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Follow the dark path or use the light

God of War - Game Script

by SamuraiX-


    "A coward turns away, but a brave man's choice is danger." - Euripides

                 ___          _          __   __    __           
                / _ \___   __| |   ___  / _| / / /\ \ \__ _ _ __ 
               / /_\/ _ \ / _` |  / _ \| |_  \ \/  \/ / _` | '__|
              / /_\\ (_) | (_| | | (_) |  _|  \  /\  / (_| | |   
              \____/\___/ \__,_|  \___/|_|     \/  \/ \__,_|_|   

                           +-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+
                           |G|a|m|e| |S|c|r|i|p|t|
                           +-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+

                           God of War - Game Script
                   Playable on the PlayStation 2 Gaming Console    
                  Written By: SamuraiX- ([email protected])
                            79 Characters Per Line                 
                 Format - Font/Style/Size: Courier New/Regular/10

     Copyright  2005 Raul Copaciu                      Version: 1.00




                 | }------------------------------------------------------\
   0#############| >  SPOILER ALERT : There Are Major Spoilers In This FAQ )   
                 | }------------------------------------------------------/

Here are a couple things points I want to clear up before we get started. ^_^
    |_| Have any contributions?  Don't hesitate to send it in!  You can send
	anything in that you feel will really help out with this FAQ.  Now,
	however, I will only accept submissions that I can actually read and
	understand without having to think about it so much.  Just remember
	to proof read your contribution, making sure it makes sense, before
	actually sending it, thanks!
    |_| Remember, if you wish to use this FAQ on your website, or in your
	FAQ/Walkthrough, just ask for my consent and I will most likely give
	you permission.  There are only very few people and websites that I
	wouldn't allow to use this guide, that I know have stolen from other
    	authors in the past.  So don't be afraid to ask for my permission!
    |_| If you notice anything that is said in the game which isn't stated in
	this game script, then you are more than welcome to send it to me by
	e-mail and I'll be sure your name is mentioned in the Contribution
	Credits section of this FAQ.




                        -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
                          V e r s i o n  H i s t o r y
                        -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Version 1.00 | June 20th, 2005 | 65.9 kb

I have written out the entire game script for God of War.  There is a small
section missing at the end after Kratos saves his family from the clones, but
other than that, everything is there.  The way the script is written out at the
moment is only a temporary rough draft and I'll most likely go back and work on
it a bit more so it can be easier to read.  




	                  ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~
			    T a b l e  o f  C o n t e n t s
			  ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

  1) Introduction
	1.1 - FAQ Information
	1.2 - Contact Information
	1.3 - God of War

  2) Game Script
	2.1 - The Bluffs
	2.2 - The Aegean Sea
	2.3 - The Gates of Athens
	2.4 - The Road to Athens
	2.5 - Athens Town Square
	2.6 - Rooftops of Athens
	2.7 - Athens Town Square Revisited
	2.8 - Outer Temple of the Oracle
	2.9 - Inner Temple of the Oracle
       2.10 - Desert of Lost Souls
       2.11 - Pandora's Temple
       2.12 - The Challenge of Atlas
       2.13 - The Challenge of Poseidon
       2.14 - The Challenge of Hades
       2.15 - The Rings of Pandora Revisited
       2.16 - The Cliffs of Madness
       2.17 - Zeus' Temple
       2.18 - Pandora's Temple Revisited
       2.19 - Hades
       2.20 - Outer Temple of the Oracle Revisited
       2.21 - Inner Temple of the Oracle Revisited
       2.22 - The Aegean Sea Revisited
       2.23 - The Bluffs, Again
       2.24 - Mount Olympus

  3) Conclusion
	3.1 - Contributor Credits
	3.2 - Legal Disclaimer
	3.3 - God of War Cast




 /  .-.                                                                 .-.  \
|  /   \                   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                   /   \  |
| |\_.  |                   I N T R O D U C T I O N                   |    /| |
|\|  | /|                  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                  |\  | |/|
| `---' |                                                             | `---' |
|       |-------------------------------------------------------------|       |
\       |                                                             |       /
 \     /                                                               \     /
  `---'                                                                 `---'

Here, I give you everything you need to know about about God of War and this
FAQ.  I also provide ways to contact me if you have any questions or if you
find a mistake, a spelling/grammar error, or any other reason you think you
would need to contact to help this FAQ.

________________/            1.1 - FAQ Information            \________________

The purpose of this FAQ is to provide a script of everything said in the game,
when dialogue is present with the unique characters of the game.  I also
explain what is going on while the characters are ingaded in conversation.
This is indicated by the "[" at the beginning of the explanation, and the "]"
at the end.  I have also tried my best to make it clear where each dialogue
is taking place, such as The Aegean Sea, Athens, Pandora's Temple, etc.

I hope this script is useful for some of you who's game keeps freezing and you
would like to know what happens later on.  Actually, I hope this script is
useful for everyone in it's own way.  Have fun!

________________/          1.2 - Contact Information          \________________

Below I have posted two ways you can contact me.

E-Mail: [email protected]

AIM: SamuraiX780

NOTE: I'll write more information in this section on what to do, and not to do,
when trying to contact me.

________________/              1.3 - God of War               \________________

When God of War was announced in early 2004, no one knew what to expect of it.
When hearing that SCEA was behind the the publishing and directing of God of
War, fans were getting mixed reactions of how this game would turn out.  SCEA
was always famous for the Twisted Metal series, which involved driving around
and basically blowing up other vehicles.  Sounds boring? I'd suggest you do
yourself a favor and check out Twisted Metal Black some day, which is, in my
opinion, the best car combat game there is, next to Vigilante 8. ^_^

Well, God of War was focusing on a nearly completely different aspect of video
gaming.  David Jaffe, the director and producer of God of War decide on using
Greek Mythology as the back drop for the the games' story/plot.  Everyone
thought it sounded like an awesome idea, but fans still questioned how SCEA
would uphold the integrity of Greek Mythology when making this game.  God of
War ended up being an awesome action/adventure game with a fantasy twist it,
and blood and gore all in between.

By the time E3 2004 came around, Jaffe and his team had released a playable
demo at their Sony booth and just hoped for the best.  After E3, God of War
was given so much good feedback, it blew the producers away, they had no idea
that it was THIS GOOD.  God of War was nominated the best Ps2 game at E3, best
action/adventure game yet, most original action/adventure game yet, etc.  Fans
were blown away as well when they received only a small sample of the real God
of War.




