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Follow the dark path or use the light
Front Mission 5 Pack Shot

Front Mission 5



by LegaiaRules

By Angelo Pineda([email protected])


24-9-2009 - Clean-up to reflect fan translation changes
12-6-2007 - Numerous corrections made, Map Data added. Guide complete.
2-4-2007 - Corrections and minor additions made.
24-2-2007 - Survival Simulator details completed. Some corrections and 
minor additions for the next update.


Sections							Search Codes
Basics								[BASE]
Map Data							[MDAT]
Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)					[TFAQ]
Survival Simulator: Normal					[SSNM]
Survival Simulator: Hard Mode					[SSHM]
Speed Run Clears						[CLRS]
Maximizing Remodeling						[MXRM]
3. CREDITS							[CRED]

To quickly find the section you want, press Ctrl + F at the same time to 
access the Find options. If you want to access something, type in the word
in [] and the [] themselves. If you want to find the Credits, type in [CRED].


For the many who have been craving to play Front Mission 5, I hope my guides
have helped out. They are now complete and all information and details about
each portion of the game have been documented. If there is anything I missed,
please send an email by all means. I have worked tirelessly to provide the
best Western coverage of the game and I thank all of you who have sent me
positive comments about my work. Enjoy!


This is a Survival Simulator guide for Front Mission 5: Scars of the War,
released only in Japan on the Sony PlayStation 2. This is a specific guide
only for the game's unique gameplay feature, the Survival Simulator. This 
will not document any material pertaining to the game's missions and whatnot
so please don't send any questions to my e-mail address about that. Go to 
GameFAQs if you are looking for walkthroughs of the game.


This section documents all necessary details regarding Survival Simulator.
If you already know the details, skip to any of the following sections below.

BASICS								[BASE]

The Survival Simulator is like the Battle Simulator, but it operates 
differently. You choose one pilot out of your squad and take them through a
certain amount of floors, then onto a special floor eventually. Beating this
special floor, the 0th floors, allows you to exit Survival Simulator and gain
a number of items gained from the boxes found on each floor. There are some 
changes as to playing through this mode, which are explained in the 

Survival Simulator Changes Guide:

Player weapons deal x 2.00 damage.
Launcher weapons and Sensor Backpacks have reduced Weight.
Link and leader-class skills have no effect.
Links are disabled.
Map display feature is disabled.
Repair and EMP type(except Sensors) Backpacks are unavailable.
Cargo plus Ascend commands are enabled.

After clearing a floor, an intermission pops up. 4 options are available
from the intermission.

Intermission Guide:

Commands		Description
Wanzer Setup		Set up your wanzers.
Pilot Setup		Set up your pilots.
Give Up			Exit Survival Simulator prematurely.
Escape			Acquire items and escape Survival Simulator.
Move Out		Head to the next floor.

In the event you want to leave earlier, there is an item found past the 7th 
floor that can allow you to leave with items aside from the other leaving 
option. The item is "Escape Code". This changes the Give Up option to Escape.
From the allowed number of items possible to return, RP is awarded for every 
free item slot from clearing a run or escape with the said item. The item 
and RP return values are shared so choosing whether to bring items back or 
not determines if you get some or no RP.


RP/Item Return Guide:

Floors		RP		Max Returnable Items
1-9		4		4
10-19		5		5
20-29		6		6
30-39		7		7
40-49		8		8
50-59		9		9
60-100		10		10

ie. Darril is used and clears floor 20. "Escape Code" is found on floor 28
and the player escapes. One item is brought back and 5 RP is gained from 
the Survival Simulator run. If five items were brought back on the same 
run, only 1 RP is gained as opposed to 5 RP.

Clearing any floor requires either destroying all enemy wanzers, or finding 
the "stairs" item (Device). Select the Ascend option in the Commands menu 
when you are beside the Device unit to clear the floor. An intermission will 
follow where you can change your wanzer's equipment and pilot skills. You can
also opt to leave, without any items of course. If you grabbed the "Escape 
Code" item, the option to leave will change so you can bring back items and 

Special floors, which act as floor limits that increase as you progress more
into the game, must be cleared of enemies entirely. Either every enemy dies or
you die is how the game plan works on the aforementioned floors. These special
floors are easily noticeable since they are the 0th floors. 


As you progress further into your run, the maximum Rank you can equip and
Remodel your gear will increase. The following is a guide of how far you 
can Remodel or equip certain parts, plus quicksave data.

Part Rank/Quicksave Guide:

Floors		Max	Floor		Quicksave
1-10		3       0		No
11-20		4       1		Yes
21-30		5       2		Yes
31-40		6       3		Yes
41-50		7       4		Yes
51-60		8       5		Yes
61-70 		9       6		Yes
71-80		10      7		Yes
81-90		11      8		No
91-100		12      9		No

Basically, the game plan is not to destroy the enemy wanzers but grab items
from boxes and keep going. As you progress further, the item quality goes up 
a notch and enemies obviously get stronger. Use the found items and parts to 
upgrade your wanzer to keep going. You must be careful though as the item 
boxes can explode and finish your Survival Simulator run. Quicksaves are 
the only way to save your progress, but this is available only on certain 


Obviously, to get any item, grab a cargo box. To do this, you must be one 
space adjacent to the box. Select the Cargo command and get the box within
range. Items can also be deployed from your cargo if it is full this way or
you want to grab a different item. To do this, simply select Cargo and 
manually drop them in any four directions. When you wish to use Cargo by an
item, the following appears:

|Commands      |
|[T] Item Name |
|Collect       |
|Use           |
The type of cargo box will be displayed, which will be discussed below, and
the item name will be revealed. Also, two options exist: Collect and Use. The
first option is self-explanatory and will only be unavailable if you are at
the maximum Cargo limit. The second option, Use, refers to the ability to use
any known item right from the box. This includes all items that can be bought
or found in the game. Repair, All Repair, Remover, and Reload type items can
be utilized with the Use option. Also, Repair items can be used to Restore a
part by 25% HP of what the Repair item can heal. This is only applicable with
the single part Repair items.

As far as possible goods go, cargo boxes can hold ANY item in the entire 
game. They also possess special qualities that can help or hinder clearing a 
floor in Survival Simulator. The following will help explain more about these.

Cargo Boxes Guide:

Name		Area of Effect		Effect/DMG		Item Quality
Yellow		2 spaces		Systems Down		Low	
Grey		2 spaces		650-950			Medium
Red		3 spaces		1300-1900		High

Within some of the cargo boxes will be special items apart from the "Escape 
Code". These items are permanent storage in your cargo upon obtaining one of 
them, but can be dropped at any time in future floors like a normal item. 
They offer enhancements so some of them might be worth keeping. Again, the 
following will discuss these special items.

