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Follow the dark path or use the light

Accident/Silent Assassin Walkthrough

by Spiritus_Sancti


				-Hitman: Blood Money-

	Table of Contents
1. Introduction

2. Missions
	Vintage Year
	Curtains Down
	A New Life
	The Murder of Crows
	You Better Watch Out...
	Death on the Mississippi
	Till Death Do Us Part
	House of Cards
	A Dance with the Devil
	Amendment XXV	

3. Copyright

4. Contact Info

5. Version History

				1. Introduction

This guide will explain how to complete levels as fast as possible, 
while only killing the targets with accidents, and obtaining Silent 
Assassin rankings. 

There are a few things to keep in mind when using this FAQ:

1.) Save often.
2.) I suggest doing all these on easy so you'll have infinite saves to use
until you can get the timing down right.
3.) Always bring the baller, or other pistol, unless noted not too.
4.) Any time I instruct you to throw a coin to distract someone, it's a good
idea to save, since the person you're attempting to distract may not turn the
desired direction.
5.) Save before trying to push someone down the stairs.

			          2. Missions

Vintage Year		2 Accidents		Estimated Completion Time: 2:50	
1.) As soon as the level starts get out a coin. 

2.) Now run through the gate heading into the little party. 

3.) As soon as you enter you should see a guard to the left walking towards the
wine cellar. Drop the coin behind  him so that he turns away and isnít looking 
at the cellar door. 
[Note: at no point should you stop running, or else it will mess up the timing]

4.) Enter the wine cellar, turn right, and push Manuel down the stairs that he 
will be descending.
[Note: Be careful not to get to close to the guard at the railing, or he will 
turn and see you push Manuel]

5.) Turn and exit the cellar. Once out go left, and enter the little utility 
area through the double doors.

6.) Climb up the boxes and jump over the wall. 
[Note: You should be getting the confirmation of Manuelís death about now]

7.) Now run along the south wall to avoid waking the sleeping guard.  As you 
run toward the main house, a VIP guard should be heading into the house through
a side door. Pull out your Baller, follow him into the building, and knock him 

8.) Now head towards the kitchen on the opposite side of the house. Exit the 
house through the kitchen door into the courtyard. On your left is a drain 
pipe. When no one is looking climb up it. 
[Note: If you get seen, itís the guy patrolling behind the garage. Wait a few 
seconds before you climb up]

9.) Once up the drain pipe enter the window and wait for Don Fernando Delgado 
to start playing his cello. Sedate him, then toss him off the balcony. 

10.) Now exit the same window you came in. Once on the roof, drop off the south
side of the house, and run down the make shift ramp down to the hangar. 

11.) Run along the wall to your left past the worker. Keep going and knock out 
the guard smoking. 

12.) Make a dash for the plane and escape.
[Note: You need to go quick, there is a worker coming down the elevator, 
so donít stop running.]

Curtains Down		2 Accidents		Estimated Completion Time: 2:55	
1.) As soon as the level starts run through the glass entrance doors. Once 
through pull out a coin. 

2.) Run down the stairs to your right and head straight to where the worker is 
painting the door. As your run towards him, drop a coin by the cop closest too 
him. You want to drop the coin the cop turns and walks away from the painter.

3.) Once you pass the cop is far enough away, pull out your baller, sneak up 
behind the painter and human shield him. Walk him into the doorway leading 
downstairs and knock him out. Take his clothes and head to the backstage area. 

4.) Once backstage, run up the stairs, and plant a bomb on the light rig and 
the chandelier winch. 
[Note: Make sure you put the first bomb on the light rig.]

5.) Go back to where your suit it. On your way back up the stairs detonate the 
first bomb, which will kill DíAlvade. Now change back into your suit and step 
into the theatre. 

6.) Delahunt will come running down to check on DíAlvade. Delahunt will trip 
halfway down the main aisle on his way to the stage. You need to time it so 
that the chandelier is falling on him as he trips. Otherwise youíll end up 
killing some of his guards too. If you time it right only Delahunt will get 

7.) All thatís left is too run out the front door and escape.

