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Follow the dark path or use the light


by McD_the_Bear

                                    DYNASTY WARRIORS 5
                  DYNASTY WARRIORS 5
                  DYNASTY WARRIORS 5
                                    DYNASTY WARRIORS 5               

Written by Adam Mcdiarmid (McD_the_Bear)
Version : 1.00
Completed : 21 of July 2006
Contact Info : adammcdiarmid711(at)


This faq is to be used with the game dyansty warriors 5. All information for
this faq came from the English version Dynasty Warriors5.This faq contains
Character unlocking guides, 4th weapon stats and unlocking details it also has
each characters musou mode levels.It also contains a list of all the stage by
year and a description of each characters ending, a timeline of every battle
and an unlocking guide for items.

A.Character Guides
1.Shu characters
2.Wei characters
3.Wu characters
4.Other characters

B.Stage listings

C.Rare Items
3.Other rare items

D. Final Notes.
A.CHARACTERS( these are in order of chronogical time value, some of course
are not since they showed up in same time in history or not at all, ex. THE 


 Liu Bei (unlocked through)Beat it 4 shu characters.
4th WEAPON; 
Gold Moon Dragon:Power: +34 Attacks: 6 Weight: Medium, Stats; Luck: 20
Speed: 18  Musou: 15 Horse: 15 Def: 18- 
Battle of Yi Ling, How to Get:
Defeat Ling Tong, Gan Ning, Lu Xun, and Sun Shang Xiang.
Musou Mode; 
1. The Yellow Turban Rebellion 
2. Battle of Hu Lao Gate
3. Battle of Chang Ban 
4. Escape from Chi Bi 
5. Battle of Cheng Du 
6. Battle of Yi Ling
7. Battle of Bai Di Castle 
8. Battle of Wu Zhang Plains
A Vow for the Fallen;
Liu Bei stares at the weapons of Zhang Fei and Guan Yu, standing and lying
together on the Peach Tree where they sworn their brotherhood. Then, Liu Bei
tells his sworn brothers that their journey is finally over, and asks them to
watch over the living, over a new age of peace.

Guan Yu (unlocked through)starting character 
Blue Moon Dragon Power: +38 Attacks: 6 Weight: Light Stats: Charge Attack 16
Horse 16 Def 17 Attack 18 Life 18 - 
Battle of Fan Castle, How to get:
Defeat Niu Jin and Yue Jin before the water attack is triggered.
Musou Mode;
1. Battle of Si Shui Gate
2. Battle of Hu Lao Gate
3. Battle of Guan Du
4. Guan Yu's Escape
5. Escape from Chi Bi 
6. Battle of Fan Castle
The Blade of Virtue
Guan Yu is standing atop of a gate, when Zhang Fei comes by and tells him that
the land will be unified by them at no time. Guan Yu agrees, and says that with
their strength and skill, they can now realize Liu Bei's dream and he will
challenge anyone who perpetuates the chaos. He sounds very arrogant at this

Zhang Fei (unlocked through)starting character 
Viper Blade + 39 power -Fill 16, Horse 16, Defense 15, Attack 19, Musou 17 -
Battle Of Chang Ban, How to get:
Successfully defend your bridge, don't let anyone across. Kill anyone who
attempts to pass the bridge, this is to help and keep Liu Bei Alive. After the
advancements from the west stop, if you're feeling brave, you may advance on
the gate above you, and destroy that. As Xiahou Dun and Wen Pin come, slay
them. Once Cao Zhang's reinforcements have arrived, and you've defeated them
(of course) go after Xiahou En, Yu Jin's sub-general. When the three generals
are dead, the valuable item will appear right on the bridge that you defended.
Now, just protect Liu Bei until he escapes, or Kill Cao Cao when he appears.
Musou Mode;
1. Battle of Hu lao Gate.
2.Battle of Xia Pi.
3.Battle of Chang Ban.
4.Battle of Cheng Du.        
5.battle of Fan Castle.
A Toast to the Chaos
On a road, Zhang Fei grabs his gourd of wine from his horse saddle and he takes
a drink. Then, a horde of Wei soldiers comes charging towards him. He scoffs
and throws his gourd away and says that its about time that the party started.
Then, the sequence fades when the soldiers close in on him.

Zhao Yun (unlocked through) starting character 
4th WEAPON; 
Fierce Dragon-Base attack 36 Number of attacks 6 Weight Average 
Charge Attack Lvl 16 Attack Lvl 17 Life Lvl 17 Defense Lvl 17 Musou Lvl 17 -
Battle of Cheng Du,How to get;
This weapon is a pieace of cake. Zhao Yun starts right next to the fort. First
thing you need to do it take a the guard captian guarding the front door.
Inside there will be one enemy general with 3 sub generals, take out all 4.
(Make sure you get the three subs first) Now kill the two other guard captians
guarding the north and west doors and the gate captian and your done.
Musou Mode; 
1.Battle of Ji Zhou.
2.Battle of Hu Lao Gate. 
3.Battle of Chang Ban.
4.Battle of Cheng Du.
5.Battle of Yi Ling.
Towards Tomorrow
Zhao Yun is standing on a Castle wall, when Liu Chan comes by and Zhao Yun
pays his respects to him. Liu Chan tells him that he doesn't need the praise,
since he feels like he's still a child when he's with him. Zhao Yun then tells
him that now they can honor Liu Bei by fighting side by side. 

Zhuge Liang (unlocked)Beat any shu campaign 
Peacock Feather (Evolution Weapon) Power 32 Attacks 6 Weight Medium Charge+18
Bow +15 Musou +20 Fill +15 Def +18 -
Battle Of Tian Shui,How to get: 
1. Defeat Xiahou Mao and recieve Nan An Castle; also defeat Cui Liang and
recieve An Ding Castle. 2. Wait for Jiang Wei's "I must return to Tian Shui
Castle" message. 3. Defeat Jiang Wei before he gets to Tian Shui Castle.
Musou Mode;
1.Battle of Chang Ban
2.Battle of Nan Zhong.
3.Battle of Tian Shui.
4.Battle of Chen Cang. 
5.Battle of Wu Zhang Plains
The Dragon's Ascent
Zhuge Liang and Yue Ying are on the castle wall surveying the people and the
soldiers living in peace. Then, Yue Ying nods to her husband and walks away
while Zhuge Liang watches her. Then Zhuge Liang says to himself: "The land has
been united at last.. No, the land was always as one. It was man who has been
divided." Then as he says the last line, he raises his fan, and.. He releases
his grip on the fan as he falls to ground, and the sequence gradually shifts
upward to the sky.

Pang Tong (unlocked)Beat with 3 shu characters
Tornado Staff Base attack 32 Number of attacks 6 Weight Average 
Musou ChargeLvl 18 Luck Lvl 15 Bow Lvl 16 Defense Lvl 17 Life Lvl 15 -
Battle Of Nan Zhong,How to get: 
The first thing you need to do is the bridge event, and to do this all you have
to do is take the fort just below your starting position. Pretty simple,
afterward you'll be in the poison lakes. You'll want to take the gate just a
little below the fort, also you'll get attacked by Meng Huo and another
faceless unit. Kill the faceless guy, but DO NOT kill Meng Huo. Now there
will be two paths, the north path takes you up towards the rest of your army,
and the straight path lead into the Nanman army. Take the north path, there
will be two enemy generls blocking your way. Kill them both off and keep 
heading up. As soon as you reach your camp, you'll trigger the beast unit
event. DON'T kill the enemy general that leads the unit. Go and take the fort
that's blocking Zhuge Liang, this should trigger Yue Ying's tiger tanks event,
after that kill off the beast general. Remeber that straght path? head back to
it once you meet up with some Nanman troops Meng Huo should retreat back to
his main camp. There should be one enemy general blocking your path, kill him
off and keep heading forward till you run into Wu Tugu and his armored troops.
Zhuge Liang will say somthing and dispatch a unit with some exploding pots
(pretty crazy stuff lol) simply kill Wu Tugu before he kill that unit to
complete the armored troops event.
Musou Mode;
1.Battle of Chi Bi
2.Battle of Cheng Du 
3.Battle of Mount Ding Jun
4.Final Engagement on Nan Zhong
5.Battle of Bai Di Castle
A Simple Life
Pang Tong is relaxing and watching the farmers tend to their fields, and he
says to himself that a land at peace is a wonderful thing, but should so much
blood be need to be spilled? Then, a farmer asks him that they need his help
on the field, so he stands up and goes to help. He then says that this is a
life that a person can truly be proud of. 

Guan Ping (unlocked) Beat shu campaign with Guan Yu
Young Dragon Base power 36 Number of attacks 6 Weight Light 
Charge Attack lvl.16 Luck lvl. 15 Bow lvl. 15 Attack lvl. 17 Life lvl. 15 -
Chi Bi Retreat Battle, How to get: 
Defeat all enemy generals including reinforcements. This doesn't includ Sub-
Musou Mode; 
1.Chang Ban-Hills
2.Escape from Chi Bi
3.Battle of Mount Ding Jun
4.Battle of Fan Castle
5.Battle of Yi Ling
-A New Oath
Guan Ping is standing by the Peach tree where the three brothers swear their
oath. He then tells his father he has his word that his father's dream will be
realized. Then, Xing Cai comes along and they raise their weapons side by side,
making a new oath that the land shall belong to Shu.

