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Crash Nitro Kart



by Zooc_Flyup

			 Crash Nitro Kart - PS2 FAQ/Walkthrough
                                 by Elessar Mithrandir
			     GameFAQs username: Zooc_Flyup

*       Introduction                             *    
Hey there, I'm Elessar Mithrandir, and you're reading my first                  
FAQ/Walkthrough, Crash Nitro Kart (for PlayStation 2).  This game was 
developed by Vicarious Visions, and is also available for the XBox, 
Gamecube, GameBoy Advance and N-Gage.  However, this FAQ/Walkthrough 
is exclusively for the PlayStation 2.  Crash Nitro Kart is the ninth 
(9th) game in the ever-popular Crash Bandicoot franchise.  It is also
the second racing game in the series.  And keep in mind the Legal 
Information is at the bottom.  If you have any questions and/or 
comments, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected], or 
sign my guestbook on my website at 
Anyways, enough with the introduction...

*       Updates                                  *

06/03/05 (March 6, 2005) - I started this guide, and I finished up to 
Barin Ruins.

07/03/05 (March 7, 2005) - I'm continuing with this guide, and I got 
to the Electron Avenue section.

08/03/05 (March 8, 2005) - I got to the beginning of the 
Purple Gem Cup...not bad for three days, huh?

09/03/05 (March 9, 2005) - Finished!

10/03/05 (March 10, 2005) - Woops, I had to modify the FAQ/Walkthrough...
enjoy version 2!!!

29/07/05 (August 29, 2005) - Just correcting a few typos and allowing 
another site to put this guide up.

13/02/06 (February 13, 2006) - Fixed a few things.

*       Table of Contents                        *

Section 1: Basics/Controls
	1.2.......About the Game
	1.6.......Adventure Mode
	1.7.......Game Modes
Section 2: Crash Nitro Kart
		2.11.......Inferno Island
		2.12.......Jungle Boogie
		2.13.......Tiny Temple
		2.14.......Temple Turmoil
		2.15.......Boss Race 1: Krunk
		2.21.......Meteor Gorge
		2.22.......Barin Ruins
		2.23.......Deep Sea Driving
		2.24.......Frozen Frenzy
		2.25.......Boss Race 2: Nash
		2.31.......Out of Time
		2.32.......Clockwork Wumpa
		2.33.......Thunder Struck
		2.34.......Desert Storm
		2.35.......Boss Race 3: Norm
		2.41.......Assembly Lane
		2.42.......Android Alley
		2.43.......Electron Avenue
		2.44.......Magnetic Mayhem
		2.45.......Boss Race 4: Geary
	2.5.......Velo Race 1 
		2.51.......Velo's Vault
			2.511.......Purple Gem Cup
			2.522.......Blue Gem Cup
			2.533.......Green Gem Cup
			2.544.......Red Gem Cup
			2.555.......Hyper Spaceway
	2.6.......Velo Race 2 (Final)
Section 3: Unlockables
	3.1.......Unlockable Racers
	3.2.......Unlockable Tracks
	3.3.......Unlockable Cutscenes
Section 4: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Section 5: Legal Information
Section 6: End Credits and Thanks

Note: To find what you want instead of reading everything, hold CTRL 
(control) and press F.  This will bring up the "Find" box.  Type what 
you need, or preferably, the "code" for it (example: if you need the 
Purple Gem Cup, you would type in "2.511" without the quotation.).
The "codes" are in the Table of Contents above.

*       1.1 - Controls                           *

X (Cross) - Accelerate
[] (Square) - Brake/Reverse
O (Circle) - Throw weapon (when you have a weapon)
/_\ (Triangle) - Switch between Speedometer and Track map
D-Pad or Left Analog Stick - Steering and changing directions
R1 - Hop/jump
R2 - Activate Team Frenzy (when available)
L1 - Boost (when Power Sliding and exhaust is black/ meter is red)
L2 - Rear View

*       1.2 - About The Game                     *

Emperor Velo the 27th, the self-alleged most accomplished racer in the
universe, has kidnapped Crash and his pals and Cortex and his
henchmen, because "word of their racer prowess has reached his
glorious empire", thanks to the gossipy Oxide and N. Trance teams.
Here's the deal: either you race (and win) against his trans-world
cronies and win twelve (12) trophies, or Earth gets destroyed.  He
even modified your cars you have a chance!  How kind of him...You
can either pick Team Crash, which includes Crash Bandicoot,
Coco Bandicoot and Crunch, or Team Cortex, which includes
Dr. Neo Cortex, Dr. N. Gin and Tiny Tiger.  Your can race
and each character in every race, and can change them at any time 
(except during a race).  Make your way through four (4) diverse worlds, 
each with three (3) racing tracks and one arena.  You have to collect 
various items to progress, but that's later in this, 
you up to it?

*       1.3 - Characters                         *

Note:  Each team has three main racers and one unlockable racer
 (except for Teams Oxide and N. Trance, where you have to unlock
 the other racers).  The unlockable racer will be mentioned in...
you guessed it...Unlockable Racers (section). 

|Team Crash|

Crash Bandicoot - The main bandicoot, the head honcho.  Call him what
you want, this silent hero once again is put up to the challenge of 
facing a power-crazed racing alien from destroying Earth (well, Oxide
only wanted to enslave mankind, to be fair)...can Crash do it?  It's
up to you.

