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Follow the dark path or use the light

Fatal Frame III: The Tormented



by ex-s_temjin


TECMO®, 2005

-------LEGAL INFO--------------------------------------------------------------

This FAQ is written and copyright by ME, for all ZERO/FATAL FRAME Fans in the 
year 2005.

This FAQ should not be reproduced/ distributed in any mean without asking for 
my permission first.Currently, the only site(s) that are legally authorized 
this FAQ is:

Gamefaqs (
CheatHappens (
1Up (
CheatCC (
NeoSeeker (

Violating this rule will cause some serious legal action upon you, so it is 
adviced for you NOT to do so. However, you may download/ print a copy for your 
own personal use. Selling/ using it as a mean to gain profit as if it's your 
own work is ultimately prohibited. I'll kick your a** myself if you do that. 
I spent hours after midnight to complete this FAQ, and i don't spend them only 
to find out that my work is being plagiarized by some morons, mind you.


What’s New!?                                                              #NEW

18-11-2005: Finished reupdating the FAQ, now it's the full, spoiled only in 
            time, puzzles solutions, and 179/217 list for 1st timers. I'll do
            another update for the 2nd game's extra ghosts later on.

17-11-2005: Updated FAQ to Hour 10, added puzzle solution section.

16-11-2005: Me, ex-s_temjin strikes again! I've started updating the FAQ with 
            official names (slightly into Chapter1). Now I need to fix my 
            seriously broken FAQ lol~

31-08-2005: Thanks to Roflkaese, I'm able to update this FAQ again after being
            idle for like, 13 days (Yikes!). Added the Menu section, and some
            Q&A notes for minor tidbits.

18-08-2005: A minor update to Chapter 6 regarding the conditions to get the 
            Yahasu/Notched Arrow key.

13-08-2005: Added the "Girl Below Stairs, which I'd always missed, credits to
            doodie ^_^. Also I'd also notice that some part of my FAQ are now
            giving me headaches when I looked at them, so I'd decided to make
            more paragraphs. Later I'd also find the "Girl In Closet" in 
            Chapter 2.

11-08-2005: Minor updates; which are the "Yahasu/Notched Arrow Key" and the 
            correction to the alternate ending description.

06-08-2005: Completed the walkthrough. Please note that the FAQ is still far 
            from perfect, so if you find anything that you feel like adding to
            this FAQ, either make a thread in the boards or e-mail me at
            [email protected]

04-08-2005: Updated the FAQ to Chapter 7.

01-08-2005: Made up my damn mind to make a FAQ of this game before anyone else.



NOTE: To use Seach Keys, go to Edit> Find or just press CTRL+F on your keyboard
      and then enter the key into the text area and click on "find next".

.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ .
|   DOCUMENT:                                       |    SEARCH KEYS         |
|~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ |
|                                                                            |
|        What’s New!? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .#NEW            |
|                                                                            |
|        Prologue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .#PROLOGUE       |
|                                                                            |
|                                                                            |
|        My Review and impressions . . . . . . . . . . . . . #REVIEW         |
|                                                                            |
|        Story . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #STORY          |
|                                                                            |
|                                                                            |
|        Controls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .#CONTROL        |
|                                                                            |
|                                                                            |
|        Characters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .#CHARACTERS     |
|                                                                            |
|                                                                            |
|        Menu . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  #MENU           |
|                                                                            |
|                                                                            |
|        Walkthrough . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #WALKTHROUGH    |
|          |---Prologue                                                      |
|          |---Hour 1                                                        |
|          |---Hour 2                                                        |
|          |---Hour 3                                                        |
|          |---Hour 4                                                        |
|          |---Hour 5                                                        |
|          |---Hour 6                                                        |
|          |---Hour 7                                                        |
|          |---Hour 8                                                        |
|          |---Hour 9                                                        |
|          |---Hour 10                                                       |
|          |---Hour 11                                                       |
|          |---Hour 12                                                       |
|          |---Hour 13                                                       |
|                                                                            |
|                                                                            |
|                                                                            |
|        Game Complation Extras . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .#EXTRAS         |
|         \                                                                  |
|          \-Puzzle Solutions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .#PUZZLES        |
|           \                                                                |
|            \-Mission Mode . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .#MISSION        |
|             \                                                              |
|              \Unlockable Costumes . . . . . . . . . . . . .#COSTUMES       |
|                                                                            |
|        Ghost List . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .#GHOSTS         |
|                                                                            |
|        Items & Camera. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #ITEMS          |
|                                                                            |
|        Q&A Section . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #Q&A            |
|                                                                            |
|        Japanese Version VS NTSC U/C Version . . . . . . . .#COMPARISON     |
|                                                                            |
|        Credits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #CREDITS        |
|                                                                            |
|        BACK TO TOP                                         #TOP            |
'~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ '




Hi and thanks for reading my Zero: Shisei no Koe/Fatal Frame3 : The Tormented 

Hmm? You wanted to know about me? I'm just an ordinary Malaysian chinese 
currently taking in Animation/CG Special Effects lessons.

I'm out of words on this, and you're not interested in reading this anyway. 

So ignore me >_<

EMAIL: [email protected]



Graphical Section 


Sound Effects, Voice Actings and BGMs


Gameplay elements: 



My current score for it will be a 8.5/10


The Bad side of the Review:





Below are the default controls (Type-A) for ZERO:SHISEI NO KOE (NTSC/J):
*NOTE: This is the Japanese version.*

3rd Person Mode Controls

Left Analog- Movement 

Square   - Special Ability (Rei= Flash; Kei= Crouch/Hide; Miku= HyperSense)

Circle   - Examine/ Open doors.

X        - Run.

Triangle - Enter Viewfinder mode.

L1       - Opens "Files" menu.

R1       - No use.

L2       - Opens Map.

R2       - No Use.

Start    - Status menu.

Select   - Pause Menu



Left Analog- Aiming.

Square   - Uses flash (after you'd obtained the camera upgrade "FLASH").

Circle   - Shutter button.

X        - Speeds up aiming.

Triangle - Exits Viewfinder mode.

L1       - Use special lenses.

R1       - Shutter button.

L2       - Switch special lenses (after you'd get the upgrade)

R2       - Switch special lenses (after you'd get the upgrade)

Start    - Status menu.

Select   - Pause Menu



Rei Kurosawa

Kei Amakura

Miku Hinasaki



A section requested by many Zero: Shisei no Koe importers.



New Game
Load Game

Options Menu: 

System Config 
Control Preference 
Screen Brightness 
Button Config 
Reset to defaults 
Save Settings and Return to Previous Menu 


System Config Menu: 

Vibration: ON/OFF 

Control Preference Menu: 

Control Style: (3rd Person ala DMC/ 1st person ala RE) 
Film change  : D-PAD/LR Sticks 

Finder Options 
Looking       : Normal/Updown Reversed 
Analgoue Stick: Normal/LeftRight Reversed 

After completing the game once and reloading from a completed game file:

Start Game: Starts a new game, higher difficulties will be available.
Continue  : Continues from a save.
Mission   : Random battles with various requirements/rules.
Costumes  : Select your costumes (must be unlocked in 'Extra' first)
Extra     : Where you unlocks a bunch of stuffs.
Gallery   : You know what this is ^_^
Return To Main Menu




Prologue Chapter

[Grave Courtyard]
- After the introductory FMV ends, you'll find yourself standing in a place 
where there's a huge amount of memorials infront of you. You have nowhere to go
but through the double doors infront of you. 

[Hall with Tatami 1F]

Upon entering the area, move a step forward and you'll get your first sighting 
of a ghost through the opening right in front of you. Take a snapshot of him 
(=Turned back man=).

Proceed along the path to Rei's left(the one on the right is blocked, for now).
After going up that small flight of stairs, take a 90 degree turn to your right
and move forward. 

You'll see Yuu slowly walking down that corridor. Quickly get into finder mode 
and take a picture of him the moment you gain control. (=Beckoning Yuu=)

Now move slowly forward down that corridor, and when you walk past the doorway,
a pair of ghosts will appear briefly in that room to your left. Backtrack 
quickly and get their picture, or else you'll miss them. Now proceed to the end
of the corridor, ignoring the right turn for now. (=Wandering Mother/Daughter=)

[Barred Hallway (East)]

You'll find yourself in yet another long corridor. Run forward and take the 
picture of the (=Lattice Woman=) when she appears. Now, take a deep breath, hit
the run button and run all the way to the end, past that small doorway and up 
the stairs to the 2nd floor. Why run you say? The (=Hidden Face Man=) is 
chasing you with a knife, and you can't damage him with your modern day camera!
Enter the first door once you're upstairs.

