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Follow the dark path or use the light
Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories Pack Shot

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories


Boss FAQ

by shnickshnick

                ___        ___
| /  | |\    | |     |\   |   | |\    /|
|/   | | \   | |     | \  |   | | \  / |
|\   | |  \  | | __  |  | |   | |  \/  | 
| \  | |   \ | |   | | /  |   | |      | 
|  \ | |    \| |___| |/   |___| |      | 

      __           __  ___  ___ 
|  | |      /\    |  |  |  |
|__| |__   /__\   |__|  |  |___
|  | |    /    \  |\    |      |
|  | |__ /      \ | \   |   ___| 

            ___   ___
           |   | |
           |___| |___
           |\    |
           | \   |___
|    |  |    /\    | |\   |
|    |__|   /__\   | | \  |
|    |  |  /    \  | |  \ |
|___ |  | /      \ | |   \|

            __   __
           |  | |__
           |  | | 
           |__| | 

          ___           ___   ___     ___  ____
|\    /| |    |\    /| |   | |   | | |    |
| \  / | |    | \  / | |   | |___| | |    |
|  \/  | |___ |  \/  | |   | |\    | |___ |___
|      | |    |      | |   | | \   | |        |
|      | |___ |      | |___| |  \  | |___ ____|


1. Intro

2. Version History

3. Bosses (Sora's story)

4. Bosses (Riku's story)

5. Boss info

6. FAQ

7. E-mail your own strategies

8. Credits


I'm finally back from a two month hiatus. And now, I'm doing a boss guide for
Re chain of memories. This game is ultra hard if you play Proud mode. So this
guide will help you with the bosses on beginner and normal. So, here it is.

     Version history

Version 1.01, Date 1/31/09: The guide starts.

Version 1.02, Date 2/4/09: Finished the bosses for Sora's story.

Version 1.03, Date 2/7/09: Finished the bosses for Riku's story.

Version 1.04, Date 2/10/09: Finished the guide, will make necesary updates.

Version 1.05, Date 2/13/09: Added strategies from Tiomasta.

Version 1.06, Date 2/14/09: Added a way to kill Riku 6 and Marluxia from
e-mails, and answered some questions.

    Bosses (Sora's story)



Location: Traverse Town

Very easy, this guy only has four attacks:

1. Jumps at you, creating a shockwave, minor damage.

2. Releases arms, they smack you, minor damage.

3. Releases legs, they stomp on you, minor damage.

4. The torso slams you three times, minor damage.

You need to kill the torso to win. But first, you gotta kill the limbs.
Go for the arms first, since the legs are easier to avoid than the arms.
Then kill the legs while avoiding attacks. Then, go for the torso. I highly
reccomend you use friend cards in this fight, since they could really help.
Also, use the green cards with the Mickey elbem on them (real name?), as they
can really help. Their effect is below.

Mickey elbem effect: The Guard armor gets shocked, stunning it for a period of
time. Very helpful during the course of the battle.


Location: Castle Oblivion

Slightly harder than the Guard armor, but still easy. He's also the first 
boss to use sleights, but he only has one, and it's very weak. His attacks
are very hard to dodge. But if you dodge roll at the right moment, he will
miss you. But he does have an attack where he constantly you. That attack is
nearly impossible to dodge, but it does minor damage. He will also have to 
charge his deck when he runs low on cards, and it leaves him wide open. But
he's smast enough to know that he's wide open, so he'll teleport around when 
you get near him. You could try to use an attack card to hit him before he
teleports away, but he'll most likely dodge the attack. As for his sleight,
it's completely unavoidable. It does very little damage, but you can't dodge
it. Hopefully, your left that 0 card from the start of the game, cause it will
most likely be the only thing that can counter the sleight. As for friend 
cards, only use Goofy. Never, EVER, use Donald. If you use him by accident, 
hope to hell that he will cast Blizzard, Thunder, or Cure. If he casts Fire, 
and it hits Axel, he will recover a QUARTER of an HP bar, and it will get
frustrating. And if you have a Fire card (which you probably don't), never
use it, because it will also make him recover. And no Fire based attacks,

Statment from Tiomasta:

Note: It's the exact message he sent me. Same goes from the rest of his

At the first Axel fight with Sora, you say to not to use Donald(I agree)
and any fire elemental attack. But at that point of the game, there's no 
fire elemental card or sleight available. Just thought I could mention this.


