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Follow the dark path or use the light
Shadow Hearts: Covenant Pack Shot

Shadow Hearts: Covenant


Battle Quote FAQ

by WeirdStuff

                            Shadow Hearts: Covenant
                                Battle Quote FAQ
                            Version 0.9 - 22/04/2007

0. Contents

1. Introduction
2. History
3. Legal Stuff
4. A little explanation about...
   4.1 ...Crest Magic Quotes
   4.2 ...Special Ability Quotes
   4.3 ...Battle End Quotes
   5.1 - Karin
   5.2 - Yuri
   5.3 - Blanca
   5.4 - Gepetto
   5.5 - Joachim
   5.6 - Lucia
   5.7 - Anastasia
   5.8 - Kurando
   5.9 - Minor Characters
      5.9.1 - Nicolai
      5.9.2 - Ouka
      5.9.3 - Hien
      5.9.4 - Raiden      
6. Thanks
7. Nobody is perfect
8. Contact Info

1. Introduction

Hi! This is my very first FAQ, so please go easy on me. I tried to compile a
list of battle quotes from Shadow Hearts:Covenant. I wanted my first FAQ to be
easy to create, and noticed the lack of a Battle Quote FAQ for SH:C on Since SH:C has lots of great quotes, I thought it would be a
good idea to collect them for easier reference... and here they are!

If you have any comments or suggestions, please send me a mail. You can find
my mail address at the bottom of this document.
Also contact me if you've found a quote not included in this FAQ.

2. History

Version 0.8
April 19th, 2007 - Only some quotes from major characters missing, some quotes
                   need confirmation. No quotes from minor characters so far.
                   First release candidate.
Version 0.9
April 22th, 2007 - Added most of the quotes of the minor characters.
                   This was the first released version.

3. Legal Stuff

This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
website or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

This FAQ may be hosted on, and other sites owned or affiliated
with CNET.

4. A little explanation...

Basically you can divide the battle quotes in three subsections: Crest Magic,
Special Abilities, Battle End. Every main character has one or more distinctive
quote in those three subsections. 

Additionally there is a fourth subsection, which I called Miscellaneous.
In this subsection you will find quotes not fitting in any other section, like
the "You're finished!"-quote belonging to Hien's fifth attack.

4.1. Crest Magic Quotes

Every character (except Yuri, Kurando and Nicolai) has three different quotes
for Crest Magic:
- an offensive quote: every offensive spell that inflicts damage on the enemy
- a supportive quote: every spell raising character attributes or elemental
  resistances damage types or changing the characters element.
- a healing quote: every spell that recharges HP or cures status abnormalities

4.2. Special Ability Quotes

This section includes every quote from a character's special attacks, for
example Karin's Sword Arts. Some characters unfortunately don't have any quotes
in this section.

4.3. Battle End Quotes

Most quotes will be in this section. Here you can find the quotes from the
character that made the finishing blow in the battle. I'm not sure if these
quotes have certain requirements, but I will investigate that.


5.1 -- Karin

Crest Magic Quotes

    Here I go! (offensive)
    Mmmmh, ha! (supportive)
    Give me power! (healing)

Special Ability Quotes

    Uuuuuh! Yaaaah! (Heuervelk)
    Uuuuuh! Aaaaah! (Bullenfogel)'re finished (Last hits of Geuschbenst before second powerup) die! (Last hits of Geuschbenst after second powerup)
    I summon you... Phoenix! (Sonnestark)

Battle End Quotes

    Ehehe. I can still fight.
    All we can do is go forward.
    Don't underestimate me because I'm a woman.
    Keep your eyes where they belong.
    I didn't expect much anyway.
    Now stay down.
    Don't mess my clothes up!
    You can't beat us that easily.
    That was easy enough.

