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Follow the dark path or use the light

Need for Speed Underground 2 FAQ/Walkthrough

by chilas


                |                             \
                |                              \
                |                               \
                |______________                  \
                               \                  \
                               /                  /
                              /                  /
                            /        _  ____ ____\
                           //\      // /___//___//
   ______________         ///\\    // //__ //__ /
  /        _____ \_______///  \\  // /___//__ //
 / ______  \    \_______ //    \\// //   ___///
| |_____ \  \__________///      \/ //   /___//______________________________
 \ ____  \ \  ______________________________________________________________\  
  \\   \ / / / ____________________________________________________________ \\
   \\  // / / / _  ___ ____ ___ ______ _____  _____ _____ __  __ _  ___ _  \ \\
    \\// / / / / |/  //__ //__//__   // ___/ /__  //__  // / / // |/  ///  / //
    / / / / / / __  /_  ////_  __ / // /___ _  / /_   /// / / // __  ///  / //
   / / / / / / / / /// ///__/ / // // //  // // // / /// / / // / / ///  / //
  / / / / / / / / ///_////__ / _ _// /_/ // _ _// /_/// /_/ // / / ///  / //
 / / / / / /_/ /_//___//___//_/\ \/_____//_/\_\/____//_____//_/ /_///  / //
/ / /_/ / ______________________\ \______________________________ //__/ //
\/_____/ /_______________________\_\___________________________ _//____//
             /                 /
            /                 /                 
            \                 \________________
             \                                 |
              \                                |
               \                               |

Need for Speed: Underground 2 Walkthrough

Created by:   Diego "Chilas" Siles
Started:      12/07/04 (mm/dd/yy) 
Last Update:  12/15/04
E-mail:       [email protected]

Current Version: 1.06

Ok, first, I'm from La Paz, Bolivia (in South America), and spanish is my 
native language, so there might be some grammar mistakes, or typos. If you find
any, please let me know. This is my first Walkthrough.  If you want to ask me 
something, or you want to add something to the Walkthrough, write me an E-mail.
I'll try to answer as soon as I can. I have to work really fast on this 
Walkthrough, because I'm going to go on vacation next week, and I'm going to be
out for a while (until 02/19/04). I'll try to take my PS2 and my laptop with 
me, to continue writting in Santa Cruz (where I'm going on vacations until 
01/10/05), but I don't think I'll be able to take them to USA. Now, let's 

Table of Contents

For a faster search, highlight the code, press Ctrl+C, Ctrl+F, Ctrl+V, and 

Versions History              (837746674)

Legal Information             (638255422)

Basic Information             (483223270)

World Map                     (967530627)
   a. GPS                     (967530627a)

SMS                           (746786377)
   a. Game Tips               (746786377a)
   b. Special Events          (746786377b)
   c. Rachel                  (746786377c)
      1. Rachel's Car SMS     (746786377c1)
   d. Unlocks                 (746786377d)

Bank Reward                   (226507392)

Sponsors                      (776676774)

Garage                        (427243624)

Race Types                    (722389737)
   a. Circuit                 (722389737a)
   b. Sprint                  (722389737b)
   c. Drag                    (722389737c)
   d. Drift                   (722389737d)
   e. Street X                (722389737e)
   f. URL                     (722389737f)
   g. Downhill Drift          (722389737g)
   h. Outrun                  (722389737h)
   i. SUV                     (722389737i)

Drag Races                    (372407223)
   a. Blown Engine            (372407223a)
   b. Totaled                 (372407223b)
   c. Shifts                  (372407223c)
      1. Short Shift          (372407223c1)
      2. Good Shift           (372407223c2)
      3. Perfect shift        (372407223c3)
      4. Over Rev             (372407223c4)

Drift Races                   (374387223)
   a. Score Multiplier        (374387223a)
   b. Extra Points Sections   (374387223b)
      1. Normal Drift         (374387223b1)
      2. Downhill Drift       (374387223b1)
   c. Drift Types             (374387223c)

Magazine Covers               (624294632)
   a. Cycle Cameras           (624294632a)
   b. Show Off                (624294632b)
   c. Control Car             (624294632c)
   d. Take Picture            (624294632d)

DVD Covers                    (383268377)

Nitrous Oxide (N2O)           (648768769)
   a. Powerslide              (648768769a) 
   b. Drafting                (648768769b)
   c. Spray Show              (648768769c)
   d. Avoid Accident          (648768769d)
   e. Reverse                 (648768769e)
   f. J-turn                  (648768769f)
   g. 360                     (648768769g)
   h. Lead Lap                (648768769h)
   i. Gained Position         (648768769i)
   j. Head Start              (648768769j)
   k. Burnout                 (648768769k)
   l. Hydros                  (648768769l)
   m. Hangtime                (648768769m)
   n. Clean Section           (648768769n)
   o. Shortcut                (648768769o)
   p. Traffic Hit             (648768769p)
   q. Cleared Accident        (648768769q)