Location: Agrabah

Since Jafar is protected by an invisable wall, you need to hit the lamp Iago
has. But the platform keeps changing shapes in process. And you need to go to
the highest platform (or one of the highest platforms), cause that's the
only place where you could reach the damn bird. Though Jafar could be 
targeted, nothing can hit him. Just keep getting up to Iago, and smack him 
with the keyblade (and magic). Towards the end of the fight, Jafar will make
the center platform high (high enough to reach the lamp), and the edge 
platforms very short. Never attack the lamp unless Iago is flying above the 
center platform. If you try to hit him while he's flying over a lowered 
platform, you will fall down and will not be able to get back up until Jafar
raises the platform. As for friend cards, only use them when Iago is on a 
platform at your level and not far away (excluding Donald). Aladdin is the 
only helpful friend card, since he could take a huge chunk of HP away from
the frigging jenie. Just watch out for the lasers, meteors, and melee attacks
from Jafar, cause they do major damage.

Mickey elbem effect: Will raise ALL the platforms to high level, allowing 
dozens of hits on the lamp, also a great time to use friend cards.

Statment from Tiomasta:

With the fight against Jafar, you could use the Guard Armor card, 
which boosts your range, making the battle a lot easier.


Location: Olympus Coliseum

Cloud is a pain, a MAJOR pain. He has two attacks, and two sleights. His
first attack just has him sonic blade you two times, but later in the battle,
he does it four times. It's easy to dodge, just dodge roll to the right every
time he does it. The second attack involves him jumping into the air, and 
slamming his sword into the ground. If your currently selected card is higher
than his was, then this is the best time to attack him, since he most likely
won't counterattack if you hit him. Then, one of his sleights (cross-slash),
will just have him do a sword combo, easily avoidable. Then his next sleight
(Omnislash), is harder to avoid, so cancel it with a 0 card. He also has a 
third attack, where he smacks you with his sword, but it's very rare. Friend
cards work perfectly, save up three Goofy cards or three Donald cards for
a powerful sleight.


Hades is even more of a pain than Cloud. His attacks are hard to dodge, 
especially his sleight "Firagaball". He has two forms, blue and red mode.
Even though Blue mode looks easier, Red mode is easier (sort of). His attacks
in Blue mode are shooting flames (dodge roll and don't stop to avoid), and a
spark of flames (time a dodge roll right to avoid). And he has a sleight 
called "Temper flare". He shoots flames that cover the arena (run around him 
to avoid). He also enters Red mode with this sleight. He only uses a melee
attack (a fire punch that can be avoided by dodge rolling). And that sleight
"Firagaball", is a major pain, dodge rolling will help avoid it, but sometimes
it won't hit you, but sometimes it will. As for magic, only cast Blizzard, 
cause obviously, Fire will make him recover. And he's immune to Thunder (he
won't recover from it, he just won't take damage). As for friend cards, only
use Goofy, NEVER use Donald. Since there's a 50% chance that he'll cast Fire
or Thunder, NEVER USE THAT DAMN DUCK AGAINIST THIS GUY. Just slam Hades with
attack cards, Blizzard, and sleights, and NEVER TRY to counter Hades' attacks.


Location: Wonderland

This battle's just three waves of Cards. The first wave is consisted of black
cards. Their attacks are easy to avoid, but one of them WILL NOT end unless 
you get hit or you counter it. Thank god they play low cards. Wave two has 
red cards. They don't have never ending attacks, but they play high cards, so
make sure you got plenty of 9s and 0s in your deck. The final wave has both
kinds, and trust me, you'll DIE here A LOT. Now, use magic and sleights here
and DON'T STOP. Kill the black cards first since they will harass you the 
whole time. When the black cards are gone, just focus on killing them, and
you'll be done. Make sure you have Genie and Cloud in your deck, and you 
should be okay. Just make sure their high (with at least a 6 or 7).


