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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


Master Save File Guide

by Flow_w0lF

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
Playstation 2 Version
Master Save File Guide
v1.22b copyright (c) 2008
Created by Victor K (a.k.a Flow_w0lF)
                  _              __
  /\/\   __ _ ___| |_ ___ _ __  / _\ __ ___   _____
 /    \ / _` / __| __/ _ \ '__| \ \ / _` \ \ / / _ \
/ /\/\ \ (_| \__ \ ||  __/ |    _\ \ (_| |\ V /  __/
\/    \/\__,_|___/\__\___|_|    \__/\__,_| \_/ \___|

   ___ _ _          ___       _     _ 
  / __(_) | ___    / _ \_   _(_) __| | ___
 / _\ | | |/ _ \  / /_\/ | | | |/ _` |/ _ \
/ /   | | |  __/ / /_\\| |_| | | (_| |  __/
\/    |_|_|\___| \____/ \__,_|_|\__,_|\___|



This guide and all the information contained in it is protected by
international copyright law.
You may download, store in cache, display, print and copy a single copy or part
of a single copy of information or material from this guide for your personal,
non-commercial use and only in an unaltered form.
It is forbidden to re-transmit, distribute, or commercialise the information
or material without prior written consent of the author.
Any permitted reproduction made must acknowledge the source author.

If you wish to put this guide on your site I would very much appreciate you
asking me beforehand.

Any sites with this guide on them who did not ask my permission are very 
naughty and have no sense of decency.

The latest version of the guide can always be found on


#------------------------0. Version [email protected]

v 1.00 - Friday 13th October 2006 - Finished writing the guide, because   
         master files seem to have gained popularity lately. Posting it up, 
         hopefully haven't missed anything.

v 1.10 - Saturday 21st October 2006 - Added a lot more information, more
         in-depth strategies, changed the date on the v 1.00 above (it was
         accidentally written 13 November).
         Rewrote Ammo Runs section, added more strategies on Horseshoes.

v 1.20 - Friday 22nd December 2006; Major update to guide
         -Added a section on surviving in forbidden territory
         -Added a section on escaping forbidden territory
         -Updated some things in the elite challenges section

v 1.21 - Saturday 26th May 2007; Some minor updates;
         -Updated "Contact Me" section.
         -Updated Credits section
         -Changed some errors in the "Ammo Runs" section, where I had
          accidentally written the wrong directions in some places (written
          "left" instead of "right" or vice versa). Must have been typing late
          at night, I guess.
         -Added the sex appeal glitch
         -Modified the conceptual challenges
         -Fixed a lot of general typos

v 1.22 - Saturday 15th March 2008; Minor updates
         -Fixed some grammatical errors and typos
         -Changed email format to prevent bots copy and paste spamming me
         -Changed a section of the "Ammo Runs" to allow for getting a weapon

v 1.22b - Friday 21st March 2008; Minor update
         -Modified list of sites that I have given hosting permission to


#-----------------------1. Table of [email protected]

0. Version history
1. Table of contents
2. Intro/What this guide is for
3. Rules
4. Getting Started
  4.1 Money
  4.2 Property
  4.3 Fat, Muscle and Stamina
  4.4 The Airport
  4.5 Weapons
  4.6 Clothing/Accessories
5. The General Tasks
  5.1 The Sub-Missions (Odd-jobs)
    5.1.1 Firefighter
    5.1.2 Taxi Driver
    5.1.3 Paramedic
    5.1.4 Pimping
    5.1.5 Burglary
    5.1.6 Vigilante
  5.2 Flying From Los Santos
  5.3 Surviving In Forbidden Territory
    5.3.1 Health
    5.3.2 Armor
    5.3.3 Transport
    5.3.4 Ammunition
  5.4 Escaping From Hostile Territory
    5.4.1 Escaping From San Fierro And The Badlands
    5.4.2 Escaping From Las Venturas And The Desert
  5.5 The Stadium Events
    5.5.1 8-Track
    5.5.2 Bloodring
    5.5.3 Kick Start
    5.5.4 Dirt Track
  5.6 The Races
    5.6.1 BMX
    5.6.2 NRG-500
  5.7 The Chiliad Challenge
  5.8 The Courier Missions  - The "Don't"s and "Especially don't"s
    5.8.1 Los Santos Courier
    5.8.2 San Fierro Courier
    5.8.3 Las Venturas Courier
  5.9 The Gang Tags
  5.10 The Photo-Ops
  5.11 The Horseshoes
  5.12 The Oysters
  5.13 Skills
    5.13.1 Respect
    5.13.2 Weapons
    5.13.3 Cycling
    5.13.4 Driving
    5.13.5 Motorbikes
    5.13.6 Flying
    5.13.7 Lung Capacity
    5.13.8 Gambling
    5.13.9 Sex Appeal
6. Elite Challenges (Optional)
  6.1 Stunt Jumping
  6.2 Money, money, money
  6.3 Private Relationships
  6.4 King Of San Andreas
***Concept Challenges***
  6.5 Tools Of The Trade
  6.6 Ironman
7. Credits
8. Contact Me


@----[email protected]
#------------------2. Intro/What this guide is for------------------#
@----[email protected]

Hello readers!
What is a master save file?
A master save file is a file in which everything possible in the game has been
completed; before the first mission has begun! And what's more, NO CHEATS MAY
BE USED AT ALL. If you aren't quite sure as to what I'm referring to, read on
to find out;

Generally, the reason to create these files is to give the player a template
from which to play with if they ever want to go through the storyline quickly
and efficiently (usually on a replay). It involves saving the game as early
as possible, and proceeding to accomplish all there is to be accomplished
without progressing at all through the storyline. Another reason people create
these files is because it will prove you are capable of accomplishing this
awesome challenge.
This can be quite challenging and WILL REQUIRE PATIENCE. It took me a long time
before I finally made a perfect master save file; hundreds of frustrating
reloads of the save files. I suggest that those attempting this guide;
- Have completed the game 100% at least once prior to starting this
- Have experience with most or all gameplay aspects
- Have a lot of time to waste (!)
If you are new to this game, and/or have not played through the story much, I
strongly recommend not making this your first challenge. The reason for the
first two criteria is that; A. You will most likely know the map well by that
                               time. I will not do much in-depth explaining of
                               the game play map.
                            B. You will most likely be much more advanced at
                               playing than when you were when you began, thus
                               making this challenge 100 times easier.

This guide will cover all the things you will need to do in order to create
the said file in great detail (in most cases).


@----[email protected]
#------------------------------3. Rules-----------------------------#
@----[email protected]

This section is rather short, but there has to be a separate section for it to
make it more noticeable.


   This includes button cheats, as well as external plugin devices. If cheats
   are used, the save file becomes void.

   This is YOUR file. Feel free to muck about with it as much as you will. 
   However, unless at least all the aspects that add to % completion are
   fulfilled, you may not boast to have a master save file.
   I have tried to keep the tasks ordered by priority of importance and
   difficulty, however you may complete them in any order.


@----[email protected]
#-------------------------4. Getting Started------------------------#
@----[email protected]

Foreword; I strongly suggest reading through this entire guide completely
          before beginning the challenge. Do not read a part of it, complete
          the task and then return here to read on. It is quite possible you
          may regret this. There are a few ways of doing each task, and I will
          add notes as appropriate.

          Secondly, keep a few files saved as backups. Update them sometimes.
          I have encountered glitches a few times, and it's better to be safe
          than sorry.

O.K....lets go!

+    4.1 Money    +

As soon as you start off, you obviously do not go where the map is indicating.
Instead, head off to the local fire station, and borrow their fire truck. If
one does not spawn, drive around for a few seconds then come back, and it 
should appear there. If it does not, repeat.

Once in the firetruck, proceed to do the Firefighter sub-mission by hitting R3.
Continue until you have completed it. If you should fail, either start a new
game or start the sub-mission again. The reason you are doing this is because
you need money, and you need it fast. The only other viable options to gain
quick money are the Paramedic, Pimping or Vigilante sub-missions. However,
paramedic may take too long, and is easy to fail, pimping may not give you
enough money, and you have no ammo with which to complete vigilante.

Once you have completed the Firefighter sub-mission, you will have enough money
to purchase a safehouse. Purchase the one which is right outside of Glen Park
(or the one closest to Glen Park in other words. There's only one near there,
so you shouldn't get it confused). Save inside the house.

This is where part of the drudgery and boredom begins. Exit the house, jack a
vehicle, and drive across the park and into the downtown area to get to the
Inside Track Betting service. Go in, and bet all your money on the horse with
either 1/11 or 1/12 odds. If you lose, reload the file and go bet again. If you
win, go save at the same house, and repeat the betting process. Continue doing
so until you have accumulated at least $10,000,000. This will likely last for
the whole time.