[Garden Corridor/Spirit Tree Garden]

You'll be out in what seemed to be a courtyard. Take the left path to where 
Yuu's gone and take the picture of (=Girl in Hallway=) which materialized in 
the path to your left. Now, before following Yuu, backtrack and take the right 
path, just to get a picture of another (=Girl in Hallway=), this time to your 
right. Finally go through the door Yuu's entered. 

[Shrine Courtyard]

Move forward. You'll see Yuu up front. The very moment you gain control of 
yourself again, take a picture of (=Disappearing Yuu=). Follow Yuu into the 
building, and you'd just completed the prologue chapter.

=Are you okay, Rei-san?"




Hour 1: Shirushi (The Sign)

[The Manor of Sleep]

[Foyer 1F]

You'll find yourself in a corridor after the cutscene ends. Proceed straight 
forward, and check the last shelf on the right to get a herbal medicine. Take 
a left turn and enter through the door. 

[Partitioned Room 1F]

Move slowly and quickly take a picture of the (=Girl in Study=) when she 
appears walking past the window on your right. Exit back to the Foyer and take 
the other path, getting a shot on the (=Daughter at Door=) standing in front.

[Hearth Room 1F]

Upon entering the next area, you'll be in a pretty large room with a sunken 
fireplace. Move toward the sunken fireplace and take a picture of 
(=Wandering Mother/Daughter=)

Take a turn for the stairs leading up, taking a pic of the (=2nd Floor Woman=)
before she walks away. Go up the stairs.

[Hearth Room 2F]

You'll be awarded with a cutscene. There's a blue lantern in the corner, which 
is a save point.


Now proceed through the door on the 2nd floor. 

[Corridor 2F]
NOTE: Extra ghost in 2nd playthrough. Refer to "EXTRAS"

Go down that path until you find a small rectangle window on the wall. 
Press "O" to peek ("X" for English people), and enter finder mode and take the 
picture of (=Impaling Girl=).

Now, your filament will go red. No there's no hostile ghosts here, so follow 
the source of the buzz to find the (=Crouching Woman=), and take a picture of 
her, which turn out to be a file material. She'll run away after that, so head
towards the exit. Take a picture of (=Lattice Woman=) when she appears to your

[Hearth Room 2F]

Now proceed down the stairs in finder mode to take the picture of the 
(=Mother/Daughter Downstairs=) when they appear. Exit the sunken fireplace room
via the door you came through earlier, and a cutscene will roll, introducing 
you to your first battle.

After the battle ends, exit the hearth room to the foyer, and go down that path
slowly, sticking to the wall on the left. Stop when you'd reach the corner, and
enter the finder mode. Take a 90 degree turn in finder mode to get a picture of 
(=Crouching Woman=). Now walk up to her to get a cutscene.


[Kurosawa Residence]

=A Dream?=

[Rei's Room 2F]

When Rei's awake, exit the room and you'll be greeted by Miku downstairs. 
Naturally, you'll go down to talk to her to get {Letter from Kei 1}

You're now able to gain access to Yuu's room on the 2nd floor, which wasn't
available to you until you've talked to Miku in the [Living Room]. Enter Yuu's
room at the further end for a cutscene.

[Yuu's Room 2F]

=What's the matter, Rei?=

Check the shelf next to the bed to get: 
{Letter from Kei 2}
*Camera Obscura*
{Musty Film}

Check the desk for: 
Notebook {On the Urban Legend}
Old Newspaper {Vanishings}

The bookcase next to the desk had the book {Occultism}

Now go downstairs and proceed through the door next to the kitchen. 

[Hallway 1F]

Take a right turn. Enter through the white door in front to find yourself in 
the [Darkroom]. Examine the sink at the end of the room to develop the film 
(This is where you'll develop pictures for Miku to investigate). 

File Photo: {Weeping Woman}

Now go back and talk to Miku. The game will automatically skips to night time, 
so you're back in Rei's room. The camera obscura on Rei's desk also works as a
save point. Go to bed.


[Foyer 1F]

You're back in dream world, in the same corridor earlier. Proceed all the way 
to the T-Junction and take a picture of the (=Escaping woman=). 

Instead of following her, go back to the [Hearth Room] and slowly go up the 
stairs to the 2nd floor. A ghost will appear below you, but the darn wooden 
planks on the stairs is blocking your view! 

To get a picture of her, you need to immediately enter finder mode and 
backstep, pressing the shutter the very moment you see the blue ring while 
you're moving. (=Downstairs Daughter=) taken (thanks to doodie, Gamefaqs for 
this info). If you go down to pick up the herbal medicine under the stairs, 
you'll trigger a fight with her.

Return to the [Foyer] to follow where the (=Escaping woman=) had went to.

[Partitioned Room 1F]
In this area pick up the {Memo in Shaky Hand} and examine the shelves to find
yourself some Type-14 films. Enter the door to the next area.

[Stairs Hallway]

Head towards the stairs and take a picture of (=Screaming Woman=). There's a
save point here. Go up the stairs in Finder mode and take a picture of the 
(=Woman in Corner=). Follow the way she disappeared to and you'll be greeted by
a door locked by an unknown force. Take a snapshot of it to reveal your next 

Backtrack and run to the last set of stairs at the back, which leads you down 
to the first floor (Not the one you used earlier). Pickup the <Alarm Function> 
on the shelf, and then turn to face the source of the buzz in your filament. 
Take the picture of the (=Man Stopped Dead=) to break the seal of the door 

Return to the now unsealed door, and you'll be greeted by (=Wandering Mother=).
Defeat her, and continue on your way through the door. 

[Room with Blind]

Go down the one and only path to source of your filament's buzz, taking a 
picture of the (=Crouching woman=). There's a Type-61 film in the cabinet to
her right (that's your left!).

Check on her to get her passport, try to leave her and you'll wake up from the 
dream world.

You can save the game when you're awake.

Go downstairs and read the note left by Miku on the kitchen's window. Then try
to exit through the door to the main entrance, and the telephone will start 
ringing. Answer the call for 3 cutscenes in a row.

=Tashigawa Yoshino=

=Back home=

=Shower 1=

Now you're back in your room (wipe that drool off ya face!). You may want to 
save your game here. Now go to bed. 



As usual, you'll be back in the same corridor, but this time you should know 
where to go now. If you had no clue, you're suppose to find Miss Yoshino again.
She's still in that room, waiting for you to wake her up. 

Find your way back to the 2nd floor of the [Stairs Hallway]. Go up the stairs 
in finder mode, and proceed forward and you'll see a shadowy ghost appearing up
front, wait until a total of three ghosts to appear. Take a picture of the 
(=Bending Shadows=).

SPECIAL NOTE: Before you follow them, go back to the [Hearth Room] and upstairs
into the [Corridor 2F] where you first peeked through the hole and took the 
file photo of Yoshino. In this room, you can see Yoshino (=Tormented Woman=) 
along with 2 (=Encircling Shadow=). Get a snap of them. (Thanks Roflkaese for 
this one).

Enter through the door they'd gone to. Make your way towards Miss Yoshino and 
you'll get a cutscene.

=Soul Collectors=

You'll be in a fight with the 3(=Black Shadows=). After they'd given up, you'll
have to deal with Yoshino(=Female Survivor=) herself. After the battle, you'll 
have another cutscene.

=Wake up=

After you'd wake up, go downstairs and talk to Miku to obtain some file 
materials {Yoshino Takigawa's Diary}, which will immediately send you back to 
night time. 

Save your game and go to bed (not you, Rei!).


Hour 2: Hazama No Ie (The Manor of Sleep)

[Room with Blind]

You'll be back in the room where you fought Yoshino. Pick up the <Four-Point 
Well Key> behind Rei, and leave the room. You'll encounter Yoshino again. After
you'd defeated her, leave the room for good. 

Run down the [Stairs Hallway] towards the end and follow the ghost descending 
the stairs. There'll be a ghost appearing on top of the stairs leading up. Take
a picture of the (=Man Upstairs=). 

Don't go up just yet, continue your way down the stairs at the far end. At the 
end of the path, you'll unlock the small door with the <Four-Point Well Key>.

