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Follow the dark path or use the light


by demonslayer

 All rights reserved.

                     ____  _____   _____  ______  ___| |
                    / _  ||  _  \ |_ _  ||  __  |/  _  |
                   | | | || |_|  | ___| || |  | || | | |
                   | | | ||  _  / |  _  || |  | || | | |
                   | |_| || | | | | |_| || |  | || |_| |
                   |___  ||_| | |_|_____||_|  |_|\_____|
                   |_____|  _  \__  |                     _
                          _| |___ | |___  _____  _____  _| |___
                         |_   ___||  _  ||  _  ||  ___||_   ___|
                           | | | || | | || |_| || |___   | | | |
                           | | | || | | ||  ___||  ___|  | | | |
                           | |_| || | | || |___ | |      | |_| |
                           |_____||_| |_||_____||_|      |_____|
                         _____  _   _  _| |___  _____
                        |_ _  || | | ||_   ___||  _  |
                         ___| || | | |  | | | || | | |
                        |  _  || | | |  | | | || | | |
                        | |_| || |_| |  | |_| || |_| |
                        |_____||_____|  |_____||_____|

(Thanks to dark52 for the above art)

               __|                \            |                  
             \__ \  _` |   \     _ \    \   _` |  _| -_)  _` |(_-<
             ____/\__,_|_| _|  _/  _\_| _|\__,_|_| \___|\__,_|___/


Game Title: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Platform: Sony PlayStation 2
Author: Sofathead
Date Created: 26th of October 2004
E-mail: [email protected]
Last Updated: 23rd of February 2005 
Version: 1.9c

Recent Update: 1st of November 2004

Nothing major. Well, maybe a little. Okay, just did some work on 
Ryder's missions. Now they're complete. Next one will be up for Big Smoke.

Recent Update: 2nd of November 2004

Like I stated above, Big Smoke's section is complete. Will be doing 
work for the next ones. Happening very soon.

Recent Update: 5th of November 2004

Well, completed until Officer Tenpenny's missions. The next update might be a 
little late, since I'll do until all the missions are covered. I will be 
updating fast though, so it depends.

Recent Update: 6th of November 2004

Just completed Sweet's mission part II. Hopefully I can finish off the 
storyline section soon, so expect a lot of updates the upcoming weeks. :)

Recent Update: 9th of November 2004

I just finished until Catalina's second part mission, though not all were 
complete. I will be doing a lot of work for the next upcoming weeks. 

Recent Update: 10th of November 2004

Finished Catalina's missions. Now, off to Cesar's and to The Truth and soon 
I'll be doing work for San Fierro walkthrough.

Recent Update: 16th of November 2004

Finished Cesar's part three missions. I was really busy a few days back, and 
my Internet service was corrupted. Thankfully, it's working now. I'll 
continue my work again. Next update is happening very soon from now.

Recent Update: 19th of November 2004

Finished the storyline mission until Carl Johnson's first mission (man, I'm 
real slow). I apologize for the real slow update, since I'm having a real 
busy week. :( The good news is that I've done the Side Missions section, and 
completed the R3 missions. Hooray! I guess. Though, that's still under work. 
I will continue this guide to the final version. I will. :)

Recent Update: 24th of November 2004

I did all the quarry missions, and they're now available at the Side Missions 
section. Check them out. Also, I'm working on the side missions for now. A 
fully complete Side Missions section will be available soon, very soon, but 
for the meantime, I'll still be a little busy. :) 

Recent Update: 25th of November 2004

Finally, the Side Missions are complete, at least for now. I'm thinking of 
separating the 100% required section and the not required ones into another 
section, so it's easier for people to search around the walkthrough. I'll 
think about it.

Recent Update: 27th of November 2004

Finished all the Import Export lists and now they're available. I've also 
included 4 small sections, so there's more space for me to explain the whole 
thing there. Major update coming soon!

Recent Update: 29th of November 2004

Finished the courier missions, which are required for 100%. The big update 
coming soon!

Recent Update: 2nd of December 2004

Wow, we're getting closer to 2005. Brace yourselves people. Oh, the big 
update is here! Unfortunately, some sections are undergoing some serious 
work. I do apologize, but those will be coming up shortly before 2005 
arrives! That's all for now, I guess.

Recent Update: 8th of December 2004

Alright, I've finished all the Two-wheel Challenges, the Ammu-Nation 
challenge and the Stadium Challenges sections. I'll be doing some work for 
the schools section, and don't mind the tags, oysters, etc. They'll be coming 
up shortly after the schools section is done, and I'll update from there. 

Recent Update: 10th of December 2004

I finished the Graffiti Tags Guide section, but the list is from LordFrieza. 
Thanks a lot for it! You can check his guide at GameFAQs. I'll still need 
time for the Schools and the storyline walkthrough. Still working my ass on 
it. :)

Recent Update: 14th of December 2004

Alright, I've added the Horseshoes section, and the list comes from 
gamefreaksl. Thanks a lot! The Carl Johnson section is complete, along with a 
few of Wu Zi Mu's missions. The next update will be a while since I might not 
update at GameFAQs too quickly. I'll give it some time before other sections 
are done. Still, the school section is incomplete, and that will be a lot of 
work for me as well.

Recent Update: 18th of December 2004

Added the Driving School section for 'Schools'. Finished some of Toreno's 
missions, but others are undergoing some work. I'm updating this guide as 
fast as I could, but give me some time people; I hope I can finish this FAQ 

Recent Update: 24th of December 2004

Alright, I did a major work for the storyline missions, and they're very, 
VERY close to complete. Just the finale section left. The next update is 
coming in a few more days.

Recent Update: 30th December 2004

Alright, just two more days for a new year. First, thanks for being with me 
for these past months, and happy new year everyone. Also, finally, the first 
complete version is here, and the storyline section is complete. Go check it 

Recent Update: 2nd of January 2005

I've finished the 100% Checklist section, as well as The Heist Missions 
section. Glad those are all over right now, so check them out. Spot any 
mistakes in any of the sections? Please inform. E-mail me. I'll finish the 
school section soon, as well as the rest of the oysters and the snapshots. 

Recent Update: 8th of January 2005

Finished and completed the oysters guide section, so check it if you want. 
I'm doing some work on the snapshots guide, so that section will be rolling 
in soon. Enjoy the guide for now!

Recent Update: 11th of January 2005

Alright, completed the Properties Guide which comes from Menji76 (Nick 
Bryant). Thanks for the list. Also, remember, I will not respond to e-mails 
regarding to anything with properties since the list is not mine. Read his 
guide at GameFAQs for further info (and other respective websites which he 
allowed). The Schools section might be up in the next update. God how many 
updates are there?

Recent Update: 18th of February 2005

People, I apologize! As you all haven't been notified, I had problems with my 
computer, and a approximately a month ago I had a fatal error with my 
computer, and eventually the hard disk crashed. I couldn't do anything, and 
all my updates up to that point for this guide was gone, completely gone! 
Believe that! Well, you have to, since I can't get those back. Now, alright I 
already gotten back my desktop computer, and I've added a new contribution 
from Ihmhi ([email protected]) to the basics section, at 
the bottom. It specifies everything about the basics which you couldn't find 
in this guide, at the basics section of course. Well, I'd like to thank him 
for the e-mail sent to me, and well, updates will resume as usual. Hopefully 
this doesn't happen again. :)   

Recent Update: 23rd of February 2005

Finally, after the disaster with my computer, and the problems I fixed for 
this guide (my apologies for the format problems for those who had difficulty 
reading), I finally finished the Schools section, and it's up and ready for 
you guys! Also, I've added the Controls section, and a few notes so that that 
you won't be asking my where the L3 button is. It's the left Analog stick 
9where you push it down), I told you! Anyway, read the controls section if 
you're having problems. Next update would most probably be for the Snapshots 
Guide section! Damn I'm running out of time.

Recent Update: 24th of March 2005

found out some cheats if u need them


You can use the search function to find the sections you want (CTRL+F). Type 
the codes at the sides to find them, whether it's the main section or the 
missions, or other non-storyline related sections. :)

1. Introduction 
2. Legal Info 
3. Basics 
    * Basic Controls 
    * Running, Jumping & Swimming
    * Vehicles 
    * New Features 
    * Getting Wasted & Busted 
    * Protecting Self & Removing Wanted Stars 
    * Your Character 
    * Weapons 
    * Basic Skills
    * Gangs
    * Miscellaneous  
4. Storyline Walkthrough 
 ---Los Santos Walkthrough---

 A. [Sean Johnson/Sweet] 
    I. big smoke 
   II. ryder 
  III. tagging up turf 
   IV. cleaning the hood 
    V. drive-thru 
   VI. nines and ak's 
  VII. drive-by 
 VIII. sweet's girl 
   IX. cesar vialpando  
 B. [Lance Wilson/Ryder]  
    I. home invasion
   II. catalyst 
  III. robbing uncle sam
 C. [Melvin Harris/Big S
    I. og loc 
   II. running dog 
  III. wrong side of the track
   IV. just business 
 D. [Jeffery Martin/OG Loc] 
    I. life's a beach 
   II. madd dogg's rhymes 
  III. management issues 
   IV. house party 
 E. [Cesar Vialpando] 
    I. high stakes, low-rider 
 F. [Officer Frank Tenpenny] 
    I. burning desires 
   II. gray imports 
 G. [Sean Johnson/Sweet II] 
    I. Doberman 
   II. los sepulcros 
  III. reuniting the families 
   IV. the green saber 
 ---Countryside Walkthrough--- 

 H. [Officer Frank Tenpenny II] 
    I. badlands 
 I. [Catalina] 
    I. first date 
   II. tanker commander 
 J. [The Truth] 
    I. Body Harvest 
 K. [Cesar Vialpando II] 
    I. king in exile 
 L. [Catalina II] 
    I. first base 
   II. local liquor store 
  III. gone courting 
   IV. against all odds 
    V. made in heaven 
   VI. small town bank 
 M. [Cesar Vialpando III] 
    I. wu zi mu 
   II. farewell, my love... 
 N. [The Truth II] 
    I. are you going to san fierro? 
 ---San Fierro Walkthrough---

 O. [Carl Johnson] 
    I. wear flowers in your hair 
   II. 555 we tip 
  III. deconstruction 
   IV. photo opportunity 
    V. jizzy 
   VI. t-bone Mendez 
  VII. mike toreno 
 VIII. outrider 
   IX. snail trail 
    X. ice cold killa 
   XI. pier 69 
  XII. toreno's last flight 
 P. [Wu Zi Mu] 
    I. mountain cloud boys 
   II. ran fa li 
  III. lure 
   IV. amphibious assault 
    V. the da nang thang 
   VI. yay ka-boom-boom 
 ---Desert Walkthrough---  

 Q. [Mike Toreno] 
    I. monster 
   II. highjack 
  III. interdiction 
   IV. verdant meadows 
    V. n.o.e 
   VI. stowaway 
 R. [The Truth III] 
    I. black project 
   II. green goo 

 ---Las Venturas Walkthrough---

 S. [Wu Zi Mu II] 
    I. fender ketchup 
   II. explosive situation 
  III. you've had your chips 
 T. [The Truth IV] 
    I. don peyote 
 U. [Ken Rosenberg] 
    I. intensive care 
   II. the meat business 
  III. freefall 
 V. [Wu Zi Mu III] 
    I. fish in a barrel 
 W. [Officer Frank Tenpenny III] 
    I. misappropriation 
   II. high noon 
 X. [Madd Dogg] 
    I. madd dogg 
 Y. [Salvatore Leone] 
    I. saint mark's bistro 
 Z. [Wu Zi Mu IV] 
    I. a home in the hills 

 ---Finale/Los Santos II Walkthrough--- 

A1. [Carl Johnson II] 
    I. vertical bird 
   II. home coming 
  III. cut throat business 
B2. [Sean Johnson/Sweet III] 
    I. beat down on b-dup 
   II. grove 4 life 
C3. [Finale Missions] 
    I. riot 
   II. los desperados 
  III. end of the line 

Author's Note: This walkthrough, is and will be listing missions required for 
100% completion, and also other non-storyline missions which aren't required 
for 100% completion. Whether you're going for 100% or not, this guide will 
cover all the basic and non-basic needs. Feel free to send a reply anytime! 

1. I N T R O D U C T I O N  (a101)

Welcome to my sixth FAQ, and my first time doing a walkthrough for the 
Grand Theft Auto series! I always wanted to write a guide, but had a 
lot of plans for the previous years. Now, hopefully this time, this 
guide would help you readers out there better, and without further 
questions. Well, this is my first time experience of writing a guide 
with games like these, so I apologize if there are any mistakes during 
the start to the end of the walkthrough. If you do see mistakes, please 
don't hesitate to e-mail me. Do include the subject Grand Theft Auto of 
something similar, or I'll just delete your mail without hesitation. 

As you all know, this is the fifth game in the series and is known 
famous for the city's size. Rockstar has made a lot of improvements for 
the game, for the sake of the players. From the vehicles to the city, 
to the gun-fights (game-play) and to a whole lot of better sceneries 
and graphics in the game, everything has been improved. I'd like to 
thank them for the hard work. San Andreas is really a different one 
from Vice City. Despite its gigantic size, the weather here is a little 
different. If you've played Vice City before, you can probably notice 
the difference in this one. 

The vehicles have been improved. You can see cops on bikes, gang 
members grouping and acting more realistic, a lot of radio stations in 
the city, a better and improved game-play, and of course a very sweet 
and smooth storyline. Once you advance, you'll see what the game has to 
offer you. 

So, I hope you'll get some info on this guide, whether it's good or 
not, depends on you. If you're going to e-mail me for some questions, 
do it only when you're 100% sure that the info you're looking for is 
not available here. Thanks for reading and do check the contents of 
this guide and search the section you want.

Important Note: This FAQ/Walkthrough is near finish, and I'm doing the 
finishing touches. We've reached the first complete version in months, and 
well, others are coming soon. Bear with me. :)

2. L E G A L  I N F O  (b102) 

As usual, before you do the nasty things, please read here. I don't
care if any sites are interested in this guide or want it for hosting,
just make sure you e-mail me. I guarantee if your site is a safe and
nice place, it's a 90% chance that I'll say yes, no matter what.
So, pay attention to this:

No part of this FAQ may be reproduced in any form, shape, or
transmitted, in any ways, or any forms by any means (electronic,
mechanical, recording, or otherwise) without prior permission from the
author. This means no copying, no publishing, or any other illegal
activities. This FAQ is posted only in GameFAQs and nowhere else. If
other websites had taken this FAQ to theirs (a secured site), I won't
mention them here. This FAQ copyright 2004 - 2005 by the author 
piecemealcranky. All rights reserved. The author may agree or disagree with 
any suggestions

Contact me as soon as possible for any inconvenience regarding this

Note: Before you e-mail me, remember to check the Frequently Asked Questions 
section first, and look around if your question can be answered there. I will 
not reply to questions which are already answered here, and I might not even 
tell you where to find it. However, sometimes I do, but do cooperate. :)
Be as specific as you possibly could about your question, or your 
contribution for that matter. Please. Also, do notify me if any info 
described in this guide is incorrect, or inappropriate. Credits are given 
equally to other contributions from other contributors within the guide.

E-mail me at: [email protected]

3. B A S I C S (c103a)

Alright, here are the important stuffs you should know while cruising 
around San Andreas. Most of them are told during the game's progress, 
but if you want to recall your memory, read on. I've separated the side 
missions into a different section, so for the basics, read here.

Basic Controls (gcontrol)

Here are the basic controls from the game. In case you're not sure of the 
buttons, I'll show you where to find them. However, I assume you know where 
the Analog sticks are, and the directional pad is. Please keep your eyes WIDE 

L1 - it is the button directly above the up on your D-pad, on the left of 

L2 - below the L1 button.

R1 - the button directly above your triangle button, on your right.

R2 - underneath the R1 button.

L3 - this is the button where you push it downwards to hear a click, where 
your left Analog stick is (push it in).

R3 - exactly as the above but the opposite side (your right Analog stick 
where you push it in).

Any further questions regarding the L3, the R3 button, or any other buttons 
or anything with the controls (except corrections for the mistakes seen here) 
would be ignored, since I've had e-mails with the subject 'GTA: San Andreas', 
but the questions were all about this matter. 

On Foot

TRIANGLE BUTTON: Enter vehicle, secondary attack, activate mini-game, pick-up 


X BUTTON (hold): Run

X BUTTON (tap): Sprint

SQUARE BUTTON: Jump/Climb/Block
L1 BUTTON: Centre Camera/View Stats/Fire Weapon 

L2 BUTTON: Cycle Weapon Left

R1 BUTTON: Target

R2 BUTTON: Cycle Weapon Right

L3 BUTTON: Crouch

SELECT BUTTON: Change Camera Modes


R3 BUTTON: Look Behind

UP DIRECTIONAL BUTTON (D-Pad): Gang Active Mode 


RIGHT DIRECTIONAL BUTTON (D-Pad): Respond Positively

LEFT DIRECTIONAL BUTTON (D-Pad): Respond Negatively


LEFT ANALOG STICK: Character Movement

On Bicycle

X BUTTON (hold): Pedal

X BUTTON (tap): Pedal Faster

L1 BUTTON: Bunnyhop

L1 BUTTON (hold & release): Bunnyhop Higher

In Vehicle


CIRCLE BUTTON: Vehicle Weapon/Nitrous 

X BUTTON: Accelerate

SQUARE BUTTON: Brake/Reverse

L1 BUTTON: Vehicle Weapon/Nitrous

L2 BUTTON + R2 BUTTON: Look Left/Look Behind

R1 BUTTON: Handbrake

R2 BUTTON + L2 BUTTON: Look Right/Look Behind

LEFT ANALOG STICK: Vehicle Steering/Camera

UP DIRECTIONAL BUTTON (D-Pad): Cycle Radio Stations (if radio is available)

DOWN DIRECTIONAL BUTTON (D-Pad): Cycle Radio Stations (if radio is available)



SELECT BUTTON: Change Camera Modes


R3 BUTTON: Trigger R3 Mission (if mission is available with the vehicle)

RIGHT ANALOG STICK: Turret Control/Manual Camera/Change Cinematic Camera

First Person Shooting


L1 BUTTON: Shoot/Fire

L2/R2 BUTTON: Zoom In/Zoom Out



R1 BUTTON: Back to Normal Position (let the button go) 

L3 BUTTON: Crouch


CIRCLE BUTTON: Dive Underwater

X BUTTON (hold): Sprint (swim faster)

X BUTTON (tap): Super Sprint


TRIANGLE BUTTON: Enter Vehicle (water vehicles)

X BUTTON (hold): Swim Toward

X BUTTON (tap): Sprint (swim faster)

LEFT ANALOG STICK: Navigate Swimming Direction


R2 BUTTON: Rudder Right

L2 BUTTON: Rudder Left

X BUTTON: Ascend (gain height)

SQUARE BUTTON: Descend (lose height)


L1 BUTTON: Primary Weapon (Hunter, Seasparrow)

L3 BUTTON: Hover



R2 BUTTON: Rudder Right

L2 BUTTON: Rudder Right

X BUTTON: Thrust

SQUARE BUTTON: Reverse Thrust


L1 BUTTON: Primary Weapon

CIRCLE BUTTON: Alternate Weapon (countermeasures - Hydra)

R3 BUTTON: Raise/Lower Landing Gear


Running, Jumping & Swimming (c103b)

Ok, as you might already know, holding on the X button while you're on 
foot and navigating the Left Analog Stick to the direction you desire, 
will get Carl to run, or sprint. You can run for a while and your 
character will start to slow down once he's tired. You'll find a lot of 
ways to improve this, and one of them is by raising your Stamina. Look 
at the list (L1/Start Menu) and see your stamina. To raise it, you need 
to work out in a gym. 

Ok, jumping works a little different than Vice City, and much more 
realistic. Carl can jump above anything through any obstacles, well the 
ones where he can reach of course. If you run towards a gate, a fence, 
or anything within Carl's height, he can jump and make it to the other 
side, rather than make himself looks stupid and jumping like a monkey. 
Ok, run toward it with the Analog Stick and press the jump button 
(square button). 

There's also another type of jumping, which is more specific in 
grapping or climbing. Carl can grab hold a lot of stuff. Example like 
walls (within his height), roof, etc. Just jump towards the obstacle 
and Carl will grab hold it. Press the square button again and he'll 
pull himself up. Piece of cake.

Isn't it a pain drowning all the time when you touch the sea? Well, now 
this time around we're in luck. Carl can swim, better yet, he can also 
dive underwater. Let's start with the basic.

To move around the water, just move normally and Carl will swim forward 
slowly. If you hold the X button, he will swim and sprint faster, but 
this is limited. He can do it for a short period of time only. Try it. 
Also, Carl can dive underwater. While you're in the water, just press 
the circle button and Carl with start to dive in. Tapping or holding 
the X button while underwater will get him to move faster. While you do 
this, a blue bar will appear above the screen, which represents how 
long he could hold his breath. If it reaches zero, your health will 
start to drain. If you're wearing body armor, your health will decrease, not 
your body armor, in case you're wondering. To get to a jetty or to reach a 
higher level of a surface, just jump (square button) and grab hold the 
obstacle, and press again to get up.

Vehicles (c103c)

Very simple. Just go and head to a vehicle, and press the triangle 
button to get in. Carl will open the door (if it's not locked) and hit 
the driver's face (or something similar) and throw him out. To prevent 
him from entering the vehicle after carjacking a driver, hold the 
circle button or the triangle button. Carl will stay outside. To get 
out of the vehicle, press the triangle button again (vehicle should 
stop first).

If you're trying to enter a boat, just jump on it and press the 
triangle button. If you drop, don't worry. You can pull yourself up 
from the water.

Bailing Out:
To bail out of a vehicle while on a certain speed, hold the triangle 
button and Carl will jump outside while the car goes straight. Make 
sure the vehicle actually moves, and not on a hill or something.

Doing Drive-by Shooting:
While you're in a car, to do a drive-by, just hold the R2/L2 button 
(which side you want to fire at) and hit the circle or L1 button. You 
will fire your gun. Please bear in mind that only submachine-guns will 
work, however shotguns, pistols, even rifles do not work. In certain 
missions, you can get your friends to shoot for you. They will shoot 
enemies, sometimes even cops. You can help them, but they can handle 

Well, to honk, simply press the L3 button. In case you don't know which 
one, it's the left Analog stick when you press it inside (down).
Take note that not all vehicles can honk. 

These are special things when it was at Vice City, but not here. Now, 
you can get other vehicles other than Blade or other similar vehicles 
to have hydraulics. To make your vehicle go higher, just tap the L3 
button and your vehicles' tires will go higher. To tilt the car around, 
just push the right Analog stick in any direction. Go ahead and try. You can 
also bounce the vehicle with the R3 button.
It's actually quite fun. You can modify vehicles with hydraulics using the 
mod garages.

R3 Missions:
Okay, these are special missions, or also known as R3 Missions. These 
can be triggered when you press the R3 button on any R3 vehicles. This part 
is a brief intro of what R3 missions are available. You can view the complete 
list and guide in the Side Missions section (check the contents).

In police vehicles, you can use the R3 button to trigger Vigilante 
Missions. These are missions where you act as a law enforcer and stop 
criminals. The number of criminals you have to stop will increase when 
you get to higher levels, so pick a manageable Police vehicle before 
attempting to start the Vigilante Mission.

In Taxi vehicles however, you press the R3 button to trigger Taxi 
Missions of course. You will be given a certain amount of time and you 
will need to get a fare. In the allotted time, you will have to drive 
the passenger to the destinations using the map, and there's a new 
addition to this game. There's a tip bar. This bar indicates how much 
extra money you'll get if you get the passengers to their destinations 
in a safe way and real fast. Safe means that you don't get the car 
damaged terribly while sending your passengers. When the bar reaches 
zero, it means that you won't be getting any tip. So you must get your 
passengers to their destinations fast and without and bumps or damage.

Another R3 vehicle mission is Burglary. This R3 mission however, 
requires a special vehicle and can only be done during midnight. You'll 
need a Boxville, a type of van vehicle to perform this mission. Once 
you have one, you can start your robbery mission from 20:00 to 6:00. 
Once it reaches daylight, you won't be able do it anymore. 
To know more about this mission (burglary), read on (scroll down).

Paramedic missions are also R3 missions. Once you get in an ambulance, you 
must drive the patients to the hospital without any bumps or crashes. Safety 
is important, but you must also be fast. Since the vehicle will be easy to 
flip over, try to use brake and handle the vehicle wisely.