5.2 -- Yuri

| Yuri can't use Crest Magic. |

Special Ability Quotes

    *groans while fusing with a soul*

Battle End Quotes

    Guess I don't know my own strength.
    That was a pretty good warm-up.
    That wasn't even a workout.
    I just hate to lose.
    If that's all they got, no problem.
    What a waste of time.
    Stay out of my way.
    Is it over already?
    Where is my apology?

Miscellaneous Quotes

    Mmmmhhhnnn... ha! (Combo Magic)

5.3 -- Blanca

Crest Magic Quotes

    *stands on his hind legs, and barks once as soon as his front legs hit
    the ground again* (every spell)

Special Ability Quotes

    *howls* (Soul Comet)
    *makes three steps forward, and howls* (Full Moon)
    *walks to the downed character, licks his neck, and then howls* (Comeback)
    *howls at the full moon* (Aurora)

Battle End Quotes

    *sits down on his hind legs and pants*

5.4 -- Gepetto

Crest Magic Quotes

    Here goes. (offensive)
    More-la! (supportive) (That's what he says, really!)
    Taadaa! (healing)
Special Ability Quotes

    One... two... three! (xxx Cast)

Battle End Quotes

    *laughs* Yippeh!
    Cornelia! Look how strong you are!
    You see? We're more than they can handle.
    Haha! We sure showed them!
    Hoho! Did we beat them?
    Hohoho, Cornelia, you were so good!
    Hahaha, I haven't lost a step.
    Hohoho, good work, good work!
    Hohoho, don't underestimate me because I'm old.

5.5 -- Joachim

Crest Magic Quotes

    Uuah! (offensive)
    Try this one! (supportive)
    Ha! (healing)

Special Ability Quotes

    Come on! *strikes target* Haha! (Big Bang)
    Ha! Prepare... Ultimate Buster! (Artem Buster)

Battle End Quotes while in Joachim/Grand Question form

    Master, a man's road is a hard one.
    Ha! Next time I won't be so easy on you!
    Hmm. Mhmmm. Yeah!
    Hahahaha! You still think you can beat me?
    No matter what to battle, I fight it.
    One... two... three... go!
    See? I'm terrific!
    A true hero never loses!
    Justice is always victorious.
Battle End Quotes while in Golden Bat form    

    Dance like a bat, swing like a bat!
    Don't you loathe my golden glow?
    I want to drink your blood! Just kidding.
    I think I like this shit the best.
Battle End Quotes while in Invisible form

    You want to see me? Face me in the ring!
    You can't even see my boldness. (not sure about this)
    You can run, but you can't hide.
    Look at my muscles. Oh, right, you can't see.
Battle End Quotes while in Grand Papillon form

    Next week's episode, Grand Papillon goes shopping!
    Grand Papillon, champion of truth and justice!
    Same Grand time, same Grand channel.
    Stay tuned for further adventures of Grand Papillon!

5.6 -- Lucia

Crest Magic Quotes

     Here goes. (offensive)
     This will help. (supportive)
     Just for you. (healing)

Battle End Quotes

     You can't fight fate, you know?
     Hehe, all done.
     Hehe, we won!
     What? Is it already over?
     Uh, I'm so tired!
     Come back with more help next time.
     Next time, don't even bother.
     Ooh, I feel so much better now.
     Eww, I'm all sweaty now.
     Huh? All gone?

5.7 -- Anastasia

Crest Magic Quotes

     Try this. (offensive)
     Here goes. (supportive)
     This will help you. (healing)

Special Ability Quotes

     Snapshot: Now look this way.
     Aqua Raise: I summon you!
     Direct Press: Now come to me!
     Cash Steal: Your mistress summons you.
     Remove: Come to me!
     Pillage Storm: I summon you!
     Falling Leaves: Your mistress summons you.
     Power Cannon: Come to me!
     Spirit Ward: Now come to me!
     Euthanasia: Now come to me!

