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Follow the dark path or use the light
The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius: Jet Fusion Pack Shot

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius: Jet Fusion


White Candy FAQ

by 2004 YuGiOhFm2002 & YuGiOhAngel

                             The Adventures of
                          Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius
                                 Jet Fusion
                               White Candy FAQ
                                For PS2 & GC
                                Final Version
                       Copyright 2004 YuGiOhFm2002 & YuGiOhAngel
                ([email protected])([email protected])
                     (If you Email one of us or both of us.)
                (Please add Game Name or Guide Name in Subject)
                (to let us know which game you need help with.)
                            First Created: 3/14/04
                           Last Updated on: 3/16/04

Table of Contents

I. Legal Info

II. White Candy Locations

     Area 01. Lindbergh School
     Area 02. The Asian Village
     Area 03. The Mystic Shrine
     Area 04. The Ultra Lord Dojo
     Area 05. The Lost Jungle
     Area 06. The Volcano of Doom
     Area 07. The Crater of Fire
     Area 08. The Buccaneer\'s Den
     Area 09. The Dark Deep
     Area 10. The Leviathan Throne
     Area 11. The Communications Stations
     Area 12. The Downhill Express
     Area 13. Calamitous\' Lair

============================I. Legal info=================================
This document may not be altered, copied, published, sold nor reproduced for
profit in any way shape or form without advance permission from me. Use of
this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is
strictly prohibited. If you steal any part of this Guide, FAQ, you will be
punished to the full extent of the law. Plagiarism is illegal, and I really
detest it. If you do Email us for our permission, We have nearly no problems
in allowing you to post it on your site as long as full credit is given to
us (YuGiOhFm2002 & YuGiOhAngel), and you are not charging or profiting off
of Gamers/Users to access it directly or indirectly in any way shape or
form. However, you may print this document out if it is for your own personal
use. If you see a site using this without our permission let us know.

II. White Candy Locations

     |Area 01. Lindbergh School|

No White Candy found in this Area.

     |Area 02. The Asian Village|

1. Go across the street from the School to the park. Use the flower on the
left side of the park to jump up and get this White Candy.

2. Across the street from the Sumo wrestler there is a house. In front of
this house is this White Candy in a blue Storage Box.

3. Beat the Sumo wrestler a Second time for this Candy.

4. When you are coming down the stairs the candy is to the right of the
stairs. The stairs I\'m referring to is near the ladder you need to climb
to continue on with the level.

5. After you come out on the other side of the Tennis courts at the bottom
of the long staircase to the right there is a box to move. After you have
moved it jump up to where the ladder is and jump to the floating platform
this Candy is on.

6. After you climb up the long staircase that is near the Tennis courts
there is a flower to jump on from some crates to get this Candy on another

7. In the building/structure to the left of the Cart Race Mini-Game. Move a
block in there to jump up to a ladder to climb up to this Candy.

8. Beat the Cart Mini-Game a second time.

9. This one is in the backyard of the house to the right of the Cart Race

10. After going through the backyards to the right of the racetrack go into
the building/structure to the right. In a metal box is where this Candy is

     |Area 03. The Mystic Shrine|

1. This one is on a Bridge in the Hedge Maze.

2. You find this on some rocks to the right of the path after you have gone
through the door you opened with the mirror puzzle.

3. You find this one in a metal box in front of the building you
found the Gloves in.

4. YOu find this in a metal box near the save point that is between the place
where you found the gloves and where the waterfall is.

5. Follow the path to the right of the waterfall to find this one in a blue

6. and 7. After releasing the raft ride it down to to the lake and just keep
riding it to find these two.

8. Find this one near a Movie Object that is along the lake path near a

9. You will find this one on top of some rocks in a little pond to the side
of the lake.

10. Use the bridge to get onto the island in the middle of the lake. This one
is guarded by some Ultra Lord Robots there.

     |Area 04. The Ultra Lord Dojo|

1., 2. and 3 In a Blue storage boxes on the ground floor and one in a Metal

4. and 5. One is in a Blue storage box and the other one is in a metal box.

     |Area 05. The Lost Jungle|

1. Before you get to the first Save point break the metal box hidden in the
bushes to your right to get this hidden candy.

2. Follow the path passed the set of statues blowing smoke to where there are
tree trunks. Use them to jump up to the floating platform with this candy on

3. When the path forks for the first time take the right path and use the
trunks to get up to the slanted metal ledge. You will find this candy at
the end of these ledges.

4. After the Ambush go under the metal ledge with the ladder. You will find
this candy in a metal box to the right near a native.

5. Find this one on one of the jumps during the Raft Race.

6. Get this one by beating the Raft Race a second time (use the warp gate
tree to get back to him).

7. You run into this one after you climb up a ladder to a metal ledge to
avoid some spikes. You get to this ledge after you have gone through the
first Wind lever door.

8. On the other side of the pool with Lily pads there is a ladder to climb
with moving blocks on a ledge. Climb up the ladder and avoid these blocks to
get to the other side of this metal ledge to find this candy.

9. At the next save point after the one at the Raft puzzle pool there is a
zip line to the left of it. Use the zipline and drop off onto the floating
platform that is circling the zip line. Jump from that floating platoform to
the other floating platforms to get this candy.

10. You need to open the gates to get to this candy in the village on one of
the metal ledges. that you climb up to to use a Light lever near it.

     |Area 06. The Volcano of Doom|

1. When you first enter the Volcano this one is to the left between the wall
and the pipes.

2. When you first enter the volcano go up the stairs to your left. This one
is in front of a pipe leaking gas at the top of the stairs.