Bayview                       (229843924)
   a. City Core               (229843924a)
   b. Beacon Hills            (229843924b)
   c. Jackson Heights         (229843924c)
   d. Coal Harbor East        (229843924d)
   e. Coal Harbor West        (229843924e)

Shops                         (843638242)

Career Mode                   (227737487)

EA Games Trax                 (324263787)

Frequently Asked Questions    (773486827)

Thanks                        (247233926)

Versions History                                                    (837746674)

Version 1.06 (12/15/04)  Added new questions on the FAQ part. Reordered the 
                         Walkthrough. New Sections: Basic Information. Also 
                         Started the Career Mode part.

Version 1.05 (12/14/04)  Added Shops, Thanks, FAQ. Finished Drift Races, 
                         Bayview. Added Cleared Accident on the N2O section.

Version 1.04 (12/12/04)  Corrected some mistakes. Added Drift Races, EA Games
                         Trax, reordered the Walkthrough, Added my ASCII art
                         signature, and logo. If anyone has a better one, 
                         please send it to me.

Version 1.03 (12/11/04)  Fixed some mistakes, added Race Types. Send this 
                         version to GameFAQs, hope they accept it.

Version 1.02 (12/10/04)  Corrected some typos, added Magazine Covers, DVD 
                         Covers, Sponsors, Garage

Version 1.01 (12/09/04)  Restarted the Walkthrough. My computer is still bad,  
                         I'm going to have it fixed for tomorrow, I hope. I'm 
                         using my laptop. Added the World Map, SMS, Bank 
                         Reward, and the Nitrous Oxide.

Version 1.00 (12/07/04)  Just started the Walkthrough, everything was fine, I
                         added the Controls, Basics, and Race Types. But then
                         my computer screwed up. 

Legal Information                                                   (638255422)
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright.

The only sites that can have this FAQ/Walkthrough are:

Copyright 2004 Diego Siles

Basic Information                                                   (483223270)

Need for Speed: Underground 2 is the latest game in the Need for Speed series.
You can find versions of this game for: Play Station 2, XBox, PC, Gamecube, and
for the brand-new Nintendo DS.
This game offers you the option to freeride around the city, an upgrade from 
the NFSU. It also offers 3 new race types: Outrun, Street X, and Downhill 
Drift. In this game your able to have up to 5 cars on your garage, and you can
drive SUV (Sport Utility Vehicules).

When you play this game for the first time, you'll be asked to create a 
Profile. Create it with the name you want. You can only put 7 letters/numbers.

At the main menu you'll see Rachel's Nissan 350Z. By the way, if you haven't 
noticed, Rachel Teller is Brooke Burke. When you enter career mode, you'll
know who's Rachel, and as you progress on the game, the car you see at the main
menu will change. It'll be the non-tunned version of your car (no upgrades, 
decals, hoods, etc.).

World Map                                                           (967530627)

This time you're able to drive around the city at your will, more freedom, 
also more work for you. Sometimes you get tired of going from one place to 
another to start a race.

To access the map, press left on the D-pad. Once there you'll see all the shops
you've unlocked, some opponents to challenge on an outrun race, and the known
races, not the hidden ones. 

Once on the map, you can choose what you want to see, and what you don't. To do
that, highlight a type of event or shop, then press the [] button. If you hide 
something on your world map, you won't see on the radar either. So be careful, 
because if you don't see races on the radar, and you find a secret one, you may
think that it's a regular race.

   a. GPS                                                          (967530627a)

   The GPS (Global Positioning System) is one of the greatest inventions of 
   the last years. It guides you, it makes you go from one place to another  
   through the fastest route. It has its glitches, but most of the time, 
   it'll work well. Sometimes you'll see on your screen: Searching Connection,
   Unable to contact satellite, that's because you're not on the road, and 
   there might be trees blocking the signal. Off course it's just something to 
   give a higher reality sense to the game, wasn't necessary. You can only use 
   the world map and the GPS when driving in explode mode. In Magazine Races
   you can use the World Map, but not the GPS.

