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Follow the dark path or use the light

full gameplay walkthru

by jhman007

Kingdom Hearts

I.	Contents
II.	Using this Game Guide
III.	Improvements
IV.	Walkthrough

II. Using this Game Guide
	Using this game guide is rather easy. If you are trying to find a specific section, type the world name in ALL CAPS. This guide outlines how to get through each area, Tells the best strategies for beating each BOSS, and tells you exactly what to do to see the secret ending. Have fun Playing!

III. Improvements
	9.25.2006- Because of the release of KH2, I have decided to write a walkthrough of Kingdom Hearts(1). Started 	walkthrough portion. Finished up to and including the Alice in Wonderland: 1st visit
	10.11.2006- started with Trickmaster walkthrough portion up to and including meeting Sally and Zero.
	11.06.2006- started with meeting Sally and Zero. Finished up to and including Captain Hook battle.
	11.25.2006- Finished Walkthrough portion. Submitted to <>

IV. Walkthrough


When first starting a new game, you will see a cut scene that shows Sora’s mysterious dream in which he is drug under water. Then you will suddenly be on a platform with Snow White on it. We will refer to these from now on as the Princess Platforms.

Snow White Platform:
Walk forward into the light. Three pedestals will appear. Jump on the one with the power you choose to be the strongest.

Sword-warrior- you are stronger than normal. Your hits do more
Shield-guardian- your defense is higher than normal. Less damage to you
Staff-mystic- your magic is higher than normal. More magic damage

“Your path is set” now choose what to give up

	Sword-sacrifice strength.
	Shield-sacrifice defense.
	Staff- sacrifice magic power and mana

Whatever is left over will be normal level

Snow White Platform breaks. You are now on the Cinderella Platform.

Cinderella Platform:

Read the instructions!!! You will be thrown into several battles in the next few minutes and need to know how to fight. Defeat one of the Shadow heartless. The rest will disappear. Press x a few times to go through the instructions. Defeat all the Shadows. You are sucked through the platform and find yourself on the 3 Hearts Platform.

3 Hearts Platform:

Walk up to the door and read the instructions. Use Examine on the door. A chest appears. “Open” the chest to reveal a box. Push up against the box, and then when it tells you to, perform a combo by pressing x a few times. Pick up the potion to unlock the first invisible seal. A barrel appears. Lock on and lift it. Walk a little to unlock the door. Now examine the door and you will walk through. 


Talk to each person. Your answers will determine how fast you grow.

All 1st answers- start at dawn- easy- level up fast until level 40, then slow down
All 2nd answers- start at midday- medium- level up average throughout game
All 3rd answers- start at night- hard- level up slow until level 40, then fast

Sleeping Beauty Platform:

Walk into the light. Defeat the Shadows. Walk into the light to learn about save points. Save now! Go up the stairs to initiate the Darkside fight on the Beauty/Beast Platform.

Beauty/Beast Platform

B O S S   B A T T L E


Hp: 240
Exp. earned = 18 pts + tech points

The first thing Darkside will do is shove his hand into the ground. Shadows will come out of the dark, but lock on to and attack the hand. He will kneel on the ground and shoot dark energy at you, but time it right and you can hit these back at him for an extra 2 tech point exp. You can also get extra experience and health from defeating the Shadows. As with all the Heartless boss battles in this game, you will see a slow down when you have won. Yay!


Destiny Islands: Day 1

You will awake from this “dream” unscathed. 

Talk to Kairi to get a list of supplies needed. Here are the locations:

Log- walk away from Kairi and you will see it on the beach
Log- across the bridge to Riku’s island
Cloth- climb the huge tree and go inside. It will be on the right
Rope- go to opposite end of beach from Kairi. Behind boy w/ stick.

Talk to Kairi for a Hi-Potion and to continue. Say “not yet” if you want to level up a bit. To fight someone, talk to him or her twice and say yes, you’ll battle. When you win non-Heartless boss battles, you will see a flash when you win.


Hp: N/A
Exp. earned: 1 pt. + tech points

When you hear “Hah!” watch Wakka and jump towards him when he throws the ball, then score a combo and back off. “Take this!” is the same, just a little stronger. Another way to handle these attacks is to simply hit it back at him. It will not hit him if you are too far away, but when it does hit, he will be stunned. Keep this up and you are sure to win! Make sure not to go off the beach though, or he automatically wins. 


Hp: N/A
Exp. earned: 1 pt. + tech points

“You ready?”- Selphie swings her whip. Time it right and hit it and she will be stunned and you get 1 tech point. Take this time to score a combo. When she jumps at you, hit her in midair to stun her and make her whip hit her on the head to get 2 tech point. Hit her again with a combo. Make sure not to go off the beach though, or she automatically wins. 


Hp: N/A
Exp. earned: 2 pt. + tech points

When Tidus runs at you and swings, jump behind him and score a combo. Don’t try to counter and get tech points, he just hits you anyway w/o getting tech points. You have to be EXACT to get 2 tech points. It’s just not worth the effort. Make sure not to go off the beach though, or he automatically wins. 


Hp: N/A
Exp. earned: 5pts + tech points				Items earned: Potion

This is the hardest sub-boss in Destiny Islands. At the very beginning, jump onto the pole and go to the top. Jump behind Riku, and he will be confused and will not attack yet. Score a combo and climb again. This doesn’t always work. If you hit him and he gets on his back, RUN. Mostly, just avoid his attacks and hit him afterwards. In this battle, you can earn quite a few tech points. Make sure not to go off the beach though, or he automatically wins. 

Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie;

Hp: N/A
Exp. earned: 4pts + tech points				Items earned: Potion

Concentrate on one at a time and defeat them, then move on to the next. Their attacks do fairly smaller damage in this battle.

When you are done with these sub-bosses, talk to Kairi and tell her you are done to move on to the next day.

Cutscene: Riku, Sora, and Kairi discuss their fates.

Cutscene: Donald tells Goofy, Minnie, and Daisy that King Mickey is missing

Destiny Islands: Day 2

You now have access to the door that was behind Kairi. Go through and talk to Riku. Name your ship and beat Riku in the race. Talk to Kairi for a list of needed supplies. You can still fight your friends today, too.

Fish (3)- swimming in the shallow water near the dock
Seagull Egg- climb the pole near the door to the seaside shack near the beach. Jump off, onto the tree to get the egg
Mushroom 1- in the secret place. Wakka will point it out. When you obtain the mushroom, there is a cutscene.
Cutscene- Sora remembers him and Kairi as kids etching on the walls. Sora speaks to a mysterious, cloaked man about a “door to this world.”
Mushroom 2- near Kairi, in a rock blocked cave.
Mushroom 3- near the guard tower, hidden in the shrubs.
2 Coconuts- perform a combo on a few trees and some yellow coconuts should drop.
Drinking Water- walk in the waterfall under the wood platforms near Riku

Talk to Kairi to give her the supplies and get a Hi-Potion. You can race Riku as many times as you like, but not fight him. Each time you beat him in a race, you get a pretty stone, which can be sold later on for $30. Since you wont have another chance, go near the guard tower. Lift the box near it over to the cave on the other side of the tower and jump to the cave to get a Protect Chain. Equip this now. You can still battle Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie at this point. When you are ready to end the day, tell Kairi. 

Cutscene: Sora and Kairi talk, alone, on the beach. 

Cutscene: Letter from King Mickey is explained to you and everyone in the castle. Donald and Goofy set out for this important “key.”

Cutscene: Sora sees a dark energy ball sucking up Destiny Islands. He goes to check it out.

Ignore the unhittable Shadows and go straight to Riku’s Island. 

Cutscene: Riku and Sora get sucked into darkness. Sora’s light saves him and he comes out with the Keyblade. Riku… isn’t so lucky. 

Go to the secret place. If you want some extra potions, some Shadow Heartless will drop them, as you can now hit them. 

Cutscene: Kairi is in the secret place, but she disappears. Sora gets blown out by the darkness. 

Darkside will appear again. 

B O S S   B A T T L E


Hp: 240
Exp. earned = 18 pts + tech points

The first thing Darkside will do is shove his hand into the ground. Shadows will come out of the dark, but lock on to and attack the hand. He will kneel on the ground and shoot dark energy at you, but time it right and you can hit these back at him for an extra 2 tech point exp. You can also get extra experience and health from defeating the Shadows. This time, you are stronger, so it should be faster and easier than the first time you fought Darkside. As with all the boss battles in this game, you will see a slow down when you have won. Yay!

Cutscene: Sora is sucked into the dark energy ball. 


Cutscene: Donald and Goofy arrive in Traverse Town. Pluto finds Sora in the alley.

Walk out of the alley. Go into the shop behind you. 

Cutscene: Sora meets Cid.

Walk out of the Accessory Shop. Go through the door behind the shop to get to the 2nd District.

Cutscene: Man turns into Heartless

Go through a door with a sign that says 3rd District. Go back to the 2nd District and go through every door you can. When you are done, go back to the 1st District. Go to the Accessory Shop and SAVE!!! Go outside to encounter Leon. 