Firefighter missions are better now. You can control the water hose now 
easier and better, making it useful and a lot better to put out fires. Use 
the right Analog stick and see what I mean. You'll get a number of burning 
vehicles; the further you go, the harder it gets, example like you start with 
a burning vehicle, and when it gets tough, you'll get people burned together, 
running crazily. Then, you'll have moving cars, and 4 people running around 
in fire. You'll have to manage the huge vehicle wisely, and get a good 
control of the hose.

The train also acts as an R3 mission. You need to jack any type of train; the 
Brown Thunder will do too. Then you'll be given time and you must send the 
cargo to the destination by that allotted time. Be warned; going too fast 
will get the car to get out of the rail, thus failing the mission.

Another addition to the Grand Theft Auto series. Pimping missions are allowed 
in a special vehicle; Broadway. All you do is pick a girl and send them to 
their customer. Then, pick another one and send to the customer as well. Once 
they're done, go pick them up. Many things will appear once you progress 
further; you'll see.

Hitting Other Vehicles:
When you hit other vehicles on the road, most of the drivers will get 
out of their cars with a weapon (bat, knife, maybe guns) and hit you. 
This is a very dangerous situation, so once you carjack a vehicle, 
quickly drive away before you get pulled out and gets bashed up. 
Remember, not all drivers do this, but most of them do, and there's a 
high possibility you'll encounter one. Also, this is really the thing 
you'll get pissed off with when you're on a timing mission.

Stunt Jumps:
Sometimes while you're driving fast, either with bikes or cars, and 
when you jump over a road and perform a move accidentally, you'll get a 
note telling you the jump. These are normal things that occur during 
the game, and you shouldn't worry. This happens most of the time while 
you're on your bike. Take note that these are not Unique Jumps. Read on 
to learn more about it (scroll down).

New Features (c103d)

What's life without food? Yes, this time you can eat. You might already 
know how to do it, but I'll tell you anyway. You just need to step 
inside any of the available fast food restaurants, and stand at the red 
marker. You will be given a certain type of food, and a different 
amount of money you'll be paying. Usually they are $2, @5, and $10. 

There are three different restaurants, which are Cluckin' Bell, Pizza 
Stack and Burger Shot. You will find them once you advance through the 
game. Eating is not necessary for everyday thing. You need to eat, with 
a right amount. If you gain too much weight, be sure to check out the 
gym and work out a little. So, make sure you eat at least three times a 
week, or what you think is right for you. 

Work Out:
When your character is facing gangsters and eating non-stop, be sure to 
check the gym. This is very important to work out that muscular body of 
yours and losing your weight. There are four exercising machines you 
can use, and you can train and learn new move with the guy near the red 
marker. It depends on what category you're on to raising, and it takes 
time. You can't work out everything on the same day. You have to give 
yourself some time. You will have a limit on how long you can practice, 
until your body rejects it (the screen tells you). So, it is also a 
basic need, and make sure you train and work out, especially on your 
Stamina and your Muscle bars.

Also, you will need to defeat all three gym leaders for 100%. How to do it? 
Simple. First, get some muscles, and then find the leader in any gym of the 
three different cities. Stand on the red marker, and reply positively when 
they ask you. Now, defeat them and you'll learn new moves, AND get your 
percentage when you defeat all three of them.

As you progress through the game, you'll notice quite a number of 
barbers around San Andreas. There's one mission where you got to get a 
haircut. Though it's explained there, let's get into more detail. There 
are lots of barber shops, but the first one you'll meet is Reece's 
Barber Shop. Just step inside the door and stand at the red marker. 
You'll then be given a list of what type of haircut you'd like to have. 
Choose one and the barber will cut it for you (in seconds). Then, you 
can choose to pay him if you like it, or change into a different 
hairstyle by canceling (triangle button) and pick a new one, or exit 
the shop.

Buying Clothes:
You can now buy clothes and match with your shoes, and anything. You 
can find a shop when you start the game, and once you progress. 
Matching your clothes affects your Sex Appeal. So consider buying nice 
looking clothes. To start buying, walk into the shop, go to the 
changing room and you can start buying anything you desire. From your 
torso area, to your legs, to shoes and even watches. Once you pick the 
one (choose), Carl will start moving outside and you can pick to buy 
it. Once you buy it, it will stay with you from that onwards, so if you 
feel like changing to the old outfit again, go back to your home and go 
upstairs to your wardrobe. You can even be shirtless, but that's 
entirely up to you. You match your character's clothes, you do 
everything. So, make decisions wisely, so if you feel like getting a 
change of your outfit, better do it, especially with the clothes you 
start with.

Ok, another addition to the game. Carl can now get tattoos to gain more 
respect, and maybe to look better. You can choose which type of tattoo 
you want. You can search for tattoo chops using the map. Be sure to use 
it. Once you found the shop, enter it and choose which type of tattoo 
you want. You can place the tattoo at any parts of your body. Arms, 
etc. Even though it's great to use tattoos, if you do wear clothes, 
you'll cover your tattoos if it's around your clothing area. The 
respect you earn will not decrease, but it covers your physical looks, 
but it doesn't change anything. Tattoos are actually to make your 
character looks more into gangster community and to look better.

Car Modification Garage:
Alright, another new and improved addition to San Andreas. You can 
modify your car and their physical attraction to you by changing their 
colors, installing hydraulics and nitrous, and changing into better and 
sporty tires. If you paint a new color to your vehicle, and if you have a 
wanted star, the stars will be evaded, but it's cheaper to use Paint & Spray 
for this matter.

Robbing Houses:
Alright, one of the best addition to the game. You can now sneak into 
houses and steal things. To do this though, you'll need a special 
vehicle. A Boxville would be a suitable vehicle. You'll be given a 
mission for a robbery, and you will get used to it. Make sure you don't 
make too much noise, or you'll wake the owner up. Make sure you pay 
attention to that mission (Home Invasion), and listen to what the game 
has to tell you. You can only perform robberies once you complete that 
specific mission, and once you do that, get a Boxville, some kind of a 
van-type vehicle. It can be found near the first gym (Los Santos), on 
the right facing the entrance. Also, remember to trigger it by pressing 
the R3 button. The burglary mission can only be performed from 20:00 to 

To perform the burglary mission, get in the Boxville and start the 
mission. Go around and search for a house to rob. These can be found 
near housing areas. If you see a house with a yellow pointer at a door, 
you can rob that house. So, park your van near the house (the closer, 
the better). Now, sneak in. It helps if your clothes are dark so it's 
harder to be detected.

Stealth Kills:
Well, this is also another addition to the game-play. Sneaking helps a 
lot in stealth killing, or even robberies. You will learn how to 
perform stealth kills once you advance through the game, but here's how 
to do it. The best weapon to use is the knife. Duck by pressing the R3 
button (while on foot). Next, aim at the person (R1 button) and move 
over and stay really close to him, while in a crouching position (don't 
touch him or move in front of him). Then, you'll notice that Carl's 
hand will raise a little bit above. You can also stand while doing 
this. His hand will move (right hand). Then, quickly hold and press the 
circle button (target must be locked on). He will stab that person's neck and 
the enemy will automatically be dead. This move would be useful in certain 

Also, while you're performing a stealth kill, it's also nice to hide 
in shadows. Your dot on the map (white) will turn blue, meaning that 
you're invisible for others to see.

Replying Negative or Positively:
Well, once you start the game (not very far), you'll be told by the 
game that you can reply to Carl's surroundings. To do it, you have two 
choices, and whole lot of ways of replying. To reply positively, hit 
the right at the directional pad. To reply negatively, hit the left at 
the directional pad. You can reply to pedestrians and other people, but 
of course not during cut-scenes. You can, however reply through the 
phone. This will be available when you progress through the game. 
Also, you can do it to hookers too. :) 

Two Player Mode:
You can now play two players. It's nothing major in the game, just like 
something for fun to travel around with a second player. To trigger it, you 
have to find a special icon (red in color) with the two symbols. It is 
usually found around your girlfriends' houses once you progress the game. You 
will find it at their houses, and once you pick it up, press any button on 
the second controller to start. You can pick a character (firefighter, 
pedestrians, etc).

Getting Wasted & Busted (c103e)

Well, getting wasted is something you'll never want in the Grand Theft 
Auto series. When you're wasted or killed, you'll be returned to the 
nearest hospital in the area. There are lots of ways for you to be 
killed. Wasted in a gun fight, fighting gangs, in missions, etc. if 
you're in a mission, and you're wasted, you'll immediately fail the 
mission. If you have weapons, and when you're wasted, you'll 
automatically lose all of your weapons, along with your cash (not too 
much) to the doctors for patching you up. You won't end the game 
however, but just will fail a mission you were on.

Well, when you're arrested by a cop, you'll get busted and returned to 
the nearest Police Station. You will lose all of your weapons and some 
money. If you were on a mission, you'll immediately fail it. There are 
two basic ways on how you can be arrested. One, when they beat you up 
or when you drop to the ground, and they're near you and they'll 
immediately arrest you. Another one is when they managed to open your 
vehicles' door and arrest you. That's the most famous one. 

Try not to get the cops attention too much, especially when you're on a 
mission, unless the mission itself triggers the wanted stars. Also, 
while you're around San Andreas, you will probably notice a few cops 
and vehicles chasing after criminals. They will and might probably get 
you involved. How? Well, if you're driving and you accidentally bumped 
into the police vehicle or motorbikes, they will without doubt chase 
you and you'll have a wanted star. So, be careful and get away from 
these situations. They can mess up your game and your mission 

Body Armor:
You can find these around the cities. You can also buy this at Ammu-Nation. 
This will get another bar above your health bar, which is white in color. You 
will need this in gunfights, so prepare one frequently.

Health Pickup:
Health pickups are available with the heart symbol. They will fill up your 
health whenever you pick one up. They're usually available during taking over 
territories and will be along the road.

Wanted Stars List:
Here's the list of the wanted stars, how to get them and what will be on your 

1 Star: 

How to get: Just committing a minor crime would be enough. Crashing into a 
cop car or a police bike, hit police officers on the road; kill pedestrians 
in front of a cop, etc. Anything minor will get you one star. Even spraying 
tags around the city in front of a cop will get their attention.

What is it: A cop will be on your tail, or if a police vehicle catches you 
with one star, they will chase you, but not with a high speed. They tend to 
not bother you at all, but if you go around town with a gun (weapon), they 
will shoot at you if they spot you. So, do not equip your gun if you don't 
want to be shot at. This is really messing with a 6 year old boy with a 

2 Stars:

How to get: Wow, things are getting pretty serious once you reach this level. 
It's simple to reach this level. Assaulting the police force while on a one 
star level will get you to this level. Killing more pedestrians, shooting 
vehicles and exploding them, running over cops on foot, etc. Basically, 
anything that brings disaster after attaining one star wanted level. 

What is it: Now, things are pretty messed up. You've caused a bit of trouble, 
and now you've caught the police's attention, finally. Police bikes will 
chase you and cops will start chasing you like mad, and at high speed. Tough 
to lose the cops without giving the Paint & Spray a visit. You might consider 
fighting back to escape. You will have more police vehicles on your tail 
while having two stars.

3 Stars:

How to get: Well, keep killing the cops and the police forces. Killing 
pedestrians will also help. Try to blow up police vehicle, shoot at cops all 
the time, and pretty soon, you'll get yourself a three wanted star level.

What is it: At two stars, you got cops around you right? Well, to help the 
cops, they'll send a chopper to tail you. The helicopter will shoot you the 
more you act aggressive, and the more you enjoy killing police and people. 
The chopper can tail you almost anywhere, and when at night time, you will 
have the powerful light shine directly at you, thus giving a blurry vision to 
your surrounding, making it harder to escape and see around.

4 Stars:

How to get: Just shoot down the helicopter and kill a few more cops or blow 
their vehicles would get you boost up to 4 wanted stars. You will hardly 
survive on foot. So, kill them when riding a bike or in cars. Doing drive-bys  
would help sometimes, but your car will be torched before you even know it.

What is it: Well, SWAT (Special Weapons & Tactics) teams will be sent  in to 
hunt you, one person only. They will drop down from the helicopter and will 
come in their truck, the Enforcer with deadly weapons. You will be hunt down 
like hell, and you will have to go through hard roadblocks and hard ramming 
race to the Paint & Spray when you get four stars. 

5 Stars:

How to get: Kill more police officers, ram them down, shoot down the SWAT 
teams, and blow up their Enforcers. You should be at this level in no time.

What is it: FBI teams will be sent it to take you out. They have more deadly 
weapons than the SWAT teams. When you're on foot without any body armor, 
you'll instantly get killed by only two to three of them. They have deadly 
weapons, believe me.

6 Stars:

How to get: To get the sixth and final star, just keep on doing what you did 
before. Blowing up vehicles, shooting down choppers, killing more and more 
FBI and SWAT teams, and local police force. It will take some time before you 
reach it, but you will reach it eventually.

What is it: Well, since the police force, SWAT and also FBI teams can't seem 
to stop you, they'll calling in the army. These deadly teams will use Rhino 
tanks on streets which instantly kills you if you touch them with vehicles on 
land. These people will kill you at all costs. It will be near impossible to 
make it to the nearest Paint & Spray. Don't mess with them, or just commit 

Protecting Self & Removing Wanted Stars (c103f)

Well, protecting yourself is always important. One of the ways is to 
Buy body armors. You can easily get one at the Ammu-Nation shop with the cost 
of $200. This will add another bar (white color) on top of your health. This 
indicates your armor, and how much is left out of it. Once it's gone you will 
have to rely on your health. Also, you can fill up your health by picking up 
health icons and even save icons (diskette). Another best way is to try and 
get stealth kills on certain stealth-possible missions. Do it correctly and 
no one will notice you're there; which reduces the percentage of you getting 
killed or wasted. Another way is to save your game every time you completed a 
mission, so it guarantees your safety, and you can load the game back up if 
you want for each time you did something wrong (if you want).

I've also been aware that at some point in the game, you will get your 
Max Health raised. This means that you won't be dying too fast (Source: 
Message Board). You can raise your health bar by completing Level 12 
Paramedic mission.

Removing Wanted Star:
To drop your wanted stars, there are several methods:

- For one wanted star level, you can save your game, run away until 
your star fades away, change your clothes or use the Paint & Spray. 

- For two wanted stars, you can change your clothes, save your game or 
use the Paint and Spray.

- For three to 6 wanted star levels, you can erase them by saving 
your game, changing clothes (thanks to Jon P for this little info)
or using the Paint and Spray.   

The best way is to save your game, since it completely removes your 
wanted stars (6 stars), but it wouldn't be possible during missions. 
The second method would be the Paint & Spray, and would be the best 
choice during missions. However, getting to one is a pain. Remember, 
using the Car Modification Garage will not erase your wanted stars.

Your Character (c103g)

Alright, this game is a little different, well maybe not a little. This 
time, you'll need to earn respect. This is done by completing missions, 
doing anything that helps your gang in any way, or contributing 
something. Unlike Vice City, this game has weird missions. Not all 
missions will be rewarding you with money; it can be respect, money or 
nothing at all. So, the higher your respect level, the better the 
chances of you communicating with your gang, like recruiting your gang 
and taking over the city. Respect can also be raised by getting tattoos 
or dressing up. Also, if you kill other gang members, you can also earn 
more respect. Take opportunity and kill other gang members and take down 
their territories. You'll earn more respect (source: Message Board). Also, 
the higher your respect level, the more gang members you can recruit. This is 
extremely helpful when taking over territories. Remember, the fastest way to 
raise your respect level is to take down territories (when you need to). 

Stamina is raised by training at the gym; sometimes doing any exercise 
might help you to gain it. You can find a gym when you first start the 
game, but you'll come to that later if you're new. You have to use the 
cycling machine to help you gain your stamina, and lose your fat too. 
Stamina is required for you to cycle, swim, and run or sprint. Very 
important, so you can consider raising it as soon as you can.

Muscle is also raised by training at the gym. You can use some exercise 
machines that will help you gain your muscle status. This is the 
easiest one to raise, and you shouldn't have any problem. Practice at 
least twice every week and you should go fine. Muscle is needed when 
you use melee weapons while battling opponents. The higher your muscle 
bar, the easier for you to bash up enemies.

Fat is raised when you eat food (obviously). You just order food, and 
you are ready to fill your fat. It won't be a wise choice if you 
consider eating too much; it will make you grow really, really fat, and 
eventually you won't be able to run fast, swim or even jump. Eat with a 
diet and make sure your bar doesn't exceed a quarter. It might effect 
your Sex Appeal.

Sex Appeal:      
Well, it is what you wear, your haircut, the way you dress up, and 
other stuffs that shows. Make sure you're not fat if you want to raise 
it, have a muscular body (helps), and dress up properly. Well, I do know an 
easy way. Get a sport car, or a really sleek looking type of car. Get in and 
get back out. See your Sex Appeal. It will boost up. Give it a try. Also, 
playing with hookers will also help.

Note: Collecting all oysters will boost your Sex Appeal as well. :) 

Lung Capacity:
Sorry, I forgot to list this in. Anyway, you can raise your lung capacity 
simply by diving underwater, and train on holding your breath underwater. The 
easiest way to max out yours is by collecting all oysters. You will be amazed 
of how it increases your lung capacity.

Yes, yet another one I forgot to list in. Luck is basically a little small, 
extra benefit you get for collecting all 50 horseshoes. Luck was supposed to 
help you during gambling in casinos but we've got complains saying luck 
doesn't help at all. Why don't you guys try out and see if it works eh? Also, 
to make it clear, luck (how I wish this is true) DOES NOT help missions, or 
anything other than gambling AT ALL! Well, I hope that's clear enough. :)

Weapons (c103h) 

The type of weapons that you can find in the game. they are 
The standard handgun enables you to move while aiming. 
Gangster Level:   10% Pistol Skill 

Silenced Pistol 
Great for stealth kills, it's also more powerful than the standard Pistol. 
Gangster Level:   20% Silenced Pistol Skill 

Desert Eagle 
It's powerful enough to kill unarmoured enemies with a single shot. 
Gangster Level:   20% Desert Eagle Skill 

The standard Shotgun is a decent close-range weapon. 
Gangster Level:   20% Shotgun Skill 

Sawn-Off Shotgun 
This classic bank robber's weapon is more powerful than the standard Shotgun. 
Gangster Level:   20% Sawn-Off Shotgun Skill 

Combat Shotgun 
This little beauty is the most powerful of the Shotguns. 
Gangster Level:   20% Combat Shotgun Skill 

Machine Pistol 
The standard and weakest in this class, but it'll do for drive-bys. 
Gangster Level:   10% Machine Pistol Skill 

The next step up from the standard Machine Pistol, this is more powerful. 
Gangster Level:   10% Tec-9 

By far the most powerful machine pistol, this is the business! 
Gangster Level:   30% SMG Skill 

The standard guerilla weapon, it's very powerful and accurate. 
Gangster Level:   30% AK-47 Skill 

Not quite as powerful as the AK-47, but still a mighty weapon. 
Gangster Level:   20% M4 Skill 

A very accurate and powerful weapon. There's no auto-targeting though. 

Sniper Rifle 
Great for stealth kills. While holding R1, you can press L2/R2 to zoom the scope in/out. 

Rocket Launcher 
Hold R1 to bring up the targeting reticle, then fire off a rocket - just make sure you're not too close to the explosion! 

Heat-Seeking Rocketing Launcher 
With this one you can lock on to a target (the reticle turns red) and fire a homing missile. 

This is a great close-range weapon. Just be careful not to get burned by your own flames! 

Poweful as hell, with a rapid rate of fire, this is an awesome weapon. Naturally, it's hard to get hold of. 

Molotov Cocktail 
Not as good as a proper Grenade, but good for setting fire to things. 

Chuck one of these into a crowd of enemies and it'll blow them all to pieces.

Remote Satchel Explosive
Throw one and it'll stick to the unlucky target. Then switch to the detonator to blow it up.

Tear Gas
This is good for stunning groups of enemies and can even kill. Luckily it doesn't affect you.

Well, different from Vice City, aiming in San Andreas gets better. You 
can now auto-lock on enemies with any type of weapons, even with rifles 
(except sniper rifle). To lock on an enemy in front or around you, face 
the opponent (or the area the opponent is) and press and hold the R1 
button. You will automatically aim and lock on the target. 

First, it shows off the green color (the target). As you start 
shooting, it will change it's color into yellow, and then to orange and 
red. This indicates the health of your opponent. Continue shooting and 
you will notice that the enemy is losing his health. This is shown when 
you fire and aim, and the aiming crosshair that surrounds the enemy. 
Green shows that the aimed person has full health. If it goes to red 
(darker color), it means that that person is losing his/her health. 
Keep on shooting and you'll find the person dead.

Normal Aiming:
Besides aiming with auto-lock, you can also aim normally. This is good 
when you're sneaking with something blocking your view of auto-locking 
the enemy. Just press and hold the R1 button and you'll see the 
crosshair. If there are people around, you'll aim auto-lock. You will 
be better once you practice. 

Well, there's another one. In Vice City, we couldn't aim on an enemy 
when you use your bare hands, but now you can. First, aim using the R1 
button, normally. Then, once the target appears on the enemy, either 
press the circle button or the triangle button. You can learn more 
tricks as you progress through the game while practicing at the gym. 

Upgrade Your Skill
With every shot fired that hits, your weapon skill increases for that gun (or class of weapon for some)...

Gangster Level:
Reached at between 20-50% skill, depending on the weapon, this enables you to move while aiming - and your accuracy, targeting range and rate of fire is improved. It applies to the Silenced 9mm, Desert Eagle, all Shotguns, all Machine Pistols and both Assault Rifles. For the standard Pistol, you get improved accuracy, targeting range and rate of fire (as you can already move while aiming).

Hitman Level: 
This is reached at 100% skill and enables you to fire while moving. Your accuracy, targeting range and rate of fire is also improved. It applies to the Silenced 9mm, Desert Eagle, Shotgun, Combat Shotgun and both Assault Rifles.

Double Weapon Level:
Reached at 100% skill, this enables you to hold two weapons at the same time. Your targeting range also increases. It applies to the Pistol, Sawn-Off Shotgun, Tec-9 and Micro-SMG.

Dodging Bullets:
You can now perform rolling to avoid gunfire. Anytime when you press 
the R1 button and crouching, you'll be able to strafe to the left and 
right by rolling to the directions using the left Analog stick. It 
works in auto-lock mode and manual aiming. So, if you're in a bad 
situation. Don't hesitate to use it. 

Basic Skills (c103i)

Cycling Skills:
As soon as you start the game, you'll start pedaling. As you pedal more 
often, you'll increase your cycling skills. Very important and 
sometimes it burns fat, if you practice a lot. To cycle faster while 
using the bicycle, you will need a right amount of stamina. Scroll up 
and see how to gain stamina if you wish to. 

bikes that you can get are.

Great handlebars give this a much better look than the common BMX, although it does leave you a sitting duck.

The ultimate trick bike sees you performing all sorts of amazing feats. Don't worry about the bruises - you'll get better, eventually.

Mountain Bike
There's nothing quite like hurtling down Mount Chiliad on one of these, especially if you've completely lost control - ouch!

Driving Skills:
Driving would be the first thing that's on your mind. Cars, vehicles, 
lorries, etc. While you drive it raises your driving skills, but it 
will take a while for it to go up. It doesn't matter where it levels 
up; when on mission, cruising around, anywhere. As you progress and 
spend time with a vehicle, you'll get better, and once your driving 
skills gets higher, you'll be able to handle vehicles better, and with 
good and better control. You can also level up driving skills when you 
take your license, but that's when you progress through the game.

the car/ trucks  that you can get are.

Reasonable saloon with decent handling and speed. Looks expensive too, so usually found in affluent areas.

Speedy and stylish, the ladies won't be disappointed if you turn up for a hot date in one of these.

Fast for its size and strong enough to ram through traffic. Press R3 to start the Paramedic missions.

Found at airports it's slow, uncool and falls apart easily. Desperation is the only reason to steal one.

A great little off-road vehicle that laughs at hills and rough terrain. Can't take too much punishment though.

Another oldie but still a goodie. Great top speed but watch that back end round the corners - it's crazy!

Slow but tough, you'll need to steal this from the army, which is no mean feat - good luck!

It's a van. No much more to say than that. If you're not in a hurry, it can provide a relaxingly slow ride.

Berkley's RC Van
You spend time destroying Zero's rival's vehicles with the RC plane, but you can also get to drive one.

BF Injection
It's back with a new fun look! Jump those dunes, or just the hills of San Fierro. Whatever you do it's fun!

One of the more common lowriders, but get it modded at Loco Low Co and become the envy of your hood.

Blista Compact
Small and twitchy, but nimble enough to move through traffic quickly, which can be handy when on the run.

