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Follow the dark path or use the light
Metal Slug 2006 Pack Shot

Metal Slug 2006



by snkupo

        __  ___       __          __        ____   __                    ____
       /  |/  / ___  / /_ ___ _  / /       / __/  / / __ __  ___ _      / __/
      / /|_/ / / -_)/ __// _ `/ / /       _\ \   / / / // / / _ `/     / _ \
     /_/  /_/  \__/ \__/ \_,_/ /_/       /___/  /_/  \_,_/  \_, /      \___/
                            M e t a l  S l u g  6


                             Authored by snkupo
                      Document Version 1.0 - 16/09/2006
                              [email protected]


                            - Table of Contents -                     
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 Before You Start

   Game Basics........................................................[SixBas]
   Questions And Answers..............................................[SixQue]

 Arcade Game Walkthrough

   Read this first....................................................[ArcAbo]
   Mission 1 - Grassy Plains..........................................[ArcGra]
   Mission 2 - Dreamy Docks...........................................[ArcDre]
   Mission 3 - The City...............................................[ArcCit]
   Mission 4 - Red Bridge.............................................[ArcRed]
   Mission 5 - Home of The Beasts.....................................[ArcHot]

 The End of Document

   Greetings and Thanks...............................................[SixThx]
   Contact Me.........................................................[SixCon]
   Version History....................................................[SixVer]

Game Basics                                                           [SixBas]

Metal Slug 6 is not all that different from the earlier games in the series.
While it is less epic than the old SNK Metal Slugs, and not as dark as
Mega and Playmore's Metal Slug 4 and 5, the gameplay is very familiar. There
are six soldiers to choose between. The four heroes from Metal Slug 2 return,
and Clark and Ralf from The King of Fighters have also joined the team of
cast starring in the game as playable characters. All the characters also have
different stats. Check the characters section for more information about
them, and their abilities.

This time around, you can carry two weapons in addition to your handgun at a
time. You can browse between these weapon whenever you want to. The slugs
return, and are used just like earlier. One cannon, and one rapid vulcan, you
should remember. In this game, the heroes team up with the aliens from Metal
Slug 3, as well as Morden's soldiers. But this is not the case at the start of
the game - it happens later. Then, they all have to fight a new alien species.

There are some unlockables in Metal Slug 6 on the Playstation 2. They are
mainly unlimited grenades, a list of saved prisoners, a gallery of all
collected items, and unlimited ammo for your weapons other than the handgun,
as that has unlimited ammo by default. To unlock the prisoner name list, you
will need to save prisoners, and survive the whole mission you saved them in.
To unlock items for the gallery, you can die if you want to after having found
it various items you want to unlock.

There is a super meter at the lower center of the screen in this game. It will
fill up when you shoot and knife things to death. Once it is full and says
MAX, you will do twice the damage, as long as the meter is saying MAX. There
was no blood in Metal Slug 6 on Atomiswave, which is the arcade system the
game natively ran on, but you can turn on the blood option in the Playstation
2 versions settings. You can also set how many heroes per continue you want,
but you should know that there are unlimited continues in this game, so you
can play as long and as much as you want to.

Also, there is a combat school, an artwork section, and a music section. The
artwork and music has been collected from various games in the series. As for
now, a combat school section is not in the walkthrough.

The official Metal Slug 6 website can be found here:

Controls                                                              [SixCtr]

You can configure the controller settings yourself, but here are the default
setting, that is the best one in most people's eyes. Be sure to read this
section closely.

     Directional Pad            -         Run/Aim

     Cross                      -         Jump/Cancel
     Circle                     -         Change Weapon/Confirm
     Triangle                   -         Grenade/Cannon
     Square                     -         Fire/Vulcan

     L1                         -         Get Rid of Weapon
     R1                         -         Slug Suicide
     R2                         -         Special Attack

     START                      -         Pause

Characters                                                            [SixCha]

Marco is the squad leader. His special ability is that his default weapon,
the handgun, is very powerful.

Fio is the girl with red hair and glasses. Her special ability is that she
always starts a mission with a Heavy Machine-Gun, and she also gets more
ammunition when picking up weapon upgrades.

