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Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories



by DG-le-Ste

                 *  Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories  *
                 *               All Versions               *
                 *          Version 1.00 - Complete         *
                 *                Walkthrough               *
                 *                 Revision 0               *
                 *       By Daniel "DG-le-Ste" Stephen      *
                 *            Copyright (C) 2012            *
                 *   Email - danielstephen62[at]   *

The [at] replaces the “@” symbol. This is used by many guidewriters to
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“Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” is a video game produced by Rockstar Games, a
subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. No copyright
infringement is intended.

And on that note: gracias.

Any other sources of information, either during or after development and
completion of this guide, are acknowledged. This guide was constructed with a
very detailed playthru of the game; therefore much of this guide’s content is
that of mine, the guidewriter. Any content that is not mine will be
highlighted, and I will credit the author in my guide.

Note that this guide does contain major spoilers. I suggest searching for
another guide if you want to keep your future rewards to yourself. Otherwise,
enjoy this guide.

Version Differences:
1.00 – The fully complete version of the guide.

As of August 2012, I have only given permission to the following gaming
websites to host this guide: 


You may ask my permission via email for posting of my, or parts of my guide.
However, I will not allow you to post the whole guide, or the majority of it,
unless I can trust you with it. If I allow you to post one of my guides, it
must be left UNALTERED, and a credit to my name. Do not copy my guide without
my permission, unless for personal use. Copyright infringement is something I
won’t take lightly, and I will do everything in my power to have plagiarism

This guide takes advantage of the "Quick-Find" feature used on many servers.
By pressing "Ctrl-F" (PC) or "Clover-F" (Mac), you are able to quickly find
what you are looking for in my guide. There are codes at the beginning of
titles to help you quickly go through the guide – for example, "SJ1" or "TT3".
This will save minutes of scrolling back and forth to find what you are
looking for.


Feel free to email me for any of these following reasons:

>> Stories and anecdotes, if they are relevant, and especially if they are
strange and/or funny.

>> Any strategies of your own. It would be great for you to share them, and
you receive full credit for it. Please make these strategies simple, and send
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words, I am simply copying and pasting the email. They may feature grammatical
errors or misspellings, and I will only clear up the major cases of this.
Please do not send emails telling me of these errors.

If your suggestion is not featured, I have not updated the guide yet. I make
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email to remind me!

Also, do not spam me, flame me or troll me in your emails. You’ll simply
receive a blocking if you do so, and that will be the end of the matter.


Table of Contents:

1.	About The Writer
2.	"Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories"
3.	Toni Cipriani – The Protagonist
4.	The Main Menu
5.	The HUD
6.	Busted & Wasted
7.      Outfits
8.      Safehouses
9.      In The Beginning...
10.     "Home Sweet Home" - The Opening Mission
11.     A Tour of Portland Island
12.     The Gangs of Portland Island
13.     Portland Island Side-Missions
             PSM1. Introduction to Hidden Packages
             PSM2. Portland Island Hidden Packages
             PSM3. Introduction to Rampages
             PSM4. Portland Island Rampages
             PSM5. Introduction to Unique Jumps
             PSM6. Portland Island Unique Jumps
             PSM7. Ambulance Mission
             PSM8. Firefighter Mission
             PSM9. Taxi Mission
             PSM10. Vigilante Mission
             PSM11. Introduction to "Backseat Shooting"
             PSM12. "9mm Mayhem"
             PSM13. "Scooter Shooter"
             PSM14. "Bumps & Grinds"
             PSM15. "Noodle Punk"
             PSM16. "Thrashin' RC"
             PSM17. "RC Triad Takedown"
             PSM18. "Scrapyard Challenge"
             PSM19. "Trash Dash"
             PSM20. "Wong Side of the Tracks"
14.      Portland Island Storyline
           CP1. Vincenzo Cilli
                VC1. "Slacker"
                VC2. "Dealing Revenge"
            CS. "Car Salesman"
                VC3. "Snuff"
                VC4. "Smash and Grab"
                VC5. "Hot Wheels"
           CP2. Joseph Daniel "JD" O'Toole
                JDT1. "Bone Voyeur!"
                JDT2. "Don in 60 Seconds"
                JDT3. "A Volatile Situation"
                JDT4. "Blow Up 'Dolls'"
           CP3. Ma Cipriani
                MC1. "Snappy Dresser"
                MC2. "Big Rumble in Little China"
                MC3. "Grease Sucho"
            LRR. "Low Rider Rumble"
                MC4. "Dead Meat"
                MC5. "No Son of Mine"
           CP4. Salvatore Leone
                SL1. "The Offer"
                SL2. "Ho Selecta!"
                SL3. "Frighteners"
            AA. "Avenging Angels"
                SL4. "Rollercoaster Ride"
           CP5. Maria Leone
                ML1. "Shop 'Til You Strop"
                ML2. "Taken For a Ride"
                ML3. "Booby Prize"
            RLR. "Red Light Racing"
                ML4. "Biker Heat"
                ML5. "Overdose of Trouble"
                SL5. "Contra-Banned"
                JDT5. "Salvatore's Salvation"
                JDT6. "The Guns of Leone"
                JDT7. "Calm Before the Storm"
                JDT8. "The Made Man"
                VC6. "The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade"
            STV. "Slash TV"
                SL6. "Sindacco Sabotage"
                SL7. "The Trouble With Triads"
                SL8. "Driving Mr. Leone"
15.      A Tour of Staunton Island
16.      Gangs of Staunton Island
17.      Staunton Island Side-Missions
             SSM1. Staunton Island Hidden Packages
             SSM2. Staunton Island Rampages
             SSM3. Staunton Island Unique Jumps
             SSM4. "Avenging Angels"
             SSM5. "Bike Salesman"
             SSM6. "Car-Azy Giveaway!"
             SSM7. "Deimos Dash"
             SSM8. "Go Go Faggio"
             SSM9. "Joe's Pizza"
             SSM10. "Ragin' RC"
             SSM11. "Torrington TT"
             SSM12. "Trash Dash"
18.      Staunton Island Storyline
                SL9. "A Walk in the Park"
                SL10. "Making Toni"
           CP6. Donald Love
                DL1. "The Morgue Party Candidate"
                DL2. "Steering the Vote"
                DL3. "Cam-Pain"
                DL4. "Friggin' the Riggin'"
                DL5. "Love & Bullets"
                DL6. "Counterfeit Count"
           CP7. Church Confessional
                CC1. "L.C. Confidential"
                CC2. "The Passion of the Heist"
                CC3. "Karmageddon"
            KSM. "Karmageddon" (Side-Mission)
                CC4. "False Idols"
                SL11. "Caught In The Act"
                SL12. "Search and Rescue"
                SL13. "Taking the Peace"
                SL14. "Shoot the Messenger"
           CP8. Leon McAffrey
                LM1. "Sayonara Sindaccos"
                LM2. "The Whole 9 Yardies"
                LM3. "Crazy '69'"
                LM4. "Night of the Livid Dreads"
                LM5. "Munitions Dump"
                DL7. "Love on the Rocks"
19.      A Tour of Shoreside Vale
20.      Gangs of Shoreside Vale
21.      Shorside Vale Side-Missions
             SVM1. Shoreside Vale Hidden Packages
             SVM2. Shoreside Vale Rampages
             SVM3. Shoreside Vale Unique Jumps
             SVM4. "Avenging Angels"
             SVM5. "AWOL Angel"
             SVM6. "Chasin' RC"
             SVM7. "Gangsta GP"
             SVM8. "See the Sights Before Your Flight"
             SVM9. "Trash Dash"
             SVM10. "Wi-Cheetah Run"
22.      Shoreside Vale Storyline
                SL15. "Rough Justice"
                SL16. "Dead Reckoning"
                SL17. "Shogun Showdown"
           CP9. Toshiko Kasen
                TK1. "More Deadly Than the Male"
                TK2. "Cash Clash"
                TK3. "A Date With Death"
                TK4. "Cash In Kazuki's Chips"
                DL8. "Panlantic Land Grab"
                DL9. "Stop the Press"
                DL10. "Morgue Party Resurrection"
           CP10. 8-Ball
                EB1. "No Money, Mo' Problems"
                EB2. "Bringing the House Down"
                DL11. "Love on the Run"
                SL18. "The Shoreside Redemption"
                SL19. "The Sicilian Gambit"
23.      100% Completion Checklist
24.      100% Completion Rewards
25.      Credits
26.      Goodbye!

1.	About the Writer

My name is Daniel Graeme (or Graham) Stephen, otherwise known on GameFAQs as
DG-le-Ste. I am only 18 years old, but I have a number of years of GTA gaming
under my belt. Say what you want to say, but there are millions of kids that
aren’t even 13 playing “Grand Theft Auto” games. This is what I think is a
simple fact, but I‘ll leave the arguments to you. This is a guide, not a

Anyhoo, I come from the northeast of England, but with strong Scottish roots.
I was originally born in Aberdeen, in the northeast of Scotland, until my
family moved to the northeastern English town of Middlesbrough when I was very
young. Most of my lifelong friends are gamers, and that includes me, and so we
are a strong group when it comes to opposable thumbs.

You could say GTA is my specialty. I grew up going on mad rampages on the
comfort of my games console whilst playing as Carl Johnson or Claude Speed.
Because of my childhood memories mostly being of this game series, it has
inspired me to write these guides.

I have studied subjects such as Law and Politics to a high level, which does
require very good reading and writing skills. I have honed these skills into
my guides.

I started writing these guides in the summer of 2012, during the very start of
my gap year before I went to university. This gave me a lot of spare time, and
thus many of my guides have come to be.

I would go into my private life, but this is unnecessary. So, instead of that,
we’ll get under way.

If you need another GTA guide, or any other guide, here is a list of what I
have written: 

>> "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories" Walkthrough
>> "Saints Row" Walkthrough
>> "Saints Row 2" Walkthrough
>> "Saints Row 2" Multiplayer Badges Walkthrough

These guides can be found easily on GameFAQs, as this is where my content is
originally posted. Some other guides may be harder to find, but it is possible
I had posted the guide on another website due to a gaming website's guide
getting oversaturated - what that means is that there are too many mainstream
guides. So you may find some of them scattered around the gaming website world
for that reason. I didn't really need to go too in-depth with it, but here you


2.	“Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories”

Want to know what happened prior to "Grand Theft Auto: III"? Well, this game
should answer your questions.

After Rockstar Games' massive hit, "San Andreas", in 2004/2005, they had some
downtime with their new RAGE engine, and "Grand Theft Auto: IV" was beginning
development. So, with help from Rockstar Leeds, they developed this little gem
and took you back to Liberty City five years after the release of "III".

The game was released for the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable, one of
two Rockstar titles to be Sony-exclusive (the other being "Vice City Stories"
the following year), in 2006. It received interest and positive reviews from
gamers; but as a title that may have been expected to add on from the
groundbreaking experience from the three games before it, it had flopped
compared to the acclaim that the other titles had. What do you expect for a
game made to fill in the gaps?

The game is set in same old Liberty City, but three years prior to "Grand
Theft Auto: III" in 1998. You play Toni Cipriani - you had completed missions
for him in "III" - making him the first crime boss to star as a protagonist in
their own game in a "Grand Theft Auto" title. It fills in the gaps of its
predecessor, and adds on from your Liberty City experience - resurrecting the
Hidden Packages, Rampages and Unique Jumps, and adding in new guns, bikes,
more side missions, different outfits - and what "III" gamers never had, a map
to use. Liberty City is obviously going to be different this time around.

With most of the side-missions available to you from the onset of reaching an
island, and with islands set out very clearly for you (not like "Vice City"),
side-missions are covered before the storyline in that island. Any that are
unlocked after missions, only few, are wrapped within the story missions, and
are dealt with straight away in this guide.


3.	Toni Cipriani – The Protagonist

Toni Cipriani returns to Liberty City, in exile for killing a made man. Now he
is back, but finds himself at the bottom of the food chain, doing odd-jobs for
men he'd rather not associate with, and his mother, constantly looking down on
him. He must regain face, work his way back up, and help in the cause as a mob
struggle threatens to erupt. It is, after all, "a town up for grabs", so for
Toni, everything he wants, and everything he has, is at stake with a city on a
ticking time bomb, ready to explode.

Anyway, onto the game itself...


4.	The Main Menu

The Main Menu is useful for many things. It includes anything else you are
unsure about:

Map – It’s good to know where you are going. You can see safehouses, missions,
and your own position through this.

Brief – If you forgot what you were doing, have a look at your brief to jog
your memory.

Game – Load or delete your saved game, or start anew.

Stats – If you want to admire your records, scroll through your statistics to
see what you have done.

Controls – Get to grips with how you plan to travel in and around the state.

Audio – Control the volume of your radio, and listen to the radio from the
comfort of your Pause Menu.

Display – Change the aspects of the in-game engine, such as the brightness and


5.	The HUD

The Heads-Up Display gives a little extra information. The right-hand corner
of the screen displays the in-game clock, your weapons and ammunition for it,
the amount of money you have and a Wanted Level meter. It remains blank if you
are not on one, but if you are, it is symbolized by how many stars are lit up.
In the bottom right, the name of the district is shown, but only when you
first enter the district. In the bottom right is the radar, to show you how to
get around. And that’s the HUD!


6.     Busted & Wasted

You can have fun in this game – in fact, the possibilities are endless. But
eventually, you take one bullet too many, or that cop finally scores a
beatdown on you.

If you get Wasted, by losing all of your health, you are sent to the nearest
hospital and are billed $100. If you are Busted, you are charged based on your
Wanted Level when you were busted after the first time:

>> 1-Star: $100
>> 2-Star: $200
>> 3-Star: $400
>> 4-Star: $600
>> 5-Star: $900
>> 6-Star: $1,500

If you were on a mission when you were Busted or Wasted, a Taxi awaits you to
take you back to the marker for that mission. It will cost you $9 for the


7.      Outfits

You can unlock certain Outfits during the storyline, and on fulfilling certain
requirements. If you change Outfits, you lose any Wanted Level you have up to
2 Stars. Here is the list of Outfits, how you unlock them and a description of

>> Casual Outfit
   Requirements: Complete the Opening Mission
   Desc.: Reminiscent of Claude's clothing - khakis, brown jacket and black

>> Leone Suit
   Requirements: Complete the Opening Mission
   Desc: Black jacket, pants and shoes, and a white polo shirt - the attire of
         the Leone Mafia.

>> Avenging Angels Fatigues
   Requirements: Complete the mission "Frighteners"
   Desc.: Green jacket, white shirt, cap - this is the Outfit needed to begin
          the "Avenging Angels" side-mission.

>> Chauffeur Outfit
   Requirements: Complete the mission "Rollercoaster Ride"
   Desc.: Your regular, grey suit worn by chauffeurs across the land. Rubs
          salt into the wound of Toni having to drive all the time.

>> Goodfellas Outfit
   Requirements: Complete the mission "Overdose of Trouble"
   Desc.: Black shirt and pants show that you're moving up in the Mafia world.

>> Overalls Outfit
   Requirements: Complete the mission "The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade"
   Desc.: Your Jason-style outfit, used for activating the "Slash TV" side-
          mission. If you ever find a Machete, the set is complete.

>> Sweats Outfit
   Requirements: Complete the mission "A Walk in the Park"
   Desc.: The tracksuit worn if you want to enjoy exerting your anger instead
          of taking it out on gangsters and citizens.

>> Antonio Outfit
   Requirements: Complete the mission "Making Toni"
   Desc.: A more brushed-up version of the Casual Outfit, with a white shirt
          and jeans.

>> Dragon Jumpsuit
   Requirements: Complete the mission "Crazy '69'"
   Desc.: A yellow jumpsuit with black stripes down the waist. Fulfil your
          sick dreams by wearing this, wielding a Katana and chopping heads.

>> Wiseguy Outfit
   Requirements: Complete the mission "Shoot the Messenger"
   Desc.: Brown shirt and pants, once again showing your experience as a

>> Lawyer's Suit
   Requirements: Complete the mission "Love on the Rocks"
   Desc.: You need this to start the mission "Rough Justice" to pick it up. It
          is a three-piece suit with red tie and glasses. Makes Toni look that
          little bit more respectible outside the mob world.

>> Tuxedo Outfit
   Requirements: Complete the mission "A Date With Death"
   Desc.: Your normal tuxedo. You could go to the theater, or pretend to be
          James Bond; I'm sure it'll get bloodstained either way.

>> "The King" Jumpsuit
   Requirements: Complete the storyline
   Desc.: This is Rockstar's take on Elvis' attire. Handy if Toni ever takes a
          vacation to Las Venturas.

>> Underwear Outfit
   Requirements: Complete your first Unique Jump
   Desc.: Toni takes "dressing down" too far with these love-heart briefs.
          This is good for a laugh.

>> Cox Mascot Outfit
   Requirements: Complete "Slash TV" twice
   Desc.: Probably the mascot for the Liberty City Cocks, this outfit is
          advised to be warned to make any witnesses scratch their heads and
          lay off their medication as you deal death.

>> The Hero Garb Outfit
   Requirements: Complete Level 15 of "Avenging Angels" in Shoreside Vale
   Desc.: A psuedo-hero costume. It won't win the hearts of local citizens,
          but at least make them laugh at how ridiculous you look.

And that's all of them. You will get the full set on the way to 100%


8.       Safehouses

Every time you reach a new island, you unlock a Safehouse. You have a Garage
to store vehicles and weapon pickups (from Hidden Packages) on the outside,
with a Save Icon, a Health Icon and a Wardrobe on the inside to make use of.
The details of each one are as follows:

>> Saint Mark's, Portland Island
   Garage Capacity: One Vehicle
   Weapons Spawn: To the right as you enter the yard to the entrance.
   Notes: This is a crummy apartment in the heart of Leone Mafia turf. The
          outside isn't appealing, but the inside is quaint and inhabitable.

>> Newport, Staunton Island
   Garage Capacity: Two Vehicles
   Weapons Spawn: In the garages to the left of the entrance.
   Notes: Again, this is another crummy apartment to the north of the multi-
          storey parking lot, but the inside is a pleasant living space.

>> Cedar Grove, Shoreside Vale
   Garage Capacity: Three Vehicles
   Weapons Spawn: Along the side of the entrance, to the right.
   Notes: This is a nice home in the heart of suburbia, so you have a good
          place to stay when you are needed in this area.

And that is all of the Safehouses in the game. With that, we finish up on the
nitty-gritty of the game itself, and onto the content.


9.      In The Beginning...

A coach pulls up, stopping in Chinatown. Outside steps Toni Cipriani, once a
reliable and trusted man within the Leone Mafia, but he has been in exile for
a number of years after killing a made man. He is back, and makes a phone call
before he hails a taxi.

Toni is reunited with his old boss, Don Salvatore Leone, who has missed him
like he was his son for all the years he never called. He congratulates what
he had done before he was forced to lay low, and wants him to take it easy.
Enter Vincenzo Cilli, or "Lucky", Salvatore's Capo, offered to Toni as a man
who will support him and allow him to earn money again. Toni argues that he's
got history, and doesn't want to be subjected to being belittled and taking
orders that should be below him. Salvatore tells him that he holds him in the
highest regards, but doesn't like that he's apparently being questioned about
his leadership. Toni agrees to settle for this or nothing, and Salvatore
advises that he visit Vincenzo when he needs work. Vincenzo is fine with that,
and takes Toni for a ride.


10.      "Home Sweet Home" - Opening Mission

Vincenzo wants Toni to drive to his new pad, which has "him written all over
it". That must mean it isn't as good as he hopes. It is just down the road to
the north side of Saint Mark's, and you aren't surprised when it is a shit-
hole. Head inside and pick up the Leone Outfit, and then you are driving
Vincenzo down to Atlantic Quays, at his warehouse/office. Before he exits,
Vincenzo tries to drill his superiority into Toni's head.

Mission Passed!

You can make use of the Kuruma, or you could begin Vincenzo's first mission.
However, we have some exploring to do...


11.      A Tour of Portland Island

Portland Island is Liberty City's industrial third, and the eastern island of
Liberty City. It is the least built up of the areas, with small business,
factories, the city's port, and a small population of workers and families
residing in the borough. To the south is the main shipping areas of Portland
Harbor and Atlantic Quays, the Callahan Bridge (currently under construction),
the diner in Callahan Point, serving truckers as their bite to eat, and the
main factory area of Trenton.

Towards the center is Portland View, with a supermarket, the hospital and the
police station to boast, and Chinatown, home of the Asian population in
Portland and possibly Liberty City. Heading northeast is Saint Mark's, located
on a large slope and providing homes for the Portland community, and also the
the mansion owned by Salvatore Leone, making this place the home of the Leone
Mafia. To the west lies the Red Light District - drugs, sex and partying are
all on the agenda here. Hepburn Heights homes the Mexican population, and
to the far north is the ferry station - currently, the workers are on strike
because of cuts to salary due to the falling number of ferry users. Not only
is Portland Island connected with a subway, but it boasts an El-Station that
takes you to different points in the city - three stations in total; one in
Hepburn Heights, Chinatown and Saint Mark's.


12.      The Gangs of Portland Island

The territory in Liberty City isn't shown, but you will come across different
clans and factions across the boroughs. The main gangs in Portland Island are
as follows:

>> The Leone Mafia
   Leader: Salvatore Leone
   Territory: Saint Mark's, Harwood
   Appearance: Black suits without ties
   Vehicles: Leone Sentinel
   Notes: This is the gang that Toni Cipriani works for, with his heart and
   Enemies: Forelli Mafia, Sindacco Mafia, Yakuza, Diablos, Colombian Cartel &
            Triads; Sicilian Mafia (though not featured as a gang in-game)

>> The Sindacco Mafia
   Leader: Paulie Sindacco
   Territory: Red Light District; Torrington only after first "Mob War"
   Appearance: Brown jackets, black shirt and black pants
   Vehicles: Sindacco Argento
   Notes: Once having dealt with the Leones, the Sindaccos have since grown
          apart from them and now think they "run things". Their activities,
          non-traditional businesses, and seemingly a complete idiot for a
          Mafia Don mean that the Leones are not to trust them.
   Enemies: Leone Mafia, Forell Mafia, Triads, Diablos & Uptown Yardies;
            Sicilian Mafia (though not featured as a gang in-game)

>> Liberty City Triads
   Leader: Unknown
   Territory: Chinatown
   Appearance: Blue jackets with dragon insignias on the back
   Vehicles: Triad Fish Van
   Notes: The Triads are a mystery when it comes to their leadership, but have
          the influence of Chinatown, their fish factories and laundrettes
          serve as fronts to their expertise in racketeering and drug dealing.
          They seem to have a running rivalry with the Leone Mafia because of
          Leone dealings with the San Fierro Triads back in Las Venturas, with
          the events in Las Venturas during the storyline of "San Andreas".
   Enemies: Leone Mafia & Diablos

>> Diablos
   Leader: El Burro
   Territory: Hepburn Heights
   Appearance: Blood red jackets and bandanas
   Vehicles: Diablo Stallion
   Notes: The Diablos are a small, Hispanic gang, only holding a shaky grip on
          Hepburn Heights, and most of their income coming from pornography
          and prostitution. They become enemies with the Leones at the end of
          the beginning of the storyline, as they get affiliated the Sicilian
          Mafia promising them their home neighborhood if they attacked their
   Enemies: Leone Mafia, Triads, Yakuza & Uptown Yardies

And that's all your friends (or enemies) in Portland Island. Now, onto...


