone will take
         my place.

- A child is watching from a doorway and runs into the room as Yuri moves
toward Ishimura to hit him. The minister gets up to stop the boy.

Ishimura:Hey! Stay in there! Kosuke?!

- The boy rushes to kick at Yuri and defend Ishimura.

Yuri:    ?!
Ishimura:Kosuke, get away from here!!
Kosuke:  Leave my grandpa alone!!

- Yuri backs away.

Yuri:    Huh?
Kosuke:  Don't you touch my grandpa, you hear!
Yuri:    Outta the way!

- Yuri roughly pushes the child to one side.

Ishimura:Kosuke! P-please. He's innocent! Don't kill him...

- Anastasia and Lucia gently pick the child up from the floor as Ishimura grabs
at Yuri's legs pleading.

Ishimura:Don't kill him... I-I'm begging you...

- Yuri roughly pushes him to the floor. He is furiously angry.

Yuri:    Don't you dare beg for his life!! What about all the people you've
         sent to kill and die in your name?! What about the children whose
         lives have been snuffed out by your soldiers?! How many parents have
         begged, just like you, for their children's lives?!

- Ishimura has been on all fours on the floor and now turns to look at Yuri.

Yuri:    They cried and begged and pleaded for their lives...And they were
         killed anyway. They tried to protect their homes! And they were killed

- He lashes out with his boot and strikes Ishimura to the floor so he's
defenceless lying on his back.

Yuri:    How many people will you sacrifice for your stupid, petty ambitions?!

- Yuri kicks him again, in the ribs.

Ishimura:*groans, coughs*

- Yuri kicks him again, and again, and again, and his voice changes until
sounds more like he's crying by the end.

Yuri:    Protecting them from the West, huh?! Well, protect this!!
         Doing it for your country, huh! Well here's what I think of that!
         I say you did it for yourself!! Stupid, arrogant idiot!! You should
         rot in hell!
Yuri:    Rot in hell..

- Yuri's anger has changed to grief as he drops to the floor punching the floor
and weeping.

End of Movie.

- Roger and Karin are standing on a rocky outcrop with trees in the background.

Roger:   Where's Yuri?
Karin:   Well...

- Yuri is sitting on the ground looking out at the view.

Roger:   Hmm. He's still petty down, huh? Well, I'll see what I can do to help.
Karin:   Um, Roger!
Roger:   Karin, the leader of the Inugami Clan was looking for you.
Karin:   For me? Are you sure?
Roger:   Yes, she's at the Fountain of Sukune.

- Roger walks off to sit next to Yuri.

Roger:   You couldn't kill him, huh?
Yuri:    No.
Roger:   Even though you wanted to.
Yuri:    Yeah...
Roger:   Hurts, doesn't it?
Yuri:    Yeah...
Roger:   ...Good. That's how it's supposed to feel.
Yuri:    .........
Roger:   He's lost it all. His Iron Soldiers, his mad scientist, Kato, Nicolai,
         everything. All he's got to look forward to [left] is a short, sad
         life. But it's more than enough time to think over all the crimes he's
Yuri:    The thing is, even he was just doing what he thought was right.
         He was fighting for his country, his grandson.
Roger:   .........
Yuri:    What have I been fighting for...? When that kid was staring at me like
         that, I realized I had n idea.
Roger:   You're fighting for Alice, aren't you? I think that you are.
         For the world she loved so much? The future... And also you.
         ...Her dreams were very important to you. So I think that maybe you
         fight to try to help her dreams come true. Am I wrong?

- There's a series of pictures of Alice.

Yuri:    Alice...
Roger:   C'mon, you've got to buck up. This isn't like you. No matter how much
         you want to, you know you can't change the past!
Yuri:    .........
         I know that. But I can't stop...
Roger:   It's difficult to live a life without having any regrets.
         I've been alive for 700 years and I've spent most of that time
Yuri:    *laughs*
Roger:   That's right. Laugh. Just laugh and go on. That's the best thing to
         do. Then you can look back at even the saddest things and smile.
Yuri:    .........
Roger:   Yuri?
Yuri:    Yeah?
Roger:   I'm going to bring Alice back to you.
Yuri:    What? [Huh?]
Roger:   The Emigre' magic that Kato used on Ouka... Many famous wizards have
         tried it and failed. Even I've felt its dark call, however [but] I've
         always resisted its temptation.

- Roger is standing facing the sky and now Yuri gets to his feet.

Yuri:    B-but...?!
Roger:   What is Kato planning? We simply have to find out what his intentions
         are. Like he said, the secret is in the book!
Yuri:    You're going to bring the dead back to life?
Roger:   The two of us will. If one of us goes crazy and turns into a monster,
         then the other one will be forced to kill him and stop the magic.
         How about it?
Yuri:    ...Okay. I want to do it.
Roger:   Good. Then let's hurry up and take off for Europe. I have [I've got]
         to prepare the tools I need in order to perform the ritual.

- End of Movie.


- The scene changes back to the Fountain of Sukune where Saki is waiting for

Karin:   You want to see me?
Saki:    So, how is he doing?
Karin:   He's still pretty depressed.
Saki:    I'm sure he'll be fine soon.
Karin:   Hmm...
Saki:    He's so much like my brother. Inside and out.
Karin:   Is he really?
Saki:    You care for him, don't you?
Karin:   .........
         Yes, I like him a lot.
Saki:    I thought so.
Karin:   A woman like me... Do you think he could ever love me?
Saki:    Love you?
Karin:   I mean you'd his aunt.
Saki:    Oh, come now! Don't be silly! Of course he could love you!
Karin:   Thank you so much.
Saki:    You're welcome, but... What is it exactly that's worrying you?
         What is it, my dear?
Karin:   Nothing. It's just...
Saki:    Yes?
Karin:   I know he doesn't feel the same way.
Saki:    Are you sure?
Karin:   He's still in love with Alice.
Saki:    Alice?
Karin:   His lover. She died protecting him.
Saki:    .........
Karin:   But I love him too! More than anything! I don't think he knows how
         I feel...
Saki:    But you do plan to fight for him?
Karin:   ...Yes.
Saki:    That boy was born under a strange star. His whole life, he's been
         fighting with his destiny...
Karin:   His destiny?
Saki:    Yes. No matter what he does, he cannot escape. You too, Karin. You
         were born with a heavy destiny as well.
Karin:   Me too?
Saki:    Yes... I called you to this place because I wished to give you this.
         It's a photo of him from just before he went overseas.

- Karin takes the photo and turns it over to read the writing on the back:
"1893. Jinpachiro, Anne and three-year-old Yuri."

Saki:    I thought you might like to see what he looked like as a child.

- End of Movie.

- Inside the locker room, fifth locker.

Guy Who's Running Away: Ah1 P-please! Don't tell anyone you saw me! I don't
         wanna fight anymore!
Lottery Member 5: If you promise not to tell, you can do the lottery, okay?
         So you keep your mouth shut, right?!
Yuri:    1. I'll keep quiet.
         2. No way! I'm telling!
Guy:     R-really?! You promise?! You gotta promise, okay?!

- Win.

Guy:     You won! Take this and get outta here! H-hurry up! Close the door!
         Remember, not a word to anyone, okay?!

33. QUEEN'S GARDEN (EUROPE) ............................................ *W33

- The party arrives at the Queen's Garden location in Scotland, Great Britain.

Roger:   13 years ago, when Queen Victoria died, there was a plan to try out
         the secret Emigre' magic. But the all-important book was seized by the
         Vatican, and the plan couldn't be put into effect...
Lucia:   It's magnificent...but creepy!
Roger:   This was the queen's secret villa.

- He walks up the steps to take a look at the front door.

Roger:   Hmph... Just as I thought. Looks like someone paid it a visit
Gepetto: Someone else besides us? Here?
Roger:   Yes. Someone else came for the tools needed to perform the magic.
Karin:   You mean Special Agent Kato?
Yuri:    It's gotta be. When I first met him in Southampton, he must've been on
         his way here.
Roger:   Okay, this is as far as I'm going. I'll be waiting for you all in the
         airship. Be extra careful! Deep inside, there's a stone called the
         Moon Crystal. That's what you're after.
Yuri:    Got it! The Moon Crystal!

- Talk to Roger again.

Roger:   Here, let me restore you.

- Enter the first room.

Yuri:    Huh? What's this?
Karin:   It's a chess piece. This one's a knight.

- Check the side table at the back of the room.

Yuri:    There's a depression on the mantel. It looks like something fits into
Karin:   Why don't you see if this knight piece fits?
Yuri:    Let's see... Damn. It's no use. I can't get it to fit right. Looks
         like the piece is a little too small.
Karin:   I guess we'll have to find some other piece.

- Inside the room that is a reflection of that room.

Gepetto: This room is an exact reflection of that other room. There must be
         some kind of trick to it.

Yuri:    Something fishy about this picture.
         1. Fix it.
         2. Leave it like it is.

Yuri:    Was this glass door like this?
         Something's off about this flag.
         Isn't there something different about this picture?
         Is this sofa facing the right way?
         Isn't this chair facing the wrong way?

- After correcting the items.

Yuri:    Huh? I heard a noise coming from the treasure chest. Hey, it's
         unlocked! Looks like we were right!

- You got Queen. After using this piece on the door to the Queen room they
enter to find a chessboard.

Yuri:    A chessboard... Huh? There's something written on it. "The knight
         rescues the white king." What's that mean?
Gepetto: Hmm. I think we have to put that knight we found on the chessboard.
Yuri:    Wait just a minute! I don't know the first thing about chess!

- There are three choices and after selecting the third one...

Yuri:    He he. Walk in the park, baby!

- You got King. Back in the first room.

Yuri:    There's a depression on the mantel. It looks like something fits
         into it.
Karin:   I bet this king would work.
Yuri:    ...Huh? I think I heard something off in the distance.
Gepetto: That must have been some kind of release mechanisam.
Karin:   Let's go back and check!

- Inside the north room approach the statue at the far end.

Karin:   That's the Moon Crystal.
Yuri:    Let's grab it and get out.
Gepetto: Hold your horses! We should use caution here.
Yuri:    Aw, c'mon! What're you getting yourself all worked up about? It'll be

- The room begins to shake.

Yuri:    What the...? What's that noise?
Karin:   ...Something's coming!!

- Battle!

Karin:   Phew! Is everybody all right?
Gepetto: Well, looks like we managed to take care of it. ...Okay, Yuri. You're
Yuri:    ...Yeah.

- Yuri walks up to the statue and takes the Moon Crystal.

Yuri:    So this is the Moon Crystal, huh...?
Gepetto: We god what we came for. Now all we have to do is get back to Roger.
Karin:   .........

- The party arrives back with Roger.

Roger:   Ah, there you all are! You were gone for ages! Do you have the Moon
Yuri:    What does this look like?
Roger:   Ooh! Great! Let's get back to my place right away!
Girl's Voice: Yuri! Yuri!
Yuri:    Huh? Not again!
Roger:   What is it?

- Yuri staggers forwards.

Yuri:    Unh...uughhh...

- He collapses on the ground as the rest of the party rush around him. He
appears again, walking in the graveyard.

Jeanne:  Yuri!
Yuri:    Yo!
Jeanne:  This way.

- Jeanne opens the wooden barred door and goes through.

Yuri:    Hey! Jeanne!

- He follows her and they stop in front of another wooden barred door.

Jeanne:  In here!
Yuri:    What is it? Where are we going?
Jeanne:  I hear something in there. What could it be...?
         *gasp* This door...?! It opened!

- Jeanne goes through the door.

Yuri:    Hey!

- The door closes behind her.

Yuri:    Jeanne!! Hey!! Wait a minute!! Jeanne!!

- He checks out the door.

Text:    The door is firmly locked.

- Yuri returns through the doors and leave the graveyard. He's back with the
rest of the party.

Yuri:    *sigh* Where'd she go...?

- They go to Roger's house in Wales.

- Before heading off to Roger's house they can return to the boss room in the
Queen's Garden and check behind the altar.

Yuri:    Ah! This is it, I'm sure! The Final Nibelung Scene that guy in the bar
         was talking about.
Karin:   Really?! Lemme see, lemme see!
???:     Insolent scoundrels... He who dares touch...the queen's treasure...
         will pay...with his life...
Yuri:    Huh?! What was that voice? I've got a bad feeling about this...

- Battle!

Yuri:    Phew, that was close! Hey, Karin, it's okay now.
Karin:   Thanks! This is the last one...

- You got Nibelung Finale. Karin learns Sonnestark.

34. ROGER'S HOUSE - WALES ............................................. *W34

- Down in the basement of Roger's house.

Roger:   Sorry to keep you all waiting. I finished installing the Moon Crystal.
         Everything's ready!
Gepetto: So it's finally time.
Lucia:   I haven't got a good feeling about this.
Anastas: I feel the same way. I mean, so far we've had nothing but failures
         when it comes to magic! If Yuri or Roger turns into a monster, I just
         couldn't take it...
Yuri:    .........
Karin:   Roger and Yuri can do it. I believe in them!
Yuri:    Karin...
Karin:   And if worst comes to worst, I'll do whatever I have to do.
Yuri:    I'm sorry to have to ask you guys, but if anything happens to Roger or
         me, don't hesitate to take us out.

- Yuri and Roger walk forwards into the lighted area of the room. The rest of
the party wait outside the doors.

- Karin slips down to rest with her back against the doors. Inside the room
Yuri and Roger are looking at a cylinder of glass with some liquid inside.

Yuri:    Look at that...
Roger:   Well, let's get started.
Yuri:    Okay...

- Yuri is still standing gazing at the cylinder while Roger busies himself with
a bank of machines, turning switches. There's a low drumming sound and Karin
stands up facing the door while Yuri and Roger watch the cylinder.

Yuri:    ?! Alice?!

- The white light obsuring the interior of the cylinder begins to clear a

Roger:   Now the secret of the Emigre' Manuscript.
Yuri:    So this is what Kato did too?
Roger:   Not quite.. Kato created Ouka by using her hair follicles to make a
         clone. He merely used the Emigre' to manipulate time and force the
         nucleus to grow more rapidly than normal. That's why Ouka doesn't have
         any of Yoshiko Kawashima's memories. She was born as a completely
         separate individual.
Yuri:    So what about Alice?!
Roger:   She's exactly the same Alice that you knew. Her memories and emotions
         are just as they were at the time she died. When she wakes up, she'll
         feel just as though [like] she had a nice, long sleep.
Yuri:    You can't be serious?
Roger:   But even so, the experiment isn't a success yet. This is just a vessel
         for her soul to enter. The magic happens from this point on. The real
         trick is going to be calling [to call] her soul back into this body.
         To this point not a single wizard [So far no one] has been able to do
         it. This will be [is] the true test. We may even give birth to a
         monster, or we might even become monsters ourselves. All right [Okay]
         once we start there's no going back [now!]
Yuri:    Fine!

- Roger goes back to his machines and presses some more switches. Then he
raises his arms and chants a magic incantation. As he speaks the liquid inside
the cylinder vessel clears. Yuri is watching intently as the naked form of
Alice appears.

Roger:   ...By the wheels of the Cherubim, take this soul beyond the Gates of

- Alice appears clearly inside the vessel as Yuri stares at her and then the
crystal breaks.

Roger:   The crystal!

- Stuff starts to fall down inside the room and the vessel has cracks in it.

Roger:   !!
         Her soul isn't returning...

- Dark liquid begins to creep up from the bottom of the vessel as Yuri watches
and the room goes dark, but Alice has partly revived.

Alice:   Yuri...
Yuri:    ?!

- Alice's face is completely clear although her eyes are closed. Then she opens
them and sees Yuri.

Yuri:    A-Alice...?
Alice:   I love you...
Yuri:    I-I love you too...

- Tears run down his cheeks and she disappears.

Roger:   That's amazing...

- Outside the doors Karin is crouched close to the doors sobbing. The doors
open and Yuri and Roger emerge.

Gepetto: You made it out okay!
Anastas: Welcome back
Blanca:  Awroo!
Karin:   Did you meet...Alice?
Yuri:    ...Yeah
Roger:   It didn't work at all. I'm a failure! I beg forgiveness of God for
         having committed this terrible sin. I swear! Never again will I
         transgress against the holy word of Our Lord!
Joachim: He seems a little too perky, no?
Roger:   *coughs* But our Lord is merciful and He has given me the answer!
Kurando: The answer? Do you mean to say you know what Kato is planning?
Roger:   Exactly! ...By the wheels of the Cherubim, take this soul beyond the
         gates of Time! "Beyond the Gates of Time." That means Kato is planning
         to create a warp in the fabric of time-space.
Kurando, Lucia, Anastasia and Joachim: A warp in time-space?!
Roger:   When the Emigre' power is activated and new life is generated, there's
         a momentary change in the flow of time. I believe Kato is planning to
         use that to destroy the world as we know it.
Yuri:    Is that pretty easy? That "flow of time" thing?
Roger:   Well, it's not easy, but I'm sure he can do it.
Karin:   What's going to happen?
Roger:   It's hard to guess, but maybe we'll be sent 1,000 or even 10,000 years
         into the past.
Karin:   Oh, no...!
Roger:   But whatever happens, the world that we know will disappear. That's
Joachim: .........
         Where do you think Kato is now?
Roger:   If my guess is right, he'll choose a place on a ley line with a strong
         magnetic field... If I was Special Agent Kato that's what I would do.
Anastas: Don't you think we should ask Kurando's mother where he is?!
Yuri:    She's right.

