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Follow the dark path or use the light
King of Fighters: Maximum Impact Pack Shot

King of Fighters: Maximum Impact


Dialogue FAQ

by PaGaN 3l3m3n+S

*  _   _   ___  ______   | PaGaN 3l3m3n+S Presents  *
* | | / / /   \ \  ___\	 | Dialogue FAQ 0.1 for     *
* | |/ / /  _  \ \ \___	 | KOF: Maximum Impact      *
* |   < (  (_)  ) > ___\ | U.S. Release on PS2      *
* |MAXIMUMUM IMPACT/     | FAQ Released 04/21/05    *
* |_| \_\ \___/ /_/      | [email protected]  *
KOF: Maximum Impact and all characters featured within are Copyright 
SNK Playmore.
| Splendiferous Table of Contents  |Keywords|
|01.Hello To The FAQ                        |
|  \-Introduction                           |
|   \-How To Use The FAQ                    |
|02.Story Scenes                            |
|  \-Opening                                |
|   \-Stage Change                          |
|    \-Final Stage                          |
|     \-Ending                              |
|03.Characters                              |
|  \-Alba Meira......................[ALB1] |
|   \-Athena Asamiya.................[ATH1] |
|    \-Chae Lim......................[CHA1] |
|     \-Clark Still..................[CLA1] |
|      \-Iori Yagami.................[IOR1] |
|       \-K'.........................[KDA1] |
|        \-Kyo Kusanagi..............[KYO1] |
|         \-Leona....................[LEO1] |
|          \-Lien Neville............[LIE1] |
|           \-Mai Shiranui...........[MAI1] |
|            \-Maxima................[MAX1] |
|             \-Mignon Beart.........[MIG1] |
|              \-Ralf Jones..........[RAL1] |
|               \-Rock Howard........[ROC1] |
|                \-Ryo Sakazaki......[RYO1] |
|                 \-Seth.............[SET1] |
|                  \-Soiree Meira....[SOI1] |
|                   \-Terry Bogard...[TER1] |
|                    \-Yuri Sakazaki.[YUR1] |
|                     \-Duke.........[DUK1] |
|04.Goodbye To The FAQ                      |
|  \-Closing                                |
|   \-Thanks                                |

|01.Hello To The FAQ                  |
   This FAQ is designed for use with the English version of the 
PS2 game, KOF: Maximum Impact. This game was released in the United 
States on 10/12/04 by SNK Playmore, and is the first 3D game in the 
series. Likewise, it is the first to feature English voice acting, 
and the game's story was progressed through voice acting as well. As 
such, this collection of all the game's spoken dialogue is also a 
summary fo the game's story and endings. This is one of the first 
few of my FAQ's, so I hope you enjoy it! Comments, corrections, etc. 
may be sent to my e-mail address listed in the header. A (?) means 
that I can't discern what the character is saying clearly enough, 
and the listed phrase is simply my best guess.

[How To Use The FAQ]
   The Story Scenes section contains descriptions of all the story
scenes used for all characters other than Alba, Soiree, Lien. The
unique story scenes for those 3 characters are contained in their
respective sections. All of the dialogue used in individual battles
is contained in each character's respective section. If you are
looking for the information for a specific character, you can find
their section quickly by pressing "Ctrl" + "F" and typing in the
keyword for that character's section, listed in my Splendiforous
Table of Contents above. If you play as Duke, you will experience
no story scenes.

   The organization for each character's section will be as thus:
-Character's Name-
Stage: The location you fight that the character at in Story Mode.
Intro1: The scene of the character appearing in Story Mode.
IntroName: Any special intros the character has with the named foe
           in Story Mode.
Versus1: The scene of the character appearing in Versus Mode.
VersusName: Any special intros the character has with the named foe
           in Versus Mode.
Text1: The character's dialogue at the screen of text declaring them
       as your foe in Story Mode.
TextName: Any special dialogue the character has as the opponent of
          certain characters in Story Mode.
Win1: The scene of the character upon winning a match.
WinName: Any special scenes the character has after beating the
         named character.
Lose: The scene of the character at their continue screen.
Taunt: The character's taunt in battle.
Evade: Dialogue the character speaks when performing an Emergency
Throwback: Dialogue the character speaks when performing a Body Toss
Lose: Dialogue the character speaks as they are defeated in a round.

Move name: Dialogue spoken when the move is performed.
These may be modifed with conditional statements in parentheses, such
as (if it connects) or (final part).

Opening1: The lines the charaxcter speaks during the opening with
          Hyena (see Hyena's section for more details).

   All endings are the same, save for the character's dialogue. So,
this is the dialogue the character speaks in their ending. For more
details, see the ending section.

|02.Story Scenes                      |
   The characters Alba, Soiree, and Lien are the main characters of
this game. Every story scene 8is unique for them, so their story
scenes are covered in their individual sections. For the others,
the generic scenes listed in this sectino are used. The only
variations for the others are in their opneings and endings. The
basic mold of these scenes are described here. However, the unique
dialogue for those scenes will be listed in each character's
respective section.

(Hyena approaches your character)
Hyena: "Thank you for your participation in the battle 
       tournament, sponsored by Mephistopheles!"
<Character's Opening1 line>
Hyena: "Metatron is just our public name, you see. The true
       sponsor is Mephistopheles; the gang that controls
<Character's Opening2 line>
<Depending upon your character, Hyena may or may not at this point
say: "Ha ha ha, good point!">
Hyena: "Relax! I won't actually have you fight the gang members 
       directly. The opponents you will fight will be designated
       by Mephistopheles. And I will take care of managing these
       tests of strength! Now, let me explain the rules. When you
       bump into a designated fighter, the battle begins! The last
       contestant standing goes on to the next battle as the
       winner! THOSE are the rules. The venue for this year's
       tournament is ALL of Southtown. Your opponents will be
       fighters you've already met, or new challengers. Heh,
       exciting, isn't it? Whoops, I forgot one thing. If you
       lose, we don't guarantee your survival. So, do be careful.
       And one more thing. You cannot refuse, so have fun with it!" 