Bloodring Banger
Robust with some grunt under the hood, wreck this around the streets of San Andreas - that's what it's meant for!

Pick-up truck with no frills which is sturdy and should get you where you want to go with a minimum of fuss.

Boring unless you find a black one. If you do, press R3 to begin the Burglary missions and make some cash.

Pretty standard 2-door sedan with nothing particularly outstanding or bad about it, just middle of the road.

Another lowrider, which also has the benefit of allowing you to do Pimping missions with a press of the R3 button.

Looks like a lowrider but isn't. It's a cool ride nonetheless. Looks even better after a visit to Transfenders too.

Lots of grunt with a great engine sound and mean look. Catalina's a fan, but don't let that put you off.

If you see one of these, steal it immediately then store it in a garage, never to be used again - it's too beautiful to be tarnished by roads!

A van the A-Team would be proud of. Tough and reasonably quick for a van, just try not to tip it over.

Having one of these will give you an excuse to drive in the bus lane, but is that advantage really worth it? No!

The classic taxi, which has been the staple of GTA games for many years. Press R3 to start a Taxi Driver mission.

Great fun on the golf course, but take it on the road and expect to get flattened by everything else.

Looks cheap and nasty, drives cheap and nasty, but it'll do if you're in a fix or just like that sort of thing.

Dude! This van is like totally cool. Retro heaven in one groovy machine, just don't paint yours like The Truth.

Cement Truck
A truck that pours cement, amazingly. Heavy and slow, you can barge traffic out the way, but don't expect to outrun the law.

The Cheetah is back and has sharpened its claws, whatever that means. One of the fastest rides around, 'acquire' one now!

Looks beat up but still has it where it counts - under the hood. A growling engine will get you where you need to be on time.

A cool little European number that can be improved no end by a visit to Transfenders for some shiny extras.

It's basically a bus that looks a bit different. Use it if you want to transport a large gang of homies.

Combine Harvester
Harvest crops and also body parts. Find one in the fields west of Flint Intersection. Shoot the driver without blowing it up.

A new look but the same old speed. Not as fast as an actual comet but pretty damn close... probably.

A big flatbed truck that is more manoeuvrable than it looks, as long as it's not in a tight space.

Push stuff with the loader, which can be moved up and down with the right analogue stick - great fun.

A great big truck to carry big loads with. Dump them with the right analogue stick and pretend you're Bob the Builder.

Looks big and cumbersome but flies over dunes like you wouldn't believe. Easy to topple though, so take care.

Big, posh and easy to mistake for the Premier, as they both look very similar. Not as elegant as a Stafford either.

Classed as a street racer but not as good as others in that bracket. Looks very tasty though and won't disappoint.

Doesn't look like anything special but should pleasantly surprise if you manage to get your hands on one.

See one of these coming, be somewhere else - as once those doors open, a SWAT team will pour out.

A classic gas guzzler which has a reasonable top speed when you eventually reach it - just don't expect that to be any time soon.

Not in the class of the Banshee and the like but still has a great top speed and looks to die for.

FBI Rancher
A rancher but bigger and black. If you somehow manage to steal one, you can do some Vigilante missions by pressing R3.

FBI Truck
If you think you can escape the Feds by going over some rough ground, think again! Robust and it has a gun on the roof!

The name sounds swanky and so it should for this swish motor. Impresses the chicks no end with its expensive styling.

Fire Truck
Fitted with either a water cannon or a ladder. Firefighter missions (and sirens) are only available in the one with the water canon.

Doesn't look too flash at first, but get behind the wheel and your opinion will change. Hugs the road like a long-lost friend.

A big brute, useful for squashing pedestrians and pushing your way through that rush-hour traffic.

Lift, move, lower and repeat with the right analogue stick. Flip cop cars to really get their attention, just don't expect a fast getaway.

Sounds expensive but is the complete opposite. Looks like it has potential but doesn't. An oxymoron of a car if ever there was one.

A familiar sight around Vice City and can still be seen on the roads of San Andreas. Not bad but not great.

The unofficial car of the Grove Street gang. Sweet owns one, as do many other Grove Street residents.

A big beast of a car, which is quickly turning into a classic. Ruin those classic looks with some bling from Transfenders.

A slow and unstable van, which comes as no surprise - it's got a great big hotdog on the roof!

A hotrod that's got more under the hood than should be legal. Not easy to come by though - get all gold at the driving school!

Hotring Racer
Quick, but a few knocks and you'll be diving for cover as it bursts into flames - looks cool though (when not on fire).

A 4x4 that is far too expensive to take off-road. Perhaps you could go to the supermarket or pick the kids up in it?

Classic that drives better than other cars that are decades younger, and it's probably put together better too.

Yet another new look for the Infernus, which ensures it stays at the top of our shopping list. It should be on yours too.

Strange name but uninspired vehicle. Like many in the same class, this is average all round and doesn't impress.

This is no joker and should keep you at the front of the pack in any street race you enter with it.

As you'd expect, this is slow and takes up the whole road. Keep a rocket launcher handy in case you see one.

Not recommended for city driving, but great fun and a diversion from all the mindless violence.

Less likely to roll over on corners than previous models, but not as good off-road as a Rancher.

A standard cab which doesn't have the grunt of others available but can still pull its weight on the roads of San Andreas.

The Ballas seem to like these, so steal one to really annoy them. Custom rims make this look better than it is.

As ever, it's small and slow but will get you from A to B if you really can't find anything else... and your feet hurt.

Some posh styling seems to make this a winner with the ladies. It even has a decent engine under the hood.

Lots of bouncy fun if you take it off-road, but it doesn't have the power to take on those big hills.

Tame the wilderness with giant wheels! This will get you pretty much anywhere and the rear-wheel steering makes it even more versatile.

Another good transport option if you want to take a gang of homies with you. It's not very quick though.

Cut the grass at a snail's pace with this ride-on mower. Don't take it on the road - everyone will laugh at you.

Mr Whoopee
A rare sight, as ever, but when you do get one you can turn the music on to sell ice creams with the L3 button.

Bigger than a Benson but smaller than a Packer and just as slow as both of them. Avoid unless desperate.

A nebula is a cloud of gas in space - and you'll want to fire this car into space after you get behind the wheel.

It a van full of hateful journos - kill them all! Nothing different about the van except the dish on top, which doesn't even pick up Sky!

Like the Glendale this is another Vice City regular. It may have satisfied those Florida morons but there's better in San Andreas.

A big truck that doesn't really have the power to back up its size. Are you really going to steal one though, honestly?

Annoy Uncle Sam by jacking one of these. Great both on and off-road and will last even the worst driver for ages.

Looks slow and, unsurprisingly, is slow. You won't impress anyone cruising around in one of these - so don't.

A beast of an engine and a flashy paint job make this popular with boy racers, so get one if that's what you are.

A small pick-up with reasonable speed and handling. Ryder owns one, so just nick his when you want to.

Nick one of these to really annoy the cops, then press R3 to do their job for them - not that they're grateful, mind. Comes in two different styles.

A bog-standard van which will get you where you need to go with a minimum of fuss. Durable too.

You may have noticed that this is the car of choice for cops and taxi drivers, so it can't be too bad.

Better than it looks and can actually go pretty fast when it gets going. Not exactly good-looking but not a bad ride.

Once again, this is a car that doesn't have much in the looks department but will not disappoint under the hood.

Fun when taken off-road and has some great handling. Not very exciting when you get on flat surfaces though.

A very common sight in the countryside of San Andreas, this should see you over most of the rough terrain thrown at you.

It's pretty similar to a Rancher but with more speed and the obvious addition of sirens and Vigilante missions.

A station wagon that's better than the Perennial but not as good as the Solair. Solid and dependable.

A classy-looking lowrider that should get a fair few looks from the ladies and probably the fellas too.

You don't need to be told what this is. Steal one, if you can, then go on the rampage and destroy everything in your path.

A mammoth cab that will pull whatever you choose to attach it to. Alternatively, you can ram your way through traffic.

A morbid vehicle but one that can still be modded at Transfenders if that's your sort of thing.

A bigger van than the Pony but slower for it. Quite a common sight, so you'll end up in one eventually.

The turbo version is sadly absent, but the regular model still packs some grunt. Watch the back end though.

A more robust pick-up than the Bobcat, but there's not much between them so take your pick.

A barrel of laughs over the dunes and hills of San Andreas. Just be careful you don't roll it, as they're tough to find.

Another lowrider that is easy to confuse with the Blade due to their similar looks. Not as admired by the ladies as other lowriders, either.

A tough van that's slow-moving but will take a whole heap of punishment. It's not indestructible though, before you get too cocky.

A classy ride that's got some good speed to go with its sleek lines. The ladies love it and so should you.

A lowrider with a strange name and a unique look. Heads will turn as you cruise the streets, especially when you add some bling to it.

A decent station wagon that's better than others in its class. Not exactly sexy, but it gets you there and that's what counts.

The epitome of class and style, this will make you the envy of every poor person in San Andreas. Now all you need is a chauffeur.

The Stallion is still a prominent vehicle in the world of GTA and will serve you well if you get behind the wheel of one.

This may look like a station wagon and that's because it is, but look under the hood and you'll see an engine good enough for street racing.

A pain round corners, but a decent speed and great look make up for it. Turn up for a date in one of these to make an impression.

Colin McRae might feel at home in one of these and so will you if you enter a street race in one.

Good engine, good handling and some nice looks make this a pretty decent ride in the saloon class.

Super GT
Super by name, super by nature. Great top speed and fantastic handling make this an essential acquisition.

If you cause the cops too much hassle, they'll pull out the big guns, namely one of these bad boys. It only has a water cannon though.

If you can find a reason to get behind the wheel of one of these then let us know because we can't think of one.

If you see one of these around Los Santos, the chances are that the occupants will be Ballas - even more reason to steal it then.

Looks knackered but still gets the job done when required. Robust and speedy when it gets going.

Not quite a Roadtrain but a big old cab all the same that will keep the roads clear as it pushes traffic out the way.

A common sight around the cities of San Andreas, so there's always something to jack. Press R3 to start making some money.

A lowrider with a classic look that doesn't appeal to the ladies as much as other lowrider models.

Raise and lower the hook with the right analogue stick and tow stuff, yes even things twice the size of the Towtruck - awesome!

Slow and tedious, causing traffic jams wherever it goes. If you're not in a hurry then grab one, otherwise avoid.

Carries the garbage of San Andreas residents through the streets. Don't expect to get anywhere quickly in it.

Much like the Baggage, you'll find this around airports and it's pretty useless for anything but novelty value.

Super fast, super sleek and super sexy. This mean machine is lightning fast but will fall apart easily.

The ladies will love Uranus with its luscious curves and cheeky looks. Add some bling to Uranus to make it even more appealing.

Utility Van
A useful van if you do manual labour, but other than that it's a bit too slow to be much good for anything else.

Another decent addition to the saloon class, it has some decent acceleration and reasonable speed.

Another classic that's great for cruising the streets. Slow acceleration but a good top speed make this a good city choice.

A familiar lowrider that should bring back memories of Vice City. Little has changed and it's still a decent ride.

Get out into the sticks and this will be a common sight. Chances are you'll get behind the wheel at some point, but you'll wish you weren't.

The FBI used to be a fan of this so it must have something going for it. Solid and dependable, it's worth a look.

Pretty unremarkable all round with average performance and looks that won't be impressing anyone.

Exclusive and classy, get behind the wheel of one of these and you'll suddenly feel incredibly important.

A big truck that starts slow and stays slow. If there really is nothing else around then grab one, otherwise don't.

A common sight on the mountain roads, it's indispensable as its stiff suspension stops it from bouncing around like the Rancher.

With a name like that, it has to be special - and it is, with a great top speed and fast acceleration. Get one now!

Flying Skills:
Flying skills will start to go up once you go to the flying school, and 
once you spend time flying more than driving or using any other 
vehicles. Flying would be useful since San Andreas is a big place for 
exploration, and it's easier to get out of the city or go some place 
else with air vehicles. You will start to boost your flying skills once 
you go to the flying school.

aircraft that you can get are.

Yes, you can steal a passenger jet! One can be found in the south hangar at Las Venturas airport.

Can take off on short runways, making it great for emergency getaways when you don't have time to taxi.

A big heavy chopper that needs quite a bit of clearance to land safely. Can be found on roof of KACC Military Fuels.

Twitchy but light and reasonably quick single-engine plane. Won't stand up to any serious knocks, so take care.

It finally has wings, but it's too little to late as it's rather redundant with all the other planes now on offer. Twitchy too.

It's back and as mean as ever. Cause carnage from above with rockets and a machine gun, or stop criminals in a Vigilante mission.

If there's anything to rival the Hunter, this is it. Not as fast as you'd expect and tricky to control, but worth the perseverance.

An unexpected and unusual addition, it's great when searching for those hidden items that you can't see from the ground.

A big chopper that sadly loses the magnet it has in Up, Up & Away once you've completed the mission.

A standard chopper that can carry passengers if you want to transport your homies to a gang war in style.

A classic dual-engine plane that's heavy during takeoff and needs lots of space to land, so take care.

Police Maverick
You can control one in a two-player mission, by going to the skulls icon at the Las Payasadas viewpoint.

A large helicopter that is similar to the Leviathan and Cargobob but a little light and more nimble in the air.

A speedy little vintage war plane with mounted machine guns that should see off any enemy invading your turf.

A Sparrow that can land on water- and now that you can swim, this is actually useful. Still a bit twitchy but comes with a gun.

A private jet that only the elite travel in, so kill them and fly it yourself. Easily damaged so be careful with it.

A Dodo that can land on water, which once again is useful now that you can swim. Don't ground it though.

A light, twitchy chopper which is fun to fly and surprisingly nippy, especially compared to larger helicopters.

Understandably, this is very twitchy and as such isn't suitable for fast escapes. Only for recreational use really.

Bike Skills:
Bike skills are raised when you ride motorcycles a lot of times, and 
most of the time. When you spend time cruising around with a motorbike, 
you will raise your skills on it. This is also raised when you go on 
fast speed and like I told you, when you spend time riding one. Try 
every single motorbike, because it might raise your skills on it. Also, 
you can raise your skill on motorbikes by going to the school to take 
lessons. It's situated in Las Venturas. 

moterbikes that you can get are.

Faster than the PCJ but not as fast as the NRG, it's a more common sight though, so worth grabbing if you see one.

Slow but steady, this will get you where you want to go eventually. Just don't arrive for a date on one.

Another nice bike, which can't compete with the NRG but is a decent ride all the same. Not a common sight, so keep your eyes peeled.

Get the motor running and head out to the highway for some growling big bike action. Feel it throbbing between your legs.

The bike of choice for the cops, this is fast with the option to do Vigilante missions from the saddle.

Lightning speed and awesome looks make this the choice of avid bike nuts everywhere. There's one (and a special challenge) by the dry dock in Easter Basin.

The classic racing bike that used to be king but is now decidedly average. Still great for weaving through traffic though.

Pizza Boy
There aren't any pizza delivery missions in San Andreas, so this scooter's not really worth bothering with.

A great off-road dirt bike that has a 'go anywhere' attitude and can scale some of the steepest hills with ease.

If your bike ride is more about the comfort than the speed, this long-haul machine should do the trick.

boat (c103ja)

you can ride in different type of boat they are.

Reasonably quick, but disappointing due to the fact that it has a visible siren which you can't turn on.

Quick for its size, but if you're on the run you won't get very far in it. Fortunately it can't be popped, which is a bonus.

Fast and rare, this is the boat of choice on the waters around San Andreas. Will give the cops a run for their money.

Elegant and sophisticated, this beautiful boat will suffice if you want a relaxing cruise, but isn't too quick.

Police boat with mounted guns that will make short work of any other sea-faring vessels you happen to encounter.

A standard fishing boat that is a slow ride but can smash through any smaller boats you may run into.

As the name suggests, this cuts through the waves like a knife through butter but is infinitely better to look at.

Almost as fast as a Speeder but not quite. If you can't find a Speeder, this should satisfy your needs.

A classier fishing vessel than the Reefer and quicker too. A great way to explore the waterways and coastline.

Being a hovercraft, this is an incredibly versatile machine that should outfox your pursuers when you go from sea to land and vice versa.

Gangs (c103j)

Taking Over Territories:
At one point in the game, you'll be able to take over territories of 
other gang members. This will be shown when the map starts to be 
flooded with pink and green marker. Well, the green shows your 
territory and other colors shows other gang member's territories. They 
will fire without any doubt if they see you cruising around their turf. 
Make sure you drive fast or avoid getting pinned down or you'll die 
without any problems to them. These people will be there infinite and 
you will be attacked if you go to their places. 

You can, however, take over their territories. To do that, you need to 
reach a fixed progress of the game. Before this, you can't. To take 
over gangs, I strongly suggest you recruit a few gang members with you, 
to ensure the safety of you and to get their turf fast (depends on how high 
your respect level is, if you want to recruit more members). So, what you do 
is drive to their territory. Make sure you're on foot; doing it with drive-by 
or on a motorbike will never get it to work. So, walk on foot and find a few 
gang members around. If you spot any of them, start shooting at them. Once 
you get three of them down, the map will flash red and the game will tell you 
that you just started a war.

Next, you will be surrounded by a few members of the gangs and will be 
heading to you with guns and all. Look at the map to see where they are. The 
map is your friend. The purple is for the Ballas members and the yellow is 
for the Vagos members. Crouch down and start shooting at them. Then, you'll 
be told that you just survived the first wave. Then, you must survive the 
second wave, and you must survive the third and last wave, and you'll get the 
territory. Then, your members will start to fill the place up, and you'll 
earn more respect this way. Make sure you do not run after you started a 
fight. If you do, you will abandon the fight and will fail the attempt.

Also, sometimes the gangs have their own tactics. They could hide around 
walls, sneak upon you from the back, send help using a vehicle and perform a 
drive-by, and much more. Watch for these, and learn. It's all about 
experience and how well you studied their movements and their attack 
formation. Some attack in groups and some attacks from both sides and group 
you in together with their crowd. Watch for these; study, don't just sit 
there and blast your AK.  

Also, play and listen to the mission 'Doberman' while you work for Sweet the 
second time. Pay attention to that mission and you'll find everything I've 
said here inside the game itself.

Protecting Your Territory:
Once you got a new hood, you must protect it. It will be constantly 
under attack from gang members, and the map flashes red as always. This 
means it's under attack, just like when you're taking a territory up. 
The game will inform you if it is under attack. Usually happens during 
your visit to it. When this happens, do no run away. If you die, you 
will be brought away from it, and you can do nothing to stop it. Be 
sure to help your members, don't run away. If you're low on health, you will 
have plenty of health and body armor pickups along the road of the territory 
you're attacking. However if you're on a mission and the map flashes red, 
simply save your game and it will disappear, and you get to keep it. If you 
take too long to get to your attacked territory or you ignore it or you're 
wasted, you'll lost influence.

Recruiting Gang Members:
At some point you will earn a required amount of respect to recruit your gang 
members. You'll be told by the game whenever you can and how many members you 
can recruit. As you gain more respect you'll get the privilege of recruiting 
more members. Just aim using the R1 button to any of your members and tap the 
up on the Directional Pad to recruit them. You can take the maximum amount of 
members you can recruit on a Coach (bus). The boat serves good as well. 

Restoring Health & Body Armor:
As you fight for the territory, you'll see health icons and body armors 
scattered on the rods on the streets. Use these to restore, and don't 
hesitate to fall back whenever you need to and run for health icons and body 
armors. If you reach the third wave, there'll be more armor for you. Look for 
them during battles; plan a strategy getting to them, especially when you're 
up against the Vagos since they attack in groups. These people are killing 
machines; you'll see when you're up with them.

Miscellaneous (c103k)

Unique Jumps:
Well, unique jumps are normal things in Grand Theft Auto series. It is 
basically a jump which is done on a vehicle (preferred a motorbike) and 
it goes on a slow motion move. There are 70 unique jumps overall, and 
you might accidentally trigger some. I recommend that you don't, since 
it's hard to keep track on which you had done, especially in a big 
place like San Andreas (though its not a big problem, since its not required 
for 100%). To check your stats for the Unique Jumps you 
have done or have found, go to the Start Menu and highlight Stats.

Graffiti Tags:
Well, as you start the game, you'll start doing this. This is also 
special type of hunting for graffiti, where you need a special type of 
spray can and you can spray the logo covering the graffiti the walls. 
You will find these scattered around the city, and sometimes it's 
difficult to spot them, but some are visible. These replaced the famous 
all-time hidden packages, but it's still fine to me. Though it's 
scattered around the city, you'll have to take some time finding them. 
There are a total of 100 graffiti tags. This is required for 100% completion.

Taking Photographs:
At one point in the game, you can start taking pictures. Some of the 
missions involve your expertise in sneaking and taking pictures. Taking 
pictures is very simple. Just go to aiming more (R1 button). You will 
inside the camera angle. Next, if you need to zoom in, just hold the L2 
button and R2 to zoom out. To snap the photo, either press the L1 or 
the circle button. To save pictures inside your gallery through the 
start menu, snap the picture with the L1 button, NOT the circle button. 
Then, the game will ask if you want to save the picture you took. Say 
yes and the picture will be safely under your Gallery. You can also 
delete the pictures you kept inside the Gallery menu, with the X 

Also, you need to take a total of 50 photographs in order to complete the 
game 100%. It is required.

Destination Marker Info:
Alright, you must've seen the red marker right? Well, it shows your 
next destination will be. The whole mission depends on the marker, and 
sometimes a yellow dot on the map. These two represent your next 
destination, which should be on your map and your whole map in the 
start menu. The red marker usually represents a bigger role (most of 
the time), but not exactly. It is available when you're ordering food, 
going through missions and so on. 

The yellow dot on the map however, has a different use. When the 
destination is not the same level as yours, meaning that it is not 
around you, it will either point up (triangle shape) or the opposite. 
When it points up, this means that the target or the destination is 
higher than your current position. When it is pointing down, it shows 
that the target or the destination is lower than you.

Using The Map: 
It's quite simple to use the map, and doesn't require your attention 
too much. It can sometimes be tricky since the whole area is big. To 
see the small map, it's on the left bottom of the screen. To see the 
whole map of San Andreas, go to the start menu and see Map. You'll be 
able to zoom in and out. 

To perform the zoom in process, first press the X button. To zoom out, 
press L2 and R2 to zoom in again. To see the Legend, hit the X button 
again while in the zooming mode. You can also place a target in the 
map. This is to help you get to some place which is nor marked in the 
map, or not necessary in a mission. To place one, hit the circle button 
while the screen is in the zooming process. To take it out of the map, 
press the circle button again. Once you have the target on the map, it 
will be visible while you look at the small map on the left bottom of 
the screen.

Also, you can choose options on what you want to display on the screen. Press 
the R1 button and see what I mean.


These are required for 100%. What are horseshoe? Let's just say it's a new 
addition to the series. There's a guide/FAQ for this if you want to find them 
more in depth. There are 50 of them scattered around Las Venturas. Yes, it's 
available only in Las Venturas area, so to get to them, wait until you open 
up Las Venturas and you're free to get them. 

You get these if you collect all 50 of them:

- M4, MP5, Combat Shotgun, Satchel Charges will become available in Four 
Dragons Casino in Las Venturas.

- Your luck will also increase.


What are oysters? Well, yet again, another new addition. What's so special 
about them is that they're, first, required for 100%, there are 50 of them 
scattered around San Andreas. There's a guide for it if you wish to look at, 
available at GameFAQs. What will you get if you collect all of them? Well, 
you get to boost your Lung Capacity, and Sex Appeal. Also, again it is 
required for 100%, so no joke if you're serious about it.

Contribution Section from Ihmhi ([email protected]):

Alright, this is contribution section, and since it has all the general info 
which I think would be useful, I included it in this section. Take note that 
I do not have anything with this, but If you spot any mistakes anywhere from 
this contribution, please let me know (please state clearly so confusion 
doesn't happen). 


Gambling - When you begin gambling, you are limited to playing at the lowest 
value tables. You have to earn the right to play at the next level tables, 
but the game doesn't clearly state how. I spent an hour or so in the casinos, 
and I soon noticed that you earn the right to play at a table level when 
you've wagered that particular amount. Regardless of your wins/losses, when 
you wager $10,000 altogether, you get to play at the $10,000 tables, and so 
on. Of course, the house will also loan you money up to the table level you 
can play. (If you can play at the $1,000,000 tables, the house will loan you 
up to $1,000,000.) This is what I know. What I DON'T know is if you have to 
spend the money at one casino only or if it is counted regardless of where 
you play. I am NOT about to spend another 40 hours beating the game (that's 
how long it took me; I wasn't really in a hurry) just to find this out, save 
for a memory card failure. I'm willing to wager one of you either has a newer 
save file where you can test this out, or you have other friends or players 
who you can ask to find out. My friends aren't really all that interested in 
the game.

