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Follow the dark path or use the light
Front Mission 5 Pack Shot

Front Mission 5


Hard Mode Walkthrough

by MJEmirzian

Front Mission 5 Hard Mode Walkthrough
[email protected]
Version 1 - 3/10/07

This is a Front Mission 5 Hard Mode walkthrough, running under several 
self-imposed limitations that make the mode even more of a challenge.  
However, the strategies in this walkthrough are perfectly usable if you 
choose not to limit yourself.

I recommend using this walkthrough in addition to other FM5 guides on 
gamefaqs for lists of skills, parts, secrets, etc.

Table of Contents

01a Challenge Conditions & Score
02a Tactical Advice
03a Walkthrough

01a Challenge Conditions & Score:

These are the challenge limitations that this walkthrough follows, 
should you choose to follow them.  Also included are my turns taken on 
Hard Mode while following these limitations.

1. no in battle saving
2. no arena or survival
3. you can only use RP up to the rank currently sold in stores
4. no destroyed wanzers at the end of mission (1 allowed on Hard Mode)
5. only play each simulator as soon as it's available (except S20)
6. take the more difficult mission routes (9a,13a,14a)
7. no turtling or baiting, move quickly and aggressively

Hard Mode Score - No deaths unless noted.

Mission 02 - 18 turns
Mission 03 - 13 turns
Simulat 01 - 11 turns
Mission 04 - 15 turns
Simulat 02 - 16 turns
Mission 05 - 20 turns
Simulat 03 - 13 turns
Mission 06 - 07 turns
Mission 07 - 17 turns
Simulat 05 - 14 turns, 1 death
Mission 08 - 17 turns
Mission 09a- 18 turns
Mission 10 - 17 turns, all wanzers
Simulat 06 - 10 turns
Mission 11 - 13 turns, all wanzers
Simulat 07 - 10 turns
Mission 12 - 15 turns
Simulat 08 - 12 turns
Mission 13a- 27 turns
Simulat 09 - 12 turns
Mission 14a- 26 turns
Simulat 10 - 14 turns
Simulat 11 - 24 turns
Mission 16 - 16 turns
Mission 17 - 27 turns
Simulat 12 - 18 turns
Mission 18 - 27 turns
Mission 19 - 12 turns
Simulat 13 - 18 turns
Simulat 14 - 21 turns
Mission 20 - 20 turns
Mission 21 - 24 turns
Simulat 15 - 16 turns
Mission 22 - 32 turns, 6 turrets
Mission 23 - 12 turns
Simulat 16 - 12 turns
Simulat 17 - 22 turns
Mission 24 - 16 turns
Mission 25 - 18 turns
Mission 26 - 06 turns
Simulat 18 - 10 turns
Simulat 19 - 25 turns
Mission 27 - 21 turns
Simulat 20 - 15 turns
Mission 28 - 19 turns

Total: 766 turns

02a Tactical Advice:

Striker and assault units are the best and most powerful for taking out 
single foes.  Launchers and jammers are the least useful, while you 
should have at least one gunner and mechanic for utility.  Grenades are 
still highly overpowered and good for ripping apart enemies, but aren't 
really attached to any job class.

Prioritize killing grenade equipped launchers first, then mechanics, 
jammers, strikers, launchers, gunners, and assaults.

When spending funds on new equipment, go for weapons and repair BPs 
first, then bodies, weapon arms, and legs.  Priority should be given to 
bulking up your mechanic and strikers wanzers first, as they will be 
taking the most damage.  You generally don't have enough funds to dual 
wield guns, so just forget about it.

In any missions where your starting placements are split up, your main 
tactic should almost always be to regroup at least partially.  Place 
the mechanic in any location that must pass by enemy fire to regroup 
with your less pestered allies.  This situation is in a number of 
missions and simulators (09a, 13a, many simulators, etc.)

Link attacks on a target should often start with a melee unit, as they 
can continually link attack with only 1 AP cost.  Since friendly fire 
is an issue, always try to start your turn in a way that your melee can 
attack with all allies firing and not hitting one another.  You may 
consider attacking with a ranged unit first if they would end up 
causing friendly fire when supporting your melee unit against a target.

Since melee unit chains are so important, you should avoid using 
bazookas, due to their splash damage.  Rifles with pierce are also 
dangerous as it can also affect allies.  

