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Follow the dark path or use the light

KAOS - Resident Evil Guide

by _ResidentEvil_

Resident Evil 4 - Hints, tips, and walk-thru guide (GameCube Version)
Created by: KAOS
Contact: [email protected]


-:Chapter 1:-
-:Chapter 2:-
-:Chapter 3:-
-:Chapter 4:-
-:Chapter 5:-
-:Chapter 6:-


The virus broke out in a near by mountain community, Raccoon City and hit the peaceful little town with a devastating blow crippling its very foundation.

With the whole affair gone public, the United States government issued an indefinite suspension of business degree to Umbrella.

Soon its stock prices crashed and for all intentions and purposes, Umbrella was finished.

Not taking any chances, the President of the United States ordered a contingency plan -- to sanitize Raccoon City.

 ...:::Chapter 1:::...
Welcome To Resident Evil 4

In Resident Evil 4, there are no more zombies since Umbrella has been destroyed.

Fortunately for you, there are plenty of zombieish infected villagers for you to kill.
The village itself once had a population larger than Dallas, Texas.

The static neck ache inducing camera angles are gone. Now you see things in a whole new life. A nifty over-the-shoulder
third person view gets you up close and personal with all your ugly foes.

Luckily if you get to close you can hit B and down on the stick to pull a 180.

Another new ability is shooting people anywhere on their body. This revamped mechanic makes specific
body targeting not only fun, but strategically advantageous. It's no longer how much you shoot someone, it's where.

Upgrading weapons was one of the best parts of this game. Throughout, you'll encounter a merchant, from which you can buy the latest in ass kickery. Nope, he doesn't take any crap, and he doesn't accept American Express.

You need a lot of "ptas" to deal with spooky sensitive salesman guys so save up.

Watch out though, he's sensitive. If  you shoot his face off or something, he'll leave you.

The best thing is weapon upgrades. You can juice up 4 assets of your pea shooter:

- Firepower
- Speed
- Reload
- Capacity

Be sure to upgrade your attache case A.S.A.P. Case space quickly becomes prime real estate in this game. More space saving advice? Mix herbs whenever you can to save room and use the L + R triggers to rotate items.

When you leave the weapons recovery screen, anything in the secondary space will be gone like your girlfriend, but don't delete it unless you mean it.

The absolute best thing about this version than the others is that typewriter ribbons are out like, well typewriter ribbons. Typewriters still function as save spots, but you are no longer restricted by the number of ribbons you have, but by the space on your memory card. Now save as much as you want.

So now you've got all the info you need, so get out there and save Ashley. Your commander & chief is counting on you.

 ...:::Chapter 2:::...
Decisions, Decisions

Ashley needs your help. In this level, you have to choose between 2 battles. Lucky for you, I've obtained some insider intel on each.

On this level you're barricaded in a cabin with blood thirsty Europeans trying to kill you.

Sounds like a typical trip to France, huh? The first thing to do is rearrange furniture. Block as many windows as you can with bookcases to buy time. Then crouch down by the staircase, equip your shotgun and brace yourself for the onslaught.

If you're worried about your boy Luis, that's nice but don't. He can handle himself. When you get overwhelmed by the stinky European cheese breath, head upstairs and break out the TMP. Just when the battle starts getting too hot, the zombies will decide to retreat. 

When you get down to the crossroads, you have a choice to make. The left leads to the Chainsaw Sisters. The right, to El Gigante. I know, it sounds like a lose-lose, but you don't you worry, you've got the intel to cheat your way out. Choose the left gate and you'll be fighting in a mine. What's the golden rule of mine fighting? Don't drag the president's daughter around while you do it! Instead, stash Ashley in a container as soon as you can. She'll stay out of trouble and let you focus on some serious villager pillaging. When you've battled your way to the pit, the Chain-saw Sisters make their grand debut. Unless your curious about getting chain-sawed, climb the ladder and head back to the entrance.

The fighting is easier when you can find all your enemies in one spot. Equip your shotgun for maximum blastage. If you run out of shells, use grenades to finish the job. Once the sisters are in smithereens, pick up the ruby and key. Oh, and whipe them off before you stow them.

Now lets reverse the curse for a second and look at the right way. That leads to El Gigante who is just a big ol' meanie.

I find that dropping a boulder on him is a great way to say "Hey! Lighten up guy." Shoot the boulder that is on the platform above you. After that, shoot the locks off the gate and grab the old key from shack No. 2. Before you reach the second wall, you'll find another boulder you can drop on El Gigante to slow him down. Shoot the locks on the next gate and move through. Annoyingly, on this level, you can't stash Ashley so be careful. Make sure she gets first-aid and a crash course in ogre avoidance, because if she dies, it's game over.

Blast the monster with your shotgun and TMP. When the parasite sprouts on its back, run up and slice it off.

Repeat this 2 more times and ding dong the wicked witch is dead.

 ...:::Chapter 3:::...
The Village Chief

The village chief's weak spot is his spine. This specific body part is best targeted with the shotgun or TMP.

You can also blow up barrels to inflict a little damage. Sorry guys, but nearly cheating isn't enough this time. He has devastating lunge attacks that you'll have to dodge. Although this is one tough boss-man, he tips his hand before striking. Watch his nasty buggy arms, they flinch just before he attacks. It's not much, but it might keep you breathing. Keep hammering big ugly spine and he'll eventually split in half.

Unfortunately, it's not over yet. Like a good horror monster, the chief will start swinging across the cross-beams like a bloody half monkey half zombie guy thing. Scurry up the ladder and collect the herbs from the windows. Keep high ground and blast half village chief when he gets too close. Continue busting caps in him and he's dead in no time. 