- End of Movie.

- As soon as this location is selected there's a scene inside the graveyard.

Yuri approaches the tree with his upper body growing or trapped in it.

Yuri:    I have to admit when I first saw you hanging there like that, you
         scared me pretty bad,. But now I feel like I've become closer to you
         ...almost like a brother. Maybe when you wake up...maybe that's when
         I can finally let go of my past and be free.

- End of Movie.

- Yuri can now move and go through the wooden door of the Labyrinth and
eventually he finds Jeanne.

Yuri:    Jeanne?! You're all right!
Jeanne:  Tee hee! Of course I am! I'm here in your heart. Nothing in here can
         hurt me.
Yuri:    ...Oh, okay. But I thought I'd never see you again. I was frantic!
Jeanne:  I saw lots of different scenes here. I saw a town burning in some
         country somewhere, a stone prison in a strange tower... They must've
         been scenes from your memory, Yuri.
Yuri:    Scenes from my memory...?
Jeanne:  Yup. Looking at those scenes, I think I kind of understood
         ...Why I can't find your happiness here. It's because you haven't
         decided what happiness means to you yet.
Yuri:    What happiness means to me...?
Jeanne:  That's right. Your reason for living. Your purpose. You told me that
         your purpose in life was to get revenge for me and the other
         villagers. But that's just too sad... I want you to find out what
         makes you happy, Yuri. And then I want you to really become happy.
Yuri:    Jeanne... I really appreciate that. But, to ell the truth, I don't
         really want to be happy...
Jeanne:  That's because you've forgotten what happiness is! When Alice died,
         you decided your happiness died with her. When you were digging her
         grave alone, you cried until the tears wouldn't come anymore. You put
         Alice in that coffin, wrapped in that special coat, and gently
         covered it with dirt...

- A light shines around Jeanne and scenes of Alice from Shadow Hearts are
shown, ending with Yuri and Alice on the train together, and then her face in
the vessel that Roger tried to revive

Jeanne:  So what is it, Yuri? What makes you happy?
Yuri:    I-I...
Jeanne:  Listen to me. The Holy Mistletoe curse is going to kill your soul.
         Nobody can stop it. You're going to lose yourself, Yuri.
Yuri:    .........
Jeanne:  You don't have much time left. You've got to find out what happiness
         is. It's the only way to defeat the curse.
Yuri:    ...Okay. I'll try.
Jeanne:  Do you promise?
Yuri:    Yeah.

- Jeanne disappears. The door back is locked so Yuri has to go through another
wooden door and ends up in total darkness.

Yuri:    Somebody! Talk to me! Call my name or something!

- Karin walks past.

Yuri:   H-hey, Karin! Key! Umm...

- The rest of the team members walk past him quickly, ignoring him.

Yuri:    Uh...wait a sec, Lucia!
         Old man! You stupid dog!

- He falls, disappearing from view.

Yuri:    I... I'm disappearing...

- He struggles to his feet again.

Yuri:   No, I don't want this... Somebody make it stop!!

- A bright light shines out of him and he's back in the graveyard in front of a
wooden door. End of Movie.

- He opens the other large black door and the scene changes.

- Yuri is on the train.

Yuri:    This train...

- He walks along the empty compartment and sees Alice sleeping.

Yuri:    Alice...

- He reaches out to her and she awakes.

Alice:   Yuri, you're back!
Yuri:    Uh...
Alice:   I guess that I feel asleep here waiting for you to arrive.
Yuri:    Y-you did...?

- He sits down facing her.

Alice:   Did you have a hard time?
Yuri:    O-oh, I... You know, same as always. I-I, umm...
Alice:   What?
Yuri:    Can I sit next to you?
Alice:   Sure, go ahead!
Yuri:    Ha ha ha... I-I... You know I always...umm... feel kind of sick...
         umm...sitting backwards...

- He sits down at the window side next to Alice. She reaches out to touch his
gloved hand.

Alice:   Was it hard for you?
Yuri:    Huh?
Alice:   To find your way here?
Yuri:    No, not at all.
Alice:   Really?
Yuri:    W-well, a little, I guess!
Alice:   I'm proud of you.
Yuri:    Oh, c'mon!

- She leans her head on his shoulder

Alice:   I'll never forget.
Yuri:    What? [?!]
Alice:   Taking this journey with you. And meeting you. Being with you.
Yuri:    Alice.
Alice:   Don't worry. Whatever the curse is, I don't mind.
Yuri:    I'm sorry.
Alice:   Don't be.
Yuri:    I wonder if God will punish me?
Alice:   Why?
Yuri:    Roger and I used the Emigre' Manuscript to bring you back to life.
Alice:   .........
Yuri:    But we couldn't do it.
Alice:   .........
Yuri:    So you really meant what you said then?
Alice:   Mm-hmm.
Yuri:    I-I love you too.
Alice:   ...I know that.
Yuri:    If there really is a God, and if he'd grant me just one wish...
         I-I'd go back to the day we met.
Alice:   Hee hee. Then we could take a trip together again!
Yuri:    That was some trip, all right!

- They both laugh and then fall quiet again.

Alice:   ...Now we can see each other anytime.
Yuri:    Anytime?
Alice:   I'm not going anywhere.

- Yuri nods his head and then gets up.

Alice:   Are you leaving?
Yuri:    Yeah. I've got one more thing that I have to do. Once I take care of
         that. everything will be out of the way and I'll come back to you.
Alice:   .........
Yuri:    Then I'll never leave again. I swear it.
Alice:   Be careful.

- Yuri walks away and waves a hand in farewell.

Yuri:    See you soon.

- Yuri is back at the village and goes to find Saki in her house.

Saki:    Welcome back. It's been quite a while since I saw you. You're looking
         very well.
Yuri:    Ha ha! Well... a lot of stuff's been going on, and...
Saki:    Hee hee. Oh, has it?! Well, it's never a bad thing to get a little
         happiness back into your heart.
Yuri:    Actually... We've got another favor we'd like to ask you.
Saki:    A favor? Go head! I'm pretty sure I know what it is, anyway.
Karin:   Can you help us find Special Agent Kato? We could stop what he's up to
         if only we knew where he was...
Saki:    What exactly is he up to?
Gepetto: He's going to destroy the world by distorting the flow of time.
         There's a good chance he already started getting the magic ready.
         We've gotta find him quick and stop him!
Saki:    I see... Yuri.
Yuri:    Yeah?
Saki:    You're ready to fight, then? Fight your friend?
Yuri:    ...Yes.
Saki:    He's in Asuka, east of here...
Yuri:    Asuka?
Saki:    Yes. The Stone Platform in Asuka.
Kurando: Mother, I thought the Stone Platform was just...
Saki:    Since ancient times, people have said it's the resting place of
         Sega-no-Umako. But it's not an Imperial mausoleum. It's an altar to
         the God of Destruction. A place steeped in mystical energy that's
         linked to Yamato. I'm not surprised Kato chose that place as his base
         for warping time-space.
Karin:   Yuri...
Yuri:    That'll be the battleground, then.
Saki:    Be careful! Now the power of the destructive souls that lie dormant in
         Yamato is the power Kato controls.
Yuri:    Okay, I got it.
Saki:    Now that it's decided, you should res today and build up your
         strength. Forget the battle, just for one night.

Text:    Then, the following day...

- Talk to Saki again.

Saki:    Did you find your friend? You wouldn't want to regret things later.
         You must believe in yourself...

- The party walks to the village entrance.

Yuri:    Okay! Let's get this show on the road!
Blanca:  Awroo, awroo!
Yuri:    Huh?
Anastas: Karin's not here...
Joachim: Oh, yeah. I saw here this morning... Where did she go?
Yuri:    .........
         I'll have to look around for her.

- Yuri walks to the Fountain of Sukune.

Karin is standing facing the waterfall looking at her hands.

Yuri:    ...So there you are. What is it? Everybody's waiting.
Karin:   ......... How do you feel?
Yuri:    I'm not getting any better. It's just like Nicolai said. There's no
         way to break this curse.
Karin:   Don't come any closer. Stay there.
Yuri:    Uh...all right.

- She turns around.

Karin:   I'm sorry.
Yuri:    It's okay. Anyway, I decided even if I can't break this stupid curse,
         it'll be all right. .
Karin:   ?!
Yuri:    When it happens, and my soul fades away, I know that my memories...
         they'll live on inside all of you...
Karin:   Do you mean it?
Yuri:    Yeah,. There's nothing I can do, anyway.
Karin:   .........
Yuri:    But you know what. before I lose my soul while I'm still who I am...
         I'm going to settle things with him!
Karin:   !!
Yuri:    Other than that, there's not a thing that I can do about it.
Karin:   ...Yeah.  Yuri!
Yuri:    Yeah.
Karin:   I-I've loved you ever since I met you!
Yuri:    ?!
Karin:   I still do!! I always will!! I know I can't match up to Alice! You're
         such a dummy, I know you never noticed!
Yuri:    Karin, I...
Karin:   No, it's fine! You don't have to say anything!
         I always knew in my heart that you felt the same way about me too.
Yuri:    .........
Karin:   That's why I risked my life. Because I loved you. And now that you
         know that... that's enough for me...

- End of Movie.

-  A white wolf is waiting on the path.

Blanca:  Awroo?! (I felt this feeling before... Could it be...?!)
Lobo:    Awroo... Awroo. (I thought I'd said goodbye to this world, but looks
         like we meet again!)
Blanca:  Awroo...! (Lobo...! But I saw you die right in front of me!)
Lobo:    Awoor, awroo... (To fight you, I put aside shame and came back to
         life as my younger self.)
Blanca:  Awroo... (...When you were at the height of your glory, the King of
         the Wolves...?)
Lobo:    Awroo? Grrr... (Can't you feel your blood stirring? There's only one
         thing to do...)
Blanca:  1. Let's settle this thing right now.
         2. Better make sure I'm ready first.
Blanca:  Fighting just to fight, huh? Guess I'm fine with that!
Lobo:    Ha! Enough talk. Come on, then, Blanca!

- Battle!

Lobo:    You beat me...even as the King of the Wolves... Congratulations.
Blanca:  I managed to win...somehow. Never thought I'd be fighting my own
         blood relative...twice! Must be karma...
Lobo:    Awroo... Awroo... (I'm only here temporarily, anyway. I can't stay in
         this world long...) Awroo, awroo... (But thanks to you, I was able to
         ]be a warrior to the very end of my days...)
Blanca:  Awroo... (Lobo...)
Lobo:    Awroo... Awroo... (Blanca, you can't relax now just because you beat
         me. Ernest is even--)

- Lobo disappears. Soul Comet has powered up! Blanca gets another paw print.

Blanca:  ...Awroo, awroo... (...Lobo, and then Ernest, huh...?)

35. ZURICH (EUROPE) ..................................................... *W35

- Yuri and Karin enter this mountainous European location and walk over the
grass to where a gravestone is at the foot of a large tree.

Karin:   Is this...
Yuri:    Alice's grave.
Karin:   Why did you bring me here.
Yuri:    To give you this.

- Yuri takes something from the gravestone and gives it to Karin.

Karin:   A cross?
Yuri:    It belonged to my mother.
Karin:   .........
Yuri:    I want you to have it.
Karin:   Really?
Yuri:    All of the people that I've ever loved have carried it. My mother and
         father...and Alice.

- He turns to view the gravestone engraved "Alice Eliot 1893-1914". [Yes, it's
spelled like that.]

Yuri:    Ha ha, I guess that everyone that carried it has died!
Karin:   Huh?! R-really?
Yuri:    I-It's okay! You don't have to worry. It's not like it's cursed or
Karin:   Hee hee...
Yuri:    If I lose my you think all the memories locked up in that
         cross will disappear too?
Karin:   Yuri...
Yuri:    Karin, I want you to hold it for me so the memories don't disappear...
         My mother, my father, Alice and me. A part of all of us is in that
         cross. I know I shouldn't ask. I feel bad doing it... But it has to be
         you, Karin.
Karin:   ...Okay. I'll do it!
Yuri:    He he he...

- You got Anne's Cross. End of Movie.
- Yuri reads the message on the grave.

Text:    Be at peace, Alice Elliot! This I swear. Your soul will have my
         lifelong love... Yours, Yuri ...So reads the gravestone inscription.

36. ASUKA STONE PLATFORM ................................................ *W36

- Pink flowers sway in the breeze as the sun sets. Kato appears and the group
walk towards him.

Kato:    So you've come.
Yuri:    That's right.
Kato:    Did you meet Alice?
Yuri:    Yeah. Thank you. You still plan to destroy the world?
Kato:    Yes. I plan to remake this world by bringing us 100 years into the
Yuri:    100 years?
Kato:    Yes, 100 years. When the people that have warped this world had not
         yet been born.
Yuri:    .........
Kato:    Then I will be able to guide this world to a whole new future.
Yuri:    You think big.
Kato:    So you're satisfied with the miserable state of the world? You're
         happy just to let things continue the way they've been?
Yuri:    No, I'm not. The future I want is the one that I create for myself.
         ...Even if it costs me my own soul
Kato:    So you fight because of...your beliefs?
Yuri:    No... Because of my destiny.

- Yuri smiles (and the music soars...) Kato nods his head and starts the magic.
The ground breaks and a huge stone platform arises, surrounded with a circle of
huge stones. Kato raises his arm as he invokes the spell and a huge stone

Kato:    ...Soul of the Ancient Gods. Soul of the Land of Nippon. Return beyond
         the Gates of Time!! Yoriwara, vessel of Yamato. I'll be there at its
         peak! 108 tolls of the bell. Space will be torn and time warped!
Yuri:    I got it. [No problem.]

- Kato warps his cloak over himself and disappears. End of Movie. (To access
the character quests the party must enter this location.) They step onto a warp

Text:    The light shines towards the vessel. Warp to the vessel?
Yuri:    1. Let's warp!
         2. I'm not ready yet.

- Yuri appears in the graveyard again.

Jeanne:  You saw Alice?
Yuri:    Yeah.
Jeanne:  Do you think you'll find it? The answer?
Yuri:    Of course. And soon too.
Jeanne:  That's good. So will you tell me next time I see you?
Yuri:    You got it.
Jeanne:  Good.

- Jeanne disappears. Yuri is back with the rest of the party inside the vessel.

Karin:   Are we inside the vessel?!
Gepetto: Jeez, it's huge!
Anastas: It's like being inside a star...
Lucia:   It's so beautiful...
Yuri:    So Kato's in this scrap of iron, huh? Okay, everyone! Let's go!

- Inside the vessel they approach the revolving circles in the middle of the
first floor.

Karin:   What do you think this is?
Lucia:   It looks like some kind of altar. Or a weird machine?
Gepetto: I bet it's the mechanism that controls the vessel.
Anastas: But it looks like it's locked somehow by this huge crystal.
Gepetto: Hmm... Where to next, then?
Kurando: I don't know... I can't see any way to get higher up...

- Yuri sees something shining in the distance.

Yuri:    He he! How about this?!

- They reach the light.

Text:    It looks like some kind of switch... Try operating it?

Yuri:   That light will take us up...

After making their way up to the next floor. Check the middle ring.

Text:    At the altar, you can control te ring or return to the Stone
         Turning the ring at the altar so the colors line up makes a light
         elevator appear in the vessel. You can go to higher or lower levels
         on this elevator. But you can only turn the ring on the floor you're
         on now.

- Eventually they reach another set of rings.

Yuri:    We just warped!
Karin:   Is this Floor 1?
Anastas: Hey! Look at that!

- A pillar of light is flowing upwards.

Joachim: Amazing! Look how bright it is!
Yuri:    Kato's not far away now...
Karin:   You can tell?
Yuri:    Yeah. I can feel it.

- They walk into the light.

Text:    The light shines to the heavens... Try entering it?
Yuri:    1. Risk it!
         2. Forget it!

- They enter the light and Yuri is back in the graveyard.

Jeanne:  It won't be long now...
Yuri:    No.
Jeanne:  Are you sure now?
Yuri:    Yeah! I thought about it and thought about it until I was really sure.
         Never done so much thinking in my life!
Jeanne:  Tee hee hee!
Yuri:    He he. I've never been one to reflect on myself much. I just lived
         fast and hard, and that was about all I could manage. I want to thank
         you, Jeanne. You taught me the meaning of living, the meaning of
Jeanne:  So you found out? What makes you happy?
Yuri:    Yeah.
         To me, happiness is...
         1. life my own way.
         2. peacefully.