Coco Bandicoot - Crash's intellectual sister.  Coco is a martial arts
expert, computer...ah, expert, and general genius.  But it's gonna
take more than brains to win these races.  Coco will not let Crash 
have all the glory, though...that is, unless you don't pick her to 

Crunch - Even though Crunch is not related to Crash, they're still
great pals, and Crunch is going to speed his way to the finish
line one way or another.
|Team Cortex|

Dr. Neo Cortex - Crash's arch enemy, and a genius...supposedly.  What 
Cortex lacks in size, he makes up for in great racing ability.  He
may be short, he may be going bald, he may have an "N" tattoo on his
forehead that stands for "Neo", he may be the son of a circus family,
and he may have been defeated by Crash 8 times...but he's still

Dr. N. Gin - Cortex's newest second-hand man, N. Gin is kind of 
dangerous, because of the emotionally-controlled missile stuck in his
head.  N. Gin is ready to race, even though he accepts the fact that
he never wins...unless you play win, in which the chances of winning
are still slim.

Tiny Tiger - All brains and no brawn.  What else is new?  Tiny races.
He smashes.  He mocks.  Tiny fast.  Tiny not Tiny.  Pick Tiny and win
race.  End.
|Team Oxide| - Not playable in Adventure Mode

Nitros Oxide - The ex-maniacal-insecure alien that threatened Earth
(and failed numerous times) is back.  Oxide is crazy, yes, but he's 
still an awesome bad he doesn't come with his old Hover 
Cart...:(  Maybe in Crash Clash Racing...(next Crash game)

Zem - One of Oxide's extraterrestrial cronies, Zem is a muscly alien 
who favors speed over turning.  Not a bad racer, and very stubborn 
when he's your opponent.

Zam - The smallest alien henchman, Zam is a small and turning-favored 
racer.  A green alien with a purple
|Team N. Trance| - Not playable in Adventure Mode

N. Trance - It seems N. Trance doesn't have any real friends anymore, 
so he hypnotized some!  You can see the hypnotical caps on his 
friends.  N. Trance's voice is somewhat odd, but he's a great racer.

Dingodile - Half dingo, half crocodile...mixed breed.  Dingodile is a 
surprisingly accomplished racer, even though his turning's a little 
off.  Not a bad choice at all.

Polar - A past ally, this cute little bear is not hypnotized...
oh well, he's annoying and nosy, so whack him!  However, an 
interesting choice for a racer, a good one.
|Bosses| - These bosses are not unlockable, with the exception of  
|______|   Velo, but he becomes...different.

Krunk - The multi-colored ape that has a large front belly, Krunk puts up 
quite a fight.  He seems to blame you that Earth is a failed replica of 
his planet, gonna take that?

Nash - An electronically engineered shark, Nash is always moving.  Always.  
He's crazy, much like Ripper Roo.  Make sure you don't get behind him!  
Nash is an interesting addition to the series, however.

Norm - Norm is an odd goblin mime who can multiply into two characters...
a fat, obnoxious mime wanna-be golbin, and himself...where do they come 
up with this stuff?  Still a great concept, though.

Geary - A robot obsessed with cleaning and convinced that robotic beings 
are superior.  Geary is an odd character, and I have difficulty finding 
out, robotic gender.

Emperor Velo the 27th - A huge maniacal alien who wants to obliterate 
Earth and capture you.  Can you show him up and race for the fate of Earth?  
If you do, you'll find out a surprising conclusion...

*       1.4 - Weapons/Power-ups                  *

Weapons and Power-ups

Turbo Boost - A canister that gives you a boost!  Use this to speed ahead 
and cross the checkered flag!  If juiced, the turbo lasts longer. 

Bowling Bomb - Bombs...that you can bowl.  Shoot these forward with precises 
aim, or detonate them by pressing O (Circle) after shooting it.  You can also 
shoot them backwards by holding down on the D-Pad or Left Analog Stick and 
shooting.  If juiced, the explosion radius increases.

Homing Missile - Ahh, a fan classic favorite.  Shoot these and they close in 
onto the nearest opponent.  If you see crosshairs on your character, you're 
being targeted, so quickly drop a TNT/Nitro, Static Orb or shoot back a bomb 
to explode the missile...or else...If juiced, the missile goes farther and 
causes a bigger explosion.

TNT Crate - Back from the good ol' days.  Drop one behind you and if it 
attaches to anyone, it startes a three- (3) second countdown, then BOOM!  
You can get them off by hopping (L1) madly.  If juiced, the TNTs become green 
Nitros, which explode upon contact.

Static Orb - Drop these behind, and if a collision happens, the "collisionee" 
will spin out and lose control of the steering.  If they have a weapon 
selected, it will be changed.  If juiced, the blue Static Orbs become 
pink, and they attract to racers and causes a longer disorrientation of the 

Invincibility Mask - If you're good, you get Aku Aku.  If you're bad, you get 
Uka Uka.  If you're Oxide's team, you get a greenish Veloish mask...The masks 
spin around you, protecting you from everything but falls.  If juiced, the 
mask shield lasts longer.

Power Shield - A green protective bubble surrounds you and protects you from 
harm - which would be, weapons and dropped Static Orbs/TNTs/Nitros.  The Power 
Shield can also harm other racers upon contact.  The Power Shield expires 
after a few seconds.  If juiced, the Power Shield becomes blue and never 
expires (unless hit by weapons or players).