[Stage Change]
(Hyena holds out a card and poses)
Hyena: "Well, your next opponent is <name here>!"

[Final Stage]
(Hyena approaches)
Hyena: "Did I keep you waiting? I'm sorry. Your next opponent is
       the sponsor of this tournament, none other than DUKE! A
       fitting match for the finale, don't you think?"

(The crowd cheers as your character stands over the body of the
fallen Duke. Suddenly, the lights go out, and the crowd fades away.
When the lights return, Duke and the crowd are gone. Your character
approaches the spot Duke's body had been at, and crouches to examine
it. In Duke's place, written in blood, is a message: "I'll see you
in hell!" Your character rises to their feet.
<Character's Ending line>

|02.Characters                        |  

[Alba Meira] [ALB1]
Stage: Southtown 
Intro1: (On top of crane) "Dropping your name may be valuable.
        You'll be my stepping stone, in my climb to the top." (Leans
        forward until falling from the crane, spinning to land on his
Intro2: (Suddenly charges at you from behind with several kicks) 
        "It is here... that your days end."
IntroChae: (On top of crane) "I've never seen you before." (Leans
           forward until falling from the crane, spinning to land on
           his feet) "Are you tough?"
IntroSoiree: (Turns to face foe) "So are you finally going to show
             me... what you've really got?"
Versus: (Turns to face you) "You gonna' show me what you've got?"
VersusSoiree: (Turns to face foe) "So are you finally going to show
             me... what you've really got?"
Text1: "My intention is clear... You're dust!"
TextSoiree: "Here I come, Soiree!"
Win1: (Turns around and walks away) "What a joke..."
Win2: (Performs some hand motions and a kick)
WinSoiree: "If that's all you've got, you'll never reach the big
           guy." (Turns and walks away)
Lose: Falls to one knee "I... I.. lost"
Taunt: (Turns his back to his foe) "Hmm..."
Evade: "Nice try."
KO: "How can this be~..!"

Luminescent Lash: (?)
Winds of Pain: "Mandarin punch!"
Thunderbolt Thrash: "Lightning Blast!"
Surreptitious Punch of the Thundergod: "Thundergod unleashed!"
Hallowed Slug of the Heavenly Conqueror: "Conquering lightning 
Stylish Move 10: (final part) "It's over.. I'm certain!" (?)
Stylish Move 12: (final part) "It's over.. I'm certain!" (?)

-Battle 1-
(Alba stands in an alley, when Hyena approaches him from behind.)
Hyena: "Your opponent will soon arrive, and let me caution you...
       All negotiations come to an end if you lose, or one of your
       teammates find out about this."

-Battle 2-
(Hyena approaches Alba in the alley, clapping.)
Hyena: "Ooh, you ARE tough. Okay, it's settled, you're the new
       king. Right after you beat this king of kings, that is: Duke!
       Now, don't get angry. I'm just being honest. On to your next 

-Battle 3-
(Hyena approaches Alba and places a hand on his shoulder.)
Hyena: "Faaantastic! King Duke is pleased! A message from duke:
       Hurry up and come to my place! There! I told ya'!"

-Battle 4-
(Hyena approaches Alba and holds out a card.)
Hyena: "Consecutive wins... I guess I should be surprised. The next
       opponent is... Oh, I can't wait!"

-Battle 5-
Hyena: "Next is an opponent I've been waiting for. The guy that
       took advantage of Fate! Send this guy to hell, where Fate is 
(Switches to the Parking Area, where Seth pulls up in a car.)
Seth: "It's such a shame, what happened to Fate..."
Alba: "So it was YOU that took advantage of Fate! You used Fate like
      a doormat! You're just like Duke! And that's... unforgiveable!"

-Battle 6-
Hyena: "As a prize for winning so many matches in a row, I'll give
       you a date with this beauty. She's your next match."
(Changes to Iron Hell stage, where Lien approaches.)
Lien: "Target spotted. Hanging around here, you must be a real fool."
Alba: "So you're the assassin. One of Duke's, I guess. Were you the
      one who iced fate?"
(A moment of silence passes.)
Alba: "Is that a yes!?"

-Final Battle (round 1)-
Hyena: "At last, you'll be meeting King Duke! But before that, we've
       gotta' do something about your appearance!"
(The scene advances to Duka and Alba in a cemetary.)
Alba: "Gotta' guide ya' to hell!"
Duke: "Ha ha hah hah hah... That's a good one.. Me? I was BORN in
      hell! But the one who's going there now... is you."

-Final Battle (after winning a round)-
(Duke is couching on the floor.)
Duke: "Aah, you're pretty good! Between you and me, I didn't think
      you'd get this far."
(Duke punches the ground, and it colapses beneath them, dropping
them into the Showtime arena.)
Duke: "Right! From now on, I'm giving it my all!"

"Fate... I'll make sure... that they get your message. With this,
I'll be able to return this town.. to what it was when you were
alive. Soiree and I... will defend it. So rest in peace."