[Stained Corridor]

Proceed through the door, and find the source of the 'blue buzz' in your 
filament. Take a picture of the hand to get another file photo. Go through 
the other small door in the area to get a Herbal medicine along the path down, 
but exit back the way you came, since you can't go any further from here. Exit 
through the 'normal' sized door, and you'll find yourself in a familiar place, 
which you'd been to in the prologue chapter.

[Grave Courtyard 1F]

Take a shot at the memorials to get a file photo. Check out the well to your 
right and you'll learn that it had dry up. Now enter your finder mode for a
quick snap of (=Lurking Woman=)

Go back the way you came from, the double doors are locked for now. 

Make your way back to the [Stained Corridor] and you'll encounter two (=Man in
White=). Defeat them to get the <Sleeping Stone (1)>, and exit the area.

[Stairs Hallway]

Now head up the stairs to the [Storage Room 3F], taking a picture of the 
(=Escaping Man=). Examine the shelf near the small door to get a Type-61 film.
Now solve the puzzle on the door (Solution: Refer to #PUZZLES)

[Grave Courtyard 3F]

Head off the walkway to your left to get the 'blue buzz' on your filament. 
Enter your finder mode and take the picture of the (=Inverted Woman=). This 
will be your first entry in your Ghost List.

Head back to the walkway and take the path to the right and enter through that 
small door. 

[Attic Room 3F]

Pick up the <Two Mandarins Key> and the <Evade> function. Of course, you won't 
get upgrades for free here, so you'll have to strike down a (=Man in White=) 
again. Return to the [Grave Courtyard 1F] and unlock the double doors. 

=Wake Up=

You're now awake, and you have some films to develop. Open the closet door in 
this very room to get a picture of "Girl In Closet" (Roflkaese stated that he
didn't get this one, so it might be only for the 2nd time game).

Go down stairs to answer the phone, and then proceed to the dark room to 
develop your photos. 

File Photo: {Courtyard Graves}
            {Stains on Wall}

Upon exiting the room, a shadowy form will appear in the [Altar Room] next to 
you, so take a pic of the (=Shadow Woman=) before she vanishes. Return to the 
2nd floor and enter the room at the corner of the corridor. 

This is [Miku's Room]. Examine her table to get some file materials:

{Yoshino Takigawa}
{Patient Disappears}

You'll also get a picture of her with Mafuyu. You'll be sent back to your room 
at night time after that. Go to [Miku's Room] and have her check on the two 
photos you'd developed.

You may want to save your game now, it's the end of Chapter 2.


You'll wake up in the [Round Window Foyer 1F], Manor of Sleep.

Hour 3: Shizu Me Uta (The Subduing Song)

Follow Yuu into the cross-shaped path [Bell Hallway], and you'll be ambushed by
an armed (=Man in White=). Defeat him and take the path where he came from. Go
through the door at the end of the path and you'll be in yet another familiar 
place from the prologue chapter. 

[Hall with Tatami]

Go down the small flight of stairs and take a picture of the (=Hand Sucked into
Floor=). Examine one of the cupboards by the door to find a Type-61 film. Head 
towards the double doors facing the Tatami and unlock it (but don't go through 

Also enter the 'room' with the doll and take a Type-14 film from the shelf. Now
head upstairs and take a sacred water from one of the shelves.

Return to the [Bell Hallway] and take the western path, which'll lead 
you to the [Projection Room]. Take a picture of the projector to get a file 

Examine the projector to view the film roll. A girl will appear behind you, so 
enter your finder mode and take a picture of the (=Girl in Back=). Explore the 
projector room and you'll find a Type-14 film and a scrapbook {Folklore Notes1}
as well as another camera upgrade, <Track>. Leave the projector through the 
other door.

[Barred Hallway (East)]

Take a picture of the (=Woman Past Bars=) through the fence, and continue down
the path, taking a left turn into the small opening where you can get a Herbal 
Medicine and a picture of (=Hidden Carpenters=), your second entry into the 
Ghost List. Exit the corridor through the door at the end. 

[Garden Corridor/Spirit Tree Garden]

Head towards the opposite side of the path and take a picture of the (=Hallway
Girl=). Of course, you'll also take a picture of the tree, which'll reveal a 
file photo for you. 

Now turn around and notice that Rei is looking down at someting. Examine the 
area hidden by the camera angle to get a Mirror Stone. Follow the path the girl
disappeared to, and take a picture of the small door to get a clue picture. 

(=Hammering Girls=)

Remember this girl in the photo? Yeah, you have to make your way back to the
[Corridor 2F]. You'll meet the (=Hidden Face Man=) on your way out of the path,
so be prepared!

After defeating him, it may be wise to save your game here. Instead of going
back the way you came from, exit the garden through the door facing the stairs.

[Closet Hallway]

In this area, check out the shelf next to the stairs to the 2nd floor to get 
the <Slow Lens>. A look at the shelf displaying a mask will get you a Type-61 
Film. Ignore the stairs and the small door, and unlock the door to the [Bell
Hallway]. Once you're back out at the [Grave Courtyard], go behind the 
memorials to get a picture of the (=Hiding Daughter=). 

When you'd reached the [Stairs Hallway], a ball will roll down from the 3rd 
floor. Go up and get another picture of (=Hiding Daughter=). Get to the room
where you fought Yoshino, and head towards the shelf where a lonely doll sits.
Enter your finder mode and wait for your picture of (=Crashing Woman=).

Go back down the stairs to the first floor (with the save point), and follow 
down the path. 

[Partitioned Room]

The (=Waiting Mother=) will appear, take a picture of her for a file photo.
Exit the room, and head for the [Hearth Room], the (=Wandering Mother=) will
appear, so take a snap of her, and proceed towards the door. 

[Hearth Room]

Head up to the 2nd floor and take a picture of the (=Hiding Daughter=) again, 
which'll get you a written note {Scrap of Paper}. This time though, she'll 
attack you (I'll be pissed too if someone takes a picture of me when I'm 

Proceed through the door to the [Corridor 2F] and find the peephole, now taking
another picture of the (=Impaling Girl=) to break the seal.

Head to the [Partitioned Room]. You'll be in a fight with the (=Wandering 
Mother=), which will provide you with a file photo. 

Make your way to the Garden via the double doors to the [Hall with Tatami], and
you'll have your first encounter with the (=Woman Brushing=).

[Spirit Tree Garden]

Take the right-sided path, where the unsealed door is. Enter and take a picture
of (=Doll Altar Girl=). You'll have a battle with her here after examining the 
altar for the <Bellflower Key> and tries to leave. 

Defeat the (=Priestess Girl=) for a file photo and a {Gray Diary}.

=Wake Up=


You'll have films to develop again, and you know where to go. 

=Miku's Folk Song=

Exit the living room and develop your films first, ignore the letters for now.

File Photos: {Skewered dolls}
             {Babe in arms?}
             {Mother and Daughter}
             {Shrine Maiden}
             {Old Projector}

When you're done, pick up the {Letter from Kei 3} near the entrance, a {Photo 
of Mio} and a {Tape"Manor of Sleep: A"}. You'll be sent back to your room (see 
why I told you to ignore those letters?). Listen to the tape.

Go to Miku's room and talk to her about her brother. When you exit the room,
you'll sense something evil. Re-enter Miku's room to get some file materials:

{Buried Mummies}
{Many Bones Found}
{Abandoned House}

Have her investigate the developed pictures after that. Exit and go to the 1st 
floor an you'll see legs under the stairs. You can't get a picture of them 
though. Return to your room, save your game and go to bed.


Hour 4: Maga Yume (The Evil Dream)

[Himuro Mansion]

As Miku, you'll find yourself back in the [Foyer] of the Himuro Mansion. Go 
behind those shades to get a herbal medicine. There's a save point here too.
Now enter the door next to the save point.

[Rope Hallway]

Go down the hallway and you'll get the Camera Obscura for Miku. Now go through 
the door to your left and take the Type-61 film in front of you when you in the
room. Go to the other end of the room and examine the door. It seemed that you
can't open it now, so backtrack, and you'll face the (=Hidden Face Man=). 

Defeat him to obtain the <Simulacrum mask> and a <Sacred Stone>. 

Return to the [Foyer], and take a picture of the double doors to get a photo of
(=Cloth on Pedestal=)

Use the mask on the door etched with a symbol to enter the [Preserve Room].
Upon crossing the second wooden plank, the (=Woman Brushing=) will appear. 
Defeat her to get <Twilight stone>, which you'll use on the small door at the 
end of your path here. Solve the puzzle to unlock the door. 

