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Follow the dark path or use the light

Zangya guide

by Nick_Kazama

Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2
Zangya FAQ and guide

Contents - 

I) Legal stuff
II) Introduction
III) Contact details
IV) Zangya's profile
V) Some of Zangya's combos
VI) Zangya's special moves
VII) How to use Zangya
VIII) Additional notes on Zangya
IX) Frequently asked questions
X) Special thanks

I) Legal stuff 

Dragonball Z, Zangya and all other characters belong to Akira 
Toriyama and Toei animation, but this FAQ is mine. It is not to be 
redistributed, or placed on any other websites. The only site that 
may host this FAQ if GameFAQs. Use of this guide on any other 
website or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, 
and a violation of copyright.

II) Introduction

Hello and welcome fellow Zangya player! This is of course my guide on 
Zangya, the red headed, blue skinned henchgirl of Bojack from the DBZ 
movie "Bojack Unbound". I had been wanting to do a Zangya FAQ for 
some time, but I kept putting it off, I recently gave myself a slap 
in the face and decided to just go for it. Why Zangya, you ask? Well, 
I love using her in Budokai Tenkaichi 2 (she very quickly became my 
favorite female fighter in the game, sorry Android 18!) and I love 
her character design. Huge red hair and blue skin, FTW!

III) Contact details

If you have any questions about this FAQ, or Zangya then e-mail moi! 
My e-mail address is - [email protected]
Please remember to read the guide thoroughly before asking me 
anything though. Chances are you'll find your answer! 

IV) Zangya's profile

Zangya's only appearance was in the Dragonball Z movie called "Bojack 
Unbound". She gate crashed the World Martial Arts Tournament with 
Bojack, and his other three henchmen named Bujin, Bido and Gokua. 
Krillin is the first to encounter her and immediately exclaims that 
she's hot, but she effortlessly defeats him.

Zangya received one of the stupidest deaths in all of Dragonball 
history. She was killed when Bojack pushed her in front of him and 
blasted her in the back with a ki blast, in an attempt to distract 
Super Saiyan 2 Gohan. RIP girlfriend...

This is her Bio from the Budokai Tenkaichi 2 encyclopedia.

Zangya is one of Bojack's underlings, accompanying him as he carves a 
swath of destruction across the galaxy. She was sealed up by the Kai 
along with Bojack, but was released when the seal was broken. She 
then follows Bojack to Earth to interfere with the World Tournament 

As Krillin notes, she's quite attractive, but she's also a powerful 
fighter - powerful enough to take out Krillin with a single blow! 
While Gohan fought Bojack, she attempted to use her psychic powers to 
immobilize him.

V) Some of Zangya's combos

Heavy finish - Square, Triangle
Kiai Cannon - Square, Square, Triangle
Flying Kick - Square, Square, Square, Triangle
Lift Strike - Up + Triangle
Ground Slash - Down + Triangle
Heavy Finish - 
Zangya punches and immediately performs another punch, stunning the 
opponent. If you wish, you can follow this up with 2 more hits. Press 
the triangle button, press it again and then the square button. Like 

Heavy Finish - Square, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Square

The last hit will send the opponent flying, giving you a good chance 
to gather some ki, or use her 'Wild Sense' Blast 1 move (We'll look 
further into Wild Sense a bit later). Also, the first Triangle press 
is chargeable, hold it down and you'll cause more damage.
Kiai Cannon - 
The Kiai Cannon is a chargeable attack. If the opponent isn't 
blocking then you can lightly stun them with this move. Remember, 
it's chargeable, so if you keep the Triangle button held down you 
will be able to send your enemy flying. Take a look at this;

Square, Square, Triangle (not held down) = Opponent is stunned a 

Square, Square, Triangle (held down) = Opponent ends up hurled over 
the arena.

If you charge it half way, then the opponent will be sent back a 
little, but not much. How you perform the Kiai cannon is up to you!

Flying Kick -
Zangya punches her opponent three times and finally delivers two weak 
kicks to their face, stunning them. If you so desire you can use the 
Flying Kick and then use it again straight after, as if the first one 
isn't blocked then the opponent will of course be stunned. Try this;

Square, Square, Square, Triangle (opponent is stunned) Square, 
Square, Square, Triangle (opponent falls onto the ground)

Of course you don't have to use another Flying Kick you know, you 
could try a Kiai Cannon, or a Heavy Finish on the recoiling opponent. 
The choice is yours! Another way to perform the Flying Kick, get 
close to your enemy and press the X button, immediately followed by 
the Triangle button. After pressing the Triangle button, tap the 
Square button a few times to do a small combo.

