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Follow the dark path or use the light

Ultimate guide to Kingdom Hearts

by ian2davis

				Kingdom Hearts 
									By: Ian Davis
 		X= Attack 
		Circle= Jump
    		R1= Lock On
		L1= hold to show magic shortcut
		R2= Rotate camera clockwise
		L2= Rotate camera counter clockwise
		Left Analog stick= Move
		Start= Pause game
		Square= Use Special ability

			Dive to the Heart
				When you first start the game you will see a cut scene and after wards you will end up on a glass platform with a princess on it. Listen to the messages that tell you what to do until you have to choose your first weapon.
				Beginning stats
		Choose the sword and give up the staff= 18 hp 2 mp 1 ap 6 str 2 def, choose the sword give up shield = 18 hp 2 mp 3 ap 6 str 1 def
 Choose staff give up shield = 18 hp 3 mp 3 AP 5 str 1 def, chose staff give up sword = 18 hp 3 mp 3 ap 3 str 3 def, choose shield give up staff = 18 hp 2 mp 1 ap 5 str 4 def, choose shield give up sword = 18 hp 2 mp 3 ap 4 str 4 def 
			Again read the messages as they appear and you will get to fight an enemy called a heartless with the weapon you chose (you can actually attack with a shield) after the fight you will be dropped to an area with large door in it walk up to it and use the arrows to scroll down a command bar at the bottom of the screen and hit x when examine is highlighted and a chest will appear and do the same process accept it will say open instead of examine. The box holds a potion in it save this for later in the game. After you open the chest a big crate appears behind you run up to it and either hit it with your sword or run at it and push it by running at nonstop. After that a barrel appears do the same thing except instead of trying to push it you select the option lift. Now examine the door again and you will be warped on a boat on a island with three people on it talk to them and answer the questions to all the people to grow levels fast answer the questions accordingly for boy without a hat on answer getting old and for boy with hat on answer to see rare sights and for the only girl answer being number one. Congrats now you will be warped back to a platform with a green circle on it run up so youíre standing on top of it and hit the save button that appears in the little box. Next a menu will appear and click x under a free file. Now run up the stairs that appeared before (donít worry you canít fall off). When you reach the top a light will shine from above run into the light to start a cut scene and a boss fight
Exp gained= 18	Boss Fight: Dark side		Hp= 240
		This boss is pretty easy when the bosses hand comes down low hit the lock on button and attack it after a short time he will throw his hand in to the ground and the heartless you fought before will come out donít worry about the heartless right now instead strike the hand and when it goes out of reach kill the heartless and get the hp balls they drop to restore any lost health. In case of emergency on the box in the bottom you see an option for items click and a new box will appear and you will see the potion you got earlier and it will restore almost all your health. Note: you donít have to win to continue but you will get some hp bonuses if you do so it is recommended. 
			Destiny Islands 
	After the boss you will land in your home town which is an island (hence the name). 	At the beginning a cut scene will start and after wards you will have to run up to a girl named kairi and talk to her. She will give you a list of items you need to get to build your raft. The items arenít hard to find just run around the seashore until you see a log and then you will see a ramp run up it and go to the left and up the next ramp and turn right and you should see a ladder a little ways down that path run straight at it until you start to climb up it when you reach the top turn right and go inside the tree house and on the side wall you will see a cloth run up to it to pick it up. Leave this room to the balcony and jump off to the ledge below and turn right and head forward to see another ladder to climb it to a boat at the top you should see a pile of rope run toward it to grab. Now go back to where you first talked to Kairi and talk again now the door will be unblocked and go through to find Kairi with a new list of things to find. First turn around and you will find a boulder blocking the entrance to a little cave run to the side of the boulder and run at until you start to push it out of the way. Go inside the cave to find a mushroom. Next find some palm trees to strike and after enough strikes a coconut will fall after change to a new tree and do that three times. Next find a tall tower and on the left of it there will be a bush run into it to get another mushroom. Now under a bridge before you will see a little pool of water run into it to get drinking water. Next go back out of the door you first went in and youíll see a bridge swim in the water there and you will begin too see fish swim under them until you catch three of them. Then go up that ramp again and talk to the guy with the hat on. After turn left and take the first right you see and follow it into the cave at the end of the path. Proceed to the end of the cave and on the right wall by a door if you run up to the wall you will get the last mushroom. Now go back to the guy with the hat except keep going past him to the house you can first go inside to find another green circle to save with. After leave the way you entered and then jump on top of the house and run across it and jump down and climb up the first skinny palm tree and jump backwards on a tree with an egg on it to get the seagull egg on it. Now you can talk to Kairi again and click call it a day and it will trigger a cut scene and the heartless will attack your island the cut scene will bring you outside donít worry about the little heartless come up just worry about going to the building with the green circle in it (you can save) and go up the stairs in it and then cross the bridge to start another cut scene and a boss
Hp = 300			Dark side 2 	exp gained = 60
This boss is the same as before except with a little more hp and a new weapon where it shoots gravity balls out of his chest. You must win this fight to continue the story thatís why I recommended saving in the house.
															Traverse Town
After the boss fight you will land an alley in Traverse Town. A dog will greet you (if you recognize it its Pluto Goofyís dog and you will see him walking around with Donald looking for you (you have the thing called a keyblade the weapon you fought the last boss with) First things first run around the alley your in and turn right and you will see a box barricade run straight at it and jump by pressing circle and youíll jump over the boxes and fall down a level now run forward and run around the corner of the building and you will see a door to enter that building go in to start a cut scene youíll be outside the building and now the heartless attack donít worry about them turn to the right from where you stand after the cut scene and then run up the stairs around the corner and then take the first right you see and enter the big doors. Now run straight forward and jump off the ledge to the bottom ignoring all the heartless and staying on the very right side [itís important to stay on the right side because the turn is easy too miss] and soon youíll see a alley entrance go in it and follow it to a door at the end of the alley run around till you find a flight of stairs run up these and make a right to find another door go through this and youíll be back in the previous area and now go back to the building where the cut scene started now repeat everything you just did except a boss fight will start in between.
		Boss                  Fight
 Guard Armor 
Hp: 700									Exp: 110

			This is very challenging because it has five different body parts the head the torso two arms and legs each has itís own fraction of the 700 hp so to start lets eliminate the legs their primary attack is to detach from the body and stomp around and to escape this you should lock on to a leg and when it comes right over top of hit x and youíll jump up and block the attack and send them flying back to deal some blows to them and you gain experience from blocking their attacks destroying a part will release lots of hp balls to recover any lost hp the arms are harder they stay on the body and will swing around really fast and do lots of damage to block this do the block and attack maneuver then the torso doesnít do much and if you made it this far then you have an 85 percent chance of beating this boss. The head has some of the same relative types of attacks of the arms and legs accept used less often and less powerful.
			Soon to come: Wonderland