 /  .-.                                                                 .-.  \
|  /   \                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                    /   \  |
| |\_.  |                     G A M E  S C R I P T                    |    /| |
|\|  | /|                    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                   |\  | |/|
| `---' |                                                             | `---' |
|       |-------------------------------------------------------------|       |
\       |                                                             |       /
 \     /                                                               \     /
  `---'                                                                 `---'

Below is the whole game script for God of War.  This doesn't just include the
in-game movies, but also the cut-scenes you see throughout the game.  And some
lines are taken from dialouge you hear in real time when playing.


	------- 2.1 - The Bluffs -------


[Kratos hopelessly looks up and then down again at his grave]

Kratos: The gods of Olympus have abandoned me.

[Kratos lifts his left foot and places it over the edge of the cliff]

Kratos: Now there is no hope...

[Kratos dives off the cliff, down to the ocean below]

Narrator: And Kratos cast himself from the highest mountain in all of Greece.
          After 10 years of suffering, 10 years of endless nightmares, it would
          finally come to an end.  Death would be his escape from madness...

[You see through Kratos' eyes as he falls head first into the ocean]


	------- 2.2 - The Aegean Sea -------


Narrator: But it had not always been this way, Kratos had once been a champion
          of the gods...

                           Three Weeks Earlier

		             The Aegean Sea

[Kratos appears on a ship in the Aegean Sea, ready for battle]

Kratos: Foul beasts! I will send you back to the depths of Hades!!

[Kratos comes across a fightened ship man]

Ship Man: Stay away!  Stay away from me!

[The ship man locks himself in a cage, he seems to fear Kratos]

Ship Man: I know who you are Spartan!  I know what you've done.  I'd rather die
	  than be saved by you.

[Kratos tried to talk to him again, but with no luck]

Ship Man: You!  The Ghost of Sparta!  Stay away!  Stay away from me!

[As Kratos made his way further, he encounter another ship man being shot at by
undead archers]

Ship Man 2: It's.. It's you!  The visions, they were real!  The gods came to
            me, told me that their champion will come and rescue us from the

[Kratos looks to the other side of the ship to see a row of undead archers
striking down ship men that are trying to take cover]

Ship Man 2: But your too late, we're pinned down!  These creatures, they came
            from nowhere, the ships are all destroyed, all hope is lost
            Spartan, even for you-

[The ship man's warning is cut short as he is killed by an arrow piercing his

[Kratos hears the sound of women crying for help behind a tightly locked door]

Woman: Please!  Someone get us out!  Find the key!  Find the key!!  Their
       coming!  No.. No!!  Get us out!  Get us ou-!

[The woman's call for help is cut short as Kratos hears her dying, he makes his
way to the next ship to find the key to the door]

Woman: Ahhhhhhh.... Ahhhhhhh... Aaahhhhhhaahhh.. Ahh..

[Kratos discovers a blue glowing door on the next ship]

Kratos: Lord Poseidon

[Poseidon, lord of the seas appears in the glowing door with a gift for Kratos]

Poseidon: Kratos, before you reach Athens, there is a task you must complete. 
          This beast is Hydra, it has terrorized my seas for far too long.
	  Your skills are admirable, but you will need assistance, you will
          need the power of the gods. 

[Kratos embraces his new power from Poseidon, known as Poseidon's Rage]

Poseidon: Take this weapon Kratos, take this power, and use it to defeat your

[Poseidon bids farewell to Kratos and wishes him luck on his journey]

Poseidon: Go with the gods Kratos, go forth, in the name of Olympus!

[As Kratos makes his way to the deck of the ship, he sees shipmen being
attacked by a Hydra]

Ship Man 3: Back, back!

Ship Man 4: Get them away from me!

Ship Captain: Argh!

Ship Man 3: Why won't they die?!

Ship Man 4: It's the giant one, he keeps healing the others! Gaahhh!!

[One of the ship men is devoured by the Hydra]

Ship Captain: No.. I..

Ship Man 3: God...

[The ship captain becomes frightened and runs for his life]

Ship Captain: No!  We'll never get out of here!  Doomed, were doomed, were all

[The ship captain stops and begins beging Poseidon to save him, as an even
greater Hydra rises from the sea]

Ship Captain: Poseidon... Save me!

[The ship captain is consumed by the greater Hydra]

Ship Captain: Ahh, ahhhhh!! Help, help...!

[The final ship man is devoured soon after, as was the one before him]

Ship Man 3: Aaahhhh!!

[Kratos defeats the two Hydra spawns below and then the greater Hydra above,
and shortly after hears a call from help, but with no idea where]

????: Help, help me! Gods help me! Ple-, Please!  I'm begging you, help me out
      of here!

[Kratos proceeds down the greater Hydra's throat and finds that the ship
captain is still alive, so he pulls him up by the key hanging from his neck]

Ship Captain: Argh, Argh, thank you!  Thank the gods you came back for me!!

[Kratos pulls the captain so they are face to face]

Kratos: I didn't come back for you!

[Without mercy, Kratos rips the key from the captains necklace and let's him
fall to the Hydra's stomach]

Ship Captain: Noooo!!

[With the the captain's key in hand, Kratos makes his way backed to the locked
door where the women are taking refuge]

[Kratos breaks through the door to find the women being slaughtered by undead
and without thought, Kratos viciously slices through the undead soldiers, then
looking down at those we couldn't save]

Narrator: Slaughtered like animals, the victims lay before him, a reminder of
          his own past, a past he could never escape...

[Flashbacks of Kratos' past, of when he served the God of War rush back to him]

Narrator: His only sauness was the sea.  Endlessly sailing from one harbor to
          the next, in service to the Gods of Olympus, all his hopes rested
          with them.

[Kratos sits at the edge of a bed with two naked women lying next to him with
empty wine cups on the floor]

Narrator: For no matter how much wine he consumed or how many women he took to
          his bed, nothing on earth could rid him of the horrors that plagued
          his mind.

[Kratos looks up and screams the name of the god that is watching over him]

Kratos: ATHENA!!

[On the deck of the ship, a statue of Athena comes to life]

Kratos: Ten years Athena!

