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Follow the dark path or use the light
.hack//G.U. Vol. 3//Redemption Pack Shot

.hack//G.U. Vol. 3//Redemption



by Googlrr

   _                _       ____
  | |__   __ _  ___| | __  / / /
  | '_ \ / _` |/ __| |/ / / / /____  _   _
 _| | | | (_| | (__|   < / / // ___|| | | |
(_)_| |_|\__,_|\___|_|\_Y_/_/| |  _ | | | |
                             | |_| || |_| |
        __     __    _        \____(_)___(_)_____
        \ \   / /__ | |_   _ _ __ ___   ___|___ /
         \ \ / / _ \| | | | | '_ ` _ \ / _ \ |_ \
          \ V / (_) | | |_| | | | | | |  __/___) |
           \_/ \___/|_|\__,_|_| |_| |_|\___|____/
 ____          _                      _   _
|  _ \ ___  __| | ___ _ __ ___  _ __ | |_(_) ___  _ __
| |_) / _ \/ _` |/ _ \ '_ ` _ \| '_ \| __| |/ _ \| '_ \
|  _ <  __/ (_| |  __/ | | | | | |_) | |_| | (_) | | | |
|_| \_\___|\__,_|\___|_| |_| |_| .__/ \__|_|\___/|_| |_|

-- .hack// G.U. Volume 3 Redemption
----Guide by Googlrr


This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

This FAQ/Walkthrough may be posted on the following websites:

Me for creating the walkthrough
The creators of .hack//G.U.
Sanjumoke for helping me with the Chaotic PK section and for the Natsume
The 4 different people to correct me on Taihaku

<C> = Complete
<I> = Incomplete

Table Of Contents          Control-F codes
-----------------          ---------------

1. Introduction------------[intro]
2. Version History---------[versionz]
3. FAQ---------------------[FAQZ]
4. Walkthrough-------------[walkthrgh]<C>
-----The Begining----------[Beginnn]
-----Sage Palace-----------[saggee]
-----End of Sage Palace----[palaceEND]
-----After 'The Rebirth'---[rebirttth]
5. Item/Equipment Lists----[eqptlst](0%)
6. Mecha Grunty Sidequest--[mechagront]<C>
7. Area Word List----------[lolwordlists]<I>
8. Quests------------------[qwestz]<C>
9. Forest Of Pain----------[FoP]<C>
10. Avatar-----------------[avbatlz]<C>
11. Blacklisted PK's-------[pklistslol]<C>
12. Chims Kicker Campaign--[chmkik]<C>
13. DoppelGanger-----------[doppgang]<c>
14. Natsume----------------[natsumez]<C>
15. Affection/Marriage-----[afecshun]<C?>
16. Contact Info-----------[contactinfo]

Introduction [intro]

This guide is based off my times and experiences playing the game, excluding
the info contributed to me through email. This intro is going to be a place
where I might ramble a bit, and 90% of people wont read it anyways. Some
people have asked me why I made a walkthrough for a game so simple like .hack.
There is a few reasons for it. One, I just wanted to be the first person to 
release a Walkthrough. The Second is for people who didn't play the first 2
games. Some people who picked up on the game at volume 3 might have some
troubles, so the walkthrough is there to guide them. The rest of the guide
all has good purpose, and points out things that are not-so obvious.

Version History [versionz]
Version 0.5
Main Walkthrough Finished. Other sections 1/2 done

Version 0.6
Mecha Grunty Section Fixed, quests section completed, avatar battles
completed, Started the doppelganger section and added the Chim
kicker campaign

Version 0.7
Completed the Chaotic PK section and Natsume section thanks to sanjumoke
Halfway complete with the Forest of Pain.
Fixed Minor Typos.

Version 0.8
Forest of Pain 75% complete
Revised the Word list section for smaller filesize
Complete spellcheck of the document.
Added some FAQ's.

Version 0.822
Forest of Pain 100% complete
Fixed the Blacklisted PK section
Split the walkthrough to 4 different parts
Fixed a few of the lists so they are less ugly

FAQ--Frequently Asked Questions [FAQZ]
Q: I defeated all the Chaotic PK's and checked the boards, but I still can't
get Natsume? Help plz?

A: Natsume can only be unlocked after beating the game.

Q: How many characters are in the game? D=

A: There are 22 characters in total. Sakubo counts as 2, for Saku and Bo. The
3 azures, Shino, Bordeaux, Tabby, and Natsume can only be unlocked after you
beat the game.

Q: Where can I see all those cool CG scenes in the Game? :(

A: :D

Q: I unlocked all the characters, but I can't get the marriage card? Why is

A: If you tell Saku to take a hike, you can't get married. You must have all
22 of your 'friends' to get the card. You need to be NICE to Saku.

Q: Will you be putting AR/Codebreaker codes in your guide?

A: If I had the resources I would, but me not owning these cheating devices
makes it hard for me to put any codes in here and know how reliable they are.

Q: How do I block Chaos Gehanna?

A: Contributed by 'Alison': "When he first uses the attack, you press square
and fire off shots DONT CHARGE IT!!! just fire a blast of it, after you fire
off one blast and destroy them, wait til they get a little close, then start
swinging your sythe, the first few swings will destroy a majority, and while
your chargeing your final swing, more will crash into you doing no damage,
then your "disc" shot will destroy the rest"

Walkthrough [walkthrgh]


Well here's the beginning of my walkthrough for .hack//GU volume 3. In the
beginning of your game, I recommend transferring data from Volume 2. Upon
conversion you will receive the following items:

Holly Arrow x 10
The Wheel x 10
Wizard Soul x 15
Hell Raiser x 10
Warrior Soul x 15
Bonus GP x 10,000
A special Video

And all your items and stats from the previous game, so you can't go wrong.

Well once you start you are greeted into your new game by some movies. They
give you a little insight on Ovan, and Yata loses the serpent of lore. Once
the movies are over and done with go and check your e-mail. Its a .hack game.
What else would you do? You will have 7 messages (6 if you didn't convert data)
After reading the e-mails you will have access to a new root town, Breg Epona,
and a new advanced @home. And you lose your Divine Awakening to a new, cooler
awakening, Avatar Awakening.

--So now do exactly what they tell you to do. Go to the new root town and--
--check out the advanced @home.--

Well Melo Grunty is missing. Time to find time. Invite Atoli and Silabus to
your party and leave that useless dog behind.