Cutscene: Leon wants the Keyblade. He tries to take it by force.

B O S S   B A T T L E


Hp: 120
Exp. earned: 30 pts. + tech points

First off, you don’t have to win. Winning just gets you more experience. Right when his hand is on fire, either jump when he shoots, or try to be far away and slash. If you time it right, you stun him and get 1 tech point. Dodge his slashes and attack with a combo when he stops slashing. This is all you need to know to win.

Cutscene: Sora faints from exhaustion. Yuffie comes into the story as Leon’s friend.

Cutscene: Aerith comes to get Donald and Goofy

Cutscene: Aerith, Leon, and Yuffie explain Heartless to Sora, Donald, and Goofy.

Talk to Aerith, then you can open chests with glowing locks, like the one on the table. Talk to Leon when you are ready to leave. 

Cutscene: Heartless attack the hotel(where you are)

Go back to the 2nd District. Go to the 3rd District. 

Cutscene: Donald and Goofy fall on Sora. They join together as Heartless appear.

You will have to fight 6 Soldiers with the help of Donald and Goofy. This is just the easy part. 

B O S S   B A T T L E

Guard Armor

Hp: 700
Exp. earned: 110 pts. + tech points				Items earned: Brave Warrior

During this battle, Lock-On is essential. First, target his feet and attack. When he stomps, get ready to jump over a shock wave when he jumps. If he starts spinning his arms, hit the purple aura they are making to get 2 tech points. Do the same if his hands detach and try to punch you. After the feet, attack the hands, then the torso. Each time a body part is destroyed, a lot of HP balls will fall. Continue this until you see the slowdown. 

Cutscene: Guard Armor is destroyed. Sora joins Donald and Goofy to find the King and Sora’s friends. “All for one, one for all!”

Cutscene: Villains discuss Sora’s power. 

Cutscene: Donald gives Sora the ability to use fire magic and Goofy gives Sora the Dodge Roll ability.

 Leave Traverse Town. Go to the world with 1 star.


Cutscene: White Rabbit rushes past Sora.

Go down the hall and through the door. 

Cutscene: The doorknob tells Sora to drink the bottle to get small.

Walk up to the bed and push it. Then drink the bottle. Now there will be Heartless. Go into the hole the bed had been guarding. 

Cutscene: Alice is in trial. Sora sticks up for her. Sora is told to find evidence it wasn’t Alice.

Go through the door on the side of the court. 

Cutscene: Cheshire Cat tells Sora about the evidence.

Stench- go to an opening with two mushrooms. Get on the leaf support and go through the hole in the side of the tree. 

Antenna- go straight to a clearing with 3 mushrooms. Jump to the leaf support on the right and open the box.

Claw Marks- go to the orange flower near the entrance. Give it a potion to grow. Step on the stump. Get the acorn from on top of the tree. Eat it to get smaller. Find the way to the leaf support that the stump had raised. Go through the hole. Jump across the wall to your left. Open the box.

Cutscene: The Cheshire Cat gives Sora Blizzard magic as a present.

Footprints- lying in the corner of the clearing where you found the leaf support for  Stench.

Go back to the Queen’s castle and SAVE!!! Talk to the ace or two of Hearts to confront the Queen. Pick one of the boxes. 

S U B   B O S S

Prison Tower

Hp: N/A
Exp. earned: 100 pts.

First off, don’t worry about the cards. Just attack the three wheels on the tower. Let Donald and Goofy handle the cards. Well, if the evidence showed a Soldier. If it showed Donald and Goofy, you’re on your own. When the wheels are all jammed, hit the roof of the tower with a few combos to finish this battle. NOTE: the cards don’t stay down the entire battle. They only stay down for about 15 seconds. 

Cutscene: Alice has disappeared. Where’d she go?

Go to the Lotus Forest.

Cutscene: Cheshire Cat appears again. 

Give the yellow flower a potion to grow. Move the rock the Cat was on. Get smaller (use the acorn.). Now, go back to the Bizarre Room through the hole where you had to step on the stump to raise the leaf support. Fight any Heartless, and then go into the fireplace. Touch each torch. Open the chest, and use it on Sora. Hit the teddy bear if it hasn’t already been hit. Go back to the right side up Bizarre Room. Grow big. Locate the teddy bear and move it. Move the clock. Go through the door the clock was hiding. Open the chest, then jump down. Examine the poster next to the picture twice. Sit in each chair to get “presents.” If your present becomes Heartless, defeat them, walk out, and walk back in and continue to sit. When you are done, walk through the door on the house. 

Cutscene: Cheshire Cat tells Sora to light the torches.

Defeat all of the Heartless and light the two torches. Walk into the Queen’s Castle and go to the bizarre room (right-side up) through that entrance. Jump on top of the table and talk to the Cat.

B O S S   B A T T L E


Hp: 600
Exp. earned: 150 pts.					Items earned: Ifrit’s Horn

At any one time, there is only one place you can hit this Heartless. Lock on to it and you are good to go. All you have to remember is to keep attacking and after a certain amount of damage is taken, it is paralyzed and will drop lots of health. This is your time to attack without problems. This happens a few times throughout the battle. Just keep attacking and you will win. 

Cutscene: Sora locks the world’s keyhole. Wonderland is safe!!!

You obtain a Navi-G Piece. Go to Traverse Town but DO NOT land. Press select world and select the world that is 2 stars. 


Walk into the building and talk to Phil (the goat thing). 

Cutscene: Phil tells Sora to move the pedestal.

Try to move the pedestal, and when Sora says, “it ways a ton!” talk to Phil.

Cutscene: Phil says Sora and friends aren’t “true blue” heroes.

When you have made sure you are ready, which means taking off the ability, Combo Plus, talk to Phil. 

Training: if you took off Combo plus, this should be no problemo. Just make sure you do a combo on barrels while they are still in a group, though.

Advanced: This time, the only way to pass is to make sure you angle yourself correctly so that you hit one barrel into others. When you get to the top of the steps, angle yourself so that you hit the barrel into the one on the unreachable platform. If you don’t have them all, search for it with you’re remaining time.

Cutscene: Phil denies access to the games. You obtain Thunder magic.

Walk out of the lobby.

Cutscene: Hades gives Sora a pass to the games.

Enter the lobby again. Talk to Phil to enter the preliminaries. 


Match 1: Shadow scout- 4 Soldier, 3 Blue Rhapsodys

Cutscene: Cloud walks by Sora.

Match 2: Sinisters- 10 Shadows, 3 Blue Rhapsodys
Match 3: Heat and Freeze- 5 Red Nochturns, 5 Blue Rhapsodys
Match 4: Shadow Platoon- 3 Red Nochturns, 3 Blue Rhapsodys, 2 Soldiers, 2 Shadows
Match 5: Blue Revenge- 9 Blue Rhapsodys 

Cutscene: Hades tells Cloud to kill Sora.

Match 6: Big One: 1 Fat Body, 4 Red Nochturns, 4 Blue Rhapsodys
Final Match: Cloud- 

Hp: 300
Exp. earned: 80 pts.

Try to avoid his attacks and strike directly afterwards. Dodge Roll ability is very helpful. You aren’t required to defeat Cloud. If he is too hard, just let the story continue. 

Cutscene: Cerberus attacks the stadium. Hercules tries to hold him off. 

Try to walk back into the stadium. Phil stops you, but tell him you are not afraid. Before you do this, though, SAVE. The next battle is a tough one. 

Cutscene: Sora confronts Cerberus.

B O S S   B A T T L E

Hp: 600
Exp. earned: 80 pts. + tech points				Items earned: Inferno Band

At first, get in the bleachers in the corner. Reflect a fireball to get tech points, and dodge roll from the others. When one head goes up and the others go down, he is using Shadow Breath. Dark auras will appear under Sora. Dodge roll away from these. When it takes a defensive stance, stay away and use thunder on it. Later in the battle, you will notice a pattern in when he uses these attacks. This is, by NO means, an easy battle.

Cutscene: Sora and friends are acknowledged as Junior Heros

Walk towards Cloud to talk to him

Cutscene: Sora and Cloud talk about looking for their light. Cloud gives Sora the Sonic Blade ability.

Go through the huge doors.

Cutscene: Hades talks about how he hates Herc. He tells Maleficent to let him and only him take care of Herc and Sora.

Go to the unknown world.


You are thrown into an immediate battle with Sabor. 

Hp: 30
Exp. earned: 15 pts. + tech points

Just dodge and attack and you should be fine. When he slashes at you, just hit his claw to get some tech points.  

Cutscene: Tarzan saves Sora. Sora asks about his friends.

Cutscene: Donald and Goofy are lost in the jungle. They find a Protect-G piece.

Jump off the net exactly where Tarzan did. Go inside the hollow tree. Just jump when you need to. Find all of the slides.

Slide 1: Hollow Bastion- on top of orange tent.
Slide 2: Proposal- on top of dresser under white canopies.
Slide 3: Woman- next to chalkboard
Slide 4: Gorilla- on very top of stack of suitcases and boxes.
Slide 5: Boat- go on orange tent. Follow trail of white canopies.
Slide 6: Swordplay- on top of boxes near globe.