[Kratos breaks open the ships' deck doors and walks toward Athena in a rage]

Kratos: I have faithfully served the gods for -ten years-.
        When will you relieve me of these nightmares?

Athena: We request one final task of you Kratos, your greatest challenge
        awaits... in Athens.

Athena: Where even now, my brother, Ares lays siege.  As we speak, Athens is
        on the verge of destruction.  It is the will of Ares, my great city

Athena: Zeus has forbidden the gods from waging war on each other.  That is why
        it must be -you-, Kratos.  Only a mortal, trained by a god has a chance
        at defeating Ares.

Kratos: And if I am able to do this, to kill a god, then the visions, they will

Athena: Complete this final task, and the past that consumes you will be

Athena: Have faith Kratos, the gods do not forget those who come to their aid.

Narrator: Leaving the rotting carcass of the Hydra behind, Kratos sets sail
          once more.  His greatest challenge, and freedom from his growing
          madness lay before him, in the ancient city... of Athens...


	------- 2.3 - The Gates of Athens -------


[Kratos tells the woman he slept with to get off of his ship]

Naked Woman 1: Stay Kratos, just a bit longer...

Kratos: We've reached Athens, get your things and get out!

Naked Woman 2: Come back to bed, Kratos.

Kratos: We're finished, be gone when I return.

[Kratos speaks with the statue of Athena on the deck before he sets off]

Athena: Destroy Ares... And the gods will forgive you your past.  Find the
        oracle.  She will guide you in your quest.

[Kratos comes two soldiers that seem to be running from something]

Soldier: Run, run!  The beasts have taken Athens!

[Two Minotaurs appear from around the corner and one throws an axe at the
running soldiers]

Soldier: Look out!

[The first soldiersducks and avoids the flying axe, but unfortunately the
second did not and is decapitated]

Soldier:  No, no!  Stay away from me!

[One the Minotaurs charges after the remaining soldier, jumps up for a dive
attack and completely obliterates him]


[Kratos finds his way to a fortress with two soldiers on the other side of a
disfunctional gate]

Soldier 2: You!  Have reinforcements arrived?! 

Soldier 3: Ares has brought these beasts to Athens!  Without help, the city
           will fall! 

Soldier 2: The gates' destroyed!

[Before the soldiers can think of another way out, two undead soldiers fall
from the sky and silence them]

Soldier 2: We'll have to find another wa-

[As Kratos made his way through Athens, he comes across a glowing red door]

Kratos: Aphrodite.

Aphrodite: Kratos, the gods are pleased with your progress, but your current
           skills will not be enough to defeat the minions of Ares.  I offer
           you the power to freeze your enemies where they stand, but you must
           earn such a gift.

[Kratos turns around to find a lizard like creature with hair of snakes]

Aphrodite: Medusa, the queen of the Gorgons.  Bring me her head Kratos, and I
           will give you the ability to wield it's power!

[Kratos first weakens Medusa, then rips off her head and after that, he is
presented with a challenge from Aphrodite]

Aphrodite: Freeze and destroy them all with Medusa's Gaze and the power of the
           gorgon will be yours.

[After destorying several Minotaurs, Aphrodite bids Kratos farewell]

Aphrodite: Go with the gods Kratos.  Go forth, in the name of Olympus.

[Kratos reaches a bridge with a symbol carved in the middle where an image of
a woman appears and Kratos prepares for battle]

????: Do not fear, Kratos.  I am the Oracle of Athens, here to help you defeat

[Kratos reaches for the oracle's chest area to find that it's just a hologram]

Oracle of Athens: Find my temple to the East and I will show you how to murder
                  a god.


	------- 2.4 - The Road to Athens -------


[Kratos makes his way to a ledge where he can see Ares, the God of War
destroying the army of Athens with his great power]

Kratos: God of War, I haven't forgotten you, for what you did that night.  This
        city will be your grave.


	------- 2.5 - Athens Town Square -------


[Kratos finds a woman that seems to be firghtened to death of him]

Scared Woman: Stay away, don't come near me!

[Kratos decides to follow her]

Scared Woman: Stay back! Keep away from me!

[Kratos continues to follow her]

Scared Woman: Stay away!

[Kratos reaches a flight of stairs where the woman looks at him from the top]

Scared Woman: I know who you are.  I know what you've done, monster!

Kratos: Wait!

Scared Woman: Stay back!  Get away from me!

[The woman runs away again and Kratos follows her up the stairs and to the

Scared Woman: Stay away, don't come near me! Keep awa-

[The woman looses her balance and falls off the balcony where she dies below]

Scared Woman: Ahhh!

[Kratos looks below at the woman's corpse and notices a key on her]


	------- 2.6 - Rooftops of Athens -------


[Kratos comes across a bridge which needs to be activated by a lever from the
other side, luckily there is someone already near the lever]

Kratos: You!  I must get across!  Release the lever,  extend the bridge!

[The man rejects Kratos because he fears death]

Scared Man: No.. No! I won't let them get me, they won't get across, these
            monsters, the-, they'll tear me apart!

[Kratos leaves the man for now to look for another way of extending the bridge]

Kratos: Coward.

[Kratos comes across a blue glowing door]

Kratos: Lord Zeus

Zeus: Kratos, you grow stronger as your journey continues, but if you are to
      succeed in your quest, you will need my aid.  I offer you the power of
      the greatest of all the gods, the father of Olympus, I offer you the
      power of Zeus.

Zeus: Take this weapon Kratos, take this power, and use it to defeat your 

[Zeus congratulates Kratos and bids him farewell]

Zeus: You have done well Kratos.  Go with the gods, go forth in the name of


	------- 2.7 - Athens Town Square Revisited -------


[Kratos finds the oracle being attacked by harpies]

Kratos: Oracle!!

[The oracle turns around and begins running toward Kratos]

Oracle of Athens: Kratos!!  Praise Athena you've arrived!

[A fireball is blasted at the bridge and the oracle falls to the ground]

Oracle of Athens: Ahhh!!

[Two harpies pick up the oracle and take her away]

Oracle of Athens: No, no..  Kratos, Kratos find me, you must find me, Athens
                  depends on it!

[Kratos proceeds ahead to the oracle's temple and sees her again being taken
away by harpies]

Oracle of Athens: Kratos, Kratos... Help me... No... Noo!!