SMS                                                                 (746786377)

You'll get news of everything in this game via SMS (Short Message System) and 
phone calls, nice publicity for X-Cingular.  Unread messages will be at your 
inbox. You'll receive 4 different types of SMS: Game tips, Special Events, 
Rachel, and Unlocks.

   a. Game tips                                                    (746786377a)

   To receive this messages, you'll have to find the purple icons that are 
   spread all around Bayview. When you pass through the icon, you'll receive 
   25$, and a SMS that gives you basic information about the game, how to 
   powerslide, info about drafting, locations of shops, etc.

   b. Special Events                                               (746786377b)

   These messages are from Rachel, telling you that you've made it to a DVD or
   magazine cover. You'll also receive these message when you unlock unique 

   c. Rachel                                                       (746786377c)

   You'll receive messages from her all the time, but the only ones tha'll be
   on her box are the ones about new inventory at the car lot. 

     1. Rachel's Car SMS                                          (746786377c1)

     You'll receive a weird message from her telling you that you have to 
     return her car, and that you must go to the Car Lot ASAP. This happens at
     about 60% of the game.

   d. Unlocks                                                      (746786377d)
   Also Rachel's messages. These ones are to inform you that there are new 
   parts available at different shops.

Bank Reward                                                         (226507392)

You'll find a lot of these all over Bayview, it's money. You receive: 50$, 
100$, 200$, and 400$ depending on your progress through the game.

Sponsors                                                            (776676774)

In Career Mode, after winning some races, Sponsors will offer you contracts.
The First time, you have to choose between 4 offers, the Second time between 3,
the Third time between 2, and the last time, you don't choose, you only read 
the contract.

Each time you sign with an Sponsor, you commit to win many races. You always 
have to win 3 races of sponsors choice, URL races, and many races of your own
choice. The first time is 3 URL and 9 of your choice, the Second is 5 URL and
19 of your choice, the Third time is 7 URL and 29 of your choice, and the last
one is 9 URL and 34 of your choice.

You'll get a free car from the Car Lot after signing with a sponsor, but you 
don't need more than 2. You'll also receive some Bank for signing, and extra 
bank on the races of Sponsors choice. Those are the only things that change 
when choosing between sponsors. The difference between the amount that sponsors
pay you is minimal, so I suggest you choose the one that has the easiest race 
types, or the one with the races that you like the most.

Garage                                                              (427243624)

Here you can select the car you want to drive, if you have more than one. You 
can also switch your car's body parts, performance parts, interiors and car 
specialties, and put older parts to your car.
You can go to personalice your tunning at Dyno. You can see your
Signed Sponsors, Save your game, or use the World map to see what races you 
have entered, or not, even the hidden races. If you want, you can enter them, 
even if you've already won them.

If you don't want to search for the hidden races, go to the garage, enter the
World Map, select the race you want to enter, enter it, and win it. If it's a 
race you haven't enter before, and you win it on your first try, you wont get 
money. If you want to get the money, once on the race, pause the game, select
restart and restart the race. You'll get the money, but you will not have the 
option to return directly to the World Map. Doing this allows you to enter SUV
races with any car.

Race Types                                                          (722389737)

There are many race types in the game:

   a. Circuit                                                      (722389737a)

   Quick Definition:  Multi-lap race
   Traffic:           Yes
   Nitro:             Yes
   Shortcuts:         Yes
   Laps:              3 or 4
   Oponents:          3
   Visible Oponents:  Yes
   Extras:            None
   General Strategy:  This type of race is easy, powerslide at the curves, 
                      avoid the traffic, and take all the shortcuts you can.
   b. Sprint                                                       (722389737b)

   Quick Definition:  Go from A to B
   Traffic:           Yes
   Nitro:             Yes
   Shortcuts:         Yes
   Oponents:          3
   Visible Oponents:  Yes
   Extras:            None
   General Strategy:  Use the same strategy from Circiut.

   c. Drag                                                         (722389737c)
   Quick Definition:  Go from A to B, the road is straight most of the time, 
                      you'll have to shift the gear, even if you normally race
                      with an automatic transmission
   Traffic:           Yes
   Nitro:             Yes
   Shortcuts:         No
   Oponents:          2 or 3
   Visible Oponents:  Yes
   Extras:            See Drag Races section
   General Strategy:  Accelerate with the Right Analog Stick. At the Countdown,
                      push the Right Analog Stick up, and wait for the 
                      tachometer needle to turn green. When the race starts, 
                      accelerate and shift the gears as perfect as you can. I
                      recomend that you use your nitro at the begining, 
                      shifting gears will be harder, but you'll become 1st 
                      easily. Watch out for traffic and walls.

   d. Drift                                                        (722389737d)

