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Follow the dark path or use the light
Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex Pack Shot

Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex



by Shotgunnova

| |ŻŻŻŻ|  |_| | |Ż|  |  ŻŻŻ|_   ____| | |   |  |  ŻŻŻ|  |_| |  ŻŻŻ|  |  |  |
| |(ŻŻŻ|      | | |  |ŻŻŻ| | | | _____|_|_\_|_  ŻŻŻ| |      | |ŻŻŻ|  |  |  |
| |_|  |  |Ż| | |_|  |ŻŻŻ  | | ||     | | |  _||ŻŻŻ  |  |Ż| |  ŻŻŻ|  |__|  |__
|______|__| |_|______|_____| |_| Ż| |Ż|   |  _||_____|__| |_|_____|_____|_____|
   Spoiler-free FAQ & Walkthrough |_| |_|_|___| by Shotgunnova (P. Summers)
    I. CONTROLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CNTR
   II. TH' BASICS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THBS

       Menu Overview .................................................... MNOV
       Tips N' Tricks ................................................... TPST

  III. WALKTHROUGH  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WLKT

       01) Niihama Pier N3 .............................................. WK01
       02) N3 Parking Garage ............................................ WK02
       03) Multi-level Warehouse ........................................ WK03
       04) Tohoku A.R. Residential Block ................................ WK04
       05) Tohoku A.R. Dam Site ......................................... WK05
       06) Tohoku A.R. Office Block ..................................... WK06
       07) Tohoku A.R. Anti-personnel Training Grounds .................. WK07
       08) Tohoku A.R. Anti-tank Training Grounds ....................... WK08
       09) Tohoku A.R. Chopper Storage Block ............................ WK09
       10) Tohoku A.R. Shaft ............................................ WK10
       11) Tohoku A.R. Underground Factory .............................. WK11
       12) Tohoku A.R. Experimental Farm ................................ WK12

   IV. FAN GUIDE  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FNGD
    V. UNLOCKABLES  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LCKB
   VI. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FAQZ
  VII. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTIONS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . UPDT
 VIII. LEGALITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LGLT

I. CONTROLS                                                              [CNTR]
                       _____         |  |         _____
      L2 BUTTON -->   /____/\        |  |        /\____\   <- R2 BUTTON
      L1 BUTTON -->  /____/\ \_______|  |_______/ /\____\  <- R1 BUTTON
                    /  _    \________|__|________/    _  \
                   / _| |_                         _ /_\ _\  <- TRIANGLE BUTTON
  DIRECTIONAL --> | |_   _|   [SELECT]   [START]  |_|   (_)| <- CIRCLE BUTTON
      PAD         |   |_|          [ANALOG]          (X)   | <- X BUTTON
                  /            ____        ____            \
                 /            /    \      /    \            \
                (            (      ) __ (      )            )
                 \         /\ \____/ /  \ \____/ /\         /
                  \       /  \______/    \______/  \       /
                   \_____/ LEFT ANALOG  RIGHT ANALOG\_____/
                              (L3)          (R3)

 Ghost in the Shell SAC is compatible with a DualShock controller, and plays
 best with one. In fact, it's mandatory as the analog control can't be taken
 off. [As such, any buttons that have no function are not mentioned.] Config
 setups can be changed under the Options screen on the main/in-battle menus.
  ___________ _______________________________________________________________
 | BUTTON    | FUNCTION                                                      |
 | Start     | Pause game                                                    |
 | Select    | Levels camera angle                                           |
 | Circle    | Reload current weapon / Exchange current weapon for new one   |
 | Square    | Switch auxiliary weapons                                      |
 | Triangle  | Switch main weapons / 'Cancel' button for menus               |
 | X-Button  | 'Inspect' button, for consoles, marked targets, etc.          |
 | L1 Button | Fire current weapon                                           |
 | L2 Button | Initiate combo sequence (1-4 hits)                            |
 | L3 Button | Toggle crouch mode                                            |
 | R1 Button | Evasive flip/roll (use with left analog) / Catch ledge        |
 | R2 Button | Jump button                                                   |
 | R3 Button | Toggle zoom function (sniper rifles only)                     |
 | L. Analog | Controls characters' movement                                 |
 | R. Analog | Controls camera POV                                           |

  STEER : Left analog                 GRENADE: L2 Button
  ROTATE: Right analog                MAINGUN: L1 Button
  CRUISE: R1 + Left analog            JUMPING: R2 Button

II. TH' BASICS                                                           [THBS]
 For the in-battle menu:

 • Exit ---------------> Exit menu
 • Options ------------> Open options menu (see below)
 • Retire -------------> Abort entire mission
 • Restart ------------> Restart mission from last waypoint (automatic save)
 • Communications Log -> See commlog for all missions (conversations, FMVs...)
 • Word List ----------> Dictionary of terms used in all missions

 For the options menu

 • Exit ------------> Exit options menu
 • Config ----------> Configure controller setup
 • Vibration -------> Toggle vibration function on/off
 • Screen ----------> Toggle normal/widescreen picture
 • Subtitles -------> Toggle subtitles on/off/automatic
 • Sound Setting ---> Change sound volume
 • Music -----------> Change music volume
 • SE --------------> Change sound effect volume
 • Brightness ------> Change screen brightness
 • Position Screen -> Manually position screen
 • Save ------------> Save current game (title screen only)
 • Load ------------> Load current game (title screen only)
 • Default ---------> Defaults all options to original state

 Like usual, here's any relatively good information I've come across. And,
 like usual even more, any reader who has "the goods" can "send" them to "me"
 in this section and I'll write 'em in for the world to see. All credit given
 of course.

 • When facing snipers, they're instant kills if the get the time to aim at
   the character (usually a little under 2 seconds flat). As such, the best
   way is to avoid them, although there are times when Motoko will start
   higher than them and can freefall some grenades into their laps. But the
   thing you never want to do is JUMP when they're in your sights -- sorry,
   they're going to down you like a clay pidgeon without blinking an eye.
   If possible, find cover or thermo-optic camouflage to avoid detection.

 • Hacking is the process of taking over another enemy's cyberbrain for a
   set amount of time. To do so, first find a hacking code and unit ID among
   enemy remains, the find an enemy whose triangular icon is blue and blinking.
   These are the only ones capable of being hacked. Following that, there'll be
   a 0:20 time limit to hack the barriers, which is done by lining up the
   rotating pieces of the image so they fit perfectly; pressing prematurely'll
   deplete time from the clock. When a hack goes through, Motoko can control
   that enemy from afar and attack the foe's comrades. I explained all of this
   to say this: hacking, overall, is a waste of time and sucks pretty bad.
   When later levels have three barriers to hack and the time limit doesn't
   increase, it's easier to just give 'em a shotgun Happy Meal, y'dig?

 • Most enemies handling normal weapons like shotguns/machine-guns can be
   baited into firing for a set amount of time. If so-and-so is behind cover,
   they can simply pop up while the foe's vulnerable and kill 'em. Use cover
   effectively and it'll never go wrong -- it can't break!

 • Comboing enemies is fun...if you're Motoko and on an early level, and there
   aren't any other foes around to get potshots. Yes, comboing kinda loses its
   cool after a few levels -- simply putting one between an enemy's eyes is
   more resourceful. But, if you love ammo conservation, comboing an enemy
   who's alone and oblivious to the character's presence, it can be a quick
   way to neutralize 'em. Just don't try to combo a huge enemy group unless
   you love lying in a pine box...
___________________________________________________/ III. WALKTHROUGH [WLKT] |_
01) Niihama Pier N3 [Makoto]                                             [WK01]
 If you're just starting this game, it would be wise to try out the Training
 mode, which is hand-holding enough to get the controls down. This guide --
 which is written in Normal mode -- assumes one already has the bearings down.
 There's no reason to start by flying blind, aye?

 Except for one anomaly, levels are split between Motoko ("The Major") and her
 frequent battle partner Batou, done in an alternating fashion. Levels can be
 long and are segmented into sections; as such, this walkthrough follows suit.
 This also helps when trying to locate the levels' 10 fans -- collectibles
 that will give two powerful weapons when all are found -- easier to stomach,
 since they can and will be an annoyance for perfectionists.

 Anyway, tally ho on the walkthrough!

Part 1: Niihama Pier Gate
 FANS: 1/10 [Spinning on top of the gate station's roof]

 Following an awesome insertion method (which will be familiar for fans of the
 awesome, awesome anime), Motoko starts the first level on a roof, overlooking
 the small starting point: a gate. The default weapon is a Seburo machine gun,
 although our gal has some throwing knives as auxiliary weapons. The entire
 area's vacant and nothing's to be found near the waterside, although I
 should note this is one of those games where the character has amazing powers
 but still can't swim -- d'oh!

 Near the pier's gate is a computer terminal propping up a sleeping guard. A
 swift kick to the face will wake him up and put him right back down. Approach
 the locked exit and Ishikawa will say that an authorization code is needed to
 get through, which marks the nearby terminal as the source. This is just a
 head's-up on how the rest of the game will be, basically. Get the code, blow
 up the first fan if y'didn't already, and slide on through.

Part 2: Pier Environs
 FANS: 2/10 [Near dead terminal, on side of building along water's edge.]
       3/10 [On roof with 4 spotlights. Stand on building stack for good shot]

 After the chief's call, you can probably see a patrolling guard in the area
 around the heavy freight boxes. He'll near another standing on top of a box,
 and when defeated, gives up the area's unit ID, which will display all the
 cohorts' positions for easier location. Look for an opening in the stacked
 crates and jump through to where the other enemies are walking the beat.

 Approach one of the cranes to get a call from Ishikawa, who says a terminal
 nearby that can control them. Pick up any SMGs the enemies drop here for a
 2nd main weapon, then locate the marked terminal on the ground area -- this
 sets a crane in motion, accessible by a stack of boxes underneath it. When
 it nears the apex and stops momentarily, jump and grab the outcrop to pull
 up. The 2nd fan is visible on the 4-spotlight building from here. Jump off
 the crane to the 3rd crate-enclosed area when possible.

 There is a 2nd moving crane here, and another gaggle of goofballs walking the
 ground there. One coughs up an AS17 shotgun, one of my fave close-up weapons,
 and a OHKO or 2HKO to most enemies in the game (assuming they're hit square).
 Inspect the terminal after the transmission's done to find it's dead; another
 route will have to be found. The 3rd fan is near here the dead terminal. Spot
 it by standing near the water's edge, and facing the building's wall nearest
 the waterside -- it's in an untraversable crook of the facade.