Beat the Cock - I don't know whether you've heard of "Beat the Cock", but it 
is a slightly secretive mini-game. If you look in any of the three gyms, 
there are yellow posters near the doors. They ask that you try to "Beat the 
Cock" and show up to Santa Maria Beach or Palomino Beach on weekends. I 
showed up to the beach (via watercraft, following the shoreline westward), 
and sure enough there was a pink mission marker on the beach. When I stepped 
into it, the mission screen came up and "Beat the Cock" was displayed. I then 
noticed seven other people on the beach in a line in front of me as well as a 
man in a cock suit. A timer counted down and I ran into the ocean. We all 
began swimming for checkpoints in the water. Even though I had 100% muscle, 
100% stamina, and less than 30% fat, all of the computer opponents were able 
to keep up with me. Soon I noticed that we were approaching the shoreline, 
and I saw bicycles parked nearby each other on the road. I soon realized what 
this was: a triathlon! The crazy bastards at Rockstar put a goddamned 
triathlon in their game! I ran quickly when I hit the shore and a timer 
stated that I had 25 seconds to reach my bike before I was disqualified. I 
hit checkpoint after checkpoint with blazing speed, periodically looking 
behind me and seeing absolutely no opponents. The traffic and pedestrians are 
completely absent in this mini game, so I found it a bit strange to seemingly 
have entire cities and towns to myself. The bicycle race took me through city 
streets and back country roads. I didn't fall off once, make a wrong turn, or 
slow down. I was going at maximum speed practically the entire time. Soon 
enough, I hit a checkpoint and I prompted that I had 25 seconds to get off of 
my bike. I knew what was next; the running portion. In my own common fashion, 
I tapped (X) furiously and ran for marker after marker. However, I soon found 
C.J. was wearing out. After I had hit two or so markers, I noticed other 
runners coming up behind me. Thankfully I made it to the finish line in just 
under 8 minutes. I enjoyed the experience so much that, after saving the 
game, I went right to Palomino Creek beach, south of Palomino Creek. I hit 
the marker for the mission and the scenario seemed very familiar. Swim, bike, 
run, wins. Except that the Palomino Creek beach race is a LOT longer and thus 
a LOT harder. 

You basically swim from Palomino Creek beach to the outskirts of San Fierro.
The bicycle portion takes you through San Fierro, across the Gant Bridge, and 
finally through Las Venturas, including its infamously dangerous highways.
Thankfully, this triathlon disabled pedestrians and traffic as well. As I got 
to the running portion, people caught up to me. Some passed me even. I got
frustrated and punched someone who passed me. I flinched for a second, since 
GTA:SA has added countermeasures to violent cheating in its races.
(Just try to shoot racers on the Mount Chiliad challenges and see if you win. 
Trust me, you won't.) 

Thankfully, I wasn't penalized. Sadly, too many people passed for me to punch 
and I ended up in fifth. Again, I was in top physical condition. At the start 
of the race, I had less than 25% body fat, and at the end I had around less 
than 15%. The entire race was over for me in around 18 minutes. Your wrist 
muscles will certainly be aching from all of the tapping of the (X) button. 
The only way you find out about this is if you see the marker on weekends or 
take time to read the posters in the gyms. Thankfully, I did. Remember that 
this is one of those pesky missions that changes your clothes, so at the end 
of it you'll be in exercise shorts. Don't even attempt the Palomino Creek 
Beach race without first running and winning the Santa Maria Beach race, 
since the former is easily twice as long as the latter. Oh, I almost forgot: 
victory at the Santa Maria Beach race yields a $10,000 prize. If this trigger 
is active from the start of the game, it would be a great way to earn money 
for those players who are smart enough to prioritize CJ's physical fitness at 
the beginning of the game. 

Gifts for the Girlfriends - Although many of you have listed "Flowers" as one 
of the gifts, I know of at least two others. There is a purple double-ender 
dildo (which you get in the mission that makes Millie your girlfriend), and a 
silver vibrator. I know that when you go into Millie's house to retrieve the 
key card, you can pick up another double ender. As for the vibrator, I don't 
know where you can find it, but I know I've found it in at least one place. 

Practically Easy Money - This is a technique that worked in GTA:VC, and works 
even better in this game. When I noticed that the Hunter spawned in a 
military base in Vice City, I made a point to try and steal it from the 
military base. I flew a Maverick in, sprayed a few dozen rounds at soldiers, 
and stole it with minimal damage. I soon realized that you can do Vigilante 
missions with it. I was a pretty good pilot, so I decided to try and go the 
distance. I made it up to Level 50 in GTA:VC. After I blew up, I looked at my 
money and realized it was at a whopping $2,000,000+! When I tried to break my 
record of Level 50 in GTA:VC, I soon realized why: You can make tens or 
hundreds of thousands of dollars in the Vigilante missions at the higher 
levels. Naturally, when I learned that you can get the Hunter at your 
airfield in San Andreas when you earn all gold medals at the pilot's school, 
I did it and joyfully lifted off. True to form, I made $2,000,000 at Level 
50. This time I gave up, since C.J. was getting hungry and losing muscle. 
This introduced me to a fundamental principle of the game (hunger) and how it 
works, which I go over in the next bullet. Anyway, I made yet another attempt 
to breach my San Andreas record (then Level 51). I managed to make it to 
Level 54 before C.J. got hungry and his muscle began dropping at an 
accelerated rate. I decided to attempt a landing at a restaurant. I selected 
a Cluckin' Bell to the southwest of Area 69/Restricted Area since the small 
number of roads would reduce the police presence. I landed about 100 meters 
(about 300 feet) off of the road and ran inside the store. I ordered up a 
good deal of food and ran outside, only to meet half a dozen sheriffs. 

The combat shotgun quickly dispatched them, and I ran to the chopper 
and took off. As an afterthought, I decided it would be a good idea to switch 
helicopters for added longevity. I returned to the abandoned airstrip and 
landed, but I was busted as I was taking off. I made it to Level 54. 

Undaunted, I saved and came up with a new plan. Even though I had over 
$4,500,000 in the bank, I wanted to reach a higher level. Also, I'm a greedy 
bastard. I took off again and made it all the way to Level 54 without a 
problem. Then the hunger pangs began again. This time, I had some fat on my 
body, so my muscle didn't yet suffer. I put my plan into action.

First, I landed at a small town Pay and Spray. I stole the first spray-able
vehicle I saw and quickly ditched the cops. I then flew to the nearest 
restaurant and loaded up on food. I successfully changed choppers and made it 
all the way to Level 71 before I blew up. (I accidentally fired missiles at 
three nearby cars when the wind blew me too close. The resultant explosion 
wrecked me.) At the end, I had nearly $10,000,000. Money is no longer
a concern. I also have a steady amount of capital to gamble away if I wish. 
Now that I've bragged and complained a bit, let me get down to tips. First, 
no matter how many vehicles you destroy, your wanted level will NOT go above 
3 stars unless you attack enough police vehicles. It is very important that 
you do not engage police vehicles because a Hydra (harrier) appears at 4 
stars. As many of us experienced players know, the Hydra has homing missiles. 
Although the Hunter can take a lot more punishment than its GTA:VC 
predecessor, it is still quite vulnerable to missile fire. (I've taken up to 
three missile hits at different places before the engine started giving out 
and I had to bail out.) The police chopper is easy to outrun and won't fire 
if you're constantly moving. It is more likely to collide with you in midair 
than fire its guns at you. (Thankfully, midair collisions don't result in 
instant destruction with helicopters as they often do with planes.) I've 
managed to keep it at 3 stars for over an hour before I sprayed a stolen car 
to ditch the cops. (It takes about an hour to reach Level 50, 10 minutes to 
change choppers and eat, and another hour or so to make it to around Level 
75.) Even if you do engage a Hydra, you can evade the missiles by banking 
hard and lowering or raising altitude. Also note that the Hydra will have a 
difficult time targeting you if you are constantly moving, especially if you 
don't move in a straight line. As for destroying the vehicles, the rockets 
add an element of challenge to hitting the enemy (since the on-board machine 
gun auto-targets). The machine-gun should be used as a cleanup weapon to take 
out errant runaway fugitives or cars that are simply annoying you. Don't get 
too low to the ground, as the fugitives can shoot you from the car and on 
foot. As the levels of difficulty go up, the weapons get progressively more 
powerful. Although the Hunter can take dozens of rounds of bullet fire, a few 
rockets will bring it down quickly. That's all the advice I can give you.

Hunger - If you do not eat for a while, the body begins to consume its own 
fat. In absence of fat, the body consumes muscle. I haven't reached this 
point yet, but I assume that absence of muscle and fat results in gradual 
health depletion. I used to have full muscle and no fat, but I've since tried 
to keep a store of around 25% fat so the body has a nice buffer in case of 

Air Combat (police helicopters) - Combating police helicopters aren't all 
that difficult. It all depends on the vehicle, of course. An unarmed aircraft 
can only evade or outrun police helicopters (or, of course, suicidal crash 
into them). The Rustler can be difficult to control, and a strafing run at a
helicopter is more difficult than an airplane or ground target. (Since you 
have to face it directly, you run the risk of midair collision or getting 
caught in the explosion.) The Sea sparrow's machine gun auto-targets, so just 
face in the general direction of the police helicopter and fire away. 
Remember that at higher wanted levels they travel in pairs. With the Hunter, 
it is easier to use the machine gun but you could fire missiles at the enemy 
if you're one of those people who enjoy being frustrated. The Hydra is the 
easiest craft to dispatch the helicopters, thanks to the homing missiles. 
Just lock on and fire away. Pop off at least two for the slight change that 
the first will miss.

Air Combat (Hydras) - Combating a Hydra (harrier) is vastly different from 
the police helicopters. The introduction of the Hydra has entirely changed 
the dynamic of air combat in this game. First things first, a Hydra appears 
when you've attained four stars. Two hydras appear when you've reached five
stars. Mind you, at this point, you'll have two choppers, two Hydras, and 
ground forces after you AT THE SAME TIME. For unarmed craft, your ability to 
survive greatly depends on the craft. Large and clumsy craft are screwed, so 
if you're in the AT-400 you should just try to land and run or bail out 
altogether. If you are in a considerably lighter craft, do not travel in a 
straight line. The Hydras circle the area you are in and fire missiles when 
they can travel in a straight line towards you. I've had as many as five 
missiles after me at one time, and I can tell you that it's difficult to 
evade all of them at that point. Your best bet for evasion is to bank hard 
and drop altitude to evade a missile. Once it passes you it won't likely hit 
you. For the Sea sparrow and Hunter, your best bet is the machine gun. The 
Hydra travels in a wide circle; your best bet is to either travel in a 
tighter circle to try and close the distance, or do a 180 and try to close 
the distance.

Get the Hydra in front of you and keep up with it by banking. Both the Hunter 
and Sea sparrow aren't fast enough to follow behind the Hydra; your best bet 
is to bank hard and stay perpendicular to it. As for the Rustler, you should 
follow the Hydra in a tight circle. Again, this aircraft isn't fast enough to 
stay directly behind; you will likely end up forming a multi-sided polygonal 
flight path in comparison to the Hydra's circular flight path. (You would 
fire at each vertices. Imagine a pentagon inside of a circle, and each corner 
is where you are close enough to fire.) As for Hydra versus Hydra combat, it 
comes down to who can get behind the enemy to fire off a missile. Definitely 
fire two or more, since the Hydra is fast enough where the curve of its 
circular flight can outmaneuver a missile. Lastly, please note that when you 
are in a boat, Hydras will come after you and fire missiles. They do not 
attack you when you are on foot or on a land vehicle (as far as I know).

Water Doesn't Hurt - After learning that you can skydive in the game, and 
wondering what happens when you DON'T open your parachute (nothing too
spectacular), I wondered what would happen if you bailed out over deep water. 
I took a Hydra, traveled over the open sea, and flew as high as was allowed 
in the game. When the plane stalled and peaked, I bailed out. I held (up) on 
the Analog stick to maximize speed, and I was amazed that when I hit the 
water, I was completely unharmed. I did fall a considerable distance 
underwater, though. I surmised that if you were to land in a shallow pool, 
you would die or be severely hurt. My test, however, proved otherwise. I 
selected the most shallow body of water with the largest overall surface area 
(for a better chance of contact from the air) that I could find. I chose the 
pool surrounding Pirates in Mens' Pants (B5). Once again, I attempted to 
attain maximum height and I bailed out. I hit the water at the fastest 
possible speed while skydiving and C.J. suffered minimal damage. The water in 
Pirates in Mens' Pants is practically as shallow as Madd Dogg's pool. You may 
re-create these tests for yourself, but I've confirmed it; so long as the 
water is around two meters (about 6 feet) deep, C.J. can survive a fall by 
landing in it. I find this information very useful when you have to bail and 
you don't have a parachute. Of course, it's always wiser to try to get closer 
to the ground if you're in danger, as my next bullet shows. 

The Ground Doesn't Really Hurt, Either - I also have conducted some research 
on emergency ejections over land. First, I tried a high speed pass at very 
low altitude over the San Fierro runway. When the Hydra was practically 
skimming the ground, I bailed out. I suffered approximately 25% (at maximum 
health, minus the ambulance missions bonus, which I have not yet attained). I 
then decided to try a high speed vertical crash. I flew the Hydra nearly 
straight down, and then bailed out when I was very close to the ground. I was 
alive, but barely. I suspect that some of the damage was from the impact, and 
some of the damage was from the explosions from the plane. Lastly, the best 
bet for ejection without use of a parachute that I've found is to fly low and 
pull up so the plane stalls close to the ground. When you bail, you will not 
likely suffer that much damage. A recent accident also confirmed another way 
of bailing. When my left wing flap was severely damaged, I decided to try to 
land the plane horizontally. As I approached the runway, the plane flipped 
over landed upside down. Though this would normally destroy the plane, I was 
close enough to the ground where it only caught fire. I bailed out and wasn't 
harmed at all! Technically, a flaming upside down plane ran over me, and C.J. 
wasn't hurt. I guess all of that exercise paid off!

Hydra Flares - When in the Hydra, pressing (O) releases a flare 
(countermeasure) from the underside of the aircraft. Although mildly useful 
for illuminating the ground where you are about to land, their true purpose 
is to act as a countermeasure against homing missiles. For some reason, this 
feature doesn't always work (I've found it to work about 1/3 of the time.) I 
don't know why it is so glitch-y. Even when you first enter the Hydra in the 
"Vertical Bird" mission, and the game tell you can press (O) to use 
countermeasures, they don't always work.

Turret Faces Camera Directions - If you look behind of the vehicle, the 
cannon/hose moves to face that direction. It also removes a once-useful trick 
I employed in GTA 3 and GTA:VC: Aim the Rhino's turret to the rear and 
continuously fire to propel the tank faster. Now you must look to the rear to 
engage this feature, thus entirely defeating its usefulness (since you can't 
see in front of you.) Regrettable... it was fun to have a huge tank careening 
down Vice City Highways in excess of 100 mph.

Car Parking Script - In some places in the game, a car will pull off of the 
road, park, and the driver (and passengers, if any) will exit the vehicle and 
walk away. I have noticed this in four different places, but I do not 
remember exactly where. I have noted that this event occurs in the same 
place, so if you were to stake it out for a bit you're sure to see it happen 

Make "Vertical Bird" a LOT easier - In the Vertical Bird mission, you'll 
notice that there are a lot of Hydras to choose from. I've learned that the 
Hydras you don't steal will be the ones used to pursue you. Each Hydra you 
destroy on the ship before taking your own is one less Hydra in the air after 

Burning Desire, Cash on Fire - In the "Burning Desire" mission, you have to 
help Denise escape the house safely. However, all of the fire might distract 
you from the WADS OF CASH lying around the house. Keep your eyes open and 
look in every corner to pick up a few extra dollars.

Territorial Pissings - When you are fighting for control of territories in 
the game, it is important to note that only territories adjacent to an enemy
territory will be attacked. That is, you only have to worry about territories 
that share a border with a rival gang. Thus is it useful to try and bring 
your existing territories together. If you grab up a group of territories 
elsewhere (like in San Fierro) and wipe out the enemy gangs, you won't have 
to worry about opposition in that area. Get 100% of them, and you're 
completely safe from attacks. (I turned gang territories off on my map.)

A third is not enough - Before "End of the Line", you might be told that you 
have to have more territories. I noticed by chance that I had 33.33% of the
territories. As soon as I captured one more, Sweet called. Hence I've learned 
that you have to have more than one third (33.33%) of the territories to play 
the last storyline mission.

Thanks to the contribution, and well, hope you guys got some info from that.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Guide.........

Los Santos missions... 

Welcome To Los Santos 

1. Framed 
The police have dumped you in Balla territory, with no weapons. Don't stand around gawping - get on the nearby BMX and pedal to the Johnson home in Ganton. There shouldn't be too many gang members about, but move quickly anyway just to be safe - and if you see any coming after you, pedal for your life! 

Big Smoke 
Once you reach your house, a cut-scene will kick in, where Big Smoke mistakes you for a burglar. Fortunately he doesn't smash your face in with a baseball bat and instead takes you to the cemetery to meet Sweet, Kendl and Ryder. 

2. Sweet & Kendl 
After the cut-scene the Ballas will show up and wreck Smoke's car at the cemetery. You and the gang must escape on the BMX bikes across the street. Follow Sweet and stay close to him while trying to avoid getting shot by the Ballas. You'll be crossing some busy roads so look out for traffic. If the Ballas manage to get up alongside you, try to steer them towards a hazard such as oncoming traffic and make them crash. After a while Sweet will split up with the rest of you to lead the Ballas away and now you'll need to follow Ryder back to the Johnson house. Don't get left too far behind or you'll lose him. Once you get home, the save house and garage will be explained, so pay attention and save your game. 
Reward: Respect + 

3. Ryder 
Head to Ryder's house, which is next door, to start this mission. Ryder suggests you get a new haircut so you'll get a little more respect in the hood. Drive him to the Reece's Hair & Facial Studio in Idlewood and pick whatever haircut you want, then go back outside. Ryder now wants something to eat, so walk across the road to the Well Stacked Pizza restaurant and pick a meal. Ryder now tries to hold up the restaurant, but the cashier has other ideas and chases you out with a shotgun. Jump into the car and drive back to Ryder's place. Now you can do missions for Sweet, so head over to his place. 
Reward: Respect+ 

Sweet's Missions 

1. Tagging Up Turf 
Get into Sweet's car and head to Idlewood. Stop at the marker and watch as Sweet sprays one of the tags. There are two more tags in this area that Sweet wants you to spray. The first is across the street so head over and do it, then climb over the wall to the rear of this house to find the second. 
Now get back in the car and drive to East Los Santos, which is Ballas territory. Sweet will drop you off to spray another three tags. The first is on the wall across the street, but make sure there are no cops around before you start spraying. The second is around the corner on the left, so spray the two Ballas in the face then tag the wall and run away. You can kill the Ballas if you spray them enough but it will get you a wanted rating so it's not advisable. The third tag is across the street, so jump over the fence when running away from the Ballas, then hop over the small fences at either end of the alley. Climb up the wall on the left to find the tag on the roof. Spray it then drop down to the ground again to meet with Sweet and drive him home. 
Reward: $200, Respect+ 

2. Cleaning The Hood 
Get into the car and drive to B Dup's crib, which is just round the corner. After the cut-scene, get back into the car and drive over to the next block to find a crack dealer. Beat the crap out of him then pick up the bat. Drive to the end of the street to find the dealer's place and head inside. Use your bat to kill the Ballas and the crack dealer, making sure you block so you don't lose too much energy. Once that's done, get back in the car and drive to Sweet's house. 
Reward: Respect+ 

3. Drive-Thru 
Get into the car and drive the guys to the Cluckin' Bell in Willowfield to get some food. Some Ballas will take some shots at you while you're there, so give chase. You don't need to shoot, but Ryder and Sweet do, so stay close enough so they can. Try to block the path of the Balla car so Sweet and Ryder can pump plenty of bullets into it. The Ballas will shoot back, but your car should last longer than theirs. Once their car catches fire they will jump out, so stay close so Ryder and Sweet can shoot them or just run them over. 
Once they're all dead, head back to Sweet's house. When you've dropped Ryder and Sweet off, take Big Smoke back to his place in Idlewood. Head back home and you'll get a call from Sweet who will tell you about Gyms. If you feel like working out, go and check out the one round the corner. 
Reward: $200, Respect+ 

4. Nines and AKs 
Drive Big Smoke from Sweet's place to Emmet's in Willowfield. Learn how to use guns by following the on-screen instructions and shooting the bottles and car gas tank. Once you've done that, drive Smoke back to his house then answer your phone to talk to Sweet, who tells you to go to the local Binco and buy some gang colours. Head over there and buy something green - it doesn't have to be trousers or a shirt, even a head rag will do. Once you've made your purchase, head back outside to complete the mission. 
Reward: Respect+ 

5. Drive-By 
Get into the car and drive to the Balla territory in Jefferson, then stop in the marker. After the short cut-scene, drive round the corner so your homies can shoot at the Ballas standing there. If they don't get them all on the first pass, turn around so they can have another go. Once that group are dealt with, head round the corner and do the same again. Keep an eye on the car health while performing these drive-bys and make sure you keep your speed up to reduce the amount the Ballas hit you. 
Once the second lot are down, head round the next corner to take some more down - they might run down the alley, so drive down there and run them over if they do. The final group are in the nearby Glen Park, so try not to crash into any trees while the guys take them out. You will now have a two-star wanted rating, so head to the Pay 'N' Spray in Idlewood to lose it. Your car is probably pretty knackered by now, so do everything you can to avoid crashing, especially into pursuing cop cars. Once the car is sprayed and fixed, drive back to Sweet's place to complete the mission. 
Reward: $500, Respect+ 

6. Sweet's Girl 
Sweet's in trouble over in Playa Del Seville and is pinned down by the Seville Boulevard set. Get in his car and head over there as quickly as possible, stopping at Emmet's on the way if you need a gun. Keep an eye on Sweet's health meter then, once you get to Playa Del Seville, run as many Seville boys over as possible, as it's quicker and easier than trying to shoot them all. Jump out of your car and shoot the rest to save Sweet. You'll now need a four-door car, so jump into Sweet's, which should be parked in the road. Now put your foot down and get back to Sweet's house, trying to shake the pursuing Seville boys on the way. 
Reward: Respect+ 

7. Cesar Vialpando 
You need to keep and eye on Kendl so jump in a car and head over to the garage in Willowfield to pick up a low-rider. Once you have it, you are told to back it up into the mod garage. You don't have to modify it at the moment and you probably can't afford to yet anyway, so drive back out of the garage and head to the low-rider meeting in El Corona. 
You can now make a wager on whether you'll win the bounce contest. It's best to start with a low bet first until you get the hang of it. Once you make your bet, the contest will start. You need to press the right analogue stick in the direction shown when it passes through the circle (if you've ever played a dancing game you'll know what we mean). Try to time your bounces with the rhythm of the music and you'll find you do much better than if you concentrate on the circle. Score more points than your opponent and you'll win - good bounces get you points; bad bounces award points to your opponent. After you complete this mission, Cesar will give you a call and invite you to take part in some illegal street racing. 
Reward: $100 

Low-Rider Competition 
Once you've completed the Cesar Vialpando mission, you can return to same place to compete again. You'll need to talk to the guy out on the street first before entering though. 