The second girl on the team, Eri, is very good at throwing grenades. She can
throw them in any direction by aiming using the directional pad. She also
starts out with twice as many grenades as her mates, and also gets more when
finding grenades in the field.

Tarma is another veteran. His special ability is that when he is inside slugs,
they will be harder to destroy, and the power-ups that he collects will double
up compared to his mates. Tarma's firepower while being inside a slug is much
more powerful as well, and he can also use the Vulcan Fix at any time. The
vulcan fix is used by holding down SQUARE and aiming.

Ralf is here in the series for his first time. Lately, he has been a regular
in The King of Fighters, but originally starred in Ikari Warriors. His special
abilities are that he can take two shots before dying, and that he can attack
using a rapid Vulan Punch hit move by pressing R2 + UP. Ralf's ammunition is
cut in half compared to the other characters.

Another Ikari Warrior and KOF veteran, Clark's special ability is to grab
enemy soldiers using Super Argentine Backbreaker. Do this using the R2 button
while holding UP. This will reward you with lots of points.

Questions And Answers                                                 [SixQue]

Q: How can I unlock prisoners on the "soldiers" record list?
A: Play the missions in Stage Select. Replay missions to get more prisoners.

Q: So, there are different named prisoners each time I play a mission?
A: You can say that, yes.

Q: I can't pull off the special attacks even if I am pressing R2!
A: Press UP + R2

Q: Does not the original cast have any special punches or grabs?
A: Correct, all they have is a weak melee attack.

Q: When does this game take place?
A: After Metal Slug 3.

Q: How can I shoot faster?
A: Crouch while shooting to increase the rate of fire.

Q: What is so easy about Easy Mode?
A: The enemies are sissies, and you start out with unlimited [H] ammo.

Q: What does the character stats mean?
A: Defense is Slug armor, and power and speed are just what they sound like.

Q: Help, the game ends after Mission 4!
A: Play at hard difficulty to get Mission 5.

Weapons                                                               [SixWpn]

This is the default weapon. It has unlimited ammo, but is not powerful at all.

Heavy Machine-Gun
A very fast automatic weapon that also packs some power. Can fire in circle-
like forms, just like in the other Metal Slug games. Very good at both close
and long range.

Two Heavy Machine-Gun
Invented by Mega Enterprise, this is a dual machine-pistol set. Very fast,
very powerful. My personal favorite.

Very, very powerful, and great at blasting anything to death. It is not good
at all on long range tough. Also a very slow weapon.

Rocket Launcher
One of my favorites when it comes to boss battles. This one does not fire too
quickly at long range, but is insane at close range. Insanely good, that is.
Ppretty powerful toy.

Iron Lizard
Iron lizards that boost along the ground until they hit the wall, or a target.
Pretty fast, but not too powerful. Great against shielded soldiers, but not
good at long range. Try using other weapons if you have a choice.

Great agains any enemy, if you are close enough to hit. This one fires
through any panzer scale or defense - that is what makes it one of the best
weapons in the game!

Super Grenade
A Rocket Launcher, but it much faster and much more powerful. Not very common,
but possibly the best weapon in the whole game. There is nothing this weapon
can't do. At least when it comes to shooting straight.

The only thing this one is good at, is shooting at targets below you. Very
slow bouncing bullets that are not too powerful after all. Not very likeable,
in my eyes.

Supersonic Z Sword aka Sangetsu Sword
A very powerful sword that is a complete rip-off of the Rockman series Z
sword. Not a bad weapon, though - extremely powerful, but only useable at
close range.

Slugs                                                                 [SixSlg]

Super Vehicle 001 aka Metal Slug
The old and dear SV-001. This is a tank that moves pretty fast, and can jump
almost as good as a person outside of the slug. the cannon shoots fairly long
when it comes to lenght measurement, and the built-in vulcan is superb against
aliens and soldiers.

Slug Flyer
Very similar to the Super Vehicle 001, but it flies in the air instead. The
weapons are the same, but the cannon is a little slower. The Slug Flyer is
very fast, and easy to move around with.

