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Killer 7


Enemy/Boss Guide

by Save_Some_FACE

killer7 (PS2 Version) Enemy/Boss Guide

1. Introduction

Hello and welcome to my third guide, an enemy and boss guide to killer7. Now
a lot of people play killer7 for the story, but at times you may find yourself
struggling with the various enemies and bosses the game can throw at you. This
guide intends to help you with each and every one of them, and give you some 
good information on how to beat all of the Heaven Smile with relative ease. I 
hope you find it useful.

2. Contents

1. Introduction

2. Contents

3. Legal Information

4. Version History

5. Heaven Smile
5a. Normal Smile
5b. Running Smile
5c. Another Smile
5d. Micro Smile
5e. Camellia Smile
5f. Ball Smile
5g. Screamer Smile
5h. Ulmeyda Smile
5i. Bombhead Smile
5j. Broken Smile
5k. Protector Smile
5l. Protector Z Smile
5m. Protector ZZ Smile
5n. Giant Smile
5o. Poison Smile
5p. Roller Smile
5q. Mother Smile
5r. Plant Smile
5s. Duplicator Smile
5t. Invincible Smile

6. Queen Smile
6a. Speed Smile
6b. Phantom Smile
6c. Backside Smile
6d. Ceramic Smile
6e. Mythril Smile
6f. Laser Smile
6g. Timer Smile
6h. Galactic Tomahawk Smile

7. Bosses
7a. Angel/Kun Lan
7b. Julia Kisugi
7c. Jean DePaul
7d. Hiroyasu Kirahashi/Shinya Akiba
7e. Andrei Ulmeyda
7f. Ayame Blackburn
7g. Ayame Blackburn Redux.
7h. Curtis Blackburn
7i. Handsome Men
7j. Greg Nightmare
7k. Last Smile

8. Credits

9. Outroduction

3. Legal Information

This guide is Copyright (C) 2006-7 FACE.

You can use this guide for your own or others’ personal use, copy and paste 
it, and print it out, even use it on your own website, as long as you 
acknowledge that I am indeed the author of this work.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademarks and copyright holders.

4. Version History

16th September 2006 (Afternoon) – Version 0.3 – The layout of the guide is 
complete, and I have completed the Introduction, Contents, Legal Information, 
Contact, and Credits.

7th October 2006 – Version 0.33 – I put this guide on hold for the Apocalypse 
walkthrough, but I have now put that on hold and I am carrying on with this 
guide. I listed everything now and I've started the Heaven Smile descriptions.

12th October 2006 (Early Afternoon) – Version 0.60 – Fully completed the 
Heaven Smile section, and I’m halfway through the Queen Smile section.

12th October 2006 (Afternoon) – Version 0.65 – Completed the Queen Smile 

13th October 2006 (Early Afternoon) – Version 0.75 –  Well, I’ve done the 
strategies for the first four bosses, leaving only seven to go. Hopefully 
this’ll be done by today.

13th October 2006 (Afternoon) – Version 1.00 – Completed the bosses section
and Outroduction, and therefore the guide itself. Whoopee.

25th April 2007 - Version 1.05 - Got an E-Mail from someone giving an extra
strategy against Giant Smiles. Included it, I also removed the Contact section
seeing as I forgot to do it last update. I very rarely check that E-Mail now
and it was by chance I saw that helpful message.

28th September 2007 - Version 1.50 - Guide is now over a year old and I've 
fixed, added, and removed a lot of things.

5. Heaven Smile

"You'll know 'em when you see 'em. They're uh, different." - Christopher Mills

"Look at their eyes...there's nothing heavenly about them!" - Iwazaru

"They're holy warriors. Shit. Ain't that pretty wicked? Warriors who fight with
a holy will on their side and use death as a weapon. Their target? The very 
dignity of the country itself." - Travis

"Welcome to your nightmare. Heaven Smile." - Kun Lan


The Heaven Smile are your most common enemies within killer7. They’re 
effectively zombie suicide-bombers with all sorts of forms and mutations, but 
generally they are always smiling and will emit all forms of giggles and laughs 
when they are near. If a Heaven Smile manages to grab a human, it will detonate 
itself and kill that human. The Heaven Smile can also be bred, or breed 
themselves, or even transform humans into their own kind.

For every single Heaven Smile, you must get your gun in a fire-able position, 
then press L1 to scan the landscape in front of you for Heaven Smile (always do 
this when you hear a laugh, as this is often the only way you can tell whether 
a Heaven Smile is present). Then shoot or use the tactics that will be 
described for each of them next. There’s lots of them, some of them very hard 
to defeat, and these guys are just normal enemies! So read on for strategies on 
how to beat each and every one.


You can press Ctrl + F here, then enter the name of the smile from this 
contents that you want to get to it quicker, rather than scrolling through each 
description. Just a helpful little thing you can use…

5a. Normal Smile
5b. Running Smile
5c. Another Smile
5d. Micro Smile
5e. Camellia Smile
5f. Ball Smile
5g. Screamer Smile
5h. Ulmeyda Smile
5i. Bombhead Smile
5j. Broken Smile
5k. Protector Smile
5l. Protector Z Smile
5m. Protector ZZ Smile
5n. Giant Smile
5o. Poison Smile
5p. Roller Smile
5q. Mother Smile
5r. Plant Smile
5s. Duplicator Smile
5t. Invincible Smile

-End Contents-

~~~~Normal Smile~~~~

These guys are just your basic common or garden smile. All they do is walk and 
laugh. They come in all different flavours and in varying numbers. So what do 
you do? The tactic that applies to nearly every smile – you either shoot them 
dead, or alternatively, aim for their yellow weak spot that may be anywhere on 
their body to kill them in one shot. Very easy and simple.