(Solution: Refer to #PUZZLES)

[Confinement Room]

Take a picture of the (=Girl Beyond Bars=), and enter the 'cage', taking a 
{Crimson Diary} where the ghost appeared. 

Now go through the rocky door to enter the [Rope Palace] area.


Defeat the (=Rope Priestess=) to break the seal to the double doors(your exit).

Return to the [Foyer] and try to leave via the main entrance and a girl will 
point at the direction where you SHOULD be going...

Walk down the [Rope Hallway] again and take a picture of (=Beckoning Girl=).
Follow her. In this familiar corridor, take a turn and you'll see her again. 
Take another picture of the (=Beckoning Girl=), and before you follow her, go
to the spot where you first took a picture of the (=Hand sucked into Hole=) and
you'll see it's version 2, (=Hand from Hole=). Now follow the beckoning girl.

[Blind Room]

Explore this floor of the room (You don't need to go up to the 2nd floor yet) 
and you'll get a Herbal medicine, and take a photo of the (=Girl at Door=) when
you get to the stairs leading down. Proceed through that door to end this 
adventure...for now.

=Wake up=


Go to the kitchen's window and get a {Letter from Kei 4}. Go back to the 2nd 
floor and talk to Miku in her room for a {Photo of Kei}, and be sent back to
your room at night. Save the game and go to bed.


Hour 5: Kami Kakushi (Vanishing)

[Barred Hallway (West)]

You're now playing Kei, who'd just hid himself from the tattooed woman. Head 
out of the small hiding place and take a picture of the (=Tattooed Priestess=).
Instead of following her, take a right towards the stairs and you'll spot a 
familiar person walking away.

A check on the door where she might have gone through tells you that you'll 
need a <Butterfly Key> to unlock it. Go up to the 2nd floor and open the 
double doors at the end to get a herbal medicine. 

Enter the only door on this floor to the [Kimono Room] and pick up the 
{Purple Diary 1} from the cushion. Check on the other door by the kimonos to 
know that you'll also need to find a <Holly Haipin>. Now the (=Woman Brushing=)
will appear at the dressing table, but don't panic, wait till she'd fly away 
(even when you can move already) far enough for you to examine the dressing 
table and get the <Holly Hairpin>. 

[Closet Hallway]

After you'd unlocked the appropriate door, go down to the 1st floor towards the
[Bell Hallway]. Run down to the [Round Window Foyer 1F] and you'll see a hiding
You'll be doing the same later on. Try to run to the double doors and the 
(=Tattoed Priestess=) will appear. Hide where the ghost was hiding and wait for
her to finish her patrol and take the eastern path when she's out. 

[Hall with Tatami]

In this room walk a few steps forward and you'll see a ghost going up the 
stairs. Get a clear view of her from the lower floor through the broken rails 
and snap a photo of the (=Secretive Old Woman=). Go up and take the path by the
broken rails. 

Hide when the (=Kuze Family Head=)starts moving. When she's far enough from 
where you took a photo of her, examine the shelf she was looking at to get 
your Camera Obscura, a <Slow Lens> and a {Folklore Notes}. 

You can't hurt her, so run to the first floor and go to the end of the 
corridor. It's locked with a seal, take a picture of it to find out where you 
should be going next.

{Mirror Stand}

It's the dressing table in the kimono room. 

[Kimono Room 2F]

When you're back at the Kimono room, take a picture of the (=Woman Brushing=) 
and you'll somehow piss her off. Defeat her and return to the sealed door. Once
you're in the [Hall with Tatami], it's strike three and the (=Man in whites=) 
are out to get you. Get yourself some points to upgrade your camera.

When you're back on your way to the now unsealed door, you'll see the 
(=Disappearing Man=) walking towards it. Take his picture and follow him into 
the room. 

[Blind Room] 

Get the herbal medicine from the same place, and head up to the 2nd floor. 
Examining some bookshelves here will get you {Impalement Tome} and {Taboo Tome}
Also, pick up the {Film "Piercing Soul"}.

Now check on the smaller shelf to push it away. Examine the shelf with the 
candles to get the <Butterfly key>. You don't need to go up the stairs, just 
find your way back to where you're supposed to use the key.

Just when you're about to leave, the (=Kuze Family Head=) is going up the 
stairs! Hide somewhere and make a dash for it when it's clear for you. Head
to the [Projection Room] and take a picture on the screen for a filler in the 
Ghost List, (=Projector Woman=). Take a moment and play the film you picked up.

[Barred Hallway (West)]

Once you'd unlock the door with the <Butterfly Key>, pick up the <Pressure 
Lens> on the cushion and head towards the left (don't go through that opened 
door yet!). Examine the barrels in the small opening of the corridor to get a 
<Stone Mirror>.

Now go to the opened doorway and take a picture of (=Mio Amakura=) through the
wooden gate and then check on the door.

=Wake up=

You're back in Rei's room. If you go downstairs to the couch, you'll get to see
a pair of legs on the 2nd floor.

Go to Yuu's room and check the desk and the bookshelf for:

{Letter From Kei 5}
{The "Spirit World"}
{Tape"Manor of Sleep: B"}
{Tape"The Same Dream 1"}

Investigate the closet for a cutscene with a reference to Ju-On.

=The Radio in the Attic=

=Wake up, again?=

Go find and talk to Miku to get her do some investigation work.

Enter Yuu's room, go to the attic and take a picture of the opening to your 
left for a picture of (=Kiriko Asanuma=) to get her in your Ghost List. Get 
the <Spirit Stone Radio> you saw in Rei's dream earlier, and a {Radio 
Transmissions} file for it. Exit the attic.

You'll be back in your room at night. 

Save the game and prepare for chapter 6. Go to bed.


Hour 6: Imibashira (The Sacrificial Pillar)

[Doll Altar East 1F]

You're back as Rei. Leave the room and proceed to the [Spirit Tree Garden]. 
You'll see Yuu again, so follow him and take a picture of the door {Four 
Shadows} to reveal what your next objective is: Hunt down the 4 (=Man in 

Proceed to the western path and the (=Man at the Spirit Tree=) will appear 
talking by the tree. Take his picture for a file photo. Now, go through the 
door facing the Spirit Tree.

[Closet Hallway 1F]

There're blood trails, so follow them, and take the picture of (=Man in 
Dresser=), and pick up the {Film"Sacrificial Pillars"}. If you go up to the
[Kimono Room], you'll see (=Woman Brushing=) at the cushion where you picked
up her diary. Take a picture of her for a surprise.

Go to the [Bell Hallway], and you'll see a ghost running away towards the 
eastern path. Follow him and examine the door. You'll hear sounds, but you 
can't enter the room. Head into the [Projection Room to view the new film.

Now make it to the [Grave Courtyard 1F], and take a picture of (=Girl on roof=)
when you're there. Proceed onwards to [Stairs Hallway 1F], and you'll face the 
first (=Engraved Man=) of the list. Defeat him to get {Moriya Tome} and break a

Now continue on towards the [Partitioned Room]. It seemed someone had occupied 
one of the 'rooms'. Picked up the Type-14 film on the floor and proceed to take
a file picture {Crouching Woman} of the door.

(NOTE: You must get this picture if you wanted to get the <Notched Arrow Key>!)

Head to the [Foyer] towards the exit and you'll encounter the second (=Engraved
Man=) to break the seal, and get {Moriya Tome 4} after you defeat him. Go to 
the [Hearth Room].

[Hearth Room]

Head towards the ladder via the center and get the picture of (=Girl atop 
Ladder=). Unlock the door with the <Bellflower Key>, and a picture of the 
(=Peeking Girl=) once you'd entered. Pick up the <Sleeping Stone "3"> on the
table as well as the <Blast Lens>.

Examine the shelves near the table to get a Type-90 film. Take a peek through 
the hole on the floor and enter your finder mode to take Ghost List picture of
(=Summoned Men=). Next, go down the stairs in the room and take the Type-14 

Backtrack to the [Foyer] and take the picture of the (=Woman in Floor=) when 
she appears in the hole while you're going back to the left path. When you get
to the [Stairs Hallway], be sure to enter the small room hidden from the field
camera under the stairs leading up to the 3F (it's not on the map either!).

Return to the [Kimono Room], and go through the small door by the short flight
of stairs leading up.

