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Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc



by TSC

                        RAYMAN 3: HOODLUM HAVOC
E-mail: [email protected]

Version 1.63

This game was produced by Ubi Soft for the Sony PlayStation 2(tm)


Legal Stuff

No Plagiarizing:
This walkthrough is intended for private and personal use ONLY. This 
walkthrough, in whole or in part, can only be reproduced or distributed 
with the permission of (me) the author. (TSC). This walkthrough has 
been designed to aid you in the game [Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc] and not 
to be used for profitable purposes. Anyone who wants my walkthrough on 
his/her website will have to write and ask (me) unless I offer to let 
them use it. Violation of this agreement is prohibited and punishable 
by law.

"Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc" Copyright ((c)) 2003 Ubi Soft Entertainment. 
"Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc" "Ubi Soft" and the Ubi Soft logo are 
trademarks of the Ubi Soft Entertainment Company.
"PlayStation 2(tm)" is a registered trademark of Sony.
"Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc Walkthrough" Copyright ((c)) 2003 Thomas 
All copyrights and trademarks of things in this walkthrough that have 
not been specifically mentioned in this section are acknowledged.
All Rights Reserved (r) 


Table of Contents

+ Introduction
+ E-mail Guidelines
+ The Story
+ Game Basics
   + Controls
   + Rayman's Moves
   + Game Structure
   + Characters
   + Collectable Items
   + The Powerups
   + Scoring Points
   + Fighting the Hoodlum Army
   + Hoodlum List A-Z
+ Walkthrough
   + The Fairy Council
   + Clearleaf Forest
   + The Bog of Murk
   + The Land of the Livid Dead
   + The Desert of the Knaaren
   + The Longest Shortcut
   + The Summit Beyond the Clouds
   + Hoodlum Headquarters
   + The Tower of the Leptys
+ Bonuses & Extras
+ Version History
+ Credits 


Hello, and welcome to my newest walkthrough. This is a funny game that 
I really like, newest in a great series. (If you haven't played the 
previous two Rayman adventures, you should, although the first is a 
little "old school").

Oh, and if you want to see my other work, they are all available at - 
in my humble opinion - one of the best gaming sites on the Internet,!

+ CTR: Crash Team Racing for PlayStation
+ Dr. Brain - I.Q. Adventure for PC
+ Wario Land 4 for Game Boy Advance
+ The Curse of Monkey Island for PC

E-mail Guidelines

Just the usual token stuff.

1. Check the ENTIRE walkthrough before sending a question. Chances are 
the answer is in there somewhere.

2. Be sure to put 'Rayman Question' or something similar as the 
subject. I don't want to mistake your message for spam.

3. The only mail I will respond to is pointing out an error in the FAQ, 
sending in a question, or telling me an alternate strategy or secret.

4. If I am sent threats, spam, insincere stuff, spam, bogus stuff, 
spam, insults, or spam, it will be deleted and all further messages 
from that author will be blocked.

5. I need to be able to understand your message. If I get a note like 
"hey dud yur faq totaly rocks and fyi yu missd somethin..." I will ignore 

The Story

Once upon a time, there was peace and harmony in the world of Rayman. 
But this was unbalanced when an innocent Red Lum, a health-bringing 
spirit, named Andre saw something so terrible that it turned him black 
with evil. So evil, in fact, that he decided to take over the world. He 
found that he had the power to transform Red Lums into Dark Lums like 
himself, and called himself Andre, the Dark Lum Lord. He also invented 
something called Laser Washing Detergent which, when poured on ordinary 
clothes, turned them into tough fighting outfits. When a Dark Lum was 
wearing one of these, he became a Hoodlum. Soon Andre had a whole 
Hoodlum Army, but it wasn't enough to rule the world. So, he decided to 
go to the Heart of the World where there were enough lums to create a 
gigantic army! He combined himself with lots of Dark Lums to form a 
huge Hoodlum, and smashed his way into the jungle. Rayman and his 
friend Globox were sleeping near a big mushroom, when Globox, a light 
sleeper, was awoken by the noise. He tried to pull Rayman's hands to 
wake him, but the armless hero's hands came right off! So Globox just 
ran off with them. Murfy, Rayman's frog friend, woke Rayman up and 
carried him off by the ears...

Game Basics

If you are already pretty far into the game, you obviously won't need 
this part, but if you're only a beginner, it might be helpful. Even if 
you are advanced, the enemies section might come in handy.


Menu Controls:

L1/R1: Scroll through menu screens. These are Game, Bonuses, and one 
       for each level you have been to.
Left Analog Stick: Select a choice within a screen
Square Button: Jump to Game screen. Here you can load, save, quit, or 
               modify options.
Circle Button: Jump to Bonuses screen. Here you can review cinematics
               from the game, play bonus games, watch bonus movies, and
               find out your Lums Race code once you beat the game.
X Button: Validate selection.
Triangle Button: Cancel selection/return to previous screen.

Game Controls:

Left Analog Stick: Move Rayman around.
Right Analog Stick: Control camera.
X Button: Jump
Square Button: Shoot/Use Powerup
Triangle Button: Enter Look Mode
Circle Button: View Health/Use Grimace 
Start Button: Access Menu
Select Button: Enter Photograph Mode
L1 or L2 Button: Roll
R1 or R2 Button: Hold down to lock on.

Look Mode:
Hold Triangle to enter Look Mode. 

L1 Button: Zoom Out
L2 Button: Lean Left
R1 Button: Zoom In
R2 Button: Lean Right
Left Analog Stick: Look Around
Release Triangle Button: Exit Look Mode

Photograph Mode:

A neat feature in Hoodlum Havoc is Photo Mode. Press Select to freeze 
everything. Use the same controls as Look Mode to look around, and take 
a picture with R3. You can save pictures you take. Also, if you lock on 
to an enemy then enter Photo Mode, you can press Circle to see their 
name and info.

Rayman's Moves

Rayman has lots of moves that are slightly more complicated. For 
fighting moves, see the "Fighting the Hoodlum Army" section.

HELICOPTER - X in mid-air
Use this move to get more air time while jumping. You can use it to go 
further on jumps and stay in the air longer. You can also slow down 
jumps with it to make precision landings.

ROLL - L1 or L2 
This move allows you to better dodge enemy fire.

To climb, just jump on to a surface covered with vines or mesh, or a 
ladder. Then use the analog stick to move up, down & around. Use X to 
jump off again.

To climb up a narrow gap between two walls, jump then press X to hang 
on. Then jump to a higher spot and hang on there. Repeat to reach the 

SWIM - Analog Stick in water.
This is pretty self explanatory. However, when you reach deep enough 
water, Rayman automatically dives. 

UNDERWATER SOMERSAULT - X or Square underwater.
Press X or Square to somersault underwater. This move comes in 
surprisingly handy sometimes.

There are also some vehicles which Rayman can use.

FUNKYBOARD - Found in groovy tunnels between levels. It moves forward 
automatically. Press X to jump, and the analog stick to move while 

SHOE - This is a little weird, but sometimes you must drive a shoe. Use 
the analog stick to move around and Square or X for a turbo boost.

SNOWBOARD - Steer the snowboard with the analog stick, and jump with X.

JETBIKE - In the last level, Globox brings a jetbike. When in the 
driver's seat, accelerate with X or Square and steer with the analog 
stick. When at the gun turret, move the gun with the analog stick and 
fire with Square.

Game Structure

This is very simple. To beat the game, you must get through nine 
environments, or Worlds, that you go through in linear order. Within 
the world are between three and six Stages, also linear. To beat the 
game 100%, beat the last boss, free all the Teensies from their cages, 
and get a Smile Stamp on every stage. To get a smile, you must get 
enough points by collecting Gems, beating enemies, etc. Points also 
unlock bonus movies and mini-games.


-- Good Guys -- 

RAYMAN - This odd hero has saved the World twice before, and he's ready 
to do it again. He has a different personality than the last two games, 
making him seem tougher. His most distinguishing features? Long rabbit-
like ears that spin and hands and feet that float in mid-air!

GLOBOX - Rayman's toad sidekick is definitely not the brightest bulb in 
the chandelier, but he is good-natured and loyal. He has bad enough 
luck to swallow the game's main villain, which will force him to drink 
plum juice, which he is allergic to. He also manages to fall into traps 

MURFY - In Rayman 2, Murfy the flying frog was Rayman's cheerful, 
energetic advice bringer, never seen without a smile. But during the 
game he was approached by a movie director who offered him a part in a 
love story. But then they changed their minds. Furious at having to 
play second fiddle to Rayman again, he becomes rude and sarcastic. Not 
at all pleasant, but at least he helps you.

TEENSIES - The Teensies are the short, blue, big-nosed (and they have 
the nerve to call Rayman "big nose") denizens of Rayman's world. They 
have forgotten who is their King, and there are so many claimants to 
the throne that it is hard to go anywhere without seeing a crowned 
Teensie. They also have magical powers and will help you if you free 
them from the cages where they are trapped. There are also Ghost 
Teensies and Snow Teensies, who are the same but with different 

DR. OTTO - When Globox swallowed the Dark Lum Lord, Rayman will take 
him to see this medical specialist. He has a German accent and a long 
white coat, and is very skilled at playing the electric arm.

DR. ROMEO - This is the stomach specialist who Otto recommends you to. 
He is a hippie who wears a headband and sunglasses, and can play 
Globox's belly like a drum kit.

THE UNNAMED JAPANESE DOCTOR - When Romeo finds out that Andre is lodged 
in Globox's brain, he sends the toad to a Japanese hollow cavity 
specialist. Dr. Japanese (as I will call him in the walkthrough) floats 
in the air uses his needle to eliminate "negative energy". The one 
thing I can't imagine is why he, or anyone for that matter, would want 
to live in the Desert of the Knaaren.

THE LEPTYS - Spooky mystical creatures who live in a tower far away. 
They have lots of power, but they will only give it to whoever has a 
certain Scepter. 

-- Bad Guys --

ANDRE - Andre is the leader of the Dark Lums. He wants to rule the 
world by gaining energy and multiplying infinitely to create a vast 
army. Likes - plum juice. Hates - being eaten.

THE DARK LUMS - Completely brainless, the Dark Lums obey Andre's every 
command. They were once Red Lums, but now fight for their Lord as 

THE HOODLUMS - When Dark Lums put on their special fighting clothes 
(and by this I mean clothes that fight) they become Hoodlums, who carry 
rifles and will stop at nothing to kill Rayman and rip open Globox to 
get Andre out.

RAZOFF - A hunter who lives in a huge mansion in the swamp. His species 
is in doubt, but he looks like a reptile of some sort. He always wears 
red, and thinks he is much better at hunting than he really is. He is 
so vain that he fills his house with trophies and statues of himself.

BEGONIAX - A stereotypical "fairy tale" witch, only she wears a 
cauldron on her head and carries a magic fork instead of a broomstick. 
Go figure. She has a major thing for Razoff.

THE KNAARENS - Very, very bad. Stay out of their way. These guys are 
extremely violent and totally invincible. They like to fight, torture 
intruders in their tunnels, then fight some more. 

REFLUX - Strongest of the Knaarens, he has magic powers and really, 
really, REALLY hates Rayman ever since Rayman beat him in the Knaaren 

KING GUMSI - He is a little wimp compared to all the other Knaarens, 
and yet still rules them. He likes watching the bloodsport, but never 
participates. I wonder why.

Collectable Items

CAGES - Break them and free the Teensies inside. They will reward you 
with gems or powerups. Also, for every six cages, your maximum health 
gets raised.

GEMS - The main way to score points. They come in three varieties - 
Crystals are yellow and worth 10 points, Rubies are red and worth 30 
points, and Emeralds are green and worth a whopping 1500 POINTS!!!
These are so rare and valuable that I will specifically list the 
locations of them in the walkthrough.

RED LUMS - Pick them up to refuel your health gauge a little.

LASER WASHING DETERGENT - Comes in five colors. Every color yields a 
different powerup. These are explained in detail later.

CROWN - Collect enough magic crowns to open a door.

JUICE BARREL - Get Globox to a barrel so he can drink plum juice and 
quell Andre's tantrums. 

MATUVU - A lizard who likes to hide. If you find him, center the Look 
Mode camera on him, and earn 250 points.