~~~~Running Smile~~~~

Exactly the same as the Normal Smile, only this guy…uh…runs. His laughter is 
more rhythmic and generally higher, so you should know when this guy is around.
When you do see him, generally it’s best to kill him through straight shots 
rather than going for his weak spot, as he does run quite fast. You can also 
shoot his legs to slow him down somewhat.

~~~~Another Smile~~~~

Another Smile hangs onto ceilings, often in pairs. They can be knocked off the 
ceiling manually, or they will drop down voluntarily then attempt to kill you. 
They move fairly slow fortunately, so it doesn’t take much to kill them 
(through their weak spot or not). In the event that one does get close - this
can happen when they attack in groups - some characters can stomp down on them
like insects, but only once they've learnt the relevant ability.

~~~~Micro Smile~~~~

The Micro Smile is a fairly unique enemy – it is tiny, obviously, and flies 
around often accompanying other Heaven Smile. When it explodes near you, 
instead of hurting you, a flash of white light will fill the screen for a 
couple of seconds, effectively blinding you while more dangerous Smile advance.
However, it only takes one hit to kill, and what’s more, they’ll give you 
special bonuses if you kill them. The yellow ones will restore your current 
character’s health to full, while the red and blue ones will give you lots of 
blood. These are fast little minxes though, so keep your eyes open when you 
hear the telltale high-pitched laugh. 

~~~~Camellia Smile~~~~

"The chief's very own inside guys." - Travis

Yet another unique enemy – the Camellia Smile is pink/white with lots of 
bloodstains on her body. She always stands around near where a character can 
use their special ability, which is helpful. However, if you kill her, then
you will also get lots and lots of thin blood. If you get too close or fail to 
kill her, then she will run away and kill herself. When you see one, focus and 
make sure you’re hitting her as much as possible so she doesn’t get away.

~~~~Ball Smile~~~~

The Ball Smile is…well, a ball that rolls slowly towards you, very often in 
groups. It is brown with many yellow faces, but one has a green star around it.
You must shoot this face when it comes around for a one shot kill. They are easy
to detect because of a tell-tale chiming sound rather than a manic laugh. That’s
all there is to say about the Ball Smile; it shouldn’t give you any trouble at 
all if you have a steady hand.

~~~~Screamer Smile~~~~

The Screamer Smile, much like a screamer on the internet, comes sudden and 
unexpected. They are green and have a red backpack on their backs, and more 
often than not jump from high places with a shrill shriek. It’s up to you to be
quick and decisive and shoot the hell out of them before they reach you, 
because they always land close to you, often in pairs, or even in a trio. If 
you have the nerve, aim for the weak spot to kill them quickly.

~~~~Ulmeyda Smile~~~~

The Ulmeyda Smile is harmless to an extent. They run and wander around Ulmeyda 
Intercity, with the trademark Ulmeyda yellow t-shirt. All you have to do is 
shoot that t-shirt, and you will receive a coin for later use on a toy machine. 
The only time they grow hostile is if you shoot, say, their leg, at which point 
they will advance on you like a normal smile. Straight up, a laughing stock of a
smile, if I’m gonna be totally honest here.

~~~~Bombhead Smile~~~~

Interesting Smile that…uh…has a bomb thing above its head. You can kill the 
smile normally, all well and good, but there are two other ways you can kill it.
Notice the bomb shell opens and closes at given time checkpoints? Well, if you 
shoot it while it is closed, the smile will blow up, and you will not receive 
any blood, unfortunately. Shoot the bottom of the bomb while the shell of it is 
open and you will have the smile’s weakspot for a one-shot kill. You decide 
which manner you’re gonna kill it in ;). You should note, however, that this 
type of smile will hit you for a LOT more damage than other smiles.

~~~~Broken Smile~~~~

Really annoying Smile, this one. It is fairly small and flies towards you with 
a large jetpack on its back that allows it to fly. The reason it is called 
‘Broken Smile’ is because it flies in a very erratic manner, often zigzagging 
from side to side until it reaches you. You can either shoot the hell out of 
the Smile itself, but you need to be accurate, or you can shoot the large red 
button on the jetpack for a one shot kill – obviously this takes skill. 
Unfortunately you’ll have to just bear with these guys more often than not, 
they don’t do too much damage anyway.

~~~~Protector Smile~~~~

The Protector Smile is a large and slow moving smile that can only be killed by 
Mask. Whenever you hear the trademark deep laugh of a protector, just change to 
Mask and blow the hell out of it with his grenade launchers. That’s all you 
need to know about these fellas.