Flateline		2 Accidents		Estimated Completion Time: 8:30	
1.) Run up the winding path to the main building. Run up the western most set 
of stairs and pick the lock on the door that is too the left of the drain pipe.
 Once in, pick the door that will be right in front of you.

2.) Once through take an immediate right and run up the stairs and break the 
fuse. Hide behind the door to the east. When the guard comes out to check the 
fuse, sedate him, take his clothes, and dump his body in the dumpster. 

3.) Run through the office the guard came out of and head up to the west end of
 the second floor. Once up here, enter the first room on your right. Run 
through the room and onto the balcony and enter the room next door. Rig the 
cooking equipment and backtrack down to the first floor. 

4.) Follow Rudy into the spa area. Once he enters, close the door and sneak 
behind him. Push him into the Jacuzzi once he goes to sit down. 

5.) Now quickly run out and across the hall to the gym area. Carmine should be
lifting weights. Walk behind the weight bench and drop the weights on him when
he tries to put the bar up. 

6.) Now head back to the office you lured the guard out of. Take the security 
tape and the keycard. Use the card to get through both sets of security doors. 

7.) Once through, run straight ahead to the office and jump through the window. 
Sedate the orderly sitting down. Drag him to the bin, take his clothes and his 
key and toss him in. Do this quickly before the other orderly comes in from his 
smoke break. 

8.) Now head down the stairs and enter the room to your left. Talk to the agent,
 then sedate him. 

9.) Now go back through the two security doors and head out to where you knocked
 out the security guard. Put your suit back on and go through the two doors you 
picked and go wait outside the morgue. 

10.) Wait here a few until the orderly drops off the agents body. When the 
orderly steps out of the morgue, walk in and close the door. Revive the agent 
and escape.

A New Life		1 Accidents		Estimated Completion Time: 2:15	
1.) Run straight to the catering van and grab the donuts as soon as the caterer
turns around. 

2.) Now stand in front of the catering van, drop the donuts, and sedate them. 
Pick up the donuts, and run across the street and set them down behind the 
surveillance van when you get the option. 

3.) Now run up the left side of the garage. Donít worry about being caught on 
CCTV, the guard watching that camera will be picking up the donuts. Now run 
through the door by the trash, it should be open still from the guard who just 
went in. Be careful not to get too close to the guard or he'll turn and see

4.) Run straight through into the kitchen, and head up the stairs. You should
have the cut scene of the agents passing out in the truck playing. Wait at the
top of the stairs for a very brief second, because if you are too fast, Vinnie
will see you as he makes his way to his computer room. 

5.) Once Vinnie enters the computer room. Run up and knock out the agent
gaurding the door. Quickly enter the daughters room, the room across from
Vinnie's computer room, and knock out the agent inside.

6.) Run into the computer room and take Vinnie as a shield. Walk him over to 
the kitchen stairs and toss him down. Make sure you toss him straight down the
middle of the stairs. It's very important that he slides all the way down and
the guard finds him.

7.) Stay on the second floor and head to the main spiral staircase. In a few
moments a guard will pass through on his way to the kitchen. As he does, sneak
down and enter the door under the staircs that he came out of.

8.) Once through the door turn left. You should see the wife heading towards
the bathroom. Run up and take her as a shield, walk her into the bedroom and
knock her out. Pick up the necklace.

9.) Now run through the bedroom into the dining room, through the room with the
front door, and into the living room with the large TV.

10.) Enter the door leading into the kitchen and take a left into the garage.
As long as you were quick enough the guard should still be outside and not in
here. Once inside the garage, take another left, and open the garage door.

11.) Run down the driveway and into the surveillance van. Take the tape.

12.) Exit the van and head to the gates and escape.

The Murder of Crows	3 Accidents	        Estimated Completion Time: 9:05	
[Note: This method only works if Raymond is above the south bar. If heís not 
there, just restart.]