Xing Cai (unlocked)Start with her
Brilliant Sky Power 34 Average Weight Attacks 6 Mounted Lv.15 Speed Lv.16
Defense Lv.17 Musou Lv.17 Life Lv.15 -
Battle Of Bai Dai Castle, How to get: 
Get Xing Cai health in orange Liu chan message about courage, Xing Cai health
in red, Liu Chan moves toward Xing Cai, go to him. Cutscene and morale
increase, allies join up, Rescue allies, return to Ba Dai. 
Musou Mode;
1. Battle of Cheng Du. 
2. Battle of Mt. Ding Jun.
3. Battle of Yi Ling.
4. Battle of Jie Ting.
5. Battle of Bai Di Castle
-For the Future
Xing Cai and Liu Chan are sparring, then he makes a clumsy move that Xing Cai
easily avoids and he falls over. Then Xing Cai leans over to her husband saying
that they should stop for a rest. Liu Chan disagrees, saying that he wants to
become stronger to protect the ones that he loves. Xing Cai, then agrees,
saying that they would protect Shu and its people together. 

Yue Ying (unlocked)Beat Zhuge Liang's campaign
Oblivion - 36 power (Charge 15, Mounted 15, Bow 16, Defense 17, Life 16) - 
Battle of Wu Zhang Plains,How to get: 
Rush your way to the middle, killing all officers on the way. When that's done,
rush down to help Zhuge Liang from Zhong Hui, then rush all the way back up
just go along like normal, killing everything in your way, saving generals,
keeping Zhuge alive.
Musou Mode;
1.Battle of Chang Ban.
2.Battle of Nan Zhong.
3.Battle of Tian Shui.
4.Battle of Chen Cang. 
5.Battle of Wu Zhang Plains.
Husband and Wife
"The Blossoming Season" theme is being played, and Yue Ying with Zhuge Liang
are walking around the fields with the farmers tending their fields, and two of
the farmers bowing to them. Then, Zhuge Liang tells her that what he learned
from this chaos is that strength and intellect, husband and wife, that all in
this world is made up of opposites. He bows to her for he is very grateful to
have her by his side. Then, Yue Ying reaches for his hands and tells him that
their destiny lies ahead of them, and they will go for it together. 

Huang Zhong (unlocked)Starting character 
4th WEAPON;  
Oracle Sword: Power: +36 Attacks: 6 Weight: Light Fill: 18 Horse: 15 Bow: 20
Def: 15 Musou: 15-
Battle of Mt. Ding Jun, How to Get: 
Defeat Xiahou Yuan and Zhang He within 5 minutes before Cao Cao appears.
Musou Mode;
1. Battle of Cheng Du
2. Battle of Mt. Ding Jun 
3. Conquest of Nan Zhong 
4. Battle of Chen Cang 
5. Battle of Bai Di Castle
A Deserved Retirement
Jiang Wei and his troops are happily greeted by the populace as they enter
Cheng Du. Huang Zhong, with his horse, watches from the sidelines. He then
says to himself that they won at Wu Zhang Plains, and the land is finally
settled. From now on, he adds, that the young must continue where the old left
off. As he walks away, he tells, that his main work is finished, and there is
nothing left for him now.

Ma Chao (unlocked)Starting character
4th WEAPON; 
Stallion Fury Base attack 38 Number of attacks 6 Weight Average Mounted Lvl 20
 Defense Lvl 16 Life lvl 15 Speed Lvl 15 Attack Lvl 17-
Battle of Tong Gate,How to get:
This weapons is relativley simple to get, just knock Cao Cao off his horse
before he can cross the river North off were he began at the start of the stage.
Musou Mode; 
1.Battle of Liang Zhou
2.Battle of Tong Gate
3.Battle of Yi Ling
4.Battle of Jie Ting
5.Battle of Bai Di Castle
The Spear of Justice
Ma Chao is on a horseback, slaughtering Wei soldiers as he rides on. Then he
declares that Wu has fallen, and all that remains are the scum of Wei. He then
adds, that he is not being lead by spite, but by the light of justice. As his
horse jumps, he jumps from his saddle towards Cao Pi and Sima Yi, and the
sequence fades away showing Ma Chao descending towards the two. 

Wei Yan (unlocked)Beat Huang Zhong's campaign
Comet Strike Base Attack 36 Number of attacks 6 Weight Average
Charge Attack 16 Luck  15 Defense  16 Attack  18 Musou  15 -	
Battle of Chen Cang,Strategy, How to get:
For once the charcter trying to get this weapon does NOT have to complete the
requirements for it. In simple terms, you can bring another character into the
stage, leave Wei Yan next to Zhuge Liang in safety and complete the necessary
conditions, get the weapon, and kill Sima Yi with the other character.
Here are the requirements to obtain this weapon. First,  charge up the eastern
side of the map and enter the castle in the northeast. Kill Zhang He if you
like (though it doesn't really affect anything), and advance south towards the
wall to the south where the 3 defensive captains are standing. Kill these 3
defensive captains, then kill Cao Ren, and advance to the western side of the
fort (around the mountain) and kill the 4th and final defense captain.
Musou Mode;
1. Battle of Mt. Ding Jun
2. Battle of Tian Shui
3. Battle of Jie Ting
4. Battle of Chen Cang
5. Battle of Wu Zhang Plains
Mission Accomplished
Wei Yan is standing among the hundreds of corpses of Wei soldiers in the
battlefield. Wei Yan then says to himself that Wei is finally defeated and the
chaos has ended. He continues that his duty is over, so he will leave Shu now,
and walks away. 

Jiang Wei (unlocked)Beat any 2 shu
4th WEAPON; 
Blink- Base Attack 36 Medium Weight Luck +15 Speed +15 Attack +16 Musou +18
Life +17-
Battle of Tian Shui,On the WEI SIDE, How to get: 
Go to the clearing at the upper right side of the map.  Let your morale drop
until both castles fall, and your commander begins to flee.  Zhuge Liang will
launch an ambush for you commander at the upper right side of the map. Kill the
general leading the ambush, Gao Xiong. Your commander will get lost at around
this point, and will begin to charge towards the enemy camp. Collect your
weapon once you get the special item report, then meet up with your commander
at the enemy camp. Kill Zhuge Liang before your commander runs into a into a 
Gate Captain or Officer.
Musou Mode;
1.Battle of Tian Shui
2.Battle of Jie Ting
3.Battle of Chen Cang
4.Battle of Bai Di Castle
5.Battle of Wu Zhang Plains
From Apprentice to Master
"His Way" theme is being played, and Jiang Wei is shown standing at the side
of the throne of Liu Chan, and now he carries on Zhuge Liang's fan. A vassal
approaches the throne and humbles himself as if giving a report. Jiang Wei
leans over to say something and he get an nod of appoval from Liu Chan. Then,
like his former mentor, he raises the fan to signify the launch of a plan.
Then, the camera shifts to Jiang Wei looking over a balcony, and then to the
fan, promising Zhuge Liang that he will protect the land that he had united,
with his life. He then raises the fan high up the air as the sequence fades. 


Cao Cao (unlocked)Complete 4 wei musou's
Wrath of Heaven Power: 34 Attacks: 9 Weight: Average Bonuses: 
Charge Attack Lvl 17 Bow Lvl 15 Life Lvl 17 Mounted Lvl 17 Attack Lvl 17 -
Battle Of Xia Pi, How to get: 
Go to water gate kill Gao Shun then Zhang Liao. Easy as 1,2,3,4,3.......oops.
Musou Mode;
1.Yellow Turban Rebelion.
2.Battle of Hu Lao Gate.
3.Battle of Xia Pi .
4.Battle of Guan Du .
5.Escape From Chi Bi . 
6.Battle of He Fei .
7.Battle of Wu Zhang Plains .
8.Battle of He Fei Castle
A Man of Ambition
Cao Cao, with his sword in hand, is accompanied by Xiahou Dun, Cao Pi, Sima
Yi and Xu Zhu. They're standing before a crowd of cheering soldiers, then Cao
Cao exclaims that destiny draws even closer, however, the real battle for the
land has just begun. Then the crowd cheers louder. He looks to Cao Pi, who
sulks down ashamed, and Xiahou Dun who nods in agreement. He then turns
to Sima Yi who bows to him, and Xu Zhu who also nods in agreement. Then he
further exclaims that the land has experienced too much chaos, but sometimes,
it is necessary in order to achieve peace. He then raises his sword as the
crowd cheers on, and the camera fades away.

Xiahou Yuan (unlocked)Beat it with Xiahou Dun
4th WEAPON; 
Base attack 36 Number of attacks 6 Weight Average Charge Attack Lvl 16 
Attack Lvl 16 Life Lvl 17 Bow Lvl 19 Musou Lvl 17 
-Battle of Chi Bi,How to get:
Kill Pang Tong, Zhuge Liang, then Huang Gai, BEFORE they can do their acts.
 Musou Mode;
1.Battle of Xia Pi 
2.Battle of Guan Du
3.Battle of Chi Bi 
4.Battle of Tong Gate 
5.Battle of Mount Ding Jun
A Man and his Bow
Xiahou Yuan is on his horse, holding his bow while Zhang He is standing on his
side. Then he asks Zhang He if he's up for a little hunt. Zhang He then
responds that whether if its war or not, never put down your bow. Xiahou
Yuan the remarks that he could never live with himself if he ever lost his
touch. He then aims his bow towards the sky and says that it would be
disappointing for those that died by his arrows. 

