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Follow the dark path or use the light
Ratchet & Clank: Locked & Loaded Pack Shot

Ratchet & Clank: Locked & Loaded



by Oyhitar

                                 /       \
 _______________________________/    _____\
|   Protopet Factory - Yeedil       |   
|_______________________________    |_______
                                \          /             
 ____________________________________/  __\
|Break into the Megacorp Headquarters  |___
	After landing on Yeedil, there is a bridge to the north. Cross the bridge, 
breaking boxes along the way for bolts, if you need them. There’s a Megacorp Vendor 
on the other side. Load up on ammo if you need it, and break the boxes here for 
more bolts.

+  _____                              Platinum Bolt #39                        _____  +
] |_---_|   On the bridge, you'll notice that the lines suspending the bridge |_---_| [  
+   |_|
    can be grinded. Either approach the bridge from the ship and grind,  |_|   +
+   |_|    jumping up the rail, or approach the line from the other side and    |_|   + 
[   |_|    you'll automatically grind back to the ship, collecting the bolt     |_|   [
+          in the process.                                                            +  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                                                                      		Now, in the distance, northeast of the vendor, you should see a tower platform. 
On it is a Receiver Bot. Hypnomatic time! Hypnotize the Bot and you’ll switch to its 
point of view. You should see a force field ahead of you. On the other side of the 
field is another Receiver Bot. Use your Bot’s built in Hypnomatic to control it. In 
front of the next Bot is a button. Step on it and deactivate the force field. Kill 
the oncoming Protopets and advance. To your right is another Receiver Bot. Hypnotize 
it and blast the Protopets and robots in the area. There’s another force field, red 
this time, in front of you. Hypnotize the robot behind it. Press the button ahead, 
and kill a Protopet. Press the next button and blast the robot here. There is another 
button, step on it, and you should see two crates. Protopets will emerge out of them, 
and you can blast them or ignore them. Either ways, press the next button, kill some 
more Protopets, and press yet another button ahead. Destroy some Protopets, three 
robots, and three Troopers. Finally, press the last button. This button will make two 
Swingshot targets appear. 
	Note that you can do this entire last part with Ratchet. The first tower platform in the distance can be reached with Ratchet's stretch jump, and you can cross the other gaps with Ratchet's long jump too. I don't know if that's a glitch, because it worked for me after I did that part with the Hynomatic.
	Returning to Ratchet’s point of view, swing over to the platform. Press the 
floor button here, kill some more Protopets, and press another button. This releases 
two Megacorp Hover Tanks, Version 2.0. Destroy them with the Heavy Bouncer or 
Megarocket Cannon, both are equally good choices. Once they’re gone, jump up onto the 
ledge above, and get to a Continue Point.
	There are two more Hover Tanks across a gap. Jump over the gap and equip your 
Shield Charger or Tesla Barrier, if you have it. Again, destroy them with the Heavy 
Bouncer or Megarocket Cannon. Directly ahead of you are yet another Hover Tank and 
lots of Trooper spawners. I recommend using the Heavy Bouncer or the Mini-Nuke here. 
But you can also sit back and relax. Equip your Tesla Barrier and stand in front of a 
Trooper or behind the Hover Tank, using your enemy as a shield. While the Tesla Barrier 
destroys the enemy you’re hiding behind, the other enemies will focus their fire on you, 
hitting the enemy you’re using as a shield instead. A great strategy if you’re trying 
to conserve your ammo. However, note that they may not always fire on you if you hide behind the Hover Tank. But that's obviously not a bad thing. I still recommend option 1.
	A door to your left should open, revealing some boxes and ammo crates. Break 
them and approach a gap. There is a Receiver Bot on the other end. Hypnotize it and 
prepare to blast some Protopets and Troopers. Now, the problem is, 30 seconds isn’t 
enough time to kill all of the enemies. Trust me, there’s a lot. Megacorp has kindly 
provided Ratchet and Clank with an infinite supply of Receiver Bots. I used four, but 
that’s just me. I advise that you strafe with the Bot, spraying the room with bullets. 
Once they’re all dead, press the button to activate a translocator.
	As Ratchet, go back into the room where the Hover Tanks were. Now, at the front 
of the room, there should be a small room, inside is the translocator. It will take you 
into the Megacorp Headquarters. Use the translocator.
	There is another vendor here. Stock up on ammo, and advance. When you reach the 
middle of the corridor, some Troopers will appear at the end of the hall. Slaughter them 
with the Heavy Bouncer. There are two paths from here, a small room to the right, and a 
corridor to the left. The room to the right has boxes and one purple nanotech sphere. 
Break them and take the left path. 
	The left path leads to a platform that goes around a tower. This tower has 
slanted walls. You can use the Gravity Boots to walk to the top of the tower. Now lots 
of Troopers will appear on the right and on the left. From your vantage point, kill them 
with the Heavy Bouncer, or let the Kilonoids and Tesla Barrier do the work. Beware the 
Troopers in front of you in the next part of the room. They can and will fire at you, 
so be careful you don't get hit by their sniper fire. Either way, proceed to the next 
part of the room and kill the Troopers here. They keep spawning, for a total of 15-20 
Troopers. Harass them with the Heavy Bouncer, or the Kilonoids. After they’re all dead, 
enter the door in the top left corner of the room.
	There is a Protopet crate in the corner of the room. Dispose of the Protopets and enter the next room. This room has a Dynamo target here, linked to a fan-shaped platform. Activate the target and the fan-shaped platform will start to spin. Jump on it and jump again to get to the other side. You'll land on a thin, rectangular platform with some boxes and a purple nanotech sphere. Four Troopers will be hovering in front of you. Make sure you have your Tesla Barrier active, because their shots can push you off the edge of the platform. Destroy them with the Megarocket Cannon or Plasma Coil/Storm. There are two more Dynamo targets and two more fan platforms here. Activate them and get to the other side of the gap. 