1.) Follow the bird with the suitcase into the alley he goes into. 9 out of 10 
times heíll go to the alley where heíll stop to take a leak on the dumpster. 
This is the one you want him to go to. When he approaches the dumpster, shove 
him. Heíll fall and smack his head and get knocked out. Take his suit and his 

2.) Now run to the Northwest area of the map. There will be a building with a 
yellow bird standing guard at the front door. To the east of the front door is 
an alley. Run down that alley. 

3.) Standing at the side entrance should be another person in a bird costume. 
Wait by them and when they go into the building follow them and knock them out. 

4.) Now make your way into the main room, and go up the spiral staircase. 
There is a door at the top, wait next to it. Another guard in a bird costume 
will come out through this door. Close the door behind them, and knock them 

5.) Head through the door you hid next too, where inside youíll find Mark. 
Set the briefcase on the table. This will cause Mark to get up and walk toward 
the balcony. As heís walking, take him as a shield and walk him to the top of 
the spiral staircase where you knocked the guard out at. Once there, knock 
Mark out and toss him over the railing. 

6.) Run back into the office, grab the walkie talkie and the briefcase. Run 
back down the spiral staircase and out the back door. 

7.) Head into the alley just south of you. Climb up the crates and run across 
the thin ledge. If you hit this ledge at the right angle you will run across 
it instead of slowly creep across it. Itís important that you do this. Once 
across keep going and rig the piano winch. Backtrack and drop down off the 

8.) Now head to the alley behind the south bar where Raymond is at. Back here 
will be a drunk heading towards the wall to piss, and a waiter throwing away 
trash. Hurry up and sedate the waiter as he throws away the garbage. Once heís 
down run over and sedate the drunk as heís taking a leak. You can leave the 
bodies and the briefcase, you should auto drop the briefcase when you sedate 
the waiter, where they are at, as no one else will come down this alley. 

9.) Take the waiters close and enter the bars back door. Run through and go up 
to the second floor where you will encounter two people making out. When they 
see you, they will head down to the first floor. Once they arenít looking, 
pick the lock, run in, and knock out Raymond.

10.) Around this time Angelina should be under, or almost under the piano. 
Leave Raymond where he is and run down the stairs and out the front door of the
bar. Run as fast as you can mashing the detonator until you are close enough 
for it to go off. So long as you were quick up to this point, youíll get the 
confirmation of Angelinaís death. 

11.) Now run back into the bar and go upstairs to Raymondís body. Drag him out 
to where the two people were kissing and throw him over the railing. 

12.) Head down and back into the alley where you left the briefcase, pick it 
up and head to the alley you left your suit in. Get your suit back, and escape.

You Better Watch OutÖ	2 Accidents	  Estimated Completion Time: 4:55(4:00)	
1.) Run straight to the elevator. Make sure to run behind the guards back to 
avoid being caught on the CCTV. Go to the party floor. 

2.) Head to the bar and talk to the bartender. Heíll place some aphrodisiac on 
the bar. Pick it up and put it in the glass to your right. 

3.) Now head outside and past both the Jacuzzis. Enter the door into the 
restricted area. Make a right and go into the waterfall. 

4.) When no civilians are watching, sedate the photographer, drag him into the 
waterfall, and take his clothes. 

5.) Run out of the waterfall in the direction the photographer was looking. 
Take your first right, go through the door the two agents are guarding and 
enter the elevator. Go to the studio floor. 

6.) Once the elevator doors open, take a left and enter the studio. Once in, 
go right and quickly climb the ladder to get onto the metal catwalk. Place the 
bomb on the light rig and wait up here for Lorne to come in.

7.) Here comes the tricky part. Once Lorne is next to the cemetery set, throw 
a coin at the set where the shoot is taking place to cause all those at the 
photo shoot to walk away from under the lights. They will all wander away as 
Lorne stops under the lights. 
[Note: It will take some practice to know where to throw the coin. Also, make 
sure Lorne doesnít see you throw it.]

8.) Once he starts to smoke, blow the bomb to drop the rig on him. You should 
detonate the bomb as you are running back to the ladder. Donít climb down, 
just fall. 

9.) Go into the room by the ladder, and steal the tape when no one is looking.