Ice Mines - Throw these mines forwards or backwards.  If anyone hits into 
these blue mines, they freeze into an ice cube.  The ice cube stops the 
racer from racing, and spins them out.  If juiced, the Ice Mines 
turn pink, and causes a longer lasting ice cube and disorrientates 
the racer longer.

N. Tropy's Clock - Retruning from CTR, this clock, when used, causes every 
racer except you to spin around madly and lose control of their Karts.  If 
juiced, the clock power lasts longer.

Tornado Tops - Send forward a large tornado that bumps everyone out of the 
way.  If juiced, the tornado lasts longer.

Note: The following weapons are Battle Mode ONLY.

Invisibility - Self-explanatory.  You become invisible and impossible to 
track.  If juiced, the invisibility lasts longer.

Super Engine - When acquiring this crazy engine, every time your accelerate 
you speed up.  If juiced, the craziness lasts longer!

Red Eye Missile - A normal missile, except that you cont1rol it.  And from a 
first person view!  Cool, huh?  If juiced, the missile is easier to steer and 
makes a larger explosion.

*       1.5 - Collectibles                       *

Trophies - Acquire trophies by winning a race.  Three (3) laps.  Simple.  

CNK Tokens - As in CTR, you have to race and get all three (3) letters: 
C (Crash), N (Nitro) and K (Kart).  You have to WIN the race and get all the 
letters...good luck.  You can get blue, red, green and pink (arena crystal 
collecting) tokens.

Relics (Sapphire, Gold and Platinum) - Race through an empty level and break 
as many Time Crates as you can.  There are 1-, 2- and 3-second Time Crates.  
If you get all Time Crates, your finishing time decreased by 10 seconds.

Crystals - You have to catch all crystals in the arenas to win the purple 

Gems - After collecting four (4) of each tokens, you open up that color's Gem 
Cup.  Win the three (3) race Gem Cup, and you win a gem.  There are, 
obviously, four (4) gems.

Boss Keys - After defeating a boss, you earn a key, which unlocks new worlds.

Scepters - Beat Velo and you get a scepter.
*       1.6 - Adventure Mode                     *

Adventure Mode is the story mode of Crash Nitro Kart.  Here you get to drive 
around in hubs, such as the colloseum, or the world hubs, and race for 
trophies, gems, relics, CNK tokens and scepters.  You can do Adventure Mode 
in either Team Crash or Team Cortex.  The game is complete once you get 100% 
on both'll find out why later.

*       1.7 - Game Modes                         *

Adventure Mode - Progress through the story and collect many items to unlock 
Single Player -
	-Quick Race: Just, as the title suggests, a quick race.
	-Team Race: Pick a team member and the game randomly chooses a team 
mate, depending on you team.
	-Cup Tournament: Just like the Gem Cups, three (3) races.
	-Race Time Trial: Try to get the highest time, a very important mode.
	-Lap Time Trial: A ghost of your past lap appears, see if you can 
beat it.
Multiplayer -
	-Race with a friend(s) in either Battle Mode (like Arena Crystal 
Collecting but with weapons) or races.
Best Times - Find out the best times in Race Time Trial or Relic Races from 
Adventure Mode.
Options - Change the controls, turn on/off vibration, control the volume, etc.
Extras -
	-Arena Editor: Place items in an arena.
	-Cutscenes: Watch the unlocked cutscenes from Adventure Mode, both 
from Team Crash and Team Cortex.
	-Credits: Watch the names of people who made the game go down the 

*       Section 2: Crash Nitro Kart              *

2.1 - Terra
|2.11| - Inferno Island

|Trophy Race|

Start the race off positively by getting the starting boost, and try to stay 
ahead of the crowd.  As this is the first race, it'll be pretty easy.  If 
you're new to the game, or if you didn't play CTR (Crash Team Racing), you 
might wanna practice in Quick Race Mode for a bit.  You'll get the hang of it 
soon enough.  Make your way through the sand.  You should notice a high ledge 
exactly after the left of the first bridge...To get there, you need to have: 
a) An Invincibility Mask or b) A Turbo Boost, and use it to sort of fly up 
there from the little edge.  Power sliding, though not as effective, might 

To power slide, hop (R1) and hold R1, while leaning left or right on the left 
analog stick (or left and right arrows on the d-pad), and when the meter turns 
from green to red, press L1 for a boost.  You can do up to 3 boosts like this.  
To do more, start another power slide.

Make your way along the beach, taking as many power-up crates as you can.  If 
you get behind, you'll get way better weapons, but if you're always at the 
front, get ready for Static Orbs and TNTs.

Once inside the tunnel, near the end of it, there is a path that goes all the 
way along the right, elevating as you proceed.  There is a jump at the end of 
it, so if you want an alternative route...Altogether, it's a very easy race.  
Three (3) laps and you're done.  Congratulations!

|CNK Race|

C location - The C is kind of hard to get.  Remember that first shortcut?  Get 
up there, and as soon as you get to the end of it, jump or power-slide towards 
the clearly visible C, which is at the beggining left of the second bridge.

N location - The N is right behind the first ramp; either turn around and snag 
it, or go up the ramp and drop right of it.