~~~~Protector Z Smile~~~~

Wow, uh, it’s like, exactly the same as the Protector Smile except with a bit 
better armour. Do you know what to do here? Simply power up our friend Mask’s 
attack with a press of Square (PS2 version), or Y (Gamecube Version), then...
shoot. Bang, the Protector Z Smile is dead.

~~~~Protector ZZ Smile~~~~

Yep, they don’t learn. For this smile, you use…uh…uh…um…Mask? Yeah. Probably 
Mask. All you have to do for this supremely-armoured smile is press Square/Y
_twice_ then fire for gallons of blood. Fortunately (or unfortunately?) this 
is the last of this laughable series of smile.

~~~~Giant Smile~~~~

Now here’s a tough opponent for once. You will fortunately only face them in
one level (that’s Ulmeyda Intercity), but that’s enough to make them a 
memorable opponent capable of taking off a lot of health. These guys are 
instantly recognizable because they are always crimson colour and absolutely
HUGE. They walk really slow, but when they get near you, they will let out a
slow, deep laugh and fall face first onto you. Now there are many strategies
you can use for this somewhat difficult opponent.

The first is to use Kaede’s sniper rifle to hit the Giant Smile in its one eye.
However, this takes accuracy and nerve, and more often than not you’ll have 
other smiles stampeding towards you while you aim. So I don’t recommend this 
method, in fact I don't recommend using KAEDE for much at all.

Second, you can run past the giant smile. It is possible to do this with a 
normal character and not get hit, but that has a low success rate. A far more 
reliable variation of this is to use Kevin’s invisibility to speed past 
multiple giants without a scratch. That method is what I use most.

Third, you get close to the giant, so close that it actually starts 
falling on you. As soon as it starts to fall, turn around and run away quick. 
The giant will kill itself and if you were quick enough, you will be standing 
there without a scratch. This one'sa bit risky though. I recommend the Kevin 
technique, only use this one if you have very little to no thin blood.

I received a new tip from a guy - hickey2. The following message details his
David and Goliath style strategy for defeating these formidable opponents:

'I just discovered that Con is really good at killing Giant Smiles.  Just
aim at the eye and hold down X, and you'll hit the weak point.  It was a
lot easier than trying to do it with Kaede (with whom I still haven't
managed to kill one of them).'

Last but certainly not least is the best way to kill these guys and one I can't
believe I haven't noticed before. Instead of using David/Con, get out your very
own Goliath - Mask! One or two shots from his grenade launchers will send this
troublesome Smile tumbling forward to his doom. Easy...

~~~~Poison Smile~~~~

Straight up, this smile is not poisonous, but it is definitely an annoyance. 
They’re identifiable by their purple/red and bulky body, and purple gas that 
accompanies them. The only way you can kill a Poison Smile is by shooting its 
weakspot. If you shoot it repeatedly and it falls down, you may think you have 
killed it, but it will bounce back up again a few seconds later. Only do this 
if there are other smiles accompanying it and you need to kill them first. 
Otherwise, you can shoot the weakspot fairly comfortably for some good blood. 
There’s one thing that annoys me about this guy though, and that is that his 
weakspot is sometimes not actually visible, in which case you should run the 
hell away and out of the area, then go back in and try again. DON’T try and 
take it on if there are no visible weakspots, because you will be wasting your
time. Either that or much quicker let the damn Smile attack you; just grin and
bear it.

~~~~Roller Smile~~~~

This smile is somewhat similar to the Broken Smile, and just as annoying. At 
first it seems like a normal smile, but it will suddenly roll up into a ball 
and roll real quick towards you. You really just have to shoot like hell here 
and hope for the best, but don’t be too disheartened if it hits you. There’s 
not much you can do against this enemy, and there are no special tactics to 
help you get by. At least put up a fight instead of waiting for contact,that’s
the only thing I can say.

~~~~Mother Smile~~~~

This is a thin and grey smile that seems to walk on its hands. It has a large 
yellow weak spot where its stomach should be. Every now and then, it lays eggs
that roll towards you and eventually hatch into a Normal Smile.

Now you know how to identify this troublesome smile. When you see it, 
immediately switch to Dan. If the Normal Smile are getting pretty close, shoot
them first, and wait for them to be hatched again if you want to stock up on 
thin blood. Otherwise, press square three times to power up Dan’s Collateral 
Shot then fire it at the large yellow weak spot to kill the Mother Smile. 
People with a powerful Dan may wish to simply shoot the weak spot repeatedly 
without wasting blood on the Collateral Shot. Make sure that the Normal Smile 
do not overwhelm you though if you do this.

Sometimes, after a set period of time or after shooting the large weak spot a 
number of times so it is low on health, the Mother Smile will suddenly advance
on you without warning. It’s quite quick when it does this, so don’t panic and
keep your cool and keep shooting it because it will be weak by now. You may
wish to use the Collateral Shot, however, if it does this. Don't miss!

~~~~Plant Smile~~~~

This is a one-off smile that takes the form of a large green plant, blocking
the door to Trevor's studio. In the middle of it is a big red spot, not unlike
the yellow one found on a Mother Smile. And, like the Mother Smile, it pumps
out Normal Smile.

You know what to do right? Change to Dan if you aren't already using him, kill
any lingering Heaven Smile guarding the plant, then fire off a nice Collateral
Shot at the red weakspot to kill the Plant Smile.