10.) Head back to the elevator and back down to the party floor. Head through 
the waterfall again and back to the Jacuzzi area. 

11.) Now, depending on the NPC layout at the start of the level, is what will 
determine what you do next. 	
	A.) If when you get to the door that exits to 
the Jacuzzi area, and Chad is about to enter the restricted area, drop a coin 
so only he will hear it. This will give you room to work, as the girl will    
keep on walking off. Once Chad stops looking around, heíll go back on his way. 
When he is heading to the door, human shield him, spin around, and shove him 
into the Jacuzzi. 
	B.) If Chad is still sitting in his Jacuzzi, he should be about ready to 
get up to head off to the restricted area. The girl will get up first. Drop a 
coin to distract her, but make sure it doesnít distract Chad. This will give
Chad a head start. Stay by the girl, when she stops looking around, drop 
another coin to distract her again. Now look around, if anyone is heading 
towards Chad, drop a coin to stop them. Now, when Chad gets to the door to 
the restricted area, human shield him, and toss him in the Jacuzzi. 

12.) No matter which way you killed Chad, head back to the waterfall and get 
your suit. Now head back down to the pier the way you came up. Again, make 
sure to run behind the guards to not get caught on CCTV. Head to the yacht,
 and make your escape.

Death on the Mississippi	7 Accidents	Estimated Completion Time: 6:45
1.) Run up the stairs and head into the cabin area of the boat. Run down the 
hall, past the gator member, through the second set of double doors. There will 
be a worker in white to your right. Knock him out, take his guard, and drag him 
into the room he is standing in front of.

2.) Pick up the VIP pass, and take the suit.

3.) Now head back through the first set up double doors you came through. Turn
left into the hallway intersecting the one your in. In the second room on your
right will be a woman. Use your keycard, enter the room and knock her out.
[Note: This may seem pointless, but she'll be in your way later.]

4.) Head up to the dining area of the boat. Enter the VIP area and enter the 
single door on the right. In the room are two men playing cards. Drop a coin 
to get them to stand up and turn around. Once they aren't watching, pick the
lock on the door, go in, and put on the first class purser suit.

5.) Run through the little kitchen and head towards the stairs leading up to
the gator area of ship. On your way will be a gator member. Run up behind him
and take him as a shield. Walk up to the railing and shove him. You should be
close enough where you will flip him over the railing.

6.) Now head up the stairs. At the top will be a gator member to your left,
and one to your right who is guarding the main entrance. Run towards the one
to your left and drop a coin a few seconds before you pass him. This will cause
him to start his patrol sooner. 

7.) Now run up the left side of the main cabin where a civilian will be
standing. Go behind him and syringe him. You should get the quick syringe
animation on him. Once he's down, pick the lock on the door he's by, but don't
go in.

8.) The guard you dropped the coin by should be heading into the main cabin.
Run back to the front of the cabin and knock the guard out standing at the

9.) Quickly run to where you knocked out the civilian and picked the lock. 
Skip Mulddon will be standing out here now. Run up behind him, take him as a
shield, walk up to the railing, and shove him. Again, you should flip him over
the railing.

10.) Run back to the main entrance, and enter. A gator member should be
entering the bathroom now. Sneak in behind him and knock him out. Head outside
and toss the gator that was guarding the door over the near railing.

11.) Run back into the main entrance, through the dining area, through Skips
room, and enter the room with the safe. Take the pictures, and exit through the
door you picked. The last gator member up here should now be standing at the
railing you through Skip over. Shove him over.

12.) Now head back to the bathroom, grab the gator member, and throw him over
the railing with the gator that was guarding the front door.
[Note: If you were too slow, the purser bringing the hamburgers up will see 

13.) Go back to the stairs leading down from the gator deck. Take the left set
down. You should pass the purser bringing up the burgers. Enter the door, and 
go down the stairs to your left leading down to the cabin area. Enter the room
you dragged the worker into and get your suit back. Now head through the double
doors and turn left at the intersection again. Go straight and exit the door
leading outside. Shove the gator member over the railing who should be out here
having a smoke.
[Note: This is where the woman you knocked out would be a problem.]