Slug Gunner Baby
This is a mecha/robot type slug that is similar to the Slug Gunner from Metal
Slug 5 and Metal Slug 3D. It does not have a panzered front though. This is a
slow slug, but the vulcan has a built-in vulcan fix. Used in a sewer boss
battle. It does not react too quickly on your commands - not a favorite in my

Donkey Slug
The coolest slug in the game. This one is a very lazy and cuddly donkey that
has a vulcan hanging on its side. There is an upgrade that you can attach onto
the Donkey to equip it with a cannon as well! If you think this donkey moves
slowly, jump while moving to slightly increase your speed.

Slug Digger
A good idea, but poorly executed. This slug moves very slowly while digging
through dirt. Its vulcan is very, very slow, and fires like an old non-
automatic rifle. The secondary attack is placing mines behind it. Can dig
down, left and right.

Read This First                                                       [ArcAbo]

This walkthrough is for any character, playing on the hard mode, and
difficulty level 4. I will not tell you when to do special attacks etc, but I
will hint at things. Overall, this is what you need to find the prisoners,
weapons, hidden stuff and so on. Oh yeah, combat school is not covered in this
walkthrough as of now, maybe later, we'll see.
If you want it to be covered, contribute at my mail, and I will
give you credit. Just to make it all clear, the walkthrough was written with
Marco playing, but this does not change any locations of things in the
missions. If you see an error, mail me if you want to.

Mission 1 - Grassy Plains                                             [ArcGra]

Slugs In Mission: Super Vehicle 001

Run forwards, shoot a few soldiers and save the prisoner that has been tied
up for a [H] before progressing further right to blow up a building. A old
tank and a transport car will pop up, so shoot them to bits - eventually
spend a few grenades. This is a nice place to learn about the fact that
when your Super Meter turns MAX, your attacks will power up, and coins will
pop out of the enemies you kill, and the vehicles you blow up. A prisoner
will appear from inside of the car, and reward you with a [R]. Now, blow up
the old tank that attacks, and watch out for soldiers coming from both
sides. On the top of a platform, there's grenades, as well as a [C]. Grab
them and continue. Watch out for the soldiers with the landmines, and then
destroy the tower tank that appears. In the tree above this tower tank, there
is a red gem. Shoot them to get them - remember that you have
to shoot at various places to get the hidden items. I will not tell you this
each and every time there are hidden items around.

Save the prisoner that has been tied up to get a mushroom, and then jump
straight over the gap in the bridge, and knife the shielded soldier to death.
It is always nice to kill shielded soldiers by knifing them, as bullets take a
long time to break their shield. Now, the helicopter that appears on the
bridge can easily be taken down by aiming upwards, and running a small bit
each time it drops bombs at you. This goes for all helicopters. Well, take the
letter and the coins, and save two new prisoners for some fruit. There is an
artillery soldier and a normal soldier at the end of the bridge. Crouch and
shoot to take them down quickly. Continue and kill all the soldiers you meet
for a new [H]. Use this weapon, along with grenades to blow up the parts of
the train that will enter. The containers you need to blow up will appear
above you and move from the right to the left. You will be able to see the
Super Vehicle 001 hanging from one of them, so make sure you get it by
shooting at the container. There's one prisoner below the train waiting for
you, and two will appear while the train is driving. Now, continue driving
right in your slug.

You will get to an area with mountains. A prisoner has an  [I], so pick
it up. There is also a prisoner that has a [H] here. To avoid breaking the
slug, jump out of it if you think it is too dangerous to fight inside it.
You can find a fork here, so choose to go either right to the cave, or jump
upwards to the mountain cave.

  Go Right \\ Cave Path
  Kill the bats, blow up the gate, and throw a grenade over the barricade to
  kill the artillery soldier there. Be at a good distance, and then kill the
  tank before it attacks you. Save the prisoner nearby for a [F]. Save three
  prisoners for some food, and watch out for lots of soldiers coming from the
  sides. Next up are some bats. One of them is a golden bat, so be sure to
  collect it for points. Now, save a new prisoner for a medal, and break the
  yellow wall in front of you.

  Go Upwards \\ Mountain Cave
  From the fork, start jumping upwards. Even though it looks crazy, it is
  possible to bring the slug. Soon, some soldiers will shoot at you from
  above. You will know when, as there's some crates with food it at this
  place. Kill them quickly. Now, at the far left there's some prisoners, 4 of
  them sitting around. Jump over and save them all for some food and a [H]. An
  old tank will appear from the right, so use the vulcan to shoot it down.
  Now, exit the screen by going to the right into a cave. In here, save the
  six prisoners for some medals and points. Collect the [G] and then shoot
  down two tanks using your cannon. Now, exit the screen again to get to the
  boss battle.