 There are four tall stacks of boxes within this compound, and the one nearest
 the water's edge has the smaller ones to use on the way up. Now, the crane's
 not reachable normally here, so instead, I suggest jumping diagonally toward
 the one nearer the center -- if done right, Motoko catches the edge and can
 shimmy to a pull-up. From there, it's easy to leapfrog stacks to the opposite,
 enclosed waterside area. During this part, make sure to shoot down the fan we
 saw before, which should be within range if you stand on a nearby stack.

 Once inside the remaining portion of the pier, there's a few more guards to
 take care of, two of the three walking in plain sight on crates. If Motoko
 needs a pick-me-up, there's a restoration kit along the waterside near the
 window marked as an entrance.

Part 3: Warehouse Interior
 FANS: 4/10 [Spinning in the interior, near the cargo door by a ship.]

 The eerie clip-clopping of shoes says someone is nearby. To find them, the
 Major will have to harness her walljump technique. Locate a corner formed by
 some boxes, leap upwards, and hit R2 + direction. When possible, grab the
 ledge in midair and climb up; below is the patrolling guard. He carries an
 AR27 machinegun, unit ID, and hacking code, for reference. This pinpoints 6
 more foes in a congested space, separated by a wall of crates. Walljump up
 there to start a firefight. Flip the elevator activation panel near the
 health kit, which marks the elevator near the moored ship we saw a little
 bit ago. The 4th fan is spinning on the ground in a dead-end, near one of the
 cargo bay doors that gives view of the freighter.

 Ride the elevator when ready.

Part 3: Warehouse Mid-Level
 FANS: 5/10 [On part of elevator directly in front of where the Major starts.]
 FANS: 6/10 [On stairway building's awning; wall jump to get on top.]

 This upper area is similar to the one two stages ago, where there are lots of
 stacked crates (or walljump opportunities) and enemies strewn throughout, on
 both low and high levels. The first fan is right near Motoko's starting point,
 too: proceed through the cargo lift and turn around, spotting it on part of
 the crane strut. You may find that there are more heavily armored foes here
 now, so that a shotgun only 2HKOs now (if you're using it). They carry said
 weapon, as well. Extra shells are in one of the dead ends, and the health
 refill is under the small building's staircase.

 When the coast is clear, look for an unmarked, opened elevator and try the
 switch in there; this marks a terminal on the nearby building. The awning
 above the stairway has the 6th fan rotating above. To get on it, walljump off
 the locked crane elevator at the foot of the stairs, grabbing in midair. Now,
 the lift can ferry the Major up to the top portion, so do it to it!

Part 4: Crane Struts
 FANS: 7/10 [Climb ladder at start, turn left, jump up gray object to find]
     : 8/10 [On end of the middle catwalk, just like fan #7]

 As y'may have guessed, tumbling from these tiny catwalks results in failure,
 even though Motoko's shown she can survive a fall that large (huh?). There's
 only one enemy here to start with, and patrols a far portion of the struts.
 He can be taken out later. To find the 7th fan, climb up the ladder at the
 start and turn "left," facing a gray object. This can be jumped up on even
 though steel framework above would make it seem impossible.

 Take him out and look for 3 small platforms on a rail stretched between
 struts -- use these as stepping stones. Approach the terminal to find a foe
 with a Unit ID; this spawns some more enemies around the area. Flipping the
 computer sends in a few armed drones (they look like bees) which are agile
 and rather annoying. Once Motoko gets back to the central catwalk, obtain
 the 8th fan, which is sitting quietly past the gray object at the dead end.

 Since the terminal made the crane "stepping stone" platforms move, it's now
 possible to get to the catwalk the 1st enemy was patrolling. A switch there
 powers on Pier 2's elevator, which Motoko can take down immediately after.
 It's underneath where the terminal is, so simply climb down the ladder to

Part 5: Freight Yard
 FANS: 09/10 [On top of crane near the start (sniper rifle required?)]
       10/10 [On top of crane near hackable sniper tower (s. rifle required?)]

 Tagusa and Saito warn the Major of snipers in the vicinity. Basically, their
 lasersights will aways point to Mokoto since they're satellite-linked, and
 after about 1.5-2 seconds within their sight, they can instantly score a
 headshot (i.e. instant failure). These guys will be annoyances for quite some
 time, but they're not invincible. Staying out of open ground is the easiest
 form of defense, until one can get closer.

 Before we do any fan hunting, let's take out those snipers. There's a string
 of patrolling guards on the "lee" side of the snipers, which should eventually
 bring our heroine to a guard with a unit ID and hacking key. Around the corner
 from here is a sniper tower...except that guy isn't paying attention. Now's
 the time to hack his cyberbrain and have him neutralize the other two snipers.
 Want the sniper rifle? Make sure to jump out of the tower away from the water.

 Backtrack to the starting point and enter the open area the snipers guarded.
 A few more grunts here can cough up a hacking code/unit ID. Continue along
 until the chief phones in to talk about the rooftop squad. Climb to a high
 point to get a vantage point for jumping over the huge fence. From here, the
 9th fan -- which was atop the crane near the start -- can be sniped. As far
 as I know, the sniper rifle is mandatory for this one.
 When ready, kill the rooftop squad and the patrollers around its base. It's
 pretty easy if you just snipe 'em, but don't waste all the bullets. Before
 approaching the Jameson-type cyborg -- which is marked -- stand as high as
 possible on the roof and use the sniper rifle to search the other crane. This
 one spins on top as well, but may be partially hidden by some railing/etc.
 [You might be able to get this fan during the hacking portion, by having the
 sniper jump onto the crane near his tower...?]
 After destroying the 10th, check out the Jameson.

02) N3 Parking Garage                                                    [WK02]
 This will be Batou's first level, where he's to infiltrate the garage and see
 what the dealers are selling. Unlike Motoko, he can't do backflips and wall
 jumps to suit the situation -- instead, he can only roll out of the way. But
 this doesn't mean his levels will be dumbed down!

Part 1: Twenty-first Floor
 FANS: 1/10 [Ground floor, inaccessible area between shotgun/entrance area]
       2/10 [On top of the green Sagawa Denshi van -- shoot from across pit]
       3/10 [Past ticket booth is a blue car with fan on ground in front of it]

 Ishikawa suggests getting to the 22nd floor by finding a ticket machine and
 using it to access a gate. The enemies here are automated robots and will
 open fire when Batou shows himself during their patrol. Use the vacant cars
 and parking space walls as shields while progressing forward. In the dead
 end, past the parking space, there are two robots near a shotgun, in case
 you need one.

 As for the fans here, the first is in an inaccessible area, which is between
 the entrance and the dead-end with a shotgun. On the side with the Sagawa
 Denshi van, Batou should be able to see it spinning in that little space and
 shoot it from across the pit. The 2nd fan is on top of said van, and can only
 be shot from the dead-end with a shotgun. The 3rd fan is easiest, and sitting
 in front of a blue car past the ticket booth.

 When ready to proceed, make sure to use the parking pass (obtained from the
 green-light machine near the elevator) and put it in the similar machine
 by the gate that blocks the road upwards.

Part 2: Twenty-second Floor
 FANS: 4/10 [When crossing the catwalk, it's on one of the railings]
       5/10 [On concrete barrier near emergency door lock disengager]

 Up the incline, pay attention to a guy with a M23GL grenade launcher standing
 in a vacant parking space. Try to take him out with a grenade, if you want
 to spare one (you'll want to save them for later, actually). Inspect the
 green console near the elevator access and Ishikawa notes that the overwritten
 server's on Level 24. Oh well.

 There's a pit catwalk that allows access to the isolated side of the 22nd
 level, and it's crawling with drones and a few humans. Luckily there's a
 restoration kit near an emergency door terminal (glows yellow) that will
 disengage an electronic lock near the first parking area. Both fans are
 rather easy to find here, as long as you keep an eye out for 'em. Return to
 the terminal where Ishikawa talked about the server and look for a door that
 is now accessible.

Part 3: Stairwell / Twenty-third Floor
 FAN: 6/10 [Near terminal on 23rd floor, around corner near elevator]

 Iin the stairwell, the Chief talks about enemies ambushing there...but there
 aren't any within this level, so ignore him! The door to the 23rd floor is
 wide open one flight up, and there's a terminal to hack -- and a fan around
 the corner near the elevator. The security camera tapped into shows a couple
 enemies around a van on the 24th floor, although they won't be the first ones
 seen or anything. Just don't be surprised by their presence! Continue up
 to the next-highest floor.

Part 4: Twenty-fourth Floor
 FAN: 7/10 [When crossing pit catwalk, floating on a girder one floor up]
      8/10 [Spy through locked ramp to 25th floor, spinning on cement ledge]

 After arriving here, it's noted that Batou can't get to the server from this
 portion and will have to take a route back down to the 23rd floor in order
 to do so -- d'aww! One of the two armored shotgunners has a hacking key, and
 can be used on a guy behind a partition, although the remaining time is low.
 The 7th fan is on a girder, so when crossing the pit make sure to snipe it.
 Once across the other side, take a left to a locked gate that would lead to
 the 25th floor; there's another fan spinning on the cement ledge there. It
 can be hard to hit, so try to be as close as possible and shoot through the
 segmented gate.

 This side also has a small, uh, lounge with two enemies inside guarding a
 terminal. Get the unit ID off of it, then find the catwalk that leads to a
 small construction site; drop down to exit the level. [NOTE: You can also
 exit the level by going down the vehicle ramp, although Batou starts right
 in the snipers' sights and this is outrageously lame, even if you have full
 grenade inventories. Don't take this way, please.]

Part 5: Twenty-third Floor II
 FAN: 09/10 [Near construction site drop-in point, spinning on cement barrier]
      10/10 [A sniper is near a blue-green coupe, with a fan in a space corner]

 Okay, so you fell through the construction site. I mean, of course you did --
 I just told you to (;p). There's a fan right near this portion spinning on
 a cement partition, so get that outta the way first. Instead of having to
 go right through the snipers' crosshairs, Batou can now catwalk across the
 pit and land right by the target van. Defeating the three snipers at this
 point is a cinch, although it's possible to end the level simply by inspecting
 the van and then the case alongside it. Make sure to get the two fans first!

03) Multi-level Warehouse                                                [WK03]
Part 1: Warehouse #1
 FANS: 1/10 [On the protruding girder above entrance]
       2/10 [On 3rd floor of warehouse, jump onto a green container to find]

 This multi-tier warehouse has robotic sentries like Batou encountered during
 the previous level, and they patrol in pairs, one on each side of the room
 (including above). There are two ways to get up onto the next tier: (1) jump
 onto the girder on the entrance and go from there (2) by the door opposite
 the entrance, jump up and try to grab the ledge. This doesn't have to be done
 in this fashion now, since the lower double doors open, but remember this
 tactic for later.

