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Follow the dark path or use the light

How To Get Through First Missions On GTA Vice City!


This gives you a walkthrough on over 15 mission of the game GTA: Vice City! Have fun and hope it helps. From Lewis Woodhall!

Mission 1 - The Party! (Difficulty: Very Easy) On average takes around 2 minutes to complete!

When the game starts drive to the Ocean View Hotel and walk through the pink marker.
After the video drive to the Lawyer's Office near the Ambulance Station & Mall.
The mission will start with a video and you will have to drive to Rafael's Clothes Shop a couple of blocks away!
Then you will see your clothes and when it says "Hmmm, nice bike!" It's offering you to a fast bike to get to the girl you're picking up! Then drive to the boat place and take the girl to the Pole Position Club a couple of blocks away from the Ocean View Beach & Hotel! Then you have completed the mission and you are awarded a small amount of money to start off! Then drive to the Lawyer's Place to start the next mission!

Mission 2 - Back Alley Brawl! (Difficulty: Easy) On average takes around 4 minutes to complete!

After the video go to the Malibu Club to go and talk to Kent Paul. After talking to Kent Paul, he tells you to go to the back alleys and then kill the Chef! When you have killed him pick up his phone. After the next video there will be 3 more chef's chasing you and get into the white car around the corner with Lance and drive to the Ammu-nation shop near the Boats then drive back to the Ocean View Hotel and that is the mission completed! You are awarded a little bit more money but not loads! Drive to the Lawyer's Office again for the next mission!

Mission 3 - Jury Fury! (Difficulty: Easy) On average takes around 3-4 minutes to complete!

After the first video drive to one of the yellow dots on the map and smash up their cars without being chasen by the police! You have to have smashed up their cars 25% before you threaten them then they'll run away and the mission will be completed! Drive back to the Lawyer's place to start mission 4!

Mission 4 - Riot! (Difficulty: Easy) On average takes around 3 minutes to complete!

After the video drive to Rafael's shop around 30 seconds away in a car and get your new clothes.
Then drive to the place where the riot is happening and start a fight or kill 3 people to get a riot started!
Then shoot the man stood next to the vans, take his gun and start shooting the vans with pink arrows on top of them! When you've exploded/destroyed the vans then the mission will be completed and you get quite a bit of money for now! You will get a phone call a couple of minutes later telling you to go to the boat! Drive there to start the mission "Treacherous Swine" follow the C blip on the map at the bottom left after the call and walk into the pink marker to start the next mission!

Mission 5 - Treacherous Swine! (Difficulty: Easy) On average takes around 3 minutes to complete!

You should have a chainsaw now! Get into a car and drive to the pink blip on the map, gonzalez's house and walk into the pink marker! After he says "I'm gonna shut that big mouth of yours" it is best to kill the 2 men in red flower tops so you don't get hurt as they start to fight with you, do this quickly before Gonzalez walks out of the building. When he is running away catch him and kill him, no matter what he says! There will be 2 police wanted stars so quickly get into a vehicle and drive to the pay'n'spray point, follow the blip on the map, to get the police away from you because your car/bike will be repaired, painted and the cops won't recognise you! You have now completed the mission if you make it there alive! Now drive to the A blip to start the sixth mission which unlocks a new part of the city!

Mission 6 - Four Iron! (Difficulty: Easy/Medium) On average takes around 3 minutes to complete!

After the video get a vehicle and drive to Jacksports clothes shop not far from the golf course and from where you are! Follow the dot blips on the map. Then after you have got your clothes drive to the golf course and stop in the pink marker, the target will be at the driving range. If you walk through the CCTV camera place your guns will go if you notice but you can get them back after the mission at the same place even if you die! When you get into the golf course there will be a golf cart and when you get into a golf cart you automatically get a golf club as a weapon! Make sure that when you are in the golf club you have a sniper rifle, do the cheat for weapons. R1, R2, L1, R2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up! Then head over to the driving range and stop the caddy, exit it and do not go up the stairs to meet the bloke, instead move until you have a clear shot to kill the man with the sniper, no pain, no fuss and quick! You have then passed the mission, you could complete it a different way but this is one of the quickest ways and it's not cheating too much now you have loads of weapons and you will have even more when you get the rest back from the entrance of the golf course where the CCTV camera shot is. Now drive to the C blip on the map where the boats are to start the seventh mission.