+    4.2 Property    =

Now that you have plenty of cash to spare, go and purchase every available

These are;

- Mulholland, near the big mansion.
- Santa Maria Beach
- Verdant Bluffs (outside of Airport)
- Willowfield
- Verona Beach (apartments)

The first three of these have garages where you can store cars. Some good cars
spawn in Los Santos, so you may want to keep some as prized possessions. I
know the Cheetah, Infernus and Super GT spawn in Los Santos, there may be more.
Also, in the multi-storey car park in the east of Los Santos, an NRG-500 will
spawn. Get this, it will be very handy later on.


+    4.3 Fat, Muscle and Stamina    +

Well this is pretty easy; despite the fact that you cannot enter any gyms
at this point in the game, there is a street gym on the beach, east of your
safehouse in Santa Maria Beach. Just get to that safehouse, and travel east 
along the beach until you see the building with the exercise equipment. It is
a small area enclosed by a fence you can easily jump over.

Use the Bench Press/Dumbbells to increase muscle, and the Exercise Bike to
get your Stamina higher.

You will also want some fat; when you exercise later on, you will lose fat 
instead of muscle, and the fat will act as a buffer against muscle loss, as 
well as attracting some girlfriends.

Unfortunately, getting fat is nowhere near as easy as muscle or stamina. The 
only way to gain fat is through vending machines; the Sprunk/Snack ones. Just
stand in front of one for a while, hitting triangle to buy drinks, and your fat
will slowly go up. I suggest getting around one third of the fat bar full; it
will not hamper your abilities, and does not impact on appearance - it is
always useful to store.

The best places to get high on fat are insides of buildings; 24/7 stores, the
nightclub for example. If you choose to eat while at an outdoors vending
machine, cars may spawn nearby and cause you to enter them instead of getting
the food, wasting time in the process.

Since this could take a while (about 15 minutes), you might want to turn the
regular TV channels on and watch them for a while, all the while hitting the
triangle button on the controller.


+    4.4 The Airport    +

The Los Santos International Airport will be one of your most frequent
destinations in the future, so it's best to learn about it now.

The entrance is located in the northern part, near your safehouse in Verdant

When you go to the entrance, the guard will not let you in. There are two ways
to get around this however. Firstly, get a car, park it next to the guard's
booth and jump on the roof on the car, then the roof of the booth, after which
you can jump down onto the other side into the airport. Run up to the gates
(which will now open), quickly get into your car and drive in. The alternative
is to simply grab onto the booth roof while jumping on foot, you just have to
be the right distance away when jumping. Practice makes perfect.

When you get inside, there will be a wooden ramp and a fence in front of you.
You can either crash through the fence or ride up the ramp and over the block
to get over the wire fence. Go forward and slightly right, near the boundary of
the airport, and eventually you will get onto a runway. You should be heading
due west along this runway. There are 2 runways; I call them the north and
south runways (look on the ingame map to see what I mean).

If you're going along the northern runway, you will see a Shamal (Lear Jet)
spawn to your right. Sometimes it doesn't spawn, so just drive up and down the
runway until it does. It is unlocked, so hop on in and take the controls. Fly
up into the air, and head south-east, off the map. After flying off the border
for a while, the entire San Andreas map will become revealed. Now head back,
and continue circling above Los Santos. Your flying skill will go up, and after
a long while it will say that you now have a pilots license. This is good, as
the doors to the airport will automatically open for you now, and you won't
be forced to jump the box with the guard every time.

The most common reason of protest against having to fly around for ages to get
the license is that it will take less time overall if you just jump over the
booth every time. My answer is simple - No, it will not. A few hundred jumps
over the booth will make you realise if you try.

That's all there is to the airport.


+    4.5 Weapons    +

You will have noticed, if you tried going on killing sprees, that at the start
of the game you will be incredibly short on ammunition. I devised a system I 
call "Ammo Runs", which basically gets your ammo up higher at a reasonable rate
(remember, Ammunation is closed). Since a lot of ammo is interchangeable 
between weapons, it is ok to hit L1 and switch to the other types of weapons 
offered (you MUST if you want the ammo).

Feel free to get weapons in any way you want; I simply used Ammo Runs because I
have yet to think of/see something more efficient.

Before you start, get to the tallest building in Los Santos, get to the top and
grab the parachute. Go back down (don't jump for Christ's sake, you need the
parachute!!) and continue.

Firstly, get an NRG-500 bike and store it in the Verdant Bluffs garage. Save at
the safehouse, and you are ready to begin.

The weapon locations can all be found on Gamerlady's Item/Weapon Location Map;

Exit the safehouse and hop on the NRG-500 in your garage. Drive forward and
turn left on the street to start heading out of the dead end. When you reach
the end of the street, turn left at the intersection, and drive along the
pedestrian sidewalk. You will pass a wire fence, then an opening in the fences
and then drive along a concrete fence with telegraph poles along it. Drive
until the end of the fence, and go in the gap to the left of the blue buildings
that is between the fence and the buildings. You should be heading to the train
station. Cross both tracks and platforms, and you should be looking at a hedge
barrier. Go left until it finishes, then turn right into the area where the
lowrider competition takes place. Get off your bike, and either run around or
scale the fence adjacent to the terminal building, surrounding a courtyard. In
the courtyard is an SMG (MP5). Pick it up, and get back on the bike, then start
heading to the other exit of the lowrider competition area (opposite where you
came in). Exit through the gate, and head left, then immediately take the first
left to start heading along the front ot the train station terminal. At the end
of this short road, drive a little over the grassy patch, and you should be
heading on the road leading under the bridge where you go to in the mission
"Green Sabre". Pass the Sweeper to your left, and continue along the road to
take the first right turn.

You are now heading towards the police station. At the end of the road you are
now on, take a left, and then an immediate right to find yourself near the
entrance to the Los Santos Police Station. Get off the bike, equip the
parachute, and go inside. Grab the shotgun in the upper room to the left, with
the parachute equipped so that the police don't get excited. Exit the station
and get back on your bike.

You are on a short road where the entrance to the police station is; look on
your radar, and head north along this road. Take a left at the T-intersection
at the end, head straight forward and take the first right, so that you are
heading in the direction of the tallest building. Take a right onto the road
immediately after the tallest building (it will be the second right turn you
encounter along this road), and put the pedal down. Drive past the tallest
building, then forward past Glen Park, and at the intersection at the end of
this road, instead of turning, head forward into the alley between the houses.

Make sure you don't slow down! You will need all the speed you can get. After
the end of the first alley, go straight across the road and into the next
alley. At the end of this alley, look closely across the train tracks, and you
will see a stairase ahead of you and slightly to the left. Drive into the
staircase and use it as a ramp to propel yourself. With enough speed, you
should eaisily clear the apartment block and land near the pig pen. Continue in
the same easterly direction, turning left onto the road after the pink "Pig
Pen" billboard. Drive down this little street and stop the bike at the first
building to your left, the one with "Pig Pen" written in blue letters on it.

Climb onto the building, and run to the other end of the roof to get a Sawn-Off
shotgun. Get back onto the bike, and finish driving along the little street,
then turn left at the intersection. Drive straight, and you should be heading
towards the building used in the mission "Burning Desire". Pass it to the right
(not too difficult) and you should be heading to the Jefferson Motel.
Immediately after the Jefferson Motel, turn left and head along the wall of the
Motel to your left until you reach a gap between the wall and the wire fence.
Drive in there and up the stairs, then turn left on the roof and continue until
you find an SMG. Drive at a steady pace straight into the edge of the roof, and
your bike will jump it, and you will land in the carpark.

Exit the carpark, and you will see a (very) steep road ahead of you, going into
Las Colinas. Go up this road, and you will see a flight of stairs. Go up this
flight, and then the second one. Once out of the alley with the stairs, look to
your left to see some stairs leading up onto a platform. Go up those stairs to
find yet another SMG on the platform at the top. Hop back onto the NRG-500, and
head east along the road. Just before the slope starts to lead steeply down to
the beach, before the apartments that are just before the traffic light, is an
alley with a parked car, a few billboards, some body armor and a Tec-9. Get the
Tec-9 and get back out of the alley, then start heading east once again (but
not for too long!).