[Athena Asamiya] [ATH1]
Stage: Ancient Ruins 
Intro1: (She is feeding some birds that are scatterd away when you 
        approach. Turns to you and raises hand high) "Here's Athena!"
Intro2: (She leaps over the altar gate and holds one hand high.) 
        "Here's Athena!"
Versus: (Bows and holds one hand high) "Here's Athena!"
Text1: "Here comes Athena..!"
Text2: "Good luck; let's go!"
Win1: "Oops!  I'm sorry!"
Win2: (Spins and hold her hand over her head and winks) "I did it!
Win3: (Holds her fingers over her eyes in a V.) "Huh! A good
Lose: "Huh? What? No way! Super shock!"
Taunt: (Stretches her arms over head head.) "Mm-mmm!"

Psycho Ball Attack: "Psycho Ball!"
Psycho Sword: "Psycho Sword!"
Psychic Teleport: "Teleport!"
Phoenix Arrow: "Phoenix Arrow!"
Crystal Shoot: "Go~!"
Phoenix Fang Arrow: "Fang...  Arrow!"
Stylish Move 1: (if final part connects) "I did it!"
Stylish Move 2: (if final part connects) "I did it!"
Stylish Move 4: (final part) "Forgive me!"
Stylish Move 6: (final part) "I did it!"
Stylish Move 7: (final part) "Forgive me!"
Stylish Move 10: (final part) "Forgive me!"
Stylish Move 11: (second part) "Mm-mmm!"
Stylish Move 13: (if final part connects) "Forgive me!"
Stylish Move 14: (final part) "Forgive me!"
Stylish Move 15: (first part) "Ow ow ow ow!"
Stylish Move 17: (final part) "Forgive me!"
Stylish Move 19: (if it connects) "Forgive me!"

Opening1: "I thought... the Metatron Foundation was sponsoring this?"
Opening2: "Ooh, that's a yucky name!"

"Ohh, no one here. Leaving a righteous lady like me in a place like
this? That stupid sponsor should have put me up in a proper hotel.
Oh, boo-hoo, no one's istening anyhow. When I get home, first I'll
take a long hot shower. Then sip a little tea. Mm, that'd be nice."

[Chae Lim] [CHA1]
Stage: Lost World
Intro: (Sits beside a waterfall, meditating. Looks up.) "You 
       finally showed up." (Leaps down into the arena.)
Intro2: "I LOATHE evil."
Versus: (Back flips towards her foe) "Here I come!"
VersusAlba/Iori/Soiree/Duke: (Points at her foe) "I LOATHE evil."
Text1: "Here I come."
Text2: "This guy knows his stuff..."
Win1: (Wipes her brow) "You're pretty good."
Win2: (Crouches somewhat and gives a battle cry)
Win3: (Performs several kicks)
Lose: (Falls to one knee and punches the floor.) "Gah! Talk about 
Taunt: (Holds up her hands and shakes her head, disappointed)

Neck Crunch Drop: "Gottcha'!"
Nerichage Knockaround: (?)
Climbing Kick: (?*)
Kick of Conquest: "Conquest!"
Swooper Kick: "Crescent!"
Flying Swallow Slicer: "Swallow!"
Phoenix Kick: "Phoenix Kick!"
Phoenix Heaven Kick: "Gottcha'!"
Smothering Phoenix Kick: "Spirit of the Phoenix Kick!" (?)
Stylish Move 1: (final part) "How's that?!"
Stylish Move 2: (final part, sometimes) "How's that?!", (if final 
                part connects) "How's that?!"
Stylish Move 4: (final part) "How's that?!"
Stylish Move 5: (final part) (?*)
Stylish Move 10: (final part) (?*), (if final part 
                 connects) "How's that?!"
Stylish Move 11: (final part, sometimes) "How's that?!"
Stylish Move 13: (final part) "How's that?!"
Stylish Move 14: (final part, sometimes) "How's that?!"

Opening1: "You know the sponsor, do you?"
Opening2: "Sounds pretty sinister."

"I joined this tournament in place of the master, and it ends like 
this!? I've wasted 3 years of my training! ARGH! Well, I'll have to 
enter next year and that's that! I'd better start trainng now if I 
want to be ready!"

[Clark Still] [CLA1]
Stage: Parking Area
Intro1: (Leaning against a car) "Hey, no hard feelings. Don't hold 
        it against me."
IntroIkari: (Leaning against a car, then salutes) "Looks like I can 
            finally get serious!"
VersusIkari: (adjusts his hat) "Looks like I can finally get serious!"
Versus: (Adjusts his hat) "Hey, c'mon!"
Text1: "This one looks like a pro."
Win1: (Adjusts his shades) "You're pretty tough!"
Win2: (Adjusts his shades) "Mission complete."
Win3: (Turns and walks away)
Lose: "Hmph. It seems you've underestimated me."
Taunt: (Points his thumb towards himself) "Hey, c'mon!"

Fisherman Buster: "Booya!"
Gatling Attack First: "Grind those teeth!"
Mounting Tackle: "Now!"
Clark Lift: "Watch out!"
Sleeper Lift (D.D.T.): "Good night."
Frankensteiner: (at end) "Hey!"
Napalm Stretch: "Napalm Stretch!"
Running Three: "Running Three!", (if connects) "Boom!"
Ultra Argentine Backbreaker: "Backbreaker!", (at end) "Deadly 
MAX Version Ultra Argentine Backbreaker: "Backbreaker!  Clark spark!"
Stylish Move 1: (final part) "You got guts."
Stylish Move 3: (if final part connects) "You gut guts."
Stylish Move 7: (final part) "You got guts."
Stylish Move 9: "You got guts."

Opening1: "So this ISN'T sponsored by the Metatron Foundation."
Opening2: "I'd reconsider that name."

"The underworld!? Something is about to go down. I hope it's nothing 
TOO extreme..."