Location: Wonderland

Very annoying, he's not hard, but he's annoying. You can only reach him by
standing on the table. You could use sleight combos to reach him, but Pluto
doesn't give you your cards back in this fight for some reason, so try to use
sleights as rare as possible. Make sure you have at least one Fire card, cause
it will do plenty of damage, but NEVER use it in a sleight, or at least never
use it as the first card in a sleight. Try to alternate between staying on the
ground and staying on the table. On the ground, the Trickmaster will make a 
shockwave of fire. Some people say that this is unavoidable, but you can avoid
it if you jump at the right moment. Then he'll also launch fireballs at you,
but just dodge roll to avoid them. On the table, it could smack you with it's
juggling sticks, and it could launch the fireballs. If you stay on table too
long, the Trickmaster will smash it, making it harder to hit him. But you
could combo like hell to stun him. Until you could get the table back, just 
use Fire.

Mickey elbem effect: It will bring the table back, you can't get it if the
table is still there.


Location: Monstro

You only have four mini platforms to jump on, go in the poison, kiss your ass
goodbye. Well, that's if the damn cage hits you while in the poison. Also, 
don't stand on a platform too long or it will sink. Just jump and card break
the cage and don't stop. You could also use magic and friend cards to kill
this thing. Also, you could use Cloud. Hopefully you have two, cause you 
could use his cross slash sleight. It will do major damage, just make sure
you use an attack card as the first card. The cage's attacks are deadly. He
could slap you, shoot poison at you, and smack you with his whole body. All
of them do moderate to major damage. Well, they only do major damage if you
were standing in the poison when you were hit. Getting friend cards is a
chore, since you may have to jump in the poison to get them. And when you get
him down to half his HP, it'll partially destroy the platforms, though you
have less room, the platforms WILL NOT sink. Which is actually good news. And
like the Trickmaster, attacking him like mad will stun him, leaving him open
for many attacks.

Mickey elbem effect: Will make a big platform in the center, and could stun
the cage. Don't expect to see it happen, though.


Location: Halloween Town

He's the most confusing out of all the boss fights. You need to lower the 
spikes before you could hit him. To lower the spikes, you could do one of
two things.

1. Card break him (with a higher card) three times

2. Use the green card with the Mickey elbem by card breaking him, then destroy
one of the dice he throws.

If you card break him every time, you will never see his attacks. But he can
do various things, like make his dice explode, call heartless, or call buzz
saws. When the spikes lower, hit him with everything you got, use any enemy
cards you may have, use powerful sleights, do everything you can before the
he knocks you off his platform. Just rinse and repeat until you kill him. He
may have other attacks, but these attacks were the only ones I saw.

Mickey elbem effect: Will lower the spikes.


Location: Castle Oblivion

I HATE LARXENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you'll also hate her, cause most of her 
attacks are unavoidable. She calls bolts of lightning, and the only way to
avoid them is by countering them. Not even dodge rolling with help avoid
her attacks. One attack where she throws her weapons at you is avoidable, you
just need to jump. Avoiding her melee attacks is possible, but takes timing.
Hope you have 0 cards, cause her sleights are impossible to avoid. One of them
is a massive lightning storm, and the other has her teleport around hitting
you. Luckily, she will have to charge her deck when low on cards. But she 
always avoids your shots, so take advantage of her recharge time and cure or
reload your deck. You'll get hit a lot here, so make sure you have plenty of
high cards for this fight. As for magic, use Fire and Blizzard, but ignore
Thunder, as it makes her recover. Wait until you have three Goofy cards, then
use them in a sleight. Never use Donald, cause he won't care if Larxene gets
Thunder from him.

Statment from Tiomasta:

You say that Larxene's sleights are unavoidable. Well, her sleight in which
she teleports and slashes you a gazzilion of times is avoidable. I remember 
I could dodge roll out of those slashes some 4 times in a row. Maybe it's just
one of those attacks that if one of them hit you, the remaing ones will hit 
you too.


Location: Atlantica

Pretty easy if you know what you're doing. You just have to kill the tentacles
then Ursula's head. You'll need high cards since she could play pretty high
cards. Use everything you got on her, from magic, to summons, to friend cards,
everything. There's nothing else to say except that her attacks are deadly.
She can slam you with her tentacles, fire a laser from her mouth, and other
things that are deadly.

Mickey elbem effect: Will stun Ursula, and will let you attack her head.