   Quick Definition:  A short race, when you don't need to finish first, you
                      need to have the bigest drifting score.                 
   Traffic:           No
   Nitro:             No
   Shortcuts:         No
   Laps:              2 or 3
   Oponents:          3
   Visible Oponents:  Yes
   Extras:            See Drift Races Section
   General Strategy:  Drift scores are qualified on 3 things: Speed, Angle and
                      Length. My strategy is to stay behind the other 
                      competitors, to have more space. Take advantage of the 
                      multiplying zones and the Drift Multiplier, but be 
                      careful, because if you hit a wall while drifting, you'll
                      lose all your score, and you'll have to get a high Drift 
                      Multiplier again.

   e. Street X                                                     (722389737e)

   Quick Definition:  It's just like Circuit races, the only difference is that
                      the track is a lot smaller.
   Traffic:           No
   Nitro:             No
   Shortcuts:         No
   Laps:              3 or 4
   Oponents:          3
   Visible Oponents:  Yes
   Extras:            None
   General Strategy:  In order to win this race you have to have a great 
                      ability to curve, if you don't, it's very hard to win.

   f. URL                                                          (722389737f)

   Quick Definition:  A more professional version of the Circuit races.
   Traffic:           None
   Nitro:             Yes
   Shortcuts:         No
   Laps:              3, 4 or 5
   Oponents:          5
   Visible Oponents:  Yes
   Extras:            None
   General Strategy:  The same one from Circuit.

   g. Downhill Drift                                               (722389737g)

   Quick Definition:  A combination between Sprint and Drift. Go from A to B, 
                      win by getting the most drifting points.
   Traffic:           Yes
   Nitro:             No
   Shortcuts:         No
   Oponents:          3
   Visible Oponents:  No
   Extras:            See Drift Races Section
   General Strategy:  Pretty much the same one from the Drift. Avoid the 
                      traffic. The parts with sand are the multipliers.

   h. Outrun                                                       (722389737h)

   Quick Definition:  Get the lead and move away from your opponent.
   Traffic:           Yes
   Nitro:             Yes
   Shortcuts:         No
   Oponents:          1
   Visible Oponents:  Yes
   Extras:            If you win many of these races, you'll get unique parts.
   General Strategy:  There are many strategies to win these races, you can go
                      to a highway and use your nitro, but if you get to your 
                      top speed, you wont win. Another thing you can do is, 
                      when your near the other car and in 1st place, turn on a 
                      corner, if done correctly, the other car will not be able
                      to react and turn. You can then drive calmly. Another 
                      technique I use sometimes, is to make a 180 turn, and 

   i. SUV                                                          (722389737i)

   Quick Definition:  The above races, only that you must be driving a SUV 
                      (Sports Utility Vehicule). See World Map to see how to
                      enter this races on a normal car.
   Traffic:           Depends on the race type.
   Nitro:             Depends on the race type.
   Shortcuts:         Depends on the race type.
   Laps:              Depends on the race type.
   Extras:            None
   General Strategy:  Same as above.

   j. Magazine Races                                               (722389737j)
   Quick Definition:  It's like a Sprint Race, go from A to B, the only 
                      difference is that your racing against time, and you 
                      choose the route.
   Traffic:           Yes
   Nitro:             Yes
   Shortcuts:         Not really, because you choose the route, and they can't 
                      be considered Shortcuts, you've chosen to go that way.
   Extras:            None.
   General Strategy:  Same as always.

Drag Races                                                          (372407223)

I'm writting a special section about Drag Races, because they have more details
to consider. 
   a. Blown Engine                                                 (372407223a)

   If you take too much time to shift, your engine will start to heat. If it
   heats too much, it'll explode, and you'll be diqualified from the race.
   b. Totaled                                                      (372407223b)

   If you crash against a wall or a car from the traffic, you'll be 

   c. Shifts                                                       (372407223c)

   When you are on a Drag Race, there are many Shifts you can do, keep an eye 
   on the circle that appears on your screen:

      1. Short Shift                                              (372407223c1)

      You don't have the circle, or it was clinking. This happens when you 
      don't wait enough time to shift the gear, you'll lose some speed. 

      2. Good Shift                                               (372407223c2)

      The circle is blue and it doen's clink. This is the 2nd best choice, you 
      will not lose speed, and your engine will not heat. 

      3. Perfect Shift                                            (372407223c3)

      The circle turns green. Eventhough it's a little hard to do this shift, 
      it's the best one, because you get some speed, and your engine doesn't

      4. Over Rev                                                 (372407223c4)

      The circle turns red. This one happens when you're not fast enough. You
      don't lose speed, but your engine heats.