--Go to Sigma Universal Ocean's Glide--

This is a level 96 field and I don't think it should be a challenge for
anyone, especially if you did the data transfer. The gruntys for the mission
are found on the isolated little islands on the bottom and left. Once you 
collect them Melo Grunty will give you an oh so subtle hint as to his
location...He's in the upper right corner. All is fixed with Melo Grunty.

Head back to your new @home. Watch the scene and learn the amazing new plot
twist...Checking your e-mail. More messages from your 'unseen ally', one
from Melo Grunty, and one from Pi. There's an emergency and you must meet 
at Ravens @home, in Mac Anu.

Well I guess some of the higher ups thought an AIDA-infected Sakaki was
better for running The Serpent of Lore than Yata was. After your little
scene you must once again, check your e-mail. Well, Major Sakaki incident
and what do we do next? We go questing of coarse :D. 

--Invite Silabus and Gaspard to your party and take the 'Dubious Dog'--
--quest from the quest shop.--

Go to Sigma Unseen Alien Elf Animal to do the quest. Refer to the Quest
section if you need help.

Now you have your hunters scroll and can take the quest in the Mercenary
district if you want. You will also get the Book of Stamina.

Time to log out and check your e-mail. 4 new mails. 3 don't matter. After
you're done with that go to Theta Hidden Forbidden Hades.
Now you will become some uber 1337 hacker and enter the bugged areas that
the Serpent of Lore can't reach. Go to the bottom-right corner of the map
(fairy orbs help) and get a cutscene. Once that's over then we're off. And
then...What a surprise. You need to log out and check your e-mail.

Seems like something's up with Taihaku. a PK tournament where you can PK in
Lumina Cloth and Beg Epona. Seems like a bundle of fun. As for now, Log in and
head over to Lumina Cloth to talk to Sirius.

Now another obvious thing...The tournament leader is infected by AIDA D=
Go log out and read your e-mails. Oh shit. Its Sakaki who's behind this D=
Anyways, time for our regular meetings with Canard...Wait, when did we
start having these? Take the warp over to Canards @home.

At the entrance to the @home you will see Gaspard being owned by some PK-ers. 
Nothing too important happens here and you will be prompted to check your

You will get an e-mail from Silabus about Gaspard and they are complaining
as usual. Kuhn will want you to meet him in the outer part of Theta Hidden
Forbidden Hades and using the anomaly warps to go to the outer area. Meet
Kuhn in the same area that you met in before.

Kuhn will point out the obvious to you with information that you probably
already had guessed before this point. After that just leave and check your
e-mail again.

After a few useless e-mails you will get an e-mail saying that you are able
to register for the Sage Palace Tournament. Go and revoke your Holy Palace
title and join for this one. Antares and Matsu will come up to you at the 
arena counter and tell you that both of them will be joining too :O. Right
after that short Cutscene, Silabus will shortmail you saying that Gaspard
is in trouble (like anyone cares)

Go to the Breg Epona Plaza. It turns out Silabus is a liar and Gaspard was
just doing his job and trying to run the shop. Now you will conveniently have
a shop running in Breg Epona. After this go and check your e-mail. Kuhn will
ask you to bring Atoli and him to Sigma Calm Betrayal's Longing.

Endrance and Sakubo are late for the meeting :( In this case the logical thing
to do isn't to wait for them, but to leave the entrance to go to the very
end of the dungeon and wait. Head over to the Beast Statue of this Dungeon.

Apparently, They were just late, but they're pissed off too. Sakubo and
Endrance tell you to gtfo and leave. Now your stuck without Endrance as a
partner in the tournament and you need someone with an epitaph to join.
Atoli awakens her epitaph on the spot like some sort of magic and conveniently
fills your spot for a partner. Its fun times from here on out with Kuhn and
Atoli. Go and check your e-mail.

Endrance is acting different, eh? But he isn't important now. We have a
crisis on our hands so the best thing to do it...Go questing with Matsu.
Invite Matsu and whomever you like to do the 'Hail Bikman' quest. If you
need help with this part check out the quests section.


Time to do the usual stuff and go check your e-mail. It looks like its time
for your first round. Round one consists of 5 battles. Each leader is one
of the infamous Chaotic PKs. I would recommend being around level 105. 
I will update with a list of all the people in this '5 round' round later on.

After you win you get to watch Sirius get defeated. a hacked trio called the
'Hetero Trio' defeated Sirius in the tournament. You later find out he is now
a lost one.

Check your e-mail to get a letter from Kaede. She wants you to grab Pi and
meet her in Sigma Wise Calamity's Water Mill. She will be waiting inside the
beast temple for you so use this moment as a training place. It can't hurt
to try and get a good score.

Once in the beast temple you find out that Kaede and Zelkova know a little
too much. They know about all your hacking and your shenanigans. Now log out
and check your e-mail.

Its time for your second Sage Palace arena round. This time you get to fight
Iyoten, Asta, and one of the Chaotic PK's, Maniac Helluger.
Iyoten: Level 107 Blade Brandier
Asta: Level 106 Edge Punisher
Maniac Helluger: Level 106 Blade Brandier

With 3 melee people it might get hard to get an attack in. If you are having
trouble try playing with the guard button and using Rengeki Counterattacks
to get your openings. Using Beast Awakening with your Dual Swords is helpful
too. Try and guard cancel right before the charge attack to keep your attacks
faster and stronger.

Once you reduce Iyoten down to almost nothing for health you get a nice scene
of Haseo almost snapping on them. In the end he give them the 'won't go back
to being the Terror of Death' spiel and you get over it.

Now just log out and check your e-mail again. Kuhn thinks it will be a good
idea to do the Chim Chim song quest so go ahead and invite him and a person
of your choice. For help refer to the Quests section.

You can not participate in the Chim Kicking Campaign.

Now log out and check your e-mail again. You get to learn about how Sakaki
told bullshit stories to get his way into controlling 'The World'. You will
also have an e-mail from CC corp about your Semi-Final match against Antares.

Invite Kuhn and Atoli into your party and go and register for the tournament.
To make sure your ready, make sure you are of proper level to fight this:
Antares - Level 110 Blade Brandier
Bigwig - Level 106 Blade Brandier
DIAKOKU - Level 106 Blade Brandier

After the match, Sakaki will turn Evil Bitch on you and expose your avatar
to everyone in 'The World'. Lucky you have Taihaku to save you, even if its
only because he wants to kill you.

