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Follow the dark path or use the light
Final Fantasy Hub

The Ancient Man of Mystery

by 7onewingedangel7

|Final Fantasy XII-The Ancient Man of Mystery|

First Walkthrough Made by 7OneWingedAngel7, Made on 8/5/09

Table of Contents

1) Introduction and Being able to Get the Hunt

2) Preparations
   2a) Spells and Casters
   2b) Equipment
   2c) Getting the Key of Site 11

3) Getting the Hunt

4) Lhusu Mines, Part One!

5) Lhusu Mines, Part Two!

6) After the Hunt

7) Credits


1.0- Made the guide.

1.5- Added Legal info

|Introduction and Being able to Get the Hunt|

Hello, 7OneWingedAngel7 here, and today we are going to take on the Ancient Man of Mystery. 
To be able to do this, you must have completed at least 14 hunts, including the one in the 
Lhusu Mines, the one where you have to save the children. The reason why you have to do 
this specific hunt is because you'll need the Site 11 Key, which you get from a Side Quest
that involves this hunt. Firstly, the preparations for the hunt.


I suggest having everyone at least level 65, at least yor main members. You won't be using
 back up members often in this fight. 

Preparations-Spells and Casters

I also suggest you have one White Mage type of person in your party. For this specific hunt,
 I used Vaan as my White Mage, but that's just me. 

Anyway, you should have Hastega, which you can get in the Dalmasca Estersand by using the 
Gate Crystal, then visiting the nearest shop. You shoud also have Curaja, mabye Renew, just
 in case. You should also have Esuna. Esunaga would work even better, although I didn't think
 of it when I first completed this hunt.

I also had Protectga, but you won't be using this much, if any.


I suggest you have at least one person in your party have a Bubble Belt, that person also 
being able to cast Bubble.

I also suggest having a Sage's Ring, being wielded by your White Mage.

And I suggest having Excalibur, for the Attack Boost.

|Preparations-Getting the Key of Site 11|

And for the one item you'll NEED for this hunt: the Site 11 Key.

You beat the hunt, but they say they lost the key! It apparently dropped down that big hole
 in Lhusu. Where in Ivalice does Bhujerban stuff fall to? Where in the story do you remember
 a Bhujerban fell to once? That's right, off to Phon Coast!

At Phon Coast, you need to look around for a Bhujerban. Perhaps he knows where the key is.

Once you find him, you talk to him. He "Doesn't Know about this key." Oh look, next to him. 
Something shiny! It's the key. Yeah, the Bhujerban had nothing to do with the Bhujerban key,
 yet it was right next to him. Oh well, don't mind him.

|Getting the Hunt|

Then you need to take a trip over to Montblanc. He has a couple special hunts for you. Ooh, 
an Ancient Man of Mystery. Sounds... Mysterious. Let's try that out. Hmm, someone has lost 
a sword to the man. The poster of the bill is... Montblanc?! Oh, mabye even a clan Leader 
needs some help. Oh, it happens that a 'friend of his' lost his sword to this man and needs 
help getting it back. Hmm... Lhusu Mines, on a Bridge, sounds familiar. 

|Lhusu Mines, Part One!|

Well, let's teleport off to Lhusu. Prepare to fight and use the Site 11 Key. Ok, save here.
 Then let's head off to a bridge. The one ahead is empty... But why would we need the key 
if the Man of Mystery is here? Oh well. Oh look, a cutscene. A man... Mysterious. Wait! 
Could that be?! The Ancient Man of Mystery! And... a dog? Apparenty their names are Gilgamesh
 and Enkidu. Kill the dog first. He has exactly 33052 HP and can sometimes put you to sleep. 
Then, attack Gilgamesh and such. He has about 123103 HP, but don’t take it all out on one hit!

Soon, he pulls out a sword and... wait... That one looks very familiar... Cloud's Buster Sword
 (FFVII)?! Wait... Does that mean Gilgamesh killed Cloud? Oh crap, he's attacking again! And 
guess what you get at the end of this hunt? "Why are you asking me this now?!" You ask. Well,
 it has something to do with stuff DURING the battle. "Eh?!" Just keep attacking him.

He pulls out another sword. Six arms! Jeez, what's up with this guy?! Anyway, time to Steal! 
Keep stealing, not attacking, until you get your first of four parts of the Genji Armour, this 
one being the Genji shield! Then keep attacking. He pulls out ANOTHER sword... Jeez... Steal 
from him again and-- Yes, you can steal from this one more than once, now keep going. Eventually,
 you’ll get a second piece of the Genji Armour, this one being the Genji Gloves. “But there are
 four pieces to the Genji Armour. He doesn’t have a lot of HP left either…” Just wait. Then, 
kill him. I suggest at about this time, since his Defense skyrockets, that you use Black Magick. 
He runs off and… Wait, how did Enkidu come back to life?! Oh well, let’s go after him… Again. 

|Lhusu Mines, Part Two!|

Go deeper into the Lhusu Mines. Now is the time you use the Site 11 Key. Keep going… And going… 
And going… until you reach a Save Point. SAVE there. Remember how easy Gilgamesh was just before?
 Well, it won’t be as easy this time. Go to the next area, which is Site 5. He attacks again. Kill
 Enkidu again, this time he has about 140162 HP, about the same amount as Gilgamesh had before. 
Then, attack Gilgamesh. This time, he has a whopping 473246 HP! He eventually pulls out ANOTHER 
sword. Attack him again.. He pulls out ANOTHER sword!!! Then, steal from him and get your third 
Genji Armour part, the Genji Helmet. Then attack some more, and he pulls out the “Famed Sword of 
Legend.” Well, let’s try to steal it! You steal the last part of the Genji Armour, the Genji Armour
 itself. Then, kill him once and for all! Again, I suggest using Black Magick since his Defense 
skyrockets again. Once he dies, Enkidu and Gilgamesh fade away, kind of. Victory Dance!

|After the Hunt|

Before you leave, check out the sword that’s there. Wait a second… An ‘Ordinary’ Sword of Legend? Oh well. 
As you leave, Gilgamesh takes the sword. Oh well, let’s just say he’s dead, for now. Report back to Montblanc.
 You don’t get that specific Sword of Legend, but you get 10,000 Gil and a different sword of legend, the 
Masamune! That’s the legendary sword wielded by Sephiroth! Hmm… Does this have something to do with FFVII…? 
Oh well. You now have the Masamune and All four pieces of the Genji Armour! But, unluckily, you can’t use 
the Shield with the Masamune, so give that to someone else. With the Genji Gloves, Armour, and Helm, and the
 Masamune, all on one person, this person is now the Combo Master! I gave this all to Ashe and she now usually
hits twice, sometimes up to 6 times! This, combined with the high attack power of Masamune, equals awesome sauce!

Well, that’s it for today. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you later!

Hope this helped,


Everyone who has helped me with this game over the past two years. 

To contact me, you can e-mail me at [email protected]

Whilst the info that is in this guide is freely available to the general public
who wish to seek it out, the form that it is in here - i.e. THIS GUIDE - has
been put together by me, 7OneWingedAngel7, from Supercheats forums and the
copyright to this particular guide lies solely with me.

This guide must not be reproduced in any form (with the exception of being
printed off for PERSONAL use only) without first obtaining permission from me,
7OneWingedAngel7 - All requests for permission to [email protected] - If permission
is granted it will be on the condition that the whole document is left
unaltered and in the original plain text format and credit for the guide is
given to me. I reserve the right to revoke this permission and ask for the
guide to be removed should I find it to be altered in any way or credit taken
for my work.