13.      Portland Island Side-Missions

No "Grand Theft Auto" game would be complete without a lot of side-stuff to
sink your teeth into. With Liberty City's boroughs and side-missions set out
fairly easily in terms of ordering them, I can get on with mostly all the
objectives that Portland Island bears.


PSM1. Introduction to Hidden Packages

If you started your life in "Grand Theft Auto" having to collect these, then
this is a nice throwback, as Hidden Packages - the "original" collectible -
returns with a triumph.

Around Liberty City are 100 Hidden Packages, symbolised as a white glove. If
you pick one up, you are notified the number that you have collected, plus
you earn $250. For every 10 Packages, you get a bonus reward:

10 Hidden Packages - 9mm Pistol
20 Hidden Packages - Shotgun
30 Hidden Packages - Body Armor
40 Hidden Packages - MP5
50 Hidden Packages - .357 Revolver
60 Hidden Packages - M4
70 Hidden Packages - Laser-Sight Sniper Rifle
80 Hidden Packages - Flamethrower
90 Hidden Packages - RPG Launcher
100 Hidden Packages - One-off bonus of $50,000

So, in all, you have the opportunity to make $75,000 in total, and get a lot
of ammunition for cool guns to mess around with. You should get used to
collecting these once you know your way around.


PSM2. Portland Island Hidden Packages

In total, there are 41 Hidden Packages in Portland Island, but certain ones
may be inaccessible to you if you are just starting out. The Hidden Packages
are being picked up from north to south, and from east to west, in order to
get a good flow as you collect them, instead of sending you from one end of
the island to the other.

>> Hidden Package #1 - Harwood
   Directions: This Hidden Package is on the rocks north of Portland Island
               itself. It can only be acquired by boat after you have access
               to Staunton Island.

>> Hidden Package #2 - Harwood
   Directions: In the gate booth outside the north ferry booth at the Ferry
               Terminal. If you still have picketers there, you will have to
               deal with them coming after you.

>> Hidden Package #3 - Harwood
   Directions: Get a tall vehicle with easy access to jump onto its roof - an
               Ambulance works best here. From the El-Train Station in Hepburn
               Heights, head north onto the road towards the ferry station.
               Inspect the curve as the road goes west to the terminals, and
               you will see a construction site. There is orange netting to
               the bordering of this area. Park the Ambulance after turning
               right and parking up against the wall with the netting. Climb
               onto the top of the Ambulance, and up and over this wall to
               grab this Hidden Package.

>> Hidden Package #4 - Harwood
   Directions: Behind the car crusher at the Harwood Crusher & Junkyard area.

>> Hidden Package #5 - Harwood
   Directions: Head onto the Harwood Dirt Track, and look for the ramp facing
               upwards towards the El-Tracks in the southeast of this area.

>> Hidden Package #6 - Harwood
   Directions: This on top of the shelter for the gas pumps at the AMCo Gas
               Station. For this, use another Ambulance and park it at the
               southeast corner of the station from the street above it, jump
               onto the wall and down onto the out-building, onto the gas
               station's building, and then run and jump onto the shelter.

>> Hidden Package #7 - Saint Mark's
   Directions: In the yard next to 8-Ball's Bomb Shop, marked as a Bomb icon
               on the radar, is a junk-heap of a car body. The Hidden Package
               is inside it.

>> Hidden Package #8 - Saint Mark's
   Directions: On top of the small out-building next to the entrance of your
               Safehouse. Use an Ambulance to climb up to it.

>> Hidden Package #9 - Saint Mark's
   Directions: From the Cipriani Ristorante, head west up the street to the
               south of it, and head up towards the Leone lockup in the middle
               of the block to the left (north) of you. Head onto the ledges,
               where the Leone Sentinel is parked, and head around the back
               from the north. Head to the back to find a secluded area, and
               the Hidden Package tucked away there.

>> Hidden Package #10 - Saint Mark's
   Directions: From the four-way intersection located at the southwest point
               of Cipriani's Ristorante, and head slightly south to find the
               "Surplice to Requirements" store, with a purple awning. Next to
               it is a grass ramp. Head up it, and the Hidden Package is
               tucked behind the dumpsters.

>> Hidden Package #11 - Saint Mark's
   Directions: At the picnic tables on the middle level of Marco's Bistro.

>> Hidden Package #12 - Saint Mark's
   Directions: Behind the AmmuNation, in the small shooting area. If you had
               played "Grand Theft Auto: III", you may remember picking up a
               gun here for some of the earlier missions.

>> Hidden Package #13 - Hepburn Heights
   Directions: At the construction site are two trailers that are adjacent to
               each other. The Hidden Package is tucked in the corner behind

>> Hidden Package #14 - Hepburn Heights
   Directions: Get on the El-Tracks on foot, watching out for the trains, and
               head into Hepburn Heights. As soon as you can jump down onto
               the construction site, do it. This is tough to line up, but use
               your judgement and a running jump to get down. Once you're on,
               head west and look for a narrow passage onto a ledge where the
               Hidden Package is located.

>> Hidden Package #15 - Red Light District
   Directions: On the eastern outskirts of this district, and east of the
               construction site, is an area that will serve as a Safehouse in
               "Grand Theft Auto: III". A Hidden Package is in the corner,
               behind the dumpsters.

>> Hidden Package #16 - Red Light District
   Directions: The Hidden Packages will be inside the ruins of the building
               after you complete the mission "Blow Up 'Dolls'".

>> Hidden Package #17 - Red Light District
   Directions: Under the El-Tracks, due west of the apartments, is a planter
               on the dual carriageway's divide. The Hidden Package is at the
               north end of the planter just before the incline.

>> Hidden Package #18 - Chinatown
   Directions: On top of the shelter to the El-Track Station. Use a PCJ 600,
               ride it up the steps to the platform and you should get
               dismounted on the top of the shelter. You now have access to
               the Hidden Package.

>> Hidden Package #19 - Chinatown
   Directions: In the alley behind Mr. Wong's Laundrette, the "T" formation on
               one of the eastern blocks of Chinatown.

>> Hidden Package #20 - Chinatown
   Directions: Next to and north of the Callahan Bridge is the Old School Hall
               with a small parking lot. The Hidden Package is in one of the

>> Hidden Package #21 - Portland View
   Directions: In the small area across the street and west of Sweeney General

>> Hidden Package #22 - Portland View
   Directions: At the end of the ledge on, and accessible from, the east side
               of Sweeney General Hospital.

>> Hidden Package #23 - Portland View
   Directions: Under the platform to the Saint Mark's El-Tracks Station. This
               is technically Saint Mark's, but it is in the territory of
               Portland View.

>> Hidden Package #24 - Portland View
   Directions: In the trees on the plain southeast of the police precinct in
               Portland View.

>> Hidden Package #25 - Trenton
   Directions: On top of Don Kiddick's Sausage Factory, soon to becom "Bitch'n
               Dog Food Factory" in "III". You can only access the roof from
               the El-Tracks. The Hidden Package itself is between the signs
               on the top.

>> Hidden Package #26 - Trenton
   Directions: This Hidden Package requires the use of an Ambulance. Line it
               up with the trailer inside the AMCo Offices across the street
               from the Auto Garage and the Sausage Factory, and then jump on
               to the roof. You can then acquire the Hidden Package.

>> Hidden Package #27 - Trenton
   Directions: Northwest of Vincenzo's offices, and north from the Sawmill, is
               the Coach Depot. The Hidden Package is in the northeast corner
               of this area.

>> Hidden Package #28 - Portland Beach
   Directions: Head up the embankment behind the Car Crusher, and turn right
               at the top. Continue north to find the Hidden Package at the
               water's edge.

>> Hidden Package #29 - Portland Beach
   Directions: Go to Salvatore's Mansion, and head behind it and down onto the
               formation. At the tip of it is the Hidden Package.

>> Hidden Package #30 - Portland Beach
   Directions: This Hidden Package is located on the walkway up to the Light-
               house. It can only be acquired by boat later in the game.

>> Hidden Package #31 - Portland Beach
   Directions: Directly west facing from the entrance to the driveway up to
               Salvatore's Mansion is a rock formation, with the Hidden
               Package located there.

>> Hidden Package #32 - Portland Harbor
   Directions: At the northeast area of the Harbor is a construction area for
               warehouses. Use a PCJ 600 and take a run-up from the grocery
               store to get enough distance for this jump. Make your way
               across the roofs to get the Hidden Package.

>> Hidden Package #33 - Portland Harbor
   Directions: From the entrance to the harbor, head east past the garages and
               turn left. You may want to use an Ambulance to reach the Hidden
               Package, as you find the container crates to the right of the
               white-and-blue warehouse.

>> Hidden Package #34 - Portland Harbor
   Directions: When you enter the harbor, you should see a large warehouse
               with garages on the south side, and steps up to the roof to the
               east. Head up the steps, and the Hidden Package is in front of
               the air vents to the west side of the roof.

>> Hidden Package #35 - Portland Harbor
   Directions: There is a small docked ship to the south of the harbor. Access
               it with the ramp to the east side, and go on the small upper
               level of the deck. The Hidden Package is on this level.

>> Hidden Package #36 - Portland Harbor
   Directions: At the south side of the harbor are colored trailers, visible
               as you approach Portland Harbor from Atlantic Quays. The Hidden
               Package is between the two southernmost trailers.

>> Hidden Package #37 - Atlantic Quays
   Directions: In between two dumpsters at the east side of the warehouses,
               where Vincenzo's office is located.

>> Hidden Package #38 - Atlantic Quays
   Directions: At the southwest section of Atlantic Quays, at the end of the

>> Hidden Package #39 - Callahan Bridge
   Directions: Underneath the Callahan Bridge, near Callahan Point, is a
               girder with the Hidden Package floating there. A concrete ramp
               to the north is the only way about getting it. Get a PCJ 600
               and get a good run-up, lining yourself up with the girder. Once
               you're on, grab the Hidden Package.

>> Hidden Package #40 - Callahan Bridge
   Directions: The Hidden Package is floating above a girder on the Callahan
               Bridge, and can only be obtained when you unlock Staunton
               Island and the bridge's construction is well under sway. It
               will then be located at the end of the west-bound lane.

>> Hidden Package #41 - Portland Island
   Directions: This is on the rocks west of the Red Light District, and is
               only accessible by boat later in the game.

So, if you set out straight, there's more to work on. Otherwise, this is a
good job.


PSM3. Introduction to Rampages

Around Liberty City are skull icons, and if you walk through them, you trigger
the Rampage side-mission. After its absence from "San Andreas", they return as
another throwback to the older "Grand Theft Auto" titles.

You have 2 minutes to reach a certain target of kills - be it citizens or
gangsters - with a certain weapon. The weapons range from your own vehicle to
a 9mm Pistol or Shotgun. When you complete your first Rampage, you are awarded
$50. The second will award you $100; the third at $150, and so on. There are
20 Rampages in total, meaning you will earn $1,000 upon the final Rampage.

Completion of all Rampages will unlock the M60 Weapon Spawn at all of your
Safehouses. Full Health and Armor are recommended for doing these Rampages, as
well as other boosts you can earn from other Side-Missions.


PSM4. Portland Island Rampages

There are six Rampages in total in Portland Island, and they have been laid
out clearly for all the information for you to view.

>> Rampage #1 - Incinerate 25 Diablos
   Weapon: Flamethrower
   Location: Hepburn Heights, behind Borgnine Taxis.
   Notes: If you have earned the Fireproof Feature from the Firefighter
          Mission, this makes matters much easier. If you don't, burning all
          that is in your path is easy enough, as long as you have your back
          covered and you've not got a large distance to travel.

>> Rampage #2 - Burn 7 Vehicles
   Weapon: Molotov Cocktails
   Location: Harwood, behind the wall in front of the building across the
             street and south of the AMCo Gas Station.
   Notes: This is a little bit trickier, seeing as it takes a few Molotovs to
          deal enough damage to total a vehicle. Just jack a car and cause a
          hold-up, and go crazy. Just watch out for the fellow Leones if they
          happen to pass by.

>> Rampage #3 - Kill 25 Leones
   Weapon: Shotgun
   Location: Follow the directions for Hidden Package #10, but instead turn
             left and head up into the last opening in the other side of the
   Notes: A Shotgun may be cool, and may make you invincible, but standing in
          front of 5-10 guidos who want to kill you is a problem you have to
          face here. Keep switching targets to prevent getting swarmed, and
          take the cops down if those idiots get in your way.

>> Rampage #4 - Blow Up 10 Vehicles
   Weapon: RPG Launcher
   Location: Chinatown, in a small area with a large tree across the street
             north of the Fish Factory.
   Notes: The main road in Chinatown makes this laughable. Take out any cars
          you see, but steer clear of the pedestrians.

>> Rampage #5 - Kill 30 Triads
   Weapon: AK47
   Location: Chinatown, in the "T" shaped alley behind Mr. Wong's Laundrette.
   Notes: The Triads only wield Meat Cleavers and 9mm Pistols, but they will
          come to you in packs. Use cover and alleys to get a line of Triads
          right in your sights, avoiding you receiving a meat cleaver into the
          side of the head.

>> Rampage #6 - Run Over 30 Pedestrians
   Weapon: Vehicle
   Location: Portland View, behind the houses next to and south of the El-
             Train Station in Saint Mark's.
   Notes: All you need is your vehicle ready, and then you can mount the side-
          walk and finish up an easy Rampage. Unless the game is reluctant to
          spawn citizens, which usually it doesn't if you go to another area,
          you should have no problem.

And that's all the Rampages in Portland Island.


PSM5. Introduction to Unique Jumps

In this city, you may find small ramps and hills to perform stunts to earn a
small amount of money. If you hit a Unique Jump, the camera switches into a
slow-motion cinematic. If you hit the jump right and get enough distance, you
will complete a Unique Jump. In total, there are 26 Unique Jumps to complete.

Every Unique Jump you complete will earn you $250 as a bonus, plus the money
you receive for just simpy doing the Jump. Completing all 26 will earn you a
bonus of $10,000. Completion of your first Unique Jump will unlock the
Underwear Outfit in your wardrobe.

The best vehicle, and recommended vehicle, for the Unique Jumps is the PCJ 600
motorcycle, due to its quick speed and small size. References made in these
Unique Jumps about the Info are based on using the PCJ 600 to complete these


PSM6. Portland Island Unique Jumps

There are a total of 13, half the Unique Jumps in the game, located in
Portland Island. Information and requirements have been laid out for you to
understand and take in easily.

Unique Jump #1 - Harwood
Area: Northeast point of the Ferry Terminal
Desc.: A wooden ramp formed by a small, beached boat
Info: Start from the booth at the northwest and get some speed and angle
      toward the Jump as you hit it. Land clear of the water.

Unique Jump #2 - Harwood
Area: Southwest part of the Ferry Terminal, behind the gate and at the north-
      west corner of the Dirt Track
Desc.: A grassy ramp facing north/northeast
Info: You will have to start from the waterfront and then gain speed as you
      accelerate down it and hit the ramp. Land in the parking lot outside the
      ferry terminal building.

Unique Jump #3 - Harwood
Area: In the southeast part of the Dirt Track
Desc.: A grassy ramp facing up to the El-Tracks
Info: You will need to take a run-up around the course and veer off it to hit
      it. Lean down as you head straight towards it. You have to clear the
      tracks without touching them.

Unique Jump #4 - Saint Mark's
Area: At the southeast corner of Saint Mark's, southeast of Marco's Bistro
Desc.: A grassy ramp facing down a hill
Info: Head south down the road as you hit the ramp, and clear the hill and
      land at the back section of the Fidl Grocery Store.

Unique Jump #5 - Hepburn Heights
Area: "The Dolls House", at the border of Hepburn Heights and the Red Light
Desc.: The rubble of "The Dolls House" (you must have completed the mission
       "Blow Up 'Dolls'" to attempt this Jump)
Info: Go north along the street for a run-up, and turn into the Jump. You must
      land in the construction site for the Jump to count.

Unique Jump #6 - Chinatown
Area: On the border with Callahan Point, near the mouth of the cave tunnel
Desc.: A concrete ramp, facing north towards the El-Tracks
Info: You need to start at the end of the road next to the jetty in Callahan
      Point. Lean down ALL THE WAY as you hit the ramp. To complete this Jump,
      you need to clear the El-Tracks. In terms of execution, this is one of
      the most challenging ones.

Unique Jump #7 - Portland View
Area: The area above and to the north side of the Portland Island police
Desc.: A concrete ramp atop the precinct and next to Sweeney General Hospital
Info: Line yourself up and back up towards the small wall around the Fidl
      Grocery Store. Lean down and clear the station, landing on the streets
      of Portland View, for the Jump to count.

Unique Jump #8 - Portland Harbor
Area: In the construction site of the warehouses that face north towards the
      Portland Beach
Desc.: A wooden ramp facing north out to the sands
Info: You need to take a good run-up and hit the ramp at full speed. You must
      land on the beach and clear the waters for the Jump to count.

Unique Jump #9 - Portland Harbor
Area: On top of the warehouse with the garages, with a staircase leading up to
      the roof on the east side
Desc.: An air vent facing west towards the streets of Trenton/Portland View
Info: You will need a motorcycle to get a vehicle up here, and then back up
      and hit the vent on the northwest corner of the roof and then land out
      of the harbor for the jump to count.

Unique Jump #10 - Portland Harbor
Area: On the small ship docked to the south area of the Portland Harbor
Desc.: A large metal ramp on the stern (back) of the boat
Info: You need to back up and clear the trailers below for the Jump to count.

Unique Jump #11 - Trenton
Area: At the southeast corner of the loop around Trenton
Desc.: A wooden ramp facing one of the processing buildings around Trenton
Info: Back as far as the grass plain separating Trenton to Portland View, and
      hit the ramp straight on. Clear the roof and land on the overhang for
      the Jump to count.

Unique Jump #12 - Callahan Point
Area: At the top of the hill east of Rusty Brown's Ring Donuts store, formerly
      "Greasy Joe's Diner" in "Grand Theft Auto: III"
Desc.: A grass ramp facing the donut ring at the store
Info: Back up towards the wall of this area, on the border with Atlantic Quays
      and lean down as you hit the Jump. To complete the Jump, you must go
      straight through the ring of the sign cleanly.

Unique Jump #13 - Callahan Point
Area: Behind the Mafia Warehouse, formerly "Turtle Head Fishing Co." in "Grand
      Theft Auto: III" (clearly visible on the map west of Vincenzo's office)
Desc.: A sand ramp facing down to the Callahan Point jetty
Info: Save your game prior to this. You must clear the water below and NOT
      scrape on the wall at the end of the road. Failure tends to end in death
      because you are likely to land in the water. Take a large run-up, and if
      the PCJ 600 doesn't do well, use a Mafia Sentinel or a vehicle with
      decent speed and acceleration.

And that's all Unique Jumps in Portland Island, finishing off all the extras
in this island.


PSM7. Ambulance Mission

This pastime is back in the territory where the GTA fanatics from the
beginning of the franchise first encountered it. The Ambulance mission is
activated by entering the Ambulance and triggering the mission when prompted,
or at any time when you are in it.

You have to pick up patients and bring them back to the hospital within the
time limit. Rescuing all patients completes a level. There are a total of 12
levels to complete for 100% Completion.

To begin with, you have one patient to pick up to complete Level 1. Picking
them up credits you with a time bonus, based on how far you were away from the
Hospital. You can kill the patient if you get into too many scrapes, failing
the mission. There are no checkpoints; failing means you have to start all
over again, no matter whether you were on Level 2 or Level 12.

Every time you advance a level, one additional patient has to be rescued. This
means that Level 12 has twelve patients to save, and adds up to a total of 78
patients requiring help. This means you need to plan your route, as your
Ambulance will only carry three passengers at a time. It is recommended you go
for the furthest patient each time, as your time bonus will be the same as the
first. So, getting 29 seconds bonus, for example, means that bonus is given
for picking up the rest of the patients, and when you drop them off.

Although Staunton Island has the advantage of flatter terrain, Portland Island
is the best place, with no hostile gangs and an easier layout once you get
used to the streets, and the first island is the one that will stay fresh in
your mind with a bit of exploring.

Also, be careful of the Ambulance's suspension - it is useless on a tight turn
and can roll over if you do take too tight a turn, and that obviously isn't
good. You want to take corners slowly, and use handbrake turns where possible
to get to the Hospital or your patients quickly.

Eventually, when you complete Level 12, you are rewarded Infinite Sprint,
which is self-explanatory - you will never tire when sprinting. This is a good
advantage to have if you need to make a getaway on foot in as quick a time as


PSM8. Firefighter Mission

You have to extinguish fires around the city within the time limit to earn
money and a step towards 100% Completion. Get in a Firetruck (one is available
at the station in Harwood) and activate the mission inside.

You have to put out car fires to start off with on Level 1, which is simple
enough when you get used to the water cannon. On Level 2, however, you have
to put out a car fire and a person on fire. This goes up to three car fires
and nine citizens on fire by Level 12, the level that you are required to beat
for 100% Completion.

All you have to do is get used to the water cannon, and following the citizens
as they run around, screaming and, if you're unlucky, into small spaces where
access is difficult or impossible. This is the only problem you'll have.

Upon completion of Level 12, Toni will become fire retardant, another way of
saying that you have unlocked the Fireproof Feature. Again, this is a cool
thing to have if you need precision with your Molotovs or when things "hot


PSM9. Taxi Mission

More or less a rip-off from Sega's "Crazy Taxi", but still one of the regular
side-missions, the Taxi mission requires a Taxi or Cabbie to begin.

Your aim is simple - pick up fares and drop them off at their destinations in
time. The clock will still run as you go for another fare. Your aim is to
complete 100 fares; this is not in a row, only 100 fares altogether.

At every 5 fares you serve in a row, you get a money bonus. You start at $125,
and goes up $125 after every five fares. The most profitable way to complete
this mission is to try and do this all in one run. The average amount of money
I earned for each fare was $35, so you could make around $25,000, give or take
a few thousand.

