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Follow the dark path or use the light

First Missions Walkthrough

by lewiswoodhall97

Mission 1 - Luigi's Girls (Difficulty: Very Easy) Takes around 3 minutes to complete!

Follow the pink dot to the hospital and pick up Misty. Then all you have to do is drive her back to the club. The hospital isn't too far away so you shouldn't have much trouble finding it. If you do it's in Portland View. From Luigi's head south and turn left and keep going til you're just next to the subway entrance. From here turn right and continue going south and you should pass through an alley-way with a police bribe in the middle. At the end of the alley, turn left and you then should be able to see the hospital. At the front of the hospital you will see Misty with a blue arrow above her head. Just pull up beside her and she should get into the car. Then all you have to do is follow the dot on the radar and go back the way you came, stop in the blue circle and then mission completed!
One of the easiest missions on the game!

Mission 2 - Don't Spank Ma B*tch Up (Difficulty: Easy) Takes around 4 minutes to complete!

First run across the street and get the baseball bat that is there if you need it. Then get a car and head to Portland Harbour. You shouldn't have too much trouble finding the way! When you get there you'll see a man with a blue arrow above his head. All you need to do is kill him in whatever way you want to! When he's dead get in his car and get it resprayed. While your in his car be careful not to damage it too much because this is an easy way you could fail the mission. There will be a little spray gun icon on the radar, if you don't know where it is, it's just down the road from Luigi's in the Red Light District. Drive up to it, there will be a blue circle there, drive into it and the door will shut. Usually it'll cost $1000 but this time it's free as it's like a tutorial showing you what to do. Now you have to take the car to Luigi's lockup which is just opposite the hospital so go there! Stop on the blue marker when you get there and the garage will open, just park inside and walk out of it. The door will shut and then the mission will be completed!

Mission 3 - Drive Misty For Me (Difficulty: Easy) Takes around 4 minutes to complete!

Get a car and follow the pink dot to go to Misty's apartment in Hepburn Heights. If you have finished the game already, then you will realise that her apartment is in the Diablo's turf and El Burro's contact area. Park on the blue marker and sound the horn which is the L3 button (left analog stick - push down) and she'll come out and get in the car! Now you need to take her to Joey's garage which is in Trenton. Just follow the pink dot on the map. When you get there, park in the blue marker and there will be a cut-scene where Joey introduces himself. Now you can work for Joey which you have to follow the J icon on the radar.

Mission 4 - Pump-action Pimp (Difficulty: Easy) Takes around 5 minutes to complete!

First off, if you need a gun then head to the Ammu-nation store which is shown to be a gun icon on the radar. There's a pistol at the back of the shop and there are some targets that you can lock onto with the R1 button and use as a practice. Next you need to follow a red dot on the map which is Diablo Stallion that is driving around the streets. Block the car and then shoot it, then the driver and another person will get out. Kill both of them then the mission will be completed! After you've finished the mission, you'll also get a pager saying the pistol is now in stock at the Ammu-nation store!

Mission 5 - The Fuzz Ball (Difficulty: Medium) Takes around 4 minutes to complete!

First you need to find a car that can hold the driver and 3 other people and follow the green dots to the hookers and the pink dot is the Old School Hall! This Mission gave me loads of trouble the first time I played the game, but if you know where each hooker is then it makes it a lot easier. Also the Old School Hall, where you have to take the girls is in Chinatown, is right next to the Callahan Bridge. Here is the list of where each hooker is:

- On the edge of Chinatown near the Dual Carriageway.
- In Chinatown in front of where the area is blocked off and cars can't enter.
- In Trenton, just in front of the Callahan Bridge.
- In Trenton, in front of the entrance to Portland Harbour.
- In St Marks on the hill going up to Salvatore's mansion.
- In St Marks just behind Momma's restaraunt.
- In Harwood, near the car crusher.
- On top of the bridge near the Head Radio building in Harwood.

Mission 6 - Mike Lips Last Lunch (Difficulty: Medium) Takes around 6 minutes to complete!

Firstly, you can only enter this mission between 5:00 and 2:00, so you may have to wait a little. You need to head over to Marco's Bistro which is marked by a red dot on the radar. Marco's Bistro is in St. Mark at the top of the hill near Salvatore's mansion. You have 6 minutes to do it but don't worry. If you drive slower and now dent the car, then you will be able to pass it easy. The extra time is only for if you have to go the Pay 'N' Spray. Once you are there get in the car with the arrow over it and hear over to 8-ball's in Harwood shown be an 8-ball icon on the radar. Quickly hurry over there but be careful not to blow up the car or ruin it because you will have to go an get it resprayed. But don't worry you have plenty of time. When you get there, drive into the garage and the car will be rigged with the bomb. Then head back to where you found the car and park it in the marker. You then need to activate the bomb by using the O Button. Then get the hell on out of there and wait on the road for the cool cut-scene.

If you're on a mission that has not been said on here that is further on then you can ask me and contact me on my Youtube Channel 96lw15 and I will get back to you within 7 days, if not then check out a different walkthrough with all missions on. Thanks for reading anyway and I am stuck on the mission called Turismo! Thanks;)byex!