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Follow the dark path or use the light

Curtains Down

by pizllexam

Curtains Down Silent Assassin;

	No weapons are needed for this mission except for the sedative syringes and a RU-AP mine. Go into the Opera house and go to the left, there will be a guard in a room sitting on a chair. Walk up to the window and talk to the guard, he will give you a coat with an authentic WWII pistol to replace the replica that is being used in the opera. After you have the pistol, go to the bathroom to your right. Stand by the container and get a sedative syringe ready. Wait for the carpenter to start using the bathroom, sneak up behind him and hit him with the syringe, if you tap the fire button fast enough, he should fall fairly quick. Drag him to the container, take his clothes then dump him in the container before anyone comes into the bathroom. Walk out of the bathroom and go to the other side of the coat closet where you got the pistol, there are stairs going down into the basement. Once you get to the bottom of the stairs, go left past the carpenter painting and through the double doors. Turn right, go all the way to the end of the room to the door under the light. Pick the lock when no one is looking at you, follow those stairs down, go through the next door and there is a hallway there. Go to the first door on your right, follow those stairs up. You should be behind the stage where the actors rooms are. Go left, past the guard sitting down, the second door on the right is the targets dressing room, wait untill no one is around and go in. Place the real pistol down on the counter and hide in the closet until the actor comes in. He will practice for a while, then leave to use the restroom, leaving both the replica and real pistol sitting next to eachother. Grab the replica and leave the room, making sure no one is in the hallway to see you. Go left in the hallway and take your first right into the double doors. Go left and up the stairs to the catwalk. There is another carpenter up there, sedate him and throw him over the rail being carefull not to throw him onto the stage or this method will not work. Walk around to the side of the catwalk with the door, along the rail you should have the option of placing a bomb on the lighting fixture. Do it. Walk back down the stairs, out and to the left in the hallway. After you pass the guards chair, to the left should be another door for a stairway going up to the 2nd floor. Once up there follow the hallway to the end, go through the double doors and go to the left, on the dest by the cabinet should be a key for the lighting control room. Grab the key and go back down to the 1st floor, behind the stage. Work your way back to the lobby of the opera house where you got the pistol. Go up the main staircase and go either left or right. You should see a staircase in the walls, go up them. In the middle of the hallway there is a room requiring a keycard to enter, that is the lighting control room, go in. At somepoint in your adventures the opera scene should have happened, killing one of your targets. The other target should be standing by the already dead target, use your binoculars to verify. After you have verified he is there, grab the detonator and push the button, the lighting fixture should fall on him killing him. After that is done, go back down into the bathroom, get your suit and escape.