3. When you first enter the Volcano. Go straight and to the rock wall. If
you notice there is fire here near this rock wall. This one is in a little
passage where that fire is.

4. In the Pipe Maze.

5. This one is on a pillar in the Crystal cavern. Jump to it to get it.

6. Play and complete the Lava Dragon Rock Drop Mini-Game a second time to get
this candy.

7. Use the moving platforms to the right of the Mine Cart to get this Candy.

8. and 9. When you are on the Mine Cart ride and it gives you a choice of
directions go to the left both times to get these two Candies.You will need
to jump to get them.

10. Look to your left at the second arrow sign in the Dark cave you will see
this one there.

     |Area 07. The Crater of Fire|

1. From where you start go in the opposite direction away from Miss Fowl.
Go into the room with many boxes this candy is in one of the boxes on the
far right of this room. Use your fan to break the boxes open.

2. In a metal box down the path to the left that dead ends of where Miss Fowl
is when you start.

3. In a wooden box near one of the Fan Levers that you need to use.

4. On a Moving platform that is moving in a circle to the left of where you
start at when facing Miss Fowl\'s direction.

5. Inside a wooden box near where you get number 4.

     |Area 08. The Buccaneer\'s Den|

1. After using the first diving board to get on the first ship. Go to the far
right of the ship to find this candy in a wooden box.

2. Go into the belly of the second ship and locate the doorway that has a
ladder near it and this candy is at the top of that ladder.

3. Play the catching the birds Mini-game a second time.

4. Jump up on the crates near the diving board and jump to the ladder nearby.
walk up the big gray slanted thing in the center of the boat to the left to
find this candy.

5. You find this out on those circling platforms on the side of the second

6. After passing the circling platforms you will come to a save point. to
the right of the save point is a boat. Use the diving board on the back of
that boat to get to the boat next to it climb up the ladder to where the
zip line is and use it to get back to that first boat jump up to where the
long ladder is on this boat. You will find this candy at the top of the

7. After reaching the ladder that you climb after the moving boats and ropes.
Use the diving board you find to the left and make your way on those moving
platforms to the boat on the right. Climb up the ladder on the other side of
this boat and go left and around the white structure to find this candy.

8. After climbing up on the third big ship you need to climb up on. Go up
the ladders and use the two zip lines You will find the Candy at the end of
the second zip line.

9. Complete the Water Cannon Mini-game a second time.

10. Complete the Fishing Mini-Game a Second time.

     |Area 09. The Dark Deep|

1. You will come across this one in a blue storage box after you have gotten
through that first forcefield by turning the four red buttons green. Before
you get to the triangle looking save point.

2. You will find this one after the second save point in a blue storage box.

3. After the first set of spikes that come out of the wall. Look at your
radar and you will see there is a path to the left. Take that path to find
this Candy in a blue storage box.

4. You will find this one near the forcefield protected by whales after the
spiked ball room in a blue storage box.

5. YOu will find this one high up in the big spiked ball room.

6. Beat the Squid Mini-game a second time.

7. and 8. You can find these in the big room with the spotlight that you need
to dodge.
One candy is in a blue storage box to the left and one is to the right.

9. This one is in the final room where you use your new invention. It\'s near
the floor in a blue storage box surrounded by Spiked balls.

10. YOu get this by playing the icicle/flower Mini-game a second time.

     |Area 10. The Leviathan Throne|

1. This one can be found in the corner on the floor you start on.

2. and 3. You can find these on the second floor of this boss fight.

4. and 5. YOu can find these on the third and final floor of this fight.

     |Area 11. The Communications Stations|

1. YOu can find this first one behind the building you start at.

2. This one is down a little ways inside the silo entrance that you start at.

3. After the first save pointi inside the silo you will need to jump to the
ladders to the left. Use the moving platform to get up to this candy.

4. You find this once when you are heading towards the big satellite dish.
Make your way up those laser protected ledges to find this candy to the right
when you get to the fork.

5. After using some of the elevators in the next area you will come to a
moving block puzzle to your right. Solve it by raising all the blocks up.
Once this is done go to the block on the right and use the magnetic lever
to move this block. If you did the puzzle correctly you will be able to
go under all of the blocks without getting knocked off. Just keep trying
different combinations until you get them all raised. Climb up the ladder
that you get to and use the zip line to get to this candy.

6. After riding the platform that you need to avoid railings and walls
you will find this one in a metal box to the right of the save point you
get to.

7. Find this in a metal box behind some crates to the left of the second
sliding puzzle.

8. You will find this in the tunnel you open up after doing the second
sliding puzzle.

9. Play the satellite push button Mini-Game a second time and win of course
to get this candy.

10. You will find this in the bubblegum ball rolling room near a air vent.

     |Area 12. The Downhill Express|

1. This candy is around one of the first few turns.

2. Ride the rail that is to the left of the first left.

3. After you have gone passed the log that is after the third lift. You will
need to make a hard left turn and ride the rail here to get this.

4. Ride the rail after the turbo pad long jump to get this one.

5. Once you leave the metal tunnel ride the rail you come to. You will get
this candy there.

6. - 10. You may be wondering how come you only found five and can\'t find the
others. You get the other five by replaying the level and catching the robots
all over again. Each robot is holding one.

     |Area 13. Calamitous\' Lair|

1. This candy is found in the first area you start in.

2. This candy is found in the second area after shutting down the first

3. This candy is found in the third area after turning off the second

4. This candy is found in the fourth area after turning off the third

5. This candy is found in the fifth area after turning off the fourth


Congrats! You have collected all of the White Candies.

Copyright 2004 YuGiOhFm2002 & YuGiOhAngel
([email protected])([email protected])