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Follow the dark path or use the light
Inuyasha: The Secret of the Cursed Mask Pack Shot

Inuyasha: The Secret of the Cursed Mask


Inuyasha: The Secret of the Cursed Mask FAQ

by Shiryoku


      InuYasha: The Secret of the Cursed Mask


Written by: Gil Perez

!*! This FAQ is based on a Teen Rated game.

!*! For the best and most up to date version of this
 guide, go to

!*! To use the keyword search function. Hit Ctrl+F
  and type in the four letter code for the seciton
  you are looking for in the Table of Contents.
  Then click "Find Next" Twice to get to the
  section. Note that the codes are not case




Nov 8, 2004
       Introduction, Attack list, Glitches
Nov 9, 2004
       Introduction, Table of Contents, 
        Glitch added, contact and copyright info
        Techniques updated, Storyline summary
Nov 13, 2004
       Walkthrough started, Game script started,
        Item list
Nov 28, 2004
       Walkthrough updated, Game Script updated,
        Cheats added, errors corrected.
Nov 29, 2004
       Lots of people asking questions.
        Walkthrough updated. Game script updated.
        Added Keyword search codes.
Nov 30, 2004
       Walkthrough updated. Game Script too.
Dec 2, 2004
       Walkthrough and gamescript updated. My 
        butt itches... 
Dec 11, 2004
       Midterms sucking up time. Finally updating
        really need to get this done!!! Walkthrough
Dec 17, 2004
       School out till Jan...........smoething.....
        So... let's do this bad boy. Walkthrough.
Dec 18, 2004
       Walkthrough, Game script
Dec 30, 2004
       CHRISTMAS WAS AWESOME! Hope you guys had a
        great holiday. Walkthrough and game script.
Jan 21, 2005
       Recipes added plan for big update soon.
Jan 29, 2005
       I am sorry. I have been going really slow on
        this I know, but I have no times to work on
        this during weekdays so I only get ot do it
        on weekends if that. But in order to motivate
        myself, I have forbidden myself from starting
        Halo 2, or continuing GTA: San Andreas until
        completion of this guide. I think that will
        work. Also I got my first complaint e-mail,
        about how I'm not even halfway through this
        guide. I won't say who sent it. But it did
        light my determination to complete this guide.
       Walkthrough, Game Script.
Feb 26, 2005
	Due to a recent thunderstorm My PS2 shorted
        out... but only for a little while.. the
        warranty was still good so Sony sent me a
        replacement and a coupon for a high quality
        surge protector. So now I'm fine and can
       Walkthrough, Game script.


      {{{{------Table of Contents------}}}}


I.	Introduction               (IYIN)

II.	Storyline/ Summary         (IYST)   

III.    Walkthrough                (IYWT)

     1. Beginning (To Kaede's Village 
        and battle tutorial)       (IWTK)
         Battle Tutorial           (IWBT)
     2. Kaede's Village            (IWKV)
     3. Road to Akebi              (IWRA)
     4. Akebi Vilage               (IWAV)
     5. Road to Old Temple         (IWRT)
     6. Old Temple                 (IWOT)
     7. Return to Akebi Village    (IWRV)
     8. Kaede's Village Reloaded   (IWKR)
     9. Road to Kasasagi           (IWRK)
     10. Kasasagi Town             (IWKT)
     11. Kaede Cubed               (IWKC)
     12. Forest to Tsuzumi         (IWFT)
     13. Tsuzumi Village           (IWTV)

IV.	Techniques                 (IYTN)

V.      Item List                  (IYIL)
     1. Restorative Items          (IYRI)
     2. Equipment                  (IYEQ)
     3. Battle Tech Items          (IYBI)
     4. Key/Event Items            (IYKI)
     5. Mysterious Seeds           (IYMS)
     6. Fertilizers                (IYFT)

VI.     Bestiary                   (IYBS)

VII.    Mysterious Feild Recipes   (IYMF)

VIII.   Game Script                (IYGS)

IX.     Glitches/ Cheats           (IYGC)

X.      Copyright Info             (IYCP)

XI.     Contact Info               (IYCI)


IYIN     I.{{{{-----Introduction------}}}}


  Hello this here is my first FAQ. I decided to do it
  on something simple, At least I hope its simple. Iím
  trying my best so hopefully this goes okay.
  I am a big fan of InuYasha and when I saw that
  there were no FAQs on it yet I figured I'd do
  the first.

!*! To use the keyword search function. Hit Ctrl+F
  and type in the four letter code for the seciton
  you are looking for in the Table of Contents.
  Then click "Find Next" Twice to get to the
  section. Note that the codes are not case

If you read my guide please take the time to fill this
out and paste it in an email to me.  I  want  to  know
what   I   should   work    on    in    the    future.


InuYasha Faq Comment Card

On a scale of 1-5, 1 being the lowest, 5 being the
 highest, answer the following questions:

1. How would you rate this guide in general?

2. How helpful was this guide?

3. How easy was this guide to follow?

4. I tried to be friendly in my approach with the
 guide. How much do you think this helps?

5. How accurate was the info in this guide?

Answer the next few questions in your own words:

6. If you had to choose, would you use my guide over
 the others on this game?

7. For those of you who talked to me through email
 and IM, what impression did you get form me? Was I
 friendly to you? Did I help?

8. What could I do to improve this guide?

9. What did you like about my guide, and what made
 you choose to use it?

10. Over all do you think I did a good job on this
 guide? Or was there room for improvement?

11. Put any questions or comments below.



IYST  II.{{{{-----Storyline/ Summary------}}}}


*Here is the instruction booklet version:

 "You have been diligently preparing for  the upcoming
  doll festival, but as you enter the storeroom to get
  some  festival  items,  you  accidently  step  on  a
  magical symbol and fall through  the  floor  into  a
  mysterious light.

  You awaken in the middle of  a  thick  forest.  Your
  surroundings are  unfamiliar,  with no  buildings or
  landmarks to recognise. Lost, and with no idea where
  to go, you set out...

  You meet Inuyasha, a demon  with dog ears  and white
  hair who is dressed in strange clothes.  He seems to
  know that you have come here from 'modern times.' He
  knows of another girl,  Kagome, with the same story.

  It is time to begin your journey with Inuyasha and
  Kagome,  to find  a way  back to  the  present day."

*My version:

  In InuYasha:  The Secret of the Cursed Mask you play
  a Japanese  school boy/girl who  is  transported  to
  the  time  of  Feudal   Japan.   After  meeting  the
  half-demon, Inuyasha, you team up with him  and  his
  group to try  and  find  away  home.  But  is  there
  actually a reason you were brought to Feudal  Japan?


IYWT    III.{{{{-----Walkthrough------}}}}


!*!This walkthrough is for the boy character.  Because
 from what I've seen  the two are exactly the same.  I
 will go through the game as both  characters  to  get
 the scripts so if  there are any major differences  I
 will post them.*

!*!If you just want to progress through the game
 without jumping to every demonic aura (purple
 clouds) and without getting all the items, I
 will mark things you can skip with a "-*-" at the
 beggining and end of the paragraph. But it you
 want to get all the items and etc. Then read
 everything if you want, as I will point out
 every item I have found and all the Demonic

!*!Special notes will be marked with a "!*!."

When you start out the game there will be 
an anime cut scene starting with your 
character being clued in on all the 
recent happenings at school. Its pretty 
much the same scene for both characters 
maybe with some different dialogue. 
When your character gets off the bus
they will be asked to go to a storehouse 
on the family shrine to get some 
supplies for a festival. The floor will 
break and your character will try to get 
up causing them to fall into a time slip.
This is where the game starts.


IWTK   ---1. Beginning (To Kaede's Village---
        and battle tutorial)


Enemies: Canis Demon, Bad Luck Bat, Ghost

Bosses: None

Items: Medicinal Herb x2

Key Items: None

Party Status: Inuyasha joins.

Objective: Meet Inuyasha, get to know battle mechanics, get to
 Kaede's Village

After Kururugi comes to he will begin 
to call for help to no avail. Once hes 
finished. You have to move to the next 
place to progress. Right or left? They 
both go to the same place so it doesnt

After that painful decision Kururugi
will try calling home with no luck
either. Head left to the next place.

Some people! Yay!! They can help!... 
Nope they seem to have mistaken you
for a demon... Kururugi will run to 
the next area.

Just when you think it's safe to go back
in the forests.A demon, who looks something
like my ex, attacks you and threatens to eat 
you. Right when he attacks Kururugiglows and 
a blinding light appears.

When he comes to, Inuyasha the half-demon. Will
be standing over Kururugi. After confusing him 
with talk of 'the present', he will mention that
Kaede's village is nearby and that Kagome should
be there and can explain things. He says to
follow him and the two move to the next area.

!*!Two things you need to know to survive in this
  1. Purple Clouds are Demonic Auras which have
  demons ready to fight. Demonic Auras are
  randomized!!! I did not know this before.
  2.White glowing orbs are items!

  3.Throughout the course of the game, after
  battles sometimes you'll get a message from Myoga
  the Flea. He mentions your fortunes and things
  like that. Your fortune is basically your chance
  of getting a preemptive attack and dealing
  critical damage. If your luck is "like heaven on
  earth" then expect to deal many critical blows
  and be the first to attack. If it means "much
  chaos is ahead" then expect to be ambushed alot...
  and don't expect alot of critical attacks.

About halfway down the path in the next area.
Inuyasha will stop in front of purple cloud.
He mentions that the smell of demons is coming
from it. Then suggests they face them. Walk
towards it to start your first battle!

!*!If you want to skip past this battle tutorial,
 scroll down to the ---Back to Walkthrough--- 


IWBT          *---(Battle Tutorial)---

-*-Since this game doesn't really have an in game
 battle tutorial I'll have to aquaint you with
 the battle system you'll come to know very well.

-*-When the battle starts either the enemy or your
 party will attack first. You can some times tell
 who will attack first by what your party says at
 the begginging of the battle. For example, if
 someone says; "Looks like the enemy hasn't caught
 on yet.", It means you get to attack first with
 your entire party. If they say; "Watch out, a
 surprise attack!", then the enemy party attacks

-*-When it is your turn the side menu will pop up.
 You can choose; Battle, Tech, Items, Defend, or
 Run Away. You only get one action per turn so
 choose wisely.

 Battle: This is just using your characters basic
 attack. It does a pretty good amount of damage.
 Especially with Inuyasha. 

 Tech: This can get complicated. I will seperate
 this into three parts.

  Norm Tech:
   Using no energy whatsoever, attack enemies with
   various attacks with different effects.

  SP Tech:
   This is where energy comes into play. These
   attacks range from uber strong. To incredibly
   *Always remember when using these attacks to pay
   attention to the turn order in the top right hand

  Co-op Tech:
   Combinign the strength of two party members,
   unleash devastating attacks on opponents.
   These can be pretty complicated, but only if
   you let them be. EX. If you want to attack
   with Kagome and Sango. Say the attack order
   goes like this: Kagome; Inuyasha, Sango, enemy.
   On Kagome's turn choose your co-op attack with
   Sango. Kagome will pass her turn and it will be
   Inuyasha's.   Inuyasha attacks like he would
   normally adn it is now Sango's turn. Sango will
   say something to Kagome and Kagome will
   acknowledge her. Then an anime scene plays and
   the two attack. But if the turn order goes
   something like: Kagome, Inuyasha, Kururugi,
   Shippo, Enemy, Miroku, Enemy, Enemy, Sango;
   then don't even bother trying to do the
   attack. It's just not worth wasting the turn.


  Items are used in battleto temporarialy rise
  stats or to recover health and energy. In the
  course of the game you will come to rely on
  items, so don't take them for granted.

  Give up taking action to raise you defense till
  your next turn.

 Run Away:
  You wuss!!! Naw just kidding I do it too. If you
  just don't want to battle then try running. It
  doesn't always work through.

   !*! Warning: This may trigger a glitch! See the
   glitches section for details. 

-*-If you need a more detailed guide for battling
 contact me using the info given in the Contact
 Info section.



           ----Back to Walkthrough---


!*!There are random battles in this game so
 don't think that by avoiding the clouds you
 won't have to battle!

The first battle will be against a "Canis Demon"
and a "Bad Luck Bat". Both are pretty weak demons
even at this point in the game. The Bad Luck Bats
can poison though so watch out. One attack from
Inuyasha should take care of the "Canis Demon",
same goes for the Bad Luck Bat. EASY WIN! EASY
WIN! Once the battle is over, the last person
to attack will comment and you wil gain your
experience. Inuyasha should level up to level 2
and learn Iron Reaver S. S. (Iron Reaver Soul
Stealer). Your first Technique! You also should
find a "Medicinal Herb" one of the items that
replenishes health in and out of battle.

After the battle Inuyasha will ask why Kururugi
didn't use the power from earlier. Myoga will
show up and try to explain the whole thing which
only confuses Kururugi. All that can be done is
to go to Kaede's Village and find out. Head left
to the next area.

There are two demonic auras in the next area.

-*-Head south in order to find a "Medicinal
 Herb". Its at the bottom edge of the
 clearing in the middle. Looks for a sparkly
 white orb.

Head North to continue.

The next area is a hooked narrow path that can
be hard to see at times. Because it will go
through the trees. There is one Aura and one item.

-*-There is "Medicinal Herb near the tree on
 the right side of the path.

Travel along the path curving to the right at
the top of the screen. Even though you can't
see Kururugi, keep heading right to the next

The next stretch of path doesn't contain any
clouds or items to just move along to the map.

Once you see the map you should be at Kaede's
Village. Here are some things you need to know
about the map.

 1.Exclamation Marks: Mark places where an event
 that is needed to progress the story is waiting.

 2.Question Marks: Mark places where a sub-event
 is waiting. These events are not needed to
 progress the story, but they may have rare items
 or are just entertaining and fun. If there is
 more than one sub-event on hte map at a time
 then all sub-events will dissapear after you
 have completed one of the ones on the map.

 3. You can only visit a place on the map if there
 is a white dotted line connecting you to it.
 Since Kaede's village is the only place activated
 at the start you do not need the dotted line you
 can just go there.

 4.Pressing Triangle on the map will bring you to
 the log records screen there you can save your

At this point press triangle to save your game
and press X to enter Kaede's Village.


IWKV        ---2. Kaede's Village---


Enemies: None

Bosses: None

Items: None

Key Items: None

Party Status: Kagome joins, Shippo joins.

Objectives: Add Kagome to party, try to go back home through
 the well, add Shippo to party, visit Kaede, look for info
 in village, stop by well again, get to know the shop system,
 leave to Akebi Village.

Upon entering the village, You will meet Kagome!
Congratulations a new party member. Through talking
to Kagome, Kururugi learns that he is in the Feudal
era. Also that there is a well that can take him back
to his time. Time to investigate!!!

Opposite of where you first entered the village is a
shop keeper. Remember that. Because you don't really
need to shop until a few minutes from now when you're
practically forced to. From here on in I will post the
items and prices of all the shops in the game. WEEE!!!

Once you've finished shopping head east from this point.
You will be in the path around a crop feild. Talk to the
old man closest to you. He is a Farmer who gaurds the
"Mysterious Feild". From here on when you find a seed or
fertilizer, return to Kaede's Village and plant it with
the farmer. After a while an item will grow. In the
future I will have the recipes for seeds.

Now head east and north at the corner.

!*! It's a good idea to talk to the villagers in each
 village. Some of them provide information on rare
 hidden items nearby or have something witty to say.

In the next area head straight north....obviously.

The well is in the next section. Here Kururugi tries
jumping in to get home but to no avail. Kagome mentions
that Kaede helped her when she was first teleported to
Feudal Japan. So.. off to see the priestess!! The
wonderful Priestess of... er....forget it.

Head back to the village entrance. YOu'll know its the
entrance when you see the name of the location at the
top left hand corner of the screen.

!*! From here on in I'd recomend exiting to the map and
 saving each time you regain control of your character.

Head west from here. Up and west. Kururugi will stop in
front of the hut and... Another Kagome pops out!! Ahh!!
Attack of the clones!!! Wait....... TWINS!!! Oh boy! Er
Don't mind me. Anyways it turns out to be Shippo who is
now in your party. Into Kaede's house!

After meeting Kaede and telling her your story. You'll
find out she's no help whatsoever. Kaede says to stay
with Inuyasha just incase. Kagome says that maybe a
villager will have a clue. Time to go check it out.

When you leave Kaede's house. Talk to the woman who is
sweeping and the man next to her. Then go into the
house west Of Kaedes house. Talk to the people in there.
Exit the house and go north around the corner from
Kaede's house. Talk to the stupid chicken, then the
Salesman, and pretty much everyone else in the area.
Also talk to the people in the house. Then move east from
the Chicken area and there will be a tree with a guy in
front of it. Talk to him then the lady in the house. She
says something about her kids being gone. Incase you were
wondering they're goofing off by the Bone-Eater's Well...

Now return to the area with Kaede's House. Inuyasha pretty
much gives up and the gang try to get information from
Kururugi on anything distinctive in the area where he awoke.
Kururugi doesn't really say anything though. Head to the
well again to continue.