Special Items Guide:

Name			Effect					Potency
Evasion 		Raises evasion.				10/20/30%
Skill Activation	Raises skill activation rate. 		10/20/30%
Chain Activation	Raises chain activation rate.		10/20/30%
Weapon Attack		Raises number of weapon attacks.	10/20/30%
Weapon Power		Raises weapon attack power.		10/20/30%
Weapon Accuracy		Raises weapon accuracy.			10/20/30%
Defense	 		Raises defense.				10/20/30%
Pilot Experience	Raises amount of experience gained.	10/20/30%
Job Experience		Raises amount of experience gained. 	10/20/30%
Piercing Element	Grants Piercing element.		None
Impact Element		Grants Impact element.			None
Fire Element		Grants Fire element.			None
Cargo Capacity + 1	Raises cargo capacity by 1.		None

To clarify further on the potency values, each of the special items have a
+ sign at the end of the name. One + indicates 10%, two + indicates 20%, and
3 + indicates 30%. As far as Cargo Capacity goes, you start off with the 
ability to take in 4 boxes. The maximum is 8 boxes so take only 4 Cargo 
Capacity items. There are more found in each run even if you have maximum

Another note about the special items is that they have an effect on the next
set of floors if you choose to store one in your cargo. Rarer parts have a
better chance of appearing if you do not have many special items stored in
your cargo. Likewise, storing up on special items reduces the chances of
getting rarer parts. Keep this in mind if you are farming any special parts
that you want.


In regards to pilots and Jobs, everyone starts at Level 2 of their specialty. 
Job experience is slightly different here as well. The following will 
discuss some of the changes for gaining Job experience.

Job Experience Guide:

Job		Experience(per attack)	How to Increase
Assault		30/40(FT)		Use Assault weapons.
Gunner		40			Use Gunner weapons.
Jammer		200			Box destroyed must affect an enemy.
Launcher	180(MS)/190(GR)/200(RK)	Use Launcher weapons.
Mechanic	160			Use a Repair/Remover item.
Striker		30/40(SD)		Use Striker weapons.		

To clarify further on the Jammer and Mechanic parts, experience is gained for
usage of one Repair item. In regards to the Jammer, the effects when a box
is destroyed has to affect an enemy within its range. If an enemy stands 1
space by a Red box when destroyed, you gain experience. If an enemy stands 4
spaces away when a Red box is destroyed, no experience is gained. If a box
destroyed and affects an enemy triggers another box's destruction, 200 more
experience is given for each box destroyed in the chain.


- Assault pilots benefit the most in this mode due to the amount of Assault
class weapons that can be found here.

- If you have Darril, he starts off with the FV-24 GG weapon. It is helpful
in quickly destroying enemy wanzers from a distance, but best for destroying

- On the 0th floors, there are special enemy units that tend to show up.
They are typically stronger than the other units but have one thing in 
common: their drops are 100% guaranteed. They tend to be good so grab them
while you have the chance.

- Do not be shy to utilize the Use command in dire situations. It helps to 
keep any Repair items equipped saved for healing while Repair items in a
cargo box should be used to Restore broken parts. Ammo can be reloaded this
way as well.

- If you are faced with a disadvantageous situation, head for the Device
unit and escape. It is better to retreat than fight a losing battle. Just
be sure no enemy is blocking the way or you might be killed.

- The AI here has been completely stripped down to its most basic elements.
They will only act based on range and if they are the last unit left on 
a floor. Counting your current position, Strikers and Jammers attack from
3 spaces. Assault and Mechanics attack from 4 spaces. Gunners and Launchers 
act from 5 spaces. 

- During any Enemy Phase, the AI tends to act if an attacked unit is within 
3 spaces of its position. The only exception is if you did not go after the 
attacked unit on your turn or that enemy attacked you in the Enemy Phase 
without countering.

- In regards to Mechanics and enemy units equipped with a Repair-type 
Backpack, they will only use it three times at most. In regards to Jammers
and enemy units equipped with an EMP-type Backpack, they will attempt to
inflict EMP status anomalies until they succeed once. They do not attack
during the Enemy Phase until this happens.

Enemy skills used are as follows:

Switch I
Terror Shot I
Speed I

Blast Shot
Panic Shot I
Heli Hunt

Minus Shot I
Tank Hunt
Item Break
Feint I

MS Burst
AP Cost 0

Blast Strike
Slice Shot I
Defense I
Block DMG 15
Auto Machine

Double Punch I
Double Punch II
Charge I


The data on the various maps used in the Survival Simulator can be seen 

Size: Extremely Small - Maps of these size are literally extremely small and
can easily be cleared in just one turn. They are very rare, but consider a
map like these as "breather" floors. A typical map size for this is 5 x 5

Size: Small - Maps of this size vary in design, such as a simple flat floor 
to a smaller version of a maze-like map. Some of the maps are very tight in
that there is barely any room to move and act. Tread carefully in these map
conditions and always have some Repair items to go. A typical map size for
this is 10 x 10 spaces.

Size: Medium - Maps of this size are likely the most common to experience.
There's a good amount of variety, but most maps of this type offer room to
move and stays clear of nasty situations. Some maps tend to have elevation
differences, which is good to ward off the pesky Strikers. A typical map size
for this is 20 x 20 spaces.

Size: Large - Maps of this size are rare but they do happen. These tend to
appear at select floors depending on how your run of Survival Simulator is
progressing. For example, floor 26 can often turn into a large-sized map of
numerous enemies and short passages. Prepare accordingly if you encounter a
map of large dimensions. A typical map size for this is 30 x 30 spaces.

Size: Extremely Large - Maps of this size are as rare as the extremely small
ones, but they do exist. Fortunately, most of these are only designated as
0th floor types. A large force of enemies is to be expected so be prepared.
A typical map size for this is 40 x 40 spaces.


Q: When can I access Survival Simulator?

A: After completing Mission 5.

Q: How come I can't go past a certain floor?

A: Progress through the plot to increase the floor limit. Accessing the 
higher floors increases by 10 in the normal game, while it increases by
10, 20, and 30 in Hard Mode.

Q: I tried to leave Survival Simulator hoping to bring back parts, but it
didn't let me. What did I do wrong?

A: You need to have "Escape Code" if you want to leave early in your current 
run. It shows up on the 8-0th floors, but it has a chance to show up in the 
other floors. Be sure it is in your cargo upon finishing a certain floor 
otherwise the third option will not change.

Q: I cleared floor 50, but I can't go any higher than that. What gives?