Xiahou Dun (unlocked)starting character
Kirin Fang Power: 36 Attacks: 6 Weight: Medium Charge-17 Horse-16 Defense-17
Attack-17 Musou-16 
-Battle of Fan Castle,How to get:
Get to the top left of the map, kill Guan Ping and prevent water attack 
Musou Mode;
1.Battle of Xia Pi .
2.Battle of Guan Du .
3.Guan Yus Escape.
4.Battle of Chang Ban. 
5.Battle of Hei Fei.
6.Battle of Fan Castle
Personal Chaos
Guan Yu's sabre flies upward, then it lands on its blade and sticks to the
ground. Then, it focuses to Xiahou Dun, and he says to himself that Guan Yu
was very strong, and a worthy opponent. He then adds that if it weren't for
him, then the land would have been settled by Wei long ago. He then says
farewell to Cao Cao, saying that his own personal chaos is over.

Cao Ren (unlocked)Beat Cao Pi's campaign
Roc: Power: +32 Attacks: 6 Weight: Light Fill: 15 Bow: 15 Def: 18 Atk: 15 
Life: 19 -
Escape from Chi Bi Battle, How to get:
Kill all officers and sub-officers after Sun Quan dies you get the weapon.
Musou Mode;
1.Escape from Chi Bi
2.Battle of He Fei
3.Battle of Fan Castle
4.Battle of Chen Cang 
5.Battle of Wu Zhang Plains
Tending the Fields
Cao Ren with a squad of soldiers are walking in the middle of the fields with
the farmers tending their crops. He looks at the farmers and says that the
chaos is finally over, and he tells his troops it is also the time to lower
their weapons and live in peace. They must tend to their fields, and hold
their families close. Cao Ren walks away from them and his soldiers give a
bow to follow his final order. He then continues to say that may the land and
its people enjoy an endless prosperity. Then the camera focuses to the sky and
the sequence fades. 

Xu Zhu (unlocked)starting character
4th WEAPON; 
Stone Crusher Base Attack: 38 Weight: Light Bonuses: Fill Lv. 17, Luck Lv. 15, 
Bow  Lv. 19, Defense Lv. 19, Life Lv. 20 
-Battle Of Tong Gate, How To Get :
Defeat Ma Chao and Pang De before defeating Han Sui. 
Musou Mode;
1.Battle of Hu Lao Gate
2.Battle of Chang Ban
3.Battle of Tong Gate
4.Battle of Mt. Ding Jun
5.Battle of He Fei Castle
Working up an Appetite
Xu Zhu is sitting along a road, and looks on the heavens and tells Cao Cao
and Dian Wei that he's tired from all the fighting. One of his soldiers then
calls him and asks him if he could take care of an ENORMOUS rock that's
blocking the road. He then walks to it, prepares to push it, then throws it
aside with ease as his soldiers applaud him. He then exclaims that all he wants
is a field, where he could grow rice, and tells the heavens to wait and see. 

Dian Wei (unlocked)starting character
Mad Bull  Power: +36 Attacks: 6 Weight: Light Add-ons: - Charge Lvl. 15 - 
Fill Lvl.15-Attack Lvl. 18 - Musou Lvl. 17 - Life Lvl. 17 -
Battle Of Wan Castle, How to get:
Meet With Cao Cao, defeat Hu Che Er, kill Jia Xu, Kill 6 troop Leaders,
without letting any past. 
Musou Mode;
1.Yellow Turban Rebellion
2.Battle of Hu Lao Gate
3.Battle of Wan Castle
4.Battle of Xia Pi
5.Battle of Chang Ban
6.Escape from Chi Bi
A Loyal Guardian
Cao Cao is before his cheering crowd of soldiers, and he waves to them as they
cheer on. Suddenly, from the sides where Cao Cao is standing, a couple of Wu
assassins emerged from hiding in the background, and are ready to take Cao
Cao down. As they scream and charge to a defenseless Cao Cao, Dian Wei steps
in, "The Man Named Dragon" theme plays, flexes his left arm before tackling the
first assailant. The second one backs down, but charges still, only to be met
by Dian Wei's headbutt and a body slam. Dian Wei then exclaims to the crowd
that as long as he's here nobody will ever touch or harm Cao Cao. The soldiers
then cheer even louder as the camera zooms and fades away.

Xu Huang (unlocked)Defeat any 3 wei campaign's 
4th WEAPON; 
Marauder: Power: +36 Attacks: 6 Weight: Light Fill: 15 Luck: 15 Speed: 15
Atk: 17 Life: 18-
Battle of Chang Ban, How to get: 
Defeat Zhang Fei and Guan Yu after Liu Qi arrives with reinforcements.
Musou Mode;
1. Battle of Guan Du
2. Battle of Chang Ban
3. Battle of Tong Gate
4. Battle of He Fei
5. Battle of Fan Castle
One Man's Quest 
Xu Huang is standing within a wall, and stares into the sky with his pole axe
by his side. Then he says that the chaos continues and he still has far to go.
Then as he twirls his weapon above him, he swears that in order to bring peace
to the land, he must be become even stronger. As he strikes his weapon to the
ground, he then remarks that he will not rest until his destiny is fullfilled. 

Zhang Liao (unlocked)starting character
Gold Wyvern  Evolution  Power 38 Attacks 6  Life 17 Attack 17 Fill 15 Horse 18
Luck 15 -
Battle of Hei Fei, How to get:
Attain 750 kills or kill 9 officers before Cao Ren arrives as reinforcements.
Musou Mode;
1.Battle of Si Shui Gate.
2. Battle of Hu Lao Gate.
3.Battle of Xia Pi.
4.Escape from Chi Bi.
5.Battle of He Fei 
Might makes Right 
The aftermath of He Fei battlefield is strewn with corpses of Wu and Wei
soldiers alike, and Zhang Liao is surveying the area on a horseback. Then, he
mutters to himself that this is still not the full pinacle of his might, and he
hasn't perfected his skills to the fullest. And, when that times comes, he
continues, that the chaos will be probably over by then. Until that time comes,
Zhang Liao will not rest. Then, he charges towards the screen, lifting his
sabre forward. 

Zhang He (unlocked)Defeat any 2 campaigns
Phoenix Talon Power 36 Attacks 6 Weight- Medium Charge Attack 15 Musou Fill 15
Speed 19 Attack 16 Musou 19-
Battle of Jie Ting, How to get:
Head north towards Gao Xiang's position and defeat him. Also defeat the Guard
Captain nearby to take the gate. Now head over to Wang Ping's position and
defeat him as well and take the gate near him too. Now you'll get a scene with
Zhang He talking about the foolishness of the enemy. Now you'll have to wait
until Ma Su begins his retreat. I like to eliminate Jiang Wei during this time.
Once Ma Su begins to head back to the main camp, the one where Zhuge Liang
appears, chase him down and eliminate him.
 Musou Mode;
1. Battle of Guan Du
2. Battle of Tong Gate 
3. Battle of Mt. Ding Jun 
4. Battle of Jie Ting 
5. Battle of Chen Cang
Dance 'til Dawn
The camera shifts upwards to see Zhang He in his troops, in a pose. Then, he
says that in their great fortune, Zhuge Liang has finally passed away. He then
strikes another pose, and says that victory is finally theirs. He then tells
his troops that they must show their joy not with weapons, but with a DANCE!
Zhang He throws his claws away as do his soldiers with their weapons.
"Superior" theme plays, and the soldiers led by their leader do a rythmic Tai
Chi dance. Zhang He then tells them that this new age, he will make it simply

Cao Pi (unlocked)Start with him
Chaos Power 34 Attacks 6 Musou Charge Lvl 15 Defense Lvl 15 Musou Lvl 19
Speed Lvl 19 Attack Lvl 15-
Battle of Wu Zhang Plains,How to get:
First, you must defeat any 3 generals quickly. This does not include
subgenerals. There should be 4 in the middle, they should be good targets.
At this point, Zhuge Liang will die. Continue fighting normally or just stand
around. Soon, Jiang Wei will launch the Arbalest units out at your army. Now,
run up there and destroy all the Arbalest units.
Musou Mode;
1. Battle of Guan Du
2. Battle of Chi Bi
3. Battle of Jie Ting
4. Battle of Wu Zhang Plains
5. Battle of He Fei Castle
A Second Chance
Cao Pi accompanied by Sima Yi are walking inside the populace. They were
greeted by some of the people and then Cao Pi tells Sima Yi that someday soon,
the land will eventually fall into chaos again, or most likely, somebody will
just simply take it away from them. He then looks at Sima Yi and tells him that
this is their chance, a chance to make a land that people are proud of. Sima Yi
responds that he's not really sure where Cao Pi is getting at, but Cao Pi just
shrugs it off. Cao Pi then tells him that if anything were to happen to him,
then he could do whatever he pleases.