Inuyasha again questions Kururugi about his coming to.
Kururugi mentions the villagers that were after him. Maybe
they know something... Let's check it out!

You are now on your way to Akebi Village; the nearest village
from here. However in order to continue you have to visit the
shop. Kagome and the others aquaint you with the shops in the
game. It may be a good I dea to buy some Medicinal Herbs. Just

!*! One thing about this game is you can't sell your items. So
 if you need cash you'll have to go battle some demons. Also
 be careful when buying things and don't buy something you
 don't want because there are no refunds! 

Kaede's Village Shopkeeper

  Medicinal Herb     70
  Antidote           160
  Silver Bell        130
  Sacred Tree Dew    700
  Bracken            25

You should have about 500 Moneys. But then again. I went
through all the Demonic Auras... If you want to be
prepared I recommend getting some Silver Bells and
Antidotes... maybe some Medicinal Herbs too.

Now, exit to the map. Now would be a very good time to save.
Afterwards head North to "Road to Akebi". You will need to
pass through many roads and passes to get to most areas. So
get used to this...


IWRA          ---3. Road to Akebi---


Enemies: Canis Demon, Bad Luck Bat, Ghost

Bosses: None

Items: Sacred Tree Dew, Protection Gem

Key Items: None

Party Status: Complete

Objectives: Get to Akebi Village.

Upon entering the Road to Akebi there is a sign right ahead
of you that reads; "Watch out for demons on the road to
Akebi Village!" I think this is an attempt to scare you.
Don't be scurred. Continue ahead around the bend curving

In the next area there are two Demonic Auras and no items.

Skip the path that leads to the right because it leads to a
dead end with no items. Just go straight to the next area.

This next area has one Aura which you'll have to walk
through. Of course sometimes you get lucky and won't get
attacked. No items.

Head right to the next area. Which is a curved path again
heading North. There are two Demonic auras.

Continue to the next section. This one has a Sacred Tree
Dew that is placed very obviousy in the center of the path.
Continue North-west to the next area.

This next area is a right angle. It has one Item and 2 Auras. 

-*- The Item in the corner is a Protection Gem.

Move on to the next area where there is a Traveling Salesman.
Only thing different from the Village shop that he's selling
is Eyedrops but I'll put his inventory anyway.

Road to Akebi Travelling Salesman

Medicinal Herb     70
Antidote           160
Silver Bell        130
Eyedrops           140
Sacred Tree Dew    700
Bracken            25

There is one aura in here but no items.

There are two ways to go here. North leads to an Item, and the
eastern path just leads to a battle. Both go to the same place

-*- Head north to the next area, where there is a Power Ring
 in the center of the path. Move all the way up to get to it.

If you went North just grab the in hte next area item and head
east to the area after.

If you went East then move to the next area which has nothing
in it. Head east to a curved path with an aura.

In this next area just head up North to exit to the map.

SAVE YOUR GAME!!!!!!! Because next is Akebi Village!


IWAV          ---4. Akebi Village---


Enemies: None

Bosses: None

Items: Blossom Branch, Wild Plants

Key Items: None

Party Status: Complete

Objectives: Aquire info on Spider demon, meet Grandma Kakuju,
 awaken Shikigami Power, offer to rescue the villagers daughter,
 head to old temple.

When you enter the vilage, to the left will be a Traveling
Salesman. He has a few new items... so you may want
to take a look.

Akebi Village Travelling Salesman

Medicinal Herb     70
Antidote           160
Silver Bell        130
Eyedrops           140
Sacred Tree Dew    700
Butterbur          25
Akebia             30
Protection Gem     560

It would maybe be wise to try and get some Protection Gems...
though the first two times I beat this game I didn't really
pay much attention to the equipment....

The sign a little further ahead reads "Akebi Village starts
here." Whatever that means...

In the next area if you talk to the man next to the little
Shrine he mentions something about demons in the old temple.

If you head to the right in the next area, the man in the
middle of the square entions how a giant spider has been
scaring people form leaving the village. ..... You do know
where this is going right?

-*-From here head up the path to the next area. To your left
 half behind a tree is a Blossom Branch. On the opposite side
 far behind the bush are some Wild Plants.

If you go back to the place with the shrine and head North
there will be a weird guy... um... well he's not as weird
as the last guy... But he does mention more about the spider.

Head up to the right where a strange woman awaits. Her name is
Grandma Kakuju, she is a mysterious old woman who holds the key
to unlocking the bright light from the beginning of the game.
She explains that this power is called Shikigami and helps
Kururugi awaken it. Now he can actually attack with something
cool! She then explaings that a sparkly rock called "Serpentine" 
reacts to this power. Test it on the sparkly rock on the right
side of the screen. Go up to it and press X. KABLOOEY!!! Wow... 
I wish I could do that to my Geometry teacher's head!!! Once
Kururugi feels confident, Kagome will suggest to find a villager
with information. Let's check this out.

!*! Note that When sealed in battle, Kururugi will resort to
 using his bare hands in combat again, making him relatively

Head out of the village and save. Because now is a pretty good
time to. Go back into the village and talk to the man on the
right. He accuses Kururugi of kidnapping his daughter. But later
comes to his senses... seems that the spider demon has his
daughter, Sachi, captive at the old temple. Let's get it on!

Save now because you'll need it. Also you may want to stock up
on items.... especially Medicinal Herbs.


IWRT        ---5. Road to Old Temple---


Enemies: None

Bosses: None

Items: Tonic, Silver Bell, Sacred Tree Dew

Key Items: None

Objectives: Get to the temple.

Don't worry this "Road to" is really short.... But what comes
afterward isn't....

Upon entering head straight right to the next area. At the fork
in the road is a Salesman. He isn't selling anything... but he
does mention that there is a mysterious cat under the stairs in
the temple that can save your game. But I'll explain more on that
when we get there.

-*- Head left at the fork in the road to the next area. There are
 two items, side-by-side, in the middle of the clearing. The Item
 on the left is a Tonic. The one on the right is a Silver Bell.

-*- Back at the fork in the road, start to head right. There is a
 Sacred Tree Dew tucked behind a rock on the left side on this

Head right to continue to the next area. Head along the path and
into the temple.


IWOT             ---6. Old Temple---

Enemies: Bad Luck Bat, Crow, Death Mask, Dokugan Demon, Ghost

Bosses: Giant Spider

Items: Antidote x2, Blessing Stone, Crystal Hair Gem, Eyedrops x2,
 Medicinal Herb x2, Ointment x2, Saint Remedy, Silver Bell, Silver

Key Items: "Old Temple Key"

Party Status: Complete

Objective: Find key, get to lower floor, find and defeat Spider.

                         ----Floor 1---

Upon entering this temple the game switches to full 3D. There are
a few places in the game like this... These places tend to be the
hardest, and possibly most frustrating, parts of the game too.

-*- Through the door ahead of you is the Grand Room. In the center
 of it on the mat is an Antidote. There is an Aura by the door to
 the West wing. Do not go through that door or the one to the East
 wing. In the back left corner of the room is a Medicinal Herb.

The East wing of the Temple is Optional... so I'll put it all in
this next paragraph.

-*- Head out of the Grand room and back to the start of the temple.
 Head right. All the way right and through the door with the aura
 in front of it. You will be in a Boardwalk looking thing that turns
 to the right. There are two Demonic auras on the way up. Once you
 follow the corner headed up you will be turned North again... There
 are two more Aura's in the hall. In the door on the left side of the
 hall there is an aura on the northern part. There is also some
 Eyedrops on the bottom part of the room. Directly left of the aura
 behind the changing cover is a Silver Bracelet. Head back to the
 entrance of the Temple.

Ignore the door ahead of you and head left. All the way left and
go through the door so you're in the hall headed North. There are
two Auras in the hall. Some have new monsters. You can ignore
the doors on the left and right unless you want items and stuff.

-*- The first door on the right contains one demonic aura. If you
 go behind the zig-zagged folding changing cover and head left
 behind the two pots in the top left corner you will find a Crystal
 Hair Gem. Ignore the door on the right side of the room for now.
 In the door on the left side of the hall is on aura. Down form
 the aura is a sort of balcony with an Ointment on the right side of

Head North to the end of the hall and go through the door. You are
now in the Back of the temple. Head through the door directly to
your left to get the key item "Old Temple Key". You will need this
in a sec.

Don't worry about the rooms along the North part of the
wall. They're empty. They do have little desks with Cryptic messages
on them though... The hall has 5 auras.

While following the hall you'll come across two auras next to each
other. Both have under in them. The Left one has an Antidote under it.
The right one has an Ointment. Between the two auras head towards the
south wall. See that white door? Thats where you use the key. Alot of
people seem to miss that. Use the key to continue.

Before going down the stairs go around them and talk to the cat in the
Upper right Corner. It says Meow. SAVE YOUR GAME!!! If you don't you
may be sorry!!

                         ---Floor 2---

Okay now go down the stairs. There is an aura in this room along the
west wall. To progress go around the stairs to the north wall where
there is a doorway.

You are now in a hall almost exactly like the other on from the last

-*-Starting from the east side of the hall skip the door on the
 western wall. Nothing in that one. GO into the first room along the
 north wall and go through the door on the east wall where there is a
 Medicinal Herb lying on the ground. Go back out the way you came
 because the door is blocked. Through the third door on the notrh wall
 is another cryptic message and no items. The fourth door doesnt have
 any items and The fifth only has a Cryptic message.

The eastern hall is blocked off so you will have to go through the west
one. There are three auras in the main hall.

-*-The first room on the left wall has an aura as soon as you walk in.
 There is an Eyedrops in the back left corner. And also near the near
 left corner is a Silver Bell. In the room on the right side of the hall,
 go to the right side of the room and around the changing board. In the
 back right corner is a Blessing Stone. In the second door on the left
 side of the wall head towards the south part of the wall. Around the
 chest on the ground is a Saint Remedy. One of the better in-battle
 healing items in the game.

Before moving through this last door, make sure you completely heal
everyone and are stocked well with HP restoratives. Also you may want to
make sure Inuyasha has all his energy.Through the last door on the right
side of the hall Inuyasha will split with the group. He smells blood and
goes to check it out. Kagome and Shippo decide to follow after sensing
that Jewel Shards are involved. Kururugi is told to stay behind but after
I EVER ASK?! Let's go find out.

When you regain control of Kururugi just head right. Follow along the
North wall and go through the door. Once through Kururugi sees Inuyasha
and co trapped in the spiders web. (Yeah right.... like that would ever
happen to Inuyasha.) Kururugi notices a Serpentine rock and uses it with
his Shikigami to free his friends. Then the Spider makes a fuss. (As well
as shouting Stewie's catch phrase from Family Guy.) And Inuyasha and co
use this oppurtunity to attack it.

                               BOSS STRATEGY

Boss: Giant Spider
HP: Estimated 700-750 (No way to check)
Recommended Level: 8
Useful Techniques: Wind Scar
EXP Pts: 200

 Treat the Giant Spider like any other demon you've encountered. You can
 use your normal attacks with pretty much everyone. But when you get the
 chance, use Inuyasha's Wind Scar if you have it. (Which you should.) 
 The Spider takes off about a quarter of your health gauge everytime he
 attacks. He can also attack all party emembers at once. Don't heal unless
 your at less than a quarter of your health. He will die after about 3 or
 4 attacks from everyone. (If you are at recommended Level.)

After defeating the Spider, Kururugi will notice a Spider egg. Inuyasha
slices it open and Sachi, the Gosuke's daughter, comes out. Oh yeah... we
were supposed to save that little girl... I forgot all about that! You will
automatically be returned to Akebi Village afterwards.


IWRV        ---7. Return to Akebi Village---

Enemies: None

Bosses: None

Items: 1000 Moneys

Key Items: None

Party Status: Complete

Objectives: See Sachi home, collect reward from her parents, thank Kakuju,
 learn Shikigami combat, technique tutorial, learn "Raging Flame"

Upon returning to the village, Sachi will thank the group and return home.
But don't leave just yet. Go after her. to the next area, all the way to the
right side of the screen and in the next area go into the house on the right.
Sachi's parents will thank Kururugi by giving you 1000 Moneys. YEAHAH!
WOOHOO!! Now let's go!! Head toward the entrance of the village and try to
leave. Kagome will stop you and mention that Kururugishould thank Kakuju.
Meh... I wouldn't have gone out of my way to do that... but Kagome is so....
politically correct...

Head back to that little pond where Kakuju was. She will listen to the story
of the demon spider, and teach Kururugi how to use Shikigami in combat. A
little tutorial will run, and it basically teaches you about Techniques. Is
that Miroku and Sango I see in the battlefeild?

"To use Shikigami, there are 3 commands: Normal, Special, and Co-operative.
 (Insert Name Here) will learn how to use the different forms of Shikigami
 as you complete each level. In order to use 'SP Tech' and 'Co-op Tech' you
 need 'Energy.' You will gain 'Energy' if you receive damage, damage the
 enemy, or destroy the enemy. If you have 100 'Energy', one Energy Gauge
 will light up. You use more Energy whenever you use a stronger technique.
 When your friendships become stronger, you can use the 'Co-op Tech' command.
 Using the 'Co-op Tech' command uses 2x Energy. But this is more powerful
 than the 'SP Tech' command. You have to wait until the other person's turn
 to be able to use the 'Co-op Tech' command. Be aware of the enemy and ally

After the tutorial Kakuju will mention that Kururugi will soon learn more
Shikigami powers. Then Kururugi learns how to use the Technique "Raging Flame"

Well... that's all to do here. Let's go back to Kaede's village and rest.


IWKR        ---8. Kaede's Village Reloaded---

Enemies: None

Bosses: None

Items: None

Key Items: None

Party Status: Complete

Objectives: Catch up with Kaede

Go straight to Kaede's house when you enter the village. Kaede will ask
about the events at Akebi Village and suggest you all get some rest.
In the morning Kagome suggest to take the day off. This is called an
Interval event. There are about 8 or 9 in the entire game. The deal with
these things is you choose a member of your party to spend the day with.
Then you get to watch a 2 minute scene of the happenings in their day.
Most of these are funny... some are weird.... but the person you spend
the most time with in the Interval Events is the one you will get an
ending of when you complete the game. Choose a character and watch what

After the event when you regain control of Kururugi, go to the entrance
of the village, there is a fat guy. After rubbing his fat gut in his
face, the group talks to him and find that he knows you from a place
called Kasasagi Town. Hmmmmmm.... Better see Kaede about this.

Kaede seems to know this fat guy pretty well... Scary neh? Anyways...
she suggests you go investigate at Kasasagi Town. Why not? I've got time.
Let us save....


IWRK         ---9. Road to Kasasagi---

Enemies: Bad Luck Bat, Death Mask, Dokugan Demon, Ghost, One-eyed Demon,*
 Scare Crow

Bosses: None

Items: Antidote, Demon Bone, Heat Charm, Ointment, Sacred Tree Leaf,
 Silver Bell, Snake Skin, Swallow Wing

Key Items: None

Party Status: Complete

Objectives: Shimmy on down to Kasasagi Town! Hey that rhymed!!

At the map screen you will see a new area opened South of Kaede's
Village. Go there, upon entering you will be at the top of the screen
with a path curving down and right. No items or aura's here so continue
to the next area.The next area will curve down and left. There are two
auras on the stretch of path. No items to be seen. Travel towards the
bottom left corner of the screen to continue.

-*-In the next area, which appears to be a path headed straight down the
 screen, head straight down. In the next area, follow the curved path,
 there is a little nook with a Sacred Tree Leaf lying in it. Head right,
 along the path, to the next area. 
 The next screen is a flowery dead end with two items. The first one is 
 in the background to the right of the closest tree.(The trees in the
 foreground okay?) Just look for something moving. You may have to go
 farther than you think you should to the back of the screen. It is an
 Ointment. The next item is to the left of the middle tree. It's an
 Antidote. Now return to the area with the vertical-like path.

Upon entering the area, which is just a path going straight down the
screen. OR IS IT?!?!?! Immediately hug the righ side of the path as you
head down. Nearly halfway down the screen you should start heading
right, through the trees into a hidden path. If you are having trouble
finding this path branching off, keep exiting and reentering the area.
Eventually, upon entering the area, you will see a rabbit run across the
screen, through that hidden path. Keep heading right till you get to the
next area.

The next area is an "s" shaped path with one item and one aura.

-*- Following the path, when you turn so you are heading North, pay
 attention to the left side of the path. To the left of the aura, in the
 little nook is a Heat Charm.

Follow the path along the curves. Go through the trees at the top right
of the screen and head right to the next area.

The next area is a path that is shaped like an upside-down letter T. It
has two auras and no items.

-*- Head North to the next area. Though it may not seem to be, the area
 is a dead end. But in the middle of the clearing is a Swallow Wing.

Head directly east to continue along.

In the next area you are on top of a hill, just head East to continue.
There is also a Demon Bone along the way east. 

When you enter the next area, you and your companion will be hidden in
the trees in the upper left hand corner of the screen. Head right then
down, where there is one demon aura and an Item.

-*- When heading down towards the bottom of the screen, look to the left
 of the path. By a tree, on the ground is a Snake Skin.