[Iori Yagami] [IOR1]
Stage: Live House
Intro1: (Has his back to you, then swings around.) "Get on with it, 
Intro2: (Leaps into the stage and approaches you) "Get on with it,
        already!" (Lien?)
Versus: (Has his back to you, then swings around) "I'LL end your pain."
VersusKyo: (Both appraoch one another as Kyo asks, "What color are
           your flames?") "Is that all you have to say? Well, then!?"
           (Both then spin away from one another, trailing flames)
Text1: "My blood... it raaages..."
TextLien: "You got regrets? What do I care?"
Win1: (Places his hand on his head as he laughs maniacly.)
Win2: (Leans forward.) "Just lie down and die!"
Win3: (Sneers at his fallen foe.) "Get lost... small fry." (Walks 
Lose: "This isn't.. the end..."
Taunt: (Sways back.) "Scared..."

Reverse Flayer: "Outta' the way!"
Exorcism: "What's wrong?"
Crescent Moon Crunch: (final hit) "DIE!"
Rage of the 8 Maidens: "Fun time's over!", (if connect) "Cry! 
                       Scream! Then die!"
Bloom of the Wolf: "Ehh, he-heh heh heh!"
Stylish Move 1: (final part) "Eat this!"
Stylish Move 2: (final part) "Ya' scared?"

Opening1: "So, the sponsor's NOT Metatron?"
Opening2: "I don't think too much of THAT name.."

"You can't escape me. Humph! You can only push me so far! You will 
pay for this next time..!"

[K'] [KDA1]
Stage: Iron Hell
Intro1: (Walks into the area hunched forward, scowling.)
VersusMaxima: (Has his back to you, then turns.) "Are you serious? 
             I'm monster, man."
Versus: (Assumes his fighting stance) "Just me alone... is more than
Text1: "Hmph, now I'm mad..."
TextLien/Duke: "Man, you're a pain. Just who are you, fool?"
Win1: (Gives a thumbs down.) "Don't touch me again!"
Win2: "You're a waste of space." (Walks away.)
Lose: (Wipes his mouth with his forearm) "I won't forget YOUR ugly
Taunt: "Bring it on, scum!"
Evade: "Why you..!"

Trigger to Narrow Spike: "Here!"
Blackout: "Blackout!"
Heat Drive: "Let's end it."

Opening1: "..."
Opening2: "I don't care WHO'S sponsoring."

"So he got away... Hmph. I hope they find some rock to hide under."

[Kyo Kusanagi] [KYO1]
Stage: Downtown
Intro1: (Leaps over a chain fence.) "Try making me sweat this time!"
IntroWomen: (Leaps over a chain fence.) "Well then, how about a 
            little 'contact'?"
Versus: (Holds his flaming hand over his head, then swings his arm
        down, snuffing it out)
VersusIori: (They approach eachother) "What color are tyour flames?"
            (Iori responds, "Is that all you have to say? Well,
            then!?" They spin away from eachother, trailing flames)
Text1: "I'm going to totally destroy you!"
Win1: "He heh he, feel the burn?"
Win2: "I am... THE CHAMPION!"
Lose: "I guess I got a little TOO hot-headed..."
Taunt: "Hey, quit goofing off!"

427 Torment Trigger (SK): "I'll blow you away!"
R.E.D. Kick: "THIS is it!"
Wicked Chew: "You...", (if not linked to another move) "Helpless!"
Wicked Chew to 128 Masticate: "Anybody home?!"
Wicked Chew to 127 Oxidate: "No contest!"
212 Crescent Moon Flash: "Burn, baby!"
Poison Bite 105: "Eat this!"
Ura 108 Shiki Kusanagi Serpent: "Try this...", (when released) 
                                "on for size!"
MAX Version Ura 108 Shiki Kusanagi Serpent: "Try this...", (when 
                                            released) "on for size!"
Stylish Move 1: (final part) "Why you!"
Stylish Move 3: (final part) "I'll blow you away!"
Stylish Move 8: (if final part connects) "There's no escape!"
Stylish Move 17: "There's no escape!"

Opening1: "Isn't this sponsored by the Metatron Foundation?"
Opening2: "That's one ominous name for a sponsor."

"What!? He ran away? Oh well.. I guess I'll go back to the hotel... 
Oh no, I forgot! I promised to call Yuki! I promised to call her, 
and I'm gonna' be late!"

[Leona] [LEO1]
Stage: Airport
Intro: (Practices several punches and kicks, then holds her hand over
       her face so that her eyes can be seen between her fingers, 
       then closes her hand into a fist) "Objective confirmed."
IntroIkari: (Salutes, then assumes a fighting stance)
VersusIkari: (Salutes, then assumes a fighting stance)
Versus: (Adjusts her gloves) "Mission accomplished."
Text1: "Better sharpen your senses."
Text2(Alba?): "You wanna' run?"
TextMignon: "You should learn how to bargain for your life."
Taunt: (Turns around and adjust her glove.) "Take off!"
Win1: (Holds her arm and shakes her head) "You cannot possibly win."
Win2: (Talks to her handset) "Mission... complete."
WinClark: (Salutes) "Continuing. Requesting backup."

Leona Crash: "Execute!"
Moon Slasher: "Kill!"
Earring Bakudan 2: Heart Attack: "Heart Attack!", (follow-up) "You 
                                 leave no choice." (?)
Grateful Dead: "Hey!"
Rebel Spark: (if connects) "So long."
Stylish Move 3: (final part) "It's all over."
Stylish Move 5: (final part) "It's all over."
Stylish Move 7: (final part) "It's all over."
Stylish Move 15: (if final part connects) "It's all over."

Opening1: "But intel said Metatron was the sponsor."
Opening2: "..."

