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Follow the dark path or use the light

Levels for Silent Assassin


The FIRST Blood Money Walkthrough on the NET.
Dr.Darrell's official hitman walkthrough.

Some people may tell you stuff you may already know from the Game and 
Handbook, I say that's the walkthrough for noobs.This guide is a very 
DETAILED Walkthrough of Hitman Blood Money I have done my very best to 
assisst you through the Game or specific levels to achieve the very best 
rating: "Silent Assassin.
This guide gives very detailed DIRECTIONS and HINTS&TIPS as you go through 
the levels.I hope you enjoy this Walkthrough and hope that it is a big help 
to you.That's the reason i made it.
any missing levels will be coming very shortly

Here are all the levels I know for Silent Assassin ratings
level 2: A Vintage Year.
level 3: Curtains Down.
level 4: Flatline.
level 5: A New Life.
level 6: The Murder Of Crows.
level 9: Till Death Do Us Part.
level 11: A Dance With The Devil.

Level 2: A Vintage Year...

Target No:1 - Don Fernando Delgado
target no:2 - Manuel Delgado

(Target No:1).
Turn east and go forward along the side of the premises and turn right at 
the end.There's a guard down here sedate him,take his clothes and hide him 
behind the tree.Go back to where you came from.On the way there's a gap in 
the wall....hop over.Walk forward towards the guard at the door that is lit 
up.To the extreme left of him is a pole,wait until the right time and go up 
it and hop into the window.Target No:1 is in this room,fibre wire him.

(Target No:2).
Hop back out of the window,walk forward and drop off the edge of the 
roof.You are now in the same place where you sedated the guard.Now go back 
to where you started the level.go through the door with a guard at the side 
of it,head straight forward through the door at the side of the big white 
table.Go down the stairs and enter the first door on the right.Wait at the 
side of the container in front of you until Target No:2 comes into the room 
you are in.When he comes in throw a coin at the door you entered from and he 
will have a look,fibre wire him and dump him in the container.Go out the 
other door to this room and head forward,when you get to a big thick beam. 
Go past it through the door.Enter the doorway to the left and change into 
the worker outfit.Now enter the other doorway with a guard there,turn 
left,walk straight forward.Turn left and call lift.Head down to the 
hangar."Making your escape Silent Assassin style".

Level 3: Curtains Down

Target No:1 - Alvaro D'alvade
Target No:2 - Richard Delahunt

(Target No:1).
Go into the doors and turn left,go up to the cloakroom and talk to the guard 
sitting down in there.He will give you a real ww1 gun.Go into the toilets 
and wait for a worker to come in(green overalls).Sedate him,take his clothes 
and dump him in the container.Head out of the toilets,turn left down the 
stairs and into the door to your right(opera room).From here memorize the 
way you are about to go for later.Turn right,go through the second 
doorway,turn left,then left again,past the decorator and down the stairs.Go 
through the door,turn left and go into the first door on your right.Go the 
only you can until you get to the top of the stairs.Enter and go into the 
door on your left,walk straight through out the door on the other side,turn 
left and stop.There's a guard sitting down.Wait until he goes to the toilet 
and run into the door on the right.Put the real ww1 gun on the table and 
hide in the closet.You have to wait a while for the first rehearsal to 
finish and for the actor to enter the room you are in now.When he comes in 
let him practice.He will then go to the toilet,hop out of the closet and 
pick up the prop gun the actor just put down leaving the real one.That's 
right the actor will now kill Target No:1 for you.
(Target No:2).
Now exit the room and go straight forward into the door in front of you to 
the left and go up the stairs.Walk straight forward,turn right and go in the 
door to the left.Wait until the worker isn't looking and place a bomb on the 
winch.Remember which way you came?Go back to the opera room quickly.Position 
yourself so that you can see the stage and the white double doors facing the 
stage,not under the big chandelier!The bomb you placed earlier is on the big 
chandelier.Get the detonator out ready for use.Let the second rehearsal 
commence and eventually the actor fires the real gun killing Target 
No:1.When the crew finally work out what just happened Target No:2 comes 
running into the opera room,save game.Time it so that when you press the 
detonator the chandelier only falls on Target No:2.Run through the the doors 
Target No:2 entered from,turn right up the stairs and straight 
forward,through the main doors."Making your escape Silent Assassin style".

Level 4: Flatline ...

objectives: identify the target(1 out of 3 men)
               kill all 3 suspected targets
               find agent
               smuggle out agent
the agent:an unnamed cia agent
We need to find all three Suspected Targets before finding the Agent.

