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Follow the dark path or use the light

Secrets guide

by soulreape38


                                     TABLE OF CONTENTS

01.About this guide
02.The guide

                                             00. Introduction 

Hello, my name is Daryl and this is my latest project, Resident Evil 4 secrets guide for the Sony Playstation 2, you may recognise me from or that can also be found on some highscores and runescape. I didn't really mean to write this, that may be a rather odd thing to say and indeed it certainly is under odd circumstances that I decided to write this, or rather didn't decide. I was sitting around unable to sleep and I just randomly thought about things like "how Luis
Death was just like bishops death (FROM ALIENS)" in my head and I found myself writeing out this  guide for Resident Evil 4 , I didn't really think of continuing but suddenly I was compelled and began writing and this FAQ/Walkthrough was born. This secrets guide is pretty vague in parts because some of it was from memory because I only took rough notes on a subsequent playthrough of the game like what items are where etc

                                   01.About this guide

This guide was took strate from what I remembered and the artwork at the top is not mine lol and this may have some evil spelling and bad grammar !


                                         02.The guide


Luis serras death is very very very like bishops death from aliens .. Because when bishop dies the alien queens tail rips up though his chest with her spike tail then rips him in two

When Luis dies the same shaped tail comes from saddler and rips though his chest but he doset get raped apart


Leons kick is very similar to jet leas kick in kiss of the dragon


4. Curses/Swear Words (S04) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Curse words are tough to translate. These are the words and their translation according to how they are used in the game: * “Coño” means lady privates, but if you want it to be translated according to the way it is used, then you can say it means “damn”. * “Madre” means mother, but it’s used the same way as “damn”. * “Mierda” means poo, the S word to be more exact. * “Cabrón” means buck or he-goat, but it’s used as an insult. You could say it is as bad as saying “bastard” or “f***er”, but it doesn’t mean the same thing. * “Hijo de puta” means “son of a b****”. * “Joder” means “to f***”. * “Carajo” is slang that comes from “cara de ajo” which literally means “garlic face”, but it is used as an interjection of frustration or annoyance. * And “Imbécil” means “imbecile”.

Now for the interesting part: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ i) Los Ganados (SB01) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ¡Ahí está! There he is! - ¡Vos voy a romper a pedazos! I’m gonna tear you into pieces! - ¡Detrás de tí, imbécil! Behind you, you imbecile! - ¡Un forastero! An outsider! - ¡Mierda! S***! (Note: Sorry, I can't use that word.) - ¡Maldita sea! Damn it! - ¡Hey, acá! Hey, over here! (Note: Many people keep saying that the phrase one of the enemies says when you arrive to the village is “hey, vaca” which means “hey, cow”; but it doesn’t make sense. I am 100% sure he says “acá”, not “vaca”.) - ¡Agárrenlo! Get him! - ¡So cerdo! F***ing pig! (Note: “So” is a word used to augment the intensity of the word that is to follow by a lot. It doesn’t translate to “f***ing” directly, but you get the idea.) - ¡Basta, hijo de puta! Enough, you son of a b****! - ¡Ah, por el…! Ah, for the…! (Note: The phrase is finished as if he is about to say a curse word, but nothing else is said.) (Note 2: I’ve been receiving several e-mails about this phrase, so I must clarify. This particular phrase is said when you visit the village for the first time, before they spot you, so they can’t be saying “Go get him” because they don’t even know you’re there yet. Once they see you they never repeat that phrase again.) - ¿Dónde está? Where is he? - ¡Está en la trampa! He’s in the trap! - ¡Te voy a matar! I’m going to kill you! - ¡Por ahí! Over there! - ¡No dejes que se escape! Don’t let him escape! - ¡No dejen que se escape! Don’t let him escape (Note: The phrase is not repeated, the only difference between this one and the other are the words “dejes” and “dejen”. “Dejes” is directed at a single person and “dejen” is directed at two or more people, which is translated the same way) - ¡Bloquéale el paso! Block his path! - ¡Te cogí! I got you! - Puedes correr, pero no te puedes esconder. You can run, but you can’t hide. ¡Cógelo! Get him! - ¡Te voy a hacer picadillo! I’m going to make you mincemeat! - ¡Empieza a rezar! Start praying! - ¡Lo encontré! I found him! - ¡Míralo, je je, está herido! (they make a cheap laugh between the phrase) Look at him, he he, he’s hurt! - ¡Dale! Hit him! - ¡Cabrón! You bastard! (Note: Though not the same thing, I believe they’re equally insulting) - ¡Ah, que madre! Ah, damn it! (Note: Again, not the same thing, but it’s pretty close) - ¡Quiero su cabeza! I wan’t his head! 
ii) Los Illuminados / Zealots (SB02) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Morir es vivir To die is to live - Cogedlo, cogedlo, cogedlo… Get him, get him, get him… - ¡Sí, quiero matar! Yes, I want to kill! - ¡Mátalo! Kill him! - Muere, muere, muere, muere… Die, die, die, die… - Cerebros, cerebros, cerebros, cerebros… Brains, brains, brains, brains… (Note: Quite possibly a homage to one of the greatest cult horror movies from the 80s - The Return of The Living Dead!) - ¡Ahí están! There they are! - ¡No dejes que escape de la isla vivo! Don’t let him escape from the island alive! - ¡Es hora de aplastar! It’s time to smash! They also say some of the phrases that Los Ganados use, but I’m only writting the new ones. 