[The answer determines the ending - 1 = "good". 2 = "true"(bad)]

Jeanne:  You did it! You found out what your own happiness was!
         Happiness is something you feel your yourself. Other people can't tell
         you what it is. You have to decide. Just like you were happy, Yuri.
         Alice was happy too. I won't worry about you anymore. Hearing your
         answer really made me feel better. Goodbye, Yuri. Goodbye...!

- She disappears and the scene changes back to the vessel where Yuri is lying
flat out on the floor.

Karin:   Yuri! Yuri!

- Yuri stands up.

Yuri:    Huuuh?
Karin:   Are you all right?!
Yuri:    Yeah... I just said my final farewell.
Karin:   Final farewell?
Yuri:    To Jeanne.
Karin:   Oh!
Yuri:    We were smiling when we said goodbye.
Karin:   Oh...
Yuri:    So now I've got no regrets.

- He walks over to the rest of the party.

Yuri:    I'm not sure how we're gonna manage it, you guys, but let's make sure
         we all get out of this alive, okay?
Everyone: Okay!

- They walk along a path to find the last two Mutant Apes waiting.

Yuri:    Where's your master?
Raiden:  Behind us, on the field of Takanagahara.
Yuri:    I suppose you won't let us by?
Hien:    The Mutant Apes live and die along with the Master.
         If you want to fight him you'll have to get through us.
Yuri:    No problem.

- Battle! After the battle Hien and Raiden die and the party continues to meet
up with Kato.

- Kato is standing on stony ground with lightning in the sky and light shining
through cracks in the ground.

Kato:    Can you see it? The other side of Time?
Yuri:    Yeah.
Kato:    Well, then!
Yuri:    Let's go!

- Kato summons the ghosts of the three Mutant Apes and the final battle starts.

37. ENDINGS ............................................................ *W37

- After defeating Kato.

- Yuri approaches Kato who is lying on the ground and crouches beside him,
gently lifting him up.

Yuri:    Kato...
Kato:    It's good...that it ended...this way... Soon Takamagahara and the
         vessel will disappear within the time warp.
Yuri:    .........
Kato:    Once you've set foot here, you can't return to the present.
Yuri:    Yeah. It looks that way.
Kato:    You must pray...
Yuri:    Huh?
Kato:    Pray as hard as you can... ... for the world you want.
Yuri:    The world I want?
Kato:    Yes... The best one you can imagine...
Yuri:    H-hey!
Kato: can return...
Yuri:    Kato.
Kato:    Thank friend...

- Kato's head drops down as he dies.

Yuri:    .........

- Yuri gently lays his body down and stands up. A white light surrounds Kato
and he disappears. The rest of the party is standing watching and Karin moves.

Karin:   Yuri!
Yuri:    Come on, now! Let's pray! For a better world to return to! We can do
         it if we really try [concentrate!]
Everyone: Yes! Okay! Um-huh! Awroo!

- They are standing in the middle of the area as the ground breaks up and huge
spears of rock break away floating around them, The party members also begin to
float. First Gepetto, and then Joachim, Lucia and Blanca, then Kurando holding
onto Anastasia. Only Karin and Yuri are left and his chest shines with the
Mistletoe's cursed light

Yuri:    Looks like time's up. It's the Mistletoe's curse. I knew I was living
         on borrowed time...
Karin:   Are you scared?
Yuri:    No.
Karin:   Will you lose your memories too?
Yuri:    Never.
Karin:   Yuri.
Yuri:    Don't look at me like that. I'll see you soon.
Karin:   Please promise me! I don't want to lose you forever!
Yuri:    Yeah.

- She starts to float away and he grasps her hand.

Yuri:    Karin!
Karin:   What?
Yuri:    Thank you!!

- She smiles as she drifts away, leaving him alone.

[This is where the endings diverge depending on the answer given to Jeanne.]

- This ending follows  if Yuri answers Jeanne's question: "Happiness is life my own way."

Yuri:    Sorry. I can't keep that promise...
Voice:   I know why you stayed there alone. You were afraid to lose your
         self. You realized the only way to protect your soul and your memories
         was to die. The times you spent with your friends. Your feelings for
         the friend you fought [friends you fought beside]. All of your
         experiences to this point... All that is what made you what you are,
         made you into the man you are today. Yes. The man I know. The man I

- ALl this time Yuri has had his eyes closed listening, and then he opens them
and smiles. And is struck in the back with a large shard of rock which breaks
his crystal. Back inside the graveyard, Yuri's body is still embedded in the
tree, but his face is visible and his whole torso.

Voice:   Now you don't have to suffer anymore. You don't have to be alone
         anymore. I'll always be right here by your side. Now we'll be

- He looks up as Alice floats down to him and takes his hand. He floats easily
out of the tree to join her and the screen fades. Credits.


"1887. The Capital."
- A man (Yuri's father) leaves a building and walks to where he sees a woman
lying asleep on the ground.

Ben:     ?!

- He goes to her and it's Karin.

Ben:    Huh?

- She has a photo that drops out of her hand and he picks it up. The writing on
the back says: "1893. Jinpachiro. Anne and three-year-old Yuri."

Ben:     .........
Anne:    *moans*

- The scene changes. "Autumn, 1913. South Manchuria." Yuri startles awake.

Yuri:    Whoa! That's bad. I almost overslept!

- He's wearing his old coat from Shadow Hearts and looks out over the flat
plain to the distance.

Yuri:    It'll be here soon.
Voice:   It's the world you secretly prayed for. The place your heart returns
         to. The time when you were the happiest. You can start your life over

- He arrives at the train tracks and the trains' horn is heard.

Yuri:    It's that train... It's funny. I kind of feel like a kid again!!

- He's smiling.

Text:    Not long now until Yuri meets the woman of his destiny...

The End.

- This ending follows  if Yuri answers Jeanne's question: "Happiness is peacefully."

Yuri:    I'll see you all again someday.
         The adventure is over. I've lost a lot. In the end, was it really
         worth it? Will the new future be any better.
         Anyway, my story is over...
         I can feel it...the Mistletoe is finally stealing away my soul.
         Even if I can go back to my friends, I won't really be me anymore.
         But then again, if it means I'll be able to live the rest of my life
         in peace. I guess I couldn't ask for any more...

- Yuri has been saying this as an interior monologue with his eyes closed. Now,
he opens his eyes and smiles and floats away. The graveyard tree is shown with
his body still embedded. A bright light shines as he opens his eyes and smiles
and the tree dissolves into the light.


"1887. The Capital."
- A man (Yuri's father) leaves a building and walks to where he sees a woman
lying asleep on the ground.

Ben:     ?!

- He goes to her and it's Karin.

Ben:    Huh?

- She has a photo that drops out of her hand and he picks it up. The writing on
the back says: "1893. Jinpachiro. Anne and three-year-old Yuri."

Ben:     .........
Anne:    *moans*

- The scene changes. "Autumn, 1918. Wales". The lone figure of Yuri is standing
on the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea. He's dressed in the same clothes he
wore in the game.

Roger:   Yuri?!

- Yuri turns.

Roger:   I never thought I'd find you in a place like this. [here...]
         I've been looking all over for you...
Yuri:    Yuri? Who are you?

- Roger wipes away a tear and then cries and rushes forwards to put his arms
around Yuri's legs sobbing.

Roger:   You don't even remember your own father? Such a foolish son!
Yuri:    My father?
Roger:   Well, let's go home now. It's cold out...

- They walk away with Roger's hand resting on Yuri's bag.

Text:    This was the year that saw the conclusion of the First World War.

The End


                            S I D E - Q U E S T S ....................... *W38

- These are some sidequests that can be finished up after entering the vessel
at Asuka.

Healthy Rooney: I can't believe you've walked so far! I'm really impressed!
         Here's your reward, then!

- You got Microskirt.

Rooney: Keep up the good work! Don't stop your excellent fitness walking!

- Outside the church.
Inspired Beniot: The villagers have been seeing Jeanne's ghost for a while now.

- Inside the church.

Yuri:    Huh? I weak...

- Yuri collapses on the floor and falls into a deep sleep.

Yuri:    Are you tired, Blanca? I dunno why...but I'm really tired... I feel
         so sleepy... Blanca...

- Blanca turns from Yuri to see Jeanne .

Jeanne:  Welcome back, Blanca.
Blanca:  Awroo?! (Jeanne?!) Awroo! Awroo! (Hey, wake up dummy!)
Jeanne:  You don't have to wake Yuri up. I made him go to sleep for a while.
         It looks like he hasn't decided his answer yet.
Blanca:  *whimper, whimper* (I thought I'd never see you again...)
Jeanne:  Guess what? I'm inside Yuri's soul. I've been watching over you and
         everybody from here this whole time!
Blanca:  *whimper* (You have...?)
Jeanne:  You've been on a long, long journey, haven't you, boy? But it's almost
         over. He'll come up with his answer soon.
Blanca:  Awroo? (His answer?)
Jeanne:  That's right. The answer to the question he's been asking his heart.
         The question of "What is happiness?"
Blanca:  Awroo... (Happiness, huh...?)
Jeanne:  Yeah, Blanca, do you know what happiness is?
Blanca:  A-awroo, awroo! (To me, happiness is helping the people I love.)
         Aw-awroo! (I don't need anything else but that.)
Jeanne:  ...Good boy. You know that, and that's why you've found happiness.
         Hee hee! What a smart boy you are!
Blanca:  *whimper, whimper* (I'm not smart. If I had been smart, I would've
         protected you...)
Jeanne:  Don't worry, Blanca. I'm really happy now. I can be in Yuri's heart,
         and your heart, forever! It's really warm. Listen to me, Blanca.
         Don't ever stop being happy, okay? No matter what happens, make sure
         you go back to your new master, okay?
Blanca:  Awroo... (Jeanne...)
Jeanne:  I love, Blanca!

- Jeanne kneels down and kisses Blanca.

Blanca:  Awroo?! (Ack?!)
Jeanne:  Well, I'll be seeing you, boy!

- Jeanne waves to Blanca and floats up and then disappears.

- You got Charm Pouch

Yuri:    Huh? Did I fall asleep or something ? I think I saw Jeanne in my

- Upstairs in the Hotel, in the first bedroom.

Fusty Fleming: What should I do? I discovered something really shocking! If the
         army knew about this... Huh? What's that moldy smell?

Yuri:    Oh, sorry! It's me. I mean, I'm carrying this around with me.
Fleming: Rice-grown mold, huh? That takes me back... I was doing research into
         that up until a few months ago...
         ...Will you let me have that? I'll swap it for this Research Paper.
Yuri:    1. Sure, you got it.
         2. Oh, no! I'm steering clear of that!
Fleming: Just one thing. Please don't give that paper to anybody except
         someone you really trust, okay? If the wrong person gets ahold of it,
         it could destroy the world. I'm not exaggerating, okay? I'm serious...

- You got Research Paper.

PARIS - Cathedral
- Talk to the woman in the full length purple outfit who's standing on the
steps. [This is Marguerite, from Shadow Hearts, still spying though with no
mobile phone on her this time.]

Malkovich, an Ordinary Citizen: I'm a little busy right now. Can't it wait
         for a while? ...Oh! I-it's you!
Yuri:    Huh? Yeah, I know you from somewhere...
         Oh! I nearly didn't recognize you with the makeup. How are you,

- As he starts to say her name she reaches up her fist at Yuri.

Malkovich: Shhh! Don't call me by that name! I'm undercover!
Karin:   Do you...know this person, Yuri?!
Malkovich: Call me his protector.
Yuri:    Huh? No, no! No, we just met a couple of times in the past. I can't
         believe it, bumping into you here!
Malkovich: That's my line! I never heard anything from you. I was worried
         something happened to you.
Yuri:    Sorry. You know how it is. You still in the same line of business?
Malkovich: Yeah, well, you know. What about you, Sonny Boy, with all these
         friends? Don't tell me...?
Yuri:    He he! Yeah, that's right.
Malkovich: You haven't changed either! If only I wasn't working, I'd say let's
         go get coffee or something, but...
Yuri:    I know, you're busy. We'll bump into each other again.
Malkovich: Guess so... Glad to see you looking so well. We'll talk next time,

- They walk away from here and she stops them.

Malkovich: Huh? W-wait a minute! What's that document you've got?!
Yuri:    What, this? Some guy who like mold gave it to me.
Malkovich: He gave it to you?! That's a British Intelligence Services envelope,
         isn't it? Let me see!

- Yuri walks up and gives her the Research Paper.

Malkovich: ...No way! Do you... Do you know what this is?
Yuri:    Um... Not exactly.
Malkovich: Jeez! You're a jerk!
Yuri:    Why? What's the matter?
Malkovich: This is a report about a unique bacteria that's harmful to humans!
         It's not about saving the world, you know!
Yuri:    You're kidding! That sounds pretty serious!
Malkovich: It is serious! How do you always end up in the middle of a mess?!
         Okay, look, I'd better take this off your hands. Okay?!
Yuri:    1. ...Okay
         2. No, I'm not sure I should...
Malkovich: 1. Okay, leave it with me! I'll dispose of it properly. Oh, yeah!
           I guess you could use this if you're still getting yourself into

- You got Nemesis Fan.

Yuri:    What is it?
Malkovich: Apparently, it's called a battle fan. I "borrowed" it from the boss
         of this secret organization a little while ago. She was one hell of a
         big shot. Really full of herself. So I thought I'd cut he down to
         size. I couldn't figure it out, but it's got quite a story behind it,
         I think.
Yuri:    Okay. Thanks.
Malkovich: Don't worry about it. Let's call it a loan. Okay, I'd better be
         getting back. And, Yuri! Don't do anything stupid, okay?!
Yuri:    He he! I hear ya! Okay...see you, then!

- Over the bridge towards the cafe' a scene starts.

Yuri:    Yo, rugrats!
John:    Hey, they're back!
Yoma:    Welcome home, Joachim!
Joachim: Hello, kids! Have you been good! Did you miss me?
John:    yeah! But a new bat came, so we didn't miss you too much!
Joachim: Huh? A new bat...?
Yoma:    That's right. We found it half-dead in front of the tavern. Me and
         John have been nursing it back to health. And you know what? That bat
         told me it's been out looking for you, Joachim, for a long time!
Joachim: Looking for me...?
Karin:   Do you know this bat?
Joachim: Know it? Well, I... Um... What color is this bat, exactly? Was it...
         silver? Or maybe...
Peach Bat: It's me!
Joachim: Oh!
Peach B: I finally found you, big brother!
Karin:   Big brother?!
Yuri:    Oh, man! This guy's got a sister?!
Peach B: After that fight, you left the castle and never came back. I've been
         worried! And it's been awful since you left... Ever since you broke
         that Demon Sword, big brother Keith hasn't stopped laughing. I can't
         get any sleep!
Joachim: Th-that was an accident! I was pretending to be a bad-guy wrestler,
         and it just bent! It wasn't my fault! They just don't make swords
         like they used to...!
Peach B: Just save it.
Yuri:    Ha ha ha! You mean you're nothing but a big ol' runaway?
Joachim: Shaddup! Just leave me alone!
Peach B: Joachim, aren't you ever coming back home? Why don't you just make up
         with Keith and come back to your coffin?
Joachim: I-I want to go home, but...
         ...But I'm a champion of justice now! I have to be able to hold my
         head up in front of my fans, don't I?!
Peach B: You've been watching too much TV, bro! haven't you had enough of
         playing hero?
Joachim: Just leave me alone! This is the path I chose! In this past six
         months, I've been doing a lot of thinking...learned a lot. Remember
         how little brother Keith said he wanted to follow Yuri to the very
         end? Well, I understand how he felt. I can't waste my life. I've got
         to pour some energy into it, do something worthwhile! I've been alive
         for hundreds of years, but, right now, this is the first time I
         finally feel really alive!
Peach B: Gee, Joachim... I always thought you were a big dummy, but somehow...
         you sound pretty heroic to me right now...
Joachim: Gaaahhh!! What do you think you're doing?!

- The Peach Bat moves close to Joachim's face.

- You got Dark Tower.

Joachim: Wh-what's this?!
Peach B: It's a present! It makes noise if you shake it, 'cause there are
         little people working in that building! And they are facing a deadline
         right now, you know, so they're really irritable. It makes 'em really
         fierce in battle!
Joachim: What in the world is this girl talking about...? Anyway, I don't know
         if I'm too thrilled getting this weapon...
Peach B: And now it's time to test your skills! I have to make sure you're
         ready for that weapon, you know.
Joachim: What?! I have to fight you?
Peach B: Of course! And I'm really good too! If you lose, it's game over, you
         know! In the fifth turn, I'm going to hit you with a really deadly
         blow, so plan your strategy carefully. Okay, here we go!
Joachim: 1. Fine. I'll give it be best shot!
         2. Wait! I'm not quite ready...
Peach B: 2. Are you ready? If you lose, it's game over! Make sure you save

- Battle!