	------- 2.8 - Outer Temple of the Oracle -------


[After Kratos destroys a battalion of harpies, he is greeted by an old man]

Grave Digger: Good my boy, good.  Athena has chosen wisely, I knew it was so.

Kratos: Who are you?

[Kratos doesn't even know this old man but he seems to know everything about

Grave Digger: So you have the blades, the skin as pale as the moon.  You are
              the one in dead, perhaps Athens will survive at that.

[The grave digger laughs as if the destruction of Athens is a joke]

Grave Digger: Hahahaha, but be careful!  Don't want you dieing before
              I'm done with this grave.

Kratos: A grave?  In the middle of a battle?  Who will occupy it old man?

Grave Digger: You will my son.

[A shocked look appears on Kratos' face]

Grave Digger: Hm, I've got alot of digging to do indeed.  All will be revealed
              in good time, and when all appears to be lost Kratos, I will be
              there to help.

[Out of curiousity about the grave, Kratos tries speaking with the grave digger

Grave Digger: Don't disturb me now, son!  I've got my work to do, and you have
              yours!  And precious little time left to do either!

[But Kratos can't stop thinking about the grave, so he talks to the man again]

Grave Digger: Don't forget me, Kratos.  We shall meet again, when you need my
              help the most.

[Kratos, more puzzled than ever decides to concentrate on his main quest of
finding the oracle]


	------- 2.9 - Inner Temple of the Oracle -------


[Kratos makes his way to the inner temple and sees the oracle being carryed by
the harpies above]

Oracle of Athens: Kratos, Lratos!  Heeelp, help me! hel-

[The harpies let the oracle go but she manages to grab hold of a nearby rope]

Oracle of Athens: Aahhhhhh- Ugh!  Kratos, hurry!\

[As Kratos makes his way up, the oracle begins to loose her grip]

Oracle of Athens: Ahhh, ah, Kratos, I'm slipping, you must get here quickly! I
                  can help you! We can save Athens, but you must hurry!

[Kratos makes a jump for the oracle just in time before she falls]

Narrator: And with that act, Kratos set in motion the events that would lead to
          his downfall.

Oracle of Athens: Kratos..  As Athena herself has fortold, but you are late,
                  perhaps too late to save athens, or is it athens you have
                  come to save?

[The oracle places her hands on Kratos' head and looks into his past]

Kratos: No!  I, I can't-

[Kratos is leading his men into battle at the beginning of the vision]

Kratos: We must not stop! Go forth! Go forth and attack!

Narrator: And when the oracle looked into his soul, she saw a beast, as well as
          a man.

Narrator: Once a captain in the Spartan army, Kratos had begun his command with
          only fifty soldiers, but soon his numbers grew to the thousands.

[Kratos is shown killing men in battle with no mercy]

Narrator: His tactics were brutal, but effective.  Drunk with power, he was
          feared by all.  Except one, his wife was the only one to brave his\

Kratos' Wife: How much is enough Kratos?!  When will it end?!

Kratos: When the glory of Sparta is known throughout the world!

Kratos' Wife: The glory of Sparta...  You did this for yourself!

[As Kratos' wife looks back at him, blood runs from her eyes]

Narrator: His desire for conquest knew no bounds, but that which he desired
          would ultimately consume him...

[The oracle becomes frightened and backs away from Kratos']

Oracle of Athens: By the gods!  Why would Athena send one such as you?!

[Kratos grabs the oracle and throws her away from him]

Kratos: Stay out of my head!

[The oracle regains her balance, and gives Kratos a warning]

Oracle of Athens: Choose your enemies wisely Kratos, your brute strength alone
                  will not be enough to destroy Ares.

Oracle of Athens: Only one item in the world will allow you to defeat a god...

[The oracle walks over to a door, and uses her magic to open it]

Oracle of Athens: Pandora's Box, which lies far beyond the walls of Athens,
                  hidden by the gods across the desert to the east.

Oracle of Athens: But be warned Kratos, many have gone in search of Pandora's
                  Box, none have returend...

[Kratos speaks to the oracle again to be sure where he must go]

Oracle of Athens: Go through the gates to the desert, Kratos.  There begins the
                  path to Pandora's Box.  It is the only way you will defeat
                  Ares and save Athens.


	------- 2.10 - Desert of Lost Souls -------


[Kratos discovers a statue of Athena at the entrance of the desert]

Athena: Kratos, the journey foward is paroles, but one you must complete if you
        are to have any hope of saving Athens.

[Kratos questions what the oracle said]

Kratos: The oracle spoke of Pandora's Box, can it be real?

[Athena explains about Pandora's Box]

Athena: The box exists, it is the most powerful weapon a mortal can wield.

[Kratos still questions it's powers]

Kratos: And with a such a weapon, I could defeat Ares?

[Athena explains where Kratos will find Pandora's Box]

Athena: With the box, many things become possible, and so it is hidden well,
        far across the desert of lost souls.

[Visions of the future are shown as you see a glimpse of your journey through
the desert]

Athena: There is safe passage through the deadly sands, but only those who hear
        and follow the Siren's song will discover it.

[Singing from the Sirens can be heard]

Athena: You must find the Sirens, Kratos, only they can guide you to Kronos,
        the titan

[Kratos is shocked by what Athena has told him]

Kratos: A titan lives?!

[Kronos, Zeus' father is shown crawling through the desert with a gigantic
complex chained to his back]

Athena: Kronos is the last, Zeus has commanded him to wander the desert
        endlessly, the temple of Pandora chained to his back, until the
        swirling sands rip the very flesh from his bones.

[Athena is shown again, wishing Kratos luck with his journey]

Athena: Stay true to the song of the Siren, Kratos, your journey begins here,
        pray it leads you back to athens, with Pandora's Box...

[Kratos speaks with Athena once more to understand what he must do]

Athena: Follow the song of the Sirens, Kratos.  Find and destroy them all, and
        the path through the deadly sands will be opened to you.

[Kratos finds and destroys the first Siren]

Athena: You must find and destroy the two remaining Sirens before you may pass.

[Kratos finds and destroys the second Siren]

Athena: You must find and destroy the final Siren before you may pass.

[Kratos finds and destroys the third and final Siren]

Athena: The desert Sirens have been destryoed Kratos, the path before you is
        now revealed.