Go inside the orange tent. 

Cutscene: Sora meets Jane. Donald and Goofy walk in with Clayton.

Talk to Jane, then examine the projector. 

Cutscene: Tarzan agrees to bring Sora to the gorillas.

Leave the tent. You will have to fight Sabor. Again. Scroll up for details. When he is defeated, don’t follow. Go through the other exit. Go up the vine directly next to you. Swing across the vines to get to the other side.

Cutscene: Kerchak rejects Tarzan for bringing outsiders to the nesting grounds.

Go up the vine that is near you. Find your way to the hole to the tree house.

Cutscene: Donald saves Terk from getting shot by Clayton.

Jump down where you did when you first arrived. This time, go to the ledge and through the hole. Go straight into the climbing trees. Go back to the camp from there. Guess who? That’s right. Sabor. Again. Go in the tent when he runs. 

Cutscene: Clayton is confronted by Jane, Sora and friends, and Tarzan. He decides to hunt down every single gorilla. He shoots something in the forest. 

The Heartless have arrived. Defeat them. Go to every area and if the Heartless are already there, defeat them. Each time, you get a gummi block. When you have defeated all of the Heartless that appear, go back to the bamboo thicket. This time, you will have to fight Sabor for the final time. This time, each time his health decreases, he hides in the bamboo and comes out somewhere else. LOCK ON. This time, he has 90 Hp. You get White Fang when you defeat Sabor this time. 

Cutscene: Terk runs into the tent to escape the Heartless. The Heartless come into the tent.

Go to the tent. 

Cutscene: Tarzan says Jane is near the tree house.

Go to the climbing trees. When you get there, don’t worry about the Heartless. Just attack the big black fruit on the side of the tree. 

Cutscene: Jane tells Sora it was Clayton.

Go to the cliff for the final battle of Deep Jungle.

Cutscene: Clayton tries to shoot all of the gorillas, but Sora steps in.

At first, you will be fighting Clayton and some Power Wilds, but just attack Clayton. Don’t stop, or he will use a potion. When his health is 1/5th down, the real battle starts. 

B O S S   B A T T L E 

Stealth Sneak/ Clayton

Hp: 750/250
Exp. earned: 30/ 240 pts.

LOCK ON to the invisible Stealth Sneak. Keep jumping and attacking, and when it bucks Clayton off, change your focus to him. 

Cutscene: Stealth Sneak falls on Clayton.

Cutscene: Kerchak throws Sora on the ledge. Tarzan looks at the waterfall and says it is his home.

Go into the cave. Do your best to climb as high as you can. Get any items along the way, which you should have already been doing. Go into the hole at the top. 

Cutscene: Tarzan brings Sora to the purty butterflies. They fly away to reveal a keyhole. Sora locks this world up tight. A Navi-G piece falls out of the keyhole.

Cutscene: Villains discuss what brought the Heartless to Deep Jungle. Alice walks into the room.

Cutscene: Sora and friends say goodbye. You gain red trinity and the kingdom keychain: Jungle King.

Go to Traverse Town. Go to the back alley and use the red trinity in the water. Go through. Talk to Leon. 

Cutscene: Sora and Leon talk about the keyholes of the worlds. 

Talk to Leon again.

Cutscene: Leon saysto ask Cid about the gummi block. He gives you Earthshine. 

Go to the accessory shop and talk to Cid. 

Cutscene: Sora shows Cid the gummi block. He gives you the old book to give to the Wizard. 

Time to go to the Wizard. Go to the 3rd District. Use Fire on the big fire sign. Go through. Time it right and jump on the moving rocks. Go in the alternate entrance. 

Cutscene: Sora thinks he sees Kairi. The Wizard, Merlin, arrives. He sets up.

Talk to Merlin. 

Cutscene: Merlin tells Sora how he found the book and puts it on the table. Sora talks to the Fairy about the Earthshine. She says it is a summon gem.

I will not go into the Hundred Acre Wood just yet. I will wait until the end. Go to the 3rd District and walk a few steps. 

Cutscene: the real Riku finds Sora (and vice versa). Donald refuses to let Riku come with them. 

Go into the small house. Talk to Cid.

Cutscene: Cid and the gang tell Sora about Maleficent. Maleficent and Riku watch as Sora “replaces” Riku. 

Cutscene: Aerith tells Sora to ring the bell three times. 

Go to the Gizmo Shop in the 2nd District. Go through the other door, climb the ladder, fight any Heartless, then use the Red trinity. Ring the bell three times. 

Cutscene: (after 3 pulls) a keyhole is revealed.

You definitely want to run AROUND the EDGES of the second district to get to the 1st District and save. Then go to the middle of the 2nd District. Try, oh, just try, to get to the keyhole. I dare you….

B O S S   B A T T L E 

Guard Armor > Opposite Armor

Hp: 900
Exp. earned: 390 pts. + tech points			Items earned: Aero spell

At first, when in Guard Armor mode, use the same tactics as the first time. Then, it changes into Opposite Armor when it’s yellow bar gets halfway down, with new attacks. When it backs up, strike to get 2 tech points. When it’s arms go back strike for 2 more tech points. When it uses it’s energy cannon, start striking it from below, as in , STAY UNDER IT.

Cutscene: Sora locks Traverse Town’s keyhole. You get a Navi-G piece.

Speak to Cid twice, then you can buy pieces for your ship. Go in the Accessory Shop and talk to Pinocchio. 

Cutscene: Jiminy and Pinocchio speak. Jiminy asks what is in the box. Jiminy says that him and Sora will go find Geppetto. 

You can leave Traverse Town when you are done in it.

You are told that a new tournament is being held at the Coliseum. You can enter it, but I advise not to. You probably aren’t at a high enough level. Go to the spinny warp gate to the north of Traverse Town. Disembark to Agrabah.


Cutscene: Maleficent and Jafar speak of Agrabah’s keyhole. They also talk about capturing Jasmine and the seven Princesses. 

You are put into an immediate battle. You can fight, or just run away. Find your way to the alley. 

Cutscene: Jasmine tells Sora what she heard. Jafar interrupts and calls Heartless.

Now, you have to fight. Climb up and release the keyhole (not the world’s). It opens a gate. Jump across quickly, as the shutters on the windows will close. Go through the gate. Run along the curtains. Go up the pole to Aladdin’s house. Free the Magic Carpet. 

Cutscene: Carpet flies off towards the desert. 

Follow the Carpet by going to the Desert. 

Cutscene: Carpet comes to Sora.

Get on the Carpet. It takes you to a sand pit. Walk towards the pit. Defeat all of the Heartless. 

Cutscene: Aladdin escapes from the pit and wishes the Heartless were gone. Aladdin and Genie tell Sora about the lamp. Aladdin wishes to be a prince. Aladdin tells about him and Jasmine’s dilemma. 

Cutscene: Genie tells about his lifestyle. Aladdin promises to use his last wish to free Genie.

Find your way back to Aladdin’s house. 

Cutscene: Aladdin says that they have to find Jafar. 

Go into the bizarre and release the keyhole. Go to Main Street and go through the gate that was just unlocked. Get off the platform to initiate the battle. 

Cutscene: Aladdin tries to wish Jasmine safe, but it fails. Jafar steals the lamp.

For this battle, you have to kill the Pot SPIDERS first. Then, concentrate your attacks on either end of the Pot Centipede.

Cutscene: Aladdin realizes Jafar took Jasmine to the Desert.

Go to the desert. Walk forward.

Cutscene: Cave of Wonders rises out of the sand. 

B O S S   B A T T L E

Cave of Wonders

Hp: 380
Exp. earned: 400

First, get on the back of it’s head. Start attacking the eyes where the darkness is. It will be shooting lasers from it’s eyes, which can either be reflected or dodged. Try not to be on the ground, because it will be attacking with fire. If you need health, go to the bottom and kill some Heartless. 

Go to Aladdin’s house and save. Now go back to the Desert and go in the cave. NOTE: don’t get hit or you will fall and die. Go into the hall. Go to the bottomless hall. Jump down. Go around, collecting items. When it prompts you, use call. When you think  you have found everything, go to the special statue in the Silent Chamber and select touch. When in the Dark Chamber, make sure you save. Now go to the hole that opened with the “touch” statue. Do what you want. Now find your way to the Hidden Room. Jump and attack the pillar. 

Cutscene: Jafar wishes to see the keyhole. 

Go to the treasure room. SAVE. Enter the Lamp Chamber. 

Cutscene: Sora interrupts Maleficent and Jafar’s conversation. 

B O S S   B A T T L E 


Hp: 500
Exp. earned: 600 pts. 				Items earned: Blizzard turns into Blizzara

Attack Jafar whenever he is close enough to a platform. Do not get too close to Genie, or he will attack, but he does drop HP balls upon doing so. When Jafar’s hands glow blue, get out of the middle. When his staff glows red, as if it is on fire, he uses a beam that does a lot of damage. When he is surrounded with darkness, he either uses the beam or turns into a ball of darkness, which floats around, making him hard to hit. 