(Suspected Target No:1).
At the start of the level head up the path north towards the main 
building.After the first big bend keep a look out for a guy to the left of 
you.Walk to the bench at the side of him and pick up the clinic admission 
forms.Now enter the main doors to the building and place the forms on the 
desk where the nurse is standing.Enter the room behind her and change into 
the patients robe on the floor.Exit the room,turn left and get searched by 
the guard.Enter the door,turn right,right again and go up the stairs.At the 
top of the stairs turn right and go into the door to the left which is 
already open and change into the therapist clothes.Exit the room and turn 
right,then left back down the stairs.Walk forward and enter the double doors 
to the right of you.Enter the next doorway on the right.The first of three 
Suspected Targets are here exercising.Approach him and he will ask you for a 
session in your office.Follow him to your office,when you finally get there 
he will sit down and the session begins.Fibre wire him,drag him through the 
door to the north of you,go through this room and enter the door directly in 
front of you.Dump him in this room.
(Suspected Target o:2).
exit the room and enter the door to the left of you,turn right back down the 
stairs,now enter the doorway to the left of the stairs facing you.Suspected 
Target No:2 is in here.Now repeat the same procedure as Suspected Target 
No:1 also dumping him in the same place.
(Suspected Target No:3)
Go back to your office,go through the door to the west,turn right and 
Suspected Target No:3 will be on this landing.Repeat the same procedure as 
the others dumping him in the same place..
(Finding the Agent).
Back to the your office.Exit the door to the west again,turn right and then 
left.Walk forward and you will eventually be on the roof.When on the roof 
face north walk forward and drop off the edge of the roof but keep your eye 
on the pair already on the roof.Face south and enter the door of the left of 
you.Pick up the rehab keycard and use it on the door in front of you.Go 
through the next door and you will be in the medical wing waiting area.Hop 
through the window,sedate the orderly and take his cell key.Be though 
because there is a patrolling orderly so keep your eye out.Take his clothes 
and dump him in the container.Head out the other door and go down stairs,the 
Agent is down here(Refer to Map).Enter his cell and talk to him.After the 
scene sedate him with the death syringe.Assassinating the two added Targets 
is OPTIONAL,I chose not to.Now change back into the therapist clothes and 
make your way all the way back to where you started the level.The Agent is 
here in the morgue.Enter the morgue,(If you can't get in just keep trying 
until you do get in)revive the agent.Enter the door with the red exit sign 
above it."Making your escape Silent Assassin style".

Level 5: A New Life...

(Obtain Micro Film)
When you start the level run towards the house facing where the Target lives 
and enter the garage avoiding the neighbor.Pick the lock,steal the bottle of 
ether and exit the garage avoiding the neighbor again.Wait near the Clowns 
van and sedate him when he comes to the van but keep your eye on the garbage 
man.Take the clowns clothes and dump him in the container in the back of his 
van.Enter the targets house after being searched by FBI.Enter the door in 
front of you and go into the garden area.Turn left and head round the side 
of the house avoiding the patrolling agent.Climb up the pole and hop in the 
window.Run straight into the door on the right,go through the next door and 
turn left.This is the Targets bedroom.Now take the door directly in front of 
you,go through the next door and pour the bottle of Ether on the panties and 
hide in the closet in the Targets bedroom.Wait for the agent to sniff the 
panties and pass out.Steal his clothes and head back to the Targets 
bedroom.Exit the door to the left of the closet and go down the stairs,turn 
right and go through the door in front of you.If you done everything in the 
time it took me then the Targets Wife will in the bathroom through this 
area(Refer to Map).If you missed her then you will have to wait until she 
comes back.Sedate her when she is in the bathroom because an agent is 
patrolling this area.Also steal her Necklace as this contains the Micro 
(The Target)
Head back to the Targets bedroom.Exit the door to the left of the closet 
again and turn right,go past the stairs on the left and enter the next door 
to the left.Wait until the Target comes in and fibre wire him.Now make your 
way out of the house and to the Exit Point before the Targets guard finds 
him."Making your escape Silent Assassin style".

Level 6: The Murder Of Crows...

(Target No:1).
Exit the hotel and west and turn right.(Refer to Map)Go down the alley to 
the left of where you are.Target No:1 is down here.Fibre wire her and drag 
her away from the two civilians sitting down.Hide the body and head back out 
on to the street.
(Obtain Diamond Briefcase).
Refer to map and you will see an orange blip moving east along the 
street.Catch up with him and follow him down the alley.Sedate him,take his 
clothes and dump him in the container.Pick up the briefcase.
(Target No:2).
Head north out on to the street and turn left.Head forward and take the 
first right and enter the alley at the side of the book store.Enter the door 
on the left,turn left and enter the next door.Turn right and go up the 
spiral stairs.Target No:2 is in the room in front of you.Wait for the 
patrolling guard to come out of the room and fibre wire Target No:2 and dump 
him in the container before the guard comes back into the room.
(Target No:3)
(Target No:3 may appear in one of two places on the map.The first is near 
the exit point to the level and the other is the bar to the east of the exit 
Refer to Map.Go to the bar at the side of the exit point to the level(big 
blue sign above the door).Head round the back and there will be two men.wait 
for the guy who is not smoking to go back into the bar and sedate the other 
one.Take his clothes and dump him in the container.Now enter the bar from 
the front door and turn right and enter either of the two pale blue doors in 
front of you.Head through the kitchen,through the next door and up the 
stairs.Target No:3 is in this room.wait for the pair outside the room to go 
down the stairs and pick the lock on the door.Sneak about so that he doesn't 
see you and fibre wire him.(don't take his clothes).
If he is at the other bar then get to the bar.Enter it,turn right and walk 
through the dance floor.Enter the door to the left of the bar.Head up the 
stairs and Target No:3 will be in this room.Enter the room,sneak about and 
fibre wire him!(don't take his clothes).Head to the exit point."Making your 
escape Silent Assassin style".

Level 9: Till Death Do Us Part...

Please note:you have to be as quick as you can on this level because you 
need to get to the house before the vicar does.(you need his clothes).

(Target No:1)
When you start run north to the house where the targets are.Run round to the 
right side of the house and throw a coin into the window where the three 
guards are.Make sure no one is looking and pick the lock on the gate in 
front of you.Turn left and run behind the red boxes and hide.That part may 
take a few attempts so save game when you have done it.Wait until the vicar 
walks past,sedate him,take his clothes and hide him in the corner opposite 
the red boxes.Hop into the window in front of you and wait until Target No:1 
enters this room.Fibre wire him and dump him in the container.
(Target No:2)
Hop back out of the window and turn left head over to where all the guards 
are and quickly find the open grave that is in this area.Wait for Target 
No:2 comes to the grave.Make sure no one is looking and push him into the 
grave.Make your way to the exit point to the level."Making your escape 
Silent Assassin style".