After the two-storey apartments to your right will be a traffic light, and
ahead and slightly to the right a barrier dividing the road into one that goes
down to the beach (the one you are on), and one that continues at the same
altitude. Pass this barrier to the right, so that you are still going east
along a road, but at a constant altitude. Follow this road, and you will make
a 90 degree right turn, then pass over a bridge and begin driving down a steep-
sloped road. Continue along this road, and turn left onto the road where the
multi-storey carpark with NRG-500s is. Turn left into the carpark and take the
winding road to the top. In a corner on the roof is a Micro-SMG. Pick it up.
Now you will need to get out of the carpark. You can drive down (takes ages),
jump off the end onto the street or jump the barrier like at Jefferson Motel
(much more difficult this time). Anyway, once you are out, you should go into
the alley behind the carpark. Follow this alley into a tunnel (same one as used
in the mission "Just Business"), and through the tunnel into the open canals.

Head along the right-side border of the sewage canals, and soon you will see
two ramps ahead. One goes up onto the street (not the one you will be taking),
the next one goes under the bridge. Take the second one and pick up the
Micro-SMG under the bridge. Go a little further down the ramped part, until you
are no longer under the bridge, and turn right straight into the wall to drive
up it and onto the street. Turn north on this street, and go into the little
alley behind the grove street houses. Head along the footpath until you are in
the dead-end of Grove Street, and park there (for now). Climb onto Sweet's
house to get a Tec-9, then jump down (ouch!) and get on the bike. If you look
closely, there is an alley between CJ's and Rider's houses. Go into it, and
once you come out the other end, turn right, then take the first left (you will
be on the road on which the Clucking Bell is (the one you visit in "Drive-By").

Continue along this road, and crash right through the wire fence at the end,
then turn right and drive until you reach the train wagon warehouse. Inside one
of the first wagons in the warehouse is a Sawn-Off shotgun; however you cannot
reach it on foot. 

Credit goes to phatmole1 for this solution on how to get it;
When you get off your bike you get off to the left, so just park the bike to
right of the opening and hop off, straight into the carriage. Voila. Anyhow:

Further down the road which the warehouse is on is the entrance to a large
complex where a lot of truck trailers are. This is the same place as in the
mission where you kill the Russian weapon smugglers. Drive to the other end of
the complex, going in between the containers, and you will see some stairs
leading into an office to your right. Get off the bike, run up into the office,
then exit it out the other exit, and pick up the AK-47 under the stairs. Run
back to the bike, get on and exit the complex the same way you came in, turning
left when you get onto the road.

Drive straight until the road ends, then turn left and head into the airport.
Head through the wire fence and around to the right, and go in between the
runways. At the end of the runways, there will be some yellow and white
striped concrete ramps, in between which is an M4 you must get. Now, if you
look to the north, at the end of the northern runway you'll see two metallic
ramps; one sticking almost vertically up, the other one set at a low angle. The
second can be used as a ramp. Backtrack a little, then gather enough speed to
use that ramp to jump out of the airport and onto the highway on the bridge
(the traffic should be going perpendicular to your flight path). Be careful
not to overshoot the bridge, and beware that you will probably crash often
here, as it is hard to land and stop on the highway.

Anyhow, head north until you are under a bridge. Turn right, and keep heading
under the bridge until you reach the end. There is a Tec-9 there, so pick it up
and get back on the bike. Now, you are close to the place where you started, so
drive back to and save at the Verdant Bluffs safehouse. You can go to any
safehouse, but if you go here you can repeat the process.

You may have noticed two things; ammo does not accumulate unless you replace
weapons by hitting L1, and the second is that no pistol ammo is collected. This
is how to get pistol ammo;

Normal 9mm: Don't bother picking up. Just cause massive fight scenes, killing
cops and gangsters, who will drop a whole ton of ammo.

Silenced 9mm: After getting the first MP5, instead of turning right after 
passing the sweeper under the bridge, continue forward until there is a carpark
to your right. In the carpark corner, there is some stairs and a silenced 9mm
at the top in the corner. If you are collecting this pistol, get it after the
first MP5, then continue to the police station.

Desert Eagle: After Grove Street, after you crash through the fence near the
docks, turn left instead of right. Follow the fence on the right of the road,
then do a U-turn around it when it ends, and drive into the corner where there
will be a desert eagle. Then continue to the train warehouse.

Bear in mind that pistol ammo does not carry from one pistol to another, so
only collect one type of pistol at a given time.

The only unavailable weapon is the Combat Shotgun (SPAS-12). A SPAS-12 spawns
in the Las Venturas Airport Freight Depot, just look around in the bushes that
divide the middles of roads inside the actual depot.

Do ammo runs whenver you want to increase you ammo supplies. You will need tons
to reach hitman levels with all weapons.


+    4.6 Clothing/Accessories   +

Nothing to say here, except that there will be very few clothes available to

Apart from the ones you start with, you will only unlock the gym shorts by
doing the Chiliad Challenge.

It *may* be possible to get alternate outfits by dating the girlfriends, but I
have encountered glitches while doing so.

No haircut or clothing stores are open at this point. There is however one
tattoo parlour open; the one in Las Venturas. Fly there and parachute down, it
is near the sex shop that you visit during the "Key to her heart" mission. Get
yourself a full set of tattoos just for the hell of it.

And that's it for clothing and accessories


@----[email protected]
#------------------------5. The General Tasks-----------------------#
@----[email protected]

Foreword: There is a major thing to note here; when I completed each of these
          tasks, I used an overwritten save file on which I previously had a
          game saved where I dated both Katie and Barbara. Thus, the file I
          used has the famous glitch where, from dating Katie & Barbara on the
          file, the special ability of not losing your weapons carries on to
          any game saved on that file. Hence, I was not fussed about dying or
          getting busted because I would not lose my weapons.
          If you have not heard/read about this glitch, or are unable to get it
          on your save file, I strongly recommend getting Katie and Barbara as
          your girlfriends before attempting anything else in the coming

          The other solution is to just avoid dying, but this will be much
          more difficult and time consuming!

+    5.1 The Sub-Missions (Odd-jobs)    +

These are the missions you do when you press R3 inside certain vehicles. Most
are simply a walk in the park; however some may require special preparation

5.1.1 Firefighter

**You should have already done this before even saving the first time!**
In case you didn't, or are at the start and are having difficulties, then here
is the section dedicated to the firefighter service:

Preparations required beforehand: None
Difficulty: Easy-medium

This can greatly vary in difficulty, but usually shouldn't be too much of a
hassle. Hop into the firetruck at the Los Santos Fire Station near the BMX park
and hit R3. 

Some things I have found helpful are:
- Try to do these in the Temple/Rodeo/Vinewood area, and stay away from the
  airport. If you get near the airport, there may be a lot of traffic, or the
  cars will spawn in hard-to-get places.
- Do not let the burning peds get away! If they get killed while on fire, you
  fail the mission.

A thing to note is that the burning cars that spawn can often be rare or
interesting cars (the patriot for example). Redo this mission later for a
chance to get some classy vehicles.

5.1.2 Taxi Driver

Preparations required beforehand: None
Difficulty: Very Easy

Easy, easy, easy. I have no idea why I am writing this section anyway. Just
jack the closest taxi, make sure the cops didn't notice, and begin. Just pick 
up and drop off the passangers, occasionally repairing the taxi if you need to.
After 50 drop-offs, you will complete the mission, and get the awesome prize of
free unlimited nitrous on all taxis!

The money you make from doing these missions will be next to nothing (in
comparison to what you already have/will need to get everything done), so
don't worry about the tip bar, and only repair the taxi when you need to.

I recommend doing this sub-mission first, as it will provide a cheap, fast and
easily available method of transport once all the taxis get nitrous.

A quirky thing about this mission is how when you run over a potential
passenger, the game says: "Oops! Better look for another passenger", and won't
fail the mission, which is always handy.

5.1.3 Paramedic

Preparations required beforehand: None
Difficulty: Medium

There's two ways to get an ambulance; either see if there's one at the local
hospital, or if there isn't, just beat down a few peds with your bare hands and
an AI ambulance will come to rescue them.

Press R3 to begin, and start driving around with the patients. The most
annoying of frustrating problems here is that the ambulance is very easy to 
tip onto it's side while doing sharp corners. Occasionally, a crazy driver,
nearby gang members or insane police car doing a chase may accidentally run
over a pedestrian you are meant to pick up. Since these missions are long,
there is quite a broad spectrum of failure possibilities. This is where the
patience partially comes in.

5.1.4 Pimping

Preparations required beforehand: Some ammunition, any weapon.
Difficulty: Easy-medium

This is exactly the same as the taxi missions, except shorter, and sometimes
involves killing. I have a breeze doing these, the only potential threat is
being too far away to save a hooker on time.

You will drive around the same passengers, so you will go back to the area you
last dropped them off in to pick them up. While getting there, you may trigger
events such as the prostitute being assaulted, the client running away with the
money and such. They attempt to add a certain "exciting difference" to the

5.1.5 Burglary

Preparations required beforehand: None
Difficulty: Medium

My recommendation is to go to the safehouse in Glen Park, and save there at
9:00 (am). This way you will have plenty of time to get to the van and start
as soon as you can. Every time you load, you should go to the van which is
across the road from the Ganton Gym.