Go back to the Treasure Room and SAVE. Go back to the Lamp Chamber and talk to Jasmine. 

Cutscene: Jafar wishes to be an all-powerful Genie. 

Jump down into the lava pit.

B O S S   B A T T L E 

Genie Jafar

Hp: 750
Exp. earned: 730				  Items earned: Fire turns into Firaga; 
Ansem Report 1

Jafar’s attacks HURT. Avoid his attacks. Don’t get too close, as he is invincible. To defeat him, attack the lamp Iago is carrying around. If it helps, cast Aero on yourself before hand. Just make sure to dodge the boulders Jafar throws. It helps a lot if you lock on to the lamp.

Cutscene: Sora sucks Jafar back into the lamp. 

Cutscene: Jasmine is watching from above. She gets snatched from behind. The Magic Carpet brings Sora and Aladdin to the top. Sora seals Agrabah’s keyhole. The cave starts to cave in. Sora and friends leave.

Now, you just have to steer the Magic Carpet around the obstacles. The Carpet does most of the work, though. Hp balls appear along the way. 

Cutscene: Sora and friends escape. They wonder where Jasmine is and want to go find her. Aladdin wishes for Genie’s freedom. 

Cutscene: Maleficent, Hades, and Riku discuss Riku’s wish to have Kairi back. You find out that it was Riku who took Jasmine.

You can now summon Genie. You also get the ability to use Green Trinity and the Kingdom Keychain: Three Wishes. 

Go back to Traverse Town. Go in the Accessory Shop and use the Green Trinity. You now have access to the Synthesis Shop. At this point, it is a good idea to synthesize items whenever possible. 

Now is the time to go to the world with 5 stars, which is next to Agrabah. Remember, on the ride there, do not go in the warp. I made that mistake. At the end, Monstro swallows the Gummi Ship. 

Cutscene: Sora is dreaming. Riku and Sora talk about defeating “the beast” as kids. They realize the sound in the secret place was just the wind. This is the first time they see the door. They talk about exploring other places, just like earlier. 

Cutscene: Donald and Goofy are trying to escape. Pinocchio is searching through a chest and keeps throwing items on Goofy.


Go forward to initiate a cutscene.

Cutscene: Pinocchio gives a block to Geppetto. Sora meets Geppetto. Pinocchio walks away.

Follow Pinocchio.

Cutscene: Riku appears and says he is playing with Pinocchio

Go through the Green hole ahead of you. Heartless will now start appearing. Continue to go as far as you can. 

Cutscene: Riku says he doesn’t care about Sora to Maleficent.

Cutscene: Sora and Riku meet up again. Riku asks Sora if he is even looking for Kairi. Pinocchio screams. 

Go into the bowels. You now have to fight Prison Cage. 

B O S S   B A T T L E

Prison Cage

Hp: 450
Exp. earned: 500 pts. + tech points			Items earned: Goofy learns Cheer

Riku helps you fight it, though. Just attack it from the front and don’t let it swing its arms at you. This is a very easy battle. To get 7 or 9 tech points, hit it’s arm when it rears back. 

Cutscene: Prison Cage spits Pinocchio into a hole. 

Jump into the hole. You can’t go back to save. 

Cutscene: the water in the mouth disappears. Riku has Pinocchio and won’t give him back. 

Open the chest near Geppetto to learn the Shared ability, High Jump. SAVE. Use High Jump to get to the highest area. Open the chest to get a summon gem, Watergleam. Make your way to the hole above the one you went in earlier. Jump from ledge to ledge, avoiding the heartless. When you get to the top, just jump to get to the final battle. 

Cutscene: Sora tells Riku to let Pinocchio go. Riku wants Sora to join him to help save Kairi. The Cage comes down, and Riku leaves. 
B O S S   B A T T L E

Parasite Cage

Hp: 900
Exp. earned: 1000 pts. + tech points

Just attack it from the front and don’t let it swing its arms at you. To get 7 or 9 tech points, hit it’s arm when it rears back. Stay off the acid. This will take your Hp down rapidly. Each time it opens it’s mouth, attack the dark energy inside. Every now and again, it sucks up acid and spits it at you. This is nearly unavoidable. 

Cutscene: Monstro starts to sneeze. Sora calls out to Riku and tells him to run. You get the Stop Magic.

Cutscene: Riku says that now Kairi is a lifeless puppet now. Her heart was taken by the Heartless. He asks what he can do. Maleficent says to bring her the “seven princesses of heart.” She grants Riku the power to control the Heartless. Uh-oh.

Cutscene: Monstro sneezes the Gummi Ship out.

Return to Traverse Town. Land in the Magicians Study. Talk to the Fairy Godmother to turn Watergleam into the Summon spell, Dumbo. Now, we will start with Pooh. Examine the book. 


Read the tent of twigs. Walk up to Pooh.

Cutscene: Pooh says his friends have all disappeared and he will be next. 

Go to the tree with a house in it. Go in Pooh’s house.

Cutscene: Pooh says he is hungry. 

Walk out of the house.

Cutscene: Owl tells you to find the torn pages.

Read the skinny tree.

Cutscene: Piglet calls for Pooh. He runs away from Sora.

Run around the tree clockwise and talk to Piglet.

Cutscene: Piglet gives a balloon to Pooh. He will use it to get honey.

Talk to Pooh and click Sure. Listen to Owl’s explanation. 

Jump on the branches. Lock on to the bees and hit them. 

When you finish this, you get Naturespark, a summon gem.

Read the fat tree in the upper left corner. 

Walk to the back of the tree. 

Cutscene: Pooh and Piglet say the tree told them no one is home.

Go inside the tree through the door. 

Cutscene: Pooh crawls in and sees Rabbit. Rabbit says he is out of honey.

Examine the branch above Rabbit.

Cutscene: Pooh eats the honey. 

Try to exit the area. 

Cutscene: Piglet tells you Pooh is in trouble. Pooh is stuck in the hole.

Return outside and talk to Pooh. 

Cutscene: Rabbit says that Carrot Juice can help Pooh out. Tigger comes a-bouncing. He jumps on Sora and notices Pooh. 

Listen to Owl’s explanation. Try to stay under Tigger’s shadow. If you are too far away, use Rush. When done, go inside the house. Talk to Pooh’s butt.

Cutscene: Sora pushes Pooh out. 

You get a Mythril Shard.

Leave the book by touching the sparkles. Talk to the Fairy to turn Naturespark into Bambi. Now go to Monstro, then Atlantica. 


Cutscene: Sora and friends appear as animals. Ariel tells Sebastion to show Sora how to swim. 

Follow Flounder. When you are done, Heartless will appear. Defeat the Heartless. Hit the clam. Follow the tridents on the walls. When you get to the palace, follow the road. 

Cutscene: King Triton blasts the Heartless. Sora is introduced to him. King Triton forbids Ariel from leaving the palace. The Heartless are coming from Ursala’s Grotto.

Go to Ariel’s Grotto. 

Cutscene: Ariel shows Sora her collection. 

Return to the Undersea Gorge. 

Cutscene: Jetsam and Flotsam are in Ariel’s Grotto. Ursula is watching Sora. 

In order to get to the next part, defeat all the Heartless, then grab onto the Dolphin. It will take you to the Sunken Ship. Go down the steps at the top. 

Cutscene: a shark swims by.

Go towards the chest. A shark will try to get in. then you can open the chest to get the crystal trident. Go out the hole. Defeat the shark for 100 Exp. points. Return to Ariel’s Grotto. Go towards the blue outline of a trident. 

Cutscene: Sora places the Crystal Trident. Triton finds Ariel. He breaks the Crystal Trident. She swims away…again. Triton scolds Sora. 

Cutscene: Ariel is crying. Ursula comes to Ariel’s “aid.”

Enter the Palace.

Cutscene: Ursula gets Ariel to bring her secretly to the Throne.

Enter the Throne Room. 

Cutscene: Ursula has the King’s Trident. The keyhole is not there. Sora comes. Triton says you must destroy Ursula’s Cauldron with magic. 

Hit the clam behind the throne. SAVE. Go to the Sunken Ship. In every area, a very strong Heartless appears. This is very week to magic, though. At the Sunken Ship, you will have to fight the Shark again. Go to the bottom and examine the switch behind a boat. Go into the cavern that is opened. Go to the right. Open the big clam to save. Return and take the left path. Go down the path to Ursula’s lair.

Cutscene: Ursula gets mad.

B O S S   B A T T L E 


Hp: 450
Exp. earned: 1000 pts.

Attack the Cauldron with fire if it is blue, blizzard if it is red. Do this until it blows up. Then it will damage her and you can attack Ursula while she is stunned. If you run low on Mp, hit Jetsam and Flotsam for more. Keep doing this until you win. 

Cutscene: Ursula runs away. You get the shared ability, Mermaid Kick. 

Go to the Calm Depths and use Mermaid Kick against the current. Go to the end and to the right. It should have ??? as the name. 