Location: Castle Oblivion

Very tough, he can stun you with his attacks and is very agile. The only
good news I have is that he has to recharge his deck eventually and he can't
use sleights (or at least not now). Hope you have Jafar in your deck, cause
you can use the card to endlessly attack him without interuption until the 
card wears off. Since he can't teleport when recharging, attack him as much
as you can before he recharges. Then just use sleights on him and don't stop.
If he's still alive, use friend cards on him. And for some reason, he's
vunerable to magic, so you could use that on him too.


Location: Neverland

This guy is not very tough, but could pack a punch. His sword attacks aren't
hard to avoid. He also throws present looking bombs that cause moderate
damage, but are easy to avoid. He also has sleights, one that's deadly, and
one that's easily counterable. His deadly sleights is just a bunch of sword
combos, just dodge roll right before he attacks. Then his other sleight has
him jump away and throw expolsive barrels at you. Just counter it with a 0
card, and then nail Hook when he jumps back. When using magic, don't cast 
Thunder, cause he's immune. And when using friend cards, never use Donald, 
cause he may cast Thunder. So, you shouldn't have too much trouble with Hook.

Statment from Tiomasta:

In the Hook battle, you say to not to use Donald. But the guy is only 
resistant to Thunder, doesn't absorbs it. I don't think that's a motive to 
not to use Donald. Sure, maybe he could just cast Thunder twice and nothing 
happens, but he could still cast other magics, you know.

BOSS 14 *RIKU 2*

Location: Castle Oblivion

Not this guy again, he was hard the first time, and now he's back, only 
harder. Now, he can use sleights, but luckily, he can only use one. And
that sleight can be avoided if you just glide foward during the attack.
You can use the same strategy from the Riku 1 fight, but it's not really
reccomended. Other than the new sleight, nothing else has changed, not even
his health. Just keep using the enemy, friend, summon, magic, and attack
cards, and you'll be fine.


Location: Hollow bastion

Great, this dragon is a major pain. She could hit you with shockwaves, and 
that GODDAMN GREEN FLAME. The shockwaves are easily avoidable, just glide.
But stay away from the fire, it's deadly, and will not diminish for a LONG
time. Just attack Maleficent when she stops with the shockwaves, then run
like hell when she gets ready for another attack. Use Cure cards when needed,
and never use friend cards, cause Maleficent's head is too high for them to
reach (most of the time).

Mickey elbem effect: Will create a platform for you to stand on, and you'll
avoid all her attacks except the one where she spins around, you'll also
get plenty of free shots at her.


Location: Castle Oblivion

The first boss we encountered in a while, and he's actually easy. First off,
never attack him immeaditley, cause he'll block it with his sheild. You need
to card break him first, then you have one free combo on him. He has his own
combo, which can be dodged by dodge rolling. He'll also call an ice shard,
which can be dodged by dodge rolling at the right moment. He also has two 
sleights, one that's easily avoided, one that isn't. The first one just has
him call a bunch of ice pillars, just run around and it will end soon. The
second one will freeze you, and he'll smack you on top of that. You could
dodge roll to avoid it but it'll most likely hit you. Overall, just cure when
needed, and when it comes to magic, ignore Blizzard, and cast Fire and 


Location: Twilight Town

Now, we got the same guy we just fought, except he could use enemy cards
and a new sleight. For the first half of the battle, use the strategy from
the first fight. Then, when he only has two more bars, he'll stop using the
"Freeze" sleight and use a new sleight called "Ice blade". It's damaging, but
easy to dodge. Just glide to avoid the first two shots, then for the third
shot, dodge roll at the right moment. Though you will get caught in the blast,
Sora will not take damage. When you come close to killing him, kill him
immeaditley, cause if you don't, he'll use an enemy card, and recover two bars
of health. Anyways, he's still not that hard.

BOSS 18 *RIKU 3*

Location: Castle Oblivion

He's even more pissed off than before, cause he has a new sleight, and an
increase in health. The new sleight is easily avoidable, just dodge roll 
at the right moment. Still, use friend cards when you can, cure cards when
you need to heal, and enemy cards when he's pissing you off. Just wait until
the next fight with him, you'll be pissed.