 Inside said double doors is a shotgun in the dead end, if neeeded. Follow up
 the stairs and ambush the two guards, one of whom has the unit ID. Continue
 on up to the 3rd floor and find the yellow-lit admin control panel, which'll
 let Motoko hack the nearby adminbot. Take it back into the stairwell's 3rd-
 -floor dead-end where a small vent can let it circumvent the locked door.
 Take it down the stairwell beyond to the lowest levels, and use the panel
 near the enemies (who ignore mini-cyborg) to disengage the door lock one
 floor down. Get the fans first if you didn't (although you can come back
 here if needed).

Part 2: Warehouse #2
 FANS: 3/10 [In stairwell's lowest part, corner near the two guards]
       4/10 [In warehouse, ground floor, near the treads of lifting machine]
       5/10 [On an air vent above the 3rd-level door]

 In the stairwell the admin cyborg found the panel in, kill the two enemies
 and get the third fan in the corner. The next warehouse is modeled in the
 same fashion as the first, except this time the Major can start from the
 highest floor and snipe the robots at her leisure, conserving health. There
 is some spark grenades in-between some freight containers on the mid level,
 for reference. Use the console on the top level to hack the admin logs and
 locate an unlock key, which opens the large doors via the ground-floor
 control panel.

Part 3: Cargo Corridor
 FANS: 6/10 [By a small crate stack]
       7/10 [By a small crate stack]

 Just a small corridor with crates obscuring shots and two patrolling robots.
 Both fans are in the crook of a pint-sized crate stack, one nearer the start
 and one all the way across.

Part 4: Warehouse #3
 FANS: 08/10 [Ground floor, by some blue freight containers]
       09/10 [3rd level, by Fuwa's open container, behind the door]
       10/10 [3rd level, high above entrance door]

 This warehouse has no stairway access, so to get to the mid-levels, use the
 techniques suggested in the first part of this level (use protruding girter).
 To get to the 3rd level, simply do a running jump-n'-grab to pull up. Inspect
 the open container to find some encrypted files about Fuwa, then listen for
 the sounds of enemies below -- yup, they tried to sneak up on ya! All will
 be on the ground floor so sniping them at leisure, or using grenades, works.
 One guy has a grenade launcher so use the top-level overhang to obstruct some
 of the shots/blasts. Try to leave once the enemies are finished and Batou
 makes a stylish entrance.

04) Tohoku A.R. Residential Block                                        [WK04]
Part 1: Train Terminal
 FANS: 1/10 [On the small train platform bridge, on top of a lightpost]
       2/10 [After 1st shimmying portion, it's spinning on lowest step of dam]

 Hey, another Motoko level! For the rest of the game, the setting will be the
 various levles of the Tohoko Autonomous Region. After the crash, get the 1st
 fan and locate a glowing console; it has useless info but is right near the
 stairway that needs to be taken. There are three levels of catwalks below,
 and enemies on each. A guy on the lowest portion has a unit ID, and there's
 a handy restoration kit there as well.

 Under the bridge is a girter stretching to some of the isolated platforms,
 and this is accessible via the first catwalk (also the highest). Once
 across, move to the other side and look at the weird "steps" on the dam --
 the 2nd fan is spinning on the lowest one. Now, when you try to aim at it
 the reticle changes to show that the shot isn't possible, although if you
 fire anyway, it can still be hit (use a machine gun for this, obviously).
 Shimmy across to the 2nd platform for some grenades, then land near the small
 catwalk for a savepoint update.

 Continue until there's a portion where Motoko must shimmy around the corner,
 onto another few platforms. Jump to the next after, then fall off the third
 to land on a suspended platform below. This will give access to the concrete
 balcony where a single enemy is waiting around. From there, jump down to the
 platform the majority of the enemies are patrolling. There's shotgun shells
 along one side, if you can use 'em. Enter the rooftop elevator from there.

Part 2: Residential Plaza
 FANS: 3/10 [Near the starting point, on a broken outer stairway]
       4/10 [From start, turn left and jump on railing; it's behind a fence]

 This area has a few enemies outside protected by flying hornet drones, and
 inside are some of the shotgunners guarding an elevator. If you try to access
 the console outside on one end of the railing, it'll need to be disengaged by
 an admin terminal. As far as fans go, they're both near the start. For #3,
 turn right at the start and shoot it from the broken stairway; for #4, turn
 left at the start and jump onto the dam railing, then spy it behind a fence.
 Take the interior elevator when done, after healing up and getting the grenade
 on a vending machine.

Part 3: Back Alley
 FANS: 5/10 [Ground-floor, in the alley, dead end]
       6/10 [On the platform the guard robot is on, snipe fan under lift tread]
       7/10 [On center of highest between-buildings platforms]

 This portion will require some tricky jumping. Get the 5th fan in the alley
 here before doing anything, though. I'll break it down piecemeal:

 1) Enter the alley, turn left -- there's a ledge on one side of the building.
    From underneath it, wall jump away, then walljump back and grab hold to
    climb up. 

 2) Once on it, turn around and face the next-highest platform on the other
    side of the wall. Walljump off the wall Motoko's current ledge is on,
    bounding to the next.

 3) Right above this platform is another one. Jump off the wall this ledge is
    on, vaulting Motoko high enough to catch the ledge. Pull up and kill the
    robot across the way.

 4) Use a pipe above the door to shimmy to the robot's platform, then shoot
    the 6th fan underneath the giant lift tread. It's in plain sight so just
    look for it. Get hand grenades, too, if y'want.

 5) Use the pipe to shimmy onto the platform opposite the robot one, which has
    the admin panel that unlocks a door in the previous area.

 Motoko can leave now, although to get the 7th fan, it'll require more tricky
 jumping. Notice that above the long pipe are some more parallel pipes? Motoko
 can hang from the lowest pipe, wall jump off to the other side of the alley,
 then walljump back and grab the next-highest. It can take some doing but as
 long as the camera is meant to show the 2nd jump clearly, it should reduce
 the retries and chance of falling. Upon reaching the highest pipe, locate the
 center skybridge, like the one the robot was on. Walljump like normal, and
 on the way back, climb up and onto it -- the fan is in a blind corner. Motoko
 will probably die if she falls from this height, so make sure to drop down to
 the pipes and descend from there.

 Use the elevator to return to the previous area, using the newly-accessible
 outdoor platform to lower a gate.

Part 4: Stairway Sets
 FANS: 8/10 [At start, look right of 1st staircase, at foot of some pillars]
       9/10 [On top of highest staircase, look upwards -- spinning on railing]

 There are two outer stairwells here, with a few patrolling enemies and some
 who are locally on each flight. The lower of the two main staircases has a
 dose of thermal camouflage, while at the top of the larger, Motoko can spy
 the 9th fan -- it's on an out-of-reach building railing. The bulletproof
 glass elevator lobby where 4-5 enemies are holed up can be a deathtrap, so
 lighten the load with grenades and strategically neutralize the rest, using
 the pillars as shields. Take the lift up when done.

Part 5: Rooftops
 FANS: 10/10 [Behind elevator exitpoint, behind the railing.]

 Climb through the elevator and into the shaft. Wall-jump twice to catch the
 middle of the three girders. Backflip off and chain another walljump, which
 should spring Motoko up through the higher door, or at least let her catch
 and pullup. Two enemies are within the room, so be ready to bury 'em. The
 foe on the outer rim has the unit ID, and right by him is the jump-down spot
 to reach the roof straightaway.

 From here, use the machinery as a shield and take down the hornets, who'll
 snipe away at Motoko if she dares run around in the open. There are three of
 them, and beyond, three enemies. Since the hornets fly overhead at close
 range, the shotgun might be able to take 'em out easier. The elevator is the
 exit, although be sure to check behind it, for the 10th and final fan.

05) Tohoku A.R. Dam Site                                                 [WK05]
Part 1: Upper Dam
 FANS: 1/10 [Behind starting fence, on top of monorail tracks (left side)]

 There's one fan in this portion, but ignore it for the matter at hand: the
 dual turrets bearing down on Batou! Our protagonist starts atop the dam and
 has a straightaway shot toward the turrets, albeit through a few leagues of
 enemy interference. Locate the moron with a grenade launcher and prioritize
 him first, as his shots will damage and stun Batou temporarily and make him
 livewire fodder. Since the inbound turret rounds are red, make sure to strafe
 and avoid them (which works well until getting closer). If you need to, take
 cover in one of the open-door buildings and try to snipe a few remaining
 enemies -- the nearest one also has a restoration pack. Another thing to do
 if this is being troublesome is pick up the grenade launcher the previous
 owner had and use that to clear out the enemies with less damage.

 When done, look for a locked building with a terminal on its doorstep. This
 will lower some of the jamming barrier functionality and also get the lift
 up and running again. As for the turrets themselves, if you want to destroy
 them now, that's fine -- just keep using whatever guns are around and strafe
 to avoid damage. However, you can leave them til the last leg of the enemy
 when there's infinite rocket launcher ammo, and it's easier then, too.

 As for the fan, it's back where Batou starts, on top of the monorail tracks
 and spinning faintly on one of the struts. It's hard to see generally but
 if you keep an "eye" out for something moving slightly, it'll be spotted
 easily. It's impossible to hit without a sniper rifle, it seems, however.

 Enter the indoor elevator when done.

Part 2: Dam Interior
 FANS: 2/10 [Underneath a table in the room the air vent connects to.]

 This place appears vacant, if the lonely echos of Batou's footsteps has any-
 -thing to say about it. Follow the meandering tunnels until one leads down a
 slope to a 4-way path (there's a security cam above if y'want to destroy it).
 Take two lefts here to find a dead-end with access to a vent -- it leads over
 a locked room. There's only two guys inside but they'll soon spot Batou, so
 lob a grenade or two down, pressing a red button (admin room terminal) when
 possible. This also opens the door. Get the fan underneath one of the tables,

 Outside in the tunnels, enemies have suddenly taken up patrol -- the nearest
 one coughs up the unit ID signature. If you look around, you'll see besides
 the nearest two, three are standing in front of a door and three are up the
 incline leading to the vent-access ladder.

 The room the trio guarded leads to the exit.