A: A normal game file has a restriction on Survival Simulator in that only
the first 50 floors are available. Play on Hard Mode to unlock them all.

Q: I got some RP but when I exit properly(beating the max floor at the time
or getting "Escape Code"), I can't take back the RP I got on my run. Why is 

A: RP gained in Survival Simulator is designed to increase the strength of
the player's parts to.. survive. Please see the small guide on RP/Item Return
for more details. For CP, it's the same issue.


Now, onto the show! The following will discuss what items can be found and
other things related to Survival Simulator. A quick guide on the following.

Enemies - the enemy units to expect on specified set of floors.
Wanzers - wanzer parts that are available on specified set of floors.
Weapons - weapons that are available on specified set of floors.
Backpack - backpacks that are available on specified set of floors.
Items - items that are available on specified set of floors.
Camouflage - camouflage colors that are available on specified set of floors.
Floor - the 0th floor of the floor set. Special enemies are shown here as

Apart from grabbing them from boxes, enemies may drop some of the listed 
parts. Camouflage, when obtained, will become permanent presuming you took
it and cleared the floor while the item was in your cargo possession. A note
on the parts is that only new parts for a specific set of floors will be
documented. So, if a part you see from an earlier set of floors appears on
the current set of floors, do not be surprised. This is because it would be
a bit tedious to write down what can be gained in every set of floors.

Floors 1 to 10

Not much to expect from the initial set of floors really. It should not be 
too difficult to progress here. The moment you obtain a higher Rank Body,
equip it after clearing the floor you found it. Also, consider the Enforcer
parts for the Anti-Shock skill. Most enemies are Assaults packing SGs so the
skill is nice for lowering damage. Be sure to strike at Gunners or Launchers
first if they are present. The Launchers are helpless from 1 square away, 
but Gunners can fire away without a counter. If you have a Leosocial L MG,
this threat is easily countered.


Computer Assault in Gust
Computer Gunner in Recson
Computer Launcher in Cheyenne
Computer Mechanic in Gust
Computer Striker in Gust


Frost C
Cheyenne F
Eldos A


Raptor EX
Cemetery LW
Cemetery 10
Leosocial SD
Leosocial L
Gale LC
Gale II
Catsray L
Catsray XX
Kirishima 55
Kirishima 55 SD
Kirishima 58
Winee RR
Iguchi Type 5
Iguchi Type 502
Iguchi Type 503
Bone Buster
Bone Buster FM
Rock Buster
Press Needle
Press Needle FM
Hot Needle
Heavy Pile
Heavy Pile SD
Heavy Pile F
F1 Hand Rod
F1 Hand Rod F
F4 Hand Rod
Light Shield
Donkey L
Donkey DX


Item Turbo
Turbo Item


RP: 1
MS Reload 3
Repair 300
Repair 500
Evasion +
Cargo Capacity + 1


#65(floor 10)

Floor 10 - Training Area, Fort Monus Base

AP: 13  
MV: 6   
Lv: 3

Assault(MG x 2):

(P) MG - 12 x 9, 1-4, 4 AP
(P) MG - 12 x 9, 1-4, 4 AP
BP: Turbo

Launcher(RD + KN + MS):

(I) RD - 65 x 1, 1, 1 AP
(I) KN - 18 x 1, 1, 1 AP
(F) MS(3) - 53 x 3, 6-8, 10 AP
BP: Turbo


Repair 300
Repair 500
Cargo Capacity + 1 
RP: 1/3  
Artassaut - Assault drop
Artassaut C - Assault drop
Covet - Assault drop
Peak Gaza - Assault drop


If this is your first Survival run, be sure that you come in fully loaded
with Repair 300 items. You'll need them. The game plan for any of these 0th
floors is simple: methodically work your way around the area and destroy 
enemies. Make extensive use of the cargo boxes to bait enemies and disable
or destroy them. Be sure to expend your Repair items first so you can use
any Repairs in the boxes to Restore broken parts. Do not wait until a part 
is below 30%(danger status) to Repair! Now, for the Vaje units, just be sure
to get the first strike and deal some damage. If it's a Launcher, stay out 
of its range if it is moving and bait it to use its KN.

Floors 11 to 20

More selection to have here. As stated in the Survival Simulator: Normal top
section, only new parts for each set of floors will be documented. Things may 
be a bit difficult here but you should progress through it fine. Just be 
wary of any fights against GR-toting Launchers and escape if they do appear. 
If the Device unit could be destroyed from a GR round, lure the GR Launcher
away from it as much as possible. The Kyojun and Enyo derivatives hold 
Anti-Piercing and Anti-Fire respectively if you want more protection from
these elements.


Computer Assault in Gust
Computer Gunner in Recson
Computer Jammer in Uisk
Computer Launcher in Cheyenne
Computer Mechanic in Gust
Computer Striker in Numsekar


Kyojun LT
Kyojun A
Uisk II
Enyo LT
Enyo 2


Warmer LC
Warmer F1
Hot River
Hot River HG
Hot River SD
Srab B
Boa 36
Gnautz 3
Gnautz 10
Double Nail
Double Blade
Double Fang
Thunderbolt 2
Galbados 2


Sensor EMP


RP: 1
GR Reload 2
All Repair 200
Skill Activation +
Chain Activation +


#78(floors 11-19)
#79(floor 20)

Floor 20 - Fortune Medical Co. Testing Facilities

AP: 14		
MV: 5
Lv: 4/5	

Gunner(RF + KN):

(P) RF - 88 x 1, 1-7, 6 AP
(P) RF - 98 x 1, 1-7, 6 AP
(I) KN - 18 x 1, 1, 1 AP
BP: Item Turbo

Launcher(PB + KN + MS):

(P) PB - 54 x 1, 1, 1 AP
(P) PB - 59 x 1, 1, 1 AP
(P) PB - 61 x 1, 1, 1 AP
(P) PB - 63 x 1, 1, 1 AP
(I) KN - 18 x 1, 1, 1 AP
(F) MS(3) - 53 x 3, 6-8, 10 AP
(F) MS(3) - 60 x 3, 6-8, 10 AP
(F) MS(3) - 50 x 4, 6-8, 10 AP
BP: Repair Light


All Repair 200
Cargo Capacity + 1
RP: 1/3
Artassaut - Launcher drop
Artassaut C - Launcher drop
Glowtusk - Gunner drop
Glowtusk AS - Gunner drop


This is likely the biggest roadblock you will have so far. There are far
more enemies to kill and the Crustacia units also show up here. They are 
quite annoying and can deal big damage without much trouble. The Launcher
units can also Repair, which adds onto the difficulty. If a Launcher acts,
move to a safe distance where other units will not interfere and tank the
MS rounds. You only need to last 3 MS rounds so hope the damage is not
concentrated so you waste less Repair items. If you are confident, get right
within range for it to use its PB so you can avoid the MS part of the unit. 
For the Gunner units, same procedure as with normal Gunner enemies. Don't 
conserve your Repair item usage.. you'll get more later.

