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by tidus346


		Version 0.18

Written by: tidus346
Email: [email protected]
City: Wexford
Country: Ireland


1. Saying Hello
b. Version History

2. Walkthrough
a. SHIELD Plane
b. Omega
c. Atlantis
d. Valley of spirits

e. Murderworld

3. Building your team

4. Wrapping things up

		Saying Hello

Well high Iím tidus346 and this is my first FAQ.  I want to apologise in 
advance for any errors or bad spelling.
I am currently a student in college which is great because 
I get to use the internet as much as I want.

If you are looking for an in depth FAQ
youíre in the wrong place this will be very basic.
If I have any errors or anyone has any updates/strategies can you 
e-mail me wouldnít want everyone to follow me into the whole.

What i found hard to believe is i bought this game for 40 euro
which is very cheap for where im from.

Well Iíve been a Marvel fan sense I was 5 when
I first watched x-men and spider-man and have played the XML games
which are quite similar but MUA seems to take development
a few steps further.  Well thatís enough about me.

		Version History

0.01 Ė Started fAQ.
0.1 Ė Added Shield & Omega base.
0.13 - Added part of Atlanta & some team building
	& wrapping things up.
0.18 - Still working on Valley of Spirits

You start off with Wolverine, Thor, Captain America and Spiderman
The opening trailer is pretty cool.  When you get control go up the
stairs making sure to avoid the fire (first time i started i lost
spidey doing that).  The enemies here are Ultron Warriors your
standard X attack will suffice.  For stronger enemies L2 for
ganging up on one enemy is fun.  Follow the path till the 2nd
bridge where you are up against your 1st Masters of Evil
boss Scorpion (dont know how you can call this a boss)


He has a spray and knockback but more then likely will not
get the chance to use them.  L2 for gang beating, doubt you
will need to use abilities.  Does scorpion have a big mouth
he kind of remind me of the guy in Shadow Hearts 2.

Breaking barrels along the way is a good way to get gold for
upgrades.  Now thats him taken care of dont forget about the
scorpions tail on the ground.

Glad to see a spiderman villain sense its my favorite
Marvel series hopefully there will be more spidey boss'
after this.

To reach the command deck continue on and press square very
simalar to XML so far so for those who have those nothing
new hear this level seems to be more of a tutorial then
a level.

After your chat go down some stairs and out the only exit.
for points this is what i do: Captain America - xp%,
Spidey-Wait till symbiot suite
Thor- not sure but put 1 point to energy
Wolverine-Claw damage increase

I think you have to wait till lv4 before you can use points
if i remember correctly you should be around lv2 doesnt
matter if still lv1.

Now an extraction point allowing you to change team currently
my team are still the default.  If you change team members you
loose a large ammount of team points so if you are going to change
it may be best to do so ounce.

here is a list of the characters:
Mr Fantastic (stretch)
Invisable Woman (time to disapear)
Human Torch (flame on!)
The Thing (love his lines)
Storm (another Thor gosh she was to good in XML)
Luke Cage (dont even know who he is)
Iron Man (Yipppeee)
Elektra (cant believe we have to wait so long to get Daredevil)
Iceman (never was impressed by him)
Deadpool (loved him in XML2)
Spiderwoman (dont know why she was added)
Ms Marvel (would have preffered rouge)

is it me or are people creating more then 1 file every time
i try and save it creates a new file for me anyway enough
chit chat back to the guide.
Anyway now its up to you to stop the nukes!

Go right and when you enter the room the engine thing will be
destroyed.  what you have to do is move the damaged one out of the
way and push in the one at the left corner.  Go back up the stairs
and turn on the console to drop the forcefield and you can
progress onwards.

There is a new Ultron soldior here where they toss multiple blasts
at you (hope your a good jumper).  you will be contacted by Nick
Fury.  When you get to the split go left and destroy the console
then take the one on the right.  In the middle the door will open
so you can go against Bullseye.

Almost forgot you get sort of a pipe thing in this level which
i find great for picking up items and blowing stuff up.