Part 3: Dam Interior II
 FANS: 3/10 [Spinning on a shelf in the missile launcher room near the start]
       4/10 [Near power-supply switch, on machinery catwalk]
       5/10 [On slope with three walkways intersecting, middle's room has fan]

 At the start, turn right and enter a storage room that has...wait for it...
 a missile launcher! There's also a fan here. Left from the start is a small
 ramp that leads down to some new enemies: shield robots. These are like the
 normal sentries except they have more health and fire through a permanent
 shield on their posterior. Luckily a few shotgun blows close up sends 'em
 to the junkyard rather easily. The robots are at a fork: take a right, up
 the slope.

 This leads to a power station with more armored baddies and robots. Near a
 guy who has a grenade launcher, there's a power-supply switch that can be
 turned on. On the machinery catwalk there, another fan. It's hard to climb
 around but if you angle it just right, Batou can fire upon it from the ground
 floor and do it that way. At the other end of this area is a small ladder
 leading down to body armor, protected by a robot -- yawn. Return to the fork
 where the new robots were first found and take the other (left) path, which
 descends further.

 This area has three levels of walkways cutting through the decline, all of
 them having a few patrolmen. The middle one also contains an accessible room
 that has a fan in plain sight within. At the bottom of the ramp is one path
 that leads to an elevator, guarded by an armored shotgunman.

Part 4: Dam Interior III
 FANS: 6/10 [In the radial gate intake room, underneath the stairs]
       7/10 [In the 2nd cave-in passage, step on debris and look toward center]

 This sewer-looking place is the cut-across to get to the bank's other side,
 apparently. If you want the unit ID, go right at the elevator lobby, prying
 it from the dead hands of a shotgunner traveling in a pack; otherwise, go
 left to eventually find a control room with three prowlers inside. There's
 also a shotgunner inside there, so soften up the competition with a grenade;
 they won't have much place to evade. Hey, that rhymed!

 Once the control room is commandeered, the radial gate will be opened below.
 To find it, take the right path at the elevator lobby as described above.
 Underneath the stairs there is the 6th fan! Jump through the hole between
 the machinery to enter a rounder tunnel, with water at one end (don't go
 near) and the other blocked by a cave-in. The door nearby provides access,

 This leads to a bifurcation, with a slope containing armored enemies and
 the right a tunnel with armored robots. Firing upon either will probably
 make the convergence a firefight, and it ain't a good place at any rate. Use
 a few grenades at the start to avoid it getting too out of control. One of
 the dead-ends near there has a restoration kit, it's also worth mentioning.

 The 7th fan is down the aforementioned slope, sitting slightly near the
 center of the cave-in. Climb the ladder guarded by a space cadet gunner
 and locate the radio tower's jamming barrier device. Try the other door to

Part 5: Dam Interior IV
 FANS: 8/10 [After exiting vent, look to the right; behind vent cover]
       9/10 [In dead end with grenadier, behind the cordoned-off junk]

 Find the vent access point in the vacant tunnel, and upon exiting, the 8th
 fan is right behind its cover. Enemies below can be surprised with a grenade
 here, and that's really the best welcome for 'em, right? The shotgunner has
 both the unit ID and hacking code, too. When you come to the bifurcation,
 notice that all the enemies are found at the vicinity near the ramp's bottom,
 so ignore going upward for now.

 The first duo is in a tunnel offshoot, and the guy who isn't patrolling has
 a grenade launcher, so watch out! Hacking him is probably the safest way
 of neutralization. Behind him is also the 9th fan, stuffed behind a bunch
 of junk that Batou can't jump on. Once the guy at the ramp's bottom is dead
 meat, it's time to go upwards!

 The tunnel beyond is guarded by 6-7 enemies, one in a small offshoot, and
 2-3 on the ramp beyond, one of which is a grenadier. Start out by taking
 the ones who can be drawn near, using grenades if needed to get the ones
 who stick near the ramp's base. The guy in the offshoot (to the "right")
 can often get potshots at a player who doesn't know it's there, so round it
 slowly to get the jump on him. Those at the top of the stair can be dangerous,
 with two machine-gunners and a grenadier. Try to take the former out from as
 far away as possible, then weaken the remaining guy with grenades before a
 shotgun bumrush. Take the elevator out when ready.

Part 6: Upper Dam II
 FANS: 10/10 [On a red car in front of building, left of elevator structure]

 In the building lobby, pick up the missile launcher near the corpse; across
 the way is an infinite ammo refill for it. Of course, this heralds...a boss
 fight! Go outside and see who's a-knockin'...

 BOSS: Jigabachi
 This rocket-equipped helicopter is a mean son of a gun, but before that, one
 needs to destroy the two emplacements that were a menace in the first stage
 of this level. Use our handy new weapon to take them out, strafing all the
 while to avoid their rounds and (hopefully) the Jigabachi simultaneously.
 As for the boss, it only has rockets and a machine gun, both of which can be
 avoided by strafing and rolling. The best time to hit the thing is when it's
 hovering in midair, about to fire its salvos.

 The 10th fan must be gotten during all this hectic nonsense, too. Leave the
 elevator building and veer left, looking for a small building with a red car
 in front of it. The fan's on top of this, and needs a machine gun or similar
 to break it off.

06) Tohoku A.R. Office Block                                             [WK06] 
 Haha...this can be an annoying level.

Part 1: Upper Buildings
 FANS: 1/10 [Behind Motoko at the start, in plain sight on an obstruction]
       2/10 [In area with lots of enemies, inside L-shaped bldg. w/ satellite]
       3/10 [In lower elevator area, along one side of building on obstruction]

 The first fan is right at the start, behind at least there's
 that. The building in front of the Major can be climbed and contains body
 armor -- this will be useful. On one side of the building, stand on a railing
 and look for some enemies (2) patrolling below. This is a relatively small
 fall overall. Jump down, take out the two fools, then jump down further to
 land on a bridge.

 This is where the real fun starts -- this place is crawling with enemies of
 all types. The best bet is to find cover, nuke the local enemies, and work
 around gradually. The enemy on the other bridge has a hacking code and unit
 ID, also. Directly below this bridge are more enemies to take out, one of
 which can be hacked if needed. To get down there, look on the bridge for
 part of the railing missing; that's the drop-down point. Before that, there
 is a hard #2 fan to get. See the L-shaped structure here with a satellite
 dish behind some bulletproof glass. The fan is inside there...only Motoko
 can't climb in or anything. The only way to get it appears to be walljumping
 higher than it, then shooting the fan on the descent. It's hard, make no

 When ready, drop down on the previously mentioned point. When all's said and
 done, Motoko may need to heal up -- the restoration kit is hidden at the
 bottom, on a small offshoot along one of the sides, over an obstruction.
 Likewise, the 3rd fan is hidden in the same spot, just on the opposite side
 of the condo.

Part 2: Building Plaza
 FANS: 4/10 [On ledge above where the thermo-optic camouflage is found]

 Exit onto the balcony, stand on the rail, and grab the ledge above, pulling
 up. At the end, jump up again, grab the ledge, backflip up onto the next-
 -highest balcony. This is where Fan #4 is. But, that thermo-optic camouflage
 we got runs out fast and is necessary to get past the sniper ahead. So,
 quickly get back onto the ledge and shimmy around the corner of the building,
 then quickly proceed through the enemy ranks, shotgunning as many as can (or
 rather, ignore them and kill the shotgunner near the door first). Either way,
 that area where the shotgunner is at is out of the sniper's trajectory and
 the 'safe zone'.

 The door he was standing in has the panel that controls the elevator, which
 is right across from there.

Part 3: Outer Walkways
 FANS: 5/10 [In an outer tree planter past a railing, before stairway complex]
       6/10 [Go to 3rd level of stairway complex and look for it on 4th level]

 If you need to heal, at the start go right, jump to the stairway in front,
 and go right some more. At the railing, there's a hidden platform below and
 contains the health pack. The other direction leads to a firefight where
 enemies will fight on 3 floors: current, below and above. There's also some
 automated ceiling turrets on one end, so Motoko will really need to use those
 pillars as cover. Either way, the turrets are first priority once the enemies
 in between are smoldering corpses. There's a healing pack on the mid level
 dead end for when they're all gone. Watch out for a grenadier near the other
 turret! [The turrets can be easily defended from the lower stairway complex
 level, and since there's only one enemy down there, it's the ideal starting
 place if you're having trouble.]

 When they're all dead, get the unit ID from the grenadier (like it's needed).
 Now, to get the fans: one is in an outer tree planter past a railing in the
 area Motoko first started in, the other can be shot on the 3rd level of the
 stairway complex (it floats on the level above, on a small portion that juts

 When ready to go, hit the mobile terminal near the grenadier's ex-location
 and enter the large door nearby after it's unlocked.

Part 4: Construction Zone
 FANS: 7/10 [Right of ledge where isolated gunner was]

 All that remains of this office block are concrete dividers and miscellaneous
 construction crap. Look for another laptop right in the vicinity where Motoko
 begins, then proceed around back to find the ceiling breaks away and can be
 climbed into. Enemies will patrol this section (three on the lower ground and
 one on an isolated ledge on the level above) when Motoko approaches their
 li'l party. The 7th fan is also on a ledge here, to the right of where the
 isolated guy was. Look for a climb-up spot kittie-corner to where he was.

 Follow through the vacant tier until another pull-up point guarded by two
 more foes, one a shotgunner -- he has the unit ID and hacking code. When
 on the outlook that looks at the tiers below, spy the yellow-and-black-striped
 girder that runs along toward the corner door. An enemy occasionally comes
 out onto here, so make it quick. The group within are mostly heavy infantry
 types, but the grenadier is hackable.

 To exit, look into the ceiling for a door with a green light above it -- do
 a double walljump to reach!

Part 5: Urban Office Block
 FANS: 08/10 [At start, behind blue freight box, underneath stairway]
       09/10 [High on top of an air conditioner, against side of apartment]
       10/10 [On inaccessible ledge, must snipe from glass-enclosed walkway]

 This part can be very annoying and a mortality rate is probably high, so you
 may want to ignore all fans until the opposition is destroyed.

                                 \_          _
                            _____| |______ _| |-#10
                           |_             | |_|
                            _| |Ż| |ŻŻŻŻ| |G|
                         __|   |_| |____| |L|   H = Health Pack
                Stun    |  ____    #9     |A|   S = Shooting Spot (For #9)
                Eqpt    | |    ) |ŻŻŻ\__S |S|
                  \     | |___/  |      ) )S|
                   \|ŻŻŻ   ____  |_____/ /|W|
                 #8 |_|Ż| |    |  _  H  / |A|
                  \_____| |____| | |___|  |Y|
            START-|______________|         Ż

 Go down the catwalk until it breaks, then look behind the large blue freight
 box blocking the alley to find the 8th fan. Now, in this urban jungle, there
 will be a lot of enemies to deal with -- grenades will come in handy, as
 well as ducking behind boxes and whatnot for cover. It helps for the armored
 enemies but there will be a few flying hornet drones to deal with as well!

