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by ashleycoomer

GUN FAQ for the PlayStation 2 Entertainment System

GUN guide written by:Ashley Coomer
E-mail:[email protected]
Version 1B
Started:01/05/2006 Finished:
Copyright Notice: Copyright 2006 Ashley Coomer 

Take your gun and this guide to the west with you. You won't survive 
without it!

----THE STORY----
You are Colton White and your father is Ned. Ned's forte is hunting, 
or was hunting at least, before he is killed in a Steamboat Massacre. 
Just before he died he told Colton that he's not his real father, and 
now it's your turn as Colton for revenge.


----1-The Hunt----

Follow Ned and use R1 to draw your weapon when instructed to. Shoot 
the Quails-if the crosshair is red, you should shoot them down. After 
that, use Quick Draw by pressing R2 and use the left analog stick to 
switch between the Quails. Once all of the Quails have been shot 
down, kill any wolves that lurk the area. As always, if Colton's 
health is low, press UP to drink from the canteen. Continue to follow 
Ned and press CIRCLE to switch to the Rifle, before pressing R3 to 
zoom. Kill the Elks when they come and drop down after Ned. Kill the 
wolves that come near you by pressing SQUARE to use your knife, 
although Ned will pick off a few of them for you. Once the wolves are 
dead, you'll see cut-scene of Ned being attacked by a grizzly. After 
the cut-scene is over, stand over Ned's Rifle and press TRIANGLE to 
pick it up. Fire at the bear when it's still, then either run out of 
the way when it charges or double tap L2 and move the left analog 
stick left or right to roll out of the way. Keep on shooting away at 
the bear-when it's dead, you'll see a cut-scene, followed by the 
success screen.

----2-Steamboat Massacre----

Head to the wheel, taking out the enemies on the way, remembering to 
use cover and lean (LEFT/RIGHT). Once you've pressed TRIANGLE to 
remove the board jamming the wheel, go back to the left and mount the 
cannon. Fire the cannon at all the ships and they'll explode.  Once 
you've made it to the end of the river, you'll be back aboard the 
ship. Kill all the enemies and try not to use Quick Draw. Go up the 
stairs to Ned and shoot all the enemies that come from the left and 
right, using Quick Draw. Once all of the enemies are dead, the 
mission will end and you'll see a cut-scene.

----3-Honest Tom----

Press Triangle to mount the horse and move it to Tom. He'll show you 
how to spur (L2) and Jump (X) your horse. After some practice, Tom 
will go to the start of the race. Follow him and face the same way to 
start the countdown. Once the race has begun, gallop your horse (hold 
L2) rather than spur it, as riding a horse too hard will kill it. 
Remember to jump early to clear the fallen trees.
The easiest way to win the race is to follow the path on the right, 
whereas Tom takes the left. As long as you don't stray off the path 
of dust or ride your horse too hard, you should win. After you've 
won, meet Tom in the meadow. Trample the buffalo by using the skid 
attack (SQUARE), then return to Tom. Shoot more bottles than Tom (you 
can use Quick Draw for accuracy), then kill the wolves. You can run 
into them, shoot them or use a skid attack. Once they're dead you'll 
see a cut-scene where Tom betrays you. Kill his friends (it's best to 
trample their horses so they fall off), then kill him. You should be 
able to take him out without any problems, regardless of what means 
of attack you use.

REWARDS: New Pony Express, Bounty, Poker missions available.

----4-The Red Hand Gang----

Go to Dodge City by using the Ferry and you'll soon find the 
Alhambra. Talk to the bartender and you'll see a cut-scene. Shoot all 
the enemies in the bar and go up the stairs, killing more enemies on 
the way. Go out onto the balcony and kill all the enemies there. Go 
through the doors inside, making sure you kill all the enemies in 
each room. When you get to the next room with Jenny in, kill the guy 
who's got her held hostage. You can use Quick Draw to ensure you 
shoot him, not Jenny, but if you've used it already, just wait until 
the crosshair turns red. After the cut-scene, you'll have a new 
weapon- Ned's Old Schofield. Equip it, then head back downstairs. 
Shoot everyone and try to save Quick Draw for later. When you go back 
out to the bar area, start shooting all the arsonists. Jenny will 
pick off a few herself, so try to kill the ones by the doorway and 
bar area. Once it's safe to go outside, do so and shoot as many 
enemies as you can, ignoring Crude for now. Shoot all the enemies 
that go near the Alhambra and look at the mini-map to see where the 
arsonists are coming from. As long as the 'Alhambra Exterior' bar 
doesn't deplete, you should be ok. Once the arsonists have stopped 
coming you'll be told to kill Crude. Take him out first with Quick 
Draw, then blast all the remaining enemies. As long as you're fast, 
this mission shouldn't cause you too many problems. After pressing X 
on the success screen you'll get the Winchester Shotgun and see a 
cut-scene. After that, you'll get another weapon-Whiskey Bombs.