In the next area there is a fork, West and South. There is nothing but
an Aura south so just go West! 

In the area to the West there are two auras and no items. Just go around
the curve to continue.

Head downhill upon entering the next area. There is an Item on the left
side of the path. You're pretty dumb if you miss it. Lol jk. It's a
Silver Bell. Continues along down the screen. YAY!! We made it to
Kasasagi Town! You might want to save now... Just a tip. ^^


IWKT          ---10. Kasasagi Town---

Enemies: Ookubi, Salamander Monk, Skelebird

Bosses: Kagura

Items: Cicada Skin, 3000 Moneys, Sky Blue Seed, Yellow Seed

Key Items: None

Party Status: Split (By yourself), complete.

Objectives: Check out the city, Look at the sign, Break out of Jail,
  meet back up with the group, return to the Headman's house, save
  the Headman, Defeat Kagura, Meet Utsugi, collect reward from Headman

When you enter the town, the group will split up. Look around the city 
and see what's goin' down in the hood. Head east to the next area. In 
this area there are some options. North, or South? Before we move on,
stock up on items just incase. Head directly east to the right side of
the screen to enter the shop. Talk to the man to the right of the door
as you enter.

Kasasagi Town Shop

Ointment           200
Antidote           160
Eyedrops           140
Silver Bell        130
Tonic              150
Sacred Tree Dew    700
Fern               30
Marsh Herb         50
Silver Bracelet    1500
Crystal Hair Gem   1550

!*! At this point in the game, (if you fight every aura as I do) you
 should be able to buy alot of items. I make sure I buy 99 Medicinal
 Herbs (or 99 of anything that restores some amount of HP), and 99
 Sacred Tree Dews. Those are the essential items for any battle. And
 you can never have too many of them. Even if you are limited to 99
 of each item.

To Continue you need to go North... but wait! Don't you want to roam
around and see if you can find some rare items or soemething? If you
do read the next few paragraphs under the -*-. If not then skip
ahead past them.

-*- If you head North, there is an inn throught he only open door in
 the area. It costs 500 moneys to spend the night, but all it does is
 heals and reenergizes the party. Chances are if you have the money
 for the night, you can buy healing items for cheaper.
 If you head South of the area outside the shop, you will be in an
 area with paths heading South and East. To the East is the back
 alley; a somewhat confusing network of endless alleyways. But skip
 that and head South first.

 If you went South you will be in an area on the outskirts of the
 town. There is a little Shrine, and glistening brightly in the bottom
 right hand corner of the screen is a Sky Blue Seed. Head back to the
 previous area. 
 Now let's take the East path. In the next area head east, through the
 alley. In the next area, if you talk to the man he tells you how to
 get to the Headman's House. Remember this area, because this is a
 landmark that is the key to figuring out these alleys if you get lost.
 For those of ou extremely devoted item hunters, there is on item hidden
 in the alleys. Keep going through different areas and eventually in one
 of the areas with the path going slightly diagonal, there will be a
 Yellow Seed inbetween the two houses on the northern part of the path.
 It's a complete stroke of luck on how long it takes you to find this
 item. As the alleys sem to be a completely randomized patern of the same
 three areas. The only thing that remains the same is how you start from
 where I started the alleys in this guide. 

 Return to the area with the shops. To do this, find the area with the
 man who told you how to get to the headman's house and go west until you
 get back into the town.

At the area outside the shop, head North. In the next area, look at the
north part of the screen where the two men are standing. In between them
is a yellow question mark that is spinning over a sign. Go examine it.

When you examine the sign, one guy mentions how you lok familiar. He then
recognises Kururugi as someone on a wanted poster. OH NO! And then he
calls out for the guards to take Kururugi to the Headman's house. The
headman mentions that Kagura, a messenger from the castle, wants Kururugi
captured. Without giving him a chance to defend himself, he locks Kururugi
in a jail cell.

Damn that Headman... It seems Kururugi is stuck till Kagura gets here....
or wait! Look at the left wall!! It's all sparkly! Could it be Serpentine
rock? Why not examine it and find out?

Kururugi will use his newly learned Shikigami powers to break the wall
apart. Now he is free and outside the headman's house. But we need to get
back to Kagome and the others. Head towards the screen, heading south. If
you try to go East you could be seen! Go down through about four areas,
till you get to the one with the guy who told you how to get to the
headmans house. Now go West through two areas to get back in the main part
of the town. Head north to the next area and west to the next. Back to
where you split with the group.

When you meet up with the others, Kururugi tells them what happened. They
all know who Kagura is. That's right, it IS that Kagura. They explain to
Kururugi the basic story of Naraku and Kagura. And since Kagura's on her
way, Inuyasha suggests to go back to the headman's house. SO LET'S GO!

Return to the area outside the shop. Don't go North or you will be seen.
You'll have to go through the back alley. Go east through till you get to
the area with the man who told you how to get to the headman's house,and
North through about four areas.

The guard at the gates of the house recognises you, there goes that
theory... The group run to hide int he outskirts of the town. After
contemplating how to get in, they decide to have Shippo disguise himself
as Kururugi and the rest of the group pretend to be turning him in.
Kururugi changes into a green Kimono .... which I have no idea how he
got... and its off to see the headman!

The plan works and you are able to enter the courtyard. But upon entering
Kururugi hears a strange noise. It's Naraku's Saimyosho!!! Kagura must
know you're here. But before you can do anything, the group is attacked by
two Salamander Monks. After the battle the group decides to hide inside 
the Headman's house just incase they haven't been caught. Before you go in,
go around the fence to your left.

Around the fence, you see the headman beign attacked by some demons. Even
though he doesn't deserve to be helped, Kururugi decides to fight the
demons, since it seems that something's up. After engaging in battle you
will fight a Salamander Monk, an Ookubi, and a Skelebird.

After saving the Headman, he thanks you and mentions that Kagura is ahead.
When you regain control of Kururugi, get the Cicada Skin sitting next to
the Headman.

If I were you I would save now. Exit the village and go to the map screen.
Stock up on restoratives if you haven't already done so. Now return to the
Headmans gate and enter. Enter the house through the door directly in front
of you. Go around the fireplace and through the door in the back of the

In this room Kagura is hanging out. She won't tell Kururugi anything, so
Inuyasha gets mad and eggs her on. LET'S GO!

                               BOSS STRATEGY

Boss: Kagura
HP: Estimated 1220-1314 (No way to check)
Recommended Level: 12
Useful Techniques: Wind Scar, Blades of Blood, Wheel of Fire.
EXP Pts: 

 Beware of Kagura, she has some pretty strong attacks. Also she is joined
 by two Skelebirds. Don't bother killing them though... she'll just revive
 them with Dance of the Dead. Her Dance of Blades attack will take nearly
 half of your HP. So you may have to heal often. The Skelebirds don't
 really pose as any threat, they generally just do about 15-20 damage. Use
 the Backlash Wave first chance you get. That'll stop all three of them
 from taking action their next turn. After usig some Backlash Waves and a
 few normal rounds of attacks, they should be finished.

After defeating Kagura, a mysterious masked figure appears. Kagura refers
to him as Utsugi. He says he has accomplished his misison and is leaving.
Kagura mentions how he and Naraku are working together. Inuyasha gets
pissed and tries to attack Utsugi, but Kagome stops him and says that she
wants to know whats going on. The two leave before answering anything and
Kururugi is dissapointed. But Shippo figures, Naraku isn't going to be
leaving them alone for a while. So Kagome says that they should return to
Kaede's Village. 

As you leave the house, the Headman will stop you. He apologizes for his
actions and thanks Kururugi by giving him 3000 Moneys. Leave the village
and save.


IWKC            ---11. Kaede Cubed---

Enemies: None

Bosses: None

Items: None

Key Items: Hakama

Party Status: Miroku joins, Sango joins

Objectives: Meet up with Miroku & Sango, Rest (Interval Event)

When you enter Kaede's Village, Miroku and Sango will be there waiting.
YAY!!! SANGO SANGO SANGO!!!! The group will catch up with them. It appears
that they were off looking or clues to Naraku's wherabouts. They just
returned and are very tired. Miroku says that the quickest wasy to get to
the castle Naraku is at is through Tsuzumi Village. He also says that alot
of strange things have been happening in the castle. But instead of leaving
everyone decides to rest first, since they all just got back. Kaede appears
and seconds this. It's time for another Interval Event! Choose who you want
to stay with (SANGO <3), and see what happens.

After the Interval, Kaede will comment on how rested the group looks.
Kururugi is ready to leave, but Kaede gives him a pair of pants, called
Hakama, and says a change of clothes always comes in handy. Ugh, I swear,
she's like my mother! "Brush your teeth! Wash your face! Change your
underwear!" Then she ...very creepily, says goodbye. Stock up on any items
you may be low on and then exit to the map and SAVE!


IWFT         ---12. Forest to Tsuzumi---

Enemies: Blue Wolf, Death Mask, Dokugan Demon, Ghost, Gokurai Bat, Kosui
 Demon, One-eyed Demon, Suikotsu Bird, Yakushi Badger

Bosses: None

Items: Cicada Skin, Defense Gem, Mantra Earing, Nectar, Panacea, Sacred
 Tree Dew, Shaman Remedy, Snake Skin, Stream Charm, Tonic

Key Items: None

Party Status: Complete

Objectives: Get through to Tsuzumi Village.

When you first enter the forest, Grandma Kakuju will be there to greet you.
She will give you and Miroku a talisman. I'm not really sure what this does
...But it seems to me that you start learning Co-op Techniques upon

After Kakuju leaves you can continue. There is a Nectar on the ground in
front of the middle statue. Move across to the next area. Kururugi will ask
Miroku about his duties as a monk. But when he asks Sango if she agrees,
Sango makes no comment and gets a little mad. Does she not like Kururugi?
... Or could it be something else?

-*- When the path turns North, there will be a Shaman Remedy on the ground
 towards the left side of the path.

!*!There are two ways to get through the forest. Unless you are an item
 collector you probably won't want to do both. If you go North read the
 section with the !A! In front of it. If you go South read the section with
 the !B! in front of it. When both paths rejoin together continue reading at
 the section marked (CONT).

!A!(THE LONG WAY) Head North to continue.

 In the next area, you will follow a path North, then East around some trees.
 There is a demonic aura in the path as it turns East.

 -*-On the right side of the path as you head North there is a Mantra Earing
  in the shade of soem trees.

 Go around the trees and East to continue...

 The next area has a small opening... two Demonic auras and no items.
 Continue East.

 In the next area head aroung the bushes and South to continue.

 -*- There is a Cicada Skin on the right side of the path as you head South.

 In the next area there is a fork in the road, there is an aura on the path
  heading East.

 -*-Head down the path heading East, there will be a dead and in the next
  area  But on the ground are three items, The closest is on the North part
  of the clearing just as the area opens up. It's a Sacred Tree Dew. TO the
  left of that item, half covered by a tree branch of the foreground is a
  Defense Gem. Now on the Southern part of the plearing just at the vertex
  of two bushes is a Snake Skin.

 If you go South, the path will curve West, there are two auras in the way of
 the path... and a sign that reads "There is a fork in the road ahead." Just
 move West to continue.

!B!(The not so long way...) Head South to continue. In the next area you will
 follow a path that curves to the Southeast. There is an Aura in the little
 nook as you're passing by, but no items.
 In the next area you will be on a path shaped like an "S". There are two
 auras along the path. Just follow the S till you turn East to continue.

 -*-As you are heading North along the S there will be a little nook in the
  part on your right. There is a Panacea on the ground in the nook.


In the next area there is a T shaped path... the sign at the top of the path
reads: "Go downwards to get to Tsuzumi Village."... Obviously you should head
South... Yeah head South to continue.

In the next area there is one Aura in the middle of the path. Just follow the
path across the screen to continue.

In the next area just head East, over the bridge, past the river to the next

Next is a path that curves back North... there are three Auras there though.
Just...go North to continue.

The next area appears to be just a path heading North. But pay attntion to
the right side of the screen. See that part with just a little bit of path?
Head East over tob that part to continue.

!*!Go North for ITEMS! In the next area where the path heads North but
 slightly West, there is a Stream Charm in the tiny nook on the right side of 
 the path. As well as an aura. Continue around North for more items. 
 The next area, a path that turns East with a River to the right, has a Tonic
 on the left side of the path just before it turns East. Then head East to
 The next area is just a clearing... a dead end with a Medicinal Herb in the
 middle. Ok we're done now go back.

The next area is just a straight shot across the screen. With two auras in the
way...Head across to get out of the forest and return to the map screen!!! SAVE


IWTV         ---13. Tsuzumi Village---


Key Items:

Party Status:





IYTN     IV.{{{{-----Techniques------}}}}


!*!These are all the in-game summarys for 
 attacks. If I feel I need to go deeper 
 I will. I'm only posting them for your convenience.

!*!Not sure yet if there is a difference in 
techniques with the boy and girl. 
For now I'll just post for the boy since 
thats who I'm currently playing as.

!*!The main character will sometimes learn attacks at
 a level. But also without leveling up. Grieving Flame
 for example, I learned it in the middle of Lv. 8 when
 I had about 150 EXP left till Lv. 9.

!*!I will not put the level for which you earn Co-op
 attacks, as they are learned at random as far as I know.


            ---*([{Kururugi Boy}])*---

Norm Tech

 Raging Flame
  Energy Consumed: None
  "Damage one enemy with Shikigami Power."
  Learned at: Grandma Kakuju (Akebi Village)
 Sealed Blue Sky
  Energy Consumed: None
  "Seal an enemy with Shikigami Power."
  Learned at: Lv. 10
 Gr. River Offering (Great River Offering)
  Energy Consumed: None
  "Recover the HP of a member with Shikigami 
 Blue Sky Confusion
  Energy Consumed: None
  "Confuse all enemies."

 Blue Sky Calamity
  Energy Consumed: None
  "Tear apart a unified world with Shikigami
  Learned at: Grandma Kakuju (Rindoh Village)
  (This description sucks. What this attack
   really does is breaks barriers on enemies
   like Naraku and Kagura.)

SP Tech

 Grieving Flame
  Energy Consumed: *
  "Return an attack recieved and damage one 
  Learned at: Lv. 8

 Protective Light
  Energy Consumed: *
  "Greatly increase defense Power for all 
  Learned at: Lv. 13

 Fl. of Judgement (Flame of Judgement)
  Energy Consumed: **
  "Greatly damage all enemies with Shikigami 

 Gr. River Blessing (Great River Blessing)
  Energy Consumed: *
  "Recover all member HP with Shikigami Power"
  (Yes!! This technique does heal all party
   members!!! How awesome is that?!)

 Light of Judgement
  Energy Consumed: ***
  "Extremely High damage on all enemies in
  exchange for all HP"
  (Even though this attack does an automatic
   KO on Kururugi it can do an average of 999
   damage right when you learn it!)

Co-op Tech

 "Co-op attack with party member & Shikigami."
  Dbl. Ed. Sw. Tactic (Double Edged Sword 
   With Inuyasha
    Energy Consumed: **
   With Kagome
    Energy Consumed: *
   With Sango
    Energy Consumed: **
   With Shippo
    Energy Consumed: *
  Dbl. Attack Tactic (Double Attack Tactic)
   With Sango
    Energy Consumed: **
   With Shippo
    Energy Consumed: *

  Dbl. Dest. Tactic (Double Destruction Tactic)

   With Sango
    Energy Consumed: **


             ---*([{Kururugi Girl}])*---

Norm Tech

 Binding Blue Sky
  Energy Consumed: None
  "Decrease action of one enemy"

 Gr. River Offering (Great River Offering)
  Energy Consumed: None
  "Recover HP of one member with Shikigami Power"
 B Sky Purification (Blue Sky Purification)
  Energy Consumed: None
  "Recover status abnormalities with Shikigami Power"

SP Tech

 Chaotic Flame
  Energy COnsumed: *
  "Snatch away the HP of one enemy."

 Protective Light
  Energy Consumed: *
  "Greatly increase Defense Pwr for all ally members."

 Gr. River Blessing (Great River Blessing)
  Energy Consumed: *
  "Recover all member HP with Shikigami Power."

 Miracle of Light
  Energy Consumed: ***
  "Create a miracle in exchange for all HP."
  (What the hell? That doesn't explain anything!
   This attack completely heals all members of the
   party, except you.)

Co-op Tech

 "Co-op attack with party member & Shikigami."
  Dbl. Ed. Sw. Tactic (Double Edged Sword 
   With Inuyasha
    Energy Consumed: **
   With Kagome
    Energy COnsumed: *
   With Sango
    Energy Consumed: *
   With Shippo
    Energy Consumed: *
  Dbl. Attack Tactic (Double Attack Tactic)
   With Sango
    Energy Consumed: **
   With Shippo
    Energy Consumed: *

  Dbl. Dest. Tactic (Double Destruction Tactic)

   With Sango
    Energy Consumed: **


Norm Tech

 Iron Reaver S.S. (Iron Reaver Soul Stealer)
  Energy Consumed: None
  "Attacks one enemy with sharp claws."
  Learned at: Lv. 2

 Blades of Blood
  Energy Consumed: None
  "Attacks all enemies by changing own blood 
   to blades." 
  Learned at: Lv. 7
  (I've been asked about this alot and no it 
   doesn't lower you HP it does make 
   Inuyasha fatigued though.)