iii) Soldiers (SB03) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ¡Muérete! Die! (Note: The extra letters (“te”) in “muere” indicate he is talking in the “You” pronoun. A way of simplifying words, similar to saying “I’ll” instead of “I will”) - ¡Allí! There! (Note: “Ahí” and “allí” mean the same thing) - ¡Ve por él! Go after him! - ¡Empieza a rezar! Start to pray! - ¡Te voy a matar! I’m going to kill you! 

Cutscene Translations 

1) While Leon is riding in the back of the car, the first thing one of the cops says: ¡Coño! Damn! --- 2) If you try to shoot the car from the driver’s side, the police officer at the beginning says: “No estés jodiendo, get this over with, will you?” “Stop screwing around, get this over with, will you?” (Note: I’m not sure if he really says “jodiendo” because that part was horribly acted by a non-native speaker and he might have meant to say something else, but we believe the intention was to say “Stop screwing around” so we’ll leave it at that. Any help on this is greatly appreciated.) --- 3) What the first enemy in the game says: ¿Qué carajo estás haciendo aquí? ¡Lárgate, cabrón! What the f*** are you doing here? Get the hell out, you bastard! (Note: “Lárgate” is a meaner way of telling someone to get out. That and the emphasis on the word carajo is what makes it so strong.) --- 4) This one only happens if it’s your first time through the game (it’s not an actual cutscene, but I thought it would fit here). After crossing the first bridge you see three guys up on the cliff standing up and saying: ¡Un forastero! An outsider! ¡Ahí está! There he is! ¡A avisar a los demás! Let’s warn the others! --- 5) If you go to the house that has a shotgun in the second floor and Dr. Salvador (chainsaw enemy) appears: ¡Por ahí! Over there! ¡No dejen que se escape! Don’t let him escape! ¡Bloquéale el paso! Block his path! ¡Agárrenlo! Get him! ¡Vayan por detrás! Go from behind! ¡Ponle una trampa! Put him a trap! ¡Te voy a matar! I’m going to kill you! ¡Te cogí! I got you! They also say some other phrases already in the Random Phrases and Words section. --- 6) When the bell tolls… La campana The bell Es hora de rezar It’s time to pray Tenemos que irnos We’ve got to go --- 7) During the talk with Luis Sera (while you're both tied together), he says a few words in Spanish: Americano, ¿sí? American, yes? Amigo Friend Policía Police (Then an enemy with an axe comes in and says:) ¡Te voy a matar! I’m going to kill you! --- 8) When you arrive in the village chief's house you hear some guys mumbling: Guy 1: Hay un rumor de que hay un extraño entre nosotros. There’s a rumor that there is a stranger among us. Guy 2: Nuestro jefe se cuidará de la rata. Our boss will take care of the rat. Guy 1: Su “la plaga” es mucho mejor que la nuestra. His “la plaga” is a lot better than ours. Guy 2: Tienes razón, es un hombre You’re right, he’s a man. (Note: I heard this a billion times, but the sound effects won’t let me hear what they say on the last part, if only I could isolate the voices… Any help on this is greatly appreciated) --- 9) When you reach the lake you see two guys dropping a body… Guy 1: ¡Vámonos! Lets go! Guy 2: OK Guy 1: ¡Andale! Come on! --- 10) While the villagers are realeasing El Gigante: ¡Rápido! Quick! ¡Usa los músculos! Use the muscles! ¡Por acá! Over there! ¡Por aquí! Over here! (When they can no longer control El Gigante…) ¡Mierda! S***! ¡Apúrense! Hurry up! ¡Se vuelve loco! He’s going crazy! --- 11) When you reach the house where Luis helps you fight off multiple enemies: ¡Agárrenlo! Get him! ¡No dejen que se escape! Don’t let him escape! (When they give up and start leaving…) ¡Vámonos! Let’s go! --- 12) What Leon says when he’s about to shoot the barrel of gas in the fight with Méndez: Hasta luego See you later (or “Until later” if you want to be more precise) --- 13) When Leon and Ashley run towards the castle while being chased by enemies: ¡Lo encontré! I found him! (After lifting the bridge from inside the castle…) ¡Maldita sea, mierda! Damn it, s***! --- 14) Meeting Salazar… Me llamo Ramón Salazar My name is Ramon Salazar (Note: (Note: “Me llamo” literally means “I'm called”, changed to “My name is” for usage purposes.) --- 15) In the island, when the guards in Ashley’s cell notice the camera: ¡Allí! There! --- 16) When you arrive to the area after the fight with Krauser, where the helicopter helps you shoot the enemies: (Before the helicopter appears…) Verifica la presión de esa válvula Verify the pressure of that valve ¡Ve tú! You go! ¡Hey, aquí! Hey, over here! ¿Viste algo? Did you see something? No hay problema There’s no problem (When the helicopter appears and all the enemies prepare to fight…) ¡Mira! Look! ¡Llénalos de pólvora! (They’re filling up barrels of explosives) Get them full of gunpowder! 

