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Follow the dark path or use the light

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown



by a_heavenly_body

 ___              _                ____    _____ _          
|_ _|___ ___     / \   __ _  ___  |___ \  |_   _| |__   ___ 
 | |/ __/ _ \   / _ \ / _` |/ _ \   __) |   | | | '_ \ / _ \
 | | (_|  __/  / ___ \ (_| |  __/  / __/    | | | | | |  __/
|___\___\___| /_/   \_\__, |\___| |_____|   |_| |_| |_|\___|
 __  __      _ _      _                         
|  \/  | ___| | |_ __| | _____      ___ __ ___  
| |\/| |/ _ \ | __/ _` |/ _ \ \ /\ / / '_ ` _ \ 
| |  | |  __/ | || (_| | (_) \ V  V /| | | | | |
|_|  |_|\___|_|\__\__,_|\___/ \_/\_/ |_| |_| |_|

Game     : Ice Age 2: The Meltdown
Platform : Play Station 2
Author   : a_heavenly_body
Version  : 0.2
FAQ Type : FAQ/Walkthrough
E-Mail   : [email protected]

Copyright 2006 a_heavenly_body


2-Copyright Notice
3-Version History
7-User Submitted Hints/Tips



Hello and welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for Ice Age 2: The Meltdown, the
game based on the movie of the same name. I hope you find the guide useful.


2-Copyright Notice

This document is copyright 2006 a_heavenly_body. It cant be altered reproduced
or published under any circumstances without my permission. The only websites
currently allowed to host it are
That's it. If I find it on any other website without my permission then the
web master will be in one heck of a trouble, as I will immediately take legal
action. If you spot it on an un-authorized website inform me via e-mail as
soon as you can (see contacts section). If you want it on your website then me
an e-mail asking permission and we will discuss things (see contacts section)


3-Version History

24 May 2006...Version 0.1....Started basics of the guide, sub-sections are
complete. Along with first 10 levels.

25 May 2006...Version 0.2.....Completed more levels.



SCRAT(squirrel) Controls:

On-Foot Controls:

Left Analog Stick......Navigation
Right Analog Stick.....Camera Rotation
X Button...............Jump
X + X..................Double Jump
X + X + SQUARE.......Stomp Attack
TRIANGLE Button........Action
SQUARE Button..........Attack
O Button...............Throw Pebbles
L1 Button..............Sniff hidden items
R1 Button..............Aim mode (for throwing pebbles)
R2 Button..............Spin Attack (When energy bar is filled)
X + R2.................Roll Attack (When energy bar is filled)
START Button...........Pause Menu

Swimming Controls:

Left Analog Stick.......Navigation
Right Analog Stick......Camera Rotation
X Button................Jump (While on the Water Surface)
TRIANGLE Button.........Dive Underwater
X Button................Swim (While underwater)
X + X....................Swim Faster (While Underwater)



I have listed the items available to you in this game.


A.Small Brown Nuts

These small brwon coloured nuts are found all over the place in every level
and grant you 1 nut point.


B.Big Green Nuts

These green coloured nuts are worth 5 nut points and also found commonly in
every level.


C.Big Golden Walnuts

These are found only in fixed nubmers depending upon the level and are usually
hidden. You have to collect a certain number of them to unlock new areas.


D.Yellow Flowers

Smash these flowers to get their petals. The petals restore your health.



These are various types of fruits, usually a little hidden and restore your
energy bar so that you can preform special attacks.


F.Closed Green Plants

Smash these plants to get either nuts or fruits.



These are small rocks you can collect for throwing at enemy animals. They are
found lying around. You can also hit clustered rocks to get them.



Before you start, remember to collect as many nuts as you can and read the
controls section to know what you have to do. Read as many signs as you can in
the game.


I.Waterpark 01

You start as the squirrel. Collect all the nuts nearby, then go towards the
sleeping animal on the path on your right. Go past it and double jump onto the
ledge. Then double jump onto another one and then another. Follow the path left
double jumping to collect the nuts on the ledge. Head right and go towards the
nut for a cut-scene. You now have to swim. Jump into the water and start
swimming using the analog stick. Press TRIANGLE to go underwater and keep
tapping X button to swim forward. You have an oxygen metre in the form of small
bubbles on your right hand side. Get to the surface of water before it runs
out. Swim through the hole and get to the surface fo water. Before going on
land, swim underwater in this water and collect the nuts. Then get on the
land, the one with the brown elephant. Collect all nuts.