	There is yet another Protopet crate here. Destroy the Protopets and proceed. In the next room, there is a Hover Tank V2.0 and a lot of Troopers. Take out the Hover Tank and keep killing the Troopers that spawn, ideally with the Heavy Bouncer or Tetrabomb Gun. Don't forget about the two Trooper on the ledges high above you. After you've taken care of all of the enemies, turn your attention to the Infiltrator puzzle here. 

+                                  Infiltrator Puzzle #10                               + |  _____                                                                           _____| 
+ /_  _/  This puzzle has 11 steps. Go up, down left, down left, down, down left, /_  _/+ 
| _/ /_  up, up, down left, left, down left, and down left.                       _/ /_ | 
+/____/        Visually that's:                                                  /____/ + 
|                                *                                                      | 
+                               /|                                +-+-+-++-+-+-+        + 
|                              * #                                |    Key     |        | 
|                             /                                   | # = Start  |        | 
+                          * *                                    | @ = Finish |        + 
|                         /| |                                    +-+-+-++-+-+-+        | 
+                     *--* * *                                                          + 
|                    /     |/                                                           | 
+                   *      *                                                            + 
|                  /                                                                    | 
+                 @                                                                     + 

	The door will spring open, revealing three moving platforms that move up and down. Below is a frozen pool with lots of Protopets inside. You have three methods to deal with the Protopets.

	1) You can ignore them and jump across the platforms to get to the other side.
	2) You can kill the Protopets with the gun of your choice and then jump 
	  over to the other side.
	3) You can unfreeze the pool with the Thermanator for some instant kills, 	  	  and then jump over to the other side.

	I recommend option 3, but that's totally up to you. To cross the platforms, all I can say is that timing is of the essence. On the other side, in the middle of the corridor, are some more Protopets. Kill them and proceed. You should now see two Swingshot targets. Look into the distance and you should see 2 Hover Tanks. Take them out with the Megarocket Cannon or the Vaporizer. After disposing of both Tanks, another Swingshot target will appear. Swing over using the first two Swingshot targets. You should land on a conveyor belt. Take the last Swingshot target over to the other side. Go eastward. 

	When you go as far east as you can go, you should see a vendor, two purple Nanotech spheres and some boxes, and a floating glass platform. Stock up on ammo and jump on the glass platform. Huh, it doesn't work. Turn around and jump off. Facing the wall with your back to the platform, you should see an Electrolyzer puzzle. Solve it.

***************************************************************************************** +                                 Electrolyzer Puzzle #11                               + 
|   ___    There is indeed a solution for this. Oddly, the solution for this puzzle     | +  / _/  appears on no other guide I've seen on the Internet. This one has 13 switches, + 
| / _/   the second hardest puzzle in the game.                         +-+-+-++-+-+-+  | 
+/___/          Solution: * * X * X * X * X * * X * X * * X * X * X *   |    Key     |  + 
+                                                                       | X - Flip   |  + 
|                                                                       |     switch |  | 
+                                                                       | * - Switch |  + 
|                                                                       |     opens  |  | 
+                                                                       +-+-+-++-+-+-+  + 
	The glass platform is now fixed! Jump on it and ride to the other side. Enter the next room to find a whole bunch of Troopers. Kill them all with the Heavy Bouncer or Megarocket Cannon. They'll spawn until you have killed twelve Troopers on the ground. On top of that, there's a higher ledge behind these Troopers with four more Troopers on them. Kill them all. 