K location - The K is on the right path at the end of the tunnel.  Drive off 
the jump and hop directly at the K.  Great, you've got the letters, now you 
just need to win the race!

|Relic Race|

Okay, your first relic race...ready?  Good.  Take the lowest second crates 
first and leave the 2- and 3-seconds for last.  The shortcut containing the 
"C" in the CNK race holds a few good Time Crates, but if you have trouble 
getting up there, don't bother.  Power-slide a lot, switching directions as 
each turn comes.  
|2.12| - Jungle Boogie

|Trophy Race|

Well, now it's time for a more controversial race...As you always should, start 
off with a starting boost, and grab one of the weapon crates to attack anyone 
foolish enough to get ahead of you.  As soon as you drop down the steps, to the 
sharp right, make mental note of a high get there, you need either 
Invincibility Mask or Turbo Boost, along with a well placed hop.

Pass through the water puddles and the sand path; take advantage of the great 
curvy surroundings for power-sliding of maximum proportions.  You'll soon 
reach a wooden bridge.  Hold the hop button while jumping off the bumps for 
great boosts.

After the bridge you come to another sandy-grassy path with three turbos.  
Try to take each turbo, and continue for the two (2) next laps.

|CNK Race|

C location - Take that high path I mentioned earlier to grab the C; make sure 
you stay on the path!

N location - On the wooden bridge, there'll be a few suspended bridges; with 
an Invincibility Mask or a Turbo Boost, jump up there and take the N.

K location - Right before the finish line, go to the completely 
grass-covered side of the track at an angle to find the K sitting there all 
|Relic Race|

Same as always, grab the 1-seconds first and the 3-seconds last, when 
possible.  On the suspended bridges and the high path, there's some good 2- 
and 3-second Time Crates.  Power-slide as much as possible as the Relic 
should be in the bag, so to speak.
|2.13| - Tiny Temple

|Trophy Race|

Ah, a more enjoyable a less pressurizing race...except for the electrifying 
wires, fire-spitting monkey idols and general track mayhem.  As always, go 
with a starting boost, grab the closest weapon crate and blast away.  Before 
you enter the double sided tunnel, there's a trap crap (marked with an 
exclamation point) changes the tunnel that the monkey idols shoot 
fire from.  

You'll come to a gravity-defying loop somewhere in the middle of the level, 
after the electrifying wires sticking out of the walls.  Enjoy your first of 
the numerous anti-gravity experiences to come.

Near the finish line there's a jump, so make sure you hop after going to the 
boost to make it.

|CNK Race|

C location - Pick the left tunnel and stay near the left wall, by the flames, 
to grab the C...but don't get burned.

N location - When you're near the end of the loop, stick to the left and 
grab the N right after the loop.

K location - Take the big jump to the right side and grab the K.  

|Relic Race|

As always, grab the 1-seconds first.  Before the tunnels there's a hard 
jump to make, but if you make it you get a 3-second Time Crate.  Take 
both tunnels to get all the crates.  Look behind the ramps for hidden Time 
Crates.  Other than that, you should be fine.
|2.14| - Temple Turmoil

Alright then, you're first arena crystal challenge.  I don't know about you, 
but these are always a blast for me.  Collect all the crystals in any order, 
but try to keep it organised in a pattern.  You should finish this 
(at least) in a few turns.  Watch out for some of the jumps, however.
|2.15| - Boss Race 1: Krunk

Time to get out of Terra and embarass Krunk!  This race takes place in Jungle 
Boogie.  Here you have the opportunities to use the shortcuts and power-slide 
a lot.  Make sure Krunk doesn't get in front of you, and if he does, 
dodge his endless stream of weapons that make you collide.  Use as many 
weapons on Krunk, and if he is behind you, power-slide like a maniac and shoot 
Bowling Bombs backwards.  Keep him behind you for a measly 3 laps and you're 
done with Terra!  Great, now on to Barin.

2.2 - Barin
|2.21| - Meteor Gorge

|Trophy Race|

Ooh, finally, a snow level.  This is a very interesting level; lava, snow, 
frozen sea creatures and awesome opportunities for power-sliding.  In the 
Unlockable Racers section, use this level for the 50+ boosts...anyways.  Every 
elevated hill you find, every turbo and ramp you find, use it for a boost.  
Power-slide almost non-stop and you should win this race easily.  After the 
blue activation turbo ramp, when you're going through the "bridge", there 
will be a little passage cutting through...example:
           / /||
          / / ||                        
_______________| <-----normal road

The secret passage ( the /_/) is only reached with - you guessed it - an 
Invincibility Mask or Turbo Boost.

By the time you pass the finish line, you should easily have 18 boosts.

|CNK Race|

C location - As soon as you're leaving the starting line with your starting 
boost, and dropping down to the ice, look to the high left before jumping...
a ledge.  Use an Invincibility Mask or Turbo Boost to get up there, and look 
for the C.

N location - After leaving the ice path with the walls surrounding you, drive 
towards the green wall containing the frozen "sea monsters"...the N will be 
aligned with the wall.

K location - Use the secret passage after the blue ramp...make sure not to 
miss it!

|Relic Race|

Despite what you may think, this one can be very simple.  There will be 2- 
and 3-second Time Crates on the secret passage and high left ledge.  The rest 
are just scattered around the level.  After every elevated hill, just hop 
high and break them.  Take the least "worth" crates and save the best for 
last.  You should get Sapphire easily, or even Gold.  Good luck.
|2.22| - Barin Ruins

|Trophy Race|

You might want to pick Crash or Cortex for this race.  You need good speed and 
turning.  This level gets some general advice: watch out for pits you can fall 
in, giant mechs, and an activation crate inside the boulder canal which drops 
a huge boulder.  Inside full cirle tunnels, you can drive on the walls and  Good luck, it's an overall easy race.

|CNK Race|

C location - Use the turbos and power-slide to the left of the boulder canal, 
over the edge, to grab the floating C.

