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Follow the dark path or use the light

Stock Vehicle Stats

by MooseJaw


Game Name       - Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition
Developer       - Rockstar San Diego
Publisher       - Rockstar Games
Platform        - Xbox, PS2

Author          - MooseJaw
E-Mail          - [email protected]

FAQ Type        - Stock Vehicle Stats (XBox Version)
Version         - 1.1
Version Date    - 26 May 2005
Pages		- 5 (when printed)



>From the information I have found on the stock car setups for this game, nobody
ever seemed to give an overall total combining the three categories for each
vehicle. When I came to buy the different vehicles I used, I found a direct link
between the total "performance rating" of each car and it's effectiveness. It
makes sense to add the acceleration, top speed and handling stats together as
they are all plus points, that being the higher they are the better they are. So
the higher the total rating, the better the vehicle should be!

I have categorised the vehicles be type and listed them from best overall total
to worst. You can see by doing it this way there are some strange costs compared
to the vehicles rating. I have also added information on prize vehicles in each
section. All the stats are from the XBox version.



All vehicle manufacturer trademarks and copyrights contained in this guide are
the property of their respective owners.

Please do not use this FAQ on your website with asking my permission first. The
only sites allowed to host this document at the moment are:




This section throws up some interesting stats. It is no surprise to find that
you get the best Chopper, the HotMatch Skully as a prize. What is surpising is
when you have opened Class C, you can buy a CFL for $65,000 less than a Softail
and it's a better bike by just under 12 points. Also in Class B, you can buy a
D'Elegance for $20,000 less than a Rigid and it's better by 8.4 points.


HotMatch Skully

You get this by winning all 15 races against the Chopper Of America Bike Club.

HotMatch Cuevito

You get this by beating Phil in San Diego. 		

CHOPPERS                     CLASS   COST($)    ACCEL   SPEED   HNDLNG  TOTAL 
HotMatch Skully                B     PRIZE      46.7    58.2    60.0    164.9
HotMatch D'Elegance            B     80,000     46.7    58.9    54.9    160.5
WC Choppers El Diablo Rigid    B     100,000    48.0    56.7    47.4    152.1
WC Choppers CFL                C     60,000     46.4    42.5    52.0    140.9
WC Choppers El Diablo Softail  C     125,000    42.0    43.2    43.0    128.2
HotMatch Cuevito               C     PRIZE      40.2    41.2    46.2    127.6  


This section is full of the best vehicles in the game. You won't unlock these
until you have beaten several racers in Detroit and once you do you'd better
have the cash to spend! As soon as you can afford it, buy the McLaren as 
nothing can touch it. It is strange that the best vehicle in the game is
relatively cheap compared to the rest in this section and you can also buy it
as soon as you unlock it. You will note the prize vehicles are not the best
rated. You really have to like the Mercedes CLK-GTR to buy it. It costs
$475,000 more than the McLaren and is 39.7 points worse!


Chrysler ME Four-Twelve 

You get this by winning all 16 races against the By Invitation Only Club.

Lamborghini Murcielago 

You get this by winning the U.S Championship Series.

Cadillac Cien

You get this by winning the City Tournament in Detroit. 

EXOTICS                      CLASS   COST($)    ACCEL   SPEED   HNDLNG  TOTAL
McLaren'95 Fl LM               A     250,000    99.9    97.0    89.3    286.2
Chrysler ME Four-Twelve        A     PRIZE      91.6    95.6    91.1    278.3
Saleen S7                      A     375,000    84.5    94.3    93.3    272.1
Lamborghini Murcielago         A     PRIZE      70.1    95.0    86.9    252.0
Mercedes CLK-GTR               A     725,000    75.1    97.0    74.4    246.5
Mercedes SLR McLaren           A     452,750    82.6    92.9    66.4    241.9
Gemballa Turbo Coupe           A     140,000    66.1    90.6    72.6    229.3
Lamborghini Gallardo           A     184,100    58.5    90.6    79.3    228.4
Cadillac Cien                  A     PRIZE      62.0    88.5    69.5    220.0


Once again the top rated vehicle in this section is a prize. You don't get it
until you win all your muscle car races so it is no good to you in career mode.
Class D vehicles will get you nowhere so it is advisable to wait until you
have unlocked Class C at least. Probably the best buy is the Pontiac'70 GTO
although for $6,000 more you can buy the top-rated Chevy'81 Camaro.


