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Follow the dark path or use the light

Resident Evil: Outbreak - The Hive Walkthrough

by Darrin Cannon

               /  \\\\\\\\||////////  \
              /    \\\\\\\||///////    \
             /      \\\\\\||//////      \
            /        \\\\\||/////        \  <---Print and color....
           /          \\\\||////          \    Fun for thw whole
          /            \\\||///            \         Family!
         /\\            \\||//              \   -Umbrella Corp.
        /xxx\            \||/             xxx\
       |\\\\xxx\          \/           xxx////|
       |\\\\\\\xxx\       ||        xxx///////|
       |\\\\\\\\\\xxx\    ||     xxx//////////|
       |\\\\\\\\\\\\\xxx\ ||  /xxx////////////|
       |/////////////xxx/ ||  \xxx\\\\\\\\\\\\|
       |/////////xxx/     ||     \xxx\\\\\\\\\|
       |//////xxx/        /\       \xxx\\\\\\\|
       |//xxx/           /||\         \xxx\\\\|
       \xxx/            //||\\           \xxx\/
        \              ///||\\\              /
         \            ////||\\\\            /
          \          /////||\\\\\          /
           \        //////||\\\\\\        /
            \      ///////||\\\\\\\      /
             \    ////////||\\\\\\\\    /
              \  /////////||\\\\\\\\\  /

Resident Evil Outbreak
The Hive Walkthrough
Author: Darrin Crenshaw aka D. Cannon/Cannon Swim/DarkFalz84
Version: 1.0
Last Update: 09.30.04

This guide should only be used AS A REFERENCE, NOT A PROFIT. The following
site(s) have my permission to use this FAQ:

I must ask that you DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT STEAL ANY INFORMATION...
WHATSOEVER unless I grant you permission use this on your site.

1. Introduction/Version History
2. The Hive Walkthrough (START)
-2a-Room 302 (3FR3)
-2b-Nurses' Center (3FNC)
3. Nurses' Station (2FNS)
-3a-Room 202 (2FOPT)
4. Night Reception (1FNR)
-4a-Examination Room (1FEX)
-4b-Treatment Room (1FAID)
-4c-Hall/Office (1FOF)
-4d-Doctor's Office (1FDOC)
5. Elevator Control Room (B1CTRL)
-5a-Waste Disposal (B1SP)
-5b-Rooftop (ONLY)
6. Fixed Temperature Room (B2TEMP)
-6a-Underground Passage (PREP)
-6b- Boss Fight (END)
7. Questions (QA)
8. The RE Collection (ALL)
9. Survival Tips (LIVE)
10. Credit/Thanks
11. Copyright Info/Disclaimer

NOTE: If you want to find info about a certain room, take a look at the
CONTENTS section above, hold CRTL+F. For example, enter (1FEX) for
1F/Examination Room.

Please keep in mind that ALL ITEMS are subject to change from difficulty to
difficulty. If there's a 1st Aid spray inside a locker on easy, chances are it's
 going to be a red or green herb or nothing on Hard or Very Hard Mode.

**Introduction/Version History**

Welcome to the...uh...what is this...? Like the 8th or 9th installment of RE?
Yeah...let's go with that :) Anyway, this scenario takes place in Raccoon City
Hospital. If you're a RE Veteran (like me), you'll have the chance to
familiarize yourself with "The Hive", which features a few rooms that might've
seen from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. And no, there is no possible way to access
"The Hive" from Resident Evil Movie. Although we wish it were accessible, but
it's not. Who knows? They might put it in for RE: Outbreak 2...

NOTE: To make sure the text below isn't out of place or distorted, please
use the (((Fixedsys))) font. The "Collection" line helps keep this FAQ in


08.21.04: Started FAQ on The Hive.

08.27.04: Added question section and cleaned up a few typos.

09.30.04: The Hive FAQ is complete. Currently working the Event List.

02.26.05: Corrected some typos.
The Hive Walkthrough
Room 301 (START)

Start yourself off by pressing the nurse call button behind you. Take
note that are 2 more call buttons on the lower floors. Before you leave, Dr.
Hursh will walk in and introduce himself. He is very important to the
completion of this scenario, so keep this in mind.