Battle End Quotes

     *laughs* Wasn't that easy?
     Oh, that was so boring!
     Well, how do you like that?
     Well, you deserved what you got.
     Mhm, it was pretty lame.
     How dare you think about attacking me?
     Aww, that was too easy.

5.8 -- Kurando

| Kurando can't use Crest magic. |

Special Ability Quotes
     Ha! (Demon morph right before morph is complete) 
Battle End Quotes
     Victory without honor is an empty thing.
     Okay, time to move on.
     Pathetic. They never had a chance.
     Looks like I won.
     I'll have to train harder.
     We won, because our hearts were strong.
     Another soul on my hands.
     We can't afford to lose now!
     Better luck next time.
     My sword arts are unbeatable!

Miscellaneous Quotes

     Ha! (Combo Magic)

5.9 -- Minor Characters

Minor Characters are playable, but only for a short while. They will never
permanently join your party. There are four minor characters: Nicolai, Ouka,
Hien and Raiden.

5.9.1 -- Nicolai

Special Ability Quotes

    Here it comes. (Holy Light)
    Give me power. (Cure)

Battle End Quotes

    May they receive gods mercy.
    You thought you could taste my sword?
    They were foolish to face me in combat.
    Was that it? Hardly worth the effort.
    Pathetic creatures.
    God grant them mercy.
    Puny creatures. How dare they challenge us?
5.9.2 -- Ouka

Battle End Quotes

    The enemy has been eradicated.
    Their attack pattern was too simple.
    True strength comes from the mind.
    The target has been silenced.
    Their souls are burning.
    All enemies are defeated, Master.
    What is your next order, Master?

5.9.3 -- Hien

Battle End Quotes

    All my power, master!
    The enemy has been wiped out.
    You shouldn't underestimate me.
    You see my true form?
    Uh, Mission accomplished.
    Don't take it personally.
    Today wasn't your lucky day.

Miscellaneous Quotes

    You're finished! (fifth strike while attacking)
    Note: You can only hear this quote in the battle against him, since Hien
          has only three attacks when you control him.

5.9.4 -- Raiden

Battle End Quotes

    All our power for the master!
    Come back, anytime.
    Mission accomplished!
    Ha, it's over.
    Now you see my power?

6. Thanks

First of all I have to thank my friend Anja, who supported me while I was
writing this FAQ. She helped me collecting quotes from various characters,
corrected me on some others, and proof-read the FAQ. 
Anja also introduced me to Shadow Hearts in the first place, so without her
this FAQ would probably not exist.
Thank you for your support, Anja!

Next, I want to thank Nautilus, for creating Shadow Hearts. Nautilus showed us
that great RPGs don't necessarily need the Square-Enix logo.

I also want to thank GameFAQs and all it's contributors for supplying us with
knowledge about lots of games for years now. Go on, GameFAQs!

7. Nobody's perfect.

There are still some things I want to check, so while there's still stuff in
this section, expect new versions of this FAQ.

- Check every character for miscellaneous quotes while doing multi-hit attacks.
- Check for tenth Battle End Quote of Yuri, Karin, Gepetto and Anastasia.
- Clarification of the "not sure" quotes. Anastasia's and Joachim's quotes are
  hard to understand. Raiden's too. This will included in the 1.0 release.
8. Contact Info

If you want to contact me about this FAQ, you can send me an e-mail!
My mail address is
sh2quotes (at) googlemail (dot) com

- Please include the words SH:C or Covenant in the SUBJECT, else I won't be able
  to read your mail.
- I accept mails in English and German, and I will send you
  the answer in those two languages.
- Use correct grammar and no abbreviations, and PLEASE use correct punctuation.
  I won't answer mails written in an indecipherable gibberish.

Please do only contact me about this FAQ. I won't answer any questions about
how to solve a specific riddle, or how to obtain stuff/characters. There are
plenty of FAQs covering these questions, and I won't answer them.

(c) 2007 Benno Gillen
All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.
This FAQ may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use.

This is the last line. There won't be anything below this line.