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Fun things to to in GTA: San Andreas

by gamer_dude

please activate "word wrap" in notepad by clicking in "format", and check "word wrap"

Corey's list of fun things to do on
                       _______      ________________     ______
                      /    _____\     |______      ______|    /     _      \
                     /    /                            |      |               /     /  \      \
                     |    |     ____               |      |              /     /__ \     \
                     |    |    |__   |               |      |             /      ____     \
                     \    \        |   |               |      |            /     /         \     \
                      \    \___/    |               |      |           /     /           \     \
                       \_______/                |___|          /__ /             \ __\

                                                                                                San Andreas

	Let's face, once we complete the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, there's not much to do. But I've found some things to do, to keep you busy until you buy Grand Theft Auto 4, and a PS3. Here they are. (read everything, don't skip around, it might make more sense)

[1] Hot dogs "to go"

	For this, you will need a tow truck. You will easily find one if you cruise around the Ocean Docks in the Los Santos area. Once you find one, take it to the Bone County area. Search this place for the hot dog salesman (he's in one of those hot dog vihicles, but you can go up to him and order a hotdog within a red circle). Once you find him, don't go inside the hot dog vehicle, because if you do, you can't order from him anymore. Take the towtruck and hook up the truck with the hot dog vehicle. You can go anywhere with it. And when you park somewhere, you can order hot dogs, over, and over again.

[2] Jacknife any car

	Bored? Hate an driver in the game? Want revenge on that guy who wrecked your car? Then KEEP THAT TOWTRUCK! Hook the towtruck up to the target vehicle, and go to a cliff, and release the car off of it, or back it up into the water. Or, my favorite, go fast, brake on a very sharp turn, and let the target vehichle flip a couple of times. Sometimes they explode. Sweet.

[3] Highway or Runway?

	Activate the flying cars cheat (square, down, L2, up, L1, circle, up, X, left), and shoot at cars on the Highway. They fly off! Look out for flying cop chases, too.

[4] Swing

	Hop in a car, and go to Easter Basin. Go under the big super magnet, and park there. Enter the supermagnet, and connect the magnet to your car, leaving your car on the ground, but with only a little slack in the magnet's chain. Go in your car and drive forward. The magnet should swing you in your car. Weeee!

[5] Slingshot

	Take a tractor, and hook an 18 wheeler cab to it. Tow it a few yards, and you go flying!


	Go to the Las Venturas airport and get in the jumbo jet. Fly it over a crowded area and jump out. Activate your parachute and watch the jumbo jet explode below.

[7] EXPLODE! 2

	Go to an extremely high building and stand on the top. Stand on the edge of the roof and spawn any vehicle. Watch it go down,                                          ________  
                  down,                                | [] [] [] [] |     
                            down,                      | [] [] [] [] |  :[]>
                                      down,            | [] [] [] [] |   /\
until it explodes on the street below.   | [] [] [] [] |______

[8] Funny signs

	Get a camera, and look at some signs in San Andreas. Apparently, Rockstar has a good sense of humor. A liscence plate says "ea sucks".This one military sign says "authorized personnel only, violaters will be shot, survivors will be shot again". A sign atop a bridge says "there are no easter eggs up here, go away". Search the game for some signs. You might be surprised at what some say!

[9] Ralph it all up

	Go to a fast food place and eat so much that you puke. If you're really bored, do it a few times.

[10] WCTR

	If you have never stopped and listened to GTA radio station "WCTR", then you might want to stop and listen to it. Some stuff on that station is completely hilarious. But if you don't already know, the WCTR track is different in the first part of the game.