[As Kratos made his way past the Desert of Lost Souls, he finds a horn and
blows through it, causing Kronos to begin crawling toward him]

Narrator: Kronos, the last of the mighty titans, emerged from the desert sands,
          on his back, Pandora's Temple awaited, massive and patient, ready to
          challenge all who went in search of it's guarded treasure.

[Kratos jumps for a chain linked to Kronos and begins his climb]

Narrator: For three days, Kratos climbed the shear walls of the mountain.  He
          knew he would either recover Pandora's Box, or perish inside the
          cursed temple, never to return to the world of man.


	------- 2.11 - Pandora's Temple -------


[Kratos finds a skin-less man, missing some of his limbs, standing near a fire]

Body Burner: So, you think you can conquer the temple of the gods do you?

Body Burner: It's never been done you know.  Sooner or later, the harpies will
             bring what's left of you, back for me to burn.

[As the body burner talks, two hapries appear and drop a body in the fire]

Body Burner: The gods hid Pandora's Box in here so no mortal would ever claim
             it's power.  And yet, year after year I open the gate for more and
             more soldiers and place more and more bodies on these fires.

[Kratos looks at the body burner will a serious face]

Body Burner: If I were you, I'd leave now.  But I can see you are determined,
             very well.

[The body burner takes a stone and throws it at some haries above, commanding
them to open the gates to the temple]

Body Burner: May the gods grant you strength to conquer the perils that lay
             before you, good luck spartan.

[Kratos speaks with the body burner before he leaves]

Body Burner: It's always the same.  Madmen and fools seeking glory, I know.  As
             you can see by my... somewhat disheveled state, I was the first to
             attempt the temple and the first to die.  The gods punished me for
             my failure and now I must tend to all who have followed me and

[Kratos speaks with the body burner one last time]

Body Burner: The architect who built this temple was a zealot.  He lived only
             to serve the gods but went mad trying.  The rumor is that he's
             still alive, still inside... still trying to appease the gods who
             abandoned him years ago...


	------- 2.12 The Challenge of Atlas -------


[Kratos discovers a glowing red door before entering the Challenge of Atlas]

Kratos: Artemis.

Artemis: Kratos, the gods demand more of you, you have learned to use the
         Blades of Chaos well, but they alone will not carry you to the end of
         your task.  I offer you the very blade I used to slay a titan.  Take
         this gift and use to complete your quest.

Artemis: Take this weapon Kratos, take this power and use it to defeat your

[Artemis bids Kratos farewell]

Artemis: Go with the gods, Kratos, go forth in the name of Olympus.

[As Kratos completes the Challenge of Atlas, he finds a blood bath of dead
soldiers lying around a flight of stairs]

Narrator: The wrecked bodies of those who had gone in search of Pandora's Box
          lay before him.

[Kratos seems disturbed as he looks over the bodies of the soldiers]

Narrator: And at once, Kratos knew who was responsible.  For this was not the
          first time he'd seen the ruin Ares, and his minions had left in their

[As Kratos looks over the nassacre, he is reminded of his past]

Narrator: Kratos had experienced it first hand, years before...

[Kratos is shown storming into battle]

Narrator: The youngest and boldest captain in the Spartan army, Kratos had
          inspired fierce loyalty in his men.  It had always been enough to
          carry them through any battle, until this day.

[Kratos leads his men into a battle they could never win]

Narrator: The barbarians to the east numbered in the thousands, and descended
	  on the Spartans, without mercy.

[The barbarian leader fires an arrow at a soldier beside Kratos and takes off
his skull]

Narrator: The battle lasted mere hours.  The discipline and training of the
          Spartans did little to stem the tide of the merciless barbarians.

[Kratos' soldiers are shown battling with everything they have]

Narrator: The soldiers faced a massacre, while their young captain faced the
          end of his brilliant career, and his life.

[The barbarian leader lifts his warhammer, ready to strike the fallen Kratos]

Narrator: But to Kratos, victory was worth any price, even his soul.

Kratos: ARES!!  Destory my enemies, and my life is yours.

[The sky fills with darkness, and covers the battle

Narrator: That desperate call for aid, will come to haunt Kratos for all his

[Kratos has a shocked look on his face]

Kratos: By the gods, what have I become...?


	------- 2.13 - The Challenge of Poseidon -------


[Kratos discovers a caged, living soldier in the temple]

Caged Soldier: Oh, thank the gods you've come.  Break these bars get me out of

[Kratos looks over at the sacrificial chamber to the north]

Caged Soldier: Well, what are you waiting for?  Let me out, we can find our way
               back to Athens.

[Kratos reveals to the soldier, his fate]

Kratos: The gods demand sacrifice, from all of us.

[The soldier looks over at the sacrificial chamber in fright]

Caged Soldie: Oh please, no... No.

[As Kratos dragged the soldier to his ultimate fate, the soldier continuously
begged him for mercy]

Caged Soldier: Gods on high! Save me from this barbarian!

Caged Soldier: No please, please!!

Caged Soldier: Please, on your humanity, don't do this!

[Without mercy, Kratos placed the cage on the switch and pulled the lever,
sending scorching flames through the soldier's body]

Caged Soldier: No, no, noooo!!

[The burning soldier,  is taken below and the door in front of Kratos opens to
reveal a new path]


	------- 2.14 - The Challenge of Hades -------


[Kratos discovers a glowing red door in the room where he killed the temple's
guardian minotaur]

Kratos: Lord Hades.

Hades: Your progress is impressive Kratos, but your skills will not carry you
       to your ultimate goal.  I offer you the souls of Hades itself, the souls
       of the dead, set ready to fight by your side.

Hades: Take this weapon, Kratos, take this power, and use it to defeat your

[Hades offers Kratos several victims to test out the Army of Hades]

Hades: Go with the gods, Kratos, go forth in the name of Olympus.

[Hades bids Kratos farewell]


	------- 2.15 - The Rings of Pandora Revisited -------


[Just before Kratos prepares to continue to the upper temple, he hears the
voice of Athena]

Athena: Your progress is impressive Kratos, but be warned, once you ascend to
        the upper levels of the temple, you will not be able to return without
        Pandora's Box.

[Without question, Kratos pulls the lever and the platform begins rising]

Narrator: As Kratos rose through the massive temple, constructed to guard
          Pandora's Box, he realized it was a monument, not only to gods of
          Olympus, but to the madness of the warden who desigend it.  He
          conquered the lower floors of Pandora's Temple, but what lay in wait
          above would detest even Kratos.