+  _____                              Platinum Bolt #40                        _____  +   ] |_---_|   The last platinum bolt! There are a lot of columns on either side |_---_| [
+   |_|
    of the ground Troopers. On one of the large columns is a Tractor     |_|   +
+   |_|    Beam symbol. Move the column to reveal some stairs. Go up the stairs |_|   +
[   |_|    and you'll see a rail. Grind it, and watch out for the bumps on the  |_|   [
+          rail. You'll collect the bolt and end up back in the back in the room.     +

	Behind the four Troopers on the ledge is a Hover Tank. Destroy it and pull down the bridge with the Swingshot target on it. Some more Troopers will appear on the bridge. Take them apart and approach the door for a cutscene. 


	You'll learn that the Abercrombie Fizzwidget is really Captain Qwark is disguise. Qwark has orchestrated this to restore his reputation. He tries to frame Ratchet, Clank, and Angela for the Protopet catastrophe, and using a machine he stole from Angela, tries to "heal" the Protopet on camera. However, the machine malfunctions and the Protopet gets bigger, badder, and turns purple. It swallows Qwark whole. Angela gets away. It's up to Ratchet and Clank to save the day!
 ____________________________________/  __\
| Defeat the mutated Protopet          |___

	There is another vendor here, and a translocator. The translocator takes you back to the Megacorp Headquarters. There is also a Swingshot target leading to the final battle against the Protopet. You can go back to other planets, like Greblin and upgrade your favorite weapons into solid Gold weapons. Buy the Carbonox armor or Electrosteel Armor if you want, but if you have the Tesla Barrier, there's no point in it. I had the Tesla Barrier, so I stuck with the good ol' Tetrafiber armor. The Heavy Bouncer should be your number one weapon, and I also recommend having the Megarocket Cannon, Plasma Storm, Tetrabomb Gun, and Kilonoids. These all make this battle easier. The Tetrabomb Gun should be able to take it out really quickly. Head over the illegal weapons modifications shops and buy as many mods for your most used guns as possible.
	Now swing over to the Protopet. The mutated Protopet has five main attacks.
	1) He/she/it(?) encases itself in a shield and rolls around. This can 		          squash you, and it does lots of damage. To avoid this, I suggest having
	having the Charge Boots, but you can just Stretch Jump out of the way
	Now the Protopet will turn off its shield. It will do one of four things.
	2) He will spit out lots smaller, regular Protopets. Just activate your 
	  Shield Charger to zap those Protopets. Concentrate your fire on the big

	3) He will eat an ammo crate. The Protopet will drop small bombs all over
	  the place. To prevent the attack, destroy the ammo box. Then he will 
	  probably switch to attack #2. The ammo box normally has a beam of 
	  light over it.

	4) He will eat an ammo crate. He will shoot small homing missiles at you,
	  like the Visibomb Gun. Let the Tesla Barrier destroy these missiles. 
	  Again, to prevent the attack, destroy the box.

	5) The Protopet will eat a small bomb. The Protopet will start launching                    fireballs out of his mouth. I suggest strafing around him and still 	  	  	  concentrating your fire on him. Although no other FAQ I've read mentions
	  it, if you look closely at the small bomb, you'll see that it has a 
	  Tractor Beam symbol on it, like the Tractor Beam bomb puzzle back in 
	  the Maktar Nebula. So aim the Tractor Beam at the bomb. Once you're 
	  connected, DO NOT MOVE the bomb. The Protopet will come at it, but 
	  instead of eating it, it will walk into the bomb for some sweet damage.

	So the only attacks that can't be prevented are attack #1 and attack #2, which are both really easy to dodge. Of the attacks, attack #1 does the most damage, so avoid it! Use the RYNO II if you have it, but you probably don't, even I ended the game with 800,000 bolts and no RYNO II. I suggest buying it instead of the Hoverbomb Gun, so if you don't buy the Hoverbomb Gun, you should be able to afford it soon.
	You can beat the boss pretty easily with only the Heavy Bouncer or Tetrabomb Gun, it should take about 20 ammo, and if you can't, you can quickly finish it off with the Megarocket Cannon. I suggest laying out lots of Megaturrets, summoning your Kilonoids, and activating your Tesla Barrier. These all shorten the battle tenfold.
	I noticed that you can shoot the Protopet from the ledge you started on, with the ammo vendor. Just shoot it with the Vaporizer and Megarockets. If you run out, voila, there's an ammo vendor. You can get rid of 1/3 of its health from here. 
	Once the Protopet loses 1/3 of his health, it will bang the glass floor onto a second arena. This one has lots of Troopers. After you kill 2/3 of him, he will bang the glass floor to a third and final arena. This arena has Troopers and lots of Hover Tanks. I suggest that you ignore them, since the Tesla Barrier can withstand the damage. And don't let the Protopet squash you when it pounds the ground. 		 
	The Protopet is a pissant of a final boss. Even the Swamp Monster II was harder. Just blast away at it. Note that you can't hurt it while it's rolling. For a challenge, try beating it with just these guns:
	Heavy Lancer
	Meteor Gun
	HK-22 Gun
	Blitz Cannon