TRIBELLE - A sleeping butterfly who gives off a red glow. Walk up to it 
very slowly - if you are too fast it will wake up and vanish. Walk up 
to it without waking it up to receive 250 points.

PLUM - Found growing on trees. Knock it down and throw it on a stake. 
You can then use it as a platform.

The Powerups

Throughout the game, you will find powerups, either out in the open, 
dropped by an enemy, or given by a Teensie for freeing it. You can 
recognize a powerup by the rings coming out of the top and the bottom. 
Powerups only last a limited time, and you can tell when they will run 
out by the meter next to your life bar. Two things worth saying:

+ If an enemy has a $ over its head, it's carrying a powerup.

+ While you have a powerup, ANY points earned for any reason count 

VORTEX - Found in green cans of Laser Washing Detergent, this allows 
you to shoot a tornado that will shrink enemies and lower corkscrew 

HEAVY METAL FIST - Found in red cans, it gives you a much stronger 
attack. You can even smash Hoodlum Barricades by charging it.

LOCKJAW - Found in blue cans, this shoots what looks like a bear trap 
on a chain from your fist. It clamps on to enemies and hurts them. 
While it is clamped on them, you can tap Square repeatedly and quickly 
to send electric charges through it. It can also be used to swing from 
Flying Rings.

SHOCK ROCKET - Found in orange cans. To use this rocket, press Square 
to arm it. You can aim it while it's armed with the analog stick. Then 
press Square again to fire it. You can guide it in the air with the 
Analog Stick. It can be used to smash faraway targets and it will 
either destroy an enemy in one hit or not destroy it at all.

THROTTLE COPTER - Found in yellow cans. This power lets you temporarily 
use your helicopter to fly. However, it runs out very fast.

SHOE SHRINK - This powerup looks like a small shoe. When you use it, 
you will shrink, and fall into one of your shoes. (See "Rayman's Moves" 
to find out how to drive it.) The other shoe will drive off. Keep 
ramming it, and eventually you will grow, put your shoes back on, and 
the rogue shoe will yield an item. Also, some Gems can be accessed only 
while you're a shoe.

GRIMACE - The only permanent power, you receive Grimace after beating 
Reflux for the first time. Press Circle to turn Dark Lums into Red Lums 

Scoring Points

Throughout the game, you will find ways to score points. Points will 
unlock extras (movies or mini-games) when you find a certain number, 
and also, collecting enough points in a level earns you a Smile Stamp. 
There is also a thing called "Combo Mode". When you collect even one 
point, Combo Mode begins. Keep collecting more and more points to rack 
up huge Combos. Beware, when the collecting stops for even a couple of 
seconds, Combo Mode ends.

So, these are the ways to score, listed in order of least to most 

Pick up a Crystal = 10 Points
Pick up a Crown = 10 Points
Pick up a Ruby = 30 Points
Defeat a Hoodlum = 100 Points
Defeat a Hoodlum in a Special Way (i.e. squash it with Mecha-Legs) = 
130 Points
Spot a Matuvu = 250 Points
Approach a Tribelle = 250 Points
Defeat a Boss = 1500 Points
Pick up an Emerald = 1500 Points

There are also ways to lose points. I don't know them all, but here are 
a few:

Get Damaged = -1 Point
Crash Into a Wall while driving a Shoe = -1 Point
Fall Off the Track on a Funkyboard = -1 Point

Fighting the Hoodlum Army

In the game, there will be almost nowhere you are safe from Hoodlums. 
So naturally you need to know ways to dispose of these pests. Well, 
here they are...

NORMAL SHOT - Square Button
Press Square to shoot an enemy. This is Rayman's standard attack.

CHARGED SHOT - Hold down Square Button
Hold down Square for long enough to charge a shot that's three times as 
powerful. Release Square to fire.

Knowing how to lock on is vitally important. When a red circle appears 
on an enemy, hold R1 to lock on. While locked on, you can move around, 
sidestep, jump, helicopter, roll, attack, or fire lateral shots, while 
always facing the enemy. To disengage Lock On, release R1

SIDESTEP - Analog Stick while locked on
While locked on, you can move normally but always face the enemy. This 
is sidestepping and is very handy for avoiding hostile projectiles.

LATERAL SHOT - Square while sidestepping
To fire a shot that travels in a curve, press Square while 
sidestepping. The shot will curve in whatever direction you're moving 
when you fire. This is the best way to shoot around enemies with 

Hoodlum List A-Z

Know your foes! Mostly, these are the actual enemy names from the game.

ENEMY JETBIKE - They will attack when you are manning the laser cannon 
in the jetbike stage (Stage 9-3). Shoot them twice with the laser.

GRIM KEEPER - Grim Keeper has a shield that blocks all but lateral 
shots, and even these sometimes do not work - you must confuse him into 
letting you shoot around his shield. He attacks by releasing a walking 
exploding thing from under his cloak.

HECKLER - This is actually a boss. See either The Land of the Livid 
Dead, Hoodlum Headquarters or The Tower of the Leptys to find out how 
to kill him.

HERMIT CRAB - Throws starfish at you. Not much of a threat though. 
Killing him with a charged fist nets you a 30 point bonus.

HOODBOOM - He lobs grenades from a distance. Just get up close and kill 

HOODMONGER OFFICER - The toughest of the Hoodmonger line, he fires 
three shots at the same time - one that travels straight ahead, one 
that goes left, and one that goes right. Kill him like the other 

HOODMONGER PRIVATE FIRST CLASS - The most common enemy. He shoots 
easily dodged energy balls. To kill him, you must use lateral shots, 
because he spins his rifle to knock away your fire if you shoot 
straight ahead. You can also use charged shots or Heavy Metal Fist - 
these go right through his shield.

HOODMONGER SOLDIER - He fires energy arrows at you, which are not too 
hard to sidestep away from. Kill him like the Private First Class.

HOODOO - Hoodoo cannot attack directly, but he creates shields around 
other Hoodlums. If you get too close, he disappears. Shoot at whatever 
he's protecting to make him appear, then attack him. Repeat the process 
until he is gone.

HOODSTORMER - A very annoying flying Hoodlum who shoots energy balls 
from above. It is very hard to hurt him unless you lock on. Lateral 
shots are best, but not necessary.

KNAAREN - Completely invincible. Don't even try to kill them. They 
smash you with magic if you invade their personal space. 

LAVOMATRIX - This is also a boss, who never travels alone. See either 
The Desert of the Knaaren or The Summit Beyond the Clouds to find out 
how to kill him.

MUDDIBOG - He pops out of the ground to hurl rocks at you. One shot is 
all it takes. According to the game's info screen, it's not mud he's 
covered in. Ewww...

PIRAHNA - These leap out of the water in an arc. It's best to just 
avoid them, but you can also shoot them in mid-air.

ROBO-FISH - On the stage where you are sailing in a ship, these will 
attack constantly. You must destroy them by using your ship's cannons.

SLAPDASH - The game's weakest enemy. He shoots easy-to-avoid shots, 
cannot block you, and will die with one hit from anything.

SPIKER - Hangs out in a group. Touching it is very painful, so 
continually hit the group with charged shots to get them out of your 

SPINNEROO - This enemy will spin around quickly if you get too close. 
What you must do is keep shooting him (this pushes him backward) until 
you knock him into something deadly, like fire or slime. A Charged 
Heavy Metal Fist will also beat him.

STUMBLEBOOM - A Hoodboom on stilts. Use Vortex to knock him down, then 
kill him like a Hoodboom.

ZOMBIE CHICKEN - Making a reappearance from Rayman 2, the Zombie 
Chicken enemy flies out of walls at you in a group. Hit it once to 
destroy. But, beware, if a wall is "haunted" another group will come 
from it soon.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I use your guide, or part of it, on my website?

A. Feel free to. Be sure to write and ask me first though, and if you 
want to borrow part of it, say the Hoodlum List, to use in a guide of 
your own, fine. 

Q. Why can't I score any big combos on Combo Mode?

A. You must quickly perform point-giving actions. If you aren't fast 
enough, Combo Mode goes away.

Q. I can't find <insert cage number here> on <insert world name here>! 
Where is it?

A. Check the cage guide.

Q. I found an <emerald, treasure trove of gems, secret area, etc.> that 
you didn't mention!

A. Good! Send in what and where it is. I'll be happy to include it.

Q. I got the Heavy Metal Fist but I still can't break barricades! Why 

A. You need to charge it first.

Q. In the Desert of the Knaaren, one of the rock-dispensing vending 
machines is covered over, and I can't get the rock out! What should I 

A. At least ten people (whose names elude me, or I'd thank them for 
bringing the problem to my attention) have notified me of this glitch. 
It seems that the solution is just to reset the console and reload the 
game at the last point you saved.

Q. How do I make the platforms with hand-shaped marks on them move?

A. Hold R2 to lock on to the hand-shaped mark, then shoot it, quickly 
sidestep to the other side of the platform without letting go of R2, 
and shoot it again. Repeat until the platform has completed its 

And now, ladies and gentleman, the moment you've all been waiting for... 
put your hands together for the amazing...


Just a note here - I do not know what the Smile Stamp requirements are 
on all the levels. I'd appreciate it if you would send them in - my e-
mail is at the top.

World 1
The Fairy Council

Cages - Stage 1-1 - 0
        Stage 1-2 - 0
        Stage 1-3 - 0
        Stage 1-4 - 0
        Stage 1-5 - 0
        Stage 1-6 - 0
        Total - 0
Smile Stamp Requirement - 21,000 Points
Enemies - Hermit Crab, Hoodmonger Private First Class, Spikers, 

Stage 1-1
The Flight of the Murfy

You will be hanging by your ears from Murfy - steer him with the analog 
stick. You will continuously circle one area until you get all the Red 
Lums. Then you will enter a new area. Complete it and you'll be dropped 
into a pit.

Stage 1-2
Hand and Seek

When you arrive, Murfy will tell you about the story and scoring 
points, both of which you probably already know about. In this area, 
there are plenty of red lums and crystals for the taking. Smash the 
gnomes for more crystals. Once you get tired of it or get everything, 
go through the hollow log. Jump up the mushrooms and continue. When you 
get out in the open again, your first ruby is to the left. Go right and 
down the hill to get some crystals in the water and rubies from the 
mushrooms. Go back up and cross the bridge. Bounce over the mushrooms, 
and go up the cliff. Go up another bridge, and cross over to where the 
bouncy blankets are. You will see a cliff to the right of the blanket 
bridge. Ignore it for now and go to the end of the blanket bridge where 
some crystals are. Now go back, and jump to the cliff you saw before. 
There are crystals on the mushrooms. Go into the cave. On the other 
side is the Fairy Council. 

When you come out, go left for a stash of crystals. Now go over to the 
barrel of plum juice. It runs off. Hmmm... Better follow it. Step on the 
switch as you go, raising the wall. When the barrel gets there, it is 
stuck. Destroy it with several kicks to find Globox, who returns your 
hands. If the wall lowers before you destroy the barrel, it will run 
off again and the cycle starts over. Once Globox is free, go to the 
large building. Collect the crystals around the dolmen. Over by the 
wall, the game's first enemy, a Hermit Crab, shows up. Beat it, then go 
to where Globox and Murfy are. Shoot the switch. Now Andre shows up 
with a couple of Hoodlums. Globox smashes through the door, and Andre 
follows behind. Follow him.

Stage 1-3
The Fairy Council

When you get in, grab the crystals around the room. Now jump on the 
platform. Every time you shoot the switch it gets a little higher. Keep 
shooting it until you're at the top. Get the gems on the ledge running 
around the ceiling, look at the Matuvu above the doorway, then enter 

In this room, run on the spiral ramp, destroying all the PigPots as you 
go. When they are all gone, a door opens at the top of the room. Go 
through. Drop down and get all the crystals, then go back up and get on 
the platform. Use your lateral shot on alternating sides of the 
platform to reach the top. Once you are there, head for the bridge - 
but Andre raises it! Kill his clothes using lateral shots to shoot 
around the bridge. Then it will lower and the Dark Lum Lord flies off. 
Grab your first powerup - Vortex! Use it to shoot all the mushrooms in 
the next room, then jump up them. A Slapdash is on the top one - take 
him out. Then run into the passage.

