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Follow the dark path or use the light
Final Fantasy Hub

Dressphere Locations

by Paine is cool!

  Dressphere Locations - Final Fantasy X-2 Walkthrough

  Right, this is my first walkthrough so forgive any mistakes I make!

  I won't be too hassled with any copying you want to do so you don't need my permission to copy - paste etc.
  Warning: Does contain Spoilers!

  Songstress: 	Chapter 1: Start with it.		
  Thief:	Chapter 1: Start with it.
  Warrior:	Chapter 1: Start with it.
  Gunner:	Chapter 1: Start with it.

  White Mage: 	Chapter 1 Besaid Island - cave.

  Black Mage: 	Chapter 1 Mt. Gagazet, - 2nd mission, after defeating Boris. (Looks similar to a spider.)

  Gun Mage:	Chapter 1 Moonflow – Speak to tobli, the short, fast walking, man in the area to the right of the save sphere. After the scene, head towards Djose Temple, you will encounter his assistant. Do the mission and try not lose any cases. Good luck with your Blue Bullet Abilities!

  Dark Knight:	Chapter 2,3,5 Bevelle – When you get to an area with 3 lifts, take either the left or right one.  Go back to that area without using the lift. (Head downwards until you fall.) Take the center lift. It will take you to an area with a block. Climb it. It should light up, and show another floor rise up, close to the treasure chest. Go there, Just before facing Baralai in chapter 2,and jump along the floors and open the chest.

  Lady Luck:	Chapter 3 Luca – Beat Shinra in the Sphere Break tournament. To face Shinra, you must win all 3 matches before hand.

  Berserker:	Chapter 3 – Macalania Woods – Do the  “Travel Agency” mission and once you go into the Agency, a man will give you the sphere. (He is next to a Bolt Drake)

  Trainer: 	Chapter 3 – Mt. Gagazet – Go there and there will automatically be a scene with Khimari where he will give you the sphere IF you’ve done all the Mt. Gagazet missions so far and if you've talked to the Ronso around the bottom of the mountain in Chapters 1 and 2.  You must also "Climb" the Mountain once in either Chapter 1 or 2.

  Alchemist:	Chapter 3,5 Calm Lands – Do the mission with Clasko at the chocobo ranch. This is the battle arena from FFX. (Head Right from Travel Agency when Clasko is ready.)

  Samurai: 	Chapter 3 Killika Island – When you do the mission in Chapter 3 , on the way, you’ll find a sphere just lying on the fround in a ditch where some blue fire used to be.  Press X and you'll get it.

  Mascot: 	Chapter 5 Airship – If you get “Episode Complete” in every place in Chapter 5, a scene will trigger on the airship where you will get the dress sphere.  If you get “Episode Completed” on Zanarkand Ruins last, you will not get the sphere.

  Special Dresspheres:

  Full Throttle (Paine): Chapter 1 Macalania Woods – Speak to Trommel 4 times. He is in an area with other people after that freaky Star Path.

  Floral Fallal (Yuna):  Chapter 2 Djose Highroad (just outside temple) – Do that mission which is really supposed to be about getting a uniform. Along the way, you’ll get to a rock to the right of the screen. The Sphere is there. Press X on it.

  Machina Maw (Rikku): Chapter 2 Bikanel Desert – Go to Oasis. Defeat that stupid Logos idiot ( Tip: he isn’t immune to sleep!) and get the Machina Maw Dressphere.  (You get the dressphere first but then Logos attacks immediately after.)

  A good strategy is to use the Unerring Path Garment Grid.
  It allows a very quick Special sphere change.
  Thank You for Using this Information and I Hope I Helped You!

  If you want to E-mail me, My Address is [email protected]

  Cameron Tonkin --- Paine is cool!