                        Boss One \\ Maniac Driller
 This boss is not too hard, and it is easier the faster your character is.
 Its attacks are launching enemies similar to Iron Lizards at you, dropping
 stones from above, as well as making a soldier shoot at you using a
 launcher. When the Iron Lizards appear, try to shoot at them while jumping
 over them. If you are quick, you can also blow them up before they reach you
 by crouching and then shooting. You might get a [H] by doing this. The
 stones can be dodged by simply running and estimating where the stones will
 land. The stones can also be taken out after they have landed for some
 rewards. The soldier's shots can only be dodged. Well, keep on doing this
 while constantly shooting at the boss itself. Before entering phase two,
 there will be an explosion. Now, the battle will get slightly harder.

 You can however do this easily without dying. Just stay close to the boss
 when you see that it is preparing for launching more stones. If the stone
 looks like it will land near the boss, just run away. If not, just stay.
 The boss will also launch its drill towards you. It might go close to the
 ground, or mid-air. If it goes close to the ground, jump over it, as the
 mechanical arm it is hanging on is not dangerous. If the drill however goes
 mid-air, crouch to avoid it. Now you know the key to avoiding the attacks of
 the boss, so make sure you deliver the favour of trying to get one hell of
 a kill.

Mission 2 - Dreamy Docks                                              [ArcDre]

Slugs in Mission: Donkey Slug + Donkey Tank

Shoot straight down at the start to find some fish. Save the prisoner in front
of you to get a doll. Now, the enemies on this level are mad men with axes.
They are quite dangerous, but by being fast, killing them is a piece of cake.
Or cookie. Now, you will see a box containing a [H]. There is a gap before
this box, where you can find more hidden fish. Watch out now, as the prisoner
in front you is being watched by three axe men that will pop up when you get
too close. The reward is a pig. Now, there is a [L] below you. Drop down to
get it, knife the axe man that appears, and jump over the gap to save two
prisoners and get a [H]. Now, there is a new axe man below a platform that you
can run on. IF you shoot just above this man, blue gems will appear. There is
a prisoner here as well, and he rewards you with firebombs if you save him.
You will find more fish in the gaps near the blue gems as well.

Next up are two prisoners on a platform. They have grenades and [L] for
you. Allright, you will get to an area where the scrolling stops. Here, place
yourself almost all the way to the right, and wait for enemies to appear. You
can easily knife to death the axe men that jump close to you from the right,
and jump and shoot the ones at the left side. Also, watch out for the
submarines from below, as the guys there throw dynamite at you. Shoot at the
dynamite to make it go away. Now, exit the screen to your right.

You will find yourself in a dark wood. Save the prisoner, and kill the two
Morden aliens. On a bridge, there is a new prisoner with [F]. Kill all the
Morden aliens and get on the Donkey Slug. Now, use the same technique as when
you take down helicopters, in order to take out the UFOs that appear above
you. Well, continue with the Donkey Slug to save a prisoner with a snake. Even
further right, there is a Donkey Tank. Hang it onto the Donkey Slug and
continue. When you get to a place where a soldier drops a [R], be quick to
jump off the Donkey Slug, and then jump onto the Donkey Tank. From here, you
can reach two prisoners to get a monkey and a [Z].

Now, soldiers and aliens will appear. Make sure you kill the soldiers on the
left and right upper sides first, as their bullets are hard to dodge once
shot. Second priority are the Morden aliens and the other soldiers. A tank
will also appear when the other ones are dead. Continue to find five
prisoners. To save them all, use the Donkey Tank to act as a platform you can
jump on. The rewards are grenades, Hakouken prisoner, and some fruit. Make
sure that once the prisoners are saved, you hide at one of the edges of the
screen, without being on the Donkey. From there, use grenades at the enemies
on the ground, and shoot the ones in the air. After killing off the last
aliens and a tank, shoot at the wall to continue to the boss fight. Another
strategy for this area that I also use, is constantly jumping on and off the
Donkey Slug, as you invincible while being in air after having jumped off the
Slug. Don't bother saving the cannon shots, as you can't bring the slug