Gatling guns are of minimal use for gunners since you can't use the 
Focus Up ability with them, plus they have very poor accuracy.  
Flamethrowers are poor in range, damage, and accuracy.. definitely 
avoid.  As far as melee weapons go, pilebunkers are the best balance of 
accuracy and damage, with knuckles being overkill in accuracy and rods 
being too unreliable.

Link chains are more important than strong skills - you should choose 
weaker but higher activating skills over strong ones.  This guarantees 
your damage will be multiplied heavily every time you execute a large 
link attack, with far more damage output.  Skill +2%, Defense +4, 
Accuracy +2% and other team increases are highly useful and recommended.

It pays to keep using your starting striker, gunner, Darril and a 
second assault pilot.  They will eventually become much higher level 
than any of the recruits you can find.  For example, once you reach 
Alaska, the pilot recruit level is 23, while your party should be 27-28.  
This helps a great deal with accuracy and evasion since most enemy 
levels will tend to be 4-5 below yours later in the game.  This can be 
accomplished simply by playing the game normally and playing each 
simulator only once.

Best skills for the job class, optimized for large chains.

Striker - Double Punch, Charge, Footwork, Anti-Strike, Defense +4, 
Evasion +2%

Assault - Barrage, Pincers, Terror Shot, Speed, Boost, Skill +2%

Gunner - Blast Shot, Panic Shot, Focus Up, Zoom, Quick Draw, Snipe, 
Accuracy +2%

Mechanic - Repair AP-2, Defense, Block DMG, Slice Shot, Weakpoint

Jammer - Feint I, Anti-Shot, Fix DMG, AP Damage, Minus Shot, Skill +2%

03a Walkthrough

Mission 02: 18 turns
Bait the first wanzer with no legs, let the second with the MG come 
towards you to pound it with missiles, take out the shotgunner, then 
take on the healthy wanzer in the back.  Use an All Repair 200 on 
Walter when his health starts to drop.

Mission 03 Intermission: 
No need to shop for anything yet.

Mission 03: 13 turns
Head after the weakened assault and take him out, then start on the 
launcher.  Send your allies west to help out, and fend Glen off with 
your NPC ally.  Heal liberally with your mechanic and use guns to take 
enemy arms off quickly and move onto Glen.

Mission 04 Intermission: 
Upgrade to rank 2 weapons/parts.  You only get one set of rank 1 parts 
and weapons, which is the only rank of those part types that be 
upgraded with RP to more powerful derivatives, so hang on to them.  
Give Walter a MG so he can start using Barrage, and purchase another 
missile reload for your launcher.

Simulator 01: 11 turns
A very easy sim, just take out the two launchers then the assaults as 
they approach.

Mission 04: 15 turns
Nothing special to this mission, just take out the enemies with 
standard tactics as they approach.

Mission 05 Intermission: 
Upgrade your part ranks further and get the Artassault MG - RP upgrade 
it to the 10% job bonus version for Walter.

Simulator 02: 16 turns
Go after the west wanzer, as the north one triggers his allies.  Go 
after the gunner next, but don't let him run you into enemy attack 
range.  Try to take out the next assault before the launchers start 
moving.  The two launchers are deadly, try to repair their target while 
you destroy them.

Mission 05: 20 turns
Lure the enemies into the trap truck range by standing 3 spaces away 
from it.  Once the first group is taken care of, lure the second group 
around the corner towards the truck to set it off on them.

Mission 06 Intermission: 
Put up some more upgrades and get your links all set up.

Simulator 03: 
Move in a counterclockwise motion, trashing the pairs of wanzers as 
they approach.

Mission 06: 07 turns
Quickly move up and take the two tanks out.  Use your link attacks to 
trash the mechs as they approach.

Mission 07 Intermission:
You should have most of your wanzers at rank 4 equipment, ready to 
cause some link carnage.  The Artassault at lv 4 provides some good dmg 
as well as a job XP boost.

Mission 07: 17 turns
The enemy will shoot trap trucks on you, even if it damages both you 
and an enemy, so destroy the ones closest to you and the 4 linked 
enemies up ahead.  Try to work through the 6 wanzers and copter before 
the farthest group reaches your team, as they will start moving fairly 
early.  Once again, the best way to lure the enemies into trap truck 
range by standing 3 spaces away and letting them attack your wanzer.

Mission 08 Intermission:
Rank 5 is available now although there's not much money to spend on it.