14.) Head back into the cabin area and take a left. Go through the doors, and
go outside. Go down the stairs. This is where you started the level off at. Now
enter the engine room through the locked door.

15.) Once in, go right and hide by the engine. Once the gator member starts to
walk away, shove the worker shoveling coal. He should fall, smack his head, and
get knocked out. Now quickly knock out the gator member. Drag him to the
engine, and throw him into the fire.

16.) Now head to the exit point by running through the engine room. Use the
left path and knock out the patrolling guard. Once he's out, run to the life
boat and escape.

Till Death Do Us Part		2 Accidents	 Estimate Completion Time: 2:25
1.) Run straight to the main entrance of the main building. Drop a coin next to
each of the two guards to make them turn away from the front door. Once they 
turn away, run in.

2.) once in the house. Stand next to the locked door to the left of the stairs.
When the groom passes you buy, and the patrolling guard upstairs can't see you,
pick the lock, but don't go in yet. Stand in the doorway and wait for the guard
in here to walk away from you. Run up, take him as a shield. Walk him into the 
little bathroom by the spiral staircase and knock him out.

3.) Run up the two sets of spiral staircases to the attic. Rig the winch on the

4.) Stand at the top of the staircase leading to the attic. Turn the camera so 
you can see down the stairs. Once you see LeBlanc start to head down the second
set of stairs, run up behind him, take him as a shield, and throw him down the

5.) Exit the house the same way you entered. Once outside, stand by the guests
who are beating up on each other. This is about the range limit of your bomb.
Watch your map for when the Groom stops at the piano. When he does, detonate
the bomb.

6.) Run back to where you started the level, and escape.

A House of Cards		3 Accidents    Estimated Completion Time: 10:10
1.) Head to the check-in desk and get your key card.

2.) Head to the bathrooms on the casino floor. Go into the men's room and pick
the lock leading into the staff room. Wait here a moment for a worker to come
in. When the worker turns to leave knock him out and take his clothes.

3.) Now go to the elevators and enter the left one. The scientist will enter
shortly. Once the doors close and the elevator starts moving, take him as a 
shield. Now turn towards the elevator doors and press your self into the corner
to the right. While you wait for the elevator to get to the 8th floor select
lobby. When the doors open, so long as you are pressed into the corner, the
cop won't see you.

4.) After a second the doors will close and you'll be going down to the lobby.
Move to the left of the elevator and press your back against the elevator 
doors. Take a little step forward, then shove the scientist. If done right,
he'll fall down, smack his head, and die. This will count as an accident.

5.) Take the scientist's key card, and the payment briefcase. You should be at
the lobby now. Exit this elevator and enter the other one. Go to the 7th floor.

6.) As you're on your way up, drop the payment case in the elevator. Once the
doors open. Watch the two cops. One will stay at the elevators, the other will
go on a little patrol. When the patrolling guard rounds the corner, knock out
the stationary guard. Drag his body around the west side of the elevators, and
into the staff room. Wait for the other cop to pass the staff room on his
patrol. When he does, knock him out and put him in here too.

7.) Head back to the elevators. Call the one with the scientist's body to the 
7th floor, and then get into the other one. Ride this one down to the lobby.
Schmutz should enter this elevator soon. When he enters and it starts moving, 
take him as a shield, and select lobby. Once the elevator starts going down, 
again, put your back to the elevator doors and shove him. He will die if done 

8.) Take the this elevator back up to the 7th floor. Once there, drag Schmutz
into the elevator that the scientist is in, it should be at the 7th floor by

9.) Head up to the 8th floor now. The sheikh should be heading to his position
near the casino bar. Head to the west end of this floor. Check your map, once
the sheikh is about to his spot, pull the fire alarm and enter the north 
western room. You have to be quick, as you need to run in as the guards are
evacuating. Once in, go into the bedroom and use the cell phone to call the
sheikh. You'll see him answer his phone.