Peach B: Great job, big brother! Even if you are a big dummy, if you can fight
         like that you oughta be just fine! Well, I guess this is goodbye. I
         like it here though, so I think I'll be staying for a while.
Joachim: Hey! Sis! She said the fifth turn, but she would have hit me in the
         fourth! My sister...
Yuri:    Hey, what's up with that weapon, anyway? I think I hear a whole bunch
         of little voices coming from inside...!
Joachim: It's that strange building near Shinagawa Station in Tokyo...
         You want it?
Yuri:    Not in the least.

- This event only appears after playing all the other numbered Lottery members
(not including no. 1)

Yoshiko: Kurando, there's something I want to talk to you about. I'm...I'm
         going to start work soon.
Kurando: Huh? Work? W=what are you going to do?
Yoshiko: I'm going to be a Lottery Society girl! I want all the handsome young
         men to think, "Wow! She's cute! I hope I get lucky with her!"
Kurando: A lottery girl?! B-but it'll be so... degrading! You''ll have
         to parade around in a bikini, and...
Yoshiko: I won't do that! I'll just be doing the lottery for people with
         tickets, and telling them about it and stuff. Like this...
         The lottery began with two people would split a rice cake at New
         Year's to predict their fortunes!
         ...Little bits of trivia like that, see!
         You can be my first customers! you wanna do the lottery?
Kurando: What do you think? Should we do it?
Yuri:    1. Why not? Let's do it!
         2. Um...maybe not!
Lottery Member 2: Thanks! I'm gonna be the best at this!

- Win.

L.M. 2: Congratulations! It makes me happy to see you happy!
        Come back and try again sometime! I'll do a better job, I promise!

- Return to Le Havre again after playing the lottery with Yoshiko.

Yuri:    Yo! Looking as healthy as ever!
John:    Hey! It's Joachim and everybody!
Yuma:    Welcome back, guys!
Yuri:    Hey, what are you up to?
Joachim: Yeah, you two! Listen, is that pink bat still here?
John:    Yeah, she's here.
Yuma:    And now there's another one too!
Yuri:    Another one?!
Yuma:    Yeah! It's really pretty! A nice silver color!
Joachim: Silver? can't be!
Silver Bat: Can't it, bro?!
Joachim: Ha! It is!
SilverB: Hey, Yuri! It's been a while, huh?! Has my imbecile bro been causing
         you problems?:
Yuri:    Keith?! Is that you?!
Joachim: Hey! What's an imbecile?! I don't understand!
SilverB: Imbecile means a pain in the butt! Look, I'm talking to Yuri right
         now! Keep quiet, would you?!
Joachim: Oh, you're still mad at me...
SilverB: I'm here for one thing, and one thing only. It's pretty embarrassing,
         but I just got appointed president of the World Lottery Society.
         That's why I'm here.
Yuri:    The president?! Were you promoted?
SilverB: Yeah. The last president was getting a little old, so he retired...
         I was just next in line.
Yuri:    I see. Wasn't he like 700 years old?! He should've been dead ages ago!
Lottery Member 1: You're right, there, Yuri! Anyway, how about doing the
         lottery, huh? For old times' sake?
Yuri:    1. You bet!
         2. Sorry, I'm really busy right now.
L.M.1:   2. Oh, okay... Well, anytime you change your mind, I'll be waiting!
         100 years, 200 even...

- Talk to him again.

SilverB: These kids are pretty sweet. Maybe it's not such a bad thing, living
         around humans...
L.M.1:   Well, now that I'm president, I guess I better do my job!
         D'you wanna play the lottery?
Yuri:    1. Of course! Let's do it!
         2. Maybe next time.
L.M.1:   I knew you'd say yes!

- Win.

L.M.1:   Nice one! That was great!

- You won Rose Bondage (Joachim's ultimate armour.)

L.M.1:   I'm gonna stay here with sis for a while. Come by any time you need
SilverB: Yuri... The world's undergoing some pretty big changes right now. It's
         enough even to straighten me out! I wanna help you guys, but I've got
         the responsibility of being president of the World Lottery Society
Joachim: Don't worry! Any problems in the world, your big brother can fix them!
Yuri:    It's true. Your brother's solid. You can rely on him, for sure. He's
         a little... you know...though!
SilverB: ...I guess so. My bro would beat me in a fight, that's for sure! He is
         a know...though, isn't he?
Joachim: Hey! Lay off it, guys! What d'you mean, "you know"?!
SilverB: Okay, bro, it's up to you this time. Just don't get in anyone's way,

The team goes to the wrestling ring in the capital.

Woken-Up Yamaguchi: Oh, it's no use! The rough scent, the rippling muscles...
         Here, take it away from me, please!

- You got Mr Wrestler. Talk to Pierre Magimel.

Pierre:  Hmph, I'm in a real slump lately... I can't come up with any new dress
         designs. I'm all out!
Yuri:    Well, um... I don't know, but...what do you think of this? I drew it
         myself! I've been meaning to ask you to make it for ages, but...
         well...I was a little embarrassed, you know...?
Gepetto: Oooh! You can draw?
Yuri:    No, not really... Just a little.
Pierre:  Let's take a look then...
         Wow! This is great! It's so cute! So smooth and flowing! Oh, I feel
         my artistic blood starting to stir for the first time in ages! I'll
         make it any time you want. Of course, there's the usual S-t-u-d
         Card exchange! Hmm?!

- Talk to him again.

Pierre: It's great, this big Eastern city! Well worth crossing the seas for!
        There's a kind of melancholy feel to it somehow. I thought I'd get into
        the Japanese "mood", so I've been listening to folk songs all the way
        over in the car!
Yuri:   1. Who cares?! Get making me a dress!
        2. You'll have to sing for me sometime!
Pierre: 1. Fabulous! Did you bring me what I want, then? My hot little heart's

- Select the Blue Virgin Advent based on Yuri's drawing of Alice.


                        C H A R A C T E R   Q U E S T S ................. *W39

These are the optional character quests that open up after entering the vessel
at Asuka Stone Platform.


- In Florence, talk to the large man in a grey suit, standing near the back

Backstreet Nero: Hey! Haven't seen you for ages! You know, I've got a great
         money-making idea. Wanna hear it? I know of this treasure. You could
         steal it and sell it off. It's a sure thing! It's got a lot of
         history. Look, if I tell you any more, I might get a ghostly curse
         put on me. What d'you wanna do?
Yuri:    1. I'm scared of ghosts. Count me out.
         2. Tell me, tell me!

Nero:    Nerves of steel! Great! Things would be pretty dull otherwise, right?!
         So... It's this huge mirror that vibrates with the voice of a ghost.
         They say an evil demon'll come out if you look in. Apparently, it's
         hidden away in some old fort in Bretagne in France. Well, wanna test
         your nerves?!

- Leave Florence back to the Europe world map and Tiffauges Castle is unlocked.
Enter the location and the party is inside a round room with pillars.

Karin:   Yuri, this place...
Yuri:    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.
Anastasia: What are you talking about? What about this place?!
Yuri:    Remember before, when Jovis sent Karin and me on a little trip? This
         is the place.
Gepetto: Hmm. So that must mean...
Yuri:    Yup, the castle where Amon was.

- Inside Tiffauges Castle the party meets the first person at a crossroads.

Beard, the Guide: Visitors? Welcome, welcome! This is a mysterious castle that
         exists between reality and fiction. People around here call it
         "Mirror Castle". Go wherever you like inside the castle, but if you
         wander into the Mirror World, you'll find it very hard to get back.
Yuri:    Thanks for the info. And who are you?
Beard:   I'm simply a mere guide. That is all...

- Inside the mirror side of the castle the party find a child by a mirror.

Maivia, Full of Curiosity: You can walk right through that mirror. Why don't
         you try looking into it? I don't know what's on the other side,

- Through Maivia's mirror and heading north the team finds another child.

Alicia in Wonderland: Are you lost? That's so lame! How old you are, anyway?!
Lottery Member 4: Now you're gonna start crying, I suppose! Look, I'll let you
         do the lottery okay? So don't cry!
Yuri:    1. Okay, I won't cry!
         2. Don't be such a smart ass!
L.M. 4:  That's good! Okay, then, here we go!

- Lose.

L.M. 4:  Oh that was lame! Loser! Come play again sometime, okay? Promise
         you'll come back!

- Win.

L.M. 4:  Yahoo1 it's a win! Well done!

- Further south the hallway another child is waiting.

Mean Mariposa: The other day, I scared that girl in the room up ahead. Now
         she's too afraid to come out. What does she got to be afraid of?
         We're already dead!

- At the locked door.

Girl's Voice: You came to scare me again, didn't you?! I'm not opening the

- Near the east sitting crossroads.

Rhodes, Afraid of Something: I head something up an animal
         howling or something... I'm so scared, I can't sleep!

- Enter the circular room at the south and find Henri, except that he's looking
very fierce with a nasty snarl and not at all like Henri.

Yuri:    Hey, you're that talking wolf!
Henri:   *groan* Don't come any closer!
Blanca:  Grrr... (Something's wrong with him!)
Henri:   *pant, pant* Nah... Gaaaghhh!!
Yuri:    Yikes! What happened?! He turned wild all of a sudden!
Blanca:  1. I'll bring him back to his sense.
         2. Looks pretty dangerous. Better run.
Henri:   1. Grrr...
Blanca:  He doesn't even understand me right now. I hate to have to do it, but
         I can't just leave him when he's like this!

- Battle!

Henri:   Awrooo!!
Blanca:  I don't feel too good about that one. What use is winning when he
         isn't even in his right mind?

- Henri has recovered his senses and has his glasses back on!

Henri:   *groan* Blanca...thanks for stopping me. I'm glad I didn't hurt any
         of you.
Blanca:  Awroo? (What happened to you, anyway?)
Henri:   Well...after you beat me, I traveled the world looking for a way to
         break my curse. Along the way, I heard that if I saw my reflection
         in the Mirror of Truth here in Mirror Castle, I would change back.
         I'm ashamed to admit the result. Not only did I not turn back, I
         ended up changing into a wild beast!
Yuri:    Who knows? Maybe that's your true character?
Henri:   Ha ha ha. I guess I deserved that. ...Well, I don't want to keep you
         standing around listening to an old man talk. Here, Blanca. This is
         for you.

- Soul Comet has powered up!

Henri:   Knowing you, I bet if it came to you and Ernest-- But never mind that.
Blanca:  .........

- Inside the sitting room where the scared child was hiding.

Timid Souffle: Eek! You scared me! I thought it was that mean boy, come back
         to scare me again. ...I get so scared all the time now. That's
         because I remember... I remember how I got killed...

- Check the door.

Souffle: If you go out through that door, I'm going to lock it after you. I
         don't want tat mean boy coming back!

- Inside the boss room, Yuri approaches the mirror.

Voice:   So you came back...

- Yuri turns around looking for the source of the voice and when he turns back
to the mirror, Albert Simon appears.

Yuri:    !! He he he...

- Albert walks forwards from the mirror into the room

Yuri:    So this is where you live now, huh...
Albert:  Yes, this is Tiffauges Castle. I made my soul pact with Amon here.
         This was once home to Gilles de Rais, a powerful French nobleman.
         After his lover was executed as a heretic, he turned to the dark arts.
         Rumors of his devil worship spread and he too was executed by the
         Church. That was almost 500 years ago...Even love can turn to
         tragedy... Time changes nothing. The world today is still filled with
         madness and rage... In any case, you used it well, didn't you?
         Amon's power.
Yuri:    Yeah, I took out Rasputin.
Albert:  But a much more powerful enemy appeared...
Yuri:    Uh...
Albert:  A vast power lies beyond this mirror. A forbidden power surpassing
Yuri:    A forbidden power?!
Albert:  It is yours if you can but defeat me. Do you wish to try again?
Yuri:    Yeah. It won't be like before. This time the gloves are coming off!!
Albert:  That's fine with me.

- Battle!

Albert:  Very impressive!
Yuri:    He he! Well, you know...
Albert:  He he. The ultimate demon. That's a fitting name for you, Godslayer!

- You got Neo Amon's Soul!


- Return to Roger's house.

Roger:   Y-Yuri!
Yuri:    What's up? What's going on?!
Roger:   Well...I had a bad feeling, so while you were all away, I went down
         to the underground Neam ruins... And I was right! There are
         evil-looking waves swirling towards the altar down there!
Karin:   Evil, swirling waves?
Roger:   Yeah, they might be some kind of side effect from removing the
         Emegre' Manuscript. If we don't do something, I bet some weird.
         monstrous creatures' gonna start coming out of them or something!
Anastas: Oh, my god! It's just one monstrous creature after another, isn't it?!
Karin:   Well, we've got to do something before it's too late...
Anastas: Okay, I'll go take care of it!
Joachim: Another harebrained idea!
Anastas: What did you say?! You're coming to, you know!
Joachim: What?! Me...?!
Anastas: Of course! Who else would I pick? This is just the job for my
         trusted ally! Right?
Joachim: Well, I guess...
Roger:   Stay alert down there! You can bet it won't be a friendly monster...
Joachim: Are you trying to scare me?!
Yuri:    I dunno. It's a real pain, going all the way down there, you know...
Anastas: You must to just ignore it?! Fine,. Forget it! I'll go by myself!
Kurando: I'll go with you. I'll be interesting to go somewhere new.
Anastas: Oh, Kurando! I knew I could count on you!
         See, you guys?! You're such cowards! A true gentleman would risk his
         life for a lady!

- She turns to look at Roger.

Anastas: You could learn a thing or two from him! How do you ever expect to be
         popular with the opposite sex? Ha ha ha ha ha!

- Yuri turns to talk just to Kuarando.

Yuri:    It's Russia you're really after... Right?
Anastas: Okay, everybody! Let's go! I'll fix that monster, whatever it is!

- The party arrives at the entrance inside Neam Ruins. Reach the lower floor
where a hidden item Shanghai Heaven is found.

Anastas: What's with this dirty old book?!
Roger:   Hey! Old Roger must've been running away pretty quick to leave this
Kurando: What kind of book is it?
Anastas: I-it's nothing ?! You shouldn't look at it, Kurando! You mustn't! It
         would poison your pure heart! Yuri, quick! Put it away! Just seeing
         it out of the corner of my eye makes me feel sick!
Yuri:    Okay, okay...

- The party reach the final save point at the bottom of the Ruins and walk into
the room with a large altar.

Karin:   What a beautiful altar...
Yuri:    I didn't even know this was here. These ruins must be huge.
Gepetto: The waves are focusing in the center of the altar. You can feel
         something creepy coming of them, right?
Anastas: Aaaaah, I'm exhausted. It took forever to get here. I've got to get a
         photo of this monster, whatever it is. Otherwise, it'll all just have
         been a waste of time...
Kurando: It's coming!

-  A large monster appears.

Anastas: I-it's c-coming?!

Orobas: Listen me...pathetic humans... Awaken...
         and my voice...
Anastas: Look! If you've got something to say, just spit it out!
Orobas:  ...? He he... I...have...awakened...the power that sleeps...within
         the earth...
Anastas: I can't wait around for this, you snail! Just get to the point! What's
         this sleeping power you're talking about?
Orobas:  I will destroy the world...with the sleeping power...!
Anastas: Oh, please! Not again! Is that all your type ever talks about? Do you
         really want to destroy the world that badly?
Orobas:  Yes. Once the land is ruled by my hand, then...
Anastas: Once you rule it, yes? And then what?

- Orobas is disconcerted and pauses between answers showing a teardrop of
confusion and embarrassment over his head.

Orobas:  .........
         Then... I'll have to think about it...
Anastas: You don't know, do you?! You just come up with this stupid plan to
         destroy the world and call yourself a monster?! You're ridiculous!
Orobas:  Whaaat?! You...! Think before you speak! You think my plan is
         s-stupid?! You'll pay for your rudeness!

- Battle!

Orobas:  Defeated... By this little girl...
Anastas: I hope that taught you a lesson! If you turn over a new leaf and work
         for me, I'll spare your life.
Orobas:  S-spare me?!
Anastas: Ahem! Spare me, what?
Orobas:  S-spare me, please?!
Anastas: Fine. If you promise to behave yourself, I'll take you out of here
         and show you there's a great big world out there. I'm giving you a
         chance to forget your stupid plan, and come up with a new one. So?
         Don't I deserve some thanks?
Orobas:  Y-yes... How can I thank you...? I'm your servant now...

- You got the Orobas Crest

Anastas: Okay, that takes care of that! Let's get back to Roger's house.

- She runs out of the room leaving everyone behind.

Gepetoo: Wow, I kind of felt sorry for the poor monster...
Yuri:    Yeah...

- Yuri walk over to address Kurando.

Yuri:    You'll probably have a lot to put up with, Kurando.
Kurando: Huh? Well, um...

- The party is instantly transported back to the cliff outside Neam Ruins.

- After obtaining the Shanghai Heaven item in Neam Ruins enter Roger's house
for a scene.