Mission 7 - Mall Shootout! (Difficulty: Easy/Medium) On average takes around 3-4 minutes to complete!

For this mission, get to the mall a couple of seconds away in a car (opposite the ambulance station) If you need some guns then visit the ammu-nation on your way or you could use the weapons cheat which is mentioned on mission 6! When you get close to the mall, you will be told about how the dot when it points up or down. If it is pointing up, your target is higher then you but if it is pointing down then you are higher. And if it is just a dot, they you are both at the same level. Once you get to the mall, find a way in and ride the elevator, that is in the middle, to the top. At the top of the stairs, you will find the guy you need to see and he has an arrow above him. But it seems the courier has shot off and you need to follow him. He will get on a bike so you could either knock him off and run him over in a car or you could get on a motorbike, follow him and shoot him off dead! As soon as he reaches death the mission will be passed but don't get hurt on your way out of the mall because this is a well-known way of failing this mission! After this mission drive back to the C blip to start the next mission near the boat. If you have noticed, you are awarded more money the further through the game you get when passing missions!

Mission 8 - Guardian Angels! (Difficulty: Medium) On average takes around 5 minutes to complete!

To complete this mission you will need 100 life and maybe some armor and definately some guns as this mission is quite violent & harder! Drive to the car park and pick up the gun, then Lance will come in his car and he'll introduce for you to go with him behind the back-alleys near Washington Beach. Go there and stop in the pink marker. After go up onto the roof up the stairs and wait for a car to come. They will be making deals, bars will come up showing you Lance's & Diaz's health. You have to make sure they do not run out otherwise either will die and you will fail the mission. Run back down to the bottom and stay near Diaz and his men. After a while some Haitians will come and attack use the Uzi to quickly lock onto them and kill them. Once three cars have come, a few cars will come from behind you so turn around and shoot at them. Once all the Haitians are dead, a cut-scene will take place where two Haitians on dirt bikes will come and take the money. But as they take off,
one will get shot and fall off his bike. Now for some reason, you will be at the top of the stairs again. Jump down and get the bike that is on the floor (it will have an arrow above it) and chase after the other Haitian. You should
see him far off in the background, so just head south through the alleyways until you catch the Haitian. It shouldn't take too long to catch him and once you get close enough behind him shoot forward and he should fall off the bike and drop the money. Now get off the bike and pick up the briefcase with an arrow above it and you will be told to take it back to Diaz. Just head back the way you came and if you get lost, then follow the pink dot on the radar. If you get some police on you, there is a police bribe down the alley. Once you get back to where Diaz is, run into the marker by his car, and Diaz will take off. After the mission hang around for a bit and you will get a call from Ricardo and he will offer you some work. You will now get paid 1000$ for completing and you now have access to Starfish Island (Another part of the city!) Now to get to the next mission follow the A blip on the map to start Demolition Man!

Mission 9 - Demolition Man! (Difficulty: Medium) On average takes around 6-7 minutes to complete! RC mission!