Upon completion of your 100th fare, you unlock the special variant of the
Taxi, the Bickle '76, at Mean Street Taxis in Trenton. This can be picked up
from the depot at any time. This will also add a step towards 100% Completion.


PSM10. Vigilante Mission

This is a dream job for some gamers - taking down criminals legally as part
as a mission involving the police. The Vigilante Mission can be activated in
any police vehicle, FBI Cruiser or Armed Forces vehicle.

You have to take down criminals to complete a level. At Level 1, there is only
one criminal; Level 2 involves two criminals, and so on. If you are trying
this in a normal Police vehicle, you want quite a bit of SMG ammunition to lay
into the criminals, otherwise you may have a difficult time.

These criminals will not hold off, as they will shoot at you on site. However,
for the purposes of this mission, the vehicle is toughened up to handle much
more gunfire and damage than usual. Try not to crash and use this to your

You have five minutes to begin with, but extra time is handed out for
completing the level. This means the quicker you finish, the more time you
will gather. If your vehicle is damaged, head to the nearest precinct and
switch out if you can, as you can exit your vehicle, but only for a short time
before the mission ends.

If you do manage to complete Level 12, your Armor will now be boosted, adding
a "+" symbol at the end of the bar. This means that your Armor has gone up
from 100 Hitpoints to 150 Hitpoints. This is good for that extra boost you
need on missions and Rampages.


PSM11. Introduction to "Backseat Shooting"

This is a new, one-off side-mission, with three variants to complete - two in
Portland Island, and one in Shoreside Vale.

You are manning a gun in third-person, having to shoot anyone who comes after
you. You are prompted to use Adrenaline Pills, activated using the correct
prompt, to slow down time for accurate shooting. You must take down as many
targets as you can either before the time runs out or before the Damage Meter
reaches full. The timer starts when you get close to a target, and they get
tougher each time you advance through it. Money is awarded for each target

You must reach a certain level and complete it to successfully complete the
Backseat Shooter. Your reward is a step towards 100% Completion, or if you
prefer, the money earned during this side-mission.

You can go past this level to set the bar higher, but anything you earn there
is a bonus. Retry this mission, and you have to beat the high score you set.


PSM12. "9mm Mayhem"

Across from Paulie's Revue Bar (formerly "Sex Club 7" in "Grand Theft Auto:
III") to the east, go around the block to the north or south to find an alley.
In the center is a set of stairs, with a Freeway under it. Enter the Freeway
to begin "9mm Mayhem".

As the title may suggest to you, you are using a Mac-10 SMG to take down the
targets. Bear in mind everything from the section introducing these missions,
taking down your targets quickly and laying into them to successfully
eliminate the target. A set vehicle is used by the targets:

Levels 1-2 - PCJ 600 - Simply shooting them off the back will suffice.
Levels 3-4 - Yardie Lobo - Quickly lay bullets into it to destroy it.
Levels 5-6 - Stinger - If it is open-topped, aim for the head of the targets.
Levels 7-9 - Bobcat - Take out the gunman in the back first, before
                      concentrating on the vehicle itself.
Levels 10+ - Patriot - Take out the gunman in the trunk first, before
                       concentrating on the vehicle itself.

For successful completion on your first go, you need to beat the score of 11
targets, so you are facing all of them. Enjoy the rewards.


PSM13. "Scooter Shooter"

In an "L" shaped alley in Chinatown, at the southern edge of the neighborhood
with the "Funk in Time" billboard on top, is a Faggio moped. Enter it to begin
"Scooter Shooter".

You are using the Mac-10 to take down the targets. Bear in mind everything
from the section introducing these missions, taking down your targets quickly
and laying into them to successfully eliminate the target. A set vehicle is
used by the targets:

Levels 1-2 - PCJ 600 - Simply shooting them off the back will suffice.
Levels 3-4 - Mr. Whoopee - Quickly lay bullets into it to destroy it.
Levels 5-6 - Stinger - If it is open-topped, aim for the head of the targets.
Levels 7-9 - Bobcat - Take out the gunman in the back first, before
                      concentrating on the vehicle itself.
Levels 10+ - Landstalker - Take out the gunman in the tunk first, before
                           concentrating on the vehicle itself.

For successful completion on your first go, you need to beat the score of 11
targets, so you are facing all of them. Enjoy the rewards.


PSM14. "Bumps & Grinds"

In Harwood, to the northwest, is the Dirt Track. Parked next to a tree at the
west side of the track is a Sanchez. Getting onto it will activate the "Bumps
& Grinds" side-mission, featuring ten time trials across different routes on
this track.

You have three laps in each trial, and you have to beat the best time to
succeed and proceed onto the next one. A jump higher than ten feet will earn
you a $10 bonus. Completion of each trial awards you $100. If you fail, you
simply have to retry the trial.

Here are the target times for each course:

Trial #1 - 0:58
Trial #2 - 1:15
Trial #3 - 1:14
Trial #4 - 1:13
Trial #5 - 1:30
Trial #6 - 1:32
Trial #7 - 1:30
Trial #8 - 1:51
Trial #9 - 1:23
Trial #10 - 1:19

Completion of all trials will earn you $2,500 (taking your money earned up to
$3,500), and the Manchez, a special variant of the Sanchez, parked in the
place of the dirt bike originally used to start these trials. You will have to
push it far from its spot before you get on, as simply entering it will bring
up the Trials once again.


PSM15. "Noodle Punk"

East of the Chinatown Plaza, and west of Sweeney General Hospital, is the Punk
Noodles Store. Outside it is a Faggio customized to the logo of the restaurant
called the Noodleboy. Getting on it activates the "Noodle Punk" side-mission.

Just like the Delivery Mission from "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City", you have to
take orders out to customers, deliver them and return within the time limit.
The layout is exactly the same - you have five minutes on each level. At Level
1, you have one customer to serve; on Level 2, you have two customers to
serve; and so on up to Level 10. You can carry six noodle deliveries at any
one time, and if you run out, you have to go back to Punk Noodles and pick up
more, bringing the total back to six. You will have to plan your route by
Level 7 for the best outcome. You are given $10 on each successful delivery,
adding up to $550 for serving 55 customers by Level 10.

Work off your map for the best way to plan your route, and make sure you are
perfectly aligned with the customer before tossing the delivery to them. The
delivery interface works off the drive-by system - look left or right, press
Attack and out your delivery goes. If it lands remotely near them - i.e. a
couple feet away - they will pick it up. If not, they won't. Be careful where
you toss the delivery to them, and take a few seconds to line up. You are
against the clock, so don't overdo it by adjusting yourself for 10 seconds.

When you complete Level 10, you get two bonuses - one, Punk Noodles now makes
revenue for you up to $2,000; and two, your Health is boosted by 25 Hitpoints,
symbolised by a "+" on the Health Bar. That will provide you some extra
breathing space where it is required.


PSM16. "Thrashin' RC"

There are three of these side-missions; one here, one in Staunton Island and
another in Shoreside Vale. This is a smaller version of a street race.

In the construction site of Hepburn Heights, towards the apartments to the
north, is a white RC Toyz Van. Getting into it begins the "Thrasin' RC" side-
mission, the first of three main "RC" missions.

You have to race three other RC vehicles around Hepburn Heights, the Red Light
District and the construction site. You must finish first in all three RC
races to advance. They are pretty simple - the first race is one lap, the
second is two laps, and the third is three laps; they're all on the same
track, so you should get used to it and pass with ease as you go along.

The RCs will not take lightly to you gaining a lead, and will fish-tail you or
ram you at every opportunity they get. It also doesn't help that the handling
is very sensitive, and if you scrape a wall, chances are you will catch onto
it and ruin your race. Just be careful, and try to ignore the other RC cars.
Sometimes, they are controlled like an idiot was behind them, so take
advantage of it. Also, on the later races, it is easier to catch up. So, learn
from this - don't crash, get used to the controls, and ignore your competition
and avoid them when possible. This is a frustrating side-mission, but you
should be happy when it's over.

Completion of the first race will earn you $1,000.
Completion of the second race will earn you $1,500.
Completion of the third race will earn you $2,000.
Beating the best lap times (set and player-set) will earn you $500.

You are looking at a profit of $6,000 if you are quick and successful. I would
not suggest retrying due to the difficulty of this mission, but you will have
to better your times for rewards if you decide to.


PSM17. "RC Triad Takedown"

South of the southern portion of the Chinatown Plaza, west of Trenton, is an
RC Toyz Van. Getting into it activates the side-mission, "RC Triad Takedown".

This is the old-school stuff from "Grand Theft Auto: III", where you have to
use the RC rigged with a bomb to set a target. However, instead of taking out
the vehicles, you have to take out Triads. Triad Fish Van drivers, however, DO
count for this.

You have to find a set of Triads and kill them with the bomb to get the points
racked up. You start with 30 seconds, which is boosted with every kill. Kill
20 Triads to successfully complete this mission.

Be careful of where you set the bomb. If it's too close to the van Toni's sat
in, you will destroy it and kill him, getting yourself Wasted and failing the
side-mission. Just be careful of that. If no Triads spawn, you will have to
drive to other parts of Chinatown to encourage them to come out.

Completion of this side-mission will earn you $1,000. If you retry this
mission, you have to beat your high score.


PSM18. "Scrapyard Challenge"

At the south side of the Scrapyard in Harwood, near the Crusher, is a parked
Sanchez leaning against a small building. Getting onto it activates the
"Scrapyard Challenge" side-mission.

Reminiscent of "Dirt Ring" from "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City", this has you
driving, jumping and navigating precarious ledges to get coronas. They are
organized into Green (Easy), Yellow (Medium), and Red (Hard). Green is worth
one point; yellow is worth two points; red is worth three points. In order to
complete this mission successfully, you have to get a score of 21 points in
two minutes.

There are green coronas just on the ground, so get them first, and then
attempt the yellow coronas. The small hill-ledges to the west of the Yard is
the easiest way to accumulate points and reach that score. From there, go
around and pick up the other coronas to kick up your score.

Completion of this mission will give your a multiplier of 4X against the money
earned from crushing cars from now on. Basically, you earn four times as much
from crushing cars. If you get over 30 points, this multiplier is kicked up to


PSM19. "Trash Dash"

This is a new, one-off vehicle mission activated by getting into a Trashmaster
and activating it when prompted. A Trashmaster can be found easily in the
Harwood Scrapyard.

You have to pick up 12 dumpsters in 30 seconds, with 30 seconds added on for
each dumpster collected. The timer doesn't start until you collect the first
dumpster. In total, you have 6 minutes if you get to the twelfth dumpster in
time. After collecting them, head back to the Junkyard to finish up. The
dumpsters have set locations, and the quickest way to get them are as follows:

#1 - In Callahan Point, at Rusty Brown's Ring Donuts
#2 - In the "L" shaped alley in southwest Chinatown
#3 - Behind Joey's Auto Painting in Trenton
#4 - In southwest Portland Harbor
#5 - In northern Portland Harbor
#6 - In front of the Fidl Grocery Store in Portland View
#7 - Behind the Police Precinct in Portland View
#8 - In the alley across the street west of Sweeney General Hospital
#9 - In an alley in central Saint Mark's
#10 - Southwest of #9
#11 - At the Fish Market in Chinatown
#12 - In a small alley in the Red Light District

After you have taken the dumpsters back, you earn $2,000 for completion. This
is one of three "Trash Dash" side-missions. The other two can only be done
after you can access Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale.


PSM20. "Wong Side of the Tracks"

At the El-Train Station in Saint Marks is a parked Sanchez. Getting on it will
activate the "Wong Side of the Tracks" side-mission.

You have to stay on the El-Tracks - fall off, and the side-mission is failed.
To make it interesting, two Triads on Sanchez dirt bikes will pursue you, and
you must not let them catch you. If they do, they will knock you off. You get
10 seconds added to your timer, and one complete lap of the El-Tracks has to
be made. Stay on the divider, as that is where all the checkpoints are on.

You must be careful whilst turning, and get clear from the Triads as they
start behind you. Just be careful and don't let the timer run out. This is
simple once you get used to it - the only issue is staying on the tracks, so
grab a Sanchez elsewhere and get some practice if you fail multiple times, or
if you are not confident on this.

Completion of this side mission will reward you with $1,500. And that finishes
off all the side-missions in Portland Island that are available to you at the
very beginning. Some more are along the way as we make our way through
Portland Island.


14.      Portland Island Storyline

The Portland Island missions are going to be some of the easiest of the bunch,
as we are just starting out. So, without further ado, let's get on with it.


>> CP1. Vincenzo Cilli

"Vinnie", "Lucky"; whatever you want to call him. This guy is the Capo in the
Leone Mafia, who had taken advantage of Toni's exile to move up the ranks and
take the position he could've held. Vincenzo is cocky, conniving, and annoying
towards Toni - these two don't like each other, but if he prides his place
beside Salvatore Leone, Toni will have to grin and bear it, and work for him.
He has six missions - the first five from his office/warehouse in Atlantic


VC1. "Slacker"

Toni walks into the office, and has it all laid out straight away on his job
for Vincenzo. Vinnie has a dealer under his belt working north Chinatown, but
he hasn't received any money from him since. After making a wisecrack to Toni,
he orders that Toni pays a visit to his man and "encourages" him to get back
on his corner.

Head to Saint Mark's, where the dealer is. A short cutscene shows Toni get him
under control, and then you have to drive him to his patch in Chinatown. He
will protest that his life feels under threat because of the Sindaccos moving
in Chinatown, as you head to the marker, but Toni ignores it because it sounds
like a poor excuse. Drop him off, and the mission is completed.

Mission Passed!


VC2. "Dealing Revenge"

Toni interrupts Vincenzo in the restroom, looking for more work from him. It
turns out what the dealer said during the last mission was right - Sindacco
lowlifes have began to move into Chinatown to set up a drug dealing operation,
and Vincenzo's guy was on their "to-do" list. Vinnie wants Toni to set the
record straight, and take out the Sindacco dealers as revenge for moving in
on "Leone turf".

Head down to the same spot you dropped the dealer off in the last mission. You
have to face off with the dealer, which is easy enough as he challenges you
bare-handed. After you have taken him down, there's two more on this block, so
get back into your vehicle and simply run them over to complete the mission.

Mission Passed!

And with that, we unlock...


CS. "Car Salesman"

In Harwood is the Capital Autos Car Dealership to the east. Enter the marker
outside the showroom between 8AM and 6PM to activate this side-mission.

You must impress four customers in the time limit for money and advancement
through the levels of this side-mission. When you begin to try and impress the
customer, a Fun meter pops up. Do what the customer tells you to fill it up
and complete the deal, driving them back to the dealership. Damage the car,
and you will have to repair it.

There are four customers with four different needs:

Crazy Driver

This customer wants you to cause mayhem by any means to raise the Fun meter.
If you have plenty of SMG ammunition, drive-bying the Firetruck and other
vehicles, as well as citizens, will suffice. Otherwise you have to mount the
sidewalk. You will have to get rid of your Wanted Rating before heading back.

Speed Demon

This customer wants to see how fast this vehicle will go. If you haven't
unlocked Staunton Island yet, using the empty road up to the Ferry Terminals
will get the Fun meter up with no trouble. Get the vehicle back without a
dent to finish up.

Sunday Driver

This customers wants a slow and relaxing drive. Just driving at gentle speeds
around the block will help. Get the car back without a scratch to finish up.


This customer wants to see how this vehicle handles in terms of 4-Wheel Drive.
Head to the Harwood Dirt Track to get his Fun meter up, and then try and get
back with no damage to finish up.

When all four customers are impressed, a level is completed. You earn money
and time each time you successfully impress a customer. If you don't impress
them, or you scare them off, the side-mission is failed and you have to start
the level over.

Completion of Level 4 will spawn the Hellenbach GT in the showroom from now

Completion of Level 6 will have Capital Autos generate money up to $2,000.

Completion of Level 9 will unlock the Snow weather type. This is for the PSP
version ONLY.

Just complete Level 6, and you're done in terms of earning 100% Completion.
Back to the story missions...


VC3. "Snuff"

Toni meets Vincenzo outside of his office. Vinnie tells him that there's a man
named JD O'Toole, who runs Paulie's Revue Bar in the Red Light District. He
wants to work for the Leones, as he will hear lots of stories and gather lots
of information serving in a Sindacco-owned "leisure business". He only has one
Sindacco on his case that needs taken care of before he can help the Leones.

Head to AmmuNation first, to buy a 9mm Pistol. It is free for the purposes of
this mission, but it will cost you $240 to buy from now on. Head to the
construction site in Hepburn Heights, and take out the two Sindaccos stood at
the entrance through into the backyard of the site. From here, there are two
more Sindacco thugs, and then a final thug stood next to a Hellenbach GT. Kill
him, and take his cell-phone.

Toni receives a call from JD O'Toole, who has been filming the whole thing.
These two clearly met before, as Toni reminds him that JD has debts to him. In
a panic, JD tells Toni to take the car as a deposit, but respray it so no-one
will recognize it. Do exactly that - it will be free this time; other times,
it will cost $100 to get a respray.

Mission Passed!

JD O'Toole's missions have been unlocked, the AmmuNation in the Red Light
District will sell you the 9mm Pistol from now on, and you have a Hellenbach
GT to play around with. Keep it for now, as you will need it later in the
Portland Island storyline.


VC4. "Smash and Grab"

Vincenzo is a little on-edge with Toni, angry because of his boys. They were
meant to perform a simple hold-up at the AMCo Gas Station in Harwood, but they
screwed up and they're pinned down by the cops. It is up to Toni to be their
guardian angel and bring them back to Vincenzo safely.

Find a four-door car and head to the Gas Station before the cops take them
down. As soon as you make a move on the Gas Station, you are given a 3-Star
Wanted Level. Watch out for any of them shooting the pumps, pick the guys up,
and lose your Wanted Level at the Pay 'n' Spray. Watch out for the spike
strips the cops may lay out, and you should be fine. Then you can drive with
no pressure back to Vincenzo's place.

Mission Passed!


VC5. "Hot Wheels"

Toni walks in on Vincenzo, receiving head whilst on the phone to his mother -
what a role model he must be. Toni is disgusted by this, but Vinnie palms it
off as "multi-tasking". He tells Toni that his girls on the street are hooked
on coke, and that there's a car full of the stuff in Trenton. Vinnie wants
Toni to pick it up for him and take it to his lockup. Toni turns it down,
probably nervous because of what he has to carry with him, but sweet-talking
and the enforcement of authority has him do it.

Get into the Banshee in Trenton. When you get there, the cops swarm in, and
once again, you have to run from the cops. Again, avoid the spike strips, and
get to the Pay 'n' Spray to lose the heat. Once that's done, head to the lock-
up in Saint Mark's.

A cutscene boots up here, where an angry Toni has it out with Vincenzo over
the phone, telling him about what just happened. Vincenzo acts innocent, and
Toni doesn't take too lightly to it. The normal, shitty attitude from Vinnie
comes out, and then Toni then quits as his lap-dog. You then have to crush the
car, no matter how much it pains you, to finish up and teach Vincenzo not to
screw around.

Mission Passed!

You will get a call from Toni's Ma, asking why they haven't talked since he
went into hiding, and asks him to her place. This opens up Ma Cipriani's


>> CP2. Joseph Daniel "JD" O'Toole

Always referred to by has abbreviated name, JD is one fat, sweaty, strange
and perverted man. He owes Toni from way back, and seems like a slob and a
slimeball to many. However, his interests are valuable towards the Leone's
interests, as he works Paulie's Revue Bar and is the inside man for the Leones
in order to help the fight against the Sindaccos, by being one step ahead. He
has eight missions in total - most of his missions cannot be started if you're
wearing the Leone Outfit, so bring along another Outfit. The only exception to
this rule is the final of his missions that come later on in the game.


JDT1. "Bone Voyeur!"

Toni calls on JD at a bad time for him - he comes out in a BDSM leather
costume at first, before heading back inside to change into his normal clothes
to speak with Toni. He wants his money back, but apparently, JD is being
ripped off out of the money usually earned from his girls.

Get into JD's Rumpo. You have three minutes to collect $700 from different
working girls in the Red Light District. If you drive past an area with a girl
then they will pop up on the radar. Just stick to the Red Light District to
get this done quickly. On a couple of instances, a rival pimp is taking the
girl's money, so run him over and pick it up. Once you've accumulated the $700
then you can take JD back to the bar, and he is generous in his cut to Toni.

Mission Passed!


JDT2. "Don in 60 Seconds"

JD is worried, as he explains to Toni that the cops are going to raid the bar.
This normally wouldn't affect Toni in any way, but Salvatore is paying a visit
today, and if the raid goes on whilst he's in the club, he's busted. Toni will
need to get Salvatore to safety. As Toni runs out to Salvatore's car, the cops
arrive to take them down.

Get into the Mafia Sentinel, and around the block to the Pay 'n' Spray, as the
cops have blocked it off. When you have your Wanted Level cleared, take
Salvatore back to his place. He thanks Toni for the work he's been putting in,
and wants him to clear up some things that he finds only Toni could handle
easily for him.

Mission Passed!

Salvatore's mission line is now available. Plus, the Micro-SMG will now be
available to purchase from AmmuNation for $600.


JDT3. "A Volatile Situation"

Toni has to speak to JD from the other side of the door, as he is "busy". The
bottom line is put simply to Toni - the Sindaccos are looking into destroying
a small gambling house the Leones are operating on home turf, and Toni needs
to help put a stop to that.

Head up to Saint Mark's, and stock up on Health, Armor and guns. The Sindaccos
will come in and fight you - one will try to plant the bomb, and the others
will attack you. There are three vehicles that will arrive, filled with the
Sindaccos - two in their gang vehicles, all wielding Pistols and Mac-10s, and
then the final vehicle in a Patriot with Micro-SMGs. You can only afford one
bomb to go off, as two will destroy the gambling house and fail the mission.

Once you have cleared out the waves, the Sindaccos go in for the killer - a
Yankee filled with explosives. If you cannot destroy it before it reaches the
house, the Sindaccos park it, and you have to move it away. You have 25
seconds to move it to a safe distance with it stuck in low gear, so park it as
far as you can before it blows. When it is clear and safe, the mission is

Mission Passed!


JDT4. "Blow Up 'Dolls'"

JD informs Toni about one of the Sindacco's prime businesses, The Dolls House,
in Hepburn Heights. Not only is it a small casino, but it also serves as one
of their whorehouses. JD advises Toni takes it out so they can get on good
terms with Salvatore.

Take the Sindacco Argento parked outside the club and take it to 8-Ball's Bomb
Shop in Harwood. From there, drive it into the casino/bordello, and arm the
bomb. Run out before the Sindacco thugs begin to tear shreds out of you, get
to a safe distance, and press the remote. The place goes up like the 4th of

Mission Passed!