Now go towards the land opposite to the one with the elephant, above the hole
which is underwater. Jump on the ledges and follow the path collecting all
nuts on the way. You will see a narrow opening near the sign at the end of
this path, press TRIANGLE to go through it. You will be in a new area, with a
sabretooth tiger.


II.Waterpark 02

Go forward and you should see a walnut underneath the sheet of ice near the
tiger. Press X + X + Triangle to do the stomp attack on the ice. Take the
walnut. Go towards the sign to the left of this walnut. Take the second walnut
here. There will be two nuts underneath sheets of ice in this area as well, do
the stomp attack on them. Now follow the path upwards collecting the nuts as
you go. At the end of this path, you will see a rough wall in front of you,
near the sign. Jump onto it and climb all the way up.

Collect the nuts and fall down. Ignore the rough wall infront of you follow
the path collecting all nuts you see, including a third walnut. You will
notice a small amount og water gushing through the dark blue ice patch in this
area, go to it and press TRAINGLE to be propelled to a new location. Collect
all nuts, go forward, jump onto another ledge and then another one. Collect
all nuts and fall down. After you had collected the third walnut, an small
opening must have been opened on the ground near a sign, go to it and squeeze
through it. You will be in a new area, with several angry animals.


III.Waterpark 03

Smash the ice-cubes nearby for the nuts, drop down, collect more nuts and drop
down again. The animals are very easy to distract, just attack them a couple
of times using the SQUARE button until they get dizzy, then jump onto the
ledge and collect all nuts. Go forward towards the sign and jump on the rough
wall nearby. Keep pressing the TRIANGLE button while climbing otherwise you
will fall down. Attack the enemy animal and before you cross the wooden bridge,
you can drop down in the water below for some extra nuts, but beware of the
fish. After that, jump up and cross the bridge.

You will see a yellow flower near the sign. Hit it to make its petals fly and
collect them if your health is low. Continue forward towards the tiger for a
cut-scene. Go forward for another one. You have to collect all the nuts in two
minutes. It is plenty of time if you know how, as soon as you see the tiger
turning around, press the X button to play dead. Stay down till he looks
around then press X to get up again. If he sees you, you will drop all the
nuts you collected. Avoid the bushes. Collect all the nuts in time for a

Go forward and drop down, hit the flower nearby for some nuts, go forward
and you will be attacked by bats, use your attacks to disable them. Continue
forward. Hit the plant for some nuts. You will feel a vibration in the ground.
Press the L1 button to see the scent of a hidden object. It is in the bush, so
go near it and press L1 again to get 1/4 walnuts. Continue forward. Take out
the small green enemy and climb up the slippery wall. Rapidly tap TRIANGLE
near the walnut buried in the ground to dig it out. 2/4 walnuts. Use the plant
if you need help. Go back towards the entrance again and this time go towards
the path on your right.

Follow the path, collecting the nuts and take out the green enemy. Jump up the
ledges and use your sniffing ability to see a walnut hidden in a bush. Take it
to make 3/4 walnuts. Now take out another green enemy and proceed along the
path. You will see a bear type animal in the cave. Ignore it and hit the plant
nearby for some fruit. Then dig the walnut out near the other sign. This makes
4/4 walnuts and a path is opened through the wall below. Go to it and enter it.


IV.Waterpark 04

Smash the rocks nearby and collect the pebbles. Go forward collecting the nuts
and use the O button to throw the pebbles at the enemy animals. You can also
attack them the normal way. Continue forward and enter the cave. You can use
R1 to aim and throw pebbles and certain items. Right now, press R1 and aim for
the roof, throw pebbes at the three plants and collect their droppings. Proceed
forward. Go past the elephant and you will see your path blocked by a rather
ugly creature.

Go towards it for a cut-scene. The bats have returned. Go towards the sign
near the elephant and press TRAINGLE for the Bat Cave Challenge. You have to
identify the bat with your nut. It is pretty easy, keep an eye on the bat with
your nut and press the X button on it with the arrow pointing at it. For me, it
was the middle bat, then the left most bat and then the middle bat again.
Cut-scene. Proceed forward along the path. You will be attacked by two blue
coloured animals, make them dizzy and continue forward collecting the nuts.