[Round Window Foyer 2F]

Walk down the path and take a picture of the wooden box to your left for the 
Ghost List's (=Reika Yakishiro=). Continue on your path and defeat the 
(=Priestess Girl=) to get <Sleeping Stone "2">. Solve the puzzle at the end of
the path. (Solution: Refer to #PUZZLES)

[Wooden Figure Room 2F]

Pick up the {Film"Commandment"} in the room. Peek through the hole and take a 
picture of the (=Ceremony Woman=). Exit the area, and return to the [Bell 
Hallway]. You'll encounter 2 (=Man in Whites=) in the junction. Go and view the
Film roll in the [Projection Room] first, and then return to the eastern path 
of the [Bell Hallway].

[Hall with Tatami]

Once inside, the clock strikes 4 and you'll fight the third (=Engraved Man=). 
Another seal will be broken, and there's only one left. After acquiring {Moriya
Tome 1}, you're also awarded with the <Flash> function.

Do you remember that Miku had already crossed path to the House of Sleep? Well,
now as Rei you can go to the Himuro Mansion, so make your way down the corridor
in this hall (towards the door which Miku went through to get to the Manor of 

When you make a right turn towards the door leading to Himuro, turn around and
aim your viewfinder up for your 7th Ghost List member, (=Tengai Narumi=). Now 
get back on your trail.

[Rope Hallway]

Head down the path facing the mirror and then aim up at the lump hanging high 
above you when you feel the buzz. It's (=Beam Woman=) on the list!

Now head on to the [Great Hall] where you fought the (=Family Master=) back in
the first game, and solve the puzzle on the door at the other end. 
(Solution: Refer to #PUZZLES)

[Futon Room]

Once inside, you'll be fighting the last (=Engrave Man=) and 2 (Man in White=).
Defeat the (=Engraved Man=) to end the battle at once, or you can kill off his 
minions first for more points. After obtaining the {Moriya Tome 3}, examine one
of the shelves to get a vial of sacred water. 

Run all the way back to the [Spirit Tree Garden] and try to enter through the 
now unsealed double doors.

=Wake up=

It seemed that you have undeveloped photos, and a phonecall to answer. When you
get to the doorway of the bathroom, you'll have an unfamiliar camera angle. 
Enter the bathroom and immediately enter finder mode to automatically turn and 
take the picture of the (=Peeper*=). Now go and develop your films. Once you'd 
reached the sink, the (=Woman on Feet=) appears. Take her picture. 

File Photos: {Crouching Woman}
             {Men in White}

Although you may have photos to be analyzed, Miku is still sleeping right now,
so it's bed time for you too. 

Save the game if you want to.


Hour 7: Fugoku (The Hanging Prison)

[Tattoo Altar]

We're back with Miku. Take a picture of the wall nearby to get a file photo.
Examine the altar to get a clue on what to do next. You're to find 4 orbs to
fit in the slots. Pickup the {Blue Diary} on the floor.

*[3F] had Type 90 Film* Upon exiting the [Tattoo Altar] and up the small flight
of stairs, take a picture of (=Girl in the Blind=).

Go to the [Hall with Tatami] and the game will tell you where to go. Crawl 
into the hole and pickup the <Double> Special ability. Proceed through the 
hole, and you'll fight (=Crawling Woman=). Defeating her gets you another file

At the end of the path, you'll exit into the [Doll Altar West]. Grab the 
<Purity Stone L Blue> and {Green Diary} from the altar and fight the 
(=Priestess Girl=). Exit up the ladder, and you'll be in a small pathway. 

[Under the Floor B1]

Head towards the screen and aim at a pillar nearby for (=Man Under Floor=) for
the Ghost List. Go up the ladder at the end of the path.

[Wooden Figure Room 1F]

Take a picture of the two statues to get another file photo. Exit the room 
through the door.

[Barred Hallway (West)]

You'll be face to face with the (=Blinded woman=) defeat her and proceed down 
the corridor, and take a picture where snow pours in from outside for the 
(=Child in the Snow=). 

Pick up the {Purple Diary 2} on the dressing table in the [Kimono room]. Go to
the [Garden Corridor] area and enter [Doll Altar East].

Pick up the <Purity Stone Green> and exit the room. Go to the western path and
you'll see that [Doll Altar West] is sealed. Take a picture to find where you 
should be going. Looks like a view from the [Wooden Figure Room 2F].

Before you go there, head to the [Stained Corridor]. Check the map, and head 
for the door leading to the set of stairs. Go down to yet another crawling 
space and you'd guessed it, another encounter with the (=Crawling Woman=). 

Pick up the Stone Mirror in the area, and at the end of the path, you'll find
yourself in the [Doll Altar South B1]. Pickup the <Purity Stone Red> and 
{Blue Diary 1} from the altar. Leave the room through the other door to find 
yourself in a much familiar staircase.

[Grand Staircase]

Go up to the 3rd floor (2nd floor is not accessible right now) and you'll be 
fighting 2 (=Priestess Girls=). Exit to the [Hearth Room] and go through the 
double doors to the [Hall with Tatami].

It's a long way back to the [Kimono room], and once you're there, proceed to 
the small door that leads to the [Wooden Figure Room 2F]. Take another shot at 
the (=Ceremony Woman=) to break the seal. Go back to the now unsealed 
[Doll Altar West] to get your final <Purity Stone Blue> and {Red Diary 1}. 

Now head back to the [Blind Room] via the [Bell Hallway] (the shorter route is
not available right now). The moment you reached the stairs that leads to the 
[Tattoo Altar], a ghost will appear. Turn around and take the picture of the 
(=Girl in the Blind=). 

Enter the [Tattoo Altar] and use the <Purity Stones> on the altar. 
(Solution: Refer to #PUZZLES)

=Going up=

Done? Try to exit the room to find the door is now locked! Battle with the 
(=Kuze Family Head=) here. Upon her defeat you'll exit the dream world.

=Wake up=

You have some undeveloped films.

{Ceremony Room Buddha}
{The altar tattoo}
{Crawling woman}

After you're finished with them, talk to Miku and you'll be back at day time. 
Talk to Miku again downstairs to get {Legend of Song 1}.

Check the kitchen's window for {Letter from Kei 6} and 2 cassette tapes:

{Tape"The Same Dream 2"}
{Tape"The Same Dream 3"}

Listen to the tapes (or just play and cancel) to get to night time. 

Save the game and go to bed.


Hour 8: Utsuro Yume (The Vacant Dream)

[Confinement Room]

You are back as Kei, and you're supposed to find the <Light Key> and <Shadow 
Key> to get to Mio. Take a picture of Mio for a file photo. 

Take the door to Kei's left to enter the [Great Hall]. Check the closet to 
Kei's left to get a file photo of the (=Worn-out Man=). Continue on to the 
other door in the hall and take a picture of both (=Twins at Hearth=) when they
appear. Pick up the Type-14 film behind the folding screen and exit the room. 

[Hearth Room]

Follow the Crimson Butterfly, and try to head up to the hearth, and quickly
take the picture of (=2nd Floor Twins=) when they appear on the second floor.
Pick up the {Red Notebook Part1} near the hearth, and before you follow them,
enter the room facing the hearth. 


Pick up the {Red Notebook Part2} on the shelf and the save the game just in 
case you miss the next ghost picture.

Pick up the <Ginger Key> near the boxes in the same room. The (=Woman Beyond 
Bars=) appears outside, so quickly take a snapshot of her. In case you failed,
you can always reload ^_^.

When you exit the room, run up to the 2nd floor and use the <Ginger Key> you 
just found to unlock the door. Enter the room and take the file photo of the 
(=Twin Maidens=). Pickup the <Sunlight Key> and <Shadow Key> from both small 

The (=Girl Beyond Bars=) will appear to your left after you get the keys, so be
sure to get her before she gets away. Examine the shelves beside the door to 
get a sacred water. You don't need to explore this place any further, so return
to Mio. 

[Great Hall]

When you tried to exit the bloodstained room, you'll be introduced to the 
(=Rope Man=). You can't attack him yet, so evade all his attacks until a 
Crimson Butterfly appears, indicating that the door is now unlocked.

[Confinement Room]

Use the keys on the locks, and you'll get the <Pinwheel Key> when you approach
the small desk, as well as the <Zero Lens>. Examine thew shelves to get:

{Crimson Sacrifice}
{Twin Shrine Maidens}

Exit, and now head out of the room through the semi-opened door and head down 
the corridor, where the butterfly leads you. 

[Storehouse Hallway B1]

Use the <Pinwheel Key> at the end of the path and solve the puzzle.
(Solution: Refer to #PUZZLES)

Run down the path to the double doors, and in the next room take a picture of 
the (=Wedge Man=) above the altar. Check on the double doors Mio ran to and 
you'll be in a battle with the (=Rope Man=). This time, show him who's the man.