Get to the van and get in; it shouldn't be 20:00 yet. Now you will need to
drive to a suitable location to do these missions.

The best place, as recommended by Magritte, is the cul-de-sac where the
Loco Low Co. lowrider modding shop is. Park in between two houses, and keep
running between them, as the items in a house will respawn as soon as you enter
a different one. You shouldn't even need to move the van, and the convenient
thing is that you're right next to the drop-off point.

You can continue robbing until time runs out; you don't have to drop off. It
will tell you to do so once you are out of time.

5.1.6 Vigilante

Perparations required beforehand: At least 2,000 sub-machine gun ammunition,
                                  MP5 sub-machine gun, HPV-1000 police
                                  motorbike. Also, have the paramedic missions
                                  complete so that you have a higher maximum
                                  health. Full Armor and Health is also a must.
Difficulty: Hard

As they say, leave the best 'til last...
This is the sub-mission where I definitely had the most difficulties. Since you
have not unlocked anything in the game through storyline progress, you only
have three vehicles to complete the mission with: The Police car, the HPV-1000
motorbike and the S.W.A.T Enforcer van. The HPV will be the best option for
now. Get a HPV-1000 (bike) and save it in a garage before you begin, then save.

The first 8 levels should not pose any problems; just shoot the cars from
behind until they explode. If you have a wanted level, you should have plenty
of time to drive to the Well-Stacked Pizza Co. in Idlewood, quickly grab the
parked car there, respray it nearby and get back onto the bike to continue.
There is a soda vending machine nearby if you need some health, and some armor
in a corner near the train tracks, over the fence from the vending machine and
at the end of the platforms.

From level 9 onwards the problems start coming hard. Not only are there more
criminals, but they have greater firepower. And I mean greater. The pistol and
sub-machine gun wielding grannies are now replaced with Shotgun and AK-47 armed
street bandits. Since they have a greater target range on you than you have an
accurate hit range on their car, you will have to come in close to shoot, and
they will wear you down FAST.

It is useful to drive behind and to the left of the cars you are pursuing,
since then only the gunman behind the driver will get decent shots into you.
Your bike will be beat up quickly as well; you may have to look for a new one.
Hopefully, you will have enough extra time left over from levels 1-8 to refuel
your health and armor or even get rid of law enforcement.

Your reward; extra % completion and a higher maximum armor.


+    5.2 Flying From Los Santos    =

There are some key things about flying to the other locations in San Andreas;
firstly, you may have noticed you get an un-removable 4 star wanted level.
Secondly, if you're in a plane, a Hydra with heat seeking missiles will come
after you.

Dodging missiles is not TOO can use the rear view by holding
down L2 and R2 simultaneously. When the missiles start getting close to you,
pull sharply to the left or right. They'll fly past, barely missing you.
Complete a 360 degree horizontal loop, and continue in the direction you were
going. You will be flying to San Fierro and Las Venturas A LOT, and odds are
you will gain some skills in dodging missiles easier. Just remember; you cannot
outrun a missile, so don't try (well actually you can, but the missile has to
be fired from very far away, and you have to start going vertically down to
get enough speed).

Landing is another important aspect; make sure you get used to landing on any
terrain, and on any short block of map. In a lot of instances, you can slow
down enough, partially land on a short surface, and jump out of the plane
if you think there will not be enough room for it to stop. For example, I could
try to land on the tallest building in Los Santos by slowing down, going into
a landing sequence, but there is obviously not enough room to land there
completely so I would jump out while the plane was rolling along the roof.


+    5.3 Surviving In Forbidden Territory    =

Thank you to Orion_SR for almost every idea in this section (I had already
thought a lot of ideas up myself as I played - just hadn't recorded them ;-).)

As mentioned just above, you get an unremovable 4-star wanted level the moment
you cross the boundary into forbidden territory. Note that it is obtained as
soon as you enter another region; not as you leave Los Santos. In this way, you
can fly around the map past the limits of the cities and come in from any
direction you want. Also, while you are swimming in the water, you will not get
any wanted stars no matter what, as long as you don't jump out.

The key to surviving in forbidden territory is to know how to keep yourself
going. This relates to health, armor, transport and ammunition.

5.3.1 Health

Health is going to be the hardest stat to maintain while you are in forbidden
territory. Assuming you completed the sub-missions (more specifically the
paramedic and vigilante ones) before you went abroad, you should have a maximum
of 150 health and 150 armor. Make sure that both your health and armor are full
every time you fly abroad.

Now, every single fast food restaurant in the game is closed; and there are
precious few health pickups around the map. This is going to leave your health
very vulnerable. You should try to always maintain at least some armor, because
you will not be likely to refill your health very easily.

There are four ways in which you can replenish your health;

-Health pickups. The heart shaped icons that are in random places on the map.
 These are the only way to completely restore your health, and are rather rare.
-Ambulances. Upon entering an ambulance, a minor part of your health is
 restored. This is usually such a small amount that it is not worth getting in
 and out of an ambulance to get it, as you will likely lose more health in the
-Fast food vendors. They appear rather rarely also, but when you find one you
 have a decent chance of fending off cops while walking into the red marker
 to buy food.
-24/7 stores. Probably the best way to replenish health, but you should have
 full armor before you enter the store, as you will encounter a full assault
 of foot policemen as soon as you leave, which guarantees you'll lose a lot of
 armor. However if you park your car/bike in such a way that as soon as you
 exit you jump straight into the shop, it will make it tons easier when
 getting out of the shop.

With this being said, I should again mention that armor, which is much easier
to maintain and refill, should always be kept alive and health be used only as
a last resort to take hits into.

5.3.2 Armor

This will now be replacing your health as such. Much easier to refill and more
readily available.

Apart from there being plenty of pickups, there is another way to refill armor;
by entering into Enforcers (S.W.A.T trucks). And given that you have a 4-star
wanted level, there should be plenty around.

The best way to get some easy armor, whether in a car or on foot, is to wait
until an enforcer comes along, then simply stand near the driver's door, and
as soon as he comes out pop his head and get in, then put the pedal down and
drive away. Given that there was only one enforcer chasing you, and that there
is not much law enforcement apart from the police, the enforcer should be able
to take enough bullets from the S.W.A.T and cops to get to a safer place before
it explodes.

Given that you have not completely depleted your armor, every time you do this
method it is ok to take as many hits into your remaining armor as you want,
because it refills completely when you enter the enforcer. This is what makes
it such a reliable method.

5.3.3 Transport

This is one of the most important aspects of surviving in forbidden territory;
to know your transport. Always plan where you are going to go, and always land
the plane near a known good vehicle spawn. In San Fierro, there's the NRG-500
either at the airport near the Maverick, or the best option is simply to take
the one that is used for the NRG-500 challenge by landing inside the basin and
climbing up to get the bike.

Now that you have landed in forbidden territory, there are different aspects
to consider as you travel around.

Firstly, avoid travelling on foot. The whole place becomes a battlefield when
you leave the plane, and the last thing you want is to be taking hits. At the
4-star wanted level, there will always be 6 policemen on foot chasing you,
continuously respawning at a small distance when you kill one. And while they
can be swatted like flies, especially at a distance, this will be an immense
drain on your ammo. In busier parts of the city, where pedestrians spawn on
more than one side of the street or near intersetions, the police will start
spawning randomly and come at you from all directions.

Of course, it will be impossible (and not as fun!) if you spent the whole time
inside a vehicle, so I wrote this section to help survive in those situations
when there is no escape.

There is a slight probability that police cars or enforcers will run over you
while you run, especially when you are on busy main roads. Often, there will
not be enough time to keep walking and killing everyone who gets in your way
and you'll have to run non-stop to get to your destination. This can become a
serious problem when a helicopter starts chasing you. When running in a
straight line, the helicopter can position itself behind you along your path
and let loose its machine guns. Hence, if you are being followed by a
helicopter, run towards your target (make sure you have one!) in a zig-zag
fashion. This will continuously throw the helicopter off a straight line, and
as you can probably tell by their speech the helicopter pilots aren't
particularly...let's say...bright? And they will not fire their machine guns
until they line themselves up. Noting the zig-zag running, this may slow you
down and allow cops to spawn and hit you. You should avoid being on foot in
narrow busy two-way streets, particularly those in the centre of town,
surrounded on both sides by buildings, as this can not only allow you to get
hit by cops easier as you have nowhere to run sideways, but allow the
helicopters an easier and straighter path to line themselves up on.