The Sindaccos in the Red Light District will now be hostile towards you. Plus,
JD O'Toole's missions are over and done with for now.


>> CP3. Ma Cipriani

Behind every man is his mother. In Toni's case, she never gets off his back.
She doesn't consider him a "real man", as they haven't spoke since Toni went
into hiding. Although never seen in the game, Ma Cipriani has five missions,
all about Toni trying to prove his worth to her.


MC1. "Snappy Dresser"

Toni communicates with his mother stood outside, who is ashamed of him because
they haven't spoken since he had "been away", and thinks that a real man would
have called their mother. She uses Giovanni Casa as an example of a good son,
but Toni knows that Casa is a perverted man. Ma doesn't take lightly to these
accusations, and then Toni goes to "pay him a visit".

Grab the Camera from the Portland Safehouse. This is the only time you will
have the Camera on your person in the storyline missions, so you don't want to
be excited about snapping photos like you did in "San Andreas". Head to Casa's
Deli in Chinatown, and you will have to follow his Pony around Chinatown to
the Plaza, where he picks up a couple of working girls. From there, you have
to tail him to the woodlands in Callahan Point. Stay close behind all the way
and don't give him a hint that you're following him.

When Casa jumps out of his van, he comes out in one of the most ridiculous
costumes in GTA history so far - a baby outfit. The girls don't take to this,
and try to run away. You have to keep your distance and get a picture of Casa
and his actions as he chases them. When you get a good picture, Casa gets
spooked, and the three get back in the van and drive off. Drop the camera off
back to Ma Cipriani, where she is ashamed of Toni's actions to try and prove
his point, making this assignment pretty worthless.

Mission Passed!


MC2. "Big Rumble in Little China"

Ma doesn't want to talk to Toni because he hasn't moved back in with her. She
puts it down to fear of the Triads, and when Toni's father is brought into
matters, it leads onto him proving another point that he isn't a coward.

You have two Triad targets to take out. The first group is out in the open in
the Chinatown Plaza, so take them out. The second target is a bulletproof
Triad Fish Van, so you will need to ram it off the road to get the occupants
out, before taking both of them down to complete the mission.

Mission Passed!


MC3. "Grease Sucho"

Ma is on Toni's back yet again, saying that he's not eating right and he's
driving the wrong cars. Toni tries to apologize, but she does not have it. She
also tells Toni that Sucho, a street racer, is involved in a race near the
Portland Harbor. She, like she did Casa, uses him as a shining example of a
good son. She talks about how Toni's father would win the race and rub it in
Sucho's face, so Toni has another point to prove.

You need a good car to begin this race. You cannot use a motorcycle. If you
have the Hellenbach GT earned after completion of the mission "Snuff", that is
a very good car to use. Otherwise, find a car with decent acceleration and
speed before heading to the start line in Trenton, near the entrance to the
Harbor. The Leone Sentinel is a good car to use as an alternative to the
Hellenbach GT if you didn't store it.

The race goes around the outside of Portland, looping around through Atlantic
Quays, Chinatown, Harwood, Saint Mark's, and back to the start line in a full
circuit. When you have done that, you need to chase down and kill Sucho. If
you don't have an SMG, wreck his car until he gets out, and make roadkill of

Mission Passed!

The Thunder-Rodd, the vehicle Sucho drives in this mission, will now spawn in
the parking lot of the Old School Hall next to and north of the Callahan


LRR. "Low Rider Rumble"

After the mission "Grease Sucho", you unlock three new Street Races, all
involving cars. No motorcycles can be used for these side-missions. There is
one in each island.

"Low Rider Rumble" is the first car street race you can access, from the
payphone outside Don Kiddick's Sausage Factory in Trenton. This is a two-lap
race against 3 opponents - all in Hellenbach GTs. You need a good, solid
vehicle for this race. The Hellenbach GT itself is a good option if you can
obtain one, or if you have one from the mission "Snuff".

This race is two laps around Portland Island - through Chinatown, the Red
Light District, Hepburn Heights, Harwood, Saint Mark's, Portland View and then
back into Chinatown to go back around once more.

Completion of "Low Rider Rumble" will earn you $1,500. You can go back to the
payphone to retry this race and try to better your time.


MC4. "Dead Meat"

Whilst Toni investigates some circumstances involving a mystery man, before he
drives away in the Mafia Sentinel, his Ma displays her anger towards Toni.
Because of his actions in the mission "Snappy Dresser", Giovanni Casa has
stopped paying protection money to her, and to add insult to injury, she is
unhappy that Toni isn't doing anything about it. When she says that she wishes
Toni had his guts, in the metaphorical sense, Toni takes it a step further and
sets out to literally "turn him into meatballs".

Head to Casa's Deli in Chinatown. Toni picks him up, and then your next
destination is the Liberty City Sawmill in Atlantic Quays. Toni tries to take
care of him straight away, but he is spooked and begins to run away.

You have to chase down and kill Casa, using only the Hatchet. He will run away
at the first sight of Toni, so you need to sneak up on him to kill him. After
you have made "sausage meat a la Casa", you need to take the van back to his
Deli after getting rid of a 2-Star Wanted Level. When that is done, the
mission is completed.

Mission Passed!


MC5. "No Son of Mine"

Toni talks to his mother after she finishes on the phone. She goes over what
she is disappointed in when it comes to Toni - acting tough, never calling her
and so on. She tells him that their relationship is through, and she's ordered
a contract on Toni. He now has to fight for his life.

You are stuck in the area of Cipriani's Ristorante, and whilst dodging
Grenades, you have to take down all the hitmen that come for you. The first
hitman will be in front of you, so take him out, and use the Shotgun provided
if you need it. The first wave of hitmen, four of them, only carry 9mm Pistols
and aren't too difficult to handle. When you have dealt with them, quickly
head downstairs to grab the Micro-SMG. From here, there are three more waves
of hitmen with Micro-SMGs, so take them down to finish up.

Mission Passed!

That brings an end to Ma Cipriani's missions. Also, one of Ma's hitmen will
come after you on occasion.

You are notified when a Hitman is about to come for you, and even then they
are mostly pushovers and are easily dealt with. Killing them will drop some
money, the weapon they were using (usually a Micro-SMG) and Body Armor.


>> CP4. Salvatore Leone

This man is the Don of the Leone Mafia. He is like a father figure to Toni,
and in turn, Toni is like a son to him. He knows Toni can handle himself, and
puts his trust into settling jobs. He has a total of 20 missions spread
throughout the storyline; involving the rival Sindacco and Forelli families,
and the matters pressing the Leone Crime Family.


SL1. "The Offer"

Salvatore isn't in the happiest of moods when Toni arrives; it doesn't help
when Toni goes on to ask if he is OK. Salvatore soon apologizes, and again
thanks him for what Toni did before he went into exile. He says that for "guys
like them", it's over. He talks about a Union Boss on his case because of
Portland Harbor, shut down by port authority workers on strike because of the
Porter Tunnel issue threatening their Ferry Transport Routes. She won't be
allowing anyone to have their shipments pass through the Harbor, unless they
pay her off. Toni isn't too happy that Salvatore is taking the rap for some-
thing that Salvatore personally organized. That is Salvatore's speech that his
honor means nothing in the city anymore. Salvatore wants Toni to give the
Union Boss a little offering on behalf of him - Toni doesn't like that he has
to subject to her agreements, but Salvatore sees no other way past it.

Head down to Portland Harbor to meet up with Jane Hopper, the Union Boss. When
Toni tries to get talks with her and Salvatore under way, she takes the money,
but simply walks off, saying that she won't play ball with Salvatore, and
sets the boys on him. You have to run as fast as you can to get out of the
Portland Harbor. Just ignore the workers and get out of there.

Mission Passed!


SL2. "Ho Selecta!"

Salvatore talks to Toni, once his wife Maria points him out upon entrance. As
they walk and talk, he tells Toni about a plan he has. They can't get Jane
Hopper on their side, but they can have a pop at trying to get her boys in
her union to comply. He wants to give the picketers some "presents" to win
them over.

You have to get six of the eight girls in Portland Island to the picket line
at the Portland Harbor in six minutes, before the picketers change shifts.
If you have played "Grand Theft Auto: III" and played one of the earlier
missions, "The Fuzz Ball", you will know what to do here. Two girls - one in
the alley in Saint Mark's; the other at the AMCo Gas Station in Harwood - will
already be with clients, so you need to fend them off and pick the girl up.
The other six girls are easier to pick up, as you just have to stop next to
them to pick them up. Use the Leone Sentinel to pick them up and get the six
required to the picket line with time to spare.

Mission Passed!

You will get a call from Salvatore's wife, Maria, after this mission, opening
up her missions in southern Saint Mark's.


SL3. "Frighteners"

Toni and Salvatore sit on a bench behind his mansion on the Portland Rock, as
they discuss their next move on the Union. Salvatore has a problem with the
rest of the Union, and if Toni managed to "persuade" them to get on their
side, it should put enough pressure on Jane to sway and let the Leones have
their way.

The three Union big-shots are driving around Portland, and you have to damage
their vehicles to get them out. Two of them will attack you when they get out.
One has a 9mm Pistol, the other is unarmed. When you have beaten them up, you
have done your job with them. The other big-shot in question will have to be
dealt with similarly, but he will be running scared when he gets out, and you
have done enough to him. Just be prepared for a fight or an easy job.

Mission Passed!

You unlock the Avenging Angels Outfit in your Wardrobe. Put it on and we will


AA. "Avenging Angels"

This is a side-mission that is a different take on the Vigilante Mission. You
can only activate it when you have the Outfit on and when you have found a
following Avenging Angel. They can be found in Chinatown in this instance.

The Avenging Angels side-mission has three variants - one in each island - and
you have to beat 15 levels of it in each area to unlock a reward and to get
a step towards 100% Completion.

There are three scenarios that you face:

Scenario 1 - You are dealing with a motorcycle gang.
Scenario 2 - You are taking out a congregation of gangsters.
Scenario 3 - You have to hunt down and take down a joyrider.

The groups will get larger with progress through the higher levels. You want
to keep your partner close, and have plenty of SMG ammunition, as well as
Shotgun ammunition if you plan to take the second Scenario on foot rather than
in your vehicle. You start off with 2-and-a-half minutes, and you earn extra
time for completing the levels. Getting through the levels quickly will give
you plenty of time to earn succession.

Completion of Level 15 of Avenging Angels in Portland Island will earn you
$1,500 and the "Avenger" motorcycle is delivered to your Portland Island
Safehouse. It is bulletproof, and will only spawn ONCE - if you want to keep
it, save it in your garage.


SL4. "Rollercoaster Ride"

Toni joins Salvatore as he tunes in to Head Radio. Jane Hopper is doing an
interview with them, where she talks about the Mafia trying to intimidate her.
Obviously, she is having none of it, and isn't frightened of them. It's also
clear that everything Salvatore and Toni have tried to do has been worthless.
Sal is very unhappy at her, and wants Toni to finally send out the message to
her - the Leones are not men to mess around.

You have two minutes to head down to Harwood, to the broadcasting center of
Head Radio, and kill the chauffeur, taking his uniform and his place. When you
have done that, Jane comes out, and orders she gets dropped off at the Ferry
Terminal. Instead, you have to take her for a ride, and spook the hell out of
her. You have to get the Scare Meter up to full by driving fast and recklessly
through Portland Island. Just stick to the wrong side to the road, and don't
risk destroying the Stretch and failing the mission by rolling it when taking
a jump - that is, unless you are confident. When you have done that, take her
to the Ferry Terminal, and Toni will remind her of her new priorities now.

Mission Passed!

The Chauffeur Outfit is now available in your Wardrobe. That also marks the
end of Salvatore's missions for now.


>> CP5. Maria Leone

Maria is Salvatore's wife, and if you played "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas",
you will know that these two met in Las Venturas, where she worked as one of
the room service girls. She has her own apartment in southern Saint Mark's,
and is only interested in drinking, drugs, and rich men to fuel her outgoing
lifestyle. She has five missions, all in Saint Mark's, and all about the
trials and tribulations of a guido party animal.


ML1. "Shop 'Til You Strop"

Maria is getting changed in her bedroom, and tells Toni that she wants him to
take her shopping. It isn't long until she is "ready".

This is a step down from what we have had to do previously, as you are only
taking her to one shop to another. You will have to head to Chinatown first,
where Toni learns that Maria's going on a shoplifting bender. Lose the 1-Star
Wanted Level before heading to the next in southern Chinatown. This time, the
clerk shoots out one of the tyres on your vehicle, and then you have to get
away from the clerk and the store and lose the 3-Star Wanted Level before
heading back to Maria's apartment.

Mission Passed!


ML2. "Taken For A Ride"

Toni interrupts Maria on the phone to her regular dealer, and she wants some
"sugar" for her next parties. Toni needs to drive her around yet again to pick
up the product.

Take Maria to the dealers in Chinatown. It doesn't seem too promising when the
dealers are in a Sindacco Argento; sure enough, it turns out to be a trap. You
have to force these guys off the road, kill them, and rescue Maria. Once you
have her back with you, drop her back off at her apartment.

Mission Passed!


ML3. "Booby Prize"

Toni finds a letter left inside Maria's apartment. She writes that she has put
herself up as the winning prize in a local street race, in all her wisdom. She
wants Toni to take part in the street race, and win it - otherwise, they'll
get into trouble with Salvatore.

You have to take part in a motorcycle race, so get a PCJ 600 from Salvatore's
Mansion and get to the starting line near the Old School Hall. This is a one-
lap race against three guys on dirt bikes, so if you brought a PCJ 600, this
will be easy. If you had attempted the mission "Turismo" from "III", this is
exactly the same track. After saving Maria's ass by winning the race, she ends
up giving herself to one of the bikers, Wayne, anyway. So much for that.

Mission Passed!

And you unlock the Bike street races, beginning with...


RLR. "Red Light Racing"

After the mission "Booby Prize", you unlock a second set of Street Races,
involving motorcycles. There are three in total - one in each island - and the
first one is located at the payphone on the southwest block of Chinatown, near
the Callahan Bridge and the road into Callahan Point.

The starting line is in Red Light District, and it is three laps around this
district and Hepburn Heights, so it is a tight circuit with nearly no room for
error. Use the PCJ 600, as the others use Sanchez dirt bikes, and are no real
competition with it. The first lap is the hardest, as your opponents look for
position, but take it easy and overtake them when they mess up.

The reward you get for completion of this mission is $1,500.


ML4. "Biker Heat"

Toni finds Maria laid out on her bed, crying and looking beaten up. Toni
ridicules her, thinking she's just on a downer from her drugs binge. Toni
notices her bruising, and asks who is responsible for it. She admits that it
was Wayne, that biker she rode into the sunset with in the last mission. She
confesses her love to Toni - she actually used that line on Wayne, hence why
she got beaten up - and knowing that she is the wife of his boss and personal
friend, Toni does not take well to it. He then asks where Wayne is now, and
is told that he is at a bar in Chinatown.

Head to the Chinatown Plaza, where Wayne and his boys hang out. Toni confronts
the deadbeat Wayne, and when he tells him what he is going to do for hitting
Maria. He runs off, leaving Toni to fend off his gang. Take them out and take
one of their bikes to take down Wayne. Drive-by him and when he is dead, the
mission is completed. He will drop a Stubby Shotgun and a Chisel if you want
them. Also, the PCJ 600 is bulletproof - you will take ALL the damage from
gunfire rather than it being shared out on the vehicle's health, but if you
want it just to say you have it, or will just be messing around on it, you
may take it.

Mission Passed!


ML5. "Overdose of Trouble"

Toni meets Maria, high on the drugs she had ordered. Toni isn't impressed, and
then gets worried when Maria suddenly changes, asking for a "zap". After
ridiculing Toni's shady knowledge of street slang, she soon admits she's taken
too much - she's ODing. Toni needs to take her to find a "zap" and get her
back down to earth.

You have to quickly take Maria to the dumpsters at Rusty Brown's in Callahan
Point. You may want to use a fast vehicle for this. When you get there, you
run into some of Wayne's boys, and they were pursue you on the way to the next
supposed stash of "zaps" in Hepburn Heights. After not finding them there, it
turns out that Maria may have left them in the apartment all along. Head there
and then it's up to Salvatore's mansion. There, she returns amongst the living
and that little scare is over.

However, Maria isn't happy that Toni has no money on him, and instantly loses
her attraction to him. It turns out she only had Toni drive her around and
help her out because she wanted to dig into his riches. Toni must regret
having to carry around that gold-digger.

Mission Passed!

That is the end of Maria's missions. The Goodfella Outfit is unlocked in your
Wardrobe, and you reopen Salvatore's missions.


SL5. "Contra-Banned"

Toni walks into Salvatore and Maria having a domestic dispute. Some time
later, they finish up the main brunt of their argument, and it allows Toni and
Salvatore to talk business. He is much more cheery after they set the Union
and Jane Hopper straight, and now they can concentrate on raising their status
in Liberty City. He has a shipment that's coming in that will help them with
that, and he just needs someone he knows he could trust to pick it up.

Get in the Leone Sentinel, and pick up the three Leone thugs that will be
joining you on this mission. You will then have to head down to Portland
Harbor to get things under way. Toni is dealing with a handover from some of
the Colombian Cartel, and it doesn't start too well. However, the mule likes
how Toni handles himself, and it seems that everything may work out. However,
the authorities come to bust up the deal.

Take out the Colombians, and then you have to head to the Pay 'n' Spray to
lose your 3-Star Wanted Level. From there, you can drop off the Patriot at the
lockup in central Saint Mark's.

Mission Passed!

This puts an end to Salvatore's mission line for now. JD will call you, and
that opens up his line of missions yet again. Remember to put on different
clothing from your Leone Suit.


JDT5. "Salvatore's Salvation"

Toni meets JD once again, who is very panicky. It takes a while before Toni
gets some sense out of him, but he soon tells him what's got him so worried -
he saw Salvatore get kidnapped as he left the club. As the pair scope out the
streets, JD spots the man that has kidnapped him.

Keep your distance as you tail the Sindacco through Portland View, and near
the Callahan Bridge. Salvatore is bundled in the back, and the plan is to
crush him. You will have to ram them off the road (do NOT use bullets, or you
risk killing Salvatore), kill them, and take the car to Salvatore's Mansion.
He will thank Toni for saving him, and that this isn't the end of dealings
between the Sindaccos and the Leones.

Mission Passed!


JDT6. "The Guns of Leone"

JD speaks over the phone to Toni as he arrives at the back of the club. He
tells Toni that Salvatore has gone nuts, and he's about to come into Sindacco
territory and kill every goon he sees. Stopping him is out of the question, so
JD wants Toni to cover him from up high with a rifle he's stashed on a rooftop

Head into the alley behind the building across the street from the club, head
up the steps and pick up the rifle before heading to the vantage point. From
here, you have protect Salvatore and his guards as he takes down the Sindaccos
in this area. They will storm in from different directions, so watch your map
and radar to see where the next bunch are coming from. When they go down this
street to face off with Sindaccos from the north, go away from the vantage
point and up onto the ledge to the west of you on this roof. They will come
from this street and in front of the club itself. After the Sindaccos are
taken care of, take out the two cops, and then Salvatore makes his way through
into the backdoor of the club.

Mission Passed!


JDT7. "Calm Before the Storm"

It turns out that Salvatore has cleared out all the Sindaccos from the bar,
and now it's under JD and the Leone's full ownership. JD tells Toni that,
apparently, the Sicilian Mafia is trying to broker peace with the three
Liberty City Mafia Families. They have sent out their heavies to talk with
Salvatore, but he suspects a rat. He needs someone to tail the heavy and see
what he gets up to after he leaves.

You need to get to Salvatore's Mansion in a minute-and-a-half. From there, you
see the Sicilian heavy, Massimo Torini, fly off in his helicopter. You have to
follow him through Saint Mark's, and all the way down to Hepburn Heights, near
the construction site. Here, he meets with some Diablo higher-ups, telling
them that if they comply with his organization, their home turf of Hepburn
Heights, currently under Mafia control, will be under their full control. So,
Salvatore's suspicions are correct - this man is a rat, set out to destroy
the Leone's reputation.

He will take off once again, to meet with the Triads in Chinatown on a rooftop
to talk with them. You will need to head up the steps to move in closer and
hear the dialogue. He orders that the Triads have and keep the Leones pinned
down, and then after a Sicilian takeover of the city is made, they will be
"taken care of". He's one hell of an asshole. The Triads soon spot Toni hidden
across the roof, and Torini flees.

You have to take down all the Triads on this roof - have your SMG ready and
target and take them down. Switching targets constantly will benefit you here.
You will then have to head down and kill the last of the Triads on the streets
of Chinatown. When they are dead, the mission is complete.

Mission Passed!

We learnt quite a bit on this mission - information that you will understand
fully as the storyline wears on.


JDT8. "The Made Man"

JD is happy when Toni joins him, as today is the day that he is being made.
He thanks Toni for helping him through everything they have done together, and
soon Mickey arrives to pick them up - however, Toni has to drive them to the
ceremony in Harwood.

The exact location is the Harwood Junkyard. You will have to deal with the
Sindaccos coming to attack you and JD before you can park up. When you arrive,
JD awaits the cavalry in this ceremony, but instead, Mickey puts an Equalizer
bullet into the back of his skull, obviously killing him. It turns out that JD
was a rat as well - the Leone Family seems to have more rats than every
halfway-house and hostel in the city.

You need to drop Mickey off in Portland View, and then dump JD's body. You are
more than likely to run into the cops, earning you a 2-Star Wanted Level. You
want to take the vehicle out to Atlantic Quays, speed along one of the piers,
and then bail out for the best outcome. Just stick to the middle and try not
to wind up in the drink yourself.

Mission Passed!

It is blindingly obvious that we won't be seeing JD or picking up his missions
ever again. After this mission, you get a call from Vincenzo, who wants to
make up for what happened under the orders of Salvatore. Toni decides to
forgive and forget, but only for Salvatore, and Vincenzo's missions open up
once again.


VC6. "The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade"

Toni calls Vincenzo, as he isn't at his office. Vinnie tells him that he's on
a freighter in Portland Harbor, checking over a shipment that has just come
in. Toni doesn't fancy joining him, but Vincenzo is apologetic for his past
actions, and wants to make this the beginning of their new, stronger business
and personal relationship - and all for Salvatore. Toni agrees, but only under
the orders of his boss.

Head to the freighter nearby, and enter it. You see a Leone sprint down toward
the hull, and you have to follow him down. When you get there, it isn't too
much of a surprise that this is an ambush, staged by Vincenzo to try and take
Toni out. The camera will switch to eagle-eye, top-down view, and you have to
take out every Chainsaw-wielding psychopath coming after you. After you have
taken out around 20-30 of them, making sure you are able to keep away from
them, you are met by the man himself.