N location - When you're near the first odd-noise mech, go along the right 
side of the wall to snatch the N.

K location - Near the end of the track, there is a wall with an arrow pointing 
left on it...make sure you have an Inivincibility Mask or Turbo Boost take the 
little snow ramp and jump over it; you'll get the K and a turbo pad.

|Relic Race|

Same rules apply; there will be some good crates on the edges of the boulder 
canal and the wall shortcut where you got the K.  1-seconds first, 2- and 
3-seconds last, when possible.  Power-slide a lot and take the turns sharply.
|2.23| - Deep Sea Driving

|Trophy Race|

This level is loopy and cool.  As with most other levels, you can use 
power-sliding to an advantage here.  Drive out of the cave and into the turbo 
tube, and watch out for all slowly spinning propeller blades.  When you get 
to the separated land pieces, where you jump from one to another with the use 
of turbo pads, and the last turbo pad, hop to the far right to land in a 
shortcut...keep this location in mind.  Near the finish line, there's a very 
long underwater tube with turbo pads, anti-gravity driving and slowly 
spinning propeller careful.  Altogether, a fun and easy level.

|CNK Race|

C location - After starting off the starting grid, instead of driving around 
the curve, power-slide through the odd mossy stuff that slows you down...the 
C is in the middle somewhere...the reason you have to power-slide is too keep 
up with the competition.

N location - The little shortcut I mentioned earlier, after the last turbo 
pad--go there.  The N is right there, waitin' for ya.

K location - After entering that underwater tunnel before the finish line, go 
past the second propeller blades to the right for the K.

|Relic Race|

I know you get tired of hearing (or rather, reading) this, but the same rules 
apply.  Try to form a pattern for taking the Time Crates, 1-seconds first and 
3-seconds last, when appliable.  There's some 3-seconds hidden in the shortcut 
and the path where you got the C.
|2.24| - Frozen Frenzy

Arena crystal collecting numero dos.  Don't worry, these are always easy.  
Just try to take them in order, don't scatter around, and watch out for any 
hazards.  You should get your second purple token in no time.
|2.25| - Boss Race 2: Nash

Nash, a mechanically engineered shark desgined to always move...just your 
luck.  Now, Nash is quite a bit harder than Krunk, but don't worry, Krunk was 
easy.  The easiest way to win this race (it takes place in Deep Sea Driving) 
is to manage to stay ahead of Nash from the beginning.  If he's ahead, he 
starts dropping chattering teeth, and long seemingly endless stream of 
them...power-slide a lot and take advantage of the fact that all hazards 
(that is to say, spinning propeller blades) are inactive. 

2.3 - Fenomena 
|2.31| - Out of Time

|Trophy Race|

The first race of Fenomena, and this one can be a pain in this ass.  As soon 
as you jump off the starting grid, don't hit the Activation Crate (!) and 
jump off that little blue ramp, just like in Meteor Gorge. Jump to the right 
past the sand path cutting through the curve; remember this "shortcut".  
After you get past the huge gravity-defying clock, you'll notice some freaky 
sand worms (they're pretty big); stay away from those.  If you're eaten, you 
lose about 6 seconds, which puts you behind.  Other than that, power-slide 
like a maniac; watch out for the walls and the huge windmill...try to jump 
past it without hitting the blades.

|CNK Race|

C location - Take the little sand path cutting through the curve by jumping up 
the right blue ramp; it's floating in mid-air.

N location - After grabbing the N, keep on going to the top of the next curve 
until you see a fence under a large arrow; have an Invincibility Mask or Turbo 
Boost handy, and jump over the fence to snatch the N.

K location - After the windmill, stick to the right and go into the sands, 
where you'll find the sticking out K.

|Relic Race|

Use the ramps to grab some good crates, use the two shortcuts you've found 
(the ones holding the C and N), and try to get as many crates as you can, this 
track can be hard.  Remember, 3-seconds last when you can.
|2.32| - Clockwork Wumpa

|Trophy Race|

Ah, another "creative" level...I personally do not like this level.  
Squashing gears, long jumps and falling off made easy.  Yay!  Anyways, power-
slide past the gears.  When you drive past the two large gears and drive that 
long passage, instead of turning left, jump up onto the vaguely seeable gear.  
Even if it looks like you'll fall off, you won't; there's a kind of 
invisible wall there.  After entering the building, when you see the ramp, 
use an Invincibility Mask or Turbo Boost or power-slide off it onto a 
passage...remember how to get there, it'll be useful later.  Other than that, 
power-slide the sharp corners.

|CNK Challenge|

C location - After driving through the "secret gears", there'll be the C near 
the wall.  Right before the turbo pads.

N location - Take that passage off the ramp I mentioned earlier, the N is in 
the middle of it.

K location - After the huge jump, near the end of the track and by the huge 
clock arrow moving left and right is the K on the little jump.

|Relic Race|

I'm warning you in advance.  This.  Is.  Hard.  Very damn hard.  Now, you've 
had your premonition.  get to it!  Instead of just taking the gear path, also 
take the alternative route (where all the other racers drive) to get a bunch 
of good crates.  The "N passage" has some good 3-second crates.  The place 
where you get the K has two good crates.  You should finish it eventually.  
If you get angry, stop playing for a bit, watch T.V. and eat a snack.  Then 
get back to work in a few minutes.
|2.33| - Thunder Struck

|Trophy Race|

I noticed, when I started this level, that it was oddly similar to a level in 
CTR.'s raining and falling off is easy.  Don't fall off.  When 
you reach the part with the anti-gravity loop, take the turbo pads but avoid 
the swinging maces.  At the jump right by the end of the track, watch out for 
the huge mechs hitting the floor.  Good luck.

|CNK Race|

C location - When you get to the three dirt steps, go to the far right and 
grab the C.  Make sure not to fall off, though!