3F Passage (3FR3)
Room 302

When you leave Room 301 there will be a SCRUB BRUSH in the corner to the far
left (take this if you're David) and head north to Room 302. Inside you'll
find a (useless) STICK in the drawer, MALE NURSE'S DIARY on the bed, a
CRUTCH sitting against the locker and a HANDGUN in side of that locker. Taking
the handgun (which is mandatory BTW) triggers "Leech Man" to appear.
DO NOT ATTACK HIM. Doing so is very time-consuming and will get you killed...
QUICKLY. Now leave this room and go south.

3F Passage (3FNC)
Nurses' Center

Walk over to the table near the grey locker to get your MAP, then go to
the red table and pick up the REPAIR WORK MEMO. Go north near the white crates
to trigger a cutscene. The doctor helps you by turning the power on for
the elevator, unlocking B!F, 1F and 2F. After the cutscene, climb crates
and examine the cabinet to the left. Take a BLOOD PACK, then go to the
elevator and head for 2F.

2F Passage (2FNS)
Nurses' Station

When you enter, examine the glass cabinet for another file, CHEMICAL CODE
MESSAGE (I'll explain its purpose later). Further in the back of the room,
there's another drawer with 3 BLOOD PACKS. If Leech Man appears, use a blood
pack to distract him. Also, if you need HANDGUN BULLETS, check the chair.
Exit then go south to 1F.

2F Passage (2FOPT)
Room 202 (Optional)

There's nothing of importance here...just a GREEN HERB in the back, a
BUTCHER KNIFE on the table and a CRUTCH is next to the door when you
enter. Oh out for Leech Man :)

1F Passage (1FNR)
Night Reception

The door for Night Reception is right next to the barred door. Inside there's
a BURST HANDGUN (which fires 3 rounds) in the back on a crate. Don't forget
to check the drawer for HANDGUN BULLETS near the shutter switch. Release the
lock for the shutter, then go to the locker room, across from current

1F Passage (1FLR)
Locker Room

As soon as you walk in here, you'll find a SCRUB BRUSH against the wall. On
the other side of the room there are 4 lockers. The first locker contains a
RED HERB. For the second locker, it'll be empty, allowing you to hide from
Leech Man. The third locker has HANDGUN BULLETS and #4 carries a HANDGUN
(for Alyssa). When you're done here, go to the examination room

1F/ Examination Room (1FEX)

Be careful when entering this room, as it is a "triple hazard". A zombie will
bust through the window, Leech Man will "drop-in" and for the fun, and a nurse
zombie is sitting at the table to your right. Kill the window zombie first
then take out the nurse zombie (when she wakes) and grad the LEVEL 1 CARD KEY.

As always, ignore Leech Man. ON the other side of the room (near the silver
cabinets), there's a FIRST AID SPRAY and get the BLUE HERB on the by stretcher,
then a look a inside the treatment room.

1F/Treatment Room (1FAID)

On the shelf next to you when you enter, there's another FIRST AID SPRAY. If
you notice that sparkle on the bed, it's a HEMOSTAT. It'll stop the bleeding
and your Viral Infection (for a short time).There's also a save point next to
it, if you want to take a breather. When you done here, go all the way back to
the door next to Night Reception.

1F Hall/Office (1FOF)

There's nothing but RED and GREEN HERBS (pick if them up if you need them), so
keep moving and enter the door leading to the office (on your right). In here,
there's another SCRUB BRUSH next to the door, a FIRST AID SPRAY is on top of
the shelf and a RECOVERY MED-L is inside the drawer. Search the desk and you'll
find PIECE OF MEMO. The number on the memo is VERY IMPORTANT, so make sure you
pick it up and read it. I'll get to its importance soon. After reading it, go
for the doctor's office.

1F/Doctor's Office (1FDOC)
There's a BLUE BERB on the small shelf to your left when you enter and inside
the open locker (way in the back), there's a box of HANDGUN BULLETS. Kill
the zombie if you want but beware of the Leech Man "dropping-in"...AGAIN. Don't
forget to snatch the ANTI VIRUS-L (you're going to need it) on the desk in
front of the elevator. When you're done here, hit the elevator and get ready
for B1F.

B1F Passage/Elevator Ctrl. Room (B1CTRL)

First order of business: let's look at our map. Elevator Control Room is
south, so let's go there. Forget picking anything else up, unless you need a
1st AID SPRAY, which is in the blue door room (north on the map). When you
enter the room, head for the leech-covered control panel. Now remember the
CHEMICAL CODE and PIECE OF MEMO you picked up earlier? Take a quick look at
them both.