Cutscene: Sora and friends swim up to Ursula. Ursula uses the trident to become HUGE.

B O S S   B A T T L E 

Hp: 900
Exp. earned: 1500 pts.

Listen to what she says:

"Get ready for this!"                                              
  Ursula blows bubbles at you.                      
 "You dare to strike me!?", or "Insolent fools!"                    
  Ursula exhales a large bright beam of energy.         
  "Time to teach you some respect!" or "This won't be pretty!"  
   An enormous circle of lightning forms around Ursula.   
   Any of these attacks can be dangerous, so you will either need  
   to avoid them, or cast Aero and continue attacking Ursula. The 
   good news is that once Ursula uses a strong attack, she will   
   need a moment to catch her breath, giving you a good moment to 
   attack. Continue this Strategy to win.

Cutscene: Ariel says sorry to King Triton. You get Thundara and Ansem Report 3.

Go to Ariel’s Grotto. Go forward. 

Cutscene: The trident opens the keyhole. Sora seals Atlantica’s keyhole. Sora says sorry for lying to Ariel. She says someday she will explore the worlds. You get the Kingdom Keychain: Crabclaw. 

Now go to Hundred Acre Wood again.

j. HUNDRED ACRE WOOD; 2nd visit

Go to the tree with a swing on it. 

Cutscene: Pooh and Piglet see Eeyore floating down the river. He asks Pooh to help him out. 

Jump in the river and touch Eeyore.

Cutscene: Eeyore thanks Sora. His tail is gone, though. 

Target Pooh and make him follow you to the tree swing. Listen to Owl’s explanation. Keep trying and eventually you will get it. It is over when Pooh lands on the twig tent. It has to be under 30 yards. 

Cutscene: Sora puts Eeyore’s tail back on. 

When you finish this, Stop becomes Stopra.

Now, go to the world with 6 stars. 


Do not attack the Heartless at the beginning. Just try to go through the gate.

Cutscene: Jack and the Mayor speak about Halloween. 

Continue and go to the Lab Entryway. Go into the research lab. 

Cutscene: Jack and the Professor talk about completing the heartless. They need the key, though.

Cutscene: Sora agrees to unlock it. The experiment fails. The Professor tells Jack to find Sally. 

Walk out the door.

Cutscene: there is a crisis. The Heartless are out of control. 

Go through the Guillotine Gate and SAVE. 

Go around Guillotine Square counter-clockwise until you see stairs. Go to the graveyard. Get rid of all the Heartless. 

Cutscene: Zero and Sally appear. Sally gives Jack Forget-Me-Not. She has bad feelings about Jack’s plan.

Start to leave. 

Cutscene: Lock, Shock, and Barrel pop out of the coffin. They are going to tell Oogie Boogie what they heard. 

Talk to the Professor in his Lab.

Cutscene: The Professor says you still need to get “surprise” from the mayor. 

Cutscene: Oogie Boogie Decides to steal the heart and control the Heartless. 

Go back to the graveyard, defeat the Heartless, and examine the coffin. You will jump  through. Go talk to the Mayor. Look at a tombstone, and after it blows up, watch which order the ghosts come out, then examine the tombstones in that order. When the Mayor tells you, go open the chest in the broken pumpkin. You get a Jack-in-the-Box. (Surprise!!) Go talk to the Professor again.

Cutscene: The Professor finishes the heart, but Lock, Shock, and Barrel steal it. 

Try to chase the hooligans.

Cutscene: Jack gets Zero to find the hooligans. 

Go to the Graveyard.

Cutscene: Zero finds them at Moonlight Hill. 

Go to Moonlight Hill. Defeat all of the Heartless, which took about 10 minutes at level 31. Examine the tombstone near the bottom of the hill to extend the bridge. Cross the bridge and go into Oogie’s Manor. 

Cutscene: Jack recognizes Oogie Boogie’s house. 

Go across the “bridge” and examine the door. Make sure you don’t fall off. Use fira on the platform and jump on. When it gets to the top, jump to the walkway above. Follow this bridge, again making sure you don’t fall. Get to the highest point. This may take a little navigation. Enter the Evil Playroom. 

B O S S   B A T T L E

Lock/ Shock/ Barrel

Hp: 150/ 120/180
Exp. earned: depends on strategy

This battle is pathetically easy. One uses magic, and the other  
two just use regular attacks. One will jump around the room,
another will spin around the room, while the third just stands
there almost motionless. You can defeat them in any order, it
doesn't matter.

Defeating them in a certain order will yield a little more EXP,
but the amount awarded isn't worth it to get technical in this

Cutscene: Lock, Shock, and Barrel talk about how they were just following Oogie’s orders. 

It is a very wise idea to SAVE right now. Hit the level near Barrel (short and fat). Go to the entrance to Oogie’s Manor and turn and look down to your left to see a pile of fungus on the side of the tree. Jump to it and enter the green door/curtain. 

Cutscene: Oogie eats the heart to keep it from Jack. He gets mad because he can only control 2 Heartless. 

B O S S   B A T T L E

Oogie Boogie

Hp: 450
Exp. earned: 2500 pts.			Items earned:Holy Circlet
						Ansem’s Report 7

First, defeat all of the Heartless. Then, when the switches light up, step on the one that is directly in front of Oogie. When the platform rises, attack with all you have. Watch out for the die he throws, as they will explode. If he throws non-exploding die, hit them quickly. If you cant reach him, think you are about to die, and he has little health, use a few Thundaras. 

Cutscene: Oogie pops open. 

Cutscene: Oogie grows big and has dark orbs on his body.

At this part, you basically need to go around and attack every single dark orb on Oogie Boogie. Don’t waste your time fighting Heartless. For getting all 7 or 8 Dark orbs, you get 2500 Exp. Points. 

Cutscene: Oogie’s manor crumbles and disappears. The keyhole was under the Manor. Sora locks Halloween Town’s Keyhole. Yippee!!

You learn the Magic spell: Gravity. 

Cutscene: Jack apologizes to Sally for not listening. Jack gives Sora the Kingdom Keychain: Pumpkinhead. 

Go to the Guillotine Gate and exit to the world map. Donald and Goofy SHOULD tell you to go see Merlin, so guess what, we’re takin’ a detour. 


Go to the Magician’s Study and talk to Merlin. Merlin gives you the Kingdom Keychain: Spellbinder. Go to the first District and into the house with a green and yellow door. 

Cutscene: Geppetto explains how Leon helped him get settled. 

Talk to Geppetto twice to get Geppetto and Cid. Open the box in the corner to get the Kingdom Keychain: Wishing Star. 

Now, go to the world with 7 stars. 


Cutscene: Riku throws Sora into the dungeon. 

Cutscene: Sora meets Peter Pan.

Go straight through every ladder and door you see. If you want, you can fight the Heartless, and defeating Shadow Sora can yield lots of Mp and Hp. When you get to the room with three doors, go to the farthest one, then the first one. Use the Green Trinity to lower the ladder, then SAVE. Go up the ladder to fight Shadow Sora for the last time. 

Cutscene: Riku calls on Shadow Sora.

B O S S   B A T T L E

Shadow Sora

Hp: 750
Exp. earned: 2500 pts.	 + tech points			Items earned: Raven’s Claw

This battle is extremely difficult regardless of your level, as his stats are twice as much as each of yours. For one, Shadow Sora will move around on the ground, like a Shadow. When he’s low on health, he will duplicate himself into three separate Shadow Soras. Just lock onto one, if it has little health, switch to a different one, until finally you find the one with lots of health. Attack it and the other two should disappear. If you hit him with a combo, he disappears and comes up quickly behind you, and you should dodge roll. When needed, cast Cure and Aero on yourself, as he can deal crippling damage. 

Cutscene: Shadow Sora disintegrates.

Go back and SAVE. Go up the ladder, defeat any Heartless, and examine the trap door. Climb down the hole. 

Cutscene: Wendy is in the room. Peter flies off with her.

Find your way back to the room before the Captain’s Quarters and SAVE. Go up the ladder and through the other door. 

Cutscene: Tinkerbell is being held prisoner. Sora gives up and the keyblade disappears. Sora is made to walk the plank and jumps after he hears Peter say to just believe he could fly. Sora flies up and Peter snatches Tinkerbell. 

Switch Peter with Donald and defeat all of the Heartless. See Heartless Tips at bottom on how to defeat a Battleship.

Cutscene: Peter tricks Hook into coming out and Hook gets pissed. 

B O S S   B A T T L E

Captain Hook

Hp: 900
Exp. earned: 3400 pts. + tech points + Battleship points

The biggest problem in the this battle will be that Hook is a master of swordplay, and is only stunned 1/3 of the time, which can cause a problem. The best strategy for this battle is to give him all you got, then when your health gets low, fly away and heal. You can also fight the Battleships for extra experience and health. To see a funny sight, fly away from the boat and watch as Hook jumps off and almost lands on the alligator.

Cutscene: Hook falls off the boat and runs with the alligator hot on his heels.

Cutscene: Sora thinks about what will happen if he tells Kairi he flew. Tinkerbell tells Peter something is at the clock tower. 