Straight up, the game's makers only put this guy in the game for continuity
issues. The game forces you to use Dan because he appears in the subsequent
cutscene. It's a sad reality but it is the truth I'm afraid, Plant Smile fans.

~~~~Duplicator Smile~~~~

"This sucker's the one that pumped out the countless duplicates that took this
country down..." - Travis

This big bad dude is a larger and more competent version of the compact (in 
comparison) Mother and Plant Smiles. It usually takes the shape of a gross and
surreal mass that can occasionally surround whole rooms.

There are varying numbers of yellow and red weakspots on each one – the red
spots can only be destroyed through Dan's Collateral Shot, but they only appear
on later Duplicator Smiles.

As before, switch to Dan when you see one, as he is the only one who can damage 
them. Shoot the Normal Smile that it hatches to clear the way, then concentrate 
on each weakspot – weak Dan players must use the Collateral Shot on the yellow
spots, but strong Dan players can shoot normally as like before.

Unlike the Mother Smile, who moves quickly to you when it’s on its last legs,
the Duplicator Smile has no ace up its (large) sleeve. It is capable of 
hatching multiple smiles at once, but that’s the only thing you have to fear
from it really.

~~~~Invincible Smile~~~~

These Smiles are, as the name suggests, invulnerable to any attack any member 
of the killer7 can throw at them. They take on a black and bulky shape, and 
move fairly quickly for their size. 

There are only seven in the whole game, and six of them will kill each of your 
characters, leaving only one. The remaining character (it’s always the same one,
but I won’t tell who it is) must pick up the Golden Gun then shoot the final 
Invincible Smile once to kill it. That is all.

6. Queen Smile

"You must take them very seriously." - Iwazaru

"It's an evolved Heaven Smile with boosted explosive power." - Travis

"To the Vinculum Gate?" - The Gatekeeper

Queen Smile are the final Heaven Smile you will face in each level (with the 
exception of a few levels where there are no Queen Smile), sub-bosses of sorts.
They are named Queen Smile because they can breed other Heaven Smile, and are 
the leaders for each Heaven Smile squadron in that level.

You will always face Queen Smile in the Vinculum Gate, and Kess Bloodysunday 
also gives you hints on how to beat them beforehand. Also, they will all kill 
you in one hit when they get the chance. Some of the Queen Smile will later 
appear as basic smiles in later levels, but they are unable to kill you in one
hit this time, thank goodness.


6a. Speed Smile
6b. Phantom Smile
6c. Backside Smile
6d. Ceramic Smile 
6e. Mythril Smile 
6f. Laser Smile
6g. Timer Smile
6h. Galactic Tomahawk Smile

-End Contents-

~~~~Speed Smile~~~~

"It'll be on top of you the moment you open the goddamn door." - Travis

"That monster is quick as lightning." - Kess Bloodysunday

Recommended Character: Dan

I use Dan for this, but you should probably use your strongest character. 
Hopefully it isn’t Kaede, Kevin, or perhaps Mask, because as the name of this 
smile suggests, it is quick.

It looks like a Normal Smile, but when it moves, it moves erratically and very 
fast. What you have to do is shoot the hell out of it, really just keep 
shooting until it dies.

There is one more tactic that you can use with Kaede – shoot the smile’s 
weakspot. However, because the smile moves so oddly, it’s gonna be a tough task
to do that, so just stick with Dan.

It’s a basic battle, but it is fairly tense and quick action sort of thing. 
Another tip is that shooting the legs of the Speed Smile will slow it down 
momentarily, but you probably won’t need this if you play as Dan.

~~~~Phantom Smile~~~~

"It's super-huge in a certain part! You musn't shoot that part! Heh heh, just
kidding." - Kess Bloodysunday

Recommended Character: Kaede

Another tense battle, even if it is very quick. You MUST kill the Phantom Smile
in one hit, and you should definitely use Kaede for this, even if you have 
never used her before.

The Phantom Smile will start very far away. You should wait until it gets quite
a bit closer and you’re confident that you will be able to kill it. But how to 
kill it? Well, you should notice that part of the Phantom Smile’s body is 
enlarged – it’s often the head or hand for me. You must shoot this part to kill
it. If you miss it, then the Phantom Smile will let out a shriek and scare the 
hell out of you by reappearing right in front of your eyes and exploding in 
your face.

Skilled players can actually kill the Phantom Smile even if they miss the first 
time, but only if the enlarged part is the head. If you are using Dan you can 
quickly shoot the head and kill the smile before it hits you. However, this is 
near impossible with Kaede. I just recommend playing it safe, waiting until the
smile is close, then shooting that part confidently and quickly to put an end 
to this smile.

~~~~Backside Smile~~~~

"It turned around! Now! Now's your chance!" - Kess Bloodysunday

Recommended Character: Dan/Con/Mask

This is an annoying smile, for me anyway. The recommended tactic is to use Dan 
and shoot the two arms of the Backside Smile until it spins around, exposing a 
yellow weak spot. You must shoot this very quickly to kill the smile, but 
remember that it turns back around within a few seconds, so you have to be very

Con may also be far more suited to this because of his quick firing speed and
large magazine. It doesn't matter which bullets hit the arms, just so long as
they hit.

One final tactic I prefer is to switch to big ol’ Mask and shoot the hell out
of it. Two to four hits and the Backside Smile will die in a fizzing ball of 
smoke and fire.