Throws things at you that will explode, so long as you are not
right next to him they are easy to avoid, may want to use ranged
attacks to take care of him will get assassin's sight as your reward.
On a sidenote i saw Daredevil last week and he was much cooler in the

Head inside and use the computer.  Go downstairs to enter barracks.
There is a save point here (there seems a lot less then XML)
continue and pick up Black Widow's laptop (suspicous minds)
then go up the stairs.  Go left and then past the beam you should
see 2 consoles move 1 character to the left then switch to a different
character then you will release the prisoners.

The information in the cells sure makes Black Widdow more suspicous.
As i said before breaking barells is good for gold i think by now i had
4 or 5% xp for captain america and they get right expensive very quickly.

After your finished head right.  Now on to the Doom Bots they go down very
quickly.  The 1st time i saw them i thought i was against Doom himself.  On
a side note any hp or energy food that your character doesnt need gets put
into xp that is provided none of them need it that is.

Jump through the window and follow the path to the other side beating the bots
along the way.  Take the stairs at the end that go left to go
aginst Winter Soldior and Radioactive Man.

		WS & RM

i used spidey to take out WS he will go down very easily
as he will just shoot you.  I had Captian America out and there was
a special bit of conversation.  Im guessing if you use Elektra or
Daredevil on Bullseye you will get special convo as well.
After that set your team on radioactive man.  Only hit him when his
health bar is red as that will be the only way you will damage him.
If you are good at dodging you canavoid his attack.
rewards = Bionic arm & Radioactive Touch.

There is a body upgrade up top but you need a character that can flyIf you
are good at double jumping by double triangle you can get it.  To fly
double press triangle and use left analogue stick to move hold square to land.

Go inside and up(north) the the lift to upper level and
head all the way along the
path to reach the outdoors.  Now Fin Fang Foom not sure if
having F4 characters changesthe convo.  With this boss there is
actually a small chance of faliure.

		FIN FANG FOOM (Dragon Thing)

ultrons appear for the duration of the fight i choose to
ignore them till the end.  First use the a-air machine to blow
Foom out of the sky onto the platform when he
is flying he follows the same pattern all the time
so easy enough to hit.  There is also a red arrow appearing
on screen so you know where he will come in.
When he lands deal in the hurt i advice getting
your team to gang up on him i was
controlling Thor and his hammer attack is very effective.
His first attack is firebreath with knockback.  His other
shoots many fireballs.  You will more then
likely just be shooting it down 2-3 times.
Get Dragons Heart as reward mission done.

You are now in Stark HQ (iron man) anyway its most of the
corner areas that have the
good stuff and there is a save point.
North on table = striking upgrade
save point = bottom of screen sort of in the middle
Vision = east of save point gives lots of info
(hank is next to vision looking for helmet)
black widdow = center get dycryption module and give to vision.
Trivia game = yes they have one just like XML near vision
Training = Left hand side (need discs first)
body upgrade = NE corner, north = sketch book, NW = focus upgrade

North is Wyatt and you can talk to him to start the mission
he is sort of like your driver
now off to find Dum Dum Dugan.


When you are in the omega base follow the path to the
next  foom to find dugan.  Follow the path and you 
will meet new enemies super soldier.
I find it funny all the things SHIELD research or 
whatever do to people at least bruce
banner seems to be normal and Nick sure likes to keep secrets.
Captain America is prettyticked off with all the 
experiments sence he is the only successful one.

It is important for this mission to protect Dugan
though i never really had to bother
Go down some stairs and get your 1st daredevil action
figure and destroy the engine
marked with a red X.  By now you should be lv6
if not you may need to train using
simulator discs as the boss at the end of this mission aint easy.

There is another engine at the other side of the room that needs
to be destroyed.  In the lower area of the room there is
a Daredevil action figure.
Now in the next room you find Doom has messed your system up and that
node doent work (like you expected the mission to be over that quickly).

Go right out of the room to get captain america disc which
should give you a level or 2 not to mention a bit of gold you
have 20 mins what i did is on 1st try break all barrels
and explore and pulled off a silver reward
(watch out for the boss because you only have 1minute) and
then on the 2nd try go for gold to get the talent point.
Head south for an easy boss CRIMSON DYNAMO.


His attacks are a lightning laser which stays on someone for
a few seconds and has a homingprojectile.  Team combo all the way to
pound him into the ground use special attacks if you
need to.  Get Luke Cage Suit as a reward.