10.) Exit the room and head back to the elevator. Go down to the lobby. On your
way down put the baller in the payment case which should still be in the
elevator. Once at the lobby, head to the sheikh's area and get frisked. Once
frisked, enter the stall type thing right in front of you. Pull out a coin and
throw it up over the wall to make the guard watching the exit door turn around.
Once he turns, go through the double doors.

11.) If you were quick enough, you should get to the top of the second 
staircase before the sheikh has gone down any stairs. When he gets to the top
of the stairs, shove him down. Pick the case back up and run down the stairs 
and back through the double doors.

12.) Head back to the bathroom area and get your suit back. You should get the
confirmation of the sheikhs death on your way.

13.) Once you got your suit back, head to the exit point with the case and

A Dance With the Devil		4 Accidents    Estimated Completion Time: 15:10
[Note: The time to complete this level can vary depending on the
starting location of some NPC's.]

1.) Walk into the building, talk to the guard. Follow him into the second staff
room and knock him out. Drop your baller, and take his clothes.

2.) Head back out the front door, and go into the little security shack at the
entrance to the garage. Walk in and take the tape.

3.) Go down into the garage and get the heaven guest suit at the back of the
truck near the puking guest. Now go to the right elevator, get frisked, then
head up to the top floor.

4.) Once you reach the top floor, a guest and a guard will head into the party
room. A second guard will open the double doors to your right and stand there.
Sedate this guard, then drag him into the room with the information. Take his
gun and his clothes.

5.) Grab the information from the laptop, then go back to the room with the
elevator. Wait here a few moments. A guard will come in shortly. When he does,
make sure the doors to the party room are closed, then knock him out and drag 
him into the elevator.

6.) Pull out a coin and head into the party room. Eve should be onstage singing
right now. Stand behind the group of people near the stage watching her and
raise your arm to throw the coin. She will stop singing and stare at you. Now
throw the coin onto the stage behind her to make sure none of the guests you
are standing behind hear it hit the ground.

7.) Now run back to the room you got the information from. Watch your map, eve
will slowly walk off stage. Once she gets to the entrance into the party room
from the stage, run out, then back into the information room. This should cause
her to come running. Quickly head into the elevator room. Let her see you in
here. She'll stop, talk to you, then slowly walk to the information room. Make
sure the party doors are closed, then sedate and throw her over the
railing next too the elevator.

8.) Now wait in the elevator room for the CIA Agent. While you are waiting
here, a guest will come out and stand near the elevator to have a smoke. When
he does, knock him out and drag him into the elevator with the guard.

9.) After a short wait, the CIA Agent will come into the elevator room. Close
the party doors after he walks through, then take him as a shield. Open the
elevator doors and get in. Select the garage and start going down. While the
elevator is moving down, push the CIA Agent so that he falls into one of the
walls of the elevator. If done right, he will die and it will count as an 
[Note: You don't want to throw the CIA Agent over the railing, because once
you take his clothes and throw him over, his body will sometimes end up in the
garage somehow. If this happens the guards will find him and your cover will be
blown. It is also faster to off him in the elevator.]

10.) As soon as you can, take the CIA Agent's clothes and get into the other
elevator. Head down to the basement.

11.) Once in the basement, head into the restricted are with the pyro machine
and rig it. Vaana's location is random, so sometimes she'll be doing her show
as you get down here, other times she'll be on the dance floor.

12.) Now, you have to knock out all the guards in this back area. Knock the one
out that goes into the freezer room. Go to the projector room, knock the guard
out who's standing outside, then drag him in.

13.) Now go back to the room with the pyro machine. There should be two guards
over here now. When the one stops in front of the pyro machine, they are far
enough apart to knock out. So now quickly knock out the one standing by the
entrance to the pyro machine room, then run over and knock the one out standing
by it. Drag both of their bodies behind the crates directly in front of the
double doors you came through to get back here.
[Note: Depending on where Vaana started, knocking these guards out may take
a little longer.]

14.) Now that you have all the guards out of the way, Vaana should have roasted
while you were busy knocking out guards, time for the tricky part. Grab an MP5
from the guard office, then stand in front of the double doors that will lead
back into the party area. SAVE!! This part can be extremely frustrating. You
need to hold the MP5, and open the doors so only Maynard John sees you. This
will take you a number of tries to get right. Once you manage to get only him
to see you, he'll start running your way. SAVE!!