Location: Destiny islands

Very easy, and one of few easy bosses towards the end of Sora's story. He
only has four attacks, a ground slam, a little metoer shower, balls of
energy, and the ability to call Shadows. Attack Darkside when he calls the
Shadows, and card break him when he gets the meteor. This will take a while,
since his HP goes down slowly and there's no friend cards.

BOSS 20 *RIKU 4*

Location: Castle Oblivion

I..............HATE..........RIKU!!!!!!!!!!!!! He has THREE sleights, with
the new one being the most powerful. He dashes across the room with this 
sleight, and dodge rolling doesn't work too well. Here's a good strategy,
set up your deck with a bunch of cards for SONIC BLADE. Throw in some
cure cards, too. Then, keep stocking and using the Sonic blade sleights
and don't stop, and Riku's health will go down like a rocket, and he won't
even be able to hit you. Also, you still don't have friend cards, so don't
bother trying to get some.


Location: Castle Oblivion

She's the same as last time, the only difference is that she does more damage.
Use the SOnic blade strategy you did with Riku and don't stop. That way, you
could avoid taking damage and kill her in no time. But if you don't want to
go with the strategy, then hope to hell that you could beat her, cause she 
killed me when I didn't use the Sonic blade strategy. You also get friend
cards back, so save them for later if you get some.

BOSS 22 *AXEL 2*

Location: Castle Oblivion

Axel gained a new sleight for this fight. When he uses it, he throws his
weapons and they bounce around the arena for a while, just run around
to avoid it. Plus, the Sonic blade strategy doesn't work too well here.
It could prevent him from damaging you, but it does hardly half the damage
that it did to Riku and Larxene. But still, this fight is pretty easy, just
don't hit him with Fire.

Statment from Tiomasta:

You say at Axel 2 that Sonic Blade doesn't work too well against him. 
It's about his teleport, right? Well, it's pretty simple. After being 
attacked, he takes a moment and then teleports. You could use Sonic Blade, 
wait for him to teleport, then attack again.


Location: Castle Oblivion

This guy's slow, but powerful. Use the Sonic blade strategy, and if you 
have a Hi potion in your deck, use it, then repeat the strategy until you
need to recharge. Hopefully, he lost a lot of health in process. Then just
keep sleighting him, and he'll die soon. Just avoid that damn scythe of his,
and you'll be fine.

Statment from Tiomasta:

I think that you could mention that, in the first fight against Marluxia, 
there's that attack that sorta catches you and you can't move out of it, 
but you can still use cards(some people don't realize this) and cardbreak 
him, making you free again. By the way, if you don't cardbreak, he slashes 
you. And also, there's one sleight that makes him float and slash the ground
near you several times to do damage. You can't walk out if that, it's like 
Vexen freeze move, you gotta dodge roll at the right moment.


Location: Castle Oblivion

You have three targets, the arms, and Marluxia himself. Kill the arms so
that he has a low chance of hitting you. Then just use attack cards on
him as normal. The Sonic blade strategy doesn't work here, since he's
flying in the air. Just do your own strategy until he dies. This battle's
only a warm up for the real final battle.


Location: Castle Oblivion

Marluxia is very tough here. Just use the Sonic blade strategy while
avoiding the following attacks.

1. Will blow you back, no damage

2. Will release rose petals that shoot lasers

3. Will make an explosion

He also has a bunch of sleights, and he could stock cards at the speed of
sound for some reason. He has plenty of them, including Doom, which will
instantly kill you if you don't counter six cards before the timer hits
zero. He can also steal your cards, and you have to run around and reclaim
them in order to use them again. But you have to be cautious since he'll
still be attacking you. And if you let him use doom, and you only picked up
low cards, then that's it, your finished. He also can do a sleight version
of the rose petal attack, but he calls even more. You'll have trouble with 
this fight, cause I don't think you'll survive unless you have at least four
cure cards. Just heal when needed and use everything you got. He'll die
eventually, and you'll win. You've beaten Sora's story, now it's time for
the bosses in Riku's story.

Statment from Tiomasta:

You mention Sonic Blade in the Riku 4, Axel 2 and every Marluxia battle, 
and also at the end of the guide. I just thought I could mention that there 
is a sleight stronger than Sonic Blade. It's Lethal Flame(Stop+keyblade
+keyblade). It takes a little, little small amount of time longer to execute
than SB, but it's stronger, and plus you don't need to press triangle like 
SB, you don't need different keyblade cards like Sonic Blade AND you don't 
need a certain number of the total number(I mean, it could be 0 to 27).