Yuri:    Hey, Roger. Here.
Roger:   Huh?! W-what's this?!
Yuri:    You dropped it.
Roger:   Y-you brought it back for me?
Yuri:    ...It was important to you, right?
Roger:   Yeah.
Yuri:    ...I know how you feel.
Roger:   Yeah...
Yuri:    ...So you'd better keep it safe.
Roger:   Yeah! Thanks, Yuri. It's only when you lose something that you realize
         how important it was. Now I've got it back... I really wanna thank
         you! Here, have these!

- You got White Underpants.

Anastas: You're all freaks!

Leave and return.

Roger:   Ah, Yuri! You're just in time!
Yuri:    What's up, Roger? You're certainly in a good mood.
Roger:   He he he. I'm finally finished with the repairs. Behold the rebirth of
         the glorious teleporter! Now we can go get that thing I hid on the
Yuri:    Oh, that thing, eh? What did you have to go and hide it on the moon
         for, anyway? It's not like anybody'd want it...
Roger:   Bite your tongue! You know I couldn't let such a powerful weapon get
         into the hands of some evil genius! But, gee, you really did show up
         at a perfect time! What luck!
Yuri:    Mere chance. If I'd known what you were up to I would've stayed far,
         far away.
Roger:   So how about it? You ready to take another little sprint? I bet
         you're just itching to hop on that thing!
Yuri:    Can't say I feel the least bit itchy.
Roger:   You sure? Not itching just a little?
Yuri:    Not in the slightest?

- They both stand by the running machine and don't move.

Yuri:    What?
Roger:   ...Guess it can't be helped. I'll have to do the running, I suppose.
         You just go stand in that Warp Point.
Yuri:    ...I'll do the running!
Roger:   No, no. That's fine.
Yuri:    No, really! Suddenly, I'm just dying to go for a jog. Oh, please!
         Please, please let me do the running! C'mon1 You go stand on the
         Warp Point.
Roger:   Thatta boy! Thanks, Yuri!
         As soon as I stand over there, the machine will start to work. And
         then you start running at full speed!
Yuri:    Yeah, yeah! Phew! That was close! I was this close to getting myself
         zapped into a star or something...!
Roger:   Okay, I'm all set! Go ahead and get those feet moving!
         That's the way! Now give it all you've got!

- The Judgement Ring comes on screen and must be hit accurately as it goes
faster and faster. Miss a hit.

Yuri:    *pant, pant* Phew! I'm exhausted...
Roger:   Hey! None of that, now! Show a little determination, there!
         Try again?
Yuri:    Yeah, guess I'll give it another go.
         Maybe later.

- Hit all parts of the ring and there's a electric spark and Roger disappears.

Yuri:    He's gone! Where'd he go flying off to this time, I wonder?

- After various noises Roger returns.

Yuri:    Oops. He's back. Welcome back.
Roger:   *pant, pant* I went the moon! I-I brought back a

- You got Chimera Claw.

Yuri:    Gee, thanks, Roger. By the way, there, Rog. You almost died out there
         again, didn't you? You okay?
Roger:   ...Wh-what are you talking about?! Of course I'm okay. Ha ha ha...


- The team goes to St. Marguertie Island and finds Locke at the jetty.

Dexterous Locke: Hello! It's been a while, heh? Aw, c'mon! Forget me already?
         It's me! Remember? I made you that key that time?
Yuri:    Oh, yeah! I remember! ...But I never saw your face before, remember?
Locke:   Oh, that's right! Nice to meet you, then! So what're you doing back
         here? There isn't anybody left now.
Yuri:    Everybody escaped with the guards gone, huh?
Locke:   Yeah, that, and there's another reason too. This place is...haunted.
         There are ghosts...!
Yuri:    Ghosts?
Locke:   Yeah, underneath the storeroom floor. They say there've been moans
         coming up out of there every night. I don't really believe it, but
         it's still pretty spooky. I've been thinking about going home too.
Yuri:    What, you're leaving too?
Locke:   He he. If you plan on walking around, make sure the ghosts don't get
Yuri:    Moans from the storeroom floor, huh...?

- Enter the storeroom.

Yuri:    So this is the storeroom. Doesn't look like anything strange is going
Karin:   .........
Yuri:    What's the matter?
Karin:   I don't know. I'm shaking all of a sudden. But not because I'm
         scared. I have this funny, familiar feeling, like somebody is calling
         to me...
Yuri:    Huh...
Karin:   I want to go. I have feeling I was meant to...
Yuri:    Okay, let's do it! Let's check it out! First we've got to move this
Joachim: All right! I'll lend a hand!
Yuri:    He he. We found a secret entrance.
Karin:   It's pitch-black down there, Yuri, hand me the lantern.
Yuri:    Here you go. We'd better watch out. This looks pretty dangerous.
Karin:   Okay.

- They enter the Fort of Regrets and a ghostly figure soon stops them.

Professor: Hey, you guys.
Yuri:    What...? Y-yikes!! He's see-through! This guy is see-through!
Prof:    Yeah, pretty ghostly, huh, the see-through thing? I am a ghost, after
         all! Ha ha ha ha!
Yuri:    W-what's up with this ghost? He seems pretty weird...
Karin:   Excuse me, but I think somebody was calling me down here... Do you
         know who?
Prof:    Calling you, huh...? That must mean the soul of somebody close to you
         is shut up somewhere in these ruins.
Karin:   The soul of...somebody close to me?
Prof:    Yeah. They call these ruins the "Fort of Regrets".It's a place where
         souls who are still attached to this world can gather.
Karin:   So the person who called me--that person's soul--is somewhere in
Prof:    That's right. But it might be hard to find them. This fort has
         multiple levels, and the doors are all sealed. To break the seals, you
         have to help all the souls on that level rest in peace. Sounds like
         quite a job, huh?
Karin:   I see... Thank you for all your help.
Prof:    You're welcome. Glad to help, you know. Stop and talk again next time
         you see me.

- Talk to him again.

Prof:    I'll tell you anything you want to know. Do you have any questions?
Karin:   1. Tell me about these ruins.
         2. How do we help them rest in peace?
         3. What are you doing here?
         4. No special questions.

- Karin finds various souls in this first level.

Karin:   Are you...a soul with regrets?
Serge the Sailor: I suppose I am. Say, I know we just met and all, but could
         you do me a favor? It's nothing hard. Could you give this ring to a
         woman in Le Havre named Irene?

- You got Engagement Ring.

Karin:   This is an engagement ring, isn't it?
Serge:   Yeah. I bought it in one of the ports along the way, but my ship
         went down in a storm before I could get home. I know it's too late
         to propose to her now after all this time, but...
Karin:   Don't say that! I bet Irene's been waiting for you the whole time.
         I'll give it to her, I promise!

- In Le Havre, find the stooped old woman near the tavern.

Karin:   Excuse me, but are you Irene?
Elderly Irene: Yes. Why? Who are you? And how do you know my name?
Karin:   I'm Karin. A man named Serge asked me to give this to you.
Irene:   It's kind of old-fashioned, but it's not a bad little ring. Never
         heard of this Serge fellow, but I'll take it.
Karin:   What? You don't know Serge? He was going to ask you to marry him!
Irene:   Marry? Ridiculous! I've been married to my husband now for decades!
         I haven't got time to stand around talking all day. If you're done,
         then beat it!

- Talk to her again.

Irene:   What, you again? I'm busy, you know! If you don't have any proper
         business with me, then just leave me alone!

- Return to Serge.

Serge:   How did it go...? Did you see Irene? And give her the ring?
Karin:   Well, the thing is... Irene is an elderly lady now, and she's already
Serge:   ...I see. I didn't realize so much time had passed... So...did Irene
         remember me? Or did she already forget all about me...?
Karin:   Oh, she remembered you! Of course! She was surprised when I handed
         her the ring, but she was really glad!
Serge:   Was she...? That's good. I really appreciate what you did, Karin.
         When I see Irene in the next world, I'll be able to tell her how I
         feel myself.

- Serge disappears. Talk to the next person.

Darcy, Who Didn't Make It: Finally! People! All that hollering I did finally
         paid off! Sorry. Forgot to introduce myself. I'm Darcy. I died in that
         earthquake the other day.
Karin:   Nice to meet you. So you regret losing your life in an earthquake,
         and that's why you're here?.
Darcy:   No, not that. It's just that right at the time of the earthquake, I
         was right in the middle of "doing my duty"... If you know what I mean.
         Ahem! Anyway, I died before I had a chance to wipe! You can't imagine
         the itch or the smell...
         Pleas! You've got to give me some paper! You know, something really
         soft and white and fluffy...!
Karin:   1. We have some tissues...
         2. We don't have any paper.
Darcy:   1. Oh, paper! How I've dreamed about you! Thank you. I'll never forget
         your help. Excuse me while I use it right away.
         Aaahhh! Sweet, blessed relief!

- Darcy disappears.

Karin:   Um, excuse me? Darcy?
         ......... Looks like he's gone.

- Check the door.

Karin:   I don't sense any weird atmosphere coming from this door. I bet it'll

- Inside the next room.

Crybaby Kazuna: *sniffle, sniffle*
Karin:   Oh, my! What's the matter, little girl? Don't cry.
Kazuna:  I'm scared! That scary ogress mask is staring at me! *sniffle*
         Mommy left the mask in my room. She said, "Let the ogress eat you,
         then!" Waaah! I'm scared!
Karin:   Poor little thing. Hey, I know! We'll go take that mask far, far
         away. Okay?
Kazuna:  You will...? Far, far away?
Karin:   You bet! So cheer up, okay?
Kazuna:  Okay. I won't cry anymore. Thank you, lady!

- You got Ogress Mask.

Karin:   If we just throw it away somewhere, I bet it'll put a curse on us.
         Maybe we can find somebody who wants it?

- They go to Paris, Cathedral location and talk to the man outside the shop.

Japanophile Taylor: What's that you're holidng> Why, it's a Japanese ogress
Karin:   Yes, that's right. I'll give it to you if you'd like.
Taylor:  You will? Really? What luck! A real Japanese ogress mask!
         Thanks you very much! Banzai!
Karin:   I'm glad you like it.

- Back in the Fort of Regrets.

Kazuna:  Oh, it's you! Did you get rid of that awful mask?
Karin:   Yes. You're all right now. I got rid of it in a place far, far away!
Kazuma:  Good. That bad ogress is all gone. I'm not scared anymore.

- She disappears.

Karin:   Hee hee. I did a good deed!

- Find the man in a sailor's uniform.

Karin:   Excuse me... Is something wrong?
Troubled Soldier: I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I can't remember my name.
         I've been racking my brains, but I can't come up with it.
Karin:   Your name...?
Soldier: Right now, this is the only clue I have

- You got Broken Watch.

Soldier: It's scratched and I can't read it, but it looks like there's a name

- The team go to Japan, Foreigner's Cemetery and talk to an old man.

Retired Old Man Iwai: Excuse me, Miss. Where did you get that watch?
Karin:   Somebody asked me to hang on to it. Do you know the person it belongs
Iwai:    May I see it? ...Yes. It's scratched, but I can see the engraving. It
         belongs to the person in this grave.
Karin:   "Major Wayne Hashida. Died 1894." Are you sure this is him...?
Iwai:    Yes. Died in action and promoted for his bravery. Not many half-
         Japanese soldiers so I'm sure it's him.
Karin:   I see... Thank you very much, sir!

- Back in the Fort of Regrets.

Karin: Hello, again. I found out your name!
Soldier: You did?! What is it?
Karin:   Wayne Hashida, lieutenant in the Japanese army. I saw your tombstone
         in the Foreigner's Cemetery in Yokohama.
Lt. Hashida, Who Now Remembers: Wayne Hashida... Yes! That's it! They named me
         after my mother's father. Thank you! I feel so much better! I can't
         thank you enough! I feel so relieved now, like my spirit is free. My
         body is starting to get light...

- He disappears.  Find another man.

Bitter Ludwig: Everyone here's the same. They've got too many regrets to rest
         in peace. I'm no different...
Lottery Member 3: I died without ever having done the lottery. What a pitiful
         lottery member. the lottery!
Yuri:    1. Okay! Just stay away from me!
         2. I'm not talking to a ghost!
L.M> 3:  1. At last...! Let...the lottery...begin! This is great!

- Lose.

Ludwig:  Mocking losers...and then offering them tissues! That's what lottery
         members live...and die for!
         It''s not enough! More...! More! More lottery!

- After playing three times (win or lose).

Ludwig:  Ah, the light! I...can see...the light! Thank you! Now I can rest...
         in peace!

- He disappears. Once all three people have gone the door to the next room will
open. Inside the next room, find the professor.

Professor: I think I'm the only one on this level. I guess that means you have
         to help me rest in peace before you can go on. But I can't remember
         what's holding me back... If only I had something that would help me

- The party leaves and goes to Cannes beach where an old man is standing by
the jetty.

Professor Stein: Hey, folks! Take my advice and get away from this beach as
         fast as you can!
Yuri:    Huh? What's the matter? Is there something wrong with this place?
Stein:   Shh! Not so loud! There's an ancient weapon lurking somewhere on this
         beach that could destroy the whole world!
Yuri:    Ancient weapon? You're pulling our legs, right, Gramps?
Stein:   I don't blame you for doubting me. But fifty years ago, I saw an
         inscription that told all about it. I've been searching the beach ever
         since but I haven't found anything yet.
         *sigh* If only my friend hadn't left me back then. I bet we could've
         found it.

- Talk to him again.

Stein:   You believe me, right? Take my advice and get away from this beach as
         fast as you can!

- Return to the Fort of Regrets.

Karin:   We met a kind of funny professor on the beach in Cannes. Is he a
         friend of yours?
Professor, Remembering a Little: Funny professor? On the beach...? Was it...
         Professor Stein?
         I couldn't remember for so long. But when you opened that door for me,
         I started to remember a few things.
Karin:   Professor Stein said some pretty troubling things. Something about a
         friend that left him years ago...?
Prof:    Hey! That makes it sound like I'm a terrible person, somebody that
         would betray his friend! Well, I never!
         ...Just kidding. I don't really know what happened. My memories are
         still pretty vague around that time.
Karin:   I see...
Prof:    I feel like I'm really close to remembering  everything. Sorry, but
         could you give me a little more time?

- Return a bit later.

Professor Mancini, Memory Back: You're here! I've been waiting for you! Guess
         what? My memory is back! See?
Karin:   What do you mean, "See"?
Prof:    Ha ha ha! Anyway, I've got a favor to ask. You want to go further,
         right? I died while I was investigating these ruins. I have to know
         everything about them before I can rest in peace.
Karin:   Everything? But we don't know anything about investigating ruins...!
Prof:    Don't worry about that. Somewhere in the world I hear there's a
         mysterious stone tablet called the "Hieroglyphics". I hear this tablet
         tells of the mysteries of all te ruins on earth. I want you to find it
         for me.
Karin:   The Hieroglyphics tablet? So we find it and just bring it back to you?
Prof:    That's exactly right. You guys are so understanding. Really appreciate
Karin:   Professor! We found it! The Hieroglyphics tablet! ...It's a little
         chipped, though.
Prof:    You mean it really did exist? This Hieroglyphics table thingy? Good
         thing I asked, just in case!
Karin:   Hey! You didn't even know if it really existed?!
Prof:    A-anyway, I'll just get down reading it here... Hmm, I see... What do
         you know? Well! Hmm...
Karin:   And? Does it tell you what you wanted to know?
Prof:    Well... You already heard, didn't you? About the weapon that could
         destroy the world? I thought it was in this fort. But this tablet
         says it's on the beach in Cannes...
Yuri:    So that means Professor Stein was right.
Prof:    I'm not too happy about it, but yes, it looks like it. By the way,
         what year is it now?
Karin:   It's 1915. Why?
Prof:    Yikes! Big trouble! This is the year that weapon is supposed to go
         off! No time to explain! I'm already dead, but you guys are going to
         die too if you don't hurry! Quick! Take this Hieroglyphics tablet to
         Professor Stein right away!

- Return to the beach at Cannes, but Stein has gone, However, there is
something else lying on the beach.

Joachim: Wh-what do we have here?!
Yuri:    What a cool-looking toy!
Karin:   Hold on! Do you hear voices coming from inside?
Gepetto: I-I think she'd right! Sounds like little people in there!
Joachim: Hmm. Nice submarine...
Yuri:    What? You mean it's not a toy?
Joachim: Displacement, twenty thousand tons. Its wave engine with degenerate
         furnaces have made unlimited travel possible...
         The legendary submarine that brought star travel within the grasp of
         mankind. Its name, the "Nautilus"!
Karin:   How long do you think he's going to talk?
Yuri:    Don't worry. This is his last weapon. Let him get it all out of his

- Joachim picks up the submarine. You got Nautilus.

Joachim: Yes! I can see it now, cruising briskly through the water of men's
         dreams! The Nautilus surges forth, leaving the trail of men's
         happiness and aspiration in its wake! What splendor...! What

- He walks off with the Nautilus on his shoulder.

Yuri:    So, want to go get something to eat?
Karin:   Sounds good.

- Walk up the jetty to find Stein on the pavement.