After that riveting boss destroy the final 2 engines.
In the next area you can save and you will be leaving
Dugan behind so if he was on low health you dont have to worry.
If you follow the path you will meet a new enemy that has a
shield sort of like riot cops have.  What you have
to do is press square next to them as if to grapple then
rapidly press X if you win you will toss
away the shield if you loose he will shoot you.

Anyway you have to travel outside eventually i was a bit
disapointed they didnt put any scenery sense
its the outdoors now but what can you do.  This is a long
run and a chooper attacks you at first you
think its on your side but it makes it pretty clear its not
your characters can reach dangerous health
if you dilly dally so just take care of enemies and progress
to the end of the exterior and you will
eventually be back inside.

Now you should follow the path and run into Mysterio wondering
when he would show up.  Anyway he
overloads the machine and you have a fight on you.
It is important that the troops dont gang
beat you so try stunning or knockback attacks or special
powers come in handy.

Go left and you will meet Banner sorry no Hulk this time round.
He will help you by taking youto where the gamma bomb is in
this room there is a table with a helmet that you can give back to
Pym in Stark Tower(he's the one to the left of vision).

The panel is damaged (this is starting to become a pattern)
and follow the path along the hall.
In the next hall make sure to take the turn on the right to
get wolverines simulator disc.
I didnt have any problems with this level its pretty much
destroy everything in your path and
for the boss try cornering him and keeping him
trapped while unleashing special powers.

Follow the path and you should end up in a pretty big room
and defeat the enemy gang.  By using the control panel in the
center you deactivate the bomb.  You tell Banner to stay
i found this scene kind of funny because how
he agrees with you very quickly.

Now go through the door on the left and now it is time to
do some pain to Mysterio.
I actually found this fight a little bit annoying
but if you are lv7-8 i think you will be ok.


This guy creates 2 clones of himself sort of and the thing
is though it is useless to attack the
fakes in the confusion of being attacked its hard to tell them apart.
This is where special powers come in handy.

After the boss you get to take a elevator ride that sort of reminds me
of MGS.  Anyway enemies pop out every so often, nothing to life
threatning though the main problem is the bombs that drop down if
you did well in Captain America's missionthis should be no problem
if not you may want to avoid them though this is difficult.
The button you have to press appears on the screen very quickly
e.g. X will appear underneaththe bomb, square will appear to the left
of the bomb and you have to pres them quickly and in the right order.

After you exit the lift follow the path and there is a hidden room
where you destroy some ememiesbefore they can destroy a console.
After that return to the hall following the path to another
lift.  You are now up pretty high and that pesky helicopter is

Talk to the agent, boththe a-air guns are on fire so
they wont do much good.  Go down some stairs if you want a sketch
book ive never been to bothered with checking them out but collect
them anyway for good completion.  Your path should now be blocked
by an explosion i think this part took me a while to figure out.

Now take the stairs to the catwalk.  Move the crate in the corner like you
did with the generator in the SHIELD base but this time pull the crate to the
edge and you will have to rapidly press the button for me it was X i think
and the glass underneath will shatter.  I'm surprised that much glass shatters
the crate isnt that big.  Anyway jump off the
catwalk and ito the new entry hole.

Follow the path battling the enemies that appear and
you will come back up to the upper
deck.  You should see another SHIELD agent asking you
to keep the copter busy and now the fun begins.

You donít have much time to destroy the copter so hop in the a-air at the corner
which is easy as long as you ignore the other grunts.  After the copter
is shot down, that was easy swipe away the enemies and pick up the fpus upgrade
up the stairs.

Now you have to answer questions from the annoying MODOK i actually got some
of these wrong and you get shocked which should be avoided so here are the
right answers:AU for symbol for Gold,21% oxygen(dont know how i knew that)
and the last answer is Neoprene i think for that one it was just lucky guess.