Cop cars that pursue you should usually not pose too much of a problem, and
the same goes for enforcers. If you are being heavily tailed and the cars are
rushing ahead and blocking your path, simply stand still for a moment and let
the cars come to you. Now this may sound crazy, but once the computer-
controlled cops see you stand still they go into an unreversible stopping
sequence. They will slow their car down and get out. Now this takes a little
time, so use it to run away at full speed. By the time the cops or S.W.A.T get
out of their vehicles you will most likely be out of range of their bullets.

When there is a law enforcement vehicle heading into you head-on (i.e. you are
running forward and see it ahead of you), you will probably have to use the
above strategy to evade it, because if you continue to run the vehicle will
likely run right into you. Simply stop and it will swerve to the side to brake,
and you can continue your journey.

Having said all this, the main point of surviving while on foot is to just
KEEP ON GOING AND NEVER STOP. Obviously, maximum stamina and burglary missions
completed will help in this tremendously. With all these safety measures and
precautions, it is nonetheless almost unavoidable that you will run into times
when you have no escape but to fight your way out. In these situations it's
always best to pack an assault rifle, and simply target someone, fire and spin
the locking target around through the heads of your opponents.

Another great suggestion I got by email from jheath is to use tear gas while
battling the police. Of course!
"When it comes to losing the heat when you're in restricted areas, 
tear gas is your best possible friend.  It has a large area effect, so 
you don't have to waste time shooting policemen who would just respawn 
anyway.  Unlike molotov cocktails and gernades, it leaves vehicles 
untouched, making it perfect for stealing the Enforcers the police 
helpfully bring to you.
Be sure to throw the tear gas canisters at the police as soon as they
arrive... the main drawback to the weapon is that it takes a few seconds for
the gas to take effect."

The tear gas does indeed last a very long time, so if you want to conserve
some bullets just fire off a tear gas and walk peacefully through the choking

Now, that pretty much concludes the part about travelling on foot. The main
point is, try to avoid running on foot. When you are in a car, you won't be
taking any damage to your armor or health. But you should nonetheless try to
keep your car damage-free as much as possible. If it gets too damaged you'll
be forced to go on foot until you find a safe place to enter a new vehicle.

Now, onto vehicles:

Much the same as when you are on foot, when you have the pedal down and are
accelerating the cop cars will not stop, and will try to ram you. However, the
minute you release the (X) button and let go of the accelerator, the cops will
no longer try to ram you but will start stopping near you, getting out and
shooting, and will avoid ramming your car. Do this often if you are being
pursued, let go of the (X) button, then when the cars slide past accelerate
again and they will probably be left behind somewhat. The process can be made
even better if you press the square button [] to brake and reduce your speed,
as this will make the computer slam the brakes too.

If you have to leave your vehicle, don't do it in a crowded place. Do it in a
place where pedestrians don't usually spawn. This will aid both getting out
and getting back in safely, as cops will spawn at a distance, where the
pedestrians spawn, and you have plenty of time to get out and pull out your
guns. If you stop in a crowded place, or if there are cops nearby, they will
simply hit your car with bullets. The same goes for when you get back in; leave
the car in a safe place and you can sprint to it before the cops can come and
shoot, or leave it in a crowded place and you're liable to get heavily damaged,
or get your tires punctured. If your car is taking excessive damage, make sure
to visit the nearest Pay-N-Spray as soon as you can. While this won't remove
the wanted level, it will let you continue your journey on wheels rather than

It is a matter of preference what type of vehicle you use; cars are slower and
easier to hit, while bikes are far more maneuverable and faster, but it is
easier to fall off. With enough skill, I would greatly recommend the bike over
a car of any kind, as the bike can dodge police cars much easier. 

Phew! That's about all you need to know about getting around in forbidden

5.3.4 Ammunition

Well firstly you should pack a whole ton of ammo when you travel abroad.
Whether you are skilled or not, you'll likely have to use bullets to keep
yourself alive. The problem is that once you use your ammo, it's not that easy
to get more of it. The only two types of guns you'll be needing are as Assault
Rifle and a Sub-Machine Gun. The Sub-Machine Gun will be your regular weapon,
while the Assault Rifle will act as a crowd-control weapon in heavy battles. I
recommend getting an M4 Assault Rifle as the magazine is larger, and the SMG
(MP5) Sub-Machine Gun. While it does fire a little slower and you can't jog
while firing, the Tec-9 and Micro-SMG waste far too much ammo, do far too
little damage and are far too inaccurate over distances. The main reason
for using the SMG is the efficiency. You'll obviously need to refill your ammo,
assuming you go in for a long enough time to use it up, and the pickups that
spawn around the map won't provide anywhere near enough.

You will need to kill law enforcement to keep your ammo going. And while there
are numerous cops constantly spawning, and they are easier to kill due to lack
of armor, you're probably not going to get far with the pistols and nightsticks
they drop.

Killing the S.W.A.T will be your source of ammunition. Because each drops a
Micro-SMG and the ammo is compatible, you can run over the floating Micro-SMG
and it will add to your SMG ammo without you having to pick it up. Note that
a single pickup will only add 15 bullets so make sure your killing is
efficient. Headshots from up close kill the enemy in one bullet and are the
most efficient use of ammo.

The best and safest way to get a whole team of S.W.A.T is to get a single
enforcer to tail you, and lure it to a place where pedestrians don't spawn.
When you've singled one out like this, stop (whether you're on foot or in a
car) and while the van comes to a slow stop near you, run up and stand right
next to the driver's door. Now, on the PS2 version, you have a lock-on target
which makes this process a breeze. Unfortunately the enemies have it too, but
with skill it can become easier to do this.

You may have noticed that police and S.W.A.T shoot practically as soon as they
exit their vehicle, and you are unable to get the first shot on them. This is
particularly problematic with the policemen carrying shotguns. However, there
is a single split second (about one third to one half of a second) during
which you can target the person getting out of the car. As they are getting out
rapidly hit either L2 or R2 while holding R1 and it will target them when they
get out. After targeting you have to immediately pull the trigger, and if done
quickly enough you CAN actually get the first hit in.

Back to the lured enforcer in a deserted area. You should stand right next to
the driver's door, and do this process as soon as he gets out. Since you are
standing next to him, you will get a headshot and only have to use one bullet
of the SMG. You now have three enemies left, but you are shielded from their
fire because they are on different sides of the enforcer. The guy in the
passanger's seat will likely try to run around the front of the car to get you,
while the two at the back need only turn a corner. Hence you are now surrounded
and must fight to the death. As soon as the driver falls, run towards the back
of the truck while holding down the aiming button. Luckily, once the enemies
are out of the car it is much easier to get the first hit on them, so cap the
two at the back as they come around the corner one by one (they will only come
one by one as both will hug the wall of the enforcer and one will halt the
other). Now it's just a little game of cat and mouse with the remaining S.W.A.T
and you've gotten yourself 60 SMG rounds and some armor, as well as maybe a
vehicle to travel in.

This is a somewhat slow and step-by-step method of doing it safely. Of course,
safety is not very necessary, but the point is to get headshots on the entire
S.W.A.T team to conserve ammunition. You can do this in roadblocks as well,
just make sure that you use any available vehicles as cover!

That concludes it for ammunition, and the moral of the story is; pack lots of


+    5.4 Escaping From Hostile Territory    +

Through demand in emails and partial influlence on the message boards, I've
realised quite a lot of people prefer to do the save file without dying at all.
Hence it is absolutely vital to know how to get back to your safehouses in Los
Santos safely without using the instant-teleport-to-hospital dying method.

This section covers the methods of getting out of the San Fierro and Las
Venturas areas back to home soil.

5.4.1 Escaping From San Fierro And The Badlands

There are two simple ways of getting back to Los Santos, dependant on your
relative location;

-While in San Fierro, go to the Jetmax parked under the Kincaid train bridge
 and use it to drive to the northern coast of Red County (or Santa Maria beach
 if you're game enough). The boat can easily be accessed by jumping over the
 barrier from the street and going for a little swim.
-If in Whetstone, there are Dinghys in the south-western part of the map just
 off the coast. Use these to get to Santa Maria beach.