~~~~Ceramic Smile~~~~

"The Ceramic Smile is as dumb as cement!" - Kess Bloodysunday

Recommended Character: Dan

The Ceramic Smile does not actually appear in the Vinculum Gate, but it is 
fairly distinctive and one of a kind, so I will include it here.

You’re in a ring shaped room, you’re on one side, the Ceramic Smile is on the 
other. I recommend that you do not move at all during this battle, but the 
Ceramic Smile will run around the ring towards you. If it sees you facing it, 
it will run away and go in the other direction to see if it can attack you that
way. Now that the smile has been explained, I will explain to you my easy way 
of beating it (note that you are in very little danger in this battle anyway – 
if the smile gets too close, then just face it and you can relax for a while).

As I have said, stay where you are, facing where the Ceramic Smile is about to 
run. It will see you and run away in the other direction. Now stay absolutely 
still, but move the camera so you can follow the smile’s progress around the 
ring. When it gets to a point where it is no longer shielded by the translucent 
cylinder, turn around and shoot its red beating heart. You have to be quick and 
accurate though, but remember that it is easier the closer the smile gets to 
you. If the smile turns around and you fail to shoot its heart, just repeat the 
process again. It only takes one shot to kill the Ceramic Smile, so it should 
be a fairly easy battle.

~~~~Mythril Smile~~~~

"The armour crumbled...and it revealed a monster. I can't believe they lied to
me! Adults are the suck." - Kess Bloodysunday

Recommended Character: Dan/Kaede

The Mythril Smile is a fairly basic opponent – it is simply a normal smile that 
is covered by presumably Mythril armour. Only its arms, legs, and neck are 
exposed. Now, sometimes, its weakspot will be on one of these exposed parts, at 
which point you should shoot it for a quick kill (you can use Kaede if you wish 
here). If it isn’t, then I recommend using Dan to shoot the hell out of the 
armour until it smashes, then go for its weakspot – the smile appears to be 
otherwise invincible. The Mythril Smile does move slowly at first, but as soon 
as you break its armour, it will run towards you. In most subsequent fights, 
theMythril Smile will not run once its armour is down, and you never have to hit
the weakspot to kill it. Phew.

~~~~Laser Smile~~~~

"If it's neck moves, you're in big trouble. Before you know it, you'll go
completely blank..." - Kess Bloodysunday

Recommended Character: Mask

The Laser Smile cannot move, and is tied to the back of the wall in the 
Vinculum Gate. So how does it kill you? Well, after a few seconds, it will 
unleash a laser that kills you instantly. So you have to work fast.

You will notice that it has a weakspot. Now, you can use Kaede for this if you 
want, but for some reason I always miss so I decided to use Mask. With Mask you
can just repeatedly fire at the smile, and you should kill it without too much 
difficulty at all.

Oh yeah, and you needn't worry about later Laser Smiles putting you under so
much pressure. Their damage capabilities are reduced somewhat in later levels.

~~~~Timer Smile~~~~

"That monster is gross. Covered in bumps. Pop them gross bumps. Somebody, put
it out of its misery!" - Kess Bloodysunday

Recommended Character: Kaede/Con

This is a very unique and interesting opponent…The Timer Smile has many 
swelling bulbs or acne spots or whatever around his body. To kill him, you must 
shoot every single one. He moves pretty slow too. Simple, right..? No. There is 
a catch…When you get him down to the very last spot, he will go berserk and run 
forward to you while shrieking his head off. Now here’s a strategy that has 
never failed for me – use Kaede to shoot off most of his spots, try to 
concentrate on the smaller ones and leave the biggest one so it is the last 
spot. When you are down to the final two spots, switch to Con and shoot the 
smaller spot out of the two. When he runs towards you, fire like crazy at the 
last spot. With a little luck, you should kill him.

~~~~Galactic Tomahawk Smile~~~~

"I got it! It's the face! It came out from his face! Shoot them down quick!"
 - Kess Bloodysunday

Recommended Character: Dan

The final Queen Smile…and it’s a little bit of a disappointment to be honest. 
Maybe that is because my Dan had been powered up to ridiculous levels at this 
point, but this guy shouldn’t give you too much trouble at all.

Basically, it’s a stationary smile that repeatedly fires…uh…rockets at you. All 
you have to do is shoot the rockets to explode them, and this is easier when 
they are closer to you. If you do get hit, just use a vial of thin blood to 
recover. In the middle of shooting all the rockets, just keep trying to get 
shots in on the smile itself, and pretty soon it’ll go down. As I said, it 
shouldn’t be a very hard battle because your characters are at such high levels.

In fact, here's a little secret reward for those who were clever enough to power
up Dan the most. At very high levels, Dan's Collateral Shot is enough to take
out the poor Galactic Tomahawk smile in one shot. Not bad...just make sure to 
hit the Smile and not the rockets.

7. Bosses

The end-of-level bosses are usually the toughest opponents you will face in 
each level, and all are relevant to the story. Some may command the Heaven 
Smile of that level, while some have an agenda of their own. One thing is 
certain – most are formidable opponents.

WARNING – This section contains Spoilers.