Sima Yi (unlocked)Beat any one wei campaign
Dark Feather -Power 32 -Attacks 6 -Weight Medium -Charge Attack 15 -Defense 16
-Musou 19 -Musou Fill 15 -Attack 15-
Battle of Chen Cang, How to get: 
All you must do is capture all of the enemy bases producing siege weapons
before they do any damage to the castle. I recommend heading out the eastern
gate of the castle, and going south. Take the three bases from right to left.
Musou Mode; 
1. Battle of Fan Castle
2. Battle for Jie Ting
3. Battle of Chen Cang
4. Battle of Wu Zhang Plains.
5. Battle of He Fei Castle
Scheming in the Shadows 
Sima Yi is giving a report to Cao Pi, sitting on the throne with Zhen Ji by his
side. Cao Pi dismisses him, and he bows and takes his leave. As he is walking,
he's saying to himself that Wei (or Cao Pi) must celebrate their little victory
while they still can. As he steps out of the palace, he orders some soldiers to
move out. Then he continues to talk that everything that Wei earned will
eventually fall to his own hands. Then he laughs.

Zhen Ji (unlocked)starting character
Dark Moon Flute - 32 power Fill 20, Horse 17, Bow 18, Def 18, Life 17-
Battle of He Fei, How to get: 
Kill at least 300 people and go by Cao Pi, you'll get an intermission movie,
where Zhen Ji is killing troops with her Musou. To do this, just run through
the castle killing, simple as that, kill troops, officers, whatever, there are
more then enough.
Musou Mode;
1. Battle of Guan Du
2. Battle of Chi Bi 
3. Battle of Jie Ting 
4. Battle of Wu Zhang Plains
5. Battle of He Fei Castle
To be Loved
Zhen Ji with her husband are standing before their soldiers. Cao Pi then tells
her that the land and everything that he has achieved was done for her. "The
Blossoming Season" theme plays, Zhen Ji smiles and remarks that's rather
unlikely of him that would do or say. Cao Pi then gruffs and looks at Zhen Ji
rather annoyed saying it would be nice if he would speak out his heart to her
for once. Then, the camera zooms away from behind them as Zhen Ji stands
closer to Cao Pi and the sequence fades. 

Pang De (unlocked)Defeat Ma Chao's campaign
Heavenly Halberd: Power: +36 Attacks: 6 Weight: Light Luck: 15 Def: 15 Life: 18
Horse: 17 Atk: 16 -
Battle of Mt. Ding Jun, How to get:
Defeat Zhao Yun, Guan Ping, Wei Yan, and Huang Zhong before Cao Cao arrives.
Musou Mode;
1. Battle of Liang Province 
2. Battle of Tong Gate
3. Battle of He Fei
4. Battle of Mt. Ding Jun 
5. Battle of Fan Castle
The Path of a Warrior
Pang De on a horseback and his troops march towards the city, where he was
greeted by Sima Yi. There, he tells Pang De that Jing is theirs, and the rest
will soon follow. All that remains is Shu and Wu. He then continues that he
needs Pang De's strength to carry out his plans. Pang De agrees to Sima Yi's
request, and he states that his blades only exist to serve in battle. He then
resumes marching, and says that he is only led by the tips of his trusted


Sun Jian (unlocked)Beat Any 4 Wu musuo modes
Savage Tiger: Power: +34 Attacks: 6 Weight: Light Fill: 18 Def: 16 Life: 15 
Horse: 16 Musou: 15- 
Battle of Shi Shui Gate, How to Get: 
Defeat Lu Bu within 5 minutes from when he appears on the battlefield.
Musou Mode;
1. The Yellow Turban Rebellion
2. Battle of Si Shui Gate
3. Battle of Jiang Province
4. Battle of Chi Bi 
5. Battle of He Fei
6. Battle of Yi Ling
7. Battle of He Fei Castle
8. Battle of Bai Di Castle
The Tiger's Tale
Sun Jian with Sun Quan and Sun Shang Xiang are staring over a river. He turns
over to them and says that the land finally belongs to Wu, and the rest is for
Sun Quan to manage. He then adds that the passion of the youth will guide this
new era. As he rides away on his horse, his offsprings give him a bow. He then
declares that Tigers just like him always searches for chaos, as he rides on. 

Huang Gai (unlocked)beat any 3 musuo modes
4th WEAPON; 
Black Shadow Base Attack 36 Number of attacks 6 Weight Medium Charge 15
Luck 16  Defense 17 Attack 17 Life 15 -
Yellow Turban Rebellion, How to get: 
Defeat all generals and sub-generals outside Zhang Jiao's fortress.
Musou Mode;
1. Yellow Turban Rebellion
2. Battle of Jing Province
3. Battle of Chi Bi
4. The Invasion of Nan Zhong
5. Battle of Bai Di Castle
A Tribute to the Fallen
Huang Gai is paying homage to the graves of Sun Jian and Sun Ce, and sips a
drink to their honor. Then, he says that his Lord Sun Quan has made their
dreams a reality. Sun Quan calls out Huang Gai, and tells him that wine is best
drunk with friends. Huang Gai agrees, and he says that they must celebrate
their victory.Sun Quan sits down with Huang Gai and he pours a drink to his 
lord. Then, they give a toast to the graves in front of them before having a

Zhou Yu (unlocked)starting
4th WEAPON; 
Ancients Sword Power: 34 Attacks: 6 Charge 17, Defense 15, Musou 18,  Bow16,
Attack 16 -
Battle of the Wu Territory,How to get:  Now, all you have to do is take over
both of the enemy forts. (Not the one at the bottom, where Taishi Ci is, the
other two). To do this, you must kill both Yan Baihu and Wang Lang. 
Musou Mode;
1. Battle of Si Shui Gate 
2. Battle of Jing Province
3. Battle of the Wu Territory 
4. Battle of Xia Kou 
5. Battle of Chi Bi 
For the Fallen
Zhou Yu overlooks the docks when he suddenly hears Sun Ce's voice telling him
to jum-I mean, that today is the dawn of a new age. He looks around bewildered
at first, then, he smiles, and responds that the winds of this new age will
lift Sun Ce high to the heavens. 

Sun Ce (unlocked)Beat Sun Quan's musou
4th WEAPON; 
Overlord Base Attack 36 Number of attacks 6 Weight Average 
Charge Attack Lvl 15 Attack Lvl 18 Life Lvl 15 Speed Lvl 18 Musou Lvl 15 -
The Trials of Sun Ce, How to get: 
First, you start the stage with Yu Ji right in front of you. You kill him and
it says "Hey I'm over here." After killing 2 or so initial Yu Ji's, phantom
soldiers appear to annoy you as you fight 2 or so more phantom Yu Ji's. Ok
after thats done. Now Yu Ji summons some of Sun Ce's forces, kill these until
something else happens (as a warning: the forces will keep coming for the
remainder of the battle even though there are no gate guards). After 50 or
so are dead Yu Ji will come back and make Sun Jian and Da Qiao phantoms.
Beat them, (I would advise you to SAVE at this point) Hopefully, by this point
only 4.5 minutes at most has leaked away from your clock. Now it gets more 
annoying... Yu Ji summons around 7 or 8 more phantoms. After beating 2 the rest
get stronger . And after 2 or 3 more die, the remainder go into hyper mode. 
Since its a small stage you may end up fighting 4 maybe even 5 at. Keep an eye 
out for getting frozen, and if you get bogged down use your musou or a musou
Musou Mode;
1. The Yellow Turban Rebellion
2. Battle of Si Shui Gate
3. Battle of Jing Province
4. Battle of the Wu Territory
5. The Trials of Sun Ce
6. Battle of Xia Kou
The Little Conqueror
Sun Ce, with Da Qiao, Sun Quan and Zhou Yu are being cheered on by their
soldiers aboard a vessel. They look over the happy crowd as Da Qiao cheerfully
waves over the soldiers. Then, as Sun Ce looks on, he is suddenly gripped with
pain on his chest and collapses on the ground. His family and friend rush over
to him to aid him, but he assures them by saying that with the fighting over,
he kind of misses it. Sun Ce gets up with the pain still bothering him, and
says that a new challenge awaits, and it will be fun. He raises his arm as the
camera zooms away from them, and the sequence fades. 

Lu Meng (unlocked)Beat any 2 wu musuo modes
White Tiger Power: 36 Attacks: 9 Weight: Average Bonuses: Charge Attack Lvl 15
Mounted  Lvl 16 Bow Lvl 15 Defense Lvl 17 Life Lvl 17 - 
Battle of Fan Castle, How to get:
After the morale conversation between Lu Xun and Lu Meng, lower Mi Fang and
Fu Shi Ren's health's until they surrender. Immediately kill Guan Ping, or he
will waste Fang and Shiren, and you won't get the weapon. After the message
comes up that the enemy gate is blocking reinforcements, seal it and get Xu
Huang. Then just kill generals to help out Mi Fang and Fu Shi Ren. Two
reinforcements will appear in the southwest castle about five minutes before
the Zhangs pop up. Kill them, then wait at the north entrance to the southwest
castle, as this is where Zhang Bao appears.Kill off Zhang Bao and Zhang
Fei, then end the stage  and don't forget to pick the weapon up.
Musou Mode;
1.Battle of the Wu Territory
2.Battle of Chi Bi
3.Battle of He Fei
4.Invasion of Nan Zhong 
5.Battle of Fan Castle
Strength and Intellect
Lu Meng is reading some scrolls and then lays those aisde and stands up,
grabbing his weapon. As he walks outside, he is joined by Lu Xun, to his
waiting troop of soldiers where Ling Tong and Gan Ning are also waiting. Then,
he orders them to move out, because soon, they will secure the land for Wu.