Floors 21 to 30

Same as the first 20 floors, with new parts of course. The enemies are still
a bit on the weak side so you can afford to make some mistakes. One part to
lookout for is a Frost HW Body. At a certain Rank, it gains the Auto Repair
ability. Parts from the Frost set are fairly easy to come by so if you nab
a Frost HW Body, don't sell off parts from this set!


Computer Assault in Frost
Computer Gunner in Kyojun
Computer Jammer in Uisk
Computer Launcher in Enyo
Computer Mechanic in Eldos
Computer Striker in Numsekar


Frost HW
Kyojun B
Uisk II SP
Cheyenne TX
Enyo 3
Mungoss G
Bauers HS
Bauers F


Raptor FX
Warmer F2
Glaux B
Glaux 2
Winee R
Banish CH
Banish 3
Steel Buster
Press Sting
F5 Hand Rod
Ogon S
Ogon F
Light Shield ARG
Thunderbolt 3
Iguchi Type 82
Iguchi Type 82A
Iguchi Type 82B
Galbados 3
Wildgoose 2
Wildgoose 3


No new backpacks.


RP: 1/3
RK Reload 2
Repair 800
Weapon Power +
Weapon Accuracy +
Job Experience +
Piercing Element
Impact Element
Fire Element


#80(floors 21-29)
#86(floor 30)

Floor 30 - Freedom City

AP: 14/15
MV: 6
Lv: 6/7

Assault(RF + KN):

(P) RF - 83 x 1, 1-6, 6 AP
(P) RF - 99 x 1, 1-6, 6 AP
(I) KN - 18 x 1, 1, 1 AP
BP: Turbo

Striker(MG + SD + MS):

(P) MG - 13 x 9, 1-4, 4 AP
(P) MG - 13 x 9, 1-5, 4 AP
(I) SD - 39 x 1, 1, 1 AP
(F) MS(3) - 60 x 3, 6-8, 10 AP
(F) MS(3) - 50 x 4, 6-8, 10 AP
BP: Turbo


Repair 800
Cargo Capacity + 1
RP: 1/3
Glowtusk - Assault drop
Glowtusk AS - Assault drop
Be-11 - Striker drop
Be-11 SD - Striker drop


You can run into another problem here with the Luftrauber units, but it is
less difficult as your equipment should be at higher Ranks. Get right up 
close with the Striker units to avoid eating MS rounds and do the same for
their Gunner friends.

Floors 31 to 40

Getting into some of the more uncommon parts at this stage. Chronik MG and
Girino SG can now be gotten as well. These two weapons are the strongest at
this point so be sure to use them. It will help in the next 20 or so floors
to come. If you have a powerful Striker weapon, use that to get the first
strike against an enemy unit. One last note is in regard to the Chronik 10 
MG that can be obtained. Whereas its fixed Remodelling would stop it from 
going further, Chronik 10 here can be upgraded to Rank 12. This results in a
very accurate weapon if Chronik branches from Rank 5.


Computer Assault in Frost
Computer Gunner in Kyojun
Computer Jammer in Uisk
Computer Launcher in Enyo
Computer Mechanic in Eldos
Computer Striker in Numsekar


Vapor 2
H-Recson AP
Schakal LW
Eldos B


Chronik 10
Chronik 20
Girino HC
Girino 2
Srab DH
Boa MI
Boa 44
Leostun D
Leostun E
Light Shield 2
Donkey DX2
Piz 3
Piz 3E
Piz 4
Piz 4R


No new backpacks.


RP: 1/3
Weapon Attack +
Defense +
Pilot Experience +


#87(floors 31-39)
#81(floor 40)

Floor 40 - Gultimore Rig, Caspian Sea

AP: 16
MV: 5
Lv: 8/9

Assault A(GG + KN):

(P) GG - 10 x 19, 1-7, 6 AP
(P) GG - 8 x 24, 1-7, 6 AP
(P) GG - 9 x 23, 1-7, 6 AP
(P) GG - 11 x 21, 1-7, 6 AP
(I) KN - 18 x 1, 1, 1 AP

Assault B(SG x 2 + MS X 2):

(I) SG - 11 x 11, 1-3, 3 AP
(I) SG - 19 x 7, 1-3, 3 AP
(F) MS(3) - 83 x 2, 6-8, 10 AP
(F) MS(3) - 60 x 3, 6-8, 10 AP
(F) MS(3) - 94 x 2, 6-9, 11 AP
(F) MS(3) - 69 x 3, 6-8, 11 AP
BP: Turbo


Repair 800
Cargo Capacity + 1
RP: 1/3
Goldias - Assault A drop
Goldias S - Assault A drop
Goldias L - Assault A drop
Fujan - Assault B drop
Fujan M200 - Assault B drop
Fujan M500 - Assault B drop


By now, you should know what to do on the 0th floors. The only real worry is
the Desmatz units and their insane Evasion. They can easily dodge entire 
rounds from all weapons without difficulty. If you have a Launcher weapon 
like the Piz 3 MS, this is a good place to put it to use.

Floors 41 to 50

We're almost at the end! If you have RP gained, now is the time to use it up 
on parts. Be sure to stock up All Repair items and Repair items as they will
be needed on a certain floor. If you have the Chronik or Girino weapons, no
enemy should pose a serious threat. As with Chronik 10 in the earlier set of 
floors, Heat Rat S is also subject to the same upgrades even though it is 
fixed Remodelling. This results in another accurate weapon, particularly for
the inaccurate FTs. Be sure to branch off by Rank 5 for best results.


Computer Assault in Frost
Computer Gunner in Grille Sechs
Computer Jammer in Schakal
Computer Launcher in Enyo
Computer Mechanic in Eldos
Computer Striker in Grapple


Schakal B
Schakal C
Coga R2
Coga R2 HS
Coga R2 Mk.II


Heat Rat 
Heat Rat S
Heat Rat EX
Ibis P
Ibis 2
Grom K
Grom II
Grom III
Uhlan L
Uhlan 20
Uhlan 80
Iron Lump
Iron Lump F
Iron Lump B
Iron Lump DX
Last Stake
Last Stake F
Last Stake S
Last Stake SP
Keen Saber 
Keen Saber F
Keen Saber X
Keen Saber G
Skua G
High Skua
Egret E
Egret F


No new backpacks.