7a. Angel/Kun Lan
7b. Julia Kisugi
7c. Jean DePaul
7d. Hiroyasu Kirahashi/Shinya Akiba
7e. Andrei Ulmeyda
7f. Ayame Blackburn
7g. Ayame Blackburn Redux.
7h. Curtis Blackburn
7i. Handsome Men
7j. Greg Nightmare
7k. Last Smile

-End Contents-

~~~~Angel/Kun Lan~~~~

"Wicked bed partners, indeed, indeed!" - Iwazaru

"You'd better erase the faces..." - Kess Bloodysunday

"Goodnight child. It's past your bedtime." - Harman Smith

This is actually a series of battles, but only one could really qualify as a 
boss fight. I might as well guide you through them all to make this guide as 
complete as possible.

For the first fight, all you have to do is shoot off the four wings on the 
Angel’s back with Harman’s cannon. That’s all. Now the Angel will fall onto 
the ground, but quickly rise back up again with Kun Lan’s voice, some bloody 
eyes, and four evil faces on its back.

This is the main fight for this boss. What you must do is shoot out those four 
red faces, and it’s fairly easy to work out what you have to do, even without 
this guide. You’ll have changed to Dan, and you can now run around the circular 
room, but only run around the edge. The Angel is in the middle. It will keep 
facing you and track your progress until you stop. At this point it will put 
its hand out. As soon as the sound is made and the white light appears from the 
hand, start running again – you’ll dodge the explosion and will have run at 
just the right time – keep running until you are behind the Angel, then shoot 
one of the faces on its back. Now keep repeating this until all four faces are 
gone, and the Angel will let out a shriek and disappear. It’s pretty easy to do 
this with Dan, but you can also use Kaede or even Con.

Now run through the north door, and you’ll change back into Harman. Head 
through the large hall door, and move forward as much as you can. When you can
no longer advance forward, whip out your cannon, and shoot Kun Lan whenever he
appears. You only need to do this once. Also, if you hit Angel, then she will
start badmouthing you in a comical manner.

Now as soon as you shoot Kun Lan, he and the Angel will disappear, but he will 
then re-appear back in the chair. Harman and Kun Lan will have a chat, a fairly
long one, but once it ends, Kun Lan will be standing up with a bright light 
facing from his hand. Simply shoot his hand, at which point he will be thrown 
backwards, he and Harman have another chat, and the level is complete.

~~~~Julia Kisugi~~~~

"You've got to keep shooting, or you'll lose." - Kess Bloodysunday

"Lady...where are your manners?" - Harman Smith

"She's a hottie, ain't she?" - Travis

I strongly recommend using Con for this battle. His quick firing speed almost 
guarantees success here.

So here’s how this battle goes. It’s you and Julia standing opposite eachother 
on a bridge. A timer will start running as soon as the battle starts, from one 
minute to zero seconds. When it reaches zero seconds, a large statue of 
Fukushima’s head will drop down and whoever has shot the other combatant the 
most will win.

Hmm, so what to do? Just shoot her like hell! If you keep shooting, only 
stopping so the auto-reload kicks in after your bullets have run out, then you 
will have no trouble here whatsoever. There is no trick to this battle, it’s 
just who can shoot the other the most, and with Con, you should have no 
problems at all.

I got 145 hits on her compared to her 25 hits on me just now. See? Simple.

~~~~Jean DePaul~~~~

"Bullets won't hit the sushi chef." - Iwazaru

"Take him out, Smith. Take him out." - Travis

"Children are pure. They know who's the strongest..." - Mask de Smith

Easy, easy, easy. Jean is a bit of a newbie to fighting. You’ll start off with
Mask, and he’s who I recommend for this battle (and I use 'battle' loosely).

Okay, so, Jean DePaul is invincible. Yeah. So don’t waste your shots shooting 
him and his elite armour. Instead, just shoot the part of the wall he’s under 
when he’s about to roll out shooting you. Say he rolls behind the set of right 
lockers. Just shoot the right part of the wall and he will roll out at that 
moment, and be crushed. That’s all there is to it. As soon as he is hit, he 
just takes his gun and shoots himself.

His gun doesn’t do much damage either against Mask’s bulky frame, but if he 
does get you to low health, feel free to nullify his hard work by healing 

~~~~Hiroyasu Kirahashi/Shinya Akiba~~~~

"Straight up, they're sly old foxes." - Travis

"You're not getting out of here alive!" - Shinya Akiba

"He doesn't have balls to pull trigger." - Hiroyasu Kirahashi

Interesting boss battle, but once you get the hang of it, it’s predictable and 
quite easy. It also helps that it’s quite slow-paced.

First things first, it’s near-vital that you use Kaede for this battle. You 
will nearly always have to zoom in with her rifle to hit anything. Now run 
forward until you are in the middle part of the end of the large table. Now get 
your gun out and shoot the flowers so they are no longer in the way. Wait until 
Kirahashi and Akiba emit brain particles from their, uh, brains, then 
immediately shoot Kirahashi (the tall one)’s tie, yes, tie. Now run a little to 
the left (bear in mind that the brain particles will be heading towards you, 
but they move a little slow so as soon as you’ve taken your potshot run to the 
left or right), and wait for Akiba (the short one) to re-adjust Kirahashi’s tie.
When he does this, the back part of his head will be exposed to you, therefore 
you should shoot his orange brain to hit him. As I have said, as soon as you’ve 
taken a shot (hit or miss), run away, because the brain particles will hit you 
otherwise. You only need to hit Akiba’s brain twice and he will fall over, dead.

