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Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc


Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc - Secret Rooms FAQ

by make me dance

                 ____                                     _____ 
                |  _ \ __ _ _   _ _ __ ___   __ _ _ __   |___ / 
                | |_) / _` | | | | '_ ` _ \ / _` | '_ \    |_ \ 
                |  _ < (_| | |_| | | | | | | (_| | | | |  ___) |
                |_| \_\__,_|\__, |_| |_| |_|\__,_|_| |_| |____/ 

                          Written by make me dance
                          Created on 1st April 2004
                             Version 1.40 (Final)

Table of Contents

[1] Introduction                                                        [ABAA]
[2] Contacting the Author                                               [ACAA]
[3] Versions                                                            [ADAA]
[4] Guide                                                               [AEAA]
    a. Tips                                                             [AEBA]
    b. Secret Rooms                                                     [AECA]
[5] Credits                                                             [AFAA]
[6] Closing Notes                                                       [AGAA]

Note: to get access to each section more easily, press CTRL+F on your browser
and punch the letters between the brackets in.

[1] Introduction                                                        [ABAA]

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc is the latest chapter in the well-known and
acclaimed Rayman series. I've been playing this great game for quite a long
while now, I am a bit addicted to it, even; and was quite surprised when I
found out there wasn't any guide concerning secret rooms. Well, I had a stroke
of genius and thought to myself: hey, why don't I get off my lazy ass and do
something that might actually help people? So I did. With the info taken off
my R3 fansite (still building it, you'll all see it when time comes), I wrote
this little guide; which is, for all purposes, my first guide ever; really
hoping everyone would enjoy it.

[2] Contacting the Author                                               [ACAA]

Should you have any need to contact me because of a question you have,
something I need to add and/or fix, a grammatical error, a typo or something
even more trivial, feel free to reach me via email or AIM:

Email: makemedance AT gmail DOT com
AIM: Brutal Trance

I hang around the GameFAQs message boards as well ... visit board 568989.

[3] Versions                                                            [ADAA]

Version 1.40 [23th May 2005] - Another reader called Travis McKechnie sent me
an e-mail with info on a secret room in the 'Hoodlum Headquarters' stage. As
always, this guide is always open to user contributions.

Version 1.35 [25th February 2005] - Good news! An attentive reader named James
Marsh was helpful enough to send me something for this FAQ, in this case a
secret room in the Hoodlum Headquarters (thanks, btw). Given the opportunity,
I might as well mention that contributions are, as always, very welcome.

Version 1.31 [18th October 2004] - Haha! Thought I would never have to update
this again, but after all, we still have version 1.31. One of the many
'in-your-face' changes I made was the ASCII that was altered because I thought
the old font, as good-looking as it was, was rather hard to read at a first
glance. The replacement should be a bit easier on the eyes and waste less
space, I hope. The layout suffered a major overhaul, as you may notice. Made
some very, very small changes content wise too, which no-one will probably
even notice, but I considered them important anyhow (what can I say, I'm a
neat freak). I also changed my username, if anyone cares ... yeah.

Version 1.3 [5th September 2004] -  A couple of diminutive changes. Firstly,
the layout: did some minor adjustments, mainly with the sub-section headers.
I also rewrote most of the secret rooms description because I didn't really
fancy the way they were before. I'm pretty sure I also fixed a line break
somewhere, can't remember where it was, exactly. Eh, well. Also, this is
officially the final version of the guide. Basically, it means that I won't
post any more updates unless something of extreme importance and relevance to
this guide comes up.

Version 1.2 [23rd July 2004] - So, I thought this would look a little slicker
if I just added a section about versions and etc. Here it is then. Things I've
done/added/changed since the first version: the ASCII header, the CTRL+F
finder uh ... thingies, corrected some mistakes present here and there and
added the section you're reading right now. The only thing that has remained
the same is probably the layout. Oh, also, note that I've stopped using my old
Hotmail account to change to GMail: my new account is rennypt AT gmail DOT com
(harhar, GMail is awesome) Anyhow, until the next update, I bid you goodbye.

Version 1.0 [1st April 2004] - I started the guide and added every section you
see below on this very date. Yup ...

[4] Guide                                                               [AEAA]

a. Tips                                                                 [AEBA]

I don't have many of them, but everything, for as small as it might be, helps!
To achieve super duper uber high scores, you must always:

--> before killing a boss, always try to get a crystal so as to combo the 1500
points you get from it. Of course, you should also try to defeat bosses when
powered up, if possible (I believe the only time you can do this is when
fighting Refulx in the Desert of the Knaaren, though)
--> get the yellow crystals first, then the orange ones and finally the green
gem, when you found yourself in a place where there's every type of goodies.
This helps you attain higher combos (yay).
--> try to get a power-up before getting any points, be it from icing enemies
or getting gems

b. Secret Rooms                                                         [AECA]

You might be wondering 'but, what makes a room, a secret room?'. There are a
couple of hidden places in this game that just aren't noteworthy because they
hardly do anything for your score. Well, a secret room must do something BIG
for your score or else you wouldn't need it, right? By definition, a secret
room is a room which is full of crystals, generally surrouding a green gem.
Now that we've got that out of the way, below is a list of all the secret
rooms (all I have personally found, if you do have more, you're welcome to
submit them to me) from every level. So, let's get started, mmmkay?