Vincenzo's reasoning for this is envy - he has "worked his fingers to the
bone" for Salvatore and the Leones, and doesn't like that Salvatore only has
good words for Toni since his return to Liberty City. You now have to kill
him. He only has a Micro-SMG, so he isn't too difficult if you have enough
Health. When he is dead, you can head back outside to finish up.

Mission Passed!

Again, it is obvious we will not be contacting Vincenzo again.

The Overalls Outfit is now available to wear in your Wardrobe. Salvatore will
also call, opening up his missions again. Go to your Safehouse, put on the
Overalls Outfit and head back to the freighter at night to begin...


STV. "Slash TV"

This side-mission is exactly like "The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade" - the
camera angle is switched to eagle eye, and you have to fight off more psychos
with Chainsaws. You will want full Health and Armor, and ammunition for your
SMG or Assault Rifle if you have them, or can obtain them.

There are five levels you have to beat to complete the side-mission - Level 1
is easiest, and earns you $100; Level 2 will earn you $300; Level 3 will earn
you $500; Level 4 will earn you $700; Level 5, the hardest, will earn you
$1,500 and a weapon as a bonus. The weapon earned is random, and it could be
anything from a MiniGun to an M4.

You have to beat this side-mission twice - the first instance is against
tramps that take normal damage, and the second instance is against mascots in
Chicken Suits, who take more damage. They will drop money as well as their
Chainsaws, so that can be a little bonus.

Upon completion of the second variant, the Cox Mascot Outfit is unlocked in
your Wardrobe. And you finish up on this side-mission.


SL6. "Sindacco Sabotage"

Salvatore tells Toni that the Diablos are making a bid to take their home turf
of Hepburn Heights by calling war there with the Leones - under the order of
Massimo Torini and the Sicilian Mafia. At the moment, Salvatore's men are
getting overpowered. He is unhappy that they've just settled things elsewhere,
with a truce called between the Mafia families in Liberty City, and now the
Diablos are crawling through the woodwork. Toni promises Salvatore that he'll
head down to the warzone and hold the Diablos back for the time being.

You are provided with Body Armor and a Mac-10, should you need them. You have
to head down to Hepburn Heights, and dwindle the Diablos Meter down before the
Leones Meter does. To fulfill either, you have to watch out for your men and
kill all the Diablos you can find. They will spawn all over this area, mostly
around the Red Light District, but sometimes they will rush you from Hepburn
Heights. For the best outcome, you want to use the Shotgun if you have any
ammunition for it, and the SMG or Assault Rifle for this mission, to counter
the Diablos close to you and from a distance respectively. If you focus on
keeping yourself unscathed, you should do enough to eradicate all the Diablos
AND keep the Leone thugs up on their feet.

After you have cleared up, a cutscene ensues, where Toni talks to Salvatore
over the phone. He thinks that the Leones will not be able to hold onto this
area of Portland Island for long, due to the bloodshed, but Salvatore vows to
bring the rest of the fight to the Diablos, and to uphold his reputation in
the city.

Mission Passed!


SL7. "The Trouble With Triads"

Toni speaks with Salvatore as he leaves in his newly-purchased Banshee, with
Maria in the passenger seat, still acting rough from their row. He tells Toni
that he has a large stash of money in Callahan Point, and he wants Toni to
pick it up, as he cannot trust anyone other than him to do it.

Head down to the warehouse in Callahan Point, formerly the Turtle Head Fishing
Co. Factory in "Grand Theft Auto: III". As Toni goes to sort things out, the
Triads plant and set off a bomb, destroying the warehouse. It is now a mad
rush to pick it up.

You have four-and-a-half minutes to pick up all the money stashes before it is
burnt in the warehouse fire. You have to kill the Triads set on not having you
do this, and you have to get past and dodge flames. If you have the Fireproof
Feature, this is where it works a treat. It is not too hard to pick up all the
money stashes with time to spare. Once you have collected all of it, head back
to Salvatore's Mansion whilst evading Fish Vans.

Mission Passed!


SL8. "Driving Mr. Leone"

Toni walks in to Salvatore's office, where he holds a gun to him. The effects
of paranoia, due to all that is going on in Portland Island, are getting its
hooks into Salvatore, and is clouding his judgement. He figures this, and puts
the gun down. He tells Toni that he thinks someone is out to get him, and
labels the Mayor of Liberty City to fault. He has some belief into thinking
that he will be blamed for the events that have unfolded since Toni returned
from exile. He wants to "take care of things", and the two leave.

Get into the Leone Sentinel, and head down to the Ferry Terminal in Harwood.
When you get there, the cops arrive and you are given a 3-Star Wanted Level.
Salvatore wants to use the Callahan Bridge in an attempt to get to Staunton
Island, but it hasn't been fully constructed yet. Head onto the bridge and
over the ramp. There is no real risk in this jump, so a good speed is only
necessary to get to Staunton Island quickly. Head into Newport, and to your
new Safehouse, to complete the mission.

Mission Passed!

And we unlock...


15.      A Tour of Staunton Island

Staunton Island is our next island to mess around in. With access from the
half-constructed Callahan Bridge, subway and Ferry Terminal, we can have a
look around.

To the south of the island is Bedford Point, a semi-industrial section of the
city, playing host to some of the industrial companies. Torrington lies in the
southeast, holding the Police Station in the city, as well as the Big Shot
Casino, later remodeled in "III" to Kenji's Casino.

Coming off the Callahan Bridge is Newport, a toned-down area right next to
Belleville Park, and leads up to the Shoreside Lift Bridge on its westernmost
road, which is currently closed down due to industrial action shifting from
the Ferry Terminal to here. Fort Staunton is also a thriving neighborhood this
time around, although not until after the events near the end of the storyline
of this game.

Further north is Aspatria, home to the only other Ferry Terminal in Liberty
City, and the stadium to the Coliseum, home of the Liberty City Cocks football
team. Also near to the north is Liberty Campus, the educational corner of the
city. And that's your tour of Staunton Island.

You can access boats. However, you can only go around Portland Island and the
eastern half of the shoreline of Staunton Island. The north and south shores
have a barrier preventing you from reach Shoreside Vale early. Rockstar had
this sorted from the beginning, in "Grand Theft Auto: III", so don't get any

We shall now delve into the city itself and what it has to offer...


16.      Gangs of Staunton Island

There are only a few additional gangs in Staunton Island...

>> The Forellis
   Leader: Franco Forelli
   Territory: Majority of Staunton Island; Wichita Gardens, Shoreside Vale
   Appearance: Blue/Dark red shirts and light-blue/white jackets
   Vehicles: Forelli Exsess
   Notes: These guys profit on anything, from prostitution and racketeering to
          causing union trouble and even getting into politics. These men and
          their cause have them play dirty, to get influence in Liberty City.
   Enemies: Leone Mafia, Sindacco Mafia, Uptown Yardies, Southside Hoods;
            Sicilian Mafia (though not featured in-game)

>> The Yakuza
   Leader: Kazuki Kasen
   Territory: Torrington and Bedford Point, Staunton Island
   Appearance: Dark blue suits and green/blue shirts
   Vehicles: Yakuza Stinger
   Notes: The Yakuza have began to move into Liberty City, and are fast
          becoming a strong gang in the city. They soon begin to stockpile on
          weapons and merchandise in order to bleed Liberty City dry.
   Enemies: Leone Mafia, Forelli Mafia, Uptown Yardies

>> Uptown Yardies
   Leader: King Courtney (possibly, never mentioned in-game)
   Territory: Newport, Staunton Island
   Appearance: Regular rastafarian attire
   Vehicles: Yardie Lobo
   Notes: The Yardies, rastafarian in origin, are yet to make their mark in
          Liberty City, but with some help, they will begin to case down the
          district of Newport, which was previously Forelli turf.
   Enemies: Forelli Mafia, Sindacco Mafia, Yakuza

And that's the gangs of Staunton Island.


17.      Staunton Island Side-Missions

Again, mostly everything in this area of Liberty City is available to you as
soon as you get there, so there are plenty of things to get through...


SSM1. Staunton Island Hidden Packages

After collecting the few Portland Island Hidden Packages you couldn't reach
until you could get the correct access (by getting to Staunton Island and
achieving access to boats), you have another 29 Hidden Packages to collect,
bringing your possible grand total to 70.

>> Hidden Package #42 - Rockford
   Directions: At the very north end of Staunton Island is the Ferry Terminal.
               The Hidden Package is in between the trailers in this area.

>> Hidden Package #43 - Rockford
   Directions: If you remember the Porter Tunnel entrance from "III", it is
               now only just rock that has started to be dug into. The Hidden
               Package is in front of what will and would be the entrance to
               it. Otherwise, the locale of it is near the Rockford Hospital.

>> Hidden Package #44 - Rockford
   Directions: From the subway entrance across the street and south of the
               Hospital, head east along the road to the parking lot of the
               Hospital. The Hidden Package is hidden in some bushes to your

>> Hidden Package #45 - Rockford
   Directions: From Hidden Package #34, head east to find the parking lot to
               Ristorante Ecoli. Find the wall to your right, and then turn
               180 degrees at the end of this wall, and the Hidden Package is
               in the corner.

>> Hidden Package #46 - Rockford
   Directions: From Hidden Package #45, head northeast and find a way to climb
               this wall. Face due west, and then head due east and cross the
               road to an area beginning to look out towards Portland Island.
               The Hidden Package is in the rocky area, and it should be off
               to your right.

>> Hidden Package #47 - Fort Staunton
   Directions: At the entrance to the subway in Fort Staunton, in the corner
               near the Lipiki sign and across from the public restrooms.

>> Hidden Package #48 - Fort Staunton
   Directions: Find the Fort Staunton Museum, which obviously looks like a
               museum, and across the street south from it is a Bottiglia
               Liquor Wholesalers sign. Get onto the loading dock nearby to
               get behind the sign and to collect the Hidden Package.

>> Hidden Package #49 - Fort Staunton
   Directions: Inside the Plaza in this district, across and north from Liquor
               Charlie's Bar & Grill in an "L" shaped alley, behind the

>> Hidden Package #50 - Fort Staunton
   Directions: At the east end of this district is a bridge with steel support
               beams. Head to the northwest of this bridge where the beam
               meets the ground, and the Hidden Package is on the small ledge.

>> Hidden Package #51 - Fort Staunton
   Directions: Facing north coming off the freeway running from Fort Staunton
               to Torrington, looping around the Casino, is the Staunton Cafe.
               Get an Ambulance, jump on it, and the Hidden Package is on the
               roof of this cafe.

>> Hidden Package #52 - Fort Staunton
   Directions: From the Staunton Cafe, at the three-way intersection at the
               northeast corner, head west and then stop at the SECOND three-
               way intersection. If you have completed the mission "Bringing
               the House Down", you should be able to get into the ruins of
               the building in the northwest corner. The Hidden Package is by
               a window in the western area of the ruins.

>> Hidden Package #53 - Aspatria
   Directions: From the southwest corner of the Liberty Coliseum, head north
               and look for a ramp made naturally from a groove in the land-
               scape. Under the actual ramp is the Hidden Package.

>> Hidden Package #54 - Aspatria
   Directions: Start again at the southwest corner of the Liberty Coliseum.
               Head west onto the path down on the waterfront facing out to
               Shoreside Vale, and look for a concrete ramp. The Hidden
               Package is on the west side, next to the small pipe.

>> Hidden Package #55 - Aspatria
   Directions: In the central area of the parking lot to the Liberty Coliseum.

>> Hidden Package #56 - Belleville Park
   Directions: Get past the picket line and then take the loop up to the
               Shoreside Lift Bridge, stopping as you head straight across the
               bridge. Go to the southernmost support here and onto the
               concrete barrier. Jump onto the ledge with the Hidden Package
               in sight to claim it. To get off, you will have to lose a bit
               of Health to get back to street level.

>> Hidden Package #57 - Belleville Park
   Directions: Behind the Liberty City War Memorial cenataph inside the park
               itself, east of the public toilets.

>> Hidden Package #58 - Belleville Park
   Directions: Inside the circular planter closest to the Callahan Bridge on
               the road coming off it.

>> Hidden Package #59 - Callahan Bridge
   Directions: Underneath the ramp of the bridge on the side going eastbound.

>> Hidden Package #60 - Newport
   Directions: Between the dumpsters south of 8-Ball's Bomb Shop in this
               district, symbolised by a Bomb on the map and radar.

>> Hidden Package #61 - Newport
   Directions: At the road curve going east to south at the large condos that
               face out to Portland are bridge supports to the bridge going
               over this area. The Hidden Package is behind the support close
               to the water's edge at the curve.

>> Hidden Package #62 - Newport
   Directions: At the north side of the road coming off the Callahan Bridge is
               the Lips 106 Building, with a large overhang going all around
               it. Get an Ambulance and get onto the glass overhang at its
               north side. The Hidden Package is on top of it.

>> Hidden Package #63 - Newport
   Directions: Get onto the bridge from Fort Staunton to Torrington, heading
               southbound, and get onto the median when you can. Head along
               here, and head up the grass ramp on foot. Carefully walk along
               the thin ledge made by billboards, and get the Hidden Package
               to the north.

>> Hidden Package #64 - Newport
   Directions: From the Condos facing out to Portland Island, head south into
               this industrialized garage/containing hold area. Head along
               here until you reach the bases of the Callahan Bridge. Look for
               a red container and a concrete ramp next to each other. The
               Hidden Package is in between it.

>> Hidden Package #65 - Torrington
   Directions: Find the park west of the Big Shot Casino with a star sculpture
               in the middle of it. West of it should be an area with a Police
               Bribe. The Hidden Package is in front of a fire exit around
               this area.

>> Hidden Package #66 - Torrington
   Directions: On the east side of the Big Shot Casino, next to one of the

>> Hidden Package #67 - Torrington
   Directions: Near the Police Station is the main road with a grass median.
               A Hidden Package can be found down the way, west of the luxury

>> Hidden Package #68 - Bedford Point
   Directions: Find the LCFR Building in Bedford Point, and head to the
               intersection at the northeast corner of it. From here, head
               northwest and stop at the three-way intersection. At the north-
               east corner is a fence for a courtyard. In the southwest corner
               is the Hidden Package.

>> Hidden Package #69 - Bedford Point
   Directions: Find Phil Cassidy's Fully Cocked Gun Shop in the heart of the
               main one-way roads heading northbound/southbound up to Newport,
               and head up onto the second floor, where the Hidden Package is.

>> Hidden Package #70 - Bedford Point
   Directions: Find the Love Media Building and head to its northwest corner.
               At this intersection, look northeast to find a large, white
               building. Head east from here to find some steps up this
               building, and the Hidden Package is at the top of these steps.

And that's all Hidden Packages for now.


SSM2. Staunton Island Rampages

There are a total of 7 Rampages in Staunton Island to complete, to bring the
total amount we can do at this point to 13 out of 20.

>> Rampage #7 - Assassinate 30 Forellis
   Weapon: M4
   Location: Behind the sign of Carson General Hospital in Rockford. The sign
             is at the southwest area of the hospital.
   Notes: Although the Forellis only use 9mm Pistols at worst, and you have an
          immense weapon (the M4), these guys come in a number of small packs,
          and can charge you. Stick near the Hospital and pick up Health from
          here when you need it.

>> Rampage #8 - Murder 30 Citizens
   Weapon: Shotgun
   Location: On the island in the middle of the lake in northern Belleville
   Notes: Start in the park, and shoot your way onto the streets. This is
          pretty easy, as long as you avoid and look out for cops if and when
          you get a Wanted Level.

>> Rampage #9 - Destroy 10 Vehicles
   Weapon: Grenades
   Location: In front of a doorway, south of the glass shelter in one of the
             small streets running east to west in eastern Belleville Park.
   Notes: You want to pick up this Rampage, get back in your vehicle and begin
          to meet your target inside the nearby multistorey parking lot. This
          Rampage is very easy to complete if you work fast.

>> Rampage #10 - Massacre 25 Citizens
   Weapon: Chainsaw
   Location: At the top steps of the Court House, on the road coming off the
             Callahan Bridge.
   Notes: This is easy if you have the Infinite Sprint feature, so you do not
          tire whilst chasing down the pedestrians. Otherwise, this is another
          simple Rampage.

>> Rampage #11 - Kill 30 Yakuza
   Weapon: Stubby Shotgun
   Location: Locate the Liberty Tree Offices, with an underground parking lot
             and a regular parking lot in Bedford Point, south of the LCFR
             Building. Head west from the entrance and stop at the three-way
             intersection. At the southeast corner, you should locate an alley
             a small distance away. The Rampage is in the alley.
   Notes: Find a group of Yakuza, get up close to them, and blast them until
          they are dead, being careful of Yakuza around the area. This should
          reduce the damage sustained to your Health and Armor.

>> Rampage #12 - Run Over 40 Pedestrians
   Weapon: Any Vehicle
   Location: At the south side of the Love Media Building, at the south side.
   Notes: Take a durable car with no damage, and mount the sidewalk. This is
          an easy Rampage.

>> Rampage #13 - Burn 25 Yakuza
   Weapon: Flamethrower
   Location: In the underground parking bay of the AMCo H.Q. Building.
   Notes: All you have to do is spray the Yakuza in fire. They will attack
          until you incinerate them, and then they'll be too busy screaming in
          pain to retaliate after that.

And that's all the Rampages for now.


SSM3. Staunton Island Unique Jumps

There are a total of six Unique Jumps, bringing your potential total completed
up to 19 out of 26.

>> Unique Jump #14 - Aspatria
   Area: Northwest of the Liberty Coliseum/Stadium, inside the wooded area
   Desc.: An earthen ramp, where Hidden Package #53 is located
   Info: You have to land on the dirt path to have this count. If you over-
         shoot this Jump, you will land in the water, meaning death. Try not
         to overshoot and take a steady approach.

>> Unique Jump #15 - Fort Staunton
   Area: Facing the inlet at the east part of this district, southeast of the
   Desc.: A grassy ramp on the top of this hill
   Info: You need to hit this with speed and clear the water. Make sure you
         pick a dry day for the best grip and the best outcome - a rainy day
         will give you less grip and less chance of completion.

>> Unique Jump #16 - Belleville Park
   Area: On the road to the Shoreside Lift Bridge, on the sidewalk facing the
         "Heavy Weapons" billboard
   Desc.: A small wooden ramp facing across the billboards and towards the
   Info: You want to definitely be using a motorcycle for this Jump, and you
         only need to land on the underpass below for the Jump to count. Go at
         a steady speed and line yourself on the drop onto the road below.
         Save if you aren't confident, as you could easily land in the water.

>> Unique Jump #17 - Bedford Point
   Area: At the front entrance of the Liberty Tree Offices, head west and stop
         at this three-way intersection. The Unique Jump is to the west of the
   Desc.: A grassy ramp facing down onto the jetty area
   Info: Start on the lower level of the freeway, and then line yourself with
         the drop. You must land right at the bottom, and then break before
         you land in the water.

>> Unique Jump #18 - Torrington
   Area: North of the Big Shot Casino, behind the billboards at the south end
         of the industrial area accessible south of the Condos
   Desc.: A grassy ramp facing south
   Info: Hit this Jump at the right speed to clear the billboards for this
         Jump to count.

>> Unique Jump #19 - Torrington
   Area: Southwest of the Big Shot Casino
   Desc.: A grassy ramp at the top of the hill
   Info: You have to clear the water and land in the parking lot of the Casino
         for this to count. Again, you need to do this at top speed on a dry
         day rather than a rainy day.

And that's every Extra in Staunton Island. We only have Shoreside Vale left to
call it all a day.


SSM4. "Avenging Angels"

This is the same as the "Avenging Angels" side-mission we had done in Portland
Island - your fellow Angels can be found in the subways mostly, but some may
appear in Belleville Park.

Your reward is $1,500, and you will not lose money if you get Busted from now


SSM5. "Bike Salesman"

In Aspatria, south of the Stadium and just down the street from the Fire
Station, is the Hogs & Cogs Bike Dealership. Enter the marker outside it
between 8AM and 6PM to begin the "Bike Salesman" side-mission.

You have to sell 40 motorcycles - 10 of each type. This is exactly like the
"Car Salesman" side-mission, but the level system does not exist. You have to
sell PCJ 600s, Sanchez's, Faggios and Freeways. You want to bring a lot of SMG
ammunition to this one.

The four bikes have four different requirements for the customer, and is
exactly the same as "Car Salesman":

>> Freeway - Crazy Driver
   The customer wants to cause chaos on this Chopper. If you have SMG
   ammunition, use it against the Firetrucks next door to the dealership to
   raise the Meter.

>> Faggio - Sunday Driver
   The customer wants to drive slowly. Just take it slow around the area to
   fill the bar and complete the sale.

>> PCJ 600 - Speed Demon
   The customer wants to drive fast. Head south down this freeway to fill the
   Meter and complete the sale.

>> Sanchez - Off-Road
   The customer wants to see how this dirt bike handles off the streets. Go
   along the waterfront nearby and hit the ramp, and then try and climb up the
   small steeples on the hills to fulfil the customer's needs.

Repeat each one until it is gone, and you're done. You need not use the Pay
'n' Spray unless your Wanted Level steps above 2 Stars.

Completion of "Bike Salesman" will have the dealership generate revenue up to
a maximum of $3,000, and access to an Angel inside the showroom.


SSM6. "Car-Azy Giveaway!"

Head to Love Media Offices in Bedford Point, and at the northwest of the
building is a garage with a list of vehicles. This is for "Love Media's Car-
Azy Giveaway!", and you need to deliver all sixteen vehicles on the list to
complete it and fulfil 100% Completion.

Not all vehicles can be collected straight away, as some are only easily
located on Shoreside Vale. You may want to wait until you have the full map
open, or just do what you can until you can reach the vehicles.

Most vehicles have a spawning location, and all have a reward for collecting

>> Hearse
   Reward: $500
   Location: In a parking lot at the south point of the three-way intersection
             between the main road and the Rockford Ferry Terminal.

>> Faggio
   Reward: $500
   Location: Can be found driving the streets, but it is easily found at the
             northwest area of the courtyards in Liberty Campus.

>> Freeway
   Reward: $2,000
   Location: Can be found in the parking lot for the Liberty Coliseum.

>> Phobos VT
   Reward: $5,000
   Location: Parked northwest of your Shoreside Vale Safehouse.

>> Infernus
   Reward: $5,000
   Location: This vehicle spawns at random, and may be difficult to locate.

>> Sentinel
   Reward: $4,000
   Location: In the parking lot for the Big Shot Casino in Torrington.

>> PCJ 600
   Reward: $3,000
   Location: Parked at Salvatore's Mansion in Saint Mark's, Portland Island.

>> Deimos SP
   Reward: $5,000
   Location: Parked in front of one of the suburban homes in Cedar Grove,
             Shoreside Vale.