                        Boss Two \\ Sliding Locmotive
 This boss will slide downwards while you are running on it's wheel-covers. At
 first, make sure you go to the left side and then jump right while throwing
 grenades at the upper part of the boss. If you are Eri, you can throw
 straight up in stead. The boss will attack by shooting missiles into the air.
 These will come at you slowly from the sides. Dodging them is much easier
 than shooting them down. Once the boss has taken some damage, it will launch
 smaller and faster missiles. This time, you should also dodge by jumping and
 running. If you see a blinking missile, shoot it down for a weapon.
 Not very hard, I promise. When the boss has taken even more damage,
 it will explode a little, and then reveal some HUGE missiles. It will launch
 one of these into the air, and then shoot lots of bullets falling down. The
 bullets can easily be dodged with some concentration, so dodge them all, and
 then quickly run to one of the sides to avoid the missile that should be
 coming down soon. Well, now you know what to do. Oh, and if you are unlucky,
 turrets can also appear on the boss's left and right sides. Shoot them
 quickly down if this happens.

Mission 3 - The City                                                  [ArcCit]

Slugs in Mission: Slug Gunner Child

Start by shooting at the brown circle outside of the door in the background to
get a vegetable. Save the girl for some fruit, and take down the first alien.
Note that these things spit bugs, so be sure to watch out! Save two prisoners
then shoot at the white building with red letter on to get more vegetables.
Pick up the weapons from the prisoners, which are [H] and [S]. There's a new
prisoner on one of the crates. Save him, but watch out for the spinning alien.
If you touch it while it is spinning, you die. Now, there's a new prisoner
that will give you the [Z]. There's also a new vegetable if you shoot at the
building with an X letter on. When a car enters, jump over it, and blow it up.
When two new cars enter, jump to dodge, and then crouch to avoid their shots
while shooting at them until they've reached hell.

Jump upwards using the construction platforms. At the top, go a little right,
and there will be a new hidden vegetable in the wall. You will reach two
crates with grenades and fruit in. Drop down further right, save two
prisoners, kill two aliens, and then continue left. Here, a new prisoner is
waiting. He will give you a bone. Now, go further right. When you see the gap
where you can drop down, wait for all the aliens to appear, and then drop
down. Take them quickly down using grenades so that they can't roll on you.
Well, you will now reach a [D] and an [I]. Use the dropshot to take down the
two heavy armored aliens that enter. This can be done by going close to them
and shooting like crazy. Now, continue right. Knife the aliens that appear
behind you, and choose one of the paths - upper or lower.

  Go Upwards \\ Temple Stairs
  If the yellow flying aliens start eating at the greeen civilians, kill them
  before they go all zombie. Take down the aliens, and save a prisoner for
  some formed meat. Continue, pick up the [F], and then shoot at the chicken
  that a civilian is trying to kill. Collect the chicken, save a new prisoner
  for [S] and firebombs. Now, the scrolling will stop, so kill all the flying
  aliens and eventual zombies. Now, exit the screen by going right.

  Go Straight \\ Dusty Path
  Let an alien jump forth, and then save a prisoner for a green fruit. The
  rest is pretty much straight forwards. Go to the middle of the screen, jump
  to dodge aliens, and kill them afterwarsd. There's three prisoners waiting
  for you, so continue killing aliens and running to the right. At the end,
  two heavy armored aliens attack. Grenades are nice here, and the knife is
  good at killing the usual aliens that appear with them. Now exit screen and
  save the tied up prisoner, the one close the the protected drone with green
  circles, You will now reach the Slug Gunner Child and a boss battle.

Now you will be in the sewers. Kill an alien, grab the hermetics, then save
the prisoner in front of you after having dodged the two rolling aliens. It is
important that you either jump over the rolling aliens here, or that you use
the mid-air platforms scattered around, as they won't roll there. Collect the
[D] from the first mid-air platform, and continue using my hints until you
have saved three additional prisoners, and gotten out of the sewer. The aliens
at the end of the sewer can be avoided by estimating where they will land, and
staying away from that point. Close the the M-20 sign, there are two
prisoners. One has a [2H]. Use this weapon to first kill a bunch of aliens
coming from the right, then from the left. A prisoner will drop down. The next
thing looks crazy, but it very easy. Lots of aliens, and I mean LOTS of them
will start bouncing towards you. Watch where the first one lands, and place
yourself so that the first one will not hit you. You can estimate this. Now,
none of the aliens will hit you if you stand still. Shoot at the aliens while
they are bouncing. After a small corridor, you will get the [R] and [Z]. Use
them to take down the mechanic drone and the green protective material that is
defending it. You will now reach the Slug Gunner Child and a boss battle.