 Robe of the Fire Rat
  Energy Consumed: None
  "Recieve damage by protecting members."
  Learned at: Lv. 12

 W. Tetsusaiga Swg. (Wild Tetsusaiga Swing)
  Energy Consumed: None
  "Attack one enemy by swinging Tetsusaiga."

SP Tech

 Wind Scar
  Energy Consumed: *
  "Damage one enemy with surges created with 
   Wind Scar."
  Learned at: Lv. 4

 Backlash Wave
  Energy Consumed: *
  "Greatly damage one enemy by unleashing 
   attack after enemy attack."
  (Inuyasha will ready himself and after the 
   target makes its move he will unleash 
   this powerful attack.)
  Learned at: Lv. 10

 Wind Scar Barrage
  Energy Consumed: **
  "Attack all enemies by unleashing Wind Scar."
  (This comes in handy if you want to make
   a quick victory.)

 Ult. Backlash Wave (Ultimate Backlash Wave)
  Energy COnsumed: *
  "Greatly damage all enemies without awaiting
   enemy attack

Co-op Tech

 "Co-op attack with Inuyasha & party memeber."
  Dbl. Ed. Sw. Tactic (Double Edged Sword 
   With Shikigami
    Energy Consumed: **
   With Kagome
    Energy Consumed: *
   With Miroku
    Energy Consumed: *
   With Sango
    Energy Consumed: *
   With Shippo
    Energy Consumed: *

  Dbl. Attack Tactic
   With Kagome
    Energy Consumed: **

  Dbl. Dest. Tactic (Double Destruction Tactic)
   With Miroku
    Energy COnsumed: *
   With Shippo
    Energy Consumed: **



Norm Tech

  Energy Consumed: None
  "Emergency treatment for a wounded member."
  Learned at: Lv. 3

 Arrow of Sealing
  Energy Consumed: None
  "Seal all enemy attack."
  Learned at: LV. 9
 Aimed Shot
  Energy Consumed: None
  "Concentrate all senses and strike one enemy."

 First Aid Box
  Energy Consumed: None
  "Treat one wounded member."

 Rapid Fire
  Energy Consumed: None
  "Attack all emeies with many arrows."

SP Tech

  Energy Consumed: *
  "Pray and cheer on to increase the power of a 
  Learned at: Lv. 5
 A. of Purification (Arrow of Purification)
  Energy Consumed: **
  "Damage all enemies with arrow filled 
   with purified power."

 Mighty Arrow
  Energy COnsumed: ***
  "Damage all enemies with arrows filled with
   one's might."
  Learned at: Lv. 29

Co-op Tech

 Co-op attack with party member & Kagome.

  Dbl. Ed. Sw. Tactic (Double Edged Sword Tactic)
   With Shikigami
    Energy COnsumed: *
   With Inuyasha 
    Energy Consumed: *
   With Miroku
    Energy Consumed: *
   With Sango
    Energy Consumed: *
   With Shippo
    Energy Consumed: *

  Dbl. Attack Tactic (Double Attack Tacitic)
   With Inuyasha
    Energy Consumed: **

  Dbl. Dest Tactic (Double Destruction Tactic)
   With Miroku
    Energy COnsumed: *
   With Shippo
    Energy COnsumed: **



Norm Tech

 Fire Bombs
  Energy Consumed: None
  "Throw Fire Bombs at one enemy."
  Learned at: Lv. 3
 Fox Fire Defense
  Energy Consumed: None
  "Increase Defense Power of all ally members with 
   Fox Fire."
  Learned at: Lv. 8

 Fox Fire Attack
  Energy Consumed: None
  "Decrease Defense Power by throwing a Fow Fire
   at one enemy."
  Learned at: Lv. 10
  Energy Consumed: None
  "Increse Attack Power with spirit."

 Mushroom Illusion
  Energy Consumed: None
  "Confuse all enemies with Mushroom Illusion."

SP Tech

 Wheel of Fire
  Energy Consumed: *
  "Damage to all enemies: vision is obscured 
   at times."
  (Enemy vision is obscured at times with Dark)
  Learned at: Lv. 4

  Energy Consumed: *
  "Run away by transformation."
   !*! Warning: This technique may trigger a 
    glitch! See the glitches section for details.

 Smashing Top
  Energy Consumed: *
  "Great damage on one enemy with Smashing Top."

Co-op Tech

 "Co-op attack with Shippo & party member."
  Dbl. Ed. Sw. Tactic (Double Edged Sword Tactic)
   With Shikigami
    Energy Consumed: *
   With Inuyasha
    Energy Consumed: *
   With Kagome
    Energy Consumed: *
   With Miroku
    Energy Consumed: **
   With Sango
    Energy COnsumed: *

  Dbl. Attack Tactic (Double Attack Tactic)
   With Shikigami
    Energy Consumed: *

  Dbl. Dest. Tactic (Double Destruction Tactic)
   With Inuyasha
    Energy COnsumed: **
   With Kagome
    Energy Consumed: **



Norm Tech
 Hidden Weapon Attk (*sigh* Hidden Weapon Attack)
  Energy Consumed: None
  "Attack one enemy with a sharp Hidden Weapon."
  Learned at: Default

  Energy Consumed: None
  "Attack one enemy by throwing Hiraikotsu."
 Learned at: Default

 Chain Attack
  Energy Consumed: None
  "Damage one enemy by releasing a Chain Attack."
 Learned at: Lv. 12
 Poison Powder
  Energy Consumed: None
  "Scatter poison dust from the demon slayers 
   on an enemy."

SP Tech

  Energy Consumed: *
  "Damage one enemy by calling Kirara."
  Learned at: Default

 M. Hiraikotsu St. (Mighty Hiraikotsu Storm?)
  Energy Consumed: *
  "Consecutive attacks on one enemy by using 
 Hiraikotsu Trnado (Hiraikotsu Tornado)
  Energy Consumed: **
  "Damage all enemies by swinging around 

 Hiraikotsu Tr. St. (Hiraikotsu Tonado Storm)
  Energy Consumed: **
  "Damage one enemy with a co-op attack with

Co-op Tech

 "Co-op attack with Sango and Party member."
  Dbl. Ed. Sw. Tactic (Double Edged Sword Tactic)
   With Shikigami
    Energy Consumed: ** (* when with girl)
   With InuYasha
    Energy Consumed: *
   With Kagome
    Energy Consumed: *
   With Miroku
    Energy Consumed: **
   With Shippo
    Energy Consumed: *
  Dbl. Attack Tactic (Double Attack Tactic)
   With Shikigami
    Energy Consumed: **

  Dbl. Dest. Tactic (Double Destruction Tactic)
   With Shikigami
    Energy COnsumed: **
   With Miroku
    Energy COnsumed: *
    (This one is pretty much pointless as it is just
     like Miroku's Wind Tunnel. Don't Waste your
     time and energy on this one. Only use it to get
     the video for your bonus screen.)



Norm Tech

 Sprtl. Blessing (Spiritual Blessing)
  Energy Consumed: None
  "Recover HP of a member with the power of 
   Spiritual Power."
  Learned at: Default

 Sprtl. Vision (Spiritual Vision)
  Energy Consumed: None
  "View the HP of all enemies."
   (Much like "Scan" in FF games except not 
    as in depth.)
  Learned at: Default

 Sprtl. Pfication (Spiritual Purification)
  Energy Consumed: None
  "Recover status abnormality of a member with
   Spiritual Power."
  Learned at: Lv. 11

 Spiritual Power
  Energy Consumed: None
  "Damage one enemy with a tag empowered
   with Spiritual Power."

SP Tech

 Wind Tunnel
  Energy Consumed: *
  "Inhale one enemy with Wind Tunnel"
 Spiritual Life
  Energy Consumed: *
  "Recovers a member's inability to battle with 
  Spiritual Power."

 Spiritual Wind
  Energy Consumed: *
  "Increases action of a member with Spiritual

 Furious Wind Tnl. (Furious Wind Tunnel)
  Energy Consumed: *
  " Inhale enemies with a Wind Tunnel filled
   with one's might.)
   (Tired of those nasty ememies? Suck them all
    up in one blow with The new Miroku attack!!
    Only three payments of 19.99 and you're on
    your way to a cleaner day!!! Yes. I am
    bored..... SHUT UP!!! -.-;)

Co-op Tech

 Co-op attack with Miroku and party member
  Dbl. Ed. Sw. Tactic (Double Edged Sword Tactic)
   With Inuyasha
    Energy Consumed: *
   With Kagome
    Energy Consumed: *
   With Sango
    Energy Consumed: **
   With Shippo
    Energy Consumed: **

  Dbl. Dest. Tactic (Double Destruction Tactic)
   With Inuyasha
    Energy Consumed: *
   With Kagome
    Energy Consumed: *
   With Sango
    Energy Consumed: *
    (This one is pretty much pointless as it is just
     like Miroku's Wind Tunnel. Don't Waste your
     time and energy on this one. Only use it to get
     the video for your bonus screen.)



Norm Tech

  Energy Consumed: None
  "Damage all enemies by calling Jaken."
  Learned at: Default

 Poison Claws
  Energy Consumed: None
  "Damage one enemy wiith poison claws."
  Learned at: Default

SP Tech

  Energy Consumed: *
  "Recover a member unable to fight."
  Learned at: Default

 Dragon Strike
  Energy Consumed: *
  "Great damage on all enemies by releasing Tokijin's
  Learned at: Default


IYIL           V.{{{{---Item Lists---}}}}


!*!I am using the summaries from the game
as they best generalize the effects of 
the items. Any additional information
that I feel is necessary I will be 


IYRI          ---1. Restorative Items---

Items that replenish HP and energy
as well as curing status abnormalitites
and battle inabilities*

!*!Note: Items with *'s can only be used in 

!*!Note: Status Abnormalitites are effects
  such as sleep, confusion etc. Battle
  inabilities are when your character loses
  all HP and faints. So something that Recovers
  Battle inability would work something like a
  Phoenix Down in FF, and would have the same
  effect as Miroku's Spiritual Life Technique

   Akebia: "Recovers 25 HP"

 * Antidote: "Recovers Poison"

   Blessing Stone: "Recovers all HP for Everyone"

   Bracken: "Recovers 20 HP"

   Butterbur: "Recovers 20 HP"

   Brown Rice Ball: "Recovers 40 HP"

   Campanula: "Recovers 35 HP"

   Chickweed: "Recovers 40 HP"

   Dogtooth Violet: "Recovers 45 HP"

 * Eyedrops: "Recovers Darkness"

   Fern: "Recovers 25 HP"

   March Herb: "Recovers 30 HP"

   Medicinal Herb: "Recovers 50 HP"

   Mtn. Plantain (Mountain Plantain):
    "Recovers 35 HP"

   Nectar: "Recovers 100 Energy"

   Ointment: "Recovers 100 HP"

 * Panacea: "Recovers Status Abnormalities"

   Pickled Plum: "Recovers 80 HP"
 * Sacred Tree Dew: "Recovers Battle Inability"

   Sacred Tree Leaf: "Recovers all Energy"

   Sage Remedy: "Recovers all HP"

   Saint Remedy: "Recovers HP, Energy, & Statues 
    (Though this item can be used outside of battle;
     I would recomend using it when you are in battle
     as Status Abnormalities are only affective in 
     battle. I would use Saxifrage outside of battle 
     instead of Saints remedey. However if Saint remedy
     is your last resort then by all means use it.)

   Saxifrage: "Recovers all Energy & HP"

   Shaman Remedy: "Recovers 150 HP"

 * Silver Bell: "Recovers Sleep"

 * Tonic: "Recovers Confusion"

   Wild Plants: "Recovers 105 HP"


IYEQ            ---2. Equipment---

   Adherence Gem: "Defense Pwr rises 7 when equipped."

   Crystal Hair Gem: "Spirit & Defeanse Pwr rise 2 
    when equipped. Only females can euip it.
     (Sango, Kagome, and Kururugi girl.)

   Defense Gem: "Defense Pwr rises 5 when quipped."

   Demon Bone: "Attack Pwr rises 3, Action rises 1. 
    Only decendants of demons can equip it."
     (Inuyasha and Shippo)

   Dragon Bone: "Attack Pwr rises 5, Action rises 1.
    Only decendants of demons can equip it."
     (Inuyasha and Shippo)
   Dragon's Mirror: "Spirit rises 10 when equipped."

   Gale Stone: "Action rises 3 when equipped"

   Gold Bracelet: "Attack Pwr & Defense Pwr rise 3 
    when equipped. Only males can equip it."
     (Inuyasha, Miroku, Shippo, and Kururugi boy.)

   Heat Charm: "Protects form being sealed when 

   Mantra Earring: "Defend against fire attacks 
    when equipped. Only humans can equip it."
     (Kagome, Sango, Miroku, and Kururugi boy/girl.)

   Mystic Charm: "Protects from instant death when 
   Power Ring: "Attack Pwr rises 3 when equipped."

   Protection Gem: "Defense Pwr rises 3 when equipped."

   Pure Charm: "Protects from Poison when equipped."

   Saint Earring: "Defend against gas attacks when 
    equipped. Only humans can equip it.
   (Kagome, Sango, Miroku, And Kururugi boy/girl.)

   Silver Bracelet: "Attack Pwr & Defense Pwr rise 2 
    when equipped. Only males can equip it."
     (Inuyasha, Miroku, Shippo, and Kururugi boy)

   Stream Charm: "Protects from darkness when equipped."
   Strength Ring: "Attack Pwr rises 5 when equipped."

   Swallow Stone: "Action rises 2 when equipped."


IYBI          ---3. Battle Tech Items---

!*!These Items can only be used in battle and 
 will raise your stats for the length of the

 Fragrant Flower: "Increase Action."

 Lizard Blood: "Increase Defense Pwr"

 Sacred Tree Sap: "Increase Spirit."


IYKI ---4. Key/Event Items---

!*!These are items like keys or something. 
 Used to progress storyline.

   Hakama: "Change of pants borrowed from 
    Grandma Kaede."
    Obtained at: Kaede's Village

   Passage Key: "Can open locked doors."
    Obtained at: Castle Town

   Pinwheel: "Told to give to Otoki."
    Obtained at: Castle Town
   Rice Ball: "Told to give to Yukimura"
    Obtained at: Castle Town


IYMS         ---5. Mysterious Seeds---

Used with Fertilizers

 "A mysterious seed. Who knows what will sprout?"

!*!These can only be used in the fields east of
 Kaede's Village entrance.

 Crimson Seed: Mountain Manor

 Gold Seed: Ayame Village

 Laquered Seed: Tsuzumi Village

 Pink Seed: Tsuzumi Village

 Purple Seed: Caslte Town (30 People)

 Rainbow Seed: Kaede's Village (right after the first
  time through Tsuzumi Village walk by the field where
  you plant the seeds and Myoga will ask if he can drink
  your blood. Say yes and he gives you the seed) 

 Silver Seed: Botan Village

 Sky Blue Seed: Kasasagi Town

 Yellow Seed: Castle Town


IYFT           ---6. Fertilizers---

Used with Mysterious seeds.

!*!These can only be used in the fields east of
 Kaede's Village entrance.

 Beast Fang: "Element effective in keeping
  boars away."

 Blossom Branch: "Element that smells nice."

 Cicada Skin: "Element effective in keeping
  insects away."

 Snake Skin: "Element effective in keeping
  frogs away"

 Sparkling weeds: "Element effective on weeds."

 Swallow Wing: "Element effective in keeping
  birds way."


IYBS     VI.{{{{-----Bestiary------}}}} 


!*!Since the enemies in the game don't really
 have stats I'll only post names, HP, and if
 needed, any attacks you may have to watch out

Bad Luck Bat
 HP: 37

Birds of Pardise
 HP: 298

Blue Wolf
 HP: 123

Canis Demon
 HP: 28

Carnivora Spider
 HP: 649

Dokugan Demon

 HP: 433

 HP: 42

Gokurai Bat
 HP: 117

Hamen Wolf
 HP: 259

Kosui Demon
 HP: 141

Large Boar
 HP: 333

One-eyed Demon
 Hp: 77

Onkai Demon
 HP: 210

Ookubi Nyoju
 HP: 289

Plagued Badger
 HP: 483

Silver Wolf
 HP: 301

Suikotsu Bird
 HP: 117

 HP: 457

Yakushi Badger
 HP: 123


IYMF  VII.{{{{-----Mysterious Feild Recipes------}}}}


!*! I have yet to test all of these recipes thanks to
 Tom Behn for submitting these.

