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Follow the dark path or use the light

Vice City Stadium Walkthrough

by DarkGTA612

                                Grand Theft Auto
                                    San Andreas

                   Vice City Hyman Stadium Guide
                   DarkGTA, All rights reserved 2005

..::..Table  of Contents..::..

2.About it
3.Where is it?
4. How to get there
5. The names
6.Safety Tips
7. FAQ
8.Tourist Attractions

1. Introduction

This guide only talks about the stadium. Guide made
by DarkGTA.

Credit given when done.

2. About it

Ok, You may know that Vice City is set in 1986. You have probally
been to the Hyman Memorial Stadium. Entering the Stadium brings
up a huge stadium. Not only 8-Track, Bloodbowl, Dirt Track and Kickstart
stadiums are there, but Hyman Stadium, too.

3. Where is it?

Located in the Hidden Interiors universe located higher than the flying
limit in hell.

4. How to get there

Enter ganton gym and shoot all 4 guys. Go to the corner near the bean bags
and spawn a jetpack. Go to warehouse 2 and enter the marker

Use this map to find it:

Find the small bridge that connects Los Santos to Flint county. If you
don't have a cheating device, you can use a gun and press R1 to look up
at it. But be careful, when there, you will be lowering down.

If you do have a cheating device, You can get a great view of the stadium.

5. The names

This stadium is called many names. Stadium, Trials Stadium, Even bloodbowl stadium.
The name is Trials Stadium or Bloodbowl Stadium. People call
it bloodbowl because in the Bloodbowl stadium, it looked like the vc stadium, but it is
called Trials Stadium.

6. Safety Tips

On your way, you may need cheats and codes on.

Full health, armor and money
 R1, R2, L1, X, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up

Have Parachute
Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, R2, Up, Down, Right, L1

Have Jetpack
L1, L2, R1, R2, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, l1, l2, r1, r2, left, down
right, up


Jetpack Unlimited Height
(use L2 and R2 to move around)
1024E2E4 00003BD2
D0700942 0020BFFF
1024E2E4 00003BB0

Vice Stadium via Pro-Laps
  20C9D248 C4AF34CD
  20C9D24C 42D5D70A
  20C9D250 44814000
  10C9D25A 00000401

7. FAQ

Q: Can you spawn vehicles at the stadium?
A: No, it will spawn, but far down underneath

Q: Is it all solid?
A: No, just a sqaure in the middle with a ramp that is solid.

Q: Can you spawn a jetpack?
A: Yes, but if you don't have a cheating device and spawn one, and you get
off the solid sqaure, you will start to fall and only able to see below.

More questions will be asked in the future...

8. Tourist Attractions

Here are some things to explore around the stadium:

1. Signs
Look around the walls near the hotring track and you should see
some signs from Vice City.

2. Music
If you listen to the music, it is the SA Music, not the VC one.

3. The hotring
If you go to the place where the cars come out at hotring, you can see inside.

4. Exterior
Go to the black walls and get between two of them, you will still be
able to see the stadium!

5. Exploder!
One of the signs at the stadium says "Jack Howitzer in Exploder"


If you go below the stadium, you can see little wires sticking out.

9. Credit

Credit goes to:

WTP129: He finds alot of codes. Has a great Hidden Interiors guide

of fa real: does alot of stuff for the hidden interiors. Searches and finds
new things. Big thanks to him.

carpetdweller: does some great stuff. Has a great image gallery right

Edisoncarter: the best cheating guy out there. Found Liberty City
via GS first, as well of finding new stuff. Plugs in his controller and
finds new codes everyday! Big thanks goes to him!

Me: Yes, I did something.... I did the whole guide myself. I used methods
on getting to interiors and going out of them.

---------------------Thank you for Reading!--------------------

Copyright 2005-2006 DarkGTA, All rights reserved