"I don't sense anyone here; the living are unwanted on these 
hallowed grounds. I'll let the spirits rest, so I'm out of here.."

[Lien Neville] [LIE1]
Stage: Iron Hell
Intro: "Target..spotted."  Lien walks on screen, and turns to face 
you.  "Wandering around here, you must be a REAL fool."
Versus: (Lien approaches, as the camera focuses on her chest. She
        then raises her handset) "I've confirmed my target."
VersusDuke: (Has her head turned away, then glares) "I'm going to...
            have you disappear now."
TextMale: "I'm going to make sure you'll NEVER forget me..." 
TextFemale: "To win, I will use ANY method." 
TextAlba: "You should forget about Fate. For your own sake.
Taunt: (Her commander speaks on her handset.) "What's up? Where's 
your target?" (She turns it off.) 
Win1: "Sleep calmly, little Persian..."
Win2: "You're just a stray dog, barking brainlessly like that..." 
Lose: (Stands with arms crossed, then turns off her handset)
      "It can't end... like this?"
KO: "It can't end this way!" 
Evade: "Sorry." 

Assault Type: Sadachbia: "Requesting backup." 
Assault Type: Zaniah: "Pull over." 
Assault Type: Psdterior: "HiYAA!  Sorry!" 
Assault Type: Al Niyat: (if connect) "Countdown!" 
Assault Type: Shaula: "Now it's my turn!" 
Assault Type: Al Tarf: "Bully!" 


-Most Battles-
Hyena: "Lien, your next opponent is <name here>!"

-Final Battle (round1)-

-Final Battle (after winning a round)-
(Duke is crouching on the floor.)
Duke: "Aah, you're pretty good! Between you and me, I didn't think
      you'd get this far."
(Duke punches the ground, and it collapses beneath them, dropping
them into the Showtime arena.)
Duke: "Right! From now on, I'm giving it my all!"

-Ending -
"Oooh! Failed! Yet again... Duke! You...  You killed my father.. and 
my mother... You're NOT getting away! You'll be pushing up daisies.. 
Even if it.. kills me..!" 

Mai Shiranui [MAI1]
Stage: Southtown 
Intro: (Backflips across the top of a crane to land on the rooftop.) 
"Here I come!" 
Intro2: (Sits atop the crane, fanning herself, then hops off.) 
"Ooo~! Dazzled by my beauty?" 
Versus: (Walks forward, as the camera focuses on her various assets)
        "Well c'mon, big boy!"
        (*Yes, she does this for the girls, too...)
Text1: "Mai like a butterfly!"
Text2: "But it WON'T save you from a bruisin'!"
Taunt: (Puts one hand on her hip and shakes her fan at you.) "" 
Win1: (Spins and leaps away.) "Did that hurt? I'm sorry, humor me." 
Win2: (Does some osrt of dance/prance.) "I'm sorry, humor me." 
Win3: (Tosses her fan to her other hand.) "Yes! Japan's best!" 
Lose: (Spins to the floor holding her head.) "Ooo! You're such a 
KO: "ANDY~!!!"

Windmill Waster: "Windmill waster!" 
Dream Blossoms: "Dream blossoms!" 
Puny Plum Punt: "Puny plum punt!" 
Dragon Flame Romp: "Dragon Flame!" 
Folding Fan Fandango: "Folding Fan!" 
Deadly Ninja Bees: "Deadly Ninja Bees..!" 
Flying Squirrel Furiante: "Flying Squirrel!" 
Phoenix Dance: "Supreme Shiranui secret!" 
Super Deadly Ninja Bees: "Super deadly ninja Bees..!" 
Stylish Moves 1: (final part) "That's it!" 
Stylish Moves 2: (final part) "That's it!" 
Stylish Moves 3: (if final part connects) "Are you okay?" 
Stylish Moves 13: (first part) "One!", (if second part connects) 
"Two!", (if final part connects) "Three!" 

"What, the sponsor isn't the Metatron Foundation?" 
"Now THAT'S a disturbing name!" 

"Oh fudge, just a little more and I'd have finished him off! Oh 
well, next time we meet, I'll Dragon Flame Romp him to death!" (?) 

Maxima [MAX1]
Stage: Parking Area 
Intro: (Runs across the black car.) "Let's get this over with."
Versus: (Readies the guns built into his arms) "Here I come!"
VersusK: (Bangs his fists together and exhales)
Text: "I can't wait for this battle." 
Taunt: (Points to his head, as if to say, "Think.") 
Win1: (Takes a few steps and holds his right hand high, releasing 
some pressure.) 
Win2: (Steps forward and swings his left arm, releasing pressure.) 
Win3: (Hesitates, then turns and walks away.) (K') 
Lose: (Folds his arms.) "Hmph!" 
Evade: "Here I come!" 

M4-1 Vapor Cannon: "Vapor Cannon!" 
M4-1 Faint Cannon: "Vapor Cannon!" 
M4-2 Vapor Cannon: "Vapor Cannon!" 
M4-2 Faint Cannon: "Vapor Cannon!" 
System 3: Maxima Lift: "Here!", 
(if connects) "I'll wake ya' up!" (?) 
Bunker Buster: "Bunker..!  Buster!" 
Faint Buster Type-1: "Bunker..!" 
Faint Buster Type-2: "Bunker..!" 
Maxima Revenger: "Maxima Revenger!" 
Stylish Move 12: (if final part connects), "Dumb move." (?) 

"Huh? Isn't the Metatron Foundation sponsoring this?" 
"Kind of a creepy name for a sponsor." 

"Can't believe he got away.. Only punishment awaits those that 
run away, but THAT one... What a pathetic weasel." 