Chevrolet'68 Corvette 

You get this by winning all 15 races againt the American Royalty Car Club.

Chevrolet'49 Fleetline

You get this by winning the Bad Boyz Tournament in Altlanta.

Chevrolet'57 Bel Air

You get this by winning the Stage Tournament in San Diego.

Chevrolet'68 Corvette          B     PRIZE      25.6    51.7    34.0    111.3
Chevrolet'81 Camaro Z28        B     54,000     23.0    49.7    36.4    109.1
Chevrolet'69 Camaro Z28        B     49,900     21.7    48.2    34.0    103.9
Pontiac'70 GTO                 B     48,000     22.1    49.0    32.0    103.1
Chevrolet'96 Impala SS         C     35,750     19.5    39.0    39.4    97.9
Pontiac'68 GTO                 C     42,150     20.6    39.7    29.0    89.3
Dodge'69 Charger R/T           C     37,450     19.2    40.5    27.0    86.7
Chevrolet'49 Fleetline         C     PRIZE      18.2    44.7    16.7    79.6
Chevrolet'70 El Camino SS      C     37,250     20.5    38.4    19.2    78.1
Chevrolet'64 Impala            D     21,450     13.5    28.4    22.2    64.1
Chevrolet'78 Monte Carlo       D     20,750     10.9    27.0    20.0    57.9
Chevrolet'57 Bel Air           D     PRIZE      11.2    24.9    16.7    52.8  


Out of the 10 vehciles in this section four are prizes and it's no surprise
that three of them are the top rated. Hands down the best buy in this category
is the Mercedes SL500. It's cheaper than the CL500 and is 24.5 points better.
Once I bought the SL500, added a few upgrades, this category in career mode was
completed in no time! The car to steer clear of is the VW Phaeton. 95.6 rating,
97,233??? Enough said!


Mercedes SL55 AMG "DUB"

You get this by winning the San Diego Tournament (after unlocking Detroit).

Mercedes CL55 AMG  

You get this by winning all 14 races against the Luxury Rollers Car Club.

Cadillac Sixteen 

You get this when you've completed the game (100%).

Chrysler 300C "DUB"

You get this when you win the Balboa Park Tournament in San Diego.

Mercedes SL55 AMG "DUB"        B     PRIZE      43.7    80.0    69.1    192.8
Mercedes CL55 AMG              C     PRIZE      37.9    69.5    60.4    167.8
Cadillac Sixteen               B     PRIZE      38.7    66.0    37.2    141.9
Mercedes SL500                 B     90,620     23.4    51.7    57.2    132.3
Mercedes CL500                 C     94,000     15.6    43.2    49.0    107.8
Lexus SC430                    C     63,500     14.9    37.5    47.7    100.1
Cadillac CTS-V                 D     54,495     15.5    39.0    45.4    99.9
Volkswagen Phaeton             C     97,233     13.9    42.5    39.2    95.6
Lexus GS430                    D     48,600     14.0    34.0    40.7    88.7
Chrysler 300C "DUB"            D     PRIZE      13.9    30.6    37.2    81.7


I personally think the sports bikes are great. They are by far the easiest
vehicles to use on any Autocross race due to the excellent handling. Unless you
really want it leave the 999R alone as $29,995 is not going to get you the best.
As you unlock this at the same time as the Aprilia, the Aprilia has to be the
best buy. The only thing I found with the Mille, is it sounds like a broken
hairdryer and it really starts getting on your nerves after a while!


Kawasaki Ninja ZX 12R

You get this by winning all 14 races against the Original Riders.

Ducati'04 SS100

You get this by wiining the Hotlanta Tournament in Atlanta.