Stage 1-4
The Way to a World's Heart...

Go down the ramp on the left and defeat the Hoodlum behind the Globox 
painting. He gives you a green can, so go up the ramp and shoot all the 
mushrooms to go up further. Swing over the vines. Once you reach the 
other side, you can helicopter left for a crystals and a passage that 
leads to some crystals and rubies hanging from the ceiling. Go back to 
the other side of the vines again. Slowly approach the Tribelle, then 
climb the ladder behind it.

Now, use the bouncy mushrooms to cross the ice. On the other side is a 
ruby and some crystals. Climb up again and go to the big room. Shoot 
the Slapdash. Now, look around. Notice that there are several holes 
around the walls. These can be reached by vines and bouncing mushrooms. 
The fourth one you look in always contains Andre, who flees through the 
door. A fairy shows up and opens it for you. Use the green can left by 
the Slapdash to reach it, then go through it. Rock climb up and head up 
the stairs. Do it fast, because they fall apart, making it harder to 
reach the top. At the top, go through the tunnel. At the end is one 
Hermit Crab - well, two, but one is crushed by a rock. Jump on that 
rock, then up again for gems. There are also gems to the left of the 
other Hermit Crab. Get the green can in the middle, then rock climb up 
the platform on the left of the room. Vortex the mushroom, and jump to 
the top. Swing over the vines, then go into the tunnel. Now pay 
attention, everyone, this is very important to the 
attention...Globox will accidentally swallow the Dark Lum Lord.

Stage 1-5
The Great Heart of the World

Go through the strange door to the Heart of the World. The Teensies 
think Andre is dead, but sadly they are wrong. One of the kings tells 
Rayman to take Globox to the doctor in Clearleaf Forest. Don't jump 
into the portal just yet. Look at all the pillars. One will have a 
small ledge protruding from it. Jump on then jump to the ledge near the 
ceiling. Go left to find a secret sliding area with gems and an 
EMERALD. At the bottom, you will be warped to the Heart again. Now jump 
in the portal.

Stage 1-6
Groovy, Man!

You will be in a disco tunnel on your Funkyboard (see "Rayman's Moves 
for how to use it). I can't really say much except - if you are going 
for gems, watch carefully; if you aren't stick to the center; there's 
an EMERALD at the top of the last big jump; and beware, every fall 
costs you 1 point. 

World 2
Clearleaf Forest

Cages - Stage 2-1 - 2
        Stage 2-2 - 3
        Stage 2-3 - 4
        Stage 2-4 - 1
        Stage 2-5 - 0
        Total - 10

Smile Stamp Requirement - 45,000 Points
Enemies - Hoodmonger Private First Class, Pirahna, Hoodmonger Soldier, 
Hoodboom, Slapdash

NOTE: From this point on, I won't list gems that are in obvious places 
because - well - they're obvious. I will only list hard to find gems, 
out of the way gems, and all emeralds.

Stage 2-1
Into the Woods

Head toward the big building and kill the two Hoodmonger Privates 
guarding it. There are several PigPots around to smash. When you're 
done, enter the door on the far right. Shoot the switch to activate the 
moving platform, hop on, then jump to the grating. When you see the 
next switch, shoot it to deactivate the laser gate. On the other side 
of the gate is a safe floor; drop off the grate. Take note of the 
closed door to your left, then shoot CAGE 1. The Teensie inside will 
give you a green can. Get it, and the door will open. Jump through it 
and run along the ledge to the beginning of the room. The gate at the 
other side of the ledge will open, and you'll be back in front of the 
building. Enter the central door. Shoot the mushroom down to size, and 
jump up to a new room. In here, go left, then out on to the bridge. A 
Barricade will cut off your progress. Two Hoodmonger Privates will show 
up and cut off your retreat. Kill them both for your first Red Can. To 
test it out, go past Globox to the Barricade near the beginning of the 
room, smash it, and break all the PigPots for combo fun! Then go back 
to the other end of the room through the now open gate, ignoring the 
bridge. Smash CAGE 2 at the end for a bunch of gems. Then get the red 
can again, go out on the bridge, charge your fist, and break the 
barricade. Go through and drop into the tree trunk.

Now, head for the waterwheel! Kill all the Hoodlums guarding it. Then 
ascend the crates. Globox will come, drink the plum juice, and pull you 
both into the waterfall. 

To swim, tap X or Square as fast as you can. Use the analog stick to 
move side to side. Pirahnas will leap out of the water - move to the 
side to get out of their way. If they hit you, or if you stop swimming 
for even a second, you'll slide down. It isn't too hard to reach the 

Stage 2-2
Got Detergent?

Run down the path and drop over the cliff, collecting the red lums on 
the crates if necessary. Now head over the bridge and drop further to 
the valley floor. To your left are a corkscrew mushroom and an area 
with a few crystals; to your right is a Barricade. Beat all the 
Hoodlums in the valley for a green can. Hit the mushroom, and jump up, 
run around, and bounce over to a spot with two more Hoodmongers. Beat 
both for a red can. You can now smash the three Barricades in the area. 
The one at the bottom of the valley that you saw before has two PigPots 
behind it, the one you come to after jumping up from the mushroom has 
CAGE 3 (the Teensie gives you an EMERALD), and the one next to the red 
can has a passage to the next area. Collect all the spoils then head 
through the tunnel to the next area.

You will come out in a river valley. Under the waterfall on the right 
are two crystals, partially obscured by the spray. Jump over the cliff 
on the left for some gems, red lums and a PigPot at the bottom. Now 
climb the ladder near the waterfall. From the ledge at the top you can 
helicopter to CAGE 4, who leaves a blue can. Run up the small bridge 
and shoot the ring to swing over. Jump to the rock ledge. Go up the 
next bridge and bounce to the waiting Hoodmonger. If you want, you can 
kill him the old fashioned way, or you can try using the Lockjaw to 
give him electric shocks. He leaves another blue can. Use the can to 
swing across the rings and cliffs to the end of the canyon. If you fall 
at any time, go back to find a ladder that lets to climb to the first 
blue can. At the end of the canyon, go up the ramp and jump to the 
tunnel to meet a Hoodlum. He runs back to his camp. Kill all three 
Hoodmongers there, then go right to the small gate with a hole in it. 
Shoot through the hole and the Hoodlum on the other side raises the 
gate, admitting you to the picnic area. Beat all the Hoodlums, then 
jump onto a table and break open CAGE 5. You receive a red can. Three 
more Hoodmonger Privates appear in the main camp. Use the Heavy Fist to 
beat them, and get the PigPots to the left of the Barricade. Now go 
refill your red can power, and break the barricade. 

In the next area is a plum tree. Shoot the plum to knock it down, then 
walk into it to pick it up. Press Square to throw it onto the stake. 
Then jump on it and run into the corridor.

Stage 2-3
Simply Shock-ing!

Run into the main room and kill the Hoodmonger Soldier for an Orange 
Can. Grab the Shock Rocket and look around. In the room are three 
grates, each with a hole in the middle. In addition, according to 
block717, there is a hole in the ceiling with a switch at the end that 
opens a gem cache in the floor. Shoot through each hole and navigate 
each corridor, avoiding the Hoodlum and Andre portraits. At the end of 
each is a portrait of either Rayman or Globox. Blow that up to raise 
one of the three gates obstructing the path. Raise all the gates, and 
kill the Soldier who enters the corridor. Run past him, and kill the 
Hoodmonger for a Red Can. Smash all the PigPots as fast as you can, 
then gather the gems for a big combo! Load up your Heavy Metal Fist 
power again and enter the tunnel that leads outside. You'll be 
introduced to Mr. Hoodboom. Run around the left wall to quickly find 
and smash a small Barricade before time runs out. There is a PigPot 
behind it. Now kill every Hoodlum in front of the fort. The last one 
leaves a green can. Shoot the nearby mushroom and use the blue can 
above it to swing into the fort.

Beat both Hoodmongers inside. Hoodboom now starts lobbing bombs. Look 
around until you find a Slapdash on the ground. Beat him and take his 
orange can. Now shoot Hoodboom with the Shock Rocket to kill him. Look 
around for a ladder. Climb that, then climb the one next to it to find 
a lever. Shoot it to open the gate and admit Globox, who drinks the 
plum juice in the fort. He will leap to a high ledge and belch a purple 
bubble. Find the Shock Rocket again and blow open CAGE 6, which is 
above where Globox is. If you want, you can collect all the gems around 
the fort. When you're done, bounce on the bubble Globox belched to 
reach him. Go into the passage behind him to find a room with several 
Hoodlums and a giant stack of crates. Climb the crates, noting the 
location of the Barricade as you go up. From the top of the stack you 
can access several awnings around the room, each of which has two 
crystals and a ruby. At the top, there is a hall that leads to a room 
with a net on the ceiling. Swing over to a platform with a lever. 
Hitting the lever opens a trapdoor below. Drop through to find CAGE 7. 
You will receive a red can for breaking the cage. Take it and go 
through the door back into the crate room. Climb the stack again and 
smash the barricade you saw before. CAGE 8 is behind it. You get 
another red can for opening this one. Take it and go back to the net 
room. Break the Barricade next to the trapdoor for CAGE 9 and a third 
can. Take this and go to the small stack of crates at the back of the 
room. Climb it, smash the Barricade, then go through the hallway.

Stage 2-4
Mecha-Legs' Pit

Welcome back to the outdoors. Beat the Soldier and break CAGE 10 for a 
bunch of crystals. Drop into any of the three pits then head through 
the tunnel to come out in the first boss arena! 



You are in a large area with five hexagons arranged in a circle. Each 
has a button on it. At the center is another hexagon, with three lights 
on it. One of the buttons in the outer ring will be lit. Step on it to 
activate a light in the middle. Step on two more lighted buttons to 
light the other lights in the center. Once all three lights are lit, an 
orange can appears. You must do all this while being pursued by a 
Hoodlum and his gigantic legs. If he steps on you, not only will you be 
damaged but also crushed - press X repeatedly to escape that state. 
Also, when the orange can appears you must get to it quickly - if 
Mecha-Legs gets there first, he will crush it out of existence and you 
must activate the light all over again. Get the Shock Rocket and shoot 
it at the Hoodlum (NOT the legs - they are invincible). Repeat this 
twice to take the boss out of commission. Be wary that sometimes on the 
third life he will summon Slapdashes to cover the lighted buttons, but 
this shouldn't be a problem.


Once Mecha-Legs is defeated, Rayman will take control of the legs. 
Hoodmonger Soldiers will pour into the arena. You must crush them by 
pressing X to stomp on them. Every time you kill one, the yellow health 
bar goes down a little. Deplete it and the Hoodlums will stop coming. 
Rayman will now jump off the legs again.

Go through the gate the Hoodlums came through, then the small door. 
Cross the meadow and enter the next doorway.

Stage 2-5
The Doctor's Office

As soon as you enter, turn around and follow the corridor to a hole in 
the wall (this secret contributed by David Gandon). Jump into the hole 
and fall down into the pit for several gems, including an EMERALD. 
Enter the warp portal. Jump down and defeat all the Hoodmonger 
Privates. Once you do it, the portal will open. Follow Globox through 
the portal. After a scene in which Dr. Otto fails to flush out Andre, 
you are on the Funkyboard again. This stage is harder, with falling and 
moving rails. As before, there is an EMERALD hovering over the final 
big jump. But you never reach the end - Rayman will come to a spot with 
no rails! You fall off the track and into...

World 3
The Bog of Murk

Cages - Stage 3-1 - 2
        Stage 3-2 - 2
        Stage 3-3 - 1
        Stage 3-4 - 2
        Stage 3-5 - 1
        Stage 3-6 - 1
        Total - 9 
Smile Stamp Requirement - 26,000 Points
Enemies - Hoodmonger Private First Class, Stumbleboom, Spinneroo, 
Slapdash, Muddibog

Stage 3-1
Begoniax Marsh

After an awkward scene with Rayman and Begoniax, grab the ruby in the 
outhouse and jump off the end of the bridge onto the mudhill. Open CAGE 
1, who leaves a yellow can - the Throttle Copter! Fly over to the tree 
which is farther from Begoniax's house. Get the crystals around it, 
then helicopter to the bridge. Get the crystals around the other tree, 
then use the mud hills and mushrooms to go round to the side of the 
house. You will see a bridge with another outhouse at the end. Jump on 
the roof of the outhouse then jump to the roof of Begoniax's house. 
CAGE 2 is nearby - shoot it for three rubies. Now go back around to the 
front of the house and go inside.