N location - Near the huge jump, at a curve, the N is floating between the 
curve.  Hope to get it.  Example:

The * (asterisk) is the N.

K location - During the huge jump by the finish line, use a Turbo Boost and 
lean to the left to grab the K.  It has a high altitude, though, so this one 
might take you a few tries.

|Relic Race|

In the three dirt steps, you'll have to drive around to get all the Time 
Crates.  At the huge jump, hop right after going on the turbo pads.  Nothing 
else to it.
|2.34| - Desert Storm

Oooh...this one is a little harder.  You'll have to organise your way/path, 
and have to try a few times.  You should finish with a few seconds left, 
earning you three (3) out of four (4) purple tokens.
|2.35| - Boss Race 3: Norm

This race takes place in Out of Time.  But there's a difference...Norm and Big 
Norm.  Big Norm takes the offensive, and Norm the speed.  Avoid their attacks, 
use missiles and bombs, use the two shortcuts, AVOID THE WORMS, power-slide 
like crazy.  Other than that, once you're ahead, power-slide non-stop to give 
yourself a nice little (but not too little) space between you and the goblin 
mime freaks.  Congratulations, you're done with Fenomena, now let's blow this 

2.4 - Teknee
|2.41| - Assembly Lane

|Trophy Race|

This level is reminiscent of N.Gin's labs in CTR, right?  Okay, watch out for 
the mud, because it slows you down massively.  When you get inside the 
building, power-slide onto the assembly line.  There are huge "stompers" 
whacking the floor, so avoid them and grab the Multiplier crate.  This is a 
shortcut, but has no importance.  After leaving the building, you'll come 
to a large pipe that you can drive all over...but near the end of it, go to 
the top so you can jump off into the finish line!

|CNK Race|

C location - Near the beginning, stay left and right after the mud will be 
the C.

N location - After the curve, near the green smoke, on the left side, you'll 
notice a ledge that looks hard to reach...and the N, you'll see, is on that 
ledge.  Make sure you have an Invincibility Mask or Turbo Boost before 
hopping on a hill.  You'll easily reach the N.

K location - On the second last passage inside the building, jump diagonally 
over the edge to get the easily visible K.  Power-sliding, Turbo Boosts or 
Invincibility Masks will work.

|Relic Race|

As always, take the shortcuts to get great Time Crates and take the lowest 
worth Crates first.  Overall, this race should not be too difficult.
|2.42| - Android Alley

|Trophy Race|

Now, the first thing you need to know is that as soon as you drive out the 
tunnel, a huge train comes from hover tracks.  Avoid it by driving on the 
walls, then drop down and get going.  Power-slide the corners.  When you get 
to a turn that you have to go left, notice a large half-circle window with 
broken ledges...power-slide there, or Turbo Boost, and crash through the 
window for a nice little shortcut.  Remember this location and how to get 

Right after the window shortcut, there will be two sliding robots that make 
you collide.  Avoid them, go through the curvy road and past the finish line.

|CNK Race|

C location - Right after the blue anti-gravity path, jump off the turbo pads 
to the far right to grab the C.

N location - Remember the window shortcut?  Of course you do!  Crash through 
the window and get the N.

K location - On the jump right before the finish line, hop to the right and 
get the K.  You'll need an Invincibility Mask or a Turbo Boost.

|Relic Race|

The Time Crates are all easy to reach, so form a pattern and get the 
1-seconds first.  No problem, right?
|2.43| - Electron Avenue

|Trophy Race|

This race is very similar to Android Alley...whoops.  Anyways, lots of huge 
jumping and power-sliding opportunity.  Start off the starting grid and take 
the huge jump.  Hit the activation crate and pick a turbo lane; it probably 
will be hit again and changed, so switch between the two.  You'll get to go 
anti-grav numerous times.  When you see these huge laser gates, take the 
elevated turbo pads, always.  That way you don't get shocked.  Other than 
that, you should be fine.

|CNK Race|

C location - In between the two turbo lanes, in the spaces where you can go 
between the two.

N location - When you get to the first laser gate, take the left turbo pade 
and jump real high to the left to grab the N out of the air.

K location - At the last laser gate, go through the middle path, through the 
turbo pad.  Try timing it right so you don't get electrified.  The K is in 
the middle path, right in the middle.

|Relic Race|

Jump a lot through the bumps and take the 1-second Time Crates first.  Same 
old same old.
|2.44| - Magnetic Mayhem

Now, this arena battle is a little hard.  You'll definately lose some times, 
so figure out a pattern.  Avoid hazards and power-slide to not run out of 
|2.45| - Boss Race 4: Geary

Geary...the less said, the better.  This race takes place in Android 
Alley.  Geary with two little robotic helpers with try to make this race 
hell for you.  Shoot him a lot, and ALWAYS use the window shortcut.  
Power-slide all the time.  Avoid the train obviously, and near the finish 
line, jump a lot.  Not an overall easy or hard race.  Good luck.