5.4.2 Escaping From Las Venturas And The Desert

There are numerous ways to escape from Las Venturas;

-A Jetmax spawns at the docking platform in the South-East of Las Venturas.
 This can be easily taken across the water to Palomino Creek, and from there
 travel to Los Santos should not pose a problem. The Jetmax can alternatively
 be taken to the beach in East Los Santos. This is probably the best method of
 getting out of Las Venturas if you're in the city itself.
-At the airport, the Shamals can be entered. Simply enter one, and hope you
 don't get bombed before you can lift off. With enough skill, this could prove
 to be a faster method of getting straight back to home.
-If you're in the desert, the best option would probably be to get to the Sea
 Sparrow north of the airfield. The cliffs should provide enough shelter from
 Hydras as you take off. Once up in the air, fly north a little until you are
 past the map boundaries. Now you might or might not have noticed but when you
 dive deep, your wanted level goes down one star at a time. Remember how you
 only obtain a wanted level when you enter the forbidden territory? Well now
 you should be far enough out of it, so swim down until your wanted level goes
 down to 3-star (or less). At 3 stars of less, Hydras will not come to shoot
 you down so swim back up to the surface, hop into the Sea Sparrow and fly
 to freedom along the border of the map, making sure not to stray too close to
 the city's boundaries.
-If you're in the more southern parts of the desert, a Speeder that spawns just
 west of Fort Carson or a Dinghy just south of it should last long enough for
 you to drive them to Red County's northern coast.


+    5.5 The Stadium Events    =

These are the events you compete in at the three stadiums around San Andreas.
Some will require flying to get to.

5.5.1 8-Track

This is located in a stadium in the eastern part of Los Santos. It is a long
race, so top priority should go to keeping your car damage-free. When starting,
do not try to rush ahead, as the narrow road will cause a lot of collisions
between the racers. Once they have gotten into a single file along the track,
you can start to overtake them, one by one. You have plenty of time to do so,
so don't worry. The best places to overtake the opponents are on corners; they
will tend to slightly overshoot them, giving you space to sneak in on the
inside. Don't go full speed once you are coming first; many of the corners
cannot be safely maneuvered going at full speed.

5.5.2 Bloodring

The San Fierro Stadium, near the hill with the huge antenna on it. Go to the
Los Santos Airport, grab the Shamal and fly there.

When in the bloodring, feel free to look to the side and fire at other
competitors. What makes this different from the bloodring in Vice City is that
there will be a variety of vehicles in the ring, and you will have a supporting
gunner in the seat next to you. He's pretty useless however; it is unlikely you
will stay near a target long enough for him to hit it enough times for it to

This can be a bit frustrating at times, because opponents will strategise
against you, and while some will try to grab the targets before you do, others
will intentionally ram you off the road.

5.5.3 Kick Start

This is one of the two events that appears at the Las Venturas stadium. The
Kick Start spawns every day of the week except Mondays and Wednesdays. Make
sure you don't go on one of those two days.

When you fly there, there should be enough space to land on the large black
plaza across the bridge in front of the stadium entrance.

The easiest of all the stadium events, just drive the bike to the coronas, I
can't remember exactly, but 30 points should be enough.

The wooden loops each contain a yellow corona, and a set of "ribbed" ramps
leading between a set of blocks has a lot of red coronas in it. There are
plenty of green ones which are easy to get.

5.5.4 Dirt Track

The second Las Venturas stadium event, only apprearing on Mondays and
Wednesdays. Get there the same way as above, except on one of the said days
this time.

In my humble opinion, this is the hardest stadium event. You compete on a
Sanchez against 11 other competitors in a narrow-laned track with hills, bumps,
jumps and sharp corners for 6 laps. The crowded space means you will probably
be crashing a lot, and to add to that, the computer AI seems ridiculously good.

There are two ways I have found to win this race;

1. Summon up all your patience, and just keep trying until you win, flying for
   a few minutes each time to get there.

2. Pack a ton of minigun ammo, a ton of satchel charges, and get ready to play
   dirty! I'll explain how in a second.

Firstly, you'll need precious minigun ammo, only available in Las Venturas. Do 
a few flights there, get the pickups, die, repeat. I suggest getting at least
1,500 bullets. Satchel charges aren't rare, and I suggest getting around 80 of
them. If you would like, get all the Las Venturas Horseshoes and they will
spawn in large amounts at the Four Dragons.

The two minigun pickups are located in the following places; one is in the
construction yard in south-east Las Venturas, the other is in the North-East,
but inside the city part (i.e. the part surrounded by the freeway). It is in
an underground carpark. The location of the entrance to the carpark would best
be described as across the train tracks from the V-Rock Hotel, near the Victim
billboard, slightly north of the Sex Shop.

Now for the race; when you start, don't rush ahead, but don't fall too behind
either. After a few left turns and some jumps, you'll see there is a corner
where all the computer opponents crash their bikes. It's a large curve just
before the jump. Carefully look and remember where they landed after crashing.
Stop just beyond the corner, and leave your bike a safe distance from the
crashing area. Every time you get off the bike, don't forget you have a 30
second countdown to get back on it! Just hop on and off and the timer gets

Now, when you hop off on the first lap, chances are all the opponents that fell
are back on their bikes by now. If there are some left, pull out the minigun
and tear them to pieces. Now it's time to get prepared; equip the satchel
charges and go to the place on the bend where the opponents all crash. Begin to
drop satchel charges everywhere, and make sure you pack them dense. You might
notice that both the opponents and their bikes are extremely durable; that's
why the minigun is the only gun for this job. It takes about 5 sniper bullets
to kill one of them, but the minigun does the same damage per bullet and fires
quicker. Don't worry about the bikes, they are very durable, and the opponents
are you primary target.

Hop on the bike and begin to wait, watching until the enemies come around the
bend again and start crashing. WAIT until you think most of them have crashed
(they come in a huge cluster), make sure tons are in the corner, and detonate
the satchels. If you were lucky, the opponents' motorbikes will detonate, but
that's still not enough to kill the damn bastards! Quickly whip out the minigun
and slaughter anyone still on their feet. Now, repeat the stachel process, and
do the same thing when they come around next lap. After 3 laps, the majority
(if not all) should be dead. There are some riders which will tend to crash
rarely, but every one of them does a spinout after the jump, so gun them down
using the minigun.

Now, with no opponents, it's a simple cruise to the victory line.


+    5.6 The Races    +

These are the checkpoint missions triggered when you enter certain vehicles
around San Andreas (well there's actually only two of them).

5.6.1 BMX

There is a BMX in the Los Santos skatepark; hop in and go. I recommend maxing
out your cycling skill beforehand; you'll need to do some pretty big bunnyhops.

5.6.2 NRG-500

There is a rather large empty basin at the import/export crane in San Fierro.
Under the roof, in a corner on the edge of the basin is the parked bike. Police
may rarely get in your way, so be careful! There will be a lot of repetition in
this race; you will need to use the sides of the basin as ramps to propel
yourself out to get the coronas, then go back down, accelerate, and jump again.


+    5.7 The Chiliad Challenge    +

Fairly straightforward yet again. Fly the Shamal to the top of Mt. Chiliad
between 7:00 and 16:00, and hop on. You will probably want a sniper rifle
before you go.

There's two ways to win this; use skill (can be hard sometimes), or play dirty.
The dirty way is much easier and more worry-free.

Simply go through all the checkpoints at any pace, the police shouldn't get in
your way. Near the end, stand a respectable distance away, and snipe all the
other racers who are past the finish, then go through and win.

You are not allowed to use weapons during the race, but the sniper rifle will
be allowed for some reason.

There are three races altogether. You have to win all three. Enjoy the cool gym
shorts you get by doing them!


+    5.8 The Courier Missions  - The "Don't"s and "Especially don't"s    =

These things get activated by hopping onto the 2-wheeled transport located next
to certain shops.

5.8.1 Los Santos Courier
This mission is just a giveaway of % completion points. Just get the bike at
the 24/7 store near the police station, and start riding like you've never
ridden before (just kidding!).

Just try to look at the map for the best routes to get the deliveries in.

5.8.2 San Fierro Courier

This is where the master save file challenge becomes hard. The bike is located
at the Hippy Shopper, near the big church in the western part. You'll be using
a Freeway, which is lucky because this bike can take quite a ramming from
oncoming S.W.A.T vans and police cars.

Make sure you look at the map to plan the most effective route; you may be a
little tight for time with all the police you're going to dodge.

There are many problems you face here; I've written a small troubleshooting
guide here:

1. Police are chasing you from behind - Brake sharply. Yes, this may sound
insane, but if you are braking, the police will pass you on the side, causing
no damage. Then you can just accelerate again, and overtake the police.

2. A roadblock spawns at the Hippy Shopper - Do a lap around San Fierro, for
example drive to the Avispa Country Club and back, and there is a chance they
will be gone.

3. Around the hilly areas near Chinatown, you unexpectedly fly into
roadblocks - Drive slowly around these areas, they are infested with

During the course of this mission, you MUST NOT:

1. Fall off the bike. With the 4 star wanted level, there always be 6 cops
spawned to attack you. When you kill one, another is spawned nearby and comes,
and they keep coming. While you drive at at least a low speed, cops will not
spawn on the streets. Fall off your bike, however, and all 6 will spawn right
next to you. Moreover, pursuing police cars and S.W.A.T vans will catch up.