The arena for this is a narrow walkway around a huge cauldron. Begoniax 
uses her fork to lob potion at you. If it hits you, you become a frog. 
When you are a frog, run from Begoniax who will try to smash you with 
her huge fork. What you must do is when a red circle appears around on 
the potion, jump up and shoot the potion itself (NOT the cauldron) to 
turn Begoniax into a frog. Chase her and hit her with any attacks you 
like to drain her health. Later in the battle, she charges at you - 
jump over her as she goes by. Just keep turning Begoniax into a frog 
and whacking her to score a victory.


Once Begoniax is beaten, she will flee into the downstairs room. Follow 
her and pick up the numerous crystals and rubies. Once you are 
satisfied with your gem count, jump into the magic mirror in front of 

Stage 3-2
Pirahna Swamp

Cross the mud hills to the bridge. At the end of the bridge is a 
Spinneroo - keep shooting him until he falls in the swamp and dies. Now 
jump over to the main island and defeat the card-playing Hoodmongers. 
They leave a green can behind. Get the gems around the island, then get 
the green can. Shoot the Stumbleboom patrolling around the island, and 
he will sink into the swamp and leave a Flying Ring which goes to the 
end of the bridge where the Spinneroo was. Now shoot the mushrooms 
which are on the opposite side of the island from the card table. Jump 
up them and kill the two Slapdashes who appear in the small building. 
Open CAGE 3 for a blue can. Get Lockjaw and go back to where the 
Spinneroo was. Swing over to the other side and jump into the hollow 
log for several crystals and CAGE 4. For opening the cage you get a 
Yellow Can which you can use to fly back out of the hollow log. Now go 
through the doorway to end this very short stage.

Stage 3-3
Boggy Cove

Cross the mushrooms to the small bridge and kill the Hoodmonger at the 
end of it. Defeat the Muddibog to get a blue can then use the mushroom 
to cross to the next island. Beat the Muddibogs for a ruby. If you 
still have Lockjaw power, jump up the tall mushrooms and swing into the 
building. If not, go back to the blue can. Once inside, walk left a 
little and turn around to find a Hoodmonger Private and CAGE 5. Open 
the cage for a ruby, then continue deeper into the building by shooting 
the spiky tentacles to make them retract. Kill the two Muddibogs as you 
go. Once outside, cross the bridge to the left and kill the Hoodmonger. 
There are red lums on the raised boat and PigPots underneath it. Go up 
the next bridge, dodging Pirahnas, and kill the Hoodmonger for a green 
can. Take it and go back to the exit of the building. Shoot the three 
corkscrew mushrooms and cross to the walkway, where the Hoodlum runs 
off. Kill the other Hoodlum sleeping in the boat for a green can. Cross 
over to the island near where the Stumbleboom is, and kill him and both 
Hoodmongers. Now jump on the boat. Another boat with two more 
Hoodmongers comes. Beat them both for a Blue Can. First, though, 
helicopter over to the far-off boat behind the big ship. It will take 
to and back from an island with several crystals and an EMERALD. Once 
you're back, get the blue can and swing over to the big ship. Destroy 
yet another Hoodmonger, and drop into the hollow stump at the end of 
the ship. 

Stage 3-4
Hoodlum Swamp Fort

Drop to ground level to get some lums and crystals on the mushrooms. 
Then jump back up and cross the plants, killing Hoodlums along the way. 
At the end, cross the bridge and go through the tunnel, noting the 
raised mushroom to the right. At the end, kill the Spinneroo for a 
Flying Ring and the Hoodmonger for a green can. Take the can and use it 
to lower the mushroom in the tunnel. Jump up to a new area, and kill 
the Hoodlums - they will try to hide behind the tree. Break CAGE 6 for 
a blue can. Take it and go back to the area with the Spineroo and 
Hoodmonger. At the entrance, jump and break CAGE 7 for an Emerald, and 
continue to the Flying Ring. Swing over to the fort exit, killing two 
Slapdashes who are cutting off the exit. Once outside, jump to the 
island on the left and beat all the Muddibogs for a green can. Use it 
to get rid of the Stumblebooms and then jump up to the big doors and 
beat the Hoodmongers. The doors now will open...

Stage 3-5
Razoff's Mansion

Move forward into the entrance hall to be confronted by the great (and 
in my opinion, a little insane) hunter Razoff...



To beat Razoff, you must chase him through the rooms of his house. To 
damage him, simply shoot him as you chase him. Sometimes he will come 
to a large room, shut the doors, and counterattack you. He has two ways 
of doing this; he shoots arrows from his arrow gun and drops mines. You 
can still attack him when he does this. Sometimes you will come to a 
room and suddenly see yourself through the scope of a sniper rifle. 
When he snipes you, the only way to avoid it is to hide behind the 
furniture. CAGE 8 is in the largest room, behind the hanging clock. 
Just shoot him until his life bar is depleted. He will then run off to 
the basement. 


Go to the entrance hall and go through the door Razoff went through.

Stage 3-6
Razoff's Dungeon

Walk forward to begin the next battle.



The arena for this one is a stone grid with lots of pits between the 
walkways. Razoff swings back and forth, trying to hurt you. Don't worry 
about the pits - if you fall in, a tentacle lifts you out. Shoot Razoff 
with charged shots (normal ones hardly do any damage). Occasionally the 
tentacle lifts out a red can. Use this to do even more damage. CAGE 9 
is off on the far right - shoot through the bars to get it.


Once Razoff is defeated, watch the amusing cinematic. Rayman and Globox 
jump in the magic mirror to go to the next world.

World 4
The Land of the Livid Dead

Cages - Stage 4-1 - 4
        Stage 4-2 - 2
        Stage 4-3 - 3
        Stage 4-4 - 0
        Stage 4-5 - 0
        Total - 9
Smile Stamp Requirement - 60,000 (?) (Thanks, David Gandon)
Enemies - Spikers, Slapdash, Hoodmonger Soldier, Hoodstormer, 
Hoodmonger Private First Class, Grim Keeper, Hoodoo, Hoodboom

Stage 4-1
Cemetery Meadow

Raise your hand if you thought this would be a "haunted" type 
environment? Yes? Me too. The first area is littered with gems all over 
the place. What's even better is, they're laid out in lines so you can 
rack up big combos. Jump on the balancing rock at the start, and from 
there jump to the dolmen. Free the Ghost Teensie in CAGE 1 then drop to 
where he is. He will create a green can for you. Run into the tunnel 
near Globox, destroying the groups of Spikers as you go. Once you get 
out, lower the whitish mushroom. Get the gems in the pool and on the 
grass, then jump on the dolmen via the mushroom. Grab the orange can. 
CAGE 2 is near the waterfall and CAGE 3 is in a small hole in the rock 
to the right of the waterfall. Both should be destroyed with the Shock 
Rocket. The ghost from Cage 2 leaves a yellow can near the waterfall. 
Use it to fly up behind the fall for some crystals and a plum. Take the 
plum to the nearby stake, killing the Slapdashes that appear. Jump on 
it, then up to the cliff. Head down past the fence and into the 
corridor, killing enemies in your way.

Once you reach the end, Globox will drink the plum juice and belch 
another bouncy bubble. Use the bubble to get up to a secret hole in the 
wall, which leads to a crypt filled with crystals and one EMERALD. Go 
back and use the bubble to bounce to the ledge and go back outside. In 
this area you must kill several Hoodlums including your first 
Hoodstormer. Oh joy. Beat them all for a green can which you should use 
to shrink the nearby mushroom. Jump up to the cliff, beat the two 
Hoodmongers, and smash CAGE 4. He leaves a Shoe Shrink powerup. Battle 
your shoe and you will receive a red can for winning. Take it, then go 
back to where Cage 4 was. Break the Barricade and go through. 

Stage 4-2
Hoodlum Harbor

First order of business - kill lots and lots of Hoodlums, which will 
net you a blue can. Go over to the chain of balloons, swing up, and 
bounce across them to solid ground. Then jump over and open CAGE 5 for 
a green can. Use it to lower the nearby mushroom, which you can use to 
reach the cliff.

Dispose of both Hoodmongers, then enter the cave. There is a Matuvu on 
the wall and a Tribelle in the corner in here. Plus there are many gems 
which can be obtained by bouncing on the balloons. Once you're done, go 
down the stairs and fight a Grim Keeper. When he's gone, Globox will 
run in and drink plum juice, belching two bubbles to get you up to the 
platform. Go right and collect a crystal in a alcove in the wall. The 
alcove leads to a passage. Follow it to a room with many crystals and 
an EMERALD (thanks to David Gandon). Now return to the ledge you 
bounced off the bubble to reach. Open CAGE 6 for a red can. Run out of 
the room and smash the Barricade with it.

Prepare for a Hoodlum battle. First, you must defeat two Hoodmonger 
Privates, one of which is protected by a Hoodoo. Then a Hoodboom starts 
flying around and two Hoodmonger Soldiers drop down. Kill them and a 
third parachutes in. Defeat the third to get a Shock Rocket which you 
can use to destroy the Hoodboom in the flying ship.

When that's all taken care of, a Hoodmonger shows up in the corner. 
Waste him and he'll leave a yellow can behind. Fly up to the cliff, 
where there are some gems and an arch. Go through the arch.

Stage 4-3
The Two Towers

When you come in, you'll see a scene where a Hoodmonger shuts the gate 
of the fort and jumps down. Destroy him, and he'll leave a red can. Use 
it to destroy the barricade near the entrance. Run through the passage 
to the tower. A Hoodstormer shows up on the bridge - eliminate it. Get 
the gems in front of the tower, then go in. Hit the switch to make the 
pillars rise. Jump up until you reach CAGE 7, who leaves a blue can on 
the bottom semitransparent stair. Beware- the pillars sink when you 
step on them. Grab the can, go up the stairs, swing over and get 
another can. Continue up the stairs like this until you reach the top 
and CAGE 8. Cage 8 gives you a green can, but you have to helicopter 
down to the very bottom. Get the can, then jump down into the canyon. 
Lower the mushrooms over the water and get a plum from the tree at the 
end of the canyon (the right side when facing the tower). Throw it to 
the first mushroom, get it, throw it to the second, get it, then throw 
it to the other side. Take it to the stake at the other end of the 
canyon, and jump on it for CAGE 9. The ghost creates a portal in the 
door of the tower. When you go in, it takes you to a different tower.

In the lobby, defeat all the Hoodlums for a red can. Use it to break 
the Barricade at the top of the ramp. Go up the next corridor to find a 
Hoodmonger protected by a Hoodoo. Defeat them for a orange can. Shoot 
the Shock Rocket into the hole between the two barred doors to hit a 
switch that opens both. Go up into yet another room with yet another 
Hoodmonger. This one leaves a yellow can that lets you fly up to a blue 
can. Swing up the rings to a ledge. Run up the ledge, avoid the 
grenades that are bouncing down. At the top, you must beat a Hoodboom 
and Hoodoo pairing. They leave a red can. Smash the barrier with it, 
and watch a scene where the Teensies destroy the fort guards. When you 
regain control, take the Shoe Shrink powerup. Follow your shoe to the 
bottom of the tower. Fight it there and when it's beaten, go through 
the portal and return to the fort at the start of the stage. When you 
get there, a big menace comes through the gate...



Heckler has two attacks - one where he rapidly shoots orbs from the 
cannon on his shoulder, and an unavoidable one where he grabs you and 
throws you on the ground (this is only when you get too close). To beat 
him, take the red can, charge it, and shoot at him to knock his armor 
up in the air. While its in the air, hit his exposed body as many times 
as you can before it falls back on. Rinse and repeat.


When he's gone, find the orange can he left behind. Shoot the Shock 
Rocket at the lever to open the Fort Gate. Go through the tunnel behind 

Stage 4-4
Mega-Squid's Depths

Head forward on to the beach and jump in the water. Swim toward the 
tunnel and you automatically dive. Swim through the passage and 
eventually you'll come to a large arena. Let the second battle in five 
minutes commence!