	------- 2.16 - The Cliffs of Madness -------


[Kratos finds a harpie ripping apart, what's left of a dead soldier]

Narrator: Kratos had been in service to the gods long enough to know the harpie
          had been sent as a warning, a reminder from his former master of the
          decesion that had cost Kratos everything.

[Kratos, again remembers the battle where he was on the verge of death]

Narrator: Had it been -that- long since he almost met his end at the hands of
          the barbarians, that long since he traded everything to save himself?

[Kratos looks up at the sky]

Kratos: ARES!!

[The sky becomes dark with clouds and fierce with thunder]

Narrator: The sky split apart, and the God of War stepped through.

[Ares, the God of War is shown coming to Kratos' aid]

Narrator: Descending from Olympus, he saw the makings of a god, in a mere

[Ares stands on the battlefield, observing Kratos]

Narrator: Ares would save Kratos.  He would turn him into the perfect warrior,
          his servant on earth.  Only a simple pledge of loyalty was required.

[Kratos is shown kneeling before Ares]

Kratos: My life is yours Ares.  From this day, I shall carry forth your will.

[Ares calls forth the savagery and brutality of war]

Narrator: And his fate was sealed, as promised, Ares rescued his new disciple,
          bringing forth the power of a god, destroying those who would
          slaughter Kratos and his men.

[Ares summons a band of harpies, who carry the ultimate weapons of chaos]

Narrator: As for Kratos, no mere sword and shield would befit the newest
          servant of the God of War.

[You see two blades attached to chains in the a harpy's talons]

Narrator: The Blades of Chaos, forged in the foulest depths of hades.

[Kratos willing accepts these weapons, extending his arms out]

Narrator: Once attached, the chains remained so, chained and seared to the
          flesh, a part of the barous bargan, a permanent reminder of Kratos'

[The chains were so burning hot, even Kratos seemed to be in pain when they
were seared to the flesh on his wrists]

Narrator: In return, ultimate power.

[Kratos uses these to weapons to decapitate the barbarian that would surely
have killed him if he hadn't called Ares for aid]

Narrator: The rage of Ares exploded from within, but soon, he would learn the
          true cost of such power, a cost too high, even for Kratos to pay...

[Kratos is shown in all his glory with a sadistic look on his face]

Kratos: Wretched beast, I know who it is you serve!  Return to your master!

[The harpy that Kratos found sneers at him and eventually flys away with the
soldiers body]

Kratos: Tell the God of War I am his no longer!  Tell him he is not safe while
        I walk the earth.

Kratos: I -will- find Pandora's box!  And I will use it, to see him tremble
        and fall before me...

[Kratos proceeds to the higher levels of The Cliffs of Madness]


[Kratos, questioningly looks at the blades he used to slay so many]

Narrator: The path before Kratos was clear, but still, the memories came
          rushing back, as familiar and permanent as the blades chained to his

[Kratos throws the blades to the ground and is, again reminded of his past]

Narrator: Memories of what he'd done in the name of Ares.  Memories of how he'd
          become a servant under the God of War.

[Kratos is shown assassinating innocent people]

Narrator: A beast, his humanity robbed, and replaced only with the will, to

[Kratos is, again shown slaying innocent people, with his soldiers]

Narrator: No one was safe, entire armies fell before Kratos and his soldiers
          that followed him on his path for never ending conquest, all in the
          name of his master...

[A village is shown in the background with Kratos and his men standing at the
entrance, armed for combat]

Narrator: Those who offered resistance, of any kind were dealt with quickly.

[Kratos quickly breifs his soldiers on why they must destroy the village]

Kratos: They built this temple to offer prayers to Athena!  This entire village
        stands as an affront to lord Ares!  Burn this village, burn it to the

[Yet again, Kratos' men are shown slaying innocent villagers]

Narrator: Emboldened by the God of war, Kratos' army was ruthless, feared
          throughout the world for their brutality.  All that mattered was
          conquest in the name of Kratos, their great leader, who had become
          near invincible.

[Although chaos is raging in the village behind Kratos, he looks upon a temple
in front of him with great determination]

Narrator: He feared nothing, but there was something about -this- temple,
          something... forbbiden.

[The village oracle walks toward Kratos]

Narrator: All his instincts told him that he should never cross it's threshold,
          never step inside.

[The village oracle delivers a warning to Kratos]

Villiage Oracle: Be ware Kratos, the dangers in the temple are greater than
                 you know.

[Kratos, confident that no danger was too great for him, pushes the village
oracle out of his way and walks towards the temples' doors]

Narrator: But the village oracle's warning fell on depth ears.

[Kratos breaks open the doors to the temple]

Narrator: His ambition would not be denied, all who opposed him, would die.

[Kratos slays everyone in the temple in a rage of chaos, but looks at his
last two victims in great great shock]

Narrator: In that instant, the glory he had reveled in, turned to horror.  The
          image of his two final victims would stay with him for all his days.

[Kratos falls to his knees in disbelief]

Narrator: With that act, Kratos knew he could no longer serve his master, he
          had but one calling now, the death of Ares, he would murder the God
          of War...

[Kratos regains his thoughts and threats Ares' life, yet again]

Kratos: Ares, you will die for what you did that night.


	------- 2.17 - Zeus' Temple -------


[Kratos finally reaches Pandora's Box]

Athena: Kratos, your quest is at an end.  You are the first mortal to ever
        reach Padora's Box.  There is still time to save Athens, you must bring
        the box back to my city and use it kill Ares.  Return to Athens,
        Kratos, return and save my city!


	------- 2.18 - Pandora's Temple Revisited -------


[As Kratos made his way outof the temple, he was reminded by Athena to be sure
that he has Pandora's Box when returning to Athens]

Athena: You must bring Pandora's Box back to Athens, Kratos.  You cannot defeat
        Ares without it.

Athena: Kratos, you cannot leave the temple without Pandora's Box, Athens
        depends on it!

[Kratos, using all his might, begins pushing Pandora's Box out of the temple]

Narrator: After a thousand years, Pandora's box was, at last freed of it's
          confines.  Kratos had found the means to destroy the God of War.

[Ares continues to level the city of Athens with his great power]

Narrator: Far away, in Athens, Ares knew Kratos had succeeded in his quest.