RP: 1/3


#84(floors 41-49)
#90(floor 50)


* To escape the floor, defeat the boss and then the Device will be available *

Boss - Computer Launcher in Garsade
AP: 17-19 	MV: 7	Lv: 13-18	AP Charge: 14-16
Unit Loadout:		Weapon Loadout:	
Body - 4190		(F) GR - 320 x 1(1), 4-12, 8 AP, 100%, 5 spaces
Evasion - 0%		(P) CN - 170 x 1(2), 4-6, 4 AP, 59-52%
Armor - None		(I) SG - 18 x 13(2), 1-3, 2 AP, 80-68%
Defense - 20
Pilot Type - Aggressive
Job Levels:		Skills:
Stk - 4-5		Panic Shot I
Asl - 4-5		Block DMG 15
Gun - 4-5		Speed I
Lcn - 5-6		Defense I
Mec - 4-5		Terror Shot I
Jam - 4-5		Negate Blast Damage

Recommendations: Rank 6-7. Repair items are highly recommended.

Example Setup:

* Rank in () *

Quad Kill

Body - Uisk II(7)
Right Arm - Blizzaia(6)
Left Arm - Vapor(6)
Legs - Gust(6)
BP - Item Turbo(7)
Right Hand - Chronik(6)
Left Hand - Girino(6)
Right Shoulder - None
Left Shoulder - Donkey(2)

Item Turbo storing:

Repair 500 x 3
All Repair 200 x 4

Skills: Speed I, Terror Shot I, Block DMG 15, Feint I


This maze-like map resembles a larger version of Fortune Co. Medical Testing
Facilities with much more room to move around. Now, unlike in the Battle 
Simulator and the normal game, you face the Garsade alone. You will not win 
in a straight fight so this is where tactics and planning come to play. By 
now, you are aware of the destructive power of Red boxes. That is what will 
beat this 4-legged beast. 3 of them are necessary to destroy it at once, 
but 2 can do. 

If you plan on using 2, be sure to have a Yellow box as well. Same 0th floor 
game plan applies, but the enemy closest to the Garsade must be spared alive. 
If they attack, use the SG to disable their arms... hope that they don't get 
killed as well. Do it at the very back area facing the Garsade as well. Now, 
pay attention to the maximum MV point of the Garsade. Place 2 of the Reds 
right by that point(facing the wall in the opposition direction). For the 
last Red or Yellow, place it right next to it. 

Now, kill all the other wanzers and head to the VERY back of the wall 
opposite of the Garsade. As in 1 space by the wall, essentially hugging it. 
Blow up the remaining wanzer(be sure to stay 3 spaces away) and Garsade 
should start coming in your direction. If you do this correctly, meaning
you are facing the Garsade in a linear direction, it will head only South
and right by the boxes. 

After it sends a GR round, switch to your MG and go all the way North until 
you can target and destroy a box. Game over for the Garsade yet again. If 
you only used 2 red boxes, one attack phase will finish it off afterwards. 
The Garsade dies once again. Provided you set up a Yellow box, you will be
free to attack without fear of being countered.


* - Garsade's max MV point(from its initial starting point) 
R - Red Box 
B - Box, either side(Red/Yellow/Grey)


Congratulations on beating Survival Simulator! For your efforts, you will
receive the strongest set from a certain weapon class. It is randomized so
be sure to save on the 47th floor if you are unhappy with what you got. The
following are rewarded:

Fire Ant(FT)
Soul Buster(KN)
Battle Tusk(PB)
Magic Box(MS)
Lazy Horn(GR)

This reward will only appear if you are playing Survival Simulator on the
default settings.


If you are not on Hard Mode, the Survival Simulator ends here. If you are,
continue reading.

Now that you are at this point, you'll soon be able to grab gear you normally
would not have access on a normal game. Also, enemy drops change and all are
at Rank 1. This may seem disappointing but it allows you to fully access all
of that part's derivatives and experiment more. If you weren't killing all
the enemy units in the first 50 floors, you'll definitely want to do it on
these remaining 50 floors!

Floors 51 to 60

This set of 10 floors is home to the iconic Jade Metal-Lyman wanzer, Zenith,
and its derivatives. If you want to farm the Zeniths, this is the place to do
it. Zenith DV does not appear as often due to it being stronger. It will show
up at a later set of floors though. Grapple and Vaje are the other special 
wanzer sets that can be gotten. A special note for the Vaje is that Vaje AP
can be Remodeled past Rank 12 to 13. This is only possible in Survival 
Simulator. The Vaje gotten in the Battle Simulator will only go up to Rank
12 for all derivatives. Grapple is the special Rank 1 drop so be sure to nab
those if you need them.


Computer Assault in Frost
Computer Gunner in Grille Sechs
Computer Jammer in Schakal
Computer Launcher in Enyo
Computer Mechanic in Eldos
Computer Striker in Grapple


Zenith V
Zenith DV
Vaje AP
Vaje AS
Vaje AF
Grapple - Striker drop 


Artassaut C
Artassaut SP
Peak Gaza
Covet V200
Glowtusk AS
Glowtusk SS
Be-11 SD
Be-11 XP
Fujan M200
Fujan M500
Goldias S
Goldias L


No new backpacks.


RP: 1/3
MS Reload MAX
GR Reload MAX
RK Reload MAX
Repair 1200
All Repair 400
Evasion ++
Skill Activation ++
Chain Activation ++
Weapon Attack ++
Weapon Power ++
Weapon Accuracy ++
Defense ++
Pilot Experience ++
Job Experience ++

Floor 60 - Rattanakiri Province, Cambodia(Northeastern Jungle)

Storm on Desmatz Legs
AP: 17
MV: 5
Lv: 11/12

Assault A(KN + SG):

(I) KN - 18 x 1, 1, 1 AP
(I) SG - 11 x 17, 1-4, 3 AP
BP: Turbo Item

Storm on Coga R2 Legs 
AP: 17
MV: 6/7
Lv: 11/12

Assault B(KN + SG):

(I) KN - 18 x 1, 1, 1 AP
(I) SG - 19 x 7, 1-3, 3 AP
BP: Turbo Item


Universal Bullet 
Mini-Repair MAX 
Cargo Capacity + 1
RP: 1/3/5 
SP06(set) - Assault A/B drop

Ah, back in the jungle.. without the jungle scenery. Enemy placement is far
and wide but it doesn't matter much at this point. Now that you're past the
first 50 floors, the concept of kill-all plays into effect to nab uncommon
gear. Storm units are the special enemies, sporting 4 Leg type parts. Coga
R2 is fairly standard, but you should know how annoying it is to connect a
hit with Desmatz legs. If you have not done it yet, use an SG equipped with
the skill Dead Shot. It basically ensures a certain amount of shots connect
and transfers damage from broken to live parts.(if a broken part is hit)
It is great apart from taking down high Evasion units as a wanzer killer.