Mega-Squid's attacks are:

+ He drops a homing missile at you from the ceiling.

+ He opens his mouth, and a cannon inside fires energy balls. To avoid 
them, get in the gaps between them.

+ He closes his mouth and fires a giant laser. Somersault over it to 
avoid being hurt.

When his mouth is open, wait until a homing missile is coming at you. 
Swim toward Mega-Squid so the missile goes that way too. Then 
somersault over it so the missile hits the cannon in the mouth, Mega-
Squid's weak spot. Just do this until he becomes scrap metal.


Once you're done, swim through the doorway at the opposite end of the 
arena. Swim up to the surface, and jump across the wooden platforms. 
Enter the passage.

Stage 4-5
The Doctor's Office II

Grab the orange can and shoot the Shock Rocket through the hole. The 
aim is to destroy all the Hoodlums as this will open the door and give 
you access to the portal. There are also two holes in the ceiling with 
buttons in them. Shoot both buttons to open a lucrative secret area 
with four rubies and two emeralds!(You can even DOUBLE your score by 
getting it with shock rocket power still on you.) When all the Hoodlums 
are dead, enter the portal. Dr. Romeo cannot flush out Andre either, 
and since Andre is in Globox's brain, Romeo sends you to an empty 
cavity specialist in the Desert of the Knaaren. Good luck!

Sadly, this is the last Funkyboard stage in the game, with more widely 
spread rails and falling platforms. Reach the end in one piece and 
you'll be in... 

World 5
The Desert of the Knaaren

Cages - Stage 5-1 - 2
        Stage 5-2 - 2
        Stage 5-3 - 5
        Stage 5-4 - 1
        Stage 5-5 - 2
        Stage 5-6 - 0
        Total - 12
Smile Stamp Requirement - 45,000 
Enemies - Knaaren, Zombie Chicken, Slapdash, Hoodmonger Private First 
Class, Hoodoo, Hoodmonger Officer, Stumbleboom, Hoodstormer, Spinneroo 

Stage 5-1
Slime Canyon

Head forward and jump across the bones, collecting gems on the way, and 
making sure not to touch the ground (it's so hot, it's deadly). On the 
ribcage, you'll fight some Slapdashes. Once you reach the skull, jump 
in. Globox will swallow plum juice and float away. Reach the end of the 
canyon by jumping over the solid platforms and the wooden ones which 
rise and sink. At the end, you'll find a Throttle Copter. Use it to fly 
to another one further back in the direcion you just came but higher, 
and use that and use it to fly to a higher one than that. With the 
third, fly almost straight up to get the fourth, then fly over the 
bridge for the fifth. From here, helicopter to two platforms, one above 
the other, connected by bones. Helicopter to the bottom one, collect 
the crystals, and go up to the top one. Get the blue can and swing as 
far left as you can go on the rings. Then swing right again, but to the 
ring on a higher level than you were on before. Jump down and enter the 
doorway. Use the Shock Rocket to open CAGE 1, then go down to the 
doorway where the Teensies are, under the furthest ring to the left. 
The Teensies will tell you about the Knaarens, then leave you with a 
red can. Take it, then climb down the bones to the left, break the 
Barricade, but don't go through yet. First, kill the Hoodlum so Globox 
will follow you, then go through. The floor will crumble beneath you. 
Globox will be grabbed and carried off by a Knaaren, so collect the 
gems around the room and leave by the doorway in the upper left of the 
room. Run forward and drop into the pit. The Knaaren will ring the gong 
to let the others know you are coming. 

Run forward, then drop onto the island down below in the slime to avoid 
the Knaaren. Climb up the ladder near the ramp, then go up the ramp and 
open CAGE 2 for a blue can. Drop back to the island in the slime again, 
but this time take the orange can there. Shoot the Shock Rocket at the 
gong, then quickly climb the ladder near the ramp, take the blue can, 
run up the ramp, swing over, and run into the alcove. When the Knaaren 
goes past, run and drop into the pit.

In this room, take the rock from the vending machine. You now must 
cross the room and put it on the button. Sounds simple, huh? Not 
really. Zombie chickens come in through the walls. When a group comes, 
put the rock down with X and shoot them. Then pick it up and carry it a 
little further before the next group comes. Once the button is pushed 
down, the gate opens. Go through and get the gems, then shoot the Shock 
Rocket at the gong. Drop into the hallway, run forward, and jump into 
the alcove in the wall so the Knaaren can't get you. Now jump into the 
next room. (You can also continue along to the end, past the alcove, to 
an area with gems and an EMERALD - thanks to Bart Thompson and 
block717, who both pointed this out to me.) You have to carry the rock 
to the button again, but you have more distance to cover this time. 
When the rock is on the button, a door opens at the end of the room. Go 
through it.

Stage 5-2
The Great Hall

Move toward a Knaaren to get it to start pursuing you. Run up to the 
button with the footprint picture on it (it's near the huge statue), 
and get the Knaaren to step on it. This activates the moving platforms 
above. Go to the entrance, run up the nearby ramp, and jump to the 
first one as it comes toward you. Jump to the stationary platform, then 
jump to the moving one on the left. It will take you to CAGE 3 - open 
it for a green can. Get the green can and run over to the mushroom in 
the opposite corner, which gives you access to a gem cache that 
includes an EMERALD. Now go to the moving platforms again, but this 
time when you get to the stationary platform jump to the moving 
platform on the right. From there jump to another one on the right, and 
from there jump to a blue can. Use it to swing up to another stationery 
platform above the blue can. Cross three platforms to the left for 
another blue can, which lets you swing to a platform to the right of 
the giant eagle statue. From there jump to the statue itself and CAGE 
4, which gives you a yellow can. Use it to fly up to a passage. Run 
into the passage.

Stage 5-3
The Knaaren Tower

DON'T go left - although that arch may look like the way, it leads to a 
place with five unpassable Knaarens. Instead, go right, and rock climb 
up between the narrow walls. Go left at the top and use the platforms 
and bone-covered walls to pass over the heads of the Knaarens. Once you 
reach the last platform, helicopter down to the ledge next to the slime 
lake. Go through the room, and you'll come out on a ledge. Go left and 
drop down to the ledge running around the gong. Jump to the small hole 
with the orange can opposite the gong and hit the gong with the Shock 
Rocket. Then helicopter down to the ground, and run over to the 
Throttle Copter. Fly up to the first ledge you come to. Grab the blue 
can before the Knaaren comes back, then use the bone ladder to reach 
the highest ledge. Go left, swing over, and run around the circle. Then 
go over the bridge and through the cave. In the next room, ignore the 
tower for now and helicopter to the T-shaped walkway and go forward for 
CAGE 5. Now follow the walkway to a ladder leading back up to a tower. 
Drop to the Throttle Copter and use it to fly up to the roof of the 
tower for CAGE 6 and an EMERALD. Drop to the walkway again, and this 
time follow it all the way to another open cave and another tower with 
a corkscrew path leading up it. Go to the orange can, then hit CAGE 7 
with the Shock Rocket, followed by the gong to dodge the first pair of 
Knaarens and go up further. To dodge the second Knaaren pair, go around 
the small pillar, and they'll follow you around. Do this for the third 
pair also. For the fourth pair, do the same thing you did with the 
first - hit CAGE 8, then the gong. At the top, rock climb up, and hit 
CAGE 9 once you're at the top. Now follow the bridge to the next stage.

Stage 5-4
Reflux's Arena

Go in any direction you like - you'll end up surrounded by Knaarens! 
The only way to escape is to jump into what looks like a bottomless 
pit. You'll slide into another room. Collect the crystals and look at 
the Matuvu on the ceiling. Then jump on to the grave, and to the ledge 
above it. You will find another carry-the-rock-to-the-button section, 
but this one is a grid of rickety walks where you must figure out which 
is safe. I can't really explain this - you must figure it out by trial 
and error. Once you reach the button, a door nearby opens. Go through 
it. Once you reach a dead end, drop to the left, then turn around and 
go that way. You'll come to an area with pillars that rise and sink in 
the slime. When the path makes a U-turn, helicopter left instead of 
going to the next pillar and climb the bone ladder, then drop down to a 
secret area with lots of gems and an EMERALD. Then go through the door, 
jump to the ledge, then to the bone ladder above the door. Climb up and 
follow the passage for another EMERALD. You'll be back on the bridge 
over the corridor to the slime area. Return to the slime area and go to 
the end this time for CAGE 10, then helicopter to the hallway with the 
red lums. Follow the hall to a room with a cracked floor and jump onto 
the ledge. Several Knaarens will arrive and the floor will break. Jump 
into the pit. So long, suckers...!

...or not. Reflux, the strongest Knaaren, will now corner you and 
challenge you to a battle. It's an offer you literally can't refuse.



You fight Reflux in a small arena surrounded by lava with a net hanging 
off the side. On the net are red lums and red cans. Reflux has six, 
count 'em, SIX attacks...

1) He will surround himself with a shield, enabling him to kill you on 
2) He will send energy bars that stretch from the center of the arena 
to the edge, and whirl them around.
3) He will make energy rings and waves.
4) He will make flaming boulders fall. These create permanent flames.
5) He will make flames appear on the net if you stay on it too long.
6) He will make orbs that move along the ground at you.

He performs these at random. Only on #6 is he unshielded. This is your 
chance - lock on to his staff and attack it. Heavy Metal Fist kills him 
faster. It will take a while to bring him down - always.


For winning this battle, you receive the Grimace power, which lets you 
turn Dark Lums into Red Lums by pressing Circle. You'll be in a room 
with lots of crystals around the walls, perfectly lined up for a combo. 
Beat two Hoodmongers to receive a green can. Use that to lower the 
mushroom and jump into the hallway.

Stage 5-5
Sand and Fire

You'll be back outside. Jump across the bones, collecting gems. On the 
way, you'll have to beat a Hoodoo guarding a Hoodmonger Officer. Once 
you reach solid ground, it's time to fight another boss.



This is really a pair of bosses, but they share one health bar. When 
half of it is gone, one of them dies. To hurt them, simply shoot at 
them. They have two attacks - they will shoot flames at you, and (while 
there are two of them) they shoot bubbles at you which will lift you 
up. If one lifts you up, he'll smash you into the other. To avoid being 
picked up, shoot them if you get lifted to make them drop you.


When they are dead, Globox will drink the plum juice and belch two 
bubbles. Use them to bounce up to CAGE 11. It will give you a red can - 
smash the nearby barricade with it. Go into the cave, run past the 
enemies, and smash CAGE 12 for a green can. Kill all four Stumblebooms 
with it. 

Mikael Johansson sends me this helpful tip:

"In Desert of the Knaaren, part 7, when you're in the large area with 
the four Stumblebooms, you should NOT break Cage 12! Absolutely not! To 
get access to another EMERALD, you should instead do this:

Place yourself right under a Stumbleboom, and wait for a bunch of 
grenades to come. When they hit you, run away quickly, they will 
explode and the Stumbleboom will fall down. Do this with all of them, 
kill them and NOW break Cage 12. Because when the Stumblebooms are 
gone, the Teensie will not give you a green can, but an EMERALD!"

Now, four Hoodstormers will arrive. Defeat them all for a blue can. Use 
that to swing over the crates. On the other side of the crates is a 
Spinneroo protected by a Hoodoo. Beat the Hoodoo, then kill the 
Spinneroo by pushing him into the flames. Go past the flames to find a 
gem-filled passage and EMERALD (thanks to Daniel Normington). Cross the 
bridge and enter the door.