Yuri:    Hey, there he is! You're not on the beach today?
Stein:   There were a few documents I wanted to look into. But what are all
         of you still doing in Cannes?
Karin:   We came back to find you. A certain man asked us to give this to you.
Stein:   Something for me? Let's have a look... I-it's the Hieroglyphics
         tablet! Where did you get it?! And from who?!
Karin:   We'll fill you in later. The man told us we really had to hurry. Could
         you take a look at it now?
Stein:   ALl right. Hmm... Well! What do you know...? Hmm... I see... What?!
         Oh, no! If it's true, the world is going to be destroyed... We must
         find that weapon, the Nautilus, as quickly as possible!
Joachim: The Nautilus? We just picked it up on the beach...
Stein:   What? You did?
Karin:   Just now. We found it washed up on the shore.
Stein:   You did?! ...*gasp* Oh, no! We have to destroy it immediately! Before
         it wipes out the entire planet!
Joachim: Don't worry. I gave the crew a nice little talking to.
Yuri:    When the hell did you do that?!
Stein:   Do you really think it's safe now...?
Joachim: You bet! We made a nice little agreement among gentlemen. They gave me
         their word. No need to worry!
Stein:   Hmm... It's a little hard to believe, but if what you say is true,
         then the whole world owes you its gratitude.
Karin:   No need to thank me. We didn't do a thing.
Stein:   I'm really glad. It looks like all my research wasn't in vain after
         all. By the way, it was Professor Mancini who asked you to bring me
         this stone tablet, wasn't it?
Karin:   What? Well, uh... We...
Stein:   You don't have to hide it. He and I are just about the only ones that
         could read that Hieroglyphics tablet. Give him a message from me,
         would you? Tell him, "Nah, nah! I won this one! You owe me a beer!"

- Stein disappears.

Karin:   Well, let's get going. We've got a message to deliver, I guess.

- Back with Mancini in the Fort of Regrets.

Prof:    How did it go? Did you give the tablet to Professor Stein?
Karin:   Yes, and it looks like we managed to stop the destruction of the world
         for now too.
Joachim: Ha ha ha ha! Thanks to me!
Karin:   We've got a message for you. *ahem* "Nah, nah! I won this one! You owe
         me a beer!"
Prof:    Stein said that...? Ha ha ha ha!  ...Hey! I finally remember! Why I
         couldn't rest in peace! My regret wasn't in these ruins. My regret was
         abandoning Stein that time to follow my own research.
Karin:   Gee, Professor Mancini...
Prof:    Now I really see why they call this place the "Fort of Regrets".
         The souls that gather here get to experience their important memories
         one more time before they go...
Karin:   .........
Prof:    Thanks for all your help, guys. I guess I'll be leaving now. I have
         to clear out if you guys want to get any further, right?
Karin:   Wait! Don't you have any message for Professor Stein?
Prof:    ...Nah, I guess not. I'll apologize to him in person when he gets to
         heaven. I'll be waiting with a nice cold beer!

- He disappears. Enter the door at the right to find an old lady.

Doris:   There you are at last, Karin! You shouldn't keep an old lady waiting,
         you know.
Karin:   Grandma...? Grandma Doris, is that you?
Doris:   What, child, have you forgotten your grandmother's face already?
Karin:   Of course I haven't! It's just that...this is so sudden...
         ...I'm sorry, Grandma. It was all my fault...
Doris:   Karin, you have to stop blaming yourself for everything. It's one of
         your bad habits, you know.
Karin:   ...But!
Doris:   My death and what happened to the Koenigs--none of that was your
         fault. We were the ones that were powerless. Besides, I'm kind of
         glad it happened. I'm sorry you don't have a home to go back to,
Karin:   Glad? Why, Grandma...?
Doris:   Joining the military when you didn't want to, fighting for the family
         name, wasting your precious youth...
         I hated to have to see you do these things. You always had a brave
         smile but I knew, and I couldn't stand it...
         But now you have nothing tying you down. You're truly free now.
Karin:   ...I'm sorry, Grandma. I never even realized how hard it was for you,
         how much you worried about me.
Doris:   How could I possibly rest in peace, as worried about you as I was?
         But now I've said what I wanted, and I'm satisfied. Oh, and I wanted
         to give you this. Hold on to it, now.

- You got Durandal.

Karin:   Hold on to it?! Grandma, this is Grandpa's sword! You want me to have
Doris:   Have you forgotten what I just said?  The family is gone. Our name is
         gone. There's nothing holding you back now. This is the start of your
         new free life as an independent woman. You'll need that sword to keep
         you safe.
Karin:   If you're sure... Okay, thanks, Grandma!
Doris:   Oh, my goodness! There's nothing to cry about, my dear!
         Everybody, take good care of my granddaughter. She can get herself
         into trouble at times!
Yuri:    He he. We'll try. But usually she's the one who takes care of us.
Anastas: That's right! Karin and I are the only ones who know what we're doing
         in this group.
Gepetto: Karin keeps us straight, you know.
Karin:   Oh, you guys!
Doris:   Hee hee. You have very nice friends. I won't have to worry about you
         anymore. Goodbye, Karin. I hope I won't see you in the next world for
         a long, long time.

- Doris disappears.

Karin:   I promise I'll live my life the best way I can. Thank you, Grandma!


After completing all wolf bouts except the last one, go to Paris to talk to
Ernest, who's inside a wolf costume with two children jumping around him.

Yuri:    Hey... You're Ernest, aren't you?
Wolfman: Ernest? Never heard of him. I'm the Wolfman, wolf-suit star, beloved
         hero of all the little children! Kids, how would you like me to shake
         your hand under the Arc d'Triumph?
Blanca:  ...Awroo, awroo! (At this point, who cares who your are? You're the
         fifteenth and final wolf.)
Wolfman: He he. That's right. But do you really think you can beat me?
         This isn't any ordinary wolf suit, you know. It's the fruit of all my
         long years of research, "Wolf Technology"!
         With this on, I'm the strongest hinter on earth! Go ahead and come at
         me, if you're fool enough to try!
Blanca:  1. Can't let this ridiculous guy win!
         2. I can't fight a guy in a wolf suit!
Wolfman: 1. As the Wolfman, I'll purge the world of wolves!
Blanca:  The hell you will!

- Battle!

Wolfman: My wolf suit armor! It failed me...!
Blanca:  That's what happens to guys who try to mask what they realy are...

- Ernest takes off his mask.

Ernest:  I lost... The man who even beat the King of the Wolves in his
Blanca:  Grrr... Awroo! (Now tell me why you started this stupid competition
         in the first place.)
Ernest:  ...Fine. I'll tell you. About twenty years ago, I used to hunt wild
         beasts. That's when I ran into Lobo--as my enemy. After a fierce
         battle, I beat him. But as soon as I did, I got an intense desire to
         fight even stronger wolves. But here weren't any wolves stronger than
         Lobo. I decided to create some by having wolves fight each other. That
         was the start of the Wolf Bout.
Blanca:  Grrr... (All that for the sake of your petty ego?)
Ernest:  That's right. Well, I ended up losing to you, but I'm satisfied. I was
         happy just to fight a strong wolf like you. But you still have a job
         to do. You have to kill me and get revenge for Lobo.
Tetsu:   Grrr...
Blanca:  Awroo, awroo... (Don't care about that. And I don't want Tetsu trying
         to get revenge on me.)
Ernest:  ...Thank you for everything, Blanca. And congratulations. Here's your
         final stamp!

- Soul Comet has increased to Red Comet! You got Beast Medal.

Blanca:  Awroo? (Beast Medal? What's this...?!)
Ernest:  It's the fruit of my research. Animal Technology--surpassing even
         Wolf Technology! I'm sure it will help you in future battles.
Blanca:  Awroo... Awroo, awroo! (beast medal, huh...? Pretty fancy name.
         Thanks. I'm sure it'll come in handy.)


- Return to the beach at Cannes and two children are there.

Naive Guri: Wow! You're really huge, Mister!
Joachim: You think? If you train hard every day, you can get this big someday
Precocious Gura: But that man before was even bigger, wasn't he?
Yuri:    Huh? Somebody even bigger than Joachim, huh. Wow.
Gura:    Yup. He was lying on the beach. me and Guri found him.

- The scene changes to their memory.

Guri:    Hey, Sis! Look! There's a dead bad guy here!
Gura:    Hey! It's rude to call somebody you never even met before a "bad guy"!

- They walk over to Lenny who's lying flat out on the beach.

Guri:    Yeah, but he's got spikes coming out of his shoulders. Of course he's
         a bad guy.
Bad Guy: *moan*
Gura:    Eeek! He's still alive! Let's take him home. Here, give me a hand!
Guri:    Huh? But Mom told us not to bring any more weird things home...
Gura:    Don't be dumb! Saving a life is more important than that. C'mon, help

Gura:    ...And that's what happened.
Yuri:    A bad guy bigger than Joachim, with spikes coming out of his
Gepetto: That's got to be Lenny. No doubt about it.
Joachim: So he's alive!
Yuri:    So is this bad guy still at your house?
Guri:    Nope. He left after he got better. He said he was going north.
Yuri:    North, huh...?

- The team goes to Petrograd and finds an old lady near the bridge.

Yuri:    Say, Granny, have you seen a huge guy lately, about this big?
Joachim: Hey! Don't point your finger at me!
Tough Old Tamarope: Why, yes, I have. You're pretty big too, but he was even
Yuri:    Was this guy up to no good?
Tamarope:Up to no good? Of course not! That man rescued me!

- The scene changes to show her memory of events.

Devilish Borscht: Hey, old woman! give me yer money!
Tamarope:I-I most certainly will not! Why should I?
Borscht: Shut yet mouth! And hand over that money if you don't wanna get hurt!
Lenny:   Hey! What are doing to that nice old lady?
Borscht: What, you wanna get yourself hurt too?

- Borscht turns around and see Lenny standing behind him.

Borscht: ...Yikes! He's big!
Lenny:   So you think you can take me, eh? Hmph! Good luck!
Borscht: Yikes! I'm sorry, Mister. I didn't mean no harm!

- He runs off.

Lenny:   Are you all right, Granny?
Tamarope:Thank you, son. You saved me.
Lenny:   I didn't do much. This town is pretty dangerous, eh?
Tamarope:Yes, what with the war and tyranny... And then that thing with
         Rasputin lately. What will become of Russia...?
Lenny:   I wonder... But about that Rasputin... Do you know what happened to
Tamarope:I don't know the whole story, but I hear Princess Anastasia and her
         attendants defeated him.
Lenny:   Oh, yeah...? I guess that means I'm the last one left...

Yuri:    That's what he said? Gee, I never thought Lenny'd go around rescuing
         little old ladies...
Karin:   Do you know where he went after that?
Tamarope:I don't really remember, but I think he said something about going to
         visit an old acquaintance in France.
Yuri:    France...? Okay, thanks, Granny!

- The team goes to Paris, Champs Elysees and finds an old man.

Nupach, Who Abandoned His Past: Welcome to the Champs Elysees, the greatest
         shopping district in the world! I bet you're here sightseeing? Isn't
         that nice!
Yuri:    ...You're a Steel Claw, aren't you?
Nupach:  Whaaat?! How did you know...?
Lucia:   How could we miss it? All we had to do was look at you.
Yuri:    We're not interest in who you really are. What we want to know is
         whether you've seen Lenny around here lately.
Nupach:  Lenny? he left town already... Oops! Never mind. I was just kidding!
         I haven't seen hide nor hair of Lenny!
Joachim: Yup. He's a Steel Claw all right, with that kind of brainpower.
Yuri:    Look, it slipped out already. No use trying to hide it now.
Nupach:  Yeah, yeah. All right. Lenny was... heading for Cannes.
Yuri:    What, back there again? Well, I guess that means we're through here.

- They walk away and the man stops them.

Nupach:  W-wait a minute! What are you gonna do to Lenny...?
Yuri:    Don't know yet.
Nupach:  ...I know Lenny's done a lot of rotten things. But he was just
         following the society's orders. Lenny himself isn't a bad guy. He even
         saved my life once.

- The scene changes to show his memory of events.

Lenny:   Okay, men! This might be our last job, so prepare yourselves!
Steel Claws: Eeee!!

- The group of claws move off but one is slower to move.

Lenny:   You! Hold up a minute.
Steel Claw Nupach: Um... You want something, Lenny, sir?
Lenny:   You had a mother back home, didn't you?
Nupach:  Yes, sir. She's getting up there in years. so I'm trying to make a
         little money and help her out.
Lenny:   Yeah? In that case, I've got a special mission for you. Go make a
         situational report to the Master. Tell him they got away, but that
         Lenny here is gonna take care of 'em, so not to worry.
Nupach:  B-but would it really be right for me to be the only one running
Lenny:   Hey! Are you giving me lip? that was a direct order! Take good care of
         that mom of yours...
Nupach:  Gee, Lenny...

- The scene ends.

Nupach:  By the time I got to Russia, it was all over. If Lenny hadn't looked
         out for me, I'd be dead right now... Lenny isn't a bad guy! So,
         please... don't hurt him, okay?
Yuri:    ...Yeah, yeah. I got it already.

- The team returns to Cannes and finds a man on the stairs.

Calculating Cesare: Hey, folks. I hear you're looking for Lenny.
Yuri:    Yeah. You know where he is?
Cesare:  I do, but I'm not going to tell you just like that. If you want to
         know about Lenny, you've got to have a little arithmetic contest with
         me first!
Yuri:    1. I'm good at arithmetic!
         2. I hate using my brain...
Cesare:  Okay, here's how it'll go. I'll give you a problem, and you pick from
         the multiple-choice answers. If you get ten problems right in a row,
         you win. You ready?

- Answer 10 questions correctly.

Cesare:  I can't believe you beat me! And I used to pride myself on being the
         number two math whiz in the world too...
Yuri:    Now keep up your end of the bargain. Where's Lenny?
Cesare:  He headed off to St. Marguerite a little while ago. Said he was going
         back to the pace he got beat at.
Yuri:    The place he got beat at...? I know where he means!
Cesare:  Well, I'm sure you'll catch up with him. Why don't you take a minute
         to listen to an old story of mine? I met Lenny for the first time five
         years ago...

- There's another memory scene.

Lenny:   Nowhere to run now! You must be nuts, stealing my wallet!
Cesare:  L-leave me alone! You were the one stupid enough to let your wallet
         get stolen! I'm not giving it back!
Lenny:   ...What are you doing stealing things, anyway? There ought to be
         plenty of jobs for a guy your age...
Cesare:  My family's poor, and I couldn't go to school. I can't read. I don't
         know how to do anything but steal!
Lenny:   School, eh...? Hey, why don't I teach you some arithmetic, then?
Cesare:  Arithmetic?
Lenny:   Yeah. There are lots of trades you ought to be able to do with a
         little math.
Cesare:  ...Really? You can really teach me?
Lenny:   Sure! I may not look it, but I'm the number one math whiz in the

- Back with Yuri.

Cesare:  Thanks to Lenny teaching me arithmetic, I can support myself now. I'm
         really grateful to him.
Yuri:    Well, what do you know...? I just can't imagine Lenny teaching anybody
Cesare:  Lenny used to say that people who were good at math were good people.

- They enter St. Marguertie and go to the boss room where they fought Lenny.

Yuri:    Yo!
Lenny:   Hmph.
Yuri:    ...How ya been?
Lenny:   How do think I've been?! I nearly drowned, and when I came to the
         society was finished! ...But what do you care? I'm not fighting you
         guys. I don't have any reason to fight you anymore.
Yuri:    So what're you going to do now?
Lenny:   I don't know, damn it. I don't know why the hell I even survived. I
         don't have any purpose anymore.
Yuri:    That's where you're wrong. On the way here, a lot of people said some
         pretty nice things about you.
Lenny:   Gak1 They did?! Big mouths...! ...Still. He he. ...Really? Nice
         things? About me?
Yuri:    What are you, embarrassed?
Lenny:   Shaddup! ...But, you know, I must've survived for a reason. Maybe I'd
         better think about it a little more...
Yuri:    He he. You know, I'm glad I got the chance to see you again.
Lenny:   You leaving, eh?
Yuri:    Yeah.
Lenny:   ...Hey. Take this.

- You got Bike Jacket.

Yuri:    Huh? A jacket?
Lenny:   Yeah. I used to wear it back when I was a kid. ...You know, 'cause I
         caused you a lot of trouble and stuff.
Yuri:    You're giving me your hand-me-down?
Lenny:   The hell with you, then! It may be used, but it's in perfect
         condition! It's vintage!
Yuri:    ...He he. I'll take good care of it. Thanks.

- Talk to him again..

Lenny:   Try not to get yourself killed. ...But, hey, it's not like I care or
         anything! Buy me a drink when you get back.


- The team visits Yokohama Streets and finds a new person there.