Now onto Kirahashi. First, run to the right, this is vital. He will laugh and 
emit three brain particles, so you should zoom in on those, and shoot two of 
them. As soon as you’ve shot the second one, move the aim down to Kirahashi and 
you will notice he bends over slightly in pain. If you’re on the right, you’ll 
get a quick glimpse of his brain, so you should shoot it quickly. After you’ve 
had a shot, either shoot the final brain particle or avoid it. Either way, once 
the final brain particle is gone, he’ll laugh again, produce three more 
particles, and the process will start all over again. As with Akiba, you only 
need to hit him twice for him to die.

~~~~Andrei Ulmeyda~~~~

"The lad has hints of genius." - Travis

"This tastes like Mr. Ulmeyda's..." - Gabriel Clemence

"Now I'm goin' mad...I can't control this urge to kill..." - Andrei Ulmeyda

This battle…well, took me a lot of time to do it. It’s ridiculously tense and
nerve-racking too. It doesn’t matter too much which character you use 
(although maybe Mask is at a slight disadvantage), but you should remember 
that if Andrei ever gets you down to low health, switch characters, just so
you can stay in the battle without using blood.

So, you’re wandering through lots and lots of ambulances, and a Heaven Smile 
Andrei is slowly trotting after you. He will chase you ever so slowly through 
the ambulances, and what you have to do is get behind him so you can shoot the 
purple afro that trails behind him – one shot is all it will take to kill him. 
However, if he is facing you, he will use his tentacle things to hurt you 
pretty bad, and he won’t have his back to you for long so you need to be quick 
in shooting the afro.

I recommend running to Ambulance 7, waiting a little while, then run forward to 
check if he’s there, if he is, run back towards Ambulance 7 until he comes 
round the corner. Then, at the back of your current ambulance, run right when 
and take some cover behind the walls until Andrei is fairly close to catching 
you (he should be following you through Ambulance 7). When you think he is, run 
forward, and turn left – in the ideal scenario, his afro will be completely 
isolated and you can shoot it. That’s the tactic I use whenever I get to this 
battle anyway.

~~~~Ayame Blackburn~~~~

"This is the kind of shit the old man gets off on." - Travis

This is a pretty easy battle, especially if you use Mask. Ayame will run around 
the parking lot very fast, shooting away at you when she gets moderately near. 
She is invisible and probably invincible when she is in the darkness, but when 
she runs under one of the lights, you can see her and it is possible to hit her 

I recommend running forward until you are just under a light, then just waiting 
for Ayame (make sure to track where she is) to come near to the light where you 
are standing. She runs extremely fast, so fire prematurely (AT THE GROUND) 
before she gets there – if you shot at the ground in the general right area, 
then she will be hit.

That’s all there is to this fairly simple battle – Ayame’s bullets rarely seem 
to hit for me. It took three hits from my Mask to defeat her.

~~~~Ayame Blackburn Redux~~~~

"Some tragic ass shit, that's for sure..." - Travis

Slightly more complicated battle than the first, this one. First, the 
similarities: Ayame is invincible while in the dark, she still uses her machine 
gun (maybe a little more accurate with it now), and finally, you should use 

The battle takes place in a large room, with four shutters in the back of it. 
Simply stand in the front of the room, opposite from the shutters, and stand in 
the middle of the middle two. This enables you to get a full view of all four. 
They will alternately open – when they open, light shines through, but when 
they are closed, it is dark. The shutters will open alternately, and Ayame may 
already be standing under them – if she is, just shoot at her. If she isn’t, as 
is often the case, she will run into the light from a random direction and 
start shooting at you. You should keep up the pressure by repeatedly firing at 
her and the ground beneath her feet (for more accuracy) – it’s possible to get 
three hits in this way, but Ayame has a LOT more health than last time.

As the battle goes on, the shutters will become more erratic in their opening 
and closing, and sometimes, all four will open. Ayame will then stand at the 
edge of a room and run across it while firing at you – you must shoot her once 
to stop this dangerous attack.

At the very end of the battle, she will stand in one place in the relative dark 
and just repeatedly fire at you. A few more hits after this, and you will 
finally kill her.

~~~~Curtis Blackburn~~~~

"What a pitiful pervert. Doesn't deserve to live." - Travis

"He's just a punk with a gun..." - Harman Smith

"You have no idea. You're nothing but a sick maniac." - Dan Smith

Really simple battle compared to Ayame’s two showdowns. It’s you, Dan, against 
Curtis Blackburn in a simple pistol duel. You can only shoot when the pigeon 
flies from Curtis’ shoulder – if you attempt to draw your gun before this, 
Curtis will shoot you automatically. The first person who is shot four times 

Now the pigeon will attempt to trick you sometimes by hopping, giving the 
impression that it will fly. However, there is a surefire way of knowing when 
it is going to fly – it will make a noise like ‘coo’ a few seconds before it 
will fly – as soon as it makes this noise, get ready to draw your gun the 
moment it leaves Curtis’ shoulder.