Leave the room back the way you came from, and you'll have another encounter
with the (=Rope Man=). Run away, as you can't attack him here. He can go 
through the door now, so continue your escape until a crimson butterfly 
appears, and head towards the door.

=Wake Up=

There is a phonecall for you. You'll be transported to nightime after answering
the call and a cutscene will follow.

=Shower 2=

Develop your films after the cutscene:

{Wounded Man}
{Standing Girl}
{Seated Twins}

Return to talk to Miku in her room. Return to your room after giving Miku the 
photos and take the picture of the (=Hand Under Bed=). 

Save the game and go to bed. 


Hour 9: Hakai (The Unleashing)

You'll find yourself in the [Hanging Prison], exit the prison and the room 
through the only path available for the moment, and you'll automatically be 
sent to the [Garden Corridor]. 

Go past both the eastern/western paths to get the pictures of both (=Bowing
Girls=). Proceed to the double doors next to the save point (you can't save
right now though).

You'll be back out of the black and white scenario, and will be facing the 
(=Hidden Face Man=). Defeat him to get a clue where you should be going next.
In case you forgot where that is, it's the [Stained Corridor]. When you get to
the [Round Window Foyer] aim up upon reaching the double doors and get 
(=Handmaiden <Hisame>=) into your Ghost List.

[Stained Corridor]

Once there, take the right sided path and take a picture of the (=Disappearing 
Man=) when you get to the corner. Enter the room in the center of the area, and
take a picture of the (=Determined Man=) to break a seal. Check the floor in 
front of the 'body' to get a {Map with a Mark} and the <Switch> function.

Now you can have a chance to get the <Measure> function. To get it, return to
the [Foyer] where you first started the game in Hour 1, obtaining a shot of the
(=Distressed Woman=) along the way in the [Partitioned Room]. 


Defeat (=Stroller Grandma=) to get the <Notched Arrow Key>, which you'll use to
unlock the door beside the exit. 

[Secret Passage]

Walk down that path, picking up the <Stone Mirror> in the way, and exit through
the door. You'll find yourself in the [Partitioned Room]. In case you didn't 
get (=Distressed Woman=) earlier, you can get it here again. Move towards her 
to start the battle.

Defeat Yoshino to get the <Measure> function and {Yoshino's Photo}.

Run all the way back to the double doors in the [Garden Corridor] via the 
[Hearth Room], and fight the (=Hidden Face Man=) again. Go through the double 
doors to get into a black and white scenario again. 

[Shrine Courtyard]

Walk forward a bit down the stairs and when you see your filament appears, 
enter finder mode and take a picture of the 2 (=Woman at Shrine=) by the 
structure in front. Walk towards them and you'll be back on your bed.

=Wake up=

Answer the phone downstairs, after the call ended, walk away from it and then 
answer the other call. You'll be back in your room at night. 

Head to the bathroom for a picture of (=Woman in Mirror=).

so go to bed.


Hour 10: Shikon no Gi (The Piercing of Soul)

[Barred Hallway (West)]

You're Kei again. Head to the stairs and take a picture of (=Door Woman=). 
Enter the kimono room and take a picture of (=Crying Woman=). Get close and 
you'll be in a battle. Defeat her to get the <Dianthus Key>. 

Go down to the 1st floor of the [Closet Hallway], and use the key on the small
door. Take a picture of the well for a file photo. Pick up the <Stone Mirror> 
and exit the room.

*NOTE: You MUST get this photo if you want the alternate ending in your 2nd 


You now have 2 choices for the game's ending (2nd playthrough only). Go to the:

A) Double doors where Rei had been for the Normal Ending (Read Below)
B) Stairs Hallway for the Alternate ending (Read in Extras)

When you get to the [Garden Corridor], take the left sided path towards the 
double doors so you can get the picture of the (=Corridor Woman=).  

[Shrine Courtyard]

Walk forward and take a picture of the (=Man on Roof=). Then take a photo of 
the collapsed structure to your right for a picture of (=Battered Man=). Now
unlock the door to the building on the NorthWest.

[Book Storeroom]

Inside, take a picture of the broken stairs for a Ghost List photo of (=Crushed
Woman=) and try to continue on your path. Take a picture of (=Peering Girl=) 
when she appears. Pick up the <Pinwheel Key> and head to the [Hearth Room], 
following the Crimson Butterfly from the [Dirt Floor Hallway]. Take a picture 
of (=???=).

Head to the 2nd floor of the area, where you picked up the light and shadow 

[Twin's Room]

Take a picture of (=Twins' Ceremony=), and when you walk past a shelf, a body
appears out of nowhere sitting on it. Take the Ghost List entry  for (=Binding
Man=). Solve the puzzle in the room. (Solution: Refer to #PUZZLES)

[Book Storeroom]

Examine the shelves for: 

{The Unleashing Tome}
{Mirror of Loss Tome}
{Purifying Light Tome}
{The Tearing Tome}
{Rite of Purple Ink Tome}

Head up to the upper floor. Take a picture of the (=Attic Woman=) when she 
appears beside you. Take a picture of the (=Hiding Girl=) behind the screen for
a file photo. You'll get a <Purifying Light> to recover from the black and 
white settings.

Check the shelf beside the screen for a Type-90 film and exit the room to the 
roof. Walk forward and take a picture of (=Man on roof=), and then jump across.

Look down towards the double doors below you for (=Funeral Procession=) on the 
Ghost List. 

NOTE: There's a buzz when you walk halfway down the path, but I can't find the
      source which disappear after a short while, any ideas?

Get inside the [Attic Room] and check the boxes for a type-90 film. The 
bookshelf had a {Film"Abyss"}.

[Engraving Shrine]

Go down the stairs and walk the planks to get a <Stone Mirror>, a <Purifying 
Light> and a <Sacred Water>. Go down the ladder and pick up the {Piercing of 
the Soul Tome} on the cushion. Defeat the 2 (=Needle Woman=) here, and pick up 
a Type-61 film at the corner of the room.

Leave the room through the double doors and the dream will end.

=Wake up=

You have some undeveloped photos. Miku will give files from the photos you gave

{The Crawling Woman}
{Missing in Minakami}
{Twin Deification}
{Shrine Carpenters}
{Tattoo Folklore}

After she's done, proceed to the dark room. 

{Hiding Girl}
{Woman at Well}

You'll be sent back to your room at night time. Go down to the first floor to 
talk to Miku. Go to bed after that.


Hour 11: Tsui no Michi (The Last Passage)

[Tattoo Altar]

You're back as Miku. Get out of the room and enter the blinds to get a 
{Calico Notebook 1} on the desk. Head to the stairs to take a picture of (=2nd
Floor Man=). Follow him. 

Take a picture of the shelf with the candles to know where you'll be going 
next. It's the room where you find the (=Hiding Girl=) behind the screen. Head
to the door at the corner that leads directly to the Garden area. 

(NOTE: Extra Ghost in 2nd Playthrough)

[Garden Corridor]

Get to the double doors to the [Shrine Courtyard], pick up a herbal medicine on
the right and the <Sacred Water> near the building on the left. Enter the 
North-Western building and head up to the upper floor, finding your way to the
[Book Storeroom]. Take a picture of the (=Screen Girl=) again, and pick up the
{Commandment Tome}. Exit the are back the way you came (you can't jump across
roofs as Miku), and you'll be facing the (=Rope Man=) in the [Hearth Room].
You can either fight or outrun him.

When you get to the [Shrine Courtyard], take a picture of the fenced structure
on the left side of your screen for the (=Burdened Man=).

Return to the shelf with the candles and use the {Commandment Tome} there. Go 
up the ladder and head into the next room.

[Flickering Hallway]

Take a picture of the (=Woman in Dark=) when you walk down the center row, and
try to get to the room with the hanging prison. You'll be attacked by the 
(=Needle Woman=), so defeat her first.

[Hanging Prison]

Pick up the <Mirror of Loss> and a {Tattooed Diary 1} in the prison, and then 
take a picture of (=Girl Near Prison=). Go through the double doors to the 
[Kimono Room] and walk down the stairs, taking a picture of the (=Girl in 
Back=) when she appears. 

Return to the [Spirit Tree Garden] and take a picture of the 2 (=Courtyard 
Girl=) when they appear. Take the right-sided path and take another picture of
the (=Courtyard Girls=) when you get to the corner. Get through the double 

[Courtyard Shrine]

Head straight to the [Engraving Shrine], and before you enter, look right in
finder mode and snap (=Kaname Ototsuki=) for the Ghost List.