Floors 61 to 70

The recurring Schnecke German wanzer, Grille Sechs, can be obtained at this
set of floors. Like with the Zeniths, Grille Sechs D and H are rarer and not
likely to show up on these floors. They will at a later date and time but no
harm in trying to get them now. The trio of Warlus, Scintilla, and Giza sets 
are also available on this set of floors. Another special note in regards to
Warlus and Scintilla's derivatives, Strife and Black Knight respectively, is 
their solid specs and high HP. This is boosted further by SB Max HP + and 
having Anti-Piercing and Anti-Shock respectively. Giza's derivatives, Bes, 
isn't as good but are balanced out nicely and has Anti-Piercing to boot. As 
with the Grille Sechs don't expect to see their derivative parts at this 


Computer Assault in Zenith
Computer Gunner in Grille Sechs
Computer Jammer in Schakal
Computer Launcher in Enyo
Computer Mechanic in Giza
Computer Striker in Scintilla


Blizzaia L
Warlus LW
Grille Sechs
Grille Sechs D
Eldos 2
Giza LW
Scintilla LW


No new weapons.


No new backpacks.


RP: 1/3
Evasion +++
Skill Activation +++
Chain Activation +++
Weapon Attack +++
Weapon Power +++
Weapon Accuracy +++
Defense +++
Pilot Experience +++
Job Experience +++
Floor 70 - Battambang City, Battambang Province, Cambodia

Vyzov on Desmatz Legs
AP: 17/18
MV: 5
Lv: 12/13/14

Assault A(MG x 2):

(P) MG - 14 x 11, 1-5, 4 AP
(P) MG - 13 x 13, 1-6, 4 AP
(P) MG - 15 x 12, 1-6, 4 AP
(P) MG - 18 x 11, 1-6, 4 AP
BP: Turbo

AP: 17/18
MV: 7/8
Lv: 12/13/14

Assault B(MG x 2):

(P) MG - 14 x 11, 1-5, 4 AP
(P) MG - 14 x 12, 1-5, 4 AP
(P) MG - 13 x 13, 1-6, 4 AP
(P) MG - 23 x 8, 1-6, 4 AP
(P) MG - 18 x 11, 1-6, 4 AP
BP: Turbo


Universal Bullet 
Mini-Repair MAX 
Cargo Capacity + 1 
RP: 1/3/5 


Another floor taking place on a big mission area and enemies spread out all
the way. It's quite a long walk to get to them but take your time and play
with the units close by. The Zaftran Vyzov shows up in two forms, the pure
unit and one sporting the pesky Desmatz legs. Again, rely on the Dead Shot
to negate this annoyance and deliver reliable damage.

Floors 71 to 80

Ever want one of the three special enemy units seen in the first 50 floors
but could never get them normally? This is the first set of floors they can 
be obtained. By now, you should be at Alaska so they may not be put to much
use outside of the Battle Simulator. However, the three exclusive wanzer sets
outclass what you have seen, save a few, up to now. They are only dropped by 
enemies and nothing else. The enemies that drop them are specific to what Job
the sets are best suited for and they don't show up much. Don't clear a floor
without taking them down! Crustacia will be the easiest to gain as Mechanics
are more frequent at this point than Gunners and Launchers. For Luftrauber,
Assaults and Gunners may drop its parts but they are very rare.


Computer Assault in Zenith
Computer Gunner in Grille Sechs
Computer Jammer in Schakal
Computer Launcher in Enyo
Computer Mechanic in Giza
Computer Striker in Scintilla


Strife 2
Zenith RV
Grille Sechs H
Bes A
Bes B
Giza 2
Black Knight 
Black Knight 2
Desmatz - Gunner drop
Grille Sechs - Gunner drop
Luftrauber - Assault/Gunner/Launcher drop
Crustacia - Mechanic drop


No new weapons.


No new backpacks.


RP: 1/3
Repair MAX
Floor 80 - Underground Facilities, Cambodia

Vyzov on Luftrauber Legs
AP: 18
MV: 7
Lv: 14/15

Assault(RD + SD):
(I) RD - 85 x 1, 1, 1 AP
(I) RD - 93 x 1, 1, 1 AP
(I) RD - 100 x 1, 1, 1 AP
(I) SD - 66 x 1, 1, 1 AP
BP: Turbo

Striker(RD x 2):

(I) RD - 121 x 1, 1, 1 AP
(I) RD - 132 x 1, 1, 1 AP
BP: Turbo


Universal Bullet 
Mini-Repair MAX 
All Repair MAX
Cargo Capacity + 1 
RP: 1/3/5 
Heavy Pile(set) - Assault/Striker drop
Ogon(set) - Assault/Striker drop


This is one long and rather boring floor. The enemies are usually grouped
in one half of the area, but some are located in areas that require having
to go through a long path to get there. Vyzov are here again, now sporting 
Luftrauber legs and Striker weapons. Their Evasion can be annoying, but Dead 
Shot will render this stat useless. 

Floors 81 to 90

This set of floors(and the next) is home to the unit seen on the final 
mission, the Terror Wolf. Unlike its mission counterpart, the Terror Wolf 
units here are surprisingly durable with incredible Defense and HP Body 
parts. At 92 Defense, all of your weapons will do a lot less damage. They 
take a lot of time to beat down, but their Arms and Legs aren't as durable.
If you have any Dead Shot SGs like Girino 2, now is the time to abuse them.
They also can decimate their Body HP faster than an MG would due to its 
damage transer side ability.

The exclusive wanzer sets from enemy drops in the last set of floors are now
more accessible here. The drop rates are higher so it is easier to nab what
part you want. Luftrauber is now exclusively a Launcher drop unfortunately. 
The strongest weapons can also be gotten from the cargo boxes as well 
starting on this floor set. Keep the farming game going!


Computer Assault in Terror Wolf
Computer Gunner in Terror Wolf
Computer Jammer in Terror Wolf
Computer Launcher in Terror Wolf
Computer Mechanic in Terror Wolf
Computer Striker in Terror Wolf


Luftrauber - Launcher drop


Grave 2
Grave SP
State EX
State EX-AC
Fire Ant
Fire Ant F
Fire Ant S
Firebird 2
Firebird V
Burgiba 2
Burgiba UL
Burchel F
Burchel FX
Soul Buster
Soul Buster SD
Soul Buster XF
Soul Buster 2
Battle Tusk
Battle Tusk SD
Battle Tusk JF
Battle Tusk 2
Crusader SD
Crusader II F
Crusader II EX
Magic Box
Magic Box 2A
Magic Box 2B
Lazy Horn
Bar Horn
Wis Horn
Albatross R
Albatross S


No new backpacks.