>> Manana
   Reward: $1,000
   Location: At the Liberty City Cathedral, located in Staunton Island.

>> Hellenbach GT
   Reward: $3,000
   Location: In the showroom of Capital Autos after completion of Level 4 of
             "Car Salesman".

>> V8 Ghost
   Reward: $5,000
   Location: In front of Hope Medical College, the Hospital in Shoreside Vale.

>> Thunder-Rodd
   Reward: $4,000
   Location: In the parking lot of the Old School Hall next to the Callahan
             Bridge in Portland Island.

>> Banshee
   Reward: $4,000
   Location: In the parking lot for the Big Shot Casino in Torrington.

>> Landstalker
   Reward: $3,000
   Location: In the parking lot of the Ferry Terminal in Rockford.

>> BF Injection
   Reward: $3,000
   Location: At the bottom of the cliff on Portland Beach.

>> Patriot
   Reward: $4,000
   Location: In the alley south of the AmmuNation in Staunton Island.

Your total earnings on this side-mission will be $57,000. After you deliver
your sixteenth and final vehicle, the V8 Ghost and the PCJ 600 will spawn
inside the open garages next to your Staunton Island Safehouse from now on.


SSM7. "Deimos Dash"

This is the second of three street races using a car. It is picked up from the
payphone on the east side of the parking lot of the Liberty Coliseum in

You want to be using a fast car to contend with better competition than the
last time around. The V8 Ghost is the best for speed and handling, but a
Yakuza Stinger is the easiest to obtain that is useful for this side-mission.

This is a single-lap race around the northern areas of Staunton Island. The
amount of turns in this circuit requires good handling, but if you are able to
stick on the road and not wipe out, you should be good. Right at the end is a
strait that goes to the finish line, providing an opportunity to win the race
if you are closely following the leader, or are ahead of the pack anyway.

Completion of this race nets you $1,500.


SSM8. "Go Go Faggio"

Head to the Condos in Newport, and look for a Faggio at the entrance of the
industrialized area. Getting on it activates the checkpoint mission, "Go Go
Faggio". You need to collect 25 checkpoints within two minutes. A route plan
has been produced here for the best way to follow the checkpoints round.

Head slightly southeast to collect your first checkpoint, and then look north
to find a ramp leading up to container crates. Head up the ramps and collect
the second and third checkpoints. You will have to be careful on these narrow

After that, head west to collect four more checkpoints by going up the loading
ramp. Be careful on the precarious ledges and tight gaps. Drop down from the
ledge onto the crate to collect your eighth checkpoint. From there, you can
collect the rest on ground level pretty easily to finish up.

Completion of this side-mission will reward you with $1,000.


SSM9. "Joe's Pizza"

West of Phil Cassidy's Fully Cocked Gun Shop is Joe's Pizza. Get onto the
Pizzaboy to begin the "Joe's Pizza" side-mission.

This is exactly like the "Noodle Punk" side-mission, so if you want a full
walkthrough to this type of side-mission, head back to that section to revise
it and try to complete it.

Completion of this side-mission will have the Pizza Store generate revenue up
to a maximum of $2,500, and your Health Hitpoints will be increased by 25
points, for the potential maximum of 150 Hitpoints.


SSM10. "Ragin' RC"

Inside the actual Belleville Park, there is a Toyz Van by the maintenance
building. Getting into it will activate the "Ragin' RC" side-mission.

This is exactly the same as "Thrashin' RC" side-mission, except the three
circuits are in Belleville Park itself. You have to take the same precautions
from that side-mission for the best result. Just be careful of the obstacles
in the park, such as the uneven ground and the barriers, such as the fencing
around the basketball courts.

Completion of this side-mission carries exactly the same rewards as "Thrashin'


SSM11. "Torrington TT"

The second of three bike street races is activated via the payphone next to
the Love Media Offices in Bedford Point.

You want to be using a PCJ 600 for this race, as your competition uses them
this time to boost a challenge. This is a two-lap race around Torrington and
Bedford Point, and you want to out-corner your opponents to get the lead. They
are likely to mess up on cornering, so take advantage of that also.

Completion of this side-mission will reward you with $1,500.


SSM12. "Trash Dash"

This has the same activation point, carries the same objective and provides
the same rewards as "Trash Dash" in Portland Island. You have to take your
load to the Harwood Junkyard as well, and you are given an extra four minutes
to get there when you have all dumpsters collected. A Trashmaster can be found
at the parking lot of Carson General Hospital.

Follow this route for the best outcome when it comes to forcing a good time

#1 - Directly behind the spawn point of the Trashmaster.
#2 - Southwest of Dumpster #1.
#3 - South of the Staunton Island Safehouse.
#4 - In the corner of the alley next to the bike dealership.
#5 - West of Belleville Park.
#6 - In the alley south of AmmuNation.
#7 - Next to the Liberty City Cathedral.
#8 - In an alley west of the Liberty Tree Offices.
#9 - Next to the building north of the Love Media Offices.
#10 - At the Big Shot Casino.
#11 - In the lower alley north of the Police Station.
#12 - East of [email protected] Internet Cafe.

The reward carried for this side-mission in Staunton Island is $3,000.

And that's everything in Staunton Island at this point.


18.      Staunton Island Storyline

Now it's time to get down to business in this part of the city. Salvatore's
next mission is picked up at a payphone south of Belleville Park.


SL9. "A Walk in the Park"

Toni speaks to Salvatore over the payphone, who still wants the Mayor dead
before he gets taken down for what happened back in Portland Island. Toni
agrees to help him. As they speak, the Mayor arrives with a motorcade for his
jog through the park. Salvatore wants Mayor Hole's phone to see who he has
been talking to.

You have to kill the Mayor and retrieve his phone. His bodyguards are the only
problem in this mission; enter the park armed, and his bodyguards are alerted.
Also, once he is dead, attention will shift to you as they attempt to take you
down whilst trying to get his phone. He is hard to hit with a Sniper Rifle,
but stand to the southwest of the park, as the Mayor will stop to catch his
breath in that direction of the park, making him a sitting duck. Once you have
the shot, and have killed him, you will have to retrieve his phone. If you
don't have a Rifle, you can obtain one from the Newport AmmuNation for $6,000.

His bodyguards carry strong weapons - take care of any with MP5 SMGs first
before dealing with the others. Once you have his phone, head back to the
Staunton Island Safehouse to complete the mission.

Mission Passed!

The Sweats Outfit is also unlocked in your Wardrobe. The next mission can be
activated inside your Safehouse.


SL10. "Making Toni"

Salvatore has left a note for Toni, telling him to wait for some of "the guys"
who will come to pick him up. He goes outside, and is greeted by Mickey. He is
obviously nervous because of the events of the mission "The Made Man", but
comes along.

Drive down to Bedford Point. There, Toni is met by Salvatore, with great news
for him - today is the day that Toni becomes a Made Man. After a while, Toni
is dropped back off at the Safehouse.

Mission Passed!

The Antonio Outfit is unlocked in your Wardrobe.

You receive two phone calls. The first is from Ma Cipriani, who has just heard
the news of Toni's ceremony. She is very proud of him, and as a sign of love,
the hits on him have been called off. This means the hitmen that came after
you after the mission "No Son of Mine" will no longer be pestering you.

The second is from Salvatore. He tells Toni that Mayor R.C. Hole was in Franco
Forelli's pocket, and as a form of vengeance, he wants control of City Hall.
He has put forward local businessman, Donald Love, opening his missions.


>> CP6. Donald Love

Donald is one of Liberty City's biggest and most powerful entrepreneurs, and
has been put forward by Salvatore Leone to run for office due to the Mayor's
assassination. Donald is, shall we say, an interesting character behind the
publicity and his businesses. He has eleven missions in total, seven in
Staunton Island, and the rest near the end of the storyline.


DL1. "The Morgue Party Candidate"

Toni has a weird introduction to Donald Love, "practising" for a morgue party
celebrating the beginning of his election campaign. He just needs some guests
to get it started up, and calls on Toni.

You need to steal a Hearse, carrying a body being sent to the pathology labs
inside the Police Station in Torrington. When you reach it, you will have to
cause some damage to it to scare the driver off, and then you have to take the
Hearse to the Pay 'n' Spray to get rid of the 3-Star Wanted Level you earn.
After that, you can drop the body off at the garage of Love Media Offices in
Bedford Point.

Misson Passed!


DL2. "Steering the Vote"

Toni joins Donald overlooking the construction of his penthouse. He tells Toni
that election fever is about to take hold of Liberty City, and every vote
matters. He wants Toni to take his election van and spread the word that
Donald is the man the citizens want in office.

Head into the Rumpo, and then head to different points in Staunton Island to
win over voters. The announcements are mainly trash-talk to Love's rival,
Myles O'Donovan, which is interesting and pretty comical. You need to hold
more than O'Donovan's election van, meaning you have to hold down five out of
the nine marginal voting areas. If you see the rival campaign vans, destroy
them by drive-bying them. When you destroy all of the vans, the mission is

Mission Passed!

If you hold more than five areas upon completion of this mission, you are
given an extra $50, meaning your highest earnings on this mission stands at


DL3. "Cam-Pain"

Toni walks in on Donald tucking into his lunch, pointing to him potentially
being a cannibal by consuming dead bodies. After some politicial sayings and
opinions, Toni points to the interests of the election. He wants to make sure
that they don't throw this away due to Donald having hidden and shameful
secrets. This is important due to O'Donovan being put into the election by the
Forellis. Donald tells Toni that he has a number of shady people canvassing
for him, and they need to be taken care of.

You have to take care of three groups of campaigners on O'Donovan's side. One
is on top of AMCo H.Q., and you will have to openly attack them to take them
down. They are not too dangerous to take care of. The second group is in
Belleville Park, and again it is out in the open, but you can use your vehicle
and the drive-by technique to take care of them. The final group is on Liberty
Campus; if you have projectiles, such as Grenades, on you, you can stand below
where they are and toss them to take them down without taking any bullets.
Otherwise, you have four minutes to tear everyone, including them, apart.

Mission Passed!

Salvatore's missions are now available, but we will leave them until the end
of the Staunton Island storyline, as they are separated out through this part
of the storyline, so for the purpose of flowing through everything, we may as
well leave it.


DL4. "Friggin' the Riggin'"

Donald and Toni meet again on his rooftop, where he explains what is going on.
The Forellis have a silent share in a manufacturer of the new voting machines.
Donald is not stupid, and knows that they will use this to their advantage to
begin vote rigging. He thinks it would be best if the machines had a "major
malfunction" to stop them in their tracks.

Head to the manufacturer's warehouse in Fort Staunton. Pick up the
Flamethrower from Phil Cassidy's Fully Cocked Gun Shop beforehand, and then
before entering, destroy the two Rumpos outside. You will then have to go in
and torch all the pallets and both the printing machines whilst fighting off
the Forellis that come to stop you. If you are careful, this is done pretty
easily with a good weapon.

If you had destroyed the Rumpos, you only need to leave Fort Staunton. If you
didn't, you have to chase down two Forellis that make a break for it. You save
yourself countless amounts of pressure on chasing them down and killing them.

Mission Passed!

You can buy the Shotgun, M4, Flamethrower and the RPG from Phil Cassidy's
Fully Cocked Gun Shop in Bedford Point, now marked on the map.


DL5. "Love & Bullets"

Toni meets with Donald, currently hating the publicity; he knows that it is
all part of the job anyway. The pair both know that the Forellis are going to
attempt to kill Donald as he drives into town. Toni will be supporting him,
however, as he heads into his Limo. When they arrive in Newport, Forelli
hitmen kills the driver, and now Toni has to fight for his and Donald's life.
There is a Sniper Rifle in the trunk that Toni could make use of.

You have the sniper equipped, and now you have to take out the seven Forelli
hitmen stationed around this area. Take out the ones up top first, switch to a
different weapon and take down the rest on ground level. You will then have to
take the driver's seat and battle your way through Forelli reinforcements on
the way back to Donald's offices.

Mission Passed!


DL6. "Counterfeit Count"

Donald tells Toni that the exit polls tally is neck-and-neck, and to prevail
in this election, they have to resort to "Plan B". Some votes have been
uncounted, and are being transported today. Donald wants Toni to take them so
they can replace them with their own. Toni is satirical in how Donald composes
himself, but he knows what's important.

You have to head to the ballot van in Belleville Park, and follow it to the
exchange under the road loop up to the Shoreside Lift Bridge. When the worker
has the votes, kill him and pick them up. There are three more exchanges, and
you need to get three uncounted vote stacks. Therefore, you can only afford to
miss one. Just make sure you don't miss more than that, and you are fine. Once
you have the third out of four votes, the mission is completed.

Mission Passed!

And the end of Donald's missions for now.


>> CP7. Church Confessional

Like most, if not all Mafioso, Toni was raised on a strong, Christian faith.
Every now and again, he stops by at confessional to cleanse his soul. The
priest, however, takes advantage of his lifestyle in order to do some of "the
Lord's dirty work", and to rid the city of "filth". The Church Confessional is
symbolised by a Church Bell on the map and radar, and has four missions.


CC1. "L.C. Confidential"

Toni steps into the booth to confess his sins. Here, the priest, who seems to
know Toni well, wants to put him to "use". Toni gives the plan a go. A
"sinner" had just stopped by Confessional with the priest to admit fabricating
a report on doping within the American sports circuit, and the priest wants
Toni to prevent him from handing over the files to the FBI.

You have two-and-a-half minutes until the "sinner" makes the drop-off. Head to
the crime scene in Fort Staunton/Newport, and steal the FBI Cruiser. You can
lose the Wanted Level or head straight for the drop-off in Newport. Here, the
reporter realises that Toni isn't FBI, and the real agents pull up. Reverse
and quickly run him over and retrieve the files, before taking them to the
Liberty Tree Offices.

Mission Passed!


CC2. "The Passion of the Heist"

Toni comes back to the booth to confess his sins to the priest. The priest
then has another job for Toni. Someone else had stopped by to confess that he
had been fencing diamonds, and the priest wants this "wayward soul" to lose
possession of these diamonds - Toni has to storm a diamond deal.

The meeting is being held at the Rockford Ferry Terminal. There will be some
men stationed up top and hidden away as you approach, so if you have a Sniper
Rifle, use it to take out those in the open, and the helicopter. Be careful,
as every enemy here will be wielding AK47s. Once you have taken everyone out,
take the briefcase and return them to the Liberty Tree Offices.

Mission Passed!


CC3. "Karmageddon"

Toni comes back to the confessional booth, and the priest has high regards for
him compared to the "other degenerates" in Liberty City. He also has a hatred
for vehicles, for "pumping the devil's bum gas into children's lungs", or
something along those lines. He wants Toni to show the citizens what-for by
causing complete chaos.

Head to the Firetruck next to the bike dealership in Aspatria. You have to
fill the "Rating" Meter by ramming cars and causing destruction on the roads
by rolling them, dismounting bikers, and so on. You have four minutes to do
so. This is pretty easy with the sturdiness of the Firetruck, but be careful
as it is simple to shoot yourself in the foot by trashing it carelessly. You
can cause chaos, but don't over-do it. When you have filled the meter, destroy
the Firetruck.

Mission Passed!

And this mission unlocks...


KSM. "Karmageddon" (Side Mission)

Enter one of the Firetrucks at the Fire Station in Aspatria to begin this
side-mission. This is exactly the same as the mission of the same name - raise
the Rating Meter to full within four minutes.

Your reward depends on how fast you completed the mission. Also, a Molotov
Cocktail spawn will now be available behind the Fire Station in Aspatria. And
that's all the side missions in Staunton Island. From here, it's a home run to
Shoreside Vale.


CC4. "False Idols"

You may want to grab a Rocket Launcher from Phil Cassidy's before this mission
in order to make things easier.

As Toni confesses once more, the priest talks about his disliking of the
current celebrity cult - people worshipping worthless, "false idols". Toni is
ordered to kill them.

There are three of these "false idols" that are to give an interview at the
LCFR Building - Faith W. is travelling by chopper, DB-P is taking a boat and
will arrive via Patriot, and Black Lightman will arrive in his Limo. Head to
the LCFR Building and watch for DB-P and Black Lightman pulling up. Use the
Rocket Launcher if you bought one or have one, and kill them both. Faith W.'s
chopper will approach from the northwest, so get to that point and shoot her
down, before heading back to Confessional.

Here, it turns out the "priest" was, in fact, Ned Burner, a journalist in
Liberty Tree Offices. He was using Toni and his "status" to get news stories
to boost his career and move onto bigger things. Toni's been done over, but at
least we had a little bit of fun.

Mission Passed!

And that is the end of the Church Confessional mission line. Salvatore has
been waiting long enough for us...


SL11. "Caught in the Act"

Salvatore meets Toni on a speedboat, and he tells him that they are to talk
with an assistant that used to work for Mayor Hole. The pair drag him off his
fishing boat, and sail down the east coast of Staunton Island to dock.

You are automatically put in first-person, using an M4. You will soon be met
by the Secret Service, and you have to take them down before they cause too
much damage to the boat. You will be able to see them on your map and radar,
so it should be pretty easy to have an idea where they are. They will chase
you in boats, shoot you on land and on the jetties, and even a chopper will
whirl above you, which you have to shoot down, later in this scenario. Just
make sure you have Salvatore's back covered on this one.

With the assailants gone, Salvatore begins to interrogate the assistant. After
some "encouragement", he confesses that the Sicilian Mafia had pressured
Franco Forelli into putting the mayor in his pocket. The hope was that the
Liberty City Mob Families would begin warring with each other, and eventually
cripple each other - once the dust had settled, the Sicilians would take their
place. Now Salvatore and Toni know the Sicilian Mafia's true intentions, they
can begin to put a stop to it.

Mission Passed!

You will get a phone call from Salvatore, telling Toni to meet up with crooked
cop, Leon McAffrey; this opens up that set of missions. For now, we'll stick
with Sal.


SL12. "Search and Rescue"

Toni calls Salvatore on a payphone, to discover he's in trouble. He, himself,
went spying on the Forellis in Fort Staunton Plaza, but didn't know that they
were going to war with the Sindaccos. The two mobs are battling it out, and
Salvatore is stuck in the middle of the fight. He needs Toni to come and pick
him up before he winds up dead.

You have to head to the multistorey parking lot to pick up Sal's bulletproof
Stretch, before heading into Fort Staunton to rescue him. You have to fight
through Sindacco and Forelli guido alike to reach him, and then do the same
again on your way out. Drop Salvatore off at the garage in Newport, east of
the Staunton Island Safehouse, to complete the mission.

Mission Passed!

You will get a phone call from Salvatore, opening up his next mission at
Liberty Campus.


SL13. "Taking the Peace"

Salvatore tells Toni that there's a van nearby that he wants Toni to get in
to. When you get there, at the Hospital, all is explained. Paulie Sindacco is
heading to a meet with the Forellis in order to call a truce after their gang
war. The Leones have done some "messing around" with his Argento, and put in
technology that will allow Toni to take over the controls from this van. Sal
wants Toni to do this and kill all the Forellis at the meet, to give each side
no chance of peace.

You have to get to the meet and kill all the Forellis in five minutes, before
Paulie finds the control system to the technology. With that, you also have to
be careful not to destroy Paulie's Argento, because doing so will fail the
mission. Some Forellis will stick around this area in Newport, whilst others
will get away from the thick of it by going onto the streets. Try not to
sustain unnecessary damage on this mission, and kill the Forellis quickly for
the best result. When they are all dead, the mission is completed.

Mission Passed!

Another phone call from Salvatore will open up his last mission in Staunton
Island in Aspatria.


SL14. "Shoot the Messenger"

Toni is informed by Salvatore that the Sicilian Mafia are behind the current
situation between the Forellis and the Sindaccos. Someone had figured this out
already, and is headed to meet Franco Forelli to inform him. Toni wants the
wiseguy silenced - it is to the Leones' advantage that only they know what the
Sicilians are up to.

Head to the boat in Bedford Point, and chase down the informant on the water.
You only have to deal with his gunman shooting back, but drive-bying the goon
will pay off significantly. Once you are done, you are brought back to land in

Mission Passed!

The Wiseguy Outfit is now available in your Wardrobe. That's the end of Sal's
missions for now, so let's get onto...


>> CP8. Leon McAffrey

Meant to be one of Liberty City's finest, Leon McAffrey is a bribe-taking,
bent piece of scum. However, as an informant in the LCPD, his status does
carry value to the Leone Family, and it will help him in his own pursuits.
McAffrey has a total of five missions, and all will help Toni and the Leones
in their bid to stay put in Liberty City.


LM1. "Sayonara Sindaccos"

Toni is introduced to Leon McAffrey, and their first meeting does seem very
tense. Leon tells Toni outright that he only cares that he gets something out
of "greaseballs putting holes in each other", and then asks for a cut to begin
with. Toni disagrees, and then threatens him with his stance in the Mafia.
Leon becomes slightly more approachable now, and talks about a "partnership"
between him and Toni. He promises to keep the LCPD off the Leones' back, and
they keep him busy with gang warfare and regular pay-offs. Toni isn't too
trustworthy, but McAffrey promises to help him "take over", for a fee, of
course. The pair take a ride to pull up to the Sindaccos.

You need to head down into Bedford Point - Sindacco territory - and there,
McAffrey orders Toni to take the Sindaccos out, and then they will meet up
again. Pull out a good gun, and kill all the AK47-wielding Sindacco goons.
Once that's done, McAffrey arrives, and now you need to protect yourself and
him from the Sindaccos that come after you. When you have destroyed all the
Sindaccos' vehicles, including the chopper, and made sure everyone was killed,
the mission is complete.

Mission Passed!


LM2. "The Whole 9 Yardies"

After the two exchange niceties, Leon informs Toni that the Uptown Yardies are
planning on making a bid to take over Forelli turf in Staunton Island. They
have a trap set up for them at the Hospital in Rockford, and Leon wants Toni
to lure some of them there. Thankfully, this is simply a favor McAffrey has to
pull for the Yardies, so there is no catch on the Leones' behalf.

You have to head down to City Hall and steal one of the motorcycles parked in
front of the Forelli soldiers in this area. You cannot kill any of them, so
don't try to shoot your way out when it gets tough. The Yardies are pretty
much down this road, making this easier because there are barely any corners
to take. When you have lured them to the Yardies, you are now allowed to help
them in killing them. That should be enough to cause war between the Yardies
and the Forellis.

Mission Passed!


LM3. "Crazy '69'"

Toni interrupts a talk between Leon and his fellow, bent cop buddy, Ray
Machowski, who you may know as the Yakuza police informant from "Grand Theft
Auto: III". Machowski is pretty jumpy, aiming his gun at Toni, but Leon sets
him straight. McAffrey soon waves Ray away to go and "fight organized crime".