2. Run into roadblocks. They may seem harmless from afar, but with tons of
S.W.A.T guys there, they will make short work of your bike. Try to back off and
choose an alternative route.

Apart from that, you ESPECIALLY MUST NOT:

1. Stop the bike. Police will be quick to spawn and arrest you. Just drive
slowly to get a good aim at the coronas, so you can have at least some
acceleration to prevent yourself from being busted.

2. Reverse the bike. This is almost instant failure. The Freeway bike is very
slow at accelerating, and going reverse is slower than walking. You simply
become a lamb to the slaughter to the policemen. If you mishoot a corona, turn
around and go forward again.

3. Get off the bike. The freeway seems to take ages to get onto, and
accelerates much slower than the spawned cops that will kick you off it once
you are on again.

5.8.3 Las Venturas Courier

This is almost identical to the San Fierro, except whereas you had a reasonable
chance of outrunning the cops in the Freeway, you have absolutely no chance in
the Faggio scooter.

Luckily, no roadblocks seem to spawn around Las Venturas. You will have to use
the scooter's excellent maneuverability and easy turning to try and dodge the
cops. And beware of getting bumped, it is very easy to fall off the Faggio
compared to the Freeway.

This thing has reasonably fast acceleration, so it is much safer to stop when
making a delivery compared to the deliveries you made in San Fierro.

If cops are chasing you, drive on the wrong side of the road; you have
excellent maneuverability and should be able to dodge incoming cars, but the
cops following you won't be so nimble.


+    5.9 The Gang Tags    +

A good reason why you should only attempt the master save file challenge after
completing 100% is because you'll already know how to get to these!

Collect some spray can ammo at CJ's house a few times, and you're ready to go.
No cops or fussy wanted levels.


+    5.10 The Photo-Ops    =

It's time to go adventuring! Two camera ammo pick-ups should provide you with
enough ammo to get all of them.

I suggest doing what I did; to get an easy means of transport every time you go
to San Fierro, land the plane in the empty basin next to the import/export
crane, and use the NRG-500 challenge bike.

Police may get in your way at times, as you are left completely defenseless
while taking the photos with your camera.

Remember; Die often, so you can go and save your progress. I have had glitches
before where the Photo-Op didn't appear at all, so I had to reload my file.


+    5.11 The Horseshoes    +

Flying to Las Venturas will be a drag every time; getting some of the
horsehoes will require a lot of time on foot, and you may die often.

There are some horseshoes that cannot be obtained while on foot.
Some will require wasting a complete airborne transportation device to get,
then having to go look for a new one. The horseshoes that can only be 
reached by other methods of transport rather than foot are;

- The one on the top of the tower in the centre of Come-A-Lot Casino.
- The one on the twin tower billboard at the entrance to the carpark of Come-A-
  Lot Casino.
- The one on the billboard on the freeway near the V-Rock Hotel.
- The one on the very topmost part of the Emerald Isle Casino.
- The one on top of the shop across the road from the Emerald Isle Casino.
- The one next to the Candy Suxxx neon light sign in the Old Strip of Las
- The one in the corner of the roof of the Four Dragons Casino.
- The one inside K.A.C.C Military Fuels.
- The one on top of the Clown's Pocket Casino.
- The one which is west of the horseshoe on the billboard on the freeway, it's
  on a balcony at a big shopping plaza.
- The one on the walkway which circles the Pyramid.

Of these, only the first three will require you to waste your transport.

There are three ways to get these ones mentioned above;

1. Parachute down. (I did for the first three)
2. Land a plane on the roof of the building they are on.
3. Use a helicopter (as suggested by room101).
4. Use the bunny-hop glitch.

The great thing about using the helicopter is that it is re-useable - land in
most places, then get the horseshoe, and just hop back in and continue, whereas
with using planes, you would usually waste a plane each time and have to go
back to the Las Venturas Airport for a new one.

The easiest helicopter to keep using is the Sea Sparrow; they spawn around the
edges of the map in the northern part of San Andreas. Getting it off the ground
will be your main problem; by the time those blades are spinning, you'll have
Hydras on you, as well as police helicopters and an enthusiastic news reporter.

The best way to avoid Hydras is to stay low; their missiles will tend to miss
more for some reason. Once you are inside the city, staying low means the
Hydras won't be able to get you at all. But beware! Armed law enforcement on
the ground won't hesitate to shoot at you. Of course, you could just wipe them
out with the attached minigun.

There's yet another way to get the horseshoes, courtesy of Magritte!
For most of the high-up ones, the bunny-hopping glitch can be used. This is
done by holding down L1 to bunnyhop, and hitting the Circle (O) button to fire
at the exact same time as you jump when you let it go. This will result in a
bunnyhop about twice the normal height. This is very maneuverable, and incurs
no Hydra pursuits, making it by far the best method for getting most of the


+    5.12 The Oysters   +

These little buggers are going to be annoying; most are in forbidden area. Your
boats can get taken out incredibly easily by the police, so I can only give one
suggestion; stock up on a lot of M4 ammo, and use a Dinghy. When police come
after you, press triangle to get out, but still be standing on the Dinghy.
Since you are not technically in a boat anymore, the Predators (police boats)
will not use their machine guns on you. While standing on the Dinghy, use the
M4 to wipe out the standing policemen and the boats.

Another alternative boat to the dinghy can be the Coastguard, which spawns
around the San Fierro Airport on the jetties.

Or you could just grab a Sea Sparrow from somewhere on the edge of the map and
use that instead to fly to your destination.

There is another thing I found out from Orion_SR about collecting oysters in
forbidden territory; CJ does not gain a wanted level while swimming. This is
incredibly useful, as most of the oysters in the San Fierro bay, and along the
rivers that divide the main islands can be gotten without triggering a wanted
level. Simply have CJ swim to the desired location. This will work for those
oysters that can be directly accessed from the ocean without going over land at
all. Note that CJ does not get a wanted level only if he stays in the water;
so be careful when swimming in shallow areas not to stand on anything, and
never jump out of the water by pressing square [].


+    5.13 Skills   =

These are the skill bars that give the game an RPG-like feel. You will have to
maximise all of them to get the perfect file.

5.13.1 Respect

The stat of them all. The best (and probably the only) way to gain repect is
by killing police officers and enemy gang members.

As room101 suggests;

"You mention that the best way to raise your weapon skill is to shoot at a
vehicle tyre. I used to think likewise, but not anymore. Get a vehicle
(preferrably a motorbike) and park it inside Pay 'n' Spray. Crouch at the
entrance to the Pay 'n' Spray, equip an auto target firearm, and open up
[fire]. Blast anything and everything in sight. Works like a charm, and raises
your Respect at the same time. When the inevitable tide of cops knocks your
health & armour perilously low, jump on the bike to lose the heat, then go
and replenish your health/armour. Repeat as necessary."

Some things I'd like to add;

1. Use the Pay 'n' Spray in Idlewood near Big Smoke's house. There's a vending
   nearby to replenish health, and beyond that, over the fence, is an armor
   pickup in the corner at the end of the train platforms.
2. This Pay 'n' Spray is in Ballas territory; and killing enemy gang members
   will add even more to your respect.

Unlike the other stats, Respect will not say "Respect Upgraded: Maximum
Reached" when you are done. You will have to look at the green highlighted area
on the bar, and work it out for yourself.

5.13.2 Weapons

Simple ammo runs will fill you up on ammo. If you need a particular gun, eg.
Combat Shotgun, just fly over and get it in the place where it is, you will
keep all the ammo due to transfer.

I thought that the easiest way to max weapon skills was by shooting the tyre of
a car repeatedly.

However, if you use the above section, you can max out weapon skills and
respect simultaneously. This will also, for some reason, max weapon skills
quicker. It may take you ages of shooting at a tyre to get maximum, and thus
waste more ammo.

5.13.3 Cycling

Just ride around in your bike, it's no harder than that. This will be fairly

5.13.4 Driving

Get a fast car and fool around in a big area such as the airport. This may take
a long while....

5.13.5 Motorbikes

Once again, get a decent motorbike, sit back and go for a fun cruise.

This stat should be somewhat high after doing a lot of ammo runs though.

5.13.6 Flying

I already said previously that this is the first skill you should max out, but
if you haven't already, you better keep flying.

5.13.7 Lung Capacity

Getting the oysters should have done most of this by now (if not all), so just
swim underwater for a little.

5.13.8 Gambling

Your Gambling skill seems to depend on how much money you have gambled, not how
long you do it or how close to the maximum bet price you go.