RP: 1/3/5
Mini-Repair MAX
All Repair MAX

Floor 90 - Border Defense Base, Rattanakiri Province, Cambodia

AP: 19/20
MV: 5
Lv: 17/18

Assault A(BZ + RF):

(F + I) BZ - 129 x 1 + 90, 3-7, 6 AP
(F + I) BZ - 138 x 1 + 99, 3-7, 6 AP
(P) RF - 74 x 1, 1-6, 6 AP
(P) RF - 74 x 1, 1-7, 6 AP
(P) RF - 83 x 1, 1-6, 6 AP
(P) RF - 83 x 1, 1-7, 6 AP
BP: Turbo

Assault B(FT x 2):

(F) FT - 35 x 4, 1-3, 3 AP
(F) FT - 51 x 3, 1-3, 3 AP
BP: Turbo


Universal Bullet 
Mini-Repair MAX 
All Repair MAX
RP: 1/3/5 
Leostun(set) - Assault B drop


You really get to see just how big this floor is as enemies are spread out
through the entire map. The Desmatz units, at this point, are disappointing
and weak. Girino 2 or State EX, paired with Speed I or II, will drop them 
in 1 or 2 turns at most. Gotta love that Dead Shot skill!

Floors 91 to 100

Finally at the last 10 floors! The strongest items and exclusive wanzer sets
and weapons appear more frequently on these floors as seen in the earlier set
of 10 floors. However, this floor is home to the most rarest equipment in the
entire game. Ever want to play with the Terror Wolf? Want to use Driscoll's
insanely powerful claw in the Arena? These items are only available on this
set of floors! The Arm set of Zenith RV2 branches off into Dasler Claw and
Dasler Claw 0, the former which was last seen in Front Mission 1st. Terror
Wolf is Body-only, but is the most durable part as seen with the Terror Wolf
enemies since floor 81. It will take multiple runs to nab one of the items
due to their rarity. 

For the floor types to expect Zenith RV2, there are two possible floor types
to get them on the only floor possible: 96. One has dimensions of 13 x 6 
squares and it is a rectangle floor type with many Jammers. The second one 
has dimensions of 16 x 6 squares and it is a rectangle, stairs-shaped floor
type with many Launchers. Terror Wolf can be gotten at floors 92, 95, or 98
but its appearance rate is the lowest in the entire mode. The one likely to
appear the most is one found on the 95th floor. Its dimensions are 10 x 10
squares and it is a square, stairs-shaped floor type with many Gunners. 

A special note on the drop rates of both wanzer sets is that special items
will influence the drop rate. Thus, if you want to have a good chance to 
nab one of these sets, avoid stocking up on special items in your cargo or
even any at all. 


Computer Assault in Terror Wolf
Computer Gunner in Terror Wolf
Computer Jammer in Terror Wolf
Computer Launcher in Terror Wolf
Computer Mechanic in Terror Wolf
Computer Striker in Terror Wolf


Terror Wolf
Zenith RV2
Dasler Claw 0
Dasler Claw
Desmatz - Launcher drop


No new weapons.


No new backpacks.


RP: 1/3/5


* To escape the floor, defeat the boss and then the Device will be available *

Boss - Computer Gunner in Brutal Wolf
AP: 23-26     MV: 8     Lv: 25-35     AP Charge: 15-17
Unit Loadout:		Weapon Loadout:	
Body - 6584		(P) RD - 214 x 1(2), 1, 1 AP, 80% Bonus, 92-92%
Evasion - 46%		(F) MS(1) - 196 x 2(1), 6-8, 10 AP, 100%
Armor -	Impact + Fire	(I) SG - 24 x 12(2), 2-3, 3 AP, 74-68%	
Defense - 40		(N) CN - 321 x 1(2), 4-10, 7 AP, 82-68% 
Pilot Type - Aggressive
Job Levels:		Skills:
Stk - 7-8		Charge II		Fix DMG III	
Asl - 7-8		Speed II		Negate Blast Damage
Gun - 8-9		Minus Shot II		Auto Repair 5%
Lcn - 7-8		Feint II
Mec - 7-8		Auto Machine
Jam - 7-8		Block DMG 60

Recommendations: Rank 10-12. Repair items are highly recommended.

Example Setup:

* Rank in () *

Wolf Kill

Body - Grille Sechs(12)
Right Arm - Blizzaia L(10)
Left Arm - Zenith RV(10)
Legs - Storm(11)
BP - Item Turbo(10)
Right Hand - State EX(12)
Left Hand - Grave 2(12)
Right Shoulder - None
Left Shoulder - Galbados(2)

Item Turbo storing:

Repair 1200 x 3
All Repair 400 x 5

Skills: Speed I, Speed II, Block DMG 15, Item Repair + 50%


This map, which is a shortened version of the final two missions connected, 
is a short and sweet ride to the Brutal Wolf. Terror Wolf units populate the 
area as stated earlier so you have been warned. While the Brutal Wolf may 
have much lower HP and overall damage, it does have a lot of defense going 
for it. Especially an annoying Auto Repair 5% coupled with insanely high 
Evasion and Fire/Impact resistance. Make sure you come prepared to handle 
the damage that you will be taking.

The first priority are the enemies hanging around. If you want to explore 
the 4 items by the Brutal Wolf, be sure to leave one enemy alive. Just like 
floor 50, Red boxes will help but the real deal is the Yellow box. Anyways, 
do the usual and grab every Red and Yellow box you see(or have). Heal up to 
max and set up the boxes this way:


* - Brutal Wolf MV point 
Y - Yellow Box 
B - Box(Red/Yellow/Grey)

   |  |
   |  |
|  B YB  |
|    B   |
|        |
----  ----
   |  |
   |  |

Now, with this setup, you can only attack from the left side to avoid 
damaging the boxes by accident. Anyways, make sure you bring up EVERY box
from the lower ares beside the closest T-intersection. Stock up on Yellows
as well. Get within minimum attack range with the RK and attack. Brutal Wolf
will expend its only MS round. Now, go ALL THE WAY straight backwards. This
will prompt the Wolf to move right next to the boxes. If you are far enough,
you will not take a hit from the unit. Next, move all the way forward and 
blow up one of the boxes. Presuming those 3 are all Red, that will severely 
damage the Brutal Wolf. 