Reminiscing Mizuta: Say! That marionette...
Gepetto: What? You mean Cornelia?
Mizuta:  Cornelia, huh...? Oh, sorry. It's just that she looks just like a doll
         I saw a long time ago...
Gepetto: A doll that looks like Cornelia? Why don't you tell me more about it?
Mizuta:  All right. It was nearly thirty years ago... A French doll maker
         moved into that mansion up ahead. The dolls he made were exquisite!
         I remember thinking as a child that they looked alive.
Gepetto: Thirty years ago? French? Could it be...? ...And does he still live
Mizuta:  No, nobody's seen him for a long time now. I hear he lost his only
         daughter to an accident just before he disappeared. I don't know if
         he went off somewhere with his broken heart, or whether he just died
         alone in his mansion.
Gepetto: His daughter, huh...? I see...
Mizuta:  The mansion's been left just as it was. If you're interested, you
         could go and check it out.

- The party leaves the location to find the Doll House on the map and enters
the house.

Karin:   What a spooky mansion...
Yuri:    Gepetto, you really seem interested in that doll maker. Do you think
         you know him or something?
Gepetto: Well... Look, sorry, but could you leave this one to me? It won't
         take long, I promise.
Yuri:    Oh, yeah. Sure.
Gepetto: Sorry, but I think I'd better take over here.

- They find various dolls.

Text:    There's an exquisite doll here. It looks alive, almost as it if could
         talk .

- Inside the doll maker's study they find his diary.

Gepetto: Hmm... Looks like his diary.
         1. Read a little of it.
         2. Shouldn't invade his privacy...

- Read the diary.

July 17
No matter what I do, this emptiness inside still tortures me. I know what I'm
attempting is foolish and a waste of time, yet I keep trying...
...Trying to make a doll to take my daughter's place...with her sparkling eyes,
her lips, her porcelain skin...

July 20
There's a mountain of ugly failures all around me. Vacant stares, lifeless
lips, cracked skin... As I look up at them, I feel once again my limitations as
a doll maker...

July 24
My teacher once told me about a crest that holds the power of a demon. That
crest is here in my hand now. Where in the world did I get it? These past few
days are nothing but a blank... But that's not what's important right now. If
what my teacher told me is true, my salvation is near. I can use the power of
this crest to resurrect my daughter's soul...!

July 25
There's been a change. Some of my failures have developed wills of their own
and started talking! This is the crest's power! I can feel my spirits lifting.
I named the talking dolls. Rebecca, always all along. Illeana, who tells
nothing but lies. Gina, who loves to trick people. Well-behaved Barbara. Quiet
Diane. Tina and Emma, who along so well with each other. My hope has turned to
conviction. My daughter will be reborn! All I need now is a vessel for her

July 30
The doll is masterpiece. A lovely doll, with features just like my
daughter's. I'll finish the process in the cellar. I've put a code lock on the
door to keep out intrusions. At last I can be with my daughter again!

Gepetto: His masterpiece, eh? If it's really him, I'd love to see it...
Yuri:    So you know him? This doll maker?
Gepetto: If it is who I think it is.
Karin:   But it said something about a code...?
???:     Do you want to go down into the cellar?
Yuri:    Huh? Did somebody say something?
???:     I know the code. I can tell you if you want...
Karin:   That doll is talking! Just like it said in the diary!
Gepetto: Yes, please, Miss. Could you tell us the code?
???:     I'll tell you the code if you say my name.
Gepetto: Your name?
???:     Ever since Papa's been gone, nobody ever says my name. It's such a
         pretty name too...
Gepetto: This doll's name is...

- A list appears of all the names: Illeana, Barbara, Rebecca, Gina, Emma,
Diane, Tina, (and lastly: I don't know).

- After talking to all the dolls and telling them their names the code is
revealed: BRIDGET, and they open the door.

Yuri:    Hey, it opened.
Gepetto: .........
Yuri:    What are you all gloomy about? You're not taking what these dolls
         said to heart, are you?
Gepetto: Huh? ...No. No, of course not...

- They enter the cellar and find a doll sitting on a rocking chair.

Karin:   Is this the doll in the diary?
Gepetto: Hmm. She's every bit as good as Cornelia. A.T. certainly improved
         after he left me...
Yuri:    A.T.?
Gepetto: He was my student, back when I was young. It's such a shame he's dead,
         with talent like this.
???:     ...Father?
Yuri:    Yikes! This one talks too!
Karin:   Do you think "Father" means your student, Gepetto?
Gepetto: Oh, my... That voice...! I-it can't be...!
???:     That's right. It's Cornelia. You haven't forgotten me, Father!
Karin:   Cornelia...?
Gepetto: How could I possibly forget you?! You're my...daughter... The one that
         died all those long years ago... My god! I never thought I'd hear your
         voice again...!
Cornelia:That marionette's name is Cornelia too? Is she my replacement?
Gepetto: No! It's nothing like that! Cornelia is... I mean, this puppet is...
Cornelia:You don't have to get flustered! ...But, you know, she really does
         look just like me, when I was little. Do you remember? When I was
         alive, you used to make puppets for me almost every day...
         I was so suck, I couldn't go outside and play, so they were my only
Gepetto: Yes, I remember. I made them for you so you wouldn't get lonely when
         I was away traveling for work.
Cornelia:And one day, when you were out traveling, I died...
Gepetto: .........
Cornelia:I was never lonely while I was alive. But Mother didn't put any of
         the puppets in my coffin. So now I'm all alone here. I've been all
         alone all this time, for decades now...
Gepetto: My poor Cornelia...
Cornelia:Aren't you coming here yet, Father? I want us to live together again.
         I want to make friends with the new puppets you'll make me...!
         I bet I could be good friends with your new Cornelia too.
Gepetto: ...Maybe you're right. I've lived a long life already. Maybe it is
         about time I went and joined you there. I'm sorry, everybody, but I'm
         staying. I'm going to be with Cornelia now...
???:     Father! No!
Gepetto: ...Huh?
???:     Don't go, Father! I need you here with me...! You can't go! Don't
         leave me...!
Gepetto: ...Of course! I never realized it until just now. You've always been
         by my side, haven't you, all this time.
Karin:   Gepetto! Get ahold of yourself!
Yuri:    What's the matter with you?! Are you losing it or something?!
Gepetto: There's no need to get so rude! ...He he. Guess I had you worried
         there for a minute. But I'm all right now. Hmph! And I call myself a
         puppeteer! I was being controlled myself, just like one of my own
Doll:    ...Aw, you came to your sense. That's no fun! Just when I thought I
         had a new puppet to play with...
Gepetto: You've been very, very naughty. I guess we'll just have to teach you
         a little lesson!
Doll:    A lesson? What interesting things this human says. Fine. I was bored,
         anyway. If I can't have you for my puppet, at least I can have fun
         destroying you!

- Battle!

Baal:    I can't believe it! I haven't met humans that could beat me in
         centuries! Oh well. I suppose it's fun being the one that's
         controlled every once in a while. I guess I'll come with you.

- You got the Baal Crest.

Yuri:    Jeez, when you froze like that, I didn't know what was going on!
Gepetto: Ha ha ha! I guess I was just about to go join my wife in heaven!
         Thanks goodness Cornelia saved me... Thank you, Cornelia.
Karin:   Eek! What's that?!
Gepetto: What in the...? There's a string tying our fingers together!
Yuri:    ...Oh, yeah! My father told me about a saying they have in Japan
         once... He said when a man and woman are bound together by fate, that
         there's a crimson thread that connects them from birth.
Karin:   So Gepetto and Cornelia are bound together by fate?
Yuri:   ...Looks like it.
Gepetto: It must be true. Cornelia and I will be together until the very end!

- You got Crimson Thread.


- The team go the Nihonbashi wrestling ring and talk to Great Gama.

- As Joachim and Gama talk they both pose and clench... Yuri and Anastasia are

Gama:    Oh! So it's you guys! It's a good day for a fight! You have come all
         this way. Do you think you can handle me?!
Joachim: Teacher!! We have come here [I came here] to ask you a favor!!
Gama:    Oh yes favor asker! [Oh, yeah, baby!!] I'm open for questions 24-7!!
         If you got a problem, spit it out!! Open your heart. Your body will
         follow!! You'll forget all your troubles!!
Yuri:    Uh-oh. It's started.
Joachim: I have come here to save the world! This may be the very last time
         that you and I ever meet! Mine is the soul of a true warrior!
         I've never backed down from a fight!
Gama:    Oh, yeah...!! Well, mister never back down from a fight, [So then]
         what is this favor you are asking of me? [you ask?]
Anastas: The intensity is just incredible...
Yuri:    Yeah.
Joachim: I've come here for one reason only... For the Man Festival!!
Yuri and Anastasia: The Man Festival?!
Gama:    You don't mean it... You mean to challenge me in the Man Festival?!
Anastas: Huh? What's that?! That sounds kind of...nasty.
Joachim: It's the ultimate test for wrestlers... The cruelest of all trials.
         The Man Festival...
Gama:    Yes, the Man Festival.

- Gama is now standing inside the ring as he declaims.

Gama:    Countless wrestlers have tried, but everyone of them [all] have paid
         the ultimate price. The body is pushed beyond all endurance, and the
         spirit is tested to madness. Anyone who can survive the test will
         become heir to me, the Great Gama. But are you prepared to suffer the
         consequence of losing as well?
Joachim: *shudders*
Gama:    I'll show no pity to the loser! Fail, and you'll pay the ultimate
         price with [face] a baptism that will strip away your manly dignity.
         Even you, Joachim, will be given no quarter!
Joachim: I...I... I'll never lose!! Victory will be mine!!
Gama:    Very well said, Joachim!! I would expect nothing [no] less from my
Yuri:    H-hey!
Anastas: Wow! This is going to be great! We are going to be [we're] witnesses
         to history here!
Yuri:    Huh? Oh...oh, yeah.
Gama:    *roars* *grunts* OH, YEAH!! Okay!!

- Gama makes the ring rise up, layer upon layer, until he's standing high up at
the top of a tower of rings.

Gama:    ...Time to begin the Man Festival. The Tower of the Holy Ring is
         completed. Come up to the top! I'll be waiting for you here.
Joachim: I'll be coming up to meet you!!

- End of Movie. Check the tower.

Yuri:    What, have we gotta climb this tower of something?
         1. Join the Man Festival.
         2. No way! I'm not into that stuff.

- Tower of the Holy Ring, Level 1. (All enemies in here are half naked men with
just a loin cloth and a plate of food on their heads. They are named for
various types of Indian curries: Korma and Madras are particularly common.)

Anastas: W-what's that?! Is that really allowed?! Don't they have judges and
Joachim: That's nothing! The Man Festival will blow your mind! There are no
Murgh Korma (Reception): The mat for man's flesh...
                         The rope for man's sweat...
                         The four posts for man's blood...
         This is the Man Festival holy shrine, the Tower of the Holy Ring!
Yuri:    You can't be serious... Not in such a pure, clean, mega-hit RPG as
Murgh K: The rules are simple! All you have to do to meet the Great Gama is
         beat me, the Man Festival C-committee! C-cluuck!
         Just one thing! You can't have more people taking part than the number
         of us in the c-committee, c-cluck!
Joachim: No problem! We'll storm this!
Murgh K: Chicken c-curry's pretty lean and mean! Don't be so c-cocky, c-cluck!

- Battle! After fighting lots more curry men the party reaches the final stages
and each person fights one one one. At the top of the tower...

Yuri and Joachim are panting with exhaustion and Anastasia is with them,
kneeling on the floor of the ring.

Joachim: *panting* Well... That wasn't so bad...
Yuri:    Oh, man... Why me?
Anastas: Joachim! That was amazing! We're finally at the top...!
Gama:    You've done well to come this far. This is the true battleground!!
Joachim: Teacher?!

- Gama turns around and is is wearing a mask with a large question mark. Yuri
is now sitting with his back to the ropes and Anastasia is standing beside him.

Gama:    I am not your teacher! My name is the Great Question. Champion of the
         Man Festival!
Joachim: Great Question...? Fine, then! Great Question it is!!
Anastas: Great Question?
Yuri:    They've gone nuts, those guys. Totally lost it!
Gama:    Now, then, my little challenger! Bring it on!
Joachim: Before we start, can I ask you just one thing?
Gama:    Why sure. What is it?
Joachim: This baptism you were talking about... What exactly is it?
Gama:    Ha ha ha ha! You're thinking about defeat already, aren't you, huh?
         [Already thinking of defeat, eh?]

- Anastasia puts up her hand to ask a question.

Anastas: Excuse me!
Gama:    Yes, dear.
Anastas: I want to know too!
Gama:    Hmm. Very well. Then I will tell you. Those who fail in the Man
         Festival must receive as a punishment the winner's full manhood!!
Anastas: Manhood...?
Yuri:    Y-you don't mean... Gross!

- Yuri backs further into the ropes.

Gama:    ...Exactly! That is correct!
Joachim: So, Great Question, if you win...?!

- There's the sound of a pistol being fired as Gama gives a piercing look

Gama:    *kerplunk*
Joachim: A-and if I win...?!

- There's the sound of two pistol shots as Gama gives another piercing look

Gama:    *kerplunk* *kerplunk*

- A bell rings.

Anastas: What kind of choice is that...? A battle for manly dignity, huh?
         I'd say it's pretty sick!
Yuri:    Oh, man! No way! Not this guy. [Never!]
Gama:    Well, the time for talk is over! The rest will be decided by sweat!
Joachim: *shudders*

- Joachim is backing away.

Gama:    Ho ho! Are you afraid trembling boy?

- Joachim reaches out and his mask appears in his hand as he puts it on and
goes into his routine.

Joachim: Do what you like to me! In the name of justice, this fist! In the name
         of truth, these muscles. In the name of beauty, this butt!
         Champion of Truth and Justice, Grand Papillon! Ready to fight all
Gama:    You're good. Oh man, here we go! [Here goes!]

- Battle!

Joachim: *panting*
Anastas: You won...!!
Yuri:    Nice job! Nice job!!

Anastasia is laughing but Yuri is backing as far as he can get into the side of
the ring.

Gama:    What a relief! Take my title...I beg of you. [please]  Uneasy lies the

         head that wears the crown...
Joachim: B-but, Teacher...
Gama:    You have done... This belongs to you now.

- He holds out the mask with the Question to Joachim.

Joachim: This is...
Gama:    The Mask of Question! From this day on, you are the true hero. You are
         The Great Question!
Joachim: I'm the Great Question...?

- Gama slaps his hand on Joachim's shoulder as the music changes to the quirky
Joachim theme.

Gama:    Well, now! You've passed the physical test. Now it's time for the
         mental test!
Joachim: Huh?
Gama:    The Man Festival must end with the final expression of love between
         two men!

- Gama has both hands on Joachim's shoulders and slowly pushes him down out of

Anastas: Isn't it beautiful? Love comes in so many different shapes!
Yuri:    I...I'm not... into that shape!

- The final scene is of the tower with men's voices shouting and a light
shining out  The party is then back at the bottom of the tower.

End of Movie.


- Return to Le Havre again and enter the tavern.

Drunken Gauss: Mmm! Man, that's good! *hiccup*
Yuri:    Gak! You smell! How much have you been drinking?!
Gauss:   Hello...! You people come to drink too? *hiccup*
         Lemme buy you one. I just made a whole bunch of money. I can't use it
         up all by myself...
Gepetoo: Buy us a drink? Well, if you're sure you don't mind...
Yuri:    Back off, Gramps!
Lucia:   Yuck! It stinks here. Do we have to stay?
Gepetto: Aw, don't be that way. We can stay! Just for a little while, okay?
Gauss:   I went on a trip and got lost in some strange woods. Then I found some
         glowing flowers in all different colors! I picked ;em and brought 'em
         back, and made tons of money! Now I don't even feel like working
         anymore. *hiccup*
Lucia:   ...Glowing flowers in all different colors? Tell me more about them.
Gauss:   So you're interested, huh? Well, it was a forest in southern Germany.
         Weird place! The flowers talk to you there!
Yuri:    The flowers talk?
Gauss:   Don't remember what they said. I don't usually listen even to people!
         Anyway, the flowers were deep in that forest.
Lucia:   ...Say, everybody. I want to go there!
Yuri:    What? You want to go?
Gepetto: Well... We don't really have time to be taking side trips right now...
Lucia:   But I want to go! I want to go! Please? Please?! Let's go, everybody!!
Yuri:    Yikes! Fine, fine! We'll go. We'll go, right, everybody?
Lucia:   Oh, boy! Thanks! We'll all go, then!

- They leave Le Havre to find the Black Forest is open on the Europe map.