Cesar's Missions 

1. High Stakes, Low-Rider 
You'll need a low-rider car to take part in this race but don't worry if you can't find one there are usually a couple parked in the driveway of some of the houses in Cesar's street. If you want to guarantee success in the impending street race, it can be a good idea to take your car to a mod garage and get some Nitros fitted. However, it's not essential and the race can be won without it as long as you apply a little bit of skill. 
Once you have your chosen vehicle, drive into the red marker at Cesar's place in El Corona, then follow him to the starting grid. Once you start, get to the front as quickly as possible to avoid the inevitable automobile carnage that is caused by the race. Follow the red checkpoints, making sure you take note of which direction the arrow is pointing so you don't miss any turns. Low-riders can be tough to handle, especially around corners, as the back end tends to slide out if you don't brake enough. Don't worry about being a little overzealous with the braking, as it's better to go a bit slow round a corner than to crash. Look out for traffic on the roads and do your best to nudge your rivals into it - hey, it's an illegal race, so you can't be expected to play fair, can you? There's a nice big straight before the finish, so if you are a couple of places behind, use this stretch to catch up and take the lead. Reach the last red marker first and you'll win the race! 
Reward: $1,000 

Ryder's Missions

1. Home Invasion 
You can only get this mission from Ryder between the times of 12:00 and 22:00. Ryder wants some guns and there's a retired Colonel who has a stash in his house. You have a limited time in which to complete part of this mission, so keep an eye on the timer and get moving. 
Drive the truck to the Colonel's house in East Beach and park outside. Ryder will keep watch while you go inside. This is your first taste of burglary, so take care and move slowly. Watch the noise meter: if it fills, you are making too much noise and the Colonel will wake up to look for you, armed with a shotgun. You can kill him but this will give you a two-star wanted rating, which makes the mission tough to complete.
The fist crate of guns is in the room on the right, so creep in and pick it up then sneak back out to the van. The other two crates are upstairs, one just at the top of the stairs and another at the other end of the corridor up there. Make as little noise as possible as you steal the crates, then get back into the truck. Once this is done, you no longer have to worry about the timer. Drive to the lock-up in Playa del Seville and park the van inside. Now this mission is complete, you can perform other burglaries to earn cash.
Reward: Respect+

2. Catalyst
The cops want you and Ryder to do some of their dirty work and inform you that there is a train arriving in a few minutes with something on it. Get in Ryder's car and drive him to the train, which is stopped in Las Colinas. Unfortunately the Vagos have beat you to it and are already attempting to rob the train. Jump out of the car and gun them all down before they take you out. Once the Vagos are taken care of, some Ballas show up to cause you even more problems. Try to blow their car up before they can move away from it, so you can take them out quickly.
Now go to the red marker at the end of the train so you can climb up onto it. The train starts moving again and you must now throw ten ammo crates down to Ryder in his pickup. You only have 90 seconds to do this so don't hang about. You'll find it hard to actually get the crates to Ryder at first, but there are loads to throw so take a little time to get used to it. Once Ryder has caught ten crates, you can get off the train and back into the pickup. You now have an instant three-star wanted rating, so your next stop should be the nearest Pay 'N' Spray, which is a couple of blocks away. Once the heat is off, you can take the pickup back to Grove Street.
Reward: Respect+

3. Robbing Uncle Sam
Ryder has a crazy idea of where to get some guns - the local military base at Ocean Docks! Get in the van parked outside Ryder's house and drive it to the Docks. Watch as the Jeep enters the base, then jump out of the van, hop over the wall and shoot the switch to open the gate. Shoot any National Guards who attack you and watch as Ryder drives in and over to the warehouse. Take out any more soldiers then shoot the switch on the warehouse wall to open the door. Kill the guards inside then run over to the forklift and hop aboard. Start to load the four crates in here into the back of the truck while Ryder keeps watch. More National Guards will come along, so if Ryder starts to lose too much health, jump out of the forklift to quickly give him a hand.
Once the four crates from inside the warehouse are loaded, drive the forklift over to the last two crates to the right of the van. Load these too, still looking out for soldiers, then get back into the van. Leave the base and drive as quickly as you can to the lockup in Willowfield (where Emmet's place is). This isn't as easy as it sounds though, as the National Guard will chase you in Patriots. Fortunately, Ryder has the bright idea of throwing some of the explosives you've just stolen at them. To make Ryder throw them you'll need to sound the horn, so do this when the soldiers are getting too close for comfort. Once you deliver the truck to the lockup, the mission is complete.
Reward: Respect+

Big Smoke's Missions

1. OG Loc
An old gang member, Jeffery aka 'OG Loc' is being released from prison, so meet Sweet and Big Smoke at Smoke's place and drive them to the police station in Pershing Square. Once OG Loc is aboard, he wants to be taken to a house in East Los Santos where a guy called Freddy lives, who supposedly stole Loc's rhymes. Drive over there and stop at the red marker.
Sweet and Smoke will leave you and Loc to it, so go up the steps to Freddy's door. He and Loc will exchange some words before Freddy makes a run for it and jumps on a bike. You and Loc do the same and give chase, with Loc firing from the back. Freddy leads you on a merry tour of Los Santos, weaving down narrow alleys and through oncoming highway traffic. He takes the same route every time, so if you have trouble keeping up you should eventually get to know the route. You can't kill Freddy so just concentrate on keeping up with him until eventually he stops at not far from where the chase started and tries to take you out with the help of some fellow gang members, so shoot him first. When Freddy is dead, Loc needs to be taken to his new job at the Burger Shot in Verona Beach - once this mission is complete, OG Loc will have some missions for you available there.
Reward: Respect+

2. Running Dog
Smoke says he needs to meet his 'cousin' in East Los Santos, so leave his place, drive over there and stop at the marker. If you need a weapon you can go to Emmet's first, but you should already have a gun by now.
Once at the meet, Smoke asks the two Vagos members for some grass but is told to 'go away'. Smoke gets a bit annoyed and hits one of the Vagos with a baseball bat. The other gang member makes a run for it, so it's your job to chase him down. If your Stamina is at a decent level, you should be able to sprint and catch the Vagos quickly. Don't worry if it's not though, as you should still catch up with him eventually as he slows to jump over fences. When you get close enough, pop a few caps in his back to stop him in his tracks and complete the mission. If you take too long to catch the Vagos, he'll jump in a car to make his getaway, so make sure that doesn't happen. You might also encounter some other Vagos on the way, so look out for them too.
Reward: Respect+

3. Wrong Side Of The Tracks
Smoke has heard about a deal going down between the Vagos and the San Fierro Mexican Rifa gang. Drive from his place to Unity Station in El Corona and stop in the red marker. The Mexicans will spot you and jump onto the top of the moving train. Hop onto the Sanchez and get after the train. Keep to the right-hand side of the train and catch up to the first car, where the Mexicans are stood. Keep up with it while Smoke takes them out.
When you see a car parked on the crossing ahead, move onto the road briefly, as the train will hit the car and the wreckage will more than likely get in your way if you remain on the tracks. Move back onto the track and catch up to the front car again. As you approach the tunnel, a train will come in the opposite direction, so move to the side again as it passes then return to the tracks once again.
If you've managed to keep up with the front car for most of the journey, Smoke should take out the last Mexican soon after you enter the tunnel. If you are still chasing the train when you leave the tunnel, there will be a raised dirt road to the side of the tracks. Smoke suggests that you take it and you should, as it will get you around some more obstacles and give Smoke a better angle for taking out the remaining Mexicans. The road will take you away from the train for a few moments, but you'll rejoin the track again so don't worry. If you don't kill all the enemies by the time the train reaches the bridge, you'll fail. Once they're all dead, you need to take Big Smoke back to his house in Idlewood.
Reward: Respect+

4. Just Business
Big Smoke wants to go for a ride Downtown and, as is the GTA way, this ride inevitably turns into a bloodbath! Leave Smoke's place and drive to a high-rise building in Pershing Square and watch the cut-scene.
You are crouching and confronted by some angry Russians. Help Smoke take them out, keeping your head down in the process. There are enemies to the left and right and also up on the balcony opposite. Once they're all dead, pick up the dropped cash, ammo and the armour in the corner. Follow Smoke outside and shoot some more Russians, ensuring you pick up their ammo and cash.
Once that area is clear, you'll hop onto a motorbike with Smoke doing the driving. Your job now is to keep all the enemies off your tail. These include both motorbikes and cars, all with gun-toting Russians on board. A Packer will also get on your tail, but don't let that concern you too much as there's nothing you can do to stop it. Concentrate on the bikes and cars and clear the way when Smoke stops so you can continue. Don't let any enemies get too close for too long or the bike health will rapidly fall until it's destroyed. Listen to what Smoke says, as he'll warn you of incoming enemies and their locations.
When you enter the flood trench, it looks like you've lost the truck, but lo and behold it comes crashing down over the side of a bridge. It will move in front of you and start dropping its load of cars. Since you aren't in control of the bike, there's little you can do about this, but Smoke should get you through it unscathed. The truck will stop up ahead as park of a roadblock, but don't worry - a cut-scene will kick in that sees Smoke drive up the ramp and over the danger.
Soon after this, Smoke tells you to shoot the gate coving a sewer tunnel that runs all the way to East Beach. Once inside, some more bikes will be on your tail, so look behind and shoot them, watching out for barrels that can be shot to take out multiple targets. Once you leave the sewer, the mission is complete and Big Smoke will drop you off.
Reward: Respect+

OG Loc's Missions

1. Life's A Beach
This mission is available between 22:00 and 06:00, so get to the Burger Shot during that time. OG Loc wants a new sound system for a party he's planning - and he saw a van go come through the drive-thru with just what he's looking for in the back. The van was heading to a beach party on Santa Maria Beach so head over there and park up next to the other cars. Go over to the aforementioned van and talk to the DJ. Respond positively to her questions and she'll invite you to dance.
As with the low-rider contest, this is just like a dancing game, but this time round you use the X, Circle, Square and Triangle buttons. Once again, listening to the beat of the music will help you no end with this challenge and you should hopefully do well enough to impress the partygoers and achieve the required 4,000 points. If you do, the DJ will invite you into her van, so get into the driver's side and make off with it. The DJ will fall out, but the partygoers will give chase and start shooting at you. Drive quickly to the parking garage in Commerce and stop in the red marker to complete the mission.
Reward: Respect+

2. Madd Dogg's Rhymes
Talk to OG at the Burger Shot and he'll tell you he wants you to steal Madd Dogg's rhyme book from his mansion in Mulholland. Get over there and go through the back door. Read what the game tells you about stealth kills, then perform one on the guard in front of you. Head left down the corridor and into the room with the swimming pool. Hide in the shadow just inside the doorway and wait for the guard to come round. He won't see you, so perform a stealth kill. Enter the next room then hide in the shadows on the left as the guard passes. When he's looking into the pool room, sneak up and stealth-kill him.
Now continue down the corridor then head left again, keeping low so the barman or the guy playing a videogame doesn't see you. Head right then into the room on the left to find some armour. Sneak out the other door and kill the guard on the right. You'll see the rhyme book on the left, so grab it and look out for the guard who comes round the corner outside. Avoid him and head back the way you came.
There's a new guard at the entrance to the lounge, so stealth-kill him and pick up his silenced gun and shoot the guy playing the videogame, who will probably have seen you. Sneak past the barman and you'll see another guard in the corridor with his back to you. Stealth-kill him and head to the pool room where you can either sneak past or kill the guard. Head outside and jump on the Mountain Bike and ride it back to OG at the Burger Shot.
Reward: Respect+

3. Management Issues
Go to the Burger Shot and Loc will tell you that Madd Dogg's manager is badmouthing him to stop his career from taking off. Loc wants this problem taken care of - permanently. The manager is attending an awards ceremony and his driver is going to pick him up later. Intercept the car in the Market area (it's the red blip on the map) and ram it. The driver will jump out and open fire, so quickly jump into his car and speed off.
You must now repair the damage to the car at the nearest Pay 'N' Spray, so take the car there then drive to meet up with the other divers a few blocks away before 22:00. Park in between them, facing in the same direction and making sure you don't damage the car in the process. The drivers will now head to the awards and you must keep your position in the convoy without hitting the other two cars. You don't have far to go to the awards, where you will pick up the manager. Once you have him, put your foot down and head for the pier at Verona Beach. The other two cars will give chase but they aren't too hard to shake off and you don't have very far to go. When you reach the pier, head along it at top speed then bail out right at the end and watch as the car plunges into the murky depths. If the other cars managed to keep up, you'll still have to deal with them, so don't relax straight away.
Reward: Respect+

4. House Party
OG Loc is having a party before he gets sent back to prison. Go to the Burger Shot and he'll tell you to get some new threads and a haircut. The party starts at 20:00 and ends at 05:00, so you have that time to get this done. There's a barber across the street from the Burger Shot, so go there first to get your new hairdo. Then head to the Pro-Laps store in Rodeo to get some new clothes.
Now get back to Grove Street in time for the party. It's a good idea to get some armour before you join the party, and there's some under the bridge to the east. Unfortunately the party is interrupted by some Ballas who are making a move on your turf. Crouch behind the nearest car and shoot them all (see why you needed the armour now?) then look out for more on the bridge above. Grab the dropped ammo then turn around and help your homies take out more coming from the alley. While you're taking care of them, more will appear on the left so take cover and shoot them too. This fire fight can get rather frantic and if you stand out in the open too long you'll be cut down very quickly, so use all the available cover and watch out for attacks from behind.
Reward: Respect+

CRASH Missions

1. Burning Desire
Officer Tenpenny wants you to do more of his dirty work, so head to the donut shop in the Market area. He wants you to take down a Vagos thug in East Los Santos by burning down the building he's holed up in. On the way to East Los Santos, pick up the stash of Molotov Cocktails hidden in the alley in Downtown Los Santos. Once you reach the target building, you need to throw a Molotov through each of the five downstairs windows. There may be some gang members trying to stop you so take them out first. Don't stand too close as you throw a Molotov, as you don't want to be caught in the explosions.
Once you've successfully thrown them through all five windows, you'll see that a girl is trapped inside. Now it's time to rescue her so head into the house through the front door. You need the fire extinguisher from the kitchen, so head forward down the hall then go down the corridor on the right just after the bathroom. The kitchen is the room at the end on the left and you'll find the extinguisher inside. Pick it up then go through the door on the left then over to the right and up the stairs. The girl is in the room at the end on the left, so douse the flames so she can get out.
The house now starts to collapse, so enter the room opposite and put out the flames in the doorway on the right. Go through the doorway on the right and put out the flames on the left in the hallway then go back downstairs. Put the flames out in the kitchen doorway then head through and back out to the hall. Enter the room opposite the bathroom and head left to the exit. You then need to take the girl home to her house just off Grove Street. Denise is now your girlfriend, so look for the heart icon on the map and take her out on a date when you feel like it.
Reward: None

Sweet's Phone Call
When you exit your car after completing Burning Desire, you'll get a call from Sweet about a Grove Street boy who's been buying drugs from the Ballas in Glen Park. Sweet's last two missions will now be available.

2. Gray Imports
It might be a good idea to recruit some gang members to join you on this mission, as their help will make things a great deal easier. Pay a visit to the donut shop and Tenpenny will tell you to check out a warehouse at Ocean Docks - you might not like what you see. Drive into the red marker and watch the cut-scene.
Now, instead of entering the area through this main entrance, drive to the left to find a railway entrance. Follow the tracks then climb up onto the platform on the right (grab the Sawn-off Shotgun and armour from the freight cars on the way if you need them). There are containers ahead, so climb up onto them so you have a good vantage point to kill all the enemies below.  Once they're all taken care of, head over to the warehouse door and shoot the keypad to open it. Kill the guards just inside, then head inside past the containers, taking out any more enemies you encounter. There's some health in the corner on the right and some Armour a little further on if you need it.
Once you reach the stairs, grab the AK-47 behind them, then head up and kill the Balla in the doorway. Head through the door and turn right and kill the second Balla and chase the Russian Arms Dealer. He runs outside, so kill more guards on the way and jump onto the bike you come across to continue the chase. The Russian has gotten into a car and heading along the trench, so follow and shoot the car. After a real deal of bullets it should eventually blow up and the mission will be complete.
Reward: None

Sweet's Final Missions

1. Doberman
Go to the Ammu-nation in the Market area to start this next mission. You need to take out the Balla members in Glen Park so you can take over that territory. This will be your first taste of gang warfare so arm up in Ammu-nation and head to the park (you might want to take a detour to Grove Street first to pick up some homies to help you out).
The entire purple area on the map is Balla territory, so head into it and leave your vehicle (you have to attack on foot for the gang war to start) and kill any Ballas you see. This will provoke a gang war (the area on the map will flash red) so use all the cover that's available and try not to stand out in the open, as this will give the Ballas an opportunity to attack from all sides. Try to avoid shooting any passing cops as this will only attract more and give you even more to deal with.
The Ballas will come in three waves so you'll need to make sure you don't lose too much energy in the first. Once all three waves are defeated, the territory will be yours and gang warfare will be explained, including the fact that there is cash to collect in Grove Street. The grass will have been flushed out by the gang war, so run over and kill him to complete the mission.
Reward: Respect+

2. Los Sepulcros
Sweet's next mission is available at his house, so head there between 9:00 and 17:00 to start it. Sweet wants to take out the Ballas at a funeral they're attending across town, so recruit the two gang members then get into the car with Sweet and drive to the cemetery in Vinewood. You only four minutes to do this, so don't hang about.
Stop in the red marker then hop over the wall and watch the cut-scene. Head forward through the cemetery, killing Ballas as you go. Use the tombstones for cover as you move towards Kane. When you reach him, fire until he's down, then kill the last remaining Ballas. You now have a two-star wanted rating so get in the car that's parked in the cemetery and take Sweet home, stopping at a Pay 'N' Spray on the way if the attention from the cops gets too much.
Reward: Respect+

3. Reuniting the Families
Head to Sweet's house to hear his plan for bringing all the families of Los Santos together and get rid of the Ballas once and for all. Get into the car with the guys and drive to the motel in Las Colinas. When you reach the meet, the cops will ambush while Sweet is inside. Smoke and Ryder bail on you so it's up to you to save Sweet. Take out any nearby cops and enter the motel through the door behind you. Go up the stairs along the balcony and kill the SWAT guy who rolls through the door. Head through the doorway and take out some more SWAT guys round the corner. If you've lost any health, enter the room on the left and the luscious lady inside will give you a kiss that will return it.
Head to the end of the corridor and kill the SWAT guys that come in through the skylight then go up the stairs to grab the armour there. Go back down and along the corridor and take out the four SWAT guys in the next room (two above and two below). Use some cover and shoot all the SWAT down the next corridor then proceed down it, looking out for the guy who rolls out of the room on the left.
Enter the room on the right to find Sweet. You're now up on the roof so shoot the four SWAT guys hanging to the side of the helicopter, then help Sweet to take down the chopper itself. Follow Sweet down the sta 

Badlands missions... 

1. Badlands 
Officer Tenpenny and pals take you for a ride and drop you off in Angel Pine, way out in the countryside. Head straight for the safe house and save your game, then hunt around behind the cabins to grab yourself a Tec-9. When you are ready, step into the red glow to begin the next mission. Grab yourself a Sanchez dirt bike and follow the yellow marker to the red marker, then head up the mountain to hunt down the snitch who is hiding in a nearby hut. When you reach the fork in the road, follow the trail to the left and you'll soon arrive at the hut. 
Stay on the bike and ride along the road past the guards, then wait for the snitch to make a run for it. Chase the car back down the mountain and perform a drive-by to stop the car, then blast the snitch and take a photo to prove your mission has been a success. Now jump back onto your bike and ride back to the trailer park to complete your mission. 
Reward: Respect+ 

Snap Happy 
The camera is fairly easy to control and you have plenty of film inside. Why not test the lens first by finding some amusing things to take photos of in the local area? Press the R1 button to bring up the lens, then use L2 and R2 to zoom in and out. To take a picture, simply press L1 and it will be added to your gallery in the pause menu. 

2. First Date
Once the camera has been delivered, Cesar will phone and explain that your sister is really worried. He tells you some help is on the way, but asks you to meet in Dillimore. Quickly grab yourself some transport, then set off on the long journey to the (?) symbol that has appeared on your map. When you arrive, step into the red circle and you'll bump into Catalina who you may remember from GTA III. 
Reward: Respect+ 

3. Tanker Commander
Grab a bike from outside the Welcome Pump, then head back into town to find the first of four $ symbols on the map. Get off the bike and enter the red circle to start the next mission. Unfortunately the bulletproof glass prevents you from making some easy cash, so quickly dash to the truck cab and climb inside. Use L2 and R2 to get a decent view, then connect the trailer to the back of the truck by reversing into it slowly. 
As soon as the trailer is attached, put your foot to the floor and get away from the pursuing attendants and deliver it to Catalina's contact. Be careful driving this huge rig, as going too fast will result in the trailer becoming unattached, while going too slow will allow the attendants to catch up and shoot your load. 
Reward: $5,000 

Keep On Trucking 
After completing this mission, the trucking missions will become available for you to attempt at your leisure. There is plenty of cash available for hauling goods around the area, and you can also get to look at all the scenery as you drive. 

4. Body Harvest 
After 'not delivering' the tanker and 'not receiving' any reward, an unknown caller referring to himself The Truth phones and asks you to meet him in a motel in Angel Pine. It appears you have a mutual friend in Officer Tenpenny, so you had better get down there and see what he wants. 
Quickly steal a car or bike, then ride south to find the motel in Angel Pine. Meet with The Truth and he'll ask you to help him by stealing a combine harvester. Dash to the trailer park and save your game, then follow the map northeast to find a farm inhabited by a survivalist cult. Quickly drive past the maniac cultists and make your way to the field at the back, then jump inside the combine harvester and start mowing down anyone who stands in your way. To complete the mission you just need to drive to The Truth's farm nearby and park it inside the barn. 
Reward: Respect+ 

5. King In Exile 
Now that The Truth has his harvester, he is very happy and tells you he will call again when the dope is ready. At this moment Cesar phones and informs you that hell has broken loose in Los Santos and that there is now a price on his head. Naturally you are worried about your sister and insist he takes her to Angel Pine immediately. Jump into the nearby BF Injection and cruise back to Angel Pine as quickly as you can. When you arrive, drive straight to the trailer park and you can find your friends inside the handy save hut. 
Reward: None 

6. First Base 
After checking on your sister, Catalina will phone and ask what you have been doing. She needs your help again; this time she is waiting for you up in Fern Ridge. Catalina is one lady you do not want to make any angrier, so grab yourself a vehicle and set off on the long journey northeast to find her. When you arrive at the cabin, save the game outside, then knock the door and wait for Catalina to appear. Thank God you got here quickly or she might have blown you away. Now you are back together, the three remaining robbery missions will appear and you can go make some money. 
Reward: None 

7. Against All Odds 
Jump into the Buffalo parked on the drive, then make your way to the nearby town of Montgomery and drive into the red circle to start your next robbery. The betting shop is fairly well-protected and solid doors prevent you from getting at the cash easily. Luckily Catalina has some satchel charges and these can be used to blast big holes in everything. While Catalina shouts at all the punters in the shop, quickly throw a charge at the red door, then switch to the detonator to blast through it. Once inside, blast another hole in the safe and then leg it outside. 
Unfortunately the alarm has alerted just about every cop in the area and they have already surrounded the building and are waiting for you. Quickly get into your car and race out of the town, heading for the Pay 'N' Spray in Dillimore. Once the car has had a new paint job, the cops will no longer recognise you and you can safely make your way back to Catalina's cabin and share out the loot. 
Reward: $2,000 

Inside Track Betting 
After completing the mission, you are able to return to the betting shop and use the ITB betting machines to gamble for extra cash. The machines are really simple to use and work very much like the old penny arcade horse races. Choose your horse, select your stake and then watch the race to see if you have picked a winner. 

8. Small Town Bank 
After getting your share of the spoils, head to the disk icon and save your game, then speak to Cesar on the phone who will tell you about a race event. This is back in the Angel Pine area and is available at any time, so let's get on with the robberies that need to be done. 
Step into the red circle to have a small tiff with Catalina, then jump into the car and make your way over to the bank at Palomino Creek. Park inside the red circle and enter the building, then keep your gun focused on the staff to prevent them from raising the alarm. Unfortunately one of them does manage to raise the alarm and instantly cops come running to the area to try to prevent you escaping. Blast all three cash machines and grab the cash from inside, then follow Catalina out of the back door and fight your way along the alley. Look out for snipers on the rooftops and keep running, then quickly steal a cop bike and start to follow Catalina into the countryside. 
Keep chasing after Catalina, grabbing the police bribe along the way, then keep chasing until she is surrounded by cops and needs your help. Ride into the area and let Catalina hop onto the back of your bike, then take her back to the cabin to complete the mission. 
Reward: $10,000 

9. Local Liquor Store 
If you try to walk away from the area, Catalina will phone and order you to come back immediately. Since there is only one robbery left to do, let's do it now. 
Step into the red circle in front of the cabin, then jump into the car and make your way towards the quiet town of Blueberry. When you pull up outside the store, a group of bandits will appear and make off with the loot you were just about to collect. Quickly jump onto your bike or the quad, then chase down the fleeing robbers one by one, blasting them to make them stop. Each one is carrying a case full of cash. Stopping each time to pick it up will take too long, so continue the chase and return for the cases once all the bandits are dead. 
When the chase is over, return to collect the cash, marked as green triangles on your map, then take Catalina back to her cabin to complete the mission. 
Reward: $1,000 

Easy Rider 
After Catalina shoots one of the robbers, you are given a quad bike to ride in order to chase down the thieves. This vehicle can be a little awkward to control at speed and a Sanchez dirt bike is much better suited to the terrain. Make sure you grab yourself an off-road bike before starting the mission and you can make this challenge much easier for yourself. 