Stage 5-6
The Doctor's Office III

To get to the doctor here, you have to step on the buttons to make 
pillars slam down. Your aim is to crush the Hoodlums on the other side. 
When they are dead, hop over and into the portal. You can also drop 
into the gap and turn around for an area with several gems and an 
EMERALD. (Thanks go out to Geoff Hankinson.) In a cutscene, Dr. 
Japanese gets Andre out of Globox, but he escapes, allies with Reflux, 
and steals the scepter from Gumsi. You have to follow them via a 

World 6
The Longest Shortcut

Cages - Stage 6-1 - 0
        Stage 6-2 - 0
        Stage 6-3 - 0
        Total - 0 
Smile Stamp Requirement - 25,000
Enemies - None :)

Stage 6-1
Collect the Crowns

In this stage, you must obtain all the crowns to open the door. The 
first CROWN is behind you at the start. Now head forward into the level 
proper. Jump in the magic portal, then grab the Shoe Shrink. While you 
fight your shoe, it's worth pointing out that at the opposite end of 
the room from the powerup is a low arch that only a shoe can access, 
leading to an area with several rubies. When you beat your shoe, you 
get a blue can. Also in this room, can you find a reflection of a 
window in the floor that does not appear on the real wall? Jump through 
the wall at the point where the window is reflected to find a secret 
room with two EMERALDS. (Thanks to Bart Thompson.) Now, step on the 
switch (this opens the doorways in the wall, but they close again after 
a while), then start swinging upward. You will come to some doorways in 
the wall. You can't enter the first so go in the second for several 
crowns. Slide down the ramp. You'll slide out of the first and back to 
the start. Step on the switch again, refuel your can power, then swing 
up to the third door for some more crowns. Climb the ladder, then swing 
across to the last three crowns and the portal back to Globox. Step on 
the crown button to open the door. Now step on the switch (there's a 
Tribelle near it) to create a stairway down to the next stage.

Stage 6-2
More Crown Collecting

Head forward and to the left, into a room with up-and-down moving 
platforms. Hit the switch and jump to the platforms. You only need to 
jump on two to access the first crown room. Now step on the switch 
again. This time, you need to go up a little further to access another 
room with more crowns. In this room, you may notice a stone which is 
darker than all the others - give it the ol' charged one-two to access 
a room four crystals and an EMERALD (thank you once again, Bart 
Thompson.) Step on the gate switch again. The third time, you must go 
up all the way. The warp portal is at the top - it takes to a room 
where the platform is invisible. Use the reflection on the floor to 
guide you, get all the crowns, and go to the next portal. This room has 
several invisible platforms reflected on the wall - cross them, too. In 
the next room, the door to the portal is invisible as well as the 
platforms. Get the crowns, then use the reflection to reach the door. 
The portal here takes you back to Globox, where the last crown is on 
the button. Go up the stairs to the next area.

Stage 6-3
Enough With the Crowns, Already!!

Go forward and to the left. Step on the switch, and jump across all the 
platforms to reach the end. After obtaining the crowns, go right and 
bounce on the bouncy platform above the ramp. David Gandon has alerted 
me to a secret here. While bouncing on this platform, shoot the small 
stained glass circle to open a secret door in the wall. After shooting 
it, jump down to the ground. In the next area, jump on the switch, then 
jump to the platform. Continuously shoot the hand switch, then when the 
platform gets high enough, jump to the next one. Repeat until you reach 
the top. (On the way, you can enter the secret door in the wall that 
you opened earlier for gems and an EMERALD around a statue of Ly.) Get 
the crowns, then slide down. In the next area, jump to the ladder to 
the right of the bridge for some crowns. There are two ways to go here. 
Jump to the right of the bridge for an area with moving platforms. Jump 
to the left to bounce over to a series of platforms at intervals. You 
must step on the switch then jump to the top and helicopter to the door 
before it closes. Once you have all the crowns in both areas, go 
forward on the bridge. Step on the switch. To get to the other side you 
must use the lateral shot platform (like the one in Stage 1-3). On the 
other side are the last crowns in the level. Go back to the bridge area 
and jump off the right side. You are now very close to the start - just 
go forward, climb the ladder, go forward, and turn left to find Globox. 
The last crown, as usual, is on the button. Go through the final door 
and down the passage to find the Doctors. They tell you to use the ship 
to follow Andre and Reflux.

World 7 
Summit Beyond the Clouds

Cages - Stage 7-1 - 0
        Stage 7-2 - 2
        Stage 7-3 - 1
        Total - 3
Smile Stamp Requirement - 25,000
Enemies - Robo-Fish, Spinneroo, Hoodmonger Private First Class, 
Hoodmonger Officer, Hoodboom, Stumbleboom, Hoodoo, Slapdash

Stage 7-1
Bon Voyage!

You are in a boat sailing to the Summit. Naturally, Andre wants to stop 
you, so he sends robo-fish to sink the ship. If you don't know nautical 
terms, these are the parts of the ship that I'll refer to - 

Stern - The part you need the Throttle Copter to reach.
Bow - The part opposite the stern.
Port - The left side when facing the bow.
Starboard - The right side when facing the bow.

Near Globox are a yellow can and a blue can. The yellow can is to reach 
the stern, and I'm not sure what the blue one is for. There are 
crystals on the bow, stern, and the rigging on starboard side. For some 
extra points, go up to the stern then helicopter down on the port side 
for three gems, one of which is an EMERALD (thanks to Geoff Hankinson 
for this secret). There are cannons on the port side, starboard side, 
bow, and stern. Shoot them to fire. You can look at the map to see when 
the Robo-Fish are coming - on the map, the top is the stern, and the 
bottom is the bow. Yellow dots represent the fish. All you must do to 
complete this section is survive the journey.

Stage 7-2
Snow Hoodlum Havoc

Head forward, and hit the Spinneroo to push him back until he is past 
the red can. Take the can and shoot Spinneroo with a charged Heavy 
Metal Fist to kill him. Then make your way to the cliff, dodging 
rolling snowballs (you can smash the small ones with a Heavy Metal 
Fist, and the big ones with a charged Heavy Metal Fist - thanks to 
Daniel Normington for that info), and climb it via the crates. Now you 
must push a Spinneroo into the fire WHILE dodging snowballs. When you 
succeed, you will get a yellow can. Throttle Copter up the next cliff, 
then jump to where CAGE 1 is. When you smash it, the snowballs will 
stop, and you'll get a blue can. Swing up to the balloon and bounce to 
the snow-covered ledge where a Hoodmonger Private is waiting. Kill him 
then bounce across the balloons to the wooden circle. 

There are lots of red lums around here, which will regenerate if you 
get too low on health. This will help, as you must fight two Hoodmonger 
Officers at the same time. When they are dead, guess who shows up to 
bug you again... 



This is really a pair of bosses, but they share one health bar. When 
half of it is gone, one of them dies. To hurt them, simply shoot at 
them. They have two attacks - they will shoot flames at you, and (while 
there are two of them) they shoot bubbles at you which will lift you 
up. If one lifts you up, he'll smash you into the other. To avoid being 
picked up, shoot them if you get lifted to make them drop you.


When they are dead, they leave behind a yellow can. Use it to fly up to 
the wooden platforms. Cross them to the balloons, and use the balloons 
to bounce up to the next cliff. (Here you can access the third emerald 
area shown to me by Geoff Hankinson. From the second balloon, bounce to 
the small ledge on the left instead of the next balloon. Go through the 
trees and follow the path for gems, an EMERALD and a HUGE combo. Return 
to the balloons and bounce to the top.) Here there are two snowman, one 
of which is apparently sticking up the other. It takes three charged 
shots to destroy the one holding the gun, and two to destroy the one 
raising his hands. Both drop a large amount of crystals. Go through the 

In the next room, swing on the net, get the red can, and smash the 
Barricade with it. Go through and break the PigPot for a orange can. 
Use Shock Rocket on the Hoodboom, then destroy the snowman (use the 
Shock Rocket for extra points) and get his crystals. Now use the crate 
to bounce on the balloons to the top level of the now vacated fort. 
Jump on the roof and bounce on the balloons for a blue can. Swing over 
to the next cliff. The red can here is not necessary, but beat the 
enemy with it if you want. Go up the snow-covered ledges to the small 
building, climb the ladder, and bounce up the balloons, taking the 
green can as you go. At the top, kill all the enemies including the 
Stumbleboom, who you needed the green can for. Now jump and helicopter 
into the canyon.

Go right and kill the Hoodmonger Officer. Take his red can and destroy 
the Barricade with it. Go through the hallway - be sure you have plenty 
of health. In this next room, you must fight two Hoodmonger Privates, 
followed by a Hoodboom. Take the Hoodboom's yellow can to fly up to the 
next bridge. Here, destroy another Hoodboom, followed by a Hoodmonger 
Private and a Hoodmonger Officer. Take the Officer's can to fly up to 
the next level. Here, beat an Officer and several Privates for another 
yellow can. Fly up to the top for CAGE 2. Now take the blue can and 
return to the canyon you were in before. Jump to the balloons via the 
crates, bounce up, and swing over the door.

Stage 7-3
Snowboard Insanity

Immediately in front of you is a Slapdash who is guarded by a Hoodoo. 
Kill both of them. CAGE 3 is nearby, also guarded by a Hoodoo. Once you 
get it, enter the small building. Rayman will jump on his snowboard.

The object of this game is to reach the bottom of the giant hill before 
Globox, who has somehow become an ice cube. I can't really say much, 
except - watch out for the fences which will slow you down and the 
vents which will spin you around so you're sliding down backward. (If 
this happens, go in another vent to be spun the right way around 
again.) There are lots of gems on the track, and some Spinneroos which 
can be killed simply by ramming them. If you lose, you'll be taken back 
to the top in a ski lift, and if you win, you and Globox both fall into 
the Hoodlum Headquarters...

World 8
Hoodlum Headquarters

Cages - Stage 8-1 - 3 
        Stage 8-2 - 2
        Stage 8-3 - 2
        Stage 8-4 - 0
        Stage 8-5 - 0
        Total - 7
Smile Stamp Requirement - 43,000 Points
Enemies - Grim Keeper, Hoodmonger Private First Class, Spinneroo, 
Hoodoo, Hoodmonger Officer, Hoodboom, Stumbleboom, Hoodmonger Soldier, 
Hoodstormer, Slapdash

Stage 8-1
Into the Abyss

Follow Globox and jump down to the floor. Head over to the left where 
you will find crates you can jump on and crystals. Go as far as you can 
on the stack of crates then jump to the ledge above the crates. Take 
the orange can, shoot the Rocket through the hole in front of you, and 
navigate the corridor to open CAGE 1. Also, if you shoot it the other 
way, CAGE 2 is near the huge gear. Go down and meet the Teensie you 
freed from Cage 1, who will give you a red can. Smash the Barricade 
with it and hit the button to lower the bridge. 

On the other side, kill the Grim Keeper and the Hoodmonger Private. 
There are two rubies behind the stack of crates to the right. Go left 
and take the EMERALD that the Teensie of Cage 2 left. Then jump the the 
crate in the lava near the big gear (there is a Matuvu on the machine 
turning the gear), then to the ledge. Near the ledge on a crate are 
some rubies. Drop into the hole near the ledge for a room with lots of 
gems and a warp portal that takes you back to the main area. Now go to 
the door where Globox is standing on one of the buttons. Step on the 
other one to open the door.

Go through the corridor, killing the Hoodmonger Private who blocks your 
way. At the end, you'll see the path onward is blocked by a Spinneroo 
protected by a Hoodoo who's too high to reach. Instead of going that 
way, go to the smaller passage on the left. The floor will break and 
drop you into the warehouse. You'll immediately be assaulted by a 
Hoodmonger Officer. Once you dispose of him, you'll get a green can. 
There is a mushroom on the side of the room opposite the side with the 
wire grating. The mushroom gives you access to an area with a Tribelle 
and three rubies. Now go back to the suspended crates. Start climbing 
up them, beating all the Hoodlums who stand in your way. At the top, 
jump to the stacks of crates next to the wire wall. On the far right 
stack is CAGE 3. When you have it, go left and jump to the ramp. You 
must carry the rock to the button, avoiding the bouncing grenades. 
Luckily for you, darker patches of floor show you where the grenades 
land, so stay off them. At the top, put the rock on the button to open 
a gate which gives you access to another ramp. Now carry another rock 
up the ramp, but for this one it is harder to see the dark spots - you 
must use your judgement. At the top, put the rock on the second switch. 
Run up the third ramp and kill the Hoodboom for a red can. Smash the 
Barricade and run through the hallway. Hit the button. This will 
readmit you to the room with the Spinneroo and the Hoodoo, and it will 
lower the Hoodoo's platform. Now that you can kill the Hoodoo, do so, 
then push the Spinneroo into the lava. Go through the hallway that was 
behind him. Globox will fall into Andre's trap.