Drift Races                                                         (374387223)

The same thing here with Drift races, I'm writting a special section about 
these races, because there are some things to consider:

   a. Score Multiplier                                             (374387223a)

   At the top left corner of the screen you can see how much score you need to
   make on a single drift to get a higher score multiplier, it'll be higher as
   you proceed on the game.

   b. Extra Points Sections                                        (374387223b)

     1. Normal Drift                                              (374387223b1)

     These Drift Races are done on little circuits. In these races the Extra 
     Points Section is the blue and white fringe at the border of the road.

     2. Downhill Drift                                            (374387223b2)

     These Drift Races are done on Jackson Heights. In these races the Extra
     Points Sections are:
      The part of the road that's not made by asphalt, but for earth. 
      The sidewalks.
      The section near the traffic cars.
      The "shortcuts" (can't really call them shortcuts because they're a 
      longer road).
   c. Drift Types                                                  (374387223c)
   Depending on your single drift score, they'll have different names:

     Drift                 1     to      999
     Good Drift         1000     to     2999
     Grear Drift        3000     to     6999
     Superb Drift       7000     to    14999
     Colossal Drift    15000     to    19999
     Outrageous Drift  20000     to    49999
     Insane Drift      50000     to    99999
     Drift King       100000     to    ?????

   My maximum score was 151K, so I don't if there are any more names.

Magazine Covers                                                     (624294632)

As you progress in Career Mode, Rachel will call you to tell you that there's
a magazine photographer in Bayview. You'll also receive a SMS telling you that,
and that you have to go to the star on your map.

When you get to the star, you'll have a time limit to get to another part of 
town. The time is proportional, if you have to go far, you'll receive more 
time, and if you have to go to a near place, you'll have less time.

When you get to the place on time, sometimes, you'll be able to take the 
picture, if that's the case, you can:

   a. Cycle Cameras                                                (624294632a)
   You can choose between 4 different cameras, the cameras will vary depending
   on the location your car is.

   b. Show Off                                                     (624294632b)

   Stop completely your car, then the doors, hood and trunk will open.
   c. Control Car                                                  (624294632c)

   Drive your car and take a picture of it on the pose that you want.

   d. Take Picture                                                 (624294632d)

   Take a preview picture of your car, if you don't like it, press /\ and go 
   back to the above options, if you like it, it'll stay that way.

Sometimes when you get to the photo location, the picture will be taken 

There are 20 magazines covers.

DVD Covers                                                          (383268377)

To be on a DVD cover, you have to get your car to have a high visual rating. 
There are a total of 10 DVD Covers, 1 per each visual rating star acquired.
After signing with the first sponsor, you'll have to get on the cover of 1 DVD,
2 DVD Covers for the second, 3 for the third, and 4 for the last one, in order
to finish the contract.

Nitrous Oxide (N2O)                                                 (648768769)

There are many ways to recharge your Nitrous Oxide, most of them can also be 
done in explore mode, you need to have at least level 1 nitrous Oxide. You can 
also lose nitro. Here are the techniques I found, if you know of any that 
hasn't been post, please let me know:

   a. Powerslide                                                   (648768769a)

   The most common way to recharge the Nitrous gauge, it's very simple to do 
   it, but it's also simple to ruin it. All you have to do is drift, the longer
   you go, the more nitrous you'll get. But don't be too greedy, because if you
   crash against a wall, you'll lose it all. The easiest way to do it is to use
   your handbrake on a corner, you can do it without using the handbrake, or 
   even the  normal brake, but it's not very advisable. The minimum is 50, but
   you'll easily get more than a 100.

   b. Drafting                                                     (648768769b)

   My personal favorite, all you have to do is stay behind another opponent for
   a little while, you'll get a minimum of 50, but, like the powerslide, the 
   longer you go, the more nitrous you'll get. The idea is that you take 
   advantage of the other's car aerodynamics, so, besides getting nitro, you'll
   accelerate faster. This is a very useful technique, even F1 drivers use it. 
   In explore mode, you can only draft tunned cars (the ones you can challenge
   for outrun races).

   c. Spray show                                                   (648768769c)

   Sometimes you get it, and sometimes you don't. I guess you can only do it 
   once each race. You have to have the nitrous purge at least at level one. 
   To do  it,  you have to stop accelerating, and use the nitrous, steam will
   come out  from  your car, and the quantity depends on your nitrous purge 
   level. You'll  get a  100, but you'll lose speed. It's better to do it on 
   the countdown.

   d. Avoid accident                                               (648768769d)

