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Follow the dark path or use the light
Final Fantasy Hub

Quickening Guide

by madmze

Quickenings Guide For 
Final Fantasy XII

Now this is a guide made by me, madmze, because I have not yet seen one for this game in any language.
 If you feel the need to e-mail me because you have comments, questions, and/or concerns, you may. 
My e-mail address is [email protected] Yes, I know it is a mouthful and long but I would really
 appreciate any help you would give me for the reason that this is my first guide. All credit goes to the Bradygames 
Signature Series Guide. OK. Lets get started.

	*The names may be backwards.
	**This is the strongest attack in the game. PERIOD. It can cause well over 60,000 HP of damge and A large
	amount to surronding enemies.
1. Location
1.1. Bottom half locations and a bit of information 
1.2. Top half 
2. Names of Quickenings for the Characters
2.1. Vaan
2.2. Balthier  
2.3. Fran
2.4. Basch
2.5. Ashe
2.6. Penelo
3. The Way They Work And How To Become The Best With Them 
1.1. -------------------------------------------The Bottom Half----------------------------------------
There are 18 Quickenings total, which equals out to 3 per person. One person CAN NOT  get over 3 Quickenings.
 They all Cost 50 LP to unlock. That is 900 LP for all the Quickenings. If you wish to get the Quickenings faster I
 would recommend the Enkelados  Hunt to obtain a Golden Amulet, which double the LP you earn from all monsters,
 near the begging of the game if you are just starting out. Now for the location of the 18 Quickenings. 
There are 9 on each half of the License board. When I say "and" that means that the Quickening is between the 
2 licenses. Once one person gets a specific Quickening License other characters may not get it.
 Sorry, to break that to you but I had to. On the bottom half: 
1. By Danjuro LP/110 AND Daggers 5 LP/40
2. By Hand Bombs 3 LP/45 AND Hand Bombs 2 LP/30
3. By Genji Armor LP/150 
4. By Swords 6 LP/60 AND Shell Shield LP/90
5. By Rod of Faith LP/120
6. By Staves 4 LP/50 AND Maces 3 LP/25
7. By Staff of the Magi LP/100
8. By Axes and Hammers 3 LP/25
9. By Greatswords 1 LP/50 AND Greatswords 2 LP/70 
-------------------------------------------------The Top Half-------------------------------------------
1. By Black Magic 7 LP 70
2. By Accessories 14/ LP 70 AND Accessories 1 LP/70 AND Accessories 18 LP/50
3. By Black Magic 3 LP 35 AND Accessories 8 LP/45 AND Accessories 4 LP/35 AND Shemazai
4. By Whiet Magic 8 LP/105
5. By Accessories 9 LP/30 AND Accessories 13 LP/60
6. By Magic Llore LP/80 AND Magic Lore LP/120
7. By Stamp LP/40 AND Wither LP/35
8. By +100 HP LP/50
9. By Sight Unseeing LP/40 AND Bonecrusher LP/30
2.1.--------------------------------------------Vaan Quickenings---------------------------------------------
                                                                 Attack Power
Lv1 Red Spiral                                                      90
Lv2 White Whorl                                                140
Lv3 Pyroclasm                                                    230 
2.2.----------------------------------------------Balthier Quickenings-----------------------------------------
                                                                       Attack Power
Lv1 Fires Of War                                                       90                 
Lv2 Tides Of Fate                                                      140                  
Lv3 Element Of Treachery                                       230                
2.3.--------------------------------------------Fran Quickenings----------------------------------------------
                                                                     Attack Power
Lv1 Feral Strike                                                           90          
Lv2 Whip Kick                                                           140                 
Lv3 Shatterheart                                                         230
2.4.----------------------------------------------Basch Quickenings------------------------------------------     
                                                                              Attack Power
Lv1 Fulminating Darkness                                                  90                                                                          
Lv2 Ruin Impendent                                                          140 
Lv3 Flame Purge                                                                230                                                                    
2.5.--------------------------------------------Ashe Quickenings---------------------------------------------                                                                                                                                                          
Lv1 Northswain's Glow                                        90                                                                                                                
Lv2 Heaven's Wrath                                            140                                                                                                                                                              
Lv3 Maelstrom's Bolt                                          230                                                                                                                  
2.6.-----------------------------------------------------Penelo Quickenings-----------------------------------                                                                                                                                                                                                
                                                                                     Attack Power                                                                    
Lv.1 Intrecession                                                                 90                                                           
Lv2 Evanescence                                                              140                                         
Lv3 Resplendence                                                             230          
3.-------------------How To Become The Best At Them And How They Really Work------------------
For those of you who are just reading this guide for fun thinking you know how to use Quickenings, you
probably don't know everything there is to know about them. For instance, there are 8 concurrences. 
They are as follows:
	Lv.1- Inferno Requirements/ Three Level 1 Mists
	Lv.2- Cataclysm Requirements/ Seven Level 1 Mists	
	Lv.3- Torrent Requirements/ Two Level 1 and Three Level 2 Mists
	Lv.4- Windburst Requirements/ Five Level 2 Mists
	Lv.5- Luminescence Requirments/ Five Level Three Mists
	Lv.6- Ark Blast Requirements/ Two Level 1 and Two Level 2 and Two Level 3 Mists
	Lv.7- Whiteout* Requirements/ Three Level 1 and Three Level 2 and Three Level 3 Mists
	Lv.8- **Black Hole* Requirements/ Four Level 1 and Four Level 2 and Four Level 3 Mists

You must perform all of these to unlock the sky pirate den figurine, Gabranth. These are the, "Fusion Techniques" 
that people mention when they say that in the guide to unlocking that figurine. Some of them are hard, but it is EASY 
to get Ark Blast once you have three people in a party with all three mists availible. 

	Now here is a little thing for begginers, here is how to be good. Say Penelo is the only person in your party for some odd
reason. She has all three of her Mists. She starts of with her first attack which is Intercession, then her next attack could be her second, or her 
first. This is so because she has three bars of magic, so 1+2=3. So her second attack is triggered. Then her name will be gray, press the R2 
button untill it lites up. It will then say Mist Charge. This means that once you press it she will have a full three bars again. Press the button that 
it says and quickly press it again because it will stay the same. Lets say it is her Third attack. Once again she is out of mists. Now if a concurrence 
is earned then it will be played out, if not then it will go back to the battle screen.