Da Qiao (unlocked)Defeat Sun Ce's musou
Qiao Beauty: Power: 32 Weight Heavy, Attack lvl 16 Defense lvl 15
Life lvl 15 Musou lvl 19 Luck lvl 18-
Battle of Xia Kou, How to get: 
Defeat Cai Mao before he sends out the first fleet of ships, then defeat Gan
Ning before Ling Tong is defeated.
Musou Mode;
1. The Yellow Turban Rebellion.
2. Battle of Shi Shui Gate.
3. Battle of Jing Province.
4. Battle of Wu Territory.
5. Battle of Xia Kou.
A Lovely Couple
Da Qiao and her husband are walking along the shore of a lake when Sun Ce
suddenly is gripped by pain and she aids him to stand up. Sun Ce thanks her,
for if she wasn't there on his side, he wouldn't have gotten that far. Sun Ce
tells Da Qiao to look on the lake, and she remarks that it's beautiful.. Cueing
Sun Ce to say "Just like you" and the music pauses. Da Qiao looks rather
perturbed and Sun Ce wipes his nose.. The music resumes, and Da Qiao tells him
that the road ahead is long, but they will travel it together.

Xiao Qiao (unlocked)Defeat Zhou Yu's musou
Qiao Grace Power:32 Attacks:6 Weight Heavy, Charge lvl 17 Fill lvl 15 
Speed lvl 19 Defense lvl 15 Musou lvl 15 -
Battle of Jing Province, How to get: 
This is a very straightforward and easy weapon to get. I strongly recommened
using the Red Hare saddle. Ride to the south gate and defeat Cai Mao. When he
is defeated the South Gate will open. Go inside and ride east. When you ge to
the end of the wall on your left turn left and ride north. You will see Lu Gong
against the wall to your left. Defeat him quickly.
 Musou Mode; 
1.Battle of Si Shui Gate
2.Battle of Jing Province
3.Battle of the Wu Territory 
4.Battle of Xia Kou 
5.Battle of Chi Bi
The Future is Bright 
Xiao Qiao with her husband are walking along a corridor. Xiao Qiao asks Zhou
Yu if the war is finally over and he nods his head. She giggles and exclaims
that this is the part where they live happily ever after. Zhou Yu smiles and
tells her that now, he has to devote himself entirely to her instead, and they
put their arms around each other and look on over the window outside.

Sun Quan (unlocked)starting
Master Wolf Level 4 Power: 34 Attacks: 6 Weight: Medium Attributes: 
-Charge 17 - Bow 15 -Musou 18 -Fill 15 -Attack 16 - 
Battle of Chi Bi, How to get: 
The three parts of the attack you need to succeed in are the linking of the 
ships, (destroying the two bridges), just kill off the Officers standing on
each bridge.Zhuge Liang's prayer needs to succeed (just keep him alive) and the
actual fire attack itself, by Huang Gai (My advise would be to kill the Guard
Captain near to where he goes, also kill Xiahou Yuan as this will make it
easier for him to get things ready).
Musou Mode;
1.Battle of Xia Kou
2.Battle of Chi Bi
3.Battle of He Fei
4.Battle of He Fei Castle
5.Battle of Bai Di
The Tiger Cub
Sun Quan with Lu Xun and Zhou Tai on his side are sailing along a river. Sun
Quan then tells his father and brother to behold the land that now belongs to
Wu. Then he turns to his subjects, exclaiming that the new age awaits them,
and they should meet it together. 

Taishi Ci (unlocked)starting 
Tiger Slayer - 38 power Charge 15, Horse 15, Bow 15, 
Defense 18, Life 18- 
Battle of Wu Territory, How to get: 
Start out just killing troops, wait for Sun Quan to get trapped and kill him
off before Zhou Tai saves him. Once hes dead just kill off Zhou Tai,(killing
Zhou Yu  is a major help) then pick up the weapon.
Musou Mode;
1. Battle of the Wu Territory
2. Battle of Xia Kou
3. Battle of He Fei
4. The Invasion of Nan Zhong
5. Battle of He Fei Castle
Fond Farewell
Taishi Ci looks up to the sky and tells Sun Ce to behold the new world that
they fought to create. The war has ended, may their weapons rest along with
the souls of the dead. Then, he clinks his rods together then he plunges it
both to the ground. He says a farewell to his weapons. 

Sun Shang Xiang (unlocked)starting
Sol Chakram Power:32 Attacks:6 Weight:Heavy
Luck:19 Bow:15 Speed:19 Defense:17 Life:15- 
Battle Of Nan Zhong, How to get: 
Rendesvous with Sun Quan after the ambush event. All you must do to obtain 
Sun Shang Xiang's fourth weapon is defeat every enemy subgeneral and general
other than Meng Huo.
Musou Mode;
1.Battle of Jing Proving 
2.Escape from Chi Bi 
3.Battle of He Fei
4.Invasion of Nan Zhong 
5.Battle of Yi Ling
A Tearful Vow 
Sun Shang Xiang is holding a dying Liu Bei on her arms on the ground. As Liu
Bei finally closes his eyes, she grieves over his corpse and asking why they
should be torn apart like this. Then, she leaves Liu Bei on the ground and
stands up, vowing to Liu Bei to live a life worthy of his memory. 

Zhou Tai (unlocked)Beat any one Wu musuo
4th WEAPON; 
Base Attack 36 Number of attacks 6 Weight Average Musou Charge Lvl 16
Attack Lvl 17 Life Lvl 15 Speed Lvl 15 Musou Lvl 18 - 
Battle Of Yi Ling, How to get: 
Defeat Zhao Yun before the fire attack begins. Successfully complete the fire 
Muosu Mode;
1. Battle of the Wu Territory
2. Battle of Chi Bi
3. The Invasion of Nan Zhong 
4. Battle of Yi Ling
5. Battle of Bai Di Castle
A Friendly Competition
The Wu soldiers are having their party as the camera moves around them, then it
focuses on Zhou Tai who is sitting alone in a table, having a drink. Sun Quan
comes along carrying a jug of wine and asks him why he's wearing a long face,
considering the fact that they've already won. Then, he adds that Zhou Tai may
be as strong as an ox, but he'll out drink him anyday. Zhou Tai then looks to
him and says, "You're on!" As Sun Quan pours him a drink. Then, the scene
shifts to Sun Quan, drunk and asleep on the table, and Zhou Tai still keeping
his quiet and stalwart demeanor as he drinks another. He then says, "That's...
Good stuff!" 

Ling Tong (unlocked)Starting
Dragon fury Base power 36 Number of attacks 6 Weight Average 
Charge Attack Lvl 16 Speed Lvl 19 Life Lvl 15 Luck Lvl 16 Attack Lvl 17 -
Battle of He Fei, How to get: 
Defeat Zhang Liao 4 times.This is relatively straight forward but can be a pain
in the rear-end most of the time, Zhang Liao is a strong character, I would
advise you to use musou tokens and have a second player to come help you if you
get in trouble.
Musou Mode;
1.Battle of Wu Territory
2.Battle of Xia Kou
3.Battle of Chi Bi
4.Battle of He Fei
5.Battle of Yi Ling 
The Final Battle
Gan Ning is walking alone a corridor at night. As he enters a room, he finds
Ling Tong inside, with a smirk on his face. Gan Ning snarls and says: "You
still haven't had enough yet?" Ling Tong responds: "No, Sorry. I can't rest
until I've destroyed you completely." Ling Tong then reveals what he was
hiding behind his back, and the"Hi Dear" theme plays, revealing it was a board
for the game, Go. As he lays it out on the table, Ling Tong asks him if he
could take him on, and Gan Ning sulks in frustration and relief. Then, he sits
down as they begin. 

Gan Ning (unlocked)Beat Ling Tong musou
Sea Master Base Attack 38 Number of attacks 6 Weight Light 
Charge Attack Lvl 15 Luck Lvl 18 Speed Lvl 15 Attack Lvl 19 Musou Lvl 15- 
Battle of Xia Kou, How to get: 
One peice of advice is to kill Ling Tong before his father, because if you do
it the other way around, Ling Tong goes into hyper mode. Also, the weapon box
is closer to Ling Cao anyways. So when the stage starts out, charge past Ling
Cao and the attack base and kill Ling Tong, then backtrack and get Ling Cao.
Musou Mode;
1. Battle of Xia Kou
2. Escape from Chi Bi
3. Battle of He Fei
4. Battle of Fan Castle
5. Battle of Yi Ling
Pirate versus Pirate
Gan Ning is relaxing under the sun, aboard his boat, with his weapon on his
side. He then tells himself that the land is finally theirs which is nice, but
kinda boring. Then, something crashes his boat, and Pirates quickly swarm
his ship. He stands up, flips his sword with his foot upward, then catching it.
Gan Ning is overjoyed that he's finally back in action. Then, the sequence
stops as the Pirates and Gan Ning neared each other. 