                        Boss Three \\ Sewer Drone
 This battle is not of the easiest one in the game. Much harder than Boss One
 and Boss Two. Well, start by setting the Vulcan Fix (this slug has it as
 default, you can not turn it off, and this is not cheating) so that it shoots
 northwest. Sorry, I'm so bad with math that I don't know how many grades that
 is. Well, now while shooting constantly using the vulcan, you should also
 jump and then shoot using the cannon. The boss wil after while attack you by
 doing one of several things. If it throws a car, jump to the right after
 having gotten onto one of the containers. If it starts launching electric
 circles, you should quickly jump out of the slug, and then back in again.
 Remember, you  can't die while being in the air after having exited a slug.
 Well, if the boss tries to attack by electrifying the ground, jump up on the
 container you should be near. This is a hard battle, with lots of dodging,
 but you can do it.

Mission 4 - Red Bridge                                                [ArcRed]

Slugs in Mission: Slug Flyer

Kill two aliens, save a prisoner for a [C], and then grab the [G]. Use it to
kill all the aliens that appear. When they are dead, destroy the crates for
some grenades and fish, and then save two new prisoners for [C] and [L]. Now
place yourself in the middle of the screen, and wait for a hectic situation
with eyed aliens, flying aliens, and rolling ones. Use the lasergun a lot, and
help with grenades. Now, when you get to the "GO", wait for some aliens to
come rolling from behind. Jump to dodge, and then save the girl that enters.
Go up to find the flight path, and down to find the brain path.

  Go Upwards \\ Flight Path
  Kill all the brains, and then the brain eating aliens that turn people
  into zombies. Now, two aliens with [L] and [H] will appear. Kill them and
  take the weapons. When a lot of green aliens, along with standard ones
  appear, shoot like crazy, with both vulcan and cannon. Stay at the lower
  left edge of the screen to get away from their shots. You still have to
  dodge some though. When you get to all the balls, shoot at their spots, as
  prokectiles will come out of them if you don't blow 'em up. Be quick, and
  fly between them, and you will reach a ball protected by some defensive
  circles. Shoot them all to bits, but watch out, as some of them will come
  at you. Once all the protective circles are down, the ball will launch
  rapid shots at you if you don't blow it up quickly. Use the cannon to do
  Now, a lot of aliens will appear. Go to the top, and the moment before
  they launch their attacks, fly to the bottom and past them. Avoid their
  next shots as well, and you will be fine. Collect the weapons from the two
  aliens that appear. Soon, a boss battle will start. Hopefully you still
  have your Slug Flyer. Before the battle, save two prisoners for some
  medals, and then shoot at the top of the boat to reveal three additional

  Go Downwards \\ Brain Path
  So, now you are teamed up with the final boss from Metal Slug 3. Well, you
  have a Vulcan type weapon and a brain wave that will destroy all enemies on
  screen, or at least make them take heavy damage. Use the vulcan at all the
  brains that attack. Moving in a circular motion is recommended if you want
  to avoid getting hit. Watch your back, and if too many projectiles come at
  you, use the brain wave to take them down. When all the balls with red spots
  come at you, use the brain  wave along with the vulcan. There are also some
  protected balls with the usual red circles around. These are piece of
  pancake to take down, as the vulcan goes through the defensive rings. Now,
  dodge the shots from the last aliens and collect the grenades that you will
  see in the air. Before the boss battle, save two prisoners for some
  medals, and then shoot at the top of the boat to reveal three additional

                        Boss Four \\ Sea Snake Brown
 Always shoot at the boss's head. Touching the boss when it is not crawling
 together is not dangerous as long as you are on its shell. When the boss
 spits at you, dodge the acids. The purple projectiles that come at you can be
 shot down, or dodged. Mix it up. When the boss faces the right, go all the
 way right, and start jumping and shooting at its face. Dodge any attacks, and
 jump if it makes some electric/wind aura appear on its body. You need to time
 this jump. If the boss starts puking lots of acid, stay near the boss and
 then, when the acid gets close, use the small hole near the boss's head to
 avoid the acid. Try to not touch the boss though. If the boss goes in circles
 around you, dodge the acids, or shoot them down. Remember to use grenades at
 the boss as well as shooting all the time. At times, the boss will get hurt
 even when you shoot at its body and not head.