At the end of the path, there will be a white coloured animal, attack it and
then use your sniff on the lone bush towards the right to sniff out some fruit.
Continue forward. You will be attacked by bats so take them out as well. At
the end, near the sign, double jump onto the ledge to grab onto it. Then double
jump onto a high ledge, you will grab onto it, proceed collecting the nuts. By
now you should have collected 1000 nuts, if yes then you have unlocked a bonus

You will see a tortoise lying down. Go towards it and press the TRIANGLE button
to watch a cut-scene. Then hit it once for another cut-scene. DONT climb up
him yet. Hit him again and then climb up this ledge. Collect everything and
drop down the ledge nearby and go through the opening in the wall for a new


V.Waterpark 05

Go forward collecting the nuts and hit the white coloured animal a couple of
times to make him dizzy. Go forward onto the slippery ice and use the stomp
attack on the animal. Use the yellow flower on the snow patch if you need it
and continue forward. Dont up the ledges yet, instead continue forward on this
land taking out an enemy animal. Use your sniff out a fruit in a bush on the
right. Continue forward collecting all nuts and use your sniff again at the
end of the path for another fruit. Now backtrack and climb the ledge. Jump onto
another one and take out the enemy.

Continue and jump onto another ledge and then another one. Take out the blue
animal and climb the rough wall. Avoid the spider and drop onto the ledge.
Continue forward following the path and jump down onto a lower ledge. Follow
the path and at the end go through the opening in the wall. You will come out
of the other side. Go forward and you will get on the slippery ice, there are
gaps between the ledges so jump carefully. If you fall down, go up the rough
wall at the end of the path to climb back up. At the end of the path, read
the sign. Now climb the slippery wall right beside the sign.

Take out the blue animal and use the yellow flower if you need to. Follow the
path collecting the nuts on the way. Climb another slippery wall for a cut-
scene. You have to score 100 points and you have 20 tries to do so. Its very
easy, just aim the main arrow right in the middle of the penguins and keep the
swing metre right in the middle as well. If all goes well, you will have scored
100 points faster then you can say STRIKE. If you dont manage to do so in the
first try, then dont worry because you will get retries. Cut-scene.



You get control of Sid. You have to slide through as many flags as you can
while collecting as many nuts as possible. This is pretty easy in the start but
you have to be careful after the ice starts falling because each time you
crash with it you lose 100 points, you have to score 1000 points. After some
sliding you will be propelled in the air, if you push the correct buttons as
indicated on the lower part of screen, when they are INSIDE the small diamond
structure, you will gain points. Carefully slide again. You will then go
through a skeleton before being propelled in the air again. Use the correct
buttons and slide again. When you are the propelled in the air a third time,
the button combination becomes fast. So do carefully and slide again. Try not
to lose too many point. You only need a 1000. Cut-scene.


VII.Forest 01

You get control of Scrat again. You will see a vine swinging infront of you.
Ignore it for now and first jump on the ledges behind you and collect every
nut you see while avoiding the animals. Now go back and jump onto the vine,
swing forward and press X to let go. Follow the path down, collect all nuts and
jump on the leaves in the water. Jump/swim onto the other side. Go towards the
right hand side here and dig out a walnut to make it 1/3.

Now jump onto the leaves in the water again and get to the other side. Collect
all the nuts here and then go towards the right, jump onto the ledge and then
jump into the cave entrance. Read the sign. There will be a monkey throwing
stones at you, aim with R1 and throw 3 pebbles at him. There will be webbing
on the hole near the sign, jump on it and keep the X button pressed to reach
the high branch. Take the walnut to make it 2/3. Now climb the ledge nearby and
go through the opening in the wall.

Go forward for a cut-scene, then read the sign for the Forest Monkey Challenge.
You will be in first person aim mode. You have to hit 25 monkeys with pebbles
by pressing the O buttin in one minute. Roughly aim for the monkey and press O
to attack. This is a very easy challenge. Take the nut after you win to make it
3/3. Now go back through the opening and backtrack all the way through to the
tree right after the first waterfall blocking your path.

You will be on top of a branch. Jump onto the higher ones and then swing onto
the other side with the vine. Use your aim mode to take out the monkey above
you. Continue jumping on the other branches and use the vine to swing to the
other side and take out the monkey. Drop down onto the branch infront of you
and swing via the vine. Now double jump onto the ledge in front of you and go
through the narrow opening.


VIII.Forest 02

Collect ALL the nuts you can see in this area and then go towards the monkey
holding the walnut. Press TRIANGLE near him for a cut-scene. You now have to
collect the chicks. There are five of them, they are a little tricky to
catch, go near them and attack them once, then pick them up with the TRIANGLE
button and go IN the nest and throw them with the same button. Collect all five
which are wandering nearby. Cut-scene, now go towards the zip-line near the
nest and jump onto it.