Extra Firepower 
If you have the opportunity to get to a weapons shop before taking on this mission, make sure you buy yourself an MP5 or one-handed machinegun. This will enable you to shoot as you move, enabling you to take down the bandits quicker. 

10. Wu Zi Mu 
Use the disk outside Catalina's cabin to save your game, then jump into the Buffalo nearby and follow the map to the point marked CV. When you arrive, Cesar will join you and then Wu Zi Mu will introduce himself and the race is ready to start. 
Follow the checkpoints, driving through each one carefully and trying not to go too fast near the water. If you can get to the front quickly, the race becomes much easier as you can see through the dust and have a clear view of the road ahead. Follow the route to the finish and claim the win to grab the cash reward. 
Reward: $5,000 

11. Farewell, My Love 
After the race, step out of the car and into the red circle that appears nearby. Catalina and her new boyfriend will appear and challenge you to another race, back down the route you have just taken. Of course, you would be silly not to accept and the prize this time is a garage in San Fierro.
Jump into your new car and follow the route back towards the farm near Montgomery. Once again try to get to the front to ensure a good view of the road and make sure you don't miss a turning or you'll end up eating dust. Win the race to claim your reward and finally get rid of that aggressive moaning cow for good.
Reward: Garage in San Fierro

12. Are You Going To San Fierro?
Once the race is over and Catalina has gone, step out of the car and you'll get a phone call from The Truth. His crop is now ready but he is sure the phone is bugged and is unable to give you any more information at this time.
Quickly jump back into your car and head back to Leafy Hollow where The Truth is waiting for you. Before you have time to strike a deal, helicopters can be heard overhead and The Truth asks for your help to burn the crop. You only have just over five minutes, so quickly grab your flame-thrower, then head over to the plants and set them alight by running up and down, making sure that the whole crop goes up in smoke. Return to the barn for more gas when you run low.
Once the dope has all gone, head back to the mothership to speak to The Truth. He'll hand over a rocket launcher and ask you to take care of the chopper overhead in order for you to escape. Unfortunately the helicopter does not stay still for very long, so put your weapon away for a moment and chase your friend up the drive to get a better shot. When the van stops, quickly grab the rocket launcher and blast the chopper out of the sky, then climb into the van and make your getaway. Get clear of the farm before the cops arrive and you can have a leisurely drive to San Fierro and park the van in your new garage.
Reward: Respect+


Unique Stunts 
1 Go north through one barn, up ramp and over second barn.
2 Head north through east barn and up ramp.
3 Go north and jump crevasse between grassy banks.
4 Go up the ramp in the trailer park and land on the orange roof across the street
5 Head east along the beach to go up the large sand dune
6 Head up mountain path to southeast hairpin and go through trees onto Cobra Run course (Chiliad Challenge Race 3). Follow this to the wooden ramp.

1 Just off the beach.
2 Under east end of bridge.
3 Under the bridge
4 Under the railway bridge
5 Between the two bridges
6 Right by where the beach joins the cliffs
7 Under the wooden bridge
8 Under the middle of the bridge
9 On west side of middle bridge pillar
10 Under middle of bridge

San Fierro missions... 

CJ's Garage Missions

1. Wear Flowers In Your Hair
Get into the car with The Truth at your garage, then drive to the garage in Easter Basin and sound the horn to pick up Jethro. Now head back to the hospital in Santa Flora and watch the cut-scene, then go a short distance to the hotdog van in King's and sound the horn again to talk to Dwaine. Next, drive to the police station in the Downtown area for more of The Truth's conspiracy theory nonsense. Now he wants you to drive to Zero's shop in Garcia. Sound the horn once you get there, to pick him up. Finally, head back to your garage in Doherty to complete the mission.

Reward: None

2. 555 We Tip
Tenpenny gives you a call while you're at the garage and wants you to do more of his dirty work. Head to the Vank Hoff Hotel in the Financial District;  once there, follow the valet into the underground car park and kill him when he gets out of the car. Take his uniform and get back up top to where the other valets are outside the hotel. The DA is driving a blue Merit, so look out for it and when it arrives, jump in before another valet can. - if another valet gets in first, you should be able to pull him back out if you're quick enough.
When you have the car, drive to your garage in Doherty to plant the drugs; you don't have long to get there and back, so put your foot down. Once that's done, get back to the valet car park at the hotel (2D). Don't damage the car on the way or you'll have to go back to the garage to get it fixed. Also make sure you don't get a wanted rating either or the mission will immediately be failed.
Once you reach the car park, stop in the marked space then run back outside to the red marker to call the police before another valet comes down to collect the car. Once the DA is arrested, the mission will be complete. Now you can do valet missions whenever you want to earn some extra cash.

Reward: None

Courier Missions

While in San Fierro, Cesar will call you to let you know about the deals Big Smoke has going down. Intercepting these can earn you some much-needed cash. Respond positively to Cesar's calls to begin the chase and follow the red blips to find the couriers.

Every week on Monday and Friday, a courier in a Patriot will leave Big Smoke's house in Los Santos with six parcels of cash. He heads out into the sticks then into San Fierro, coming to a stop at Pier 69 in Esplanade North. Intercept him on the way and ram the Patriot. Every time you do this, a parcel of $300 will be dropped that you can then pick up (you can just drive over it, you don't need to get out). Collect all six parcels for a tidy sum of $1,800. Each time you rob a courier, Big Smoke will send more protection on the next run, with goons riding shotgun.

Every week on Wednesday and Saturday, a courier on a bike will return to Big Smoke's house from Shady Creeks with a consignment of drugs. Once again, you can intercept this courier and steal the drugs, which are immediately turned into cash. Try to kill the courier without shooting him, otherwise you'll make a hole in his rucksack and the drugs will start pouring out, reducing the amount of cash you'll make.

3. Deconstruction
The workers in the construction site behind your garage are disrespecting Kendl. Run over there and jump in the bulldozer. Use it to destroy the six Portakabins in the immediate vicinity. Look out for the construction workers, especially those with guns, and run over any that you come across. Try not to drive into any of the explosive barrels, as your bulldozer won't last long if you do.
Once the Portakabins are destroyed, push the portable toilet with the foreman inside into the ditch. Now get behind the wheel of the cement truck and drive to the red marker to pour the cement.
Reward: None

4. Photo Opportunity
Cesar gives you a call at your garage and wants you to meet him out in Red County (4B). Once you find him, get in his car and drive all the way to Angel Pine; it's a long drive but there's no time limit, so don't go mad.
When you reach the town, stop at the red marker and climb the stairs up to the roof of the building and stop in another red marker. You now need to take pictures of the faces of each of the people at the meet. There are two who arrive straight ahead and another two who arrive on the road to the right, so zoom in and snap their mugs to complete the mission.
Reward: Respect+

5. Ice Cold Killa

This mission is available after you've completed the four Loco Syndicate missions and the CRASH mission.

Walk into the red marker at your garage between 20:00 and 06:00 to start this mission. The time is right to take down Jizzy so head over to the Pleasure Domes Club. Go up to the entrance and the bouncers will tell you that you can't go in. You must enter the club via the skylight, so climb up the scaffolding that's attached to the bridge. When you reach the section that is over the roof of the club, drop down onto the skylight and head inside.
Move forward along the lighting rig then head right and go down the stairs. Continue forwards and go down the set of stairs ahead to reach the bottom floor. Move slowly round the right-hand side of the room until you reach Jizzy, who is on the opposite side of the room.
After the cut-scene you will immediately get shot at, so run to the right around the bar and head for the door that Jizzy just ran through. Kill the guard in front of it then get outside. The nearest vehicle is a Stretch so that will have to do. Jump in and chase Jizzy, doing drive-bys until the car catches fire. Jizzy will jump out, so shoot him and pick up the phone.
Reward: $12,000, Respect+

6. Pier 69
Get to the red marker in Esplanade North to meet Cesar. He's up on the roof, so head down the road to the side of the building and up the stairs in the alley. Stand next to Cesar and watch the cut-scene as Woozie's boys arrive and get ambushed on the roof of the pier opposite. Use the sniper rifle to take out the Syndicate boys on the roof before all of Woozie's men are killed. There are only six of them so it shouldn't be too difficult.
Now T-Bone and Ryder arrive, so head down to he pier on foot, using the cover while you shoot the Ballas and Syndicate guys. Head to the end of the pier and you'll encounter T-Bone; kill him quickly then jump into the water to chase Ryder. He swims to a boat, so swim to the other one and give chase. Do drive-bys on his boat until it catches fire, making sure you're not anywhere near when it blows up.
Reward: $15,000, Respect+

7. Toreno's Last Flight
Step into the red marker at your garage and Woozie will give you a call with Toreno's location. Get to the helipad Downtown and stop across the street from it. There are some goons guarding it, so take them out and head up the stairs to the side to see the chopper take off. Continue up and grab the rocket launcher, then drop back down to the street.
The chopper is heading south, following the route of the freeway, so get a fast vehicle (a bike is good if you can find one) and give chase. Accelerate past the chopper then stop a good distance ahead of it and stop. Take out your rocket launcher and fire one straight at it as it approaches you. You need hit the chopper a couple of times to down it and complete the mission. Obviously, if you miss the first time, get back in your vehicle and race ahead of the chopper to try again.
Reward: $18,000, Respect+

8. Yay Ka-Boom-Boom
This mission can only be attempted once you have finished The Da Nang Thang and Toreno's Last Flight.

Before starting this mission, make sure you are well tooled up and have body armour (visit Ammu-Nation if required). Next, head to your garage and enter the red zone to begin the mission.
You'll now have to head to the bomb shop in the Downtown area and pick up a wired car, so jump to it. The vehicle you receive afterwards is fitted with a bomb, so drive it carefully to the crack factory. Perform a drive-by on the guards outside to open the gates, then head inside. Don't bother trying to kill all the enemies in there as the car will take too much damage; instead concentrate on getting inside the warehouse and round to the back, then parking the car next to the container. Exit and arm the bomb, then get the hell out of the building. Head back to the gates, using the weapons you brought with you to kill the goons trying to stop you.
As you reach the gates, you will discover that they have been locked, so jump into the car parked inside the compound and take it to the car park at the very back of the area. Gun the engine and hurtle towards the wooden ramp, in order to leap out of the crack factory grounds in spectacular fashion. Now you only need head back to the garage to complete this mission. Upon doing so, you will receive a phone call opening up the Desert missions.
Reward: $25,000, Respect +

Loco Syndicate Missions

1. Jizzy
Woozie pays a visit to your garage and tells you one of the guys in the photos you took was Jizzy B. He runs the Pleasure Domes Club under the Gant Bridge in Battery Point, so head over there and stand in the red marker. After a quick chat, Jizzy agrees to let you do some jobs for him and gets you started straight away.
First off, get into the Pimpmobile and drive the ho to the hotel Downtown. Once you've dropped her off, he has another errand for you, so head to Hashbury within the two-minute time limit and kill the guy who thinks he's a 'playa'. He'll shoot at you but it should only take you a couple of shots to take him down.
Get back in the Pimpmobile and Jizzy will call you up again. One of his girls is in trouble in Foster Valley. A health bar for the ho will appear, so you must reach your destination before it runs out - fortunately it's not too far to go. The ho and the two punters are under the freeway, so jump out of the Pimpmobile and kill both the punters before the ho is killed.
Get back in the car and Jizzy will have one more job for you, which involves returning to the hotel where you dropped off the ho earlier. Apparently she wants out of the game and Jizzy wants you to teach her and her sugar daddy a lesson. When you get there you'll see the preacher and the ho get into a Stretch with a Huntley following behind. Follow and get alongside the Huntley so you can perform a drive-by. Shoot until it blows up, then concentrate on the Stretch and do the same thing. Don't wreck the Pimpmobile or you'll fail the mission, so take care.
When you complete the mission, Jizzy says you can keep the Pimpmobile as you now have a two-star wanted rating. If you want to keep it, head to the Pay 'N' Spray; otherwise just dump it (you can perform pimping missions with this car, so it may be worth sticking in your garage so you don't have to look for one later).
Reward: $3,000, Respect+

2. T-Bone Mendez
Go to the Pleasure Domes Club to get your next mission from Jizzy. You need to get to the ambushed van under the freeway in the Downtown area, so get a car and head over there. Once you reach the van, you'll see four guys on motorbikes making off with the packages. They all head in different directions, so jump on the bike, pick one and chase him. You don't need to kill the bikers (and they take loads of shots to down anyway) - all you need to do is ride alongside them and press l to grab the package from their bike. Do this to all four before they get to their rendezvous. When you've stolen a package from a biker, he will then chase you, so try not to remain stationary for too long so they can catch up.
If you're having trouble on the bike, it can be a good idea to get a fast car and simply knock the bikers off then get out and pick up the packages. Once you have them all, drop them off at the Pleasure Domes.
Reward: $5,000, Respect+

3. Mike Toreno
Mike is trapped in the back of the drugs van and is telling you what he can hear outside over his cell phone. The problem is that his battery's nearly dead, so you only have 5 minutes 30 seconds to find him.
Get in the car with T-Bone, leave the Pleasure Domes and head to the building site next to your garage, as Mike can hear seagulls and heavy machinery. When you reach the site, Mike says it sounds busy like a freight depot, so now head to the docks in Easter Basin. When you get to the docks, it sounds like he's at the Easter Bay Airport so race over there.
Once at the airport, you'll pick up the transponder signal and you can follow it to the van. The stronger the signal is, the closer you are. Head across the tarmac in a northeast direction and you should spot the van, which could still be moving if you get there fast enough. Jump out of the car and shoot all the goons that are near the van, to rescue Mike. Once Mike is safe, you must blow up the van to destroy the evidence so fire of a few shots.
Now you need to get as far away as possible from the van before the cops arrive. Jump in the Stretch and leave the airport by the same way you came in. When you pass the red marker you'll get a three-star wanted rating. The safest and quickest route to take now is down the train tracks. Drive back onto the road when you reach the station and get to the nearby Pay 'N' Spray. Once you've lost the heat, drive T-Bone and Mike back to the Pleasure Domes.
Reward: $7,000, Respect+

4. Outrider
Stand in the red marker at your garage and Jizzy will give you a call. He wants you to meet T-Bone at the gas station in Easter Basin, so get over there and walk over to the waiting car. The guys want you to protect a van as it travels through the city, so head to its location just down the road. Run over to the van when you get there and pick up the rocket launcher and sniper rifle, then hop onto the escort bike.
You must scout ahead of the van and take out the four roadblocks in its path. The first one is in King's so race over there and stop a reasonable distance away. Use the rocket launcher to destroy the cars, then snipe any remaining enemies. Head to the next roadblock round the corner and do the same; look out for some enemies in the windows of the building on the left and ensure you kill them before the van arrives. Head round the corner again to the next roadblock in Doherty, where you'll find some more snipers in the windows and on the roof to the left. Take them all down and continue to the final roadblock further down the road where you don't have to worry about any enemies hiding in windows, so just concentrate on those at street level.
Now escort the van the rest of the way to the factory round the corner. The mission will now be complete, but you'll have a three-star wanted rating, so get to the nearest Pay 'N' Spray.
Reward: $9,000, Respect+

CRASH Mission
This mission is only available when you have completed the first four Loco Syndicate missions.

1. Snail Trail
Step into the red marker at your garage and Tenpenny will be inside. He wants you to kill a reporter and his source who are digging up dirt on the CRASH boys. He's left a sniper rifle in the pipes in the construction site behind the garage. Pick it up then run over the road to Cranberry Station.
It's impossible to actually catch the train, so you'll have to follow it. A bike is the best mode of transport to use for this and you'll find a Sanchez leaning against the wall of the station, so jump aboard and give chase. Stay behind the train on the way to Market Station in Los Santos, as you don't want to get hit by any trains coming in the opposite direction.
When you reach Los Santos, ride the bike onto the platform and wait for the reporter to exit the train. Follow him up the stairs (still on the bike), keeping a good distance away so his Spook-o-meter doesn't go off. When he gets up top, he'll stop briefly, so you should do the same. Now he'll walk to the kerb to hail a cab, so use this opportunity to ride the bike left down the road and stop a fair distance away. When the cab starts to move, follow it at a safe distance, keeping an eye on the Spook-o-meter. Follow him all the way to the pier at Santa Maria Beach. When he gets out of the cab and meets his contact, use the sniper rifle to kill them both. When you shoot one, the other will quickly run off - so if you're not quick enough with the sniper rifle, chase them down and kill them with another weapon.
Reward: None

Zero's Missions

1. Air Raid
Time for a bit of first-person shooter action! After meeting up with Zero by heading to the his shop, you will be plunged into a mission where you must defend his radio transmitters from toy planes that drop bombs. You must defend the transmitters for three minutes, but the mini planes are hard to hit. Try to get them as they pass directly overhead, but be careful not to hit Zero as you will fail the mission if he dies.
You only need one transmitter to survive the attack - so if you are struggling, try to concentrate on protecting just one of them. Furthermore, it is best to attempt this mission during daylight (early mornings are best) as it is impossible to see the planes at night and this makes things much more complicated. The best technique is to try to target the planes before they get too close. The gun that you use for this mission has infinite ammunition, so keep the trigger pressed down for the whole exercise to maximise your chances of hitting those planes.
Reward: $3,000

2. Supply Lines
It's time to take to the skies in a radio-controlled biplane! This mission is triggered at Zero's RC Shop and challenges you to destroy five couriers using the biplane. However, the plane only has five and a half minutes of fuel, so you must be quick. Each courier appears as a blip on your radar, so head to the nearest one and get firing. The best approach is to drop down behind your quarry and open fire. Three of your targets are vans, and two are bikes. The drivers might mail out if things get hairy, so make sure you waste them too before heading to your next victim.
You must kill all the couriers AND get back to Zero's roof in order to successfully complete the mission. Should you find yourself on the ground at any point in the mission, the best thing to do is to line yourself up with the street and take off in a straight line, THEN turn to face the required direction. Trying to manoeuvre whilst taking off only complicates matters and slows you down further.
Reward: $5,000

3. New Model Army
This mission also begins at Zero's shop. You must fly a Goblin equipped with a magnet that can pick up metal objects, and your brief is to aid Zero as he drives a remote-controlled car called the Bandit to Berkley's HQ.
The first couple of obstacles are barrels on the road, so lift them out of the way. However, when Zero comes to a bridge, ignore his request for a plank and instead return to your base to grab a bomb. Now search out three tanks on the far side of the gap and destroy them (you'll have to return to base each time to get another bomb). When they are dealt with, grab the plank and drop it over the gap. Head back to base and grab a second plank to bridge another gap, and you are more or less home free. All you now need to do is head along the path in front of the Bandit and clear the remaining barrels. When Zero reaches Berkely's HQ within the time limit, the mission will be complete!
After completing this mission, Zero's shop will continue to generate revenue for you, so make sure you return there regularly to grab the extra cash!
Reward: $3,000

Woozie's Missions

1. Mountain Cloud Boys
Make sure you have body armour and are well tooled-up, then head to Woozie's place. After discovering the secret that Woozie is actually blind, head outside and get into a car. Once Woozie is onboard, drive round the block to the storehouse owned by the Blood Feather Triad. Unfortunately, they won't be much help to you at the moment as they have been slaughtered by a Vietnamese gang. As you are being told of the massacre, the gang in question - the Da Nang - smashes through the gates and a gunfight begins.
Woozie's health is displayed on screen - and if he dies you'll fail the mission, so protect him as much as possible. He will fire at the Da Nang too (he's a good shot for a blind guy!). Keep moving forward, getting Woozie out of the alley as quickly as you can.
When you reach the bend, you will come under fire from a sniper as more Da Nang members appear. Kill the attackers first, then take out the sniper - he's located on the left side of the alley, on a slightly lower roof than that of the surrounding buildings. Either use a sniper rifle of your own or charge at him with your automatic weapons blazing.
Get out of the alley and leap into the car. You will now be chased by more Da Nang, so use Woozie as your drive-by shooter and waste them (try spinning the car to pull up right next to them then letting them have it!). Once both cars have been destroyed, drop Woozie back at his place to complete the mission.
Reward: $5,000, Respect+

2. Ran Fa Li
Leap into a car and head south to Easter Bay Airport. At point you will find a red marker at the top of a ramp leading down into an airport car park. Head inside and carry on until you reach car park D. Exit your current vehicle and leap into the red Sabre, whereupon you will be ambushed!
Getting out of the car park isn't too tough, however, as long as you follow the signs to the exit ramp, only to switch sides and drive 'out' of the entrance at the last second. Head back onto the freeway and more Da Nang goons will give chase, this time on motorbikes. Fighting them is not required: the Sabre's speed should get you out of trouble pretty easily. Take the car to the lockup garage to complete the mission.
Reward: $6,000, Respect+

3. Lure
Get into the decoy vehicle and head out into the country as directed. After parking in the red area, the chase will start. You will fail this mission if your back doors are blown off, so you'll need to be careful. DO NOT fight it out with the bikes chasing you - simply do your best to stay ahead of them! You must make it through eight markers, in order A to H, preventing your damage meter from hitting zero. Should one of the pursuing bikes get alongside you, veer into them to slow them down and concentrate on getting to the next checkpoint! 
Reward: $8,000, Respect+

4. Amphibious Assault
This mission can only be attempted from Woozie's HQ between 20:00 and 6:00. Jump into a car and head to the waterfront. Enter the red area and follow the instructions to complete the swimming tutorial.
Now swim out to the tanker, avoiding the searchlights. You will need to dip under the water immediately should you be spotted - and in fact it makes sense to stay underwater as much as possible. Approach the middle of the tanker then head under it to find some steps. Board it and head to the back of the boat in stealth mode, silently killing any guards in your way. If you are spotted, the best thing to do is run back to the front of the boat and try again - standing your ground will bring more guards running and you'll lose loads of health. At the back of the boat, head up to the bridge then down to plant the bug.
Once the bug is in position, take a running jump off the edge of the boat and dive below the surface. Swim like hell for the pier and climb up to enter the red zone and complete the mission. If you are spotted, dive below the surface of the water immediately to get rid of the unwanted attention.
Reward: $11,000, Respect +

5. The Da Nang Thang
Head to Woozie's HQ to begin this mission. To start things off, you will be firing from a helicopter onto a boat. However, the chopper will only make one pass before it is blown out of the sky, so try to hit as many enemies as you can while you have the chance - it will make things much easier once you are on the boat.
After the chopper is shot down, swim to the red marker to climb aboard the tanker. You will have lost all your weapons except your knife, so enter stealth mode and kill the first enemy you see. You need to climb up the crates and head towards the middle of the boat, using stealth kills on enemies and taking their weapons. The longer you can avoid detection, the better your chances will be, so try to make the most of your stealth killings. The confined space means that it is usually better to use manual aim rather than auto-aim. You'll reach a gap, so drop down and climb up onto another stack of crates (by now, you'll probably have been spotted, so use the automatic pistols to take down enemies from here on in). In this second pile of crates you will encounter more enemies, and look out for some health in an alcove too!
Eventually you reach a hole in the deck with crates leading the way down. Drop onto them and waste the first guard you see, then head right and grab the body armour from the middle of some more crates. Now head all the way along the corridor made by the crates, using manual aim and strafing to kill the enemies who try to stop you. In particular, be sure to take out the last enemy as quickly as possible, otherwise he'll throw grenades at you! Shoot the lock off the container at the end to free the refugees, then head back out the hole in the deck and move towards the bridge. Shoot the guard at the door, then enter and climb the stairs to the left, killing the two guards at the top.
You'll now battle Snakehead, who throws you a big sword. This battle is a doddle: simply lock onto him and swing away once he is in range. A couple of hits should do it. Once he is dead, head back to the gap in the deck to meet the refugees, who will escape on boats. Mission complete! You can now attempt the Yay Ka Boom-Boom mission.
Reward: $15,000, Respect +

Steal Cars

1. Zeroing In
This mission is only available once you have completed the Back To School and Yay Ka-Boom-Boom missions. Head over to Wang's Garage and purchase it for $50,000. Then head to CJ's own garage and enter the red zone to start the mission.
You need to head through the lettered markers to in time before the signal goes cold at each in order to keep on track. After the last signal has been intercepted, you must give chase to her car and crash into her, causing her to lose control. Once you have done this, get in her car and drive it back to your garage to complete the mission.
Reward: $5,000, Respect +

2. Test Drive
To start, drive to Otto's Autos - don't rush, as there's no time limit and you really don't need the police on your back at this stage. When you reach Otto's, park in the red area. You'll now steal one car while Cesar takes another. Drive out of the window and follow Cesar as closely as you can. A quite crazy police chase will ensue, but don't worry too much about the car you are driving as it can take quite a beating - and as long as you don't wreck it completely, there's little to worry about.  When Cesar hits a nitro, be sure to follow suit otherwise you'll lose him! Once the police have been lost, head back to the garage to complete the level.
Reward: $5,000, Respect +

3. Customs Fast Track
Before starting this mission, make sure you are carrying some decent weapons, as you will need them. Head on over to the dockside crane to discover that none of the crates is marked with spray paint! You'll have to pick up each container in turn and drop them into the red marker. You'll need to do this three times before you find the right car. Cesar jumps in but then comes under fire, so exit the crane and waste the enemies who attack.
When they are all dealt with, drive back to your garage to end the mission. Do so slowly and carefully though, because you are paid more if the car is undamaged - deliver a heap of junk and you won't get much cash.
Reward: Up to $10,000, Respect +

Exports & Imports
Completing the Customs Fast Track mission will unlock vehicle exporting and importing at the dockside crane.