Mission 5 - Home of the Beasts                                        [ArcHot]

Slugs in Mission: Slug Digger

Let the Morden soldiers help you as much as possible. At start, just stay far
away from the aliens while shooting at them. If the rolling ones get too
close, use a grenade or two. Collect the [H] and kill the red spinning aliens
beore they can do their ground pound. Use the knife. Now, a huge alien that
shoots green beams will appear. Let the soldiers shoot at it, while you kill
the new red aliens flying above you from behind. Now help the soldier kill the
big one, then another one. There is also another alien on a platform above the
big alien, so shoot it or knife it to death. Now, two more of the alien type
you just killed will appear from the sides. Use the nearby [S] to kill them. A
huge one will appear below you, but it is easy to kill it if you are on the
platform above it.

Now kill the red aliens from a long distance, and then the ones that will
appear above you. Take down the huge alien with help from the soldiers, and
open the crate on a platform for a [H]. Now, there will be two aliens with
quite a bit of armor, and threee crates conatining grenades and blue and
red gems. Nex is a place where lots of huge aliens will come from both sides.
Beg for the soldiers to act like shields while shooting down the aliens. A red
one might appear above you, so watch out. This is the hardest part of the
mission, in my eyes. Jump into the Slug Digger.

I'll admit it - this part of the game is so stupid and boring that it is a
shame. Just dig your way, all the way down. Kill the enemies you meet by
shooting and using mines. This can be pretty hectic at times. There is a gas
for you if you keep to the right while digging downwards, and there are some
bones scattered around as well. Take them all, and go all the way down.

Save two Morden Aliens to get [2H] and an old man. Save two new ones after
killing the eye aliens to get [S] and an ape. Kill all the aliens using a
powerful weapon, and save three Morden Aliens to get poo, [2H] and a
briefcase. Exit the screen, shoot some aliens and then save two Morden Aliens
for grenades and [Z]. Now, kill the spinning red alien, and all the others. A
huge eye alien will appear. Shoot its eye, and watch out for projectiles from
above. Go right, jump up the platform, run left and save two Morden Aliens.
One of them has a [L]. Jump left, use the lasergun to take down all the eye
aliens, and save a new Morden Alien on the top of the platforms for a [Z].

At the far right, after having taken down a few hard to kill aliens, there are
two Morden Aliens with a [H] and a Alien Helper UFO. Now, jump left, kill
aliens, and save two new Morden Aliens for a [R]. Lots of red spinning aliens,
appear now, so kill them using your new weapon. On the top of the next
platforms, save a Alien Prisoner for a bone and continue. Save a new Morden
Alien, and then fight your friend in an Allen-styled battle. Stay at the
oposite side, and throw grenades, and jump while shooting. This is how you can
'kill' your friend. Watch out for the attack where your friend launches lots
of vulcan-like shots though! Knifing is not a good idea. Get to the boss with
the yellow Metal Slug.

                       Final Boss \\ Larva Starbug
 Shoot at the boss using the Vulcan and the cannon. Watch out for the acid
 being spitted, and when you see an alien flying in from one of the sides,
 jump out of the slug, back in, and then kill it. Remember, jumping out of
 slug means survival. Keep on doing this until the boss explodes, and you fall
 down. Now, the boss will either launch sharp blue and green things. If this
 happens, go to one of the sides, crouch, and shoot left and right to
 destroy the things when they return. If the boss launches lots of blue fire,
 try getting between two flames. This is hard, and has to be repeated to
 survive. The boss's eye-laser attack can be dodged easily by running. Shoot
 at the boss's head at all times until you fall in the free air. When this
 happens, shoot upwards to destroy the approaching things. Well, now the boss
 will fall down and die. Gratulations to you.

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