Take out the insects you encounter and then go through the cave entrance near
the flower. Procced and you will start sliding. Avoid the rocks and collect the
nuts. Each rocks causes you the loss of 5 health points. Hit the flower at the
end take out the bats. Proceed. Collect all nuts you see and you will see a
creature similar to Sid on the right side. His name is Fructose, go near him
and press TRIANGLE for a cut-scene. Go get the fruit you saw in the cut-scene
and drop it near him. He is still hungry, so go to that tree and lure the
animal into charging at you, dodge at the last minute so that it hits the
tree for another fruit. Take it to Fructose. He is still hungry so repeat the
same tactic for another fruit and take it to Fructose for a cut-scene.

Now climb onto the ledge Fructose is standing on, you will notice 5 stone
markings here, stand on any one of them and press TRIANGLE for the Fart-o-
metre to come. There are five nests and 5 stone markings. Each nest requires
a different force of fart. Use trial and error  to get the right fart and take
all 5 walnuts. Now drop down and go towards the water, pass it and get on the
land. Take all nuts you find and go through the narrow opening.


IX.Forest 03

Collect all the nuts you see in this area including the one on the branches and
follow the path on the ground to where the elephant is standing. Press TRIANGLE
near it for a cut-scene. You have to climb the tree, go back to where the red
branches were and jump from one to the other until the next one is above your
jumping height. Right next to this branch will be a patch of rough climbable
wall, get on it and climb your way to the next branch. Here you will see a 
head sticking out of the tree, press TRAINGLE near it for a cut-scene. You
will see a network of branches on your left. Jump onto them one by one and
climb the rough wall at the end avoiding the spider.

Jump onto the next branch and then another one and then climb up the patch of
the tree. Get onto the rough climb-able patch on the wall and head right
avoiding the spider. Follow the path down. Follow the branches and drop down
onto the lower ledge when the path ends. Enter the cave near you and follow the
path. Drop down at the end of the path. Go forward for a cut-scene. You get
control of the tiger.

You have to hit Crash and Eddie 30 times in 2 minutes. There are five holes,
use the left analog stick to hit the brown coloured moles, every now and then
a skunk will pop out, ignore it. Hit them 30 times in 2 minutes for a cut-


X.Ice River

This may look a little complex at first but in actual it is very easy. Two
types of ice sheets are floating in the water, normal snowy ones and slippery
icy ones. Its best you avoid the icy ones. They are all going towards their
doom. Every now and then, a sheet of ice will be having a nut on it. You have
to collect 20 nuts while avoiding the cold water. Every time you hit the cold
water, you lose one health point. After you collect 10+ nuts, you will also be
attacked randomly by a big fish, avoid it as well. After you collect 20 nuts,
an ice sheet having a walnut will pop up, you have to reach it while avoiding
the cold water and the fish. Cut-scene after you do so.



You are inside the fish. Kill the two bacteria near you and follow the path
collecting the nuts. You will take a short slide forward, avoid the tooth.
Then climb up the fleshy ledge and follow the path killing bacteria and
collecting nuts until you reach a zip-line. Jump on it, slide forward and then
jump on another fleshy ledge. Kill the bacteria here and climb the fleshy web
nearby, with a spider on it. Avoid the spider and get to the other side. Kill
the bacteria, carefully cross this path and jump on the ledge. There should be
a zip-line here, use it.

Go forward and you will see a cut-scene. There are about eight eyes, they will
open at random. You hane unlimitied pebbles and you are in aim mode. You have
to hit 30 open eyes in one minute. The time-limit is a little bit tight, so
dont miss too much. Cut-scene.


XII.Mud Bog 01

Grab all the nuts you see and continue forward, red mud animals and continue.
Follow the path left and use your sniff to see a fruit hidden in the bush.
Take it and continue. You should see a little shower coming out of the ground
near the sign, ignore it for now and head right. Use your sniff to smell out
another fruit hidden in the bush. Collect everything here, including some nuts
above a ledge, reached by a second shower on your right. Now return to the
original shower read the sign.

Pick up the rock and use TRAINGLE to place it on one of the geysor holes. This
will make the shower go higher. Now get on that geysor and use it to get on
upper ledge, kill the mice here and collect another rock. Drop down and place
it on another geysor hole. Now use the shower to get on the tree branch. Use
aim to take out the monkey and get on the other branch. Take out another
monkey with aim and use the swinging vine to get onto another branch. Take
out another monkey. Get on the ledge, kill the mice and sniff the bush for a
fruit. Pick up the rock and backtrack all the way to the geysor holes and place
this rock on the third hole.