   Easy but risky, all you have to do is to avoid the traffic by some inches 
   (I think it was called a "Near Miss on Need for Speed Underground). But if 
   you don't do it correctly, you'll crash against them, so it's your choice. 
   You'll get 100 the first time, the second 100x2, and so on, the maximum is 
   100x5, which is a lot.

   e. Reverse                                                      (648768769e)

   Something you should only do when winning by a lot, but still my last 
   choice. You have to go in reverse, without hitting a thing, or you lose all
   you were getting. You'll get a minimum of 50 and the longer you go, the more
   nitrous you'll get.

   f. J-turn                                                       (648768769f)

   You should do it if your doing reverse. You have to be driving in reverse,  
   turn to the left or the right, deppending on which side of the road your on,
   and then continue driving forward. Like the Spray Show, it doesn't work all 
   the times, and it's not a wise choice. Anyway, do it and you'll get 500 for 
   the J-turn, and whatever you've gotten on the reverse, if you've gotten 

   g. 360                                                          (648768769g)

   As it's name says, you have to do a 360 turn (a whole circle) without 
   hitting a thing. It's easy, and you'll get 400.

   h. Lead lap                                                     (648768769h)

   This one can only be done in races, you have to be in 1st place when you're 
   finishing a lap. It's easy, you get 150 the first time, and then you get 

   i. Gained position                                              (648768769i)

   One of the easiests, if you start last. All you have to do is to gain your 
   opponent's position. If your in 4th place, gain 3rd, and so on. You get 50 
   for getting 3rd, 100 for getting 2nd, and 200 for getting 1st.

   j. Head start                                                   (648768769j)

   Start on 1st place. In Sprint, Drag and Circuit, it's easier, because all 
   the cars start lined up, but in URL, there are 6 cars, 2 on each line, and
   there are 3 lines. So, if you're not in the first line, you miss 100 points
   of nitro. The trick here is that you release the handbrake just in time, if 
   you release it too fast, you'll burnout, and if you release it too late, 
   you'll start the race braking, and you'll not accelerate fast. You'll have
   to be lucky to head start. Anyway, if you don't headstart, there's going to 
   be someone in front of you to draft.
   k. Burnout                                                      (648768769k)

   You have to be burning rubber before the race starts. After that, you'll get
   extra nitrous depending on the length of your burnout.

   l. Hydros                                                       (648768769l)

   You need to have level 1 hydraulics, minimum, to do this. When your car has 
   stopped completely, hold the handbrake button, and move the left analog 
   stick up, down, right and left, your car hydraulics will start to become 
   useful. You don't get too much nitro. I suggest you do this on the 
   If you park near a wall, and you start to use your hydros up and down, your
   car will jump. Sometimes you'll jump so high that you'll also recieve some
   nitro for Hang Time.

   m. Hang time                                                    (648768769m)

   Sometimes when racing, you'll see that there are differences on the road, if
   you go fast enough, you'll kind of jump, and if you stay up high for a long
   time, you'll get some nitro. The minimum is 50, but it's really hard to get 
   more than a 100.

   n. Clean Section                                                (648768769n)
   If you drive on the road your supposed to for a while, and you don't hit
   anything, you'll get 150.

   o. Shortcut                                                     (648768769o)

   Sometimes, when you enter a shortcut, you get 200.

   p. Traffic Hit                                                  (648768769p)

   The only way I know where you can lose nitro. If you hit a car, you'll lose 
   speed, and nitro, but not too much, I've never lost more than 60.

   q. Cleared Accident                                             (648768769q)

   I don't exactly know how to do this, I only did it once. I was on a URL race
   and an opponent pushed me against a wall. I started to drive on the wall.
   I passed him and got 1000 points for a Cleared Accident.

Bayview                                                             (229843924)

Bayview is the city where all the action takes place. It is divided in 5 parts,
that you unlock as you progress in the game. 

   a. City Core                                                    (229843924a)

   You start the game having this place. Here you can find the Garage, a Car   
   Lot, two Body Shops, two Performance Shops, a Graphics Shop, and a Car 
   Specialities Shop. The only Megalow Parts, and Garage are here.

   b. Beacon Hill                                                  (229843924b)
   You get this part of Bayview, after signing with your first sponsor. Here 
   you can find: a Car Lot, a Graphics Shop, a Body Shop, a Car Specialities
   Shop, and a Performance Shop.

   c. Jackson Heights                                              (229843924c)
   You unlock this part after finishing your first sponsor contract. The 
   Downhill Drift Races are made here, at Jackson Heights. Here you can find:
   a Body Shop, and a Graphics Shop.

   d. Coal Harbor East                                             (229843924d)

   You unlock this part after finishing your second contract. Here you can 
   find: a Car Specialities Shop, a Car Lot, a Graphics Shop, a Body Shop, and 
   a Performance Shop.

   e. Coal Harbor West                                             (229843924e)

   You unlock this part of town after finishing your third contract. Here you
   can find: a Car Specialities Shop, a Body Shop, and a Performance Shop.