Lu Xun (unlocked)starting 
4th WEAPON; 
Falcon Base Attack 34 Number of attacks 6 Weight Average Musou Charge Lvl 15 
Attack Lvl 15 Luck Lvl 18 Speed Lvl 20 Musou Lvl 19 -
Battle of Bai Di Castle,How to get: 
First, go up and kill Huang Zhong because it relieves Sun Quan when you have
to fight the final general later on. Then attack some of peasants that appear
at the Shu crossroads. This will aggrivate Ma Chao causing him to show up in
Sun Quan's camp in hyper mode. Kill him with some effort, using musou tokens
and good skill. Then go through the stone sentinel maze in the northern part
of the map. Chop up the statue at the end of the maze, this will open all the
doors. Watch out for the arbelists around Jiang Wei. Kill Jiang Wei. He isnt as
bad as Ma Chao, plus Lu Xun trash talks him in a cut scene before their fight.
I did this with two player and that helped out a lot.
Musou Mode;
1. The Invasion of Nan Zhong
2. Battle of Fan Castle
3. Battle of Yi Ling
4. Battle of He Fei Castle
5. Battle of Bai Di Castle
A Land under Wu
Lu Xun, Sun Quan, and Zhou Tai are right before a cheering crowd of soldiers.
Then, Lu Xun mutters to himself that the land is forever changing, and one day,
Wu will be gone. But he scoffs off the idea and cuts Sun Quan's stage moment,
saying that with Cao Cao gone and the three kingdoms are united under Wu,
their kingdom will prevail. Zhou Tai nods in agreement while Sun Quan smiles
as he and Lu Xun raise their arms in victory. 


Zhang Jiao (unlocked)Beat Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Sun Jian's musou.
Volcano Staf Power 32  Attacks 6 Weight Medium Bonuses: Musou 17 . Atk 15 .
Luck 15 Fill 9 Charge 16-
Yellow Turban Rebellion, How to get:
You must meet up with Zhang Bao and brainwash Cao Cao's army, meet up
with Zhang Liang and brainwash Sun Jian's army, and let Zhang Man Cheng drop
rocks on the enemy. Also, you must accomplish all of this without letting any
of your allies die. To get Zhang Man Cheng to start dropping rocks you'll have
to take care of Gongsun Yue who's in his way. Do this as quickly as possible.
Now go to the southern altar and meet up with Zhang Liang to brainwash
Sun Jian's army. You have to stay on the altar with Zhang Liang until you get
the cutscene where you succeed. You can kill stray subgenerals that get onto
the altar, but you can't kill Sun Jian himself. After awhile you'll succeed.
Immediately head for the central altar and meet up with Zhang Bao to do the
same thing to Cao Cao's army. If you manage to complete all three successfully
with all of your generals still alive you will get the weapon.
Musou Mode;
1. Battle of Xi Liang
2. Battle of Ji Province
3. Battle of Nan Zhong 
4. The Yellow Turban Rebellion
A Land at Peace
Zhang Jiao is standing alone at a windy hill, and he says to himself that the
wind and the land are all in harmony with the faith of his followers. The land
will never has to experience war or suffering again, and may their rule last.

Yuan Shao (unlocked)Beat Cao Cao's musou.
Sword of Kings Power - 34 Attacks - 6 Weight - Medium Attributes - Fill: 15, 
Horse: 15, Bow: 15, Def: 18, Musou: 17 -
Battle of Guan Du, How to get:
First thing you should do is get to the Attack Base next to the large base that
Guan Yu and Liu Yan start in. After a couple minutes, you'll get a message
saying Guan Yu is moving. If Guan Yu reaches Yan Liang before you, he'll kill
him in seconds and you'll have to try again. Cut Guan Yu off before he can get
to Yan Liang and wail on him hard until you beat him. By doing this, you save
Yan Liang and Wen Chou from certain demise and take out a big potential threat
to your army and this in turn earns you the weapon. 
Musou Mode;
1 . The Battle of Ji Province 
2 . The Battle of Si Shui Gate
3 . The Battle of Chang Shan
4 . The Battle of Guan Du
The Name of Fame
Yuan Shao, with Zhang He and Zhen Ji by his side and a garrison of soldiers
are in front of a gate. He then exclaims that the chaos is over, and the Han is
no longer needed. Then, he tells his soldiers that the Yuan Family will build a
new empire. The soldiers cheers and the sequence fades.

Dong Zhou (unlocked)Beat Diao Chan's musou.
Horror Base Attack: 36 Weight: Medium Bonuses: Luck Lv. 17, Mounted Lv. 17,
Defense Lv. 15, Attack Lv. 18, Life Lv. 15 - 
Battle of Liang Zhou,How to get: 
Capture 5 enemy bases then kill Ma Chao and Pang De.
Musou Mode;
1. Battle of Xi Liang
2. Battle of Liang Zhou
3. Battle of Si Shui Gate
4. Battle of Hu Lao Gate
Trouble in Paradise
The camera shifts to a throne room where soldiers are on their knees in
respect, and a golden laden throne with Dong Zhuo laughing maniacally. He
then exclaims that he has everything- land, fame, money and women. He grabs
one of his female attendants. The female attendant looks to the corner, out of
Dong Zhuo's attention, to an assasin with his blade ready The camera again
focuses on the tyrant, and Dong Zhuo exclaims that nobody could ever take
it away from him again. 

Lu Bu (unlocked)You have to do someones musou from each kingdom and face him
in one of them.
4th WEAPON; 
Sky Scorcher Base power 40 Number of attacks 6 Weight Average Mounted Lvl 20
Defense Lvl 20 Attack Lvl 20 Musou Lvl 19 Life Lvl 19 - 
Battle of Chang Shang, How to get:
Defeat 1000 enemy troops (my advice is to not  kill any officers , seal any
gates or defeat any bases), but otherwise this is an easy weapon to get.
Musou Mode;
1.Battle of Si Shui 
2.Battle of Hu Lao Gate
3.Battle of Chang Shang
4.Battle of Xia Pi
An Endless Search
Lu Bu with his Red Hare rides out of a gate, and saying to himself that not
even one person could match his power. Then he charges out at top speed, he
then tells himself that he must keep searching, until he finds a real
challenge. Lu Bu's theme plays, Diao Chan and Zhang Liao then rides by and
follows Lu Bu on his side, and they ride into the land. 

Diao Chan (unlocked)Beat Lu Bu's musou mode.
Diva Power 32 Heavy Weight Musou Charge Lv. 18 Luck Lv. 18 Speed Lv. 19
Defense Lv. 16 Musou Lv. 18
Battle of Xia Pi, How to get: 
Defeat all generals and subgenerals before Cao Cao arrives. You must also stop
your own generals from getting themselves killed. 
Musou Mode;
1. Battle of Si Shui Gate 
2. Battle of Hu Lao Gate 
3. Battle of Chang Shang
4. Battle of Xia Pi
Farewell, Lu Bu
Diao Chan is standing by a moat bridge, when Lu Bu finally appears and walks
towards her. She happily exclaims that she knew all along that Lu Bu will win,
but as she reaches for him, Lu Bu falls over to her, showing three arrows that
are sticking on his back. Diao Chan then hugs his corpse and tells him to rest

Meng Huo (unlocked)Beat Nanman campaigns of Wu and Shu.
King of Beasts Base Attack: 36 Weight: Light Bonuses: Charge Lv. 15,
Fill Lv. 15, Horse Lv. 15, Attack Lv. 18, Life Lv. 17  - 
Conquest of Nan Zhong, How To Get It:
Defeat Wei Yan, Huang Zhong, and Yue Ying before any of your allies defect.
Musou Mode;
1. Struggle for Nan Zhong
2. Battle of Nan Zhong
3. The Invasion of Nan Zhong
4. Conquest of Nan Zhong
Make Way for the King
Meng Huo with his wife are standing on a grassy hill, then Zhu Rong tells him
that its a perfect time to attack the rest of the kingdoms. Meng Huo just
responds that its no longer necessary, since what do they have they don't got.
He then carries Zhu Rong over his shoulder, saying that as long as he has his
home and his wife, that is all that he ever needs. 

Zhu Rong (unlocked)Beat Meng Huo's musou.
Inferno -Power- 34-Attacks- 6 -Weight- Medium -Charge Attack- 16 -Bow
Attack- 15 -Musou- 18 -Musou Charge- 17 -Defense- 15  -
Invasion of Nan Zhong, How to get: 
Clear out the middle area, but do not destroy the bridge. Stay away from the
bridge, it is just below Lu Meng. Just sit tight, until about 17 minutes into
the stage where your elephant troops will charge the enemy camp anyways. At
this point Gan Ning and Jiang Qin will show up as reinforcements in the west.
Kill them and the Weapon will appear at the bridge.
Musou Mode;
1. Struggle for Nan Zhong 
2. Battle for Nan Zhong
3. The Invasion of Nan Zhong
4. Conquest of Nan Zhong
Riding in Luxury
Zhu Rong with her husband are riding on an elephant. Meng Huo then remarks
that he loves this land, and he is very content with living their life together
here. Zhu Rong shows a face of disapproval and responds that war does has its
moments, but nothing is better with the moment they're having right now. Meng
Huo scratches his head and the camera focuses on them riding to the plains.