With my help, you've ducked and duked your way through HALF of Resident Evil 4. Don't go patting yourself on the back just yet. You'll need both hands on the controller when you meet the next matching set of big ugly's.

Ready for another lesson in Espanol? Repeat after me. Los Dos Gigantes. That means The Two Giants.
You'll have to get past them both if you want to get past chapter 4.
 ...:::Chapter 4:::...
Los Dos Gigantes

Start by entering the mine and take out the villagers blocking your way. Head towards the platform overlooking the facility and draw your rifle and snipe miners like it was the last day of miner sniping season. Then jump to the lower level and finish them off CQB style.

When you move on, you'll find a boulder blocking the way. Luckily this mine has an extremely shabby dynamite security policy. Pull the lever near the boulder and you'll summon a trolley, well sort of. To get the trolley all the way down, you'll need to head to the upper level to flip the circuit breaker. When you do, retrieve the dynamite and blow that rock like you were in a chain gang.

Next proceed to the blast furness. Here you will encounter 2 very unhappy friendly Gigante's that want to, well, kick your ass. You going to take that? Now each of these guys carries about 15,000 "ptas". If you want to collect, you'll have to kill them the old fashioned way. If you're not all about the Benjamins, the other Gigante is real easy to kill.

Climb the scaffolding and wait for him to come over. Before he can swat you like a fly, use the winch to zip across the area. When you land, hold the lever and adios amigo, one less Gigante to worry about. Of course you'll still have to deal with his friend so use a flash grenade to stun the big dude. Then blast him with your shotgun.

Or if you'd like, climb the scaffolding and lure him over then zip-line across and shoot him from a distance. This is a pattern he'll let you repeat over and over. You lurk, he lumbers, you zip, you shoot him. It's a symbiotic relationship, really. There are ammunition and health recovery items scattered across the map so pick them up as needed.

Also if you'd prefer, by a rocket launcher and finish it fast.

When the parasite appears on his back, run over and slice it off.

Once you've done enough damage, the monster will say no more.

 ...:::Chapter 5:::...
Krauser & U3

If you want to win the game, you have to save Ashley, duh! Take out a couple of bad guys and you'll see a cut scene with Krauser. Keep your hands on the controllers, this isn't some cut scene where you can polish off. You'll need to be on your toes. After the cut scene, explore the throne room. Be careful because the security is tighter than the president's limo. 

When 3 beams appear, run through when the horizontal beam is rising and the others are splitting.

The next set is a little harder to pass. Wait until 2 beams form a triangle and run through. Watch out for the rising horizontal beams. Dodge the next 2 sets of beams and you're almost there.

Wait for the door to unlock. The security will take one more crack at you.

At the next point, you'll be totally sick of beams. So go down the elevator and enter Sadler's Throne.

Here you'll meet "It" aKa U3. This guy's uglier than the whole cast of Alien vs. Predator.

Arm your shotgun and shoot the green light on the control panel. You have 30 seconds to move to the next rig before it goes all Titanic on you. Continue to do this with the next 2 rigs while dodging attacks.

When the 3rd rig goes down so will "It".

Don't you hate it when monster's get multiple lives? U3 will climb out of the bottomless pit. I guess it wasn't all that bottomless after all.

You'll have to start  killing him over and over again.

The monster can be trapped temporarily behind the gate where you can really unload on him. Blow up the explosive barrels to hurt him even more. Continue this until he burrows into the ground. Now get ready for some serious duck and cover. Once it attacks, you'll have only seconds to unload whatever you have into it. It's a tough battle, but the 50,000 "ptas" you get when you win make it worth the while.

Fight over to the fortress ruins and you will Krauser again. When it begins run over to the left room. Grab all the tasty bonus items and climb the ladders. 

Hang out and attack Krauser with your shotgun and knife when he gets close. The first part of the battle is pretty quick. Head slowly through the gate and watch out for an ambush. The fight here will center on a series of button pressers. Stay alert and he'll soon flash grenade away.

Like a pesky little brother, he will keep coming back for more. But unlike your brother, it's all right to stab Krauser.

Fight him off long enough to grab 2 pieces of the Holy Beast and the final battle will begin.

Use the Killer 7 to blast his legs and unload on him.

Dodge his attacks and he'll eventually go down.

Now go grab a haunted village flavored sports drink, you earned it.

 ...:::Chapter 6:::...
The Final Battle

Next, you'll stumble upon Sadler, the ugliest boss of them all.

Use the yellow eyes on his legs as weak points. Shoot them to bring him down. Shooting his leg eyes will take him down so you can target his main peeper. Shooting barrels and using cranes will inflict lots of damage. Just as you get bored, your good friend Ada will come to the aid with a rocket launcher. Now you need to cross the collapse-able bridge to retrieve it. At the end of the bridge, be sure to jump because it will collapse.

Use the rocket launcher and target Sadler's main eye. Once you kill Sadler, you have 180 seconds to get Ashley off the island. Luckily, Ada left a Sea-Doo for you. Take it and skedaddle. Be sure you dodge falling rocks when fleeing the island.

Good job. Now you've beaten Resident Evil 4. Now you can anticipate on the arrival of Resident Evil 5 for PS3 in 2006.

Thanks for using my guide. I hope it was helpful.

*Every word in chapters 1-6 were from the G4TV show Cheat!. This has not been copied. It has been written down on paper word-for-word using a pause feature.*