This guy can be very annoying even if you know what to do.
His most irrating move
is the radial blast which can be dodged because
you can see it coming.  If
you run low on health pound some minions on the
ground or break some barrels.
Get your team to pound on the boss with attacks
and powers and before you
know it you have cleared the level and now back to Stark Tower.
You should now be lv10


You have to have 2 points available to get the xtreme skill
at the bottom of the list i wasn't aware of this 1st time
so had to wait till lv11.  At stark tower talk to Pym and
ask him to look at the Jet data.  Go to the waterfall and
use Iron Man's Lab to reach Jarvis to start a small sidequest
called Link to The past(i wonder if that is intentional).

Anyway the cufflinks you need are in the main office and
are easy enough to spot.  Talk to Weasel to continue the
laptop quest.  In the upper part of the lab is another
sketch book.  There is a skill point here as well as a
simulator disc for Iron Man.

Now return to the main room talk to Hank then to vision
about Jacob then Black widow about Barron and to Nick
about Gabriel.  Now back to the lab and talk to Weasel
again and you will tell him what the password is.
After talking to Wingfoot if you talk to Pym to look
at the feed to get it out of the way when your ready
talk to Wingfoot again and depart for Atlantis.

Now you can create your own team or stick with one
of the premaid teams.  Every 100 reputation increases
your team lv by 1 which will give 1 team skill point
which are pretty cool.  However it is important to
note that every time you make a change to your roster
you will loose 50 points.  You can gain points by
completing objectives.

Nanites will be placed in your body so you can survive
underwater great to have this level.  You can go north
to get a focus upgrade and south for the connection tube
which is a tunnel which will take you to the dive chamber.

Use the dive chamber controls to go in the water then
go north east to see Namor who is in serious trouble.
You need to kill the 4 guards to save him there are
red X's so hard to miss.

Now that Namor is free 2 exits should open up head to
Temple of Negrete first.  Break the wall on the left
for a skill point.  Follow the path to a big room and
take a right following the path to the red X.

Go to thedoors and press use and
rapidly press the button shown
on screen to open the door to collect the pearl.  Return
to the big room and continue across.  You should now
be in a room with a big clam.  Stand near it and press
use.  The process is the same as the marked doors and
you should get another pearl.  To the right there should
be a weak wall break it to get Mr Fantastic's disc.
It is kind of like some weird carnival level.

Return to the big room and continue from where you entered
the temple.  Kill the enemies and get the trident.
Return to previous room and enter the room with a statue.
Once the trident is in the statue a beam will come out of
the statue and blow open the wall.  When you enter the hole
you will have to beat a good few enemies then pick up the
seaweed then take the portal and give the seaweed to the girl
to gain some reputation.

Now head north to reach the trenches and you should be
up against some atlantis armoured there not much tougher
then the defenders.  Also when you are up against the
atlantis champion you may have to use combinations such
as stun.  You should now be up against some tough enemies.

For this battle I got the team to gane up on Krang 1st
before moving onto Byrrang not exactly hard you can
go back to save point if you need a breather.

If you have the xtreme powers yet then using them may
come in handy I find spiderman to be the most hand as
it is general sweep.

That is one of the good things about this game returning
to the save point and getting to switch characters and if
you wait long enough getting revived dont think you will
need it though.

Once you have defeated them get rid of the emitter in the
room.  The path splits here to the right is a SAP and a
emitter that needs to be destroyed.  Near the emitter is
a giant clam which as someone trapped.  Press the button
to release him and he will give you the combination for the
save.  Then return to the safe to get the goods including a
daredevil action figure.

To the left is a emitter and a strike upgrade next to it
i gave mine to thor but up to you.  I give body to spiderman
and Focus to captain america.  You can now continue on to the

In this room take either path and get the bead on the floor
after the enemies are gone.  Then follow the path and put the
bead in the center hole and this should make enemies appear.

In the side rooms avoid the whirlpools they are deadly on both
sides and get the beads.  I think it was the left one that has
the sketch book.  Then place the beads in the north door and get
ready for the boss.

This boss is fairly easy just use the console to ground there
"wings" so to speak and team pound them.  I found Captain americas
shield throw to be helpful here because it goes pretty far.  After
they are defeated continue on to the defenders crypt.

To the left is a body upgrade and you can take the small
stairs on the right and head to the arena for the level boss.