Mignon Beart [MIG1]
Stage: Live House 
Intro1: (Has her back to you, then turns.) "Whee-dee-dee-," 
(trips and falls), "Mignon made a goofy-poo..." 
Intro2: (Has her back to you, then turns.) "Whee-dee-deedly-dee! 
Here's Mignon!" (Holds one hand high.) 
IntroSoiree: (Does Intro2, then Soiree says, "Oh, yeaah!  I found 
a new kitty! Come play with me!")
VersusMale: (Comes running and skids to a stop) "Whoops!
            Here comes Mignon!"
VersusFemale: (Waves) "Nice to meet you! I'm Mignon!"
Text: "Mignon looks nice? Does Mignon look nice!?" 
TextSoiree: "Mignon doesn't like people like this..."  
Taunt: (Waves.) "Bye-bye!" 
Win1: (Spins in a circle.) "Deedly-deedly-dee, Mignon's one tough 
Win2: (Looks around in surprise.) "Wha~t!? Mignon wins!? Mignon 
did it, Mignon did it, Yay!" 
Win3: (Smiles down at her foe.) "He~y, over so soon?" 

Walking forward: (random) "Ha, ha, ha, hah..." 
Sidestep: "Up and down!" 
Evade: "Whoopsy-whoop!" 
Jump: (random) "Toodle-doo!" 
Land from a jump: (random) "Meow!" 
Blow Back Attack: "Get away!" 
Aerial Blow Back Attack: "Get away!" 
Filly Throw: "Horsey!" 
Pony Throw: "One, two, three!" 
One Revolution: "Whoopsy-whoop!", (if connects) "So~rry!" 
Fire Ball: "Fire!" 
Water Shield: "(?), water spirit!" 
Lightning Bolt: (if miss) "Oh, my, my!", 
(if connect) "Um, ow, o~ther wa~y! Ow, ouch, ouch!" 
Windstorm: "Divine wind spirit!" 
Meteo-Strike: "Mignon's bestest! Ow, ouch, ouch!" 
Explosion: "Shatter!" 
Thunderbolt: "Mignon's bestest!", (if miss) "Oh, my, my!", 
(if connect) "Thunderbolt, (?)" 
Stylish Move 1: (final part) "Whoopsy-whoop!" 
Stylish Move 2: (final part) "Whoopsy-whoop! Yoo~-hoo~!" 
Stylish Move 4: (if final part connects) "So~rry!" 
Stylish Move 6: (final part) "Whoopsy-whoop!" 
Stylish Move 9: (final part) "Up and down!", (if connects) "So~rry!" 
Stylish Move 11: (second part) "Whoopsy-whoop!" 
Stylish Move 12: (final part) "Up and down!" 
Shift to Kitten Style: "Meow!" 
Stylish Move 18: "Meow!" 
Stylish Move 20: (first part) "Whoopsy-whoop!", (final part) "Up and
                 down!", (if it connects) "Toodle-doo!" 
Stylish Move 21: (first part) "Meow!" 
Stylish Move 22: (first part) "Kitty! Meow!", (second part) "This
                 way, this way!", (final part) "Yoo~hoo~!" 
Stylish Move 23: (final part) "Up and down!" 
Stylish Move 24: (second part) "Here it comes!", (final part) "Get

"It can't be?! A GANG is the sponsor?" 

"Shoot! Mignon thougt she'd be contributing to world peace by joining
this tournament! Mignon's getting wheepy... This is just marvelous..!
That's it! There's still a way to contribute to world peace! Mignon
has a marvelous power, doesn't she? ??? What was Mignon crying about?
Starting tomorrow, Mignon's opening up the library and

Ralf Jones [RAL1]
Stage: Airport 
Intro1: (Is laying on the crates, but suddenly stands and leaps off.)
        "Okay! We're playin' for keeps, here!" (Salutes.) 
IntroIkari: (Stamps one foot down and motions for you to approach.)
            "Let the games begin!"
VersusIkari: (Stamps one foot down and motions for you to approach.)
             "Let the games begin!"
Versus: (Cracks his knuckles) "Wagh! Shut-up and show me your stuff!"
Text: "Ya-hah! I'll show ya' what it's like to be a real man!" 
TextAlba: "Take off those sunglasses, punk kid!"
Taunt: (Places his hands on his hips, then thrusts his fist into the
       air.) "You're through!" 
Win1: (Punches his fists together, then shouts towards the sky.)
Win2: (Walks forward sveral steps, then poses and smiles.) "Ee-yah!" 
Win3: (Walks forward sveral steps, then poses and smiles.) "I'm one
      tough cookie! Ee-yah!" (LEONA?) 
Lose: (Walks away and begins kicking and punching.) "I screwed up!"
      (Hangs his head.) 

Northern Lights Bomb: "Northern Lights! You're through!" 
Galactica Phantom: "Galactica Phantom! A real man's punch!" 

Opening1: "I thought this was the Metatron Foundation's gig?"
Opening2: "I'd consider getting a more user-friendly name."

"Hey, just what's going on here?! It's all over! It was just getting
interesting! I'm still raring to go! Guess I'll go take my
frustration out on Clark..." 

Rock Howard [ROC1]
Stage: Downtown
Intro: (Leaning against a wall.) "I can't conatin my blood rage..!"
       (Quickly turns to you.) "Lookout!" 
Versus: (Adjusts his gloves) "I'm gonna' send you into space!"
VersusTerry: (Swings his arm down) "No breaks for you... Terry!"
Text: "My blood boils...!" 
Taunt: "You're so slow.." 
Win1: "Is that the best you can do?" 
Win2: "Later,  loser." 
Lose: "Uh! That's it?"
Throw Cancel: "Hands off!"