You land in London. Fly down and find the clock that reads 11:45. Hit the minute hand three times.

Cutscene: the Keyhole appears on the clock. Sora seals Neverland’s Keyhole. Yippee!!

Cutscene: Peter tells Sora to look after Tinkerbell. 

You get the Summon Spell: Tinkerbell. You obtain the Kingdom Keychain: Fairy Harp. You gain the Shared Ability: Glide.

Fly up to the top and SAVE. Go to Traverse Town.


Talk to Cid.

Cutscene: Cid leaves to install the Navi-G. Sora has a cheesy dream about Kairi that explains the Worlds being separated. Cid comes back. 

Now, before we go to the next world, we need to fix a few gaps. Go to Olympus Coliseum.


Go inside and talk to Phil to enter the Phil Cup.

Match 1-Jungle Vice: 4 Powerwild, 3 Soldier
Match 2-Monkey & Magic: Powerwild, 2 Green Requiem, 2 Red Nochturne, 5 Yellow Opera
Match 3-Big Feet: 4 Powerwild, Hammerlegs
Match 4-Magic Alert: 5 Red Nochturne, 5 Yellow Opera
Match 5-Nightwalkers: Large Body, 5 Powerwild
Match 6-Hard Hitters: 4 Shadow, 3 Blue Rhapsody, Gauntlets
Match 7-Indomitable: 2 Large Body, 6 Green Requiem
Match 8-Wild Corps: Gauntlets, Hammerlegs, 4 Powerwild
Match 9-Shadow Battalion: Armored Torso, 4 Blue Rhapsody, 4 Yellow Opera

When you win, you get the ability: Strike Raid. Now enter the Pegasus Cup.

Match 1-Ghost Bandit: 2 Search Ghost, 3 Air Soldier, Bandit
Match 2-Marauders: 2 Bandit, 4 Shadow, 3 Barrel Spider
Match 3-Sluggers: Fat Bandit, Pot Spider, Barrel Spider, 2 Large Body
Match 4-Pots and Bolts: 2 Green Requiem, 5 Pot Spider, 3 Yellow Opera
Match 5-The Big Combo: 2 Fat Bandit, 4 Search Ghost
Match 6-Toadstool: 3 Black Fungus
Match 7-Pots and Barrels: 5 Pot Spider, 5 Barrel Spider
Match 8-Giant Impact: 3 Fat Bandit, 2 Large Body
Match 9-Leon and Yuffie: Leon, Yuffie(low health, they power up)

When you win, you get a Protega Chain. Enter the Hercules Cup. 

Match 1-Dusk Vanguard: 5 Gargoyle, 3 Shadow
Match 2-Minions of Horror: 4 Wight Knight, Air Pirate, 2 Barrel Spider
Match 3-Buccaneers: Battleship, 4 Pirate
Match 4-Stray Phantom: 5 Gargoyle, 4 Wight Knight
Match 5-Mad Truffle: Rare Truffle
Match 6-Cloud: Cloud(He has a new attack) win to obtain Kingdom Keychain: Metal Chocobo
Match 7-Dark Squadron: Wight Knight, 2 Gargoyle, 2 Pirate, 2 Air Pirate
Match 8-Flying Pirates: 2 Battleship, 2 Pirate, Air Pirate
Match 9-Hercules: Hercules

B O S S   B A T T L E


Hp: 450
Exp. earned: 700				Items earned: Goofy gets Herc’s Shield

First of all, it took a lot to get here, so don’t blow it now. This battle is a little difficult, as Donald and Goofy are not
with you. The first thing you need to do is lift a barrel, lock onto Herc, and throw it. This will make his Godly Barrier go
down. The best time is when he is raising his fist, because he will be stunned. If he says “try this on for size,” dodge roll
out of the way so the ball will not hit you. When he starts spinning, just glide away, and STAY AWAY. He will start to run 
around, which can be dodged by using dodge roll. Jump in the air when he does to avoid a HUGE shock wave. The most important 
thing to keep in mind is not to let him punch you. Other than these tips, just keep hitting him. Do this, and it is by far 
the easiest battle so far, other than Darkside. 
NOTE: Strike Raid does wonders on Hercules. 

Cutscene: Hercules is amazed. Sora now understands what strength of heart means. Sora realizes he needs Donald and Goofy by his side, no matter what. NO SH*T, SHERLOCK. 

The chest automatically opens and you get Kingdom Keychain: Olympia. You learn Yellow Trinity. Use the Yellow Trinity to move the pillar. 

Cutscene: The keyhole was under the pillar. Sora seals Olympus Coliseum’s Keyhole. Alright!!

SAVE!! Now, I’m not going into detail for the Dalmatians, but the journal will tell you where the ones you missed are. Go get them all now. Remember, the ones that you don’t have yet, but aren’t shown in any world, are in the next world, Hollow Bastion. When you are done with the Dalmatians, go to the world with 10 stars. CAUTION: As the next world has ten stars, it would be smart to SAVE, go to the world map, and then enter this world. The normal drive to the next world is extremely hard. Just do your best. 


Cutscene: Sora recognizes this place. Sora feels a warmth inside him. They disembark. 

SAVE. Follow the platforms as far forward as you can. 

Cutscene: Beast tells Riku that he got there by believing. Beast says he came to get Belle back. He attacks Riku, but Riku dodges and attacks. Beast collapses and Sora stops Riku. The Keyblade goes to Riku, it’s “true master.” Riku gives Sora a mere wooden sword. Donald and Goofy decide that their mission was to help the Keyblade master, so they follow Riku. Beast limps forward. Sora helps him. Sora and Beast join forces. 

Fly down to the save point by flying to the chests and opening them. SAVE. Jump up to the top. Use the elevating platforms to get to the Castle Gates. From now on, you won’t be able to hit Heartless, so just pass them by and let Beast do the fighting. Go to the left, and fall. Go to the higher bubble and find your way so that you release all of the Crystal Consoles. Go into the dark hole and use call to have Beast destroy the gate. This is where things get tricky because you can’t see. Follow the wall and go back to the base level. Enter the lower bubble to get to another entrance to the Waterway. SAVE. Use call again to break the gate. Enter the bubble inside. Use call on the nearby wall to access the dungeon. When you come in, there will be lots of Heartless, but since you can’t hit them, leave it to Beast. There are 2 Float-G’s in here. Go back to the Waterway and find the right combination of switches to access a new bubble. Go into the bubble to access a new part of the Waterway. Access the switch to use the elevator. Defeat the Defender and access the switch. Head back to the Castle Gates. Go to the main entrance of Hollow Bastion. 

Cutscene: The Seven Princesses of Heart are being held in a room, asleep. The Seven Princesses’ Hearts open the Keyhole after Maleficent uses a spell. 

Cutscene: Sora and Beast walk into a room. The doors close. Riku, Donald, and Goofy tell Sora to quit. Sora says no. Riku shoots a beam at Sora, but Goofy blocks it. Donald and Goofy rejoin Sora. Sora says he doesn’t need a weapon, because his friends are his weapon. Riku loses the Keyblade and it goes back to Sora. 

B O S S   B A T T L E


Hp: 500
Exp. earned: 2000 + tech points

Riku is a lot stronger and a lot faster than the last time you fought him. Try to stay behind him by using dodge roll, and give him everything you’ve got. Donald will do his best to keep your health up, but don’t rely on him. At the beginning, use Tinkerbell and Aero. If you see an attack coming, guard it to get tech points. 

Cutscene: Riku runs away. 

You learn White Trinity. Go up the Stairs and into the Library. Now, this is a hard puzzle. Go around and collect the books on the floor. Put them where they need to go. With one, you will need to use the green trinity upstairs. When you are done, go to the lift stop, use Gravity on the platform with a chest, and examine the console to take a LONG ride. Bring that platform down, and then take the ride back. Go to the library and SAVE. Go through the door that was unlocked. If it wasn’t, look on the desk next to the save point and put the book on the shelf next to the door, then push the switch. 

Test 1: Power-The first statue requires you to break both vases on the
         	  side of the statue with your keyblade.

Test 2: Light- Use Fira on all of the candles

Test 3: Trinity- Use the red trinity next to the statue. 

Test 4: Strength- Move the other statue.

Test 5: Magic- Use thunder on the stone that is “etched with a thunderbolt.”

Go down and grab the 4 Emblem pieces. Go back to the Library and SAVE. Go to the entrance hall and go to the center door. examine it 4 times to replace the emblem pieces. 

Cutscene: a mysterious figure tells Riku to make his being become darkness itself.

Go through the door to the lift stop. Examine the red crystal and go to the castle gates which should be near. Defeat all of the Heartless, then locate the red crystal and examine it. Use Gravira to bring the platform down, then open it to get Dalmatians 94, 95, and 96. Go back and use the blue crystal, then use the crystal you see. You will be on a large platform. Defeat any Heartless, and examine the crystal to get it started again. Do this a few times, and you will get to the Great Crest. Use the Trinity and chest, then continue down the steps. Use the crystal to get to the upper level, then go through the door, to the Great Crest. Open the chest to your left, then examine the crystal to get to the High Tower. Welcome to the next puzzle. 