 As for the fans, #8 is the easiest, #9 is high atop an air conditioner in an
 awkward convergence of roads, which gives poor shooting spots; #10 is on an
 inaccessible ledge and must be shot from the glass-enclosed walkway's roof.
 To get on it, do a walljump near the health pack ("H" on map), although I'm
 sure there's other places. A sniper rifle is REQUIRED for #10; for #9, you
 can stand on a lower conditioner on an awning ("S" on map) and get a lucky
 shot, or at least that's what I did!

 Exit in the passage marked on the map, via the terminal.

07) Tohoku A.R. Anti-personnel Training Grounds                          [WK07]
Part 1: Training Grounds #1
 FANS: 1/10 [Behind where Batou starts, on top of a cardboard cutout's head]
       2/10 [On top of locked depot door near missile launcher-er]

 Stroll past our favorite Jigabachi and into the adjacent fenced-in area,
 where the real enemies are (after getting Fan #1, of course). There's only
 a few scrubs at first, but one guy is packing a missile launcher! Use the
 stone tablets sticking out of the ground -- also in the vicinity of Fan #2 --
 to block the shots and get off some of Batou's. Our friend in question has
 the unit ID here, so to save ammo, why not waste some missiles on the guys
 up the road (like that machine-gun vehicle), eh? EH?

 The next-fenced in area has an armored vehicle, some ignoramuses playing on
 an elevated platform, and other scrubs training below. That missile launcher
 works well on the one guy who has a grenade launcher, hint hint. There's a
 health pack by said vehicle, though.

Part 2: T.G. Interior
 FANS: 3/10 [Past marked terminal, on stack of girders in dead end]

 Relatively short section. To start, the hallways are vacant until a strapping
 young duo decides to pick a fight with Batou. Past them about five or six
 guys have a bottleneck going where debris forces our protagonist through;
 luckily there's a decent amount of shields (well, not in real-world terms --
 who would use a plastic sign to eat bullets?) to conserve health. Past there
 is a fork -- one way leads to a dead end with body armor protected by two
 ceiling turrets, and the other to the marked terminal that ends the level.
 Before going to it though, go past and get the third fan behind some girders

Part 3: Training Grounds #2
 FANS: 4/10 [By starting point, in corner of concrete slab]
       5/10 [In area with two turrets and armored suit; on vacant gun platform]
       6/10 [In corner by hacking code guy and restoration kit; on a roof eave]

 The fourth fan is right near the start, by one of those concrete slabs that
 stand upright. This part is labyrinthine and luckily enemies can't shoot
 through the chain-link fence; this works against Batou also, though, as his
 bullets and explosions don't either. Navigating this place isn't that hard,
 even if there are lots of enemies; most don't even know Batou's there, of
 all stupid things.

 One area is toward the middle and you'll know it by the weird 'hump' of land
 in the center; the other is a sectioned-off piece along the building wall and
 has two turrets and an armored suit, which is like a guy in a robot. As for
 the latter, there are three gun platforms, two which have emplacements and
 one which has Fan #5. Destroying the guns isn't hard -- simply use the fence
 as a shield for the first, and for the second, stand so you can shoot the top
 of its 'head' while its straight-shooting turret points into its barricade.

 To get the sixth fan, find the corner of the training grounds past the 'hump'
 section, near a terminal, health restoration kit, and guy who gives up the
 hacking code for this section. On the roof's corner nearby is the fan, and
 it's pretty easy to see. Exit the training ground by approaching the marked

Part 4: T.G. Interior II
 FANS: 7/10 [By stack of girders near the hackable ceiling turret]

 This is modeled in the same portion as the previous interior, except it has
 a bifurcation. One branch leads to two goofballs in a dead end with a hacking
 code, while the other leads toward the bigger congregation of enemies and the
 exit. After a small duo, Batou encounters thermocamouflage and can sneak up
 on the group that has two mounted turrets. The stack of girders near there
 also has the 7th fan sitting right beside. Take the elevator up when done.

Part 5: Training Grounds #3
 FANS: 08/10 [On top of a tree]
       09/10 [On roof of cement shack near vehicle]
       10/10 [In the tunnel, behind a stack of crates]

 The trees in this first portion provide good cover from the vehicular turret;
 in fact, Batou can let the trees shield him while he shoots the front end of
 the car, destroying it without repercussion. When they're done, cherry-pick
 fans #8 & #9, which are just waiting for ya. Enter the adjacent tunnel and
 find some more shotgunners on the prowl. Behind a stack of crates is the
 last fan on this level. The restoration kit is right near there, too, behind
 the small fenced-off portion. A few shotgunners later is the exit elevator.
 Hopefully the player got as good a workout as Batou, yeehaw!

08) Tohoku A.R. Anti-tank Training Grounds                               [WK08]
 FANS: 01/10 [On a depot docking bay chute]
       02/10 [On pillar's ledge]
       03/10 [On top of a wall pipe/platform]
       04/10 [On pillar's ledge]
       05/10 [Behind a concrete slab]
       06/10 [On largest platform]
       07/10 [On pillar's ledge]
       08/10 [On pillar's ledge]
       09/10 [On pillar's ledge]
       10/10 [On pipe above platform]
           |      \___/         E X I T         \ 10/          |
           |                                     ŻŻŻ           |
           |            __                          __         |
           |           |07|                        |08|        |
           |           |__|                        |__|        |
           |                                                   |
           |           |    /ŻŻŻŻŻ\                            |
           |           |   (    06 )           /ŻŻŻ\           |
           |           |    \_____/           (  09 )          |
           |              |ŻŻ|          _____  \___/        01 |
           |              |__|                      __         |
           |                         |          |  |02|        |
           |                  /ŻŻŻ\  |          |  |__|        |
           |                 (     )             ___           |
           |     |            \___/      05   ___  ____        |
           |     |                 |ŻŻ|  ŻŻŻ___   ___          |
           |     |      __         |__|                        |
           |           |04|                    03  |ŻŻ|        |

 There's only one part to this level because it starts the Tachikoma, our
 lovable female-voiced, cute robots! The tachikoma's controls are pretty
 intuitive, and a learning curve practically in the negative:

 STEER : Left analog
 ROTATE: Right analog
 CRUISE: R1 + Left analog
 JUMP  : R2 Button
 GUNNER: L1 Button
 G-NADE: L2 Button

 Cruising gives faster movement as the spider-like robot rolls around instead
 of clip-clopping like a crappy administrator Jameson-type 'borg. Grenades are
 semi-homing and an instant kill to any human enemies, most of whom are going
 to be toting grenades or missiles here. The other foes are enemy think-tanks,
 who have the same functions but just aren't as awesome as Batou's labor of
 love (if you watch the show, you know he uses the same one over and over and
 it makes the other tachikoma jealous!). It's too bad that they don't have the
 function to climb around like Spider-Man, though -- that's one feature they
 have that would've been too awesome to harness. Apparently the tachikoma can
 recoup health in a type of self-repair way, so stay out of the gunfire if you
 want to harness it.

 When all enemies are dead, that's the best time to collect the fans, then
 head to the displayed exit. Unfortunately, this is the only tachikoma level
 in the game -- d'aww!

09) Tohoku A.R. Chopper Storage Block                                    [WK09]
Part 1: Chopper Block
 FANS: 1/10 [ On one side of the path there is some lights alternated with  ]
       2/10 [ vacant spots. Each light has a fan on top of it and each of   ]
       3/10 [ the vacant spots has a fan there, four in all. The best place ]
       4/10 [ to snipe them is one flight down from the broken path portion ]

 Hey, you had too much fun in the tachikoma! Your sentence: fighting without
 one for the rest of the game. But as a consolation prize, Motoko's out to get
 that Oniyanma helicopter that's deep-sixed two ranger transports. Immediately
 take cover at the start, as the helicopter is active outside and has its gun
 blaring each time she exits. Start the descent by heading for the door,
 killing any enemy in the stairwell, exiting past Oniyanma, descending, etc.
 It repeats a few times.

 Continue until the path is broken and lets Motoko skip a floor by jumping
 down to the next-lowest tier. Continue down one more flight and, outside,
 it's time to snipe the fans -- they're located on one side, two on lights and
 two between. Go down one more floor and they won't all be accessible, so this
 is the only spot to do it. Motoko can only get one without sniping, mind you.
 Reach the exit door when ready.

Part 2: Chopper Block II
 FANS: 5/10 [At foot of starting stairs, take a left outside; on ledge to left]
       6/10 [Exit control room and go outside through nearest door; on ledge]
       7/10 [In control room]
       8/10 [From control room: go right, follow downstairs path to dead end]

 This part is like the first portion except meant to be more confusing. The
 5th fan is outside like before, on a ledge on the same side as fans #1-4; and
 like them, it also requires a sniper rifle. Descend a bit until the control
 room is located; the outer walkway right by it has the 6th fan right in easy
 view. The 7th fan is in the control room, and the 8th takes a bit of walking
 (from control room, exit right and head downstairs, following straightforward
 path a bit until the fan is located in a dead end).

 But anyway, the control room is marked as it can turn on the missile turret
 below. Right analog swivvels the AA launcher and L1 fires the scuds. Use it
 to fire at the Oniyanma, although for such a fast-shooting emplacement it
 doesn't do much damage (look how many missiles trail after the helicopter).
 Either way, the turret will eventually be destroyed and it'll be time for
 the Major to take charge!

 Exit the control room, head right, go up the first flight of stairs seen,
 and keep heading upwards in this fashion until a ladder is located. This'll
 lead to the roof.

Part 3: Oniyanma
 FANS: 09/10 [Wall jump onto the roof entrance's structure]
       10/10 [Stand on light nearest door; on lower part of wall pipe]

 At the start, immediately turn around and look in the corner to find a lazy
 guard who happens to carry a grenade launcher. You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?
 KILL! This sucker will be useful in taking down the heli. There's an infinite
 ammo box and restoration kit in that same location as well.

 Now, the boss will fly around a bit, and whatever damage was done by the
 AA missile launcher is still intact -- it can make this battle easier or
 harder than necessary. It'll use its machine gun generally (strafe to avoid)
 but will occasionally fly upwards and hover, shooting missiles downward. Our
 gal can flip out of the way of these, but it'll be a close call either way.
 Keep buffeting it with grenades until it's bay doors open and enemies start
 shooting -- this means that its weapons systems aren't functioning anymore.