And that’s a way to guarantee that you’ll win this battle. As long as you heed 
the ‘coo’, then you should have no problems whatsoever in killing Curtis.

~~~~Handsome Men~~~~

"Straight up, this sucks ass. Pissing me off, I tell ya." - Travis

"You'll pay for Black's death, bloody psychopaths killer7!" - Handsome Red

"They're tough! I should know. 'Cos I wrote them." - Trevor Pearlharbor

This fight is actually completely scripted and the outcome is always the same,
but to make this guide complete I better include it.

The Handsome Men will mimic each of the killer7’s movements and traits, but 
some are better at it than others – this is why you will win some, and they 
will win some. Now I’ll guide you through what happens in each battle.

~Harman Smith vs. Handsome Red~

Just whip out the cannon and fire once. Handsome Red can’t take it and dies.

killer7 1-0 Handsome Men

~Con Smith vs. Handsome White Pearl~

Again, just keep shooting. However, it would appear that White Pearl is more 
accurate than Con, and Con will be defeated eventually.

killer7 1-1 Handsome Men

~Coyote Smith vs. Handsome Gold~

Just shoot three or four times, and Handsome Gold will die pretty quickly.

killer7 2-1 Handsome Men

~Kaede Smith vs. Handsome Light Brown~

Just keep shooting until Kaede has to reload. At this point, Light Brown will 
get a cheap shot in to defeat Kaede.

killer7 2-2 Handsome Men

~Kevin Smith vs. Handsome Dead~

Again, keep throwing knives. Handsome Dead proves to be a little more competent
and Kevin will be defeated.

killer7 2-3 Handsome Men

~Dan Smith vs. Handsome Blue~

Heh, I think we all know who will win this. Four shots is all it takes for Dan 
to kill Handsome Blue.

killer7 3-3 Handsome Men

~Mask de Smith vs. Handsome Purple~

Fire around five times, but Handsome Purple seems to be too strong and will 
defeat Mask. Mask disappears, but he will then come back in a new and upgraded
costume. The battle will resume – press square five times to power up Mask’s 
attack amazingly, then fire all the lasers at Handsome Purple, who will die 
from the punishment.

killer7 4-3 Handsome Men~

~Garcian Smith vs. Handsome Pink~

Just as the battle is about to start, Handsome Pink suddenly emits a white 
light and changes into Love. She and Garcian have a chat, at which point she 
disappears and the encounter as a whole ends.

~~~~Greg Nightmare~~~~

"I'll be waiting for you with a grin as wide as the truth." - Travis

This is the last ‘real’ battle that you will have before the end of the game, 
and it’s a pretty interesting one.

You’ll change to Dan automatically, and I recommend using him for the rest of 
the battle until a certain point. Greg Nightmare has been hanged, but his body
appears to still be animated, and he has the Golden Gun, which does 
considerable damage to you. To stop him from using it, shoot his left side so 
he swings right, then when he’s coming back, shoot his right side. Repeat this 
for each side so he gains momentum, enough momentum for his trousers to fall 
off. Yes, his pants or trousers or whatever you call them.

He has rather strange legs, huh? Well, anyway, you should see he’s contracted a 
pretty strange STD or genital disease, I mean, his whole groin is red. So just 
shoot it lots and lots, so he whimpers in pain, and eventually you’ll blow his 
groin and legs off. Damn! Harsh.

A lot of red gas will now fall from his torso, and it will clear to reveal 
seven Invincible Smile. Greg will have dropped the Golden Gun, but Dan cannot 
use it. Wait for the first Invincible Smile to jump down, and he will kill Dan.
You’ll change to Kaede, wait for the smile to jump down, he’ll kill Kaede. Let 
this happen for the remainder of the killer7 – Kevin, Coyote, and Con. 
Eventually, you’ll reach Mask. I’ve only stopped here to make sure that you are 
near to the Golden Gun, as in right next to it, so run to it if you aren’t 
there already. Let the smile kill Mask, so now it’s just Garcian and one 
Invincible Smile left. Now select the Golden Gun, and you’ll find that Garcian 
can use it, so quickly shoot the final Invincible Smile so you aren’t in any 

Old Greg will start laughing now, so turn to him, and shoot him. He will finally
die, and the battle will end.

~~~~Last Smile~~~~

"Within you, ever so quietly, evil had opened its eyes..."

Just keep following the strange red-clothed figure through the basement. 
After many turns and twists, you’ll corner him. Shoot him as he keeps emitting
those strange Heaven Smile style laughs. After five shots, he’ll fall backwards
with one final laugh, and you will see his true face.

8. Credits

Myself – I wonder what I did…Oh yeah I wrote it!

CJayC/SBAllen and GameFAQs – Creator and admin of best gaming help site on 
the internet, and they host my guides.

hickey2 - Gave an extra tip on defeating Giant Smile.

Shockley_Haynes - Not only did he write an excellent Plot Analysis, he also
wrote the Travis Monologues FAQ that I have used to get some of the quotes
you see in this guide.

You – Thank you for reading and/or using this guide.

9. Outroduction

So…well, that’s that. The guide is finished. I think one of the more under-
appreciated parts of killer7 is the ingenuity of some of the enemy design
and the imaginative types of Heaven Smile shown in this game. Laughing zombie
suicide bombers? Now who would think that one up? Not only that but the bosses
as well contain some very interesting fights. And of course who could forget
Travis for some very memorable lines. A great game indeed.

I hope you enjoyed using this guide and I hope it helped. Thanks for reading.

"Use your eyes to decipher how the system works. 

And the real enemies."