Defeat the Heartless, then examine the Crystal to lower half of a platform. go to the lift stop and out the other side. Defeat the Heartless and use the crystal to lower the other platform. Use Gravira on the platform above to get Dalmatians 97, 98, and 99. Go up the stairs that you lowered. Don't use the crystal, just go to the lift stop and to the Castle Chapel on the other side.

Cutscene: Maleficent and Riku try to open the door to darkness, but can't without Kairi's heart(which, as you remember, was taken by the Heartless). Maleficent decides to deal with Sora herself. She walks away, and Riku glows blue, sneering at her. Hmmm...

Walk forward. 

Cutscene: Maleficent says Sora is too late. Sora challenges Maleficent. 

B O S S   B A T T L E

Maleficent, Phase One

Hp: 900
Exp. earned: 6000			Items earned: Donald learns "Cheer"
							Ansem's Report 7

This battle is a lot easier if you strike down Maleficent's platform first. Listen to what Maleficent says;

"Come out!"- Heartless appear. attack them for Hp balls. 

"Meteors of heaven, unleash thy fury!"- Meteors rain down. cast Aero quickly and get under the platform. 

Her third atack is lightning bolts circling the room. You can go two ways with this battle: 

Jump on her platform and let Donald and Goofy deal with the Heartless, though she will throw you off quite often...or...attack Maleficent"s platform until it breaks, then give her all you are worth. You will be attacked by Heartless, though. All in all, this battle is easy, and just preparing you for the Phase Two. 

Cutscene: Maleficent goes through a dark portal. 

Turn to the right and definitely, SAVE. Go through the portal. 

Cutscene: Maleficent is hurt. Riku enters and asks if she needs help. Riku stabs Maleficent, "unlocking the darkness in her heart." Maleficent turns into a dragon.

B O S S   B A T T L E

Maleficent, Phase Two

Hp: 1200
Exp. earned: 6000			Items earned: Summon Gem: Fireglow

Summon Tinkerbell and use Aero on yourself immediately, as Maleficent is a lot stronger. One of Maleficent's attacks is breathing fire for long range, and biting or making shock waves for close range. She will make fireballs around the entire field and they will shoot at you one-by-one, but just lock-on to Maleficent and keepyour focus on her. don't worry about tinkerbell disappearing, as attacking maleficent gives you a lot of Mp. Donald will also help keep your health sufficient. Just keep attacking and you willbe fine. 

Cutscene: Maleficent burns up. Riku says she was just a puppet all along. He walks away. 

Go back and SAVE. Enter the newly unlocked door to the Lift Stop. Go to the Grand Hall and through the door. Continue up the steps and watch the best cutscene in the game. 

Cutscene: Sora goes to the top of the room and sees Kairi. Riku says that they need Kairi's heart, which...RESTS WITHIN sORA!? Riku introduces himself as Ansem, seeker of darkness. As "Ansem" is about to strike Sora, Sora hears Kairi's voice and blocks the attack. 

B O S S   B A T T L E

Ansem as Riku

Hp: 900
Exp. earned: 8500		Items earned: Sora learns "Ragnarok" ability

Ansem is extremely powerful, Donald cannot heal you, Goofy can't attack, you can't summon, and Riku is way too quick. This battle is almost f***ing impossible, but only almost. At the beginning, just attack a lot. When his health has lost one-third, he will power up and start throwing his keyblade at you. you definitely want to either guard or dodge roll, or you will die. When he starts glowing and teleporting around, simply glide around until he makes the huge pillars of light. Always try to keep your health above 40%, and if you equiped the right stuff(I had a Raven's Claw, Protega Chain, and Master Earring), you're good to go.

Cutscene: "Riku" falls and vanishes. The Keyhole won't lock, so Sora unlocks Kairi's heart with Riku's Keyblade. The truth is, all the Princess's hearts were in him. Kairi wakes up, but Sora disappears. Sora's mind is still alive, but not in his body. It is falling into darkness. The real Ansem steps out of a portal and says she has served her purpose. Riku's spirit blocks Ansem, and Heartless appear. Kairi, Donald, and Goofy run, and a single Heartless watches them, with a...wanting look...hmmmm...

You are now, surprisingly, a Shadow. try to follow them. In order to get to the entrance hall, you will have to jump off a few ledges. Have fun!

Cutscene: Heartless Sora finds Kairi and the others. 

Walk towards them.

Cutscene: Kairi realizes that it is Sora, but they are attacked by other Heartless. This time when the Heartless attack, Kairi guards Sora. Sora's and Kairi's love destroy all the Heartless, and Sora is back to normal. The Heartless come back. Beast tells Sora and Kairi to go.

Cutscene: Sora tells Leon what happened. They decide it might NOT be a good idea to seal the Hollow Bastion keyhole, for they do not know what will happen. 


Speak to Cid. 

Cutscene: Cid says a new Navi-G is needed to go back. He says he hid one in the Waterway.

Go to the Waterway and over to the mural of a sky. Don't forget to give the Fairy Godmother your Fireglow, as you will get a Lord Fortune for getting all Summons. Anyway, back to the mural. A Navi-Gummy comes out of the wall. Don't forget the Trinity at the rocky part, in which is a Orichalcum. When you try to leave the mural, a cutscene appears.

Cutscene: Sora and Kairi discuss her grandmother's story(heard previously). It's time to get Riku back! Sora explains what happened while he was a Heartless. As Kairi is talking, Sora...hehehe...stares at her boobs like any man would. Kairi gives Sora her lucky charm. Sora obtains Kingdom Keychain: Oathkeeper. 

Equip Oathkeeper now, as it is definitely going to help. Go back to Cid. He installs the gummy and says good luck. SAVE and go to the new warp hole. Let me warn you, the Gummi ride ain't exactly...easy...


Cutscene: The Princesses stayed in the castle for a reason.

Make your way to the castle after SAVING. Go to the Castle Chapel and talk to each Princess. SAVE. Go to the Grand Hall. Face the Keyhole and turn left to see a chest containing the last puppies. Face it again and look to the right to see stairs leading up to the powerful, Oblivion Keychain. Go back and SAVE. Go through the Keyhole into the Dark Depths. 

B O S S   B A T T L E


Exp. earned: 16000			Items earned: Omega Arts

It's sad i have to write a guide for this battle. Just lock-on to the horn, jump on it's back, and hack away. but, i do have to write a guide, so here it is:

Behemoth uses many shock waves, but is slow. you should have no problems if you stay on the back. When it lowers it's head, attack until it is impenetrable, the stop and stay on it's back to avoid the "darkness pillar" attack. When the horn starts charging, dont worry. keep attacking. if you have problems with the lasers, just reflect them. 

Cutscene: Sora sees the real Keyhole, but Leon calls him out. Leon, Aerith, and Yuffie talk to Sora about what happens if the Keyhole is sealed. Sora seals Hollow Bastion's Keyhole. 

Cutscene: Sora speaks to the Princesses, who say the darkness is weakening. They also say that they sense a powerful darkness somewhere, and when Sora replies that he will handle it, they decide he will need help and give him more fire magic, hopefully giving you Firaga magic. They wish Sora good luck. 

SAVE. The next world is the last, so you dont want to go yet, if you want to unlock the secret ending. I will cover everything else first. 


By now, you should have all 99 puppies. if not, go to your Journal, into 101 Dalmations, and press Triangle to see what worlds still have puppies. When you have them all, go to the Dalmation's house to get some gifts, including a Torn Page, Aerora, and a complete Gummi collection for getting all the puppies. Now, go to the Hundred Acre Wood.


By now, you should have all the Torn Pages. Go to the winding, muddy path. Walk forward. 

Cutscene: Pooh is looking for his friends.

Go around the bamboo in the middle and look for an opening in the bamboo. examine the opening.

Cutscene: Sora finds Eeyore looking for twigs for a house again. 

You are told to do a mini-game. Lock-on to Pooh to get him to follow you. here is where everyone is:

Rabbit- he will pop up out of one of the three holes. talk to him quickly when he does.

Tigger- use the air coming out of the well to get up to tigger's level and talk to him when he is in front of you.

Piglet- use the well again to get to the top. Use Thundara on the bee hive, and Firaga on the web inside the log. Put Pooh near the blue flowers to get him to the top. Bring Pooh to the big tree by getting him on the log. Walk towards it to find Piglet. Go to the bottom and talk to Piglet near the holes Rabbit was in. 

Owl- flying around the big tree. wait for him to land, then speak to him.

Roo- on a branch near where the friends are waiting. Slash it, then talk to him. 

When you finish, the Torn Page turns into an Orichalcum. 

Cutscene: Pooh and his friends are glad to be back together again. Sora leaves to find his friends, too. You have finished the story. The clasp ends up being the Keyhole. 

Go to Olympus Coliseum and beat the Hades Cup(this may be hard at your level, but you can do it!). Get all of the Trinitys if you want, but they are not neccessary for the secret ending. When you are done with everything you need to do, go to the last world. 