When you start, follow the dot on the map and when you arrive get into the van that is called Topfun! When you've gotten into the van you will have to take control of an RC chopper! You will be briefed on the controls, and I recommend that the first time just get used to the controls and then reload and do it for good. Once you are used to the control, spin the RC chopper and fly it really low over one of the four bomb with an arrow above it. If you are flying low enough you should pick it up and a timer for 7 minutes will start. Now get off the ground and higher into the air and head for the huge, blue unfinished building and on the radar you will see four pink dots.
Each dot is where you must drop the bombs. There is a drop point on each floor and the drop point is like a bin and is in a pink marker. You will need to be careful though because once that chopper is destroyed, you will fail.
You will also come across a few workers with hammers and guards with guns. They will damage the chopper is to kill them run into them with the blade of the chopper and it will kill them. Anyway, when you get to the building, go lower so that you can fit into the ground level. Look around the ground floor until you find a pink marker. Hover over it and then press circle to drop it. If you miss the target, then you will have to pick it up again by hover above it. Once you have dropped the first one correctly, follow the yellow dot on the radar back to where you are and the other three bombs. Pick up another and then go back to the construction site. Once you get back to the bottom of the site, look around the middle and you will see a set of stairs. This is how you get to the other floors. This set of stairs goes all the way to the top so you will be able to access all the floors from here. When you get to the next level, look around until you find the next drop. Like I said before, there is one drop point on each floor and there is four floors. Once you drop all four bombs, you will see the building blow up at all four points and you will pass the mission. You will be awarded a lot of money and now follow the D blip on the map to start mission 10!

Mission 10 - The Chase! (Difficulty: Medium) On average takes around 6 minutes to complete!

When the mission starts and the video ends get into a fast car and drive to the pink blip/dot on the map and when you get there walk into the pink marker to look through his window. When you have he swears and runs onto the roof, follow him and then when he jumps off the roof, you jump off, get into a fast car and follow him, it is best if you park your car near where you jump off the roof so then you can jump off and get straight into it!
Don't lose him or you will lose the mission, stay behind his tail but if you stay too close he will shoot your vehicle and it may end up blowing up so halfway through chasing him, if you see a parked car near the road then quickly jump out your car/bike and get into that one but don't fall back too far! This should avoid death, failure & loss of tailing him! As you go over the bridge he will turn right and he will stop outside a house, just crash into his car and the mission will then end and you have passed it! You will recieve some money and now you have unlocked a tiny part more of the city (Prawn Island!) Now follow the D blip again on the map to start the next mission!

Mission 11 - Phnom Penh '86! (Difficulty: Medium/Hard) On average takes around 5 minutes to complete!

When you start this mission you will be in a heli and will have control of a gun! You won't have to worry about ammo because it's an unlimited amount! You'll also have a damage meter on the screen, which is for the Heli.
If it runs out the chopper will blow up and you'll fail the mission! You can control the gun with the left analog stick and fire with the circle button, just like usual. Tommy and Lance will talk on the way and you can listen to
that for a while. You won't have to shoot anything until you get to Prawn Island. Once you get there, you will see some men on the roof of that run-down house from the last mission. Try and shoot them although you may find it hard to aim with the helicopter moving so just hold the trigger and hope you hit something. There is a few red barrels on the roof that you can shoot and kill a few people. Once you have go everyone on the roof, you will move to the back where some more men will appear. Next you will move to another area, where there will be some cars and men. Destroy the cars and kill all the men that are here and you will find that there is a lot. There is a few on the cars, some on the ground and a few in the red tennis courts. Continue killing and destroying things and the chopper will soon go to another roof where there will be heaps of people. Destroy the red barrels that are here to cause lots of damage and once you kill everyone. Next spot is in front of another house and
there will be a few men here too. Once you will everyone, you will move to the front of the gang house where there is a couple of guard that you will need to kill before landing. when you are on the ground you will notice that you have an M60 with 100 ammo. But save that and instead use an Uzi or weapon that you can lock onto people with. Run inside the building you are in front of using a small front door. Clear the stair of all the men and then go to the top. Turn around and kill anyone that might be there. Now go up the next set of stairs to your right and kill the guy at the top. Continue up to the top and you should see a dead guy and a briefcase with an arrow next to him. Pick up the briefcase and Lance will come back with the chopper and take you back to
Starfish Island. Well done! Mission complete and you have now unlocked the west part of the Island, which is massive, you can fly a helicopter & go an airport and there's loads more stuff after this mission is passed - Check it out! Next follow the C blip on the map after a phone call which is back at the boat docks again, this is the twelvth mission!