[Engraving Shrine]

Take a picture of the (=Praying Senior=) and then defeat the (=Kuze Family 
Head=) and use the <Mirror of Loss> on the altar. Enter the blinds and pick up
the type-90 film on the floor. Go through the door and take a picture of 
(=Receding Woman=). There's a save point here.


Go down the spiral staircase in this area and take a picture of the (=Girl in 
Abyss=) at the bottom. Get close to her and you'll face 3 (=Priestess Girls=) 
here. Defeat them and enter through the giant door. 

Walk to the other end of the bridge and examine the door to wake up.

=Wake up=

As Rei, go check on Miku.


You might want to go into Yuu's Room for some files:

{Land Surveyors Missing}
{The Manor of Sleep}
{Skewered Dolls}
{Rituals and Statues}
{Carpenters Spirited Away}

Go back to bed, and you'll be back at the Himuro Mansion's [Foyer] as Miku. 
Take the route to the right, and get a picture of (=Dangling Hand=). 

In the [confinement Room (Himuro)], before you enter the next area, go to the
opening between the door leading to the [Rope Palace] and the cell for a photo
of (=Kizuna Himuro=) on the Ghost List. This opening should be the upper tip of 
the "C" in the map.

[Rope Palace]

Proceed to defeat (=Rope Priestess=), and then follow Mafuyu to the double 
doors to a series of cutscenes.

=Don't leave me!=

=Wake up, Miku's doomed!=

=Kei's arrival=

=We're going to die, aren't we?=

=Investigation continues=

After the cutscenes, talk to Kei for:

{Commandment Tome}
{Legend of Song 2}

You can talk to Kei again to give him the picture of Mio/Mayu you took. Go into
Yuu's room and pick up:

{Old Tape"Sleeping Priestess"}
{The Sleeping Priestess}

Return and talk to Kei to get to night time. Listen to the tape and go to bed.


Hour 12: Kai no Gi (The Ceremony of Commandment)

[Shrine Courtyard]

As Kei, now find your way to all 4 [Doll Altars] in the Manor of Sleep.
When you get out to the [Garden Corridor] the (=Tattooed Priestess=) will
appear walking away. Ignore her, as taking a picture of her will make her go 
after you.


Head to [Doll Altar North 1F] first, this also means you'll have to race with
(=Tattooed Priestess=)

(Solution: Refer to #PUZZLES)

Obtain <Tattooed Snake 1>, exit the room.


Head to [Doll Altar East 1F]

(Solution: Refer to #PUZZLES)

Get the <Tattooed Snake 2>.

The door's lock until you enter finder mode to defeat the (=Priestess Girl=), 
and get the <Blow Lens>. Exit and go through the [Blind Room], making your way
towards the [Hall with Tatami] which'll lead you to the [Hearth Room]. Enter 
finder mode and take a few steps forward for (=Makie Kuzuhara/Kozue=), #1 on 
the Ghost List.


Climb up the ladder to the [Tatami Loft] and go down the [Grand Staircase] so
you can get into [Doll Altar South]

(Solution: Refer to #PUZZLES)

Obtain <Tattooed Snake 3>.

Now get to [Barred Hallway (West)] via [Kimono Room] where you'll get into a
fight with the (=Woman Brushing=). Defeat her to get {Purple Diary 3}. 


[Barred Hallway (West) 2F)]

Open the closet by the Kimono Room (where there's always a herbal medicine) to 
get a picture of (=Closet Child=).

[Doll Altar West]

(Solution: Refer to #PUZZLES)

Obtain <Tattooed Snake 4>

You'll have an encounter with (=Needle Woman=) upon exiting the [Wooden Figure 


After you'd all 4, return to the [Engraving Shrine] where you placed the 
<Mirror of Loss> as Miku, and proceed to the [Abyss]. 

Defeat the (=Kuze Family Head=) at the bottom and proceed through the door.

[Abyss of the Horizon]
Run halfway towards the shrine in front and then walk the remaining path in 
finder mode. Catch (=Impaled Priestess=) on the door for the Ghost List. Now
get near the door.

=The Cursed Shrine=

=Wake up=

Go down to look for Kei. Examine his briefcase to get {Kei's Research Notes}, 
and  {Old Tape"Ototsuki"}.

You'll be back in your room. Listen to the tape, then pick up the Spirit Stone
Radio off the desk. Go to Miku's room and examine the area around the desk to
reveal a ladder. 

Head up the ladder, and take the picture of (=Attic Woman=) and get the 
<Echo Stone Earring>, {"The Other World"}, and {Film"Ototsuki"}.

=Shower 3=

Return to your room and take the picture of (=Girl Under Desk=). Save the game
and go to bed.


Follow Yuu into the House of Sleep.


Hour 13: Shisei no Koe (Calling of the Tattoo)

Find the broken mirror pieces by following the voices (if you had subtitles on,
they will get clearer when you're close). All doors are unlocked by now.

Recommended Locations Order:

- Projection Room <Mirror Fragment 5>
- Spirit Tree Garden. <Mirror Fragment 1>
- Blind Room 1F <Mirror Fragment 3>
- Hanging Prison (via Kimono Room) <Mirror Fragment 2>, <Pierce Lens>
- Wooden Figure Room 1F (get (=Praying=) first on the altar).

After you had all 5, you'll get {Tattooed Diary 2} and be back at the Garden. 
Enter through the double doors, and head towards the [Engraving shrine]. Take
a picture of (=Shrine Woman=) at the entrance.

[Engraving Shrine]

Once inside, take a picture of (=Woman in Blind=). 

You'll fight the (=Kuze Family Head=) here. After the battle, use the 
mirror on the altar. Go behind the blinds to the double doors. 

[Last Passage]

There's a save point here. Open the doors to the next area, which is a bridge.


Final Chapter: Hate No Wachi (The Abyss of the Horizon)

Take a picture of (=Woman in Shrine=) when she appears, and take the Type-14 
film and a sacred water from the shrine. 


In the next area, you'll be in a black and white settings, run towards the cage
and turn around, taking a picture of the two (=Beckoning Woman=) in one go. 
Examine the cage for a cutscene.


Walk towards the spiral staircase, and when your filament appears, enter finder
mode and look down into the abyss for (=Abyss Dead=) in the Ghost List.

Go down the spiral staircase. You'll face the (=Girl Priestess=) when you walk 
the planks. At the bottom, pick up the {Tattooed Diary 3} near the cage. 

Save the game and proceed through the double doors. You'll be fighting the boss
soon. Pick up the Type-14 film and a sacred water in the next area. At the end
of the path, take a picture of (=???=) at the door when you regain control, or
else she'll disappear.

Follow her. Head towards the building in front for a cutscene.

=The Grudge=

Defeat the (=Tattooed Priestess=) for your ending sequence. 

=Towards the Sea of Souls=


Congratulations! This First-Timer Walkthrough would get you 23/33 of the
Ghost List.

*Extra Mode
*Ghost List Expanded
*Mission Mode
*Gallery Mode
*Costume Option
*New Difficulty
*Ending 1 accessible in Extra Mode

Also, if you took all the ghost pictures I had listed in this FAQ, you'll
already have 179/217 of the final list. Be happy!


2nd Playthrough Additional Ghosts:

(=Peeking Girl=)  : She'll appear for a brief moment, so snap her picture 
                    BEFORE the (=Impaling Girl=).

(=Girl In Closet=): Open your closet at night at the end of Hour 1.

(=Girl at Door=)  :At the beginning of Hour 11 after you'd taken the photo that
                   leads you to the (=Hiding Girl=), head to the door at the 
                   corner of the [Blind Room] that leads directly to the Garden

(=Praying=)       :In Hour 13, get it on the Altar before picking up <Mirror 
                   Fragment 4>.



Alternate Ending (NOTE: Must be on Second Playthrough)

When you're in Chapter 10 and after you'd taken the picture of the well in the
room which you'd used the Dianthus Key to unlocked, go to the Stairs Hallway 2F
and push the shelf at the end to access the door. Walk the roof to the other 

[Closed Tatami Room]
Before picking up the item, enter your viewfinder mode and take a picture of
the small dressing table for (=Kyoka Kuze=) in the list.

Pick up the {Purple Diary 4} on the floor in the room, and quickly take the 
picture of the (=Crying Woman=). Examine the shelf nearby for a Type-00 film.
Examine the trapdoor to open it and go down the ladder. 