Jump on the net, and swing over. When you reach the other side, jump to 
the top of the net. Bounce across it. Swing over on the next net, then 
jump to the top of it. Take the green can, kill the Stumbleboom, and 
use his red can to smash the Barricade.

Stage 8-2
A Little Target Practice

Kill all the enemies in the room (A Hoodboom, a Hoodmonger Soldier, a 
Hoodmonger Officer and a Hoodmonger Private followed by two 
Hoodstormers. The Officer will leave a red can) and get the gems 
scattered around. Then move over to the grate. It will open and the 
boss will come out.



Heckler has two attacks - one where he rapidly shoots orbs from the 
cannon on his shoulder, and an unavoidable one where he grabs you and 
throws you on the ground (this is only when you get too close). To beat 
him, take the red can, charge it, and shoot at him to knock his armor 
up in the air. While it's in the air, hit his exposed body as many 
times as you can before it falls back on. Rinse and repeat.


When he is dead, go through the corridor he came in by.

You'll now be in a big room with a small building in it. Get the Shock 
Rocket and look to the left. You'll see CAGE 4, which is in a larger 
cage. To open cage 4, shoot the Shock Rocket through the bottom of the 
larger cage. You get an EMERALD for this. Also in the corner at the 
back of the room is a Tribelle. To progress, you need to shoot the 
Shock Rocket through the small window right beside the can. Navigate 
around the fort and shoot the lever. This has no effect, but it will 
summon the Hoodlum who always resets the lever. Shoot the Hoodlum with 
the Shock Rocket to stop him resetting the lever, then hit the lever 
again to lower the elevator. Use the crates on the elevator to get on 
the roof. You now are confronted by two Hoodmongers - a Soldier and an 
Officer. Both of them are protected by Hoodoos. Kill them both (this is 
harder than it sounds) and take the red can. Smash the Barricade with 
it and go through. 

You will come out in the Hoodlum Firing Range. Kill the Hoodmonger 
Officer, then cross the bridge. The dark spots on the ground will tell 
you where the shots go by. On the other side is CAGE 5. Open it for a 
green can. Return to the other side of the bridge and shoot the 
mushroom to gain access to a gem cache that includes an EMERALD. Now 
you must cross the bridge again, but this time, take a rock. Wait by 
each dark spot as you come to it until after a shot has gone by - then 
walk to the next one. At the end, put the rock on the button. Enter the 
firing room and kill all the trainee Hoodlums. You will now be locked 
in until you know how to shoot. Go to the larger window in the center. 
A health bar will appear and targets will go by. Every Rayman or Globox 
you shoot depletes the bar a little, but every Hoodlum you shoot adds 
to it. Deplete the bar completely, and the gates will open. Go through 
the exit.

Stage 8-3
The Lava Foundry

Hop across the rising and sinking crates to the ladder. Climb the 
ladder and defeat the Hoodboom. Jump on one of the moving metal 
platforms to let it carry you left. Jump on top of the tube for some 
gems. After that, you must go the other way on the platforms, jumping 
constantly from platform to platform to avoid being taken left. Not 
only are you moving against the platforms, there are red hot rollers to 
avoid as well. Once you finally reach the other side, climb the ladder. 
The furnace doors will open. Jump across them, killing the Hoodlums who 
leap out of the furnaces. Hit the lever next to the control panel on 
the other side. The platforms way above you will now start moving. 
There is also a Matuvu under the nearby pipe.

Now jump to the conveyor belt. Move against it to the left, avoiding 
the smoke, which hurts you. Jump from here to the platforms moving 
down. Jump up them and jump to the ledge around the huge boiler. Run 
left for CAGE 6. Return to the downward moving platforms and this time 
go even higher to a second conveyor belt. But don't stop there! 
Continue up all the way and you'll see a hole in the side of the boiler 
(thanks to Daniel Normington for this secret). Helicopter to the hole 
and follow the passage to find tons of crystals, rubies, and statues of 
all the robo-pirates from Rayman 2, including Admiral Razorbeard! 
Return to the conveyor belt you passed up earlier. At the other end of 
the belt, run along the walkway to the platforms that revolve around 
the big machines. Go against their direction, as usual. You will see a 
walkway on your left - ignore it for now.  Go to the very last 
revolving platform and jump to CAGE 7. Now go back to that other 
walkway. Move forward to fight another boss.



Avoid Heckler's shots and shoot at him to make Hoodoo appear. Then 
shoot Hoodoo, who will vanish after he is damaged. Repeat three more 
times, and Hoodoo will die and leave a red can. Now it's just you vs. 

Heckler has two attacks - one where he rapidly shoots orbs from the 
cannon on his shoulder, and an unavoidable one where he grabs you and 
throws you on the ground (this is only when you get too close). To beat 
him, take the red can, charge it, and shoot at him to knock his armor 
up in the air. While it's in the air, hit his exposed body as many 
times as you can before it falls back on. Rinse and repeat.


Once Heckler is dead, go through the door he came in by.

Stage 8-4
The Heart of the Headquarters

Jump down for several PigPots containing gems, lums, even an EMERALD. 
Climb the ladder again and jump to the platform. As always, you must 
jump in the opposite direction to them - away from the screen, in other 
words. Keep going until you reach a doorway on the left. Jump to it and 
run through the corridor.



To defeat the Horrible Machine, avoid the fireballs it constantly fires 
at you and move to the front of the platform. A circle will appear 
around the red and white target. Charge your shot, jump, and fire at 
it. The meter will go up. If you go too long without hitting the target 
again, the machine will go down again. Repeat until the meter reaches 
the top. Sirens will sound and the machine will be damaged. It will now 
summon two Hoodlums of a random type - defeat them. Repeat this until 
eventually the machine is destroyed.


Stage 8-5

The Headquarters will now begin to fill with lava. You must simply 
climb to the top of the Headquarters while staying above the deadly 
lava. All your skills will be put to the test - rock climbing, grate 
climbing, balloon bouncing, jumping, and even Hoodlum killing (some 
Slapdashes will appear to block you). Make it to the top alive to 
complete this stage.

World 9
The Tower of the Leptys

Cages - Stage 9-1 - 4
        Stage 9-2 - 6
        Stage 9-3 - 0
        Stage 9-4 - 0
        Stage 9-5 - 0
        Total - 10
Smile Stamp Requirement - 45,000
Enemies - Hoodmonger Private First Class, Hoodmonger Officer, 
Hoodstormer, Hoodmonger Soldier, Hoodoo, Slapdash, Enemy Jetbike

Stage 9-1
The Hall of the Hoodlums

Every game needs at least one nightmarishly hard world, and for Rayman 
3, this is it. Climb the ladder, then head through the green corridor 
and climb another ladder. In the large room, go behind the pillars for 
several gems, and up the broken stairway for several more. After that, 
go down and fight all the Hoodlums. Once you win, you get a red can - 
smash the Barricade with it. Jump on the grate over the lava. When you 
reach the end, jump to the one on the other wall, then jump into the 
corridor. The next room has tons of crates floating in the lava, and a 
crystal on each one. If you do it right, you can get a massive combo in 
here, as well as CAGE 1. When you are done, run down the ramp in the 
right - hand corner. Follow the corridor to what I call the Hall of the 
Hoodlums. As soon as you get there, go to the crates to the right of 
the entrance. Here there are two PigPots with five red lums between 
them. Smash them even if you have full health - they can come in very 
handy later if you get low, because they regenerate.

First off, there are two Hoodstormers and a Heckler in the room. Don't 
worry about the Heckler just yet. Beat the Hoodstormers, then two more, 
then a Hoodmonger Officer to receive a red can. You can now fight - 



I am sure by now you know how to beat a Heckler. Be sure to take 
advantage of those five red lums during the battle. After you defeat 
him, (he leaves a second red can to help fight what's coming) THREE 
Hecklers come in at the same time! Defeat them one by one to finish off 
the squadron.


Once every member of the squadron is reduced to a pile of rust, a 
Hoodmonger Soldier guarded by a Hoodoo appears. This might not seem 
unusual, but the Hoodoo is guarded by a second Hoodoo! When this odd 
combination of Hoodlums is gone, they leave a Shoe Shrink powerup. 
Defeat your shoe for a yellow can. After this, lots of Slapdashes will 
pop up, one at a time. Meet their unbelievably easy challenge for an 
orange can. Shoot the Shock Rocket through the hole in the bottom of 
the large cage CAGE 2 is in. 

Now use Throttle Copter to get up to the net near the yellow can. Grab 
the blue can there and swing to a door above the entrance. Run through 
a corridor where two Slapdashes appear (pffft - last level and there 
are still Slapdashes) to reach more rings over the crate & lava room. 
Swing over to another corridor with CAGE 3. Run through and slide down 
the ramp to be back in the first large room. Kill a Hoodstormer there 
for a Throttle Copter. You can fly to the doorway near the broken 
stairs for some gems, but you are meant to go to the wooden platform 
beside the doorway with the ramp. Swing over the net, avoiding the 
smoke that comes from the wall, and jump down to another previously 
unaccessable door. Go through the hallway and get the blue can on the 
first rising and sinking pillar. Go to the topmost pillar then swing 
over to the net. Jump to another net, then to three platforms. Jump to 
the odd rising and falling platform from the one on the far left. From 
there jump to a wall-mounted net, from there to a ceiling mounted net, 
and swing over.

Go through another corridor, and go right when the path splits. Break 
open CAGE 4 for a red can. Use it to smash the nearby Barricade, then 
head forward and jump to the crate, then to the shelf. Run along it to 
the net and swing to the end of the corridor.

Stage 9-2
The Towers of Power

No peace for the wicked. Time for another boss.



This is really a pair of bosses, but they share one health bar. When 
half of it is gone, one of them dies. To hurt them, simply shoot at 
them. They have two attacks - they will shoot flames at you, and (while 
there are two of them) they shoot bubbles at you which will lift you 
up. If one lifts you up, he'll smash you into the other. To avoid being 
picked up, shoot them if you get lifted to make them drop you.


When the last Lavomatrixes in the game (finally) are dead, get all the 
gems on the floor (there's quite a few) taking note of the two 
Barricades and the balloon chain which goes up much higher but which 
you can't reach yet. Go to the tower with the spiral staircase and go 
as high as you can on the staircase, taking the blue can on the way. 
Beat the Hoodlums at the top, then swing on the rings to the wooden 
platform with the yellow can. Fly up to the second wooden platform, and 
jump over to the stone ledge. Beware - if you go to those wooden 
platforms again, they'll be gone, and you'll have to use the balloons 
that were under them. Jump from the stone platform to the walkway which 
revolves around the other tower. Let it revolve until you see a 
platform with an orange can and a button, then helicopter down there. 
Grab the orange can, then run and stand on the button. Fire the Shock 
Rocket at CAGE 5 in the spiral tower. You cannot get it unless you're 
on the button, because the button opens the impenetrable door in front 
of the cage. Cage 5's teensie gives you a red can that you can smash 
the Barricades with that you saw earlier. Behind one are several 
PigPots, and behind the other is a lever that rotates a Knaaren statue 
to reveal an EMERALD. 

Now go back to the revolving walkway. This time let it take you to a 
section of spiral stair you could not reach before. At the top is CAGE 
6. The Snow Teensie inside it gives you a blue can. Use it to swing and 
bounce on the balloons to an even higher section of spiral stair. Jump 
to a higher series of revolving platforms, which takes you to a yellow 
can. Fly up to the top of the revolving walkway tower, ignore the 
enemies, take the blue can, swing over to the platform, and helicopter 
to a new area. 

Climb the ladder and helicopter to another ladder. Grab the horizontal 
ladder and swing over to where the Hoodmonger Officer is. When he's 
down, rock climb up to the blue can and swing over to a wood platform. 
The lava in the room will now begin to rise. Oh joy. Helicopter to 
another platform and climb a series of ladders to a yellow can. Fly to 
the rock climbing walls and climb up. Use the  blue can to swing to the 
ladder and climb to a yellow can. At the top of the room are tons of 
yellow cans. Use them to reach the top. Follow the hall to a large room 
with a Hoodstormer and platforms moving - you guessed it - the wrong 
way. Reach the other side, avoiding enemy fire and pausing to bounce on 
two ruby-laden balloons along the way, to find a ring. Hope you bounced 
on the second balloon, it has a blue can over it. Swing up for CAGE 7, 
who gives you a red can. The only point of the red can is to score 
combos, you can use it to quickly break all the PigPots litered around.