Strategy from

 Bosses (Riku's story)

Note: I may go out of order, so if I do, e-mail me, and I'll correct it.


Location: Hollow bastion

This battle's exactly the same as the one in Sora's story, except that
you're playing as Riku, and you can't heal yourself. Follow the strategy
you did in Sora's story, and you'll be okay.


Location: Agrabah

Same as Sora's story.

BOSS 28 *VEXEN 3* (may not be after Agrabah)

Location: Castle Oblivion

Same as Vexen 1, except that dodging the ice shard and freeze sleight is
easier to dodge thanks to Riku's dodge roll.


Location: Monstro

Same as Sora's story.

BOSS 30 *RIKU 5* (may not be after Monstro)

Location: Castle Oblivion

Same as Riku 2, except that dodging Helm Split is harder due to being unable
to gilde.


Location: Traverse town

Same as Sora's story.


Location: Neverland

Same as Sora's story.


Location: Olympus coliseum

Same as Sora's story.


Location: Wonderland

Same as Sora's story.


Location: Atlantica

Same as Sora's story.


Location: Halloween town

Same as Sora's story.


Location: Castle Oblivion

Now, here's a boss we never saw in Sora's story. He flings his weapon a lot
and has powerful sleights. I never personally encountered most of his sleights
and attacks, since I finished him quick. If you card duel him like mad, then
you hopefully won't get to see him in action, which is a good thing. DOn't try
to attack him regularly, or you're screwed.


Location: Destiny islands

Same as Sora's story.


Location: Destiny islands

He's tough, not even card dueling will work well. But the good news is that
you get to stay in darkness mode the whole fight. Most of his attacks involve
books. He'll, for the most part, fire things at you, and when they hit you,
they steal or cycle (it's hard to tell) your cards (e-mail me what really
happens if possible). It's really all he'll do for the first part of the
fight. Then he uses sleights more often towards his last two HP bars. He'll
create clones of himself, and unleash more books than ever. It's onviously
a pain to find the real Zexion, since the clones don't share his HP bar. Don't
rely on sleights too much (unless you card duel), cause if he does take your
cards, it will be hard to kill him.

BOSS 40 *RIKU 6*

Location: Twilight town

Same as Riku 4 in Sora's story, except that dodging Dark aura is easier thanks
to Riku's dodge roll. And you need to use card duels and Darkness mode
sleights to kill him. It only takes three successful card duels to win. Thanks
to the guy who sent me the e-mail and pointed out how I forgot to include
this (username?).


Location: Castle Oblivion (End of the world if you count the area)

He's almost exactly the same as he was in KH1, but he could still be tough if
you don't know what you're doing. He has two or three sleights, and they're
easy to dodge if you mastered Riku's dodge roll. His first sleight just has
him throw electric discs at you. Just dodge roll and you'll avoid it. Then his
other sleight his hard to avoid, but you'll survive if you had Riku on high
health before he started the sleight. Just dodge roll at the right moment and
you should avoid it. He does have other attacks like punching you and sending
electric waves at you. All his attacks are easy to avoid, just use mickey
friend cards when you need to heal, and card breal him to enter darkness mode.
One quick way to win card duel him over and over, then he'll die quickly.


E-mail me at [email protected], and I'll read anything.

Ex: Q: What is the most powerful out of all the sleights?

    A: In my opinion, Sonic blade. It stuns the enemy and drops their health
like a rocket.

Q: When do you learn Sonic blade?

A: You get it as a bonus from leveling up. You need to pick a sleight as a 
bonus, then on the fifth, sixth, or seventh time, you'll get Sonic blade.

E-mail me your own strategies

You could e-mail me your own strategies for a certain boss, and I'll post
it here with YOUR name included.


Me---for writing the guide

Disney---for making the disney characters

Square Enix---for making the KH and Final Fantasy characters

Sony---for making the PS2

Tiomasta---for correcting me at some areas

You---for reading the guide

Also, check out my boss guide for Lego Star wars: the complete saga.