4. Puncture Wounds
Your car for this mission can drop stingers to burst the tyres of the vehicle behind it. Drive south, chasing the marker on your map - it's best to get onto the main freeway. When you see your target, stay in touch and wait for a straight segment of road. When you get one, get in front of your quarry and quickly drop a stinger by pressing O. Your timing must be right otherwise you will find your stinger is evaded.
After the car is repaired, drive it back to the garage in Doherty to complete the mission. This will earn you the deeds to Wang Cars, another cash-generating property acquisition.
Reward: $5,000, Respect +


1 On top of the large yellow crane
2 In the middle of the middle station roof arch
3 High above the northeast base on north baseball pitch
4 Above Hashbury & Garcia Joint Festival banner
5 In front of Final Build Construction sign
6 Looking west from the viewpoint, the bottom left of the church
7 On top of the church roof, below the spire
8 Above the Hippy Shopper
9 At the top middle of Queens cinema
10 Behind the Vank Hoff hotel entrance sign
11 High in the middle of the rear of the Vank Hoff hotel
12 On top of the tall chimney
13 Below the pagoda-style roof of the northeast corner building
14 At top of the ornate tower on west side of the street
15 At top of the skyscraper on west side of street
16 Between the short and tall skyscrapers on southwest of street
17 In the spiral sculpture inside the building
18 At the bottom left of the Garver Bridge tower
19 On top of the petrol station's rotating 'X' sign
20 On the pair of fuel storage tanks
21 High above the southwest end of the dry dock roof
22 At the top of the air traffic control tower antenna
23 Between the pair of fuel storage tanks
24 Above the middle of the bridge
25 The airplane sign at the airport entrance
26 Up in the roof garden, high above the north end
27 On top of second northernmost tower - take from high west road
28 Near the top of the red and white radio tower
29 High above the bridge
30 At top of the tower of the country club building
31 Above the tennis courts
32 On the City Hall dome, viewed from the west
33 On the front middle of the City Hall
34 The middle of the donut at Tuff Nut Donuts
35 Above the entrance to Supasave
36 Above the pagoda-style archway
37 The rotating burger sign at Burger Shot
38 The second lowest crossbeam of the bridge tower
39 On top of the ship mast - take from the south
40 The submarine's tower
41 The Pier 69 entrance sign
42 On top of the rocks to the east of Pier 69
43 Near the top of north side of skyscraper with X-shaped framework
44 Above the middle of the road tunnel entrance
45 Above the middle of the world's bendiest street
46 The baseball player statue at the top of the column
47 Top of antenna of the building on the northwest corner
48 The clock on the tower of the building
49 On top of the bridge tower
50 The bridge of the ship - drive into the base, take the photo and get out quick!

Unique Stunts 
1 Go east up the metal ramp, onto the highway
2 Head north up the wide ramp in the ruined building, into the street
3 Go south up the pedestrian steps and over the highway
4 Go east up small ramp in corner of car park, to land on the high road
5 Head west onto small ramp to get out of the airport
6 Head northwest onto small ramp to get out of the airport (land in docks)
7 Go east onto the ramp in Supasave car park, to clear the street
8 Go south through gap between houses, to clear building at bottom of steep grass slope
9 Go north-northwest onto the white ramp
10 Go north down the hill and through alley between houses
11 Head west onto small ramp between houses, to land on highway
12 Head east up the steps at the top of the bendiest street
13 Go east up the steps, to land on roof of the next building
14 Go north up the steps by Michelle's, to land on building in next street
15 Rid 

 The Desert missions... 

Toreno's Missions

1. Monster
Head on over to the mystery phone caller to trigger this mission. You must race a monster truck through 35 markers in a time under 6.10 to succeed. The faster you do it, the more cash you will get, but getting the minimum time is easy enough. Don't get tricked into going too fast, as the markers often require quick changes in direction that just aren't possible when travelling at full whack. Keep a steady speed, using 4-wheel-drive when required (R1 button) and you shouldn't have too many problems. Remember that you are in a monster truck too: terrain is no longer a problem. It is often quicker to head directly to the next marker, leaving the road and heading up hill and down dale if necessary. Get all the markers inside the time limit to complete this mission.
Reward: Up to $5,000

2. Highjack
Leap on the bike and head along to the Garver bridge. Bomb it along as quickly as you can until you see the truck (it is a red blip on your radar if you aren't fast enough to catch it on the bridge). Pull up alongside the cab and maintain your speed and position until Cesar leaps into the cab and knocks out the driver. When the truck stops, get off your bike and into the cab, then take it back to your garage in Doherty. There's no rush to do this, so take it slow, as cornering too fast or too tightly in the truck can disengage the trailer and it takes a while to get it back on. The mission will also fail if you destroy the truck, so a slow but steady approach is generally best.
Reward: $7,000

3. Interdiction
Head to the ranch and take the dune buggy, then drive north to the hideout to grab the rocket launcher. Leap on one of the vehicles there (we recommend the motorbike) and head towards the next marker that appears on your map. This is quite easy to miss as you get close to it, because it is located on top of the arch. Drive into the red zone to set ff a flare, then all hell will break loose.
You will now be attacked by FBI helicopters. Use the rocket launcher to blast them out of the air, as they will drop FBI agents to the ground. If you can hit them soon enough, you can prevent this from happening - if not, you'll need to deal with the guys who land. The best time to get the choppers is when they are more or less overhead, hovering and firing at your contact chopper. However, be careful not to get confused and blow your own guy out of the skies by mistake! In addition, be careful not to bring a helicopter down onto your own head.
When the choppers are dealt with, your contact will make the drop at point, so grab the health and parachute from the shack, then get back on your vehicle. Head over to pick up the contraband and take it back to the hideout where you got your vehicle from in the first place. Lovely stuff.
Reward: $1,000

4. Verdant Meadows
This mission is extremely easy, provided you have over $80,000, as all you need to do is head over to the airstrip and buy it. If you don't have that kind of cash then you'd better get busy making money; but when you have enough, head over to the airfield and buy it. Climb the stairs and enter the red zone to start the next set of missions.
Reward: None

Airstrip Missions

1. Learning To Fly
Step into the red marker in front of the TV set in the air tower. You will now undertake ten tests, and you must score at least a bronze in each in order to progress. These tests are not especially difficult and full on-screen instructions are given in each case, so pay close attention to them. Flying the planes is tricky to begin with because there is a degree of inertia involved; the trick is to release the rudder a few degrees before the angle you want to end up at. It's the old chestnut of practice makes perfect, we're afraid!
The helicopter is also tricky to pilot, especially when you need to destroy the targets. The best view to use for this one is the internal one, as it allows you to line up rocket shots on the trucks more easily. When the trucks are destroyed, use the r button to rotate, then head back towards the moving cars and repeat the process. You might want to use the guns for moving targets as it is a little bit easier.
Reward: Respect +

2. NOE
Get into the Rustler and take off, heading for Angel Pine. You must fly low on this mission, as air defences will be scrambled if you appear on the radar! The easiest way to reach Angel Pines is to head north, then east and south and stay over the water until you reach the town. After the drop-off has been made, get straight back over the water and return to the airfield. Using this route makes life much easier.
You have a total of ten minutes to complete the mission, which shouldn't be a problem, but be sure to keep an eye on your visibility meter. If you fly too high, it will start to rise - and once it is maxed out you'll be in real trouble, so make sure you stay as low as you can!
Reward: $15,000

3. Stowaway
You start proceedings on a bike, and must accelerate onto the plane's ramp immediately. The best way to do this is to stay to the right of the runway and lean forward slightly in your saddle as you accelerate. Only get behind the plane when you are level with the ramp, otherwise you will be hit by the boxes that fall out of the back of it. Speed up the ramp into the plane and you'll now be trapped on it.
Run further into the plane, timing you run so that it coincides with a gap in the barrels being dropped. There are recesses along the gangway so duck into them and attack the guards who are in there (make sure you haven't armed the satchel!). Work your way up the plane and kill the last guard, taking his parachute. Now plant the satchel bomb anywhere you wish and head to the back of the plane. Step out of the plane and detonate the bomb, then parachute back to terra firma!
Reward: $20,000

4. Black Project
This mission can only be triggered between 20:00 and 6:00. When it starts, you only have until 5:30 to get into the compound. Approach the main gate slowly and equip your sniper rifle to take down any guards you can see. Look up and right to shoot the spotlight nearest to the gate. If you are struggling to locate the enemy, use a combination of your thermal goggles and radar to track down any that are near enough for you to shoot. It helps a great deal if you climb the guard tower that you just shot the spotlight out on: it will give you better visibility, but be careful as there might still be an enemy guard patrolling on it.
When you've done all the damage you can, descend the ladder and head right, towards the southwest corner of the base. From here, you should be able to see the control tower, with the red target zone glowing. Shoot out the light in the southeast corner, then move towards the control room and enter it. 
Once the blast doors have been opened, drop out of the control room and sprint through to the centre of the area. Drop down the ramp and through the doors before they can shut. This will place the base on red alert, so you must be careful for the next little bit. Go through the yellow door then down the corridor. There is some body armour to the right up some stairs, and the platform here makes a great place to gun down more enemies.
When it is safe, head down and onto the raised platform in the next room. Waste all the enemies in here, and grab the body armour from the far end, then drop down to the ground and head down the side corridor, up some stairs and into a new area (head towards the yellow blip on your radar). Clear another set of corridors full of enemies as you head towards that blip - automatic rifles are definitely the way to go here. Grab the keycard in the end room and enter the red area to unlock the door.
Now head down the stairs, using automatic rifles to kill the enemies who await you. At the bottom you'll find your goal - a jetpack. Put it on and hold down X to get the hell out of there before too many more guards pour into the area. Once you are outside, follow the yellow blip to rendezvous with The Truth and complete this fiendishly difficult mission!
Reward: None

5. Green Goo
After the last mission, this is a doddle. At the airstrip, enter the red zone to be told what you must do. Use the jetpack to head towards the train and fly alongside it, using your automatic weapons to kill the guards who are looking after the crates. When it is safe, land on the train and destroy each of the three crates identifiable by a glowing green triangle above them. It doesn't matter which order you do this in: the last one will always reveal an alien artefact. Take it back to the airstrip and hand it to The Truth to get your reward and inherit the Airstrip, which will generate revenue up to $10,000.


Unique Stunts 
1 Head southwest onto ramp by the garage, over the house and into water
2 Go west on the long wooden path to jump the river
3 Go east onto the green ramp and over the giant cock!
4 Head south onto the east steps of the viewpoint and land safely below
5 Go northwest up the westernmost plane's wing, landing past the next plane

1 In the narrow channel between the northernmost bridge pillar and the cliff
2 On the north side of the headland
3 Just off the middle of the roadside wall
4 In the creek, under the bridge
5 In the boat shed by Toreno's house
6 Under the bridge
7 Under the bridge
8 On north side, between the west towers
9 Off the end of the jetty by the house

Las Venturas missions... 

Casino Missions

These missions become available as soon as you have completed the Learning to Fly mission in the Desert. You can choose to come here immediately or wait until you have finished all the Desert missions.

1. Fender Ketchup
Head to Las Venturas and check out Woozie's new casino, marked by a dragon on your map. When you arrive at the casino, save your game at the disk outside, then walk into the place and find Woozie's office. The boss explains that he is having some trouble with the local Mafia and offers you a partnership in the business for your help. As you chat, the guards catch an Italian rat vandalising the slot machine delivery and tie him to a car for you. It's time to go for a wild ride and scare him into revealing his family name.
Your goal for this mission is simply to drive like a maniac into oncoming traffic, perform insane jumps and handbrake turns to turn your captive's underpants a darker shade of brown. If you crash you are likely to kill the hostage, so drive fast but be very careful not to crash. Avoid the main freeway or you'll attract the attention of the cops - just keep driving up and down The Strip until the hostage can't take any more. Once the Scare-O-Meter is full, the captive will tell you all about his family and you can return to the casino to collect your reward. 

Reward: $5,000, Respect+

Gambler Paradise
When you visit the Four Dragons Casino, you automatically get a membership and are able to play the slots, wheel of fortune, blackjack and poker whenever you like. Unfortunately the high stakes tables and roulette wheels cannot be used until you have finished helping Woozie. Remember, gambling is addictive and should only be done in moderation. For more details see page 118.

2. Explosive Situation
Head back to Woozie's office and he'll explain his new plan to hit the Sindacco family where it hurts. In order to do this, however, he needs some explosives and points you in the direction of Hunter Quarry just outside of town. Grab yourself a vehicle and follow the yellow triangle on the map to locate the quarry, then drive into the red circle to begin the mission.
The dynamite is set to blow in exactly two and half minutes, so you must act quickly if you want to get your hands on it. Unfortunately, the dynamite you require is inside strong wooden crates and you need something large to smash them open. Dash for the Dumper Truck and then drive over each of the four crates to open them and reveal the explosives inside. Once all four crates have been smashed, climb out of the dumper and approach each stack in turn to defuse the detonator and collect the dynamite.
When you have all four sticks, security will seal off the exit to the quarry, leaving you to find an alternative way out. Quickly find the Sanchez dirt bike in the centre of the quarry, then follow the checkpoints up the stairs and ramps to reach an alternative exit. Once free, simply put the hammer down and meet with Woozie's contact to hand over the explosives and complete your mission.

Reward: $7,000, Respect+

Quarry Missions
After completing this mission, you open a number of odd jobs in Hunter Quarry that you can return to later in the game. These missions are a good source of revenue - and once completed, the Quarry becomes an instant cash earner for you as you can collect $2,000 per day by turning up at the site office. See page 108 for more details on the Quarry missions.

3. You've Had Your Chips
Head back to the casino and visit the office to speak to the boss. Woozie has a new problem as counterfeit chips are being used in the casino and he knows exactly where they are coming from. The Sindacco family has a plastics factory on the outskirts of the city and it's your job to shut them down.
Quickly head outside and grab yourself a car, then drive across town to the factory. Park by the gate and climb over the fence, then grab the Chainsaw from the ground and sneak into the main warehouse area. Unfortunately, you are spotted immediately and all the guards inside will instantly grab their weapons and start blasting you. Dive for cover behind the shelves and take them all out as quickly as possible using your favourite weapon.
Once all the goons are dead, blast the ten plastic moulding machines around the warehouse and then take down a few more guards that appear to prevent your escape. Quickly make your way back to your vehicle and drive back to the casino to complete your mission.

Reward: $10,000, Respect+

Be Prepared
The plastic factory you need to shut down is crawling with heavily armed personnel and a gun battle is an absolute certainty. Before taking on this mission it would be a good idea to visit an Ammu-Nation somewhere and grab some armour and new weapons if you need them. Luckily for you, there is an Ammu-Nation just over the road from the Four Dragons Casino.

4. Don Peyote
Step into the red circle outside the casino and The Truth will phone and ask for your assistance. He has been separated from a group whilst on a Peyote safari and has ended up in Los Santos without a clue how he got there. He asks you to go and find a couple of the group's members and remembers that he last saw them near Arco Del Oeste.
Quickly grab yourself a four-doored vehicle, then set off on the trail to find Paul and Maccer at Arco Del Oeste. After collecting the guys, you try to find the other band members and one of your passengers remembers seeing snakes. There is a Snake Farm nearby so it would be a good idea to stop there and find out if the other members are still there. Unfortunately, they aren't, although the farmer and his daughter remember the group far too well. Instead of helping, they'll open fire, leaving you with no choice other than to gun them down. Once they are dead, climb back into the wagon and head straight for The Strip in Las Venturas, where Rosie is waiting at the Caligula's Palace Casino.

Reward: Respect+

5. Intensive Care
As soon as you step outside the casino, Paul will call on your cell phone and ask for your help. Head inside Caligula's Palace and make your way to the office to start the mission.
It appears that Rosie is right in the middle of the Mafia war and is worried that he will be blamed should anything happen on his turf. Your job is to get to the hospital as fast as possible to pick up Johnny, who is still unwell after the journey you shared together only a few hours ago. When you arrive you are told that Johnny has already left in an ambulance. This is bad news as the Mafia have already got their hands on the guy you need to rescue, and they are currently on the move. There are three ambulances in the area and the only way to find out if Johnny is inside is to ram them with your vehicle. If you guess wrong, the Mafia are instantly alerted to your scheme and you then have to find the rogue ambulance before they can escape.
Once you have identified the vehicle with your passenger in, you then must keep ramming them to force them off the road. As soon as the ambulance stops, quickly get out of your car and blast the driver, then climb into the ambulance and get away from the scene before any more Mafia dudes arrive. Now just drive the ambulance across town sirens wailing to the Meat Factory to complete the mission.

Reward $5,000, Respect+

6. The Meat Business
Head back to Caligula's Palace and speak to Rosie, then take him for a short ride down to the Sindacco Abattoir. Once inside, you bump into Johnny Sindacco again and this time you have no way of escape. Of course, Johnny recognises you instantly and then all of a sudden the whole family turns on you. Quickly select your weapon and blast the goons that dash in to attack, then blast the armed dudes in the next room while Rosie uses the fire extinguisher to put out the fire. Keep moving through the abattoir, killing the goons and collecting the cash they drop, and fight your way through to the exit. Protect Rosie as you move and make it to the exit alive. Once outside, jump straight into your waiting vehicle and drive back to the casino as fast as possible.

Reward $8,000, Respect+

7. Misappropriation
Save your game outside the Four Dragons, then find yourself a car and follow the 'C' on the map to find Officer Tenpenny's garden party. When you arrive, the guys seem a little edgy and have another little job for you to do. A dossier all about Tenpenny and his business ventures is about to be handed over to the FBI in a secret meeting - and, of course, the dodgy officer cannot afford to let this happen. He asks you to sort the situation, by intercepting the document and assassinating the courier.
Quickly jump into your car outside, then get the hammer down and tear across the country to the west to find the small ghost town of Aldea Malvada. When you arrive, it is clear to see that the entire area is swarming with federal agents and they are obviously expecting you. If you wish, you can try to stroll right into town all guns blazing and hope to hit the target before you are laid out, but it's a much better idea to find a reasonable vantage point and take down a few guards with your sniper rifle.
Of course, you do still want to be fairly close to the town as the courier is likely to hop into a helicopter and attempt to flee the scene. If you are lucky you can take out the courier before he gets to the chopper and complete the mission at this point. But if he does escape, you'll need to get to the second helicopter and chase him across the skies to a helipad in Las Venturas. Land on the same rooftop and give chase, blasting him as you run, to kill him. As soon as he is dead, prise the case from his lifeless fingers to complete the mission.

Reward: None

8. Madd Dogg
Make your way back to the Four Dragons casino and save your game, then grab a vehicle and drive a short distance up The Strip to the Royal Casino. Step into the red circle and you'll find Madd Dogg on the roof of the casino, threatening to jump and end his life. Obviously you feel a little sorry for him, since you stole his Rhyme Book back in Los Santos and would like to help him here.
Quickly dash around the corner to find a pickup truck loaded with empty cardboard boxes, then drive it into the red circle underneath the ledge to try to save the broken rapper. Follow him back and forth along the ledge using the X and S buttons, then catch him as he falls, to prevent him becoming pavement pizza. As soon as you have caught the falling star, get your foot to the floor and race across town to the Mental Hospital to complete this easy mission.

Reward: Respect+

9. Freefall
Make your way back to The Strip and save your game, then go to Woozie's office to sign the paperwork. When you have finished, head back outside and Rosie will call you to say he is in big trouble. Quickly grab a vehicle and make your way to Caligula's Casino then speak to Salvatore Leone, who has now taken over the operation. The new boss needs your help as a group of hitmen are on their way to the city and he is sure that he is their target.
Quickly exit the building and grab the bike left outside, then drive across town to the airport as fast as you can. Ride to the far side of the airport and steal a plane from the hangar, then take off and follow the yellow triangle on the map to catch up with the hitmen's plane before it lands. When you find the plane, quickly circle around behind it, then fly into the red circle above it to see Carl freefall from the plane and land on top of the other flight.
Once inside the plane, you need to take cover behind the panels and take out the hitmen one at a time. When they are all dead, the pilot will appear and start shooting at you, so quickly raise your weapon and shoot him down. With the pilot dead, you now have to assume control of the plane and land it safely at the airport to complete the mission.

Reward $15,000, Respect+

10. High Noon
As soon as you step out of the jet, your phone rings and officer Tenpenny asks to meet to discuss the dossier you collected. Quickly find a vehicle and drive back to the casino to save, then head out of town to the west and look for the red circle meeting point in the deserted town of Las Brujas. Tenpenny and pals will turn up in a squad car and then leave you to dig your own grave. Once you have finished, officer Hernandez will help you out by startling Pulaski and then the chase begins. Quickly dash after the dodgy cop and try to shoot out his tyres, then jump into the buggy and chase him down. When you catch him, keep smashing into him and performing drive-bys to stop the car before he escapes. Once the car has been stopped, kill the crooked officer to complete the mission.

Reward: Respect+

11. Saint Mark's Bistro
Once officer Pulaski is out of the way, Rosie will call again and ask for you to come and rescue him. Quickly steal Pulaski's Buffalo, then get your foot to the floor and head back to the Caligula's Casino. Salvatore is very impressed by your skills during your last mission and asks if you would undertake another mission back in Liberty City.
Leave the casino and set Rosie and friends free, then grab a vehicle and quickly make your way to the airport. Steal the plane at the end of the runway, then fly as quickly as possible to the yellow dot on the map.
When you reach the Bistro, dive behind the counter and blast Forelli's bodyguards as quickly as possible. Throw a few grenades over the balcony to take out the goons below, then walk through the kitchen to find the back exit. Blast the last remaining guards here and when all of the Forelli's are dead, you'll climb back onto the plane. Fly back to Las Venturas airport and land the jet on the runway to complete the mission.

Reward: $20,000, Respect+

Caligula's Palace Robbery

1. Architectural Espionage
Follow the green $ symbol to the Maintenance room in The Four Dragons Casino to meet Woozie and start the plan. First you need a camera to photograph the casino blueprints, so head to the Pirates In Men's Pants Casino to find a group of tourists outside. Beat the crap out of the one holding a camera and steal it.
Now go to the City Planning Department near the Come-A-Lot Casino. Go inside and talk to the receptionist, replying positively to her questions. Then head through the door on the left and up the stairs to the top floor. You need to distract the guard on this floor, so head back down to the floor below and go through the door. Head right to the Document Depository and punch the air-con unit to destroy it and start a fire. While everyone is being evacuated, head back upstairs to take a photo of the blueprints in the room at the end of the corridor.
Once that's done, you need to fight your way back downstairs, shooting any guards who get in your way. Head outside when you reach the bottom and get in the nearest car. You'll probably have a high wanted rating by now, but the Pay 'N' Spray is clear across town, so forget it. The Four Dragons is only a couple of blocks away, so head over there as fast as you can and park round the back.

Reward: Respect+

2. Key To Her Heart
Meet Woozie in the Maintenance room again at The Four Dragons. Now head over to Caligula's Palace and stop in the red marker. Follow the croupier as she leaves the casino, keeping far enough behind that you don't spook her, until she reaches the Sex Shop. Follow her inside and stand in the red marker to watch a cut-scene. Now you need a gimp suit, so enter the room on the right to get one then leave the shop. Get back in your car and follow her again to her house in Prickle Pine. Stay outside and wait for the other gimp to arrive. He doesn't appear on the radar, so look out for a guy carrying a big purple dildo. Kill him and steal the dildo then ring the doorbell of the croupier's house.
After the cut-scene the croupier, who's called Millie, will be your girlfriend. You'll need to wine and dine her if you want to get the keycard out of her. The gimp suit will also be delivered to your wardrobe. Result!