Now get the blue can and bounce across the balloons, avoiding the 
Hoodmonger Private's fire. At the end, swing to a pit. Drop in for CAGE 
8. Now head forward. You will be in a high, narrow room with tons of 
balloons going up and several Hoodmonger Privates on the balloons. As 
if that wasn't tough enough (and it wasn't) the room will start filling 
with lava. Gee, what a surprise. Bounce up the balloons, breaking CAGE 
9 on the way. CAGE 10 is in the corridor at the very top. 
Congratulations, you just got the last cage in the game! Go through the 

Stage 9-3
Jetbike Madness

Globox will now show up on the jetbike. Accelerate with Square or X and 
steer with the analog stick. Follow the tunnels until you reach the 
Gear Room. Now, Enemy Jetbikes will attack. Rayman will man the laser 
cannon. Shoot them all down before they get you, and continue following 
the tunnels until you reach another room with large pillars. The Enemy 
Jetbikes will attack again, in bigger groups this time. Beat them all 
then fly through the tunnels. You'll come to a large purple tunnel with 
spikes. Wait right next to the spikes. After one goes by, accelerate 
past that spot and don't stop until you reach the next row of spikes. 
At the end of the purple tunnel, you just need to fly a little farther 
to reach the end.

Stage 9-4
Reflux's Tower

Time for the final fight(s). Look at the Matuvu near the spiral stairs 
then go up them. Collect all the red lums in the corridor then go up 
another flight of stairs. According to the ever-helpful Bart Thompson, 
a chamber between the statues leads to a room with gems galore 
including four, count 'em, FOUR EMERALDS. Bart Thompson says that this 
room does not always appear, and perhaps you need to already have a 
large number of points in the Tower to get in. Climb another flight of 
stairs. The next corridor has several PigPots. Head for the third 
flight of stairs, and Rayman automatically heads up onto the roof.



This is, without question, the hardest fight in the game when you 
consider that it's really three fights rolled into one. If you die on 
any phase, you'll have to start over at Phase I, so watch out.

Phase I

Reflux will stay in the center of the arena and create a shield around 
himself. Scattered around the arena are several blue cans, red cans, 
and red lums. Reflux will summon bolts of lightning from above. Avoid 
the dots on the ground, because lightning will hit them after a couple 
of seconds. Run in a curving path because the dots always appear right 
in front of you. Grab a blue can. Now Reflux will start using the same 
orbs-that-move-along-the-ground attack he used in the Desert of the 
Knaaren. Lock on to him and shoot his shield with Lockjaw. Send 
electrical pulses through it into the shield, which will slowly 
disappear. Once it is totally gone, he'll start using lightning again. 
Get a red can, lock on, and pummel him until he regenerates his shield. 
Later on into the battle, he'll start attacking twice as fast. When his 
health meter is depleted, it's on to Phase II.

TIP: If you just finished hurting him with Heavy Metal Fist and decide 
to get some red lums before getting the blue can and trying to hurt him 
again, you may end up with less health than you started with rather 
than more because of how hard the lightning is to dodge. The best thing 
to do is take a blue can, even if you don't intend to hurt him yet. As 
long as you have blue can power, he'll use the much easier to avoid orb 
attack. Then, when you're done getting lums, you can just move in and 

Phase II

Reflux will now grow himself to gigantic size. You will be confined to 
the outer edge of the arena, which has raised sections and lowered 
sections. At one side of the arena is a floating red can with rings 
either side, and on the other side is a blue can on the ground.

What you have to do is make it to the blue can while avoiding his 
attacks. There are lots of red lums in the low sections so take 
advantage of them if you need too. Then, get back to the other side. 
Swing up to the red can. Reflux will get tired and leave his hand on 
the ground as he recovers. You must jump on to his hand, run up his 
arm, and continuously shoot the crystal ball on his back until he 
throws you to the outer edge again. His attacks are -

+ He swipes at you with his giant claw. When you see him rear back to 
do this, get to one of the lowered sections and it'll go right over 
your head

+ He smashes his fist into the ground. If you are on the ground when he 
does this, you'll be flung into the air. He always follows it up with a 
claw swipe, so helicopter if you don't want to fall right into its 
path. To avoid being flung into the air at all, jump and helicopter 
when you see him get ready to slam the ground - if you aren't touching 
the ground, it can't affect you.

+ When you have the blue can and are getting close to the red one, he 
shoots mines onto the ground. Just jump over them.

Phase III

The arena is now a series of blocks floating at different levels in the 
air. The only red lums are at the very bottom so if you need to heal 
you'll have to drop all the way down. There are yellow cans everywhere. 
You can also drop off the arena to a secret ledge with a yellow can and 
an EMERALD, thanks to Dafne and Ruth Freese. Reflux's only attack is a 
sonic scream where he shoots rings from his mouth. To avoid it, just 
move out from in front of his face when you hear him inhale very 
loudly. Your objective is to use the Throttle Copters to reach the very 
highest block, which has a Shock Rocket. Once you reach a higher level, 
the platforms below will vanish (the cans will remain). If you fall 
past where they were, they'll reappear. When you fire the Shock Rocket, 
it'll home in on Reflux's crystal ball. He will now sprout wings and 
fly up into the air.


Globox will show up with his jetbike again, because he wants to find 
Andre (geez, that lum really did grow on him). You will follow Reflux 
into the sky.

Stage 9-5
The Final Boss

You're in a very weird setting now - don't let it distract you. Try to 
concentrate on the grotesque, twisted, freakish demon that was once 
Reflux (not that he was that good-looking in his original state).



In this battle, Phases I and II will alternate until Reflux is dead.

Phase I

You will be manning the laser cannon of the jetbike again. Reflux will 
toss red energy clouds at you - just shoot them to destroy them before 
they hit you. Reflux will be protecting his crystal ball with a shield 
- keep shooting it to overload and destroy. He'll then create another. 
When you blow it up, he'll come screaming at you with a claw attack. 
Shoot his unprotected crystal ball to knock him back before he can hit 
you AND damage him. Every time you miss him you'll be punished by being 
hit by his claw swipe.

Phase II

Reflux will be down to almost zero health. He will summon lots of 
Hoodlums, who start walking toward him. You are armed with grenades of 
sorts - every one you shoot creates a wave that incinerates every 
Hoodlum in the vicinity. Every time one touches Reflux, he regains a 
little more health. Just make sure as few Hoodlums reach him as 
possible. Also avoid the energy clouds orbiting him. 

Phase I and Phase II continue to alternate - damaging him on Phase I, 
making sure he regains as little as possible on Phase II. The more 
times you reach Phase II, the fewer Hoodlums he can summon, and the 
maximum he can regain is less. It may take a while, but he will go 


Once Reflux is dead (or, should I say, shattered) you'll be on the 
ground, face to face with Andre. Just press Circle and Grimace him to 
turn him into a red lum again (a little anticlimactic, if you ask me). 
Great! You just beat the game!


Bonuses and Extras

You have undoubtedly noticed that every time you beat a stage it says 
"<insert number here> points until next bonus." Every time you finish a 
stage, the number of points you earned gets subtracted from the total 
until next bonus. When it reaches zero, it will say "New bonus 
unlocked!" Every time it says that, you'll get a new arcade game and a 

Bonus Games

-- 2D MADNESS -- 

Sometimes Rayman remembers being a kid, when everything was in 2D.

A pretty fun parody of the original Rayman, only with Hoodlums and 
crystals. One hit from a Hoodlum or plunge into the water and you're 


The Hoodlums get bored on Sundays. So they dream up stupid games.

This game is similar to tennis, only much more simple - you're just 
whacking the ball back and forth. You can put spin on it though.

-- CRUSH -- 

Begoniax cast a spell on Razoff's cave. Ever since, the toads have been 
multiplying. Try to stop the invasion by squashing toads with the ball 
and chain.

The game's description says it all. Just make sure Globox isn't 
watching. :)


Razoff didn't become a crack shot overnight. He was in training for 
ages. The main thing is to only shoot at the right targets.

Not very fun, mainly because it's already such a cliche. You want 
target practice? Go to Hoodlum Headquarters.


A pioneer Hoodlum is having a few problems with the local inhabitants. 
To drive them back, he throws explosive cocktails at them.

I don't know about you, but I hate the kind of "enemies on all sides 
what are you going to do" game. It is satisfying to finally get a 
chance to hurt those Knaarens, or at least Knaaren look-alikes, though.


The missile is in love with its target, but it can't find it anymore. 
Can you help?

If you liked using the Shock Rocket, you'll love this. It's really no 
more than a very, very long Shock Rocket stage full of obstacles.


The Hoodlums love traveling by balloon. It's exotic, it's sporty and it 
weeds out the clumsier soldiers.

Another game that takes a small concept from the main game to the next 
level. It involves not only balloon bouncing but lockjaw swinging and 
throttle coptering as well. The only downside is, there's a time limit.


Driving without a driver's license is possible, but it's not always a 
good idea.

This one is for those of you who loved the jetbike. Sadly, there's no 
shooting, only steering. It's still quite good fun though.


Razoff doesn't like intruders - he loves them! There's nothing quite 
like taking potshots at moving targets! Just make sure you don't get 

A very simple game - follow the path, and kill the Hoodmonger Privates 
and the occasional Hoodboom on the way. You can shoot, and also throw 
bombs but watch out - one hit, and Razoff's history.

The Bonus Movies

For every bonus game you unlock you will also receive one of these. 
They are very funny. I will not spoil them for you, but I will tell you 
it is 9 excerpts from a 547 video and DVD series of instructional 
videos called "Wanna Kick Rayman?" in which a Hoodlum teaches all sorts 
of exotic methods of killing you. All of them are quite hilarious.

Version History

Version 1.63 - Completed August 12, 2004

Added a new question to the FAQ, explain how to use the strafing 
platforms, and changed my E-mail address to [email protected]

Version 1.6 - Completed April 11, 2004

Two new Emerald locations from Mikael Johansson and Ruth Freese. In 
addition, an answer to the "blocked vending machine" glitch that many 
people seem to be having.

Version 1.5 - Completed December 13, 2003

My biggest update since the creation of this guide. Thanks to the 
contributions of Bart Thompson, Block717, and Dafne, I was able to add 
SIX new Emeralds, FOUR smile stamp requirements, and confirm two other 

Version 1.2 - Completed August 23, 2003

Added two smile stamp requirements - one sent by David Gandon, and one 
of my own discovery. Also added one helpful bit of info and FIVE secret 
gem locations, all thanks to David Gandon and Daniel Normington.

Version 1.1 - Completed July 27, 2003

Added three Emerald locations (thanks, Geoff) corrected the Fairy 
Council smile stamp requirement, and added information on the ninth 
mini-game, Commando.

Version 1.0 - Completed June 6, 2003

First draft of the walkthrough. I foresee updating it many times, at 
the very least adding Smile Stamp requirements once I found them out.


TSC - Me of course. Who did you think wrote this?

(Check out my Contribution Page at

Ubi Soft - For producing the game.

CJayC - For setting up as cool a website as BY HIMSELF, 
and posting my other guides.

Grenade Guzzler and Miss Lufia - For their cool Rayman 3 Walkthroughs.

Bart Thompson - So far, he wins the award for most helpful missed info 
contributor I have ever seen. He sent not one or two emerald locations, 
but FOUR new emerald locations, FOUR smile stamp requirements, AND he 
confirmed two emeralds I was unsure of. He shall always be honored 
within this guide.

Block717 - For his contribution of two new Emeralds I had missed.

Dafne - For sending me an EMERALD on Stage 9-4.

Ruth Freese- See above.

Geoff Hankinson - For sending me info on several Emeralds.

David Gandon - For sending me a Smile Stamp requirement and three 

Daniel Normington - For sending me two secrets and one helpful piece of 

Mikael Johansson - For his contribution of a tip which simultaneously 
allows easy destruction of some Desert stumblebooms AND gives you an 

You - For reading this guide and living to tell the tale.


"Globox, will you stop eating your boogers? I feel like I'm sitting in 
a Quiche Lorraine!"