Yellow seed + swallow wing = Wild Strawberry too
 sour, no recovery

Yellow seed + Hot Spring Dew = Dropwort heal 80 hp

Yellow seed + Blossom branch = Medicinal herb heal 50

Yellow seed + Snake skin = Medicinal herb 

Yellow seed + Cicada skin = Medicinal herb

Yellow seed + Beast fang = Medicinal herb

Sky Blue seed + Sacred Tree Bark = Orache heal 80 hp

Sky blue seed + Swallow wing = Sheperd's purse heal
 80 hp

Sky blue seed + Snake skin = Medicinal herb 

Sky blue seed + Mystery Soil= Shippo Event

Pink seed + Sparkling weeds = Miroku Event

Pink seed + Swallow wing = Dropwort

Pink seed + Snake skin = Medicinal herb 

Lacquereed seed + Snake skin = Saxifrage

Lacquered seed + Whale tale = Loquat heal 80 hp

Lacquered seed + Swallow wing = Kagome Event 

Silver seed + Whale tale = Fruit of Heaven Increase
 action permanent

Silver seed + Mystery soil = Wild buds heal 80hp

Silver seed + Snake skin = Medicinal herb 

Crimson seed + Beast fang = Medicinal herb

Crimson seed + Swallow wing = Wild grapes too sour,
 no recovery

Crimson Seed + Blossom Branch = Inuyasha and Kagome

Purple seed + Snake skin = Medicinal herb

Purple seed + Sacred tree bark = Sango Event

Gold Seed + Hot Spring Dew = Kururugi Event

Rainbow Seed + Hot spring dew = Wild Strawberry Too
 sour, no recovery


IYGS    VII.{{{{-----Game script------}}}} 


!*!This does not include battle dialogue

()=Thinking to self

!*! Keep in mind that some of the dialogue is
 a little gender confused or just doesnt
 match the subtitles. I'll try to correct these
 mistakes. If I see fit to.


                ---Kururugi Boy---


*Opening Cut Scene*

(On the bus home from school)

Kururugi: "What?! You've gotta be kidding! Are
 you sure they're going steady?"

Crowd: "What? huh?!"

Boy: "Come on! You don't have to go and fip out
 over it! Boy, you sure are clued out when it
 comes to noticing stuff like that. One look at
 them and it's so obvious..."

Kururugi: "Do you really think so?"

Boy: "Yeah... like another obvious couple..."

Kururugi: "What?!? Tomokato and Momo-chan too?!"

Crowd: "Huh?"

Boy: "Chill out!! Would you quit making a scene
 about it you big doofus!!"

Kururugi: "It's just that they're still only in
 Junior High."

Boy: "Get real would ya? Already in Junior High is
    more like it. It's hardly unusual. There are alot
    of guys who already have girlfriends. Like Sekai
    ....and there's Akira... and Shiyan... oh and

Kururugi: "Even Takuya?"

Boy: "What you didn't know?"

Kururugi: "No... it's news to me... *Sigh* Man,
    what a shocker this has been. And I thought I
    was Takuya's good friend."

Boy: "Hmm... I guess he didn't want to make you
    feel bad."

Kururugi: "What are you saying?"

Boy: "You know. You don't have a girl yet!"

Kururugi: "Hmm?"

Boy: "Hehahahahah! You sure blush easily
    Kururugi! Heh heh!

Bus Driver: "Next stop: Kururugi Shrine,
    Kururugi Shrine. Please ring the bell if
    you want to get off."

Boy: "This is our stop." *Rings bell*

*Kururugi Shrine*
(Crowd outside celebrating the Doll Festival)

Teenage Girl: "So... who's name did you right on the

Boy: "Like I'm gonna tell ya!"

Woman: "You write a persons name on the doll, see?
    Then you'll be able to see them."

Girl: "Ahhh!! It's like magic mommy!"

*Kururugi gets off bus and runs up shrine steps*

Kururugi: (Aww man, I knew I was gonna be late!)
    "Sorry I'm late dad. I didn't mean to keep you

Dad: "You know this is the Doll Festival of Wishes."

Kururugi: "Yeah, but my homeroom class went way
    overtime. I'll get changed and come right back."

Dad: "No hold on."

Kururugi: "Huh?" 

Dad: "I can handle things here please go to the
    storehouse and get some more amulets."

Kururugi: "Let's see... I think we put the box of
    amulets somewhere in the back last year. I
    wish I'd stopped to get a flashlight. *Floor
    breaks* AHH AHH AHHH!!!! Ow this place is
    dangerous! The floors totally rotten! *Sigh*
    And so's my luck today... I'll get dad to fix
    it later. *Falls through the floor* AAHHHH!!!!!"


(After falling through the time slip)
Kururugi: "Where am I? Why am I in the forest?
    I was just in the warehouse. I must have
    fallen through a hole. Where's my house? I
    have to get ready for the festival.
    This is weird. I dont know this place.
    Father... Please answer me. Mom! Dad! Why
    won't you answer me? Where is everyone?"

*Move to next place*

Kururugi: "No one's here. How could that be?
    Thats right, my cell! I'll call the house 
    with my cell phone." *Cell phone beeps* 
    "...I can't get through!" *Tries again 
    same result* "I can't get through! I'm 
    outside but there's no signal. I wonder 


*Move to next place*

Kururugi: "Oh, there's some people there.
    Maybe if I talk to them, they could 
    tell me where I am... Good. Then I can 
    go home. Huh? Kimonos? Why are they 
    wearing kimonos?"

Gosuke: "There it is!"

Kururugi: "What?"

Tagohei: "There it is!"

Kururugi: "What did you find? Why are you 
    carrying a weapon?"

Yone: "Careful! It's a demon!"

Kururugi: "What? A demon? What are you 

Gosuke: "Demon, where have you taken my 

Kururugi: "Wait. I just..."

Tagohei: "What are you saying now?"

Yone: "Alright, let's catch it. Get it!"

Gosuke: "Catch it and get my daughter 

Kururugi: "These guys are weird. What's 
    going on?"

Gosuke: "Don't let it get away. Catch it!"

Yone: "Yes, don't let it get away!"

Kururugi: "Get away! Stop it! I need to 
    run away!"

*Next area*

Kururugi: "I think they're gone. But 
    what's happening? I don't understand 
    what's going on. Where's my house?" 
    *Strange noise* "Huh? Was that them?" 
    *Rustling in the bushes* "Is this a 
    joke? A demon now?!"

Demon: "Heheheh!! I thought I smelled 
    something tasty. It's a human! I 
    was just getting hungry. How 

Kururugi: "What?! What are you? Don't 
    come near me!"

Demon: "Ha ha ha! You think you can 
    run away from me? Heheheheehah!"

Kururugi: "No!"

Demon: "I'm gonna eat you! Roar! Ha ha 
    ha ha!"

Kururugi: "Damn, I'm gonna get eaten in 
    this place."

Demon: "Blaghahaha! Hee hee hee hee hee!"


Kururugi: "... What happened to me? Am I 

Inuyasha: "Hey, are you awake yet?"

Kururugi: "Who's that? I'm alive! What 
    are you? Dog ears?"

Inuyasha: "Hey, wait a minute. What are 
    you scared of? It's not like I'm gonna 
    eat you. Don't run away."

Kururugi: "But you have dog ears and fangs.
    I'm scared. Don't come near me!"

Inuyasha: "Don't you get it? Nevermind, you
    were great! What kind of technique was 
    that? You beat that demon by shining 
    that light on him."

Kururugi: "Technique? Demon? That's right. 
    I was being chased by a demon. And then 
    that light..."

Inuyasha: "Hey, your clothes look like 
    Kagome's clothes. You came from 'the 
    present' didn't you?"

Kururugi: "Do you know where I came from? 
    Please tell me how I can get back. Huh,
    the present?"

Inuyasha: "Yeah."

Kururugi: "What do you mean?"

Inuyasha: " The present... you know, The

Kururugi: "Wait. Please, help me understand."

Inuyasha: "What a hassle! Come on, follow me.
    If you ask Kagome, she could probably
    explain things."

Kururugi: "Who's Kagome?"

Inuyasha: "Kaede's vilage is just ahead. Come
    on now."

Kururugi: (I'm a little scared. But I guess I
    should go. There might be somone that knows
    me there.)

*Moves to next area.*

Inuyasha: "Hey, wait! There's a strange smell.
    I think that demon's buddies are around."

Kururugi: "What?"

Inuyasha: "The smell of demons is coming from
    that purple light."

Kururugi: "What should I do?"

Inuyasha: "What are you talking about? Let's go
    after 'em!! It should be easy if you use the
    red light again. Hey, here they come!"

*After Battle*

Inuyasha: "Those small demons are no match. Hey,
    why didn't you use that last move again?"

Kururugi: "I didn't know how to."

Inuyasha: "You're lame."

Kururugi: "But I don't know what to do."

Myoga: "I see. That move came from his
    subconscious. He was so afraid to die, he
    did it subconsciously."

Kururugi: "Who is that?"

Inuyasha: "It's just Myoga."

Kururugi: "What a small person. Is he a demon

Myoga: "Yes. I am Inuyasha's personal bodyguard.
    My name is Myoga."

Inuyasha: "How can you say you're my bodyguard,
    when you run away at the tiniest sign of

Myoga: "Never mind that. I can still sense demons
    around us. This boy's power has not yet been
    awakened. We have to be careful."

Inuyasha: "You're right. I can still smell the
    demons too."

Kururugi: "What should I do?"

Myoga: "You have to fight hard and make sure you
    don't slow Inuyasha down. We're getting close
    to Kaede's Village. Well, Inuyasha, I'm going
    ahead. Be careful."

Inuyasha: "Hey Myoga! Wait! Damn, he's run off
    again. The demons around here are pathetic.
    Let's get going."

Kururugi: "Okay"

*At Kaede's Village*

Inuyasha: "Fanally, we've arrived. This is Kaede's

Kururugi: "It can't be... a horse?"

Inuyasha: "You can't be scared of a horse."

Kururugi: "But... Weird hairstyles, kimonos
    and horses... is this really Japan?"

Inuyasha: "What are you thinking about? If you don't
    hurry, I'll leave you behind."

Kagome: "Inuyasha! Hey, Inuyasha! Where have you
    been? There was a demon outside of the village
    and we needed your help to defeat it. You're
    never there when we need you."

Inuyasha: "If you're talking about those little
    demons, I already took care of them."

Kagome: "Oh, really? Hey, who are you?"

Inuyasha: "Oh yeah, this kid was being chased by
    one of those demons, so I stepped in."

Kururugi: "Oh, great! Where am I? This is Japan, 
    right? There's horses and weird hairstyles and
    even demons! My cell doesn't work. There's no
    police station, no cars, no convenient stores.
    Not even a supermarket."

Kagome: "Nuh huh."

Inuyasha: "I don't know why, but you were sure

Kururugi: "I'm sorry. I was so happy, 'cause I
    though I had found a normal person."

Kagome: "That's understandable. But please calm
    down. I am Kagome Higurashi. I'm in the 9th
    grade. And this is Inuyasha. I think you've
    come from the present."

Kururugi: "Yes. I fell through a whole in the
    storage house and all of a sudden I was in
    the woods."

Kagome: "I see. Okay, I need you to listen to me
    carefully. This isn't the present."

Kururugi: "Not the present? Then where am I?"

Kagome: "This is the Feudal era."

Kururugi: "The Feudal era?! The time of Nobunaga
    Oda and when guns first came to Japan?"

Kagome: "Yes. I'm sure it's surprising. But it's

Kururugi: "It can't be."

Kagome: "I couldn't believe it at first either."

Kururugi: "But I've only read about the Feudal era
    in my textbooks. This is absurd!"

Kagome: "Yes, that's right."

Kururugi: "I was even attacked by demons."

Kagome: "I see... Are you hurt?"

Kururugi: "I'm fine."

Kagome: "This village is safe. You can stay here for
    a while."

Kururugi: "Thank you. I'm really glad you're here."

Inuyasha: "I don't get it. Just a minute ago you
    were bawling, and now you've gone all sweet on

Kagome: "Don't be rude. You'd be bawling too, if you
    had to go trough all that."

Inuyasha: "Eh... Reminds me of someone else that
    cries all that time."

Kagome: "What do you mean by that? You're the one
    that's always mad."

Inuyasha: "Me? Always mad? Yeah, right."

Kagome: "See, you're mad right now! You are so short

Inuyasha: "You're the one that's so touchy. You're
    always losing your temper."

Kururugi: "You guy's really get along, huh?"

Kagome: "What?"

Kururugi: "Hey what are you saying? Who does she
    think she is?"

Kagome: "Oh, stop it."

Kururugi: "DOn't be shy."

Inuyasha: Never mind, don't you need to go back
    to the well?"

Kururugi: "Why?"

Inuyasha: "Don't you wanna go back?"

Kagome: "That's right."

Kururugi: "WHat do you mean?"

Kagome: "Behind this village there's a well called
    Bone-Eater's Well. The well conntects our time
    to Feudal Japan. That's how I got here."

Kururugi: "You mean..."

Kagome: YOu may be able to go back if you pass
    through there."

Kururugi: "Wow really?! Please, take me there!"

Kagome: "Okay. It's on the eastern outskirts of
    this village."

---At Bone-Eater's Well---

Kagome: "This is the Bone-Eater's Well.

Kururugi: "It looks really old. Almost like
    demons come out of it."

Kagome: "Yeah it does."

Inuyasha: "Well, they used to toss the dead demons
    into it."

Kagome: "Hey don't say that. You're going to scare

Inuyasha: "Whatever. The demons were dead anyway."

Kagome: "You know what I mean, Inuyasha. You're so
    insensitive. Sorry, (Insert Name Here)"

Kuruurgi: That's okay. So, do I go in from here?

Kagome: "Yeah. If you jump in, it should take you
    right back to the present."

Kururugi: "Jump in? I'm scared, but I really want
    to get back home."

Inuyasha: "What are you scared of?"

Kururugi: "I've got to get up the courage. Here I
    go. One, two... th-th..."

Inuyasha: "Three, right?"

Kururugi: "Huh?! Aaahhhh!"

Kagome: "Inuyasha, what did you do that for?! Are
    you okay?"

Kururugi: "Ouch! I don't think so."

Kagome: "Whew! I think he's all right. What did you
    do that for, Inuyasha?"

Inuyasha: "I couldn't help it."

Kagome: "What if he got hurt?!"

Inuyasha: "Shut up! I was just helpin' out."

Kagome: "What?! How is that?

Kururugi: "Excuse me?"

Kagome: "What?"

Kururugi: "Can you stop fighting and help me."

Kagome: "I don't know why, but you can't seem to
    get through."

Kururugi: "It seems that way."

Kagome: "Don't worry. I'm sure there is another

Kururugi: "Okay. But what do I do now?"

Kagome: "Well, Kaede helped me out when it was my

Kururugi: "Who's Kaede?"

Kagome: "She is the wisest peson in this village.
    She's a priestess, and she knows a lot."

Inuyasha: "But she's always nagging me."

Kagome: "Only because you're always getting into

Kururugi: "Well, I don't really understand, but
    she doesn't sound like a bad person. I'd like
    to meet her."

Kagome: "Okay, let's go. She lives on the west side
    of the village square."

---Outside Kaede's House---

Kagome: "This is Priestess Kaede's house. Hmmm?"

Kururugi: "What?! There's two of you, Kagome?!"

Shippo: "Kagome's back!"

Kururugi: "So Kagome has a twin?"

Shippo: "Twins? What are you saying?"

Kururugi: "You're not twins? But you look exactly

Inuyasha: "Hey, behave youself Shippo."

Kagome: "What's one supposed to think, with you
    suddenly looking like that?"

Kururugi: Ahh! What happened? Kagome turned into
    a child!"

Shippo: "I didn't mean to scare you. I was just
    practicing the art of transformation."

Kururugi: "Transformation? How can you do that?
    Are you pulling my leg?"

Shippo: "You use the art of transformation when
    you want to trick someone."

Kururugi: "I see. So what's your name? My name
    is (Insert Name Here). I came from the
    present, like Kagome."

Shippo: "My name's Shippo. Are you Kagome's

Kururugi: "Um, not really."

Shippo: "I thought Kagome brought you from the

Kuruurgi: "I wish."

Shippo: "Seems like you've got a problem."

Kururugi: "Yes. You seem really calm, even
    though you're a kid."

Shippo: "I'm not a kid anymore. I'm a respectable

Inuyasha: "Don't be such a smart-aleck."

Shippo: "What did you say, Inuyasha?"

Kagome: "Both of you, stop it! We're going to
    Kaede's house, right?"

Inuyasha: "Cut it out, Shippo."

Shippo: "Ouch! That hurt!"

Kagome: "That's it. Inuyasha, sit!"

Kururugi: "Hey, what was that? Wow, Kagome!"

Kagome: "This is the power of Priestess Kaede.
    Come on, let's go talk to Kaede."

Kururugi: "Okay."

---In Kaede's House---

Kaede: "What's happened, Inuyasha? Kagome and
    Shippo too? Oh, who are you?"

Kururugi: "Um, hello. My name is (Insert Name

Kaede: "From the look of your clothes, I guess
    you come rom the same place as Kagome."

Kururugi: "Yes."

Kaede: "You can relax. No one's going to eat

Kururugi: "Um... I was looking for something
    in the storehouse, when I suddenly blacked
    out. When I came to, I was in this world. 
    I would like to go home. Can you please
    tell me how to do that?"