Zuo Ci (unlocking) Unlock EVERYONE, the quickest way to umlock him is posted
4th Weapon;
Trump Deck- Power 40 Attacks 6 Weight - Medium- Charge 15- Fill 20-
Bow15 -Defense15- Musou 20- 
Battle of Hu Lao Gate, How to get: 
All you have to do to get the weapon is defeat Lu Bu. Lu Bu appears at Hu Lao
Gate when the first gate opens, which is achieved by defeating the gate captain
there. Lu Bu is in hyper mode during the whole battle (stronger than normal)
and uses Musou Rage when he gets low on health so he can be tricky to kill but
if you're beafed up enough you'll manage quite easily.
Musou Mode;
1.The Yellow Turban Rebellion.
2.Battle Of Hu Lao Gate.
3.Battle of Guan Du.
4.Battle of Chang Ban.
5.Escape from Chi Bi.
6.Battle of Hei Fei.
7.Battle of Yi Ling.
8.Battle of Wu Zhang Plains
The Wings of Hope
Zuo Ci is standing among the hundreds of corpses of Wei and Shu soldiers alike
strewn in the battlefield. He then tells himself that the darkness that is
covering the land has lifted, yet the world cannot still see the light. He then
continues to state that there will be a day when someone worthy of continuing
Liu Bei's legacy and ideal of virtue will appear. When that approaching time
comes, he will be ready when it happens. He walks away out of the camera's 
focus, then a crane flies away to the horizon. 

The quickest way Of unlocking Zuo Ci is by playing as the following characters;
SHU - Guan Yu, Ma Chao,Huang Zhong, Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei.
WEI - Cao Pi, Xiahou Dun, Any two random Wei characters (I used Pang De and
Dian Wei), Cao Cao
WU - Ling Tong, Sun Quan,Sun Ce, Zhou Yu,  Lu Xun, Sun Jian.
OTHERS - Lu Bu, Diao Chan, Meng Huo.
Playing as these characters will unlock Zuo Ci  with the least amount of musou
modes needed to be played.

B.Stage Listing

Battle of Xi Liang
a) Dong Zhuo's Forces **
b) Yellow Turbans **
Battle of Ji Province
a) Yuan Shao's Forces *
b) Yellow Turbans ***

3. Battle of Liang Province
a) Dong Zhuo's Forces ***
b) Allied Forces *

4. Struggle for Nan Zhong
a) Meng Huo's Forces **

5. Battle of Nan Zhong
a) Yellow Turbans ****
b) Nanman Forces ***

6. The Yellow Turban Rebellion
a) Han Forces *
b) Yellow Turbans *****

7. Battle of Si Shui Gate
a) Allied Forces *
b) Dong Zhuo's Forces *
8. Battle of Hu Lao Gate
a) Allied Forces *
b) Dong Zhuo's Forces ***

9. Battle of Chang Shan
a) Yuan Shao's Forces ****
10. Battle of Jing Province
a) Sun Jian's Forces *

11. Battle of the Wu Territory
a) Sun Ce's Forces *
b) Allied Forces *
12. Battle of Wan Castle
a) Cao Cao's Forces ***

13. Battle of Xia Pi
a) Cao Cao's Forces *
b) Lu Bu's Forces ***

14. Battle of Guan Du
a) Cao Cao's Forces ****
b) Yuan Shao's Forces *
15. Guan Yu's Escape
a) Cao Cao's Forces ***
b) Guan Yu's Forces ****
16. The Trials of Sun Ce
a) Sun Ce's Forces ****

17. Battle of Xia Kou
a) Sun Quan's Forces *
b) Huang Zu's Forces *
18. Battle of Chang Ban
a) Cao Cao's Forces **
b) Liu Bei's Forces ***
19. Battle of Chi Bi
a) Cao Cao's Forces **
b) Allied Forces *****
20. Escape from Chi Bi
a) Cao Cao's Forces ****
b) Allied Forces **

21. Battle of Tong Gate
a) Cao Cao's Forces **
b) Allied Forces **

22. Battle of Cheng Du
a) Liu Bei's Forces *

23. Battle of He Fei
a) Wei Forces ***
b) Wu Forces ***
24. The Invasion of Nan Zhong
a) Wu Forces *
b) Nanman Forces ****

25. Battle of Mt. Ding Jun
a) Wei Forces ***
b) Shu Forces **
26. Battle of Fan Castle
a) Wei Forces ****
b) Wu Forces **
c) Shu Forces ****

27. Battle of Yi Ling
a) Wu Forces ***
b) Shu Forces ***

28. Conquest of Nan Zhong
a) Shu Forces **
b) Nanman Forces *****

29. Battle of Tian Shui
a) Wei Forces *
b) Shu Forces **

30. Battle of Jie Ting
a) Wei Forces **
b) Shu Forces **

31. Battle of Chen Cang
a) Wei Forces ***
b) Shu Forces ***

32. Battle of He Fei Castle
a) Wei Forces *****
b) Wu Forces *****
33. Battle of Bai Di Castle
a) Wu Forces *****
b) Shu Forces *****
34. Battle of Wu Zhang Plains
a) Wei Forces *****
b) Shu Forces *****

C.Rare Items
Remember that saddles can be attained on any difficulty.

Red Hare Saddle;
Start the battle riding Red Hare.Red Hare is the fastest horse in the game.
Battle of Chang Shang .
Yuan Shao Army
The goal here is to defeat Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, and Liu Bei within a minute of
each other. Since the first two are Liu Bei's subgenerals, you have to start
with them. The easiest way to do this is enter the central castle from the east
and take Zhang Fei down to almost dead; then run over to Guan Yu and lure
Zhang Fei over. Zhao Yun is also here and is quite a bother, but if you're on
Easy and you're relatively buffed you should be just fine. Try to kill Guan Yu
and Zhang Fei at around the same time, as the first one to die starts the
timer. As soon as you kill them both, run over to Liu Bei as fast as possible
and defeat him. Using a Musou Token to take him out quickly is a good idea. The
Precious Item report indicates that the item is outside the castle to the

Hex Mark Saddle;
Start the battle riding Hex Mark. Hex Mark raises your luck.
Battle of Cheng Du .
Liu Bei Army
Your goal here is to defeat Zhang Ren before he can kill Pang Tong in his
ambush. As soon as Pang Tong reaches the northern area of the map, Zhang Ren
will show up north and fairly far to the west. If you just take a horse and
camp out near where he shows up, you can easily take him out before Pang Tong
gets killed. Once you do, the Precious Item box will appear in the middle of
the bamboo forest.

Storm Rider Saddle;
Start the battle riding Storm Rider. Storm Rider gives you a x1.5 bonus on
points earned at the end every stage.
Battle of Guan
Cao Cao Army
Your goal here is to defeat Yan Liang and Wen Chou. What makes this tricky is
that Guan Yu will charge for Yan Liang as soon as the stage starts and will
beat him up in a matter of seconds. You'll definitely have to be on a horse to
beat Guan Yu; as long as you defeat both Yan Liang and Wen Chou yourself,
the Precious Item report will trigger. The item is in the northwest of the map,
in the corridor leading west towards Yuan Shao's main camp.

Shadow Harness;
Start the battle riding Shadow Runner. You cannot be knocked off Shadow 
Runner or any other horse when you have this Item equiped..
Battle of Liang Province
Allied Army
Your goal here is to defeat the two generals that Dong Zhuo brings as
reinforcements, Hu Zhen and Zhang Ji within 50 seconds of them showing up.
Hu Zhen appears in the far northeast corner and Zhang Ji appears from the far
southwest. Obviously this is one of the hardest items to get. You will need to
be reasonably buffed, and have Red Hare, before you should even attempt this.
As soon as the stage starts, clear out the entire northeast and southwest
corners, especially taking the enemy gates first. Then camp out in one corner
or the other, right next to the gate. Dong Zhuo will show up about 4 minutes
into the stage, and a few seconds later, he'll call in the reinforcements.
Immediately dispatch one, jump on Red Hare, and speed towards the other
general. Don't even bother picking up any items or killing anybody else from
now; you want to get to the other guy as fast as possible. To improve your
chances, use a Musou Token to kill the second one as instantly as you can. If
you succeed, the item will appear in a box a little bit north of the center of
the map.

Elephant Harness; 
Start the battle riding an elephant.
Battle of Nan Zhong
Nanman Army
Here you'll need to take both neutral bases and assist your allies as they get
into trouble, all within 5 minutes. You'll definitely want a horse. Charge
forward and take the first neutral base in the south of the map, then turn
around and defeat Zhang Jiao. Zhang Bao will do some magic; go up to the
northwest corner and defeat him, taking the neutral base along the way. Next
Zhang Liang will cause some of your troops to defect in the southeast; go and
defeat him. Finally Man Cai will do the same thing just north of the lake;
defeat him. If you do all this in five minutes, the Precious Item report will
show up and you can pick up the item in the middle of the lake.

Remember that orbs can only be attained on HARD difficulty.

Fire Orb;
Causes extra damage while burning.
Battle of Si Sui Gate
Allied Army
You must defeat 200 enemies within 2 minutes of the stage starting. This is no
easy feat, especially on Hard difficulty. Still, as Si Sui Gate is a very early
battle, it's not too terrible, even on Hard. You'll want a horse just so you
can get to the middle area, which is crawling with enemies, as fast as
possible. However, once you're there you'll probably want to be on foot and
start taking enemies out. This isn't so bad if you're using Lu Bu's C3 over and
over again, though you'll probably have to buff him up to the point where it
doesn't take more than a couple of hits to kill a generic enemy. Once you
complete this, the Precious Item box will show up in the supply depot to the
northeast. I used Ling Tong and managed it first time and I hadn't buffed him
up that much.