. Enemy Names (S07) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To ease reference to the reader, these next translations are in alphabetical order. All of these names are what I believe to be their official names. === Legend =================================================================== Same as before but with small differences: --- * Name of the character [Small description if you don't know who he is] * * Translation or correction of the name * * (Note if required) * ============================================================================== --- Armadura [Armor suits that come alive] Armor --- Colmillo [Dogs] Fang --- Del Lago [Big fish, first boss fight] Of The Lake (Note: “Del” is a conjunction of the words “de” and “el”, which mean “of” and “the” respectively; “lago” means “lake”. “De” also means “from”, but “of” fits better.) --- El Gigante [Big ogre like enemy] The Giant --- Garrador [Enemies with steel claws] Claw Ganado (Note: “Garrador” is wordplay. They used the word “Garra” which means “Claw” and simply put it on the word “Ganado”, the last R is added for kicks.) --- Las Plagas (Los Parásitos) [The parasites that take control of their hosts] The Plague (The Parasites) (Note: “La plaga” would mean “the plague”, but they add an “s” to make it plural even though it already is a plural word, which would translate to “the plagues”. However, the whole term is wrong, a more correct translation of “The Parasites”, the term Salazar uses as a translation, is “Los Parásitos”.) --- Los Ganados [Villagers] The Cattles (or “The Cattle”) (Note: “Ganado” means “cattle”, a plural word. Then they added an “s”, meaning they made it plural yet again, so it translates as “The Cattles”. But it's a group name, so it doesn't have to be grammatically correct.) --- Los Illuminados (Iluminados) [Zealots] The Enlightened (Note: They may have come up with the name from The Illuminati which is sometimes used synonymously with New World Order, but it's still a mistake since the name translated to Spanish is “Los Iluminados”, with one L, not two.) --- Novistador [The sewer insects that become invisible] Not sightable (or “not able to see”) (Note: This one is wordplay. If you separate the word you get “no” and “vistador”; eventhough “vistador” is not an actual word, it derives from the word “vista” which means “sight”, so you can translate the name to “not sightable”.) --- Verdugo [Sub-boss that attacks you at the sewers] Executioner 

Well that’s my secrets guide…well its more of a transulation guide