Kaede: "Hmm, you want to go home. I thought
    you were Kagome's friend. It seems like a
    difficult situation. Tell me your story
    from the beggining. ^JUMP AHEAD IN TIME^ 
    So, that's what happened. Sounds similar
    to when Kagome came."

Inuyasha: "The well didn't work."

Kaede: "Well? The Bone-Eater's Well?"

Kagome: "Yes. I just fell straight to the

Kaede: "I see."

Kururugi: "Do you know why I can't get through?
    I wally wanna go home."

Kaede: "Hmmm. Unfortunately I don't know why."

Kururugi: "But... Please, you've got to help

Kaede: "Hmmm, I don't know how I can help..."

Kururugi: "I just don't know what to do."

Shippo: "Gosh, I feel for you."

Kagome: "Yeah."

Kururugi: "YOu mean I can't go home? Mom...

Inuyasha: "How irritating. Why are you so upset?

Kururugi: "..."

Kagome: "Don't be so hard on him, Inuyasha."

Inuyasha: "Whatever. It's not like he's gonna die
    if they can't get home."

Kagome: "That's true, but you could be a little

Shippo: "Kagome. Inuyasha. Stop fighting."

Inuyasha: "Being nice isn't gonna find the way
    home. If you wanna go home, you need to find
    a way to do that."

Kururugi: "Find a way?"

Kagome: "Is that what you're trying to say,

Inuyasha: "Well, what else?"

Kururugi: "... I guess I won't get anywhere by
    being upset."

Inuyasha: "You can be upset anytime you want."

Kururugi: "Okay, I'll just have to keep trying."

Inuyasha: "It's okay, as long as you get it."

Kagome: "That's enough, Inuyasha."

Kaede: "Well, if that's the case, you may as well
    stay here with Inuyasha and everyone else."

Inuyasha: "What? Now that's going a little too

Kururugi: "Oh, I couldn't..."

Kaede: "Wait a minute, Inuyasha. Just like when
    Kagome arrived in this world. This is no
    trivial matter either."

Inuyasha: "So what?"

Kaede: "If something should happen it would be
    better if you were together."

Inuyasha: "This is so annoying. Fine. Whatever."

Kagome: "Things are looking up, huh, (Insert
    Name Here). It's decided then. Let's go listen
    to the village gossip. Maybe we'll find a clue
    from something we hear."

Kururugi: "Okay."

---After talking to various poeple---

Inuyasha: "We're not Gettin' anywhere by just
    standing around talking."

Kagome: "I agree, but we don't have any clues..."

Kururugi: "Hmmm, I don't know."

Kagome: "It would help if you had seen anything
    out of the ordinary."

Shippo: "Hey, something's bothering me. Why
    couldn't you use the Bone-Eater's Well, but
    Kagome could?"

Kururugi: "Well, I know. Probably because I didn't
    get here through the Bone-Eater's Well."

Kagome: "That would mean that, there's something
    like the Bone-Eater's Well near where you first
    woke up, don't you think?"

Inuyasha: "Well, all we have to do is go back to the
    place where you first woke up."

Kururugi: "Yeah. But I can't remember where that was
    now. I was frantically trying to run away at the

Inuyasha: "What a scardy cat!"

---At Well---

Inuyasha: "You really can't remember where it was?"

Kagome: "If someone had been with you at the time, we
    could ask them. But you were alone, weren't you?"

Kururugi: "Yes. Oh yeah, I met a bunch of strange
    villagers near there. They were all desperately
    looking for something."

Inuyasha: "Well, then, we should ask them."

Kagome: "Or at least they may have seen something that
    could give us a clue."

Kururugi: "Yes. When I came into this world, they were

Inuyasha: "Alright, let's go look for those villagers."

---Upon return to village entrance---

Inuyasha: "Hey, we've looked through the whole village

Kururugi: "Yes, we have. But, I haven't seen anyone
    that looks like those villagers."

Kagome: "All I can think of is, maybe the next village,
    Akebi Village."

Kururugi: "Oh! There's a village nearby. It could be the
    people from there. Is Akebi Village near here?"

Kagome: "Yes, it's not that far, but..."

Kururugi: "But..."

Shippo: "But there's all kinds of demons on the road going

Kagome: "He's right. Demons come after you even if you're
    only a little ways form the village."

Kururugi: "When I came into this world, I was chased by
    one too."

Kagome: "Yes, so you need to be careful."

Inuyasha: "As long as I'm with you, you've got nothing to
    worry about from those demons."

Shippo: "That's right."

Inuyasha: "Heheheh."

Shippo: "Yeah, you've got no brains, but plenty of brawn!"

Inuyasha: "Shut up, Shippo!" *THWACK!!*

Shippo: "Ouch! Why'd you do that?"

Kagome: "Cut it out, Inuyasha."

Kururugi: "COme to think of it, you two are demons."

Kagome: "What? Are you talking about Inuyasha and Shippo?"

Kururugi: "It's very surpising. I thought all demons were
    scary. And here we are all together."

Kagome: "Inuyasha isn't really a demon."

Inuyasha: "That's enough Kagome."

Kagome: "But..."

Kururugi: "It's okay Kagome. I'm not too concerned with
    that kinda of thing. Do you think you could take me to
    the next village?"

Kagome: "Of course, I can. Let's all go to Akebi Village. But
    we should prepare for our trip before we go."

Shippo: "That's a good idea. The road leading there is pretty

Kururugi: "Okay, let's go shopping first."

---In front of shop---

Kagome: "This is the general store. We can get almost
    everything we need here."

Inuyasha: "There isn't anything that we need."

Kagome: "Hey, you're the one that's always complaining about
    not having this or that."

---At Akebi Village---

Mokichi: "Hey traveler! Have you heard about the old temple?
    It seems there's a bunch of demons in there."

Kagome: "In the old temple."

Kururugi: "That's a little scary."

Inuyasha: "Demons! Huh. Yeah, right! Whatever. There's
    nothing to be scared of."

Shippo: "I sure hope so."

---Akebi Village---

Yobei: "You guys can't get out of the village either?"

Kagome: "Huh, why?"

Yobei: "You're clothes are different so I figured you weren't
    from here."

Kururugi: "You're right, but why can't people get out of the

Yobei: "Because of the spider. Lately, there's been a big
    demon spider wandering around the place. No one can leave
    the village because everyone is scared."

Kururugi: "Spider?! I hate spiders"

Kagome: "I don't really like them either."

Shippo: "I don't think that's the problem."

Yobei: "And it's not just any spider. It's an enormous spider
    with a white web that captures people."

Kururugi: "Captures with a white web? Scary."

Yobei: "On top of that, he has black hair on his legs!"

Kururugi: "Please stop!"

Shippo: "I think he's exaggerating."

Yobei: "He has more than ten eyes!"

Shippo: "He's definitley exaggerating."

Inuyasha: "Hey, talk straight old man."

Yobei: "Sorry. I get a kick out of the girls gettign scared
    so easily, when I tell the story. I got carried away.
    Anyway, until someone takes care of him, everybody's too
    scared to leave the village."

---Another part of Akebi Village---

Zenkichi: "Demon? Oh, the giant spider in the old temple in
    the forest. Ever since I was a child I heard that it
    lived in the old temple. But recently he came to the
    village and it's been attacking the villagers. So,
    because of that nobody's been able to get out to the
    forest. It's been terrible."

Kururugi: "Recently, you say? Does that mean he didn't chase
    people before?"

Zenkichi: "Why would you ask that? Are you going to the old

Inuyasha: "What if I do?"

Zenkichi: "Uh, nothing. I'm sorry. Until now he was
    satisfied to eat stray farm animals and creatures in
    the wild. He never used to come to the village."

---By the Akebi Pond---

Kakuju: "What rare use of Shikigami power."

Kururugi: "What?"

Kakuju: "When you were in danger do you remember what you
    cried out?"

Kururugi: "Um?"

Inuyasha: "How would you know?"

Kakuju: "Ha ha ha! I wonder!"

Inuyasha: "Strange Granny."

Kagome: "What is this about?"

Inuyasha: "It doesn't seem likely, but this human has a
    mysterious power."

Shippo: "Oh. I see."

Kururugi: "It's nothing really. Well Grandma, exactly what is
    this power?"

Kakuju: "It's what we call Shikigami, which is a special power
    that can be wielded. It's a spiritual power that exists in
    all creatures in the universe."

Kagome: "It sounds pretty amazing!"

Kakuju: "Well, you have only just awakened your powers. You
    don't even know how to use them to their fullest potential

Kururugi: "I'm pretty helpless. Everybody's been protecting me."

Kagome: "You can't help it. There's nothing like this in our

Kakuju: "Your world?"

Kururugi: "Yes. I'm from a different world, and I was brought
    here unexpectedly."

Kakuju: "Oh. You're from a different world. That is unusual."

Shippo: "You couldn't tell from the strange clothing?"

Kakuju: "I'm sorry. My eyes don't work so well anymore. I can't
    even tell what you're wearing or what you look like."

Shippo: "I didn't realize that. I'm sorry for what I said."

Kakuju: "Heh heh heh, don't worry about it."

Inuyasha: "So, do you know anything?"

Kakuju: "Sorry, but I don't know anything that could help you."

Kururugi: "I see."

Kakuju: "Sorry about that."

Kururugi: "That's okay. Well..."

Kakuju: "Wait a minute."

Kururugi: "Huh?"

Kakuju: "I don't know what brought you into this world. But I
    can teach you how to use the Shikigami power that lies
    within you. Would you like to learn?"

Inuyasha: "That's great! You should learn how to use it."

Kururugi: "Yes. Okay. Please teach me Grandma Kakuju."

Kakuju: "Okay, then stand in front of me, hold y hand, close
    your eyes, and be very still."

*Bright light* 

Shippo: "Wow! Your body lit up! Is that what you call Shikigami?"

Kakuju: "No, no. We just awakened the Shikigami. Now you will
    learn how to use the Shikigami. Look at this rock next to me.
    This rock is made of Serpentine. It reacts to the power of
    Shikigami. If you can properly use Shikigami, the rock will
    react and break. Go ahead and try it."

Kururugi: "Okay."


Kururugi: "I did it!"

Kagome: "That's great!"

Inuyasha: "Whatever. I can do that."

Shippo: "No need to get competitive."

Kagome: "That's right. This isn't the place to be waving your
    sword around."

Inuyasha: "Shut up!"

Kakuju: "So do you think you've learned how to use the Shikigami

Kururugi: "Yes, pretty much."

Kakuju: "Now the test will be in putting it to actual use."

Kururugi: "Okay. Thank you, Grandma."

Kagome: "Now let's go find a villager who might know something."

---After searching for info---

Kururugi: "I found you! You were the one that came after me in
    the feild."

Gosuke: "Hey, aren't you the one from that time... Did you come
    to abduct someone again? Hey, everyone! A demon! Get away!
    Demon, give me back my daughter!"

Inuyasha: "What nonsense is he talking about?!"

Kagome: "Don't be rude, Inuyasha. Just a minute. You don't have
    to be afraid, this kid isn't a demon."

Gosuke: "What? Well, what's with the peculiar clothing?"

Kagome: "Oh it's just an unusual circumstance but we're normal
    people, like you."

Kururugi: "It's true. I'm not a demon."

Gosuke: "Hmm... Now that you say that, you do look pretty weak
    to be a demon."

Inuyasha: "You finally got it."

Gosuke: "I can't believe we were about to capture a little kid.
    So sorry. We were so panicked we couldn't think straight."

Kagome: "You were panicking? What happened?"

Gosuke: "A demon has stolen our daughter."

Inuyasha: "Demon. As in the giant spider demon?"

Gosuke: "Yes. He came to our village and stole my daughter! And
    we all went looking for her."

Kururugi: "That's when I appeared."

Tagohei: "That's right. We saw your strange clothes and thought
    you were a demon in disguise. It's exactly as he says."

Kururugi: "Don't worry about it. But... can I ask you something?
    Did you see a well anywhere near there?"

Gosuke: "A well? No, I didn't."

Kururugi: "Maybe not a well, but something like it. At least
    something that looks strange."

Gosuke: "I searched that area really well, and I didn't see
    anything like that. Any of you see anything?"

Tagohei: "No, there wasn't anything around there."

Kururugi: "I see."

Inuyasha: "Damn. We finally find the place and there's nothing.
    What a waste of time."

Shippo: "It's too bad, but I guess we shoudl head back to Kaede's

Kururugi: "..."

Kagome: "Wait!"

Inuyasha: "What Kagome?"

Kagome: "So, what about the demon spider? Did you find your

Gosuke: "No, not yet. The young men that went to find her never
    came back. I think I need to go and find her."

Yone: "What are you saying, father! No! What will we do without

Tagohei: "Damn it! We're no match for a demon that can destroy
    our homes."

Inuyasha: "In that case, we'll go after them for you."

Gosuke: "What! You will destroy him for us? Did you hear that

Tagohei: "How can I thank you?"

Yone: "Please help our daughter, Sachi."

Shippo: "Inuyasha! This is so unlike you! Are you okay?"

Inuyasha: "I'm so bored from all this walking. I need a little

Shippo: "Oh, I see."

Kururugi: "But..."

Inuyasha: "It's probably just some stale old demon that lives
    in the old temple. This'll be a peice of cake."

Kururugi: "But the villagers say he's been acting different

Inuyasha: "Oh shut up, what do you know about demons? Let's just go
    already! So, where's the old temple?"

Gosuke: "It's at the end of the village past the rocky expanse.
    Please help my daughter."

---At old temple---

Kururugi: "So, this is the old temple. It looks perfect for a giant
    spider's dwelling."

---Near Spider at Old Temple---

Inuyasha: "There's a strange smell."

Kururugi: "Huh! Really?"

Inuyasha: "That's the smell of blood, no doubt about it. There's a
    strong smell of human blood."

Kagome: "Be careful, Inuyasha. The smell of blood and the thought
    of the spider's web are giving me a bad feeling."

Kururugi: "Yes, the villagers mentioned the spider's web."

Inuyasha: "I know. But we can't come this far and turn around."

Kururugi: "I know, but..."

Inuyasha: "Tsk. Fine. You guys stay here."

Shippo: "What are you saying, Inuyasha?"

Kagome: "No matter how strong you are, you'll still be in danger if
    you go alone."

Inuyasha: "Oh, be quiet. It's better to fight a ghost by yourself
    anyway. I'll defeat him quickly, then I'll be back. You guys,
    stay here." *Walks off*

Shippo: "Always, making  decisions on your own."

Kagome: "That's what he said, but really he's trying to keep us from

Shippo: "Really? I didn't hear him say that."

Kagome: "He's just too proud to."

Kururugi: "I see."

Kagome: "Wh-what's that?"

*spiritual shine noise*

Shippo: "What happened Kagome?"

Kagome: "This... it can't be! I sense shard of the Shikon Jewel."

Shippo: "What!"

Kagome: "There's definitely shards of the Shikon Jewel nearby."

Kururugi: "Shards of the Shikon Jewel?"

Kagome: "It's what we've been looking for this whole time. Originally,
 it was one sphere. But it was broken into little shards and spread

Shippo: "If the demons use the shards they become more powerful."

Kururugi: "I didn't know there was anything like it."

Shippo: "If the demon spider has them, then..."

Kagome: "Inuyasha is in danger. Shipo, let's go."

Shippo: "Okay."

Kururugi: "Um, what should I do?"

Kagome: "Wait here."

Kururugi: "What? O-okay."

*Kagome and Shippo go after Inuyasha.*

Kururugi: "I wonder if everyone is okay? I'm really glad they are so
    concerned about me, but I really don't want to be in their way.
    How can I help everyone?"

Inuyasha: "What is this?"

Kagome: "Aaahh!"

Kururugi: "What happened?!"

---After going to see what happened---

Kururugi: "Is everyone okay?"

Spider: "Well, well, there's still more of you. Since you've escaped
    being captured, you should run away. Do you really want me to
    suck your blood?"

Kururugi: "Shut up!"

Spider: "Hahaha! How stupid!"

Kururugi: "Ahh!"

Inuyasha: "He's using power from the shards of the Shikon Jewel. You
    can't win, you have ot run away."

Spider: "Muahahahah!"

Kururugi: "If I run away, He'll kill them all. I have to do something.
    But, what should I do? Look! There's a Serpentine rock like
    Grandma Kakuju was talking about!"

Spider: "Give up, little man? Well then, I'm gonna eat you first."

Inuyasha: "You idiot! Why are you standing there?! Run! Run away!"

Kagome: "You have to run away!"

Shippo: "Quickly, run away!"

*Kururugi uses Shikigami*

Spider: "Wh-what?!"

Kagome: "Aaahh!"

Shippo: "I'm free from the web!"

Inuyasha: "Great! Now we can get him!!"

Spider: "Damn you all! I'm going to drink everyon's blood!"

---After defeating Spider---

Kururugi: "Phew... Is everyone okay?"

Kagome: "Thank you for helping us. I thought we were done for."

Shippo: "That was really dangerous. What were you thinking?"