Aprilia Mille Factory          A     17,899     51.7    85.0    100.0   236.7
Kawasaki Ninja ZX 12R          A     PRIZE      60.0    85.8    87.4    233.2 
Ducati 999R                    A     29,995     48.2    84.4    97.1    229.7
Ducati'04 SS1000               B     PRIZE      40.0    58.9    80.0    178.9
Ducati'04 Monster SR4          B     13,495     40.0    60.2    74.9    175.1


Once again the top rated vehicle is a prize which you don't get until you beat
this section in career mode. Even after winning the DUB Escalade don't try any
races until you've unlocked Class B. The Dodge Ram SRT10, complete with
upgrades, can hammer everything in career mode! Once I bought this vehicle the
Big Playas had no chance and for $45,580 it's a top buy. I have to mention the
Hummer H1. What the hell are you supposed to do with it! $117 G's for a slow
moving tank! I have to admit, an upgraded one looks great, but don't expect to
win to many races with it.


Mercedes G55 AMG 

You get this by winning all 15 races against the Big Playas.

Cadillac Escalade EXT "DUB"

You get this by winning the DUB Tournament in Atlanta.

Mercedes G55 AMG               C     PRIZE      25.7    62.4    51.2    139.3
Dodge Ram SRT10                B     45,580     20.2    44.7    32.0    96.9
Chevrolet Silverado SS         B     40,755     19.9    41.2    29.7    90.8
Mercedes G500                  C     76,000     12.0    34.7    39.2    85.9
Hummer H2                      C     56,040     10.1    31.2    31.2    72.5   
Cadillac Escalade              C     55,535     9.6     34.0    28.6    72.2
Cadillac Escalade EXT "DUB"    C     PRIZE      9.6     34.0    27.4    71.0
Hummer H1                      D     117,508    9.0     20.0    19.2    48.2


There is something about a tuner. You can make even the cheapest of vehicles
in this section a succesful race winning machine. I initialy bought the SRT4
(the best of the D Class, if only by a small margin) ugraded it and won a stack
of races. The performance only starts to show once you get to late Atlanta,
early Detroit. The Lotus Elise is the most expensive C Class vehicle but you
will notice where your money went. It costs around $10,000 more than the Evo
but for that you get an extra 25.1 points! Although the Viper is at the top
(although not by much) and upgraded Esprit is a very good alternative. It is
$59,000 cheaper than the Viper, $81,000 cheaper than the Saleen and you are
only losing a maximum of 6.5 points. As the top prize for beating this section 
in career mode, the Skyline is very disappointing.


Nissan '02 Skyline 

You get this by winning all 13 races against the Unbeatable Street Racers.

Lexus IS300   

You get this by winning the City Tournament in San Diego.

TUNERS                       CLASS   COST($)    ACCEL   SPEED   HNDLNG  TOTAL
Dodge Viper GTS-R              B     152,000    40.2    68.0    51.2    159.4
Saleen SR                      B     174,000    29.5    66.0    63.0    158.5
Lotus Esprit                   B     93,225     26.5    61.0    65.4    152.9
Dodge Charger R/T              B     60,000     29.6    56.7    56.0    142.3
Chevrolet Corvette Z06         B     51,925     27.0    57.5    57.5    142.0
Lotus Elise                    C     39,998     26.0    50.4    50.5    126.9
Nissan '02 Skyline             C     PRIZE      21.4    46.0    43.9    111.3
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII     C     29,999     19.2    41.9    40.7    101.8
Toyota '98 Supra               C     37,975     17.5    50.4    32.0    99.9
Nissan 350Z                    C     34,666     23.7    44.7    29.7    98.1
Lexus IS300                    D     PRIZE      15.3    37.5    40.0    92.8
Dodge Neon SRT4                D     21,450     14.5    35.5    39.1    89.1
Volkswagen Golf R32            D     21,750     12.3    33.4    41.0    86.7
Mitsubishi Eclipse             D     21,200     13.8    28.4    34.0    76.2
Volkswagen Jetta               D     21,350     13.6    28.4    27.4    69.4   


This is my first FAQ and I hope people find it a help in completing the game.


Copyright 2005 Paul Hughes (MooseJaw)