Reward: Respect+

Winning Millie's Heart
In order for Millie to give you the keycard, you need to fill the 'Progress With Millie' bar by about a third, then she will call you and tell you to pick up the card. This will involve you taking her out on a couple of dates. She'll be at her house from 02:00 to 10:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00. Before you head over to her house, spruce your self up with some new clothes and get a nice car, as your Sex Appeal is affected by whatever the last car you drove was (Hint: she's more likely to be in if you wear the gimp suit). Also get some flowers or, even better, a dildo to give to her (there are a couple of bunches of flowers near The Emerald Isle, not far from her house and there's a double-ender in the showers of Los Santos police station). See the Girlfriends section for more on dating.
You can continue with the Caligula's Palace Robbery missions until you reach Breaking The Bank At Caligula's, for which you'll need the keycard.

3. Dam And Blast
Meet Woozie and the gang in the Maintenance room again at The Four Dragons then head to the airport and board the plane for some more parachuting fun. Fly up to the corona near the Sherman Dam and press T to jump out when you reach it. Now use what you learned at the Flying School to parachute to the red marker on the dam quay (you don't need to land directly on the marker - in the water will do). Once on the quay, head forwards and grab the knife by the red container. Stealth-kill the two guards then head to the red marker at the end.
Once inside, you need to place a charge on each of the five generators. You need to use stealth, as the whole place is alerted if you make too much noise. Head up the stairs and creep over to the first generator to place a charge. Look out for the technician and sneak to the next one to place the second charge. Check that the guard is walking away and move to the third generator. Watch the guard again and move to the fourth, looking out for the technician working on it. Head towards the final generator and stealth-kill the guard. Once the final charge is placed, head to the red marker and watch CJ's escape. Swim to the nearby Reefer and take it over to the where the Skimmer and Sea Sparrow are on the left; use one of them to get back to the city.

Reward: Respect+

4. Cop Wheels
Get to the Maintenance Room again to learn that you need some police motorcycles to pull off the heist. Fortunately there are four around the city that you can steal. Once you have one, you need to drive it onto the ramp of the Packer, which should be somewhere on the Julius Thruway. The first bike is near the east section of the thruway, so get over there, hop on (avoiding the cop who owns it) and head to that Packer.
You have 12 minutes in total to complete this mission, which should be plenty but don't take too much time getting each bike. Repeat the process for the other three bikes, which can be found near the northeast section of the Julius Thruway: outside the Rock Hotel, parked outside the police station in Roca Escalante and in the car park of the hospital next to the airport. You don't have to do them in that order - simply go to whichever is closest when you leave the Packer.
Some of the cops may finish whatever they were doing and jump back on their bikes when you reach them. If that happens, you'll need to chase them down and steal it, but expect a higher wanted rating.

Reward: Respect+

5. Up, Up And Away!
Pay another visit to the Maintenance Room for the next part of the robbery plan. Now you need a Caligula's Casino van and the idea is to pick one up from the street with a sky crane. The only place that has one of these is the KACC Military Aviation Fuel Depot in the northeast corner of the city. Grab a car and get over there and stop outside the gate. You can't get in without a military vehicle; there should be one leaving as you arrive, so jack it and drive through the gate (if you're having trouble jacking it, just drive through in your own car when the gate opens). As soon as you enter you are spotted, so quickly drive to the open warehouse on the left and run in. Gun down the soldiers inside and grab the armour and health if needed. Take care as you exit through the door on the other side and gun down any more soldiers you encounter, then head right. Head left and climb the stairs on the corner of the building to get to the roof, killing more soldiers as you go.
Before you reach the helipad, the military will scramble two gunships. Use the gun emplacement, which has a red marker next to it, to destroy them both. Then continue up to the helipad to steal the Leviathan. Head to the depot in Rockshore East and lower the winch down to the van and it should attach. Now fly to your airstrip to drop the van off in the red marker, then land the chopper in the specified area.

Reward: Respect+

6. Breaking The Bank At Caligula's

You must have the keycard from Millie and have completed the Saint Mark's Bistro mission in order to attempt this mission.

Go to the Four Dragons Maintenance Room, as usual, to begin the robbery. All the hard work is finally going to pay off as you prepare to rob the casino. Grab a car and head to Caligula's then go inside. You only have four minutes to complete the first part of the robbery, so get moving.
Head round to the staff door and use your keycard to gain entry. Go down one level and through the first door on the left. Throw a gas grenade into the open vent on the back wall and watch the short cut-scene. Leave the room and head left. Zero will now cut the power, so use the Thermal Goggles and head to the left to find the swipecard door. Head through and out into the corridor on the other side of the room, then follow it to the service bay. You need to get the gate open, so head right and get into the forklift then drive it over to the gate and use the forks to raise the gate.
You now have seven minutes for the next section of the robbery, so follow the team back the way you came, gunning down the guards, until you reach the vault. Now you need to stop the backup generators from being turned on, so grab the satchel charges and head back upstairs to the generator room, looking out for the guards. Place a satchel on each generator then leave the room and detonate them. Go back down to the vault and watch as the door is blown. Head inside and grab the armour then run back to the door leading into the vault, as some Mafia goons are on the way. Once they're dead, lead the team back to the van, taking out any more resistance you meet on the way.
You are the decoy, so when you reach the van you'll be left behind. Head back to the stairs again (during which time the lights come back on) and get in the service elevator. Upon exiting it, head right and through the door at the end, then up the stairs to the roof. Head forward and up the roof and over the top. There will be a helicopter circling and some SWAT guys below. Kill the SWAT then run down to where they were. Jump up and climb the next roof section and go over the top to find a parachute. Pick it up and jump off the roof then immediately open it and glide down to the police helicopter on the roof of The Clown's Pocket Casino. Kill the two cops next to it and jump aboard, then fly to your airstrip.
If your parachute jump doesn't make it to the helicopter, you'll have to get there by road, which isn't too tough, as your wanted rating shouldn't be too high. Complete the mission to get a big pay packet and the croupier uniform delivered to your wardrobe.

Reward: $100,000


Note: You'll need the jetpack to reach  a lot of them, so head over to your airstrip to get it before you start looking.
1 Under the Welcome To Las Venturas sign.
2 By door on east side of north house.
3 In the northwest alcove of the roof.
4 At the north end of the swimming pool.
5 Behind the gate of the southeast tennis court.
6 In northwest corner of shipping containers, by a tree.
7 On the end of the blue wall to the south of the restaurant.
8 On the east ledge of the casino, by the Steakhouse roof.
9 On the roof of the south building.
10 At end of alley (behind gate) the south of Souvenirs shop.
11 On the top balcony on the outer west side of the large motel. 
12 On the roof of the Souvenirs shop.
13 In small white-walled enclosure to northwest of Souvenirs shop.
14 At the top of the skyscraper (along with a parachute).
15 In the alley round the back of the petrol station.
16 Just to north of 15, by garages at east end of car park.
17 At the north end of alley of alley between north buildings.
18 At the end of the alley to the northeast of shopping mall.
19 In the flying-V-guitar-shaped swimming pool at the hotel.
20 On the roof of the Erotic Wedding Chapel.
21 In the railway tunnel.
22 By the S in the Casino sign, on north side of street.
23 On top of the Venturas Steaks drive-thru entrance roof.
24 In the corner of a narrow alley running south and then west.
25 At the top of the middle waterfall.
26 At the west end of The Clown's Pocket tent-style roof.
27 At the east end of the ledge above Zip.
28 On the east side of the Victim billboard by the Thruway.
29 In the northwest corner of the third floor of the multistorey car park.
30 In the bushes by the skull.
31 At the top of the pyramid.
32 On the monorail track to the east of the pyramid.
33 In the middle small balcony on the south side of the red building.
34 On the north Come-A-Lot tower with a flat roof.
35 On top of the Come-A-Lot sign.
36 In northeast corner of south-side dark lower roof.
37 At the base of the spire on the Wedding Chapel roof.
38 In a skip on the south side of the warehouse.
39 By blue bin on north side of eastmost house.
40 In a backyard between the two rows of houses.
41 On the north side of the pillar under the bridge.
42 At the east end of the chapel roof.
43 By the southeast gate of the warehouse.
44 In narrow alley on south side of building.
45 In the central concrete circle of the garden.
46 Just to the south of the middle section of the west side (ie the rear) of the airport building.
47 Southeast of the big 69 painted on the runway.
48 Out in the open, not too far from the northwest corner of the fence.
49 Floating by the bushes on the east side of the C-shaped building.
50 On the west side of the south warehouse.

Unique Stunts
1 Head north up steps at northeast corner of The Camel's Toe pyramid, to land on the next building.
2 Head east up steps at northeast corner of The Camel's Toe pyramid, to land on roof beyond car park.
3 Go north onto metal ramp in northeast corner of compound, over wall and onto highway.
4 Go north up wooden ramp between houses, to land on building's porch roof.
5 Head north onto metal ramp between shipping containers, to land on highway.
6 In compound, head east onto wooden ramp to clear bridge.
7 Go up to Level 6 multistorey car park, then east onto ramp.
8 Go up to top level of multistorey car park, then south onto ramp.
9 Ride up steps to roof of multistorey, then up next steps to high east roof. Drop to north ledge and then speed east up ramp there. Yikes!
10 Same as 9, but drop to south ledge from high roof, then east up ramp.
11 Head west between poles of power cables, onto metal ramp, to clear street.
12 Head west onto wooden ramp in housing estate, to land on Thruway.

1 In the flying-V-guitar-shaped swimming pool at the hotel.
2 Under the south waterfall.
3 Near the skull.
4 In the middle of the pool.
5 In the west corner of the northeast part of the Come-A-Lot moat.
6 Just off the beach.
7 Off the northeast corner of the rocks (right by the Reefer boat, if it's still there).

Return to Los Santos... 

Return To Los Santos

Madd Dogg's Crib Missions

1. A Home In The Hills
Go to The Four Dragons Casino and Madd Dogg will tell you how his mansion has been taken over by a drug dealer. You need a new base of operations in Los Santos so you agree to take it back for him.
You are dropped from a plane over Los Santos, so open your parachute immediately and try to land on the mansion helipad with the Triads. You'll immediately be attacked by Big Poppa's men, so gun them down and keep the roof clear until some more Triads arrive. Then head down the slope and round to the right to find the door leading inside. Kill the enemies you see immediately, then go down the steps and into the corridor on the right. The Triads tell you they will clear the rooms while you deal with the corridor, so let them - but don't miss the armour in the second room on the left.
You'll see a message that Big Poppa is downstairs and a red blip will appear on the radar, so head to the end of the corridor and down the stairs, killing the guards as you go. Big Poppa will make a run for it when you get downstairs, so head right and follow him, taking out any guards you encounter on the way. He follows the same route you did when stealing the rhyme book so don't worry if you lose sight of him. Once outside, jump into the only car that is there and give chase. Ram and do drive-bys on Big Poppa's car until it blows up. Madd Dogg's mansion is now yours.

Reward: Respect+

2. Vertical Bird
Go to your new mansion and Toreno will call on you for one last time - do this for him and Sweet is free! He'll drop you off next to a boat in The Panopticon, so get in and head to the ship that is moored in the Easter Basin Naval Base. Get near to the back of the ship and jump into the water, then swim through the rear door before it closes. Move quietly up the ramp and into the cargo hold ahead when the guards move away. Climb up onto the boxes on the right and creep to the other end of the stack. Check that no guards are nearby and sneak through the open hatch in front of you and go up the stairs (but only the first set). Go through the open hatch on the left, keeping quiet so you don't alert the guard, and go through another hatch on the left. Head right, looking out for the guard behind the boxes and enter the room over in the right-hand corner. Step into the red marker to disable the ship's SAM launchers, then go back out of the room.
Head back to the other end of this cargo hold to see some Hydra jets. You want to take the one on the platform straight ahead, so destroy the other two, otherwise they'll be on your tail after takeoff. Read the instructions on how to fly, then take off and head for the spy ships, which are in the Tierra Robada. On the way you'll be attacked by a jet, so shoot it down and continue to the four boats. Destroy them at your leisure then take the Hydra back to the airstrip and park it in the hangar, where it will always be available from now on.

Reward: $50,000

3. Home Coming
Go to the red marker in your mansion to find out that Toreno has kept his word and Sweet has been released from prison. Get over to the police station is Pershing Square to pick him up. Sweet wants to go back to the hood, so drive him to Grove Street.
Sweet will see the sorry state of the hood once you get there and wants you to help him clean it up. You need to kill all the crack dealers, who have appeared on the map as red blips. Work your way down the street, killing them all. Once that's done, find some Ballas and kill them to start a gang war so you can take back the hood. You'll face two waves of Ballas coming down the street at you, so it's a good idea to get one of the cars parked in the street and drive it into the middle of the road so you can use it for cover - watch out if it catches fire though, then continue to use it after it has blown up.

Reward: Respect+

4. Cut Throat Business
Enter the red marker at your mansion to have a chat with Madd Dogg about OG Loc and his stolen rhymes. You decide to crash his video shoot over in Flint County. A cut-scene will kick in when you get there, after which you'll be chasing Loc in a Vortex hovercraft. You can't catch or kill him, so what you must do is keep up as he goes over jumps and weaves around boats. If you manage to keep up, he'll head onto the sand under the pier, then up onto the beach and over to the next pier along. He'll jump out of the Vortex and get into a go-kart. Once again you can't catch or kill him, so just keep up as he makes his way to the Market area. Once you get there a cut-scene will kick in and the mission will be complete.

Reward: Respect+

Grove Street Missions

1. Beat Down On B Dup
Go to your house in Grove Street to see Sweet about to get high. B Dup is responsible for supplying the drugs so it's time to pay him a little visit at his place just round the corner. There's no answer and you learn that B Dup has moved to Glen Park, which is Balla territory. Pick up a couple of Grove Street homies on your way over to the park, then gun down some Ballas to start a gang war. You fought a gang war here before and it's no different this time around. Survive three waves of Balla attacks until the hood is yours. Once it is, you must attack B Dup's new residence, which has a gang of Ballas outside. Don't get too close and kill them from across the street, then enter the house to confront B Dup and complete the mission.

Reward: Respect+

2. Grove 4 Life
Get to Sweet's house and he'll talk you into helping him take back Idlewood from the Ballas. When you get back outside, recruit a couple of homies then get into the car and drive to Idlewood. Kill some Ballas to provoke a gang war then survive two waves, making sure Sweet survives too. Idlewood is made up of a few different hoods; so once the first one is yours, move into a purple area again and kill some more Ballas to provoke another gang war. This time you'll have to survive three waves, so look out for health and armour pick-ups in the street and grab them if you need to. Once the hood is yours, take Sweet back to Grove Street to complete the mission.

Reward: $10,000, Respect+

LS Riots

1. Riot
Go to your mansion to find out that Tenpenny is walking free from all the charges brought against him. With this news, the city goes crazy and a riot breaks out. You need to secure the Grove Street hood, so drive Sweet back there to his house. Along the way there will be all sorts of crazy stuff happening, such as roadblocks and explosions. Try to steer clear of this as much as possible by sticking to the freeway for most of the journey. Once you get Sweet home, the mission is complete.

Reward: None

2. Los Desperados
Go to Sweet's house and Cesar will ask for your help in saving his hood. When you get outside, recruit two Grove Street homies to come with you. Find a four-door car and head to Unity Station. Cars are in short supply, so if you can't find one you'll have to head off on foot until you see one. If one of your homies dies before you reach the station, you'll have to recruit another before you can continue.
Once you reach the station, you'll need to help Cesar and his gang clear the Vagos from his hood. Head forward and take out the groups of Vagos you encounter as you move between the buildings. Look for the red blips on the map to see where the Vagos are from your position. You've got plenty of help so this shouldn't be too difficult, but it's still not a great idea to stand in the open - finding some cover is always the sensible option.
When you kill the last of the Vagos, head to the alley across the street. Use the car for cover as you take out the Vagos at the other end of the alley. Look out for some Vagos appearing from the garage on the right. Once it's clear, grab the health from inside and take out the Vagos that attack from either end of the alley. Now you'll have to face the final group of Vagos at Cesar's house. There's one on the roof with a rocket launcher, so take him out first then kill the rest to complete the mission.

Respect: Respect+

3. End Of The Line

You need to control 35% of the gang territory in Los Santos before you can attempt this mission.

Head over to Sweet's house to get this mission, then take him to Big Smoke's Crack Fortress in East Los Santos. You need to break down the door - and fortunately for you, there's a SWAT tank round the corner that would be perfect for the job. Hop on the BMX and ride down to it, looking out for Ballas and cops shooting at you. Get in the tank and drive it back to the Crack Fortress then through the wall where the door is. Drive it down the corridor, running over any Ballas you encounter, then jump out at the end and go through the door on the left. You now find out that Smoke is on the fourth floor and you'll need to fight your way through each floor to reach him. Head down the corridor, taking out the few Ballas that appear, then go through the door on the right at the end. Crouch down behind the crates in this room as you take out the Ballas and the SWAT team. Head to the far door at the other end of the room and kill the Ballas inside, using more crates for cover. Head up the stairs and round to the right to find some health, then go back and through the door at the top of the stairs.
Go up the stairs and shoot the guy at the top, then grab the armour. Go through the door on the left and kill the Balla then head through the next door. Quickly run to the boxes on the right and use them for cover as you take out the enemies in this room. Head up the stairs at the other end, to the balcony above. Head all the way round to the door on the other side, looking out for more enemies that appear downstairs. Grab the health from the room at the end then go through the next door and up the stairs. Kill the guy at the top then grab the armour and head through the door on the right. Kill the two enemies in front of you then head through the next door and get down behind the counter. Clear the room and the adjacent one then head through the door on the left. Look out for more enemies as you go through the door and gun them down quickly. Head past the statue of Big Smoke then enter the room on the left to get some armour and the one on the left to get some health, looking out for enemies in both. Now head round the corner and up the stairs to confront Big Smoke. He's wearing a bulletproof jacket, so to inflict maximum damage you'll need to aim for his head. He has a few bodyguards, who can be taken down easily. The best place to hide is behind the counter on the left. Some will run round the room, stopping to fire every once in a while. He does come behind the counter, so use this opportunity to unload into his head. Do this three times and he should be defeated. The lights go out during the fight, but you should still be able to see Smoke by the red marker above his head (there are some night-vision goggles under the raised area if you want them though).
Once Smoke's defeated, Tenpenny will show up and set the building on fire and the lights are out. You now have seven minutes to get out, so put on the night-vision goggles and head back the way you came. There are more enemies in each room, so take care as you enter each one. Look in the places where you picked up health and armour, as there should be some more to pick up. When the fire starts around you, pick up the extinguisher and put out the flames that are in your way. You may need to turn off the night-vision goggles to see the fires clearly.
Once you get outside, Tenpenny will get into a fire truck and Sweet will grab onto the ladder. Chase them in the nearby car, but don't ram or shoot at the fire truck or you'll injure Sweet. Just keep up until a cop crawls out onto the ladder to make Sweet lose his grip. Drive underneath him when this happens and catch him in the car. Sweet will now take over the driving while you take care of the two cops on the fire truck, plus the cops and gang members who chase you. Keep an eye on the car health and keep shooting at all the enemies until Tenpenny eventually crashes the fire truck and the mission is over. Watch the cut-scene and the credits, then get on with all those odd jobs.

Reward: Respect+

you have just completed the game ......................

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas cheats.......  
Help CJ escape the cops, defeat rival gangs and more, with this huge list of cheats.  

Enter these cheats while playing. 'Cheat Activated' will appear at the top left of the screen when one's entered correctly.

Full Health, Armour & $250,000:
R1, R2, L1, X, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up

Commit Suicide:
Right, L2, Down, R1, Right x2, R1, L1, L2, L1

Weapon Set 1:
R1, R2, L1, R2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up

Weapon Set 2:
R1, R2, L1, R2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down x2, Left

Weapon Set 3:
R1, R2, L1, R2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down x3

Raise Wanted Level:
R1 x2, O, R2, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right

Lower Wanted Level:
R1 x2, O, R2, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down

O x2, L1, O x3, L1, L2, R1, Triangle, O, Triangle

Bloodring Banger 1:
Down, R1, O, L2 x2, X, R1, L1, Left x2

Up, Right x2, L1, Right, Up, Square, L2

Hotring Racer 1:
R1, O, R2, Right, L1, L2, X x2, Square, R1

Hotring Racer 2:
R2, L1, O, Right, L1, R1, Right, Up, O, R2

Down, R2, Down, R1, L2, Left, R1, L1, Left, Right

R2, Up, L2, Left x2, R1, L1, O, Right

O, R1, O, R1, Left x2, R1, L1, O, Right

O, L1, Up, R1, L2, X, R1, L1, O, X

Blow Up All Cars:
R2, L2, R1, L1, L2, R2, Square, Triangle, O, Triangle, L2, L1

Aggressive Drivers:
R2, O, R1, L2, Left, R1, L1, R2, L2

All Cars Pink:
O, L1, Down, L2, Left, X, R1, L1, Right, O

All Cars Black:
O, L2, Up, R1, Left, X, R1, L1, Left, O

Perfect Handling:
Triangle, R1 x2, Left, R1, L1, R2, L1

Dusk Sun:
R2, X, L1 x2, L2 x3, Down

Midday Sun:
R2, X, L1 x2, L2 x3, Triangle

Dawn Sun:
R2, X, L1 x2, L2 x3, Square

Stormy Weather:
R2, X, L1 x2, L2 x3, O

Foggy Weather:
R2, X, L1 x2, L2 x3, X

Speed Up Time:
O x2, L1, Square, L1, Square x3, L1, Triangle, O, Triangle

Slow Down Game:
Triangle, Up, Right, Down, Square, R2, R1

Speed Up Game:
Triangle, Up, Right, Down, L2, L1, Square

Faster Cars:
Right, R1, Up, L2 x2, Left, R1, L1, R1 x2

Cars Float On Water:
Right, R2, O, R1, L2, Square, R1, R2

Flying Boats:
R2, O, Up, L1, Right, R1, Right, Up, Square, Triangle

Pedestrians Riot (can't be turned off):
Down, Left, Up, Left, X, R2, R1, L2, L1

Pedestrians Attack You (can't be turned off):
Down, Up x3, X, R2, R1, L2 x2

Pedestrians Have Weapons:
R2, R1, X, Triangle, X, Triangle, Up, Down

All cars invisible:
Triangle, L1, Triangle, R2, Square, L1 x2

All vehicles as tough as a rhino:
L1, L2 x2, Up, Down x2, Up, R1, R2 x2

Beach party in the street:
Up x2, Down x2, Square, Circle, L1, R1, Triangle, Down

R2, L1 x2, Right x2, Up x2, X, L1, Left

Flying cars:
Square, Down, L2, Up, L1, Circle, Up, X, Left

Gang war:
L2, Up, R2 x2, Left, R1 x2, R2, Right, Down

Ghost town (no pedestrians and little traffic):
X, Down, Up, R2, Down, Triangle, L1, Triangle, Left

Triangle x2, Square, Circle, X, L1 x2, Down, Up

Infinite lung capacity:
Down, Left, L1, Down x2, R2, Down, L2, Down

Left x2, Down x2, Up x2, Square, Circle, Triangle, R1, R2

Max fat:
Triangle, Up x2, Left, Right, Square, Circle, Down

Max muscle:
Triangle, Up x2, Left, Right, Square, Circle, Left

Right, Up, R1 x3, Down, Triangle x2, X, Circle, L1 x2

No muscle or fat:
Triangle, Up x2, Left, Right, Square, Circle, Right

Only fast cars appear:
Up, L1, R1, Up, Right, Up, X, L2, X, L1

Orange sky:
Left x2, L2, R1, Right, Square x2, L1, L2, X

Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2 x2, Up, Down, Right, L1

Stunt plane:
Circle, Up, L1, L2, Down, R1, L1 x2, Left x2, X, Triangle

Super bunny hop:
Triangle, Square, Circle x2, Square, Circle x2, L1, L2 x2, R1, R2

Super jump:
Up x2, Triangle x2, Up x2, Left, Right, Square, R2 x2

Super punch:
Up, Left, X, Triangle, R1, Circle x3, L2

Traffic lights stay green:
Right, R1, Up, L2 x2, Left, R1, L1, R1 x2

Triangle x2, Square, Circle, X, L1, L2, Down x2

Weapon aiming while driving:
Up x2, Square, L2, Right, X, R1, Down, R2, Circle