REWARDS: Schofield, Winchester Shotgun, Whiskey Bombs.

----5-Quick Killer----

Talk to Pat Denton by the bridge to start the mission. Go down to the 
bridge and shoot all the Indians. Take cover by the boxes and use 
Quick Draw to take down the Indians on ropes. Try to dodge the 
flaming arrows, but if not, take a swig of whiskey. Kill the rest of 
the Indians, grab the whiskey bottles and go down the slope where 
you'll need to take out more Indians. It's a good idea to use Quick 
Draw to kill the Indians behind the boxes. That done, get on the 
transport carrier and move it to the other side. Be careful not to 
shoot the TNT Barrels or they will explode. Shoot at the Indians that 
climb up the side of the support and use Quick Draw if need be to 
make sure you don't miss any, as if they light the TNT Barrels they 
will explode. Pick up the Barrels using and throw them into the river 
by pressing and holding l. Once the barrels are all in the river, get 
back on the transport carrier and move it along. Crouch to try and 
avoid the flaming arrows, as it's better to run than waste ammo. Talk 
to Patrick and, after the cut-scene, go back down to the bridge. You 
need to protect the workers, so throw some Whiskey Bombs by the slope 
at the far end to burn the Indians that come up. Go back to the 
workers and try to shoot as many Indians as you can, watching your 
health. Keep moving from near the workers to the slopes and shoot all 
the Indians until you see a cut-scene. After the cut-scene get ahead 
of the TNT Barrels and go into Quick Draw. You need to shoot down the 
fire arrows before the 'TNT' bar depletes. Remember to switch in and 
out of Quick Draw to save it. Once enough arrows have been shot down, 
Indians will come in waves. As earlier, kill them before they try to 
light the TNT, but if they get too close just use your knife. Once 
they're defeated, you'll face Quick Killer. Quick Killer has a 
Tomahawk-a deadly Melee Weapon-so try to stay away from that. Run 
backwards and aim for headshots. When you get so far back, Quick 
Killer will lose interest in you and start to attack Patrick. Run for 
him and use Quick draw if there's any left, before finishing him off 
with your knife. When he's defeated, you'll see a cut-scene.

REWARDS: New Deputy missions available, Tomahawk.

----6-Whore Coach----

After talking to Jenny you'll be mounted on a horse. Get ahead of the 
Stage Coach and stay ahead. Try to shoot at all the Indians, but deal 
with the ones closest to the Stage Coach first. Soon you'll arrive at 
the barricade. Dismount your horse and go through the gap. Kill all 
the Indians plus those on the raised platforms and go up. Pick up a 
TNT Barrel and throw it at the barricade before shooting it to clear 
a path. Luckily there's a horse waiting if yours died or if you want 
a new one, so mount that and carry on. It's wise to use the trample 
attack on the way to make easy work of the Indians! Soon you'll see a 
cut-scene where the Stage Coach crashes, and you'll need to defend 
it. Start by shooting at the Indians on the two platforms infront of 
you, stabbing them if they get too close. Once they're gone, shoot at 
the Indians by Jenny below, then wait for the Indians to come on 
horses. As they pass, shoot the TNT Barrels which will hopefully blow 
them up. Shoot more Indians on horses until you see another cut-
scene. Shoot the TNT Barrels and more Indians. Don't worry if you 
miss a few, but shoot the TNT Barrels whenever you see them to take 
out multiple Indians at once. As you continue, shoot more Indians, be 
they on foot, on horseback or on the Stage Coach. If you manage to 
shoot the TNT Barrels on the wagons it will save you a lot of time. 
Once you arrive in Empire City you'll see a cut-scene and the mission 
will end.

REWARDS: Health +25, New Federal Marshal, Bounty, Ranch Hand, Hunting 
missions available.

----7-Law And Order----

Talk to Mayor Hoodoo's Deputy and you'll see a cut-scene which makes 
you a Deputy. Follow Hoodoo's right hand men to the bar and talk to 
the bartender. After the cut-scene there will be a shootout, so stand 
up and use Quick Draw to kill all the enemies. Once they're dead 
you'll see another cut-scene. Get on a horse and spur it by tapping L 
to keep up with Chavez Y Chavez. When you reach the ambush, use Quick 
Draw to deal with the enemies. Go up the hill and use the trample 
attack to kill the enemies. After the next cut-scene you'll need to 
kill Webb and Rudabaugh. 