The Fairy Council

Part 4 - In the Heart of the World, there's a little ledge on one of the
columns that you can use to get to the roof ledge. On this ledge, there's a
hidden floor button that, when stepped on, will open a secret wall that
conducts you to some sort of slide, filled with all type of gems. It ends in a

Clearleaf Forest

Part 5 - When you get to the doctor's office, just behind the point you start,
there's a wall with a hole on it. Enter, get the crystals and the gem and
leave through the teleporter.

The Bog of Murk

Part 3 - In the section where the Hoodlums appear in some boats, you can see
an abandoned boat in a corner. It takes you to a tiny treasure island (no,
really, it does).

The Land of the Livid Dead

Part 1 - When Globox drinks the first plum juice barrel and burps purple
bubbles, jump to one of those and look to your right side, you'll see an area
with the usual yellow crystals and green gem.

Part 2 - After you fight the Grim Keeper (the guy with the wooden shield),
take the bubbles Globox just left there and you'll see a narrow entrance to
the right wall. This entrance guides you to a secret room with tons of yellow
crystals and a green gem. You'll need to use that throttle copter, by the way.

Part 5 - In the doctor's office, aim the shock rocket to those holes in the
ceiling, these contain switches that open a secret wall left to the starting
point. You'll find your booty (haha, I love that word) there.

The Desert of the Knaaren

Part 1 - The Knaaren you distract with the gong (right after the first bunch
of ghosts) guards some orange crystals and a green gem. Note that you'll have
to be VERY agile and careful to get here without getting hit by the Knaaren.

Part 2 - In the second floating platform (this one isn't moving), take the
left path, destroy the teensie cage and get the vortex power-up. Use it to
lower that mushroom found to the bottom and you'll get an awesome treasure.

Part 4 - In the place with those boxes floating on acid, go into the first
opening you see and climb the wall. This great stockpile has two green gems!
Nice, huh?

Part 7 - The Spineroo (the heavily armoured hoodlum) you push into a fireplace
hides a secret room. When you topple him, go behind the fire and get the

Part 8 - In the doctor's office, smash all the hoodlums so the second platform
rises. Go through this platform's back to get to the room.

The Longest Shortcut

Part 1 - When you get to the room with the tall, blue windows, look very
closely at the floor. You'll notice there's a shadow that doesn't belong to
any window. Awkward, yes. The thing is you can walk just through it by jump
through the wall, there's some very good loot there.

Part 2 - In the second window (counting up), you can demolish the left wall by
punching it. You'll get your goodies inside.

Part 3 - In the second section (after the first moving platforms), punch the
round crystal thingy that you can see over the two pink trampolins; then
you'll see one of the pictures open up, it'll show a place where a statue
of Ly is, along with some crystals and a green gem.

The Summit Beyond the Clouds

Part 1 - Go to the left side (Globox's left) of the ship's stern and stand in
the railing. There's a hole on that side with one green gem and two crystals.
Just don't fall into the water!

Part 2 - In the sector where you're jumping up the baloons (after the two
flying robots), you can see an entrance where there are two trees. You can get
access to it and get some prizes.

Hoodlum Headquarters

Part 1 - submission by James Marsh:

"In the begining of the first part of the level lower the bridge an walk
across then to your left, behind the giant Cog, in the lava, there is a box.
If you jump on this and then on to the big pie of boxes and climb up there
is a short tunnel that leads you to a room with orange and yellow crystals
and there is a teleporter in the middle of the room."

Part 2 - When you get the vortex power-up, go back to where you came from and
lower the mushroom to get to the secret room.

Part 3 - Right when those moving platforms that work like an elevator are
activated, go to the top and you'll see an entrance to a room on the right
side of the boiler. That room has some statues of Razorbeard and his pirate
crew, yellow and orange crystals. Cool, no?

Part 4 - submission by Travis McKechnie:

"When you arrive at the place where the planks of wood create some
sort of walk way do not use it at first, rather jump down and destroy the
piggy banks. They contain yellow and orange crystals, as well as a green gem
(combo mode can be used here effectively)!"

The Tower of the Leptys

Part 4 - This isn't just another secret room, it's a SUPER secret room. The
process to get there is a bit complicated, though. Get 100% in the first
parcel of the stage, 99% or more in the second parcel and 83% or more in the
third one. Now, while these percentages _may_ not be correct, they're what
everyone thought were the requirements when the game had been recently
released. I remember there being some kind of study about it conducted in
RaymanZone to get to the bottom of ot, but I don't think there were any
accurate results released to the crowd. Anyway, when you're on your way to
Reflux (final boss), a secret door that leads to a cave will open. After
climbing a bit and walking through the cave, you'll find some very odd-looking
creatures in cages and four (yes, four!) green gems! Woot, woot!

Part 5 - In the third Reflux (the one where there are floating platforms with
throttle copters power-ups), there is a green gem under the platform you start
on. Nice way to finish the game, eh?


Well, that's it. I'm pretty sure there are no other secret room left to
discover, except for some itty bitty ones that aren't really helpful to you.
Still, if there are any rooms found in the future, I'll surely be the first
one to report it here.

[5] Credits                                                             [AFAA]

Special thanks go out to:

- RaymanZone and all of its members for inspiring me to do my fansite and this
guide as well (<3 you guys!)
- UbiSoft, of course, for this brilliant videogame
- Jörg Seyfferth for his fantastic ASCII generator
- James Marsh for sending me some info on a secret room I missed (oops)
- and you, for reading this

[6] Closing Notes                                                       [AGAA]

This file may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
and a violation of copyright.

Right now, the only websites hosting this guide are:

GameFAQs      - <>
Neoseeker     - <>

Rayman is copyright of Ubi Soft. All trademarks and copyrights contained in
this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

End of file.