This is really a mini game boss so it can be very easy if you look
at it that way.  There are 4 pedestles wait for Kraken to knock one
down when it does enter it ignoring the enemies that appear and press
the buttons that appear on screen (I think 6 is the average) then if
you get it right the whole thing will fall on his head.  Now each
time you knock its head take care of the grunts while avoiding Kraken
attacks especailly the radial one that can get in the way.  Continue
this way and eventually Kraken will fall and that is the end of Atlantis.

You will now be back in Stark Tower.  Talk to Wingfoot if you want to
start the mission.  For me I did any simulator discs i forgot or handnt
fully cleared as this level coming up can be a challenge.  Anyway you
should be lv.13 by now i think.

If you have been doing the Weasel sidequests you can continue that by
going to him in Iron Man's lab then talk to Pym and Vision then return
to the lab and tell him to use Ceb.  You can also talk with Nick Fury
to open another sidequest.  Thats about all now onto the mission.

When you reach the temple in the 1st room you come to you will find a
sketch book.  The enemies here can be tougher some of the regenerate
which can be annoying and there are obstacles that can kill you.

If you have a character with might you can use it on the rope with
the blue icon on it for a short passage if not like i had then it
may take longer.  In the big room take a left, another left, sub boss.

For this sub boss use ranged attacks i just pounded him into the ground
with spidermans web and captain americas shield.  He focuses on close
melee attacks so keep your distance and should go down very quickly.
Now in the end of this small walkway take yet another left and would
you believe it you get greeted by another sub boss.

This boss will go down in a few seconds if you use team combination
attacks definatly nothing to worry about.  At the end of this path
near the fire is a strike upgrade.

Now in the next room you come to if you are taking the long way you
will have to defeat a large bunch of enemies (exit room has SAP).
If you are taking theshort way as well as might you will also need
to be able to put out fires (i recommend iceman)
and flight (i recommend Thor).

Whichever way you decided to go you will now be in the Golden Court.
Now you will get to go against some new enemies now which are made
of clay the good thing about these is that you can sneak up on them
before they even have a chance to move.  The balcony to the right
can be reached by flight to get to the next room.

You should find a handy weapon cache now gosh these things come in
handy.  Then continue along the path brawling your way to a large
room.  From now on if you see a bald enemy chances are in this level
he is a healer so destroy him if you have to get your team to bash him.

Go up the big stairs in this room then jump to the left and enter the
small room to pick up the schematics that Fury was looking for.
Now take the right balcony to get the sim disc for the Thing.  In the
next room you get a relatively tough boss.

This boss has as you may have guessed a reliance on melee attacks
so ranged attacks are the way to go i think i had me as spiderman
and my friend as cap america and we almost single handedly took
him down without any help from the other 2.  As you might have
guessed he can turn you into stone for a short period of time
if this happens just switch characters and use that one to bring
on the pain.  using combinations can considerabally shortan the
battle.  Watch out for the healers the second they show up nuke
them as they will try and heal the boss.  Follow the path to
reach the next area Celestial Hall.

Go straight across and you should see a SAP with a locked door.
From SAP go right and enter the room to the side.  Kill the enemies
then move 2 of the blocks onto the depressions in the ground then
move yourself over the 3rd one.  This should let you use a lever
that will allow you through a door near the SAP and get the cache.

Go back to the main room and go through the door on the left.
Now you get to go against what seems like an army of monks.
After they are gone press the lever to open the other door
near the SAP and go through it for another boss.

Ounce again this boss is very easy only a little bit tougher
then the last battle should be easy to take down with a few
team attacks.  After the battle get the nearby body and foucs
upgrade.  I gave bnth of my upgrades to spidey.  The body because
its so easy to get them ko'd without realising and the focus
because its annoying to run out of mp.

Now continue on to the Forbidden Passage where you will get to
see Dr Strage thought this guy was never going to show his face.
He needs to find the orb and you agree and can continue on.

Now more death blades gosh these things keep killing my players
hate it when computer does this the only thing i can think of is
to destroy them and inside them is a Crimson Dynamo disc which is
actually quite hard.  You are in asgard for the disc and starts off
easy but when you get to the gate you get barraged by enemies if you
can handle yourself though it gives great xp.