When you arrive, you will be in a cave. walk forward after SAVING. 

Cutscene: Sora and his friends discuss what will happen to the worlds.

You will be in a place where everything looks like it is on a little island, but don't worry, there is an invisible floor. The problem is, there are also invisible walls in certain places. First, take the right path, following the islands towards the big dark hole at the end. When you get to the last one before the dark hole, turn around and find the two last chests. Go right, around the invisible wall, and get them, then go back to the Dark hole and enter. Each time you come near a chest, one of three things will happen. Either a dark ball will engulf you and you will have to fight, You will open the chest and have to fight, or just open the chest. With all of them, you get an item, and you should immediately use any Status Up items on Sora. Now, back to the Dark, oh! Enter the dark hole. 

Cutscene: Sora knows Ansem is near.

Glide to the end, SAVE, and enter the bright hole. Go into the purple lights, defeat the Heartless, get the item(what you got from defeating the boss the first time), leave, and enter the green ball of light. Repeat until you get to the green light. All that is in there is a chest, then leave. Enter the fire pillar. Go to the open door and examine the consol. Defeat the enemies, then leave. Go back to the Great Crevasse and SAVE. Jump back in to the last one to fight Chernabog.

B O S S   B A T T L E


Hp: 1500
Exp. earned: 1500

Ok. Pretty much, just keep Aeroga on and keep attacking as much as you can. Chernabog has several attacks which you should definitely avoid;

First, it will raise it's hands in the air, and the volcano will erupt. Get away as fast as you can and heal when you are safe. Go back and attack.

Another attack it uses is a blast of air that will send you all the way across the battle field, and Donald and Goofy should be blown away for a while. Because of this, You will be alone for most of the battle.

Third, it will send out 5 or 10 fireballs, which home in on you no matter where you are, so as I said before, keep Aeroga on at all times.

When Chernabog is nearly dead, he uses an attack that creates a circle of light. The attack will scatter around, and disappear once it has hit it's target.

Cutscene: Chernabog explodes.

Go down, all the way around the platforms, to the light at the bottom of the volcano, and enter it. Keep going down the halls until you get to a room with the Heartless sign at the end. Defeat all of the Heartless(which takes some time) and the last piece of the sign should fall off. Enter the Heartless symbol into the Last Rest and SAVE, because as the name says, this is the last rest stop(SAVE point) of the game. Examine the door.

Cutscene: Sora recognizes a voice.

Examine it again to go through. You will be on Destiny Islands.


Go towards the Secret Place.

Cutscene: As Destiny Islands is disappearing, Sora is told the same things he was told before by the mysterious figure in the secret place earlier and before the very first Darkside battle, combined. Sora sees Riku/Ansem by the shore.

Walk up to Ansem.

Cutscene: Ansem says the heart's true essence is dark, and Sora challenges him.

B O S S   B A T T L E

Ansem, phase one

Hp: 1500
Exp. earned: 10,000			Items earned: none

Ansem has several less-than-deadly attacks, but still, keep Aeroga on at all times. First, at the very beginning, Ansem will throw about 10-20 cutters at you, which can be avoided by dodge roll. Every now and then(usually now) he will call out his guardian for protection. move out of the way, as it will try to hit you, then when it goes back behind him, keep attacking. When he casts "Submit!", dodge roll out of the way before his guardian can hit you. if it does hit you, every time you attack, you will also be hit. Eventually, you will be held in place by the guardian for about 2-5 seconds. Another thing to watch out for is his shield, which will HURT if you touch it.

Again, just use Aeroga and Curaga for the whole battle and you can easily win.

Cutscene: Ansem retreats.

Go towards the big hole.

Cutscene: Donald and Goofy can't get through the barrier, and Darkside appears.

B O S S   B A T T L E


Hp: 900
Exp. earned = 8000

The first thing Darkside will do is shove his hand into the ground. Shadows will come out of the dark, but lock on to and attack the hand. He will kneel on the ground and shoot dark energy at you, but time it right and you can hit these back at him for an extra 18 tech point exp. A rather new attack, Darkside will send a ball of darkness into the air, which will start shooting you with dark energy, but if you keep moving, they won't hit you. You can also get extra experience and health from defeating the Shadows. This time, you are stronger, so it should be faster and easier than the first time you fought Darkside. 

Cutscene: Ansem is back, but Donald and Goofy are not.

B O S S   B A T T L E

Ansem, phase two

Hp: 1200
Exp. earned: 20,000			Items earned: none

Ansem has several less-than-deadly attacks, but still, keep Aeroga on at all times. First, at the very beginning, Ansem will charge at you several times, and this can be avoided by dodge rolling. Every now and then(usually now) he will call out his guardian for protection. move out of the way, as it will try to hit you, then when it goes back behind him, keep attacking. When he casts "Submit!", dodge roll out of the way before his guardian can hit you. if it does hit you, every time you attack, you will also be hit. Eventually, you will be held in place by the guardian for about 2-5 seconds. Another thing to watch out for is his shield, which will HURT if you touch it.

Again, just use Aeroga and Curaga for the whole battle and you can win.

Cutscene: Sora and friends are surrounded by darkness, but soon see a huge vessel. Donald and Goofy are sucked in to a dark portal, and Sora falls. After hearing Riku's voice, he flies back up and sees Ansem connected to his vessel. 

B O S S   B A T T L E

Ansem Connected to Vessel

Hp: 1200
Exp. earned: N/A			Items earned: none

Ansem will only attack with melee attacks, but they are devestating. Cast Aeroga as soon as possible, get up to Ansem, and just start hacking away. if you are lucky, you will keep countering Ansem's slashes. Eventually, Orbs will appear behind Ansem and start shooting you with lasers. Just ignore these and keep slashing away. If your health gets below 40%, back off and heal, then keep attacking.

Cutscene: A dark portal appears and Sora enters.


Defeat all of the Shadows. An orb will appear. destroy it to return outside the vessel.


Destroy all of the tentacles, then locate the dark portal and enter


You will hear Goofy yell "Sora!" Defeat all of the Darkballs, then destroy the orb to get back to the Vessel with Goofy.


Now you must destroy the head.

The head on the front of Ansem's vessel will now need to be destroyed, though the beams of light seem to make some part of this battle a little stressful. You'll want to cast Aero before attacking the head. It doesn't attack back that much, but it will form quite a few dark orbs that will cast bolts of lightning.

It's second attack is where it wil make a silent roat, then flash a dark orb around it. This will deal a fair amount of damage, so watch your health. A Portal of Darkness will now open to the Dark Abyss once it has been defeated.


You will hear Donald yell "Sora!" Defeat all of the Invisibles, then destroy the Orb to return to the Vessel with Donald.

Cutscene: The Head explodes.


The magical barrier will have dispersed. Enter to the Heart of the Vessel, then destroy the tentacles for HP while attacking the Heart. 

Cutscene: Ansem's barrier disappears. He wakes up and is fully healed. Here we go again!

B O S S   B A T T L E

Ansem Connected to Vessel

Hp: 1200
Exp. earned: N/A			Items earned: none(you have beat KH!)

Ansem will only attack with melee attacks, but they are devestating. Cast Aeroga as soon as possible, get up to Ansem, and just start hacking away. If you are lucky, you will keep countering Ansem's slashes. Eventually, Orbs will appear behind Ansem and start shooting you with lasers. Just ignore these and keep slashing away. If your health gets below 40%, back off and heal, then keep attacking. Through out the battle, a laser/cannon will carge behind Ansem. Make sure you keep yourself healed, as this can bring you to next to nothing. 

Cutscene: The vessel explodes. Ansem says that the Keyblade alone cannot seal the Door to Darkness. He calls on the Kingdom Heart's darkness to make him stronger, but Sora is sure that Kingdom light! The door opens, and Ansem is destroyed by the bright light of Kingdom Hearts. Sora and friends try to close the door, and Goofy and Donald see the Heartless inside. Riku steps out and tries to help close the door. Two Darksides appear, and are quickly destroyed by... King Mickey! Mickey pulls out his Keyblade and tells Sora, "Now, Sora! Let's close this door for good!" The door is closed, but Riku and Mickey stay inside. Mickey says that there will always be a door to the light. Sora and Mickey use their Keyblades to seal the door forever. Sora sees Kairi on the other side of

Cutscene: Kairi is sent back to the island as the worlds are restored. Sora is taken into the light in the distance. Kairi ventures into the secret place. She sees what Sora had drawn and realizes how he feels. She adds her own arm feeding him a paopu fruit, too. Awww...WAAAAAHHH!!!

You see the credits, followed by the secret ending if you completed the game with all Dalmations, a completed Gummi collection(gotten by getting all dalmations and going to the house.), locked all worlds(including 100 Acre Wood), and beaten the Hades Cup. YAY!!! Here we go!

Cutscene: Sora, Donald, and Goofy are walking down a path and see Pluto with a note from the King. He runs away, and they follow him. 

Cutscene: Beat the game to find out!