Lucia:   Could this be it? The forest that drunk man was talking about?
Gepetto: We can't tell much from here. Let's go in a little further.
White Flower: Excuse me, travelers. Do you plan to enter this forest?
Yuri:    Hey! This flower...talked?!
Lucia:   Oh, goody! Then it really is the right forest! Let's get looking,
Yuri:    Yeah! We'll make bucket loads of money!
Gepetto: And we'll be able to drink as much as we want!
Lucia:   No! We can't sell the flowers!
White F: *ahem* Excuse me. If I could just have your attention for a moment...
Karin:   Pipe down, you guys! I can't hear what the flower is saying!
White F: ...Do I have your attention? It seems you intend to enter this forest,
         but please reconsider. This is an enchanted forest. Travelers get lost
         inside it. Once you enter, there's no guarantee you'll get out.
Lucia:   What?! ...But we're not worried about that. Even the drunk made it
         back out!
Yuri:    True. If he managed it, we ought to be able to do it too.
White F: Very well. if that is your decision... But please first heed my words
         very carefully. This forest is guarded by a mysterious power. You must
         listen to the flowers if you want to proceed. However, as flowers are
         all rather fickle, they often don't tell the truth. If a red flower
         speaks after you talk to a yellow flower, the red flower will speak
         truthfully. A blue flower will speak truthfully after you talk to a
         red flower, and a yellow flower after a blue flower. White flowers
         like me will always tell you the way to go truthfully. But black
         flowers will only try to get you to leave the forest. You must
         remember the last flower you spoke to...unless of course you leave the
         forest or take a wrong turn. Do not forget my words! I'll be praying
         for your safe journey...

- Half way through this long winded speech the team walk off, leaving just
Karin behind, who follows them before the flower has finished talking.

Lucia:   Okay, let's go find those flowers!

- Lucia is now the leading character while inside the Black Forest. After
following the instructions and talking to the flowers that tell the truth the
team arrives at a second save point and two flowers that comment.

Black Flower: Who the hell do they think they are, coming in here? Let 'em run
         along home with their tails between their legs!
White F: You mustn't be so rude! Don't you have any idea how difficult it is to
         make it this far?
Black F: Shut yet yap, paleface! ...Well, they've here now, I guess, so I
         suppose I've gotta deal with 'em. Hey, stinkweeds! Turn left here and
         get the hell out of this forest. And don't show your ugly mugs again!
White F: My goodness! What uncouth things this one says! Please don't pay any
         attention to him. To proceed into the forest, turn right here. You
         still have a long way to go, but good luck!
Black F: Why the hell did ya have to tell 'em?
White F: I've had just about enough out of you! Kindly stop talking to me

Optional Ending!
- The team takes the right fork and black speaks again.

Black F: Hey! You really sure you wanna go that way?! Don't say I didn't warn

- Carry on through the screen change for a final comment and the team stops.

White F: He he. Foolish humans...
Yuri:    ...Hey. Haven't we just been going around in circles?
Karin:   I was kind of getting that feeing too.
Lucia:   You're just imagining things. Now let's show some spirit and get
Gepetto: I've got a bed feeling about this...

- They continue forwards and a message comes on a black screen.

Text:    ...And they were never heard from again. They're probably still
         wandering the forest now...


- The team takes the left fork.

Gaap:    *sigh* What, again? Jeez, same thing happened with the last travelers.
         People are so suspicious these days! Good thing I was here waiting
         for you, just in case.
Lucia:   That voice... You're a white flower!
Gaap:    You guessed it. *sigh* I was going to just let you wander around the
         forest forever, but..
         Too bad. I was really looking forward to seeing you collapse and die
         on the path... But I guess you're here now... You should feel honored,
         having the great me be the one to take your lives from you!

- Battle!

Gaap:    Gee... I haven't been defeated by humans in hundreds of years...
         He he. But that's okay. I bet if I go with you, I'll see things a
         whole lot more interesting than this forest!

- You got Gaap Crest.

Gepetoo: Phew. Never thought we'd run into anything like that.
Yuri:    That drunk guy sure was lucky.
Karin:   Everybody! Over here!

- They walk over to a bush with bright white flowers

Lucia:   Wow! It's a real Adriatic Magnolia!
Yuri:    Adriatic Magnolia? You meant that flower Carla was talking about?
Lucia:   The very one! We could make some really, really amazing aroma oil
         with this! Come on, everybody! Let's hurry up and take it to Carla
         before it withers!
Gepetto: Phew. There she goes.
Yuri:    She's got us running errands all over the world...

- They follow Lucia out of the forest and are back with Carla in Florence.

Lucia:   There you are! Are you done yet?!
Carla:   Sorry about the wait. I never thought I'd get to work with a real
         Adriatic Magnolia again! Here you go. Adriatic Magnolia aroma oil!

- You got Aurora Oil.

Lucia:   Adriatic Magnolia aroma oil... Tee hee hee! You did it! Yippee!
Carla:   Now don't get carried away and use too much of it! You've always been
         such a wasteful girl...
Lucia:   I know. I know> I'll be careful with it! Tee hee hee!
Yuri:    I dunno why, but I've got a feeling something bad is going to
Gepetto: Yeah, I know what you mean...

- Talk to Carla again inside her house (after leaving and returning).

Carla:   Ah! I had a premonition you folks would be showing up soon.
         So how has it been going?
Lucia:   Oh, we've seen so many countries! It's been such a lot of fun! And we
         tried so many wonderful foods!
Yuri:    Yeah, she was stuffing her face with rice cakes the whole time in
Lucia:   Tee hee hee! Actually, I think I gained about ten pounds!
Carla:   What?! Wait just a minute, girl! A dancer can't afford to gain that
         much weight!
Lucia:   But they were just so good! I had toasted rice cakes, and rice cake
         soup and--
Carla:   Oh, brother! What that man sees in you, I'll never know.
Lucia:   Huh?
Carla:   I got a message from Mr Lawrence. He said if you had time, he'd like
         to see you and talk to you about something. Said he'd be in
         Southampton until next week.
Lucia:   Until next week? And then he's going away somewhere else?
Carla:   How should I know? Ask him.

- The team goes to Southampton to find Mr Lawrence up on the castle walls.

Lucia:   Mr, Lawrence!
Lawrence:Oh, Lucia!
Lucia:   What is it? What did you want to see me about?
Lawrence:Well, actually, headquarters is sending me on an important mission to
         Alexandria. They want me to lead the Bedouin in an uprising against
         the Turkish government to secure victory for the British. I don't know
         when I'll be coming back. ...There's something I want to tell you
         before I go.

Lucia:   What is it? What do you want to tell me?
Lawrence:I've known you since you were a child...
Lucia:   That's right.
Lawrence:I'm nearly ten years older than you are, and I've got a secure job...
         Although, I suppose what I do isn't very safe... But I do think it's
         important work, very worthwhile, and I'm happy to do it.
Lucia:   Of course it's important! Being a spy for England must be so
Lawrence:Yikes! Shh! You'll give me away!
Lucia:   Tee hee hee!
Lawrence:...So I've been thinking. When this assignment is over. I'd like to
         retire somewhere and enjoy life in peace. Perhaps relaxing in the sun.
         or fishing... Maybe on that small island in the Adriatic Sea...?
Lucia:   Oh, that sounds wonderful! You could really relax there. The se
         breezes are marvelous too!
Lawrence:S-so what do you say? Would you like to live there with me? As my
Lucia:   Your wife?
Lawrence:Wh-what do you think? I hope you'll say yes...
Lucia:   Well... But...
Lucia:   ...I've gained all this weight? Are you sure you don't mind?
Lawrence:You gained weight? Uh, about how much?
Lucia:   Tee hee! More than twenty pounds!!
         Well, as long as you don't get like Carla, I suppose...
Lucia:   Oh, you!
Lawrence:Ha ha ha!
Lucia:   Tee hee hee!
Lawrence:Oh, that's right! I have a present. I had a dress made for you.

- You got Bride's Dress.

Lawrence:I'd like you to dance in this. Just for me, of course!
Lucia:   Tee hee! Naughty man! But all right. When you finish your assignment
         and come back, I'll dance for you all you like!


Return to Inugami Village and talk to Saki.

Saki:    Oh, Kurando! You're just in time to go on an errand for me!
Kurando: An errand?
Saki:    I've been getting a bad premonition coming from the Dog Shrine lately.
         We have to protect it. Could you check?
Kurando: The Dog Shrine? That sounds serious. Yes, we'll have a look.
Yuri:    The Dog Shrine? What's that?
Kurando: The Dog Shrine is where the legendary Inugami sword, the "Mumerio", is
Yuri:    A shrine, huh?
Kurando: Yes, but it's actually like a maze. It's built to keep strangers out
         of its inner recesses.
Yuri:    Are you sure we're not going to get lost in there? You've been there
         before, right?
Kurando: Uh, no... I've heard about it, of course, but I've never actually
         been in there.
Saki:    No, never. Kurando's father has been there a few times, though...
Yuri:    You're joking, right?
Saki:    Oh, I know! Wait a minute... I know it's around here somewhere...
         ...Here it is! Take this with you, Kurando.
Kurando: What's this?

- You got Dog Shrine Key. RIN Stone, HEI Stone, TOU Stone, SHA Stone,
KAI Stone.

Saki:    Your father gave it to me. He said to bring it along if we ever have
         to go into the Dog Shrine. You should be fine as long as you have that
         map. It'll all work out, I'm sure, once you get in there!
Yuri:    ...Your mom is pretty offhand about things, isn't she?
Kurando: *sigh* There isn't anybody like that on the Inugami side of the
Yuri:    Hey! You saying it comes from my side of the family?!
Anastas: ...I couldn't agree more, Kurando.

- They leave the village and go to the new location of the Dog Shrine.

Kurando: The Dog Shrine is sacred to the Inugami. Please let me lead there.

- Check out the stone table in the first room.

Yuri:    Huh? What's this?
Kurando: This is a pedestal for placing stones. If we place the stones just
         right, we can create new paths.
Yuri:    Create new paths?
Kurando: That's right. Here, let's take a look at the map. This is the map of
         the Dog Shrine. We're in this white room here at the bottom. The grey
         areas are blocked. We can open up paths to these areas by placing
         stones on the pedestals. There are nine stones altogether. They each
         open up paths in different directions.
Yuri:    What do you yellowish-green, stick-like thingies mean.?
Kurando: Those symbols represent connections that can be made between areas.
         In other words, if we place the stone just right, we can open paths
         from one symbol to another.
Yuri:    I dunno. Sounds pretty complicated...

- Stones are picked to place on the pedestals and open the routes through the reach the final room where Kurando opens a chest to get the Mumeiro

Kurando: This is it...! The Mumeiro...!
Anastas: Oh, Kurando! You did it!
Kurando: It's incredible! I can feel the power surging out of it...
Mystery Voice: Oh ho ho ho ho ho!!
Kurando: Hey... We've heard that disgusting laugh before...!
Anastas: There he is! That pullow ghouly guy!
Garan:   What do you mean, "pillow ghouly guy"?!
      ...Anyway, I let my supernatural power guide me, and look who I've found!
Yuri:    That bad premonition Aunt Saki was talking about must've been this
Kurando: This is a sacred Inugami shrine. If you leave quietly now, we won't
         have to get rough with you.
Garan:   Oh ho ho! Such threats! Do you really think you can make me slink
         away?  Now you're doomed! This time, I'll throw you into the depths
         of hell!

- Battle!

Anastas: Oh, you were so wonderful, Kurando! I'm even more in love with you
Kurando: ...It wasn't my doing. It was the power of the Mumeiro.
         Now I udnerstand why it's been sealed away in the Dog Shrine all this
         time. It's too powerful for ordinary use...
Yuri:    That takes care of the errand. Let's go back and see Aunt Saki.
Kurando: All right.

- The team is transported back to the world map and can return to talk to Saki.

Saki:    Oh, you're back, Kurando! And al of you! How did it go?
Kurando: We purged the Dog Shrine of an evil spirit, Mother. And I have the
         Mumeiro here safe with me.
Saki:    Yes, I know. I was watching.
Yuri:    You were? How?
Saki:    Hee hee! I was dying to find out what was going on, so I peeked into
         the Fountain of Sukune.
Yuri:    Yikes... You mean you were watching the whole time...?
Saki:    You were magnificent, Kurando. What a fine young man you've become!
Kurando: I couldn't have done it without everybody's help.
Saki:    That way of thinking of yours must be what made the Mumeiro allow you
         to pick it up. That sword chooses its own master. It won't allow
         anyone unworthy to wield it. I'm proud of you, Kurando.
Kurando: Mother...
Saki:    I'll allow you to take the Mumeiro with you until your journey is
         through. Knowing you, I'm sure you won't let its power go to your
Kurando: I won't! Well, I guess we'll be continuing our journey now, Mother.
Saki:    All right. Be careful out there!

- The team leaves the room.

Saki:    Until recently, I thought he was still nothing but a little boy...
         Can you see him, my husband? Ever since he met Yuri, our son has
         grown so much, and so quickly too.

Leave the village and return and an old woman stops the team near the entrance.

Cheerful Old Nanna: Kurando! I'm so glad you're back! I've got to talk to you!
Kurando: What is it? What's going on?
Nanna:   Saki seems really strange. Since early morning she's been all by
         herself at the Fountain of Sukune.
Kurando: Well, what are you worried about? She's always doing that.
Nanna:   No, it's different this time!
Kurando: All right, then. I'll go see how she is. You don't have to worry.

- The team go to the Fountain and stop outside.

Saki:    I'll go alone. I've got an uneasy feeling about this...
Anastas: Kurando!
Kurando: Don't worry! I'll be back before you know it. Just wait here and
Yuri:    Be careful, okay?
Kurando: Of course.

- Kurando goes inside to find Saki standing facing the fountain.

Saki:    Kurando...
Kurando: Mother, what is it?! What's happened?!
Saki:    Hee hee... Last night, your dead father appeared to me in my dream.
Kurando: M-my father?
Saki:    Yes. He showed me the enemy that you and the others must ultimately
         face. And he said this to me: "Open Kurando's seal."
Kurando: My seal...?!
Saki:    The power of the dog guardians that guard the 8 million gods of
         Japan... That power is in your blood, given to you to protect this
         world. Kurando, I must follow the Law. it is my duty to prepare you.
         You must defeat me, and break out of the box [open the seal] that
         contains your power.
Kurando: I understand.
Saki:    I cannot hold back. If you lose, you will die. Please forgive me,
         my beloved.
Kurando: You needn't apologize. I am Inugami too. My blood is your blood!
Saki:    Awaken the true form that lives behind the facade! Awaken now!
         Spirit of the Ogre!

- Saki stretches out her arms and transforms. Battle! (End of Movie.)

Saki:    You've done well. The true power of your soul has been unleashed.
Kurando: W-what the...?! I feel a burning in my chest... And an urge to go
Saki:    That's the spirit of the Ogre you have awakened. your life will now
         be a struggle to keep it under control. But I know you're capable of
         it. Make your father proud now, as the young Inugami leader.
Kurando: I'll do my best.


This quest can only be started after meeting these conditions:
- Visit the final dungeon at the Asuka Stone Platform.
- Have all of Yuri's fusions including Amon and Neo Amon.
- Have all Yuri's fusions to Grade 3.
- Have obtained Kurando's Jutendouji fusion from his character quest.

- Yuri visits the graveyard and picks up the Reborn Droplet. He enters the Door
of the Labyrinth and heads through to the last room where a scene starts with
images from Shadow Hearts and SH Covenant, starting with the train at the
beginning of Shadow Hearts. .

Yuri:    *groans* M-my memories...!! Th-they're being sucked away...!

- He has fallen to his knees and is clutching his chest in pain.

Yuri:    *groans* I can't stand it...

- He gets up and sees a large image of the tree and sunset from his childhood.

Yuri:    Huh?! That sunset...
Voice:   Do you remember now?
Yuri:    It's the same one... I saw that sunset with my dad!!

- Ben Hyuga approaches him from behind.

Ben:     Inside your heart, that sunset will always be shining...
         You fear losing your memory, your every [and] soul. But even that
         could never change you.
Yuri: it you?!

Ben:     ...Yes, it's me.
Yuri:    He he he. It's pretty funny. You do sort of look like me.
Ben:     Ha ha ha... You've done well, son. You took the best parts of your
         mother and me and became your own man...
Yuri:    Dad, I... I lived the best I could!! I made some good friends!!
         I had a woman who loved me!!
Ben:     Yes.
Yuri:    I wasn't perfect and I made [lots of] mistakes, but...
         I did the best I could!  That's why... I don't have any regrets...
Ben:     Listen to me. The important thing is you followed the path you chose.
         Your mother and I know that.
Yuri:    .........
Ben:     Yuri. You have to transcend me.
Yuri:    What? [Huh?]
Ben:     Show me your strength. I want to see the power of your soul. Come on,
         Just like when you were a child. Try to beat me.
Yuri:    He he. Here goes. [You asked for it.] But this time no holding back.
         [you better not hold back!]
Ben:     Hmph!

- Battle!

Ben:     I'm impressed.
Yuri:    *panting*
Ben:     I have always loved you and Anne more than anything. I still do.
         I always will...son.
Yuri:    Dad...
Ben:     Ha ha. A gift from your dad...

- Ben walks away and disappears.

Yuri:    Dad!!

Text:    The bond with his father has reawakened the power sealed in Yuri's

- You got a Dark Seraphim Soul!

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