Simulator 05: 14 turns (1 death)
Place your jammer, striker, and assault south, and the rest north.  
Take out the 3 launcher enemies while staying put with your north group.  
Once the launchers are almost down, start heading south with the north 
group to converge on the centre 3 enemies.  EMP almost every turn and 
keep repairing, try to take one enemy down per turn as more 
reinforcements arrive.  Keep your gunner at a distance to stay out of 
the fray.. as long as your mechanic, striker, EMP, and assault are 
alive you can pull through.  It's worth completing as you get the 
Glowtusk rifle.

Mission 08: 17 turns
Charge north to take out the tank and two wanzers, then fall back 
southwest to engage the two wanzers coming from the south around the 
corner.  After you've finished them off, proceed back north to take on 
the two helis and launcher.  Draw the tanks out and kill them before 
the Garsades gets off more than one or two attacks.  Ignore the last 
heli and take the Garsades out with links.

Mission 09a Intermission:
Now that you can recruit, kick the launcher off your team and bring in 
a second Assault.  Non S Launchers are more or less worthless in HM, so 
adding a new link unit will be a great improvement.  You should replace 
someone with Darril later.. either the Assault or the EMP, your choice.  
Your equipment should be rank 4-5 or so.. try to get a few of those 7 
movement legs.  Make sure you have a good amount of healing items to 
pass around for the next mission especially for your units on the west 

Mission 09a: 18 turns
Position your jammer and mechanic at the east drop zone, your striker 
and assault middle, and second assault and gunner west.  Trash the 
centre grenade launcher with your west and centre forces.  EMP the east 
grenade launcher and move west to regroup with the rest of the team 
while repairing injuries.  Proceed to destroy the east grenade launcher 
while avoiding the attack range of the far west and east turrets, then 
take out the wanzers.  Once the dust settles, take out the remaining 
turrets on the sides.

Mission 10 Intermission:
Complete your 7 movement leg collection and try to rank up to 5 as much 
as possible.  I also highly recommend getting a Rocket or Grenade 
launcher on one of your units, as they are easily the most overpowered 
weapon in the game and will make short work of most enemies.

Simulator 06: 10 turns
Briefly split up to take on the two wanzer pairs, then regroup and take 
on one of the sides.  Finish up the other side afterward.

Mission 10: 17 turns
Send your entire force east to take out the main gate, then north to 
the base.  Just kill every enemy wanzer, it doesn't matter how many 
silos are left.

Mission 11 Intermission:
Rank 6 equipment is available - try to upgrade your weapons first, then 
whatever else you can manage.

Mission 11: 13 turns (all wanzers killed)
Take the first Garsades out in two turns - it will drop grenades and 
leave most of your team injured.  Move north to take out the three 
wanzers while healing up before the second Garsades approaches.  Once 
the second Garsades arrives, surround it with your wanzers - it will 
forget about running for the landing crafts and start attacking your 
units.  Ignore its attacks while you take out the approaching enemy 
wanzers.  Once they are all taken care of, finish the Garsades off.

Mission 12 Intermission:
Now that you've got Darril in your party, you need to replace someone 
else.  Either the jammer or assault should leave to make room for him.  
It's up to you whether you want the EMP utility, or the extra damage.  
Also consider that EMPs are expensive and you don't have a lot of money 
to throw around.  Personally I choose to go with 2 Assault, 2 Striker, 
1 Gunner, 1 Mechanic, at least until S rank Jammers come along and you 
face S-rank enemies that can be EMPed more easily.  Make sure your 
party is well stocked with healing items at this point, especially 
Repair All 200.

I never found much use for the fire ant, and you can sell the HP Repair 
MAX for 1500 CP if you really need the funds.

Simulator 07: 10 turns
Move in a counterclockwise direction, taking out the enemy wanzers as 
they approach.

Mission 12: 15 turns
This mission is approximately the same as normal mode, except enemies 
are tougher and there are 4 extra helis.  Place Darril, Walter, and 
your gunner on the platform with the enemy grenadier, and your other 
team (assault/jammer, mechanic, striker) on the other side.  

Work through the enemy wanzers on the platform until you've killed 
enough to start converging in the centre.  Heal carefully with your 
Barguest party to keep them alive, rather than going full offense.  
Your own team will be able to work through their platform enemies 
faster than Barguest can theirs.  