Mission 12 - Sir Yes Sir! (Difficulty: Medium) On average takes around 6 minutes to complete!

When you're given control get into a car and drive to the yellow dot on the map which is on the new part of the island that is now unlocked! The yellow dot is travelling down the main highway on the west island and there's a huge escort of military vehicles and men who are guarding a (Rhino) Tank! When you get near it you will need to find a way to stop the convey. This is easy! Just stop in front of the Rhino and the people will stop and a guard will get into your car and drive it out of the way! You will need to be quick and get into the tank before you get killed or anything else happens! Pull the guy out of the tank and you will get inside and have a 3 star wanted level. Quickly drive off before anyone else can bust you and run into the Barrack OL in front of you! It should blow up and kill anyone else that gets in your way! You can also use the turret and move it with the right analog stick and fire with the circle button! Don't worry about tanks blowing up because they can take massive amounts of damage before they blow so it's extremely unlikely that you'll die in a tank because of damage! You can see that the army have set a self-destruct sequence on the tank and a gauge will appear on the screen. This is constantly being filled and when it's full, the tank will self-destruct so you'll have to be quick! Follow the pink dot on the radar, this will take you to Little Havana, when you get to the pink dot it will look like an alley but it's just on the side of the road it's closest to on the map. When you get there stop the tank in the pink marker in a garage, the door will open so you can drive in. Once the tank is in the garage, get out the tank and run out of the garage! This mission is now passed. You will be awarded 2000$! Now head to the D blip on the map to start the mission called "The Fastest Boat!"

Mission 13 - The Fastest Boat! (Difficulty: Medium) On average takes around 6 minutes to complete!

Diaz wants the fastest boat and he's sent you to go and get it! When the mission starts, go to the yellow dot! This will take you to the very south of the west part of the island. When you enter the boatyard you'll be shot at so kill all of the men that are in there shooting at you! Drive forward and you'll see that the boat needs to be lowered!
Run inside the building and run to the back of it where there is a switch board with a small pink marker in front of it, stand there! The boat will now be lowered! More men will appear so make sure you have a good gun to kill them all because if death strikes then this mission will be failed which wastes more time and effort! Run down onto the dock near the boat with an arrow on top of it, stand next to it and press the triangle button to enter it!
You will now have a three star wanted level and you'll need to get back to the mansion! Don't worry about this, you will see police boats and maybe a helicopter but keep going and follow the dot on the radar to get back to Starfish Island. At the back of Diaz's mansion there will be a huge pink marker which is where you need to park the boat! After this is accomplished you have passed this mission! You will now be paid 4000$ and will be next to the boat where it's parked. To get to the next mission follow the D blip which should only be a few seconds on foot away. Stop in the pink marker to start the next mission and on the next mission the fastest boat will be used.

Mission 14 - Supply & Demand! (Difficulty: Medium/Hard) On average takes around 5 minutes to complete!

Once entering this mission you'll need the boat at the back of Diaz's mansion so go there first (follow pink dot)
Run into the marker and Lance will show up. Once on water, you'll have control of the boat and Lance will be shooting at the other boats. Firstly, go forward then curve left and you should go under a bridge. Just follow the pink dot on the radar to get to where you want to be! You will be racing against other boats to get there first and if you even come 2nd or worse then you'll fail this mission, so be quick and try not to make any fatal mistakes!
The other boats will appear (your competition) and follow them, driving through a small canal, this is the hard part of the mission because it's not hard to crash into dead ends and parked boats so be careful and be quick at the same time. (It sounds weird but it's good advice!) There's a few jetties you'll need to stay clear of! The pink dot on the radar is a boat you need to get to and you need to get their first. If you pause the game and look at the map you can work out which path to take and see the track you are taking! Try not to damage your boat too much because all fast vehicles on this game get destroyed very quickly. When you get to the yacht, you'll see it has an arrow above it and when you get near to it, you and Lance will swap places as he'll take control of the boat and you have control of the gun! Just like the heli mission where you shoot the men but this one is on a boat!
You will have a health bar which will be for the boat and you need to shoot all the things that are shooting you which are boats, people & heli's! Keep shooting at people until the mission ends and if you manage to get back without the boat being fully damaged then the mission will be passed after this! Once the mission is completed you will be paid with a nice 10 grand and after this mission you should get a call from Kent Paul with some work for you to do and after this call follow the K blip on the map into the Malibu Club which starts mission 15!

