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Final Fantasy Hub

weapon stats

by roadkillman997

                         hello this is a walkthrough to FFXII and the weapons in it.

table of contents:
4.great swords
intro: hello myusername is roadkillman997... i have been playing FFXII for along time.(2 days after it came out!) ive realized people have trouble with this game. i am going to make walkthroguhs to help!=] my email is [email protected] if u have anything u want me to write about email me it!enven on diff games then FFXII! check my collection for my list of games. i can help with those! ill send a reply telling you if i can do it and when its done! tell me ur SC username when you email me! my 1st walkthrough is on swords in this game. reg. swords and great swords! have fun getting help =].
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- is the storyline of this game:
a great era of peace and prosperity is fading.The stabibilty bestowed upon ivalice in the founding days of the Dynast-King has been darkened by the likelihood of war between empires. Rozarria and Archadia seem destined to collide,crushing whatever stands between them.

Indeed, the Archadian puch west toward Roazarria has already consumed Nabradia and its sibling sovereiginty, the small, peaceful Kingdom of Dalmasca. FINAL FANTASYXII opens with a quick glimpse of the last throes of pre-Imperial Dalmasca and its deperate fight for freedom, followed by an equally desperate negotiation for peace.
ae=add effect
lp=license points

mythril sword-lp.5-att.+13-AE.none-cost.none-loc.vaan's strting wep.
mythril blade-lp.5-att,+22-AE.none-cost.none-loc. basch's strting wep.
Broadsword-LP.15-att.+15 AE.none-cost.400gp-loc.rabanastre,giza plains,bhujerba
Longsword-LP.15-ATT.+19-AE.none-cost.700gp-loc.barheim passage,bhujerba,nalbina,rabanastre
Iron Sword-LP.25/ATT.+24/AE.none/cost.1200gp/loc.rabanastre.bhujerba,nalbina.
Zwill Blade-LP.25/ATT.+29/AE.none/cost.1700gp/loc.bhujerba,rabanastre
Ancient Sword-LP.25/ATT.35/AE.Petrify/cost.2400gp/loc. rabanastre
Lohengrin-LP.40/ATT+47/AE.none/cost.4500gp/LOC.Jahara,MT. Bur Omasice,Rabanastre
Flmaetounge-LP.40/ATT.+53/ element/cost.5200/loc. Jahara,MT. Bur Omisace,Nalbina,Rabanastre
Demonsbane-lp.40/att.+59/AE.none/cost 6000gp/loc. rabanastre,MT. bur omisace,nalbina,treasure inthe tomb of raithwall(defeat 1st demon wall about 25% chanceit will appear)
icebrand-lp.40/att +65/ element/cost.5200gp/loc.rabanastre,nalbina,morsphoran highwaste,hunt reward(rank III,for whom the wyrm tolls)
platinum sword-lp.40/att.+70/AE.none/cost.9000gp/loc.phon coast,archades
Blood sword-lp.30/att+41/
bastard sword-lp.50/att.+75/AE.none/cost.11000gp/loc.archades
diamond sword-lp.50/att.+80/AE.none/cost.12500gp/loc.balfonheim
runeblade-lp.60/att.85+/AE.none/cost 14500gp/loc.balfonheim
deathbringer-lp.60/att +90/AE.ko/cost.16000gp/loc.balfonheim
stoneblade-lp.80/att +95/AE.none/cost 17800gp/loc.sell taurus gem x3,orichalcum x2,chimera head x2, to bazaar,treasure in the great crystal upper level.
durandal-lp.80/att +99/AE.none/cost.21600gp/loc. sell lifewick x3,emperor scale x2, leshach halycon x1 to bazaar.
thats all the reg. swords!!
greatswords are some of the strongest weapons in this game. the abbreviations are the same from the reg. swords.

sword of kings-lp.none/att +30/eva.+30/cost.none/AE.none/loc. storyline item.
treaty-blade-lp.none/att.+30/eva.+30/cost.none/AE.none/loc. storyline item.
claymore<isnt tht a bomb?? haha>-lp.50/att+82/eva+10/cost.10500gp/AE.none/loc. archades
defender-lp.70/att.+91/eva. +35/cost.13000/AE.none/loc.balfonheim
save the queen-lp.70/att. +100/eva. +10/cost.15000gp/AE.none/loc. balfonheim,hunt reward(rank VII, THE CREATURE COLLECTOR)
ragnarok-lp.90/att.+109/eva.+10/cost.none/AE.immbolize/loc.hunt reward(rank VII, fishy dreams)
ultima blade-lp.90/att+118/eva.+10/cost.22800gp/AE.none/loc. sell adamantite x2, death powder x2, gnoma halycon x1,to bazaar, treasure in the pharos penumbra
exaclibbur-lp.160/att.+128/eva.+10/cost.none/AE.holy element/loc. treasure in the great crystal
tournesol-lp.225/att.+140/eva.+25/cost.600000gp/AE.none/loc. sell gemsteel x3/empyreal soul x3, serpentarius x3, to bazaar.(1 of the rarest weps in this game!)
wyrmhero blade-lp.none/att. +130/eva+50/cost.65535gp/AE.holy element/loc.sell omega badge x1(from omega mark XII),godslayers badge x1(from yiazmat),Lu shangs badge x1.(idk wht from)

there is my 1st walkthrough on swords in FFXII!!! =] hope this helps!