Shops                                                               (843638242)

In the shops you can upgrade your car's visual rating, and performance. The 
shops are hidden throughout Bayview. Some SMS with game tips give you the 
location of shops. When you enter new shops, you sometimes unlock new parts.

   a. Body Shop                                                    (843638242a)
   The Body Shop is the one with the Green Light. Here you can make visual 
   upgrades to your car. You can change your car's Spoiler, Hood, Lights and
   many more things.

   b. Performance Shop                                             (843638242b)

   The performance shop is the one with the Blue Light. Here you can find 
   upgrades for your car's engine, tyres, ECU, etc. which are very important if
   you want to win.

     1. Megalow Parts                                             (843638242b1)
     Megalow Parts is a discount store. Here you can only find level 1 and 2 
     upgrades, here you can get the biggest discounts when you buy parts 
     packages (20%, in the other places you get 10%). 

   c. Car Specialities Shop                                        (843638242c)

   In the Car Specialities Shop you can make your car stand out on a crowd.
   Here you can add odd stuff to your car, like: Neon, Nitrous Purge, 
   Hydraulics, etc. 
   d. Graphics Shop                                                (843638242d)

   This is the one with the Red Light. Here you can change you car's color,
   add vinyls and decals. 

   e. Car Lot                                                      (843638242e)

   The Car Lot is the place to go if you want another car. You'll receive SMS
   from Rachel telling you that new cars arrived at the Car Lot.

Career Mode                                                         (227737487)

This is the game's main part. Here you'll unlock cars, tracks, and many more 
Before you start, I suggest you go to the options and choose the tracks you
want. Also, I stongly recommend you turn the jump camera off, it can cause big
accidents. Also, choose the Career Difficulty, and the type of transmission you
want, automatic is the default option, you can also change it on the career 

By the way X is X button, () is Circle, [] is Square, and /\ is Triangle.

Enter the Career Mode, watch the "video" (I don't know if I should call them
videos, they're comic-like animations. Anyway, video is shorter) and you'll
see that you're the same guy from Need for Speed Underground. You were a 
winning machine, until the Caleb idiot almost kills you. You then go to Bayview
to start again. You're going to meet with Samantha's friend, Rachel.

When you arrive to Bayview, you'll be in Rachel's Nissan 350Z. That's why you 
see it on the main menu, it's your career vehicule. You'll also receive your 
first SMS, this one will give you basic info about your car's gadgets. Press X
to return to Gameplay, or /\ to go to the Mailboxes. At the Mailboxes you're 
able to Delete your Messages. After that, you'll receive a new message about 
the Mini-map, and a Phone telling you that there are some races available. 
You'll see at your Mini-map that there are 2 races available. Your objective is
to go to the Car Lot, but lets go have some fun.

EA GAMES TRAX                                                       (324263787)

You can change the order of the songs, select where you want them to be played,

   01. Artist:             Snoop Dogg feat. The Doors               *
       Song:               Riders on the Storm (Fredwreck Remix)
       Album:              Need for Speed Underground 2 Exclusive
       Default Selection:  Menu

   02. Artist:             Capone 
       Song:               I Need Speed
       Album:              Need for Speed Underground 2 Exclusive
       Default Selection:  Menu

   03. Artist:             Chingy
       Song:               I do
       Album:              Power Ballin'
       Default Selection:  Menu

   04. Artist:             Sly Boogy
       Song:               That'z My Name
       Album:              Mistaken Identity
       Default Selection:  Menu

   05. Artist:             Xzibit
       Song:               LAX
       Album:              Weapons of Mass Destruction
       Default Selection:  Menu

   06. Artist:             Terror Squad
       Song:               Lean Back
       Album:              True Story
       Default Selection:  Menu

   07. Artist:             Fluke
       Song:               Switch/Twitch
       Album:              Puppy
       Default Selection:  Racing

   08. Artist:             Christopher Lawrence
       Song:               Rush Hour
       Album:              All or Nothing
       Default Selection:  Racing

   09. Artist:             Felix Da Housecat
       Song:               Rocket Ride (Soulwax Remix)
       Album:              Devin Dazzie & the Neon Fever
       Default Selection:  Racing

   10. Artist:             Sin
       Song:               Hard EBM
       Album:              Errare Digital EST
       Default Selection:  Racing