After the scene log out and check your e-mail. Time for more questing.
Invite Antares and a member of your choice to your party for some quest.
Take the Steam Professors Research quest. Check the quests section if you
need help.

You may now participate in the Mecha Grunty Campaign

Now log out and check your e-mail...again. Time for the tournament finals.
Grab Atoli and Kuhn and register for the final Match against the
Hetero Trio (lol). The Hetero Trio are as follows:

Hetero: Level 109 Flick Reaper
Levcistic: Level 107 Lord Partizan
Axanthis: Level 107 Lord Partizan

Once you Defeat Hetero you get to have your first avatar battle of the third
game. Its an easy battle this one is. The list of attacks and moves can be
found in the Avatar section of my guide.

Check your e-mail again. Time for more questing time. Hooray. Grab Atoli and
a member of your choice and take the Story of Kudan quest. Refer to the quest
section for help/info.

The lucky animal tells your a nice little prophecy :D Hoorah.

You can now participate in the Lucky Data Collection Campaign.

check your e-mail. It be time for the final Match against Taihaku.
Here's his info.
Taihaku: Level 113 Steam Gunner

You don't actually fight Sakubo or Endrance. Now, Taihaku is a tad annoying
and does damage. If you're having troubles, stay on the defensive and counter
rengeki him when you can.

When he turns a pink color, your speed will be greatly reduced. He will walk
towards you and try to explode. The best thing is just to try and stay as
far away as you can during this, because you can't do damage during it
anyway. While in this Pink Aura, any skills that are used will be countered
with an explosion, so don't use skills during this. Set your party members
strategy to conserve SP to stop them from using skills.

Using the Avatar awakening on him while he is in glowing pink will cause him
to return normal for a little bit, and give you 1 virus core :P

When he is about 1/2 health, you get a small cutscene.

at 1/4 health, you get another. You break his sword, and Sakaki gets pissed.

Endrance beats down Sakaki, and he turns AIDA on you. Refer to the Avatar
section for help against him.


After you own Sakaki in an Avatar battle, head over to Ravens @home. Then
do the usual plotline, check your e-mail.

Go to Icolo's @home in Lumina Cloth and speak with Taihaku. He gives you a
sword that you wont be able to use for quite some time. After the scene you
get a mysterious short mail from Saku, and it was actually nice.

Go out behind the Arena and talk to Saku. You get to learn that there is no
Saku =D

Nao log out and check your e-mail. Oh that commentator. What a silly guy :D
Aside from his useless e-mail, Check the ones from Bo and Pi, then go to
Ravens @home.

WHAT??? YATA IS AWAKENING....Congratulations! Yata has awakened into an

After all that, Go to Sigma Ethical Prodigy's Prophecy. You can skip the
first 2 floors, because everything important is ALWAYS on the last floor.
Go to the Beast Statue in the upper right corner. Yata goes crazy and
attacks you with Fidchell. Refer to the Avatar section for help on this.

After all the online gaming story and drama, return to town, then log out
and check your e-mails. Yata sends you some background info about his history
with Ovan and how they were past hackers. Pi sends you a message about AIDA
being found in town. Log in to go investigate it.

Once logged in, go to the lower left corner of the town. Its a long secluded
alley with nothing in it...except AIDA. You get to see Aina and Bo 'playing'
and then they disappear. Invite Pi and any member of your choice to your
party and perform Area hacking here. Proceed to the outer dungeon.

In the outer dungeon, kill all 8 parties of monsters. Then you get to learn
that Bo and Aina aren't even there. After you're done there, log out and
check your e-mail.

Gaspard e-mails you about a thread he found on the Rumors board. The thread
is about a 'Ghost Girl'. Once you leave the forum, Pi e-mails you. She wants
to find information from the person who made the topic. Log in and go to
the secluded corner from earlier.

The little whore refuses to tell you anything and logs off. Then you hear
some 'screaming'. Go to the bike shop. Its your good friend Piros the Third

He gives you the area words Sigma Fading Moonflower Glory. Go there with Pi
and any other partner of your choice.

In there, go all the way left. Activate the portal with Chim spheres. Use
the portal. Next, pick the portal that is farthest away from the one you just
came from. In the next one, choose the green portal farthest away from the
white portal. Proceed to the next floor.

In the next room, go to the right. There is a path that goes in the shape
of a square. You want to take the portal on the bottom left. Then, follow
the path until you are faced with more portal options. Take the upper

In the third room, go directly right until you get the screen fuzz that
indicates data anomaly. Use area hacking here and go into the outer dungeon.

In the outer dungeon there are yet more portals. Take the one in the very
top left area of the map. Next, take the portal to the right, and then
continue walking right until you get a scene with Bo and Aina. Now you can
leave and check your e-mail.

Antares wants you to take the Lawless Fort quest with him, so log in and
invite him to your party. You can also bring along a member of your choice.

Info on the quest is in the quests section.

After that log out and check your e-mail. Yata has stuff to tell you so go to
Raven's @home. You learn the prophecy and talk to Ovan. He wants to meet you
in Sigma Immersed Crime's Paraphrase. Invite any 2 people you wish and go

Once there, skip to the second floor. On the second floor, go to the top and
take the green portal. Then, take the bottom pink portal.

On the third floor, the area hacking point is in the top right corner of the

Once in the outer dungeon, go left. Choose the bottom pink portal. Keep taking
the pink portals until you are faced with an option. Once there, chose the
portal that is on the left. Continue following the pink path again until
you find a save point. I recommend you use this because Ovan is hard.

Area hack here and go through.

Once you are through the portal, you see your good buddy Ovan. You need to
defeat him. I was level 122 for this fight.

Boss: Ovan
Health: 6800
The Attack he does the most is a spin-and-shoot thing. He spins around doing
damage, points his gun at you, and shoots you. The blast sends you across
the arena.

He also does a shockwave attack. He will stay still momentarily, and then he
jumps up in the air and lands, creating a large shockwave.

Charges a laser and fires it. This is one huge ass laser and does rape damage.

He will also use his AIDA like powers to summon Neighbors. They are Reject,
light, and Restore neighbors.

Light Neighbor: The light neighbor is used for the offensive. It moves
around the arena attacking you and your partners.

Reject Neighbor: Circles around Ovan. While the Reject Neighbor is alive,
Ovan is invincible. Kill it to make him un-invincible o.O

Restore Neighbors: These are ANNOYING. As soon as you see a restore neighbor,
do whatever you can do kill it. These heal Ovan by 100 at a time.