Ice Orb;
Chance to freeze enemies.
Battle of Guan Du
Yuan Shao Army
Your goal here is to defeat Cao Pi quickly. Guan Du is only a 1 star difficulty
battle for Yuan Shao, so this isn't too bad. Basically you'll have to defeat
Cao Pi before Guan Yu retreats; he'll retreat soon after defeating Yan Liang,
when he meets up with Liu Bei. Take a horse and immediately charge down
through the enemy defense point to Cao Pi. You shouldn't get mobbed too
heavily, so this is relatively easy. Once you defeat Cao Pi, the Precious Item
box will appear inside the Wu Cao supply depot in the middle of the map. Pick
it up and finish the stage normally. 

Yin Orb;
Consumes musou for a chance to insta-kill enemies.
Battle of Wu Zhang Plains
Wei Army
All you have to do on this stage is defeat Jiang Wei. However, there is sort of
a built-in time limit; if you take too long, Zhuge Liang will die from illness,
and Jiang Wei will assume command of the Shu army. Once this happens, killing
Jiang Wei will end the stage, meaning you can't pick up the item. Thus, you'll
have to charge in relatively quickly once the stage starts. I recommend taking
out the two enemy bases in the center, then heading down the east side. Seal
the gate there and take out the captain that's in charge of the Shu supply
route - this will make the battle easier after you actually get the item. Now
just charge the enemy main camp. Ignore Yue Ying for now. Once you get near,
try to get Jiang Wei's two subgenerals to chase you and take them out; you
definitely don't want to have to handle them with Jiang Wei around you. It's
quite easy to get mobbed, so make sure you have somebody with good 360
coverage. If you're playing a Wei general, I'd suggest somebody like Xu Huang
or Zhen Ji, though you could always cheat and use Lu Bu. Once you defeat Jiang
Wei, the Precious Item box will show up in the central plain slightly to the
west. By now your army is probably getting mobbed by the Shu army, so head
back there post haste, pick up the box, and beat up the generals advancing on
your camp. Now just finish the stage normally (Zhuge Liang never passes away if
Jiang Wei is already dead). 

Yang Orb (Light Orb);
Break enemy guard with charge attacks.
Battle of Wu Zhang Plains
Shu Army
Like the Yin orb, this item is found at the Battle of Wu Zhang Plains, a 5-star
difficulty battle. If your general is not nearly maxed out, you will die. The
time limit for this is somewhat stricter than the Yin orb as well. Your goal is
to defeat Xu Zhu, Cao Ren, and Zhen Ji all within 5 minutes of the stage
starting. You'll definitely need a horse. Immediately charge up the west side
of the map towards Xu Zhu. Try to ignore all the other generals, though if
you're unlucky they'll just follow you and beat you up while you're trying to
get your targets. Use Musou Token (if you're lucky enough to get it, or every
100 kills if you have your 4th weapon) to speed things up. Again, use a general
with good 360 coverage, or you'll just keep getting interrupted. Once you
defeat all three, the Precious Item box will appear in the dead-end area on the
west side of the map. You have to go up and around from the Wei side and
through a base to even get to the area, but if you managed to get it to appear
in the first place, the hardest part is already done. 

3.Other Rare Items

Fire Arrow;
Allows you to fire Fire Arrows.
Battle of Ji Province
Yuan Shao Army
Defeat He Yi , Zhang Bao, Zhang Liang , and Pei Yuan Shao in order. The
Precious Item box will show up in the southeast corner, near the enemy defense

Art of War;
Items last 1.5x longer.
Battle of Chi Bi
Cao Cao Army
The basic goal is to defeat Zhuge Liang while he's retreating. Two different
things can trigger his retreat; either if he's successful in causing the wind
to blow, or if he's no longer needed since the fire attack fails. Obviously
it's better for your army if the second case occurs. Defeat generals normally;
once Huang Gai appears, defeat him. Now immediately speed over to Zhuge Liang's
location. He won't begin retreating until after a bunch of messages have
passed, so if you have a horse you should be able to reach him in time. Once
you defeat him, the Precious Item box will appear in the center of the map, on
the Wu side of the boats, slightly to the west.

Book of Destruction;
Grants Attack x2 when rising from near death.
Battle of Hu Lao Gate
Dong Zhuo Army 
Defeat Liu Bei, Sun Jian, Cao Cao, and Gongsun Zhan. The Precious Item box will
appear in the path midway between where Liu Bei and Sun Jian started. 

Bodyguard Scroll;
Bodyguard becomes stronger.
Guan Yu's Escape
Guan Yu Army
You must defeat each general and seal every gate up to and including Xu Huang.
Once you do so, the Precious Item box will appear back near your starting
location. Other than using a horse to make the trip as fast as possible, this
is pretty straightforward. 

Godly Ring;
Lengthens Musou Token time.
Battle of Xi Jing
Yellow Turban Army 
First save the isolated Zhang Liang in the northwest by clearing out the
generals and bases in his area. Then simply defeat Ma Chao, who shows up as a
reinforcement in the northeast. The Precious Item box will appear near your
starting position, on the altar.

Way of Musou;
Can always perform True Musou regardless of health.
Battle of Mt. Ding Jun
Shu Army
This item is pretty easy to get. All you have to do is defeat Xiahou Yuan
before Cao Cao arrives as a reinforcement. You should have plenty of time to
take out the mountain base first, but if you're worried, you can always just
run straight for Xiahou Yuan. Once you defeat him you'll get a Precious Item
report, and a box will appear near the northwest gate. Now it's just a matter
of waiting for Cao Cao to show up and defeating him to end the stage.

Wind Scroll;
Raises attack radius.
Battle of  He Fei Castle
Wu Army
Your goal is to defeat Cao Ren within 5 minutes. Cao Ren's camped out in the
middle of the castle. Don't go in from the south; even if you defeat Xu Huang
the door will not open. Head in through the west gate and go up and around to
Cao Ren's position. Other than the generals guarding the doors, just ignore
everybody you meet to get to Cao Ren as fast as possible. After you defeat him
you'll get a Precious Item report. Continue north and defeat Xu Zhu; the item
is to his northeast, along the wall. Now just continue north and defeat Cao Pi
to finish the stage. 

Charge Bracer;
Withstand hits during charge attacks.
Battle of Si Sui Gate
Dong Zhuo Army
Defeat Sun Jian without letting the supply depot fall. Just charge south when
the stage starts and take him out. The Precious Item box appears in the
northern corridor east of your own base. 

Tiger Collar;
Start the stage with a companion tiger.
Struggle for Nan Zhong 
Meng Huo Army
You must defeat the three tiger trainers under King Mulu within a minute of the
stage starting. Equip a horse and dash straight for his location as soon as the
stage starts. Luckily, the tiger trainers are easy to spot, as they have their
name and health displayed as if they were an enemy general, though they go
down quite easily. The only annoying thing is all the people on elephants
running around. If you get unlucky, you'll be hit repeatedly by elephants and
time will run out. Once you defeat all three, the Precious Item box will appear
back inside your camp, towards the east. 

Power Rune;
Raises attack and lowers defense.
Battle of Jie Ting
Shu Army 
You must protect Ma Su and defend your own home base from Xu Zhu. Once you
approach the center of the stage, Sima Yi's troops will drop the bridge to the
mountain, isolating Ma Su. Once this happens, defeat Cao Xin , Sima Shao, and
Zhang He to save Ma Su. By this time Xu Zhu will probably have shown up. Defeat
him; now defeat Sima Yi, who has probably headed to the center of the stage
trying to retake the gate. Once you do, the Precious Item box will show up in
the southern plain. 

Musou Armor;
Eliminates stagger from bow attacks.
Conquest of Nan Zhong
Nanman Army
Destroy all juggernauts in the northern central area. I think there were only 7
of them. The Precious Item box will appear in the western area where the
exploding jars are, south of the enemy base. 

Tribal Remedey;
Heals self every 100 kills.
Battle of He Fei Castle
Wei Army
Once the stage begins, destroy the siege machine that is attacking the front
door of the castle. The siege machine appears from the gate point left of Lu
Xun's position and heads straight for the front door; you should be able to get
to it before it even reaches the door. About five minutes in, Lu Xun will call
in a second one, this one appearing from the boats to the east. Head over that
way and defeat Jiang Qin while you're at it. Destroy the second siege machine,
then head north and defeat Pan Zhang. Now head back into the castle and up
north to defeat the final reinforcement, Sun Shao. Once you finish all of this,
the Precious Item box appears on top of the outer castle gates, next to some
catapults. Climb the stairs up to the top of the wall from the inside of the
gates and pick up the item. 

Serpent Earrings;
Attack up +2 every 100 kills.
Battle of He Fei
Wu Army
Your end goal is to defeat all Wei reinforcements, finishing with Xiahou Dun,
in one minute. There's quite a lot you have to do to get to this point. When
the stage begins, proceed westward and defeat Pang De and Cao Zhang. Head
southwards and through the enemy base; this will trigger Xu Huang as a
reinforcement. Go through and defeat him. Now return to the center area and go
southwards. Zhang Liao should show up and surprise attack Sun Quan. Defeat him.
Head up to the north area and attack the enemy base there; this will prompt Yu
Jin  to show up as a replacement. Defeat him. Hang out in the north for awhile,
and defeat Zhang Liao when he shows up as a reinforcement for the second time.
Now head to the northeast corner's gate and sit tight. Xiahou Dun will show up
eventually and charge southwards at Sun Quan. He'll even ignore you so make
sure you're ready to knock him off his horse and take him down. Once you do,
the Precious Item box will appear in the central island.


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