Start off at the blackjack table with $100, then when you upgrade go to $1,000
and then $10,000 and $100,000, go there, betting maximum every time.

Although it may take many games to get the first little inch of the skill bar,
the second will come quicker, and you can fill it instantly with one or two
$100,000 games.

5.13.9 Sex Appeal

A recently discovered glitch, but very, very useful to our cause.
This works by using the wardrobe located inside the property of your choice.
Go inside, and select "Remove Items", "Torso". After the animation, press (X)
again to select "Keep" and watch as CJ goes back into the wardrobe.

Now a thing to note here is that the White Tank top adds 1.5% to your sex
appeal meter. If it were removed, as shown above, it would be automatically
assumed that you would lose the 1.5% would drop from your sex appeal, but for
some reason the game chooses to keep the sex appeal in place.

Now, select "Binco", "Torso" then "White Tank" (basically hit (X) three times)
and put the tank top back on. Interestingly enough, your sex appeal will go up
by 1.5% because you went from having nothing adding to your sex appeal on your
torso to something that adds to it. Taking the tank off again locks the new
level in place, and the process can be repeated up to an astounding maximum of
50%. Just take off the tank, put it back on. Take it off, put it back on.
Simple enough, but it will be quite a gruelling and long process, because alas
hitting buttons will only take up about 1% of the time. I know, in real life if
you had to take off your shirt and put it back on again, you probably wouldn't
walk into the wardrobe and back out again, then examine yourself in the mirror
each time, but it's worth watching CJ do it for the permanent sex appeal bonus.


And that about does it for the major part of the master file!!!


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#-------------------6. Elite Challenges (Optional)------------------#
@----[email protected]

If you have completed the above main tasks, you will have completed all the
essential tasks for a master save file. These are optional challenges you can
do to make yourself look even better. But beware: they will require either a
lot of time, a lot of patience, or a lot of skill!!!

Without further ado...

+    6.1 Stunt Jumping   =

These are the unique jumps found around the game. All except for one can be
completed. The main problem here is that in Las Venturas, there are no set
spawning points for good cars. You will have to wait for someone to drive by in
one, and grab it hoping the police won't demolish it.

+    6.2 Money, money, money    +

In any way you want, try to get the maximum possible amount of money in San
Andreas. This, to my knowledge, is $999,999,999 (nine hundred and ninety nine
million, nine hundred and ninety nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine).

Without cheating, your best bet is to use the inside track betting. This will,
however, take a lot of time and patience!

+    6.3 Private Relationships    +

This involves just getting the girfriends to become your girfriends and stay at
10% progress.

I have encountered numerous bugs when trying to date them; as soon as the date
starts, it says "You bored her legs shut" and the date fails.

You can get Katie and Barbara as your girlfriends, and apparently also Helena,
but I have not seen Helena ever appear at the ammunation, so I cannot confirm

+    6.4 King Of San Andreas    +

The ultimate criminal rating; 1,000,000. Do whatever you can to get it; kill,
steal, burn, crash, drive, swim!


+    6.5 Tools Of The Trade    =

All credit goes to Blizzard Entertainment and Diablo II for the mission name xD

This mission may sound simple. You will notice that rare cars, such as the
Bullet and Turismo do not spawn on the streets of Los Santos. What you have to
do is, (remember no cheating!), get a Bullet and a Turismo into your Los Santos
garages. Sound impossible, right? I mean, there are invisible walls between
the cities, you can't drive on water, and you don't have a skycrane to lift
them by air!

Although I had an extremely farfetched and ridiculous method of doing this
earlier, the suggestions of some people who I can't remember now (but who
should be in the credits) have found a much easier way. The place to do this is
in Las Venturas.

It may require a very long time of waiting within Las Venturas before one of
these babies spawns - and even when it does, there is a slight challenge when
trying to get it back across to Los Santos territory.

Once the desired car spawns, it's best to go respray it at the Pay-N-Spray next
to the Burger Shot where you did the courier mission. Once out of the spray
shop, drive out and turn left on the road and turn right when you pass Burger
Shot. You will see that it is possible to get onto the freeway that goes
through Las Venturas via a small gap in the wall, between the wall of a
building and the barrier of the bridge. Once on the freeway, head south along
the wrong side of the road as fast as you can.

Once you have cleared the traffic lights (hopefully without any crashes) you
will be on the connecting bridge between Los Santos and Las Venturas. At this
stage of the game there will be a barrier at the end of the bridge. What you
will have to do is drive your car hugging the left side of the bridge, then
quickly swerve right and hit the barrier dividing the sides of the road. This
barrier is of such a shape that can be used as a ramp, so your car will
hopefully go flying and completely clear the wall of the bridge on the right
side, or if not, then hopefully tumble over it.

The trick with this is jumping in the perfect spot. I find that if you look at
the barrier dividing the two sides of the road then there will be a slight gap
at some point a little way along. You should jump directly after this gap. Some
of the more skilled players will probably be able to make the car jump in such
a way that it will completely clear the barrier on the other side; I don't know
any specific technique for achieving this, and have only done it once (which
was unfortunately during a practice run!). Usually I tumble over, which means
there's a high chance of flipping the car. So you will need a lot of patience!

+    6.6 Ironman    +

Even as you played through the game, you dreamed of finally getting into that
elusive Hydra VTOL jet fighter with ultimate speed and destructive power....

....Now imagine trying to get one in a master save file.

The objective is to get a Hydra into one of your Los Santos garages.

Sounds hard, doesn't it? Indeed it is.

Hydra's don't spawn on the ground anywhere; they are only flown by the military
when you have a 4 star wanted level. So the basic principle involved here is
knocking a Hydra out of the sky, and pushing it to a garage. The difficult
part will be the pushing; you will have a 4 star wanted level, hence the name
"Ironman". Anyway, back to the challenge; there are a few different ways of
knocking a Hydra out of the sky:

1. Use a Rustler to shoot it down.
2. While having it tail you, quickly jump from your plane and gun it down with
   a hand-held weapon.
3. Clip it using your wing; if you just use a wing, not enough damage will be
   done to your plane to kill you, but the enemy Hydra will fall quite easily.
4. On extremely, extremely, extremely rare occasions, the computer pilot will
   crash the Hydra into an obstacle.

Let's look at them one by one.

Getting a Rustler; there are two ways. The first involves shooting down a
Rustler flying overhead (they occasionally do) with a minigun. The second is
pusing/towing the one in the San Fierro airport to the Doherty garage (it is
open), thus unlocking it and letting you fly it.
You would be extremely lucky to shoot one flying past down. Getting one to the 
San Fierro garage is no mean feat; pushing is a nightmare, and using the
tow truck, you will be too slow and the police will ram you off the road too

Gunning it down after jumping is also quite hard; aiming the minigun may be
difficult, and the Hydra flies fast, giving you almost no time to hit it.

Clipping it with your wing is only done accidentally; it is almost impossible
to catch up to a Hydra using the Shamal.

And the pilot will crash it about 10 times more rarely than you succeed in
shooting down a Rustler flying by.

Good luck! Pushing a plane through a city, constantly getting bombarded with
police and S.W.A.T will be a challenge.


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#-----------------------------7. Credits----------------------------#
@----------[email protected]

Here comes the list, I hope I included everyone!

Thanks to VampireHorde, got the idea from him (then gave up trying).

Thanks to room101, inspired me to start trying again, and gave some useful

Thanks to Orion_SR, the survival expert. You've really turned this into a new
art of it's own, and have discovered a whole new exciting aspect to the game.
Thank you very much!

Thanks to Magritte, for some very useful tips!

Thanks to ZeusPowers, gave some useful information.

Thanks to jheath for the tips you've given.

Thanks to dark52 and Gamerlady, for the awesome maps they have posted on

An enormous thanks to the following sites, who have asked my permission
before posting the guide. The list includes, but may not be limited to:

Thanks to CJayC for hosting, best gaming site ever!

Thanks to the Australian Government T.G.A! I used
the basic principles for your copyright disclaimer.


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#----------------------------8. Contact Me--------------------------#
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If you have any queries, suggestions, improvements to any part of the guide,
please either post on the message boards, or email me.

My account on the GameFAQs message boards is Viking25

My email is;

vic.             [Just read the email to the left vertically, sorry for doing
k2                this, but if you notice, it is not possible to copy and
@hotmail          paste it, which I think spam bots have been doing to me
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It's better to email me, as I don't guarantee I'll go and check the message
boards often.

Please, constructive criticism only! Although, I do appreciate everyone's
emails, whether it's suggestions, criticisms, praise or just plain trolling!

Thanks for reading, and even if you didn't read, thanks for having a look!