When you bring Ovan to 1/2 health, he does an attack using his deformed arm
and does massive damage to you. This can not be blocked, and is activated
every time he goes past half (restore neighbors can bring him up).

My Strategy for Defeating Ovan:
For my strategy, you need a lot of healing items, SP items, and items
to revive partners. For this you need to switch your awakening a lot.
First, start the fight. Beat him down and destroy his neighbors using any
method you want. Try to conserve your awakening. Once he brings out restore
neighbors, use the Avatar awakening. This will kill all the neighbors usually.
Now, get him to about 1/2 health (after he does the deformed arm attack).
Keep killing the neighbors until he brings 2 LIGHT neighbors and 1 REJECT
neighbor. Now use healing items and stuff to bring your Morale bar to its max.
Switch your awakening to BEAST awakening. Now destroy the 2 LIGHT neighbors,
and then kill the reject neighbor LAST. As soon as you kill it, use the beast
awakening and switch to Dual Swords. Do the sword cancel thing (do the rounds
with the sword and right before you charge to dash, hold guard. This cancels
the attacks and lets you resume much, much faster). Use this to bring him d
down as far as you can. If that doesn't kill him, get the neighbors to be
2 light and 1 reject. Kill the 2 light, then fill the morale with items on 
your partners. Use beast awakening again. You should be able to do a good
1,500-2000 damage with 1 beast awakening if done right.

After you defeat Ovan, he tells you you're not strong enough(even though
you just kicked his ass) and he calls his avatar. Refer to the Avatar
section for help with this.


After you beat Ovan, he activates 'The Rebirth'. Pretty much, the whole
internet is reset. During this, Zelkova hacks your character and you get
your Xth Form. You can now use Guns and perform the Double Trigger attack.
Your avatar awakening scene is also different.

You awaken in the netslum. An area for unusual AI's and hackers :D
Go north to a door to find Zelkova. You talk and talk and blah blah.

When you return, log out and check your E-mail. Once you read all your
mail, exit to the main desktop. Check your e-mail again.

Go to Delta Hidden Forbidden Bulwark. Talk to Yata, look down the cliff,
see some scary shit, etc.

Log out and check your e-mail again.

Aina is waiting for you D=. Invite and 2 people you want and go to
Sigma Incense World's Build-Up.

Go to the second floor. Go to the bottom of the second floor and take the
pink teleporter. Then, take the pink teleporter on top. On the third floor,
go directly right to get to the beast statue.

Aina is pissed D=. Right after she leaves, there's tremors...on the internet.

Go to Ravens @home to see what's up with this shit. Seriously...Earthquakes
on the internet?

Go look for Aina. Sigma Fleeing Dismayed Emotion.

On the very left side of the map, you find Aina under attack. Defeat
the 3 Cubia Gammora.

After you rescue Aina, return to the Serpent of Lore. You need to speak
to the Godess, Aura. Go to Delta Hidden Forbidden Holyground. Make sure
you are well prepared with healing items.

Once in The Hulle Granz Cathedral, you try to summon the goddess. The 3 azure
knights appear to defend her. Fight them.

Boss: Azure Kite - 6000 health
      Azure Orca - 3500 health
      Azure Balmung - 3500 health

Sometimes, Azure Orca and Balmung glow blue. From what I understand they
cannot be hurt during this. Most of their attacks are standard player
attacks, on a stronger scale.

Kite has the ability to revive his 2 partners, so don't bother with them.
Take out Kits to win. When Kites life is low, the 3 will do a combo on you.
This combo takes out massive portions of your health.

My strategy: Same as I used for Ovan. Go up a little and read it. Replace
Ovan with Kite.

When kites life gets lower he will start to move around and attack instead
of just casting.

After you beat them, Aura commands them to stop. Stuff happens and Azure Kite
gives you his weapons, Empty Skies. Really good dual swords. 

After that little fight head off to the Serpent of Lore. You get teleported
to the Netslum. The netslum is a very nice root town. You can travel to areas
from any server, and access your @home from it. Go to the bridge and formulate
your plans. Then head back and talk to Silabus and Gaspard. Gaspard is setting
up a shop in Netslum :D Log out and check your e-mails.

Zelkova sent an e-mail to everyone in 'The World' asking for help. He then
asks you to return back to the bridge you just came from. Go there and he
gives you the area words of the corroded areas with the Cubia Gamora in them.
The areas are:
Delta Hidden Forbidden Bulwark
Delta Hidden Forbidden Radiation
Delta Hidden Forbidden Battlefield
Delta Hidden Forbidden Dragonbein

In Delta Hidden Forbidden Radiation...
Alkaid is awake :D She can now be used as a partner, but she's kinda week
at the moment since she just woke up. Use your Area Hacking here to open
the outer dungeon. Go inside and kill the Cubia Gomora. There are 4. Inside,
go Left, then south. Take the pink portal. Fight this Gomora. Follow the path
until you come to a three-way fork. There is 1 Gomora to the south and 1 to
the left. Take the pink portal on the top and fight the last Gomora of this
area. Leave

In Hidden Forbidden Bulwark..
While Moontree is holding off the Gomora, use your area hacking and use
the warp. Inside, walk straight left. Ignore the first pink portal. You will
run into 2 parties of Cubia Gomora. Kill them. Continue on and take the pink
portal on the bottom. There will be 2 more Cubia Gomoras. Now, go down and to
the right. Kill this Gomora, then take the portal. Fight this last one and

In Hidden Forbidden Dragonbein...
Go to the top of the map and use your area hacking. Warp. Inside the outer
dungeon, Go left and find one of the Cubia Gomora's. Keep going left and
follow the path until you encounter another Cubia Gomora. Continue following
the path until you find another, then go right, and run into one more. 
Go up and take the pink portal, and then go left. Another Gomora.
Then go left to find one, and then down to find one, and then take the
portal and go left for the last.

In Hidden Forbidden Battlefield...
While Kestrel holds the Cubia Gomora off, Use the area hacking.
In the outer dungeon, follow the only path you can until you find one of the
Gomora, then go all the way up to find another. Now follow the path and take
the pink portal, and continue to follow the path upward. There's the 2 last
Cubia Gomora. Leave the area.

Now return to Zelkova at the bridge. Now you know the location of Cubia's
main body, so make sure you equip yourself with some good armour, good
weapons, and some healing items. When your ready, head to Sigma Excited
Conflict's Fate, via the Chaos gate in Netslum.