 This is the cue to get any remaining fans. One is on the roof entrance's
 cement structure, accessible by a wall jump. The other is slightly hidden on
 a pipe on part of the wall, and the only way to get a shot is standing on the
 light nearest the door and looking downward. It's easy to see once y'see it,
 though -- white clashes with gray architecture.

 To end the level, when the helicopter is near enough, jump into the bay doors
 and that's that! The craft moves in a set motion and there's only one chance
 per cycle to hop aboard. Note that Motoko can still fall to her death if she
 misses the window of opportunity, so don't be hasty. [It helps to anticipate
 where it'll be and jump there.]

10) Tohoku A.R. Shaft                                                    [WK10]
Part 1: Elevator Shafts
 FANS: 1/10 [At the start, on the upper rim of circular elevator]
       2/10 [At bottom of helipad elevator shaft, look up on half-arc walkway]
       3/10 [On 2nd elevator, stand by console and look down gap; on a ledge]

 Another Motoko level! Get the first fan and find the console that descends
 the heliport elevator to a chamber with many robotic guards. There's no cover
 in the middle, and the objective is to find the computer system along the wall
 on the far side, so heading there immediately (flip-evade through crossfire)
 is very smart, as there's a little cover there. The armored vehicle here can
 be destroyed but doesn't reciprocate the violence. Get the second fan in the
 elevator shaft if not done already and hit the computer to open the shutters.
 [There's body armor right by here.]

 The shutters open to another elevator. The third fan can be seen by standing
 next to the computer and looking down the small gap between the wall -- it's
 on a ledge. This is much easier than shooting it while in motion. Ignore any
 enemies on the way down and jump to the next door, which is a stairway access
 point. At the bottom is an assault rifle to pick up, if needed. Head upwards
 until a door with a green light on it can be entered.

Part 2: Elevator Shaft Walkway
 FANS: 4/10 [Stand on first half-arc platform and look upwards; spinning above]
       5/10 [At bottom, look upwards; on a ledge between bigger half-arcs]

 The vacant tunnel opens up into another elevator shaft, although this one's
 lift is at the bottom so the method of descending is jumping to the half-arc
 walkways occupied by some guards. The 4th fan is on the platform right above
 the first (highest) half-arc platform, and can be shot by standing along one
 side. It's half-obscured by the platform above but can definitely be shot
 without any rigamarole (although sniping is possible from lower, too, I would
 imagine). Once the bottom is reached, locate the bulkhead control on the
 lowest ledge and the shaft can be explored further.

 On the way down, instead of two enemies per ledge, there'll be about 4 every
 other ledge, which doesn't spike the difficulty or anything. Once at the
 bottom, the 5th fan can be shot from a lower trajectory. It's on a smaller
 ledge between one of the bigger half-arc ones. Pretty easy to spot, really.
 Use the panel up the ladder to exit the area.

Part 3: Ventilation Shaft
 FANS: 6/10 [At start, on lower ventilation fan in shaft]
       7/10 [In sniper shaft, jump to left rim, pull up on ledge; across way]

 Wall-jump at the start to get up to the ventilation shaft proper. The 6th fan
 is on top of the lower fan, and can be shot from any of the platforms.
 Speaking of which, walljumping to each next platform is complicated; a normal
 jump-n'-grab works just as well. Once past the fan portion, there's another
 wall-jumping course. Do a double jump and find a rim to grab, then shimmy to
 a wider ledge. From there, another walljump or two will grab the upper exit.

 The save updates here for a reason -- snipers! If you have any spark grenades
 now is the time to take out the sniper immediately, as he's a huge nuisance
 and can force many restarts. When he's out of the way, jump into the shaft to
 the left, grabbing the metal ring level with the highest platform; shimmy to
 the ledge and pull up, grabbing the body armor. From here, snipe the 7th fan
 across the way in the other doorway. [You'll probably need to take out the
 four lower enemies before attempting the shimmying part].

 Like before, use the lower-ledge panel to open the bulkhead and create a new
 way down. This time there are more snipers, although all are located at the
 bottom-central portion of the shaft. The cool thing is, about halfway down,
 there's an open panel on the wall that will purge the bulkhead...i.e., drop
 all enemies out of the shaft and immediately rid Motoko of the nuisances.
 The alternative is throwing grenades and such, but why waste 'em?

 The tiny exit panel is near the yellow-glowing cargo door, towards the bottom.

Part 4: Cargo Elevators
 FANS: 8/10 [At base of first elevator]

 Near the first cargo lift is an enemy who has the unit ID for this area. If
 you look down the lift treads, you can probably spot a fan way at the base;
 it can't be shot 'til the thing is taken down. Take out the robotic sentries
 first, using the tiny control panel as a makeshift shield. Near the 2nd lift
 is a restoration pack, should the Major be hurtin'. While descending another
 time, the lift passing will have a few enemies -- although they won't be able
 to get many shots off due to the movement. Save ammo!

 Now, at the base of this 2nd lift will be two guards and an armored suit,
 which spells t-r-o-u-b-l-e! Hightail it out of there (unless you've got a
 huge cavalier attitude about these types of situations) by moving through
 the pack and jumping down the embankment. You can still climb up and murder
 'em, or take 'em out when they move near the rim, if you need the max kill
 score at the end. The cargo bay doors exit this area.

Part 5: Makeshift Catwalks
 FANS: 09/10 [On top of door, across from alcove where hacking code's obtained]
       10/10 [On support girder, penultimate tier in inner shaft]

 The last stretch of this stage is on makeshift catwalks, which are basically
 sheets strung across the pit and patrolled by enemy squads. Take out the two
 hornet drones at the start, then progress down a bit until the hacking code
 can be obtained from a heavily-armored soldier in an alcove. Across from here,
 the 9th fan spins on a cement door frame.

 A few tiers below the 9th fan is an inner rim with enemies stationed at
 regular intervals -- some are hackable, if that's your thing. Continue down
 from there (there aren't that many enemies) via the steel-mesh walkways. The
 chief's message always arrives on a certain plank, the 3rd-from-lowest. Jump
 down to the one below and look around for the final fan, on a support girder.

 Proceed through the open tunnel to exit the level.

11) Tohoku A.R. Underground Factory                                      [WK11]
Part 1: Robot Factory
 FANS: 1/10 [Empty container, third group of enemies]
       2/10 [Elevator shaft, high up]

 Although Batou is aware of those lasergrids, there's nothing that can be done
 about 'em, and they must be tripped. Doing so will open a small arsenal of
 robot drones from their, uh, cages, always located a little in front or
 behind our protagonist. The first sets won't do anything, however. Need a
 shotgun? There's on in an empty container. The group of enemies beyond will
 be holding the 1st fan, also.

 Continue along until finding two automated turrets, which can be ignored if
 y'need, but guard a shotgun-shell refill. The ladder near them leads down to
 an elevator shaft. The 2nd fan is floating high above here, and to shoot it,
 Batou will need to inch as close to the edge as he can and crouch, lest his
 shot be too obscured.

 Jump to the lift shaft's bottom and climb the ladder at the end.

Part 2: Robot Factory II
 FANS: 3/10 [Hidden down by first security console]
       4/10 [Between inactive door and robot containers]

       Fan #3  |Ż|           This level is peculiar because there aren't any
             \/   \          enemies until Batou accidentally trips the alarm,
             / /Ż\ \         which is done by trying to access any computer
   Fan #4   ( (   )E)        console around or attempting to enter the elevator
       \    |D|   |F|-START  marked on the map. He will need to do both to get
       \Ż\_/ /     Ż         all security keys, necessary to use the elevator
        \   /                once all are collected. [Turn off security console
         ) (                 in the "x" fork to do so, mind you.]
        /   \
       / /Ż\C\               Fan-wise, one is hidden near the first fork, down
      (B(   Ż                by the wall console. The other is in a dead end
      |A|-Elevator           between the robot containers and the locked door.
Part 3: Tohoku A.R. Weapons Cache
 FANS: 5/10 [In a stall in the empty c04 barracks]
       6/10 [In c04 center shaft, down one floor; shoot it through floor gap]

 This level is basically a long stairway connected to many tiers of rooms. I
 will use the area markings -- which appear on the center structure in each --
 to designate 'em. The 1st area (d05) has nothing of interest but connects via
 a barracks, which does have enemies who try to ambush halfway through, to c05,
 which is empty except for a grenade launcher in one of the rooms. Since we'll
 be fighting some larger enemies soon, this is a good replacement weapon. The
 stairway adjacent is the route to go.

 Next-lowest tier is c04, which has a few enemies and a think-tank, basically
 a belligerent tachikoma. The grenade launcher helps, but keeping one's
 distance does even more as it's highly versatile (it can't fit into the
 stairway though, so holing up there's a-OK). If you don't kill it, the level
 restarts...haha. The barracks on this floor has no enemies and a restoration
 kit inside, luckily; the 5th fan's here, too. The 6th fan is in this region
 as well, in the c04 center shaft, just down one floor from where Motoko is.
 It can be shot easily through a gap in the shaft & floor, and once you know
 where it is, this will be child's play. This area connects to b04, which has
 only a few foes (grenadier who has a hacking code & unit ID) and a second
 think-tank to fight.

 Down to the next floor (b03) is vacant except for a restoration kit, while
 the stairway breaks rhythm and leads downward again, to b02. The hacking
 code can be used here on all enemies but the 3rd think-tank. Approach the
 door with a red light above it to leave.

Part 3: Weapons Factory
 FANS: 7/10 [Between two water-heater-lookin' tanks to the right, at the start]
       8/10 [On the spider-tank's "head" in hangar nearest start]
       9/10 [On top of large mecha in the 2nd weapons hangar]

 Batou starts the factory section at the bottom, in between two upper catwalks
 with enemies -- yeesh. Get the 7th fan to the right of where he starts and
 get outta here, entering the adjacent weapons hangar where a giant spidertank
 stands -- the 8th fan is on its head. Use either of the two ladders in this
 room to get to the rimming catwalks, which can be used to exit back into the
 starting hallway to kill the enemies with a former height advantage. One'll
 drop the unit ID, too.

 The walkways lead to a 2nd weapons hangar, and this time there are a few
 enemies along the upper rim as well as many down below. Batou can jump onto
 the giant mecha here and get the 9th fan, the last in this section. Watch
 out for the guy who has a rocket launcher in this section, as he spells
 trouble r-e-s-t-a-r-t! ...Not to mention the entire thing would have to be
 done from the beginning again.