Mission 15 - Death Row! (Difficulty: Hard) On average takes around 6 minutes to complete!

It is a very good idea to collect at least 80 hidden packages before you attempt this mission so that you will unlock the Sea Sparrow over at Diaz's Mansion. Go and get it and then fly over to the Malibu Club over in Vice
Point. When you enter the mission, you will find out that Lance has been captured and is being held at the junkyard. When the cut-scene is over, you will notice a health metre will appear. This is Lance's health and is
continually falling. When it gets to nothing, Lance will be killed and you will fail, so it is like a time limit for the mission. Get back in your chopper and head over to the west island and follow the pink dot on the radar over to the junk yard in Little Haiti. This is why the chopper is good because you can head straight over there and not have to worry about staying on roads or traffic. When you get closer to the pink dot, you will see that it is at
the end of a road. Hover above the road and fire the choppers gun turret (by using the R1 Button) to destroy the cars that are there and kill the few guards. Now get some more air and hover through the yard killing anyone that shoots at you. Trying not to take too much damage, follow the yellow dot on the radar, which will take you to a small shed. Kill the two guard in front of the doorway and then land the chopper and run inside and kill the guard that is next to Lance. Run up to Lance and he will get up and you will need to take him to a hospital. Get back in the chopper and take off and you will be able to by-pass all the cars that are waiting for you out the front. However, if you chopper got blown up, there is a Trashmaster in the yard, so get into that and drive that out of the yard. Once you are airborne or past all the guards, follow the pink dot on the radar, which will hake you to the hospital in the Downtown area. Stop in the pink marker and you will make arrangements to take out Diaz. Also after the mission, you will get a call from the Colonel saying that he is having trouble with the French and needs your help. You will now be able to complete his last mission 'All Hands On Deck'

Payphone Mission 1 - Road Kill! (Difficulty: Easy) On average takes around 2 minutes to complete!

Once you have entered the mission you will be told you have to kill a pizza boy! Sounds easy? It is!
A bar on your screen will appear showing you how many more deliveries the pizza boy has got left. He has 50 deliveries and once he has delievered all of them alive you have failed the mission! You get to him by following the yellow dot on the radar! He is on a pizza bike which is faster than a regular car so you will need a PCJ 600 or a Cheetah sports car to catch him up and kill him. Once you've found him try ramming him off his bike if you are in a car and if you are on a bike then shoot him forwards off his bike to try to kill him. Once he is dead the mission will be passed! This mission comes after "Riot"

Payphone Mission 2 - Waste The Wife! (Difficulty: Medium) On average takes around 3 minutes to complete!

The quickest way of passing this mission is by using only 1 cheat if you are desperate and cannot do it any other way! Activate the tank - Circle x2, L1, Circle x3, L1, L2, R1, Tri, Circle, Tri! Park the tank in front of the phone which doesn't make it disappear on the cut-scene. Then just simply park it in the pink marker, drive it over her car and the mission is passed! You could find a different way if you think cheating is bad. But you're on this now and it's the quickest way so I suggest you just try this if stuck! This mission comes after "Four Iron" & during "Mall Shootout!"


If there is a mission you are stuck on that is not on here then look for an 100% walkthrough! This only completes around 35% of the game! You could also contact me on my Youtube name 96lw15 and I will answer within a week! I will give you a walkthrough for that level and in detail if you want! Thanks a lot for reading, hope this helped you loads! I am actually stuck on Mission 16! Lol! I need a walkthrough for that, thanks, bye;)x!