Chemical CODE MESSAGE has five sets of numbers, but you'll only need one from
this set. If you just breezed through and didn't even bother to get them, I'll
list the info below:


And these are your three sets of numbers from PIECE OF MEMO:

+2345 (this is the most common #)
+???? (I assume there's a number is for Very Hard....I have yet to figure out
what it is)

This is a fairly easy puzzle and 90% of the time, you might blindly guess and
unlock the doors on the 1st try. Simply put, take 1 or 2 of the lowest numbers
and add it up (1210 + 2345= 3555). "3555" seems to be the most common one for
me, so try that first. Keep trying as long as the number is under "9999". Your
other password is "0930". This unlocks the ROOFTOP for you.

Snatch the FIRST AID SPRAY on the desk behind you and you're done with this
room. Hopefully, you've done all of this before...yep...that's right, Leech
Man shows up. Take notice that IF you're inputting the passwords, he can knock
you away from the panel ^_^; Go back into the hall and head for SOUTH PASSAGE.

B1F South Passage/Waste Disposal Room (B1FSP)

Use the LV 1 CARD KEY here (discard after use) and don't waste your time
killing the nurse zombie..."might need the bullets". Heh, that was Spence's
line from the RE movie. *AHEM* ANYWAYS...take the RED HERB around the corner
from where you entered if you need it and keep going to the end of the hall.

Inside the Waste Disposal Room, there's 2 GREEN HERBS to the right then go
down the stairs. and jump into the water. Go over to the other side to get
the PADLOCK KEY by the zombie (he's alive BTW) then let's move to B2F.

Rooftop (Cindy/Kevin ONLY)
Up here you'll find a few herbs, some blood-thirsty crows and...hmm...I
don't about a SUBMACHINE GUN?! Yes, you can get a SMG but only
Cindy and Kevin can have it in their possession. Everyone else has access
to here but you'll get HANDGUN BULLETS instead. The best thing about this
SMG is that is uses HANDGUN BULLETS for ammo, so if you've stocked up on
them, save them.

B2F Passage/Fixed Temperature Room (B2LAB)

Second order of business: getting rid of this relentless Pyramid Head
bastard. Whoa. Wait. Pyra...what? Wrong game. I meant Nemesis...whatever.
Anyway, I'm sick of him too but we're down to the wire. Enter the Lab and
pick up RESEARCHER'S DIARY and INVESTIGATION REQUEST. Don't have any blood
packs? D. Cannon's got you covered. There's another drawer with 2 or 3 of
them inside Take 1 and go through the door in front of you.

As soon as you enter, go into the other half of the room and use the
bloodpack. Go back to the terminal you saw came in. Make your partners
aren't near Leech Man or the machine won't work. Set the machine for
"high", then break out the brats and enjoy watching him fry.

Dead LM, or Dr. Hursh rather, is currently holding your key to freedom.
Set the machine to "low" to get CARD KEY LEVEL 2. Go back to B2F Passage
and use that card key for the underground passage.

B2F Underground Passage (B2PREP)

This is the last room of the scenario. Let's start by grabbing the HANDGUN
BULLETS on the barrels, and a FIRST AID SPRAY to your far left. There's
also a GREEN HERB in the corner near the boat.. Speaking of boats, use
that padlock key on it and watch the cutscene,

Leech Monster (END)
This boss is just a pushover, so let him chase you for a bit. If you can
ignore the fact of him knocking you down constantly, you'll notice RED
VALVES on the ceiling, Let him chase you until you can position yourself
to shoot one... or you could lure him back to where the boat was and ram
him to death. ^_^; There! You're done with The Hive! That wasn't too hard,
now was it? Have fun with the next scenario.


Questions (ASK)

This section will contain the obvious and my history with the series. This
might also contain spoilers from different REs. READ AT YOU OWN RISK.
Q: Hey, I've seen this FAQ somewhere before. did you steal it?

A: Why would I steal my own work? If you see this guide on another site other
than GameFAQs, let me know at [email protected] with the site's
address. This is the first FAQ I ever made and I got more coming on the way,
so if you thieves try to take credit for my work, I hope you'll like getting
arrested for copyright infringement.

People don't use disclaimers for nothing, you know. And to those who want to
play it safe, just ask before putting this on your site BUT YOU MUST GIVE ME
Q: How long did it take you to make this FAQ?