RUDABAUGH: Don't stay in the barn or Rudabaugh will stab you. Shoot 
at him repeatedly while rolling out of the way. You should be able to 
dodge most of his attacks as long as you keep on the move. Use Quick 
Draw when his health is low to kill him.  

WEBB: Shoot at Webb and even his horse to take off a few rounds of 
his health. Next, get on a horse and use Quick Draw on him to bring 
his health down to about  full. Go behind the stable where there 
were two horses and fire at him from there. There's loads of ammo 
lying around, but not many Whiskey Bottles, and the chances are 
you've already had it by now. Hopefully you will have just about full 
health, which is just enough. Keep getting on horses and using the 
skid attack on Webb's horse until he falls off it. When he's 
recovering use the skid attack and you'll probably fall off your 
horse. Shoot at him using cover if you need it and with a bit of luck 
you'll kill him before he kills you, although you're probably almost 
dead yourself. Phew! That was a close one!

REWARDS: Health +25, New Federal Marshal, Bounty, Ranch Hand, Hunting 
missions available.

----8-Escape From Jail----

Stand infront of the marker at Hoodoo's palace to start the mission. 
After some cut-scenes you'll find yourself in jail. Start by talking 
to Port. When the guard comes by, grab him although you'll find he 
has no keys. Instead, you can pick the lock by tapping TRIANGLE until 
it opens. Grab the Ammo and Whiskey, and a new weapon- the Apache 
Bow. Afterwards, go outside and kill the men guarding the horses. You 
need to stash 3 of them under the stone bridge, so after the guards 
are killed mount them and ride them to the stone bridge. Once you 
have 3 you'll be told you may want to cause a distraction. Throw a 
few whiskey bombs at the livery stables to make a distraction. Kill 
the guards that may have noticed and make your way to the kegs of 
gunpowder. Pick one up and go back to the jail. Place a keg in the 
marker and stand back before shooting it. Once Soapy is out, follow 
him and mount the horse. Follow Soapy to his hideout where you'll see 
a cut-scene. After that, follow Port to his hideout tapping L2 if he 
gets too far ahead. When you arrive you'll see a cut-scene followed 
by the success screen.

REWARDS: Health +25, New Pony Express, Bounty, Poker missions 
available, Dynamite, Bow.

----9-Ambush The Train----

Talk to Clay to start the mission. After the brief cut-scene, mount 
the horse and follow Clay to the ambush site where you'll see another 
cut-scene. Pick up the powder kegs and place them in the marker. Once 
they're all placed you'll see a cut-scene. After that, get back on 
your horse and follow Clay to the train. To protect the resisters 
you'll need to shoot Hoodoo's gunmen who are located on the train. 
Once they're dead, deal with the horsemen. After that, get on a horse 
and follow Clay back to the ambush site where you'll need to place 
another powder keg by the rest. Go up to the ledge above and shoot at 
the powder kegs when you're told to fire. You'll see a cut-scene 
where the train gets wrecked, but some of the guards survived. Shoot 
at them as fast as you can and run and jump out of the way of the 
dynamite they throw. There are some powder kegs left to your 
advantage which you can use, although it's probably best to leave 
them. Once everyone's dead you'll see the success screen and a cut-

REWARDS: New Federal Marshal, Deputy missions available.

This Faq is copyright  2006 according to Feel free to 
use it and print it for your own/ a friend's use. If you want to host 
this guide on a website please contact me first. I reserve the right 
to reject you posting the guide on your site, but will probably let 
you. If you want to use parts of this guide in your own guide feel 
free, just please give "Ashley Coomer" credit.

----HOSTED BY----

The only websites allowed to host this guide are. 


If you're going to E-Mail me for help in GUN I'll be only too happy 
to help. Try to look and see if the question you're asking me is not 
already covered in the guide-unlike other writers I will reply to 
those messages, but if you read the guide first it will save me some  
time. That would be much appreciated.


Since this was my first FAQ, and I plan to make more, it wasn't easy 
to put together. I think that a BIG thanks are in order to:

ME- For writing the guide that you hopefully enjoyed.

YOU- For reading the guide. After all, a guide isn't really a guide 
if no one has read it.

go>play magazine originally inspired me to write guides for games ever 
since I bought a PowerStation issue with his Vice City guide in. Thanks