You have over three minutes to head into Belleville Park and kill 20 of the
Forellis there, using only the Katana to take them down. They only wield Meat
Cleavers, so swiping them once spells goodnight. Just keep waving the sword
around if you get charged, and your target isn't really that hard to meet.

Mission Passed!

The Dragon Suit is now available in your Wardrobe.


LM4. "Night of the Livid Dreads"

Leon rejoins Toni for his next job. The Yardies have Newport, but they are
having trouble keeping it locked down. The Sindaccos are attacking them in a
bid to take back their patch. Leon wants Toni to give them a hand in order for
the Yardies to stay on their new turf.

You have to head into the back-alleys behind AmmuNation, and from there, you
must kill three Sindaccos that have the Yardies closed in. Once you've done
that, a cutscene ensues, where one of the Yardies explains that one of their
boys, Rudyard, is wounded, and now they need help to fight their way to the

The Sindaccos will charge you at first; after taking down a small group of
them, you have to now clear a path through the main alley and back onto the
streets. Three will charge you at first, so cap them and head out of the
alleyways and into the thick of the fight. A few will charge from east to west
to try and surprise you from behind, so take care of those boys and then kill
the rest to the west. As you reach the end of the alley, a van-load of
Sindaccos are all that's left.

The ambulance arrives to get Rudyard some help. The Yardies personally thank
Toni for his services.

Mission Passed!


LM5. "Munitions Dump"

Stock up on Health and Armor, and purchase the RPG Launcher from Phil Cassidy,
as you will need it on this mission.

Leon pulls up with Ray to meet with Toni once more. He tells Toni that the
Forellis are preparing for something serious; they are moving guns for someone
and siphoning a cut whilst they're at it. The destination for the guns is Fort
Staunton, and Toni needs to stop them before the deliveries are made.

There are two Flatbeds carrying the guns - and they both start around the area
of Torrington in southern Staunton Island. When you openly attack one of them,
backup is called in to make your life difficult. If you lined yourself up with
the RPG Launcher and blasted away, the mission would become much easier. You
may have to guess the truck's path for this, but if you can take it down from
a distance, your job is not as hellish as it seems.

Mission Passed!

Leon will call, telling Toni that the Feds are about to take down Salvatore
and hold him to every crime committed by organized gangs in Liberty City. Leon
advises that Toni keeps his distance from himself and Salvatore, unless he
wants to be sharing a cell with him. This ends his line of missions.

You will also get a call from Donald, opening up the final mission in Staunton
Island's storyline...


DL7. "Love on the Rocks"

Toni arrives at the penthouse construction site to find no sign of Donald. He
soon receives a call from him, though. He tells Toni that O'Donovan has some
incriminating evidence linking Donald to Salvatore, and fears that this
election is not going to go in his favor. Toni sees a way out of this, and
Donald was hoping for that. He has an informant who knows where the evidence
is being stored, and Toni has to meet up with him.

You have to head to the informant's vehicle in Newport, at the foot of the
Condos, and under the Newport overpass. The informant tells Toni that a van
in the industrial area next to the Condos is holding the evidence.

You must fight your way through O'Donovan's thugs and get into the evidence
van. If you have a Sniper Rifle, that will help you in this mission. Otherwise
you have to do this the hard way. The thugs are everywhere, and just about all
of them are carrying AK47s. Clear the blockade in front of the entrance, and
then try and find a high point to take down any of the thugs you can see. As
you make your way in, a Sentinel carrying four thugs will pull up, so take
care of them. Watch out for thugs moving into position as you head near the
Callahan Bridge, and take them down. There will be a number of guys crawling
out the woodwork as you come within sight of the Rumpo. These guys should be
the last guys you deal with when you get into the van.

As you head back to take the evidence to Love Media Offices, a Banshee with a
gunman will pull out. It should be easy enough to get out and quickly kill him
and the driver before you head onto the main streets of Staunton Island. Apart
from the 2-Star Wanted Level, they are the last of the thugs you have to deal

When you drop the van off, you are given one final cutscene. Toni speaks to
Donald, telling him that the evidence is now in his hands to dispose of. But
Donald isn't celebrating as he turns on the TV. It turns out that his and
Toni's business relationship and dealings were known to the public, and as
Toni is a big name in Liberty City's criminal underworld, this has produced a
landslide in O'Donovan's favor due to mistrust in Donald Love. And to cap it
all off, Donald solely blames him for this! In a final twist, it turns out
that Donald invested all of the money to his name in this election campaign,
staking his reputation. He is now bankrupt, and Toni leaves him to deal with
his own problems.

Mission Passed!

You will get a phone call from Salvatore, now locked up in prison. He pretends
that Toni is his lawyer, Lionel, and this unlocks his missions at the Police
Station in Pike Creek, Shoreside Vale.


19.      A Tour Of Shoreside Vale

We are now in a new area, our last unlockable area, for the last of the story

Shoreside Vale is split into two halves - to the east is Wichita Gardens, the
housing projects and the least built-up suburbs, with apartments and some
crime. To the north of this area is Cedar Grove, where all the suburban homes
and a large villa play host. The Upstate Tunnel is a gateway out of Liberty,
but for the purposes of the game, it remains closed.

Spanning the two halves is the large Cochrane Dam, providing some of Liberty
City's energy through green, hydroelectric power. A small loop road is at the
bottom, a small quay at its median, and a road across the top of it.

Pike Creek is the industrial area of Shoreside Vale, playing host to a number
of warehouses. The local hospital and precinct are located within close
proximity to the west of this district.

And the biggie - Francis Intl. Airport is not a far cry coming off of the
Shoreside Lift Bridge, with millions flying to and from this destination each
year. The subway is conveniently located towards this area.

And that's your tour.


20.      The Gangs of Shoreside Vale

Set from the Yakuza and some of the Mafia, one new gang is introduced here:

>> The Southside Hoodz
   Leader: Unknown (possibly D-Ice)
   Territory: Wichita Gardens, Shoreside Vale
   Appearance: Hoodies and baggy trousers
   Vehicles: Hoods Rumpo XL
   Notes: At first, the Hoodz do not have complete control of the turf they
          originate from. With some help during the Shoreside Vale storyline,
          they will soon claim Wichita Gardens as their own from the Forellis.
   Enemies: Forelli Family, Yakuza

And that's every gang in Liberty City.


21.      Shoreside Vale Side Missions

We now come onto the final stretch - the side-missions featured in this
section are the last of everything that delves away from the storyline itself.
After this, it's a sprint to the finish line.


SVM1. Shoreside Vale Hidden Packages

Featured in this section are the final 30 Hidden Packages that you can collect
at this point in the game. This will bring your total to 100 Hidden Packages,
earning you your bonus reward and fulfilling this end of the bargain in terms
of 100% Completion. If you head out for these straight away, you will only be
able to obtain 99, as one in Staunton Island requires completion of "Bringing
the House Down".

>> Hidden Package #71 - Wichita Gardens
   Directions: Head down to the projects area of Wichita Gardens, and head to
               the southeast corner of your Shoreside Vale Safehouse in "Grand
               Theft Auto: III", on this intersection. Head down the bridge
               onto the lower level of Wichita Gardens, and then turn right,
               stopping at the next three-way intersection. Southeast of this
               intersection is a hill at the shoreline, with the Hidden
               Package behind it.

>> Hidden Package #72 - Wichita Gardens
   Directions: After collecting Hidden Package #71, head back to the inter-
               section and head west. Stop at the road as it curves to the
               north. To your right, you should be next to one of the
               apartment complexes. The Hidden Package is at the entrance.

>> Hidden Package #73 - Shoreside Vale
   Directions: To the northeast of Wichita Gardens is a parking lot at the
               foot of the cliffs, and picnic tables facing out to Staunton
               Island. The Hidden Package is to the southeast of this parking

>> Hidden Package #74 - Wichita Gardens
   Directions: Head down the roadway heading to the foot of the Cochrane Dam,
               and stop as you go under the bridge spanning the ridge between
               Pike Creek and Cedar Grove. Head off to the right, and head
               southeast along the shoreline. As you technically enter Wichita
               Gardens, the Hidden Package can be found.

>> Hidden Package #75 - Cedar Grove
   Directions: Head into the Upstate Tunnel to find this Hidden Package beside
               the barrier to Upstate, at its west (left) side.

>> Hidden Package #76 - Cedar Grove
   Directions: Head along the northern road behind the homes in this district,
               and look for an entrance to a yard leading up to a lavender-
               colored house. The Hidden Package is on the east side of the

>> Hidden Package #77 - Cedar Grove
   Directions: At the snake road on the hill heading up to Cedar Grove from
               Wichita Gardens is a billboard advertising a fake move, "The
               Third Leg". The Hidden Package is behind it.

>> Hidden Package #78 - Cedar Grove
   Directions: Outside the Villa, at the easternmost part of the street in
               Cedar Grove, you should see a wall, ending at the east. Look
               down from here onto the cliffside, and you should see this
               Hidden Package halfway down.

>> Hidden Package #79 - Cochrane Dam
   Directions: At the median level of the Dam, behind red and blue container
               craters that form an "L" shape to the east side.

>> Hidden Package #80 - Cochrane Dam
   Directions: Head down to the bottom of the dam, and follow the walkway
               around the Powerhouse, off the road loop, to find the Hidden

>> Hidden Package #81 - Cochrane Dam
   Directions: Behind a large boulder at the south side of the loop at the
               bottom of Cochrane Dam.

>> Hidden Package #82 - Cochrane Dam
   Directions: Head on the road towards the top level of the Cochrane Dam,
               going off from the bottom of this district. You should find a
               "Welcome to Cochrane Dam" sign. From here, head west to the
               cliffside to find the Hidden Package.

>> Hidden Package #83 - Pike Creek
   Directions: In southern Cochrane Dam is the Undercover Storage Company. To
               the south of this area, in Pike Creek, you can find the Hidden
               Package behind white cylinders.

>> Hidden Package #84 - Pike Creek
   Directions: North of the Pay 'n' Spray is a ramp. Take a fast car and land
               it in a lower level of this area. Turn right to find a large
               container crate. Behind it is a fenced-off area, and the Hidden
               Package is behind some wood stacks.

>> Hidden Package #85 - Pike Creek
   Directions: Directly northeast of the Pike Creek Police Station are garages
               that have been numbered. The Hidden Package is inside Garage

>> Hidden Package #86 - Pike Creek
   Directions: A block east of the Police Station is the Liberty
               Pharmaceuticals warehouse. At the southeast corner of the
               intersection, with this building to the northeast corner, is
               the AM Petroleum Company. Near this corner is a set of stairs
               that head down. Go down them and look for a large tree to your
               left, with the Hidden Package placed next to this tree.

>> Hidden Package #87 - Pike Creek
   Directions: In the northwest corner, behind a dumpster, in an area directly
               outside The Flophouse. The Flophouse can be found as you
               continue north coming out of Francis Intl. Airport. It will be
               on your left as you go through the first three-way intersection
               in Pike Creek from Francis Intl. Airport.

>> Hidden Package #88 - Pike Creek
   Directions: Across the street and to the east of The Flophouse is the Klunt
               Building. There are stairs on the south side. Go up them, and
               you will find the Hidden Package behind the ramp to the north-

>> Hidden Package #89 - Pike Creek
   Directions: From Hope Medical College, take the Ambulance and head east to
               find Scooper's Haulage. Head to the east side, and park the
               Ambulance there. Jump on the Ambulance and then down onto the
               roof. The Hidden Package is to the southeast of the roof.

>> Hidden Package #90 - Pike Creek
   Directions: South of Scooper's Haulage is a large plain of grass. The
               Hidden Package is located as you come towards the Airport

>> Hidden Package #91 - Francis Intl. Airport
   Directions: As you head into Francis Intl. Airport from Pike Creek, to your
               left you should find a Kronos billboard. The Hidden Package is
               behind this billboard.

>> Hidden Package #92 - Francis Intl. Airport
   Directions: Use a PCJ 600 and head towards the Airport tarmac. Stop at the
               Fire Station, and look for the gap in this wall and fencing.
               Head through it, and head to the northwest of this area with
               the dome at the center. When you find the luggage ramp, line up
               to the overhang, get a good run-up and land on the overhang.
               Once on it, turn left and jump the divide. The Hidden Package
               is on the other side of this divide.

>> Hidden Package #93 - Francis Intl. Airport
   Directions: From Hidden Package #92, drop down onto ground level, and head
               to the east to find container crates. The Hidden Package is
               closed off in this area. To get into the heart of it, there is
               a luggage ramp to the north that you can use to get in there.
               There is ramp in this area, allowing you to get out.

>> Hidden Package #94 - Francis Intl. Airport
   Directions: From Hidden Package #93, head back out of this area and back
               into the main area. Head north to the gates, and then stop when
               you get there. East of the gate is a wooden ramp. Aim for the
               roof of the Fire Station, and have a good run-up. When you get
               onto the roof, follow it above the entrances to the Main
               Terminal. The Hidden Package will be above the east entrance,
               behind the sign.

>> Hidden Package #95 - Francis Intl. Airport
   Directions: Underneath the west exit of the Shoreside Lift Bridge.

>> Hidden Package #96 - Francis Intl. Airport
   Directions: Inside the Airport tarmac is an open hangar, the Liberty
               International Airport hangar. The Hidden Package is behind the
               door on the west side.

>> Hidden Package #97 - Francis Intl. Airport
   Directions: The Hidden Package is behind the sign atop the same hangar
               where Hidden Package #96 is located. To get access to it, there
               is a luggage ramp south of the sign. You will need to use the
               PCJ 600 here.

>> Hidden Package #98 - Francis Intl. Airport
   Directions: Between the yellow-and-white striped concrete ramps beside the
               runway off the Main Runway, around midway down it.

>> Hidden Package #99 - Francis Intl. Airport
   Directions: In the northeast part of the area with the parked planes, on
               the wing of one of the planes. A slow jump from the luggage
               ramp near the wing is required.

>> Hidden Package #100 - Francis Intl. Airport
   Directions: On the lower level at the end of the southern runway.

And that's all of them covered.


SVM2. Shoreside Vale Rampages

Shoreside Vale has seven more Rampages, the last in the pack. Completion of
these last ones will, if you have done all 13 Rampages beforehand, will earn
you the M60 Weapon Spawn at your Safehouses.

>> Rampage #14 - Burn 40 Civilians
   Weapon: Molotov Cocktails
   Location: From the bottom of the bridge east of the old Shoreside Vale
             Safehouse in "Grand Theft Auto: III", head north. Stop as you get
             to the road curve heading south. The Rampage is located at the
             entrance of the apartment with this garage near it.
   Notes: To make this Rampage simple, have the Fireproof Feature, head into a
          crowd, and drop a Molotov at your feet to raise the body count.

>> Rampage #15 - Destroy 10 Vehicles
   Weapon: Combat Shotgun
   Location: Head down the bridge from the old Shoreside Vale Safehouse, and
             stop. To the south of this intersection is an apartment block.
             Head around it to the north to find the Rampage.
   Notes: You are better off trying to cause a traffic jam to try and find
          enough vehicles to destroy. Some vehicles are parked around the way
          if you need to knock the target down.

>> Rampage #16 - Run Over 30 Colombians
   Weapon: Vehicle
   Location: Behind the pink garage of the white house next door to the Villa.
   Notes: You want to have a tough, sturdy vehicles (the Patriot is ideal) and
          mount the sidewalk. Be careful not to get stuck, as these guys are
          lethal if you are left a sitting duck.

>> Rampage #17 - Massacre 35 Civilians
   Weapon: Chainsaw
   Location: At the western dome at the top level of Cochrane Dam.
   Notes: Head onto the streets of Pike Creek to find your victims, whilst
          taking out anyone near the western dome. The Infinite Sprint feature
          is very useful here.

>> Rampage #18 - Kill 25 Colombians
   Weapon: Sawn-Off Shotgun
   Location: At the garage door to the Liberty Pharmaceuticals warehouse, a
             block east of Hope Medical College and the Pike Creek Police
   Notes: Run up to a group of Colombians, and blast away. Be careful for any
          that rush you, as they can cause significant damage with their Micro

>> Rampage #19 - Destroy 10 Vehicles
   Weapon: Rocket Launcher
   Location: On top of the overhang at the east side of the Klunt Building,
             across the street and east of The Flophouse as you come into Pike
             Creek from Francis Intl. Airport.
   Notes: Using the roof of the Klunt Building should give you the best point
          away from the mayhem you are causing.

>> Rampage #20 - Snipe 25 Civilians
   Weapon: Sniper Rifle
   Location: South of the orange Curve billboard, which is southwest of The
   Notes: You should stick near the activation point and start taking every
          person down that walks down.

And that caps them off.


SVM3. Shoreside Vale Unique Jumps

There are seven more Unique Jumps to do in Shoreside Vale that, if you have
completed the 19 Unique Jumps beforehand, should earn you the $10,000 bonus.

>> Unique Jump #20 - Wichita Gardens
   Area: Above the entrance to the Porter Tunnel
   Desc.: A pile of gravel
   Info: You need to line yourself up with the street below, and cover an
         estimated, minimal requirement of around 60 metres or higher.

>> Unique Jump #21 - Wichita Gardens
   Area: Technically in Wichita Gardens, at the road curve at the northeast of
         the Klunt Building
   Desc.: A rock outcrop by a broken railing
   Info: You must hit this fast, landing in Wichita Gardens itself.

>> Unique Jump #22 - Pike Creek
   Area: By a window inside an open garage inside The Undercover Storage Co.,
         southeast of the road from Pike Creek, along Cochrane Dam and into
         Cedar Grove
   Desc.: A wooden ramp
   Info: You want a large run-up to complete this jump, leaning down to gain
         extra speed.

>> Unique Jump #23 - Pike Creek
   Area: From Unique Jump #22, head back to the entrance to the west, but head
         south to find the Unique Jump down the road
   Desc.: A metal ramp
   Info: You must land on the roof of the Pike Creek Police Station. Get a
         large run-up for this one.

>> Unique Jump #24 - Pike Creek
   Area: At the southeast corner of the Liberty Pharmaceuticals warehouse, a
         block east from the Police Station
   Desc.: A wooden ramp
   Info: Start on the street west of the warehouse, dodging the stacks of wood
         as you enter, and hit it. Get past the billboards for the Unique Jump
         to count.

>> Unique Jump #25 - Pike Creek
   Area: At the northwest corner of the roof of the Klunt Building
   Desc.: A metal ramp
   Info: Get a large run-up on this rooftop, and try to aim for the parking
         lot of the AM Petroleum Company.

>> Unique Jump #26 - Pike Creek
   Area: At the southeast corner of Scooper's Haulage, a few blocks over from
         Hope Medical College
   Desc.: A wooden ramp
   Info: You need to get some speed, and cover over 70 metres.

And that's every Collectible covered in this game. Well done if you have just
about covered everything.


SVM4. "Avenging Angels"

You need to do this side-mission one final time in order to fulfil 100%
Completion. Your fellow Angels are most likely to be found in the Projects of
Wichita Gardens.

Completing 15 levels of Avenging Angels in Shoreside Vale will unlock the
Hero Garb Outfit in your Wardrobe, and $1,500. Although how trashy and tacky
the outfit may seem, it's pretty fetching on your Avenger motorcycle if you
kept it.


SVM5. "AWOL Angel"

The final "Backseat Shooter" side-mission can be activated by entering the
Freeway parked at the northern entrance to the old Shoreside Vale Safehouse
from "Grand Theft Auto: III".

You have to beat the record of 11 targets to complete this side-mission. You
are manning an M60, and these are the targets you have to face:

Levels 1-2 - Securicar - You will have to shoot out the vehicle.
Levels 3-4 - Bobcat - Take out the gunman before focusing on the car.
Levels 5-6 - Landstalker - Take out the gunman before focusing on the car.
Levels 7-9 - Patriot - Take out the gunmen before focusing on the car.
Levels 10+ - Barracks OL - Take out the gunmen before focusing on the car.

Be careful of the gunmen, and try to reach the target ASAP. Otherwise, it is
a simple rail-shooter side-mission.


SVM6. "Chasin' RC"

The third and final RC Racing side-missions is located north of the Main
Runway, inside one of the hangars. The three races all take place on the
Airport tarmac. The open spaces can be valuable but a bugger at the same time,
as the straits and little to no obstacles means you can keep a lead. But, if
you are behind, the advantage is passed onto the CPU leader.

There are three ramps you have to go over as part of the course, and that can
be trouble for you. A good rule of thumb when dealing with the ramps is to
take it slowly so you can stick the landing. Your opponents go for speed, and
usually fail.

Completion of all three courses will polish off all the RC side-missions in
the game, and contribute to 100% Completion.


SVM7. "Gangsta GP"

The third and final bike street racing side-mission is activated from the
payphone at the east side of Liberty Pharmaceuticals in Pike Creek. As it is
the final race in this criteria, it is going to be the most challenging.

You want to be using a PCJ 600 for this three-lap race in Pike Creek. This
course involves a lot of turns, therefore having the best cornering out of
the others is key to winning. It is pretty tight, so be careful not to crash.

Completion of the final race will still earn you the regular $1,500.


SVM8. "See The Sights Before Your Flight"

Next to the subway entrance in Francis Intl. Airport is a kiosk. This is the
activation point to the side-mission, "See The Sights Before Your Flight".

You need to take citizens to Liberty City's places of interest, take photos of
them, and then bring them back to the Airport to complete part of the side-
mission. There are 12 variants, all grouped in a certain order, to complete
for 100% Completion:

>> Sight #1
   Destination: Cochrane Dam, Shoreside Vale
   Time Limit: 3:20
   Reward: $250

>> Sight #2
   Destination: Liberty Coliseum, Staunton Island
   Time Limit: 4:20
   Reward: $500

>> Sight #3
   Destination: Chinatown Plaza, Portland Island
   Time Limit: 5:40
   Reward: $1,000

>> Sight #4
   Destination: Liberty Cathedral, Staunton Island
   Time Limit: 4:00
   Reward: $500

>> Sight #5
   Destination: Callahan Bridge, Portland Island
   Time Limit: 6:20
   Reward: $1,000

>> Sight #6
   Destination: War Memorial, Belleville Park, Staunton Island
   Time Limit: 4:00
   Reward: $500

>> Sight #7
   Destination: Strip Club, Portland Island
   Time Limit: 6:00
   Reward: $1,000

>> Sight #8
   Destination: Museum, Staunton Island
   Time Limit: 4:20
   Reward: $500

>> Sight #9
   Destination: The Big Shot Casino, Staunton Island
   Time Limit: 4:10
   Reward: $500

>> Sight #10
   Destination: Black Lightman's House, Cedar Grove, Shoreside Vale
   Time Limit: 3:20
   Reward: $250

>> Sight #11
   Destination: City Hall, Staunton Island
   Time Limit: 3:20
   Reward: $500

>> Sight #12
   Destination: Portland Rock & Lighthouse, Portland Island
   Time Limit: 5:40
   Reward: $1,000

For those destinations involving travelling over the Lift Bridge, it will be
deactivated for the purposes of this side-mission. This should make it less of
a time-waster in terms of travelling.