2.5 - Velo Race 1

Well, this is it.  You have twelve (12) trophies, sixteen (16) tokens, 
four of each color, and twelve (12) relics of varying colors.  You're 
almost done...except for a few things.  Now it's time to race Velo in a 
new track called Hyper Spaceway!  This track is crazy, honestly.  The 
only tips I can give you is power-slide a lot, watch out for the flames 
and spinning lasers, and shoot him.  The homing rockets work best against 
him.  His stupid little helpers steal your crates and shoot you, so stay 
ahead of them too.  Watch out for the Static Orbs Velo leaves behind.  
When you finish, there, it's over.  CNK is finished.  No more...or is 
it?  Watch the cutscene... 
|2.51| - Velo's Vault

Now, after you finish watching the cutscene, go to Velo's Vault, the 
newly opened portal in the colloseum.  Yes, Velo snaked you and now you 
have to get all the relics to race, problem, you already have 
all the relic.  No you don't.  Hyper Spaceway holds one (1) last relic.  
The thirteenth (13th) relic.  And to open Hyper Spaceway inside Velo's 
Vault, you need all four gems.  How do you get gems?  Have all the CNK 
tokens of a certain, of course.  That opens up the gem cups.  A cup 
works like this:  first place gets nine (9) points, second place gets 
six (6) points, third place gets three (3) points and fourth place 
gets one (1) point.  The other four (4) get nothing.
|2.511| - Purple Gem Cup


Four (4) Purple CNK Tokens, from the Arena Battles

There are three (3) races in each cup.  Basically, it's the same races but 
a little harder.  The races in this cup are Android Alley (take the window 
shortcut), Tiny Temple and Thunder Struck.  Just do your best.  Good luck.
|2.522| - Blue Gem Cup


Four (4) Blue CNK Tokens

The tracks in this cup are Barin Ruins (take the wall shortcut when you 
can), Clockwork Wumpa (use the gear shortcut and the one inside the 
building where you got the N) and Electron Avenua (make sure to take 
the elevated turbo pads at the laser gates).  Remember, if someone 
shoots a Homing Rocket at you, if you can, drop a TNT/Nitro, Static 
Orb and shoot a Bowling Bomb backwards to destroy it.
|2.533| - Green Gem Cup


Four (4) Green CNK Tokens

The tracks in the Green Gem Cup are Jungle Boogie (use the elevated ramps 
shortcut near the end), Deep Sea Driving (use the N shortcut at the last 
turbo pad where you jump from land piece to land piece and the dirt 
shortcut near the beginning) and Out of Time (avoid the windmill and 
sandworms and take the ramp that cuts through the curve at the beginning 
of the race).  Now, only one Gem to go...
|2.544| - Red Gem Cup

The last Gem can do it.  This cup includes the following races: 
Inferno Island, Meteor Gorge (power-slide heaven) and Assembly Lane.  
Finish them and you can move on to Hyper Spaceway.
|2.555| - Hyper Spaceway

|Relic Race|

Yes, all you have to do for this level is get a relic...mind you, this is 
rather hard.  Your best best is to get all the Time Crates you can, preferably 
1-seconds first.  Now, there is one thing I must say that is of utmost 
importance.  There is a major shortcut in this level which will save your 
life.  After leaving the anti-grav blue road and reaching the rocky-sandy 
ledges with the green flashing triangles sticking out of the ground, do this: 
when you get to the second one, instead of dropping down, have an 
Invincibility Mask or Turbo Boost, or just power-slide off the left side, 
but right before the ledge stops.  You'll land down in a secret passage.  
But that's not all...hop onto a passage in front of it, power-slide your way 
left and jump really high to land into the place with the statues shooting 
laser out of their eyes.  It will take a few tries to master, but it's well 
worth it.  Remember this shortcut for later.

 ___           /\_____/\ <---- green triangles
|   |		|     |
|___|      	|     |

Shortcut (not accurate distances, but you get the point...)

Get the relic, Sapphire is fine, then get out of Velo's Vault for the last 
race of the game.

2.6 - Velo Race 2 (Final)
Ah, the big one...time to show Velo up.  There are two ways of completing the 
race.  You can either take the shortcut, which, if taken only once, will put 
you miles ahead, or you can try and see if you can beat him staying side by 
side.  You choose.  Once you're finished, watch the great ending, which 
varies if you're using Team Crash or Team Cortex, and relax.  Adventure 
Mode is over...almost.

*       Section 3 - Unlockables                  *

Here you find out how to unlock everything the game offers to unlock.  

*       3.0 - Unlockable Racers                  *

Ah, perhaps my favorite section.  Who doesn't love unlocking new people to 
race as?  When you're in an out-of-Adventure-Mode mode, such as Race Time 
Trial, or Quick Race, you will be brought to a screen where you can pick your 
characters.  When you start off, Crash, Coco, Crunch, Cortex, N. Gin, Tiny, 
Oxide and N. Trance are available.  You will see many spaces are blacked 
out...the characters' avatars are missing.

Here are all the unlockable racers and how to get 'em.

Fake Crash: The fourth member of Team Crash, Fake Crash is back.  You need 
to do 50 or more CONSECUTIVE boosts in Team Cortex Adventure Mode.  Go to 
Meteor Gorge and power-slide non-stop.  Deep Sea Driving also is good.  
Keep on trying, taking occasional breaks.  You'll do it soon enough.  Use 
Tiny Tiger or Dr. Neo Cortex.