Once in the map, use a Fairy's Orb to reveal everything. Use this to make your
way towards the second floor. On the second floor, take the first pink
portal that you come across. Then continue right and take the next one you
pass. Head up and to the left and take the warp point. Proceed on to the
next block.

In block 3, follow the path until you come across 2 portals. Take the one on
the top. Now, take the pink portal closest to the white one. Go all the way
left and then down to a small room. Use area hacking to open the outer dungeon.

In the outer dungeon, follow the main path until you come across a pink warp.
Take the warp, and continue on and take the only other pink warp. Now there's
a row of 4 pink warps. Take the 2nd from the top. Go to the right.

**I recommend you make good use of the save point here**
Use area hacking and take the warp.

Now you have to avatar battle. Look in the Avatar section for helps.

After you beat 3 Cubia Alpha, the Cubia Beta shows itself and you get to
fight it. This one is a little more difficult but shouldn't pose too much
of a problem. Refer to the avatar section for helps.

Now its time to infiltrate the Cubia through the mouth. Once inside, I
recommend using the Aura lightshere. Now, invite 2 partners that you
DON'T want to use for the last fight. When you have them picked out, go
to the next area and fight the Doppelgangers. They are literally you
and your partners. He will change weapons when you do, and is invincible
during that time.

.:My Strategy:.
First, use the Justice attack on them, then use the double trigger.
While they are in the air, use your gun and keep shooting them. Keep them
in the air as long as possible. Try to stay under them so they don't fall.
As long as they are in the air, they are powerless to stop you. This is
a useful way to kill anything that you can knock upwards.

Now, since they are revived, you leave those 2 partners behind. Invite 2 more
that you still DON'T want for the last battle. Go to the next area and you
fight...more doppelgangers. The same strategy as above works on them too.

After you beat them, you leave them behind again.

Invite 2 more that you STILL DON'T CARE ABOUT. Proceed and fight yet another
round of doppelgangers.  After you defeat them, invite your 2 BEST PARTNERS
and proceed. I used Zelkova and Endrance since they are good damage do-ers.

Now you fight Cubias Core. Cubias core is like a gigantic yeti, or at least
I think so. You need to defeat the left and right core of Cubia. The cores are
only hurt-able when they are actually extended into the battlefield. The
shockwave of Cubia's cores landing hurts you so be careful. 

The right hand (left side of the screen) can shoot out meteors from it. 
The left hand (right side of the screen) can poison you, put you to sleep,
and cause you to attack your partners. 
Cubia Gomora are also constantly being summoned.

Once you kill the 2 cores, Cubia backs up a bit and then rams the field. This
does a good amount of damage and pretty much hits the whole field.

Now the Cubia Core shield is exposed. You must break. From what I experienced,
the While in the shield state, Cubia does not attack, and only summons Gomoria
at you. After the shield is broken, the Core itself is exposed.

Cubia will do that ramming attack again. Now, Cubia will shoot lasers at you,
which can do an amazing amount of damages. He still summons the Gomoria too.
The best way to beat him here is with beast awakening and Dual swords or guns.

After you win, you get a cool little scene with Ovan lending you his power. He 
gives you the power to defeat Cubia.

At the end of all that, return to the desktop and check your e-mail. You have
a LOT of it. IT seems like Shino woke up from her Coma, so go to Hidden
Forbidden Holyground to meet her.

After you re-unite with Shino, that's the end of the game. You are prompted to
save your status.

For winning, you get the area word BBQ Plate. God Chims will appear here.
You also get the Member addresses of Shino, Kite, Azure Orca, Azure Balmung,
and Bordeaux. If you did the Abyss quest things you can also do the
Forest of Pain to unlock Tabby.


Mecha Grunty Sidequest [mechagront]
The Mecha Grunty Quest can be a bit annoying and time consuming. The best way
to do it is to just find a map where he is close by the entrance and also has
a chim supply nearby. The map I used was Theta Pursuing Military Alga Grass.
I found this area useful the Mecha Grunty is right there near the
beginning, and a useful supply of chim can be found on the other side of the
bridge to the right. Only one pack of monsters separates the 2, and you will
be able to 1 hit them. About 1 out of 4 times I encounter a battle area here 
so it can also help with the bounty quest.

After you give him all the chim spheres, you get an awesome scene of him
flying away :D


First Checkpoint  -  Air Rollershoes
Second Checkpoint -  Steam Apron
Third Checkpoint  -  Steam War Suit
Fourth Checkpoint -  Steam Shield
Fifth Checkpoint  -  Superhero Suit

After Saving Mecha Grunty those 30 times, take to the guy in the Harbor
of Mac Anu to receive your prizes. If you did all 30 times, you will receive
an e-mail about a new quest addition, "Farewell Mecha Grunty". Refer to the
quests section for info on this.

Area Words [lolwordlists]
**This section is specific to volume three and will not include those of the
**previous versions. This may change if I have time but right now no.

"Story Mode" means you will unlock the word simply by going through the story
"Get a B - S rank on any level XXX area" means just that.

First Word: 
Universal - Story Mode
Unseen - Dubious Dog Quest
Calm - Story Mode
Unknown - "A strange place" in Community Forum.
Courageous - Get a B - S rank on any level 101 area.
Gathering - Hail Bikman Quest
Serving - Get a B - S rank on any level 102 area.
Wise - Story Mode
Clamorous - Get a B - S rank on any level 105 area.
Glowing - Chim Chim Song Quest
Boisterious - Get a B - S rank on any level 108 area
Uncover - Steam Professors Research Quest
Looming - Story of Kudan Quest
Clashing - Ask for in the 'Found the Abyss!..I think' thread in Forums.
Ethical - Story mode
Fading - Story mode
Immersed - Story mode
Fleeing - Story Mode
Running - The Goblins Are Coming! Quest
Undeterred - Last Salute of the Goblins Quest
Passing - Beat The Goblins Are Coming! Quest and check your E-mail