[Hearth Room]

You'll encounter the (=Woman Brushing=) in the hearth area where you first 
fought (=Wandering Mother/Daughter=) as Rei. 

After the battle, you'll get a <Holly key> and the <Pierce> lens. Return to 
the [Kimono Room] to unlock the drawer of the dressing table, where you'll get 
a {Diary} and a photo of *shock!* a man who looked like Kei, and finally an 

Complete the whole game as you normal do and you'll get the alternate ending.

NOTE: If you're expecting an all new cutscene, you'll be dissapointed. The 
      alternate ending only appears during the credits as static pictures.

Costumes & Accessories (See #COSTUMES)

- Promotional Arts Gallery - 5000pts
- Promotional Movie        - 5000pts

Camera Lenses and Upgrades

- Minus (??)    - 30000pts
- Serial        - 30000pts
- Seal          - 15000pts

- Infinity      - 100000pts
- Sense         -   5000pts
- Accumulate    -  10000pts
- Ritual        - 100000pts


Section dedicated for lazy bums and those who went dry of brain fluids ^_^
Here you'll find all the answers to the puzzles (Normal Difficulty for the 
moment, will check if puzzles are changed in higher difs later).

Numbered Stones:

The puzzles objective is to move all stones so that the numbers decrease to
Zero, where they'll get stuck in place.

Constellation Stones:

The puzzle objective is to move each stone piece to match its designated place.
They can only be move using the available routes (highlighted in white).


The puzzles objective is to spin the wheels so that the color of each tip match
the 4 tips of the center wheel.

Purity Stones:

The puzzle's objective is to arrange the stones in order so "The Sleeping 
Priestess" lullaby is played correctly.

Altar Candles:

The puzzles objective is to cause the indicator arrow in the center of the 
board to have no elongated shadow. For the solutions below, lit/unlit the
candles marked with the "X".



Hour2, Storage Room 3F Numbered Stones:
Move "1" Left
Move "2" Down twice
Move "3" Until it expires

Hour 4, Preserve Room Constellation Stones:
1- Move upper  right  Stone
2- Move bottom center stone
3- Move upper  left   stone
4- Move lower  left   stone
5- Move lower  right  stone
6- Move bottom center stone

Hour 6 Round Window Foyer 2F Numbered Stones:
Move       "3" Down and Left.
Move       "3" Right.
Move lower "2" Up and Right.
Move       "1" Left.
Move Upper "2" Left and Down.

Hour 6 Himuro Mansion Great Hall Numbered Stones:
Move Center    "2" Right, Up.
Move NorthWest "3" Right, Down, Right.
Move West      "3" Right, Up, Left.
Move South     "2" up, Up.
Move SouthWest "3" Right, Up, Left.
Move SouthEast "2" until it expires.

Hour 7 Tattoo Altar Purity Stones:
L Blue-> Yellow-> Red-> Blue

Hour 8 All God's Village Storehouse Hallway B1 Pinwheel:
Top Left    - Two times.
Bottom Left - One time.
Top Right   - One time.

Hour 10 Twins' Room Pinwheel:
Solution: Top Left     - 2 times
          Bottom right - 2 times
          Top Right    - 1 time

Hour 12 Doll Altar East 1F Candles (Select the "X"):

 X   O
O  O  X
 O   X

Hour 12 Doll Altar North Candles (Select the "X"):
 O   X
O  X  X
 X   X

Hour 12 Doll Altar West Puzzle (Select the "X"):

   O          X
 O   O      O   O
O  O  X    O  O  O
 O   O      X   X
   O          O

Hour 12 Doll Altar South Puzzle (Select the "X"):

 O   O
O  X  O
 X   X



- (Default)
- Black Yukata        -  5000pts (Beat the game once)
- Red Yukata          - 10000pts
- Suit                - 20000pts
- Pinafore Dress      - 30000pts

- (Default)
- Navy Yukata   - 10000pts
- Orange Yukata - 20000pts

- (Default)
- Blue Yukata           - 5000pts (Beat the game once)
- Pink Yukata           - 10000pts
- Pinafore Dress        - 30000pts
- Zero Costume          - 20000pts


- Hair Ornamen t  -  3000pts (Beat the game once)
- Glasses         -  6000pts
- Cat Ears        -  9000pts
- Headband        - 12000pts

- Browband        -  3000pts (Beat the game once)
- Glasses         -  6000pts
- Fox Ears        -  9000pts
- Glasses (White) - 12000pts

- Barrete         - 3000pts (Beat the game once)
- Glasses         - 6000pts
- Cat Ears        - 9000pts
- Headband        -12000pts

- Ribbon      - 3000pts (Beat the game once)
- Bell Choker - 9000pts

- Concept Art Gallery  - 5000pts (Beat the game once)
- Trailer images       - 5000pts (Beat the game once)
- Trailer              - 5000pts (Beat the game once)



Camera Obscura     : The same "Camera Obscura" as found in the dream. It's 
                     broken right now.

Professional Camera: Camera used for work. Rei prefers slightly older cameras.




Type-07: This film is old. It has virtually no exorcising effect.

TYpe-14: This film is musty. Minimum amount of exorcising effect.

Type-61: This film is charged with strong will. Moderate exorcising effect.

Type-90: This film has been specially sealed. Strong exorcising effect.

Type-00: This film has been specially processed. Maximum exorcising effect.



Herbal Medicine
Sacred Water
Mirror Stone



<Basic Upgrades>
Max Value  : Displays the max amount you can charge your spirit power.

Range      : Displays the range within which you can catch ghosts.

Sensitivity: Displays Spirit Power recharge rate and camera range, depending on

Store      : Max Spirit Power Charge. If you power-up, possible charge amount 


Zero    : Spirit Power= 3/ Shoot with a strong exorcising effect.
Crush   : Spirit Power= 4/ Shoot with a strong exorcising effect.
Serial  : Spirit Power= 1/ Take a rapid series of shots.
Slow    : Spirit Power= 1/ Slow the movement of vengeful ghosts.
Pierce  : Spirit Power= 2/ Inflict damage on ghosts more easily.
Stop    : Spirit Power= 2/ Stop the movement of vengeful ghosts.

Pressure: Spirit Power=  /
Blast   : Spirit Power=  /
Blow    : Spirit Power=  /



Alarm        = Indicates the FF moment.

Evade        = When caught by a vengeful ghost, you can escape by timing your 
               shot correctly.

Switch       = You can equip up to 3 lenses. Change the lens with L2/R2.

Measure      = The strength of the closest ghost in your Capture Circle will be

Track        = Autoface closest enemy when activating finder mode.

Sense        = You can now detect ghosts you could not before (This ability 
               cannot be lost).

Zoom         = A zoom function. Zoom in/out with L3/R3.

Infinity     = Infinite Film supply.

Festival     = Charge, Spirit Points(Rei/Kei), Sacred Stone Meter(Miku) always
               at max value. Each shot will always be a Fatal Frame.


[Special Ability]

Flash(Rei)  = Repels ghosts as well/banishes weak ghosts. You get a Shutter 
               Chance when a ghosts is repelled (Not all ghosts can be repelled)

Sacred Stone= Slow a ghost's movement. Fills up when you attack/being attacked.

Double      = Charge Spirit power twice. Hold down the shutter button to 
(Miku)        charge up in 2 stages.



Q: You'd written in your walkthrough that <ghost name> was suppose to appear,
   but I can't see it anywhere!
A: Some ghosts that I'd listed in the walkthrough requires a 2nd play, so don't
   panic if you find that you can't fill your ghost list that soon ^_^

Q: What should I do if I'm low on health and I had no life recovery items with 
A: If you're desperately in need to save yourself, head to the nearest exit
   (doors marked with blue lanterns) and your life bar will be replenished, as 
   well as your basic recovery items/ films.

Q: What happens if I'd collected all Herbal Medicines/ Films and wasted all
   of em?
A: All Herbal medicines are available for grasp everytime you reenter the dream
   world (This does not apply to Type 00 films, sacred waters and stone mirrors

Q: The control section of FF3 listed "Spin Around" in the finder mode. But when
   I pressed the button, I don't "spin around" at all! WTF!?
A: They're just dumb. "Spin Around" happens to just speed up your aiming, not a
   180 turn that was in FF1.



*Coming Soon*



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           100% ghost list unlockables.
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           Chapter 9 (for the Yahasu/Notched Arrow Key).
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