   11. Artist:             FREELAND
       Song:               Mind Killer (Jagz Kooner Remix)
       Album:              Now & Them
       Default Selection:  Racing

   12. Artist:             Paul Van Dyk
       Song:               Nothing But You
       Album:              Reflections
       Default Selection:  Racing

   13. Artist:             Sonic Animation
       Song:               E-Villle
       Album:              Reality By Deception
       Default Selection:  Racing

   14. Artist:             Killing Joke
       Song:               The Death & Resurrection Show
       Album:              Killing Joke
       Default Selection:  Racing

   15. Artist:             Rise Against
       Song:               Give it All
       Album:              Siren Song of the Counter Culture
       Default Selection:  Racing

   16. Artist:             Killradio
       Song:               Scavenger
       Album:              Raised on Whipped Cream
       Default Selection:  Racing

   17. Artist:             The Bronx
       Song:               Notice of Eviction
       Album:              The Bronx
       Default Selection:  Racing

   18. Artist:             Ministry
       Song:               No W
       Album:              Houses of the Mole
       Default Selection:  Racing

   19. Artist:             Queens of the Stone Age
       Song:               In My Head
       Album:              Lullabies to Paralyze
       Default Selection:  Racing

   20. Artist:             Mudvayne
       Song:               Determined
       Album:              ???
       Default Selection:  Racing

   21. Artist:             Septembre
       Song:               I Am Weightless
       Album:              Rule 3: Conceal Your Intentions
       Default Selection:  Racing

   22. Artist:             Helmet
       Song:               Crashing Foreign Cars
       Album:              Size Matters
       Default Selection:  Racing

   23. Artist:             Cirrus
       Song:               Back on a Mission
       Album:              Back on a Mission
       Default Selection:  Racing

   24. Artist:             Spider Bait
       Song:               Black Betty
       Album:              Tonight Alright
       Default Selection:  Racing

   25. Artist:             Skindred
       Song:               Nobody
       Album:              Babylon
       Default Selection:  Racing

   26. Artist:             Snapcase
       Song:               Skeptic
       Album:              Bright Flashes
       Default Selection:  Racing

   27. Artist:             Unwritten Law
       Song:               The Celebration Song
       Album:              The Way
       Default Selection:  Racing

* This song is always going to start playing at the Press Start Button screen,
even if you turn it off.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)                                    (773486827)

Q. Where can I find the Megalow Parts Shop?

A. The Megalow Parts Shop is found on the Nothwest part of the City Core.  
To get to the Megalow Parts Shop starting from your garage, you must exit to 
the street, turn right, go straight, and enter the third street at your left 
(the fourth if your counting the one tha's in front of the garage). Then 
continue down the tunnel. Exit the tunnel and continue on the same street. Then
enter the fourth street at your left. Finally, take the first street at your 
right, and continue, you should see the blue light at the left side of the 

Q. I've received Rachel's Car SMS, and all the races have disappeared, what 
should I do?

A. Go to the garage, enter the World Map and enter all the races in Stage 1 
that you haven't entered yet. The problem with this SMS is that it is a glitch,
you should receive this message at the beginning of the game (before you go to
choose your car) when you're in Rachel's car and only if you enter races with 
it. That's why you should go to the garage and enter the races on Stage 1, some
of them are the ones you can enter with Rachels car.  

Q. What are reputation points for?

A. I don't really know, at the Loading Screen you'll be able to read sometimes,
that you must get them in order to get contracts. I think that if you get more
points, you get more money from your sponsors.

Thanks                                                              (247233926)

To my mother and stepfather for supporting me.
To my aunt for correcting some typos and for helping me with the legal part.
To xxrafaelxx for correcting many typos.
To EA Games and THX games for making such a great game.
To all of you for reading my walkthrough.

     ___    __                    ___               ____             _______
    /   /  |  |         /\  /\   |   |             / /\ \           / ______|
   /   /   |  |         \/  \/   |   |            /  \/  \         / / 
  /   /    |  |                  |   |            \______/        | |  __
 /   /     |  |_______    __     |   |            /      \         \ \/  \
/   /      |          |  |  |    |   |           /   /\   \         \/ /\ \
\   \      |   ____   |  |  |    |   |          /   /__\   \         \ \/ /\
 \   \     |  |    |  |  |  |    |   |         /   ______   \         \__/\ \
  \   \    |  |    |  |  |  |    |   |___     /   /      \   \            | |
   \   \   |  |    |  |  |  |    |       |   /   /        \   \    _______/ /
    \___\  |__|    |__|  |__|    |_______|  /___/          \___\  |________/

This is also my first ASCII art work.