Second Word: 
Ocean's - Story Mode
Alien - Dubious Dog Quest
Betrayal's - Story Mode
Mortuary's - "A strange place" thread in the Community Forum.
Familiar - 'Hail Bikman' Quest
Calamity's - Story Mode
Passive - Chim Chim Song Quest
Lakeside's - Steam Professors Research Quest
Muddled - Story of Kudan Quest
Frissions - Ask for in the 'Found the Abyss!..I think' thread in Forums.
Prodigy's - Story mode
Moonflower - Story mode
Moonbeam's - Get a B - S rank in any level 116 area
Crime's - Story mode
Dismayed - Story mode
Stellar - Get B - S rank in any level 124 area
Speed's - The Goblins Are Coming! quest.
Legerity's - Last Salute of the Goblins quest
Queen's - Get B - S rank on any level 132 area
Engaging - Get B - S rank on any level 121 area
Bull's Eye - Get B - S rank on any level 146 area
Blue Silver - Get B - S rank on any level 150 area

Third Word: 
Glide - Story Mode
Ceremony -Get a B - S rank on any level 96 area.
Elf Animal - Dubius Dog Quest
Longing - Story Mode
Shady Rite - "A strange place" thread in the Community Forum
Mascot - Hail Bikman Quest
Water Mill - Story Mode
Fairy - Chim Chim Song Quest
Metal Beast - Steam Professors Research Quest
Daydream - Get B - S rank on any level 110 area.
Seer - Story of Kudan Quest
Oracle - Ask for in the 'Found the Abyss!..I think' thread in Forums.
Prophecy - Story mode
Glory - Story mode
Paraphrase - Story mode
Utopia - Get a B - S rank on any level 122 area.
Emotion - Story mode
BBQ Plate - Obtained in an E-mail after game completion.
Sin Realm - Obtained in an E-mail after game completion.
Rider - The Goblins Are Coming! Quest
Goblin - Last Salute of the Goblins Quest
Raven - Get a B - S rank on any level 143 area

Wall paper list [lolpaperlists]
Found on the Apkallu forum:

Wallpaper 004: Beat Cubia in an avatar battle in the Serpent of Lore
Wallpaper 009: Beat Corkenik the 2nd in an avatar battle in the Serpent 
of Lore
WallPaper 008: Beat Fidchell in an avatar battle in the Serpent of Lore
WallPaper 007: Beat AIDA<Victorian> in an avatar battle in the Serpent of
WallPaper 006: Beat AIDA<Grunwald> in an avatar battle in the Serpent of Lore
WallPaper 010: Beat all Volume 3 avatar battles in the Serpent of Lore
WallPaper 015: Clear the Forest of Pain

Quests [qwestz]

==Dubius Dog==
Suggested Level 97
"Test for the bounty hunters advanced license"
Reward: Book of Stamina
Go to the second floor. On the first big room of the second floor you get
a little cutscene with the Heatwave hound. Continue down the path to the
area right before the entrance to block 2. You will get another scene
with the Heatwave Hound doing some...spinning thing. Go to block 2...and
receive your next cutscene, also with spinning. Go to the area to the
right and then down, and you will get more cutscene. Go to the area to
the right and down...again. You will get moar cutscene and this time the
hound shows itself. You fight it. It has about 5000 and wasn't too much
of a problem.

==Hail Bikman==
Suggested Level 107
Reward: Book of Sense
Area word Sigma Gathering Familiar Mascot
Mission: Find the Grunties

The first floor of this place has nothing important on it. Use a fairy orb
and skip on to the next floor. On this floor just go to the far right and
you will get a fun little scene with the grunties. Then by some chance a
boss monster will appear. It has about 5000 health and was easy. It didn't
even try to attack me once. After this the quest is ended.

==The Chim Chim Song==
Suggested Level 105
Reward: Book Of Wisdom
"The Chim Chims have disappeared from the farm. I want you to find out why"
Mission: Solve the mystery of the Chim Chim
Area Words Sigma Glowing Passive Fairy

There's nothing of significance on
the first floor. On the second floor you will come to a fork in the road.
take the passage to the right. There will be an easy boss typed monster.
After that, you learn where the chim are going. End of quest.

==Steam Professors Research==
Suggested Level 108
Reward: Book Of Stamina
Retrieve memory from Steam Robot 'Mosa Machine''s brain computer.
Area Words Sigma Undercover Lakeside's Metal Beast
Condition: Obtain Mosa Machines Memory.

Defeat the enemies at the 3 treasure boxes. Once all the devices are set
go to the southern side of the lake for a small cutscene and a mini-boss.
The boss has 3333 health.

==Story of Kudan==
Suggested Level 110
Reward: Book of Power
"I want to get data on the 'Silvermane Kudan'
Area Words Sigma Looming Muddled Seer
Mission: Kick the Silverman Kudan

First 2 floors aren't useful. Use Fairy Orbs and go through them quickly
if you wish. The third floor is where the silvermane Kudan is. It can be
found in the southernmost part of the floor.

==Lawless Fort==
Suggested Level 116
Reward: Book Of Wisdom
Area Words Sigma Vulnurable Barren Safe House

The PK's are spread out on 3 floors. 3 of them are on the first floor.
2 of them are on the second floor. 5 are on the third floor.
Negimaru and Grein are 2 of the PK's. They are a little annoying to fight
since the are good at catching you in combos, but just lay on the guard
button and wait until they break their combo.

==The Goblins Are Coming!==
Suggested Level: None
Reward: Book Of Power
Goblins stole a muffler. Get it back.
Sigma Running Speed's Rider
Solo Quest. Bring No one.

This quest is really annoying (at least to me who hates bike and racing games)
but it comes with due rewards. Anyways, you need to ram your bike into the 5
goblins. The first Goblin you need to hit once, then the second comes out.
Hit the second one twice, and the 3rd and 4th come out at the same time.
They both need to be hit twice. After that, The last goblin comes out. Hit
him once, and he will get faster. The second time you hit him, he gets even
more fastness. The third time you hit him, it ends and you win.

My Strategy: First, ride around them and feel out their pattern. Once you
have a feel of their pattern, fill the boost bar with chims. Then cruise up
as close to you can to them, and boost. Hopefully you hit them. If you miss,
repeat this. This worked for me on all the goblins except the last. For him
I just used the speed boost from across the map and tried to hit him blindly.

You may now participate in the Highway Master Campaign.

==Last Salute of the Goblins==
Suggested Level: None
Reward: Book of Sense
Area Words Sigma Undeterred Legerity's Goblin
Beat the "The Goblins Are Coming!" quest to unlock.

This time, its a race. This one is much easier than the previous quest.
All you need to do is do 5 counter-clockwise laps of the map. Simple enough.
Just hug the wall as long as you can, grab any chim you see. If you are too
close to a goblin, boost away. They will attack you. If you are too far
behind, boost. Otherwise, don't boost. Save your chim for when you need it.