Now get on the shower and use it to get onto the ledge. Collect the nuts, kill
the mice and go through the cave opening. Slide down, kill the frog, collect
and go through the narrow opening in the corner.


XIII.Mud Bog 02

You have to bring the egg of the right colour back into the right nest. Start
by going forward a little, then left and jump onto the ledges and on the nest.
Pick up the blue coloured egg and jump down, go towards your starting point,
climb the ledge near the log, avoid the animals and drop the egg in the nest.
In this nest you will notice a green cloured egg, take it and move forward
along the wooden log, dont drop down. When you reach the end of the log, dont
go straight forward as their is a mother bird nearby, instead go around the
perch, toward the right of where the log ended and place the egg in the geysor

From here, jump forward onto a ledge and a nest having greem coloured eggs and
a golden coloured egg. Pick the golden egg, drop down, go forward and climb up
the log. DONT fall in the mud. There is a mother bird nearby, dont go up the
ledge, instead, go towards the left path and place the egg in the geysor hole
for a cut-scene. Go through the opening.


XIV.Mud Bog 03

Go talk to the pig type animal in the mud. This is a very simple test. Care-
fully look at the pattern in which the animals jump, note their pattern and
repeat the exact same pattern. You have to repeat five patterns correctly in
2:30 minutes to pass. Wait on the ledge for one of the animals to pop out right
beside you, jump on it to get to the other side, jump on the ledge and wait
for another animal to pop out. When it does, jump on its back to get to the
other side and jump on the ledge. If you fall in the mud, then go back to
where you started the test because there is no other way.

Deal with the enemy animals here and climb the slippery wall a little on your
right. Avoid the spider. When up, go left for a cut-scene. Talk to the pig.
Now attack it for a cut-scene. Now drop back down to the land and go to the
mud. Wait for a pig to come out and then jump onto its back. When you reach
the other end, jump onto the ledge and kill the red animal. From here, jump
onto another ledge and take care of the rats attacking you. Proceed, avoid
the duck, climb the slippery wall here for some nuts and drop down again. Go
to the end of this path and enter the narrow opening.


XV.Mud Bog 04

Proceed forward, take out the spiders with your stomp attack. Collect every
thing you see. When you reach the water, dont go in, instead jump onto the
spider web on your left and climb down to the other side. Take care of the
attacking spiders and go through the narrow opening at the end of this path.
You will come out through the other side. Continue forward and drop down the
ledge. There are 10-15 spiders here, you have to defeat them to proceed. Attack
them in any way to make them dizzy and then use your stomp attack on them to
finish them off. After that you will have to fight the queen spider. While you
are fighting her, you will also encounter normal spiders as well, so take them
out the usual way and concentrate your attention on the queen. You cannot take
out the queen with normal attacks.

You need to face her, she will lift here thorax exposing a little pink region
and will then charge at you, you have to throw a stone at the queen when she
exposes her pink region, then jump away as she will call more spiders. Take
them out and repeat the same process on the queen. Five stones should do the
trick. Jump ontot the belly of the spider to use it as a jumping pad. Keep the
X button pressed to gain height and then jump onto the ledge, go through the
narrow opening.

Ignore the spiders and continue forward collecting the nuts on the way. Use
the webbing in the floor as a jumping pad and get over the log, ignore the
spiders, take the nuts and continue forward. Again use the webbing in the
floor to climb onto the web, go up the ledge. Take out the spider and go
through the narrow space.


XVI.Mud Bog 05

Collect all the nuts you see. Read the signs to know about the deeo mud. Go
forward and jump onto solid land. A little ahead you will see a multi-coloured
bird. Aim and hit it a couple of times with your pebbles. When its dizzy, go
near it and press TRIANGLE to get on it. Press X to jump and hold onto it to
glide some distance. From you are standing, look left and jump glide to that
small piece of land, collect the nuts including a walnut to make it 1/4.
Jump-glide back to the place whre you got the bird. Now go back a little on
this path and look to the right to see a small piece of land. Jump-glide onto
the ledge and then onto another one and collect the walnut to make it 2/4.
Go back to the place where you got the bird.