On turns 5-6 you should be leading your team to the centre to take out 
the enemies there.  Bring your Barguest members to the centre once 
they've finished off 2 or so of the enemy forces.  There will be a lot 
of helis left after most of the wanzers are gone, so take them out as 
they come into the centre.

Mission 13a Intermission:
Make sure you have a good stock of healing items as your party will be 
very split up and under heavy fire in the next mission.

Simulator 08: 11 turns
Take out the two nearby launchers, then around to take out the two 
tanks and two wanzers.  Next is a wanzer and heli, and after that a 
pair of 3 wanzers.  Try to kill quickly with your strikers so you don't 
get overwhelmed.

Mission 13a: 27 turns
Place an assault and striker on at the east drop zone, striker and 
mechanic in the middle drop zone, and gunner and emp/assault at the 
west drop zone.  Send the middle group (including tanks) east to meet 
with the east drop zone.  Move your west drop zone team north then east 
to regroup, taking on any helis they encounter.

You should mainly use Lynn to repair with, while pushing out link 
attacks and taking out 1-2 wanzers per turn.  Enemies will be highly 
aggressive so you won't have any shortage of incoming fire.  Don't go 
too far northeast into the corner with more enemies, as there will be 
plenty coming from the south and west.  Stick together in the middle 
road taking on enemies from all sides.

After the battle is over, there should only be a pocket of enemies near 
the southwest debris, and some standstills to the northeast.  Take out 
the smaller northeast group then head south while repairing.  The best 
route of attack is from the south most road which leads directly to one 
of the grenade launchers.  The fastest way to clear out these narrow 
corridors is to put your striker up front and let them take the 
friendly fire from behind.  Take out the striker and gunner to the side, 
continue along the south road to take out the launcher and assault, and 
then clear the rubble to finish off the last four wanzers.

Mission 14a Intermission:
Rank 7 is available, try to buff up your weapons and repair BP.

Simulator 09: 12 turns
Your positions are split up here, but most of the enemies are very weak.  
Place an assault and striker in the far corner, striker and mechanic in 
the middle, and gunner and assault in the position near the middle.  
Regroup your middle group and nearby group together, then fight west 
and south towards the 4 enemies.  Send your corner group southeast 
towards the same 4 enemies, fighting along the way.  Meet at the large 
intersection and take on enemies coming from the south and north.

Mission 14a: 26 turns
Take out the gunner turret and two nearby wanzers, then head east into 
the small clearing to take on several wanzers coming towards you from 
the north.  After taking them all out, proceed north to take out the 
grenade turret.  If you expose your units along the main path, all 
enemies will become active and attack you, so be careful.

After you take the turret out, move west onto the main path and attack.  
Fall back into the woods and take on the remaining enemy units as they 
approach.  Finish off the north turret when all wanzers are eliminated. 

Simulator 10: 14 turns
Move in a clockwise direction.  The grenade launcher on the elevation 
can be killed with a few good Focus Up gunner attacks with assault 

Simulator 11: 24 turns
Move straight east to engage the first enemy group.  Activate the next 
enemy group and pull them onto better movement terrain before engaging, 
otherwise your team will be nearly dead from chasing the floating 
launchers around.  Lure the next group around the corner of the wall 
near your starting position to take them out on better terrain.  The 
last group should be approaching by the time you finish the previous 
group, so heal up and focus fire on the launcher to finish the sim.

Mission 16: 16 turns
Send 4 wanzers east and 3 west, as the east faces stronger opposition.  
Bombard the poor wanzers with grenades which should basically eliminate 
them.  Engage the boss and execute it - a simple gang bang will work 

Mission 17 Intermission:
The next mission has a lot of water so buying hover legs for most of 
your wanzers will definitely help.  Keep in mind they have terrible 
evasion, though.

Mission 17: 27 turns
Move north, taking on enemies coming from the front and side.  Proceed 
north then east on the northmost path, then back around south to take 
on the last group of wanzers.  If you don't have hover legs, try to 
stay together and don't provoke more enemies than you can handle.  If 
you're being hounded by an enemy that's too far out of the way to reach, 
just keep moving until it follows you onto even terrain.

Mission 18 Intermission:
Rank 8 is available, so buff up your weapons and repair BP.  This next 
mission is fairly difficult.