Double Fang: (if connect) "How pathetic." 
Cyclone Punch: "Slipstream punch!" 
Double Cyclone Punch: "Double slipstream punch!" 
Rising Tackle: "Rising Tackle!" 
Dunking Rage Run: "Dunk!" 
Raging Storm *: "Raging UWAAH!" 
Shining Knuckle *: "Eat THIS!!" 
Shining Knuckle **: "Eat THIS!! Whoo-YEAH!" 
Neo Deadly Rave ***: "Deadly RAVE!!" 

"Damn, he got away..." 
"I was gonna' teach him a lesson!" 
"Aw well, I roughed him up enough; I'll overlook it." 

Ryo Sakazaki [RYO1]
Stage: Ancient Ruins 
Intro: (Does several kicks and punches, then stops and approaches.)
Versus: (Wlaks forward, working his shoulder) "Well? Let's do it!"
VersusYuri: (Crosses his arms, then swings them down as he shouts)
Text1: "Your turn to get burned!" 
Text2(Alba?): "H-Hey! Bring it on!"
Taunt: (Motions for you to come at him with his hand.) "Hey, hey!" 
Win1: (Does some punches and kicks.) 
Win2: (Does some punches then assumes a crouching stance.) 
Lose: (Sits on the floor and smakcs his leg.) "Aw, MAN! That's it?!" 

"This isn't the Metatron Foundation's party?" 
"That's one profane name!" 

"Man! It's just one freak after another! I'm starved. Maybe it's time
I think of headin' on home and scarfing some of Yuri's homemade

Seth [SET1]
Stage: Parking Area 
Intro: (A black car drives up, which he exits.) "Well then, so I
       guess I'll start this." 
Versus: "Okay. Let's get this over with." (bows to his foe)
Text: "This guy... may be the real thing." 
Text2: "You're looking pretty sharp there, kid." (Girls.) 
TextAlba: "I guess... there's no point in talking to you."
Taunt: "Holds his arms spread.) "Gimme' your best shot!" 
Win1: (Jumps towards you and points, smiling.) "Take it easy! I'm
      just kidding!" 
Win2: (Does a punch then points, smiling.) "Take it easy! I'm just
Lose: "You've made me mad!"

"I knew it." 

"Ehh! He got away! ? underground syndicate if it can slip through my
fingers..! I believe there is an ancient proverb that says the
longest way about is the quickest way home. Next time around, I'll
find out the true nature of ADDIS." 

Soiree Meira [SOI1]
Stage: Live House 
Intro: Struts in on the walkway, saying, "Da-duh duh!  It's time for
Intro2: "Sorry to keep you waiting! Oh my, you're so tense! Well,
        let's begin." 
Versus: (spreads his arms) "It's already begun! There's no place to
        escape now!"
VersusAlba: (Points at foe) "A good sibling battle's a nice change of
Text1: "Are you gonna' bless me with the privelege of seeing you in
Text2: "Oh yeah, nice! That'll do!  Suddenly I'm pumped!" 
Text3: "Ooo, I'm trembling!" (Chae) (Mignon) 
TextDuke: "I can't wait for you to apologize when you're coughing up
Taunt: (Beats his fist on his chest.) "Rock on to this, you loser!" 
Win1: (Does some fancy capoeira) "Hey man, don't give me any more of
      your lip." (Lays down) "Have you become as gentle as a kitten?"
WinAlba: (Turns away) "Doh! Are you serious!?"
WinDuke: (Points at his foe) "Are you SERIOUS!? You big, dumb loser!"
Lose: (Falls to his knees and covers his face) "Doh! Are you

2nd battle  
Chipper as usual I see, Soiree. 
Mr. Hyena

If I clean up these freaks, I get to meet Duke, right?  

3rd Battle  
I'm pleased. You've done such FINE work for me! How about it? Cutting
it with me?  

About our little chat before; I meant business.  

Hyena: "OHH!! You're so strong! And your next opponent... This is
       going to be good!"

Hyena: "Oooh!  I was enchanted with your fighting!"
Soiree: "Hyena!  I know you know!"
Hyena: "Whoa! Don't get too close to the big guy! Just trust me on

Hyena: "Oh!  Forgive me! We're being followed!"
Alba: "Soiree, what's the meaning of this? It seems you're hiding
      something from me. If you can't tell me, then you leave me no

Hyena: "Whoo! At one point, I thought it was curtains, but the big
       guy never found out! The time has come. Duke's waiting for you
       in the old city graveyard."
Soiree: "This is the end for you." (Strikes Hyena unconscious.)
Soiree: "Tell that to my brother!" (Scene changes to Graveyard.)
Soiree: "Sorry I kept you waiting! The girls just wouldn't let me go.
        It was terrible. Let's get this over with. If I'm TOO late,
        my brother'll wanna' slap me silly."
Duke: "What I shifty fellow. Now I know why Hyena liked you. But I
      HATE... loud mouth punks like YOU!"

-Final Battle (after winning a round)-
(Duke is crouching on the floor.)
Duke: "Aah, you're pretty good! Between you and me, I didn't think
      you'd get this far."
(Duke punches the ground, and it collapses beneath them, dropping
them into the Showtime arena.)
Duke: "Right! From now on, I'm giving it my all!"

"Oh man, how do I explain this to my big brother? There's no way...
That the big guy was... was actually a vampire; turned into a bat and
fluttered away! I'll be comitted... I hope Hyena explains himself. I
guess the big guy is the scariest of all."  