Look ahead and jump onto the small piece if land, then onto the log and then to
the high ledge on your right. Follow the path and then jump onto another ledge
and then jump-glide onto the ledge in front of you. Dismount and pick up the
shiny rock. Drop down on your right and put the rock on the geysor hole. Use
the shower to get onto the ledge and take another walnut to make it 3/4. Follow
the path back to where the bird was and get on it again. Jump on the piece of
land, then onto the log and then on the ledge. Now go forward and jump onto the
next ledge and then jump-glide onto the ledge in front of you.

Look right and drop down on the land, head forward and you see another log a
little on your right. Get to it and then climb the ledge and then jump-glide
onto the ledge in front of you for the fourth walnut to make it 4/4. You will
have opened the narrow hole, so jump-glide towards it, dismount and then enter


XVII.Sloth Village 01

From your currect place, go around the whole place in every direction taking
all nuts on the way, you will notice webbing on the ground. Go to it and use
it as a jumping pad to get on the ledge. Jump onto another one and go towards
the two animals with the walnut. Talk to them for a cut-scene. You have to
beat that animal in a digging contest. There will be an arrow over the spot
which you have to dig, go to it quickly and tap TRIANGLE as fast as you can,
ignore the nut that comes out, after that go to the next arrow and keep
repeating until you win. Take the walnut. A narrow path will have opened inside
the cave near your staring point, go to it and enter the space.


XVIII.Sloth Vollage 02

Drop down the ledge, remember this place. Follow the path left and collect all
the nuts. Dive in the water and collect every nut underwater and return to the
place i told you to remember. Go through the tree log here to reach the other
side. Head left immendiately upon exit from log and talk to the purple coloured
Sid type creature. You have to throw different coloured stuff into the mouth of
the statue, first pick three red coloured things one by one and throw them into
the mouth of the statue, now pick two green coloured things and throw them in-
side the statue and finally throw one blue coloured thing in the statue.

Now go behind the statue and climb all the way up to the walnut to make it 1/4.
Drop down. Now go to the right of the statue and talk to the Sid type creature
heating the yellow coloured soup. He needs 4 chillies. Exactly behind this
creature, follow the path passing through some dark red coloured floor and go
right. Dig out the first chilli and take it to the creature. You need 3 more
chillies. Now go to the place where you got the first chilli, backtrack a
little and near one of the stone pillars will be another chilli, dig it out
and take it to the creature, two more to go.

Now go the place where you got the second chilli, you will see two other but
they will be useless after you dig them out, so go up the stone nearby and
jump onto the ledge. Use the vine to swing onto the other side and then dig
out the third chilli here. Take it to the cook creature. Only one left. Go
back to where you got the third chilli and go forward a little, here you will
see three chillies that need to be dug out, do of them will become useless
after you dig them, so take the last chilli and head back to the cook creature
for your reward. Grab the walnut to make it 3/4.

Now forom your currect position, head forward, facing slightly left and you
will see a big skeleton above a waterfall, carefully jump down on the ledge
near the waterfall and go up the climb-able wall here avoiding the spider.
Take the walnut to make it 3/4. Now for the final walnut. Go to area where you
dug out the second chilli and head left. Talk to the sad looking creature. You
need to scare all three baby birds back into their nest, which is easier said
then done. Hitting them wont have any effect, so you have to chase them into
their nests. All three are wandering nearby, so do your best to get them into
the nests and collect the fourth walnut to make it 4/4.

A path has been opened, so backtrack all the way through the log and jump up
onto the ledge and go through the narrow hole.


XIX.Sloth Village 03

Head left and take out the spider, climb onto the rough wall nearby avoiding
the spider on it. Follow the path left, taking out the spiders and jump onto
the zip-line. Go left and talk to the purple creature for a cut-scene. Now go
to the blue fire nearby and press TRAINGLE to light your tail on fire.Now Jump
onto the rough wall near the creature and follow the path. Collect the nuts
and go through the narrow space. You will come out through the other sid, get
onto the rough ball nearby and follow the path up and go through another
narrow space. Take out the spider and climb the rough wall nearby, on your

Drop down the ledge and climb onto another rough wall and go up. Go towards the
arrow for a cut-scene. Collect the walnut. Now go towards the stone on your
right and use the zip-line, just before you reach the end of the zip-line,
press jump to drop down. Head left and go through the narrow opening.


XX.Sloth Village 04


7-User Submitted Hints/Tips

This section is for all the useful hints/tips that you have sent me. You will
be given full credit.



1) How do you defeat the queen spider, i have tried everything?
Ans) You have to hit her with pebbles when she exposes her pink belly region
before charging at you. 5 stones should do the trick.



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