Simulator 12: 18 turns
You can regroup fairly easily at the main intersection with the two 
grenade launchers.  The only dangerous spot is the one that starts in a 
dead end - you will have to fend off 3 shotgunners and a heli, so put 
an assault there.  Most of the enemies are made of paper and will 
crumple easily.

Mission 18: 27 turns
Work quickly and flawlessly up towards the boss room - don't get 
hampered by friendly fire or low health, and preserve your repair items.  
Avoid fighting in the tight tunnels to minimize friendly fire.  

At the boss room, draw the first four linked units toward you and 
destroy them, then the next four.  If you fight them in the hallways 
you will likely get crushed by friendly fire.  However, they all have 
pass-through legs, so they will likely move through your group into the 
open for you to beat on.  Once there are only 1-2 wanzers left move in 
for the kill on the boss.  Don't worry about your wanzers legs or non-
weapon arms, just keep the bodies healthy and pull out link attacks.  
It should go down in 4 turns with heavy fire.

Mission 19 Intermission:
Bulk up on rank 8 parts and move on.

Mission 19: 12 turns
Quickly kill the first group around the jet, then move south to 
blockade/kill the incoming group.  They won't attack so just block 
their path and kill them quickly, as a second group will be coming up 
fast.  Do the same with these guys and blockade/kill them.

Mission 20 Intermission:
Trade your strikers weapons in for guns to handle Sim 13, then switch 
back afterward.

Simulator 13: 18 turns
Move counterclockwise to take out the helis, otherwise they will all 
activate on you.

Simulator 14: 21 turns
Take on the 4 enemies as they approach - you will need to kill 1-2 a 
turn to keep up.  Engage the group to the southeast first to avoid the 
incoming launchers for a few extra turns.  It will get a bit messy with 
6 enemies but keep the repairs and killing up.

Next head northeast for the helis, then west to engage the incoming 6 
wanzers. Focus on the launchers first, of course.  Once those are taken 
care of, heal up while moving west to engage the final group.

Mission 20: 20 turns
Move southeast, north, west, and then south across the river.  Give 
priority to shooting down the helis, of course.

Mission 21 Intermission:
Rank 9 is now available for weapon/body.  Upgrade your striker legs to 
+8 movement and upgrade a few weapons.  You can also purchase the 
Mungos legs and upgrade them to rank 8 for +9 movement and 18% evasion.

Mission 21: 24 turns
Move south to wipe out the initial group, then back up north out of 
train rifle range to take on the group coming from the northwest and 
south.  Afterwards, heal up while heading southwest to engage the two 
groups of 5 and 4 wanzers.  Once they are mostly dead, head towards the 
train to finish it off.

Mission 22 Intermission:
Purchase more +8 movement legs.   Buy your strikers a ranged weapon and 
equip them with a support skill for it, to destroy the turrets in the 
next mission.

Simulator 15: 16 turns
Position a striker and assault north, striker and gunner middle, and 
mechanic and assault/emp south.  Regroup in the middle and tear up the 
weak wanzers first, then the stronger ones.  After the fight is over, 
take out the group of 6 wanzers in the corner.

Mission 22: 32 turns, 6 turrets
Move clockwise, taking on the enemy wanzers as they approach, as well 
as the wall turrets.  If there are a large number of enemies 
approaching, stop to fight them before getting in range of the next 
turret.  Once there's only one wanzer left, leave it alive and kill as 
many turrets on the right side as possible.  If you are following the 
challenge conditions, you will probably not be able to finish 8 off in 
35 turns.

Mission 23 Intermission:
Sell the Iguchi Type 5 rifle for 2000 CP, if you won it on M22.  The 
body part is decent but is also worth 2650 CP.. selling it will really 
help if you don't have a big use for it and don't like the evasion 
penalty.  Equip the knuckle on one of your strikers.  Upgrade more 
parts and purchase a few of the better healing items.  You will need 
high accuracy to hit the boss, so equip +2% Acc skills and good arm 
parts if you don't have them already.

Mission 23: 17 turns
Move east to take out the two launchers, then north to take out the two 
groups.  Go for the boss first - it does too much damage to try to take 
out the other wanzers first.  Surround it and bring it down in two 
turns then clean up the rest.  It has a strong melee attack, so you may 
consider having your melee units stand next to the boss and end their 
turn, so they can at least support your other attackers.