Completion of all 12 Sights will earn you a $2,500 bonus, plus an Armored
Landstalker will appear ONCE at the Cedar Grove Safehouse. Save it in the
garage, as this vehicle is good to have on tougher missions involving shoot-


SVM9. "Trash Dash"

The Trashmaster can be found at the west end of the parking lot of Francis
Intl. Airport. There are twelve dumpsters to collect, and once you have all of
them, you have to head back to Harwood Junkyard. You get 40 seconds for the
collection of a dumpster rather than 30, and then you will have eight minutes
to get to the Junkyard.

Here is the best route for this run:

#1 - South side of the southeast apartment block in Wichita Gardens.
#2 - On the north side of the southeast apartment block in Wichita Gardens.
#3 - At the garage of the old Shoreside Vale Safehouse in "III".
#4 - The same area as #3.
#5 - The parking lot on the road up to Cedar Grove from Wichita Gardens.
#6 - At Boner's Pet Foods in Pike Creek.
#7 - At the Police Station.
#8 - The south side of Hope Medical College.
#9 - West of #8 at Scooper's Haulage.
#10 - By the Klunt Building.
#11 - At the Fire Station in Francis Intl. Airport.
#12 - At the west Airport entrance.

Completion of this variant of "Trash Dash" will earn you $4,000.


SVM10. "Wi-Cheetah Run"

The final car street racing side-mission is activated at the payphone, on the
east side of the Projects area of Wichita Gardens. Again, seeing as this will
close the book on street racing in terms of this game, it will be one of the
most challenging side-missions you face.

If you hadn't guessed by the name, your opponents will be driving Cheetahs to
compete in this race. The race is two laps around Cedar Grove, through the
Upstate Tunnel and into Cochrane Dam, and then back around again. The Cheetah
itself is a good vehicle - one can be found in the Airport parking lot.

The Upstate Tunnel is the best place to hit the gas, but beware of the traffic
inside here. Otherwise, just simply performing better than your opponents is

Completion of this side-mission will earn you $1,500. If you follow this guide
then this should be your final side-mission.


22.      Shoreside Vale Storyline

Covered in this section is the final part of the main guide - the Shoreside
Vale storyline missions. There are only fifteen missions left to call it a day
on this game.


SL15. "Rough Justice"

When you first try to activate this mission, you are prompted to visit a
clothing store in Pike Creek. This will pick up the Lawyer's Outfit, and have
it unlocked in your Wardrobe. You need it for this mission.

Toni, or rather Lionel, walks into the interrogation room to meet Salvatore.
The cop in this room soon leaves, giving them a few minutes to talk. Salvatore
asks Toni one thing - are the Sindaccos or the Forellis to blame for his
incarceration? Either way, Salvatore wants the Leones to hit them with force.
Toni would take the best of the pleasure in handing out the beatings to each
family. Salvatore tells Toni how much he means to him, and then tells him that
the Southside Hoodz should be able to help him on the first part of the Leone
revenge scheme.

You need to pick up the Hoodz before heading out to get the attention of the
Forellis. Your backup is on the road down into Wichita Gardens, and both of
your targets are located in the Projects area. You need to damage the Forelli
Exsesses in each location to draw out the Forelli thugs, and then you need to
kill every one that comes after you. You are dealing with the same thing each
time, so if you can keep your Health and Armor up on the first dealing, the
second one should be a cake-walk.

Mission Passed!


SL16. "Dead Reckoning"

Toni speaks to Salvatore on the outside of the holding cells. Salvatore talks
about Paulie Sindacco, and how he and his pack are finished in Liberty City.
Paulie is planning to cut and run, leaving Salvatore to suffer, and he wants
him dead before he has a chance to leave. Toni agrees to make Sindacco pay for
all he has done to Salvatore.

You have to head to the bottom level of Cochrane Dam, where Sindacco plans to
leave on his speedboat. Having the Rocket Launcher handy will benefit. He will
see Toni, and you need to chase him along the shoreline. His gunmen will shoot
you, but with the Rocket Launcher, they will only be a small nuisance. When
the boat is destroyed, Paulie is dead and the mission is completed.

Mission Passed!

You will get a phone call from Donald Love, who wants to put the election
behind the pair, re-opening his missions at The Flophouse in Pike Creek.


SL17. "Shogun Showdown"

Salvatore is not in the best of moods, as the two communicate between a wall.
Mayor O'Donovan is not granting Salvatore bail, and it looks like the Diablos
and the Triads are looking to move in on Leone turf. On top of that, Salvatore
has heard that the Yakuza are looking to make a play on Liberty City to take
everything over. Salvatore sees this as his downfall, but Toni wants to stop
them in their tracks. Salvatore tells him that the Yakuza are stocking up in

You have to head over to the compound, and to gain access, you need a Yakuza
Stinger to get inside. To Toni's, and possibly your surprise, the Yakuza have
a Rhino stored here. Yes, that's right - a tank. You need to fight off the
Yakuza, take the Rhino to the Bomb Shop in Newport, and then destroy it. You
could try to keep it for yourself in the garage of your Staunton Island
Safehouse, but I have tried this on the PS2 version, it did not work. I have
heard gamers say it worked on the PSP, but this may need clarifying.

Mission Passed!

Salvatore's missions will come to an end for now. You will get a phone call
from an Asian-sounding woman, opening up her missions.


>> CP9. Toshiko Kasen

This woman is of Japanese descent, and is married to the Yakuza's Waka-
Gashira, Kazuki Kasen. However, she is neglected by her husband, preferring
his loyal men and his businesses and standing in the Yakuza over her. With
Toni hoping to prevent the Yakuza taking over the city, and her plans to cause
problems and dishonor to her husband, they will make quite the pair against
the Yakuza. She has a total of four missions.


TK1. "More Deadly Than the Male"

Toni meets up with Toshiko, and she soon tells Toni of her desires - to
destroy the livelihood and reputation of her husband, Kazuki, the Waka-Gashira
of the Yakuza. As Toni wants to prevent the Yakuza's rise to take over the
city itself, he finds it appropriate to align himself with Toshiko. She also
promises him a reward for helping them achieving a mutual goal. She comments
that Toni has already dealt a blow to them by destroying their hardware in
Aspatria, and tells him that the Yakuza are off-loading more munitions in the
fight for the city. She wants Toni to steal them.

Head down to the jetty in Bedford Point, where a speedboat is holding the
munitions. You will have to kill the Yakuza that are guarding the boat, and
then hijack it. Your destination is the Ferry Terminal in Rockford. The Yakuza
will come after you, so you need to power ahead of them to lose them. When you
get there, Toni hands the munitions off to Phil Cassidy.

Mission Passed!

Phil Cassidy's Fully Cocked Gun Shop will now stock the MiniGun for $10,000.


TK2. "Cash Clash"

Toshiko congratulates Toni for his last job, which has put Kazuki and his men
on edge. She then tells him that the Yakuza-owned Big Shot Casino, actually
property of Kazuki Kasen personally, is moving money in Securicars. Toshiko
wants the money to burn. Toni would prefer to steal it, but she is thinking
along the lines of trying to really infuriate him.

There are three Securicars that you need to destroy. You may want to use the
Rocket Launcher or the MiniGun, both of which can be bought from Phil Cassidy.
If you cannot afford that, then you will have to perform a drive-by. When all
three vans are destroyed, the mission is complete.

Mission Passed!


TK3. "A Date With Death"

As Toshiko gets changed, she tells Toni that her husband is getting more and
more angry with each attack against his interests. He thinks that he will soon
be outed with Toshiko, but she wants to exploit this. Apparently, Kazuki's men
"gossip like old women", and so she has conjured up a trip to the opera to get
their blood boiling.

After bringing Toshiko's Stretch and picking her up, you need to pick up the
Tuxedo Outfit and get to the Opera House in Fort Staunton in around three
minutes. This should not be a hard part of the mission, unless you're a bad
driver. As the pair go in, a Forelli scopes them out, and as they leave, a
group of them are vandalizing the Stretch, and they will attempt to kill you
and Toshiko. Quickly kill them and bring Toshiko back to her apartment whilst
out-running the Forellis. As Toni escorts Toshiko in, a Yakuza member drives
past, scoping them out, and the plan should be a success.

Mission Passed!


TK4. "Cash In Kazuki's Chips"

As Toshiko bathes, she tells Toni that Kazuki knows what happens to be the
root of all his troubles. Toshiko and Toni are both on his hit list, and when
Toni asks where he is, she tells him that Kazuki is at Belleville Park,
gathering his men. Toni must kill Kazuki before he is on the receiving end of
a Yakuza hit.

Head to the old Staunton Island Safehouse from "Grand Theft Auto: III", which
is in the hands of Kazuki. As Toni tries to get in the elevator, the Yakuza
arrive and he is met by Kazuki's men in this elevators. Quickly kill them, and
then take care of the rest of the Yakuza. Kazuki will then fly away in his
helicopter, and you have to follow him.

He will land at the Big Shot Casino. Kill all the Yakuza on the way up to the
helipad, and a final stand-off ensues. Quickly get away from him, picking up
the Armor if you want and need to, and then pull out a strong weapon, such as
a Shotgun, and kill him. You will have to take his sword as proof to Toshiko
that her husband is dead. That means you must get back to her apartment.

Toni informs Toshiko of her husband's death, and seeks payment. Toshiko is not
in the cheery mood, as the acts committed by Toni, which she masterminded,
have driven her mad with guilt. Toni points out that she has her freedom from
monotony and shame, but she declares that she has lost everything in the
process. She sits on her window ledge, and leans back, committing suicide.

Mission Passed!

It is obvious that Toshiko's missions are over. We can head back to Shoreside
Vale and help out Donald.


DL8. "Panlantic Land Grab"

Toni arrives at Shoreside Vale's very own Flophouse, and a broke and penniless
Donald is residing in the halfway house. Donald tells him that this is a
"blip" that he is going through, and takes it back for blaming Toni on losing
the mayoral election. Toni tries to leave, but a desperate Donald prevents him
from doing so on a few occasions. Toni wants to separate himself from Donald
for pinning all the blame for going bankrupt, but Donald yet again begins to
squirm. He has a plan to bring him back into business.

Head to Francis Intl. Airport. When you get there, Donald explains everything.
For you gamers that have played "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City", you will know
the name of Avery Carrington, the land baron. Donald was his protege back in
the mid-to-late '80s, and he has just touched down. Avery is working with Pan-
lantic Construction Ltd., suiting Avery's need of getting real estate by any
means. Donald wants to get hold of Avery's plans to buy land, and the only way
to do that is to kill him.

The only problem is that Avery is being sheltered by the Colombians, who are
heading Panlantic Construction Ltd. They are escorting Avery over the Lift
Bridge, and that is where you need to make your move. If you have a motorcycle
then drive-by the rear Colombian escort, and then damage the vehicle Avery is
travelling in. The plans will be destroyed if his vehicle explodes, and that
will fail the mission. When you have a clear line on Avery's vehicle, damage
it to make him bail, and kill him. Grab the plans, evade the Colombians and
take Donald back to The Flophouse.

Mission Passed!


DL9. "Stop the Press"

Toni arrives to meet Donald, who is panicky. A reporter witnessed the pair
kill Avery Carrington, and even managed to get pictures of the crime as it
happened. Obviously, Toni cannot allow these photos to surface, and sets out
to track down the reporter.

The reporter is working "undercover" at Liberty Cathedral. Sound familiar? It
is "Father" Ned Burner, and you need to intimidate him. Point your gun at him
to have him tell where his photos are. You will have to take Ned down to his
garage at Liberty Tree Offices. The photos haven't been developed, and are on
his camera. When Toni looks into it, the rigged flash goes off to distract him
as Ned makes a bid for freedom. You will have to take the Faggio and chase him
down to complete the mission.

Mission Passed!


DL10. "Morgue Party Resurrection"

Toni arrives at the Flophouse, to be surprised by Donald. He declares himself
rich - as Panlantic are willing to allow him to see their deals through, and
that will earn him quite a large sum of money. This calls for one of Donald's
"special" parties.

This is a repeat of "The Morgue Party Candidate", in which you had to steal a
corpse for Donald. First of all, take him to one of the corpses - one happens
to be Avery, the other being Ned Burner. You have eight minutes to take both
the bodies to a hangar at Francis Intl. Airport. Head for Avery in the
Ambulance first, as this is the closest to you. You will have to stop the
Ambulance first before getting into it. After that, you can steal the Hearse
containing Ned Burner's corpse to finish up. A simple mission if you are quick
and don't mess up.

Mission Passed!

You will get a call from Donald, explaining to Toni that in order for Donald
to fulfil the wishes of Panlantic, land in Fort Staunton needs to be "cleared"
for him to be sitting pretty. This opens up missions for...


>> CP10. 8-Ball

Although this is technically part of Donald Love's mission line, the game sets
it as 8-Ball's missions. This guy is a specialist when it comes to
manufacturing hardware - bombs is his primary business interest. His help is
required for "clearing out" Fort Staunton on Donald Love's behalf.


EB1. "No Money, Mo' Problems"

This is a cutscene mission, requiring $20,000 to activate. Toni hands over the
money to 8-Ball to manufacture bombs for his next job, and asks for the
"hardware". 8-Ball tells him that it will cost money, but Donald will pay Toni
back. He then tells Toni that getting the "stuff" together will take time, and
he'll be in touch.

If you have already completed Toshiko Kasen's missions, the call comes a few
minutes later. If not, you have to defeat them in order to get the call. This
leads on to...


EB2. "Bringing the House Down"

8-Ball shows Toni the van packed with the explosives. He tells him to go easy
with the van, and rightly so. Donald rings 8-Ball, asking for Toni. The plan
is then explained - Toni must gain access to the old subway system under Fort
Staunton, where its "weak points" are. Toni is worried about having to dodge
the Forellis on this run, but Donald tells him that he will be fine using the
Porter Tunnel to gain access.

Head into the Porter Tunnel from the Shoreside Lift Bridge, whilst evading the
Forellis. You cannot damage the van too much, otherwise you risk setting the
explosives off and failing the mission. Follow the tunnel, being wary of cheap
and silly traps to throw you off, and then head into the old subway area. Take
out the two workers before planting the first bomb.

From here on in, you have 3 minutes to finish up. Plant the bombs at the other
two locations, taking down anyone that gets in the way, and then you will have
to make your escape. The Forellis block off the exit, so kill them and burst
through the gates. You then get an almighty cutscene of an explosion, taking
out most of Fort Staunton.

Mission Passed!

You are now able to access Hidden Package #52, rounding off the Hidden Package


DL11. "Love on the Run"

When you step into the first marker, the actual mission marker is made
available up at the house.

Toni interrupts Donald's struggles of meditating. Donald soon spills the beans
on his problem. The Colombians are going to "pay a visit" to him, angry
because they want Donald to keep quiet and give them a cut of his stake in
Panlantic. Toni spots the Colombians after they arrive, preparing their
assault, and now he has to defend Donald.

You need to kill the Colombians as they appear. Staying close to Donald will
give you more cover and make this part of the mission easier. When they are
all dead, you need to get Donald to Francis Intl. Airport to finish up.

Mission Passed!

This spells the end of Donald's mission line for good. Salvatore will call,
needing "loose ends tied up", and opens up his mission line once more.


SL18. "The Shoreside Redemption"

Salvatore is excited as he speaks to Toni. He is being let off, with the
arraignment scheduled for today. However, he has a god-awful feeling that the
Sicilians would rather that Salvatore doesn't make it to court, so he wants
Toni to provide as extra protection.

Get into a Police vehicle, and get into position. You have to protect Sal in
the Securicar from any resistance from the Sicilians. Stick close behind and
escort it to the Court House in Staunton Island. As you head over Cochrane
Dam, the Sicilians appear to take you down.

You now need to protect the van as it turns back to head to the Shoreside
Lift Bridge, and then down into the Newport and Belleville Park area to City
Hall. Along the way are a total of four roadblocks. The real challenge is
getting out of Shoreside Vale, so when you see a roadblock, kill all the
Sicilian mobsters and clear the way. Once Salvatore reaches the Court House,
he is a free man. He then proceeds to head home to change out of his prison

Mission Passed!

The final storyline mission is next, so be prepared for it. Stock up on any
weapons, your Health and your Armor. An assault rifle and a Rocket Launcher is


SL19. "The Sicilian Gambit"

Toni is happy to see Salvatore back where he belongs, as he comes off the
phone. The Sicilians were on the other end of the line, asking for peace. Sal
declares them the top men in the Liberty City Mafia, with the Forellis being
severely weakened, and the Sindaccos getting tossed out of the city. He then
tells Toni that the Sicilians were on the other end of the line, wanting
peace. Salvatore didn't approve of "their" peace, and told them right off.
Toni questions Sal's integrity there, but he couldn't care less what the
Sicilians do now. He wants to go to City Hall and talk to Mayor O'Donovan, to
talk about dropping his charges.

Head over to City Hall, dodging light Sicilian resistance along the way. Sal
tells Toni that the Sicilians will be going after the mayor, so they need to
be quick. No matter how fast you get there, you will be too late. Kill the
Sicilian goons, and then you will have to head down to the Piers to try and
find him.

When you get down there, Massimo Torini goes on the open waters with the Mayor
and you are manning a MiniGun as you head to the Portland Lighthouse. With a
heavy weapon of this caliber, it shouldn't be too hard. After following Torini
to the Lighthouse, you need to fight your way to the top.

Torini is holding O'Donovan at gunpoint when Toni and Salvatore arrive. Sal
warns him off the mayor and his city. Torini explains that the Sicilians did
not want to take charge of this "lousy town", but business is business. Sal
takes it as a personal insult, and Torini tries to make a getaway. You need to
shoot down his chopper to kill him, and activate the closing scenes of this

The game resumes in Salvatore's office, as Toni bundles the Mayor in. Sal
thinks that getting Myles out of that situation is enough call to drop the
charges against Salvatore, and also keep him in the Mayor's pocket. After the
Mayor agrees and scarpers, Salvatore declares him and Toni as the true kings
of Liberty City. He wants one last thing from him.

The next cutscene takes place at Cipriani's Ristorante, where Salvatore's
unnamed uncle is sitting. Uncle Leone, as he will be known, is the man behind
the Sicilian Mob that has been causing the Leones problems. They declare peace
between the Leones and the Sicilians. Uncle Leone hobbles away, as Sal tells
Toni of his mistrust in his uncle. Salvatore then thanks Toni for all he did
after coming out of exile, saving him countless times and helping the Leones
get to the level they are now. He then tells Toni that a half-million promised
a while back is all his, to say "thank you". Toni was expecting more, to which
slightly disgusts Salvatore, but nothing really comes of his greediness.

The credits roll. The end.

Mission Passed!

The King Jumpsuit Outfit is available in your Wardrobe. If you have passed
this mission, well done for finishing the storyline.


23.      100% Completion Checklist

Featured below is everything required for 100% Completion in "Grand Theft
Auto: Liberty City Stories":

>> Complete all storyline missions, from "Home Sweet Home" to "The Sicilian

>> Complete all the "universal" side-missions:
-- Ambulance
-- Firefighter
-- Taxi
-- Vigilante
-- Avenging Angels (all three islands)
-- Trash Dash (all three islands)
-- All 6 street races (two per island)
-- All four RC missions (three racing courses per island, and "RC Triad Take-

>> Complete all the side-missions and extras in Portland Island:
-- 41 Hidden Packages
-- 6 Rampages
-- 13 Unique Jumps
-- 9mm Mayhem
-- Scooter Shooter
-- Bumps & Grinds
-- Noodle Punk
-- Scrapyard Challenge
-- Wong Side of the Tracks
-- Car Salesman (Level 6)
-- Slash TV

>> Complete all the side-missions and extras in Staunton Island:
-- 29 Hidden Packages
-- 7 Rampages
-- 6 Unique Jumps
-- Bike Salesman
-- All 16 Vehicles for "Car-Azy Giveaway!"
-- Go Go Faggio
-- Joe's Pizza

>> Complete all the side missions and extras in Shoreside Vale:
-- 30 Hidden Packages
-- 7 Rampages
-- 7 Unique Jumps
-- AWOL Angel
-- See the Sights Before Your Flight

And that should touch base on everything in this game to earn you...


24.      100% Completion Rewards

Liberty City has been demolished for the second time. And what's the reward
for all of your troubles?

>> Health and Armor is boosted to 200 Hitpoints
>> Infinite ammunition for ALL weapons
>> Vehicles you drive can take double the normal damage rate
>> A Speeder will spawn at the north end of the Harwood Ferry Terminal
>> A Rhino will spawn in the ruins of Fort Staunton, to the northwest

And that's it. Enjoy your rewards, and the gratitude that comes from claiming
this milestone.


25.      Credits

I would like to thank some people in general:

>> Rockstar Games
You create some of the best game I've ever played, including those outside the
"Grand Theft Auto" franchise. Salutations to going back to your 3D open-world
roots of Liberty City.

>> All Gaming Hosts
Those who host my guides, I thank you for getting my work out there. I thrive
on helping people, and also perceiving other ways I can go about my gaming.

>> The GTA Wiki
I was able to construct a template around the gangs of Liberty City using your
information. I love the work your members put into some that is non-profit, so
I will thank you instead of peeving you.

I have no individuals to thank. Please send in emails about my guides - it
doesn't matter if you give me a whole new approach to a mission or simply
clearing up a typo for me. As long as you help, I will thank you personally.


26.      Goodbye!

And so I cap off my guide for "Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories". I hope
you enjoyed reading this guide. Please leave a message of thanks, way I could
improve this guide and any suggestions you have of your own.


"Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories" is a video game produced by Rockstar
Games, a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. No
copyright infringement is intended.

Any other sources of information, either during or after development and
completion of this guide, are acknowledged. This guide was constructed with a
very detailed playthru of the game; therefore much of this guide’s content is
that of mine, the guidewriter. Any content that is not mine will be
highlighted, and I will credit the author in my guide.

You may ask my permission via email for posting of my, or parts of my guide.
However, I will not allow you to post the whole guide, or the majority of it,
unless I can trust you with it. If I allow you to post one of my guides, it
must be left UNALTERED, and a credit to my name. Do not copy my guide without
my permission, unless for personal use. Copyright infringement is something I
won’t take lightly, and I will do everything in my power to have plagiarism

(C) 2012 DG-le-Ste. All rights reserved.