[Ares, about to swing his blade to destroy another building stops short and
turns around, sensing a familiar presence]

Ares: So little Spartan, you've recovered Zeus' precious box, but you will not
      live long enough to see it opened.

[Ares picks up a broken pillar and hurls it at toward the desert]

Ares: I will see to that.

[Ares bids farewell to Kratos]

Ares: Good-bye Spartan, you will rot in the depths of Hades for all eternity.

[The accuracy of the pillar was unimaginable, as it struck Kratos through
his abodminal area and sent him hurling to a wall]

Narrator: As the life began to leave Kratos, his thoughts returned to that
          faithful night.

Narrator: Even in death, the memories, the visions would not fade.

[Kratos is shown at the temple, kneeling before his wife and daughter]

Narrator: For how could he forget, spilling the blood of his own family? A
          cruel trick orchestrated by the God of War.

[Kratos holds his wife his arms, still questioning how this could have happned]

Kratos: My wife, my child... How?  They were not in Sparta...

[An image of Ares appears, and reveals the truth to Kratos]

Ares: You are becoming all I'd you hope you'd be Kratos.  Now, with your wife
      and child dead, nothing will hold you back, you will become even
      stronger, you will become death itself!

[Kratos kneels at the entrance of the temple, now truely understanding what he
must do]

Narrator: But as the flames consumed the temple, Kratos realized his true enemy
          was the god who once saved his life, the same god who had now taken
          everything from him.

[Kratos looks up and screams out the name of the god he must destroy]

Kratos: ARES!!

[The village oracle turns around and looks at Kratos]

Village Oracle: From this night foward, the mark of your terrible dead with be
                visible to all!

[You see as white ash, flowing from the burning temple]

Village Oracle: The ashes of your wife and child will remain fastened to your
                skin, never to be removed!

[The ash ingulfs Kratos and attaches to his own skin]

Narrator: And with that curse, all would know him for the beast he had become,
          his skin white with the ash of his dead family.  The ghost of Sparta
          had been born...

[Kratos begins crying tears of blood as he still cannot accept his fate]

Narrator: In the end, in death, he had failed.

[Two hapries appear and fly off with the Pandora's Box]

Narrator: As the minions of Ares claimed Pandora's Box, Kratos' life faded.
          And his cursed soul was cast into the viles of Hades...


	------- 2.19 - Hades -------


[Kratos begins falling, in what seems to be endless space]

Narrator: And Kratos fell into the underworld, the River Sticks beckoning
          below, a current strong enough to carry even the strongest mortal to
          his eternal resting place.

[Kratos sees a ledge with someone hanging from it, and he makes a grab for the
unknown person's legs]

Narrator: But Kratos had no intention of resting yet, he intended to live, to
          return to earth and complete his quest.

[As he tries to climb up the

Ship Captain: Let go fool!  You will drag me down to that cursed river!

Kratos: There is a task left for me above.  I will see it completed.

[The ship captain grabs at Kratos' feet]

Ship Captain: You again?!

[Kratos then, without mercy kicks the already half dead captain down into the
deepest pits of Hades]


	------- 2.20 - Outer Temple of the Oracle Revisited -------


[When Kratos finally returns from Hades, he discovers the old man he had met
outside the temple of the oracle]

Grave Digger: Ah, Kratos, and not a moment too soon, I only finished digging
              just a moment ago.

Kratos: Who are you?

Grave Digger: Ah, now that is an interesting question.

[The old man looks to his right, hearing Ares continue to destroy the city]

Grave Digger: But for now, you must hurry, Athens needs you.

[Kratos is very confused about how the old man knows so much]

Kratos: But how did you know I-

[The old man interupts Kratos]

Grave Digger: Athena isn't the only god keeping watch on you, spartan.

[Kratos also becomes distracted by the chaos and looks away from the old man]

Grave Digger: Complete your task, Kratos, and the gods will forgive your sins!

[When Kratos turns back to the old man, he finds him gone]


	------- 2.21 - Inner Temple of the Oracle Revisited  -------


[Kratos finds the oracle of Athens dieing on the floor]

Oracle of Athens: Kratos... Returned, but too late... Ares has taken Athens...
                  there is no more hope... no hope...

[The oracle speaks to her last breath]

Oracle of Athens: Ares is... victorious... we... failed...


	------- 2.22 - The Aegean Sea Revisited  -------


[Kratos walks foward, to the edge of the cliff side]

Narrator: Kratos had traversed the Desert of Lost Souls, bested the deadly
          traps of Pandora's Temple, and escaped Hades itself.  There was but
          one task left.

[Kratos watches as the God of War makes a victory speech]

Ares: Zeus!  Do you see now what your son can do?!  You cast your favor on
      Athena, but her city lies in ruins before me!  And now, even Pandora's
      Box is mine!  Would you have me use it against olympus itself?!

[The God of War slowly turns around and notices a familiar face]

Ares: Kratos?  Returned even from the underworld.

[He quickly turns back around and stares at the sky again]

Ares: Is this the best you can do father?  You send a broken mortal to defeat
      -me-?  The God of War.

[As Ares continued to mock his father, Kratos charges a lighting bolt of Zeus'
Fury and fires it at the chained Pandora's Box, connected to the God of War's

Narrator: After thousands of years, Pandora's Box was finally opened.

[Without question, Kratos opens the weapon that is said to give him the power
to kill Ares]

Narrator: The power of the gods unleashed.

[With the power of Pandora's Box, Kratos grows to the size of Ares]

Ares: You are still just a mortal, every bit as weak as the day you begged me
      to save your life.

[Kratos draws his Blades of Chaos, ready to do battle with the god 

Kratos: I am not the same man you found that day!  The monster you've created
        has returned, to kill you.

[Ares contradicts Kratos]

Ares: You have no idea what a true monster is, Kratos!

[Ares sprouts several spiked wings from his spine, and surrounds Kratos]

Ares: Your final lesson is at hand!

[Kratos savagely cripples Ares, but he opens a portal that sucks Kratos in]

Ares: I have taught you many ways to kill a mortal, Kratos.  Flesh that burns,
      bones that break, but to brake a man's spirit, is to trutly destroy him!

[Kratos creats a small crator when he lands on rural ground below]

Ares: Do you recognize this place, spartan?  The location of your greatest
      failure.  Perhaps there is a chance you can undo the deads of the past.