 If all fans are obtained, activate the console near where the rocket launcher
 guy was standing.

Part 4: Elevator Vicinity
 FANS: 10/10 [After activating elevator, in 2nd room down; in an empty stall]

 Once the transport elevator is up and running, look for two rooms passing
 one side of the shaft. Jump into the second one -- which has two armored
 suits inside! -- and go to the left, looking for an empty stall with the
 final fan inside. Once obtained, don't stick around and return to the shaft,
 using a ledge to help get down safely.

 There'll be two more armored suits at the bottom, one of which shoots "dumb"
 rockets like a normal launcher. They can be killed or fled from...either way,
 the right path leads to three branching dead-ends, two of which are filled
 with shield sentries, and harder to kill. Spark grenades work well in clearing
 'em out.

 To leave, find the only glowing door console.

12) Tohoku A.R. Experimental Farm                                        [WK12]
 FANS 01/10 [By gravestone in SW portion of map]
      02/10 [Behind console near starting point]
      03/10 [In front of large red building]
      04/10 [On western side of map, dirt road]
      05/10 [If the red house is "north" then fan is all the way east-central]
      06/10 [A machine on the ceiling, in one of the circular grooves, has it]
      07/10 [A machine on the ceiling, in one of the circular grooves, has it]
      08/10 [A machine on the ceiling, in one of the circular grooves, has it]
      09/10 [On gray ring of panels at dome's base; accessible via red ladder]
      10/10 [In tiny grain patch farthest from entrance door; alongside road]
        |                       BLDING                        |
        | # ####################      ##################### # |
        | # ####################C H F ##################### # | # = Ricefield
        | # ####################      ##################### # |
        | # ######################  ####################### # | C = Computer
        | #     H                                           # |     Console
        | # ######################  ####################### # |
        | # ######################  ####################### # | B = Body Armor
        | # ######################  ####################### # |
        | # ######################H ####################### F | H = Health
        |  S                                 START            |     Refill
        | #  ###C#################  ######C         ####### # |
        | # H#####################  ######F################ # | F = Fan
        | # F#####################  ####################### # |
        | #  #####################  ####################### # | S = Shotgun
        | #  #####################  ####################### # |
        | #T                                           B    # | T = Thermal
        | ############FH##########  ####################### # |     Camouflage
        | ######################## H#################C##### # |

 Like the Tachikoma, all fans are in this one self-contained area, which is a
 lovely field...or at least it would be without all the gunfire, explosions,
 and blood Motoko's 'bout to spill.

 BOSS PART 1: Camouflaged

 The boss of this level is a gigantic multiped tank, which has the ability
 to employ visual camouflage and shoot rockets. The first part of this level
 will entail waiting for enemy squads to show up, killing them to obtain the
 code for removing visual camouflage, then finding a computer to use it on.
 Any computer will suffice for removing its camo, although once used, it can't
 be used for the same function again. All the while, the multiped will be
 fighting, so shoot it a bit to make it turn invisible and buy time to find
 whatever you're looking for. As you'll notice, when camouflaged, it doesn't
 attack whatsoever. Normal enemies, who also use the same ability as the tank,
 become easier to see as the camouflage detereorates, so this portion shouldn't
 take too long if you know where the fans are.

 BOSS PART 2: Camouflage Disengaged

 This is basically the same fight as before, except the field's camouflage is
 removed, which takes away its landmarks. The multiped can now be damaged,
 and it'll take awhile. Stay at a distance, avoid its tanks by strafing and
 sideflipping, refilling ammo when possible. Like before, there's an infinite
 amount to take. One will know the damage inflicted by how many plumes of
 smoke are emitted from the boss. The opposition's AI can be pretty dumb at
 times, such as firing into the wall and moving against it like it's trying
 to flee.

 Eventually it tries to re-engage camouflage mode but its plumes of smoke
 give it away, so just keep firing until it finally explodes and is marked
 as a target "for realz". Jump onto it at this point and inspect its head.
          _________          _______    _______  _        ______   _
          \__   __/|\     /|(  ____ \  (  ____ \( (    /|(  __  \ ( )
             ) (   | )   ( || (    \/  | (    \/|  \  ( || (  \  )| |
             | |   | (___) || (__      | (__    |   \ | || |   ) || |
             | |   |  ___  ||  __)     |  __)   | (\ \) || |   | || |
             | |   | (   ) || (        | (      | | \   || |   ) |(_)
             | |   | )   ( || (____/\  | (____/\| )  \  || (__/  ) _ 
             )_(   |/     \|(_______/  (_______/|/    )_)(______/ (_)

 See the unlockable section to see what's been earned and what shoulda been!

IV. FAN GUIDE                                                            [FNGD]
 Strewn throughout every level are ten fans -- white hand fans, not electric
 types, mind you -- that can be seen spinning...or more often than naught, are
 hidden in nooks and crannies y'wouldn't usually look. They can technically
 be destroyed with any gun, although some are so far away that a sniper rifle
 is required (which is why beating the game once first is best for this). You
 know a fan is destroyed because it explodes into a flurry of cherry blossoms.

 When it comes to breaking down the guide, an 'area' is basically one portion
 of the level and ends when entering a door/elevator/etc. exit, which begins
 the next portion. These are often one-way trips so pay careful attention! The
 walkthrough also lists the fans in the areas they're found, so this is only
 needed for people who want an entire list.

 If you need clarifications on the fans, I urge you to either email me or to
 post on GameFAQs' messageboard for this game, where someone else may get to
 it lickety-split (yes, it's still populated!).

STAGE 1: Niihama Pier N3
 [01] - AREA 1 - Sitting on the roof of the gate station's roof
 [02] - AREA 2 - Near the dead terminal, around corner on unwalkable ledge
 [03] - AREA 2 - On roof with four spotlights, alongside one
 [04] - AREA 3 - Inside the warehouse interior, near ship dock, in a dead end
 [05] - AREA 4 - At start, run under support in front and turn around to find
 [06] - AREA 4 - On the small building's awning -- walljump and climb up
 [07] - AREA 5 - Climb ladder at start, turn left, jump on obstruction to find
 [08] - AREA 5 - Like #7 (on middle catwalk), but the other end
 [09] - AREA 6 - On top of immovable crane (find a high place and snipe it)
 [10] - AREA 6 - On top of immovable crane near sniper tower

STAGE 2: N3 Parking Garage
 [01] - AREA 1 - Ground floor, inaccessible area between shotgun/entrance area
 [02] - AREA 1 - On top of the green Sagawa Denshi van -- shoot from across pit
 [03] - AREA 1 - Past ticketbooth is a blue care; fan on ground in front of it
 [04] - AREA 2 - When crossing catwalk, it's on one of the railings
 [05] - AREA 2 - On concrete barrier near emergency lock disengager
 [06] - AREA 3 - Near terminal on 23rd floor, around corner near elevator
 [07] - AREA 4 - When crossing pit catwalk, floating on a girder one floor up
 [08] - AREA 4 - Spy through locked ramp on 25th floor; spins on cement ledge
 [09] - AREA 5 - Near construction site drop-in point, on a cement barrier
 [10] - AREA 5 - In parking space corner with blue-green coupe, near a sniper

STAGE 3: Multi-level Warehouse
 [01] - AREA 1 - On the protruding girder above entrance
 [02] - AREA 1 - On 3rd floor of warehouse, jump on green container to find
 [03] - AREA 2 - In stairwell's lowest part, corner near the two guards
 [04] - AREA 2 - In warehouse, ground floor, near lifting machine's treads
 [05] - AREA 2 - On the air vent above the 3rd-level door
 [06] - AREA 3 - By a small crate stack
 [07] - AREA 3 - By a small crate stack
 [08] - AREA 4 - Ground floor, by some blue freight containers
 [09] - AREA 4 - 3rd level, by Fuwa's open container, behind the door
 [10] - AREA 4 - 3rd level, high above entrance door

STAGE 4: Tohoku A.R. Residential Block
 [01] - AREA 1 - On the small train platform bridge, on top of a lightpost
 [02] - AREA 1 - After 1st shimmying portion, spinning on lowest dam "step"
 [03] - AREA 2 - Near the starting point, on a broken outer stairway
 [04] - AREA 2 - From start, turn left and jump on railing; behind a fence
 [05] - AREA 3 - Ground floor, in the alley, dead end
 [06] - AREA 3 - On platform guard robot is on, snipe fan under lift tread
 [07] - AREA 3 - On center of highest between-building platforms
 [08] - AREA 4 - At start, look right of 1st staircase; at foot of pillars
 [09] - AREA 4 - On top of highest staircase, look upwards -- spins on railing
 [10] - AREA 5 - Behind elevator that ends the stage, past the railing

 For Area 3 (Back Alley) fans, consult the walkthrough for correct placement
 and how to ascend upwards.

STAGE 5: Tohoku A.R. Dam Site
 [01] - AREA 1 - At start, turn around; on top of monorail tracks (left side)
 [02] - AREA 2 - Underneath a table in the room the air vent connects to
 [03] - AREA 3 - Spinning on a shelf in the missile launcher room near start
 [04] - AREA 3 - Near power-supply switch, on machinery catwalk
 [05] - AREA 3 - On slope with 3 walkways intersecting; middle's room has fan
 [06] - AREA 4 - In the radial gate intake room, underneath the stairs
 [07] - AREA 4 - In the 2nd cave-in passage, step on debris, look toward center
 [08] - AREA 5 - After exiting the vent, look to the right; behind vent cover
 [09] - AREA 5 - In dead end with grenadier, behind the cordoned-off junk
 [10] - AREA 6 - On red car by building, left of the elevator structure

 A sniper rifle is required for Fan #01.