Pura: Pura, one of the most familiar characters (Crash Bandicoot: Warped).  
To unlock him, you have to do 50 CONSECUTIVE boosts in Team Crash in 
Adventure Mode...once again, as with Fake Crash, Meteor Gorge is 

Dr. Nefarious Tropy: Yes, Tropy also returns.  This can be a very arduos 
task.You have to go in Race Time Trial and get a good time (best in the 
list) to unlock Nefarious's ghost.  Then, enter the race again and beat him.  
VERY HARD!  Use all the shortcuts, power-slide as if you life depended on it.  
Don't worry, you only have to do it on Inferno Island, Jungle Boogie, Tiny 
Temple, Meteor Gorge, Barin Ruins, Deep Sea Driving, Out of Time, Clockwork 
Wumpa, Thunder Struck, Assembly Line, Android Alley, Electron Avenue and 
Hyper Spaceway.  It was very hard, but I managed to do it in an hour, and 
honestly, I kind of suck at Time you can do it.  Just to help 
you out, here are the times of N. Tropy and Velo ghosts (you can race Velo's 
much harder ghosts, but there's no reward):

Track Name..........Tropy's Time..........Velo's Time

Inferno Island......1:51:59...............1:38:44
Jungle Boogie.......1:56:91...............1:35:00
Tiny Temple.........2:39:67...............2:24:62
Meteor Gorge........2:10:17...............1:51:94
Barin Ruins.........2:35:55...............2:08:71
Deep Sea Driving....2:59:31...............2:39:46
Out of Time.........3:04:22...............2:35:19
Clockwork Wumpa.....2:59:11...............2:37:15
Thunder Struck......3:34:49...............3:21:05
Assembly Lane.......2:58:34...............2:32:76
Android Alley.......3:32:47...............3:05:71
Electron Avenue.....4:14:22...............3:55:52
Hyper Spaceway......4:58:93...............4:29:41

Once all the Tropy avatars underneath the track names are gray, you 
unlock dear old Tropy.

Emperor Velo the 27th: Yes, you unlock Velo...but after the ending, you'll 
notice he's actually smaller then Cortex's head.  Velo is in fact a very 
good racer, with great handling and speed.  To unlock him, get 100% on 
both Team Crash and Team Cortex in Adventure Mode.

Zam: Simply get the Purple Gem from the Purple Gem Cup in Adventure Mode.

Zem: Simply get the Green Gem from the Green Gem Cup in Adventure Mode.

Polar: Simply get the Blue Gem from the Blue Gem Cup in Adventure Mode.

Dingodile: Simply get the Red Gem from the Red Gem Cup in Adventure Mode.

*       3.1 - Unlockable Tracks                  *

Hyper Spaceway: Get first place in all the races, including the boss 
races.  After beating Velo the first time, it's unlocked.

Terra Drome: Get all the Purple CNK Tokens.

*       3.2 - Unlockable Cutscenes               *

After seeing a cutscene, it is unlocked.

*       Section 4 - Frequently Asked Questions   *

Q: Who are you?

A: My name's Dan Nicolescu, and I'm just a Crash fan.

Q: How many Crash games are there?

A: As of now (2005), this many:

Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back
Crash Bandicoot: Warped
Crash Team Racing
Crash Bash
Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex
Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure
Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced
Crash Nitro Kart
Crash Bandicoot Purple: Ripto's Rampage
Crash Twinsanity
Crash Clash Racing (announced)

Q: How come on the CNK box, it says "Race as virtually any character in 
the Crash universe", but this game doesn't have Pinstripe, or Koala Kong, 

A: V Visions didn't have much space on the disk, but also because they 
only have rights to certain Crash characters.

Q: Why can't you play as Krunk, Nash, Norm (big and normal) and Geary?

A: Logically, yes, it would be a cool feature to have them as unlockables.  
I don't know why they didn't include them.  Interestingly, the 
GBA version of this game, you can unlock the bosses and Spyro...but why 
would you want the bad graphics version of the game?  Note: I am comparing 
the GBA Version to the Console Version.

Q: Have you done any other FAQs/Walkthroughs?

A: Nope, this is my first, but certainly not my last.

If you have any other questions, e-mail me at [email protected]

*       Section 5 - Legal Information            *

This guide will appear on these websites: - Ultimate Bandicoot (MY website :D) - Cheat Code Central - Game Play World - GameFaqs - GameSpot - Supercheats

This FAQ/Walkthrough is not official in any way, and I have no connection to 
Vicarious Visions, Sony Computer Entertainment America, or Vivendi Universal 
Games.  It is simply a fan-made guide to help the troubled.  This 
FAQ/Walkthrough may not be reproduced in any way, or taken and said to be as 
yours.  This FAQ/Walkthrough is legally copyrighted, and copyright 
infringement can result in law suits.
You may, however, e-mail me asking for permission to put this guide up.  If I
allow you, you must not alter it in anyway.  One Gamecube website has taken 
this guide and put it up without my permission, and though I will not tell
them to take it off, I'd prefer people did not do that.  If anyone knows
the address to that site, please contact me with it and you will be given
credit for assistance.

*       End Credits and Thanks                   *

I would like to thank the following people:

*My parents, for obvious reasons
*V Visions, for making the game
*Naughty Dog, for the original Crash games
*CBFan, from my forums, for pointing out a few mistakes...

Thanks to you all for reading!

Copyright (c) 2005 Dan Nicolescu/Elessar Mithrandir/Zooc_Flyup