As a reward for winning, you get the Demon Safe Shoes. These are awesome.
While wearing them, enemies can't see you. This is really useful for times
when you don't want to fight, or for the Forest of Pain.

==Farewell Mecha Grunty==
Suggested Level 132
Reward: Gurah Fist
Sigma Developed Steel's Magic Fist

When you arrive in the area you are greeted by Mecha grunties "older brother"
and you get to fight his 'Metal Dragons'. I assume by now you know how to
break defenses. Now chase down the giant metal thing.

Take the green warp point at the bottom of the map. Then go up, then left
and take the warp up there.

Now its a Boss Battle.
Black Gurah - 2550
Proto Gurah - 5555

Annoying little buggers. Did about 600 in one combo. Kill the Black Gurah
first. Proto Gurah just heals back again after. Then, after the scene is over,
kill Proto Gurah.
What a sad ending for a quest Dx

Gurah Fist: All normal attacks are critical

Forest Of Pain [FoP]

Unlocking the Forest of Pain:
Check the 'A Strange Place' thread in 'The World' section of the community
forum. Ask for the area words. Enter and exit 'The World' to get the
response. Then, go to the area words until the end of the dungeon. Then, 
later on in the game, a thread called "Found the Abyss!...I think" will show
up in the community Forum. Ask for the words and go there and speak to the
god or whatever it is. Now, after beating the game, you will unlock the
Forest of Pain.

The Forest of Pain is, to my understanding, 100 rooms long. Every 5 levels
is a boss fight. Bosses have a lot of defenses and are hard to kill without
beast awakening. Level ending in 1-4 and 6-9 have missions. These missions 
are shared between boss fights. Example: 31-34 have one objective that only
needs to be completed once throughout the set. These objectives are optional,
but recommended, because they reward you with good healing items. The boss
and objective lists are listed below, but are at the moment incomplete.

50 is last warp you can take. After that you no longer have checkpoints.

Bosses                    Blocks

Maxima Bazooka           5 and 10
Forest King              15 and 20
Giga Mammoth                25
Darklords Shade             30*
Sorceror Owl             35 and 40
Megalo Adamant           45 and 50
Dryramas                 55 and 60
Brigandine                   65
The One Death                70**
DeepOne                      75***
Huge Grudge                  80
Judgement                    85
Tinder Baron                 90***
Chaos Empress                95
True Cernunnos              100****

*"Special" Boss. Receive Pure Medallion for winning

**Deformed version of The One Sin. Strike the arms to break shield, then
attack the body. Receive Unlimited 50 SP item for winning.
Pure Medallion - Recover 350 HP (infinite uses)

***Has SP armor. Keep attacking until all its SP is drained, or use beast

****The True Cernunnos. 9999 HP. Lots of Defence (I was doing 3-7 damage
at level 150 with pimped out weapons). Rewarded with DG-Z guns when
killed. After beating, you will see the second, hidden epilogue.

After beating this, all parts of .hack GU 3 pertaining to the story line
are finished.
Notable Floors in the Forest of Pain:

36-39: Doing the Objective gives you an unlimited fairy orb item.
50: You meet Tabby. Check e-mail to get Member Address.
51-54: Do the objectives to get the DG-Y guns. (not too great, 10 attack)
61-64: Doing the objectives gets you an unlimited warp to any platform item.
81-84: Do the objectives to get unlimited smoke screen, and Indulgence.
  (Indulgence is good for Zelkova.)

Objectives list ('x' is a variable and can be any number):

Perform x combo
Perform x skill triggers
Break x objects
open x treasure or trap boxes
Perform Awakening X times*
Clear while being KO'd X time(s) or less.
Defeat X enemy parties.

*This can be a half-awakening. Fill the awakening Gauge halfway, then use
beast or demon awakening. These count towards the number.

This is an ongoing section. Don't E-mail me info about this because chances
are I'll catch it myself.

Avatar Battles [avbatlz]
Uses a regular attack in which it crawls close to you and slashes you once.
This is often repeated several times in a row.

Archene Shot -- Shoots balls of web at you that can be easily avoided by

Kobold Bullet -- Shoots 4 bullets at you. The bullets move slow and can be
blocked by slashing them with your scythe.

Arachno Trap -- shoots string at you. The string typed stuff then moves up and
down. If it hits you, you get caught in a web and the AIDA will do an
additional attack.

Shoots an array of bullets. Dodge with side dash.
Moves up close and attacks.

Royal Bullet- Shoots many bullets out. Can be blocked with slash.

Excellent Ray- Charges and shoots 3 beams ahead. Dodge with side dash.

Elegant Orb- Shoots an orb at you. Block it with the slash. If the orb is
blocked successfully, it is sent back to the Victorian and will stun it.

Fidchell can teleport around different sides of the screen. Its regular
attacks include: A small barrage of bullets, can dodge or block with slash
                 Teleports close up to you and does some funky glowing move
that damages you.
                 Another un-named attack that Fidchell will use is a data-
drain like orb. It isn't really a data drain, and can be repelled with slash.
If repelled, it stikes Fidchell and stuns. If it hits you, you will be hit
with the 'Will Of Gods' attack.

Spinning Death- Shoots out 1 to 2 discs. Break them with slash.

Will Of Gods- You get stuck in a box and damage will be done to you.

Quadra Halo- Shoots 4 lasers directly ahead. Dodge with Side Dash.

Data Drain- Unblockable. Mash buttons to escape.

[[[Corbenik 2nd]]]
Corbeniks regular attacks include:
Shoots out an array of bullets. Can be dodged or blocked with slash.
Shield. Corbenik can shield himself from all damage. He cannot be hurt at this

Variant Summon- Summons little AIDA's beings that come at you. Destroy with
slash or shoot them

Celestial Wrath- Beams fall from the sky. Where ever the first beam lands,
go the opposite direction.

Mental Vamprism- Sends out a Data Drain-like seed. If it hits you, it does
massive damage. Slash at it to send it back at him to stun him

Data Drain- Unblockable. Mash buttons to escape.

[[[Cubia Alpha]]]
Can shoot small orbs at you. Can be dodged with side dash.
Summons many Cubia Gomora. Kill them by charging your gun.
Ectoplasm- Cubia Alpha uses this when you're too close. It does little
to no damage and only knocks you away.

Destroy all the Cubia Gomora to stun Alpha.