Inuyasha: "Oh shut up. Everyone's safe now. That's all that matters."

Shippo: "You can at least say thanks."

Kururugi: "That's not necessary. I'm glad I was able to help even a

Inuyasha: "Well... I guess you aren't totally useless."

Kururugi: "What?"

Shippo: "That's his way of saying thank you. He's just angry."

Kururugi: "I see."

Inuyasha: "Just shut up, Shippo."

Kururugi: "Heh heh... Huh?"

Inuyasha: "What?"

Kururugi: "Something's moving over there. It looks like a spider's

Kagome: "Oh no. It's not a spider's egg, is it?"

Kururugi: "Don't say that, Kagome."

Inuyasha: "What are you so afraid of?" *Walks over and slices it

Sachi: "That was scary! Thank you so much!"

Kagome: "Are you okay? Does anything hurt?"

Sachi: "It was a little painful, but I'm okay."

Kururugi: "Is your name Sachi?"

Sachi: "Yes, but how do you know?"

Kururugi: "Great! Your mom and dad asked us to find you."

Shippo: "I'm glad you're safe now. What a relief!"

Inuyasha: "At least he hadn't eaten you yet. Let's go everyone."

Kururugi: "Okay."

---Back at Akebi Village---

Kururugi: "Everyone is really worried about you, you should go
    home right away."

Sachi: "Okay. Thank you so much!"

---At Gosuke's House---

Yone: "Hi everyone. I'm glad to see you all came back safely."

Gosuke: "Thank you so much. My daughter told me all about what
    happened. We were waiting for the chance to thanks you."

Kagome: "You shouldn't have any more problems with demons for
    now, right, Inuyasha?"

Inuyasha: "Yeah. But, only because we had to face great danger."

Gosuke: "Oh, yes, it must have been so frightening. This is
    something we would like to give you, to show our
    appreciation for saving our daughter. Will you accept it,

Kururugi: "Money?! I don't know if I can take this."

Gosuke: "Please accept it. It is our thanks and an apology for
    how we treated you at first."

Yone: "It's only a little. But perhaps it will help somehow."

Kururugi: "But..."

Kagome: "I think we should accept it."

Kururugi: "You're right. I will accept it then. Thank you."

Gosuke: "Everyone, thank you so much!"

Sachi: "Thank you!"

---Trying to leave the village---

Kagome: "Hey what's her name again? That's right, Grandma
    Kakuju. We should probably thank her. We were able to
    destroy the giant spider, because she taught us how to
    use the power of Shikigami."

Shippo: "That's a good idea. We sure couldn't depend on that
    certain someone who said he was gonna take care of it."

Inuyasha: "Shut up, Shippo!"

Kururugi: "... Yes that's a good idea."

---Back with Kakuju---

Kakuju: "Well, you haven't been gone long, but you've already
    experienced so much. It looks like you've learned how to
    use the power of Shikigami much better now. Tell me what

Kururugi: "Well..."

*Time Advance*

Kakuju: "I'm surprised that you defeated the spider. You've
    gotten much better at using the power of Shikigami. But
    I have a premonition that you will be fighting many more
    demons from now on. But there's hope."

Inuyasha: "What a stupid old woman!"

Kagome: "You're so rude, Inuyasha! Sorry, Kakuju."

Kakuju: "That's okay. There are many different uses for
    Shikigami. It can do more than just break rocks. You
    can use it when you're fighting. If you want to learn the
    power of Shikigami to help you when you fight, come stand
    beside me. And close your eyes and be very still."

Kururugi: "Okay"

Kakuju: "Now you have learned to call upon the power of
    Shikigami when you fight."

Inuyasha: "Hey Granny, this is for real! That's cool!"

Kakuju: "Now I will teach you how to use the power of Shikigami
    when you are fighting."

Kururugi: "Yes, please."

---After Tutorial---

Kakuju: "Do you think you've learned how to use Shikigami in a

Kururugi: "I'm still a little uncertain, but I'm pretty sure I
    got it."

Kakuju: "That's goog for now. Soon you will be able to
    completely control it. After you gain more experience and
    learn to use it efficiently, not only will you be able to
    use it when you fight, but you will also learn to use the
    many different powers of the Shikigami."

Kururugi: "Really?"

Kakuju: "Yes. Really. You should go now. I'm sure we'll meet

Kururugi: "Okay. Thank you Grandma Kakuju."

---Back at Kaede's village---

Kaede: "Oh, you've come back."

Kururugi: "We're back, Kaede."

Kaede: "So, did you find any cluse?"

Kururugi: "No, not really."

Shippo: "But, we learned how to use the power of Shikigami.
    Just as Inuyasha was about to get killed, he was saved
    with the Shikigami power."

Inuyasha: "Oh, shut up, Shippo!"

Kururugi: "No, it just freed everyone and that was all. I
    have so much more to learn, or I'll just slow everyone

Kaede: "Even if it takes time, don't push yourself too hard.
     Be Patient. I'm sure you're all very tired, so it's
     probably best if you go to bed now."

Shippo: "Yeah, I'm pretty tired."

Kagome: "I agree. Well, good night, Kaede."

Kururugi: (I didn't know what was going to happend, when I
    heard them say it was the Feudal era. But I've made some
    friends and I might be able to get through this.)

---At Kaede's Village---

Kimbei: "Hey you! Did you know you can get some really tasty
    cakes around here?"

Kururugi: "What a large person!"

Shippo: "He's just fat."

Kagome: "Shippo! Shhhhh!"

Kururugi: "Um, cakes? I don't know, I've only just arrived."

Kimbei: "I see. You don't know. Hmmmm. Hmmm? Hey, I've seen
    you before. Now where was it?

Kururugi: "Umm, I don't know you, but where did you see me?"

Kimbei: "Hmmm... where was it? Oh, yes! In Kasasagi Town!"

Kururugi: "But I don't know where that time is. This is the
    first time I've heard that name."

Kimbei: "No mistake. Kasasagi Town. That's where I saw
    you're face."

Kagome: "I'm getting tired just listening to him."

---In Kaede's house---

Kaede: "Well, well, Kimbei says he saw you before."

Kururugi: "Yes, he said he's seen me before. But I've never
been to Kasasagi Town."

Kaede: "He's definitely a bit of a gluttonous young man. But
    he's no liar."

Kururugi: "Hmm... I wonder where he's seen me..."

Kaede: "If it really bothers you, why don't you go to Kasasagi

Kagome: "I guess so. There isn't much to do around here anyway.
    And in the city we can hear stories about the shards of the
    Shikon Jewel."

Kururugi: "Are you talking about the sparkling crystals the
    demon spider had?"

Kagome: "Yes."

Kururugi: "But it's asking alot to have you come with me to
    Kasasagi Town."

Kagome: "Oh don't worry about it."

Kururugi: "But I don't want to slow you down."

Kagome: "Slow us down?"

Inuyasha: "What are you guys going on and on about! If we're
    gonna go to Kasasagi Town, we'd better get going."

Kururugi: "Are you saying you're going to come too, Inuyasha?"

Inuyasha: "Hey, don't get me wrong. It's only cause I'd do
    anything to find the shards of the Shikon Jewel."

Kururugi: "Thank you, Inuyasha."

---Upon entering Kasasagi Town---

Kagome: "This is Kasasagi Town. It's the biggest city around
    here and they sell pretty much everything you need for

Shippo: "Hey, do you think they sell any juice here."

Inuyasha: "Why would they sell something like that? There sure
    are alot of people here."

Kagome: "Yes. I think we should split up and ask around."

Inuyasha: "It'll get dark before we can ask everyone."

Kururugi: "So, we'll ask around and then meet back here?"

Kagome: "Right. The city is big, so be careful not to get lost."

---At the sign in Kasasagi---

Jinkichi: "Hey, I've seen you somewhere before."

Kururugi: "Me? Where?"

Jinkichi: "I've seen your face somewhere... Hey, it's the boy in
    the wanted poster!"

Kururugi: "That's not true!"

Jinkichi: "M'lord! M'lord! The boy on the wanted poster is here!"

Genkichi: "Get the kid!"

Jinkichi: "Don't let the kid get away."

Gonkuro: "You're the boy on the wanted poster. Come here."

Kururugi: "Stop it! Ouch! What are you doing?"

---At the Headman's house---

Headman: "Well, well, it's the boy from the wanted poster."

Kururugi: "W-wait a minute!"

Headman: "Huh? What is it?"

Kururugi: "I think you have me confused with someone else. I
    haven't done anything. Besides, I just came to this world."

Headman: "This world? What are you takling about?"

Kururugi: "Well... The fact I've done nothing that you can accuse
    me of."

Headman: "I don't know, but Kagura definitely wants us to catch

Kururugi: "Who is Kagura? I don't know who that is."

Headman: "You wouldn't know her. She's a messenger from the castle."

Kururugi: "Well then she's got me confused with someone else."

Headman: "Are you crazy? The messenger made a mistake? No way.
    Impossible! Stop your strange talk. And wait in jail untill
    Kagura arrives."

---After being put in Jail---

Gonkuro: "Behave yourself untill Kagura gets here."

Kururugi: "The village headman said something about Kagura. But
    then why did they capture me? And they put me in jail. I
    shouldn't waste my time complianing. I need to get out of here.
    But how? *** Look at the color of this wall. Is it Serentine
    rock? Oh flame burning bright! *BOOM* I did it! I've got to get
    back to Kagome quickly."

---Back at the meeting place---

Kagome: "Oh, great! You're here!"

Inuyasha: "Hey, are you okay?"

Kururugi: "Yes."

Shippo: "There are wanted posters of you everywhere. I was getting

Kururugi: "I know. Because of those posters I got caught by the
    village headman."

Kagome: "I thought so. Well I'm glad you made it back safely."

Shippo: "But I wonder why there's wanted posters of you?"

Kururugi: "I know. It seems someone named Kagura brought them

Inuyasha: "What? Kagura?!"

Shippo: "Kagura? Could it be that Kagura?"

Kururugi: "You konw her? They said she is a messenger from the

Kagome: "Yes. Do you remember the story about the shards of the
    Shikon Jewel?"

Kururugi: "The thing that makes demons stronger if they use it?"

Kagome: "Yes, that's right. There's and evil demon named Naraku,
    that can't wait for a chance to get his handas on the Shikon

Kururugi: "An evil demon?"

Shippo: "He likes to bully and hurt people. He's evil."

Inuyasha: "I've fought him many times, but he always escapes.
    He's the most evil demon of them all."

Kururugi: "I see."

Kagome: "And Kagura is Naraku's female incarnation."

Kururugi: "Female incarnation? Does that mean Kagura's bad too?"

Inuyasha: "She uses the wind and posseses the dead. She's disgusting."

Kururugi: "I see. But why is she looking for me?"

Kagome: "If they went as far as putting up wanted posters of you,
    maybe, it has something to do with you coming into this world."

Shippo: "I agree. It sounds like something Naraku would do."

Kururugi: "Well, since Kagura's on her way here, we might as well
    stick around."

Kururugi: "Yes. I want to find out what this is all about."

Inuyasha: "Okay, then let's go to the village headman's house."

---At Headman's entrance---

Kururugi: "I would like to see the Headman."

Sahei: "Hey, where have I seen you before? It can't be! You're the boy
    on the wanted poster."

Kururugi: "Oh no! They're gonna catch me agian."

Shippo: "Let's escape to the edge of the city for now."

---At edge of city---

Shippo: "Phew. That was close."

Inuyasha: "Gaaah. Why do I have to keep running away?"

Kagome: "Well, they're humans. It's not like you can fight them."

Inuyasha: "Yeah, you're right, but..."

Kagome: "Hmm. It doesn't seem like we'll be able to meet Kagura."

Shippo: "What to do?"

Kururugi: "Well, why don't you pretend to turn me in?"

Kagome: "What?"

Kururugi: "From what we've seen, if you say that you caught me, you can
    easily get into the headman's house."

Shippo: "I see! We pretend that we are from this city and say that we
    caught you and we'll be able to get in no problem!"

Kururugi: "Right."

Shippo: "That's pretty risky."

Kagome: "Yeah, and it could be dangerous, too."

Inuyasha: "It's pretty dangerous to take you right into his house."

Kururugi: "But..."

Inuyasha: "Wait a minute. Hey, Shippo, why don't you transform

Shippo: "What?!"

Kururugi: "Wait a second."

Inuyasha: "Even if they tie you up and put you in jail, you can still
    get out if you have to."

Shippo: "It seems I always get the worst end of the deal."

Kagome: "That's a great idea! Nobody can figure out Shippo's

Inuyasha: "There's no one else but you, Shippo, that can do this."

Shippo: "Really?"

Kagome: "Yes. Will you do it, please, Shippo?"

Shippo: "Alright! I'll do it!" *Transforms*

Kagome: "Wow, what a perfect transformation!"

Kururugi: "This is kinda weird."

Shippo: "R-really? Then no one will be able to see through my fox

Inuyasha: "Come this far and you're scared now?"

Shippo: "I'm not scared! Now, let's go!"

---At headmans entrance---

Kururugi: "Okay, Shippo. Good luck!"

Kagome: "Inuyasha, you should stay here for now."

Inuyasha: "Okay. But be sure to call me if anything happens."

Kururugi: "Kagome, why doesn't Inuyasha transform himself?"

Kagome: "Inuyasha can't do it as well."

Shippo: "He's just a half-demon."

Kururugi: "Hmmm."

Kagome: "Anyway, I think he would get caught if he tried to
    transform himself. It's better this way."

Kururugi: "I agree."

Genkicki: "This is the house of the village headman. What do you

Kagome: "I came to turn him in."

Genkichi: "Hm? I see. It's the boy on the wanted poster. Come
    inside. Wait over by the white sand."

Kagome: "That wasn't too difficult."

Kururugi: "Yes, I'm glad we got through smoothly."

Shippo: "It's all because of MY acting!"

Kagome: "Yes it is."

Kururugi: "You were great, Shippo! You had 'em tricked."

Shippo: "Oh yeah!"

---Inside the Headmans gates---

Kururugi: "Huh?"

Kagome: "What?"

Kururugi: "I hear a strange noise."

Kagome: "Oh! Saimyosho!!"

Kururugi: "Huh? What are Saimyosho?"

Kagome: "They're the Saimyosho that Naraku uses. If they're here,
    Kagura must be, too."

Shippo: "It's definitely Naraku's female incarnation, Kagura."

Kagome: "If the Saimyoso are here then we've probably already been
    found out."

Shippo: "Probably."

Kagome: "Aaahh!"

Shippo: "They found us out!"

Kururugi: "Oh, Inuyasha!"

Inuyasha: "I saw the Saimyosho fly by, so I came right away. It
    was exactly as I though. Bring it on!

---After the battle---

Kururugi: "Ah, what a relief. I didn't know what was going to happen."

Inuyasha: "That demon was no problem. But it's no good sticking around
    if the Saimyosho are here."

Kagome: "Yes. Both Naraku and Kagura can see what the Saimyosho can

Kururugi: "So, if the Saimyosho see us, that means Naraku and Kagura
    will know we're here?"

Kagome: "Yes. That's why I think Kagura already knows we are here."

Kururugi: "So, all we can do now is quickly get ourselves into the
    headman's house."

Kagome: "It's dangerous, but I guess that's our only option."

Inuyasha: "Here I come. You better get out of the way!"

Shippo: "Inuyasha looks pretty excited about this."

Kagome: "That's because he loves to fight."

Kururugi: "Is that the headman?"

Headman: "Help me."

Kururugi: "He really doesn't deserve our help, But something isn't

Shippo: "Oh! He's surrounded by demons."

Kururugi: "Hold on a minute. I'll help you."

---After saving the headman---

Headman: "Thank you so much. I don't deserve your kindness"

Kururugi: "Don't worry about that. But, what are you doing here?"

Headman: "I was tricked by that Kagura woman. I have no idea the
    castle's messenger was a demon."

Inuyasha: "Huh, Kagura. Where is she now?!"

Headman: "She's just ahead. She tried to feed me to the demons."

Inuyasha: "Just ahead, huh. Alright, let's go!"

Kururugi: "It's dangerous here, so you should hide."

---Inside the Headmans house---

Inuyasha: "I found you, Kagura. I knew it was you."

Kagura: "I thought I heard noises. It was you guys."

Kururugi: "So, you're Kagura. Why are you trying to capture me?"

Kagura: "So, you're the boy."

Kururugi: "Did you summon me into this world? If it was you,
    you'd better send me back."

Kagura: "Send you back? How interesting. Now why would I do
    something like that?"

Inuyasha: "You're pathetic as always. I'm gonna cut you to shreds.
    Got that?"

Kagura: "Go ahead! As always, you're such a mutt."

---After Defeating Kagura---

Kagura: "Damn! How could I let that happen?"

Inuyasha: "Are you ready to die, Kagura?"

Kagome: "Wait a minute, Inuyasha. We have to ask Kagura about the
    wanted posters."

Inuyasha: "Yeah, you're right. Huh! What was that?!"

Kururugi: "Aahhh!!"

Kagura: "Is that Shikigami? Utsugi?"