Mission 24 Intermission:
You may consider buying the 4 legged wanzer legs to make traversing the 
next mission easier.. or just do it with Mungos +9 movement legs, if 
you can spare the RPs.

Simulator 16: 12 turns
Place your striker, gunner, and assault in the south drop zone, and 
striker, assault/emp, and repair in the north.  With your north group, 
take out the two strikers and two assaults then two launchers.  With 
your south group, take on the two gunners, group of 3, then the two 
assaults.  Afterwards, converge on the group of 4 wanzers then head for 
the other 6.

Simulator 17: 22 turns
This mission is fairly difficult so you will need to be on your toes 
almost the entire time.  Place your striker, assault, and mechanic in 
the north drop zone, and striker, assault/emp, and gunner in the south.  
With your north group, move far west to the launcher.  With your south 
group, move far west then north to converge with the north group.  Back 
up into the dead end at the northwest corner of the map to avoid being 
exposed to heavy ranged fire.  Slowly work through all of the enemies - 
avoid friendly fire in the corridor while limiting your exposure to 
ranged enemy fire.  Afterward, heal while moving towards the middle to 
take on the final group.

Mission 24: 16 turns
Take out the middle group, then the one coming from the west, then east, 
then head south to take on the copters and wanzers.  It is possible to 
activate all enemies on the map at once, I'm not exactly sure how 

Mission 25 Intermission:
Rank 10 is now available for body/weapons, so upgrade what you can.  
Make sure you have a good stock of healing items as the next mission 
leads right into another one with no recovery for your wanzers.

Mission 25: 18 turns
Take out the group right by your wanzers, then head east.  Avoid 
getting in attack range of the 6 wanzer group unless you want a tougher 
fight.  After clearing out the south area, move north/northwest to take 
on the final group.  Try to finish the mission at full health with few 
healing items used.

Mission 26: 6 turns
Move up and take Morgans attacks while you destroy the front wanzers 
until the repair wanzers get closer.  Attack the repair wanzers once 
they're in range.  Once the repairs are down, surround and take Morgan 

Mission 27 Intermission:
You get about 12k CP from the last two missions, so shore up some of 
your equipment to rank 10 body/weapon and rank 9 arm/leg and pick up 
some repair all 400s.  By the time you finish Sim 18 and 19, your 
pilots should be lv 29-30.

Simulator 18: 10 turns
Place a striker, assault, and mechanic at the west drop zone, and 
striker, assault, and gunner at the southeast.  With your west group, 
head south to take on the incoming wanzers.  With your southeast group, 
head west to merge with your other units - don't stick around fighting 
the tanks where the enemy launchers can hit you.  Afterward, head east 
to clear out the remaining enemies coming from the middle of the map.

Simulator 19: 25 turns
Clear out the non-garsades group asap, so you have less to deal with 
when it starts moving.  Try to get up close to it asap so it doesn't 
use it's grenades on you more than once.  Take out the wanzers first, 
then the garsades, then the two helis.

Mission 27: 21 turns
On this mission enemies should be 4-5 lvls below yours with equipment 
at about your level (rank 9-10).  The enemies won't swarm you unless 
you get into attack range, so just work on what chases after you then 
finish off the rest when you inevitably get into their attack range.  

Mission 28 Intermission:
Upgrade your weapons to rank 11, and try to shore up other parts.  I 
could only afford rank 10-11 weapons, rank 10 body, rank 8 legs, rank 
10 L.arm, and rank 8-9 R.arm.

Simulator 20: 15 turns
The south group will face a weak garsades and gunner/assault, and the 
north group will face 3 gunners and one assault.  With the north group, 
take out the two gunners and head south to merge with the south group.  
Once most of the opposition is gone, head after the garsades, then the 
two reinforcements at the back end of the map.  You must finish the 
mission quickly or there will be reinforcement swarms until turn 45.

Mission 28: 19 turns
The only way to avoid the reactor is to move as fast as possible.  Kill 
quickly and conserve healing items, minimize friendly fire, and stay 
away from Glens attack range as he links with any wanzer on the map.

Spread out to avoid heavy grenade damage, then repair and move south to 
take on the groups of wanzers.  Stay out of the launcher group range 
until you've finished off most of the other two groups.  On the last 
group, straight for Glen first and ignore the other wanzers.. he's 
easier to take down when he's running and firing missiles which 
depletes his AP to almost 0.  Once he's down mop up the rest of the