[[[Cubia Beta]]]
Shoots bullets at you. Dodge with side dash.
Jihad - Shoots lasers in random directions.

Gomora - Makes many Cubia Gomoras.

Chaos Gehenna - Makes a huge orb, explodes it, and has many Gomora swarm
you. They can be killed by your gun or slashing them, but escaping without
damage is difficult.

A rather easy avatar battle if you can get used to blocking his attacks.

Blacklisted PK's [pklistlol]

The blacklisted PK campaign can be found in the back ally thing of the
mercenary district of Mac Anu. All you need to do is kill the 7 chaotic
PK's once. After you do this, you will be able to unlock Natsume as a
party character. A good place to use for finding the chaotic PK is

Sigma: Screaming Aster's Berserker

Just keep entering the area, killing the battle area, and leaving until
all of the Chaotic PK people are defeated.

BlackListed PK                  Reward for Defeating

Genjyo the Fatal        -        Sanity Fan//28000 GP
Kaotin In The Shadows   -        Confusion Leaf//29000 GP
Magical Pokotan         -        Steel Crest//30000 GP
Silent TERU             -        Steel Shell//31000 GP
Poison Lei Lei          -        Ein Baku Jawbone//32000 GP
Lady Bomber Jahad       -        Niku Baku Jawbone//38000 GP
Yokochi "Steel" Taro    -        World Mirror//44000 GP

Reward as a bonus for killing all Blacklisted PK's: Grudge Water

Chims Kicker Campaign [chmkik]
This ones simple enough, right? Just kick 1000 chim. A good place to do this
is Theta Pursuing Military alga grass. Once in the map go to the right,
across the bridge, to find 5 chim trees. Just go around kicking them until
you have enough.

Checkpoint 1: Halcyon Scroll
Checkpoint 2: Abyss Scroll
Checkpoint 3: Vitality Scroll
Checkpoint 4: Sanity Scroll
Checkpoint 5: Dusk Chim Chim

DoppelGanger [doppgang]

The doppel Ganger can be found in field that are not related to the story.
If the field was used in the story, then doppel will not appear. Areas with
third word Moonlight will have a doppelganger in the very beginning of the 
field. After entering a field, wait 5 minutes for the doppelganger to appear.
He will appear anywhere on the field. Going into a battle resets this time.

The doppel ganger has SP armor. After beating him, you get his armor, but
it makes fighting him kinda annoying. Just beat him down for a while until
he reaches 0 SP and you can hurt him, or use your beast awakening. Beast
awakening is like instant win. You just need to do beast awakening and use
your guns and you should be able to kill him by the time the awakening

I recommend you bring Zelkova into this fight with you. He has items that heal
your HP to its max, your SP to its max, and heals you from dead to max.

Killing him Once will get you new Guns DG-0 and the item Bygone Servant.
The guns have about 2 less attack than the starter guns, but had the skill 
avenging bullet, and the Bygone Servant is just proof that you killed the 

Killing the Doppel Ganger the Second time will make you lose the Bygone
Servant item, and the Own King if you had it from previous games,
but gain the 'Other Self' armor, and the accessory 'Shadow' is you had the
Own King.

Other Self has these abilities:
Reduce damage taken by physical attacks 75%
Reduce damage taken by magic attacks 75%
Convert Normal Damage into SP damage. When SP is 0, damage is dealt to HP

Shadow has these abilities:
Gradually increase HP (recovers more than HP regen 2)
Gradually increase SP (recovers more than SP regen 2)
Increases damage from Physical attacks, arts, spells, and attack items by

Natsume  [natsumez]

Natsume "The Edgemaniac"- Beat all 7 Chaotic PKs. Then Log Out and check 
"The World" forums from the Community Forums. There will be a post about
another PK. Go to a few areas and she will be there. She is yelling 
something about Tri-Edge and Kite. Now, head back to the Forums and there 
will be talk about how Haseo was fighting full out and how they saw the PK 
on the back streets of Breg Epona (Sigma Server). Head there and you will 
see Natsume (who apparently has dual personalities) conversing with that 
golden gladiator, who's music just makes you want to smash your game with a 
pipe, Piros the 3rd. He tries to introduce you, but Haseo cuts him off. A 
clueless Natsume is then forced by Piros (who seriously needs to get an 
attitude adjustment around that girl) to give you her member address.

Affection/Marriage [afecshun]
This is a short guide on raising affection. I'm not going to go into great
detail on this though.

Affection goes like this. Red is the worst color. After red is blue, then
yellow, and then pink is the highest. Each color can have 5 orbs. Once you
get a '6th orb' you go to the next color with no orbs. The highest affection
you can get is Pink with 5 orbs.

The main things to raise your affection with someone:
1. Give them gifts. Equiptment, etc. I found giving them the Books of ____
items to work well, and then just make them use it on myself.
2. 'Favorite' actions. Each character has a favorite action. Watch the
battle and try and figure out what theirs is, and then keep doing it.
Rengeki is a favorite action for every character.
3. Cards. Send them cards, and try not to be a jerk to them. Be nice in your
cards and you will always get an 'Affection increase'. 
4. God Chim Chim. God Chim Chim raises affection a lot. Well, not a lot, since
it varies. Sometimes he gives you 1 orb, sometimes he gives you an entire
color. Just find a map ending in 'BBQ plate' with a God Chim Chim near the

Things that you SHOULDN'T do:
1. Never send them a card, and in response tell them to pound sand. This will
just give you an affection decrease.
2. Don't let them die. Everytime they die in battle, they lose affection.

Marriage: To unlock 'Marriage' you need to get all 22 characters. For those
who are having troubles, Sakubo counts as 2. Saku, and bo. Then you need the
2 characters unlocked after the game s beaten. Tabby, and Natsume. During the
story, you NEED to be nice to Saku and convince her to stay, or no marriage
for you.

Once you have all 22 characters, you will get an e-mail from CC corp
and from Aura. Then, you will have the marriage card. You only get one of
these cards, so save before you use it. Then, you can send it to anyone
that you have the max affection with.

Contact Info [contactinfo]
You may contact me via AIM, MSN, or my e-mail.
AIM: Googlrr
MSN: [email protected] (I only log on this every so often)
Email: [email protected]
If you need to contact me using e-mail please put "DotHack Guide" as the
subject field or it WILL be deleted as spam mail. I get so much spam mail
per day that I basically delete everything.

If I'm not on the messengers at the time leave me an offline message.

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respective trademark and copyright holders.

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