Kururugi: "Shikigami? It's like mine, but it's completely different
    in size."

Kagura: "Naraku has sent someone to help me. Don't expect any

Inuyasha: "Stop! You'll be sorry if you get in my way."

Kagome: "Be careful, Inuyasha. I don't think this is your typical

Inuyasha: "I don't care what it is. I'll destroy anything that gets
    in the way. Wind Scar!"

Utsugi: "You're wasting your time."

Inuyasha: "Damn it. It didn't work."

Shippo: "It was so easily repelled."

Utsugi: "Now it's my turn. Dance with my wave."

Inuyasha: "Ow!"

Kururugi: "Take it easy, Inuyasha. You're hurt."

Inuyasha: "It's only a small cut."

Utsugi: "Your wound... it's beautiful. It's like the setting sun."

Inuyasha: "What are you talking about?"

Kururugi: "Wow! Was that the power of the Shikigami? Who are you?"

Utsugi: "Are you the boy?"

Kururugi: "Huh. Me? What are you talking about?"

Inuyasha: "Damn it! Get out of the way."

Utsugi: "I see. Kagura, I've completed my mission. I'm leaving."

Kagura: "Fine."

Inuyasha: "Hey, wait!"

Kururugi: "I can't believe Utsugi would treat Inuyasha like a child.
    But I think he may know something."

Headman: "Oh! You defeated them!"

Inuyasha: "Are you blind? Can't you see they just ran away."

Kagome: "Don't be so cross. He's a victim too."

Headman: "Thank you for your understanding. I had no idea the
    messenger from the castle would be a demon. I am so sorry for
    what happened to you."

Kururugi: "That's okay. The evil ones are Utsugi and Kagura. Don't
    worry about it anymore."

Headman: "Oh! You are so forgiving. You are like Buddha."

Shippo: "I think that may be taking it a little too far."

Kagome: "Come on, you really are kind."

Kururugi: "Thanks, Kagome. That's nice of you."

Kagome: "... From what Utsugi and Kagura were saying, it seems
    there's a connection between Naraku and your being brought into
    this world."

Kururugi: "It's too bad I wasn't able to ask, even though they were
    right there."

Kagome: "Don't give up. I'm sure there will be another chance."

Shippo: "Yes. And I doubt Naraku will be leaving us alone."

Inuyasha: "Well, the next time I'll finish the job."

Kagome: "Well, let's get back to Kaede's Village for now."

Headman: "Everyone, please wait."

Inuyasha: "Hey, it's the headman. What do you want?"

Headman: "It's not much, but please take this. It's a token of my
    apology and thanks."

Kururugi: "Money?"

Shippo: "Wow! There's quite a bit here. We can buy lots of sweets

Kururugi: "But..."

Inuyasha: "It's okay. Take it."

Kagome: "It comes from good intentions. I think you should take it."

Kururugi: "Okay then, I will accept it. Thank you, Headman."

---Back at Kaede's Village---

Kagome: "Huh!"

Miroku: "Hey, Kagome!"

Kagome: "Miroku! Sango! You're back!"

Sango: "We just got back!"

Inuyasha: "That sure took you a while."

Miroku: "Don't say tha, Inuyasha. We went through a lot. Hey, who is

Kagome: "Oh yeah. This kid came from the present, like me."

Sango: "I see."

Kururugi: "Hello. Are these your friends, Kagome?"

Kagome: "Yes, this is Miroku and Sango. Miroku is a Monk that can
    use the power of the buddhist sutras and Sango is a Demon Slayer.
    Like us, they're trying to destroy Naraku."

Kururugi: "I see. Um, my name is (Insert Name Here). Nice to meet you."

Miroku: "Nice to meet you too."

Sango: "Nice to meet you too."

Shippo: "This kid doesn't look very strong, but he konw how to use the
    mysterious power of teh Shikigami."

Miroku: "..."

Kururugi: "Oh, it's nothing, really."

Inuyasha: "Did you find out where Naraku is?"

Miroku: "We didn't find out anything specific. But there are alot of
    strange things happening in the castle."

Kururugi: "What kinds of strange things?"

Miroku: "Are you interested too?"

Kururugi: "Yes. It seems Naraku has something to do with why I came
    into this world."

Kagome: "From what Kagura and Utsugi were talking about, I gather that
    that is definitely the case."

Miroku: "From what I heard, all the cows on the caslte grounds have
    dissapeared. And all the people who have gone to pay their taxes
    have never come back. There is definitely alot of strange things
    happening around the castle."

Sango: "A whole bunch of demons were seen heading toward the castle."

Inuyasha: "A bunch of demons, huh. This stinks of Naraku."

Kururugi: "Yes. So, where is the castle?"

Miroku: "From here it is best to go through Tsuzumi Village."

Kururugi: "Well, our first step is to get there then."

Miroku: "We just got back and we're off again already? Busy busy."

Kururugi: "I know you're both very tired. I'm sorry."

Miroku: "Thank you for being concerned about me. You're very kind."

Kaede: "What? You just got here and you are already leaving? Don't
    you want to rest a bit?"

Kagome: "It's probably best if we rest up first."

Kaede: "I think so too. Today you should take it easy and rest."

---After Interval Event---

Kaede: "It looks like you all had a good rest."

Kururugi: "Yes, and now we're all prepared. We should be on our way
    to Tsuzumi Village."

Kaede: "Good timing. I don't want to be adding to your baggage, but
    you should take this."

Kururugi: "A pair of old fashioned pants?"

Kaede: "It's going to be a long journey. So a change of clothes will
    come in handy."

Kagome: "Yes. We don't know what's ahead. It'll be best to take them."

Kururugi: "As long as it's old fashioned pants, I won't look funny
    wearing them either."

Kaede: "Now, be careful. Goodbye."

Kururugi: "Okay. Bye."

---At entrance of Forest to Tsuzumi---

Kakuju: "Oh, that's right. There was something I wanted to give you.
    That monk there should be able to help you make good use of it.
    Go on, show him."

Miroku: "Is it a talisman?"

Kakuju: "Aha. I added a little magic in there too. It will give you
    power when you fight together."

Miroku: "Thank you so much, Kakuju."

Kakuju: "You're welcome. I should get going. Bye for now!"

---Next Area---

Kururugi: "Can you chant, Miroku?"

Miroku: "Yes, I can."

Kururugi: "You can lead a funeral too?"

Miroku: "Of course. Otherwise I wouldn't be a monk."

Kururugi: "Wow, you're amazing. You're not much older than me, but
    you're a monk! Don't you think it's impressive, Sango?"

Sango: "Huh."

Kururugi: "Um, Sango... Maybe Sango doesn't like me."


                ---Interval Events---


First time Interval Event Intro:

Kagome: "Hey, Inuyasha. Should we take the day off today?"

Inuyasha: "The day off?"

Shippo: "What's up Kagome?"

Kagome: "Our friend must be exhausted sonce everything is so
    new. I thought we could take it easy today."

Shippo: "I see. You're so nice Kagome. I agree."

Myoga: "But, I don't think it's a good idea for us to split

Inuyasha: "Huh? Oh, it's Myoga."

Myoga: "It's been a while, Inuyasha. I agree with Kagome's
    last suggestion. There are demons around. We should make
    teams before we take off, just incase."

Kagome: "I agree with Myoga. We don't want to get into any

Shippo: "So, let's make teams of two and go about our day."

Kagome: "Agreed! What do you think Inuyasha?"

Inuyasha: "Well... Sure, why not?"

Kagome: "Really?! It's decided then. So, (Insert Name Here),
    Who do you want to travel with today?"

Regular Interval Intro:

Myoga: "How about it, Inuyasha? What do you think if we take
    the day off today?"

Inuyasha: "Huh! Take the day off?"

Miroku: "What do you mean?"

Myoga: "Like we did the other day, everyone can pair up with
    whoever they like."

Kagome: "Yeah, we need a little rest too. And we want to make
    sure that our friend has a good time with everyone."

Sango: "Hmmm. Sounds good."

Miroku: "That's great. You're kind and thoughtful, unlike

Inuyasha: "What did you say, Miroku?"

Myoga: "Take it easy. So, today is going to be our day off."

Kagome: "(Insert Name Here) So, who do you wanna travel with


Upon being chosen: 
Inuyasha: "I guess I'll go with you." "Hey, let's go."

IE #1
Kururugi: "Inuyasha, can you please help me?"

Inuyasha: "With what?"

Kururugi: "I'm looking for a certain herb. Can you help me
    find it with your nose? It has a peculiar smell, so you
    shouldn't have any problem finding it with your nose."

Inuyasha: "Is that right. What a pain in the butt. Fine, I'll
    help you."

---After searching in the woods---

Kururugi: "Can you find it?"

Inuyasha: "... Be patient. I can kind of smell it."

Kururugi: "Ha ha ha." (He's very serious about this.) "Huh? 
    Hey, wait a muinute... Um... actually... Inuyasha!"

Inuyasha: "Don't bother me. I said I'm looking for it!"

Kururugi: "I found it."

Inuyasha: "What?"

Kururugi: "Sorry, about that. Thank you though."

Inuyasha: "What a waste of time! Well, I'm glad you found
    it. But it doesn't really smell like much, from here."

Kururugi: "Yes, you have to squish it first. See?"

Inuyasha: "Let's see. Huh!!!"

Kururugi: "What's wrong?"

Inuyasha: "You fool! Get that away from me!"

Kururugi: "But it smells good."

Inuyasha: "It doesn't matter, just take it and go away. Now!"

IE #2
Kururugi: "Inuyasha, what are you gonna do today?"

Inuyasha: "There's been a lot of demons around here lately,
    I think I'll go check out the woods."

Kururugi: "You're gonna look for demons on our day off?"

Inuyasha: "Do the demons have a day off? Anyway, you've gotten
    pretty strong. You'll have no problem if one or two small
    demons show up."

Kururugi: "Okay, fine. I'll go with you."

---In the Woods---

Kururugi: (I hope we don't see any.) "Hey, Inuyasha?"

Inuyasha: "What?"

Kururugi: "You're half-demon, right?"

Inuyasha: "Why are you asking me that now?"

Kururugi: "Well because I'm not even a little bit scared of you."

Inuyasha: "Are you making fun of me?"

Myoga: "Yes. Inuyasha is the son of a great demon!"

Inuyasha: "You! You can't just appear like that! Well, it just
    turned out that I helped humans, but really..."

Myoga: "He's indebted to humans."

Inuyasha: "Grrrr! Shut your mouth!"

Myoga: "It's true, isn't it?"

Kururugi: "Ha ha ha ha ha." (But no matter what he says, he's nice
    to hang out with. Inuyasha really is nice.)

           ---*([{Kagome & Miroku}])*---
Miroku: "What a nice smell!"

Kagome: "Oh, Miroku. Do you mean this?"

Miroku: "What is that?"

Kagome: "It's soap. You wash your face and body with it."

Miroku: "Ahhh. That's why you always smell so good."

Kagome: "Hmmm..."

Miroku: "Kagome!"

Kagome: "Huh?"

Miroku: "I need to ask you a favor. Would you share some of that
    soap with me?"

Kagome: "Sure. But what for?"

Miroku: "Um..."

Kagome: (Maybe he's going to give it to Sango as a present.) "Sure,
    you can have it."

Miroku: "I'm very grateful."

Kagome: "Hi Sango! Didn't you see Miroku?"

Sango: "Yeah, he went runnign by."

Miroku: "Oh, beautiful village girl, would you kindly accept this

Okayo: "What a nice smell! What is it?"

Miroku: "It's called 'soap'. It will make you even more beautiful!"

Okayo: "Beautiful? Oh, I think my dad can really use this! Thank you
    so much, Miroku! Bye!"

Miroku: "Ahh... Thats not what I had in mind."

           ---*([{Kagome & Shippo}])*---
Kagome: "There's only one candy left. I feel like someone's
    watching me. Who is it? Oh! It's only Shippo! What's up?
    What are you looking at so intently?

Shippo: "..."

Kagome: "Oh, this candy. Here you go!"

Shippo: "I can have it?! That was delicious! Now I'll show
    you the transformation I've been practicing!"

*Transforms as Inuyasha runs up in front of her.*

Kagome: Huh? Inuyasha? Oh, Shippo, that was good! But he
    doesn't look that dopey. He's pretty sharp looking."

*Shippo pops up in his floaty bubble transformation.*

Kagome: "Huh?"

Inuyasha: "Thanks for saying I look dopey."

Kagome: "You're the real one?"

Shippo: "Inuyasha, do you think Kagome likes my art of

Inuyasha: "I don't really know, but probably not."

Shippo: "Too bad."


              ---Random Events---



            ---Mystery Feild Events---



              ---Kururugi Girl---


(After falling through the time slip)
Kururugi: "Where am I? Is this the forest?
    I was just in the warehouse. I must
    have fallen through a hole. Where's my
    house? I have to get ready for the
    festival. This is weird. I don't know
    this place. Where's my house? Father...
    Please answer me. Mom! Dad! Why won't
    you answer me? Where is everyone?

*Move to next place*

Kururugi: "No one's here. How could that be?
    That's right, my cell! I'll call the house
    with my cell phone." *Phone beeps* "... I
    can't get through!" *Phone beeps again* " I
    can't get through! Im outside but there's 
    no signal. That's weird."

*Move to next place*

Kururugi: "Oh, theres some people there. Maybe
    if I talk to them they can tell me where I
    am... Good. Then I can go home. Huh? Kimonos?
    Why are they wearing kimonos?


IYGC VIII.{{{{-----Glitches/ Cheats------}}}}


!*!If you find another glitch or have a 
correction for me look under the contact 
info section.

This is the one I warned about in the 
Techniques section under Shippo's Flee 
technique. Now this could have been 
the result of my PS2's overheating due 
to the 14 hours of this game I played 
straight one day... But... I've found
that when trying to use Shippo's Flee 
or just plain running from battle (if 
the escape is successful) sometimes the 
screen with go black. Your character will 
flash on the screen along with your
Tag-along and then the screen will go 
black. After about 20 seconds the area's 
music will start to play but the image 
will never show. If you try pressing 
buttons nothing happens. I had to reset 
my PS2 much to my dismay. This seems to
happen mostly in the castle...

If you beat the game and make a new file. When you first get
to Kaede's Village go aroung her house, to the next area, right
to the next one and next to a tree will be the save cat. He will
let you upgrade all your party members. They will relearn all the
abilities you had in the last file and will be leveled up,
rounded down to the nearest 10.

Here are some GameShark cheats submitted by:

 Ryan Murphy

!*! Keep in mind I have yet to test these as
 I have never owned a GameShark.

>>>>[Master Cheat(M)] Must Be On
 9800A4FF 78C999B1


 28912065 1CD1A03E

>>Character 1 Codes:


 1891547C 0CA5E485
 18915495 0CA5E485


 189154A0 0CA57A4F
EXP Pts.
 28915766 1CD1A03E
 1891548B 0CA5E485
 1891540B 0CA5E485
 18915468 0CA5E485
 18915480 0CA5E485
 189154D6 0CA5E485
 189154B8 0CA5E485
 1891546D 0CA5E485

>>Character 2 Codes:


 18913674 0CA5E485
 189136C2 0CA5E485


 1891361E 0CA57A4F
EXP Pts.
 28913666 1CD1A03E
 18913664 0CA5E485
 189136DB 0CA5E485
 1891368B 0CA5E485
 1891360B 0CA5E485
 189136F6 0CA5E485
 189136C7 0CA5E485
 18913615 0CA5E485

>>Character 3 Codes:


 1891CA76 0CA5E485
 1891CAD1 0CA5E485


 1891CAB6 0CA57A4F
EXP Pts.
 2891CA0A 1CD1A03E
 1891F372 0CA5E485
 1891F39D 0CA5E485
 1891CA64 0CA5E485
 1891CADB 0CA5E485
 1891CAE5 0CA5E485
 1891CA0D 0CA5E485
 1891CA9C 0CA5E485

>Have Item:

Medicinal Herb
 08916EB2 0CA57A4F
 08916E1F 0CA57A4F
Shaman Remedy
 08916E9A 0CA57A4F
Sage Remedy
 08916E54 0CA57A4F
Blessing Stone
 08916E13 0CA57A4F
 08916E48 0CA57A4F
Sacred Tree Leaf
 08916EB4 0CA57A4F
 08916E01 0CA57A4F


IYCP   IX.{{{{-----Copyright Info------}}}}


Copyright 2005 Gilberto Perez

This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any 
circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any 
web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission.
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display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

(c)Rumiko Takahashi/2000, 2004 Shogakukan, 
Yomiuri TV, SUNRISE Program (c) 2004 BANDAI.


IYCI X.{{{{-----Contact Info------}}}}


You can contact me on my AIM screename:

!*!If you IM me I may have an away message 
I may not. Try IMing my whether I have an 
away message or whatever. If I don't 
answer in ten minutes chances are I really 
am gone. Also so I know you are Iming me 
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Paste and Im me this to open conversation: 
"Hi, I have a question/comment 
about your wonderful InuYasha FAQ."

Or email me at either:
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---END FAQ---