15.) Now run onto the metal catwalk that Vaana got roasted on. Maynard will
come into the pyro machine room and look around. Watch him on your map. As soon
as he turns away from the catwalk door, run up on him and knock him out, push
him into something, or straight up beat him down. As long as he doesn't fire a
shot at you and alert the guards, it doesn't matter. Once he's knocked out,
drag him to the railing by the pyro machine and throw him over.

16.) Now all that's left is to escape. Use the staircase in the restricted
area to get back to the garage. Run back to the staff room where you knocked
out the guard. Get your suit and your baller back.

17.) Now carefully make your way to the van, making sure to avoid the cops,
and escape.

Amendment XXV		2 Accidents		Silent Assassin	
[Note: Don't bring any weapons for this mission.]

1.) Run through the metal detectors and into the bathroom. Sedate the employee
that's in here. Take his clothes.

2.) Exit the bathroom and run straight through the door in front of you. Enter
the second door on your left. You should be outside. Sedate the marine out here
and take his clothes.

3.) Go back the way you came, and go through the double doors the marine is
guarding next to the bathroom. Once through enter the office to the left. Take
the tape, the key card, and grab a pistol from the bin. Now exit the office and
go left. Go through the couple doors, then swipe your card to gain access to
the main building. 

4.) Once in the main building, go up the stairs to your left. Go through the
doors at the top of the stairs and go right. Enter the last door on your left,
then enter the door that will be immediately to your right. Climb out the
window and down the ladder. Head across the roof and wait by door to the west

5.) After a few seconds, a guard will come out to have a smoke. Once he's out
knock him out, take his clothes, and his keycard. Now drag his body around to
the other side of the dome.

6.) Enter the west wing and run down to the first floor. Now make your way to
the oval office.

7.) Save

8.) Enter and wait for the little scene with Mark to end. Once you get up, 
immediately chase after him.

9.) This is where you will need a little luck. If Mark cleanly runs to the
second floor, load your save. He will eventually either glitch, or bump into
some people on his way to the second floor. If he does, you should be able to
catch him at the stairs.

10.) Get behind him on the stairs, then save.

11.) Now, shove Mark down. He will stand up and pull his gun out on you. Stay 
RIGHT next to him. If he moves, move with him, if he gets a little room, he'll
shoot. If he does, load up your save.

12.) Now, dance with Mark for a short while. You must do this to allow the
second floor to clear of civilians. Now, once no one else is running down the
stairs, head butt mark. While he's stunned, pull out your gun, and take him as
a shield. Walk him to the top of the stairs, and throw him down.
[Note: If you aren't good at throwing people down stairs, save.]

13.) Now go back down to the first floor of the west wing. Exit into the
courtyard, and make your way to the main building. The VP should be heading
back with the first lady's dog. He'll return to his office.

14.) After a moment, the first lady will start calling the VP to tell him to
take the dog for a walk. Get the dog to chase you and run into the room
opposite the way to get to the VP's office. You'll have to go through two close
sets of double doors. Run in here with the dog chasing you and circle the
table. Quickly close the doors locking the dog in this room. 

15.) Now follow the VP into the basement passage to the courtyard. When he gets
to the top of the big staircase, shove him.

16.) Run back to the east wing bathroom. Put your suit back on and drop any
guns you have on you. 

17.) Exit the building and escape.

				3. Copyright
	This document is copyrighted by MrMooky. If you want to use this FAQ on 
	your site just email me for permission.

				4. Contact Info
	If you have any questions or anything to contribute, you can contact 
	me at [email protected] If you need additional walkthrough
	help for a level email me for my AIM name and I'll talk you through it.

				5. Version History
		1.00 - Incomplete Walkthrough
		2.00 - Finished tweaking the last missions for speed,
		       added Amendment XXV method.	
		2.10 - New method for A New Life. Time now is 2:15, 
		       lowered from 3:55.