[Kratos walks towards the temple doors]

Narrator: The nightmares that have haunted Kratos for the past 10 years have
          now taken full amend substance.

[Kratos smashs open the doors to the temple to find his wife and daughter]

Narrator: His past stood before him.

Kratos' Wife: Kratos, what's happening?!  Where are we?!

[Kratos cannot believe his own eyes]

Kratos: By the gods!  Can this be real?!

[Kratos sees clones of himself begin spawning from the walls, and surround his
wife and daughter]

Kratos' Daughter: Daddy!

Kratos: Ares!  There is nothing you can put in my way to stop me!  I will save
        my family!


[Kratos imagined himself failing to protect his family once again]

Kratos: I couldn't stop them, they were too strong...

[Kratos is then massacred by several clones of himself]


[Kratos had fended off all the clones, and protected his family]

Narrator: Kratos had done the impossible, he had saved his family.

Kratos' Wife: Kratos!  Please, take us home!

Kratos: Do you see God of War?  You took them once, but you'll never have them

Ares: You cannot save them Kratos, you gave them up in your quest for ultimate
      power.  There is a price to pay for everything you gain.

Kratos: Not that price, I didn't what them to die.

[The ground begins shaking]

Ares: No price is too high for what I offered you!!

Ares: Now, you will have no magic, no power!

Ares: All that you have, is dead!

[Ares throws the Blades of Chaos at Kratos' wife and daughter, killing them]

Kratos: No, not.. Not again..

[Kratos begins to regain his senes, finding himself in the real world]

Ares: You should have joined me Kratos!  You should have been stronger!!

[Kratos looks over at a giant statue of Athena, holding a sword]

Kratos: By the.. gods..

[Kratos rolls out of the way, avoiding a direct blow from Ares]

Narrator: The battle was not over, the gods had sent a final gift for Kratos.

[Kratos picks up Athena's Blade and walks back over to Ares]

Kratos: I still have allies in Olympus, Ares.  And now you will see how strong
        I am.

[Kratos cripples Ares yet again, and tries to, now reason with Kratos]

Ares: Remember Kratos, it was I who saved you, in your time of greatest need.

[Kratos reminds Ares that he hasn't forgotten]

Kratos: I haven't forgotten Ares, I remember how you saved me!

[Ares recalls the night where Kratos killed his family]

Ares: That night, I was trying to make you a great warrior...

[Kratos congratulates Ares and puts Athena's Blade through his chest]

Kratos: You succeded.

[Blood shoots out of Ares' chest as he falls in ocean and explodes, creating
a massive tidal wave]

Narrator: Kratos had done the impossible, a mortal defeating a god, Ares was no

[Glimpses of the nearly fallen city of Athens are shown]

Narrator: The city had been saved, and would thrive again.

[Kratos is shown on his knees somewhere in the desert]

Narrator: The same could not be said for Kratos, for as he sought to rebuild
          his soul with the help of the gods, the truth was revealed to him.

[Kratos is on his ship again, begging Athena to finally rid him of his

Kratos: Athena, rid me of the memories that haunt me still.

[Athena congratulates and thanks Kratos]

Athena: You have done well Kratos, though we morn the death of our brother, the
        gods are in debt to you.

[The truth is now revealed to him by Athena]

Athena: We promised your sins would be forgiven, and so they are, but we never
        promised to take away your nightmares.  No man, no god could ever
	forget the terrible deads you have done.

[Kratos is shown acsending many flights of stairs]

Narrator: In the end, knowing that the visions of his past would never leave
          him, Kratos made his way to the bluffs, overlooking the Aegean Sea.


	------- 2.23 - The Bluffs Again -------


[Kratos hopelessly looks up and then down at the Aegean Sea]

Kratos: The gods of Olympus have abandoned me.  

[Kratos lifts his left foot and places it over the edge of the cliff]

Kratos: Now there is no hope...

[Kratos dives off the cliff, down to the ocean below]

Narrator: And Kratos cast himself from the highest mountain in all of Greece.
          After 10 years of suffering, 10 years of endless nightmares, it would
          finally come to an end.  Death would be his escape from madness...

[Kratos is shown falling in the ocean, expecting to be dead]

Narrator: The fate of Kratos was not as it seemed.  The gods had other plans.

[Kratos was surprisingly lifted out of the water back to the top of the cliff]

Narrator: Broughten off like a feather, Kratos found himself risen from the sea
          and placed on solid earth.

[Athena explains why she could not let him die]

Athena: You will not die this day Kratos.  The gods cannot allow one who has
        performed such service to perish by his own hand.  Ares' tactics were
        brutal.  His path of destruction had to be stopped.

[A circular door opens in front of Kratos]

Athena: But now there is an empty throne in Olympus, and a new God of War is
        needed.  Take these stairs Kratos, they lead to your ultimate reward...

[Kratos talks with Athena again]

Athena: Your battles are at an end Kratos.  Your Journey is over, take these
steps to Olympus and your place amoung the Gods.

[Kratos speaks with Athena one last time]

Athena: Take these stairs, Kratos.  They lead to your ultimate reward.


	------- 2.24 - Mount Olympus -------


[Kratos makes his way into Olympus and takes his throne amoung the gods]

Narrator: And from that point foward, throughout the rest of time, whenever men
          road forth to battle for good cause or for evil, they did so under
          the watchful eye of the man who had defeated a god.

[Visions of wars in the future are shown]

Narrator: They were driven foward by Kratos, the mortal who had become the new,
          God of War...

[Kratos is shown sitting unsettlingly in his new throne as his journey ends]




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________________/            3.3 - God of War Cast            \________________

Here I have written out the cast of God of War.

Ship Man 1
Ship Man 2
Ship Man 3
Ship Man 4
Ship Captain
Naked Woman 1
Naked Woman 2
Soldier 1
Soldier 2
Soldier 3
Oracle of Athens
Scared Woman
Scared Man
Grave Digger
Body Burner
Caged Soldier
Village Oracle
Kratos' Wife
Kratos' Daughter

NOTE: I'll be sure add what scenes they play in and who their voice actor's
are, as I continue with updates on this FAQ.


So remember, I'm not finished with this FAQ as of yet, I still need to make
alot of updates, so expect some new information in the future!
                         Copyright  2005 Raul Copaciu