STAGE 6: Tohoku A.R. Office Block
 [01] - AREA 1 - Behind Motoko at the start, in plain sight on an obstruction
 [02] - AREA 1 - In area w/ lots of enemies; inside L-shaped bldg's upper fence
 [03] - AREA 1 - In lower elevator area, along one side of building on machine
 [04] - AREA 2 - On ledge above where the thermo-optic camouflage is found
 [05] - AREA 3 - In an outer tree planter, past railing, before stairway complx
 [06] - AREA 3 - Go to 3rd level of stairway complex; spins on inaccessible 4F
 [07] - AREA 4 - Right of ledge where isolated gunner was
 [08] - AREA 5 - At start, behind blue freight box, underneath stairway
 [09] - AREA 5 - High atop air conditioner, against side of building
 [10] - AREA 5 - On inaccessible ledge; must be sniped from on glass walkway

                                 \_          _
                            _____| |______ _| |-#10
                           |_             | |_|
                            _| |Ż| |ŻŻŻŻ| |G|
                         __|   |_| |____| |L|   H = Health Pack
                Stun    |  ____    #9     |A|   S = Shooting Spot (For #9)
                Eqpt    | |    ) |ŻŻŻ\__S |S|
                  \     | |___/  |      ) )S|
                   \|ŻŻŻ   ____  |_____/ /|W|  A sniper rifle is required to
                 #8 |_|Ż| |    |  _  H  / |A|  get Fan #10.
                  \_____| |____| | |___|  |Y|
            START-|______________|         Ż

STAGE 7: Tohoku A.R. Anti-personnel Training Grounds
 [01] - AREA 1 - Behind where Batou starts, on top of cardboard cutout's head
 [02] - AREA 1 - On top of locked depot door near missile launcher enemy
 [03] - AREA 2 - Past marked terminal, on stack of girders in dead end
 [04] - AREA 3 - By starting point, in corner of conrete slab
 [05] - AREA 3 - In area with 2 turrets/armored suit; on vacant gun platform
 [06] - AREA 3 - In corner by foe with hacking code; on corner of nearby roof
 [07] - AREA 4 - By stack of girders near the hackable ceiling turret
 [08] - AREA 5 - On top of a tree
 [09] - AREA 5 - On roof of cement shack near vehicle
 [10] - AREA 5 - In the tunnel, behind a stack of crates

STAGE 8: Tohoku A.R. Anti-tank Training Grounds
 [01] - On a depo docking bay chute
 [02] - On pillar's ledge
 [03] - On top of a wall pipe/platform]
 [04] - On pillar's ledge
 [05] - Behind a concrete slab
 [06] - On largest platform
 [07] - On pillar's ledge
 [08] - On pillar's ledge
 [09] - On pillar's ledge
 [10] - On pipe above platform
           |      \___/         E X I T         \ 10/          |
           |                                     ŻŻŻ           |
           |            __                          __         |
           |           |07|                        |08|        |
           |           |__|                        |__|        |
           |                                                   |
           |           |    /ŻŻŻŻŻ\                            |
           |           |   (    06 )           /ŻŻŻ\           |
           |           |    \_____/           (  09 )          |
           |              |ŻŻ|          _____  \___/        01 |
           |              |__|                      __         |
           |                         |          |  |02|        |
           |                  /ŻŻŻ\  |          |  |__|        |
           |                 (     )             ___           |
           |     |            \___/      05   ___  ____        |
           |     |                 |ŻŻ|  ŻŻŻ___   ___          |
           |     |      __         |__|                        |
           |           |04|                    03  |ŻŻ|        |

STAGE 9: Tohoku A.R. Chopper Storage Block
 [01] - AREA 1 - Fans 1-4 are all located in the same vicinity. Look for some
 [02] - AREA 1   lower lights on one side: two have fans on them, and the
 [03] - AREA 1   empty spaces in-between will have a fan as well. The nearest
 [04] - AREA 1   can be shot but the other three must be sniped!
 [05] - AREA 2 - At foot of starting stairs, take a left outside; on ledge]
 [06] - AREA 2 - Exit control room, go outside through nearest door; on ledge]
 [07] - AREA 2 - In control room
 [08] - AREA 2 - From control: go right, thru tunnel, downstairs to a dead end]
 [09] - AREA 3 - On top of rooftop access door's...uh, roof (walljump onto it)
 [10] - AREA 3 - Stand on light nearest roof access door; on lower wall;on pipe

 Fans 2-4 and 5 require a sniper rifle.

STAGE 10: Tohoku A.R. Shaft
 [01] - AREA 1 - At start, on upper rim of circular elevator shaft
 [02] - AREA 1 - At bottom of 1st elevator, look up -- on half-arc walkway
 [03] - AREA 1 - On 2nd elevator, stand by console and look down gap; on ledge
 [04] - AREA 2 - Above 1st half-arc platform in shaft; stand in corner & shoot
 [05] - AREA 2 - At bottom of shaft, look upwards; on ledge between 2 half-arcs
 [06] - AREA 3 - At start, on lower ventilation fan in shaft
 [07] - AREA 3 - In sniper shaft, jump on left rim, shimmy to ledge; across way
 [08] - AREA 4 - At base of first transport elevator
 [09] - AREA 5 - On top of door, across from alcove where hacking code's gotten
 [10] - AREA 5 - On support girder, second-from-bottom tier in inner shaft

STAGE 11: Tohoku A.R. Underground Factory
 [01] - AREA 1 - Empty container, third group of enemies
 [02] - AREA 1 - Elevator shaft, high up; go to edge and crouch to get a bead
 [03] - AREA 2 - Hidden down by first security console
 [04] - AREA 2 - Between inactive door and robot containers
 [05] - AREA 3 - In a stall in the empty c04 barracks
 [06] - AREA 3 - In c04 tier center shaft; shoot it through floor gap
 [07] - AREA 4 - Between two water-heater-lookin' tanks to right of startpoint
 [08] - AREA 4 - On the multiped tank's "head" in hangar nearest start
 [09] - AREA 4 - On top of the mecha in the 2nd weapons hangar
 [10] - AREA 5 - After activating elevator, in 2nd room down; in empty stall]

STAGE 12: Tohoku A.R. Experimental Farm
 [01] - AREA 1 - By gravestone
 [02] - AREA 1 - Behind console near starting point
 [03] - AREA 1 - In front of the large red building
 [04] - AREA 1 - On western side of map, dirt road
 [05] - AREA 1 - If red house is "north", then fan is along east-central border
 [06] - AREA 2 - On ceiling machine that looks like it has 2 ladders
 [07] - AREA 2 - On ceiling machine that looks like it has 2 ladders
 [08] - AREA 2 - On ceiling machine that looks like it has 2 ladders
 [09] - AREA 2 - On a walkway that rims the dome's base -- get on it via ladder
 [10] - AREA 2 - In tiny grain patch farthest from entrance door; along a road

VI. UNLOCKABLES                                                          [NLCK]
 Unlockables are things given to players who commit outrageous feats of
 excellence, in this case, all based off of campaign mode. This is probably
 self-explanitory so I'll skip right to some notes:

 - Scoring 'x' amount of points in campaign will unlock more difficulties,
   INCLUDING any that take less points as a prerequisite. For example (in a
   hypothetical), beating the game on Nightmare would unlock all other
   difficulties besides Champion if they weren't already.

 - A "continue" is used when someone dies and the mission starts again from
   the nearest waypoint. Basically, to beat a level in this fashion is to do
   so without dying. A player will know a mission's been beaten in this way
   because there will be a Section 9 symbol (circular) that appears next to
   the fan total on the level select screen.

 - When you unlock a weapon's unlimited ammo, you also unlock the ability to
   take that weapon into a new level (from select screen), except for knives
   and grenades which can't be chosen -- although once you find one, they'll
   have infinite ammo, too. Infinite ammo can be turned on and off, and using
   it in battle carries a 10,000 point penalty!

  __________________________________ ________________________________________
 | UNLOCKABLE                       | UNLOCK METHOD                          |
 | Extra Outfits: Batou             | Beat campaign on Easy                  |
 | Extra Outfits: Motoko            | Beat campaign on Easy                  |
 | Difficulty: Very Hard            | Score 15,000 points in campaign        |
 | Difficulty: Aggressive           | Score 22,000 points in campaign        |
 | Difficulty: Dangerous            | Score 34,000 points in campaign        |
 | Difficulty: Execution            | Score 50,000 points in campaign        |
 | Difficulty: Hopeless             | Score 75,000 points in campaign        |
 | Difficulty: Nightmare            | Score 90,000 points in campaign        |
 | Difficulty: Champion             | Score 120000 points in campaign        |
 | Multiplayer: Batou               | Beat campaign on Easy                  |
 | Multiplayer: Motoko              | Beat campaign on Easy                  |
 | Multiplayer: Tachikoma           | Beat campaign on Hard                  |
 | Multiplayer: Armed Suit          | Beat campaign on Normal                |
 | Multiplayer: Think-tank          | Beat campaign on Normal                |
 | Multiplayer Level: Dome          | Beat campaign on Easy                  |
 | New Weapon: Napalm Launcher      | Destroy all 120 fans in campaign       |
 | New Weapon: Laser Gun            | Destroy all 120 fans in campaign       |
 | Unlimited Ammo: Seburo           | Beat campaign on Easy                  |
 | Unlimited Ammo: Submachine Gun   | Beat campaign on Easy                  |
 | Unlimited Ammo: Shotgun          | Beat campaign on Easy                  |
 | Unlimited Ammo: Assault Rifle    | Beat campaign on Easy                  |
 | Unlimited Ammo: Grenade Types    | Beat campaign on Easy                  |
 | Unlimited Ammo: Knives           | Beat campaign on Easy                  |
 | Unlimited Ammo: Laser Gun        | Destroy all 120 fans in campaign       |
 | Unlimited Ammo: Napalm Launcher  | Destroy all 120 fans in campaign       |
 | Unlimited Ammo: Sniper Rifle     | Beat all levels w/o continuing (dying) |
 | Unlimited Ammo: Grenade Launcher | Beat all levels w/o continuing (dying) |
 | Unlimited Ammo: Rocket Launcher  | Beat all levels w/o continuing (dying) |
 | Unlimited Ammo: Missile Launcher | Beat all levels w/o continuing (dying) |
 | Yellow Menus for Campaign        | Beat game on Normal                    |
VI. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                           [FAQZ]
 [Q] - Can I play as Saito, Bolma, Ishikawa, etc.?
 [A] - Nope, not even in multiplayer. The Major, Batou, and a tachikom are the
       only ones from the series who are playable. The others do make "guest"
       appearances...on the radio...rarely... =(

 [Q] - I can't shoot this fan!
 [A] - This means one of two things: (1) you're in the wrong position, not
       close enough, etc. and can actually shoot it with a normal machine-gun
       weapon (2) it can only be shot with a sniper rifle, earned by completing
       all missions without using a continue -- basically doing one without
       dying once.

 [Q] - I got the enemy's hacking code. Why can't I hack them?
 [A] - You may need the unit's ID as well, and when you do, it'll display
       which foes are hackable (blue triangle icon) and which aren't (orange
       or yellow). Luckily later enemies will cough up both at once.

VII. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTIONS                                             [UPDT]
 01-01-09 ----------------------+ Started walkthrough
 01-07-09 ----------------------+ Finished walkthrough

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VIII. LEGALITY                                                           [LGLT]
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