A: About 1-2 weeks. As I played in The Hive, EVERYTHING you see above was
hand-written and edited for the 1st week, then typed. The typing took me
3-5 days. I work quickly, huh?
Q: What was your first Resident Evil game and how long have you been playing
the series?

A: Resident Evil 2. It's my first and favorite out of them all. I still
remember my mom getting it for me back in 1998. I stayed up all night pwning
zombies and lickers. It may be old school but it's fun and I still play it
to this very day.
Q: Have any of the REs scared you?

A: I'm not gonna lie. Resident Evil 3 has. You know when you're in the RPD
(Raccoon Police Department from RE2) and you're coming down the angled
stairway? Yeah. I almost soiled myself when Nemesis busted through that wall
with a rocket launcher. A word of advice, reader: never drink caffinated
soda and play these games at 3:30am. Trust me -_-;
Q: What other survival horror games do you play?

A: I'm also a huge fan of Silent Hill. I love the dark environment, the
nightmarish creatures and compelling storyline. If you like Resident Evil,
you'll like Silent Hill.
Q: Do you plan to make walkthroughs for other scenarios?

A: There's a chance that I will but not any time soon.
Q: Are you going to make a FAQ for other Resident Evil or survival horror

A: Yes, most definitely. I know Silent Hill 2 and 3 from start to finish..
.so yeah, expect one soon. I have yet to get Silent Hill 4: The Room, but
once I do complete SH4, you can expect a walkthrough from me. As for RE,
I'll TRY to be first to make one for the highly anticipated Resident Evil
4, which is slated for Gamecube on January 11th (release date is subject
to change).
Q: Why aren't the "Special Items" listed in this FAQ?

A: I didn't list them because I don't remember exactly where half or 1/3
 of them are. I see these items as easter eggs and it should be up to the
 player to find them. Check out one of the other FAQs for more info.
Q: Do you plan to make a Event Checklist for The Hive?

A: Yeah, I'll have it ready in the next update.

The RE Collection

Just for the sheer hell of it, I'll list a few RE games. If Outbreak is
your 1st RE game ever and you enjoyed it, you might want to pick up one
these classics. Some are harder to find than others but there's always
calling your local retailer or checking out eBay. The only ones I haven't
added to the list were RE: Dead Aim and Survivor...haven't gotten around
to playing them yet...

Resident Evil (PS1, GCN/REmake)
Resident Evil: Director's Cut (PSone)
Resident Evil 2 (PS1/Dual Shock Version, GCN, DC, N64)
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (PS1, GCN, DC)
Resident Evil: Code Veronica (DC, PS2/Code Veronica X, GCN)
Resident Evil Zero (GCN)

Survival Tips (LIVE)
At one time, you probably found yourself surrounded by zombies while
limping around Danger and your teammates possibly in another room or well as your controller hanging out the window...wait...that's
me. *AHEM* Well, don't get frustrated, it'll happen from time to time.
You know what they always say: "There's strength in numbers"...

***Sharing is caring.***
-Don't be stingy! Share your items with your partners, meaning if there's a
Cindy in the game, let her carry the herbs. If you're teamed up with Yoko,
have her carry extra guns or ammo. The more you interact with your
teammates, the quicker they'll respond to you being attacked. Don't pick
items like a rock or a scrub brush. Let David use them.

***Infection Rate***
-***ALWAYS*** keep an eye on your Viral Infection Rate (VIR). The more you
get attacked, the higher it gets. If you're taking too much damage at once,
you'll collapse to the ground, which causes your VIR to sky-rocket (for
example, it could go from 35% to 75% in less than 5 seconds). You can find
ANTI VIRUS and RECOVERY MEDICINE pills to delay your rate. This works
wonders if you're playing as Jim, since one of his abilities is playing
dead. Another trick is that if you're shooting for the "NO DAMAGE CLEAR"
bonus, I recommend using Alyssa (next to Kevin, she's the fastest) or Cindy
(who can carry 10-12 herbs at a time). Herbs also delay your VIR.

*****HEY!! Keep moving!*****
**They're right behind us!**
-Never sit in one place for a long period of time. Take note that the
zombies have gotten smarter. They'll bust down doors, crawl through vent
shafts, break through windows, and more. The 1st scenario, Outbreak, is
proof of this.

***What's this?***
-Suspect everything around you as a clue. Search hard but quickly. *points
above* Check desk drawers, lockers, bookshelves and such. Some lockers and
drawers are locked with a key, which means ONLY Alyssa can pick them. As
for "Special Items" you might luck out and find one...