Lift Strike -
An interesting move here and also the attack leading to the most 
melee damage possible, I think. Lift Strike will not work unless you 
punch the opponent first. Of course, you could try to do a small 
combo first;

No combo = Square, Up + Triangle

Combo = Square, Square, Square, Square, Up + Triangle

There's even another, slightly more advanced combo to try. See if you 
can do it;

Square, Square, Square, Square, Square (Opponent is sent back, while 
opponent is sent back immediately press the X button to dash right up 
to them again) Square, Square, Square, Square, Up + Triangle.

Not too hard for you I hope! Now, you can do even more damage in this 
considerable combo! That's right, after the actual Lift Strike (Up + 
Triangle) is performed, your opponent is sent up into the air, right 
above you. Press the X button and you'll notice that Zangya zooms 
right up to her enemy. 

After she is up close and personal, press the Triangle button to once 
again stun the opponent and then press the Square button five times, 
like this;

After Up + Triangle (Lift Strike), X, Triangle, Square, Square, 
Square, Square, Square.

Here's a variation, instead of pressing Square for the fifth time 
press the Triangle button. Instead of another normal punch, Zangya 
will do a more powerful one, knocking her enemy onto the ground for 
an additional bit of damage (from the hit and the impact on the 
ground). Try it;

After Up + Triangle (Lift Strike), X, Triangle, Square, Square, 
Square, Square, Triangle

Ground Slash -
Like the Lift Strike, you must have Zangya punch before you are able 
to perform it. Try this;

Square, Down + Triangle

You can charge it, or not.

If you do charge it, notice how the opponent falls backwards in a 
slow motion type way. While they are falling, you can do a number of 
things to them! You can do a combo on them;

Down + Triangle (opponent falls in slow mo), Square, Square, Square, 
Square, Square

Or you could try another, Heavy Finish;

Down + Triangle, Square, Triangle

A Kiai Cannon;

Down + Triangle, Square, Square, Triangle

A Flying Kick;

Down + Triangle, Square, Square, Square, Triangle

Or even a Lift Strike;

Down + Triangle, Square, Up + Triangle

VI) Zangya's special moves

Here we go, the real beef of Zangya's moveset, her ki based attacks! 
Zangya relies mostly on speed, but that doesn't mean her ki attacks 
are weak. First we'll look at her Blast 1 moves;

Psychokinesis -

How to do it = [L2] + Circle
Cost - 1 blast stock

Zangya releases a pink coloured wave from her hands. If you are close 
enough to your opponent, then they will become stunned for exactly 4 
seconds. You should use this time to perform a combo on your enemy, 
use a B2 or UB on them, or fly away from them to charge up some ki. 
It's a great little move that gives you a little time to think of 
what to do.

Wild Sense - 

How to do it = [L2] + Up + Circle
Cost - 2 blast stocks

I know what you're thinking, because I thought the exact same thing, 
"Huh? Hey it just took away my blast stocks for nothing!?" The truth 
is, something actually has happened. Your teleportation has become a 
whole lot easier to do! If your enemy tries to do a melee attack on 
you, then tap the circle button just before their fist makes contact 
and you'll teleport out of harms way! Sometimes, Zangya will 
automatically hit the opponent for you. Another great B1 move here.

Now we move onto the Blast 2 moves;

Shoot Blaster - 

How to do it = [L2] + Triangle
Ki Cost - 3 Ki Gauges

Wow, real innovative name here! Zangya fires a bright yellow sphere 
from her right palm that does 4,260 damage uncharged. That's right, 
you can charge it! Half charged, Shot Blaster does about 8,340 
damage, but if you charge it up all the way, then it will do a 
considerable 12,770 points of damage! It charges up moderately 
quickly too.

Trap Shooter

How to do it = [L2] + Up + Triangle
Ki cost - 2 Ki Gauges

An impressive looking B2 here. Zangya pulls her hand back, pushes it 
forward and launches 6 small, but powerful green orbs at her 
opponent. This attack is great, because it's quite hard to dodge and 
it deals good damage to. 9,000 to be precise. This attack isn't 
chargeable like the Shoot Blaster, it's an instant attack, which 
makes it all the more effective! 

And now we moves onto Zangya's Ultimate Blast, the Sky Zapper.

Sky Zapper - 

How to do it = Power up into Max Power mode and then press [L2] + 
Down + Triangle
Ki Cost - 4 Ki Gauges

This has to be my most favorite rush type move in the game! It's as 
deadly as it is impressive. "This grows tiresome!" says Zangya, as 
she flip kicks her opponent into the air. What follows is a series of 
7 hits, followed by a painful looking foot to the stomach, knocking 
the enemy back onto the ground. To top it off, as she delivers the 
final kick Zangya calmly speaks "Farewell!" The total number of hits 
featured in this rush is 10 and it tops off at a total of 15,170 
damage. Use this move if you need some time to get away from your 
opponent to charge some ki, or something, as the final hit puts quite 
a bit of distance between you and your enemy. 