Terry [TER1]
Stage: Southtown 
Intro1: (Is on the guard rail, but hops off and approaches.)
        "Let's do it!"
IntroFem: (Is on the guard rail, but hops off and approaches.)
        "Hey, little cutey!"
Versus: (Hops about slightly, getting pumped) "Hah!"
VersusRock: (Has arms behind his head, then turns and gives a thumbs
            up) "Hey, there, rookie!"
Text: "Come on, get serious!" 
Taunt: "Hey, c'mon, c'mon!"
Win1: "OKAY!"
Win2: "Stand up!" 
Lose: "You putz!" 

Opening 1: "Wait, Metatron's not the sponsor?"
Opening 2: "THAT'S a heinous name!"

Model 1
Power Wave: "Power Wave!" 
Round Wave: "Round Wave!" 
Burning Knuckle: "Burning Knuckle!" 
Power Dunk: "Power Dunk!" 
Rising Tackle: "Rising Tackle!" 
Crack Shoot: "Crack Shoot!" 
Power Geyser: "Power Geyser!" 
Triple Geyser: "Power...", (on the third geyser) "...Geyser!" 
Buster Wolf: "Are you okay? Buster Wolf!" 

Model 2 
Power Wave: "Rock you!" 
Round Wave: "Rock you!" 
Burning Knuckle: "Burning!"
Power Dunk: "Heat!"
Rising Tackle: "Power charge!" 
Crack Shoot: "You're mine!" 
Power Geyser: "Ba-da-boom!" 
Triple Geyser: "Live wire!  Ba-da-boom!" 
Buster Wolf: "Are you okay? Buster war!!" 

"Being able to move in that condition... But... if an underworld
syndicate is involved, it can't end here! Well, when it's time, I'll
grind 'em all into dust! "

Yuri Sakazaki [YUR1]
Stage: Ancient Ruins 
Intro: Camera zooms into the ruins, where she has her back to you,
then turns to face you  "Heeheehee!  I'LL take you on!" 
Versus: (Does an uppercut) "Oh, hello!"
Versus2: (Crosses her arms, then swings them down) "Oh, yeah!"
Text: "I'm gonna' rock your world!" 
Taunt: (Wiggles her hands at her foe, then smacks her butt.)  "Right
       here, silly pants!"  
Win1: (Gives a "peace" sign.) "Yeah, Yuri wins!"
Win2: (Does some kicks and punches, then holds her hand over her
      head.) "Yes!"
Lose: "Ehhhhh!!!" (Falls to her hands and knees, shaking her head.)

Opening1: "The Metatron Foundation's NOT the sponsor?"
Opening2: "Are you sure you wanna' go with that name?"

"Hey! Is anybody home? Guess not... Well, I'll have to show myself
out... Wow, look at the time! I've got to get home and make Ryo's
dinner! I'll make ? with wild ? 

Duke [DUK1]
Stage: Cemetary / Show Time 
Intro: "The plan is, that I'M going to be your opponent in the
       finale. And I promise you you, heh eh, you'll enjoy it."
Versus: (Takes two heavy steps forward, then extends his hand and
        closes it) "I'm gonna' crush you!"
Text1: "However...  you will pay the price...  with your blood." 
TextAlba: "Hmph. You should learn your place!"
TextSoiree: "I'm gonna' shut you up forever..."
Taunt: (Lean's forward and laughs.) 
Win1: (Punches the ground many times, then thrusts his fist into the
Win2: (Crouches over his opponent.) "You, hah, you're nothing. Come
      on!" (?) 
Lose: (Stands tall, shouting as he does in his Win1, then humorously
      freezes in place and falls backwards to the ground.)

Crack Up: "Eat this!"
Treadmill: "How about this!?"
Seismic Impact: (if connects) ?
Power Axe: ?
Swivel Gun: "Here it is! Ya ha ha!"
Minefield: "DON'T MESS WITH ME!"
Ground Zero: "Guard Crusher!" (?)
Stylish Move 1: (fourth part) "Eat this!", (final part) "Eat this!"
Stylish Move 3: (final part) "Round the world!",
                (if final part connects) "Ya ha ha!"
Stylish Move 4: (first part) "Eat this!"
Stylish Move 5: (first part) "Eat this!"
Stylish Move 7: (final part) "Eat this!"
Stylish Move 8: (final part) "Problem!?"
Stylish Move 9: (final part) "Eat this!"
Stylish Move 10: (final part) "Round the world!"
Stylish Move 12: (if final part connects) "Ya ha ha!"
Stylish Move 14: (final part) "Eat this!"
Stylish Move 16: (if final part connects) "Got a problem!?"
Blow-Back Attack: "Round the world!"
Taunt: (Hunches forward and sneers) "Hmph, heh heh!"

|04.Goodbye To The FAQ                |
   And so, that concludes the PaGaN3l3m3nts Dialogue FAQ for
KOF: Maximum Impact. Though, this may be a little more detailed
than just a plain ol' dialogue FAQ? But, I think the people around
the world who can't obtain a copy of this game will appreciate all
the extra detail. ^_^  Questions? Comments? Corrections? By all
means, please send them to my e-mail address, listed at the top of
this FAQ. I'm still working on this FAQ, but hopefully the final 
version can be done very soon. Please, everyone show your support!
Especially if you have ANY idea what Chae and Duke are saying half
the time... ^_^  Also, anyone know the name's of the English voice

   Thanks go out to the following...
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SNK Playmore: For making this game!
SNK Playmore USA Consumer Corp.: For creating this English version!
KoFOnline: The site may be dead now, but it really helped me to get
           in touch with other KoF fans, and to strengthen my love
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YabukiShingoFanclub: For being my KoF pals and cheering me towards
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