**Support Items**

***Cindy Lennox***
Each of the eight characters carries a "personal item". In my opinion, the
most useful is Cindy's Herb Pack (4 Green, Red and Blue Herbs). There's also
a open slot allowing you to place a Mixed Herb inside.

***Kevin Ryman and Mark Wilkins***
Other characters like Kevin (.45 w/ 7 bullets) and Mark (normal Handgun w/ 15
bullets), have a gun, which are space-savers. Kevin's .45 is alot stronger than
 Mark's gun, as it can kill a zombie with 1-2 shots. Sadly, ammo for this
weapon is scarce, which means you'll find one or two boxes in a scenario, so

***Alyssa Ashcroft***
Alyssa's lockpicking kit lets you unlock lockers and drawers other characters
can't get into. The only catch is you can't use the same lockpick every time
you come across a locked door. I'm assuming you tried this in "Outbreak" on
the 1st door. Keep tapping the Action Button until you hear a faint click.

***David King***
David happens to be a bit more "creative" when it comes down to disposing the
undead. he carries with him a a tool kit (Duct Tape, Folding Knife and Junk
Parts). When playing as David, you can refine household items into instruments
of destruction, such as taking a scrub brush and turning it into a Spear
(Folding Knife + Wooden Stick = Spear), Flame Thrower (Pesticide Spray +
Lighter = Flame Thrower) or a Hammer (Rock + Iron Pipe = Hammer). Just like
rest of the janitor's supplies, these items do have average durability, so use
them if you want to conserve your ammo.

***George Hamilton***
Similar to Cindy's Herb Pack, George can take a green Herb and compound it into
 a Antidote. Combine different herbs then use your Medical Kit.  After your
session of compounding, start passing out the pills. Recovery Medicine and Anti
Virus-L are the best to make.

***Yoko Suzuki***
During offline play, Yoko will act out the role of a mule. She's the only
character to possess eight slots, so store all your "unloaded" weapons on her.
Why did I say "unloaded"? You'll find out soon...

***Jim Chapman***
The oddest item of them all is Jim's Lucky Coin. Based on what I've read on the
boards, if you get Heads, you can do more damage and if you get Tails, you'll
get weaker. Since I don't play as Jim on occasion, I'm not 100% sure if this
theory is true.

I believe a ALOT of work goes into the Resident Evil series but without Capcom,
this FAQ wouldn't exist. Therefore I'd like to thank the following people:

CJayC- For creating GameFAQs and allowing me to share my knowledge of RE with
other hardcore fans.

Shinji Mikami and all of Capcom- For making Resident Evil one of the most
successful series in their gaming line-up and making it the best survival horror
series I've ever played.

Paul W.S Anderson- For making the Resident Evil Movies. I know it has little to
do with this FAQ, but still...some of the content used in RE and RE: Apocalypse
comes from these games and I commend him on a job well done. I can't wait for
your 3rd installment!

My local Gamestop: For having the patience of putting with my visits to see if
RE:Outbreak was stocked on shelves yet ^_^;

My mom: For buying RE2 for me when I was younger :)

***Contact/Author Info***
Author: Darrin "Cannon" Crenshaw.

GameFAQs SNs: Darrin Cannon, DarkFalz84, Cannon Swim, Fenrir Canonus.

Age: 20 (as of 08.06.2004)

Currently Playing:
RE: Outbreak
Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time
GTA: San Andreas
Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution
Silent Hill 2 and 3
Armored Core Nexus
Resident Evil 4
Gran Turismo 4
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
and Champions Of Norrath: Return To Arms
Means of Contact:

Email: acmaster84 or [email protected]

AIM: RubyWeapon84 or Darryn Cannon

GameFAQs Boards: Anime/Manga Social, RE: Outbreak, Phantasy Star Online Ep.
1&2 and Adult Swim.


****Copyright Info and Disclaimer****
This FAQ is not to be used by anyone else unless I grant permission. Ignoring
this warning will result to me contacting the owner of the site and asking for
removal of MY WORK. This is my very first FAQ and if you wish to use it just
Contact me at the address/site above. All information above was recorded while
I played throughout The Hive and is 100% original.

Note: The Umbrella Corp. Symbol is property of Capcom. I created it on my own
and decided to use it in an artistic manner. Almost everyone else uses this
ASCII art or whatever-it's-called so... :P

Copyright (C) 2004-05 of Darrin W. Crenshaw.