Now, get to box area to the right of the Yellow and place another Yellow. 
Go out to the left side and start shooting with the MG. If the Brutal Wolf 
gets out of Systems Down, shoot the Yellow and place another one. If the 
unit is near-death at this stage, just shoot to kill. If you used an Assault 
pilot, Switch II will greatly help out. The main point is that you cannot 
deal enough damage to override its Auto Repair as long as it has Evasion.
With the Yellow boxes, this is neutralized completely.

Congratulations, you have fully finished Survival Simulator! You will gain
one part from an exclusive wanzer set here: Glen's Zenith. While a part 
from this set may seem weak at first glance, assemble the full set by 
clearing 3 more runs and its real potential comes out. The parts are 
randomized so be sure to save on the 97th floor and hope you get the part 
you want!


Normally, a full Survival Simulator run takes over 6-8 hours to complete. 
This can be a long and tedious process if you want to farm certain materials
and the exclusive gear. However, it is more than possible to clear it under
much shorter times. A speed run clear should take less than 4 to 5 hours if
the following steps are followed.


1. In the Game Options menu, set Battle to Skip.

2. When going to find out what each cargo box holds, destroy ONLY enemies in
the way. Do not waste your time destroying every enemy. If it's down to the
last unit, just head for the Device unit. If you already have parts that you
want, you can opt to skip everything to jump to the next floor. 

3. On the 0th floors, destroy ONLY the Special units and get out of there.
Most of the time, other enemies are in the way so get rid of them. Don't 
bother hunting for the boxes.. their items are what the current set of 
floors offer. For large floors outside of the 0th floors, follow the same
procedure but avoid any enemies.

4. USE A STRIKER WEAPON! From the first 50 floors, using a Striker weapon 
will help eliminate a unit quicker than relying on other weapons. Be sure to
get the first strike as this can either outright kill or seriously weaken
the unit. A burst from an MG or SG is usually enough to kill them if they
are in danger status in the resulting counterattack.

5. Know what to do ahead of time during the intermission. This helps to save
time when they occur and get you back into the action quicker. If you want
to make your custom unit fancy, don't do it here. If you don't need to do
anything, skip it and go to the next floor.

6. If you must, destroy Red or Grey boxes with enemies within its effective
range. Only do this if you need to clear a path to the Device unit or there
are too many enemies in the area.

7. Past the first 50 floors, you should start focusing on using a Dead Shot
SG like Girino 2 and an MG to back it up. Switch II will be your main unit
killer at this stage. 

8. From floors 70 to 100, only kill the Mechanics, Gunners, and Launchers for
their exclusive drops. Don't waste time on Assaults, Jammers, and Strikers
unless they are in the way.

9. When the Terror Wolf units show up, do the same as said in 8, but for the
other enemies, just tear off their Arms. No point in wasting time trying to
deplete their Body HP when it has 92 Defense. 

10. Use the quicksave ONLY on the 7th floor and nothing else. Quicksave
takes up precious time when used and you want to minimize it. You may save 
on floors 51 and 91 if you are on Hard Mode for obvious reasons.

11. Equip Legs with the Bypass Enemies part skill as soon as possible. For
numerous small floors, this allows you to bypass enemies and avoid wasting 
time to destroy them. 

12. Be sure to level up these Jobs: Assault at Lv 6 and Mechanic at Lv 4.
Once this happens, feel free to skip every fight and advance to the next 

Now, as far as the bosses go:

Garsade - stock up on 3 Reds or 2 Reds and a Yellow. clear the enemies by
the Garsade's area and place the boxes by the West of the unit(from your
view North-bound, not the Garsade's). You will need to manipulate the 
Garsade to move into a certain position and blow up the unit so placement 
should be like this:

| R
| |
| |

Attack the unit from the East(by the upper square) and manipulate it so
it directly moves West until it either shoots itself with the boxes or you
do the job yourself. Be sure to have a few All Repair 200s to keep your 
unit healthy while you push it West.

Brutal Wolf - same story, but it will be difficult and you need luck if 
you didn't grab any special items. You'll need at least 2 Yellows and the 
rest of the boxes being Red. If this doesn't happen, reload until you get 
this box composition. Place the Reds so they maximize the damage and make 
sure the Yellow can at least affect it. Hope that the Yellows last for 
more than 3 turns and you should be able to kill it.

For those who don't care about fighting the Brutal Wolf and just want to nab
items on the highest floors, save on the 97th floor and proceed to the next 
two floors. If an "Escape Code" doesn't appear, reset and try again. 
Also try to destroy enemies to see who drops a box, as the escape item can 
appear in enemy drops.

For those who really want to test how fast you can clear Survival Simulator,
try beating my fastest times and fighting the Brutal Wolf on floor 100:

Floor Set	Floor Set Time		Total Time
01-10		0:07			0:07
11-20		0:09			0:16
21-30		0:10			0:26
31-40		0:11			0:37
41-50		0:11			0:48
51-60		0:10			0:58
61-70		0:13			1:11
71-80		0:13			1:24
81-90		0:14			1:38
91-100		0:17			1:55


For those who are on Hard Mode or just love to collect everything, it is a
an issue if you want to have the parts at max Rank. Especially when it comes
to the exclusive gear found only on Survival Simulator Hard. Saving all of
the RP from the missions, Scouting bonus, and talking, you will normally
have enough to fully max out an entire wanzer set from Rank 1 to 12 thrice.
The leftover RP could be spent on other parts. This makes finding RP to 
expend on the Remodelling process difficult and it is a pain to do quick 
runs just to get a measly 4-6 RP. 

To solve this issue, use the RP gained in Survival Simulator and expend it
on the parts you want to bring back. Since you can't bring back that RP to
begin with, waste it all before you exit Survival Simulator. The special
enemy units on the 0th floors usually drop RP when destroyed so stock up on
it and keep doing so until you're at the final 10 floors or so. On a normal
run, you should have at least 10 RP to expend. A run on Hard tends to give
out anywhere from 25 to 50 RP. This will be more than sufficient to Remodel
and max out the parts you want to bring back. This method is more RP-friendly
and you can generally bring back more max Rank parts faster than trying to
do a quick run to get small bits of RP.

One last word of advice is to do a quicksave so you can experiment on the
parts... the exclusive equipment branch off into some pretty solid gear and
you'll likely want them all.

3. CREDITS							[CRED]

Thanks to:

- GameFAQs obviously
- Square Enix for the Front Mission series
- Fellow GameFAQs posters who contributed information, such as tihoa and

This FAQ copyright 2009 to Angelo Pineda. Redistribution in any form,
including reprinting in electronic or print media, without express permission
of the author is strictly forbidden.