Now after the death blade room continue on and ignore the door closed
from the other side for now.  If you continue on you will reach the
orb that strange has been looking for and your reward is you get to
have Strange on your team.  In the next room some grunts appear after
they are gone go up the stairs.

Now in this hall there are a lot of statues waiting to be destroyed
the only one of value is the one left of entrance to mandarins court
which will have a action figure for you.  I havent really gone to the
bother of getting the Daredevil and Black Panther action figures might
on my next run through.  Now on to the Court and the level boss.

This boss is more annoying then difficult because he hides a lot.
Anyway he has a whirlwind attack which is radial and not that
terrible.  Then there is his ice attack which traps player
termporarily.  For this all you have to do is switch character.
When he has taken a good bit of damage he will retreat and send
exploding spider robots after you.  You have to use the yellow
teleportation device to get to where Mandarin is.  What you need
to do is get the spider into the yellow disc and it will destroy
the Ultimo bot then go in to teleporter and beat up Mandarin.  Rinse
and Repeat and you will eventaully be back to fighting him in the main
hall.  After he is betaen pick up the item and take the portal to
Stark tower.

Looks like Jean GrEy and Nightcrawler have gone missing.  Talk to
Wingfoot when you are ready and you will now be in act 2 as a reward
sit back and watch one of the coolest trailers of the game kind of
reminds me of X-men 2.

Cool Strange's crib.  First onto the optional stuff.  Talk to vision
not forgetting the strike upgrade and he asks you to get him a book.
Head upstairs and talk to Weasel and he will need a secrity module
from Vision(on a side note these people are right next to each other
all the time dont see why they don't collaborta more.  Go to where
the X is on screen to get vision's book and next to that should be
another Daredevil action figure.  Go up some more stairs from the
book to get Dr Strange's disc.  Put Strange in your team and enter
his room to get 2 sweet focus upgrades.  Dont forget the book and
security module.  If you are ready to hit the road use the orb
of teleportation to get to the next level.

For a second there you think you are in dooms castle, no such luck.
Anyway go into the next room and beat the enemies coming out of the
paintings.  Don't open the treasure chest in this room as it will
damage you, this guy has a sence of humour at least.

In the next room a sort of a wall comes up and down on you and while
this can be easily avoided your computer controlled characters have
a great deal of trouble with this part.

In the next big room defeat the enemies and enter the smaller rooms
attactchedfor some items including another Daredevil aciton figure
focus upgrade and a Mysterio simulator disc.
In Mysterio's disc there can be a
problem if you cant defeat the enemies fast enough especailly in the
area where you have to wreck the clown car.

When you are left with only one door to cross you will be in a long
hallway with spiked walls that come down on you(wondering when/if
they would bring this up).  Defeat the enemies if you can and break
down the walls for this i used thor but any strong character would do.
At the end of the hallway go through to the room on the left(duck) to stop
the spikes chasing you then return to the hall and push the wall to see
a secrete room with a skill point then continue on to a wierd room with
doom like squares that attack you so avoid them and continue to the next room.

Now from here there are 2 rooms one with a nice striking upgrade that will help
you take care of the boss in the other room.
Not very tough so no need to worry.


Don't know why im writing  this part but guess she is a sub boss at least quite
a lot of weak ones on this level at least you get a fun level
boss and that is
something at least.  She doesn't really get enough time to
use her pschic attacks
so just team beat her and she will retreat.  The next area is the big Top.



Ill start off from basic.  for getting around problems
having a character that is strong is a good idea
e.g. Thor, The Thing or wolverine.
I find having a thunder element
character can come in handy and storm and thor are both
good choices.  Having a good defender can come in handy
such as Captain America.  I still dont know what they
put in Elektra.  Iceman is handy because of his ice
slide but I never saw much point in using him.


This FAQ was written by Padraic John Mannion.
All trade marks are property of there owners.
No part of this guide is to be repoduced without my permission.
Only sites I give permission may show this FAQ.

If you wish to gain permission to show this document on your
site please email me at [email protected]

If I have any spelling mistakes, errors, missed any items or
assesories or you have a good boss strategy then please send
me an email.

I wish to say thanks to:
Stan Lee for his creative genius
all the people at Marvel and all the people who made this game