VII) How to use Zangya

Before picking Zangya as your fighter, remember that she relies on 
speed and quick hits to subdue her opponent. Her speed enables a 
talented player using her, to easily take down the more slower 
characters, such as USSJ2 Trunks for example. Remember to make good 
use of her B2's as she charges Ki quite quickly. She's not very 
powerful, so don't expect a female Mystic Gohan equivalent or 
anything. Utilise her quickness to the best of your ability and 
you'll win everytime!

VIII) Additional notes on Zangya

I would suggest equipping the Majin Seal Z-Item on her. This will 
reduce her Ki cost by half, so shot blaster would cost 1 1/2 Ki Gauges, 
Trap shooter would cost 1 Ki Gauge and her Sky Zapper would only cost 
you 2 Ki Gauges to perform! 

Zangya's throw is an interesting one, quite sexy too! She performs 4 
punches, turns her back to her opponent and does a little dance 
before swinging her fist around to knock them half way across the 
screen! To perform it, press Up + X when right next to your enemy.

Her taunt is cool as well. Zangya brushes her hair back with her hand 
and laughs at them. If you want to be a little weird like me, then 
tell her a joke and immediately perform her taunt! Silly, I know but 
it makes me smile. To taunt, press Up + [L1] when locked onto your 

Zangya has special dialogue when fighting against Krillin, Android 
18, or Bojack. If you want a laugh then check out the Zangya vs 
Android 18 one!

Zangya can shoot a maximum of 6 ki blasts (done by rapidly tapping 
the Triangle button) at her opponent. If you perform a charged up ki 
blast, then it will stun the enemy for 2 and a half seconds. Very 

IX) Frequently asked questions

Q) Why a Zangya guide?
A) As stated before, I love using her as she's a cool character and 
she has a great character design. 

Q) How do I unlock Zangya?
A) You need to fuse the 'Flowers of Evil' and the 'Galactic Warrior' 
Potaras. You can get 'Flowers of Evil' by completing the Beautiful 
Assassin story event and you obtain the 'Galactic Warrior' one by 
completing the Bojack unbound story event. Both of these story events 
are found in the Bojack Unbound scenario.

Q) Which Z-Items should I equip on Zangya?
A) Well, I'm not quite sure, but I studied each Potara and tried this 

- Eternal life
- Oolong's support
- Puar's support
- Equipment slots +3
- Vicious desire
- Zoonama's barb
- Inescapable menace

Probably not the best setup ever, but fight her and tell me what you 
think. I've made 3 custom Zangya's, all of them have the same setup, 
but different logics. Here are their passwords;

Balance -
mzd( (p)o s?ze ydlv - the l on the top row is a lower case L
noh? sVcy zs%R gvOQ

Powerful -
hHlb UJXS )PFD tUOZ - the l on the bottom row is a lower case L

Technical -
Cy-V VKfR +mpT -L(F
hHpz cRP% zpaS y+Ho

(To make them more of a challenge, use a normal character to fight 
them, aka a character with no Z-Items equipped) (Oh, and send me your 
custom Zangya's, I'd like that!)

Q) What is Zangya's alternate costume?
A) Its crap, that's what it is. Poor Zangya received the lamest 
palette swap ever - the cloth tied around her waist changes from 
purple to dark green. That's it. Nothing else. For shame Spike!

Q) Does Zangya charge up ki normally whilst underwater?
A) Nope, her charge speed is lowered a little bit like most 

Q) Does Zangya have the Rolling Hammer?
A) Sadly, she doesn't. A shame too as she would be even more kick ass 
with that in her moveset!

Q) Does Zangya have any other appearances other than the Bojack 
Unbound movie?
A) Yes, she has a quick cameo in the Fusion Reborn movie.

Q) Who are Zangya's voice actresses?
A) Her Japanese voice actress is Tomoko Maruo and her English voice 
actress is Colleen Clinkenbeard.

X) Special thanks

- Akira Toriyama San for creating DBZ. I love you man!
- Toei for animating DBZ and adding all the wonderful filler.
- Zangya for being such a great character and for being the 
inspiration for this guide.
- You for reading this guide. Unless of course you're someone I hate.
- Me for writing this guide.

Well, looks like you're done now, go outside and play or use the 
guide to test out Zangya Chan.